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Thread 31030 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 153233661465.png - (24.38KB, 500x500, 49.png) [iqdb]
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Current Strand: 5.875

Previous Strands:
1 - missing
2 - missing
3 - missing
4 - missing
5 - missing
5.8 - >>29818
5.85 - >>30272
5.875 - >>30675

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>> No. 31266
well shit, that's a let down
>> No. 31267
RIP, we'll miss you and your brand of crazy.
>> No. 31268
Awww is a pity ... I hope to see other story from you here ... but if is not asked too much can we have the summary what it could have become? or the plot explained? (sorry if is not clear English is not my natural language)

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File 151115812562.png - (277.10KB, 840x1120, alert_alert.png) [iqdb]
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You’re sittin’ on the shop floor, goods arrayed in front of you like you’re the one barkin’ wares here instead of Rinnosuke. Discs, specifically, and specifically set out in stacks like you’re mid-solvin’ the easier Tower of Hanoi—though really, it oughta be a “Tower of Lucas”, seein’ as ya seriously doubt that that tale the dude spun ever came anywhere close to outta Vietnam. Or India, for that matter. That legend’s got the same sorta faux-exotic stink over it as “may ya live in interestin’ times.”

But anyways, discs. And stacks.

“Okay, Mac, check it,” ya say. “This is the stack of discs I’m beaucoup sure’re music CDs. Like, ninety, ninety-five percent sure. Genre I don’t always know ‘cause alotta these dudes I’ve never heard of—” this dude on this disc’s got a sax, though; that’s usually a good sign, “—but like I said, music. Most likely music. Eighty-five percent sure, music.”

Rinnosuke, sittin’ across from you, squints suspiciously. “Why is that number decreasing?” he asks.

“This stack, meanwhile, is what I’m pretty comfy labelin’ the games and programs stack,” you continue ‘splainin’. “Comfier than with the other stack, even, ‘cause the labels’re usually more of a giveaway. I’m talkin’ maybe like, seventy-five, eighty percent sure I’ve got it right here.”

“You’ve already lost fifteen percent. Are you sure I should trust your appraisal?”

“Well, if you can pull another dude with better Outsider chops, I’d totally be down for a second opinion. Two heads, right?”

“‘Two heads’?”
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>> No. 31247
[X]Donald Trump
>> No. 31259
[X] Looks like some blue haired umbrella-carrying dudette

If you veto that though, I think Mystia would be good
>> No. 31260
File 154432605375.jpg - (369.75KB, 688x1123, image.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Tokiko

it is time to birb up

Thread 28489 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 14123225978.jpg - (65.88KB, 500x387, 究極!リグルキック.jpg) [iqdb]
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Previous Thread: >>26706

Sorry about the delay, folks.

[x] Try some flying and see Gensokyo from above, maybe we might catch a sunset.

I think some flying exercise would be a good idea, not to mention viewing the sunset together would be romantic. "I was thinking about practicing some flying and letting you take me to a few places," I say. Wriggle's seen more of Gensokyo beyond the village than I have, so I’ll let her take the lead.

"Alright! I'll be sure to watch in case you get tired since you haven’t flown this far before. I can think of a few spots… but I'm avoiding the lake in case that ice fairy feels like picking a fight again. One of these days, she's going to provoke something she can't beat, though I doubt that's slow her down much" Wriggle says. I follow her as she rises up into the air.

The land beyond the village spreads out as we go higher: I can see the misty lake and that mansion near the shore, though I don't know how to feel about that shade of red. "…Let’s head somewhere else," Wriggle says. "That color gives me a bad feeling." I nod, and she turns to head towards the shrine.

As we get closer, we turn away from it and fly over the forest. I notice the run down mansion that serves as the Prismriver sisters' home. "How can they live there?" Wriggle asks.

"They're poltergeists, so the things that would usually bother you or me don’t affect them that much. If anything it's more of a defensive measure to keep visitors away. They have less to worry about than most flesh and blood creatures."
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>> No. 31159
It's finished and I sent it to my proofer. I'm going to try to finish the Ginji/Lunasa short during this period as to try to compensate for the stupidly long wait... assuming someone is still reading this.
>> No. 31161
File 153954931237.jpg - (1.34MB, 1024x1449, A normal photoshoot.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Alice to tag along on the interview and hear her side.

As a fellow ex-resident of Makai, being able to hear Alice’s side of Elis’s stories would be a nice addition to the history book Lady Akyuu and I are writing. "Miss Alice, would you want to come with us to an interview with Elis? I needed to ask her about an old incident in Makai, and your input would be invaluable."

She holds her head for a moment before answering, "…Alright. I do not have anything really better to do at the moment, plus I'm worried about what that girl might tell you. She's not really a liar but she does tend to fill in the gaps with her own ideas."

After thanking Alice we walk towards Kady Akyuu’s house, and I talk about the first interview we had with Elis on the way (Note: from >>26143 ). "That's about all I remember from the first time I talked to her."

Alice shakes her head, and Wriggle asks, "Was she wrong?" I hope not, but it's hard to tell.

"She's quite right about everything; Mother is just that sort of person, though… no, never mind. But I know exactly what she was talking about. Hard to talk about Yumeko and the lawless zones without bringing up such things. Now that I think about it, I wonder how Aunt Pan's doing," she answers with a mildly worried look. An aunt!? I don't remember hearing about a second goddess of Makai...

Wriggle responds, "You have an aunt? From what I heard from Mother, Lady Shinki had no visitors."

"It's a guest that Mother picked up after an incident a long time ago, though she didn't tell me much about it. But according to Aunt Pan, she has a daughter at home that she said I was similar to, though she only mentioned a nickname, Little Paru. Mother oddly insisted on not asking where her home was with her only answer being 'Until the time's right,'" Alice answers. I'm tempted to ask more, but we've reached the Inn so we head inside.
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>> No. 31170
Well, it's good you're still at it. Good luck hanging in there.

Thread 30675 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 151642686189.gif - (11.36KB, 500x500, 32.gif) [iqdb]
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Current Strand: 5.875

Previous Strands:
1 - missing
2 - missing
3 - missing
4 - missing
5 - missing
5.8 - >>29818
5.85 - >>30272

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>> No. 31024
1500 words in.

I'm currently moving houses and have a very important scientific report due in three days.
>> No. 31027

Usually slow update speed is due to my slow writing speed despite how much time I sink in, but in this case I'm lacking motivation. Been focusing most of my creative efforts on designs for something else (not a public project).

I'll try to get it out within a week.
>> No. 31031

END: 5.875

BEGIN: 5.8875


Thread 10940 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123067132761.jpg - (130.45KB, 885x626, 120871852495.jpg) [iqdb]
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"Fire on deck!"

The shrill cry goes out and a bell tolls somewhere deep within the ship, clanging out a warning. Dirty orange flames tinged sooty black seep across the smooth steel deck rolling around with the list of the ship sending the fire rolling as it singes the mist, the thick black smoke billowing into the hazy white air, smog that reeks of sulfur conjuring images of a blazing hell.

"Why is it always fire?" You mutter bitterly at the ship sailing past your vision, a tiny vessel no bigger than a fishing boat with a pathetic engine that chugs in protest to it's work load, it drifts almost leisurely through the towering flames. As it sweeps past you notice the hull hasn't been touched by the heat or even the smoke, the bright red paint of humble wood is spotless, perhaps treated to be resistant to it's own weapon? You're amazed that anyone would attempt to attack a ship of your size and class in a civilian vessel, yet seconds ago is sprung forth from the fog with no warning or lights to spew gouts of that sticky orange flame at you. Mounted upon the prow of this petite pirate ship is a mysterious device seemingly made of pumps, tanks and tubes set in gleaming brass that spits fire like dragon's breath with a steaming hiss.

"Return fire! Don't let them get close enough for a second strike!"
"Enemy vessel has already left visual range, captain!"

Of course, to deny you any retaliation the smaller ship has slipped off between the narrow channels between the towering islands here, you had hoped these foggy straights would hamper pursuit or even make them lose the trail entirely but now it seems your ambusher is using the terrain against you. By moving through the small, almost porous gaps between the crushing gray rock your opponent can perform a surprise attack from almost any direction while you are forced to follow your prescribed "safe" course through it all.

The bridge is a flurry of activity as all hands do their duty with admirable diligence, but wide eyes and panicked energy reveal the under current of nerves, or even fear, present in your girls at the prospect of an
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>> No. 24880
I finished reading it several months ago.

I will wait for you, Scorn, or whatever your name is right now.
This story is a good story. Believe me.
>> No. 30991
story is ded, surprise big not
>> No. 30992
There's a reason we put sage in the email field - it's so we don't randomly bump stories where the author's gone AWOL for extended periods of time... particularly when the last posts were four and nine years ago.

Thread 29799 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 14924075961.png - (475.86KB, 600x839, Sleepyhead.png) [iqdb]
29799 No. 29799 hide watch expand quickreply
**This was written late at night while just as sleepy as Marisa. Future installments will be shorter, but more coherent.**

You are Marisa Kirisame. Ordinary Witch extraordinaire, kleptomaniac, and self-proclaimed best girl of Gensokyo. Also not a morning person. Then again, when being a "morning person" means waking up with the sun, who would? That question rolls through your head for the thousandth time as you attempt to climb out of bed. "Attempt" is the key word, here. You don't really manage to make it out of bed before tripping over the blankets you forgot to push back and tumbling headfirst into a pile of (stolen) books.

*That* gets you awake. Nothing like a headache to start off the day! With a grimace, you grasp your head with one hand and start re-stacking the books. Some of these you don't even remember taking. "Cryomancy vol. I: A Study of Entry Level Ice Magicks" you *definitely* don't remember taking. And to top that off, you don't think you have a real reason to be taking it. Ice magic doesn't interest you except for dealing with a cranky Cirno, and even then a few well placed lasers work just as well. Better to just blast her and let her reform than try to reason with a fairy. Never mind that last time you tried to "reason" with Cirno in one of her moods you ended up in the Misty Lake having to swim back to shore. Setting that thought line aside, you arrange the stack neatly and read the titles on the spines, seeing if there's any you should actually read instead of setting them aside in a "to-do" list. Surprisingly, there is, in fact, one book you like: "Warp vol. V: A Study of Advanced Spatial Manipulation and Other Dimensional Magicks". Sure, the title is a mouthful, but anything about how to get into other dimension should be an interesting read, no?

The headache and your sleepiness forgotten, you open up the book, prop yourself against your bed, and start reading.

**Where will you start?**
[]Chapter 1: Spatial Magicks in Review
[]Chapter 13: Wormholes and Other Shortcuts
[]Chapter 20: Creating Pocket Dimensions
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>> No. 30983
Summer has arrived early, making doing anything a slog. Fret not, I have plans.
>> No. 30984
Annnd I mistakenly put the sage in the wrong field. Hazards of phoneposting while trying to sleep.
>> No. 30997
File 153010698181.jpg - (198.16KB, 2048x1143, image.jpg) [iqdb]

Thread 30272 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 150184198984.png - (134.38KB, 500x500, 20.png) [iqdb]
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Current Strand: 5.85

Previous Strands:
1 - missing
2 - missing
3 - missing
4 - missing
5 - missing
5.8 - >>29818

255 posts and 54 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 30673

This is a slow-to-write update. Time-debt for the prior two which were faster than most.
>> No. 30674
3000+ words. Unless there be reason to continue writing, I'll edit and post.

Update tomorrow? New thread tomorrow?
>> No. 30676

END: 5.85

BEGIN: 5.875


Thread 29370 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147095302998.jpg - (193.94KB, 1920x1200, smoke.jpg) [iqdb]
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So, third time’s the charm, right? I’mma give this another shot, and hope that I can actually…you know, finish a story this time.


There are days where you just don’t want to get out of bed. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you still gotta, but sometimes you really, REALLY wish you could lie in bed and tell the world to buzz off. Maybe it was the training I had back at my last home, or living out in this ‘magic forest’, but something had tipped me off that I needed to get up and moving.


Had I been anywhere else, or any other time, I would have told my instincts to shut it, but with a groan, I dived out of the hammock. That got me a few seconds to think before the little girl who had been hunting me for the last three days brought her jaw down where my arm had been moments ago..

“Really, again?” I sighed, jumping to my feet and stretching.

“Yeah! They told me you taste like jerky!” The little girl was practically bursting with excitement as she spoke. She flashed me that little devilish grin, and I knew talking would be just as pointless as the last three days. “I want another bite! All I got was smoke and chalk last time!”

That made me chuckle. Poor girl tried to bite my left arm in a surprise attack the day before yesterday. Unfortunately for her, I had lost that a few weeks ago in an accident. Fortunately for me, I have enough control over ash and smoke to make a working replacement from it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 30085
Throwing up a status update for everyone.

Due to a new job and a convention, I'm going to throw this story up on hiatus until the second week or so of July.

Hopefully, by then I'll have a more solid idea of where the story is going, since It's not the same one I planned to tell, and that's a good thing.
>> No. 30114
Ok then. Good luck.
>> No. 30569
File 151236583160.png - (1.24MB, 1996x1697, The War Council.png) [iqdb]
I'm alive, and under a new name. Kinda. Long story short, I got into a lot of different things, and many of them kept me from even being able to look back here till recently.

So here is a small interlude while I work on the real update.

Almost forgot the image.


“What do you make of it, Lady Hijiri?”

“It's an interesting tale... and a worrying one. This could bring a much greater danger than we thought if we ignore it, assuming it is not a falsehood. What do your friends say?”

“Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone near the Mansion at the time, nor have I been able to get anyone in.”

“An unfortunate development. That maid is commendable in that part of her job.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Thread 29615 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 148264214210.png - (422.47KB, 1400x600, I think it's time we blow this scene.png) [iqdb]
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[X] Which means you've got responsibilities, here. Estimate as truthfully as ya can.

Which means you've got responsibilities.

Regardless of any douchenozzle tendencies this dude in front of you's displayin'.

Nuts. “Eight dollars,” ya say, puttin' the disc back down. “I'm gonna say 'bout eight dollars.”

Rika does a squinchin' of the peepers, royal. “You paused,” she says.

“I didn't pause.”

“You paused,” Rika says again. “Before you named your price, you paused.”

“That wasn't a pause,” ya say. “That was more like a happenstantial ellipsis.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
252 posts and 44 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 30519
I like this story. Hello, author.
>> No. 30520
File 15111553061.png - (36.35KB, 229x306, 019.png) [iqdb]
One for luck.
>> No. 30526
Link to new thread: >>30521

Thread 30309 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 150343611692.png - (337.82KB, 800x800, YuugenMagan.png) [iqdb]
30309 No. 30309 hide watch expand quickreply
This is the restart thread of "Tales of the Flower Youkai's Mansion - Tale of the Outsider". Keep that in mind. Now, let's restart this tale!


It was quiet one moment, quiet the next. Such was my life. Day in, day out, always the same process.

Suddenly, I could hear a quiet song being sung, yet I could not figure out what the person was singing. Then, there was darkness.

"Hello...What...here...Spark..." What? "Why... are you... garden..." I can't understand her, and I think I'm slipping in and out of consciousness. I couldn't run away, nor move at all, to the best of my knowledge.

"Can... hear me? No? ...Mugenkan... go!" ...Something something what? Mugenkan?


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 30385
[X] Read the book that Yuuka gave you during her explanation.
// It's called "A Guide to Gensokyo". The author is one named "Hieda no Akyuu".

Vote to see if this thread will crash and burn from votes
>> No. 30411
[X] Read the book that Yuuka gave you during her explanation.

I'm curious to see your view of Gensokyo
>> No. 30429
[X] Read the book that Yuuka gave you during her explanation.

Become a bookworm that moves across the flower fields

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