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File 150842256953.jpg - (194.24KB, 717x763, 53527e10c58acd40eed03e3edab7bcb0.jpg) [iqdb]
The relevant starting point.


Actually, it's almost required. But it's not, since this can stand on its own. Why don't I state this for the first? Well, why should I, considering this?


Okay. So let's put this out there. If I'm actually there, then I'd have to force myself in a position. That's not okay for me. I also wonder if anyone enjoys it more if there's a man there. Flipping that around, if having only females diminishes the effect. But, there are examples, right? I'd have to look again. This is considering sex in the identifying sense. If a penis is involved on a female, then that falls into the category of conceptual male sex. Not that that's the same. And I only get one chance. Just like life only provides one chance to experience it. Unless, you know, you can go back in time. Technically, I can, but that's not the relevant conversation here. Lazy? I don't think so. I'm focusing down on the satisfaction of females only. That would be okay for me.

The tendrils of the flower crawls up Yuuka's leg, that counts as not okay.

“My.” Yuuka's leg slips from its grasp before it can slide any farther upwards. “A feisty little child, aren't you?”

Yeah. I think that'd be too boring. No substance, you know? At least, not for me right now. I should remain quiet to concentrate. As for Shinki standing in the distance...now I think that has some potential, right?

“The little ones acting up again, are they?” She calls over to Yuuka.

Yuuka closes her umbrella, tucking it in front of her skirt. “It's nothing too bothersome. Their care requires a tender upbringing, after all.”

Needless to say, this is far from the truth. But this, too, is another outcome. I don't believe it myself, but I'll take it if it's there.

With a few bated pants, Shinki and Yuuka take a step every unbearable moment.

I don't quite understand romance myself, but hey. Like I said, I'll take it if it's there.

First, their fingers touch the other's. Then, their palms. After that, their breasts. Let's see...maybe their feet touch by the sides. Their bodies get as close as possible without actually getting it on. Only when their invisible breaths are touching, their lips close around the other's so well that air fails to get in between.

Hmmm. But where's the identity? I guess the fact that it's Yuuka and Shinki provides an image for identity's sake. Two older women smashing their huge breasts against the other for the sake of making out. Wow. That does provide an image. Certainly different than seeing Marisa and Cirno in the same position. Actually, I should've used Reimu second. Am I assuming Marisa is also flat-chested? I think the point comes across, though.

Actually, I'll shut up for now so Yuuka and Shinki can keep kissing.

Yuuka digs inside of Shinki's mouth with her tongue. Licks that find other places of warmth, wetness, or both. That isn't to say Shinki's submissive, tickling the sides of Yuuka's tongue with a few lashes and swirls. Their eyes find the pleasure in the other's, and they hear the pleasant sounds of desire “mmph”-ing from their shut lips. Shinki rubs her perking breasts through her clothes and against Yuuka's. Her hands roam behind the Yuuka's back, as though twisting the shirt could urge the other women to kiss her any harder.

Small details really provide an area to heat up the atmosphere, doesn't it? Sorry, I should probably keep quiet to enjoy it in full.

Unfortunately, Yuuka breaks the kiss to pull away and speak.

“Should we go someplace more comfortable?”

Hey, actually, this is the only time I can cut in, right?

Shinki tilts her head a bit, her breath warming the crevice in Yuuka's hugged breasts. “No...this is fine.”

They kiss again, this time more open and free to lick at the other's tongue in the coolness of the air. Tilts of the head find more angles to press their tongues against the other. Leaning back or forth to press their lips harder over the other's.

Again, I'm failing to identify who. But the balance between noticing detail and none at all provides imagination. I don't quite know where to stand on the spectrum, but it's more important to be flexible, isn't it? Back to the action heating up.

Shinki runs a hand up under Yuuka's shirt before her other hand remembers that it needs to be taken off. Snapping a button on accident, she feels Yuuka's own hands rise up to help free her breasts from the suffocating and uncomfortable tightness. Not an instant later, Yuuka pulls back enough to break their ongoing kiss and yanks Shinki's own shirt upwards. A second later, the clothes flap on the dirt and the two continue to moan into a kiss. Their breasts crash against each other before their hands can manhandle them, instead finding their place caressing the other's bare sides. Shinki shudders as Yuuka's fingers tickle the sides of her stomach, a shudder that tastes delicious in Yuuka's mouth. Enough for Yuuka to close her lips around the other woman's tongue and suck lightly. Shinki retaliates by humming her lips over Yuuka's, her tongue trapped for the moment. Her tongue snaps back into her mouth when she pushes her thigh between Yuuka's legs. With a few jerks, Yuuka cries out and proceeds to yank Shinki over to the side by a bed of flowers.

As the two fall, I notice that the setting may be somewhat overused. I'll make sure to stay quiet until it's over after this. Isn't Yuuka always by a bed of flowers? I suppose fucking in Makai would be a stretch considering the lack of privacy. Bedrooms probably exist, but aren't a probable spot compared to the privacy of a flower field. Despite it being outside in Gensokyo. Alright, cutting back now. Really, I need to concentrate.

As Yuuka licks close to Shinki's neck, her hands massage the other woman's breasts inwards. When she licks into her mouth again, a few of Shinki's forced groans leak up into the air as Shinki manages to grope Yuuka's own. The hanging mounds swing with gravity as Shinki's hands hold them up with her own groping. The two women savor the harsh groping in and out from their chests while Yuuka licks in and out of Shinki's mouth. Sometimes, her tongue only finds Shinki's lips. When the movement is right, they kiss for a long moment. Only when Yuuka's hips fall onto Shinki's crotch does the latter squeal at the contact. With a pant, Yuuka glances down at her.

“Sorry. Was that too sudden?” A green hair falls close to the corner of her mouth.

A white hair lies tangled among the grass. “No. Keep going.”

Yuuka proceeds to grind on top of Shinki. Another fierce kiss later, she kneels over to allow the two of them to yank the rest of their clothes from their legs. After Yuuka peels her socks off with her foot, ripping Shinki's off with her hands, she pushes herself on top of the other woman once more. What was a grind now becomes a push and pull, Yuuka fully rubbing her pussy over Shinki's. The former steadies herself with her arms, not going closer to enjoy the view of Shinki's body rocking up and down. Breasts bouncing. Eyes shutting and opening. Shinki's hands grip Yuuka's elbows, tighter on a delighted thrust of Yuuka's waist. The smell of flowers fill their minds with ecstasy as Yuuka thrusts harder. Rolling her hips as hard as she can. Shinki kicks her legs into the air in delight, her hands moving up to Yuuka's shoulders. Yuuka's chest rocks with the pull of gravity and the push of her own body. Shinki dips her head when Yuuka leans forward, grabbing a nipple with her mouth. Yuuka growls as the other woman sucks, opening another hole of pleasure to release the fire burning through her body. Despite the sun shining on her back, Yuuka finds the heat between their bodies even warmer. The coolest point of their bodies is the back of Shinki's heel kicking against the back of her thighs.

And unfortunately for Yuuka, that alone provides the disadvantage that causes her to come.

The orgasm bursts from her stomach as Yuuka gasps and groans, promptly flopping her jaw over Shinki's shoulder. With a surprised sigh, Shinki wraps her hands onto Yuuka's back, her feet hugging the other woman's legs at the same time.

“My.” Shinki nips at Yuuka's neck. “Quite quick this time, aren't you?”

“Shut up.”

Yuuka fails to maintain her humble tone. She traps the hum coming from her throat as Shinki bites her earlobe. Then, she releases a gasp as the world spins, Shinki flipping her onto the grass. After Shinki swipes the back of her hand to clean her back somewhat, she tilts her head down at Yuuka.

“Allow me.” Is all she says before hooking an arm under Yuuka's knee.

Yuuka runs a hand over her own breast before Shinki starts rocking her body. Yuuka's sensitive folds cry out weak from the recent orgasm. However, Yuuka's mind braces for the second session. She can't fight against the determined gaze in Shinki's eyes as the pleasure builds up once more in the bottom of her stomach. The soft shift between their crotches sighs out as the only sound of sex while Yuuka restrains her own voice from crying out. Shinki's tongue flicks over her lips as she tries to grind her pussy in every direction once to get Yuuka to moan. It's not until Shinki bends over to support herself with a hand that she gets a desired reaction.

Shinki chuckles as her hand pushes into one of Yuuka's breasts. “So you want a bit of roughness, do you?”

Yuuka can't lie to the desire, instead releasing another exasperated moan as Shinki begins grinding her hips to the rhythm of her hand's movements. Yuuka's arm flings over her forehead as she peeks at Shinki's delighted face. Yuuka can feel the dirt yielding under the combined weight and love-making of their bodies, a noticeable wetness forming on her inner thighs. Most of which is her own. Yuuka begins panting in tandem with Shinki's grinding thrusts, and soon enough, Shinki's equally delighted and dominant gasps. Had someone seen them, they would only see the sight of Shinki's bare back and Yuuka's leg and foot raised against the sky, swinging in a rather obvious position. Shinki holds Yuuka's thigh closer to her front as she saws her body forward and back, reveling in Yuuka's now continuous wail of pleasure.

“You're nowhere near finished yet after this, are you?” Shinki manages between her frenzied grinding.

Yuuka can't answer. All she can do between biting her arm to restrain her wail or wailing louder is to cry out before the beam of pleasure shoots through her once more. With a crack of her voice and a squeeze of her ankle on Shinki's shoulder, she turn her head and clenches her teeth. Her mind bursts with pain as Shinki rides out her own orgasm with a few more thrusts, finally shrieking with ecstasy after achieving her first release. In the midst of the haze and pleasure, Yuuka feels Shinki's hands pull her into a sitting position. She can also feel the dirt on her back as Shinki brushes a few dry dusts from her skin. The sun returns focus to her eyesight as Shinki's lustful smile greets her. Yuuka moans as they kiss once more.

Without words, Shinki runs her hands up Yuuka's back before their hips begin moving once again. This time, their folds clash against each other with every coordinated thrust of their bodies. With Yuuka's arms over her shoulders, Shinki exerts the rest of her dominance to nip at Yuuka's throat. In return, all Yuuka can do as gasp at the sky and scratch her nails along Shinki's back. It's not that one finds a favored position or the other submits while the other dominates. It's more that Shinki always finds pleasure to be the height of satisfaction with Yuuka, while Yuuka falls backward to bask in the field of pleasure. So the satisfied lick up over Yuuka's jaw isn't the result of some wicked dominance play, and neither is Yuuka's pleasured squeak of a moan. The two simply reach their height of passion as they both clap their waists against the other. Passion that takes form as strings of liquid form a web to prepare for the inevitable clash occurring every possible moment. Even Shinki winces with an eye at the assault rushing up her body, while Yuuka manages to swallow the drool threatening to fall from the corner of her mouth.

Knowing words would break the lull of pleasure, Shinki only releases her sweet, light cries while Yuuka grunts and moans low to accompany her. After several more particularly pleasuring thrusts, the rush of pleasure becomes unbearable for Shinki's physical threshold. Her heels dig into the earth while Yuuka's fingers do the same on her back, pulling their bodies closer. Unsure and uncaring of when the orgasms came, Shinki is aware of her voice echoing through the sky as her body shakes with pleasure. Her hips twist, almost dragging Yuuka's body on its side, before Shinki drops down onto her own. Her cheek finds relaxation on the cool grass and earth as the heat of her orgasm pulses through her body for a way out. At the same time, Yuuka runs her own hands over her breasts, trying to rub the heat from her bountiful chest, as though it were an actual volume held in her chest. As Yuuka slowly falls back toward the ground, Shinki manages to pull back and away from the flickering shocks that remained due to their lingering contact. With her thighs, pussy, and ground beneath them a mess, Shinki laughs to herself.

“How was it?” She calls over to Yuuka, watching the other's exhausted face.

Despite the broken charisma, Yuuka's face twists enough to laugh in her usual form despite the afterglow of pleasure. “It was well enough. Like normal.”

“Normal?” Shinki pokes Yuuka's stomach with her forefinger. “Normally, you'd be asleep by now.”

“Mmm. Wait. I don't normally fall asleep though?”

“Just making sure you're still in an aware state.”

Yuuka sits up, staring around for a moment. “Our clothes are all over the place, aren't they?”

“They are. Is there a problem with that, though?”

Shinki follows her words with falling over in Yuuka's arms.

Okay. So while those two cuddle and kiss and whisper to each other, perhaps I can finally observe the two in full. Would this be enough, considering the flow of action? I mean, I would find this moderate, to be honest. Could and would it be worse if one of them grew an appendage, or have Yuuka use something to penetrate? For better or worse, that's not the case this time. I suppose one could look at this and wonder why it is the way it is, and that would make it less enjoyable. Or perhaps there aren't enough to observe in the first place. Hey. If that's true...then aren't I the only one seeing this? I mean, not being caught is great, but....That doesn't quite sit well with me. I mean, staying around to witness this makes me feel dirty enough. I probably shouldn't make a habit of this, but it's not like I haven't been around to see a lot already. Not just in Gensokyo.

Well, that's enough of that. I guess I've overstayed my welcome, not that anyone did. Then let me leave one hint of my intention here.

A flower catches Yuuka's eye as it falls from the sky. Shinki notices soon after, watching it fall into Yuuka's outstretched hand. Yuuka's eyes rest on the flower.

Yes, it's a message, Yuuka. I wonder if it can be understood with everything as it is, though? Even it's place after what just happened has its importance, despite what anyone can say. Actually, now that I think about it, it's more appropriate to this than I thought it was.

“I see.” Yuuka grips the flower in her hand.

But that's all she says. While Shinki finds it enough to feel Yuuka's finger twirl in her hair while resting on Yuuka's chest.

And that's good enough for me.


...I should probably un-stall one of my other stories. That sounds like a great idea.

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