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Thread 67429 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154761937043.png - (2.37MB, 1754x1240, the witch in the devil's mansion.png) [iqdb]
67429No. 67429hidewatchexpandquickreply
♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG4a4ittWVg
[紅の魂 ~ 赤より紅い夢 - 幻想少女大戦紅 オリジナルサウンドトラック (さんぼん堂)]

・-・・ --- ・・・- ・

Music Collection: https://mega.nz/#F!1BdBzIKZ!bhLzijfM3iyphpueDOKf0g

Histories of Yatsugatake, a Suika backstory short: >>>/shorts/2180
THREAD 1 >>65260
THREAD 2 >>65548
THREAD 3 >>65922
THREAD 4 >>66462
THREAD 5 >>66845
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>>No. 67687
[x] To bid for blinding rain.

First two options are full-on "Villainous showdown" route. It's not nearly serious enough for this kind of treatment and if things go wrong, a very specific red-white won't help us because a very certain kleptomaniac broom-dived straight into the lava, or just a lot of bullets.

Third option is experimenting with earth. Not sure if it's a wood or metal option, but compared to other elements, it doesn't seem like we're well practiced with that so that's probably just pulling things out of our ass again in the middle of the fight and hoping that it works.

Fourth option is light and water manipulation, which we've already done on this very thief. It worked, even. Let's try it again and see what happens.
>>No. 67688
[x] To bid for blinding rain.
Oh god
>>No. 67689
[x] To play a trick with the earth.

Volcano is dangerous, we don't have enough reserves to compete in a direct battle and the rain option seems a longshot.

Being a magician isn't all flashy direct combat-let's show her how skill trumps talent.

Thread 67033 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154109548071.jpg - (1.41MB, 1600x1200, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_kaibu222__a1647039.jpg) [iqdb]
67033No. 67033hidewatchexpandquickreply
The trepidation of a speeding train coming through with no destination in sight. Anyone riding the abandoned line between reality and fantasy could feel the pervasive foreboding: something awaited at the end of the track, wherever and whenever the train would eventually stop. The eerie violet glow seeping through the windows, obscured by thick, embroidered curtains of velvety touch. Creak after creak of uncertainty. Flickering neon lights, a small rocking, the interior going dark for a fraction of a moment, alone with the things outside. Shadows flashed over the rusting handlebars and adverts for discontinued products. Old scratches and damp spots and shrivelled filling littered out of seats unkempt for decades. And the drone and hiccup of the wagons’ wheels rolling on unending rails, the smell of the incense which Yukari Yakumo had lit to get rid of the stench of mold.

The youkai of boundaries had always had a soft spot for what could only be conceivably called a rust bucket on rails. As long as it suited its purpose, there was no need to spend effort in restoring the train to its former glory, and she had other more convenient methods to travel to the Outside. The velvet curtains were the only concession Yukari had made to making the interior more hospitable, and it was only because, for the first time in years, the Purple Express was carrying a passenger other than her.

The clack of her heels echoed through the train as the youkai slowly made her way across the endless cars. In normal circumstances, there would have been no-one riding this train at all. After all, it had been out of commission for years when she took possession of it, left to rust at an abandoned station. The way Yukari saw it, nobody would miss it, and she was doing everyone a favour by giving the old machine a second life—and for years it had run without stops, across the endless expanse of the boundaries between worlds, until she commanded otherwise. But these were not normal circumstances, and even the Yakumo Express had to reach a station some time.

Eventually, Yukari reached the car where the first passenger of the Express sat by their lonesome:

[]A stout, aloof woman, exiled i
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>>No. 67346
Heca is best sidekick (and hey, if we keep hanging out with Heca we'll eventually meet the Junky)
>>No. 67427
Bumping to summon the writer, hope this story isn't forgotten. If you're busy, that's cool.
>>No. 67655
Don't tell me the train's derailed, OP.

Thread 67587 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 156151610232.jpg - (129.58KB, 850x1166, CirnoWave.jpg) [iqdb]
67587No. 67587hidewatchexpandquickreply
“Daiyousei! Where are you?!” I didn’t like this place. It had this visceral feeling of hopelessness and despair so thick you can lick it off the air. The kind that not even animals could stand to be in. Racoon and crows and such would run (or fly?) away in horror while bugs crawl away as fast as their tiny legs could carry them before they’re crushed by a deep sense of existential terror invoked by a cruel uncaring world. Darkness so deep and entrenching that even Rumia would stay the hell away from it.

But I didn’t care.

Even if I had to stop a meteor.

Even if I had to jump into a pool of lava.

Even if I to jump into a jaws of a mad raging beast!

I’ll still find you Daiyousei! Just wait right there and I’ll find you!


“Uh… What do you want Reimu?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 67637
[x] I want one.
>>No. 67638
[x] I want one.

>>No. 67654
[X] I want one

Thread 66010 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 152176789057.png - (578.87KB, 600x800, nobody.png) [iqdb]
66010No. 66010hidewatchexpandquickreply
You open your eyes again, but you don’t see the dark streets of the city, disgruntled passersby, or fellow drunkards. Instead, it’s the warm glow of a quiet kitchen — her kitchen. It was cozy, as was the rest of the house — distinctly upper-class, but not big enough for servants. That was her dowry, absurd as it was. When you discovered it had been the house she stayed in since she was a child, things made a lot more sense: it had never really been your home. It was the princess’s playhouse, where she could pretend.

Just like now. Washing dishes. She was good at that — cleaning. It’s no wonder why. She turns away from the running water with the most delicate smile you’ve ever seen. “Another late night?”

You lean on the wall, keeping the length of the room between the two of you. “Whatever keeps me away from you.”

Her hand on the wet plate stops for a moment, then resumes. “If I didn’t know any better, I would say you were an abusive husband.”

You weren’t abusive, but you weren’t the best. Long hours, late calls, and a lot of pent-up stress and anxiety dominated most of your relationship.

“Let’s pretend I was the perfect husband,” you say. “Would it have mattered at all?”

She looks back at the sink and grabs another plate. “What do you think?”

You’ve considered it, again and again and again. Where would you both be if you hadn’t become a detective? If you were at home with her more often? If you appreciated her more instead of using her as a reprieve from a hard day at work? Would you be speaking with her in reality, instead of this twisted dream? Would you still have your old life?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 67576
[X] Console Remilia.

My poor insane daughter.
>>No. 67597
[x] Console Remilia.

From the dead it rises. Glad to have you back.
>>No. 67610
[x] Help her clean it up

Thread 66130 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 152297788153.jpg - (9.39KB, 259x194, Orange-forest-creativity-16401082-259-194.jpg) [iqdb]
66130No. 66130hidewatchexpandquickreply
Sipping her tea, Yukari watches the beauty of nature in fall.
Using a gap as a chair, she looks over the ocean of orange trees "Ah this is the life."
She relaxes until she finishes her green tea "Such a shame that this will end earlier than usual."
She says frowning remembering the little incident with Yukako and remembering the pain delivered from Reimu from her fight with her.
'Did those needles have to be so big?'
She sighs "Oh well." As she leans into the gap but stops when she felt something... off.
Then she understands, an outsider is going through the Great Hakurei Barrier. What is strange though is that the outsider didn't leave a hole, which while thankful, confuses Yukari on how they didn't leave a mess.
She opens a gap to view this outsider "Well would you look at that." she says to herself.
This outsider is dressed like a hiker, brown coat, bright-blue jeans and a pack back probably filled with a variety of goodies.
The outsider looks rather frail as if a simple breeze can knock them over! They are wearing small round glasses showing blue eyes. Black hair tied back to a pony-tail to keep it from blocking their view.
They look around the area before walking as if already knowing where to go.
"Well this is strange, how did they enter Gensokyo?" The way the outsider enter was like Gensokyo was just a part of the outside world. Perhaps a hole in the barrier? She gaps in the area after the outsider left looking for any holes, but found none.
Yukari scans the area looking for her shikigami, but did not find her "Ran wasn't able to detect it... stupid fox." shaking her head sighing.

What will you do?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 67557
File 155840366443.jpg - (19.87KB, 300x389, 4e6ddb6d6b9d0272bf3ce408192d5a4a45c7152a_hq.jpg) [iqdb]
While the conversation to Jesse is interesting, their worry for Keine outgrew it “Anyway Yukari, I should see how Keine is doing.” They say, “I’m a little worry about those injuries she had on her.”

To Jesse surprise, Yukari pouts “Leaving me for another woman? You’re the worst Jesse.” She says with a faux tone of sadness

Jesse couldn’t help but laugh at her small play “Sorry, sorry, but I just want to see how she is holding.” They explain looking over to the shrine

She shrugs “If you believe that’s the best course of action than I won’t stop you.” She says “I’ll be here until then.” She sits back down on the porch refilling her cup with tea

Jesse walks up to the stairs and enters the shrine, the table is cover in papers of all the student’s paper. The teacher herself is sitting down, with the small girl still sleeping in the futon. Keine wore a grateful smile when she notices Jesse enter
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>No. 67558
No choices for today, I will try to post the next chapter next week!
>>No. 67559
Sorry guys, I wasn't able to finish the chapter today. I'll need more time.

Thread 66845 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 153687834442.png - (1.95MB, 1514x941, Setsubun.png) [iqdb]
66845No. 66845hidewatchexpandquickreply
A theme fitting for the tale ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tXMk-vk7ns
[Tada Rin Toshite - Starry Sky Logic (Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets)]

Lyrics: http://www.faceorama.com/bluelight/kishidakyoudan/tadarintoshite.html

A story of magic.

Music Collection: https://mega.nz/#F!1BdBzIKZ!bhLzijfM3iyphpueDOKf0g

THREAD 1 >>65260
THREAD 2 >>65548
THREAD 3 >>65922
THREAD 4 >>66462
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>>No. 67428
[x] Leave Suika with Wakasagihime.

whats the worst that could happen?
>>No. 67430
File 154761948839.png - (0.98MB, 708x1000, Sir Gen!.png) [iqdb]
THREAD 6 >>67429

Though it may be a little while until the next update. Current focus is >>/shrine/41060
>>No. 67649
whoops no image source:

Thread 65185 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 15119730071.png - (73.54KB, 393x304, Best I found.png) [iqdb]
65185No. 65185hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous Thread: >>64882

[32] "So, apparently I'm water-powered."
[32] "Ohh, by the way? Some redhead tried to murderize me and/or seduce me."

— - — - —

Picking it up, I found it to be both as soft as a newborn cake's butt and as goddamned cold as ice. Was a weird combo, to be honest. Was like it was somehow just pulled fresh from an oven that cooks by cooling somehow. Was left scratching my head more than a little over it, to be honest. Still, I got to relieving it of its papery threads, went about laying it bare before me. Au monchere. ...Or however you say it. Still, I'm being a bit silly now, so I figured I'd take a bite of the thing, finding an even greater shock to the system within.

The hell! The inside was piping hot!

Cold on the outside, hot on the inside and with fluffy, pink icing in a decoratively set pile on top. In the middle of all that, it was topped with further icing saying, 'BOO!' nestled into a neat little alcove among that pink. Although, that was more conjecture, 'cause I kiiiinda turned it into '300!' when I gave it a nibble. Proooobably should read cakey messages before I dig in, but y'know, hindsight still ain't something I have up front. Be kinda weird if I did, 'cause that'd be crotch sight or somethin' weird like that. Then again, she could just really freaking like Spartans, but I had a feeling it was nothing of the sort.

Lunch lady must have some sorta weird magical oven, though. For all its strangeness, and for all of its chilliness, the little cupcake was packed with enough sugar to make it considerable as some sorta confectionary A-bomb. S-bomb? I'd go with F-bomb if I could think up a good word for it. ...Fructose? Think that's somethin' sugary, but I'm not great with crap like that. I just know it's used a heck of a lot on commercials, to be honest.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 67389
[x] As if I can just let her stay all lonely over there! Better sneak on over!

Let's show her just how stealthy a mansion-infiltrating witch can be
>>No. 67391
[x] Who needs stealth when you got pizazz? I'll show that empty half of the table who's boss by parking my ass right next to her! I'mma sit the crap outta that side of the table!

Who needs stealth when you have PIZAZZ
>>No. 67393
[x] Who needs stealth when you got pizazz? I'll show that empty half of the table who's boss by parking my ass right next to her! I'mma sit the crap outta that side of the table!

Damn straight, son.

Thread 64513 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 148773956911.jpg - (347.46KB, 593x800, she's enough.jpg) [iqdb]
64513No. 64513hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous thread: >>63805

“Let me see your hand for a second.”

“Sure,” says Momiji, obediently raising her hand up. “What’s up?”

Wordlessly, you grab it. Momiji patiently awaits your next move, but you merely lower your head in embarrassment and interlock your fingers with hers.

“Gallagher,” Momiji says, a hitch of curbed delight in her voice. “Did you... did you want to hold hands?”

“I just thought that this was the most appropriate course of action to show you how I feel. And I didn’t want to leave any room for doubt. Obviously, if I had to say anything, knowing me, I’d just stumble over my words for five minutes straight because I’m no particular expert on articulating my emotions.”

“And you say that you aren’t affectionate?”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 67359
With a phone you can remain in contact. And, considering they're pretty poor, a practical gift is almost always the better choice.

It just happens that, in this case, it is also the most romantic one.

Do want Awoo doing a shellfish

[x] Phone.
>>No. 67635
Any chance you're still writing on this, or is it a lost cause?
>>No. 67653
Writefag writes approx. 2 WPM so give him another month.

Thread 65797 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 151874855381.png - (405.27KB, 1922x1571, remilia's grimoire.png) [iqdb]
65797No. 65797hidewatchexpandquickreply
1st thread: >>60957

You are a demon.

Your purpose is to answer the call of mortals who are in need of favours from beyond their realm. The craft of summoning interplanar beings such as yourself and binding them to contracts is known as diabolism and those who practice the craft are known as diabolists. As a demon, you are beholden to a particular set of rules, but like mortals, each demon will have their own sense of moral code. Some vehemently work against their masters outside of their contract; others go above and beyond the terms they were given. All demons must at the very least follow the word of their contracts, if not the spirit, and once you has been summoned into the human world, you are unable to leave until your master’s terms are complete or you perish in the process.

Your latest venture to the mortal realm has lead to a tangled web of interesting circumstances.

Your first contractor is Caesar, a young man who seems to have just stepped out of boyhood and leader of a group of supposedly skilled vampire hunters. His companions are Villy, a young girl with the ability to sense lifeforms; Deke, a strong and boisterous fighter; and Luna, a Japanese woman with strange knife-manipulation abilities. Caesar’s contract, detailed at the bottom of this post, has you bound to assist the group in “destroying a powerful adversary.”

The adversary in question is a vampire known as the Scarlet Devil, or Remilia Scarlet, though these names were never explicitly given in the contract. She is notable for her ability to manipulate the future to some degree. Caesar summoned you for this very reason; as you are a being from beyond this realm, Remilia’s hold over fate does not apply to you. After infiltrating her castle, a battle ensued and Caesar’s plans fell apart, so you elected to stay behind to give the vampire hunters an escape. During this time, you felt a surprising connection to Remilia and passed up on an opportunity to kill her in order to learn more about her.

In your
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 67313
[X] Tell Clara to go down…
- [X] ...the well-lit hallway. Move quietly and carefully.

I'd imagine if this idea seems sensible to Clara, she probably has an idea for how to neutralize Lavchulie. Better to gamble on the devil you know.
>>No. 67369
Update will likely be in a week or so -- I've been busy this week with Holiday gatherings and such.
>>No. 67666
File 156969292136.jpg - (64.33KB, 850x638, this but the book is just diabolic tome.jpg) [iqdb]
Saged because I don't want to make a big deal out of this. If you're watching this thread, welcome.

I'm not done with this story. However, in its current state, I find it difficult to convince myself to come back to it.

The premise for this story had been cooking in my brain for a couple of years before I started it in 2015. Since then, the details of the premise have only gotten more clear in my mind, but I find myself in a constant state of dissatisfaction with how I executed things thus far. Well, with the first thread, at least. I don't particularly like the characterizations of most of the characters in the early posts (specifically the vampire hunters and Anon's Demon), and because of how I write, some aspects of those characterizations will always stick around even if I continue to write this. In addition, I feel that I left too many aspects of diabolism and the world overly vague, which led to Anon misunderstanding some of the votes throughout the years.

In essence, I feel as though my younger self rushed through the groundwork for this story and we have thus ended up with a shaky foundation for future entries. It's bad enough that I can't bear to read more than a couple posts of the current story without feeling discontent about it all. I don't usually mind reading my old writing, but when my old writing is "part" of the new, due to the fact that I'm still adding onto the old, it upsets me to think that these old and new writings are one in the same story. By continuing to write this, I feel as though I will be "endorsing" the flawed beginnings of this story. This discontentment may have had some role to play in my sporadic updates, but I don't want to pretend that that is the only reason without some evidence. I could just be badly managing my time. Still, I think it's quite telling that I had little trouble trucking along to the conclusion of Not-Life in less than a year, which by its end was almost three times as long as Diabolic Tome is so far after over four years.

All of this said, I don't want to drop Diabolic Tome. As with Not-Life, I ha
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Thread 63199 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 145300888233.jpg - (510.09KB, 1361x960, an x-com is you.jpg) [iqdb]
63199No. 63199hidewatchexpandquickreply

… … …

—you rouse: another dreamless night.

You lie in bed a while. Eyes taken of nothing; mind perched on nothing. Absent sense; absent bearing.

You sneeze, and notice yourself.

With a token sniffle you rise from your pillow, leveraging neatly into a pair of bunny slippers at the bedside. Pink and white and fuzzy all, they were the first thing you’d bought yourself when you had finally moved out of that glorified basement of an interception base, resolving never again to suffer the indignity of cold floors in the morning. You throw on a bathrobe, too, garishly floral, and stuff your nightstand pistol into the left pocket, suppressor slotting neatly through the hole in the bottom stitching.

Yawning, you trod over to the washroom and, with a single look in the mirror, cede battle against the bird’s-nest tangle claiming to be your hair. You’ve no plans of meeting anybody today, anyway. Still, you go through the rest of your morning motions, letting the cool water wash away the last remnants of drowsiness.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 66992
I apologize for bumping this but is there supposed to be a vote or anything?
>>No. 66993
Not yet, but it's coming. I post snippets early to try and keep at least a little bit of forward momentum.
>>No. 67074
File 15413066239.png - (1.89MB, 1137x1660, bad at apologies.png) [iqdb]
… … …

You find Eri commandeering the chairs outside the examination room, laptop balanced on her knees. A sheet of paper marked with arcane surgeon’s scrawl rests over the right half of the screen, bearing a crease mark down the middle to keep it from curling over. She collates it with a stack of others as you approach, closing her laptop and sandwiching the papers inside.

“Yo.” You wave as you make your way over. “Not in your office?” you remark. It’s not a question; you’re long familiar with her habit of turning up here and there around the base, using physical shifts in perspective to break out of mental holding patterns—so she explained it.

Eri gathers her hands together, resting them atop the machine, and looks up at you with a quiet resignation.

You muster up a friendly smile, holding it out as an olive branch. “Did it work out? I mean— worked out for my end, but for you?” you chatter. “Get any useful data, or? What’d the surgeon say?—”

“Iris,” she says, finally.

You give her the time she needs to put her words in order.

She continues. “I . . . more than anything else, I’m relieved there were no complications. And I should thank you for having endured under— such extemporised preparations.” She pauses, voice dwindling near to a whisper. “If . . . you feel that I—if I have—crossed any boundaries, I’m prepared—”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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