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File 128816447061.png - (780.42KB, 1000x1304, now and then.png) [iqdb]
Previous: >>21974

Tracking down Tewi is more difficult than you thought it would be. You easily waste an hour looking around for any sign of her.

When you find her, she’s in one of Eientei’s many rooms, holding some sort of meeting. Furniture is arranged in the room in a semi-circular fashion, giving you the impression of a forum or conference hall of sorts. In the middle, sitting in the (presumable) presidium, is Tewi flanked by two other rabbit girls on either side.

The room was pretty noisy as you came in, but soon it falls into complete silence. All (red) eyes are upon you, including Tewi’s. She nods solemnly at you, and you get the feelings that it’s some sort of gesture that the rabbits will be reading too much into.

“Sorry to intrude,” You excuse yourself from the room, backtracking and closing the door behind you. It’s a while before you can hear more noise from the other side and it’s a while longer before it seems they’re done.

Tewi emerges from the room with a sheepish smile, “Sorry about that.”

“Did I interrupt something important?”

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Or you could just report the bot instead of replying to a post from a year ago.
I imagine he wanted to max out the thread so that bots couldn't bump it again.

Which is done.
Plenty of threads on all boards that haven't reached the limit. Just report and move on. Spambots aren't consistent on what they pick. Your moderators would appreciate it.

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File 130929510684.png - (17.58KB, 800x800, 1277069894280.png) [iqdb]
Popping the disc in, you press the button that activates the machine, and watch the TV screen play out the familiar sights and sounds of the game you had played so competitively as a child. Whether it was in the arcades in tournaments, or at home dominating friends and family, you had memorized this game to a somewhat scary degree, and it was damn worth it. But after six years, were you still as capable as you once were?

Thinking back to a couple of hours ago, you remember how you got this golden opportunity. It was on your way back from school, when you were coming around the corner of the pawn shop you always visited. Checking with the man who owned the place, he gladly let you see the wares that had come in earlier that day, since the two of you were fairly close friends after so many years of seeing each other. He had brought out some old figures, a couple of half-built models and some old broken electronics. But one thing he brought out was an old Sega Saturn. Asking if it still worked, he said it was supposed to, but for some reason, anytime he tried to turn it on, all he would get was a diagnostic screen. Deciding that you might be able to get it working properly, you bought it for a fairly cheap price, discounted both for its problem and for your regular appearances to the shop.

When you had returned home, you immediately dug into your closet. You had once owned a Saturn, but it was stolen by someone who you once considered a friend. It wasn't your fault you kept kicking his ass, but all that's in the past. Finding the Saturn games in the closet, you pulled out the one you remember most fondly: Virtual-On. Going over to the TV and hooking up the Saturn, you prepared to give it a test run, to see what the problem exactly was. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately instead, it played just fine.

Now, after going through the title screen, you had come up to the Virtuaroid selection screen. Thinking it over quickly, you select the VR that you had played the most, and had mastered the first. Years of experience with this had helped you many times, especially in tournaments. If you were to ever pilot one in real life, this would probably be it.

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[x] Welp, might as well team up with black hair, since she was kind enough to notice you and take a hit to keep you safe. Sorta

Cirno it is then!
...Wouldn't Cirno as an ice fairy be weak against fire? It's obviously Mokou.
File 133771058947.jpg - (90.00KB, 500x392, 1317994021996.jpg) [iqdb]
Stop that shit.

That's sarcasm, dumbass.

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File 125512761812.jpg - (834.49KB, 940x630, 2bd9ec099f5ad15fefe342c2567c2b63.jpg) [iqdb]
Intense pain. An inability to concentrate, think understand. It's the first sensation that comes. It lasts for a few minutes as the damage to her brain begins to heal its self. Shortly after, full thought returns.
She opens her eyes. As usual, she's still in a daze. At first the scenery above her head doesn't bother her, but after a few seconds of staring at the sky it hits her suddenly.
WHY did she revive in the middle of the human village?
Usually, when she dies, she revives right where she dropped. It wouldn't be TOO strange for her to have died in the human village, considering that she visits semi-frequently. The strange part is that she was left there. Even if people knew she can't die, her dying would had at least made someone rush over. A corpse is still disturbing, even if it will soon revive. Maybe even moreso because of it. More than that, there would be a mess left behind. Puddles of blood aren't something people like leaving around.
When she presses her hand on the ground, she notices a lack of the dampness that would come from said blood. Her first reaction was to think that she's just been dead long enough that the blood's dried. However, when she pushes herself up into a sitting position, there's no stain. her next thought is that she must have been poisoned.
"Che." She mumbles to herself. What a cowardly way to kill. She hadn't even thought that Kaguya would kill in such a way.
"Well, this is near where I was headed anyway." She stands up and begins walking toward her good friend's house.
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>Hell, far as I know, authors need permission from the mods before bumping one of their month-or-two old stories.
Where the hell did you get this idea from? The only bitching about necrobumping I've seen is when it wasn't the writefag doing it. Writefags should have every right to bump their own threads when posting content or updating the story's status.
Did not notice the trip and thought he was a random Anon hijacking. My mistake.
Days passed. Weeks. Months. It's hard to even tell anymore, alone in an empty world.

She'd given up on the books completely. Even if all you have is time, there's only so much you can do before you realize something is hopeless. There's probably a dictionary somewhere in the massive library, but without a librarian to guide her there, it's useless. Even if she tried to use magic to find it, the curses and enchantments on most of the books here would corrupt her spell, rendering it useless if not dangerous.

Eventually, she just gave up. She's lived centuries alone in the past. It isn't very different here. Her goal changed. Instead, her purpose shifted to leaving Gensokyo entirely. So, she traveled to the shrine, one of the places where the barrier is weakest.

She approaches the boundary.


The girl struggles to force her body to move, but it's useless. Even with centuries of experience fighting for her life, as meaningless as it was for her to do so, she's unable to break the spell.

"Oh," a female voice speaks from behind. "I knew I felt something strange from this side."

The girl feels a cold hand touch her back.
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File 128872989581.jpg - (241.15KB, 1021x1200, Post 21c.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous Thread: >>19231
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We'll be here when you're healthy.
Surgery was successful, but I relapsed just recently. I'm considering having a co-author for the time I'm unable to write right now, because I don't want to let this story die.
Good luck? I'm not sure what to say here.

I don't want this or you to die.

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File 127012856590.jpg - (187.07KB, 1023x850, girls just wanna have fun.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Confess your undying love to Kaguya

Your heart beats fast and feels like it's about to explode as you finish uttering those magical words. The world seems to freeze, your every thought a struggle. Kaguya, her closeness, her appearance, you hungrily try to absorb her every detail. It feels like an eternity before time begins to move again.

You watch as her expression changes into the sweetest smile you've ever seen. It gives you hope, enough to justify your whole existence until that point in time. Her radiance is absolute, majestic even. Calling her angelic would be an understatement, her incorruptible pure essence is worth waging wars for; All the evil in the world is justified, if only to balance out her sublime perfection.

Her reply comes softly, her words come at you like sweet delicious honey, soothing mind and soul. The high you experience is something else altogether.

“So that's how you honestly feel? I had more than a feeling that that was the way it was.” Every words seems to caress you, soothe your aching heart. “You took so long to admit it too, you're such an idiot. An unforgivable idiot. If you had just held me earlier then...”

You mind plays a thousand and one scenarios simultaneously. The projections in your head all compete for best picture and best actors. It's hard to decide just which of your fantasies would be best. Kaguya seems more than eager to steer you to the right one, something for which you are very grateful.

She leans in closer, making you painfully aware of her intoxicating scent. The smell of freshness, of life, of the very core of vitality. In a nutshell, her own distinctive natural aroma. Now, more than ever, you simply want to drown yourself in it. To take and indulge like a madman without a care in the world. If it would only be yours for a moment you would die a happy man. It's the most anyone could ask.

“You see, Shirou,” She states with the same wholesome love you've come to know and enjoy over the past few weeks, “The truth is that you don't have the foggiest about
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I read the rules. Several times.
And I know I'm not the only one.
Now, get back to writing. I need my weekly Kaguya.
File 131171583948.png - (10.58KB, 160x160, Use to slap Anon.png) [iqdb]
This and this are different. Teruyo is maybe an asshole as an admin, but as a writer, he's correct with his readers.
Except when he's taunting us with Eirin.
He knelt, heart racing. The soft moonlight shone through the bamboo copse, barely giving him enough illumination to confirm where he was. He had run this scenario through his heart thousands of times now and had been completely confident that he could do it, come rain or shine. He had picked this night because it could be no other – there were others who worked as industriously as he. And yet... there were butterflies in his stomach. His head was buoyant beyond all reasonable metric and it felt like his heart might burst at any moment.

But it wasn't a moment for cowardice. Not by a long shot. Do or die time.

An almost inaudible croak came from his throat. He got a hold of himself. It wouldn't do if he was inaudible. He had to impose his will, his presence,

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?” His voice became firm as the muse took over, “It is the east, and Reisen is the sun.”

“Oh sweet Reisen!” He thought. The feelings within him were vivid and threatened to swallow him whole. A chance encounter at market had dramatically changed his life. That gentleness of soul! That beauty, her fine hair and her fine features. And, most importantly, that nobility of character!

“Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief,” he almost jammed up his elegant speak due to the horrible knot in his gut, “That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.”

He raised his arms out, towards the balcony on the second floor. His heart was at its limit, his breath bated. He waited an eternity. Hope, along with equal measures of doubt, kept him pinned to his spot. He was both too afraid and excited to move. Another eternity passed. A plague of doubt wracked him. The only thing that kept him going was the image of that sweet angel's face in his mind's eye. For her he would climb the mountain that was infested by youkai. For her, he'd plunge into the lake at the height of winter. And for her he would also make a garland from the flowers of the forbidden field. His own safety did not matter to him. By Jove, he was moonstruck!

A sharp blow to the head f
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 132432306248.png - (1.18MB, 1007x900, 1bkkzxmf.png) [iqdb]
Hello everyone! Please let me introduce myself. My name is KT, and I've been quietly lingering around this board for about four and a half years. For a while, I've been thinking about writing a story with Mokou in first person narrative, so I thought I'd do just that. This will be a fairly slow paced story, and I may even switch around a bit with other characters, but the whole thing should come together within the same setting. Anyway, I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to writing stories, but that's enough about me. Putting my petty rambling about nonsense aside, this is a story I'll try to write while abiding as much to canon-like personalities as I can and trying to introduce various elements and ideas. Moving on.. Onto the show!
Please wait warmly while I get the popcorn..

"Do you think we should bring her with us?"
"Well, she's only a child. She won't be much of a threat. And it's a long trip down. Not to mention, she's nearly completely exhausted."
"Did she come alone?"
"Girl, what's your name?"
I thought I recognized one of those men's voice. I open my eyes to see a huddle of men above me behind a gray sky, but the sudden light made it hard for my eyes to adjust and the contrast made them look like faceless men staring down at me. One of them helped me up, and another offered me a waterskin. I didn't want to drink water though, it was already chilly and drinking water would make me feel colder, but I could feel my body begging of thirst. I thanked him and reluctantly took a few sips while the men waited for an answer from me.
"I'm a bandit."
I couldn't give them my real name. After all, if they found out that me, a child of the Huziwara clan, disobediently left home and ran out to the mountain, the news would surely spread to my father. It's already bad enough that I ran out, but he will be really mad if anyone found out that I'm Fuhito's daughter.
When I said that, they were puzzled at first and then laughed. I don't blame them
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So either Sakuya-hime kills Ihakasa and uses the elixir to restore Mokou, lying broken after the fall, or Ihakasa does it himself, at Sakuya-hime's goading or otherwise.

[x] See Keine.

Time to recount some old tales.
I suspect it was a dream to show what would happen if we derailed the train of fate. Hopefully this story'll character Mokou more than most.
[x] Go rescue some lost people.

A tip of advice, learn to space your paragraphs out a little bit. It all just looks like one giant paragraph.

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File 131612337627.png - (67.36KB, 400x400, Magic_Circle___Seal_by_Joseph_UK.png) [iqdb]
I’ve been wanting to try my hand at this CYOA thing for quite a while, but never had the confidence to actually do it.

I’ve finally found the guts to post this, so... let’s see how this turns out.



“We thought we could get our hands on something we couldn’t possibly fathom.”


You place the last item. “Perfect” is the only word that comes to your mind.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[ ] Angry?
[x] You’re grateful for her rescuing you from Eirin’s accusations, even if that wasn’t her intention. Offer her an honest ‘thank you.’
[x] Scared?

What would have happened if we refused the offer?
Is the writer on IRC? If this is dead, I'd like a confirmation.

It's a shame; it's to be the damsel in distress sometimes.

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File 131419628950.png - (266.48KB, 900x800, lunarian teleology.png) [iqdb]
A wiser man might have had a better solution. A wiser man might have known how and when to act, how to get to the real center of it all.

Even though you have not abandoned your goal, it seems awfully unobtainable at the moment. It would make you want to sigh, perhaps, if you hadn't been inoculated against this very kind of situation. Incident after incident with everything seemingly out of your control has made your hide tough indeed. There's always a method to the madness, you know at least that much, and so you can take comfort in that as long as you keep trying there's a chance that you'll find what you're looking for.

Kaguya seems so slender as she is now, her back pressed against you as you sit together with your arms around her waist. The smooth and fine fabric of her dress is loose around her delicate arms and the outside drapes down to her lap. The collar, as well, has been carelessly left to droop and from your angle you can see the symmetrical lines of her neck blend into those of her collarbone and transform yet again into other lines that vanish into the darkness of her clothes. She gives the same impression as a porcelain doll wearing an ill-fitting dress.

Her head leans back onto your chest, her body sinking deeper into yours. The rich smell of oily minerals and scented herbs waft from her hair to your nose. It's a fragrance that continues to be highly stimulating even as it becomes more familiar. You squeeze her gently, holding her in a way you hope is reassuring. She's incredibly warm, it bleeds through her clothes straight into your arms and your chest. It wouldn't be right to compare her to a doll - no matter how delicate and fine her features may be she is too warm and soft for you to ever confuse her for one. There's an unmistakable feeling of human presence and human life which resonate with your heart.

She is quiet now.

It took her the better part of an afternoon to vent. There's no better way of describing what she did than that. Plenty of words wasted on the small things and minor incidents that, by themselves, do not signify much. Actions fitting a concerned friend or
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I meant that post as a suggestion of what to do next after we finish our chat with Tewi. Geez, this sort of hollow-headed thinking was what ruined the first ruin.
Chill dude, no need to be needlessly hostile. >>24709 has a point, since you lot can't be mindreaders. To clarify: I wasn't asking for a vote anyways. Just for people to keep stuff in mind and have an idea of where to go. No need to go for the first thing either. Something for a later update. Just... you know, trying to make you to gain a measure of focus without shoehorning more than I have to.
story is ded, not big surprise

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File 125197575445.jpg - (263.00KB, 1000x750, Epicenter.jpg) [iqdb]
The site is back, more or less, so with that, I move back to the normally scheduled board. Previous votes still count, which means that there's still a tie; and having caught up with everything, I do believe I am a gigantic lazy asshole. Apologies wouldn't really cut it.

But with that said, message finally continues:


“It has, Your Majesty…” you breathe, and as Princess Kaguya starts to toy with your hair, you slip further into that sunlight bliss. Soft, curious teasing fingers… it feels good. Tingly, warm and slow washing all over.

The last time, you recall, was six years ago. She was sadder then, but she hid her feelings, burying them in some unfathomable place, so that only if you looked hard you might find a hint in her voice, in the way she would look at you, into you – and because she was like that, you could always be at ease at her side. At a time like then, when the sky echoed with the whispers and screams of the dead and dying and killed by your hands, when the things in your nightmares were you and your sisters, there was someone else like that. Kaguya. Kaguya, lord God over all, the Empress to who we all belong.

In the present, her skin is pale. Pale, creamy white, alien and familiar at once; and when her hand grazes yours, you shiver warm white hot. Her Majesty. Her Majesty, who you now loom over, whose careful, needy touch you know by instinct. Slipping into your lap.

Into your –

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
This wouldn't be the longest I've waited for an update on this, but has someone at least seen QWL on IRC?
He is from time to time. Currently should be on.
I have not given up on this story.

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File 128628807179.jpg - (114.14KB, 500x600, no reservations.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes, it has a title now.
Previous >>16979

Time spent in solitude was like a curse. It made me very much aware of how sore my body was still. It rotted my mind. I felt dumb whenever I was not talking to Eirin. A type of occurrence that, because of circumstances beyond of my control, became grittingly rare. I was left to my own devices for the most part, left to wallow by myself in the long and arduous process that was recovery from near death. Time lost much of its meaning during this period, with the days being defined by the meals and the occasional bedside visits.

I busied myself, whenever I could muster the courage, with childish games of cards and base sketches of whatever might have happened to catch my eye. My main intellectual escape was a book given to me by the physician, of matters regarding the body and its condition. It was dense, not entirely to my interest, but it was something I could distract myself with. And beyond that it was something that lessened the dullness that came from realizing that I could not hold fascinating discussions as I had only a few days prior.

In a very real sense, my recovery stalled. There was nothing physically impeding me from healing but I somehow knew that my body was not performing as well as it could be. My mood soured and my outlook darkened. Time ebbed away too slowly. I annoyed me. I cursed my inability to mellow out. And my dreams became increasingly disturbed.

Darkness, being lost or being confused – all standard scenarios in my dreams. The wet feeling of rain, drenching me wherever I went, no matter I did. It was only when I woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night that I realized that I was, in fact, having a nightmare. I didn't know why I was having those dreams and I attributed to the general malaise that was affecting me.

“Want some company?” The eternally smiling assistant asked after dropping off breakfast. The rest of the night had been sleepless, with my tossing and turning only limited by the soreness felt by my joints.

“...” I couldn't be bothered
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x] Draw

He wouldn't ask consent of the trees or the riverside, so why would he ask consent of this particular beauty of nature.

If she gets angry, he could offer her the drawing in recompense.
[x] Draw

There's nothing terribly wrong with wanting to draw some one who is not posing but is in fact relaxing and having a good time. It's far from scientific research but it shows what Linnaeus can appreciate beyond his "hobby".

What he does after the drawing is another matter.
[x] Draw

I wonder if Linnaeus will go on to provide Akyu with illustrations for Perfect Memento in Strict Sense?

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