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File 128357457759.jpg - (384.49KB, 768x1024, 89609b6cdcc8ca3aacf38e01c07cf014.jpg) [iqdb]
For the record, these are links to the previous thread: >>21225

And here's the download links for all the saved threads and original documents (let me know if they are broken or need to be re-uploaded):


I'm not using my laptop right now, by the way, so yeah. Give me a few minutes while the update is being prepared.
File 128357633232.jpg - (257.38KB, 800x768, bf790a65e5a2a168f54a37af8dbb1064.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] She looks like she’s enjoying her time onstage. Let’s do something else.

“I don’t think anyone of us wants to interrupt her,” you speak. “She’s obviously enjoying her time onstage. Besides, you don’t want to know how it feels to have your glorious speech interrupted.”

“But I thought you’re into fiery speeches,” Kaguya says. “Surely you don’t mind sharing the stage with Kanako, do you?”

“I’m not a speech maniac, thank you,” you retort. “Anyway, I’m going to check the machinegun nest I just saw earlier. What about you guys?”

“Neat. I’ll go with you,” Kaguya tells you. “Wonder what kind of MG they have on display.”

“I’m going with the captain!” Tatyana pulls Kogasa towards her, almost making the karakasa drop the sniper rifle she’s holding. “And she’s coming, too!”

“Fair, enough.” You turn your attention to Tewi. “Comrade, think you can do me another favour?”

The earth rabbit grins. “You don’t have to tell me, captain,” she answers. “I know just what to do.”

“Be very careful, though, and try to blend in to the crowd,” you remind, in which Tewi responds with a thumb-up before she quickly slips in to the sea of visitors. “Well, Comrade Reisen, what about you?”

“Umm, I think I’ll watch Lady Kanako’s speech,” Reisen says. “You go have fun, sir.”

After bidding each other farewell and good luck, you and your entourage head to the MG nest you have mentioned earlier. As you arrive you’re greeted by Shanghai who immediately perches upon your head and stays there, much to the ire of Tatyana. If the self-conscious doll is here, that can only mean one thing.

“Hey, captain! Over here!” You turn to the voice. “Didn’t expect to see you here of all places. What are you doing here?” Standing beside Marisa, Alice looks less than amused by her magician friend’s vigour.

“Isn’t she supposed to stay at home until she recovers?” Kaguya asks.

“For your information, Marisa here insists that she visits the expo in spite of my warning about her health,” Alice answers. “And she even drags me into it.”

A clear sign of contempt is visible on Marisa’s face. “Hey, it’s not that I want to be locked up indoor for the rest of my life, right?” she snorts.

“Yeah, yeah,” Alice shrugs. “And I bet that a few minutes later you’ll end up pillaging Sanae’s room.” The black-white witch flinches at the remark. “Admit it, Marisa. You’re here to steal some stuffs, aren’t you?”

“I wouldn’t do such things when my health isn’t at the fullest,” Marisa scoffs. “And why would you say such foolish things about me in front of the captain, Alice? What’s the deal about it?”

You want to have a say about them, but Tatyana doesn’t allow you to speak when she jumps onto your shoulders. “If I can’t have the captain’s head, then I’ll claim his shoulders as mine!!” She, then, proceeds to grab a bunch of your hair and forcibly makes you walk down the alley. Shanghai gives out a quiet squeal when Tatyana steers you hard left, then to the right, almost bumping into several fairies in the process.

“Watch it!!” you shout.

“The fiery spirit of the Motherland knows no obstacles!! Go forward, and crush our enemies!!” Tatyana proclaims. “Enemy tank at twelve o’clock! Evasive manoeuvre!”

“Stop using my shoulders as your vehicle!” you scream. A yank on your hair and Tatyana steers you hard right, cheerfully laughing at the same time. It’s useless; she will never notice it, but you can’t complain about it. So you hold onto your life and let Tatyana (and Shanghai) navigate you around the exhibition, like a tank commander would do to his prized fighting vehicle. Well, you never have this kind of fun before, so why not playing along with your comrade bunny for time being?
“Damn, you almost scared us to death.”

You can only laugh apologetically. “Sorry.”

“You have no idea of what you just did,” Kaguya says as she applies some bandages on your head. Apparently your trip with Tatyana and Shanghai didn’t end up well as the three of you crashed on the howitzer. There was no harm caused (and the commotion didn’t bring much attention to the visitors), but it did leave you with a slight cut on your forehead.

“Tatyana and Shanghai? What about them?”

“Nothing a few scolds wouldn’t fix.” She points you to the MG nest, where Sanae and Alice are giving the rabbit and the doll a few reprimands for the mess they had done. Marisa is missing, but that doesn’t bother you. “They thought they could get away with it, but the organizers wouldn’t let that happen,” Kaguya says.

“I feel like I have let them down,” you speak in regret.

“Nah, they’ll be alright. Kogasa, help me with the bandages.” Kaguya tightens the wrap around your head, making you flinch in the process. “And there! We’re done.”

Kogasa laughs. “You look funny in the bandages, captain!”

Kaguya laughs as well. “Of course! The next thing we know, he’s turning into a mummy! That would be fun!”

You can’t argue about it. At least the minor injury’s been taken care of. “Alright, you two. Where you want to go after this?”

“Ah! You!”

You, Kaguya and Kogasa turn to the source of the voice. It’s a girl, whose navy blue hair is tied up in twin-tails, and she looks like she’s looking for you. “Come with me! There’s something I want to show you!” she says.

“Calm down,” you tell the girl. “Who are you?”

“Nitori Kawashiro! Pleased to meet you, sir!” the girl replies. “I’ve been informed by Yukari that you know everything about weaponry, so I have come to seek for your advice!”

Well, damn. You just hope whatever Yukari’s planned won’t bring harm to you. “Why me, though,” you inquire.

The girl’s excitement dies down. “Umm… actually, she doesn’t even tell me about it,” she speaks, a speck of confusion and guilt visible from her eyes. “But don’t worry about her! Please, you must come with me!”

“I just hope this isn’t a life-or-death matter, captain” Kogasa says worriedly as Nitori leaves. “She looks worried and thrilled.”

“We better check what she’s up to,” Kaguya says. “I’m not sure if I like the idea of having you as weapon inspector.”

“Whatever it is, let’s follow her.” You follow Nitori’s trail and arrive at her booth. Well, more like a black market, with arrays of weaponry arranged across the area, most of which you are unfamiliar with. You’re astounded and concerned; it’s almost like the Moriya Shrine is going to hold an uprising. Oh, dear.

“See anything you like?” Nitori asks.

Primary Weapon (pick two)
[ ] Assault Rifle.
[ ] Submachine Gun.
[ ] Sniper Rifle.
[ ] Light Machine Gun.

Secondary Weapon (pick one)
[ ] Handgun.
[ ] Machine Pistol.
[ ] Shotgun
[ ] Launcher.

On a second thought…
[ ] (first thing first) introduce yourself.
[ ] Ask Nitori about where she got the weapons.
[ ] Ask Nitori if anyone isn’t disturbed by the weapon display.
[ ] Ask Nitori where Yukari is.
[ ] Ask Kaguya and/or Kogasa for opinion.

+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 1245 hours
+ Location: Moriya Shrine

Touhou Present:
+ Kaguya
+ Kogasa
+ Nitori
[~] (first thing first) introduce yourself.
[~] Ask Nitori about where she got the weapons.

I'm going to assume that you don't pick the weapons if we go with the whole "on second thought" votes.
[X] (first thing first) introduce yourself.
[X] Ask Nitori about where she got the weapons.

[X] Assault Rifle.
[X] Sniper Rifle.
[X] Handgun.

Im hopeing we can pick them after we have a bit of a chat with her but if not then I'll just go with the first half of my vote.
File 128361443786.png - (191.43KB, 624x300, 12369079_p0.png) [iqdb]
On a second thought…
[X] (first thing first) introduce yourself.
[X] Ask Nitori about where she got the weapons.

Primary Weapon (pick two)
[X] Assault Rifle.
[X] Sniper Rifle.

Secondary Weapon (pick one)
[X] Shotgun

Have some custom MW2 tags while we vote.
[X] (first thing first) introduce yourself.
[X] Ask Nitori about where she got the weapons.

[X] Assault Rifle.
[X] Sniper Rifle.
[X] Handgun.
[X] (first thing first) introduce yourself.
[X] Ask Nitori about where she got the weapons.
[X] Shotgun.
File 128365131971.jpg - (231.12KB, 1200x797, Russian_AN-94_FSB.jpg) [iqdb]
Right. Before I forget, Anon is free to specify the weapon and its configuration Yuri's going to pick, not just the category in general. Otherwise I'll do it myself.
we don't know the selection.
On a second thought…
[x] (first thing first) introduce yourself.
[x] Ask Nitori if anyone isn’t disturbed by the weapon display.
[X] Ask Nitori about where she got the weapons.
File 128367669321.jpg - (216.57KB, 752x509, Sako_TRG-42_2.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, I'll provide some example (for the primary weapon, that is):
[ ] Assault Rifle.
- [ ] AKS-74 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-74#AKS-74)
- [ ] M4A1 SOPMOD (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M4_carbine)
- [ ] Others.
[ ] Sub-machine Gun.
- [ ] PP-19 Bizon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PP-19_Bizon)
- [ ] TDI Vector (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TDI_Vector)
- [ ] Others.
[ ] Sniper Rifle.
- [ ] Sako TRG-42 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sako_TRG)
- [ ] Stealth Recon Scout .338 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desert_Tactical_Arms_Stealth_Recon_Scout)
- [ ] Others.
[ ] Light Machine Gun.
- [ ] AUG-HBAR (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steyr_AUG)
- [ ] RPKS-74 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RPK#RPKS-74)

Is this for real?

Anyway, I think the votes for Nitori have been called. Update will be ready in a couple of days.
File 128370977235.png - (739.90KB, 820x461, L96A1re.png) [iqdb]
found this on pixiv while goofing off. I think some of it may be plausible, some may not - like Youmu's callsign for example, since it's created by a callsign generator (note the MW24/7).


[x] Assault Rifle.
- [X] Others.
[X] FAMAS Felin G2

[X] Sniper Rifle.
- [X] Others.
[x]L96A1 <3

[X] Light Machine Gun.

Don't mind the sparkly thing in the sky. It's a Valkyrie Rocket.
File 128374395488.jpg - (78.36KB, 1105x600, f80262abf7629e05bfbac813e92314ab.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Primary Weapon (pick two)
[ ] Secondary Weapon (pick one)

On a second thought…
[c] (first thing first) introduce yourself.
[c] Ask Nitori about where she got the weapons.

On a second thought, you haven’t told the girl your name yet. So you introduce yourself to Nitori, rank and all, and the kappa laughs nervously as she realizes the mistake she has done. “I got very excited when she told me that you’d show up, so yeah,” she says.

“You are forgiven.” You look back at the weapons. “Where on earth did you get the weapons, by the way?”

“Well, I came across the crates a few days ago near the river,” Nitori answers. “I thought I could dismantle them for spare parts, but Yukari said I should seek for your advice. You know anything about weapons better than I do.”

Both you and Kaguya look at the kappa in intrigue. “Did she say anything about me?” you ask again.

“No idea,” Nitori shrugs. “She only said I should go see you, but she didn’t say anything else.” You look back at the weapon display; Kogasa is seen at the assault rifle section, her eyes glittering in curiosity as she’s holding one of the weapons in her arms.

“You don’t think anyone here would be disturbed by weapons this many, do you?” Kaguya asks.

“Yukari said as long as nobody tries to launch a rebellion it should be alright,” Nitori answers.

“I don’t like the sound of it,” you reply. “What else can she be planning?” You’re concerned about the Yukari’s intention of having Nitori ask you about the weapons, and with the amount of weapons you see, you don’t like the idea of an uprising in Gensokyo.

“Ah, while we’re at it, do you mind, captain?”

“Do I mind of what?”

“Do you mind if I ask you to test one of my inventions? Come with me; I’ll show you.” Nitori heads to the back of the booth, leaving you and Kaguya in utter curiosity. A few seconds later, Nitori shows up. “Umm, captain?”

“I’ll be right with you.” You and Kaguya follow Nitori all the way to the back of the tent, and your eyes catch the sight of a familiar item. “That looks like a body armour to me, but isn’t it…”

“Oh, ho~ it isn’t just a body armour, captain.” Nitori throws her arm towards her so-called invention in dramatic fashion. “This is what I call Enviromental Awareness Battle Suit, Mark 1, complete with nuclear-biology-chemical hazard monitoring system, youkai detector, and!” A flick of switch, and the body armour dissappears from sight. “My best and most beloved feature of all: Optical Camouflage.” Another flick of switch, and the body armour reappears in plain sight. “Pretty nifty, huh? You could sneak up at an enemy without anyone knowing you’re there.”

“Looks good to me,” Kaguya comments, “but Yuri doesn’t have any reason to wear the whole suit.”

“Why not? He’s the only person I can think of,” Nitori answers. “Don’t you ever get worried about the suit not reaching the highest standard in safety. I have run tests after tests for two months straight, and I haven’t had enough sleep, too!” The girl approaches you and takes your hand, squeezing it so hard you think she might hurt it. “Please, Captain? Will you test the suit for me? Pretty please?”

You scratch the back of your head. You aren’t sure if you want to accept the request, but seeing the girl looking up at you expectantly you don’t want to let her down, especially after the hardworks she has mentioned. “Well, I…”

“Hey, Nitori, can you fix this camera right away? I need to-” You turn to the voice. You frown; when you thought you wouldn’t have to see her in this place. “Oh, wow! The captain is here! Goodness!” Instantly Aya rushes towards you, separating you from Kaguya and Nitori, and she has you pinned on the wall. “Then I can start the interview right away!”

“What the hell are you doing?” you demand.

“Hmm? You don’t know? Oh, I get it! You still owe me a proper interview, that’s what!” Aya, then, closes the distance between you and her, pressing her chest against yours as she does so. “You know tengu like me is very hungry for knowledge and will stop at nothing to gain access to it~” Licking her lips gingerly, she presses herself closer against you, so close that your primary concern is that she may notice the bump in your pants, which you are desperately trying to hide.

“Come on, captain~” Aya purrs almost seductively. “Satisfy my hunger~”

[ ] Ask Kaguya and Nitori for help.
[ ] Wrestle out of the way.
[ ] Stay immobile and pray that she’ll let you go.
[ ] Give in and satisfy Aya’s ‘hunger’.
[ ] Humour the ‘war correspondent’.

Touhou Present:
+ Kaguya
+ Kogasa (checking the displayed weapon)
+ Nitori
+ Aya
[x] Ask Kaguya and Nitori for help.
[x] "Go to Eientei after this party is over and I will humor you-I still have a mission to complete here"
-[x] Sneak your way to the goddesses.
Optic camouflage uh? I hope that's not your only trick.
[X] Ask Kaguya and Nitori for help.

You're pretty much in a close fire situation here, so doing less movements (esp. your legs) would be better.
[X] Ask Kaguya and Nitori for help.

It's Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, SATA.

Also, i'm going to assume we are picking the weapons to keep, so...

Let's stick with the Motherland's weapons!
[X] Assault Rifle.
- AN-94 Abakan
Medium Range! Semi, Full Auto, and 2rd burst!
[X] Light Machine Gun.
Damage and Supressive fire! Uses the same ammo as the Nugget, feeds from belts, and has a distinctive report to strike fear into enemies of the Motherland!
[X] Shotgun
- Saiga-12 (NOT S or K!)
Reliability of an AK, power of a 12ga! 8rd magazines, loaded with 00 buck, can do tons of damage to a target!
Dunno about you guys but the suit sounds pretty badass to me. I think the youkai detector in paticular would be extra handy. Might not be too bad an idea to try it out. My only concern is how great a boon this seems to be. What might the fine print say?

Also my vote. I am going on the asumption we are still getting our guns.

[X] Ask Kaguya and Nitori for help.

[X] Assault Rifle.
- AN-94 Abakan
[X] Light Machine Gun.
[X] Shotgun
- Saiga-12
File 128382135428.jpg - (728.52KB, 806x1225, 37b01a8a7bc4dfb88d4c0edafea63f54.jpg) [iqdb]
>Optic camouflage uh? I hope that's not your only trick.
I don't know; optic camo was the only thing I could think of when I wrote the update. Maybe if we could give Yuri the nanosuit as found in Crysis, that would be interesting.

>Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
Thanks for pointing that out.

>I am going on the assumption we are still getting our guns.
We'll still get them.

>AN-94 Abakan
I like these.

Here's the link for the translated texts: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/279265

Vote for Kaguya & Nitori has been called, by the way. Writing.
I don't think Nitori would ask for more than input from Yuri about the weapons and such.
File 128392061751.jpg - (825.13KB, 1000x833, f2a261a58e94e2e25e1b18bb287962be.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Ask Kaguya and Nitori for help.

You keep yourself still. You realize you'll only provoke Aya if you do a sudden manoeuvre, and chances are Aya's anticipating such move. With the way the tengu journalist's rubbing against you (almost erotically, as a matter of fact) you have to take immediate action before things start getting too hot to handle.

You glance at Kaguya and Nitori. “Guys, I'm in deep trouble. Can you give me some hands over here?”

“Oh, trying to run away from me, huh?” Aya has you practically pinned against the wall, and she's now closing the distance between your face and hers. “I'll let you go only if you agree to have interview with me. You know you can't escape me~”

You give Aya no attention whatsoever. This situation isn't going to swing to your favour, and you have to act quick. Just as Aya's going to make her move on you, her head gets bopped before a hand pulls her away from you. “Alright, Aya. You're going to starve him to death if you keep rubbing him the wrong way,” Reimu says with an unsatisfied look on her face.

“Aw, Reimu! You're interrupting my fun time!” Aya whines.

“Yeah, I did, and it doesn't help that you're trying to harass him in front of Kaguya,” Reimu replies. “Seriously, Aya. When will you ever stop?”

“Aw, Reimu~! He still owes me an interview!” Aya sobs, trying to defend her reason. A squeal escapes her mouth when Reimu gives her head a hard chop, and she's left on the floor rubbing the sore bump.

“Thanks, Reimu. I owe you one,” you say as you approach the shrine maiden.

“No big deal,” she shrugs. “News of this weapon display... whatever you call it, spreads fast, and I can't help getting nosy about it.” She turns towards Kaguya and Nitori, both of whom are just about to pounce at Aya with various tools ready. “So even the princess are here. I wonder if you two are really getting along together for real.”

“The captain and the princess are a couple?!” Nitori asks. You can only roll your eyes inward. Thank you so much for the comment, Reimu.

“I don't care if they end up married, though,” Reimu says (you cough in unease, while Kaguya tries to hide the blush on her face) “because I'm more concerned with the amount of weapons I saw on the way here.”

“Why would you assume that?” you ask.

“My intuition never fails me, Yuri Ivanov,” Reimu says. Ouch, she has just called you with your full name. “Or maybe it already is? Guess it's the side effect of spending months without an incident to solve.”

“Is that good?” you ask.

“I'm more concerned of people not giving me enough donations,” Reimu answers. “But whatever. I'll just stick around here for a while, in case things go out of control. That Kanako surely has the energy to deliver that speech.”

“Well, enjoy your time,” you tell her.

“Like I ever will,” Reimu shrugs and leaves the tent, but you call her just as she's about to step out. “Now what will your request be?”

“Actually, I have a favour to ask,” you tell and show her the bag you got during the visit to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. “I got this from Patchouli's servant, but I don't think it's for me, so...” You whisper to Reimu about the details of the visit, all while keeping a cautious eye on Kaguya. You hand over the bag to Reimu who then inspects the content of the bag.

“So you want me to...” Reimu shakes her head in amusement afterwards. “You could have just asked her, you know.”

“I'm afraid she'll get the whole idea wrong,” you answer.

“Wrong idea? What is it, Yuri? What is it?” Kaguya asks, but you don't answer her. “Aw, come on! You know there's nothing to hide between us!”

Reimu chuckles. “Jeez. You really need to sharpen your social skill, Yuri. Alright, I'll do this for you, but just this once, okay?”

“The Motherland will greatly appreciate you for your kind-heartedness,” you speak.

Reimu approaches Kaguya and shows her the content of the bag. She peeks into the bag, and you have to restrain yourself from laughing when you see the blood rushing into her face. “H-he wants me to wear these?!” Kaguya turns at you. “Yuri, what's the meaning of this?”

“I'm sorry, Kaguya, but I can't hear you over the sound of your blushing face,” you reply dryly.

“That's not funny, you... you...” Kaguya groans in defeat. “Alright! I'll wear these, but don't ever think I'd forgive you for this. Come on, Reimu. Let's get out from here.” Both she and Reimu leave the tent to somewhere she can dress up, and you pay them no attention as you inspect the suit.

“That's not very nice of you, captain,” Nitori speaks. “You shouldn't make her feel miserable, you know.”

“And the problem will be?” you ask.

“Well, you're staying with her, you ought to learn to appreciate her feeling more,” the kappa says.

“It isn't the problem of living under one roof,” you answer. “You see-”

“Nitori, what he's trying to say here that he likes Kaguya but is too shy to admit his feeling towards her,” Aya answers. “Right, captain~?”

“Aya, stop rubbing on me,” you groan when you realize she's pressing her chest against your back this time.

“Why not? You still don't agree to have interview with me, and I'll keep doing this until you give in,” Aya insists.

Eventually it gets dull staying inside the tent so you tell Nitori you'll try the suit later and head to the main court, leaving Aya in frustration over your refusal to have interview with her. By now the crowd has dispersed, and the goddesses of the Moriya shrine are taking a break from the intense public speech. You ask a passer-by on Kaguya's whereabouts and get pointed to the shrine.

“Hey, captain! Taking a break?” Suwako asks as you approach the altar.

“I guess,” you shrug as you sit on the stage. “Did Kaguya come here with Reimu?”

“Oh, yeah, they're inside, trying some clothes,” Suwako replies. “Sanae's helping them, too. Why do you ask- oh!” She chuckles. “Trying to peek on the princess while she's undressing, eh? So naughty~!”

“Stop that, Suwako,” Kanako scolds and picks the goddess off the podium. “He won't do anything that will tarnish the reputation of the Soviet Red Army. Right, soldier?” You look up at the woman of an imposing figure, who in turn grins and offers you a handshake while discarding Suwako off her hand. “Kanako Yasaka, The Avatar of Mountains and Lakes. I welcome you to the Moriya Shrine.”

“Yuri Ivanov, Third Guards Rifle Division, Soviet Red Army.” You return the handshake. “So what business a a woman of divine authority would like to have with this soldier?”

“A good question, but first thing first!” Kanako sits next to you and gives you a bowl of rice wine. “Care for some rounds of sake-drinking?”

“Is this a challenge, Comrade Kanako?” you ask.

Kanako grins. “You can say it is,” she speaks. “What do you say, soldier? My mood is at its best today, and I want to celebrate it by drinking with you!”

You're about to take the drinking bowl when a familiar voice greets you from the behind. You turn to the voice and shake your head in disbelief when a pair of arms wraps around your shoulder. “Here comes the troublemaker,” you mutter.

“Come on, little soldier~! Don't you like seeing me here?” Yukari says as she rests her chest upon your head. “I missed yo so much, you know!”

“Cut that out, Yukari. I'm having drinking session with him, can't you see?” Kanako snorts.

“But he can drink with me, if he so likes~” Yukari says. “And why are you dressed up as an assassin, little soldier? Care to tell me the reason?”

“Yukari, stop bothering him. He's fragile, you know that.” It's Yuyuko, and she's approaching the podium with the company of her swordswoman partner.

“Aw, why not? He's fun to tease~” Yukari mumbles.

“Then why don't you play with Youmu for a while?” The suggestion makes the swordswoman snap in annoyance at the woman, and she yells at Yuyuko at the allegedly inappropriate remark. “Why, Youmu, he needs some help~”

“But not if it involves Yukari molesting me all over!” the swordswoman protests.

“Oh, my~! Is that an invitation, Youmu?” So saying Yukari jumps over you and tackles the swordswoman off the ground. “Youmu is such a gooooood girl~ Yukarin likes good girl~” She, then, starts rubbing her cheek against the girl's face, much to her annoyance but her cries of dismay go unnoticed as Yuyuko approaches you and Kanako.

“I owe you for saving me, Miss Yuyuko,” you remark.

“Don't mention it,” Yuyuko speaks and sits beside you. By now Suwako has gotten back on her foot and is now harrassing Kanako with her somewhat childish complains, unfitting for her position as a goddess. “Where's the princess, by the way? You can't be coming here on your own, can you?”

You point at the main building. “Trying new clothes with the shrine maidens, and I dare not stepping in at the wrong time,” you speak.

Yuyuko giggles. “Please, sir captain~ there's nothing wrong about stepping in while your significant one is... clothless~” she speaks.

“What are you trying to imply, Miss Yuyuko?” you ask.

The princess of the netherworld hides her chuckle behind the butterfly fan. “Oh, I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about~” she speaks.

You shake your head. “Whatever.” You take a drink of the rice wine and almost choke yourself: it's like forcing molten metal down your throat at the speed of incoming train, and you force yourself to cough to get the unpleasant taste out. “Damn, this thing is undrinkable.”

“See, Kana? I told you vodka is better,” Suwako says.

“Where the hell can we find one here?” Kanako demands.

Right, there's something you want to ask the ladies.

[ ] Ask Kanako the purpose of the military exhibition.
[ ] Ask Kanako (and possibly Yuyuko and Suwako) everything they know about World War Two.
[ ] Ask Yuyuko about love advice, if any.
[ ] Ask no question and try enjoying the rice wine. Sure it's undrinkable at first, but if you can take a little sip of it at a time...
[ ] On the other hand, what's with the weird conversation behind the sliding door?

+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 1245 hours
+ Location: Moriya Shrine

Touhou Present
+ Kanako
+ Suwako
+ Yuyuko
+ Yukari (harrassing Youmu)
+ Youmu (harrassed by Yukari)
+ Kaguya (inside the shrine)
+ Reimu (inside the shrine)
+ Sanae (inside the shrine)
[x] Ask Kanako the purpose of the military exhibition.
[x] Ask Kanako (and possibly Yuyuko and Suwako) everything they know about World War Two.

Ease dropping isn't betfitting of Yuri.
>Time: 1245 hours
Should have been 1325 hours. My mistake.
Primary Weapon (pick two)
[x] Submachine Gun.
-p90 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FN_P90#Variants
[x] Sniper Rifle.
-m89sr http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M89SR
Secondary Weapon (pick one)
[x] Handgun.
-metal storm's pistol,jk
seriously now
desert eagle

assuming we are not restricted to weapons from yuri's time period
if we are, then change to this:
Primary Weapon (pick two)
-L42A1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L42A1
[x]Submachine gun
-Owen submachine gun http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owen_submachine_gun
Secondary Weapon (pick one)
[x] Handgun.
-Nambu pistol

File 128395542489.jpg - (787.27KB, 1200x858, 44b202cf88806fe9969eee1fbeb595c2.jpg) [iqdb]
>Desert Eagle
Nice choice but no ಠ_ಠ

>assuming we are not restricted to weapons from yuri's time period
Nope, we aren't.
[X] Ask Kanako (and possibly Yuyuko and Suwako) everything they know about World War Two.
File 128399403488.jpg - (121.04KB, 1138x397, Beretta_ARX-160.jpg) [iqdb]
Change it to Colt Allenconda Anaconda .44 and it's all sweet.

Also changing my firearm votes.

[x] Assault Rifle.
- [X] Others.
[X] Beretta ARX-180 (pictured)

[X] Sniper Rifle.
- [X] Others

[X] Light Machine Gun.
- [X] DP-28 (aka. Pizza LMG)

If only for the fact that the SS190 round tends to overpenetrate unarmored targets, and tends to do relatively little damage to soft targets. (When not penetrating armor)
File 12840351529.jpg - (141.52KB, 341x655, c35909a5da905441fe03f8b273ce1b82.jpg) [iqdb]
Right. Before I forget, I just want to remind all that I'm going to be absent from tomorrow (Friday) until this weekend as I'm going to be on holiday leave. So please refrain yourself from F5'ing this thread for time being.

... Wait. He suggested the fucking NAMBU pistol, and you're taking issue with the P90!?

Between the Owen (fantastic but relatively little-known weapon) and the Nambu (legendary for its suckitude,) I think MrGruntly is making his suggestions for ironic contrast. In which case he has chosen well indeed.
actually if you read my post, i said IF we were restricted to yuri's time period weapons then change to the owen,nambu,etc. otherwise it was to be the p90,m89sr,etc.
File 128438315651.jpg - (297.22KB, 864x756, ca380ce9a57aa7f1a7595801357faf14.jpg) [iqdb]
Folks, I have a bad news and a good news. The bad news is I'm now out of job (and in the process of searching for a new source of livelihood). The good news is I now have plenty of times to focus on writing CYOAs. I'm not sure how long this situation will persist, though, so don't put your hope on it.

I'll resume updating, in the meanwhile, so where are the votes?
[X] Ask Yuyuko about love advice, if any.
Forgot my proper votes.

[X] Ask Yuyuko about love advice, if any.
[X] On the other hand, what's with the weird conversation behind the sliding door?
[X] Ask Yuyuko about love advice, if any. Afterwards...
-[x] Ask Kanako the purpose of the military exhibition.


Recette came by, bought my intrigue for a cheap price and sold a lot of fun to me; paid with my time...
[x] Ask Kanako the purpose of the military exhibition.


Amnesia for me
[X] Ask Yuyuko about love advice, if any.
[X] Ask Kanako the purpose of the military exhibition.
[X] Ask Kanako the purpose of the military exhibition.
[X] Ask Yuyuko about love advice, if any.
-[x] While giving this... thing a second try (sake)
File 128460912039.jpg - (459.40KB, 1000x1097, 197587f5a9248045b2b87f8132235466.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, I think the votes are sufficient enough for me to start updating. Thanks, Anon.
File 128477963886.jpg - (961.15KB, 1888x708, 3fd8d3f7912be2c20f03a7049e0dc3aa.jpg) [iqdb]
“Why are you doing this?” you speak. “You can’t be so bored hat you want to organize this exhibition, can you?”

“Oh, please. Can’t I do what every military force at the outside world does?” Kanako replies and chugs a huge amount of the alcoholic drink. “Besides, your country was pretty much famous for their over-display of military prowess. Back at my time, I always visited Moscow every International Worker’s Day to watch the parade. Oh, yeah. That was a very good nostalgia.”

“Actually, Kana here just wants to show off her collection,” Suwako says, much to Kanako’s resentment. “You can imagine all the hassles she has gone through just to smuggle them.”

“Hey, hey! I had the permission to bring them in!” Kanako yells. “And I had to sign the papers with Yukari that I won’t ever cause an uprising in this place.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it,” Suwako shrugs. “And I have to pity all the men and women who have to force themselves to hear your speeches. I bet our Yuri here can do it much better than you.”

“You useless amphibian!!” Kanako tackles Suwako off the podium, and the two goddesses are wrestling down the pavement as they wrestle each other. You just watch at the commotion, which quickly gets the attention of the visitors. Seeing them arguing with each other so childishly makes you wonder if they’re acting their supposed age and role, but you don’t want to think of it right now.

You turn to Yuyuko. Realizing she’s at the centre of your attention she hides her smile behind her butterfly fan. “I hope you don’t have anything weird to ask~” she speaks.

“Not really,” you utter. “But I do have a question. I hope it doesn’t offend you.”

“Go ahead. I don’t mind,” she says.

You clear your throat once. “Have you ever… been loved?” You can see Yuyuko’s flushed face behind the fan, and it doesn’t help that her maroon eyes are narrowed at you. “Umm…”

“What are you talking about- oooooh~” Giggling she closes the fan shut and places its tip near her lower lip. “What a strange question to ask, sir captain~ but I can tell it’s very important to you.”

“I…” You shake your head. “I’m sorry for asking.”

“It’s alright. I understand your situation, but I can’t say if I have been loved before.” She inches towards you as to close the distance between you and her, but unlike Yukari’s antic you don’t find such gesture offensive. “Let me ask you instead: have you?”

You frown. “I have, though not in the normal sense as you’d expect.”

“Why is that?” Yuyuko asks.

“I’m a soldier, and I spend my life dedicating my body and soul to the cause of the Motherland,” you answer. “You can say that I’m in love with my country.”

“Hmm, a good answer~” Yuyuko utters. “But you can’t always dedicate yourself to your nation and not have a portion of your heart to be loved by a woman, right?”

“I suppose, but I find it difficult to accomplish such task,” you tell her.

“Of course it is, because love isn’t something that can be forced upon.” As she answers the question Yuyuko taps the fan on your chest lightly. “And you can’t force yourself to love and accept someone else’s love, because if you do.” Another tap. “You’ll end up hurting yourself.”

“So what you’re telling me…”

Yuyuko nods. “Let love come to you, and then embrace it wholeheartedly, and after that… the whole world is all yours~” She giggles afterwards. “But still, I’m surprised you’d ask me for love advice. Why don’t you tell the princess right away about your feeling?”

“I don’t… know,” you sigh. “Maybe I’m not ready yet to love someone and be loved.”

“Not ready yet? My, my~ you’re shy, aren’t you?” She opens the butterfly fan to hide her thoughtful grin behind its decorated surface. “Hmm~ I can help you overcoming your lack of confidence, if you like~”

You’re about to answer when Yukari appears behind you and pulls you into her arms. “That’s not fair, Yuyu~!” she grumbles and presses her chest behind your back; you can actually feel the fullness of breasts, and it’s getting awfully distraction. “I haven’t confessed to him, and you’ve already made your move on him? So cruel!”

“Yukari, you’re being silly,” Yuyuko replies. “I’m just offering him some advices on loving someone. He needs it.”

“Really? Then why didn’t he just ask me?” Yukari asks.

“Because you’re scary, that’s why.” You slip free from Yukari’s embrace and push her away from you. “I’m not in the mood to play with you, Yukari. Go bug someone else, okay?”

“Yuyu, look at him! He doesn’t want to play with me~” Yukari whines and hurls herself into Yuyuko’s arms. “Little soldier is mean at me~ sob, I’m going to be deprived of love for the rest of my life~” You can only roll your eyes into the back of your head, and this conversation isn’t going to lead you anywhere.

“I think I need to check on Kaguya,” you speak. “What’s taking her so long?”

“Then you’ll need someone to walk with you,” Yuyuko tells you as she’s giving Yukari a comforting pat on her back. “Youmu, please escort him to the shrine. Make sure he doesn’t feel lonely.”

The swordswoman appears before you in a kneeling position. “Youmu Konpaku, ready to serve.” She stands up afterwards and leads you to the shrine. “You give Yuyuko a quick salute before you catch up with the silver-haired girl. “Did Lady Yuyuko do something weird to you?”

“What? If anything, she’s helping me on love advice.” You can hear Youmu chuckling at the answer. “What is wrong with asking a woman about love?”

“It’d be amazing if she ever gives you something useful,” Youmu utters. “All she does – and knows – is to continually harass me with her endless desire to have her hunger satisfied, and I mean literally. You should be lucky you don’t end up staying with us, because-” She later coughs when she realizes her mistake, and shakes her head. “Just forget whatever I said, please,” she says.

“Whatever you like,” you shrug.

The two of you arrive at the shrine. “I suppose we should wait here, or go in and check them out,” you utter.

“Please let me check the princess for you,” Youmu offers. “It would be rude if- why are we here in the first place, anyway?”

You cough. “Long story short, I asked Kaguya to dress up. Short story summarized, I don’t even know why I did it.”

Youmu gives you a long, confused look, but she later giggles. “I think I understand, so please stay here for a moment.” She bows to you and walks into the building, and you wait. A minute, then five, then ten minutes. No sign of Kaguya or Youmu. This is taking way too long, and you start losing your patience. Is this what your mother used to say when she told you “never wait for a woman when she’s trying new clothes”?

The sliding door opens, just when you think you want to go back to Nitori’s tent. You turn around, and are presented with an image so absurd you have to slap yourself in the face many times. “Oh, the man’s here already?” Reimu asks as she, Sanae and Youmu are walking out of the shrine, accompanying an embarrassed-looking Kaguya. “Good, because I was thinking of taking Kaguya to him if he didn’t.”

“But Reimu, he doesn’t seem to like how the princess is dressed now,” Sanae says in concern.

“He’s not? Come on, Sanae, I can tell he likes it,” Reimu replies.

“But why she has to dress up as Patchouli’s servant?” Youmu asks.

“No idea, though I have to admit she looks good in the uniform,” Reimu says.

You pay the trio no attention and focus on Kaguya. Reimu is right: the uniform Koakuma gave you really does change her into an attractive lady, and it highlights every aspect of her femininity in the way her royal clothes can’t. If it isn’t for the lack of the wings and the fact that her hair isn’t dyed red, you swear you could mistake Kaguya for the little devil herself.

Though she doesn’t look happy with this outcome.

[ ] Kindly ask the girls to leave you and Kaguya alone.
[ ] Remain quiet.
[ ] Ignore the trio and try to cheer Kaguya up.
[ ] Kaguya as a succubus? This is too much for you. Give her a hug.

+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 1345 hours
+ Location: Moriya Shrine

Touhou Present:
+ Kaguya (in Koakuma’s clothing)
+ Reimu
+ Sanae
+ Youmu
[X] Ignore the trio and try to cheer Kaguya up.
[x] Kindly ask the girls to leave you and Kaguya alone.

I feel this is best for both their composures.
[X] Kindly ask the girls to leave you and Kaguya alone.
[X] Kaguya as a succubus? This is too much for you. Give her a hug.

File 128490524228.jpg - (695.12KB, 978x1415, 34f9d4751bc98525cf85e5d82a4a2d8c.jpg) [iqdb]
Sure is slow this weekend. Lame excuse to post this picture.
[x] Express your opinion about her new clothes
-[x] Try to cheer her up
[X] Kindly ask the girls to leave you and Kaguya alone.

This will do
[X] Kindly ask the girls to leave you and Kaguya alone.
File 128512960384.jpg - (127.78KB, 1300x764, abeecc600edf0359c453b0f9be65adc7.jpg) [iqdb]
The vote has been called. Writing.
I'm liking your Kaguya. Yukari, however, could become her romantic rival in their future relationship.
That would first require us liking her, so far that has not happened. In fact a few of us dislike Yukari in this. Koa's closer to being a rival than Yukari is.
As long as we're talking about the girls, I would like to lament the fact that Aya gets no love.
File 128529607094.jpg - (946.68KB, 997x1378, 15aa3cf9268c3e76abe66603336a80ff.jpg) [iqdb]

Kaguya = supportive, feisty, cheerful;
Reisen = comrade, second-in-command, supports Yuri/Kaguya relationship
Tewi = comrade, supports Yuri/Kaguya relationship
Yukari = love-her-or-hate-her, seems to know something about Yuri that neither he nor us do
Koakuma = Kaguya's potential love rival
Aya = hungry for information, her actions do nothing to appeal Yuri

Who else did I miss?
Kogasa, Marisa, Eirin, Mokou. Maybe Yuugi.
Oh, and Tatyana.
Yuyuko, the Moriya bunch, The PPsH
File 128532934282.jpg - (57.21KB, 511x329, Ppsh-ir.jpg) [iqdb]

Kogasa = comrade, apprentice
Marisa = rival
Eirin = commissar, concerned of Yuri's feeling towards Kaguya
Mokou = buddy/bro, doesn't mind seeing Yuri hanging out with Kaguya
Suika = drinking buddy
Yuugi = drinking buddy
Tatyana = self-proclaimed "emergency food", harbours feeling towards our Captain
Yuyuko = talking partner, keen to help Yuri with his love problem
The Moriya Family = Yuri hasn't talked to them much, but he considers them a potential ally
The PPSh = What is this I don't know even

Update is on the way, please wait.
File 128533032920.jpg - (0.98MB, 2591x3626, 0fa9679cefee358c1340e6efd5771367.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Kindly ask the girls to leave you and Kaguya alone.

“Ladies, it is in my best opinion that you leave the princess and I for a while,” you tell the girls. Reimu snickers, Sanae makes the “oh, wow! So the rumour is indeed true!” expression while Youmu just nods in acknowledgment. “What? Do you think I'm going to do what you expect me to do?”

“I think he's going to do that!” Sanae suggests and claps her hands. “Uhh... you know, when this guy has to comfort a girl because he did something that hurt her?” You frown over the suggestion, not because you already know the meaning but because it distresses Kaguya even more than it should have been.

“Come on, Sanae. We better not disturb these two doves,” Reimu says and pulls the green miko before she starts rambling about romance story. Youmu gives you a quick bow before she chases after the two shrine maidens. They aren't really helping at all, but at least this gives you an excuse to check on Kaguya.

“Go ahead. Laugh. I don't care,” she grumbles.

“How am I supposed to laugh when you're making face like this?” you tell her.

“You… you jerk!” she barks and pounds her fist on your chest. You stand still, an unmovable punching bag, totally confused by the turn of event. “You made me wear this so that you will fall in love with that little devil!”

“That is never my intention in the first place,” you answer. “And why would you assume that I'd fall into Koakuma's charm? My heart still belongs to the Motherland! Though...” You pause, a guilty smile formed upon your face. “...you look really beautiful in that dress.” She stops hitting you, and is looking at you in disbelief.


“You don't believe in me, do you?” You place your hands upon your shoulders as you return the stare. “Well, why don't we go ask Reimu and her friends for some opinions?”

“Oh, no you don't!” Kaguya protests as you walk to the courtyard. “Come back here, you- Ah!”

You turn around. Kaguya topples off her feet and is falling towards- no, wait! She looks like she has been pushed towards you! Before you can do anything your body, too, is pushed forward towards the princess. You manage to regain your ground and quickly catch Kaguya before she falls onto the ground.

“Watch where you're going,” you remind her.

“I didn't slip! Someone pushed me from behind and-” Kaguya pauses, and she seems to be hesitant before she continues. “Uhh... Yuri... can you...” You realize you're now holding Kaguya tightly between your arms, and you can feel the warmth of her flushed cheeks seeping through the assassin clothes and onto your skin. Kaguya tries to say something before she falls silent, presumably of embarrassment, and she clings herself onto you, trying to remain composure as she can. You can tell she fails as she chooses to bury her face beneath the clothes.

“Well, look at that. They adamantly deny each other's feeling when the truth is they enjoy holding each other,” Reimu dryly comments.

“Reimu, I think you're speaking your mind aloud,” Youmu utters.

“Oh! Oh! They really look like a couple!” Sanae exclaims.

Well, this is an awkward situation.

[ ] Keep holding Kaguya. She looks like she needs to be comforted.
[ ] Let her go. Apologize for your rudeness.
[X] Keep holding Kaguya. She looks like she needs to be comforted.

>“You… you jerk!” she barks and pounds her fist on your chest.
Kaguya confirmed for type B tsundere. Just kidding.
[x] Keep holding Kaguya. She looks like she needs to be comforted.
[x] Keep holding Kaguya. She looks like she needs to be comforted.

Silly Kaguya, we have no real interest in the little devil, at least in this story.
[X] Keep holding Kaguya. She looks like she needs to be comforted.

Feels good man
[X] Keep holding Kaguya. She looks like she needs to be comforted.

A comforting hug never hurts.
File 128547518225.jpg - (175.47KB, 595x841, 52e56dc1823a4a076fc949b71055d051.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Keep holding Kaguya. She looks like she needs to be comforted.

You suspect a foul play behind this incident. Who else would deliberately push you and Kaguya onto each other while pretending nothing is happening? You know the culprit, and you want to throw one of the concealed knives at her head. But you can’t, because right now you’re engaged in affair so embarrassing you aren’t sure how to react to it.

Well, fuck that. You now have the princess of the moon in your embrace, and right now a bit of comforting will help to sooth her troubled self.

“Umm, Yuri…”

“What is it?” you ask.

“Don’t you think…” Kaguya’s hesitant at first before she continues. “This is… a bit too much for us?”

“What do you mean it’s too much? It’s clear that you need to be comforted,” you speak and give her hair a few soft strokes. “But if you want, I can let you go.”

“I didn’t say you could let me go,” Kaguya murmurs. “It’s just that…” She shakes her head. “Jeez, hugging this royal princess in front of public… you know you should be, uhh, ashamed of yourself for this…”

You chuckle. “Stammering, aren’t we?”

“How am I supposed to stay calm when… bah! Just forget it.” She relaxes herself beneath your arms. “Though… I have to admit I haven’t been hugged like this in centuries. I haven’t had any idea of how it feels.”

“So you want to be hugged?” you reply with a laugh.

“N-no! Why do you even think of that?” Kaguya replies.

You push her a bit. “Because obviously that’s what you want me to do,” you say and poke her on the nose. “Silly Kaguya.” Before she can respond you pull her back into your arms and hold her as securely as you can. “And don’t you ever worry about me liking somebody else. Trust me, I will not.”

“Will you?” She pulls herself slightly away. “Then you must prove that you will keep the promise.” With her face lifted, she parts her lips and closes her eyes. Is it you, or is she doing what you think she’s going to do? “Now, Yuri,” she speaks. “Kiss me.”

You can already hear Reimu, Sanae and Youmu gasping over the command, and from the distance you can also hear Yuyuko and Yukari whispering to each other, presumably surprised by the suddent twist of event. This isn’t putting you in any comfortable situation at all, what will all the girls expecting you to take the lead.

“Yuri, why the hesitation?” Kaguya speaks, her eyes still closed.

“Uhh… why the hell should I… you?” you ask.

“This is not a request, Yuri. This is a command,” Kaguya speaks. In spite of this you can notice Kaguya’s face turning slightly red, and her eyebrows furrowing. Oh, man, she’s taking this far too seriously.

[ ] Kiss her.
[ ] Do not kiss her.
[ ] Black out.
[ ] Rage.
[ ] On the other hand, did I just hear shutter clicking?
[X] Kiss her.
[x] Kiss her.
-[x] A member of the red army gives their all when obeying a command; this is no exception.

She wants a kiss? She'll get a kiss alright.
[x] "I refuse to follow that command..."
[x] Kiss her.
[x] "... For it is something I do not need to be commanded to do."
[x] "I refuse to follow that command..."
[x] Kiss her.
[x] "... For it is something I do not need to be commanded to do."

[X] Kiss her.

No exceptions.
[x] "I refuse to follow that command..."
[x] Kiss her.
[x] "... For it is something I do not need to be commanded to do."
[X] On the other hand, did I just hear shutter clicking?

Not now Aya. Later.
File 128554122711.jpg - (67.17KB, 630x623, 1281566566399.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "I refuse to follow that command..."
[x] Kiss her.
[x] "... For it is something I do not need to be commanded to do."
File 128554412896.jpg - (152.22KB, 773x576, do it faggot.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Kiss her.

We can establish our rugged independence later. For a few years now we've been fighting a hardened foe through mud, through snow, through the bitter cold of the Russian winter, a knife that can cut the life out of a man in a few hours. We've had little sleep, little food, and usually, little hope.

And now, we have a beautiful, warm woman nestled in our arms, her perfect face upturned towards ours, inviting us to kiss her.

And you faggots want to make speeches?
Listen to the man. He speaks the truth.
File 128556249322.jpg - (1.40MB, 1300x1300, 0d00a91c37b75c73725fe0452d2c755c.jpg) [iqdb]
So Anon wants to proceed with kissing Kaguya, but without the speeches? Alright, then, it shall be written. I have to admit the write-in made me laugh for a while, though.
[X] Kiss her.
File 128556892050.jpg - (63.72KB, 578x572, a863776cf4d39fb3cf28377b93314ded.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Kiss her.

She's commanding you. Kaguya Houraisan, princess of the moon, is commanding you to kiss her. Sure, you are obliged to obey any command given to you, but the nature of this particular one is questionable. Moreover, you're used to be given orders as a soldier, so to have a beautiful, warm woman nestled in your arms, her perfect face upturned towards yours, waiting to have her inviting lips claimed, you find yourself in an absolutely unfamiliar territory, a no-man's land in its own sense.

“You... really sure about this, Kaguya?” She nods. You stare into her dark brown eyes, arms wrapping around her supple body, hands running down her silky hair. Taking a deep breath, you lower your head, aiming for that sweet, luscious destination.

And it happens.

The warmth, the moisture, the emotion, the love. All are seeping through your blood vessels as your lips interlock with hers. It feels... strange. You can't find any word suitable to describe this unfamiliar feeling, and yet it feels so... right. For a while you are drifted into another universe, lost in your journey, as you continue tasting the sweet taste that comes with those lips of hers. You can feel rather than hear Kaguya sighing contently into your mouth as she presses herself against you, wanting to get close to you, and you don't even flinch as she attempts to deepen the kiss.

The kiss breaks off. You pull away slightly, just enough for you to feel the warmth that is radiating from her flushed cheeks. You can hear the girls murmuring in both shock and awe over the scene, but you don't give them a damn.

“Kaguya...” you call her name.

“...yes, Yuri?” she murmurs, eyes still closed.

The sound of shutter snapping breaks your concentration. You and Kaguya, as well as everyone else, turn to the source of the interruption. Oh, for fuck's sake.

“Oh! Pretend I’m not even here!” Aya exclaims, her hands that are holding the camera shaking in excitement. “Go on! Do whatever you like! Just ignore this journalist fellow!” She jumps off the ground as to avoid Reimu's sealing amulets, and she looks at the trio unamused. “Aw, come on! That was the greatest scoop I've ever had in my whole life! Am I supposed to let it go?” she asks.

“You better had those scenes deleted, Aya, or I have to confiscate your camera,” Reimu barks.

“Yeah! That was not nice of you, barging in someone's love affair,” Sanae adds.

“This behavioural misconduct of yours is very unacceptable and cannot be forgiven,” Youmu utters as she withdraws her swords. “Prepare yourself!”

Both you and Kaguya look at the commotion between Aya and the trio who start lashing out at the tengu journalist. Then you look at each other, get caught in an uneasy silence, and chuckle. “Feeling better now?” you ask.

“I think so,” Kaguya says. “And you... you're quite a kisser.” She giggles shyly. “Maybe you do have a soft spot for romance.”

“Whatever.” You let go off her. “Come on. There's something I want to show you,” you speak and extend your arm towards her. “May I?”

She looks at the hand you're offering. She smiles, a geniune smile that somehow soothes your inner self. “Yes, please.” She takes your hand and clenches it.
“And so our detailed briefing on this powered suit comes to an end,” Nitori speaks at the end of the exhibition. Kaguya claps her hands giddily, as so are the rest of your squad. Apparently none of them are aware of the affair you and Kaguya had at the shrine, although Tewi does express her concern over your lateness to the camp. At least they aren't questioning your sudden closeness with Kaguya, though. “This presentation is brought to you by Kawashiro Limited, and sponsored by Moriya Shrine, Incorporated. Please come again for our next presentation.” Everyone else clap their hands again, and the kappa bashfully thanks the audience for the reception.

“So, Captain!” Nitori approaches you as the crowd disperses. “Are you ready to try out this suit?” You approach the NBC suit. You give its frontal armour a quick pat before you turn back at Nitori. “Oh, about the issue of suitable testing field, I have an arena set up behind this camp just in case someone's eager to demolish stuffs.”

“Awesome!” Tewi cheers. “Where can I get the RPG?”

[ ] Sure, why not?
[ ] Ask your squad for opinion, first.
[ ] Arena? You smell an imminent trouble, but...

And while we're at it:
Primary Weapon (pick two):
[ ] Assault Rifle.
[ ] Submachine Gun.
[ ] Sniper Rifle.
[ ] Light Machine Gun.

Secondary Weapon (pick one):
[ ] Handgun.
[ ] Machine Pistol.
[ ] Shotgun.
[ ] Launcher.

+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 1430 hours
+ Location: Moriya Shrine

Touhou Present:
+ Kaguya
+ Tewi
+ Reisen
+ Kogasa
+ Tatyana
+ Nitori
[x] Ask your squad for opinion, first.

Let's consult with them about this.

Primary Weapon (pick two):
[x] Assault Rifle.
[x] Sniper Rifle.
Secondary Weapon (pick one):
[x] Shotgun.
Right! So!
I'll just go with what I chose earlier:
[X] Assault Rifle.
- AN-94 Abakan
[X] Light Machine Gun.
[X] Shotgun
- Saiga-12 (NOT S or K!)

Also, I cannot, in good faith, decide on the next course of action without knowing the capabilities of the suit, seeing as how "Powered Suit" can mean many-a-definition!

...But we'll assume something like Fallout, NBC, Strength Augmentation, Medium-level Armor protection (steel plate backed by class IV, EOD grade protection, etc etc).

[X] Sure, why not?

Although, I don't think ANY man-portable armor can resist an RPG without some way of defeating the Grenade before impact or something.
[X] Arena? You smell an imminent trouble, but...

Reposting my pick:
[x] Assault Rifle.
- [X] Others.
[X] Beretta ARX-180

[X] Sniper Rifle.
- [X] Others

[X] Light Machine Gun.
- [X] DP-28 (aka. Pizza LMG)
[X] Arena? You smell an imminent trouble, but...
-[x] Light Machine Gun.
-[x] Sniper Rifle.
-[x] Shotgun

Works for me~!
[x] Ask your squad for opinion, first.

It's important to know what your comrades are thinking, if you're going to lead them.

[X] Sniper Rifle

Mosin-Nagant with 4x PU scope is fine.

[X] Submachine gun.

M3 Grease Gun is wonderfully effective and very light. Though it's not MOTHER RUSSIA.
[X] Assault Rifle.
- AN-94 Abakan
[X] Light Machine Gun.
- [X] DP-28
[X] Launcher
- [X] Nikita Remote Missile Launcher

Because why the fuck not.
File 128589976744.png - (1.40MB, 1600x1200, 36ad64dd620f83eefd2b2d9441d33c0a.png) [iqdb]
Right. The votes have been called. Writing the update as we speak.
File 128599697142.jpg - (881.85KB, 1500x1250, bd9d98923fb79f3c51e0c7b19f540e42.jpg) [iqdb]
Really? The first thing that came to my mind was the nanosuit in Crysis, but eh.

Here's the update, by the way:


[c] Ask your squad for opinion.
[c] Arena? You smell an imminent trouble, but…
[c] Primary Weapon:
- [c] (Assault Rifle) AN-94 Abakan.
- [c] (Light Machinegun) PKMS.
[c] Secondary Weapon:
- [c] (Shotgun) Saiga-12.

You head back to your squad. Tewi is nowhere to be found, presumably searching for her weapon of choice, while Tatyana and Kogasa are staring at the suit in bewilderment. The only other person who you speak to for opinion is Reisen, and she is inspecting the weapon shelves. Well, this isn't going well. “What do you think?” you ask Kaguya instead.

“That suit? Looks good, though I don’t think I’ll understand why a Soviet soldier needs to wear it,” Kaguya speaks.

“Nitori said she wants to run a test on it,” you tell her. “I don't see why I can't wear it, though.”

“Well, go for it,” Kaguya utters.

You return to Nitori and inform her you'll help her with the test run. “Oh, good! I know I can count on you.” She approaches the suit and meddles with the switches on the nearby control panel; seconds later the suit is released from its shelf. “The dressing room is at the back,” Nitori informs you. You can't help smelling imminent trouble about the arena, though, so you press the issue to her. “Why not? I designed it with helps from my colleagues with that suit in mind,” she answers.

“Alright, I'll put my trust on you,” you say and head to the dressing room.

“I'll get the arena ready, then!” Nitori says excitedly and heads to the back of the camp.

You head to the dressing room when Kaguya approaches you. “You mind if I help you with the suit?” she asks.

“As long as you don't think of anything unneccessary,” you remind her.

“Hey! Why would I?” Kaguya protests.
This is troublesome.

Even with the help of Kaguya it takes you almost thirty minutes to put the entire attire on; it feels so different compared to your usual combat gear, and you have to take more time to get used to its awkward features. You can't help wondering what was running inside Nitori's mind when she designed this suit in the first place and the fact that it's not something that a regular soldier would wear in combat situation fuels your suspicion towards this whole exhibition but you aren't in the best position to complain.

“Well? How do I look?” you ask as you finally finish putting on the suit.

“You look more like a starship trooper than to Soviet soldier, to be honest,” Kaguya replies jokingly.

You check your new look in the mirror. You definitely look nothing like a Red Army trooper, let alone a soldier in general. You move around, surprised by how comfortable the suit is despite your earlier assumption about it. “At least it doesn't look and feel too obstructive,” you speak and clench your fists. You can feel a surge of power seeping into your knuckles, and you suddenly have the urge to punch through steel wall just for the hell of it.

“Hey, let's go to the arena,” Kaguya says as she tightens the lock on the backside of the suit. “Wonder what kind of test Nitori really wants you to run.”

“Fair enough. I need to find suitable weapons for the test, too,” you answer.

Both of you leave the dressing room and to the weapon crates. Reisen is the only person present, and she is seen checking a shield in care, almost as if she's remembering a past event. Is it you or is she on the verge of crying?

“Hey, Inaba,” Kaguya calls her, knocking her out of her brief reverie. “Check out Yuri's new look.”

The moon rabbit quickly shakes her head and turns at you. “Wow, captain! You look... different,” she speaks.

“I know, right?” you answer. “I get the feeling that I'm going to wear a helmet to complete this whole appearance.” You approach the weapon shelf and start looking for the weapons you'll need for the test run. “Something powerful should be sufficient for the test...”

“Hey, Yuri! How about these?” You turn to Kaguya. Nice, it looks like she has already selected the weapons for you. You approach her and inquire her about the weapons. “Assault rifle, light machinegun and shotgun! It's not like we're going to be stealthy this time, right?” she utters.

“Going all out, princess?” Reisen asks.

“Of course!” Kaguya exclaims. “We're going to put some rounds into the target!”

You're familiar with light machinegun and shotgun, but assault rifle? That's a new term to you, and so you decide to go with the assault rifle first. “So do you know what is this?” you speak as you hold the weapon.

“That's AN-94, captain,” Reisen speaks. “The result of the Abakan Trials in the 1980s to design the successor and replacement for the Kalashnikov series. Well, it didn't really replace the AK rifles due to its complexity and only finds active service in elite forces.” She turns to Kaguya. “I thought the AK would be more suitable for him, princess. You know, they're more user-friendly and robust than the AN. Hell, I could recommend the AEK instead.”

“I don't know, really,” Kaguya says. “I thought it would suit Yuri, so yeah! Any other questions, Inaba?” Not very convincing, Kaguya, not very convincing.

“Please forgive me for asking,” Reisen apologizes. “Well, what about the PKM?”

“What about it?” You pick the light machinegun and you don't feel restrained from its weight as you lift it. It seems the powered suit is starting to kick in its prowess, and it's kind of beneficial to you. “Can't say if I like this one, but I have experience in handling machineguns before. You know MG42? Good grief, that thing gave me nightmare back there.”

“They didn't call it Hitler's buzzsaw for no reason, you know,” Kaguya says and picks the shotgun. “I doubt you'll be able to carry anymore, so I'll carry this Saiga instead.”

“Pardon me for this off-topic question, but why is the princess wearing Koakuma's dress?” Reisen asks as she helps you fetching extra magazines for the assault rifle. Kaguya blushes at the question and pretends she doesn't hear the question at all as she makes haste to the arena. “Uhh... did I ask wrong question?”

“I'll tell you later, but for now we shouldn't make Nitori wait for too long. Let's go.”

You head to the arena and notice several familiar faces gathering near the area. Reimu and Sanae are at one side of the rectangular arena, talking to one another. Kanako and Suwako are at the opposite of the shrine maidens, the former looking amused and the latter not so.

“Ah, there you are,” Nitori's voice is heard as she comes into view. “I started to think you'd take too long to wear the suit. Ah! You've selected your weapons? Excellent! I think we can start the test right away.” She claps her hands. “Oh, hang on! The helmet! Do you see a button on your left wrist, captain?”

You check the said area. “Yeah, I think I found it.”

“Push the button; the suit's built-in helmet will be deployed.” You do as she has told you, and the said headgear comes into existence, covering your head from the elements. At once you get flooded by information that's displayed in front of your eyes, most of which are numbers and symbols you aren't familiar with, and you are at loss for a while until you hear Nitori's voice echoing inside of the helmet. “Testing, testing. Captain, can you hear my voice?” You just give her a thumb's up. “You can speak back, there's a built-in microphone for radio communication.”

“Alright, can you hear me?” you speak back.

“Yup, the device is working properly,” Nitori speaks. “Sorry if you found yourself overwhelmed by the amount of information displayed inside the helmet, but it's a necessity. If you can see it, there's a health marker on the top-right side of the display, and there's also a meter on the lower left. That's the amount of energy you need to empower the suit's primary modes: Speed, Power, Armoured, Stealth. You can switch between modes at will by the buttons on your right arm.”

“Alright. What about the numbers on the lower right side?” you ask.

“That's for the ammunition count,” Nitori replies. “You're using assault rifle, so the helmet is displaying real-life feedback on the weapon – current ammo count, remaining ammunition, and so on.”

“Whoa, Yuri! You look more awesome than before.” That's Kaguya, and you turn to her to give her another thumb's up. Reisen looks as impressed as she is, too. “Can he do a spellcard battle in the suit, Nitori?”

“Well, I just need to input data into the suit's database, but it's possible to do a spellcard run in it,” Nitori answers. “Alright, Captain! You ready?”

[ ] “Ready when you are.”
[ ] “Wait. Spellcard battle?”

+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 1515 hours
+ Location: The Arena, Moriya Shrine

+ Environmental Awareness Battle Suit, Mark I (equipped)
+ AN-94 Abakan (ammo count: 30+150)
+ Saiga-12 with 00 Buck (8+16)
+ PKMS with AP round (100+200)
+ Sniper’s Sign 「Precision Shots」
+ Artillery Sign 「Curtain of Flak」
+ Lucky charm
[x] “Wait. Spellcard battle?”
[X] “Wait. Spellcard battle?”
[X] “Wait. Spellcard battle?”

Only 2 mags spare for the Saiga after having 2 belts spare for the PKMS and 5 mags spare for the AN-94?

File 128608674949.jpg - (95.66KB, 1024x768, 98957ebc5b89b921b9225f49f464eb17.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't know, I can fix it, right?

Anyway, not a real update, but a look on Anne's activity during the day. I'll wait for more votes to pour in while we're at it.


// this event takes a few hours prior to Captain Yuri Ivanov’s visit to the SDM //

“A day’s off, milady?”

Remilia nodded. “You have been working very hard to earn your place in the mansion, and because of that you deserve to have a break,” she spoke.

“Well, it’s kind of… encouraging to hear that coming from you, though…” Anne hesitated at first before she pressed on. “Are you sure you did the right thing? I mean… I don’t stay here long enough to earn your trust, so…”

“Don’t be so modest, Anne!” Remilia exclaimed as she laughed. “It’s your opportunity to get to know more about Gensokyo. Grab it while you still can.”

“I… well…” She hid her blushed face behind the tray. “I’m more concerned about Shinano, though. Isn’t she going to visit Flandre today?”

“Ah, yes, you’re right on that matter.” Finishing the tea she throws her sight out of the window. Anne took a closer look on the scarlet devil; Remilia looked really beautiful when looked at this close, and it was a rare privilege to enjoy such opportunity. “Anne.”

“Yes, milady?”

The young woman turned to her. With a playful smile she touched Anne on the nose. “Did I not tell you not to be too formal with me?” she asked.

“But Miss Sakuya does that to you all the time, and I feel like I should do the same, too,” Anne said, slightly agitated by the gesture.

“Why, you’re special,” Remilia answered. “And while we’re at it,” she spoke and pointed to the vacant chair. “Care to join me in breakfast?”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Anne replied and filled Remilia’s teacup. “I have to get myself ready for the day-off anyway. Maybe I really deserve it.”

Remilia grinned. “Well, enjoy your day. Oh, will you check Sakuya for me? I asked her to escort me for our morning walk; what’s taking her so long?” She sighed. “Seriously, that girl… if she succumbs to her lack of awareness, her position as the chief maid is going to be compromised sooner or later.”

It had been five months since Anne started her new life, and life as member of the Scarlet Devil Mansion certainly felt different than the time she was fighting alongside her sisters. She felt somehow more alive with the residence of the SDM, and with the company of Sakuya and Meiling she never had to be worried about the issues of living alone. The fact that she had also been permitted to form a squad delighted, and she vowed to strive her best to impress everyone.

Anne walked out of her room, having changed to her Panzer uniform. The opportunity that was bestowed upon her must not be wasted, as Remilia told her, and she promised she would make use of it properly. She headed to the fairy maids headquarters as to inform her squad about her absence from duty, and there she found herself tackled by an excited figure. “Guten tag, Frau Anne!!” Flandre greeted as she hugged the tank girl.

“Frau Anne?” Anne asked.

“Yeah! Frau Anne! I learned it from Patchouli!” Flandre exclaimed. “Are we going to play again today?”

“I’m afraid that’s not the reason I’m here, Flandre,” Anne spoke. “Your sister has given me a day-off today. Besides, Shinano’s coming to this place, right?”

“Aw, but you’re more fun to play with,” Flandre grumbled. “But it’s okay, because I’ll just ask Shinano to play with me instead!” The younger Scarlet then start cuddling Anne. “Where are you going to today?”

“No idea, to be honest,” Anne said as she returned the cuddling. “Mistress Remilia didn’t even specify what I should do. I guess I should just follow wherever my feet’s leading me to.”

“That sounds fun,” Flandre uttered, giggling when Anne ruffled her hair. “Hey~ stop messing with my hair~”

Just then three fairies walked out of their headquarters, and Anne asked that Flandre let go off her as she walked towards them. “Salute!” one of the fairies shouted out and threw Anne a salute, a gesture that was quickly mimicked by her colleagues as well as Flandre.

Anne returned the “At ease.” The salute was dropped. “I understand that all of us come from a very different background, I myself being a German tank commander, but that doesn’t mean we cannot work together as a team. Do I make myself clear?”

“Sir, yes sir!” the fairies replied.

“Now, I understand that you’re very eager to work together with me, but I am regretful to inform you that I’m unable to be your squad leader today,” Anne spoke. There was an immediate commotion between the fairies, and Anne just waited for them to finish their conversation.

“Uhh… does that mean we have to look after Miss Shinano and Miss Flandre on our own, again?” one of the fairies asked.

“I’m afraid that’s the situation you have to deal with,” Anne answered.

“But we are fairies, ma’am!” she objected. “I don’t think we’d be able to keep up with their… uhh… playtime.” Flandre giggled at the notion, causing the fairies to flinch.

Anne chuckled. “Have you forgotten the training I conducted?” The fairy shook her head. “Well, why don’t you apply the knowledge I have taught you and put them into good use? I have my faith in you to carry out your duty.”

“Well… we can try, I suppose,” one of the fairy’s companions spoke.

“There is no try,” Flandre said, impersonating a certain movie celebrity. “Do, or do not. Hmm!”

“Well… if Miss Flandre said so…” The fairies excused themselves to discuss the matter among them. Anne looked at Flandre who flashed out a smile.

“Where did you learn that quote?” she asked.

“From my friend Yoda,” Flandre shrugged.

“Who or what is Yoda?” Anne asked.

“I’ll introduce him to you tonight if you’re free,” Flandre said with a wink.

The fairies returned to Anne and Flandre. “Alright, then! I guess we should do our best as fairies of the Motherland!” the older-looking fairy exclaimed. “Anastasia! Sasha! Let’s do our best!!” The rest of the fairies were less than enthusiastic, however, and this infuriated the fairy to no end. “Come on! If we don’t act now, who else will? On me! URAAAA!”

The fairies quickly made haste to begin their duty, and that left Anne with Flandre. “I guess I’ll play with them today, huh?” the little sister uttered.

“Don’t be so gloomy,” Anne said and gave Flandre a soft pat. “I promise that both of us will play together uninterrupted. Maybe Shinano can join us, if you like.”

“Will you?” Anne nodded, and Flandre cheered excitedly. “Awesome! That’s what I like about you, Anne! Never failing to keep our promise!” She gave her a tight hug and headed to the library, leaving Anne with the next task in hand.

“Right.” She headed to the main gate. “Remilia asked me to find Miss Sakuya; maybe she’s outdoor with Miss Meiling.” Her assumption was proved correct, as she could see Sakuya and Meiling arguing with one another near the gate.

“No, no, Sakuya! That’s not how you’re supposed to treat a soldier,” Meiling insisted.

“Anne is now a maid, Meiling. A co-worker, and that means I have the right to properly teach her about this profession,” Sakuya reminded.

“But that doesn’t mean she cannot perform her duty rightfully,” Meiling replied. “She’s a soldier at heart, you must know

Sakuya shook her head. “Meiling, you’ve been playing too much Metal Gear whatever. Get over it; like that Snake dude ever exists at all.”

“Hey! Nobody makes fun of my hero!” Meiling protested.

Cautiously she approached them as not to startle them, and she greeted them: “Guten Tag, Frau Meiling, Frau Sakuya.” At once the argument halted, and the two women turned around to Anne.

“Good morning, Anne,” Sakuya spoke. “You’re dressed up in your army uniform again, I see. Going out somewhere today?”

Anne nodded. “Miss Remilia has given me a day-off today, and I’m going to use it well.” She chuckled afterwards. “May I know what are you arguing about?”

“Oh, it’s just that Meiling insists me that I should treat you as a fellow soldier,” Sakuya spoke.

“Come on, Sakuya! It’s the whole truth!” So saying Meiling pulls Anne into her arms and hugged her around the shoulders. “Can’t you see that Anne is born to be a soldier? Can’t you?”

“Meiling, I advise you to let go off her,” Sakuya reminded and yanked Anne away from Meiling. “Before I do the unthinkable.”

“Hey, I got her first!” Meiling pulled Anne back at her. “You’ll get your chance later!”

“Meiling, I am warning you,” Sakuya said, slightly trembling. “Do not make me use excessive force on you.”

“Umm… Miss Sakuya, Mistress Remilia is looking for you,” Anne spoke as to ease the tension between the two. “She’s been upset that you didn’t show up at her room this morning.”

“My words!!” Sakuya shook her head in frantic. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. How could I forget the schedule?” Taking out her wristwatch, she pressed the knob and disappeared from sight, leaving Anne to bask in the warmth of Meiling’s sisterly embrace.

“That was close!” Meiling uttered. “I swear she’s going to kill me for that. Thanks for saving me, Anne.”

“I didn’t do anything that important,” Anne uttered. “Seriously, you two shouldn’t argue just because of me. I feel… uncomfortable.”

Meiling squealed in glee and tightened her embrace around Anne, practically pulling her into the fullness of her chest. “You little adorable tiger! I knew my hunch was right when Big Boss brought you here,” she muttered as she started smooching Anne’s face. “Grr… if only you had shown up earlier, I could ask you to be my Halloween partner! Aw, I wanted to dress up as him~!!”

Finally after what seems to be forever Meiling let go off Anne, and the tank girl was gasping for air. “Well, if Big Boss said you can take your holiday, I can’t stop you right here,” Meiling speaks. “Enjoy your day, Anne.”

Bidding Meiling farewell Anne headed to Misty Lake, cruising lazily across the cold sky as she did. Arriving at the destination, she saw a familiar figure skating in the middle of the lake, and she could not be anymore happier. “Letty!!” She rushed towards the person and tackled her so hard they were sent away from the lake and crashing into the snow-coated lakeside.

“Hello, Anne,” Letty spoke, slightly surprised by her unexpected presence. “Good to see you today.”

“Oh, Letty! How I missed you so much!” Anne uttered and tightened the embrace around her.

“Come on, it’s just less than a year,” Letty chuckled and returned the embrace. “But I did tell you that I’ll return, didn’t I?” The two of them lay still in the snow for a while, holding onto each other as close as they could. Anne sighed happily as she clung onto the Yuki Onna, squirming lightly as Letty planted maternal kisses upon her scalp. “You really miss me, aren’t you?” she uttered.

“Yes…” Anne answered. “I really am…”

Letty smiled and proceeded to cradle the tank girl in her arms. “Say, aren’t you supposed to work at the mansion right now?” she asked.

“I am, but Mistress Remilia has given me a day off,” Anne answered. “I was so excited that I could get some rest that I didn’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

“I see.” Letty gave her a few more kisses on her face before she pulled her away. “I know. Why don’t we go for a walk? There’s a place I want to show you.”

Anne nodded excitedly. “Oh, I’d like to!”
On a side note we might get a drawfag to draw Kaguya ala Koakuma ASAP.
File 12862470528.jpg - (383.21KB, 800x667, Reisen`s Last Stand.jpg) [iqdb]
>Reisen is the only person present, and she is seen checking a shield in care, almost as if she's remembering a past event. Is it you or is she on the verge of crying?
You complete and utter bastard. ;_;
File 128630996072.jpg - (333.48KB, 800x501, c2d405c52e4eca6a5a80a1e25d3e6b18.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm sorry :<

Here's the update, and sorry for the lack of quality one would expect from this.


[c] “Wait. Spellcard battle?”

“Wait a minute. Spellcard battle?” you ask aloud. The girls turn to you, none of whom are looking amused by the response. “I didn’t even remember agreeing to have a spellcard battle! Our agreement here is to conduct a test run for this gear, not a mock battle!”

“Yuri, we didn’t say we could have a spellcard battle, did we?” Kaguya speaks.

“Then why did you mention it in the first place?” you ask.

“Well, that was just a suggestion,” Kaguya replies. “

“Did someone just say spellcard battle?” All of you turn to the cheerful voice and see the small figure of a child hovering over the arena- that’s no child. “Because I think I heard someone saying spellcard battle!” Suwako exclaims.

Everyone turns to Kanako, but for some reason she completely dismisses the atmosphere. “Don’t mind her, she’s just on sugar rush today,” she answers.

“Kana, you are not supporting at all!” Suwako grumbles. “Jeez, to know that you’re most enthusiastic about this exhibition… but anyway!” She lands not far from you and walks towards your position, “I was hoping I could do something to kill my winter time, so!” She halts just a few feet away from you. “You mind if we have spellcard duel right here, captain?” As she speaks this Suwako produces a pair of iron rings from thin air and grabs both of them before she opens what you can only assume as a fighting stance.

Suwako Moriya is challenging to spellcard duel. Accept or decline?
[ ] “Sure, we’ll play on the established spellcard rule, then.”
[ ] “Challenge accepted, but only if you agree to play it on my term.”
[ ] “…yeah, sure, but what will everybody else think?”
[ ] “…I don’t have time for this nonsense…”
[ ] “Can we not negotiate, Suwako Moriya?”
[ ] “Who the hell do you think I am?”

Inventory (slightly revised)
+ Environmental Awareness Battle Suit, Mark I (equipped)
+ AN-94 Abakan (ammo count: 30+150)
+ Saiga-12 with 00 Buck (8+40)
+ PKMS with AP round (100+200)
+ Sniper’s Sign 「Precision Shots」
+ Artillery Sign 「Curtain of Flak」
+ Lucky charm
[x] “Sure, we’ll play on the established spellcard rule, then.”

Let's Gooooo!
[x] “Challenge accepted, but only if you agree to play it on my term.”
[x] “Sure, we’ll play on the established spellcard rule, then.”
[X] “Challenge accepted, but only if you agree to play it on my term.”

Rocket rangers. Ready to rock it.
File 128643544322.jpg - (96.05KB, 700x726, c54148ffb6ed6d6231ce36721e1ec750.jpg) [iqdb]
It's a draw, Anon. I need a tie-breaker before I can continue.
[x] “Challenge accepted, but only if you agree to play it on my term.”
File 128643959112.jpg - (485.55KB, 1600x1200, 51b69d6729e2d0f633c5d8c712fec128.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, writing now.
File 12867646512.jpg - (103.50KB, 1024x768, 3a969247ea838d598b944c25b9461028.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] “Challenge accepted, but only if you agree to play it on my term.”

You cannot tell if Suwako’s serious or is just making fool of you, but she has issued you a challenge, so that means you have to accept it whether you like it or not. “Alright, consider yourself in,” you speak.

“Awesome!” Suwako cheers. “It’s been a while since anyone came over here for spellcard battle.”

“Yuri, you sure you know what you’re doing?” Kaguya asks.

“She has stated her desire to challenge me, and there’s no way I can turn her down,” you tell her. You turn back at Suwako. “However,” you cut her off before she can say anything. “I will play your game on my term, and my term only, no exception.”

Suwako furrows her eyebrows. “Uhh... your term? I don’t get that, Captain.”

“It means the captain here wants to play spellcard battle like how he’d hunt down German tanks in Stalingrad,” Yukari speaks as she shows up. You glower at the lady of boundaries; nice, now she’s decided to intervene with whatever you’re going to do.

“You mean, like war game or something?” Suwako scratches her chin. “I don’t know, but that sounds interesting.”

“War game? Here, on Youkai Mountains? That’s not fun at all,” remarks the voice of Aya as she shows up at the arena. “You should play the game like the rest of us usually do. Like, you try to out-drink your opponent while shooting danmaku at each other?”

“I have my own reason, Comrade Aya,” you tell the war correspondent. “So, Suwako Moriya, do you accept or do you not?”

“Huh, you surely have the knack to call me with my full name,” Suwako utters and tips her hat upward; you can see her snickering despite how she responded to your question. “Alright, consider it accepted, so! Let’s hear what you have in mind, Captain Ivanov.”

[ ] Write-in time.

So yeah, sorry for the delay in update, and I also apology for the length this update has to offer. Here’s a hint: Capture the Hat.
>Capture the Hat

[X] Let's do... Capture the Flag. First team to catch the enemies' flag (hat) and return to their base three times within ten minutes wins the match.

Pitching in what I had in mind.
File 128681876042.jpg - (219.68KB, 1152x1195, moscowbama.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Monkey Steals the Hat. Battle wherein the first person to steal the other's hat off his head three times, wins.

Yuri DOES have a hat, right? An awesome hat, like the one pictured?
File 128686199213.jpg - (421.17KB, 686x941, 9108a10665fd3f09e08a310914699fda.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, he still has it, though he's not wearing it right now (it can be rectified, though). I'll wait for more votes to pour in, by the way.
[X] Monkey Steals the Hat. Battle wherein the first person to steal the other's hat off his head three times, wins.

This will work
I can't fathom why people aren't voting on this. RED ARMY STRONG soldier in Gensokyo? This is gold. That pic, by the way, is 'fukkin saved.'
[X] Monkey Steals the Hat. Battle wherein the first person to steal the other's hat off his head three times, wins.

Can't think of anything.
[~] Touhou Soccer, using the Hat as a ball.

File 128693543567.jpg - (24.81KB, 400x277, oh ho~.jpg) [iqdb]

Next time we make Kaguya wear something like in this picture.

[X] Monkey Steals the Hat. Battle wherein the first person to steal the other's hat off his head three times, wins.

"Da, this will work..."
File 128720386817.jpg - (429.14KB, 700x635, 478416932e37c9feba8200acd503b6d3.jpg) [iqdb]
+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 1530 hours
+ Location: The Arena, Moriya Shrine
+ Game Mode: Capture the Hat
+ Participants:
-- Captain Yuri Ivanov (Third Guards Rifle Division, Soviet Red Army)
-- Suwako Moriya, The Epitome of Native Gods (Moriya Shrine, Youkai Mountains)
[c] Monkey Steals the Hat. Battle wherein the first person to steal the other’s hat off his head three times wins.

Monkey Steals the Hat. You remember one of the more peaceful days in the battlefield where everyone in your division would steal the Commissar’s hat and fight each other just to keep the hat for as long as he could. It was unheard of for the disciplined soldiers of the Red Army to behave childishly, and of course, you and your comrades almost escaped punishment from the upper office due to the misbehaviour. It was fun, though, and you think you can bring back the excitement here.

You lay out the rules of the game you and Suwako are going to participate. “Oh! I know the game!” Suwako says excitedly. “Kana and I used to play it back then. It’s fun to snatch your opponents’ hat from their head while they’re busy dodging danmaku!” From faraway, you can hear Kanako coughing in unease over the remark. “But where’s your hat, though? I’m not going to steal that helmet of yours, am I?”

“Fret not, Comrade Suwako.” You tell Reisen to get your Pilotka hat and when she does you immediately put the headgear on, fixing it so that it will not come off in the heat of battle. “Now we are square and even.”

“Ah-hahahaha! I like that hat of yours, and that means I’m getting more than excited to win this duel,” Suwako exclaims. “You think you’re ready to take this hat of mine, captain?”

You pull the charging handle of the assault rifle and release it. “Ready when you are.”

The goddess jumps into the air and takes out what you identify as a spellcard. “Good! So let the party begin!” The instant Suwako declares the name of the spellcard, bullets are shot at your direction, and lasers are shot from the goddess and encase the arena. You graze the oncoming danmaku and charge forward, shooting your own danmaku at Suwako in quick taps. Suwako effortlessly graze the attack and conjures her hand, firing another stream of danmaku at your position. You roll out of the way and take cover behind a boulder.

“Captain, can you hear me?” Nitori’s voice is heard inside the earpiece.

“Go on,” you utter.

“You think you can handle the spellcard battle on your own?” the kappa asks.

“I don’t have time for radio chatter,” you reply.

“Well, maybe if you can hear to my advice for a while,” Nitori responds.

You’re about to respond when a shadow is looming over you. You look up and see Suwako grinning down at you. “Chyrot!” You take evasive manoeuvre before the goddess snatches your hat, and her frustration clearly shows. “That was close. You almost got me there.”

“I know, right?” Suwako utters; the seriousness of her intention betrays the coyness of the words, however. She jumps into the air and again repeats the spellcard attack; you graze the oncoming bullets and move forward, closing the distance between you and your opponent while shooting at her in double taps. To your surprise, Suwako is doing the same in the middle of the lasers and the energy bullets. You twist your body hard as to avoid Suwako and the danmaku, almost barely getting by the laser in the process. You turn back at your opponent and see Suwako holding something in her hand.

It’s your Pilotka hat.

“Didn’t see that coming, did you?” Suwako jumps towards you and puts the hat back on your head as she performs a somersault. “Well, that means I only need two more snatches to win this duel,” she utters.

“Like I’m going to allow that,” you reply.

“Well, then.” The goddess whips out the iron rings and opens a stance. “Show me what you’re made of.”

Your next action?
[ ] Declare your spellcard right away. This is a spellcard battle, isn’t it?
[ ] Keep firing at Suwako, hoping that your action will keep her occupied.
- [ ] If possible, switch to another weapon.
[ ] Ask Nitori for advice.

+ Environmental Awareness Battle Suit, Mark I
+ AN-94 Abakan (ammo count: 20+150) (primary weapon)
+ Saiga-12 with 00 Buck (8+40)
+ PKMS with AP round (100+200)
+ Sniper’s Sign 「Precision Shots」
+ Artillery Sign 「Curtain of Flak」
+ Lucky charm

Suwako’s spellcard in question: Party Start 「Two Claps, Two Bows, One Clap」
[x] Ask Nitori for advice.
[X] Keep moving!
[X] Ask Nitori for advice.

Intel, always get as much as you can.
[X] Keep moving!
[X] Ask Nitori for advice.
File 128748738758.jpg - (105.17KB, 1024x768, HELPME1.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Keep moving!
-[X] Ask Nitori for advice.

[X] Keep moving!
[X] Ask Nitori for advice.

Taking fire, need assistance!
File 128754130627.jpg - (87.84KB, 606x725, 8f2a56ce70459cc67b36ff40a8288cd3.jpg) [iqdb]
The votes have been called. Writing.
File 128806155583.jpg - (352.89KB, 600x900, dabe8446ae6caa180d6410e55bb58315.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the wait.


Background music:

[c] Keep moving.
[c] Ask Nitori for advices.

Along your service with the Soviet Red Army, you have learned one very essential rule of thumbs in the battlefield: unless fighting a static warfare, one should never stay in one place for a prolonged time. You have learned this the hard way in Stalingrad when you were bogged down with your comrades, with German artilleries bombarding your position and panzers inching towards you. Your order was to hold the line long enough for reinforcements to arrive, but you soon realized that you and your comrades had signed a death warrant-

You don’t have time for remembrance. Quickly you shoot at your opponent in double taps and take cover before she can retaliate with the iron hoops of hers. You fire a few more shots from behind the boulder before you’re forced to reload. “Nitori, I need advice!” you shout into the mouthpiece.

“Switch your suit to Speed Mode, captain,” the kappa replies. “You’ll move around the arena easily while in the mode.”

You switch the combat suit’s combat mode to Speed. “Got it. Now what?”

“Hello there~!” You look upward and see Suwako grinning at you. Shit. You roll to your right before Suwako can snatch your hat; the manoeuvre is so quick you almost crash into another boulder. “Whoa! How did you do that?” Suwako asks.

“Captain, try switching between modes during combat,” Nitori speaks. “It can be hard to pull off, but you’ll get used to it after a few tries.”

“I thought we’re running a test here,” you reply.

“Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing right now!” Nitori answers.

“This better be effective.” Tightening your clench on the pistol grip, you dash towards the boulder Suwako’s perching upon, zigzagging across the arena to avoid iron hoops thrown by the goddess while firing at her to keep her busy. As you approach her you quickly switch to Power Mode and propel yourself off the ground. You don’t know what’s happening during the manoeuvre, but you can hear the audience gasping in amazement; you pay them no attention as you somersault toward Suwako and reach for the hat.

“Off I go!!” Suwako dodges the grabbing attack and dives into the ground with a splash. Still in the middle of the somersault you realign yourself and take a few shots from the assault rifle as she reappears. Suwako slams her palm onto the ground, and a frog-shaped projectile is hurled towards you. You switch to Armoured Mode moments before impact, and you’re sent flying into the barricading fence. You’re dazed by the crash but undeterred and stand up; the audience starts cheering for you as you do.

“Yuri! Are you alright?” Kaguya asks.

“I’m fine,” you reply. “This suit really works its wonder well.”

Suwako jumps onto another boulder. “Normal human wouldn’t be able to stand up after that crash,” she speaks as she makes touchdown. “But then again, you are less than normal. I can tell.”

“What does that suppose to mean?” you ask.

She takes out her spellcard. “Well, let me reveal that to you.” You aren’t going to let she use that spellcard again, so you quickly execute Speed Mode and dash toward Suwako like mad; the manoeuvre catches her off-guard and in the confusion you vault over her, having switched to Power Mode for extra jumping power, and snatch the hat off her head. The audience bursts into an uproar, and your opponent can only watch in shock as you land not far from her with the prize in hand.

“We’re even now,” you tell her, twirling the hat in your hands.

“Auu~” Suwako grumbles.

The score is 1-1. You return the hat to its owner and return to your spot. You know you need to score two more hit before victory is yours. “Hey, Yuri, why don’t you show her how you can handle spellcard battle,” Kaguya tells you.

“You’re expecting me to get tossed around like the last time?” you ask.

“But you’ve improved! Yeah, maybe not much, but your skill definitely has progressed,” she tells you.

You’re about to answer when Suwako tosses the iron rings at you. You parry the projectiles with your assault rifle and find yourself facing your opponent face to face. “Hesitation in the battlefield will only lead to defeat,” she speaks and extends her hand forward. You parry her and push her away from you; somehow you have misjudged your strength as you kick her in the abdomen, but she appears unfazed as she recovers from the kick. “Now that’s what I call physical retaliation!” she exclaims. “But look what I got.”

She has your Pilotka hat. For Pete’s sake, how the hell she managed to snatch the hat from your hat?

“I’m leading again, captain~!” Suwako puts the hat on your hat as she vaults over you. “One more snatch, and I’ll be the winner. Winner gets to whatever she likes to do to the loser,” she says giddily.

“Come on, Yuri! Are you going to fight this battle your way?” Kaguya asks.

“Captain, I don’t want to interrupt you, but she’s right,” Nitori speaks. “Sooner or later, you have to do a spellcard battle. That’s Gensokyo’s basic rule of engagement.”

You turn back to your squad. You can see Kogasa and Tatyana flagging a banner with the words “For Mother Russia!” written in Cyrillic. The rest of them are looking at you in expectation; Kaguya, especially, can be seen holding her hands as if hoping for you to win this duel. Then there’s Reimu and Yukari, the latter discussing with the former about this event while flashing an intrigued glance at you. This is unsettling, and you want to achieve victory before this battle’s dragging you.

[ ] Do what Kaguya and Nitori tell you.
[ ] This is your battle. You alone decide how to fight it.

If you decide to do spellcard battle:
[ ] Choose your spellcard:
- [ ] Sniper’s Sign 「Precision Shots」
- [ ] Artillery Sign 「Curtain of Flak」
- [ ] New spellcard (write-in).
[ ] Formulate your tactic based on the spellcard you chose.

+ AN-94 Abakan (ammo count: 25+120) (primary weapon)
+ Saiga-12 with 00 Buck (8+40) (unused)
+ PKMS with AP round (100+200) (unused)
+ Lucky charm

Current Score:
Yuri - 1
Suwako - 2
[x] This is your battle. You alone decide how to fight it.

We shall show them the Russian way of fighting!
[X] This is your battle. You alone decide how to fight it.
[X] Start off with regular fire, then randomly call a spellcard!

Mix it up!
[X] This is your battle. You alone decide how to fight it.

Yuri, your lucky charm should still have its mojo up until now...
-[X] Counter Sign [Operatsiya Uran]
[x] With speed and precision shots, overwhelm Suwako's senses.

The suit ought to be able to enhance his shots as he utilizes speed compounding his already commendable skills in sniping.

Although Soviet commanders suggested postponing the bombardment due to poor visibility brought about by a thick fog, front headquarters decided to proceed. At 07:20 (Moscow time; 05:20 German time) Soviet artillery commanders received the codeword "siren", prompting an 80-minute artillery bombardment directed almost entirely against the non-German Axis units protecting the German flanks. Some 3,500 guns opened up against the Third Romanian Army and the northern shoulder of the German Sixth Army's flank. Although thick fog prevented the Soviet artillery from correcting their aim, their weeks of preparation and ranging allowed them to lay down accurate fire on enemy positions along the front. The effect was devastating, as communication lines were breached, ammunition dumps destroyed and forward observation points shattered. Many Romanian personnel who survived the bombardment began to flee to the rear. Soviet heavy artillery aimed at Romanian artillery positions and second-echelon formations also caught the retreating Romanian soldiers.
[x] >>22646

-[X] Counter Sign [Operatsiya Uran]
[x] With speed and precision shots, overwhelm Suwako's senses.
[X] Counter Sign [Operatsiya Uran]
-[x] With speed and precision shots, overwhelm Suwako's senses.

Works for me~!
File 128814543354.jpg - (443.42KB, 1056x1500, 88c290efd9f65760db1236e74573b6a1.jpg) [iqdb]
My god, this write-in. It's awesome. Had to do some research about it, so yeah, but I see the reason. And I was expecting something around General Winter, too.

Writing now.
File 128850839634.jpg - (215.58KB, 600x600, 15866290dd7baa76abe23786f41b8b6d.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay for this writefag is being lazy as usual. I'll make sure it's posted as soon as I finish working on it. Hopefully.

File 12885957791.jpg - (62.12KB, 600x400, Russia194145-Katyusha.jpg) [iqdb]
You know what? I’ll just combine the votes instead.

[c] This is your battle. You alone decide how to fight it.
[c] Counter Sign「Operatsiya Uran」 / 「Operation Uranus」
[c] With speed and precision shots, overwhelm Suwako’s senses.

You’re going to voice out your opinion, but your opponent doesn’t seem to give you any chance of doing so when she calls out her spellcard. “Divine Tools 「Moreya Iron Rings」!” She summons iron rings over head, which quickly split into many projectiles of same size and shape, and throws them at your position. You don’t have time to escape so you switch to Armoured Mode and graze through the danmaku. You feel a bit heavy while performing the manoeuvre and you’re struggling to graze more and more of the iron rings being tossed at your direction. You swear you can actually hear ticking sounds inside of your ears while you’re grazing the danmaku.

You find an opening. You quickly take aim and fire a burst. The double tap technique works wonder and you’re able to shoot down several iron rings. Suwako responds by throwing more iron rings at your position, the size of which is bigger than the projectiles you took down. You graze the oncoming danmaku and open fire; somewhat she sees it in the middle of the spellcard and summon another frog-shaped boulder to be thrown at you. Quickly you switch to Power Mode and vault over the boulder only to meet face-to-face with your opponent. You don’t, and obviously can’t, allow her to snatch her victory so with the flick of a switch you activate the suit’s Stealth Mode. It works as Suwako misses her mark, allowing you to empty the whole magazine at her before your crash into the ground.

“Captain!” Nitori shouts inside your earpiece.

“I’m alright,” you reply, dazed but unaffected by the crash. You stand up and look at Suwako above you; it’s clear that she’s frustrated by her botched attempt to snatch your head.

“You must declare your spellcard!” Kaguya insists. “Do it now!”

“Who are you ordering me?” you speak. “This is my battle, and I alone decide how to fight it.”

“What? Who are YOU to talk to me like that? This is for yor own good, damn it! Yuri? Talk to me, Yuri!!” You switch off the radio before your ear’s riddled with unnecessary cusses. You shake your head and get your focus back on track. You have the combination of the suit’s various modes, the weapons and your sniping skill, and you’re going to use them to the fullest.

“Are you going to just stand down there and wait for me to come at you?” Suwako asks. You don’t answer, opting instead to lower your hand to your belt. You feel something attached on it and look down to inspect the item; when did you get a stun grenade? It doesn’t matter, as this is your best chance to swing the battle to your favour.

You toss the grenade at Suwako’s direction. It detonates right in front of her faze, catching her off-guard. This is it! You switch to the PKMS, activate Power Mode and jump high into the air.

“Counter Sign! 「Operatsiya Uran」!!

And it happens. The moment the trigger is pulled back the machinegun spews out its load at your target, its recoil of which is sending you further skyward. Suwako get bombarded by what looks rather like artillery shells than small-calibre bullet, and you can see your opponent getting overwhelmed by the artillery bombardment. The tremendous force of the artillery shelling also sends tremors across the surrounding area, and many spectators have taken shelter behind or underneath whatever that can protect them.

You’ve spent half the ammunition belt and land on the ground. You reset yourself for another un and zip around the arena, continually pulling the trigger to fire more ‘artillery’ shells from the machinegun. It’s working, and Suwako’s forced to graze each artillery danmaku that’s being fired at her position.

A perfect chance. You fire another burst of rounds at Suwako. As she’s busy grazing and dodging the ‘artillery shells’, you activate Speed Mode and sprint towards your opponent. You vault over her, and you grin at Suwako as you easily snatch her hat and land behind her, rolling out of the way before she can counterattack.

“What… what the HELL was that?!” It’s clear that she’s affected in one way or another by the artillery bombardment from the way she’s trying to regain her sense. She puts her hands over hat and is shocked to find her hat missing. “My… my hat!!” She turns to you. “What did you do to my hat?!”

“Never underestimate the might of the Soviet Red Army,” you answer and show her your prized possession.

“Wuh… what? Aw! When I thought I could win this fight easily!” You walk toward her and gently place the hat back on her hat You smile at her as you fix the hat in place. “Au, you’re embarrassing me…”

The ground rumbles, almost knocking you off your feet. You’re very certain it’s not one of the artillery shells that hasn’t exploded, until you see a shadow looming over you. You turn around and see Kanako standing on a boulder, one of the wooden pillars standing erect on the ground. Standing beside Kanako is Sanae, looking less than amused as she is worried.

“Et tu, Kana?” Suwako asks.

“Well,” the goddess speaks. “I see you have the potential of becoming Gensokyo’s important person. But!” She taps the wooden pillar once, and it splits into many smaller pillars that are later attached on her back. “You know that you almost inflicted major harm to Suwako, don’t you?”

“Uhh… Kana, I’m alright!” Suwako answers. “I just didn’t expect to face artillery strike, that’s all!”

“Silence, Suwako! Let me finish my speech first!” Kanako barks.

“Au!!” Suwako hides behind you, clearly intimidated by the snake goddess’ commanding words. You have to do something about this.

“Comrade Kanako, I don’t appreciate it when you interrupt this duel, either,” you speak. “Step aside. Let us finish where we have stopped first.”

“Uhh… Yuri, I don’t think she’s going to listen to you,” Suwako tells you. “Either you- watch out!” You look at the front and find yourself facing the wooden pillar. It hits you and sends you across the arena, but Suwako’s swift action in summoning wind walls ensures that you don’t crash into the walls.

“Captain!!” both Nitori and Kaguya shout.

“I… I’m alright,” you say between coughs. Helped by Suwako, you stand up and glower at Kanako. “That is just rude.”

“Rude? What do you mean it’s rude?” Kanako replies and folds her arms. “The rule is now changed, soldier. I’m now your opponent, and I’m issuing you this challenge:” She tosses you a vodka bottle; you snatch the bottle and watch in caution as the goddess whips out a drinking bowl. “Let’s drink and fight.”

“Kana, you don’t happen to be drunk, aren’t you?” Suwakos asks.

“Shut your sorry mouth, amphibian!!” Kanako screams, her voice a thundering rage. Grinning to see the frog goddess cowering, she takes a sip of the rice wine that’s been poured by Sanae. “So, Yuri Ivanov. Do you accept this challenge?” she speaks and lifts the drinking bowl as to highlight her intention.

[ ] Call for a truce.
[ ] Accept her challenge without question.
- [ ] Signal at your squad for backup.
[ ] Accept, but lay out your own term.
[ ] Check the suit’s status first.

+ PKMS with HEI* round (50+200) (primary weapon)
+ Saiga-12 with 00 Buck (8+40) (unused)
+ AN-94 Abakan (ammo count: 30+90) (switched)
+ Lucky charm
+ Vodka (given by Kanako)

*I’m not sure if AP is usable in this duel, so changing to HEI.


Yuri – 2
Suwako – 2
[S] Accept her challenge without question.
- [M] Signal at your squad for backup.


[G] Check the suit’s status first.
[X] Check the suit’s status first.

The suit's already taken several heavy blows, and drunk!Kanako doesn't seem to be pulling her punches. I'd rather not return it to Nitori broken beyond repair.
File 128862925352.jpg - (34.19KB, 980x697, fagot.jpg) [iqdb]

[X] Accept, but lay out your own term.

Instead of fighting, we'll keep drinking and see who can dance the Kazachok the longest without falling flat on their face, unable to recover. (Check youtube for examples.)

This bitch thinks she can drink a Red Army Soldier under the table? I think not.

Technically it's a Ukaranian dance, but nobody's here to see us, da?

This story is good, and you should feel good.
[X] Check the suit’s status first.

We should see how it's working... wonder if it has a "Drinking mode" or not.
[X] Check the suit’s status first.

Ooh, maybe the suit can help us drink more.
[X] Check the suit’s status first.

Accelerated Metabolism?
[X] Offer Suwako a truce against our common enemy
[x] Examine suit
[x] Accept, but lay out your own term.
-[x] I will drink the entire bottle, and you will go to sleep. First person to win gets to pass out!

There is no way we do not win.
Are you fucking stupid or what? Could you please keep your retardation to the threads that support it, as in NOT HERE?
File 128918354823.jpg - (453.26KB, 900x800, 85266cc02d38fcfb6ef8b2c1575c218c.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, folks. The votes have been closed. Writing update now.

In retrospect, that was indeed a really fucking stupid vote. I apologize deeply for this; I really don't often get that stupid with my voting.

Feels bad, man.
File 128935910258.png - (1.83MB, 1400x1400, 129e66b918dfa0ee4539f83e733e3580.png) [iqdb]
Wel, update for this story is delayed until I can get around my new obsession with COD Black Ops. So yeah, please wait warmly.

Can't believe Reznov is actually a part of Mason's imagination all along; why you do this, Treyarch? ;__;
[c] Check the suit’s status first.

You fiddle with the suit’s button and activate a visor that is attached on your head; you’re pleased to know it functions similarly to the helmet, leaving you free to wear the Pilotka hat without hindrance. “What are you doing, captain?” Suwako asks as you’re busy analyzing the numbers and symbols that are shown on the eyepiece.

“Making sure this armour is still capable of going through another duel,” you answer.

“But Kana is drunk,” Suwako states. “You still want to fight her in her current state?”

“It’s for that reason I’m accepting her challenge, like it or not,” you tell her. You resume checking the suit for vitals; the armour is still in good condition, the multiple combat modes are still functioning (with the Armoured Mode currently active), and the numbers are readable. You’re good to go.

“Nitori, can you read me?” you ask.

“I can hear you, captain,” Nitori replies.

“I’m going to accept Kanako’s challenge, so if anything goes south I want you to tell my squad to interrupt our battle at all costs,” you speak.

“Roger that. You can count on me.”

You turn back at Suwako. “I’m not going to overextend this duel, by the way, but watch over my back just in case,” you speak.

“Well… if you say so.” Reluctant at first, Suwako tips her hat in acknowledgment and steps aside. “Just be careful with Kana, okay? She can be out of control when she’s drunk.”

“Duly noted.” You switch to the Saiga and with the shotgun in one hand you approach Kanako, still smiling jubilantly. “Comrade Kanako, I accept your challenge.” You take a gulp of the vodka. “Can’t say no when someone invites me to a drink, can I?”

“That’s what I want to hear from you,” Kanako utters with a grin. “Step aside, Sanae. This is going to be a bit wild.” The shrine maiden obliges and walks out of the arena, leaving you to deal with the snake goddess. Kanako turns back at you and detaches one of the pillars from her back, aiming it at your position.


“What is it, Kaguya?”

There is a pause, then a gulp. Then Kaguya speaks: “you must win this battle for me, okay?”

You pull the shotgun’s charging handle and release it. “I shall not disappoint you.” With that said you dash towards Kanako, firing a couple of buckshot rounds at your opponent to distract her. To your expectation the rounds are absorbed into the wooden pillar, and Kanako lifts it over her head before tossing it at your direction. You take a step aside as to graze the projectile, which plunges into the ground with a spectacular bang. You switch to Speed Mode and jump toward Kanako, aiming your fist at her face.

“Not going to let you do that, boy!”

She flexes her body, and your fist misses its mark by great degree. You look at her during the manoeuvre, who manages to take a quick sip from the drinking bowl, before a sharp blow is felt on your belly. Apparently Kanako has delivered a knee strike onto you, and you are lifted off your footing before she grabs you by the arm and tosses you back at the pillar. The crowd gasps at the scenery and bursts into protest, but they are silenced when you get back on your feet, your stance wobbly due to the crash (thank God you managed to switch to Armoured Mode seconds from impact).

“Hmm… you can still stand up,” Kanako utters.

You check the suit’s status. The percentage has dropped to seventy-five percent; the impact must have affected its armouring by some degree. “Not if I can help it,” you utter and take another gulp of the vodka; how you manage to keep the bottle with you (and not breaking it) is beyond you, but you don’t care.

“Good! That’s the spirit!” She jumps onto a higher boulder, while keeping the drinking bowl in place. You must be imagining, because you don’t see a single drop spilling from the bowl. Judging from how she keeps the bowl close to her you think you know how to put an end to this duel.

You don’t have time for a second thought when another pillar is thrown at you. You vault over the pillar and use it as springboard to gain momentum as you propel yourself upward. Yet another pillar is tossed at you, but instead of jumping from it you land on it and ran down its length. One after another you dodge the pillars that are launched at you, noticing with an alarm that they’re encircling around you. You keep firing more buckshot rounds at Kanako, your concentration being distracted by buzzing noise inside your ears that indicate the pillars are closing in, constantly switching between combat modes to help you in the fight. It doesn’t help that you’re doing all these airborne and descending, so quickly you jump onto a pillar just as it flies past you and use its momentum to hurl yourself towards Kanako. She seems to predict this manoeuvre as she leaps off the boulder and dashes towards you. You can’t aim properly during the descent, and your opponent is closing in fast.

Fuck it!

You clench a fist. Screaming a battle cry you kick the air and propel yourself forward, just as Kanako is doing the same. The two of you are closing in, knuckles wound up behind your head.

“Clench your teeth!!!”

Your punch lands into Kanako’s right cheek, and Kanako’s knuckle finds its way onto the left side of your face.

It’s a cross counter.

And it sends both of you flying away from each other and across the arena. Kanako makes a quick recovery and lands gracefully on her toe; you, on the other hand, are not so lucky and fly across the arena in an arch before you crash into the ground. At once the crowd falls into a dead silence, and everyone is looking back and forth between you and Kanako. Much to everyone’s relief you stand up, struggling to get your stance right. You look at your opponent; the snake goddess notices her lips bleeding and, with a snicker you swear is sinister-looking, wipes the blood off her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Well, that’s one counterattack I didn’t expect to see,” Kanako utters and takes a sip from the drinking bowl only to find it empty; its content must have spilled out during the cross-counter, and a look of disdain is clearly visible from her eyes. “Let’s forget about drinking.” She discards the bowl and recalls the pillars back. “Let’s finish this quickly, shall we?” she speaks as the pillars are reattached on her back.

[ ] Call it quit. You’ve had enough fighting today.
[ ] This is no longer about winning. This is about pride and glory. This is about your purpose and existence as soldier of the Red Army.

+ Saiga-12 with 00 Buck (4+16) (primary weapon)
+ PKMS with HEI* round (50+200) (switched)
+ AN-94 Abakan (ammo count: 30+90) (unused)
+ Lucky charm
+ Vodka (given by Kanako)


No picture to accompany this update, so yeah.
What to do.... Would Kaguya prefer to see the fight stopped before Yuri got himself hurt or to see him win? I must think on this.
[x] This is no longer about winning. This is about pride and glory. This is about your purpose and existence as soldier of the Red Army.

Obvious option is obvious. Almost suspiciously so.

>No picture to accompany this update, so yeah.
...You know, not every update picture has to have a Touhou in it. Or even people.
[X] This is no longer about winning. This is about pride and glory. This is about your purpose and existence as soldier of the Red Army.

Hm, she might use the pillars, so use the PKM with AP, or, if it's possible, get a .50BMG in AP-I or even 20mm in APDS, some sort of anti-materiel rifle....

Ok, now i'm just getting into too much weapons now; carry on.
[X] This is no longer about winning. This is about pride and glory. This is about your purpose and existence as soldier of the Red Army.

Counter-attack. Begins. Now.
[X] This is no longer about winning. This is about pride and glory. This is about your purpose and existence as soldier of the Red Army... but more then anything you can't let Kaguya down.
File 128987709031.jpg - (250.75KB, 634x696, e5839a9df60ed0c9a86d90d87b928ea1.jpg) [iqdb]
Calling for the vote "This is not longer about winning". Writing.
File 12901326733.jpg - (113.63KB, 400x400, 136361e086a27514eab0e50c953f386d.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, yeah, sorry for the delay. The thing is this update is almost killing me in both contents and the time I need to write it down, so yeah it will probably be a wall once it's done. Don't hope too much on it, though.
File 129022260533.jpg - (231.68KB, 775x916, c45250f64df848558e7156cdcfbd0674.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] This is no longer about winning. This is about pride and glory. This is about your purpose and existence as soldier of the Red Army.

This is no longer about winning. This is no longer about marching down the path to victory. This is about pride and glory. This is about your purpose and existence on the earth as soldier of the Red Army. This is about your reason of serving the Motherland.

You stand up. You open your steps and slowly walk towards Kanako in steady pace until you’re about a stone’s throw away from her. Your opponent is grinning, and so are you.

“Well?” she says as she raises her fingers, slowly floating off the ground as she does. You watch in caution as steel daggers are appearing in the air before her, their sharpened points aimed at you as they float, suspended in place.

You empty the vodka in one continuous gulp and toss the bottle aside. Immediately you feel dazed when the alcohol’s effect begins taking place but you can still fight. “Let’s do this.”

With that declared the dozens of blades gathered in the air launch themselves at you. You find yourself facing a hailstorm of lethal projectiles, and there’s no time to defend yourself. You’ll just have to try to dodge all of them!

You narrow your eyes as you concentrate. The foremost of the blades charging at you is aimed toward your chest. You twist your body to the left, allowing it to fly past you. With a kick, you knock away another blade aimed at your leg. Switching to Power Mode, you kick yourself off the ground to take to the air, firing a few rounds to knock off several more blades coming at you.

You’ve gained enough altitude. Now that you’re suspended in the air, and at the same level as Kanako, you try taking on the goddess before you start descending into the ground. You whip out your spellcard and slam it onto the machinegun’s receiver. “Artillery Sign 「Curtain of Flak」!!” You open fire, and in an instant the sky is filled with clouds of flak as you shoot around your opponent. She doesn’t seem to take the situation seriously as she casually grazes the spellcard, waving through the flak clouds as she’s approaching you. You fire another burst just as you start losing altitude and-

Where did she go?

You feel a sudden change in the flow of the wind.


You reach for the bayonet strapped on your waist as fast as you can turn around and-


Only just, your blade clashes against Kanako’s sword and lets out a small yet bright spark as steel grinds against steel. The blow pushes you back to the ground, but thankfully, your opponent chooses not to follow up. That was unexpected; you didn’t think she would attempt a physical attack.

“Nice trick there, soldier.”

“Not a trick, Comrade Kanako,” you answer as you make a hard land on the boulder. “Not a trick.” You watch from ground level as your opponent is hovering over the ground, the Onbashira pillars still attached to her back though they’re already showing signs of agitation. Either they’re affected by Kanako’s divine power, or they’re having life of their own, you can’t tell.

“You know, I don’t really like it when my opponent is plagued with handicap.”

You look up at her and see her flicking her fingers; you have naught an idea about what she’s doing until you’re lifted off the ground. It seems she’s using her divine power to bring you into suspended animation above the arena, and when she drops her hand you find yourself, to your very own surprise, floating. What in the name of Mother Russia did she just do?

“I used my divine power to grant you the ability to fly,” she speaks. “Easy there, soldier. It can be hard to zip around if you’re not used to it,” she reminds you.

“Why are you doing this?” you ask as you struggle to keep yourself steady.

Kanako laughs. “Why, I want this fight to be fair and square, of course!” she proclaims. “Be grateful I gave you the ability to fly! Would’ve been worse if I granted you with something else.”

You’d prefer learning the skill on your own (that you do), but at least you should thank her for the gift. “Do tell me how I should show my gratitude to you?” you speak.

Kanako snickers. “Why don’t you show me how well can you fight in this new condition?”

“Well then!” You quickly dash toward Kanako, not bothering to take a few shots at her first. You want to get acquainted with your newly acquired ability, so you first test your ability to whip out a physical attack. Your airborne roundhouse is deftly parried by Kanako’s arm, though she seems to be taken off-guard by the quickness of the attack.

“Looks like you’re already getting a hang of it quickly,” she speaks.

“Why, thank you for the compliment,” you speak. “But enough talk!!” You twist your body on an imaginary pivot and pull your blocked leg from Kanako, using it in a reverse roundhouse. Again it gets parried and in your negligence due to the blocked kick Kanako pushes you slightly apart and leaps over you, using your chest as a stepping stone to regain height. The force of the downward push sends you towards the ground but you quickly take flight before you crash.

“Artillery Sign 「Curtain of Flak」!!”

Again you unleash rains of flak around Kanako, combining the execution of the spellcard with your flight manoeuvre instead of being fixed in one location. Occasionally you dash skyward and stay overhead while your PKM-S continues spewing out lead at your target. This is working well, as you can see Kanako struggling to keep up with your pace. You continue your flight, keeping the trigger pulled until you’re almost exhausting the ammunition belt.

Kanako’s eyes narrow.

She extends her arm forward, and shows another confident, if not cruel-looking smirk as she points her hand out toward you.


The four Onbashira pillars diverge from one another, spreading out and surrounding you. You quickly turn around, one pillar just barely missing you as it flies past you, the mere force of the air it’s displacing as it soars being enough to push you back a little. Not given a chance to recover (and reload) you bend your body backward, letting another of the pillars to pass by you.


You look to the front. How did Kanako get near you this quick? Before you can react she delivers a stunning blow of her kick to your midriff. The force of the kick causes you to lose your shotgun and assault rifle, though somehow you manage to keep hold of your machinegun.

“Not going to let you win this duel, soldier.”

She grabs your dangling feet, spins in the air and tosses you towards the ground. Two of the pillars that you didn’t evade earlier chase after you and-


The first one slams its end directly into your back. A blunt pain spreads throughout your body, nearly paralyzing you. The pillar lets go off you after it’s struck you, just as the second pillar is coming into view and…


…hits you on the back. It was bad enough to be merely struck twice in a row, but it’s even more severe now that it’s sent you back toward the first pillar, which in turn hits you on the chest in a huge arc. The pain is almost unbearable, even after you switched to Armoured Mode moments before impact, and even so the damage is so great the battle suit starts failing.


Your faith is left dangling in the air as the two pillars are pinning you. It’s impossible to squeeze yourself out from between them, and you try to no avail shoving against the pillar pushing you from the front, what with the limited use of your hands you have. It’s not good; the pillars are now starting to squeeze you between them, and you can hear the sounds of your suit breaking down.

Looking up you see the snake goddess with her arms crossed, still smirking. With a flick of her hands, the other two pillars return to her position, and pointing down at you, ready themselves to fly down and finish you off.

[ ] Give it up. You’re checkmated, there’s no way you can win this fight.
[ ] You don’t believe in miracle, but desperate situation calls for desperate measure.
[ ] This fight is not over yet!

+ PKMS with HEI round (current ammo count: 5+200)
+ Saiga-12 with 00 Buck (current ammo count: 4+16; disarmed)
+ AN-94 Abakan (current ammo count: 30+90; disarmed)
+ Pilotka hat
+ Lucky charm
+ Sniper’s Sign 「Precision Shots」
+ Artillery Sign 「Curtain of Flak」
+ Counter Sign 「Operatsiya Uran」

*please see Status Check.
File 129022276332.jpg - (269.44KB, 900x800, 2c686bcbcba14b78bbe229848359917f.jpg) [iqdb]
STATUS CHECK (as of Yuri/Kanako duel)
Name:[/b Yuri Ivanov
Unit: Third Guards Rifle Division, Soviet Red Army
Allegiance: Soviet Union (may change)

Health: 85%
Magic: Limited
Stamina: High
Emotion: Focused on winning the battle

Basic Skills:
+ Basic Machinery I
+ Basic Danmaku I
+ Basic Leadership I
+ Outback Cooking I
+ Weapons Identification I
+ Spellcard Battle I
+ Night Warfare I
+ Diplomacy I
+ Flight

Intermediate Skills:
+ Firearms II
+ Urban Warfare II
+ Sniping II
+ Hand-to-Hand Combat II
+ Closed Quarter Combat II

Advanced Skills:
+ None.

Skills Pending:
+ Arctic Warfare (no, not the sniper rifle)
+ Camouflage

+ A water bottle.
+ A pair of boots.
+ Clean clothes.
+ Pilotka hat.
+ Lucky charm made from a Bf109’s 30mm shell.
+ A photograph of your regiment.
+ A bayonet.
+ A small diary.
+ Winter uniform.
+ Trench coat.
+ (currently equipped) Environmental Awareness Battle Suit Mark I

Primary Weapons #1:
+ Mosin-Nagant with PEM Scope. Bruises on its stock indicate past, violent melees.
+ PPsH-41 with Extended Magazine and Danmaku Refit
+ Dragunov SVU-AS with PSO-1 Scope and Danmaku Refit.

Primary Weapons #2:
+ PKMS with HEI round (current ammo count: 5+200)
+ Saiga-12 with 00 Buck (current ammo count: 4+16; disarmed)
+ AN-94 Abakan (current ammo count: 30+90; disarmed)

Secondary Weapons:
+ M1911A1 (ammo count: 7+14)
+ Colt .44 Magnum (ammo count: 6+12; wielded by Reisen)
+ (Pending) M79 Grenade Launcher.

+ Stun Grenade x1 (expended)
+ Vodka x1 (half-empty)
+ Fragmentation Grenade x2 (not used)
+ Smoke Grenade x1 (not used)
+ Molotov Cocktail x2 (not used)
+ Lighter x1

+ Sniper’s Sign 「Precision Shots」
+ Artillery Sign 「Curtain of Flak」
+ Counter Sign 「Operatsiya Uran」
+ (Pending) ???? (might be our wildcard, but I can’t tell much about it)

+ Danmaku Refit (weapon with this attachment equipped now fires danmaku ammunition regardless of type. Unlocks the Suppressive Fire perk for the particular weapon)
+ Aperture Sight.
+ Variable-zoom Sniper Scope.
+ Bayonet.
+ Extended Magazine (default attachment for PPsH-41 as Round Drum).
+ Rabbit Shield (frontal protection from danmaku attack. With Rabbit Shield equipped all weapons cannot be aimed down sight. Not applicable to secondary weapon, with the exception of shotgun)
+ (Pending) Tactical Knife
+ (Pending) Fore Grip

+ Suppressive Fire (comes automatically with Danmaku Refit; weapon gains automatic ammo replenishment, enabling prolonged suppressing fire to be done)
+ (Pending) Sleight of Hand
+ (Pending) Steady Aim

Team Members:
+ Kaguya Houraisan
+ Reisen U. Inaba
+ Tewi Inaba
+ Mariel Inaba
+ Tatyana
+ Kogasa Tatara

Potential team members:
+ Shanghai (and Hourai, maybe)
+ Comrade Fairies (Anastasia, Ekaterina, Sasha)
+ Hong Meiling

+ Eirin Yagokoro
+ Rinnosuke Morichika
+ Mokou of Fujiwara Clan
+ Marisa Kirisame
+ Reimu Hakurei
+ Yuyuko Saigyouji
+ Alice Margatroid
+ Suika Ibuki
+ Yuugi Hoshiguma
+ Captain Murasa Minamitsu
+ Byakuren Hijiri
+ Remilia Scarlet
+ Koakuma (love rival?)
+ Patchouli Knowledge
+ Youmu Konpaku
+ Suwako Moriya

+ Nue Houjuu (may change if situation permits)

Undetermined Relationship:
+ Yukari Yakumo (love-hate)
+ Rumia (tried to eat him once)
+ Wriggle Nightbug (???)
+ Keine Kamishirasawa (we don’t get to meet her often)
+ Anne Marie-Braun (we don’t even have the chance to meet her)
+ Shinano (???)
+ Flandre Scarlet (???)
+ Kanako Yasaka (opponent)
[x] This fight is not over yet!
[X] Fuck that, this fight is far from over.
File 129023950118.jpg - (72.51KB, 799x476, Volgin.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] This fight is not over yet!

[X] This fight is not over yet!

We need to close in, and 'hug' Kanako, maybe even using the force of her pillars against her.

+ Counter Sign 「Battle of Stalingrad」
Surrounded. Supressed. Starving. In these darkest hours, you learned what the Red Army was truly capable of.

[x] You don’t believe in miracle, but desperate situation calls for desperate measure.
+ Counter Sign 「Battle of Stalingrad」

I like that idea, even against all odds keep up the fight and wait for your chance to turn the odds.
People fail to realize the condition and morale of the Red army at that point and the wounded, yet still massive, army that stood in front of them. Not even Waterloo is a clearer turning point than that.

[x] Not yet! It's not over yet!
-[x]+ Counter Sign 「Battle of Stalingrad」
[x] Not yet! It's not over yet!
-[x]+ Counter Sign 「Battle of Stalingrad」
File 129030507389.jpg - (72.75KB, 799x475, de66995e58e79a81382c204b6a4bb04e.jpg) [iqdb]
The votes have been called. Please wait warmly.
File 129030586211.jpg - (1.86MB, 2000x1223, 33570f4fa9d2180b3a93e6918167ef71.jpg) [iqdb]
Background music:

[c] This fight is not over yet!
- [c] Counter Sign 「Battle of Stalingrad」


It’s not over yet.

It’s not a loss yet.

You can’t lose.

You cannot lose here.

You cannot afford to lose here.

With a groan, you wrap your arm around the pillar, awkwardly hugging it as best as you can without letting the machinegun fall from your hand. If it drops, then you’ll lose. If you lose, then you’ll disappoint your comrades. And you will not allow that to happen.

Raising your knees up, you tightly grasp the end of the pillar with your entire body, embracing it even close even as it continues to push up against the other pillar, grinding into your torso. You push against the strength guiding the pillar before you.

With all your strength-!!

The pillar budges just a little in the air, and with a tormented roar, you push past the physical limit of your body as you wrench the pillar aside.

It’s free.

You have broken the pillar from that goddess’ control.

You dart out of the way as the pillar behind you is free to move once more, wobbling as it lacks a counterbalance of force on the other side. Letting it brush by your side as you whirl out of the way, you dig your fingers into the wooden pillar and lift the pillar over your head, raising the other end into the air as you hug it around its thick base.

And you take aim at Kanako.

With a full squeeze on the trigger, the final rounds inside the belt are shot out of the machinegun and dart across the sky, aiming for her head. It must have brought Kanako into surprise because she’s now recalling the two pillars back at her in a rush.


Digging your fingers further into the pillar you’re holding, you hurl yourself towards Kanako, holding it tightly as you bring yourself closer towards your opponent.


With that yell you swing the pillar you’re holding onto at the wooden barrier Kanako has erected to deflect the rounds.


A deafening roar sounds as your improvised weapon meets against the two pillars. Multiple cracks run down the proud Onbashira in your arms, and after a pause, the wooden pillar explodes into countless splinters and pieces.

It has served its purpose.

With that same strike that destroyed the pillar in your arms, you broke the receivers into halves. You can see Kanako’s eyes widening in shock as fragments of the defensive barrier are falling apart before her.

You snicker.

Twisting your body in midair, you clamp your legs around Kanako’s neck and allow yourself to dive into the ground, taking your opponent along in a scissor takedown. A loud boom can be heard as both of you crash into the ground. It takes a great amount of time before anyone of you can get up, and it’s you who rise first from the crater formed during the impact.

“Captain, behind you!!”

You turn around. You don’t see it coming, and you only have seconds to react before the last pillar collides with your body. In one swift motion, you vault over the speeding pillar and stomp on it to propel yourself further upward. The pillar stops pursuing you and returns to Kanako, who herself has emerged from the crater.

You land back on the ground and reload the machinegun. To your frustration the receiver refuses to accept the belt feed; damn, it must have been damaged during the impact. You need to act fast because Kanako has already aimed the last pillar at you,

“Captain!!” You turn to the source of the voice and see Tewi holding your PPsH-41. “Catch!!”

You leap across the arena to catch the submachine gun just as Kanako tosses the pillar at your position. The pillar changes its vector and collides with you, and you’re sent rolling across the arena before you crash into the arena’s barrier.

“No one would expect to win against this goddess of war and survives,” Kanako speaks as she walks towards you in slow, intimidating pace. You struggle to get up, coughing out blood and other body fluids as you do. “Give it up, soldier, and I’ll let you go,” she utters. You ignore the offer and rise to kneeling position, and this causes the goddess to scoff at you. “Can’t you see how badly injured you are? Can’t you see how badly worried everyone is right now?”

Your mind lapses. Somehow, in the middle of the excruciating pain, you can see the ruins of the great square, and countless bodies of your dead comrades; German soldiers prowling the streets and shooting at any survivors; crows and maggots scavenging on the rotten flesh; the burning smell of metals, the anguish moans of incapacitated soldiers…


The hardship, the starvation, the suffering. Surrounded, suppressed, overwhelmed. The odds were stacked up against you. In these darkest hours, it was at this place that you learned what the Red Army was truly capable of.

“Someday, comrade, it will be our turn to bring this suffering to their homeland. Their land, their blood. Mark my words.”

This goddess probably thinks she’s already won. What she doesn’t realize is that she has committed a terrible mistake.

Her mistake is that she’s underestimating the might of the Soviet Red Army.

And you’re going to punish her for the mistake.

Closing your eyes, you tighten your clench on the butt-stock, while bringing your finger toward the trigger. “The might of the Red Army,” you murmur as you slowly lift the PPsH-41 off the ground. You struggle to keep your grip as you aim it at Kanako. “It is… it is…”

You whip out a spellcard.

“It is not just for show.”

You slap it on the receiver.

“Counter Sign.”

You grin.

“「Battle of Stalingrad」”

In a split second hundreds of danmaku rounds are shot at your opponent. Although it isn’t lethal (as danmaku battle isn’t supposed to kill its participants) the overwhelming amount of it means Kanako has hard time protecting herself from the bullet rain. It isn’t pretty, either, being nothing more than a display of raw, unadulterated power, but this is the strength of the defenders of the Motherland at its fullest.

You march forward, continually shooting more and more lead at the divine being without regarding the crippling pain on your body. Kanako has protected herself from the bullet hell with the help of earthly barrier, but you keep on the suppressive five. You have wiped off the smirk from her face, and she knows it.

“Fuck this shit!”

She slaps the barrier, and it shatters into multiple pieces that are hurled at you. You don’t falter and instead focus on shooting down the projectiles; when you look back at her she already has lifted the last pillar. With a mighty roar she tosses the pillar at you, with all the intention to crush you with its massive force. You jump over it and grab the paper talisman, getting dragged by the pillar as it zips across the arena. You manage to get it under control and guide it back at Kanako, all while your keep the bullets fired. She’s in shock, and so are the rest of the spectators.

You let go off the makeshift guide rope and jump off the pillar moments from impact. Another loud boom rattles the top of the Youkai Mountain, only because the pillar crashes into a stone barrier Kanako has raised in rush. The pillar, as well as the barrier, shatters like glasses into myriads fragments. You kick the air and propel yourself forward, winding up a knuckle behind your head.

“For Mother Russia!!”

Your fist lands into Kanako’s right cheek, just as her punch finds its way onto the left side of your face.

It’s another cross counter.

And it sends both of you tumbling across the arena. None of you make any attempt to recover from the rolling, and the momentum only comes to an end when you hit the protective barrier that separates the arena from the audience. For the second time in the evening the crowd falls silent, and everyone is in deep shock over the turnout of the event.

You’re the first to stand up. Blood runs off your lips and onto the battle suit, but you pay it no attention as you watch Kanako getting up on her feet, spitting into the ground what looks like a molar teeth. For a minute or two the two of you are staring at each other in complete silence, exchanging only hostile glares and unspoken rivalry.

Then she laughs.

“I can’t believe I’d be outclassed by a mere human!” Kanako speaks aloud as she covers half her face with her palm. “Oh, what a twist! I should have listened to Suwako’s advice and not interrupt her.”

You approach Kanako. She looks at you before she grins distastefully. “Go ahead. Laugh. Proclaim yourself as the winner. Declare your victory over this aging war goddess to the world,” she speaks.

“Well.” You offer her a handshake. “How about we call a ceasefire right now?”

Kanako shakes her head. “Even after I hit you many times with these pillars you still want to make peace with me?” She takes your hand and shakes it rather softly. “You’re weird.”

“It can’t be helped,” you utter. “For this little zaichata is tired, beaten up and needs to return to its lair before night falls.”

Your knees weaken. For a second you feel like the whole world is spinning around you. You feel yourself wavering on your feet before you lose your sense of balance and fall into the ground.

Oh, that’s right.

You forget that your body isn’t fully attuned to the nature of combat in Gensokyo yet.



You open your eyes. You find yourself lying inside a room, your body being covered in a warm mattress. A closer inspection reveals that you’re in the Moriya Shrine, and that you’re no longer donning the battle suit, being dressed up in simple kimono. The only thing that isn’t removed from you is your lucky charm, still dangling from your neck as it always is.

“Ah, you’ve waken up!” You turn to the voice and see Sanae and Nitori walking in. “I was worried that you’d stay unconscious for a few more hours, but thank goodness you didn’t,” the green miko says.

“Is my injury…” you utter.

“Your injury has been kept to minimum thanks to the suit’s damage regulator,” Nitori speaks. “It’s broken, though, and it’s going to take a few weeks, maybe a month, to restore it back to battle-ready condition.”

“I see; sorry for causing you much trouble,” you apologize.

“You’re kidding, right? You helped me collecting data for the suit’s further upgrade, how about that!” Nitori answers excitedly. “Well… yeah, you’re right about getting the suit fixed. The same goes to the arena, too, but it’s been taken care of, so don’t worry about it.”

You try getting up but the pain is so stinging you fall back onto the mattress. “You must not move too much,” Sanae reminds you.

“Yeah, you probably want to listen to her advice,” Nitori says. “But I have to admit: you could have yourself killed out there! Nobody I know could face up to her wrath and survive. And you suffered only a few fractured bones and extreme fatigue, on top of that! What are you made of, really?”

“Nitori, please,” Sanae pleads. “It’s not that Lady Kanako had intended to do him harm in the first place. She was just evaluating his strength.”

“Well, he should know that not everyone agreed with her method,” Nitori points out. “He was lucky he passed out and didn’t see his squad going into rampage.”

“Then I must apology to Mister Ivanov on her behalf,” Sanae speaks.

“Isn’t there anything I can do right now?” you ask.

“You could rest and let me attend your injury,” Sanae says. “Or you could ask the two of us to leave you in privacy.”

[ ] Ask them to leave.
[ ] Ask them to stay.

If vote #2 is chosen:
[ ] Ask them what’s taken place in your absence.
[ ] Ask them where your squad is.
[ ] Ask Nitori more about the weapon cache.
[ ] Ask Sanae if Kaguya’s doing alright.

Touhou Present:
+ Sanae
+ Nitori

+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 1745 hours
+ Location: Moriya Shrine

+ Lucky charm
[x] Ask them to stay.
[x] Ask them what’s taken place in your absence.
[x] Ask Sanae if Kaguya’s doing alright.
[x] Ask them to stay.
[x] Ask them what’s taken place in your absence.
[x] Ask them where your squad is
[X] Ask them to stay.
-[X] Ask them what’s taken place in your absence.
-[X] Ask Sanae if Kaguya’s doing alright.

This update. It's glorious!
[x] Ask them to stay.
[x] Ask them what’s taken place in your absence.
[x] Ask Sanae if Kaguya’s doing alright.
[x] Ask Sanae where your squad is.
[x] >>22778
File 129032239716.jpg - (56.50KB, 640x512, soviet.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Ask them to stay.
[X] Ask them what’s taken place in your absence.
[X] Ask Sanae if Kaguya’s doing alright.

Possible future vote: [X] Use PPSH as a chair.
File 129033858675.jpg - (483.03KB, 700x989, 7c82d4f2c3f56156636e5381ae2403b1.jpg) [iqdb]
>[X] Use PPSH as a chair.
>That picture.
I laughed, really.

Votes have been called, so please wait warmly while it's being prepared. And expect more bonding with Kaguya in the future.

Picture because I find this modern retelling of EOSD made of win and awesome. Pool: http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/2476
>“Someday, comrade, it will be our turn to bring this suffering to their homeland. Their land, their blood. Mark my words.”
You made good use of the write in.

Too bad votings already over.
File 129039411823.jpg - (449.47KB, 1200x792, 91300cb0c86686536e5c299dea8a315a.jpg) [iqdb]
Thank you~


[c] Ask them to stay.
[c] Ask them what’s taken place in your absence.
[c] Ask Sanae if Kaguya’s doing alright.

“Uhh… guys, you don’t mind if you two stay here for a while, do you?” you ask. “I need to ask both of you what’s happened in my absence.” You try sitting up, being helped by Nitori as she assists you in correcting your posture. “That’s much better. Thanks.”

“I don’t see any problem with it,” Nitori says and sits down beside you. “So! What kind of story you want to hear from us?”

“Us? You mean I have to tell him what’s going on, too?” Sanae asks.

“Hey, you’re involved, too,” Nitori replies. “Well, partially, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take responsibility.”

“I… oh, alright,” Sanae sighs in defeat and sits beside the kappa. “But where should we start?”

“Right from when he fainted?” Nitori suggests.

“Oh, alright then.” She lets out a small cough before she continues. “Like Nitori has mentioned earlier, your… squad went into a fit of rage moments after you fell unconscious. It took Miss Reimu and Miss Suwako a great deal of effort just to convince them everything was under control.”

“That bad?” you ask.

“Well, if you take three mad rabbits, an angry umbrella and a pissed immortal into account,” Nitori answers.

“At least Miss Reimu got them restrained,” Sanae adds. “God knows what will happen if they start an armed rebellion, since they got a Soviet officer as their…” The green miko shudders at the thought. “I’m sorry. I should be more careful with my mouth.”

“I don’t think he minds being called a revolutionary leader,” Nitori jokes.

“That’s all?” You’re curious, since you’d expect the commotion would lead to more.

“There’s Yukari,” Nitori points. “Man, you should be lucky to not stand in her way. She was pissed, like, was too pissed that her pissed eyes could pierce through the mountain.” You do hope this kappa is joking about Yukari being pissed.

“She was angry,” you say.

“Pretty much,” Nitori shrugs. “She was like ‘I’m cool, there’s nothing I can do to prevent a soldier and a war god from duking it out’ but I can tell from the way she was watching the duel.” She leans in and whispers to your ear: “I think she was really upset with the outcome of the battle, since she really wanted to see you winning it.”

“Why would she?” you ask.

“I don’t know, and she wouldn’t even let anyone know, too,” the kappa answers. “Well, I think she did speak to that ghost princess, but I couldn’t tell.”

“What happened to Kanako afterward?” you ask Sanae.

“She… she got reprimanded by Lady Suwako for interfering,” Sanae answers. “And by Miss Reimu for almost instigating another incident.” She giggles rather timidly. “I didn’t think I’d ever see Miss Kanako acting so childishly when those two were lecturing her. Oh, speaking of Miss Reimu, she said she wants to see you in person after you get better.”

“Why, if I may ask?” you inquire.

“I have no idea, to be honest,” Sanae answers. “But I believe it has to do with your spellcard abilities.” She puts her finger under her chin and gazes into the ceiling, almost as if she’s entering thinking mode. “Yeah, I think that’s what she told me.”

“I’ll think of it.” You groan when you feel your chest tightening, and Nitori is quick to give your back a few pats. “Thanks. I really appreciate it.”

“Man, I really envy you,” Nitori says as she proceeds to massage your stiff shoulders. “You’ve got yourself a dedicated team, and that’s not something you’d see often in Gensokyo.”

Somehow you can feel a tinge of pride budding inside of you. “If it isn’t for them, I’d still be crawling in this strange land blinded,” you speak. “I trust them as much as they trust me. That is the essence of the Soviet Red Army.”

“You’re still talking about it,” Sanae speaks. “Even when you know they cease to exist?” At the mention of ‘cease’ both of you turn to the shrine maiden, who is quick to establish her ground. “But this is year two-thousand-nine. USSR dissolved, like, two decades ago.”

“Still letting common sense getting the better of you, eh?” Nitori remarks. “But Sanae, look at him!” The kappa gives your shoulder a hard slap. “So long as this man lives the spirit of the Soviet Union shall live on! Am I right, captain?” Now where have you heard that remark before?

“Right.” You cough once, not wanting to see the conversation heading to another direction. “How is Kaguya doing, by the way? I assume she’s dead worried over me right now.”

“If you want to see her, I’m afraid…” Sanae trails off. “Let’s just say the princess needs to be left in privacy until she… cools off.” That’s a letdown; you wish you could consult her and apologize to her for the fuss you created.

“Too bad for you, eh?” Nitori speaks. “Because I for one surely want to root for you and the princess.” You look back at the kappa, who looks just as less amused as Sanae is. “Come on, captain! That girl likes you very much! You’d think she’d lead your squad into a rage without a reason, wouldn’t you?”

“As much as I hate to admit, Nitori really has the point,” Sanae says. “Even Miss Reimu agreed that Miss Kaguya has taken the liking in you.”

You find yourself at the centre of attention. You really want to avoid discussing about your feeling toward Kaguya, but Sanae and Nitori don’t seem to let you escape with it. “Oh, you’ve woken up already.” The three of you turn to the door and see Suwako standing there with arms folded. Thank goodness she shows up! “I was thinking to let you stay here for a night, but I guess there’s no need for that. Can you walk?”

“Yes, I think so.” You try getting up on your feet with great struggle, but you’re eventually standing upright. “Thanks for the concern.”

“Good. Follow me,” Suwako states. “Sanae, Nitori, you may come with us.” The three of you look among one another in uncertainty, and this causes the frog goddess to fume. “Why the hesitation? Your squad is already awaiting at the outside. They’re eager to see you back, you know.”

“At least you should let me dress up properly,” you utter.

“Right,” Suwako sneers. “Oh, I think I have something nice for you to wear. Wait here.” She leaves and reappears not a moment too soon, carrying a set of clothes in her arms. “Got this as an offering in the 1900s. I reckon it will look just as good on you just as it was to them.”

“Miss Suwako, isn’t that the kimono you showed me months ago?” Sanae asks.

Suwako laughs. “I know, Sanae, I know! My taste for fashion may be way too outdated, but seeing you fight valiantly back there reminds me of someone I had met a long time ago,” she speaks and puts the clothes in your arms. “Now, why don’t we all stay out and wait for him to dress up?”
It lasted over half an hour. You had problems adjusting yourself to the old clothes, more so since Suwako claimed it belonged to a famous swordsman who lived during the Meiji Era. You looked awfully funny in the kimono when you looked in the mirror, too. Having been dressed up as high-ranked army general, Shaolin monk, vampire hunter and assassin, you can’t help wondering if everyone you met so far has the intention of using you as their walking fashion model…

A few minutes later you walk out of the room to be greeted with a delighted smile from Suwako. “Told you it would fit, right?” she utters. “You’re missing the swords, though, but I don’t think that matters right now, right?”

“Can’t say anything about it, to be honest,” you shrug.

Suwako notions at you to follow her, so you and your companions follow the goddess to the outside. There you can see your squad gathering under the gate, talking to Kanako about something you wish you don’t have to know. At least Kaguya looks fine from up here, and she even sports her feisty smile as usual (though that may probably be a facade to cover her inner turmoil).

The snake goddess leaves them and heads back to the shrine when she stumbles across you. A shocked, followed by amused, look is present in her eyes when she sees you in the new outfit. “Don’t tell me Suwako made you wear this old uniform,” she utters.

“If it serves its purpose, why not?” Suwako answers before you can.

“Bah, I’m heading in,” Kanako speaks and walks into the building. “I swear to myself I need to get down and hibernate this winter.”

Suwako, her shrine maiden and the kappa escort you back to your squad. “Yuri! Thank god you’re alright,” Kaguya exclaims as she approaches you.

“Captain! You’re fine, aren’t you?” Kogasa and Tatyana ask. “And… what’s up with that outfit?”

“I see our captain here is pursuing the career of a part-time fashion model,” Tewi says. “Yeah, I’m totally fine with it.”

“You should get back to Eientei,” Suwako reminds you. “The longer we keep you held up, the longer it will affect our alliance with Eientei.”

“I know,” you speak. “And I’m… sorry for not able to settle our score properly.”

Suwako laughs. “You’re still worried about that? Oh, boy; that calls for a proper rematch in the future,” she says as she fixes the hat. “But I see what you mean; I too hate it when some slithering snake decides to interrupt my fun time.”

“I heard that!” Kanako shouts from behind the paper door.

“Oh, before you go back.” Suwako notions at Sanae and you watch in intrigue as the shrine maiden heads into the main building and returns with a fedora. “This will complement the samurai outfit like a pie,” she says. “Take it. Consider it a gift from this native goddess.”

You take the hat. “…thanks. It’s rather strange that I’d get… clothes and hat rather than ‘exotic’ treasure, but I appreciate it nonetheless.” You put the hat on,

“We better leave,” Tewi utters as she holsters the PPSh-41 on her shoulder. “I’m getting sick of this place’s atmosphere already.”

“Can we go now, captain?” Kogasa asks. “And I think I need to go back to Myouren Temple before dinner, too.”

You nod. “Yeah, I guess we should.” You turn to Kaguya. “Do you need to do anything else before we go?”

She shakes her head. “N-no, I’m fine. Please, lead the way.”

You turn back to Suwako and Sanae. With a quick salute you bid them farewell and walk down the stairways.
Having sent Kogasa to the Myouren Temple (and earned endless gratitude from the occupants) you and your squad arrive at Eientei. There was nothing to be spoken about during the return trip, and the atmosphere that enveloped everyone in the team was especially dull. Even Tatyana’s effort to lighten up the mood didn’t seem to work well, and Heaven knows if this was because of the vicious battle you and Kanako had fought.

“Well, if it isn’t the band of soldiers,” Eirin speaks as she greets you at the courtyard. “Welcome home, everyone. Had fun walking around the countryside?”

“We were, Miss Eirin,” Reisen utters.

“Would’ve been a lot more fun if you decided to join us,” Tewi adds.

“I know, Tewi, and I’m sorry for not spending more time with you guys.” Eirin furrows her eyebrows, as if she notices something amiss. It doesn’t take long before she chortles. “My, my~ what had you done to Kaguya?” she asks. “Didn’t I tell you not to turn a woman into succubus, Yuri? It’s dangerous for your own health~” she says. What the hell is she talking of, and what’s up with that playful grin?

“Cut that out, Eirin,” Kaguya interjects. “It was not by my own choice that I was given these clothes to wear.”

“But Big Sis, Kaguya looks cool in the succubus cosplay!” Somehow Tewi decides to play along with Eirin. “Too bad Big Bro only got one succubus dress to give, because I wanted to join rank with her.”

“Now, now, Tewi, I’m sure you’ll get yours in the future,” Eirin assures the earth rabbit.

“What’s for dinner? I’m hungry already!” Tatyana moans. “We haven’t eaten anything since we dropped by at the shrine!”

“We haven’t prepared the meals yet,” Eirin informs. “Of course, Mariel is at the kitchen as we speak, so my argument is invalid. Maybe she has cooked something in advance.”

“Yeah, a quick course won’t be detrimental to our health,” Tewi answers.

“I’m going back to my room. Inaba, please help me.” Kaguya heads back into the mansion with Reisen quickly following her footsteps. Tewi gives you a deadpan face before she grins and heads to the kitchen; Tatyana decides to follow her earth rabbit compatriot, leaving you at the courtyard with Eirin.

“Anyway… succubus? I assume you and the princess visited the scarlet devil’s mansion, yes?” Eirin asks.

“Well, yeah,” you answer. “it was the little devil’s idea to have Kaguya dress up as her, though. No idea why.”

“At least the princess had worn something other than her royal dress,” Eirin points. “And you seem to have your own fun trying new clothes. Never expected to see this coming from a Russian, to be honest.”

You grin sheepishly. “Not by my choice, actually,” you answer as you scratch the back of your head. “I get this feeling that everyone’s looking up at me as their mannequin.”

“That’s unfortunate for you,” Eirin speaks. “Because I’m certain you could learn some social skills from everyone here.”

“I can only hope so,” you sigh and sit near the pond.

“What’s wrong, Mister Ivanov?” Eirin asks. “This was your day out with the princess. At least that ought to make you happy.”

“I tried,” you answer and take off the fedora. “Things didn’t go as I had originally thought. Well, since it involved Kaguya more than anyone else.”

The pharmacist sits beside you. “What do you have in your mind?” she asks. “If you’re willing to let me know, I’ll be grateful to help you. If you don’t, well, it’s your loss.”

[ ] Write-in. Feel free to reflect what you have gone through along the day.

Squad line-up:
+ Kaguya (still dressed up in Koakuma’s outfit)
+ Reisen
+ Tewi
+ Tatyana
+ Kogasa

+ Meiji-era kimono (given by Suwako)
+ Fedora (given by Suwako)
+ Lucky charm

+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 1815 hours
+ Location: Eientei


I know the write-in for this one will take a few days to come out, so I'll leave the voting open for now until I decide which write-win wins my interest.
I got nothing for the time. If no one writes something before friday i will make a probably horrible one just to not let it stand here like that.
[x] What is "Love"?

Obvious jokes aside it might be nice to see what Eirin thinks about this.
File 129075259881.jpg - (587.88KB, 1000x1000, 25ef88e3a8646609db2a0c78eac6094d.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, you can start by asking whether we should really take our feeling toward Kaguya into consideration. I'll give you guys a few more days before I pick whichever write-in I see fit.
I'm not even sure if i'm on the right mind set but I hate seeing this story not get any votes as for this write-in. Also my memory is failing me right now so I don't now if we have already talked about this issue or not. But here goes nothing.

[x]Why and How Kaguya got so attached to us
[x]Also how your squad acted once we got KO'd
[x]What we should do to not sadden/or anger her(or are squad) anymore
[x](In an order that can flow right)

First time ever making a reply to a story so I have no idea if it was for better or for worse.
I'd make one about how the whole day went went, centered on Kaguya, but I have no idea how to word it.
File 129111985113.jpg - (662.88KB, 827x1169, 43e29d8ded82bb0ac2e8a3bad556a9fb.jpg) [iqdb]
I like this >>22859 but I'll wait for anyone to come up with better write-ins, or how to word it as >>22860 said.
File 129125701460.jpg - (206.09KB, 1000x976, 1aa68768245bbe1bdb0ac8519aef73a3.jpg) [iqdb]
You know what? I'll just use the write-in in >>22859 for the next update, so please wait.
File 129129877428.jpg - (675.73KB, 1280x800, cb04aff0521e700ccf43389edb97819a.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Write-in.
- [c] Why and how Kaguya got so attached to us.
- [c] What we should do not to sadden and/or anger Kaguya anymore.

Your mind comes with a name, and you speak it aloud without any second thought. “Kaguya.”

“Hmm? What’s about her?” Eirin asks.

“I… I don’t understand,” you say. “I know that she looks up at me very much, but the question is why?” You pause as to spin the fedora in your hands. “Moreover, everyone is… rooting for me and her, like we are officially a couple or something.”

“Now, now, Mister Ivanov,” Eirin utters. “You should’ve understood it by now. The princess likes you, obviously, and she’s putting all her efforts into making you pleased. The fact that you’ve teased her a lot won’t help you getting out of this problem.” She chuckles. “I think I like the idea of seeing you and the princess as a couple. That should help you with your social skill, if you like.”

“That’s not very helpful,” you retort.

“I’m very sorry for teasing you,” Eirin giggles. “But to be honest, Mister Ivanov, the true answer lies within you. For that, you’ll have to ask yourself in honesty.” She takes her time in running her fingers through the open end of her braid. “But don’t spend too much searching for the answer because I believe she’s waiting for your answer.”


The pharmacist giggles again. “And to think that the very man she’s been looking forward to live together with is… very unwilling to accept his new destiny. Maybe both of you should really go out together - and by together I mean just the two of you, no interruption from third party.”

“I’ll think of it.” You take a very deep breath. “Your answers still don’t help me much, and I suspect your intention behind your suggestion of me and Kaguya… going out for a date, but at least I can get some of the problem out of my head. Thanks for listening.”

“You’re more than welcome, Mister Ivanov,” Eirin answers. “So, what else you want to let this pharmacist know?”

“Nothing much, really,” you shrug. “Apart from trying Nitori’s newest gadget and finding myself pitted against the Moriya Shrine’s deities.” You groan once when you feel your shoulders aching. “Damn it still hurts. I should have my body treated quickly.”

“Well, you were pushing yourself too much during the battle with Kanako,” Eirin answers, causing you to look at her in intrigue. “That tengu journalist was very quick in getting the news printed and distributed around. You should be more aware of your own safety in the future; your squad went amok when you fainted at the end of the battle, and that almost caused us our alliance with the shrine.”

“Sorry,” you apologize.

“It’s alright,” Eirin says. “Your team-mates have the right to defend their leader. Udonge, of course, almost went as far as taking the problem into her own hand. Never thought that she’d show her less-known side.”

“What about her?” you ask.

“It’s… difficult to talk about her matters, really,” the pharmacist answers. “I only know that she fled the moon during the invasion, but that’s all she would tell me.”

“Maybe I should talk with her about it,” you say.

“Maybe you should,” Eirin says.

Your intention to extend the conversation is interrupted by Reisen showing up behind you. “Mister Ivanov, Miss Eirin, dinner will be ready in one hour. Would you like to do anything beforehand?”

You look at Eirin, who in turns smiles. “I don’t know; maybe our Red Army officer here has a suggestion to consider,” she says.

You shrug. “I guess I could go for another bath after this,” you say. “I smell like I had taken a ride across the steppe for days and then wrestled an old bear at the end of the trip. Clothless.”

“Captain,” Reisen calls you.

“What is it?” you ask.

“Don’t say such a thing!” she protests. “You aren’t a superman! How can you ride a horse and wrestle a bear afterwards while you’re… undressed?!”

“Have you seen normal people doing that under normal circumstances?” You snicker when you notice the moon bunny blushing. “Well, I should remind you that people at my place would swim in frozen lake for the heck of it, and that they’d do it naked,” you utter. “What’s the problem with that?”

Reisen fumes over the remark. “It’s… it’s so lewd, that’s what!”
The night is full of activities you find amusing, if not strange at first. First Mokou and Keine showed up during the dinner, the former demanding that they be treated with the same menu you and Kaguya were having. Then Tewi dragged Reisen into dancing the Kazachok and the earth rabbit even challenged you to join them in the dance. You couldn’t refuse the offer and issue the diners your own challenge: whoever drank the most and danced the Kazachok the longest without passing out would win. Of course, Kaguya taunted Mokou to take the challenge and the immortal girl angrily accepted the challenge and joined the dance troupe. In the end, you were declared winner after outlasting the rest of the competitors and were awarded with a congratulatory kiss from Mariel (much to Kaguya’s resent). After that you brought everyone into drinking vodka with you, and you even made Eirin drink with you under the table and outlasting the pharmacist to your own shock.

Eventually you grow tired of the party so you excuse yourself and head outside. Snow has fallen down, and the chillness of the night is seeping into your bone. You can deal with this, since you’re used to walking the Siberian winter. You can hear the rest of the people hollering in excitement inside the house, singing in gibberish. You want to avoid the noise so you head to the courtyard and stand under a tree.

“Thought you’d stay indoors.”

You turn around and see Kaguya approaching you. “I wouldn’t say that’s a party. It’s more fun when we have lots of people in it, and sadly there aren’t many.”

“I can see that,” Kaguya answers and takes her spot beside you. “So! I guess we had fun walking around Gensokyo. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah, it would have been a tour if we weren’t sidetracked by the invitation,” you answer. “I had been thinking of asking you to take me somewhere more exotic.

“But it was your opportunity to make friends with everyone,” Kaguya states. “And you even learned to fly! That’s nice; both of us can travel around by air after this and not having to worry about walking the earth.”

“I’d rather learn new skills on my own, thank you,” you answer.

“I know,” she speaks. “Well… what do you think?”

“What do I think of what?”

“Yuri, you’re being silly again, aren’t you?” she chuckles. “What do you think of staying at Eientei? You don’t have to think of walk into the battlefield everyday, you can sleep all day long without having to worry of getting sniped, and best of all.” She pauses, and you can hear a soft chuckle coming from her. “You have your own team! Three rabbits, a moon princess and an umbrella! Isn’t that cool?”

“I… I don’t really know,” you answer. “Well, I am happy that I no longer have to fight the Germans, but that would be unfair to my comrades who have sacrificed their lives for the Motherland.”

“But what if they sacrificed themselves to make sure you come home in one piece?” Kaguya asks. “I’m sure you’d appreciate the sacrifice they had done just for you, wouldn’t you?”

You turn around. To your shock Kaguya has hurled herself at you, and is pushing you onto the snow. You try to move only to be pinned on the ground as Kaguya sits atop of you. “Uhh… Kaguya, what are you doing?” She says nothing, choosing to place her hands on your chest and stare at you.

“Do you have any idea how scared I was when you passed out?” she asks.

“Uh… I didn’t?” you answer. “You were? I… I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“Don’t apologize to me,” she replies harshly. “Yuri, you’re… you’re an idiot!” She hits you on the chest with her knuckles. “You never wanted to think of your own safety! Don’t just apologize to me and tell me everything’s going to be alright…!” she cries.

“I thought you wanted me to win back then,” you say.

“What’s the use of victory if you can’t come home safely?” she retorts and clenches the clothes in her hands. “Damn it, Yuri. Why must you risk yourself for me? It’s not that I’m going to betray you and go for someone else!”

“I did whatever I could to win the duel, and you were upset?” you ask.

“Of course I WAS upset!” she replies. “Why did you think I’d be angry at Kanako for not calling off the duel and just letting you go?”

She stares at you, and you return the stare. Before you know what’s happening next Kaguya presses her lips against yours and proceeds to kiss you. She pushes you down into the snow, and your struggles only seem to encourage her as she deepens the kiss. You feel her pressing herself against you, and for a while you’re alarmed when you can feel rather than hear her moaning into your mouth. This situation is very disturbing, and you want to get out of it before you’re compromised. Yet you feel your body and limbs numbing, with the princess holding onto you there’s nothing you can do but to let her express her emotion as she wishes.

The kisses break off, and you find yourself gasping for air. You stare at Kaguya, who’s as blushed as you’d expect. “I’m not going to let you harm yourself again, I swear,” she murmurs and rests her face against the crook of your neck. “I swear to God I…” You stay immobile as she goes to mumble under her breath, shuddering when you feel her nipping lightly against your neck.


“What is it?”

“Hold me.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Just hold me. Please.” There’s a strange sadness coming from her voice at the end of the sentence, and you can do naught to object to her. So as slowly as you can you gather her in your arms and embrace her, holding her as close as you can. You wait, hoping that she’d say anything about it, but she doesn’t. You feel her pressing her right cheek on your chest, and the smoothness of her hair is almost ticklish to your nose. She feels so soft and warm, but…

It’s only when she’s completely quiet you take a peek on the princess.

She’s fallen asleep.

Staring at her face, you can’t help feeling sorry for her. You almost wish you could apologize to her sincerely, but for some reason you just can’t.

[ ] Try waking her up. If that doesn’t work…
[ ] Stay wherever you are and keep holding her. Kaguya needs you, and you obviously need her, too. And pray that nobody is interrupting (or taking a snapshot/peeking behind a gap).
[ ] Take Kaguya in your arms and head to yourher room.

+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 2025 hours
+ Location: Eientei
[x] Take Kaguya in your arms and head to her room.
Put her into her bed, put the blanket over her and give her a good night kiss on the forehead. And maybe say something like Good Night my Princess in russian.
[X] Take Kaguya in your arms and head to her room. Then pull up a chair next to the bed and get comfy.
It quite chilly outside and considering her actions towards us it would be really bad if we just put her in bed and then left.
[X] Take Kaguya in your arms and head to her room.

This is adorable.
[x] Stay wherever you are and keep holding her. Kaguya needs you, and you obviously need her, too.
The second part of this vote makes me believe that this will help our character to accept and reciprocate Kaguya's love.
[X] Stay wherever you are and keep holding her. Kaguya needs you, and you obviously need her, too.

C'mon Yuri, this is paradise compared to the cruel winters of the motherland! And do not worry about Kaguya, she will be warmed by the fire in your heart for your comrades.
[X] Stay wherever you are and keep holding her. Kaguya needs you, and you obviously need her, too.
[x] Stay wherever you are and keep holding her. Kaguya needs you, and you obviously need her, too.

God Damn. I'm really surprised that my write-in was actually serviceable for the story. But no matter!

[X] Stay wherever you are and keep holding her. Kaguya needs you, and you obviously need her, too.

Yuri needs to understand that Kaguya loves him, and he better not pull the A-soldier-cant-find-love-on-the-battlefield thing.
[x] Take Kaguya in your arms and head to her room.

Too many tengu out here. Let's be lovey dovey inside.
[┼] Stay wherever you are and keep holding her. Kaguya needs you, and you obviously need her, too.
[X] Take Kaguya in your arms and head to your her room.

Strong Bad: Can't wait to see me a flippy-floppy!
File 129161308538.jpg - (208.84KB, 800x1130, 342d1589e34b249cbad760667c093c69.jpg) [iqdb]
It's a close call, but holding Kaguya wins by just one vote. Writing update now.
File 129177901525.jpg - (143.85KB, 540x690, 09185195375fb78158cde1f90058c24c.jpg) [iqdb]
Update is on the way. Please wait.

Picture not related.
File 129178077444.png - (50.06KB, 610x617, b143b98b2254e849288fe6532175347c.png) [iqdb]
[c] Stay wherever you are and keep holding her. Kaguya needs you, and you obviously need her, too.

You really don’t know how to react. Never before in your whole service with the Soviet Red Army would you encounter such significant experience, and you find yourself standing in the middle of a crossroad. On one side is the Motherland, whom you have sworn your body and soul to her cause; on another side is Kaguya, whose sincerity towards you is something you find very hard to cope with. You’d be lying to yourself if you aren’t afraid of loving ger, but at the same time you’re not sure of how to return Kaguya’s feeling.

Oh well. At the very least you should stay wherever you are and keep holding Kaguya. She needs you, and you, whether you like it or not, obviously need her. So you lie down on your back, cushioned by the coldness of the snowy ground; you position yourself so that Kaguya is resting comfortably on you, and you’ll make sure she will be warmed by the fire in your heart for your comrades.

The snow keeps falling from the sky. The night is getting darker by the minutes, but you don’t care. You don’t care whether people are watching at this scene, and you don’t care if you’re going to fall asleep outdoor. What’s important for you is that you want to cuddle Kaguya in your arms and not having to think about the world around you.

Yeah, you could really do this everyday.



“Well, what do we have here?”

You open your eyes. You find yourself staring at Mokou, and she doesn't look amused nor she is upset. She’s just… staring at you. “Uhh… did I oversleep?” you ask.

She kneels next to you. “For one hour, I think. You missed the second round of dinner and the party, but I don’t think that matters right now.” She points at Kaguya, who is still sleeping peacefully on you. “Lucky you to be the one man she wants, bro. I envy her. Very much.”

You get off your back and sit on the ground, with Kaguya firmly held in your arms. “What does that suppose to be?” you ask as you softly run your hand through the silky strands of her hair.

“We need to talk,” Mokou says. “Come with me, but don’t take her with you. This matter is best discussed when my… mortal enemy isn’t with us.”

[ ] Don’t follow Mokou. You still want to be with Kaguya.
[ ] Follow Mokou and make sure Kaguya doesn’t know about this.

+ Date: November 3rd
+ Time: 2125 hours
+ Location: Eientei

Touhou Present:
+ Kaguya (sleeping with us)
+ Mokou
[┼] Follow Mokou
-[┼] Place Kaguya back inside and/or get someone to take her to her room first.

This has probably been asked before, and I mean no offense, but English isn't your first language, is it?
[X] Follow Mokou

[X] Don’t follow Mokou. You still want to be with Kaguya. Tell her we'll definitely talk with her later.
[x] >>22938

This, just leaving her somewhere will lead to questions and jumped conclusions.
[X] Don’t follow Mokou. You still want to be with Kaguya.

It can wait.
[X] Don’t follow Mokou. You still want to be with Kaguya. Tell her we'll definitely talk with her later.

I got a feeling that Mokou is gonna tell Yuri about the sad truth about immortality....

She still lies in the snow, waiting for her time...Isn't it sad, Sacchin...?
[X] Don’t follow Mokou. You still want to be with Kaguya. Tell her we'll definitely talk with her later.
[x] "Mokou, what kind of man would be if I left Kaguya here, alome in the snow? I'll glady hear what you have to say, but either say it here, or wait until tomorrow"
File 129222201895.jpg - (356.48KB, 1000x716, 4fe1f66fe698a33ede1e571c23a9c15f.jpg) [iqdb]
>English not being first language
Sadly, you're right on that matter. Any suggestion to improve my language?

>She still lies in the snow, waiting for her time...Isn't it sad, Sacchin...?
Why you do this? ;_;

Alright, folks. The vote has been called, and I apologize if the update takes longer than it should be.
>Any suggestion to improve my language?
The easiest one, and what I use whenever I write anything, is simply reading it aloud and correcting the parts that sound awkward until it reads clearly & comfortably.

It's recommended that you have someone else with a good understanding of English read it (reading it aloud works here too) and point out where it sounds awkward.

The brain has a habit of, if you're not explicitly watching for them, correcting errors as you read and, as the author, you know what you intended and makes it even more likely that you will overlook any errors or awkwardness.
File 129229570879.jpg - (154.19KB, 640x640, 042e8261bf1edd81b3ef6d81a02c8424.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, I can get myself a proofreader but the thing is I can't find myself any (at least, at my place). Being the only one in my whole family who can speak and write English doesn't help, too, but I don't want to complain about it. I should ask anyone here (or at the IRC) as my proofreader if anyone likes helping this writefag.

Anyway, I think I'll have to postpone writing my stories as I feel very depressed and I can't concentrate on even starting the first paragraph. Sorry, folks, but I'll continue writing once I feel better.
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things turn around soon.

If you decide to try out a proofreader feel free to drop me a line. I check this address every few days since it's not my personal account.
File 129230496111.png - (372.49KB, 800x1202, 14d11a8ef7c8ce7dee79f26f6c51d065.png) [iqdb]
Will do. Thanks.
I'm also willing to help out any way I can.
File 129236622942.jpg - (1.59MB, 1200x1600, 5dd13b5eb9b678a60e6729e934028c42.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't help youwith any proofreading but it is christmas and some time with your family and friends will give you the energy that is needed to feel better again. I wish you a great Christmas.
File 129237668527.png - (381.66KB, 500x721, 7391bd80434cd19db890fbd99d0f6266.png) [iqdb]
I just realized that it's almost Christmas, so yeah, maybe I should use the time to relax and take it easy. I may not be around on that day, though, so merry early Christmas to everyone in TH-P.
File 129239117518.jpg - (317.59KB, 723x1022, 6612560.jpg) [iqdb]
If you're looking for a proofreader, I am certain one of the folks on the IRC channel would be willing to help you. I'd offer my help, but I have this nasty habit of lapsing into hour-long in-depth analyses of grammar, style, composition and what have you, which isn't something most people appreciate.
Either way, taking it easy is a good idea, and remember - we're here for you, so don't be afraid to request a hand when in need.


I did want to point out those quirks you wrote with, but I didn't know how to do so without coming off as asshole-ish...

>Why you do this? ;_;
Because I miss her too SATA, and Alek as well ;-;
PaperBoy, where did you go ;-;
Also, I wonder if Russianon is reading this story....?
File 129282691789.jpg - (139.66KB, 650x493, db7cfa383dcb9504e3dd355a25807257.jpg) [iqdb]
I got this chance to complete Day Six before I'm off for Christmas day-off, so please wait warmly while the update's being prepared.
I don't know about Russianon, though, but I definitely missed Sacchin and Alek ;_;


[c] Don’t follow Mokou. You still want to be with Kaguya.

“I appreciate your intention, Mokou, and I thank you for that,” you say. “But I don’t think I want to leave her out here in the cold, so you don’t mind if we talk about this someday? You know, when the circumstances aren’t against us?”

Mokou snickers. “Don’t worry about it, bro, I don’t mind waiting,” she says. “Besides, both of you need to hold each other like this a lot. Yeah, I can live with seeing this every day.”

You find yourself blushing over the remark. “…thanks.”

Mokou bids you farewell and leaves Eientei. You focus back on hugging Kaguya, keeping the girl as close to you as you can. You occasionally brush the snow that’s gathering on her scalp and shoulders while positioning her so that she won’t get wet by the snowy ground. You feel her stirring up in your arms and look down at her, noticing that she’s staring at you in her dreamy eyes.

“…did I hear Mokou a while ago…?” sleepily she asks.

You smile and brush your lips upon her hair. “You were just dreaming.” She makes a soft sighing noise and closes her eyes again. “Do you want to go to your room now?”

“…I’d rather stay outside with you,” she murmurs and buries her face beneath your clothes. “Besides, you feel so warm and comfy, I like it…”

You gently tighten the embrace around her. She sighs happily when you do that and curls herself up in your arms. You’re trying to get warmed up, and almost as if on cue Tewi, Tatyana and Tesla show up, bunching up around you and snuggling deep into you, dispelling the frigid atmosphere. “Soldiers of the Red Army always stick together, aren’t they?” Tewi asks.

You smile. “Yes, we always are.”

You huddle up with each other and soon fall asleep. It may be cold out here, but with the combined warmth of the rabbits on you, your heart for your comrades and - perhaps - your feeling towards Kaguya, you can live with this.



So we've reached the end of Day Six, and I think our journey has almost reached its end. If nothing else gets in the way, Day Seven will be LSL's last day to wrap up what we've gone through in our quest to win Kaguya's trust, that is. A question, though: is it alright if I time-skip to December (for this story, at least)?
>A question, though: is it alright if I time-skip to December (for this story, at least)?

In time for the holiday cheer? Go right ahead.
>"A question, though: is it alright if I time-skip to December (for this story, at least)? "

Sure no problem Bro Enjoy your holiday!
>"A question, though: is it alright if I time-skip to December (for this story, at least)? "

Sure thats fine.

Enjoy your time with Friends and Family, Serial! And Happy Holidays to you!
File 129341821355.jpg - (78.75KB, 1024x768, f2ce2bb0dee0c477e0a9486e6badffb5.jpg) [iqdb]
Update is on the way, and Merry Christmas to everyone. Here's our status update.


Name: Yuri Ivanov
Rank: Captain
Unit: Third Guards Rifle Division, Soviet Red Army
Allegiance: Soviet Union (may change)

Health: 95%
Magic: Medium
Stamina: High
Emotion: Now relaxing in the spirit of holiday

Basic Skills:
+ Basic Machinery I
+ Basic Leadership I
+ Outback Cooking I
+ Night Warfare I
+ Diplomacy I
+ Flight I
+ Camouflage I
+ Arctic Warfare I

Intermediate Skills:
+ Firearms II
+ Urban Warfare II
+ Closed Quarter Combat II
+ Danmaku II
+ Weapons Identification II
+ Spellcard Battle II

Advanced Skills:
+ Sniping III
+ Hand-to-Hand Combat III

Skills Pending:
+ none

+ A water bottle.
+ A pair of boots.
+ Clean clothes.
+ Pilotka hat.
+ Lucky charm made from a Bf109’s 30mm shell.
+ A photograph of your regiment.
+ A bayonet.
+ A small diary.
+ Winter uniform.
+ Trench coat.
+ (not equipped) Environmental Awareness Battle Suit Mark I

Primary Weapons #1:
+ Mosin-Nagant with PEM Scope. Bruises on its stock indicate past, violent melees.
+ PPSh-41 with Extended Magazine and Danmaku Refit
+ Dragunov SVU-AS with PSO-1 Scope and Danmaku Refit.

Primary Weapons #2:
+ PKMS with HEI round (current ammo count: 100+200)
+ Saiga-12 with 00 Buck (current ammo count: 8+40)
+ AN-94 Abakan (current ammo count: 30+180)

Secondary Weapons:
+ M1911A1 (ammo count: 7+14)
+ Colt .44 Magnum (ammo count: 6+12; wielded by Reisen)
+ M79 Grenade Launcher.

+ Stun Grenade x2
+ Fragmentation Grenade x3
+ Smoke Grenade x1
+ Molotov Cocktail x4
+ Lighter x1

+ Sniper’s Sign 「Precision Shots」
+ Artillery Sign 「Curtain of Flak」
+ Counter Sign 「Operatsiya Uran」
+ Counter Sign 「Battle of Stalingrad」

+ Danmaku Refit.
+ Aperture Sight.
+ Variable-zoom Sniper Scope.
+ Bayonet.
+ Extended Magazine (default attachment for PPSh-41 as Round Drum).
+ Rabbit Shield.
+ (Pending) Tactical Knife
+ (Pending) Fore Grip

+ Suppressive Fire
+ Sleight of Hand
+ Steady Aim

Team Members:
+ Kaguya Houraisan
+ Reisen U. Inaba
+ Tewi Inaba
+ Mariel Inaba
+ Tatyana
+ Kogasa Tatara

Potential team members:
+ Shanghai (and Hourai)
+ Comrade Fairies (Anastasia, Ekaterina, Sasha)
+ Hong Meiling

+ Eirin Yagokoro
+ Rinnosuke Morichika
+ Mokou of Fujiwara Clan
+ Marisa Kirisame
+ Reimu Hakurei
+ Yuyuko Saigyouji
+ Alice Margatroid
+ Suika Ibuki
+ Yuugi Hoshiguma
+ Captain Murasa Minamitsu
+ Byakuren Hijiri
+ Remilia Scarlet
+ Koakuma (love rival?)
+ Patchouli Knowledge
+ Youmu Konpaku
+ Suwako Moriya
+ Kanako Yasaka (formerly opponent)

+ Nue Houjuu (may change if situation permits)

[]Undetermined Relationship:[/b]
+ Yukari Yakumo (love-hate)
+ Rumia
+ Wriggle Nightbug
+ Keine Kamishirasawa
+ Shinano
+ Flandre Scarlet
+ Anne Marie-Braun (main focus of Day Seven)
File 129341861031.jpg - (126.84KB, 900x605, 9eaf782d881007241b23025d1cd45842.jpg) [iqdb]
Day Six Overview

Yuri Ivanov, a Captain-ranked soldier in the Soviet Red Army, received invitation to a military exhibition held at the Moriya Shrine. Before he could attend the event he and Kaguya went for a shopping trip around Gensokyo that led him to being used as a living mannequin. During their stopover at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Yuri had the opportunity to meet the Scarlet Sisters, the aircraft carrier youkai Shinano, and love rival in Koakuma. As they finally arrived at the Moriya Shrine, Yuri had to accept the native god Suwako’s challenge, and barely survived a vicious duel with the war god Kanako.

As he was recovering from the ordeal, Yuri began to think about the feeling he harboured for Kaguya…

// loading… //

// December 20th, Eientei //

It has been over a month since the spellcard duel between you and Kanako. You had used the time to improve your fighting skills, and with the help and support of Kaguya and the residents of Eientei, you’re able to grasp the skills necessary for your survival in Gensokyo. You also had the opportunity to test your combat capabilities against some of the region’s “seasoned veterans” and although you lost most of the duels it was, among all, a precious experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Right now, though, your peaceful morning slumber is disturbed by all sorts of noise outside your room. You try shutting out the annoying disturbance by burying your face underneath the pillow but it keeps getting louder and louder. It doesn’t help that you feel extremely cold, even after you’ve covered yourself with multiple layers of blanket. Goddamn it, when will you ever get your moment of peace?

[ ] Wake up and check the commotion.
[ ] Continue sleeping, and pray that the disturbance will eventually leave you.


Well, this is Day Seven, and hopefully this will be the final day in our journey as a little soldier lost in Gensokyo.
[X] Wake up and check the commotion.
[x] Wake up and check the commotion.
[x] Wake up and check the commotion.
[X] Wake up and check the commotion.

I forget. Did we use all our 40mm, or did we not get any in the first place?

Also, [X] Remember to upgrade the M79 with an M32
AH EM WELDING DIS DOAH But seriously, it's an upgrade

>+ Koakuma (love rival?)
YES.Or an uh-oh?
File 129343527617.jpg - (132.47KB, 500x600, 8b8e79f8159b9aa2c1132a7731437327.jpg) [iqdb]
>I forget. Did we use all our 40mm, or did we not get any in the first place?
Let's assume that we use some, if not all, of the 40mm ammos during the one-month skip.

>[X] Remember to upgrade the M79 with an M32.
You mean Milkor MGL, right?

>Koakuma (love rival?)
>YES.Or an uh-oh?
I'm sure most of us here don't mind having Koakuma as a love rival.
[x] Wake up and check the commotion.
Rise and shine, rise and shine.
Perhaps not usually, but with this story, it's all about Kaguya.
Yesh, M32 Milkor MGL "Sixpack"

Who's to say we can't like the little devil as well~
File 129377927028.jpg - (139.69KB, 468x609, e7a0c25234b8d450e9cc7a7384230951.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, calling for the vote. Writing update.

Here's a little devil for you. Yeah, this is gonna lead to an interesting Koakuma moment.
I hope no excess drama is created.
[x] Wake up and check the commotion.
File 129591979097.jpg - (425.74KB, 1024x768, 1134d76f828efe34bb186bdcab780abd.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Wake up and smell the ashes check the commotion.

You can’t stand it, the chaotic noises outside your room. So with all your strength you kick the blanket off your body, get up from the seductively warm mattress and head to the door. “Alright, people, someone will have to explain to me what in the name of Mother Russia is going on,” you demand.

“Good morning, Yuri,” Kaguya greets. “We’re just getting ready for our year-end party.”

You furrow an eyebrow at the crowd. “Seriously, you guys look like you’re going to prepare the trenches instead.” The commotion stops, and everyone in the hallway is staring at you in confusion. You can only laugh and point to the shovel Kaguya’s carrying. “Come on, no one would ever go to a party with shovel and axe.”

“But captain, this is a party, a Christmas party!” Tatyana exclaims and jumps onto your shoulders. “You can’t say no to a party! We want you to take part in it!”

“And we need every piece of help we can get to secure its success,” Tewi says and exchanges fist jab with you. “How’s it going, captain? Ready to even out the score tally?”

“You tell me,” you reply.

Tewi laughs. “Surely you have planned something in advance to avenge your losses in spellcard duel, no?” she utters.

“I’m not in the mood for a rematch, thank you,” you tell her. “I need to get enough rests before I can even start anything.”

“Come on, captain! What’s the fun in waiting for challenges to come at you?” Tewi says with a smirk. “You know you can become a victor by just sitting down and doing nothing. You have to be proactive and seek for the challenges.” You stare at the white rabbit, who merely chuckles at the response you’re giving. “Well?”

“Tewi, I need help over here!!” you hear Reisen shouting at the end of the hallway. The white rabbit puckers her lips in disgust over the interruption and heads to Reisen’s place. You just watch at Tewi before you turn your attention to the rest of the people.

“Are you just going to stand there and do nothing?” Kaguya asks.

“What am I supposed to do when I don’t even know what to do?” you ask back.

“Well, you can start by taking this shovel and clearing the courtyard,” she says and gives you the shovel. “We’re going to have our Christmas party outdoor, because it’s more fun that way.”

“And what about you?” you ask her.

“I’ll help you!” she answers with a wink. “You think I’d let you do whatever you like without my supervision, wouldn’t you?”

“Right,” you sneer. “Then I suggest that you change your clothes – to the little devil’s dress.” You chuckle when Kaguya’s fuming at you. “What? Can’t take a little teasing, eh?”

“Yeah, right, especially when the one who’s teasing this lunatic princess enjoys the company of my love rival,” she grumbles. “I know you still keep her photo with you.”

“You mean that one picture where Koakuma had insisted that I let her join in it?” You laugh when she starts growling at you when you mentioned the succubus’ name. “You know I couldn’t afford to refuse her offer to be my partner in the photo; she even signed her name on it as a sign of gratitude.”

“You’re making me jealous, you know that,” Kaguya states.

“Oh? Has Mister Ivanov woken up?” You turn around and see Eirin approaching you. “Good morning to you. I thought you’d spend the rest of the morning underneath the blanket.”

“I would, if it wasn’t for these little leverets scrambling around like there’s an air raid or something,” you tell her. The rabbits around you start giggling; some even tell Tatyana to tug at your hair. “Cut it out, all of you.”

“You’re not fun, captain,” Tatyana mumbles.

The pharmacist chuckles. “That’s good for you, because I actually want to ask you a favour,” she says. “You know Christmas is just around the corner, right? Since you’re the only man in Eientei, I’ve been thinking of asking you to do some labour works. You know what I’m talking about, cutting down woods and hunting for food, things you would do back in your place.”

“But Eirin, Yuri’s a soldier, not a lumberjack,” Kaguya says.

“Just because he’s a soldier doesn’t mean he can’t do what a lumberjack usually does,” Eirin tells her. “Do I have to remind you again that Mister Ivanov here has lived most of his life in the Siberian wilderness? Surely he doesn’t mind doing something as mundane as collecting woods.”

“Like a married man would, huh?” you remark.

“Nicely chosen words, even though you and the princess haven’t been committed to each other yet,” Eirin chuckles. You feel your ear burning slightly in embarrassment; at the edge of your eyes you can see Kaguya trying to hide her flushed face from view. “So, Mister Ivanov, think you can do what it takes to support the entire family?”

“Let’s go, Captain! I want to collect woods for our campfire,” Tatyana exclaims.

[ ] Accept the job.
- [ ] Go alone. You know the backyard like it’s your second body.
- [ ] Bring a companion (choose ONLY one from the following):
-- [ ] Tatyana.
-- [ ] Tewi.
-- [ ] Reisen.
-- [ ] Eirin.
-- [ ] Kaguya.
-- [ ] Mariel (and Tesla).
[ ] Decline.
- [ ] Make up an excuse so that you can stay at home with Kaguya.
-- [ ] Then show her THAT picture of Koakuma and us.
- [x] Bring a companion (choose ONLY one from the following):
-- [x] Kaguya.

Time to show her how Russians cut lumber. If Yuri had a higher CHA stat I'd add in a bit where he assures her that Koakuma really isn't much of a rival to Kaguya. And the whole thing behind getting Kaguya an outfit like that wasn't so much something that Koakuma had but something that flatters Kaguya's figure.
[X] Accept the job.
-- [x] Tatyana.

Been too long since they last spoke!
[X] Accept the job.
-- [x] Tatyana.
- [x] Bring a companion (choose ONLY one from the following):
-- [x] Tewi
[X] Accept the job.
- [X] Bring a companion
-- [X] Tatyana.

She said she wants to come. How could you say no to her?
Kinda missed that part, though I think we should try to nip any doubts Kaguya has in the bud before they grow out of control.
[X] Accept the job.
- [X] Bring a companion
-- [X] Tatyana.
-[X] But Russianized.
File 129619303850.jpg - (45.82KB, 600x480, lumberjack_commandos.jpg) [iqdb]
>comments on MC being a lumberjack

I won't comment on that, haha.

Writing now.

File 129724092428.jpg - (71.73KB, 600x600, 691f9a41820dde092692b49c0bb7da8b.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Accept the job.
- [c] Bring a companion:
-- [c] Tatyana.

“Alright, I’ll go,” you tell Eirin. “It’s been too long since I last cut down trees for a living. I’m allowed to bring a partner, am I not?”

“Of course you can, Mister Ivanov,” Eirin answers, “but the princess has to stay.” In an instant Kaguya bursts in anger and starts yelling at Eirin, and you have to muffle your laughs even as she’s throwing her arms wildly at the physician. “But princess, a good housewife is supposed to stay at home and-”

Kaguya lunges at Eirin and covers the doctor’s mouth with her hand. “Eirin, enough with that!” she yells. “You may go, Yuri. Don’t worry about us, trust me!” she later tells you with a guilt-stricken smile before she drags Eirin to the kitchen. You and the rest of the earth rabbits just watch as the duo are bickering with each other.

“Too bad for you, eh captain?” one of the rabbits asks.

“Too bad for me?” you ask.

The rabbit looks up at you and smirks. “We kind of expected to see you teasing the royal highness, but who am I to say?” she says while shrugging her shoulders. “By the way, name’s Alexia. Pleased to meet you.”

“It’s an honour, Comrade Alexia,” you speak. “Right, I better go fetch my gear before I can start my work. Tatyana, Comrade Alexia, come with me. I might need some extra hands.”
You’re done with your preparation and are ready to begin your field work. You thought you would do just fine with axe and rope, but Tatyana and your newfound comrade insisted that you bring your weapons along. It’s as if you’re geared up for a wintertime military expedition, a fact that you have begun to consider the thing of the past. Well, you can’t just embrace the future and forsake the past, can you?

And now the three of you are at the courtyard. “Ready, everyone?” you ask while holding the PPSh-41 close to you. Tatyana and Alexia cheer. “I’ll look forward to working together with you both, so do our best, okay?” The rabbits cheer even louder, even as they follow your footsteps to the-

Hold on.

You weren’t given specific orders about where to start.

Rats. Now where should you head to first?

[ ] Bamboo Forest.
[ ] Forest of Magic.
[ ] Youkai Mountain.
[ ] Misty Lake.
[ ] Human Village.

Your current inventory:
+ Pilotka hat.
+ Winter uniform.
+ PPSh-41 w/ Extended Sight & Danmaku Refit.
+ Saiga 12 with 00 Buck (ammo count: 8+40).
+ M1911A1 (ammo count: 7+14).
+ Bayonet.
+ Steel axe.
+ Rope.
+ Spellcards x4

Author’s note: well, I just started my new job this week, and it’s going to affect my updating speed in one way or another, so yeah.
[x] Human Village.

At the very least we'd get info on what's some good spots.
[X] Forest of Magic.

Don't see why not
[X] Human Village.

>It’s as if you’re geared up for a wintertime military expedition, a fact that you have begun to consider the thing of the past.
Yuri of all people should know you can take the soldier out of the army, but you can't the army out of the soldier.
[X] Forest of Magic.

Looking for wood right?
[X] Bamboo Forest.

Brokou time?
[X] Forest of Magic.

File 12975172705.png - (26.75KB, 400x400, 81df12013ec48fea3910a81c80cbbcba.png) [iqdb]
Bamboo Forest (I)
Forest of Magic (III)
Human Village (II)

Calling for Forest of Magic, then. Writing.

File 129859879867.jpg - (642.80KB, 1131x1600, 0a3074310d3f808da31008d0dcac03c6.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Forest of Magic.

“Let’s go to the forest,” you tell your companions. “Our order is to collect firewood, isn’t it? We should collect as much wood as we can and return home before the households gets worried. If we’re lucky, we can find a pine tree, too.”

“Does that mean we’re in for some adventure?” Tatyana asks.

“You aren’t adventurous enough to even initiate one,” you answer teasingly.

Tatyana’s ears droop. “But that’s not fun at all,” she moans in protest.

With both of your comrades hitching a ride on your back you take the air route and head to the Forest of Magic. The snow makes flight difficult, and for the most of the time you have to make sure you don’t crash into the terrain or collide with anyone who might be on the same flight path. You manage to reach your destination safely, but in doing so you have lost precious time that could have been used to start your work early. As a result, you waste no time setting up base camp near a stream and laying out the details of the operation to your comrades.

“But we aren’t supposed to do this like it’s a military operation or something,” Alexia says matter-of-factly.

“I suppose you’re right on that matter,” you reply. “But we aren’t here to just look for any tree. We’re here to look for the best tree this land has to offer.”

“I don’t have any idea on what your plan will be, but whatever floats the boat, captain,” Alexia shrugs.

You walk down a small path that runs along the stream and arrive at a clearing. You notice that some of the trees have been cut down, indicating the presence of people. Looking around the area you can’t find anyone near or in the woods, but a noise that’s coming from behind one of the remaining trees catches your attention. You signal at your comrades to stay put while you approach the noise; the unmistakable female voices talking in Russian is a giveaway, and you have an idea on who the people are.

“Hey! It’s Captain Ivanov” The three fairies turn around, and a delighted grin creeps across their face as you notice. Hurriedly they gather around you, and you can’t help asking them whether they have something to do with the fallen trees. “Mistress Remilia assigned us to find a pine tree for her upcoming Christmas party,” Ekaterina answers. “Everyone else has their hands full at the mansion, and we’re the only who’s unoccupied so to speak.”

“I don’t see why you’re looking for pine tree here, though,” you say.

“Well,” Ekaterina utters and brandishes a tool that looks like a steel blade attached to a handheld motor; Anastasia and Sasha also show you theirs. “We thought we could practice our tree-cutting skills here first before we go elsewhere.” Her smile turns goofy. “Well, we know it’s kind of weird to see fairies carrying chainsaw, but hey! We’re Russian, and we’re very proud of our heritage! Aren’t you, captain?”

“Actually, what brings you here?” Anastasia asks. The fairies get spooked when Tatyana and Alexia jump at them, almost dropping their tools into the snow. “Oh, stop giving us heart attack, you rascal!” she barks.

“But that’s what we’re trained for,” Alexia and sports a V sign. “The name’s Alexia.”

“I’m Tatyana!” Tatyana speaks aloud.

“And we’re bunnies,” Alexia says as the two of them make a back-to-back pose.

The fairies are not amused with the antics. “We can see that, duh!” Ekaterina scoffs. Sasha tucks at Ekaterina’s sleeve and whispers to her ear. “Ah, yes! We almost forgot,” she utters. “For your information, captain, we’re actually running short of human resources, if you will. Will you help us?”

“Of course we will help!” Alexia answers. “Soldiers of the Red Army always help each other in easy and hard times. Right, captain?”

You’re reluctant to answer the question, but the way these fairies are staring at you, as if they really want you to help them. On top of that, they’re your fellow countrymen, how can you possibly say “No” to them?

[ ] “Of course! I can’t possibly turn down my comrades, can I?”
[ ] “Actually, the three of us here have our own work to worry of.”

+ Yuri
+ Tatyana
+ Alexia
+ Ekaterina
+ Anastasia
+ Sasha

Date: 20th December
Time: 07:50 hours
Location: Forest of Magic


sorry for the delay.
[X] “Of course! I can’t possibly turn down my comrades, can I?”

The Red Army acts as one. Let's go fucking ruin a pine tree's day.
[X] “Of course! I can’t possibly turn down my comrades, can I?”

It's usually a bad idea to say no to one girl with a chainsaw, much less three.
[X] “Of course! I can’t possibly turn down my comrades, can I?”

We help them and they help us.
[X] “Of course! I can’t possibly turn down my comrades, can I?”

[X] “Of course! I can’t possibly turn down my comrades, can I?”


Also, we can probably find a nice one on the way, too.
[x] “Of course! I can’t possibly turn down my comrades, can I?”

Do it, Comrade! Do it!
[x] “Of course! I can’t possibly turn down my comrades, can I?”
File 129879107867.jpg - (277.95KB, 1208x1691, cec119c74d04560b336e7bd9b14b7ea8.jpg) [iqdb]
I guess the vote is unanimous. Update will be posted in new thread, so please wait warmly.
SATA? Where did you go....?
File 130141025371.jpg - (134.50KB, 700x333, 6638914c68257b37a05990b4197b1e72.jpg) [iqdb]
I didn't go anywhere. Just got stuck with my commitment at the kitchen, but I'm still alive and kicking. I'm still looking for my free time to complete the update, so please wait patiently.
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