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Thread 27619 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149292175672.png - (2.02MB, 1382x725, attired rabbit.png) [iqdb]
27619No. 27619hidewatchexpandquickreply
Someone once told you that all paths eventually take you where you're really going. Not that that's very helpful right at this moment. At least, not in a practical sense.

As far as your eye can see, you’re surrounded by bamboo.

This isn’t really a problem in the daylight if you keep to the edge of the forest. People in the village harvest shoots there all the time. You, however, are in way deeper than that. It’s gotten considerably darker, too. You’re pretty sure it’s become nighttime somewhere along the way. And a thought keeps coming up. A stupid but persistent one: if the bamboo forest were alive you’d be stuck somewhere deep in its bowels. You still hope to see the moon, eventually. That would dispel some of the near-total darkness. Wishful thinking at its best.

You hold back a sigh. A lot of youkai prefer to come out at night. Therefore, It’s more likely that you’ll get eaten up whole any time soon. This previously-unseen monster would, naturally enough, have an impossibly large mouth and be full of deadly teeth. That’s just the way things tend to go for innocent humans around these parts. Ain’t no sugar-coating it.

Still, it’s still too early to panic. You got into this mess knowing fully about the risks. But you couldn’t help it. You saw her in the market, peddling her wares, and spent most of the day working up the courage to talk to her. And when you finally did, you could only stammer out a request for medicine. You handed her a few coins and lost your nerve to say anything else. you barely stammered a request for medicine and handed over a few coins. Still, though, there was reason to hope – when your eyes made contact, a funny sensation spread throughout your body. It was warm and comforting, like napping under the shade of a tree on a sunny afternoon. Made you feel stupidly carefree.

You held on to that and slowly built up your courage again. Problem was, by the time you had the perfect line, she had already packed up and left. By chance you spied her off in the distance, walking in the direction of the bamboo forest. Without thinking, you followed, not quite being able to clear the villa
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>>No. 28516
>last updated: 2017/07/05
>>No. 28517
Wow Eientei if fucking dead.
>>No. 28519

Fellow rabbit enthusiasts here. I also find our general lack of buns disturbing.

If it's any consolation, I'm going to be posting a story involving Tewi Getting creampied over in /at/ in a week or three.


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File 151063938465.jpg - (344.00KB, 2048x1937, Evening Stroll.jpg) [iqdb]
28316No. 28316hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous Thread: >>28002

[X] Go for a walk in the plant

The rest of the rabbits more or less head directly for the stairs up to the dorms once we get down to the main area of the plant. Not sure what they have planned, if anything at all, but I know that Sumi and Ringo at least aren't the types to go to bed this early. I'm not really that worried about them finding anything to occupy themselves so much, but it makes me feel a little better that Yuzuki will be around to make sure they use to pass the time isn't too disruptive or anything. As for myself, I'm feeling like I should take a bit of a walk.

Granted, I've already spent a pretty significant portion of today out of the company of all three of the rabbits around me. It's not like I'm already sick of them, just that I feel like I wouldn't mind another chance to think by myself. My talks with Ringo haven't gone poorly, all things considered, but they haven't really resolved the situation one-hundred percent either.

And yes, I'm well aware that the bulk of the responsibility for making sure that anything does actually get resolved is on me. The possible unfairness of that is definitely not lost on me.

Rather than following along with the rest of the group as they start up the stairs, I stand aside and let Sumi pass me by. Both she and Yuzuki notice the gesture, which makes them react enough that Ringo catches it too. "So, I think I might wander around by myself for a little bit, if that's okay," I tell nobody in particular. Ordinarily I would have to ask Ringo, but with how little she seems to be enforcing the chain of command lately, I just say it in general to the group instead.

"I'll tell you right now, there ain't much to see," Sumi warns me, looking out the door to the stairwell with an unimpressed look on her face. "Even if you poke into the areas they don't want you to poke around in, it's all nerd stuff. Nothing flashy or interesting really."

"You do know that we&#
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>>No. 28509
Man, I don't fuckin know. I do still want to finish it, but the last time I picked it up I almost immediately found myself hating sitting down to write it.

I know it feels like we're close to the end, but even IF
I get over my horrendous pacing issue (every single conversation taking multiple updates regardless of importance to story),
AND I cut out doing side stuff with characters that I've been doing just for the sake of character building (I'm not even that in love with my OCs it just makes sense to have them doing stuff since they exist now),
AND cut down on the amount of things that are coming to a head whenever I actually get to the end game (foreshadowy dream world stuff),
there's still a lot of content that has already been committed to which will translate to months and months of time. I definitely overshot my limits in terms of scope when deciding on this story.

I know that not writing isn't really fixing anything though. Basically there's just a lot of stuff that still feels like I'm going to have to slog through. Not really a problem of knowing where I'm going as disliking the process of getting there, which makes it really tempting to keep putting it off when I have other projects.

Speaking of, I've already kind of committed November to going hard on something other than this, so to answer your question... Yes kinda, but the intention of continuing is still around? I'm not very satisfied with things at the moment at least, and I personally am still alive and writing things.
>>No. 28510
>I get over my horrendous pacing issue (every single conversation taking multiple updates regardless of importance to story)

There's always the time skip option. If this current conversation with Sanae is giving you trouble you could always just do something like this:

Seiran: I talked with Sanae for hours and she gave me a lot of really good advice, like (insert advice about moving here). Eventually, Sanae agreed to help us with our plan to beat Reimu, and before I knew it a whole day had passed and it was time to fight Reimu for the Lunar orb.

And then if you want to skip past all the day to day stuff that you don't want to slog through in order to get to the fun parts of the story you are really excited to write, you could just say that the rabbits had to lay low for a while to avoid Reimu's wrath after they took the orb. And then before they knew it, it was time to enter the portal and save the Moon.

And then maybe after they get back from the Moon, you can tie up any loose ends that were time skipped over as the rabbits try building a new life for themselves in Gensokyo.

I'm not a writer, so I have no idea if this is good advice or not. But your story is great, so just do what you think you've gotta do.
>>No. 28512
Out, foul spambot, out!

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File 146875667547.png - (97.44KB, 353x353, futoBLARF.png) [iqdb]
26895No. 26895hidewatchexpandquickreply
HALT! If this be your FIRST encounter with th HONORABLE MONONOBE NO FUTOSUHIME, then I SUGGEST you start at the PREVIOUS THREAD - >>26197




My NOBLE LINEAGE, though STEEPED in VILE SHINTO, Is responsible for the CREATION of LEGENDS!



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>>No. 28374
[x] PET Oni
[x] SEDUCE princess
>>No. 28459
[ x] DON'T make EYE CONTACT with THE miko.
- [ x] DON'T
- - [ x] DO NOT
>>No. 28460
[x] CONTINUE to receive HUGS from the SMALL PRINCESS
- [x] Wait... Princess?
- - [x] SEDUCE!

Thread 28002 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149825158865.png - (1.68MB, 1000x1414, Your friendly neighborhood bunny girls.png) [iqdb]
28002No. 28002hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous Thread: >>27514

[X] Tell Chiyo that it would be nice to have her around today, and we can go to the palace later

I understand the concern, like I really do. Chiyo's still mixed up and confused and everything. I've been there before, plenty of times. At the same time though, I also don't think it's the best plan to immediately run off to the palace. Okuu seemed like whatever she had to go do was pretty urgent, and while it's possible that we could get in on words alone, I don't really like the idea of trying. What would we do, just walk up to the house and knock? No thanks. "I think that if you want to stop by there eventually, then you should," I tell Chiyo evenly. "I could even go with you. For today though, I'd still like to have you around."

Chiyo takes a bit of time to absorb the words as we continue through the hallway, but finally gives one short nod in response. She doesn't say anything, in fact she seems to immediately lose herself in thought. It's still really hard for me to read her when she's like this. Compared with all the other rabbits, I've known her for the shortest amount of time, that's true, but it's still been decades. Part of me really wishes she would open up more. Even if it's not to me, then to someone at least.

But then, maybe she really can't? It's not like I'm any stranger to personality hangups myself. Maybe that's why she wants to go and talk to somebody that would be able to read her mind. She wouldn't have to really put her thoughts into words. Or, maybe she would? I don't know the exact mechanics of how mind reading works.

Actually, the more I think about it the more I get slightly uncomfortable at the idea. There's a lot of stuff in my mind that I really wouldn't want to share with other people. Apparently Chiyo still thinks it's worth it though? Personally I rather just go to the extra effort and force myself to talk to the people I know about things. Maybe she thinks that the amount of s
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>>No. 28314
[X] Go for a walk in the plant

Personally, I find going for a walk helps clear the head when you have a lot to think about.
>>No. 28315
[X] Go for a walk in the plant

Who knows, maybe an outside perspective is just what we need right now.
>>No. 28317
Next Thread: >>28316

Thread 28117 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 150223887871.jpg - (110.56KB, 1280x720, Moon.jpg) [iqdb]
28117No. 28117hidewatchexpandquickreply
“Bring the subject forward!”

My cage shudders with a jolt and it slowly creeps towards the courtroom. I squint at the light, but as my eyes get used to it, the room becomes apparent in size. Easily over 300 various laws-men and bourgeoisie fill the chamber, trying, in a very unsubtle way, to intimidate the criminal. Everyone is seated on what look like massive metal staircases, rising up 3 meters a step to the edge of the wall. The glint of polished metal makes for a dull colour, and the light just makes the room seem deflated instead of imposing. The big guy in front looks like he’s the highest in command here- probably not anybody truly important, but its all about style. I can’t see his face, as its covered by a ghastly mask.

“Before the royal court, has been brought a criminal, Inaba 25886216 ‘Sieran’. Under this court you are being accused of high treason, greater property damage, lesser property damage...”
I can’t be arsed to deal with over blowing everything so much.
“Oy, just skip to the important details will you!” Apparently, my shout came out louder than I intended, for all the courtesan, who were doing such important things like talking to one another, suddenly and all at once silenced themselves. The big guy in front, who I assume is the judge, gave a loud huff, and looked up from his device, to stare directly at me.

His body language showed anger at being interrupted but his voice retained its clarity and indifference from before.
“… Very well. It’s a waste of time for everyone, after all.” I see a few smirks light up across the chamber, but apart from that, everyone remains quiet and still. “Do you plead guilty, Seiran?”
“Of course I do, but...”
“You have heard it straight from her mouth, all!” He took advantage of my blunder with my wording to speed up the process. Fair trial, my arse. “You will be exiled for your attempted rebellion of the most Noblest and Greatest Lord Tsukuyomi, as well as attempts to sway your brethren rabbits.” He continues to talk for a good ten minutes, but I’ve already stopped listening. I’m being exiled.

This is the best thing to happen to
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>>No. 28203
[x] Continue searching the building
>>No. 28207
[x]Continue searching the building
>>No. 28209
[X] Continue Searching the Building>>28201

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File 14900702981.jpg - (155.54KB, 850x826, Everybody knew.jpg) [iqdb]
27514No. 27514hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous Thread: >>27257

[X] Sumi was with Ringo the whole evening, and might be in a better mood to talk

Honestly, I kinda wanna go to bed right now. That's not really because I'm tired though. If anything, I'm still pretty energized from going on a successful date. If I were to go to bed, it'd probably take a while for me to fall asleep. I'd be busy thinking about a lot of different stuff, most of it spider girl related. Even after having such a long day, I'm still pretty wired, it's just that the situation I'm in right now is tempering that enthusiasm a bit.

Really, this whole thing is a bit beyond my ordinary social pay grade. People that I know are being weird and acting strange and I can't help but feel like it's all my fault. I don't know how I'm supposed to maneuver myself out of it either. That's also a bit too high level for me and my social issues. All I know is that I have to do something. That doesn't help that much, but it does make it so I can't go to sleep. I have to figure this stuff out.

Okay. "I'll try to take care of it," I say to Yuzuki, exuding confidence like only I can. Turning toward the hallway with all the bedrooms, I realize there's a slight problem in me actually pulling that off. I don't know where exactly I'm going. Definitely don't want to knock on somebody else's door by mistake. "Err, which rooms were ours again?"

"The room Sanae originally showed us was four doors down and to the left on the first floor," Wait, there's more than one floor of dorms? I guess if anyone would know that, it'd be Yuzuki. Sanae didn't mention it though. "Ringo is one room further down the hallway from that."

Okay, that's one down. "And Sumi?"

"The next one after that," Yuzuki says, giving me an unimpressed look. "You know that Sanae already told us that, right?"
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>>No. 28000
[X] Tell Chiyo that it would be nice to have her around today, and we can go to the palace later

also, was that a Geiger counter Utsuho had? does that mean she randomly becomes radioactive?
>>No. 28001
I really need to stop splitting my focus and doing other things on writing days. Update will be done sometime tomorrow, probably earlier rather than later at least. Also it will be in a new thread.
>>No. 28003
Next thread: >>28002

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File 142001705673.jpg - (78.25KB, 1023x723, stroll with bamboo.jpg) [iqdb]
26054No. 26054hidewatchexpandquickreply
“Have your fortune told, miss?” an impossibly quiet voice asks. You look around, not sure who is talking to you. At the best of times the market is a noisy place full of produce vendors, tradesmen and other villagers moving along stalls and streets all day. Cries extolling the virtue of the fresh something or the other are intermixed with the well-practiced theater that is haggling and barter. Acquaintances and friends meet both here and in the adjacent square, often forming into small groups to then gossip or grab a drink together. Simply put, it's hard to make any sense of words when you're in the middle of the crowd. And yet, you can clearly hear the voice repeating itself, adding, “it won't cost you much, dear.”

You look around, gripping the edges of your cloak tightly, hoping that the voice isn't directed at you. It's best to walk away and disappear into the crowd. Any curiosity that you might feel is firmly suppressed by the general unease of being in such a crowded place with only three nights remaining. If only supplies hadn't run out so quickly! It would have been preferable to wait until next week when everything would be back to normal.

“Come on love,” the voice is unmistakably directed at you, “don't try to ignore me. I see all. Your pretty dark hair and lovely smile ought to be shown to the whole world, not hidden away by shadow and cloth like that.”

Feeling panicked, you ignore the voice again, check that no one is following and slip into a small alley hidden between two of the larger stalls. The empty space gives you a chance to calm yourself down. Here, the noise of the crowd is less of a roar and more of a steady background noise. By contrast, the thumping of your heart is almost deafening; it feels like it's liable to burst at any moment. A curse escapes your lips. A sense of shame is very present. Slinking around has certainly been undignified.

The problem is that it was foolish to go shopping in the village in the first place. The whole trip has had you on edge for a while now. The possibility of getting outed due a tiny mistake has driven you to paranoia. It has caused numerous di
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>>No. 26092
Sorry for the radio silence. A personal matter that involved travel and lack of time came up suddenly. Save for a few loose ends, that's mostly taken care of, so resuming a more normal schedule starting tomorrow hopefully.

BTW, Kagerou isn't really a blank slate compared to a lot of OC protagonists in other stories and so with the choices I try to put everything that's reasonable given her mindset and current situation. Her way of looking at the world and how she feels about certain types of things isn't liable to change dramatically in this story given its narrow scope (matter of in-story days) so you guys can't really force her to act in a way that's alien to her. I'll try to do a better job in presenting the characterization in the future in case that's unclear. The choices mostly affect how other characters react and how situations play out than internal character change. I don't want to be accused of influencing votes but, just for perspective, Mystia's initial impression, whether or not there was a fight and its outcome are all dependent on the choices made. So maybe don't be so quick to bandwagon without thinking a bit more about the choices presented and why they're there. It's not that I'm expecting lively discussion or constant self-doubt at all but it makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong if every choice so far has been virtually unanimous/lopsided.
>>No. 27930
You still alive?
>>No. 27931
Oh fuck you.

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File 148030846453.png - (637.74KB, 720x900, Back in business.png) [iqdb]
27257No. 27257hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous Thread: >>27001

[X] Leave Sumi alone

I feel like I'm looking at something that I'm not supposed to be looking at. What I'm seeing Sumi involved in here would at least be frowned on if not outright against the rules of the Lunar military, but I know that's never stopped her before. Sumi's rap sheet was already massive before she joined our unit, and even though she's calmed down some recently, she's still the type of person to do whatever she wants regardless of the consequences. Apparently what she wants right now, or at least last night when she fell asleep, is to cuddle with some tsukumogami girl that she just met.

The door didn't make much noise when I opened it up a minute ago, but I still find myself trying to swing it closed as slowly and quietly as possible as I back out of the room. I'm not going to be the one that bothers the two of them. Even though I know that all of us rabbits need to get up and get going, and there's no guarantee that Sumi will wake up on her own anytime soon, I'm willing to do her this favor. I... Might also be a little bit embarrassed to get involved in this kind of stuff, but that's not the point. This is Sumi's business the mix of curiosity and awkwardness that I'm feeling now isn't enough to make me butt in.

Okay, anyway, that's three out of four of us safe and accounted for. The only remaining rabbit is Yuzuki. If she's awake, then it's much more likely that she'll find us rather than us finding her. In fact I can probably check on that now. I take a moment to do the standard arm-waving Yuzuki summoning motion, but don't see or hear anything in response after a bit of waiting. Either she's still asleep or she's out of the range that her powers will show her. I don't know how big the place we're in right now is, but I guess it could be large and unfamiliar enough for Yuzuki to not notice me.

Come to think of it, I haven't really considered much about where we actually are right now. The whole desc
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 27512

[X] Sumi was with Ringo the whole evening, and might be in a better mood to talk.

This option leads to spiderbutt? Huh..I guess I'll give this story a read and see what it's all about.
>>No. 27513
[x] Try to talk to Ringo. Maybe she'll answer the door if it's me.

"Ringo, did Sumi's SeiRingo ship actually have some merit to it on your side?"
>>No. 27515
Next thread: >>27514

Thread 27001 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 14718351067.png - (657.11KB, 630x840, Learned a lot about gun safety.png) [iqdb]
27001No. 27001hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous Thread: >>26675

[X] Lie through your teeth
- [X] This is our gun collection. We collect guns. Its a hobby.

Okay, take a deep breath.

In... Out. I'm okay.

Actually, I'm a bit surprised at how calm I am here. I think that seeing Yuzuki freaking out set my expectations a bit high. This situation right here doesn't really warrant a full on panic attack or anything like that. Don't get me wrong, this is still a very bad horrible thing that I really wished did not occur and I hate that it has, but I should at least try to work through it before I declare it a huge emergency. I feel like keeping calm here is something of an accomplishment. It doesn't really do anything to improve the situation, but at least I'm not making things worse.

I walk forward toward the table. It looks like I'm going to have to do some more negotiating here. Aya seems quite pleased with herself, but it's important to note that she's still here. She must want something more than just some pictures of a bunch of rifles spread out next to our camp. Either she wants more information about the situation, or she wants to blackmail us or something. I can at least try to figure out what she wants for now. Action can come later.

"Hello Aya," I say as evenly as I can when I reach the table. I pull out a chair and sit down in Chiyo's seat, directly across from our unexpected guest. Can I just say that I really don't like that she took my seat? It almost seems like a power play, but she couldn't have known it was mine in the first place. It's just a coincidence, but it's a coincidence that happens to throw me off a little more. I'd be more comfortable sitting in the place that I always sit.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 27255
[X] Leave Sumi alone

Bro code.
>>No. 27256
[x] Leave Sumi alone

>>No. 27258
Next Thread: >>27257

Thread 26674 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 14636276153.jpg - (55.25KB, 1100x1100, I have never eaten one.jpg) [iqdb]
26674No. 26674hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous Thread: >>26336

[X] Chiyo
[X] Ringo

It takes longer than it probably should to find the medical supplies. Apparently Yuzuki decided at some point in her reorganization that the best place for the supplies to be was wrapped up inside one of the extra tents we have stored in the equipment tent. I didn't know we have the same number of first aid kits as we have extra tents, but I guess that's not the kind of thing that Yuzuki would miss. I could have just asked where to look and found out immediately I guess, but I decided to try figuring it out for myself instead.

Minor injuries like mine aren't really much of a problem for Lunarian medicine. All I really need to do is apply some of the salve stuff that we have. It works pretty much immediately, though it always leaves me with this weird feeling that I'm slightly sticky for a while afterwards. I already feel a little sticky after the whole web thing, but this isn't going to help any.

I decide to just stay in the equipment tent as I patch myself up. It's still raining outside, so I would obviously prefer to be inside somewhere instead of getting wet. This tent works just as well as any other one, plus it lets me put things away more quickly when I'm done.

As I start working on my arms, I hear somebody enter the tent flap. "Hey." It's Chiyo.

I'm actually a little surprised to see Chiyo here. She would typically stay in her tent by herself most nights after we've finished working for the day. I guess the most likely case is that she's here for equipment, given the tent that we're in. "Hey Chi. Did you need something? Yuzuki reorganized a couple days ago, so you might have trouble finding it." I warn her. I know where some of the stuff is at least, so I might be able to help her.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 26999
>We're in autosage
Whoops, should've posted the last update in a new thread. Oh well. It's not like I'll fall off of /eientei/ anytime soon. Next update will be in a new thread, feel free to vote or whatever in here in the meantime.

>That write-in
I'm okay with it if you want to vote for it. It miiiiiight be helpful to have a second choice, but I'm okay with it either way.

Well, doing that involves moving all of the things out of the equipment tent, hauling them away from camp, and stuffing them through the hatch into the bunker. When are you ever going to have a better chance to clean things than when you're already getting them out in the open? Yuzuki's just being a helpful and productive bunny!
>>No. 27000
File 147156071028.jpg - (571.98KB, 723x1024, 1387539972910.jpg) [iqdb]
She disobeyed her boss. She should be punished!

Bully bunnies 2016
>>No. 27002
Next Thread: >>27001

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