What is this place?

This site is a place where anything related to the Touhou Project series is welcome. Several boards are dedicated to fanfiction and Choose-your-own-adventures (CYOAs) and you're more than encouraged to read and partake in these stories (and maybe even create your own). But you're also welcome to post about the games, related music, and doujins in the discussion boards.

What is a CYOA?

A choose-your-own-adventure or CYOA is an interactive storytelling format. It allows the reader to make choices where the story will go and what will happen. Books, visual novels, and even interactive DVDs have utilized this method to diverse extents. Most stories tend to be written in the second-person perspective, but uses of the first and third-person have also been done. Many of the stories on this website are executed like a CYOA, giving readers varying degrees of creative control. It is often encouraged that the readers participate and help shape the story (via votes, comments, and 'write-in votes') for more satisfying results. The best way to truly understand how this works is to simply read up and participate.

Archives - Where are they?


I was thinking of starting up a story, where should I put it?

The various boards are structured around locations and the characters most likely to be in that region. So stories about villagers and shrine maidens tend to be in one place, while Lunarians are elsewhere. These guidelines are in the board descriptions. These are not absolutes, however, and freedom of choice and discretion is always left up to the author. So really you're free to put a story wherever it works best. Read other stories and look around the other boards and you'll get a good sense of how things work.

I've seen some images that weren't safe for work outside of the adult board. I thought that wasn't allowed?

We are, overall, an adult site with adult material existing in both text and image form across the various boards. For boards outside of /at/ we ask that users tick the 'NSFW' checkbox when uploading explicit images.

Customization and Settings

On the upper right of every board and thread there is a button labeled "Settings". There you'll find a range of options to customize your THP experience. There's a lot to discover there so give it a look!

I've seen underlined and bold text on the board. How do I use it?

Formatting text is easy. Simply write the command character surrounded by brackets and when you want the effect to end add an end by putting a slash and the character surrounded by brackets.

eg: To make something bold wrap your text with a [b] at the beginning and a [/b] at the end.

Here's a list of the possible commands:
Bold - [b]
Italic - [i]
Strikethrough - [s]
Underline - [u]
Spoiler - [spoiler]
Separator - [div]

Additionally, you can flip a coin with [coinflip] and roll dice in the format of [xdy-+z]

If you're a writer that's marking a post as an update you can also add a timer to your post formatted as, for example [timer=19/05/07 10:30+3] which translates to the 10:30 AM on the seventh of May 2019 with the time zone +3 (Either - or + works and if omitted defaults to UTC). Dashes instead of forward slashes also should work as should a full four digit year.

What's the auto-sage mark?

Threads will be auto-saged (not able to be bumped by new posts) after 250 posts. In addition, the character limit for a single post is 30,000 for most boards.

Miscellaneous board features

There's several features built in to the board software that you may not know about.

Thread-specific features
Users can interact with threads in a manner of ways. The four buttons next to the 'Reply' link have different functions. The first hides the thread from view, the second adds the thread to the 'watched threads' list (if the option is enabled in the Settings), the third expands the thread in place (instead of opening it up as its own url), and the fourth makes it so you can reply without opening the thread ("Quick Reply" - the selected thread will show up next to the post box).

In addition to this, clicking on the "No." part of the post info after the date will open the thread highlighting the post - while the number after that will input it in quote for into the post box (ie: >>14123).

Finally, clicking on the filename of an image will expand it in place.

At the top of each board there are several selectable style sheets. The default is Chernobyl for each board (the green background) but others are available. Selecting the one you want by clicking on the name will change it for all the boards. Mobile users have to pop into the settings menu to change their theme.

Next to every filename there is a button that automatically searches for the image through iqdb on *booru. Makes finding the source or artist easy.

Switch between desktop and mobile versions of the site
At the bottom of each page you'll find a button that allows switching between the two different versions of the site. Do note that not every customization setting will carry over between the two versions and some are outright exclusive.

Reporting threads

If someone posts illegal content, something inappropriate, or is otherwise disrupting the site there is a report function built-in to the board software. Just check the post you wish to report and hit the 'report' button at the bottom of the page (reason is optional). A moderator or admin will eventually see this report and take appropriate measures.

You are also free to come on to the board's IRC channel (#thp on irc.rizon.net) or Discord channel and ask for moderation if you feel it necessary.

Note that any false reporting (with the intent to disrupt the site) will result in the reporter getting banned.

Administrative things

If something is wrong with the site (eg: error upon trying to post), there's you'd like to suggest to make the site better, or simply want to talk to an admin for whatever reason feel free to come to the IRC channel (#thp on irc.rizon.net) or Discord.