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File 151996121478.jpg - (413.91KB, 2000x1404, his warm mistress.jpg) [iqdb]
65922 No. 65922 hide watch expand quickreply
A theme fitting for the tale ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BooDupEyp84

Winter is here, but Spring will come soon, right?

THREAD 1 >>65260
THREAD 2 >>65548
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>> No. 66274
[X] Miss Youmu
[X] Marisa
[X] Mistress Flandre
[X] Meiling

>> No. 66278
File 152463394924.png - (595.89KB, 850x700, amanojacute.png) [iqdb]
Seems so. I'm fairly giddy.

Well, interpretation 1 or 2 the results are still


Like that. Here's the specifics:

[16] Miss Youmu
[15/14] Mistress Remilia
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>> No. 66279
ah shit I fall into a drunken coma for like 2 days and miss a super important vote. Gonna vote anyways though.

[X] Reimu
[X] Reimu
[X] Reimu
[X] Reimu

goddamnit I'm gonna find a way to make Gen have that punchfight with reimu if it's the last thing I do

File 152297788153.jpg - (9.39KB, 259x194, Orange-forest-creativity-16401082-259-194.jpg) [iqdb]
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Sipping her tea, Yukari watches the beauty of nature in fall.
Using a gap as a chair, she looks over the ocean of orange trees "Ah this is the life."
She relaxes until she finishes her green tea "Such a shame that this will end earlier than usual."
She says frowning remembering the little incident with Yukako and remembering the pain delivered from Reimu from her fight with her.
'Did those needles have to be so big?'
She sighs "Oh well." As she leans into the gap but stops when she felt something... off.
Then she understands, an outsider is going through the Great Hakurei Barrier. What is strange though is that the outsider didn't leave a hole, which while thankful, confuses Yukari on how they didn't leave a mess.
She opens a gap to view this outsider "Well would you look at that." she says to herself.
This outsider is dressed like a hiker, brown coat, bright-blue jeans and a pack back probably filled with a variety of goodies.
The outsider looks rather frail as if a simple breeze can knock them over! They are wearing small round glasses showing blue eyes. Black hair tied back to a pony-tail to keep it from blocking their view.
They look around the area before walking as if already knowing where to go.
"Well this is strange, how did they enter Gensokyo?" The way the outsider enter was like Gensokyo was just a part of the outside world. Perhaps a hole in the barrier? She gaps in the area after the outsider left looking for any holes, but found none.
Yukari scans the area looking for her shikigami, but did not find her "Ran wasn't able to detect it... stupid fox." shaking her head sighing.

What will you do?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 66267
[X] Explore the village, I don't want to get lost!
>> No. 66275
Voting is closed! I will be writing shortly.
>> No. 66276
oh, i didn't even notice you had updated

File 152176789057.png - (578.87KB, 600x800, nobody.png) [iqdb]
66010 No. 66010 hide watch expand quickreply

You open your eyes again, but you don’t see the dark streets of the city, disgruntled passersby, or fellow drunkards. Instead, it’s the warm glow of a quiet kitchen — her kitchen. It was cozy, as was the rest of the house — distinctly upper-class, but not big enough for servants. That was her dowry, absurd as it was. When you discovered it had been the house she stayed in since she was a child, things made a lot more sense: it had never really been your home. It was the princess’s playhouse, where she could pretend.

Just like now. Washing dishes. She was good at that — cleaning. It’s no wonder why. She turns away from the running water with the most delicate smile you’ve ever seen. “Another late night?”

You lean on the wall, keeping the length of the room between the two of you. “Whatever keeps me away from you.”

Her hand on the wet plate stops for a moment, then resumes. “If I didn’t know any better, I would say you were an abusive husband.”

You weren’t abusive, but you weren’t the best. Long hours, late calls, and a lot of pent-up stress and anxiety dominated most of your relationship.

“Let’s pretend I was the perfect husband,” you say. “Would it have mattered at all?”

She looks back at the sink and grabs another plate. “What do you think?”

You’ve considered it, again and again and again. Where would you both be if you hadn’t become a detective? If you were at home with her more often? If you appreciated her more instead of using her as a reprieve from a hard day at work? Would you be speaking with her in reality, instead of this twisted dream? Would you still have your old life?
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>> No. 66269
X] Keep moving straight into the large light.
>> No. 66270
[x] Keep moving straight into the large light.
-[x] Call out to the small light.
>> No. 66273
[X] Keep moving straight into the large light.
Let's not wander immediately after being told it would be a very bad idea to do so.

File 15119730071.png - (73.54KB, 393x304, Best I found.png) [iqdb]
65185 No. 65185 hide watch expand quickreply
Previous Thread: >>64882

[32] "So, apparently I'm water-powered."
[32] "Ohh, by the way? Some redhead tried to murderize me and/or seduce me."

— - — - —

Picking it up, I found it to be both as soft as a newborn cake's butt and as goddamned cold as ice. Was a weird combo, to be honest. Was like it was somehow just pulled fresh from an oven that cooks by cooling somehow. Was left scratching my head more than a little over it, to be honest. Still, I got to relieving it of its papery threads, went about laying it bare before me. Au monchere. ...Or however you say it. Still, I'm being a bit silly now, so I figured I'd take a bite of the thing, finding an even greater shock to the system within.

The hell! The inside was piping hot!

Cold on the outside, hot on the inside and with fluffy, pink icing in a decoratively set pile on top. In the middle of all that, it was topped with further icing saying, 'BOO!' nestled into a neat little alcove among that pink. Although, that was more conjecture, 'cause I kiiiinda turned it into '300!' when I gave it a nibble. Proooobably should read cakey messages before I dig in, but y'know, hindsight still ain't something I have up front. Be kinda weird if I did, 'cause that'd be crotch sight or somethin' weird like that. Then again, she could just really freaking like Spartans, but I had a feeling it was nothing of the sort.

Lunch lady must have some sorta weird magical oven, though. For all its strangeness, and for all of its chilliness, the little cupcake was packed with enough sugar to make it considerable as some sorta confectionary A-bomb. S-bomb? I'd go with F-bomb if I could think up a good word for it. ...Fructose? Think that's somethin' sugary, but I'm not great with crap like that. I just know it's used a heck of a lot on commercials, to be honest.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 66195
[x] Turn to page 276 if you have emotional baggage and want to work them out on others.

Too intrigued by this one to turn it down.
>> No. 66196
[X] Turn to page 203 if you have an open mind and actually wish to learn about other ideologies that aren't pure elementalism.
>> No. 66225
Updates not as short as the last two, and I've been sick. Feeling okay now. Ish. Okayish. So let's see how things go! Back to work, me!

File 151874855381.png - (405.27KB, 1922x1571, remilia's grimoire.png) [iqdb]
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1st thread: >>60957

You are a demon.

Your purpose is to answer the call of mortals who are in need of favours from beyond their realm. The craft of summoning interplanar beings such as yourself and binding them to contracts is known as diabolism and those who practice the craft are known as diabolists. As a demon, you are beholden to a particular set of rules, but like mortals, each demon will have their own sense of moral code. Some vehemently work against their masters outside of their contract; others go above and beyond the terms they were given. All demons must at the very least follow the word of their contracts, if not the spirit, and once you has been summoned into the human world, you are unable to leave until your master’s terms are complete or you perish in the process.

Your latest venture to the mortal realm has lead to a tangled web of interesting circumstances.

Your first contractor is Caesar, a young man who seems to have just stepped out of boyhood and leader of a group of supposedly skilled vampire hunters. His companions are Villy, a young girl with the ability to sense lifeforms; Deke, a strong and boisterous fighter; and Luna, a Japanese woman with strange knife-manipulation abilities. Caesar’s contract, detailed at the bottom of this post, has you bound to assist the group in “destroying a powerful adversary.”

The adversary in question is a vampire known as the Scarlet Devil, or Remilia Scarlet, though these names were never explicitly given in the contract. She is notable for her ability to manipulate the future to some degree. Caesar summoned you for this very reason; as you are a being from beyond this realm, Remilia’s hold over fate does not apply to you. After infiltrating her castle, a battle ensued and Caesar’s plans fell apart, so you elected to stay behind to give the vampire hunters an escape. During this time, you felt a surprising connection to Remilia and passed up on an opportunity to kill her in orde
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 66143
Going to call the vote here. Our winner:
>[x] Convince Remilia to let you take on Lavender’s task. Otherwise, you will die.
>- [x] Stress how much you would miss Remi. (Appeal to her emotion)

Please wait warmly~
>> No. 66145
X] Convince Remilia to let you take on Lavender’s task. Otherwise, you will die.
- [x] Stress how both of you desire the same thing: to keep the knowledge of the book from failing into the wrong hands (Reasoning)
- [x] Stress how much you would miss Remi. (Appeal to her emotion)

Most of what the other voters are saying are rock solid. Clara has plenty of loopholes to exploit in this and she's historically proven that she can outwit just about anything or anyone so it would be completely feasible for Remilia to trust in her were she to appeal to her. Of course, Clara can always screw Lavender over too just for the fun of it.
>> No. 66166
Apologies for the wait. I've been sick all week so it's been tough to do anything productive, like writing.

Careful, your newness is showing -- name, subject, and email are usually left blank around here unless there's a particular reason for it. Nevertheless, thanks reading my story!

File 149800945850.jpg - (2.65MB, 1500x2121, strutting her stuff.jpg) [iqdb]
64718 No. 64718 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] You can’t really refuse this level of desperation. Looks like it’s tea time at Miss Margatroid’s home for all of you.

There’s no reason not to go with Miss Margatroid. She hasn’t proven herself to be dangerous in the slightest — and even if she is, you have Mori and Hina with you. Hina does seem hesitant, but you get the feeling that if she really didn’t want to have tea with Miss Margatroid, she would say it bluntly like she does everything else. Instead, she’s relying on you for some reason. It’s possible that she could be conflicted between following you or Miss Margatroid, since you had something for her to do first. If that’s the case, then there’s no reason for her to prioritize Hatate over anything else. Whatever damage could be done by the indignantly lazy crow tengu being in your apartment has likely already happened, and then some. You just want her out sometime today so you don’t have to sleep next to a shut-in birdbrain.

However, since you don’t feel like going back home to deal with Hatate yourself, you might as well accept Miss Margatroid’s invite— even if it was only out of politeness and/or desperation. It would be interesting to see how a magician lives, anyway. “I’d like to accept her invitation,” you tell Hina, “but I don’t know why you’re letting me decide. If you want to drink tea with her and chat, you should drink tea with her and chat. If not, then refuse.”

Hina wavers, glancing away from you. Maybe your direct approach lacks tact, but Hina acting so troubled over a pleading invitation is surprisingly ordinary for her. She didn’t seem like this at all when you invited her over. “I would not want to be a nuisance on any one or any household susceptible to misfortune,” she says. “However, I feel that ignoring an opportunity to converse with someone who shares my craft would be a mistake. If you are with me, PI, it should be enough of a buffer to prevent any calamity from befalling Miss Margatroid’s home.”

Wonderful, more misfortune talk. “A buffer? So the misfortune will only affect me, then? I can’t say I feel comfortable about that.”

Hina smiles. “That
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 65986
For every anon who calls them consequences, there will be one who calls them benefits.
>> No. 66009
Well yeah. I can't be right if there aren't others who are wrong.

Also, how about some cupcakes, Raftclans?
>> No. 66011
I'll see your cupcakes and raise you a nice steaming loaf of an update.

Next Thread: >>66010

File 151679194364.jpg - (80.55KB, 445x322, the moon dances again.jpg) [iqdb]
65548 No. 65548 hide watch expand quickreply
A theme fitting for the tale ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA38mIYhXzo

The story of a library, an outsider, and a little pandemonium.

THREAD 1 >>65260
250 posts and 32images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 65920
He has Yuuka's interest, and Alice always holds back. "Enough to beat Alice" is nowhere near enough. The quest for knowledge or power can be never-ending if the seeker wishes, and in a world of magic, they can be the same.

[X] “Then, may I have this dance?”
But mostly, Gen needs to git gud. And that requires practice.
>> No. 65921
> “Not all trades, Alice. After a hundred years and seven months, respectively, Master and I still see little reason in applying magic to puppets.”

Sick burns.

[x] “Then, may I have this dance?”
>> No. 65923
File 151996134719.jpg - (700.64KB, 714x1013, the puppeteer's workshop.jpg) [iqdb]
THREAD 3 >>65922

File 15148255223.jpg - (864.89KB, 800x1122, his soft master.jpg) [iqdb]
65260 No. 65260 hide watch expand quickreply
Our protagonist has restrictions and obligations to contend with for now, but soon enough he’ll have some freedom. Please read warmly.


He awoke from a terrible and strange dream.

Followed by death, running from clouds of blood, and finding fantastic lights to guide him toward a crimson moon.

At the end, he was pretty sure he’d died.

But it was just a dream and now he was awake. He couldn’t shake an uncanny feeling gripping him, however.

That aside, physically, he now felt something similar to a blanket of weakened fire, enough to notice your being warmed but nothing too threatening all the same. It matched well with the scent of tea and dust in the air. Dust was actually thick in the air, apparently; it tickled his ears as it settled on his still body. The one neglected feeling was sound. Even a taste of iron lingered in his mouth, but wherever he currently was was—

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 65546
File 151676440513.png - (937.33KB, 1000x1412, to save his life.png) [iqdb]
He opened his eyes and saw that he was flying through the air. The day was almost entirely gone, now. That was... Misty Lake below him. He felt he was dangling. He glanced behind himself to see that Yuuka had him by holding firm the clothes at his back. He was being carried like a plastic bag.

They began to descend in front of Scarlet Devil Mansion, Yuuka lifting him to her side and stopping several meters ahead of Meiling. The gatekeeper had been chatting with a fairy maid, but now she wore a mask of terrible worry.

“Kazami... Yuuka...” she whispered. “Why are you here? ... Tea?” She was hoping.

Yuuka brought Gen’s motionless body before herself and said, “Obviously it’s for this lost property. Sorry—” she tossed him to the ground “—I play with toys rather roughly.”

“Gen...” Hong Meiling didn’t move for him, and seemed to have said his name without thinking.

“I broke it,” she said, “but not in a way that can’t be fixed. Now I’m returning it.”

“... Sanna,” Meiling commanded the fairy beside her, “get Lady Patchouli.”

“Oh, thank you, I was going to ask after her.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 65547
...did Patchouli just out-Spark Yuuka?

Patchouli just out-Sparked Yuuka.

Fuck. Yeah.
>> No. 65549
File 151679228383.jpg - (204.75KB, 1000x1285, his strong master.jpg) [iqdb]
THREAD 2 >>65548

File 148773956911.jpg - (347.46KB, 593x800, she's enough.jpg) [iqdb]
64513 No. 64513 hide watch expand quickreply
Previous thread: >>63805

“Let me see your hand for a second.”

“Sure,” says Momiji, obediently raising her hand up. “What’s up?”

Wordlessly, you grab it. Momiji patiently awaits your next move, but you merely lower your head in embarrassment and interlock your fingers with hers.

“Gallagher,” Momiji says, a hitch of curbed delight in her voice. “Did you... did you want to hold hands?”

“I just thought that this was the most appropriate course of action to show you how I feel. And I didn’t want to leave any room for doubt. Obviously, if I had to say anything, knowing me, I’d just stumble over my words for five minutes straight because I’m no particular expert on articulating my emotions.”

“And you say that you aren’t affectionate?”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 65221
you've only wrote one update and one shitpost in the last half a year

>> No. 65222
We're gonna need a new prophecy.
>> No. 66103
rip in peace gally-kun, he's never gonna get that pasta

File 15082886366.jpg - (690.12KB, 2480x3507, Death comes on wings of bike.jpg) [iqdb]
64882 No. 64882 hide watch expand quickreply
I couldn't help but mutter, "Just what have I gotten myself into...?" I had just left a bus whose driver spoke in unsettlingly cryptic messages, and now was left with a far more disturbing scene ahead. Looking back when I heard the bus drive off, I found a complete lack of any vehicle, bus or otherwise. Swallowing my heckles down like tiny frogs, I looked forward instead, to the aforementioned disturbing scene. What I saw wasn't pretty; a scene right out of a horror movie, in fact! Complete with its checklist of spooky stuff, too!

Seriously, if I had one, I'd bet money that everything around me would leave a full column of check-marks!

After all, there were tombstones, dead trees and a liberal smattering of seemingly pointless skulls in what looked like a freaking graveyard. And that was just the left! To the right, a cliff with a sheer drop of at least a hundred feet bottomed out with a jagged end in a sea of what I hoped wasn't freaking blood! And down the path, far in the distance, was a school that looked more like a haunted mansion rather than a place of learning! "Shoulda just freakin' said screw it and went back when I had the chance... I'd rather drop out than chance it." I got a chill up my spine at what all this could only lead to. "Feel like I'll just go missing or something if I stick around this pla—"

"Look out!" Huh?

I looked back just in time for a blonde to run me down on a bike. Last thing I saw was a pretty headbutt and no small number of stars.

When I came to, I found my bangs to be covering my entire face. That can't be right. "Ugh..." I nursed a fresh lump on my head, complaining, "The hell...?" Before me, I found that the blonde obstruction was actually a girl, and not my own hair. Wasn't expecting to see another blonde around. I mean, it could be worse, but blonde isn't what I'd call a common color around these parts. "You, uhh... you okay?" My words seemed to get her to stir, as she was quick to sit up, squishing me under her all the m
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 65183
[x] "Ohh, by the way? Some redhead tried to murderize me and/or seduce me."

Do devils have shika-whatever? Let's find out!
>> No. 65184
[x] "So, apparently I'm water-powered."
[x] "Ohh, by the way? Some redhead tried to murderize me and/or seduce me."

New thread coming up and served hot!
>> No. 65198
File 151204375156.jpg - (222.58KB, 850x601, Vampirecakes are best cupcakes.jpg) [iqdb]
Free cupcake over in thread 2! Get it while supplies last*! >>65185

*Limit none per person. Offer void where possible.

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