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File 144482634259.jpg - (223.87KB , 516x728 , 47635106_p1_master1200.jpg ) [iqdb]
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This features futa x futa. Fueled by urges and a need to write. I don't quite know about rate per gallon, though.


I could see her in the distance, at the top of the cliff’s peak. I could smell her. A subtle, fresh wind that brushes the inside of your nose. It isn’t long before Aya reaches me, and I couldn’t stand it. And it isn’t because I thought she was deplorable as a tengu. That was true to some extent, but that wasn’t the main issue.

The main issue is that I—at least, my body and penis—wanted Aya.

I don’t understand the connection myself. But whatever was happening to me, it was a problem that needed action soon. I resisted the lurching urge up until now, but the urge has only gotten stronger and stronger—

“Hm. Standing around again, are we?”

Yes. I’m a white wolf tengu on guard duty. We’re on the mountain, aren’t we? Of course, it wouldn’t be far-fetched for Aya to suddenly write an article about “a certain tengu on duty”, or even put the name “Momiji” in the title. Nonetheless, it’d have a picture of me on it.

I resist the urge to acknowledge her by closing my eyes. That probably makes it worse for me, because then she’ll-
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>> No. 38077
File 147471297021.jpg - (357.44KB , 850x1209 , b89ab0b38c08a957d5adc4f8279577db.jpg ) [iqdb]
After a minute, flying back to Aya's house, she speaks.

“I'll let her in the house, but I'm not giving her any food.”

Two tengu in the distance point in our direction.

“I didn't think you hated her.” I say. “Back when she came after you took some photos of me.”

“How would you feel, if someone came to you. And they said they didn't like the way you did your job?”

“I think that was just her opinion. It doesn't mean she didn't like you.”

“I don't go out of my way to compare my way of life to anyone else's.”

“But that in itself seems peculiar, doesn't it? That she specifically targeted you.”
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>> No. 38078
[X] Her feet.
>> No. 38079
[X] Her hands.

File 147136880991.jpg - (1.22MB , 1142x1440 , c9480f3dd00a7aea990e4e2794fca44b.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Get your smut on, folks! Rules are at >>/gensokyo/14305
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>> No. 38068
File 147406603550.jpg - (485.33KB , 1032x1222 , wg35yq34hu42yq35y.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I'm hoooooome~!"

He was awoken from his nap by the girlish, cheery voice coming from the entrance. A drawn out yawn escaped his mouth while he rubbed his eyes with his arm. The responsible part of his mind reminded he that it was his duty as a priest in training to go greet her, but the rest of his body refused to obey and abandon the cozy warmth of the kotatsu. Nothing short of a hurricane could have teared him away from under the blanket, although he often tended to forget how easily she could make one if she wanted.

"Heeeeey, I know you're here! Your boots are at the door... Ah, there you are!"

The living room's door slid open to reveal a young woman shooting an annoyed frown at him. Even in his semi-asleep state, he still took a moment to appreciate her looks. The first thing everyone noticed about Sanae Kochiya was her long green hair, adorned with a cutesy frog clip and a snake ornament around one lock. That day she was wearing a red scarf and that beige leather coat she brought from the Outside, both of which did a commendable job on protecting her shapely figure from the cold. Even so, no amount of baggy clothes could hide her considerably sized chest, bigger and rounder than most girls her age. Down below, the shrine maiden chose to wear her favorite long skirt, the dark blue one with light blue dots and stripes and white frills, paired with tall white socks. He could spot a hint of her soft, creamy thighs between the gaps if he looked hard enough, but he was too sleepy to bother sneaking a peek, and he had a feeling she wouldn't appreciate it at that moment.

"The least you could do is say 'welcome home, Sanae!', no?" She berated him. "It's rude not to greet your seni--ooh, warm kotatsu! Nice!"

Luckily for him, the allure of the heated table was too strong for Sanae to resist. The green-haired miko undid her coat and her scarf, hastily threw them away at a corner of the room and took a seat under the blankets, opposite of him. Her frown melted into a satisfied expression as the warmth began to seep into her body. Only then he mustered enough strength to utter a gr
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>> No. 38069
File 147406622354.png - (0.95MB , 1058x1500 , tqwrgqwry3442136.png ) [iqdb]

And so the priest gritted his teeth and endured Sanae's frenzied blowjob as best as he could, while she tested and strained the limits of his endurance. The shrine maiden decided to get serious by bringing two of her fingers to the base of his cock and squeezing it in a ring. She had practiced long enough to know the right amount of pressure to make it the most pleasurable for him; not too soft nor too constricting. A hearty chuckle escaped her mouth when she felts his cock twitching and pulsing strongly between her digits, as if wanting relief desperately, and she grew even bolder in her servicing. Her other hand started to roam around his balls, sometimes caressing his balls, softly massaging them and feeling their weight, or teasingly running her nail along the vein of the shaft, measuring even the smallest reactions he gave to her techniques.

"Hmmph, oh, Sanae, that's... Ohhhhh..."

While her fingers started to jerk the lower part of his shaft off, her lips returned to his frenulum and pressed on it. She then tilted her head to the side and slowly opened her mouth, putting the underside of his crown inside her hot, wet cavity, almost as if taking a bite out of it. A shudder ran through the priest's spine at the sensation of her lips pressing hungrily around the tip of his cock, and when he felt her tongue flicking at his frenulum, his most sensitive part, he couldn't contain his moans any longer. Then Sanae started bobbing her head up and down in rhythm with her fingers, and his whole body was wracked with immense pleasure. Precum started to flow non-stop from his urethra, filling her mouth and mind with his taste and scent.

"Hmmmm... You haven't shot your load yet?" She moaned directly under the tip of his cock, making him shudder again. "C'mon, give it to me!"

That he hadn't come from that attack on three fronts was a miracle in itself, but despite his desperate efforts to stave off his orgasm, he was at the end of his endurance. He wanted nothing mo
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>> No. 38070
File 147406979963.jpg - (204.46KB , 850x1190 , k.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I have insecurities,” said Tenshi.

“Okay,” said the man.

And then they had sex.

File 147357295295.png - (33.08KB , 908x719 , bd9f98ecca01e943a8142ad65e194fccdcd497bded0408719e.png ) [iqdb]
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Thought I should spread the word that this gem is being translated on 8ch. I'd recommend scrolling to the bottom of the thread to find the most recent translation
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>> No. 38054
I Keep looking an I have NO idea what I'm looking for and what each version around here is for EraToho as it seems really like two or three different games being mentioned there.
>> No. 38055
ctrl+f 'tohok update' should give you the latest version. Can just be downloaded from mega and played, no need to apply patches.
>> No. 38056
Oh, and the second game being discussed in Dungeons and Touhou
It is also being translated, but the translation is very new.

File 140718401946.jpg - (142.01KB , 695x827 , 08ffd4d347e576b8ddaca0018299d578.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread: >>31646
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>> No. 38073

Here you go.
>> No. 38074
Any clue on what the title is as I'm figuring get the translation off the raw and then try and get I guess Afro Thunder to get the raw cleaned up (and put up on sadpanda) and then the editing done with the translation.
>> No. 38075

The title as it'd appear on exhentai would be:
(C88) [捻切シスター (ハネミカッコ)] サブタレイニアンサンバースデイ (東方Project)

If you meant a translation of the title... no. I can't help at all with that, since I don't know any Japanese. I don't really get why'd you want that either.

File 141935030557.jpg - (11.02KB , 200x300 , cd784d03fb9ad577857766452b00c9b6e5b92b61-784070-10.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous thread >>33941

Cosplay threads are not hot, that's what we don't want to see.
So this time, let's start with Musou Kaihou.

Well, no lunaticmode.
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>> No. 37788
Just who know this?
>> No. 37833
So, this is why I think of that Hiyo wants to make all Touhou characters' cosplay.
>> No. 38015
Saotome did (the first ever?) uncensored cosplay video.

File 146213370869.png - (300.70KB , 442x470 , 9ebf698029cc61504fd2d846f8ce782.png ) [iqdb]
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Who's to blame?

I'm not supposed to be like that. I know.
I should be better than that. Better than this.
I can't control myself, I couldn't stop myself.
And I'm ashamed of the pleasure I get from it.

My master knows me. My friend warned me.
But I still forced myself on a man.
His discarded ring I tore off in the forest,
maybe that, too, was exciting for me then.

I'm not sure...what I should do anymore....

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>> No. 38006
[x] Ask Tewi how she feels. (Third nature: Shanghai/Hourai)

I mean, yes, but mostly I just want to know what that parenthetical means.
>> No. 38007
Is it? Well then change >>37999 to
[x] Ask Tewi how she feels. (Third nature: Shanghai/Hourai)
>> No. 38008
[X] I want to make her come, over and over again.

File 137663021158.jpg - (110.80KB , 850x637 , Gissele for real you guys.jpg ) [iqdb]
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"How do you feel about massages?" You ask with honest interest. Your father had this... unusual knack for knowing how to get every single knot out of a given individual's muscles with almost no effort at all, and since your girls would have to fight on a routine basis your father thought that it only made sense that your training included how to massage your girls.

Of course, your mother found out about this and insisted on showing you 'things your father would leave out' after he had finished teaching you. That was an...interesting lesson. Probably one of the most interesting ones your mother has ever given you! Informative too.

Gissele raises one eyebrow at your statement but shows no other visual response as she considers what you have to say, "...Intriguing. You can't wait to get your hands on my body, but you hide it in the form of a modestly more innocent offer." She muses before giving you a smile, "Very well, I'll let you have your fun. Just remember, don't do anything you'll regret, mmm?"

You do blush in response to this, though your offer is actually sincerely innocent. "Of course not, ma'am. That aside, I'll need a good spot for you to lie down on. I'm quite experienced with hand, foot, shoulder, and back massage techniques."

"My, how did a young man become so talented in those sorts of things?" Gissele asks you as she fluidly rises up from her throne and gestures with one hand to follow her as she begins to sashay from the room, her hips swaying distractingly and hypnotically in front of you as she does so. You find yourself actually developing an anticipation to get to service this beautiful woman-

Oh. She's very good.

You follow along and try not to stare too much. "It's knowledge that got passed down to me, and I made a point to not squander it." You try not to go into too much detail since you don't want her to get annoyed with you again so soon, especially not when you're going to be using this as an opportunity to stall for time. Ideally, a lot of time.

Yes, a lo
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>> No. 37583
Disappointed in no Four of a Kind. Alas.

Also another Wilhelm fan checking in.
>> No. 37997
File 146888414346.png - (661.39KB , 800x600 , delicious.png ) [iqdb]
You pour a generous helping of the sweet, sticky syrup over his length, the sharp intake of breath that is forced from him only fuelling your eagerness. Setting the bottle aside, for now, you gently massage the head of his cock with the palm of your hand. The syrup is too sticky to stroke him, if you're honest, but a gentle massage like this, squeezing lightly, pressing in on the tip softly with the palm of your hand, that's easy. And judging by the soft noises he's making, pleasurable as well.

Sittas shivers at your touch, hips weakly wiggling as he stares down at you with teary eyes, voice shaky with pleasure, "D-Dai-sis, this feels weirdAh~haaaaa~..."

His shaft is soft and warm, still hardening under your playful touch as it glistens with the syrup you've spread across, the sensations obviously overwhelming the pure, uneducated Sittas. His body is ready to be taught so many firsts at your hand...

You watch his face with a sultry smile, revelling in his expressions as you do your work. Leaning in, you blow softly over him, prompting a twitch of his shaft. And then you lean in for a taste, running your tongue down the syrupy side of him. The sweetness mixed with his own flavour is... it's absolutely delicious.

Sittas cries out as he screws his eyes shut, hips shifting up in response to your tongue's seeking touch as if to inite you further. Your mouth is pleasured by a wonderful mixture of sweet and salty, giving you a treat you've been aching for so long.

You suck gently against the base of his shaft, with a pleased hum. You shift your position, and look up at him from below, resting his warm length over your face. He doesn't meet your gaze, of course, since his eyes are screwed shut, an adorably tormented expression locked on his face. His gasps and soft moans only increase as you suck one of his balls into your mouth, running your tongue around it gently.

"Nnaaah, Dai-siiiissss..." Sittas moans as you play with his suculent tackle, full and loaded with batter for him to put all the buns in your oven that his heart could desire, and there's desire aplenty in his v
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 37998
Wow! Dai-sis has an imagination! We need to see some Dai-sis x Sittas x Hijiri action at some point.

File 146720476989.png - (0.97MB , 850x494 , Metaphor.png ) [iqdb]
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This is non-canon. If you take this as canon, I likely will look at you oddly.

Alrighty, now, with the advent of hopefully joking /at/ requests, looks like, while I wait for votes, I'll be doing little ditties here in an effort to not make people think I'm unfairly forcing their hand. You guys are either going to hate this or love it.

I'm not sure which I'd prefer, though, but we'll soon find out!

Expect gore, vore and maybe even death by bore! Or other things, too, such as monster girls and the like, which are common in my story. Honestly not sure how all these things will go, but we'll see.

I mean by way of drill, not boredom, by the way. Although, I'm sure someone out there has a bore dom fetish, but we'll hopefully not be dealing with drill dominatrices, so I won't be becoming their go-to author.

Right, puns and word plays, too.

Depending on reception to my horrifying/silly sex scenes, this may be a project that keeps going and going, like the lovely chocolate bunny of a protagonist we have.

I hope you guys reject me like a back alley organ transfer, but we'll see.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 37978

Thank you~ I do try to be creative in my horribleness.

Honestly, I was mostly writing this to poke fun at the people begging for /at/.


Well, unless Renko snuffs Youki, Wriggle the Catfish, a bakebake, a random bird or an annoying dog or something, I don't see that happening. And, honestly, that would be odd, as she's not particular to men.

These are Bad Ends, after all. They're not likely to be happy things.

There's only one potentially /at/ worthy scene I have planned that isn't, though it's also possible to woo others if one figures it out, but still.

>> No. 37979
Time I get back to this for today, it seems! I'd tell you to enjoy, but I'm more making this to sharpen my teeth. ...With porn, apparently. I guess it fits well enough.

Porn's usually full of hard things.

>> No. 37980
File 146764142896.png - (962.13KB , 850x993 , There are worse ends.png ) [iqdb]
You feel more fragile.


You huff and puff as you feel the blood in your fingers and toes rapidly slow and freeze. It’s neither painful nor cold. It doesn’t feel very good, mind you, but it’s that sort of ohh-god-why-are-my-fingers-getting-frostbite kind, not the ohh-oww-god-oww-why-oww-are-oww-my-oww-fingers-oww-getting-oww-frostbite kind.

You lay there, your breathing gradually feeling less like you ran a mile after flirting with people all night, watching frosty clouds form in front of you. It’s like you’re breathing hot air in the winter, but in reverse, and the worst part is, the warm air around you isn’t all that comfortable.

It’s as if you’re in an oven, and you feel… You feel…

You are not going to die. Not to a little hot air. Not here. Not now. Not ever. Never!

Your determination not to die freezes the air around you.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 140380376465.jpg - (512.21KB , 573x809 , 42172804.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Old Threads:




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>> No. 37954
File 146645017624.jpg - (0.96MB , 990x1100 , IMG_004451.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 37955
File 146645018660.jpg - (354.89KB , 1000x1000 , 54684516_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 37956
File 14664501945.jpg - (911.15KB , 1800x1272 , 39850093.jpg ) [iqdb]

File 145797375926.jpg - (183.64KB , 668x964 , 4ae3765252eb8a718520a6e93b1197f8.jpg ) [iqdb]
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White Day special number two of two. Deadlines are deadlines.


I, Mononobe no Futo, am currently quite troubled at present.

I twirl this chocolate delicacy between my fingers. A compact sweet shaped like a heart. I had not the courage to make one myself, but am even more troubled by simply holding it. Am I not a fool? This impulse is much too brash for someone of my stature….


I jump, shoving the chocolate into my sleeves before I turn around.

“Crown Prince!”

The Crown Prince stands before me, nodding to me in greeting. Though, I would not prefer for her to catch me in the hallway.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 37950
File 146623198929.jpg - (114.40KB , 850x602 , b0a4cd79f204af38ca2592dff484c845.jpg ) [iqdb]
I blink once before I feel my lower body rise.


With a deep breath, the Crown Prince has my bottom on top of her lap. Then, she heaves my nether regions at level with her face.


My mind blanks out. I can only feel fire coursing through inside. Inside. My heart burns. My face burns. The Crown Prince’s tongue thrashes within me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I know she isn’t being so violent. But my sensitivity tells me otherwise.

“I beg, stop!”

My mind and words are divided. And only the former is true to my desire. Which is why the Crown Prince continues to dive into me.

Leaning against the ground, my head pushes hard enough to raise my back. My legs wrap around the Crown Prince’s neck. My nether regions have only the ministrations of the Crown Prince around them, along my thighs. But if this keeps up, my body will lose control.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 37951
Waiting for a clever write-in because I'm too tired to think one myself. This was really good through, I'm eager to see where it'll go.
>> No. 37952
Get Tojika realize that she's still loved so threesome!

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