Encryption - 29/03/2016 @ 00:23:41 - by Zer00

After a lengthy trial period where it was optional, SSL has been made the only way to access the site. If you're running any modern browser there's no need to change any settings as this should be handled automatically. Encryption helps maintain users' privacy as well as improve their security browsing the web. This should be a smooth transition but if you have any issues going forward, let us know.

New Front Page - 27/10/2015 @ 06:09:53 - by Zer00

The front page has been redone to show more useful information at once. There's still a few optimizations to be made, so feel free to give feedback in /gensokyo/ about the changes. Viewing the front page on either a mobile device or a bigger monitor shouldn't be a problem. Additionally, a few minor tweaks elsewhere have been made here and there that should make browsing the site snappier. Hopefully a few other changes to improve the user experience will be forthcoming. More details as plans mature.

New Userscript - 21/10/2015 @ 00:22:30 - by Zer00

A user of the site has created a script for your browser that enhances the THP experience by creating a page where you can keep track of the latest posts across any boards you like using the site's in-built RSS feeds. In short, it allows you to keep an eye on activity across the boards in one place. You can grab it here.

Idea Exchange - 07/12/2013 @ 18:20:45 - by Zer00

There's a sticky now here for the users of the site to share ideas for stories and shorts. If you ever had more ideas than time to write or simply wanted to see a concept done, be sure to share it. Someone else might get inspired and do it if they think it's cool or there's enough interest.