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File 147306962759.jpg - (125.33KB , 850x850 , __kawashiro_nitori_touhou_drawn_by_konohana_saku__.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Previous Thread: >>29707

[X] Awyrgan, what do you want?

Everybody else falls silent as the tank slowly drives up to you. "HATCH DIRECTIVE REQUIRES A COMMANDING UNIT TO DEFINE. DO YOU WISH TO REVOKE THIS LIMIT?"

"Yes." You affirm, "Nobody other than you yourself know better than what to do in this case."

"Hold on!" Nitori protests, "What if it decides to just never hatch?"


"I do not know." Tenma says, with just the hint of nervousness, "What are your parameters, Iron Wing?"

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>> No. 31062
Clarification: The Chinese Pantheon refers to the Tiangong as a whole-the entire collective of the Heavenly Court known to popular East Asian culture sans Japan.

That is all.
>> No. 31063
[x] (Let the dragon speak)

I want to know what Awyri thinks!
>> No. 31064
[X] A Dragon and her friend

I didn't think about it before, but he just had a battle with a modern dragon and modern knights. Neat.

File 148322887410.png - (801.34KB , 1500x1500 , __usami_renko_touhou_drawn_by_nanahi_toshi__9a77af.png ) [iqdb]
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Mt. Takao, Hachioji - 29th of March 15:19

“Scrap that, Renko.” I tell her, pocketing my phone. “You’re gonna come with me to a job.”

She raises her head from the ground. “A job?” She asks, perplexed.

“Yes. I do work.” I tell her. “I can’t spend all day everyday working this majestic body.”

She rolls her eyes in response, apparently not finding my sarcasm fun. “I mean, what do you do for work?”

“I fix holes in a giant invisible wall, essentially.” I tell her. “Then I also take care of the monsters that made that hole by forcing them back through it.” Which is oversimplifying it grossly.

She sits up. “And how am I supposed to help?”
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>> No. 31036
[x] Fight. No time to lose, I have to keep the girls safe.
-[x] Rely on physical attacks only.
>> No. 31037
File 149729673668.jpg - (133.83KB , 890x1277 , Could you really bring yourself to erase her.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah, I should probably have explained how the memory wipe actually works, but it either must have slipped my mind, or it must have been impossible to include without breaking the flow of the scene.

Calling it a memory wipe is actually wrong, as it seals off memories instead of erasing them.
Doing so avoids the typical empty feeling of "Something is missing." that erased memories leave, which in turn allows for a more seamless integration back into society and away from magic.
However, as seen with Renko and Mary, it's not flawless. In fact, the biggest flaw of this method, is that all related memories must either be faded or sealed as well, to avoid them of reminding the subject of the event that's been wiped.
In their case, neither you nor Doc knew of, or remembered every encounter they'd had with you, leaving a memory where you had a strong presence, which is what kept trying to get them the remember the event you sealed off, which lead to the pain they were experiencing.

If you were to use it on Yumemi, you'd effectively have to erase all memories of you and magic to make sure she doesn't remember this one incident. Considering how much of her life she's spent on magic, you'd practically be erasing her entire memory.

TL;DR: You're not going to wipe their memories, so don't rely on it.

And while I'm at it. Is there anything else you'd like me to explain?
>> No. 31040
Keeping our magic a secret for now

File 148543863053.jpg - (89.64KB , 736x513 , IMG_1184.jpg ) [iqdb]
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She was standing against the blistering assault of white, entranced in it.

The violent wind felt poetic in a way for how she felt. Always changing direction, never forgiving to the people inhabiting it. The wind threatened to tear away her hat, so she took it off, letting her golden blond hair flow freely in the wind's torrent. She looked at the scenery from the top floor, hoping her sister would come back soon, but inwardly she assumed the worst. She quickly shut it out of her mind.

It was only a few days away from tonight that the anniversary of that event would arrive. She felt the melancholy seeping in once again. She couldn't sleep, which made her end up here. Footsteps made their way upwards, cloaked by the howling blizzard.

A girl of light blue hair opened the door to the top floor. She saw her gold-haired sister gazing blankly. Inwardly she felt irritation at her constant gloom. It happened, the blur haired sister thought it should be left at that. Quietly, she walked back downstairs to go back to sleep.

Neither was going to hold tolerance for the other much longer.


The Fifth Day

When I woke up, I felt incredibly warm. I felt several blankets on me, all of which were familiar. Right, I brought spare blankets with me. The warmth nearly lulled me back to sleep, but I couldn't let that happen. After waging war in my mind for about 10 minutes, I got up out of bed.
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>> No. 31003
[X] "No thanks; I'll ask Lyrica."
>> No. 31012
[X] "No thanks; I'll ask Lyrica."
>> No. 31013
[X] "No thanks; I'll ask Lyrica."

File 148476453269.jpg - (188.11KB , 850x1150 , Touhou New.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Old thread

I stood there, one second stretching out into eternity. The memory of my previous days flashed before my eyes—so much had happened, just to lead up to this point. Being chased by fairies across a lake, breaking into a manor on the edge of space and time, eating lunch with a vampire...though my life had never been dull, this week ranked pretty damned high on the strangeness scale. And after all that bullshit? I stood with my own two feet upon the surface of the moon, trying to carry out one of the most audacious heists that I have ever tried.

Now, I just had to get of the pesky fairy in front of me. The annoying bint was grinning at me with fireballs in her hands, just daring me to try something. Anything.

I needed something strong, something that packed a punch, something powerful enough to whack this youkai wannabe out of the air and get me out of the door safely. As my thoughts sped, just to the side I could still feel the steady magical pulses of the drum, emanating from underneath the rubble. Like the flirtatious winks of a coy maiden.

Horrible metaphor, but the whimsical imagery somehow made up my mind. I leapt, barely managing to dodge two bolts of energy fired my way, and landed hard onto the rubble. My knee raked against a ripped wooden beam, and I sucked in air through my teeth as I felt a thousand splinters imbed themselves into my thigh. Ow. I swallowed the pain as I started to scramble forwards like a lizard, keeping my profile low to avoid the fairy's potshots. It was like advancing forwards in some demented fairytale version of ‘Nam. I winced as the multicolored bullets whizzed above me, each one of them closer than the last.

And finally, my luck ran out. A bullet crashed into my arm, and I could feel my protective charms whine in protest-- right before I was flipped over bodily by the force of the blow. Something sharp pierced through my sleeves and into my arm, but I bit down on the scream and looked to my goal with watering eyes.

It was close. So clos
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>> No. 30972
[x] Implore Ran to look around and pillage a bit of stuff. I may have gotten a nifty drum already, but surely there could be more things lying around?
[x] “Carve us a portal back to Gensokyo, Ran. The connection should be still there, and I’ll use whatever I have left to help out.”

>> No. 30973
[x] Implore Ran to look around and pillage a bit of stuff. I may have gotten a nifty drum already, but surely there could be something to heal my body or recover my mana lying around?
And following that,
[x] Let her decide, long as it may take. Plus, I was curious as to why she was taking so long to do so. Waiting for her might shed some light on the matter.
>> No. 30975
[x] Implore Ran to look around and pillage a bit of stuff. I may have gotten a nifty drum already, but surely there could be something to heal my body or recover my mana lying around?
[x] Let her decide, long as it may take. Plus, I was curious as to why she was taking so long to do so. Waiting for her might shed some light on the matter.

I'm picking these because I'm interested in what else we may be able to find. In addition, spending more time with Ran is fun.

File 146372518482.jpg - (2.20MB , 2288x3196 , image.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Hello! this is my first story on this website. Hope you enjoy it, but before we start, I should mention a few things. This is a multi-route story that depends on your choices. Some questions will be vague and influential, so if you'd like to know who your going for, check one of the boxes below

[ ] Hints. Any choices that impact your relationship with the characters will have a "+1" and then the name of the character. This will tell you which route your going on.

[] No hints. Basically going in blind. Use with great responsibility.
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>> No. 30959
[x] "Stop Cirno and Whiterock."
>> No. 30960
[X] "Stop Cirno and Whiterock."
>> No. 30971
[x] "Stop Cirno and Whiterock."

"You need to stop them from fighting..." I muttered.

"Huh?" Lyrica said.

"Cirno doesn't have the power to defeat... Whiterock. You need to calm them both... before we all... all..."

The world began to fade, and my consciousness felt like it was as well. I soon was losing my hold in reality, but the one thing I held onto was the gaze of her lovely face...


And he shut his eyes. Ives isn't going to make it in the weather like this, and with everything a blur, it was hard to find the camp - a grey silhouette in the roaring snowstorm. I needed to get him back in the tent, and quickly. I went into one of the sleeping tents and tucked Ives under tons of covers. There, he should be fine for now. Now as long as that tent doesn't buckle under the pressure, I can move onto the issue that threatened our safety.

I went back out to confront Cirno, who was in the heat of battle - the only heat there was - fighting in the whitened sky. I flew over to her, and tried shouting over the wind.
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File 142007055659.jpg - (1.69MB , 1920x1415 , 945e133266d04332c91edb32911906dc.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Inari Shrine, Kyoto – Dec 31, 23:54

I stuff my phone away again after checking the clock one last time. The breach is predicted to happen shortly after midnight, so I still have a few minutes. I’m already done preparing for a change, so there’s not much else for me to do other than relax and wait.

I’m ready for whatever it decides to throw at me today.

It’s New Year’s Eve with only a few minutes remaining in the year. Off in the distance I can hear the cheer of people as they enjoy their festival. Their laughter as they play at the booths with their friends and/or companion. A few cries of frustration can be heard as they lose at a game only to try again until they either get it, run out of money, or decide it isn’t worth it.

I’m a little ways off the beaten path between the shrine and the festival. From here I can see each and every person passing through the tunnel of tori. Of course they might see me as well, but it’d be a little harder as I’m concealed by the shadows of the trees and the illumination from the path blocks their view this far into the darkness.

I’ve placed myself in a small patch of trees away from the path to the shrine. It’s part of a small groove of willows which surrounds the shrine grounds. The area where I’m working tonight isn’t too dense; in fact I’m in a pretty open area.

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>> No. 30950
Oh I wasn't asking for an explanation. Just doing some speculation.
>> No. 30955
[X] Don’t take her with me. She’s already at her limit for today.

If she was fresh/the next day I'd say differently. As it is now, I suspect he might have a hard enough time just watching himself.
>> No. 31016

Link to new thread, for those browsing the archives.

File 147320898962.jpg - (676.27KB , 846x1512 , Picture.jpg ) [iqdb]
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"I'm back, Reimu. I'm back," Marisa sighed, "and I don't know why. It's been so long since I was last here. I'm confused, I'm lost, and I just continue to waver back and forth. I'm looking for closure and I can't find any. I'm filled with questions and there's no one to answer them anymore. Did I make the right choices? The kids at school turn to me for answers, Reimu. Who do I turn to?"

Killing yourself is the only answer.

The Hakurei Shrine was completely desolate, surrounded very closely by trees. Unlike the shrine Marisa was all too familiar with, there was no grand clearing. No sturdy walkway. No. Reimu.

"It's been so long, you probably don't even know what happened. You probably heard about my 'execution'. Everyone did, I'm sure; everyone came to watch Yuuka's judgment. Shiki knew everything, you can never hide from her eyes. Yuuka's innocence, the actual culprit, and where I was hiding. I'm talking too much, again, aren't I?"

Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

Marisa took the pause in the air as an opportunity to sit down on the corner ledge of the shrine. While the rickety building appeared old and worn-down, the well-kept stone ledge provided plenty of room to just sit down, look up at the sky, and...reminisce about old times.

"All of this was my fault, and I felt it was best if I left that land forever. Yeah, I had rescued Kana from the mansion, and she was now under my watching...okay, I wasn't there all the time, but I looked out for her. I couldn't just take her away from the land that had given her life, Reimu. I just couldn't. It'd be too selfish of me. But..." Marisa trailed off, her eyes starting to wistfully tear slightly. She closed her eyes and forced a smile, reacting to no one in particular.

"She bonded to me. To me, Reimu. That land really knew what I was. From that moment forward, no matter where I went or what I did, I was gonna be like her protector, guardian, savior. Her mother.&qu
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 30839
I was following you up to the last paragraph. I think there's some names where they shouldn't be?
>> No. 30840
It's been a while since I last posted on here. I wanted to give this story closure, since it was part of an 11-part short story that weaved within each other. The other 10 parts were written in 2010-2011.

The entire thing about Renko is my allusion to the other short, FISH, I posted in 2012.
>> No. 30841
Talk about a blast from the past! Thank you for giving us closure.

File 141932260965.jpg - (12.55KB , 226x170 , _44934797_279881fa-5df4-47d2-b742-3c497c466ef4.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Incursion v0.3 patch notes:

- Disregard all previous patch notes
- Historical records may have been altered significantly
- Welcome to the wonderful world of genre shiftnon-stable oscillation

- You are now in #THP
- Topic: Welcome to #THP - The Hood'n Projects | all hail our one true god: http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1438795 | NEW 2HU LEVEL: HALF-LIFE 3 | Archives: http://adf.ly/6thyed | ROYAL RAINBOW! | ❦ REMOVE SAKE DISH FROM PREMISES ❦ | <%DemmyYacht> YandereAliceFag: I am Faggot Prime. Leader of the Turbodicks. | Chillout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu0aRI97x1M
- Topic was set by perestroika!~Nitori@Ice.Fairy.Lasts.Longest.Thats.Why.Im.The.Strongest.BURMA-SHAVE in 04.23.20XX at 01:34:54
<Tiger> >20XX
<Tiger> >still no new 2hu
<Stitch> where the fuck is my zweihander
<Stitch> mfw they removed it
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>> No. 30807
[x] Awyrgan, what do you want?

I... really should have guessed it to be a dragon earlier
>iron wing
>loves gold
>> No. 30808
[x] Awyrgan, what do you want?
-[x] Wait why is Nitori pissed off for? You are the one that got her out of the robot and healed her!

I'm happy she isn't as shy now, but what the heck
>> No. 30836
Next Thread: >>30819

File 146779377858.png - (1.05MB , 900x1245 , chen_and_yakumo_ran_touhou_drawn_by_hidebo.png ) [iqdb]
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You are Chen. A nekomata, and you are in a bit of a snit.

Realisticly you are in a bit of an snit most of the time.

Humans would blame your master for letting her master use you as a toy, but you live off nightmares and boundry crossing.

No, the fact that Rumia, _Rumia_, beat you at euopean history pub trivia game, and that you are still comming off your second heat are both more relevent.

Or maybe you should get in a fight? That might blow off some steam if Master's Master isn't going to need you in bed today.

You play with the water, still feeling grouchy as Master just smiles her irritatingly smug smile at you.

You let your mind wander>
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>> No. 30752
Okay, called should have time to write, but won't be able to proof read until Friday.
>> No. 30758
yeah rip
>> No. 31038
Hello? Someone's still here?

File 145079516633.jpg - (131.98KB , 850x1185 , Dem tails.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Alas, it had all come to this. I really, really should have seen it coming.

With a trembling hand, I took a beautiful silver pocket-watch out of my overcoat and slid it across the table. The man opposite me hummed in pleasure, picking it up and examining it with a casual laziness. And as the hollow feeling grew in the pit of my stomach, I grit my teeth and braced myself. The bartender, sensing something in the air perhaps, looked over; but he returned to cleaning his mugs after seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing but two men, having a late night drink with one another.

Sadly enough, I was one of those men. And I would be the one on the receiving end of what was to come next.

Would I be vaporized on the spot? No, despite their influence, even they wouldn’t do something that flashy. Better to make it to like I choked on a pill or something. Or suffered from a heart attack… but I shouldn’t let my imagination get the better of me. More realistically a limb perhaps, as a sort of payment or warning. “Steal from us and get fucked!” has always been their modus operandi, though not necessarily said in such a crude manner. But a trail of broken bones told the tale of their retribution, and that was from those who had submitted quickly.

Those that didn’t weren’t heard from at all.

I nervously watched as the man turned the timepiece over in his hands, smiling all the while. He finally laughed in approval and took off his hat, balancing the pocket-watch on his head. And with a wink and a slight shake of his hat, the watch disappeared.

“Voila,” he said with a grin. “Magic.”

I damn near pissed myself, there and then.
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>> No. 30799
So is this updating at all?
>> No. 30887
While I hope this isn't dead, I'll say that it's been a fun ride so far.
>> No. 30974
Link to new thread for people who only look at their watched threads, like me.


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