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File 168099827034.jpg - (0.98MB, 3077x4335, CirnoKoishi.jpg)
It was a quiet day out in the Forest of Magic. Cirno and Koishi both stood opposite of each other:
"Cirno, you have been skipping out on your medication. Why?" asked Koishi
"I am a Fairy. I don't need any of these worthless daily doses!" she replied with defiance

Koishi shook her head in disapproval and began to charge up her Honnou "Ido no Kaihou."
Before she knew it, Cirno was trapped and ready to receive her medication:
"I didn't get this medical degree for nothing. I want to help people. Just sit still and it'll be over soon," Koishi calmly stated

Despite her gentle reassurance, Cirno continued to struggle, cursing at the Satori under her breath. Koishi pulled down her and Cirno's panties: She was ready to administer the dosage. Koishi inserted her long, thick, Satori cock into Cirno's soft, Fairy anus:

Koishi replied "That is no way to speak to your doctor!" and continue to apply the daily dose

Koishi's cock was thoroughly pounding Cirno and Koishi was near ejaculation. But it seemed it just wasn't enough to help her patient. 'What should I do though?' Koishi thought. Suddenly, like a flash, the idea came to her: Immediately after ejaculating, Koishi unsheathed her Primate tallywacker from Cirno and began to charge herself up. Cirno thought, it was finally over, but she turned her head back only to see a fresh Spell card, and Koishi's petra-popper moving in reverse.

Cirno braced herself for the double-seen second brain monster that was about to penetrate her. At first, it hurt incredibly: Cirno had never felt such an powerful surge of pain before. But after an hour of nonstop buttfucking, her anus became stretched and worn out to the point where she could enjoy it!

When Koishi finally ejaculated, it was released at such a force that Cirno vomited a large quantity of the semen. Koishi timed out the spell card and let Cirno free:
"Thanks, doc. I'm sorry about how I was acting before. This medicine is great! I'll see you tomorrow then."

As Cirno flew home, Koishi gave a smile of satisfaction: She was glad she could help another person with their daily dose. But she had to hurry and give the other Player Characters their daily doses too! And so, she flew off as well.
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lol lmao ebin maymay brother such a sick reference to meemees of the past such as piccolo dick so epicly epic for being in the know enough to reference such spicy internet comedy truly epic bro xDDDDDDDDDDD
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It's always the Koishitfags...
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Least insane Touhou fan.
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Here's a tip: when you make a thread, especially in /at/, give it a title. An untitled thread in /at/ looks like a certain type of unsavoury spam this board has gotten multiple times, which led me to entirely avoid this thread, until I noticed on the main page that it was still up after several days and had gotten new replies.
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