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Thread 18844 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126215468179.jpg - (114.25KB, 750x457, 12_snow_forest_73090420.jpg) [iqdb]
18844No. 18844hidewatchexpandquickreply
Hia /eientei/, I'm not sure where this came from. But I've been browsing this place for a while now and decided why not? I've not the best writer, but I don't intend on making this go on for too long.
Anyway enjoy!~


It's cold, colder than even you are comfortable with. Hunting during this time of the year is unthinkable, even for you.

However you've hunted in this forest in winter before, hell you've hunted in this forest your entire life! Though there isn't as much to be hunted. The tracks in the snow are freshly made, the heavy snowfall last night left it much easier to track something that came by recently.

You sling your bow over your shoulder, you check your quiver making sure you have all your arrows.

14 Regular, nothing special medium quality arrows- you don't mind wasting a few of these since they are pretty cheap, but they serve their purpose.

6 High Quality, specially crafted arrows. Your teacher gave you these arrows before she left. She taught you a lot of things, hell she practically raised you and your little sister. You don't wish to waste these.

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>>No. 23254
wasn't that Mokou? And Kaguya was the mysterious woman?
>>No. 23256

I know, which is why I'm saying potential daughter, because I know it could be someone else entirely. Either way, we've probably already met Kaguya at one point in time or another, so this might turn out to be a reunion, or something. I don't know.
>>No. 23305
File 130066488927.jpg - (30.33KB, 640x480, walking_on_sunshine.jpg) [iqdb]
Bumping for status update.

Thread 22071 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 128357457759.jpg - (384.49KB, 768x1024, 89609b6cdcc8ca3aacf38e01c07cf014.jpg) [iqdb]
22071No. 22071hidewatchexpandquickreply
For the record, these are links to the previous thread: >>21225

And here's the download links for all the saved threads and original documents (let me know if they are broken or need to be re-uploaded):


I'm not using my laptop right now, by the way, so yeah. Give me a few minutes while the update is being prepared.
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>>No. 23267
File 129879107867.jpg - (277.95KB, 1208x1691, cec119c74d04560b336e7bd9b14b7ea8.jpg) [iqdb]
I guess the vote is unanimous. Update will be posted in new thread, so please wait warmly.
>>No. 23307
SATA? Where did you go....?
>>No. 23308
File 130141025371.jpg - (134.50KB, 700x333, 6638914c68257b37a05990b4197b1e72.jpg) [iqdb]
I didn't go anywhere. Just got stuck with my commitment at the kitchen, but I'm still alive and kicking. I'm still looking for my free time to complete the update, so please wait patiently.

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File 128147173592.jpg - (131.59KB, 1024x768, Forêt2.jpg) [iqdb]
21796No. 21796hidewatchexpandquickreply
The night is coming.
Well, not exactly coming. Perhaps "falling" is a better term.
Whatever, the night's here.
And I'm lost.

Uuuu. I have to remember what Miss Keine said about peoples getting lost in forest.
"Don't go running everywhere kids! If you're lost in the woods, you're in serious danger!"
Well, I'm lost in woods.
I think this one is called... Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
It's a nasty place to get lost.
It could be worse. I could be in ...
I think I'm in hell. Not real Hell, but a really frightening hell.

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>>No. 23086
but characters often make the plot. And if the characters are flat, no one's going to give a damn about the plot.

As far as what's in >>23084 , try to control the ideas, and think them over. Make sure they're good ideas.
>>No. 23147
I think I see the problem. No one opened the door & got on the floor before they walked the dinosaur.
>>No. 23148
You must have screwed somewhere, because this thread is in the bumped list.
Don't do that please, or else Hartmann will think he's missed.

Thread 23042 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 129408521584.png - (239.47KB, 480x600, 14829155_m.png) [iqdb]
23042No. 23042hidewatchexpandquickreply
yeah ?
moko x neet ?!
>>No. 23043
The fuck?

Thread 13725 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123379474565.jpg - (141.27KB, 757x757, b3939f03eb2dbf0101a64a257a1fe291.jpg) [iqdb]
13725No. 13725hidewatchexpandquickreply
A quick glance at the sun makes you consider cutting short to the little ‘walk in the park’ and return immediately, but unfortunately for the lovely ladies waiting there, something else caught your attention and you will allow no interference.

What is this? A guy is walking alone in a forest and suddenly a noise comes from behind as the sun start going down? Definitely not clichéd! My ass to the fire that there won’t be anyone when I turn around. And as you do so. Yup, just as expected.

Before you is the completely empty trail you have been walking on for the last… how long was it? Hours? Regardless, it’s still as empty as the average inhabitant of San Pedro’s bank account. Not even a small woodland creature to add to the clichéd. If this scene hadn’t been overused just that damn many times, you might have cared, maybe even doubted a split-second, but right now it’s nothing but amusing. You start to walk back, a smile on your face as you scan the place, searching for anything suspicious.

-“Right-o, let’s go Stalker Hunt-GAH WHAT THE FUCK!”

Interrupting your witty comment, the ground under your feet gives way and you fall in the bottom of a just as clichéd hole in the ground.

-“For God’s Sake don’t tell me people actually DO use this kind of trap… well looks like they do.”

The hole isn’t really deep; you could easily get out but not without getting dirtied a little. It is about two meters tall and a meter wide.

What I’m really wondering now is how the fuck did I not see it coming. Scratch this, how did I not fall in the first time I passed here? This has to have been already there…

-“Eeh? Clown-san what are you doing falling into rabbit holes?~”

This voice can only belong to ONE little rabbit. As to confirm your suspicions, bunny ears, short black hair, sparkling brown eyes and that oh so annoyingly innocent smile show themselves above.

-“You got me there, well, I’d say that if this wasn’t one of the most clichéd, unoriginal and vulgar trap you could ever use…” You reply with a shrug.

“And the fact that you fell for the most clichéd,
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>>No. 23014
sounds like Rip had a Merry Christmas alright
>>No. 23015
>>No. 23016
God bless us, everyone.

We'll need it.

Thread 16942 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124836638225.jpg - (283.10KB, 700x770, 4488caaa5167867486a28ea88c43060f.jpg) [iqdb]
16942No. 16942hidewatchexpandquickreply
[x] Go back to Eientei.

While a room in an inn would be a good choice, you’re quite sure affording it is a bit beyond you.
“Well, Miss Kamishirasawa, that’s indeed a fine idea, but as of late my finances seem to have gone the way of the Titanic. This regrettable fact leaves me with little choice but to try my luck against whatever may be knocking about out there.”
“Oh. Well…” You notice Keine shifting her gaze from you to the inside of her house and back. “I…Well, that is, maybe I…Perhaps you should…” Keine mutters while her face flushes. You stay quiet to allow her to collect her thoughts and once her complexion reaches a shade resembling a ripe apple a thought appears to strike her. “Oh, I could be your escort!”
“Hm?” While you know what she meant, her wording is a bit…
“I could escort you to Eientei. Consider it making up for being such a poor hostess earlier.”
“Oh, I’d hate to impose any more than I have. By the way, you were a fine hostess.”
“As Guardian of the Human Village, I insist.” Keine says with renewed vigor. “Oh, and, thank you.” She adds with a bit of her previous blush returning. Makes her look quite lovely, come to think of it.
“Well, I suppose there’s no helping it.” You say in resignation. Though, you’re not exactly broken up about the prospect of spending more time with her. “Shall we be off, milady?” You ask with a grin.
“Yes, let’s.” Keine says while returning your smile. After she shuts the door and follows you outside, the two of you make your way out into the night with Helios’ sister showing a crooked smile in the sky.

Once outside the city gates, Keine (as Guardian of the Human Village) offers to fly you instead of walking. You accept, since it’s quicker, easier, and you get to fly. As she takes you from behind (fnar fnar) something presses against your back. Well, make that two somethings. Two large and soft somethings that, truth be told, feel absolutely heavenly against you. Well…huh. You’d say something about it, but you decide it’d be more embarrassing for her than staying silent. You also can’t really think of a better way to fly (bridal sty
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>>No. 22841
File 129061771950.jpg - (297.48KB, 1000x786, 38ea8857f8b03e43c550dae19d1d9d6a.jpg) [iqdb]
come back
>>No. 26279
Just started reading all of this yesterday, this guy is dead isnt it? What is it with this site writers and dying
>>No. 26280
just read all these stories yesterday. this guy is dead isnt it? what is with this site writers and dying

Thread 22475 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 128649524730.png - (214.76KB, 300x604, 603428-th08kaguya01_large.png) [iqdb]
22475No. 22475hidewatchexpandquickreply
What's she building in there?
What the hell is she building in there?
She has subscriptions to those magazines,
She never waves when she goes by,
She's hiding something from the rest of us,
She keeps to herself,
I think I know why.

She took away the mochi usu near the bamboo tree,
She has no bunnies of her own you see,
She has no rabbits,
And her lawn is dying,
And what about those packages she sends?

What's she building in there?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>No. 22478
Would it be too forward of me to say I love you? Because right now I would totally slobber on your knob.

Well, it'd be more like "Hey, that Tom Waits thing you wrote was pretty damn cool" and then some awkward silence. I mean, if you pressed the issue I might try to hook you up or, you know, worst case scenario here, maybe jerk you off a little. But what I'm trying to say here is that I like this.

...no homo.
>>No. 22715
Why the hell did I not see this sooner.

Thread 19231 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126346030310.png - (48.26KB, 180x153, 00040423.png) [iqdb]
19231No. 19231hidewatchexpandquickreply
"Damn it! Damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it..."

"I knew there was no point in shouting, but there was no other way to alleviate my anger at that time. I was trapped in a sea of bamboo, and nobody I knew would hear me.

"Or come for me."


I was born as a mere human in the grand world of Gensokyo. By the time I turned 9, I learned that everyone has their own power. I became determined to find mine then and there.

The day I did, I no longer was a mere human.

I found out that day, 3 years ago to the letter, that my power was to manipulate truth. A few days later in my carpentry shop, I had found out that someone knew about it, and it eventually got to the point where everyone mistrusted me.

Events started happening to me, all by "coincidence", culminating in this. I woke up to find that I was in the middle of the dreaded bamboo forest, a place that was rumored to house cute little rabbits that ate only your nails and left you to die from blood loss.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 22678
Mokou's giving Shin far less credit than what he's due... and he'll find out sooner or later about things.

On a side note, I'd think he'd get along with Satori quite well.
>>No. 22683
pɐʎ ɟonɹ: ʍɥʎ ɐuɐǝsʇɥǝsıɐ doɹʞ nd ʎopǝן

~Next Thread >>22685

I'll post the Cirno short afterwards.
I encountered a block while writing it and decided to continue the story instead of delaying posting for one week, but I'll still post it here when I'm done.
>>No. 22831
"This never happened."

As Keine turned again to leave, her power kicked in. Cirno, Reimu, and Marisa had forgotten completely about Keine and Shin having been there, and were dazed and confused for a few minutes. After the disorientation, there was really only one question left on their minds.

"Why are the spellcard duel walls up?"


Cirno fell down, exhausted from the fight she had had with Marisa and Reimu. The miko and witch had initially teamed up against Cirno, who had actively tried to freeze as many bullets as she could, but one stray charm Reimu had shot had accidentally hit Marisa, who was charging up a Master Spark. This turned the two friendly rivals against each other, with the ice fairy taking advantage of the situation. At the end of it all, all three parties realized what they had been doing and laughed off the tension, enjoying the little bit of time they had spent together.

Cirno, in particular, had more than a little fun. Sure, her brain was configured like most fairies, in which she usually thought of pranks not unlike how humans think of breakfast: it's something that happens in the morning, it's fun, and there's no real consequence most of the time. However, after having been beaten by both Reimu and Marisa twice, Cirno wanted to see why everyone else seemed to gravitate to them. Besides pranks and eating iceberries, there really wasn't much that she could do; any time she had spent with any Daiyousei would be practically erased after either's faux extermination, and a fairy spending time with a human would seem like a prank to anyone else, keeping her fairly safe and free. It was flawless!

And as long as she stayed friendly with the two 'figures', then she'd be definitely alright.

"Let's do this again, Marisa, Reimu. And next time I'll be the strongest too!"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Thread 21974 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 128310756953.jpg - (83.40KB, 571x589, quintessence.jpg) [iqdb]
21974No. 21974hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous: >>20689
A series of strange events take place at Eientei. The long, mostly empty, hallways are silent witnesses to a cavalcade of the bizarre. More than once you spot a procession of rabbits making their way through the premises; Large effigies are carried to the outside and the occasional musical instrument can be heard pounding away in the distance during the small hours of night. These are the trappings of a cult of sorts. Another alternative is that they’re preparing for the biggest party of all time. Either way you decide without so much as a second thought to steer clear of all the excitement.

Things take a life of their own. Your pacing, thinking and decision making process become ritualized. Time stops to hold a lot of meaning. What may be ten minutes of pacing might be hours or what may be hours of sleeping may have only been a couple of seconds. Mind and body are not refreshed regardless of what happens and keeping track of day and night cycles is something that you feel you don’t have to do. What’s important is the clarity that comes from walking about, from stopping, turning and repeating patterns endlessly. It helps you deal with things, deal with what you have done and what you want to do. A contradictory excess of willpower and a chronic shortage of the shame keeps you in the cycle of brooding and pacing.

It is in the courtyards and the secluded spots that life seems to be the least complicated. Hidden away by the sheer size of the mansion for the most part, these solitary spots are easy enough to stumble upon. It‘s rare for you to pay the quiet spots much mind, but it‘s also rare for you to carry on as you have. It somehow feels like there‘s no difference between a proactive approach and a more passive one. Indeed it is hard to tell what you‘ve done and when - personal grooming and other such basic customs are taken care of somehow.

The important thing is having gotten Kaguya to talk. It could have happened because of your knocking and a humble request. It could have just taken five minutes to do. But just as easily it could have be
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 22628
File 12877685195.jpg - (507.92KB, 571x800, cc3329e6be1faf0755fe97db9d11b125.jpg) [iqdb]
Moon bunny demands that you get back to work nigger.
>>No. 22638
File 128796877973.jpg - (4.13KB, 255x47, addiction.jpg) [iqdb]
So, uh, wrote most of it, decided it sucked. Scrapped 1000 words and I need to rewrite it. Problem is, well, the image sums it up. Those last two weeks are just the 3-4 or so days since the patch since I hadn't played for a while. We'll see if I'm able to tear myself away after I finish my current marathon game.
>>No. 22651
File 128814942846.jpg - (17.98KB, 180x216, Huayna_Capac.jpg) [iqdb]

I'll see you there.

Thread 16979 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124868907575.png - (370.65KB, 800x600, fnms.png) [iqdb]
16979No. 16979hidewatchexpandquickreply
This is a little a little idea that's been festering within me for a while. I'm posting a teaser of sorts to see what anon thinks. I may then continue it as a proper story, if enough people show interest. If not, it's a mere vignette, suddenly appearing, and quickly forgotten...


I quickened my pace in order to keep up with her. The loud crunching sound of leaves and the snapping of twigs intensified. My side bag weighed heavily, feeling like a sack of lead.

Did she plan to simply run away? That wasn't very fair.

I wasn't going to give up that easily, though. Even though I had been walking for the better part of the day, I still had enough stamina to meet any challenge she threw at me. And even if I didn't, I was sure that sheer determination on my part would be enough to keep up with her. I hadn't gotten into this without being prepared.

I grinned. My mouth was dry and my throat ached – both proof of my determination.

“That's extraordinarily disturbing.” She quipped from up ahead. It was the first set of words she had directed at me since leaving. I widened my grin further on the realization that she was stealing glances at me in between brisk steps.

“Careful there. I wouldn't want you to trip because of me.” I joked. “I learned my first-aid from working with animal corpses.”
“That's alright. I can handle myself.” She looked ahead, her words barely reaching my ears. “I've been doing this for more time than you can imagine.”
“That's not what the others say. They say that you've been barely doing this for a year or so.” I told her what the villagers had told me. They, at least, hadn't been aware of her until last year or the year before last. That said, they were hardly the most credible source. They practically still believed that life originated spontaneously.

She didn't reply. That suited me fine. There probably wasn't that much left anyways.

After a half an hour more of effort and perspiration, we reached a stop. I had successfully kept up with her.

“So, what do I get?” I smiled at her, trying to hid
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 22394
...Yeah, you lost me.
>>No. 22395
I think she mustered up as much niceness as she could for the sake of the job. Some Anti-social people can put up such fronts.

Different role? She's only appeared in the last 2-3 posts.
>>No. 22403
Quite literally faults. As in, imperfections and mistakes. As for the rest: I do plan to write sometime soon but need find a little time in my schedule.

That's a pity. I'm being straightforward. So I don't know what else I can say.

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