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Started: 2017/06/13
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 30100
Started: 2017/06/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 14903/at/38262/shorts/2136
Started: 2017/05/31
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 196650
Started: 2017/05/03
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 40477
Tags: Sekibanki 1st Person Fanon Portrayal Female Protagonist Touhou Protagonist Youkai Protagonist Slice Of Life
Synopsis: Sekibanki works in the village as a waitress in this hodgepodge buffet of 2hus doing 2hu things.
Started: 2017/04/23
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 27619
Tags: Fujiwara no Mokou Imaizumi Kagerou Inaba Tewi 2nd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Villager Protagonist Adventure Friendship
Synopsis: Moroboshi has been struck silly with love for a youkai rabbit selling medicine in the village. Whether he was already a fool or his sense of self-preservation has been addled by leporine charms, he quickly places unfounded trust in the residents of the bamboo forest after he gets lost looking for his newfound love.
Started: 2017/04/18
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 29818302723067531030
Tags: Elly 2nd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist
Started: 2017/04/17
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 29799
Started: 2017/04/13
Status: Short
Threads: 38235
Tags: Inubashiri Momiji 2nd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Same Continuity Adult Alternative Universe Comedy
Synopsis: The continuation of an intimate moment between Gallagher and his dumb lover. Semi-spoilers for An Excuse for A-Who?
Started: 2017/04/02
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 195704196302197194198503199505
Started: 2017/04/02
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 2127
Started: 2017/04/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 14736/shorts/2123/at/38232
Started: 2017/03/27
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 2117
Tags: Medicine Melancholy 1st Person Female Protagonist Touhou Protagonist Youkai Protagonist Slice Of Life
Synopsis: Dinner was about taken care of when Medicine Melancholy felt a mysterious poke at her side...
Started: 2017/03/17
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 37529#38211
Started: 2017/03/16
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 29884
Tags: Himekaidou Hatate Ibaraki Kasen Kochiya Sanae Shameimaru Aya 2nd Person Female Protagonist Youkai Protagonist Slice Of Life
Synopsis: A one-eyed acquaintance of a one-armed hermit wants to meet new people, youkai and human alike, so she opens a teahouse on the mountain. The problem is that she knows very little about running a business.
Started: 2017/03/13
Status: Miscellaneous
Threads: 23070
Started: 2017/03/12
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 194772
Tags: Hakurei Reimu 2nd Person Female Protagonist Human Protagonist Touhou Protagonist Crossover
Started: 2017/03/09
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 194609198206
Tags: Kagiyama Hina 1st Person Female Protagonist Human Protagonist Drama Grimdark Origin Story
Synopsis: The adoptive daughter and shrine maiden of a goddess of misfortune must make her way in the world on her own for mysterious reasons, mistrusted but also needed by humans and their protectors. Meanwhile, something catastrophic appears to be happening in the land of Gensokyo...
Started: 2017/02/28
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 194100
Started: 2017/02/28
Status: Active
Threads: 194077196629199530200225201207
Tags: Inaba Tewi 2nd Person Original Character Unreliable Narrator Comedy Drama
Synopsis: Where a shitpost develops into a story relating to gods, myths, and rabbits.
Started: 2017/02/24
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 193974
Started: 2017/02/19
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 2075
Tags: Hakurei Reimu Outsider Protagonist Slice Of Life
Synopsis: A quiet bartender listens to his unique customers...
Started: 2017/02/19
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 2073
Started: 2017/02/16
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 712
Tags: Remilia Scarlet Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Outsider Protagonist Adventure
Synopsis: Some kind artist tries their hand at depicting the beginning of Don't Lose Your Head! in comic form.
Started: 2017/02/02
Status: Short
Threads: 2062
Tags: Remilia Scarlet Female Protagonist Poetry Touhou Protagonist Youkai Protagonist Parody
Synopsis: Filking 2hus like the frilly 'hus they are.
Started: 2017/01/31
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 193652
Started: 2017/01/29
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 38139
Started: 2017/01/24
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 14581/at/38137/shorts/2058
Started: 2017/01/07
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 63297
Started: 2016/12/11
Status: Abandoned
Started: 2016/12/01
Status: Short
Threads: 2007
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