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File 165447272613.jpg - (71.28KB, 728x1028, kawayabug-touhou-kazami-yuuka-yuuka-kazami-hd-wall.jpg)
The sound of wind over flowers.

The yellow that slowly climbs into the blue.

The feeling of a soft blanket as I wake up.

All these are things I, Yuuka Kazami, experience when I wake up.

The only problem is that... there's no one else here.

Sure, there's Cirno. Medicine. Even Marisa and the Tengu stop by and chat for a while. But... I want to wake up one day and have a wonderful woman by my side.

By the time I'm ready, there's a knock at my door.

"Yuuka!" Cirno's voice calls.

I open the door. "Cirno? What are you doing here so early?"

"We're going to the Hakurei Festival tonight with Letty. Are you coming?" Cirno looked up at me with expecting eyes. Behind her, Daiyousei was petting a mouse.

"Festival? I'm not sure..."

Cirno pointed a finger at me. "No! You said you'd come with me to the next one. Besides, Letty said she wanted to meet you, so... take that!"

I pause, remembering when she had pestered me one day about it. "O-oh, uh, right. What time is it?"

"Sunset. All the cool people are gonna be there!"

Daiyousei stood up, standing behind Cirno. "Ah, Cirno also said she wanted you to dress up."

"Oh! Yeah! I did say that!" Cirno spun around. "Whatcha gonna wear?"


[X] Regular outfit.
[X] 98-Style!
[X] Something else...? (Write-in)
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[X] Regular outfit, but bring a nice coat too.

It may get chilly at night, especially with Cirno and Letty close by.
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[X] 98-Style!
Grow that hair out
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[x] 98
sleepy yuuka please
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File 165489119554.webp - (177.81KB, 1076x1500, hlmasptnabs61.webp)
Sorry for the late update.


Later that day, after Cirno and her friend had left, I looked through my closet.

My eye caught on an outfit, plaid pants and a vest. Hanging above it was a white blouse, a yellow tie hanging around the shoulders.

My old clothes. I hadn't worn these in a wild, but there was one thing I'd need to complete the look.

I looked in the mirror, taking off my dress. My hair had grown without me realizing again. I could make it as long as it used to be, but given that it was close enough, I decided it was fine.

I sighed and put my hand on my cheek. "I suppose it's time, then."


I floated down toward the stirs of the shrine, my parasol above me. My feet touched the ground, and I began walking up the staircase.

Some of the youkai gave me uneasy stairs as I approached the shrine, yet one human managed to look at me with an uncaring glare.

"Good evening, Reimu." I greeted.

"Whatever." She grumbled, a blush on her face from the alchohol.

"Hey, Yuuka!" Marisa said, sliding into Reimu on the porch. She wrapped an arm around the shrine maiden as she gave me a drunk smile.

"I wouldn't mind them, they're quite the drunks." A voice said.

I looked behind me. "Hello, Miss Yakumo."

Yukari laughed. "Call me by name, would you?"

"Of course you're here. Is there anything you need?" I asked.

Yukari smiled coldly. "If there is anything, I'll let you know. I say though, now that you're here, does anyone here catch your eye?"

"What do you mean?"

Yukari tapped her on the forehead. "Why, I think you know."

You frown, but think for a second is there anyone here that made you stop for a second?


[X] The silver-haired woman with suspenders.
[X] The white-haired woman with Cirno.
[X] The orange-haired woman with the star on her hat.
[X] Someone else? [Write-in]
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The silver-haired woman with suspenders!
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[X] The silver-haired woman with suspenders.
A flower and a phoenix is the perfect combinaion!
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[x] Someone else. The winged, pale-skinned girl with velvety lilac hair.

Fire and plant juxtaposition - already seen it.
I want to see the sun(flower) and moon juxtaposition now.
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