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File 153138516987.jpg - (1.55MB, 750x1000, __reisen_udongein_inaba_touhou_drawn_by_silentdin_.jpg) [iqdb]
[x ] I’ll trade your story for what I’ve got so far. Secrets shared are friendships made.

You recite your vision, your shattered and reassembled memories that were jolted to the surface. You spare no detail in describing the beginning of your desires from killing ants and insects, and your gradual progression up the food chain until you were feeding off other humans, and finally the destruction your soul was subjected to at the hands of the professor, whose name and features are but a blur, but their words and actions remain.

Throughout the tale, Reisen reacts first with some mild shock, then a sort of understanding frown, before finally smiling as you describe how you were torn apart and reassembled.

“And that’s how the old Wu Zhenguo died.” You finish, “Probably for the better.”

Reisen’s ear twitches as she re-examines you with the lenses, “Looks consistent, your chest cavity is indeed partially destroyed. But, how?” She asks as she pokes you in the chest, obviously not feeling the hole, “What sort of entity with this amount of power will bother to disguise as a commoner and target a virtual nobody?”

You shrug, “I have some ideas, retired Greek gods being the first and foremost given the river invocations, but I’ll worry about that when I ask Conner about any strange professors we might remember if I can sneak back to the village. You know what? It might actually be him, now that I think about it. But it’s your turn, my dear rabbit.”

You flinch as Reisen, without a word, reaches out and caresses your neck...for a moment. Your eyes then lock with hers, and then your senses are no longer your own.

Foreign brain waves invade your own, a peculiar insanity.
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Ignoring the "eat reimu" option because it's extremely stupid, we're left with two choices.

One is, we slam Thor really, really hard while he's having a moral quandary. This will probably leave us unable to deal with ANYTHING Ochiba throws at us afterwards because of his stupid kindergarden-tier sense of justice. So even if Thor gets defeated (not even guaranteed), we're probably getting to deal with a fully-powered retard strength guyman seigi no mikata or just getting stabbed in the back somehow with the DIVINE (US!) SLAYER SWORD.

Two is, power up the miko by strategic traitors-before-enemies approach. The obvious downside is that Thor would probably snap back and likely mop the floor with us even if we do succeed and we're not even guaranteed to succeed. And even should this gamble succeed, it's still not likely that we'll win. But it would be way less likely for the miko to kick the bucket.

Both options are okay, but since it's 2v0 at the moment, this is a realpolitik vote in case others want to swing the vote easier.
Do you think Ochiba would attack us, after we said that we use 10k people to revive, ala chainsaw man?
Unless he's prevented, most certainly. He either attacks us or if he can't do that, he could even attack the miko in desperation to make us stop. After all, he hasn't left the battlefield or tried to help out our allies stop the invasion at all. Is hard choices.

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File 154111794869.png - (10.24KB, 800x600, lake.png) [iqdb]
She paced the edge of it, ruddy-red waves lapping gently over her ankles, painting the soil in full, dark wine: a crater-lake of blood, its heady scent filling her core with the gnawing hunger of centuries. Above her spun the stars of a sky of always night, the Moon, perhaps, crowning them high overhead.

Or perhaps it hung somewhere off the coast of Brazil. She couldn’t tell: there was no light from it, after all, not without the Sun to illuminate it. But it was one or it was the other, because it was high tide on the lake, which meant the greatest extent of freedom allowed to her by the terms of her sealing, if only by a few feet of damp backshore.

She paced it nonetheless.

[ ] Savouring it, for all that it was worth.
[ ] Hating every moment of it.
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If you're not well for writing, historical background like this is still appreciated.
File 159772946442.png - (623.41KB, 643x888, cute vampire.png) [iqdb]
I've been persuaded to upload the doodles for this story to an external repository, in the event that someone comes across this thread in years to come and finds that it's been pushed off the active pages of the board.
Here it is: https://archive.org/details/thp_exile
Also replying to the OP (>>31363) in case backlinks ever get added to the archives here.
This is not a statement either way on whether I plan to continue the story, but right now my priorities remain elsewhere.

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File 148322887410.png - (801.34KB, 1500x1500, __usami_renko_touhou_drawn_by_nanahi_toshi__9a77af.png) [iqdb]
Mt. Takao, Hachioji - 29th of March 15:19

“Scrap that, Renko.” I tell her, pocketing my phone. “You’re gonna come with me to a job.”

She raises her head from the ground. “A job?” She asks, perplexed.

“Yes. I do work.” I tell her. “I can’t spend all day everyday working this majestic body.”

She rolls her eyes in response, apparently not finding my sarcasm fun. “I mean, what do you do for work?”

“I fix holes in a giant invisible wall, essentially.” I tell her. “Then I also take care of the monsters that made that hole by forcing them back through it.” Which is oversimplifying it grossly.

She sits up. “And how am I supposed to help?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 159449244628.jpg - (397.17KB, 2024x1368, hanging out with mom.jpg) [iqdb]
Magic Forest, Gensokyo - 18th of Water Month, 09:44

The seven-colored witch looks up at me with a puzzled look in her eyes, then back at Reimu, who patiently walked with me here.

“I didn’t expect you to come visit me, Reimu.” She states, breaking the silence. “Much less your big friend.”

She sounds familiar.

“I hate to spring it upon you without warning.” The shrine maiden points her thumb at me. “But he needs to be entertained for a bit.”

“I see?” The witch lets go of the door handle, making room so we can pass her. “I can see why someone as aloof as you would have a hard time entertaining other people.”

“Sorry for the intrusion.” I say as I duck through the door frame, following Reimu inside.

The house already looks small from the outside, despite being two stores tall, but the inside is crammed for someone my size. Just standing still, I can feel my hair brushing against the ceiling.

“No, it’s alright.” The witch looks at Reimu as she disappears into the next room. “It’s unexpected, but not unwelcome. It’s just rare for Reimu to come visit. It’s usually the other way around.”

“Yeah, at first glance, she doesn’t really look like the sociable type.” I comment. “And that’s coming from me.”

“Oh she’s sociable, alright. Just in her own way.” She beckons me to follow her. “It just throws most people off at first.” The witch smiles. “By the way, how is your injury coming along, if I may ask?”

“Injury?” She looks back at me and points to her own eye.

Oh. Oh so that’s why she sounded familiar. She was the woman that helped me back with Tenshi.

“Great, actually.” I flip open the eye-patch. “Or as great as a glass eye can get, anyway.” I close the curtain again. “Been meaning to thank you, but couldn’t really find the time to look for you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” She dismiss me. “You’d have done the same, if your reputation is anything to go by.”

“I owe you one.” I state. “I insist.”

“I will take you up on it, then.” She holds the
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Very interesting insight in Makai and it's good to see Alice again. Did she lock the grimoire but couldn't open it back?
Seems like I accidentally cut that part out.
Alice was working on a lock spell that will seal her grimoires so only she can open them.
The spells used for the seal would be the key indicators for that. Physical and magical resistances to avoid being forced open. Mana identification to id her and unlock the book.
She wanted to examine your 'dispel' and test her own spell at the same time. But Spell Break is not a dispel, which threw her for a loop.

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File 158523271048.jpg - (906.40KB, 1000x706, drink deep.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous thread: >>31609

There are only a few patrons in the pub, mostly sitting at the bar and making light conversation among themselves. An old man, the owner, nods at you as you come in and Komachi picks a small table towards the back of the place. She orders right away, reclining in her chair as you wait for drinks.

“Been a long day, hasn’t it?” she asks.

“Has it?” you reply, “it feels as if most of the time you were napping, eating or sitting around.”

“Keeping an eye on you is pretty tiring, trust me,” she ripostes, none too bothered. The sake is quick to arrive, brought by a young girl who asks if you’d want something to eat as well. You tell her that you’ll think about it and Komachi agrees. “Cheers,” she raises her glass, “to work.”

“To work,” you echo, somewhat more seriously. Sake is nice and all, and you drink it gladly, but you also take the opportunity to write down more thoughts in the notebook. It’s not quick-going since the shinigami keeps talking to you throughout but over the next hour—while enjoying a few more drinks and some finger food—you manage to build up a satisfactory record of the day and what was going on in your mind. You close the notebook with a satisfying thump and finally put it down.

It is fortuitous that you decided to do at least that much as Komachi’s freewheeling drinking session comes to an abrupt end. She was in the middle of a story about putting a celestial in her place. In an instant an ample smile and ruddy cheeks morph into a reserved stare and ashen face. Your back is to the door but you turn to follow her eyes and see the source of her sudden transformation: Lady Shiki has come into the establishment.

The Yama spots you instantly, offering a sober nod as she comes over. “Candidate. Komachi,” she greets each of you with a polite nod.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 158565001618.jpg - (8.35KB, 320x188, ESwgBpgUUAEMxeL.jpg) [iqdb]
We gotta have enough death flags to see the "failed judge experiment" BAD END at this point.
File 158569364760.jpg - (728.50KB, 800x960, justice.jpg) [iqdb]
“I’m not sure that’s a very good answer,” comes the reply. It’s not the Yama who says it but rather Komachi. There is concern in her eyes and she soon catches herself, realizing that she shouldn’t have said anything. “Sorry, I may have had a little too much to drink,” is her excuse.

“Would you say that it’s a little too arrogant?” Lady Shiki asks her with a slight smile on her lips.

“Ah, a little maybe. Then again the people in the ministry-” she catches herself again, this time before she says something truly stupid. Shaking her empty cup, she says instead, “well, Makoto is persistent. Hasn’t let up yet.”

“Both subordinates are bad at answering direct questions,” the Yama grumbles and bites into another dumpling. She chews as she thinks, looking less like a judge and increasingly disgruntled. With a sigh, she concludes, “I need to concern myself more with the day to day running of things.”

Komachi’s guard is once again down. Showing you a smile that you believe is supposed to be encouraging, she the blurts out, “Maybe you should go out just the two of you and be more direct when it comes to teaching,”

“There is a time and a place for everything,” Lady Shiki asserts. “There are deficiencies to correct first. Overwhelming someone is not likely to lead to good results.”

“Makoto looks a little overwhelmed right now,” the shinigami says, puffing up her lips. Her cheeks match the tint of her hair. With her hands upturned and elbows on the table, she cradles her head and pouts. From loquacious to childish and fed up in an instant. She could easily be talking about herself.

“That’s because you got my Candidate drunk,” the Yama blames her for your state. Like a weary mother dealing with an unruly child, she says a few other sharp words that put her in her place.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'm going to be honest in saying that I don't quite understand what effect most of the votes had on anything. Not like it particularly matters, mind. Still a reasonably enjoyable story; I wouldn't mind a sequel/prequel/remaster at some point.

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File 158302113150.jpg - (279.84KB, 1448x2048, the judge.jpg) [iqdb]
The dead man accepts judgment with unusual aplomb. Whereas others might squirm at having their sins read out or—as had been the case earlier—attempt to interrupt the session with hasty interjections and justifications, he seems almost indifferent to what the Yama has to say. If the judge is surprised by this unusual man, she hides it well, being as meticulous in presenting the facts of the case as with every other preceding soul that day. His quiet poise still makes an impression on the others watching and they pay careful attention to the build up to the sentencing.

Being sentenced to hell seemed like the obvious outcome; the lot of most sinners is an opportunity for repentance followed by punishment. So you're surprised when he is instead sent to the Netherworld. The man offers a bows to the judge once the proceedings are concluded. Then he is escorted away from the court, his fate to be advanced by a shinigami acting as bailiff. This proves to be the last act of the court for the day.

The presiding yama thanks the clerks of the court for their hard work and ends their long shift. She puts away her hand mirror into a protective bag and then rises from her seat. Before retiring to her chambers, however, she looks over at you and beckons you to come with a nod. That’s a very exciting development for you, as you’ve never been in the private chambers of a judge before. Truth be told, you have no idea what to expect. Your first courtroom experience today has already made your head swim more than once.

It appears that the Yama does not have very extravagant tastes. The room is an austere space with a few chairs, a simple shelf with some scrolls and a large desk with a stack of documents. She takes a seat and invites you to do the same. “How was your first day at court?” she asks, allowing a slight smile to form on her lips for the first time in the day.

“It was fascinating, Enma,” you answer. “Hearing about what goes on and actually seeing it with my own eyes is like night and day. I am not certain I am ready.”

“Modesty is good, Candidate,” she says,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x] Join her.
[x] There's still work to do.
New thread >>31879

It would probably be helpful to other readers if you shared your reasons for believing that instead expecting everyone to accept your conclusion just because.

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File 140597987562.jpg - (162.92KB, 849x601, sample-b653000fa857d7e028dfe9aaeb5415cb.jpg) [iqdb]
Tokyo is the same as it has been these past eighty years, crowded, cramped, but at the same time a very free and open environment. Sure new buildings are built, but what makes this city what it is has failed to change.

It is a city of dreamers, conmen, and opportunists; it opens its doors wide for those willing to do what it takes to claim what they want, though it has a nasty of habit of turning those same into the destitute.
Though this city has no place for one such as yourself anymore.

You didn’t board the first train the Gap Master sent out, there was an exodus of us, the forgotten, but you stayed behind, there are still plenty of games to play in a city such as this.

That was 1954.

Every ten years another invitation would be sent out, giving promise of a paradise, this “Gensokyo”, and every time more of us would leave, by 1994 there was hardly any left to board the trains.

It wasn’t until most children couldn’t even see you that you decided to leave.

The year is 2014.
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Erien, get the fuck back here. Move to /shorts/ if you have to, but get back here.
No, don't particularly wanna.
got 'em

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File 147306962759.jpg - (125.33KB, 850x850, __kawashiro_nitori_touhou_drawn_by_konohana_saku__.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous Thread: >>29707

[X] Awyrgan, what do you want?

Everybody else falls silent as the tank slowly drives up to you. "HATCH DIRECTIVE REQUIRES A COMMANDING UNIT TO DEFINE. DO YOU WISH TO REVOKE THIS LIMIT?"

"Yes." You affirm, "Nobody other than you yourself know better than what to do in this case."

"Hold on!" Nitori protests, "What if it decides to just never hatch?"


"I do not know." Tenma says, with just the hint of nervousness, "What are your parameters, Iron Wing?"

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x] I’ll trade your story for what I’ve got so far. Secrets shared are friendships made.

bun sekrits
[x] I’ll trade your story for what I’ve got so far. Secrets shared are friendships made.

We've too many secrets and not enough friends.

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File 148476453269.jpg - (188.11KB, 850x1150, Touhou New.jpg) [iqdb]
Old thread

I stood there, one second stretching out into eternity. The memory of my previous days flashed before my eyes—so much had happened, just to lead up to this point. Being chased by fairies across a lake, breaking into a manor on the edge of space and time, eating lunch with a vampire...though my life had never been dull, this week ranked pretty damned high on the strangeness scale. And after all that bullshit? I stood with my own two feet upon the surface of the moon, trying to carry out one of the most audacious heists that I have ever tried.

Now, I just had to get of the pesky fairy in front of me. The annoying bint was grinning at me with fireballs in her hands, just daring me to try something. Anything.

I needed something strong, something that packed a punch, something powerful enough to whack this youkai wannabe out of the air and get me out of the door safely. As my thoughts sped, just to the side I could still feel the steady magical pulses of the drum, emanating from underneath the rubble. Like the flirtatious winks of a coy maiden.

Horrible metaphor, but the whimsical imagery somehow made up my mind. I leapt, barely managing to dodge two bolts of energy fired my way, and landed hard onto the rubble. My knee raked against a ripped wooden beam, and I sucked in air through my teeth as I felt a thousand splinters imbed themselves into my thigh. Ow. I swallowed the pain as I started to scramble forwards like a lizard, keeping my profile low to avoid the fairy's potshots. It was like advancing forwards in some demented fairytale version of ‘Nam. I winced as the multicolored bullets whizzed above me, each one of them closer than the last.

And finally, my luck ran out. A bullet crashed into my arm, and I could feel my protective charms whine in protest-- right before I was flipped over bodily by the force of the blow. Something sharp pierced through my sleeves and into my arm, but I bit down on the scream and looked to my goal with watering eyes.

It was close. So close. Gritting my teeth, I lunged forwards for the
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [Reply to this thread]
[x] No pillaging. There was simply no time to waste, a shock team of fairies could drift in at any minute and I was little more than deadweight at this point.

I appreciate his enthusiasm, but he can barely walk.

[x] Let her decide, long as it may take. Plus, I was curious as to why she was taking so long to do so. Waiting for her might shed some light on the matter.

Great, I'm curious as well now.
check the dates lads

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File 148543863053.jpg - (89.64KB, 736x513, IMG_1184.jpg) [iqdb]
She was standing against the blistering assault of white, entranced in it.

The violent wind felt poetic in a way for how she felt. Always changing direction, never forgiving to the people inhabiting it. The wind threatened to tear away her hat, so she took it off, letting her golden blond hair flow freely in the wind's torrent. She looked at the scenery from the top floor, hoping her sister would come back soon, but inwardly she assumed the worst. She quickly shut it out of her mind.

It was only a few days away from tonight that the anniversary of that event would arrive. She felt the melancholy seeping in once again. She couldn't sleep, which made her end up here. Footsteps made their way upwards, cloaked by the howling blizzard.

A girl of light blue hair opened the door to the top floor. She saw her gold-haired sister gazing blankly. Inwardly she felt irritation at her constant gloom. It happened, the blur haired sister thought it should be left at that. Quietly, she walked back downstairs to go back to sleep.

Neither was going to hold tolerance for the other much longer.


The Fifth Day

When I woke up, I felt incredibly warm. I felt several blankets on me, all of which were familiar. Right, I brought spare blankets with me. The warmth nearly lulled me back to sleep, but I couldn't let that happen. After waging war in my mind for about 10 minutes, I got up out of bed.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[X] "No thanks; I'll ask Lyrica."
[X] "No thanks; I'll ask Lyrica."
[X] "No thanks; I'll ask Lyrica."

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File 146372518482.jpg - (2.20MB, 2288x3196, image.jpg) [iqdb]
Hello! this is my first story on this website. Hope you enjoy it, but before we start, I should mention a few things. This is a multi-route story that depends on your choices. Some questions will be vague and influential, so if you'd like to know who your going for, check one of the boxes below

[ ] Hints. Any choices that impact your relationship with the characters will have a "+1" and then the name of the character. This will tell you which route your going on.

[] No hints. Basically going in blind. Use with great responsibility.
 [Reply to this thread]
[x] "Stop Cirno and Whiterock."
[X] "Stop Cirno and Whiterock."
[x] "Stop Cirno and Whiterock."

"You need to stop them from fighting..." I muttered.

"Huh?" Lyrica said.

"Cirno doesn't have the power to defeat... Whiterock. You need to calm them both... before we all... all..."

The world began to fade, and my consciousness felt like it was as well. I soon was losing my hold in reality, but the one thing I held onto was the gaze of her lovely face...


And he shut his eyes. Ives isn't going to make it in the weather like this, and with everything a blur, it was hard to find the camp - a grey silhouette in the roaring snowstorm. I needed to get him back in the tent, and quickly. I went into one of the sleeping tents and tucked Ives under tons of covers. There, he should be fine for now. Now as long as that tent doesn't buckle under the pressure, I can move onto the issue that threatened our safety.

I went back out to confront Cirno, who was in the heat of battle - the only heat there was - fighting in the whitened sky. I flew over to her, and tried shouting over the wind.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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