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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 12892650677.jpg - (197.31KB , 1024x1024 , 126673104215.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Since there seems to have been an influx of newcomers lately, and their actions and behaviour has started to grate on the regular visitors of this site, once again Anon has risen in /blue/.

So, in order to help inform the newcomers of present and future, this thread will be a place for general board etiquette and other miscellaneous information to help the population as a whole. I apologize if there's any seemingly 'important' information I leave out at first, since I'm typing this off the top of my head.

Important Information

1) Emoticons are discouraged. Be they :(, or >.>, or ^_^, or even the dreaded xD, they are not required, and you will only be scorned and mocked for using them. You are able to post without them (I should hope), so if you absolutely must convey your emotional state, do so with words.

2) This is an imageboard for voting on, discussing and chatting about Touhou and Touhou fanfiction. *Actions* are not required, and are looked down upon. The only implied actions occurring in imageboard posts should be limited solely to story narrative and other creative writing ventures. Like emoticons, you will be mocked.

3) Posts made in the story boards, and in story threads, should try to stay on topic. Discussion related to events of the story are fine, and chatter about various other facets of related material to the story is acceptable as per author's judgment. Prolonged shitstorms over things not related to the story at all are naturally not acceptable, and will result in post deletions at best, and temp bans at worst. No one wants to see posts between two or more anons bitching at each other over nothing.

3a) Sometimes, arguments over various actions within the story context can spark up due to conflicts in personal interests and how votes made to cater to a particular taste might oppose others. While they can be unavoidable, it's preferred to keep them at a minimum. Everyone has their own tastes, and surely they can clash at times when opposing groups have two differing views on what should happen, and these prolonged arguments can derail threads, and even cause the writers to lo
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>> No. 14766

File 138643896314.png - (409.92KB , 585x579 , witches - free flow of ideas.png ) [iqdb]
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Ever had a great idea for a story that you weren't going to use yourself? In this thread you can share it with the world and see if anyone else thinks it's interesting. They can then write it or, at the very least, see if there's any interest for the concept/particular execution. In short, this exchange can help inspire others as well help see if there's demand for any particular kind of story.
See >>10975 and >>11677 for previous ideas that were shared.
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>> No. 14771
Who let you out of Kourindou, Christie?

Either way, my Nether Rod of Judgement glows a radiant green. The Fates have allowed your proposal. Now go, write it! I release you.

File 14927030638.png - (390.63KB , 512x384 , e0088742_21470551.png ) [iqdb]
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Reimu, Marisa, Aya, and Cirno as playable characters?

In other news, Cirno also got a tan. Summer needs an ice fairy as well.
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>> No. 14801
File 149288117050.jpg - (122.29KB , 1032x1456 , __hakurei_reimu_hidden_star_in_four_seasons_and_to.jpg ) [iqdb]
I see you're pretty excited for this game, eh?
>> No. 14802
File 149289370513.png - (219.40KB , 620x620 , tan is love.png ) [iqdb]
Tan is life.
>> No. 14805
Tan is love enough to make me have to update my Touhoudex.

File 149100489935.png - (1.08MB , 724x1292 , They tripped.png ) [iqdb]
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What is the focus, I'm sure you're wondering. Why, the pint-sized, puntable pests, of course! No, not Shinmyoumaru, you monster. Fae!

Cirno, Daiyousei, the fairies of light, Lily, generic fairies, PC-98s, you name it. If it's a fairy, then that's where the focus of this contest lies! Ohh, right. And Clownpiece.

Terrible character designs aside, the focus of this contest is what you make of it. However, the special category will be Shitpost, in honor of THP's birthday, so make of that what you will. As always, the special category is entirely optional. If you want to write a serious short with serious tones, just do it. Seriously, it still counts, assuming fae are involved as an important component.

The contest will run from right now up to the 30th at 00:01 After that, voting begins, lasting up until the 24th at 00:01. Why the 24th? Why, that gives an exact week break between voting and the next contest starting.

This time, I'm going to have a prize for every category! A shitty prize of shitty art! More on that when I link the threads. I have a literal minute left to write this.
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>> No. 14800
File 149288110211.jpg - (84.78KB , 770x726 , 17991946_708227049356954_77268563361834874_n.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 14803

If you were wanting me to answer as opposed to that anon, which, as I've not noticed any new porn posts, I'll assume is the case...

Do it, faggot.

But, in the end, I really don't care what people post, so long as the rules are respected. You could write the Alola Cirno scat porn nobody asked for and I'd be fine with that. Mildly nauseous, but that's another topic entirely.

As I said before, let the voters decide if you are worthy of praise enough to win.

If nothing else, having more stuff to read is always nice.
>> No. 14804
Actually I was just having another go at un-shitting it. I failed.

Posting in five.

File 149187694897.png - (134.85KB , 400x150 , unknown.png ) [iqdb]
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I am proud to announce Poi eSports will be hosting a Touhou 12.3 tournament as our first official tournament! We would like to invite you all to participate and come give it your best effort! For more details please refer to our discord for information how to join! Side note; We do need commentators aswell so if you'd be willing to commentate over it, that would be wonderful. https://discord.gg/Sw9KJSv

File 144592689440.jpg - (298.90KB , 1109x1000 , there must be wifi in the basement .jpg ) [iqdb]
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As some of you might have noticed, the site has a new front page and the default style has been changed from photon to chernobyl on boards. This is to make the site more accessible to newcomers but you'll be able to change the style to something else, as always, from the drop down menu at the top of every page.

There's a few changes that I plan on making to the site, including adding better support for small screens such as those on tablets and phones. The front page already scales nicely but rehauling the dusty old board code is an undertaking that will probably take me a while. I'm prioritizing something else at the moment, which I think everyone will be happy about. Nothing as visually dramatic, before you complain, and I promise it'll be good.

I plan on tweaking the front page some more in the coming days, fixing a few spacing issues and padding. But if there's anything else that you want to suggest that needs improvement or tweaking, I guess this is the thread for you. I'll promise to listen and tell you why or why not I can or cannot do something.

I'm also using the trip I use for writing as opposed to the admin identity because honestly it's less of a hassle not having to log in every time to post.
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>> No. 14406
File 147430509113.png - (374.82KB , 1706x1040 , Фотон.png ) [iqdb]
Photon frontpage for you and for other folks who hate their eyes.
>> No. 14772
Added a pair of new themes, dusk and photon dark blue. They were made by two of our moderators, Moral and Alkarl. Pretty good stuff if you're into dark themes.
>> No. 14774
Dusk needs the best awoo image to work.

Also, I tried Isolex's (hard to find a image background that isn't intrusive) but it has errors (a few 'empty rules' whatever that is) but with my luck he's already disappeared from the face of the Earth.

File 139746212644.jpg - (451.49KB , 1014x1202 , shes probably writing 'ur a faget'.jpg ) [iqdb]
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In the interests of keeping the recs thread clean and limited to recommendations, let's bring all other discussion of stories here. Want to have a protracted argument about why writer x is a faget who should die in a freak kitchen accident? Fire your shots here. Want to complain about story y not having enough (or too much, if you're a sissy) grimdark tentacle death blood rape? By all means, make your voice heard here. Just keep it germane to THP stories and we're all good.
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>> No. 14676
Don't forget everyone's favourite 1 CHA simulator, Doll's Quest!

You can put pretty much anything in a CYOA if you write it well enough. Game mechanics are no exception.
>> No. 14677

Ya Tabby did fairly well for a min/max build character. Pretty sure she got her fairy wife preggo at some point as well.
>> No. 14773
I know, right? It's almost like the village doesn't exist to them.

File 149083380927.jpg - (342.55KB , 961x1000 , miko.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Hey there! THP’s birthday is in a couple of days and there's plenty of cause to celebrate it. It's a good excuse to look back some and an even better one to look ahead a bit. Forgive me for being a little circumspect but I hope you’ll take the time to read this post and properly give me feedback since it’s essential to the future of the site and worth being just a little bit verbose about it.

First, with people joining and leaving our community all the time, I can’t assume that everyone is familiar with the administrative history of the site. I feel it’s worth going into a few details about how the site works and how we’ve gotten by this far. A few of the following paragraphs should help you understand the basics. That said, feel free to skip ahead to the red sentence in this post if you know all this already.

A little over nine years ago, the first real choose-your-own-adventure story featuring touhous suddenly appeared on 4chan. A few weeks later, for a variety of reasons, it found a new home on a little-used imageboard with the domain touhouproject.com. From there, others where inspired to create their own stories and soon every board on the site had at least one active story on it. This went on for some time until the person who ran the site could not be bothered to host it anymore. And the site died.

The THP community had grown quite a bit by then, and there was a lot of discussion as to what would happen next. It became clear that the only way that these stories would be able to continue was if someone else hosted the site elsewhere. This was because the owner of the old site was not interested in selling or giving away the touhouproject.com domain. As a result we had to settle for the touhou-project.com domain which, we reckoned, was close enough. In the meanwhile, quite some time passed with the original site looking completely dead despite having an active IRC community. All in all, it was a painful transition that saw the loss of many users but it was also one that for the first time allowed people from the touhou community to be in control of the site’s fate.

I was involved with the site’s revival from th
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>> No. 14762
File 149115234395.jpg - (79.62KB , 854x570 , hackermann.jpg ) [iqdb]
I've added a new goal on the Patreon though I don't have any specific plans yet for any excess money. I don't expect we'll make it that high but it's still something to strive for. With the way the payout system works it's also more advantageous to withdraw more money at once. It's always good to have a reserve even if we don't need to hire programmers ($8-10/hr) or buy ad spaces right away. If we ever needed to upgrade the server plan or move to another hosting company, for example, it'd be useful to have enough to cover one-time charges.

There's also a new tier which isn't that special but if there's people who go for it, I'll be writing every once in a while about a story on the site. Its historical context, impact as well as its execution and so forth. I'm not sure if $7 is too high or not for that but I thought it an appropriate nod to history. There's extra effort involved from me with the setting aside of time to reread and prepare something coherent and interesting so I think that also justifies the cost. Let me know if that feels right or not, still playing it by ear and seeing what works and what doesn't. I trust that time will help sort things out for the best.

Also, I've added a link on the bottom of every page for the Patreon, in colors I hope are eye-catching enough across all the different site styles. I don't want to beat users over the head with this but it's important that both existing and new users are reminded every once in a while to donate if they can.

I share the paranoia to an extent. Though my concerns by and large tend to be more about the internet from a privacy standpoint. Which is why I've resisted ads and have the site working https-only. Trying not to digress too much, however, I think that Patreon is about as safe as you can get in our current world. From my understanding, no payment details are stored on their actual servers and it's all up to their payment processors. So if there's
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 14767
Welp, that's enough to fund the server twice over. Good job.
>> No. 14768
Thanks for the explanation wall. This helps my to-read list a lot. I still have to read Flight of the Lost Soul, Tenshi is in This Story, Superstitious and Cowardly Lot, Fairy on Scarlet Lake, Animating Gensokyo and An Excuse for an Excuse for Aya with the prequels. So yeah I have lotsa stuff to read. I've already read (or I'm reading) the other ones and I agree, Keymaster's stories are all amazing, along with many others like SDM:LA, Pathcy Quest, Scorn's story in /forest/ etc.

Ah well ok. I'll go with Patreon then. Paypal is really full of bullshit for this though.

File 148522082150.jpg - (677.50KB , 800x600 , Terminally in need of love.jpg ) [iqdb]
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It's that time of the year again, and love is in the air! To celebrate, let's focus on the bad part! Yes, that's right: rejection, failed confessions and all things bad about Valentin's Day!

Now, the rules of the contest shall be rather simple: no holds barred, as many entries as you like, and let's see if we can have a better voter turnout than last time! Ohh, and entries should be anonymous. I'm likely going to toy with other options next contest, but, as things currently are, we're going anonymous again!

Deadline is still up in the air. It shall be one of two dates: either February 14th 00:01, or February 28th 00:01. In the end, I took the feedback on monthly contests into account, and we shall be having one every other month, with a month to vote, give or take. As of right now, start your engines, but we need to discuss when to end the contest on.

Voting shall, of course, end on March 31st 00:01. I felt that the winter contest was too short, and at least one person didn't make it in time to vote. As such, I figure that if I just say screw it and make the entirety of the time between contests a voting period, we shall get more!

Categories shall be Lewd, Normal and Lunatic Soul-crushingly Depressing! The first two shall be the main distinction, but the third applies to both categories! I figure I'd test an idea I had. Each contest will have a flavor category to liven things up. I noticed the fun that was had in the yearly contest from the Shitpost category, and figure that it might be interesting to try something of the like, if different.

Anywho, the categories shall be up as soon as I have images, then I'll link them to here in the next post. Annoying delay does get in the way a bit, though.
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>> No. 14742
And I wrote Good shitpost, I raise you another.

Mine was bigger.
>> No. 14743
File 149100943990.png - (693.87KB , 849x849 , lylack.png ) [iqdb]
It was me. I wrote the untitled story.
>> No. 14747
i wanted to write something for once for a contest

but i procrastinated so i decided to figuratively shit on a keyboard and write something horrible at least

maybe i'll make time for a serious entry or not

File 143590567726.jpg - (437.94KB , 850x1200 , inchling.jpg ) [iqdb]
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We've been without one of these for almost ten months. Time to revive the tradition!

What have you been reading lately? What do you recommend to your fellow THPers?
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>> No. 14700

There's also Bringing Sexy Back over in shorts, if you like Harry Potter. She's not the MC, but has an interesting role.
>> No. 14702
File 149079257192.jpg - (95.82KB , 368x350 , sekiblush.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's not fucking fair. Is there not a single proper story regularly featuring the DDCs? What have they done to you?

Not the requester, by the way. I'm just mad.
>> No. 14703

Well, Paper Banki Days or whatever it was died off in like thread 2, but...

Well, go look for it. Was good highschool stuff.

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