I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 157125666070.jpg - (372.18KB, 750x600, dont make me do it.jpg) [iqdb]
This is a travesty. The Cabal has been talking away here, and it’s become obvious that we will decidedly not be having a NaNoWriMo this year. Why? Because reasons.

Is this really how we want things to end up? I, for one, do not relish the idea of inertia killing off contests, one of my favourite THP institutions.

However, before I descend into ranting and get a couple of particular individuals on my case, I will admit that “timing” and “circumstances” can and do make things hard on people. Asking you guys to jump onto a full-fledged contest when things are in this state is only asking for disappointment, too. So, what do we do? Well, that’s why I’m dropping this notice a half-month in advance.

What are you on about?

Look, we haven’t had any contests this year, and it looks likely at this rate that we won’t if nobody steps up and organises one. Since it doesn’t look like anyone’s going to do that, I’ve had to jump off of my lazy ass to make it happen.

That’s why I, a shitass anon and failed writer, am bringing you…



It stands for:


That’s fucking terrible.

You come up with something better next time, then.

Okay, so is this just another annual contest, or…

Not quite. See, like I said, I’m fairly certain opening a regular contest would just be disappointing. We might end up with a couple of entries at best, based on the sentiments I’ve heard.

Instead, we’re going to be going with a much simpler premise:


If you’re a reader, VOTE IN THE GODDAMN STORIES.

Regardless of which you are, DISCUSS GODDAMN STORIES AND 2HUS.

Wait, it’s that simple?

It’s that goddamn simple.

Calling this a “contest” is probably more than a bit disingenuous. It’s really more of a public statement, kind of like Martin Luther nailing up his list of reasons why the church sucks shit or whatever the fuck. If nobody else is going to do anything, then there’s no reason I shouldn’t do a shitty callout post.

And that’s really the whole point here: THP is only as active as you make it.

That’s why I’m calling on writers to update their stories as much as possible for the duration of the “contest”. That’s why I’m calling on anons of all stripes to read, vote, and discuss as much as possible for the same duration. That’s it.

What do we even get out of this stupid stunt?

Nothing but the pride of knowing that you’ve actually acted like a contributing member of a community for once in your sorry life.

How do we even know who wins?

That’s the thing. If everybody does their part and gets involved, we all win. Even if only half of us get involved, we still win. It’s all about generating activity.

The only way we lose is if absolutely nobody gets involved. If that happens, Okuu will be very sad.

So, when is it?

It’s partially up to you! Officially, it starts and ends in the same general range as NaNoWriMo; i.e., from 01 November to 30 November. However, with time zones and all that mess, the exact times and such when you start are all going to be relative. That’s right, we’re not going by site time. Just start and end on those dates in your local time.

Anything else we need to know before it starts?

There is a bonus objective for those of you who are willing to do things off-site.

Join the THP Discord (https://discord.gg/UPHZMWy) and come in at least once a day to discuss 2hus. You can shitpost if you want — it happens a lot anyway — but it’s really more helpful to talk about things pertinent to THP.

Don’t make Okuu sad, guys.
File 157126531866.jpg - (148.79KB, 1237x1372, C0SOs3_UQAESbm3_jpg orig.jpg) [iqdb]
I'll do it!
So you're telling me there are still stories that update here? And I shouldn't just check back here every couple years just in case A Wizard if YOU updates?

Sheeeeeeeet nigga that's all you had to say!
File 157128034494.jpg - (127.34KB, 800x900, 0bad145f454917af39d299b53b539bd2.jpg) [iqdb]
Activating THP? You know how crazy that sounds?
Nanowrimo is happening, even if it's just going to be me. Send help, please.
File 157128419726.png - (108.35KB, 341x335, ZUNApprove.png) [iqdb]
Hell yeah, this is GOOD STUFF!
I’ve been working on updates. November is the time.

Watch for it.
Oh, I forgot about another bonus objective for the truly lazy: Keep this thread bumped to the top every single day of November.

I'll do it myself if I have to, but I'd prefer for someone else take the initiative.

>I've been working on updates.
Gonna be something of a hard time, holidays (if not work, family shit)
There are always excuses, anon.
Because Moral felt the need to bump his dumb thread, I'm gonna bump mine to remind those of you with a gnat's attention span that this is a thing. Get ready to do the absolute bare minimum to make a functioning community starting tomorrow.
Day one of this shitshow, fellow atomics. Let's go fission.
I'm too busy with irl stuff to do full nanowrimo, so I'll just aim for a total of about six to seven updates between my current stories this month.

And to try to follow and vote in a few new stories.
Day two. Reminder to all the mute-ass anons: Stop being cowards and come down to the Discord for a chat. Despite the shitposting, we do actually talk about 2hus quite a bit. I assure you we won't meme on you too hard. Well, maybe. Anyway, stay true atomics.
Kosuzu. I mean, day three.

I dunno how many of you are just crawling out of the woodwork for Nano-Reimu, but good on you if you're doing anything that looks like activity. Keep it up, fellow atomics!
Day thr-- four. Day four. Ah, fuck.

I fell asleep and forgot.
I blame Doremy for the last lapse. Damn anti-nuclear tapir.

Keep writing and voting.
Day six. Yeah, I double-bumped. What are you gonna do about it?

I needed to get back in sync.
File 157309346067.jpg - (625.40KB, 1100x900, .jpg) [iqdb]
Day seven. Activity.
Day eight! Can you believe it's been a week already? I can't. My sense of time is completely bonked out thanks to the writing rush.

Send help.
Day nine and ten. I'm doing about as good a job keeping up with this as updating.
Continuing into double-digits with day eleven!

Do you think sweet potatoes can be found in butts?
Day twelve? Day twelve. Please remain atomic.

Uhhh... day thirteen and fourteen.

Send help.
Fuck it, just gonna call it day fifteen. It's not cheating if I say it's not.
File 157393264031.png - (4.96KB, 200x200, 48524687_p0.png) [iqdb]
It's day sixteen here, cap'n. Consider this your daily bump.
I was aware of that and was planning on doing a second bump for day sixteen. So, uh, thanks for doing it for me, I guess.

And now this is a third just because.
Day seventeen! I only just realised that we're past the half-way point. It feels like it's been longer.
Blah, okay, here's day eighteen's bump. Be back later with the current day's.

Assuming I don't fall asleep again.
Back again with the bump for day nineteen. I did fall asleep, but it wasn't for long this time.
Day twenty dawns. We're down to a ten-count for this little stunt.
get to writing you homos
Day twenty-one bringing the count down to nine. Hard to believe we're already into the closing days of NaNoWriMo. Where did this month go?
Day twenty-two with eight more days. Don't start slipping with only this long to go.
We're into the last week! That is seven whole days from day twenty-three until this nano-atomic extravaganza is done. Last stretch, writers. Keep at it.
The end is chugging closer with six more days to go from day twenty-four. What lies on the other side?
Holy shit, five more days! We're skidding to a stop with day twenty-five.

Now, what was that I heard about a whale?
You're a whale. Come over to the cooler side: Nanowrimo. We have better aquatic animals. That's right. FUCKING SHARKS. Smell ya later.
Let's hope we don't crash, because we're four days away and counting. Day twenty-six is keeping a foot jammed down on the brake pedal. Or some such clumsy metaphor.

I think we can compromise. How about whale sharks?
That's an embarrassing lapse to fall asleep within the final stretch. So, this will be day twenty-seven's bump.
You won't get me this time, Doremy! I have to tell THP that there are now less than two days left!

So, yeah, there's day twenty-eight's bump finally.
File 157512604532.png - (2.87MB, 1800x2100, buh bye.png) [iqdb]
When I posted the OP, I was pretty convinced that there wouldn't be anything happening. I had doubts anyone would even notice this thing for more than a second.

So, did we win? I don't really know. Things were reasonably active, mostly on account of the actual NaNoWriMo happening, but that tells me nothing. Would any of that have happened if NaNoWriMo hadn't gone on as usual? I have some doubts. Still, activity is activity, and activity in and of itself is good. Let's just call it a job well done.

For my part, I'd like to apologise twice: once for constantly forgetting to bump the thread, and once more for getting involved in NaNoWriMo and falling through. I know no one particularly cares, but it's personally disappointing to me. Commitments are seriously hard to live up to.

On another note, I'd like to think that this little stunt has had a hand in bringing folks onto the Discord. Before this started, there were something like sixty or seventy of us total, and now we're over a hundred. Some of you went to lurking immediately, and that's to be expected, I guess. For those of you who continue to be active, pat yourselves on the back. You may not see it this way, but you're doing your part to keep a community as vibrant as possible. It'd still be better if folks wrote, voted, and generally did more on the site, though.

Anyway, thanks for tolerating my cheap little joke. There may be a repeat, or there could just as well not. I'd be glad if someone were to take over for me, but I'm of no illusion of that happening. I guess we'll just have to see next year.


P.S. Okuu is doing fine.

P.P.S. Fortune Teller did nothing wrong.

P.P.P.S. Kosuzu.
Wait what the fuck we have a discord? I thought we only had an IRC channel.
It's listed under "Chat" on the front page
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