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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 12892650677.jpg - (197.31KB , 1024x1024 , 126673104215.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Since there seems to have been an influx of newcomers lately, and their actions and behaviour has started to grate on the regular visitors of this site, once again Anon has risen in /blue/.

So, in order to help inform the newcomers of present and future, this thread will be a place for general board etiquette and other miscellaneous information to help the population as a whole. I apologize if there's any seemingly 'important' information I leave out at first, since I'm typing this off the top of my head.

Important Information

1) Emoticons are discouraged. Be they :(, or >.>, or ^_^, or even the dreaded xD, they are not required, and you will only be scorned and mocked for using them. You are able to post without them (I should hope), so if you absolutely must convey your emotional state, do so with words.

2) This is an imageboard for voting on, discussing and chatting about Touhou and Touhou fanfiction. *Actions* are not required, and are looked down upon. The only implied actions occurring in imageboard posts should be limited solely to story narrative and other creative writing ventures. Like emoticons, you will be mocked.

3) Posts made in the story boards, and in story threads, should try to stay on topic. Discussion related to events of the story are fine, and chatter about various other facets of related material to the story is acceptable as per author's judgment. Prolonged shitstorms over things not related to the story at all are naturally not acceptable, and will result in post deletions at best, and temp bans at worst. No one wants to see posts between two or more anons bitching at each other over nothing.

3a) Sometimes, arguments over various actions within the story context can spark up due to conflicts in personal interests and how votes made to cater to a particular taste might oppose others. While they can be unavoidable, it's preferred to keep them at a minimum. Everyone has their own tastes, and surely they can clash at times when opposing groups have two differing views on what should happen, and these prolonged arguments can derail threads, and even cause the writers to lo
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>> No. 14219
Forget it, it's ok again now.

File 138643896314.png - (409.92KB , 585x579 , witches - free flow of ideas.png ) [iqdb]
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Ever had a great idea for a story that you weren't going to use yourself? In this thread you can share it with the world and see if anyone else thinks it's interesting. They can then write it or, at the very least, see if there's any interest for the concept/particular execution. In short, this exchange can help inspire others as well help see if there's demand for any particular kind of story.
See >>10975 and >>11677 for previous ideas that were shared.
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>> No. 14535
File 148183245653.jpg - (238.46KB , 425x600 , tumblr_n6lu5tyf3Z1r8d2ggo1_500.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just adapt touhou soccer already

File 148322890786.jpg - (201.38KB , 850x1202 , Border of now and then.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Yes, I know what you must be thinking, "Sona, why is the contest starting when the previous one only just started the voting phase?" Well, stop talking to yourself and listen up!

This isn't gonna be your typical contest! It'll be running year-long, and shall have no losers! While the general idea is New Year's resolutions, one can enter at any time. There are no rules, save that this one could technically be considered a writing contest. CYOAs, normal stories, you name it.

Basically, declare your resolutions here and try to keep them. I don't expect year-long participation, but so long as you never truly give up, no matter how you falter, you're the true winner!
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>> No. 14565
I believe in you.
>> No. 14577
File 148499908317.jpg - (7.43KB , 261x193 , here's where I'd put my at compilation.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 14578
File 148500333961.png - (762.76KB , 939x619 , there will be none for reasons but someday.png ) [iqdb]

File 148147782151.jpg - (96.04KB , 1280x960 , analcoholicandhissidechick.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Welp, it looks like we've got another Tasofro game coming. More urban legend shenanigans for everyone!
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>> No. 14533
Not sure if they would; sort of pointless for a game centered around flying magical girls to be ground bound.
>> No. 14575

>> No. 14576
File 148412540936.jpg - (83.14KB , 850x881 , Close enough.jpg ) [iqdb]

Huh. Google translate seems to think Inuyasha is on the list...

File 148141907145.jpg - (184.04KB , 850x1039 , Sad isn't it.jpg ) [iqdb]
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You know what we need? A contest, of course! Christmas, snow-ins, snow days and all things that make winter wonderful and/or bleak and terrifying.

Rules are mostly the same as the yearly contest: deadline is 00:01 on the 1st of January, and you can make as many entries as you like. Anonymously, of course.

Also, don't be the guy that votes on their own stuff.

Anywho, categories are Porn, Newbie and Veteran. If you think yourself a newbie, novice, or just generally aren't confident in your writing, go write there. It's a contest, so don't be afraid to write, even if you're not the best.

Characters can be whoever! Doesn't matter, really. Just make sure it's taking place in winter, more or less. I'm mainly doing this to drum up more activity on the site. Expect more contests to come, though the next one will be less short notice.

Thread links coming shortly!
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>> No. 14572
Did you have any comments for the authors? Even if it's late, I'm sure those would be appreciated.
>> No. 14573
I wrote the newbie entry. I've only written one other story on this site, and it was for the last contest. Once again I ended up writing something at the very end, rushing to get it done. I wasn't planning on writing anything for this contest, but I wanted there to be at least one story in the newbie category. If I knew I would get one more vote than the other stories I probably would have spent more than a minute thinking of a title. I thought up the idea for a story like this a while ago when I was sick, after I finished reading curiosities of lotus asia. Next time I write something I'll put more thought and effort into it. Still, this was fun.
>> No. 14574
File 148389293983.jpg - (210.79KB , 304x600 , pixiv_60295509.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wrote Winter's Warmth. My goal was to create a work that perfectly encapsulated certain feelings, so I'm glad that the execution of that worked out for most of you. I don't mind that it's a little predictable. Thank you all for your feedback, and congratulations to everyone who wrote for the contest! You're all winners to me.

File 143590567726.jpg - (437.94KB , 850x1200 , inchling.jpg ) [iqdb]
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We've been without one of these for almost ten months. Time to revive the tradition!

What have you been reading lately? What do you recommend to your fellow THPers?
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>> No. 14504
I'll pick Dark Tidings. Just started recently and looks rather interesting.
>> No. 14546
Lost Bees requires more votespene gas, and is well worth the read.

If you don't like crossovers, at least give it a chance; you should be up to speed in no time and the lore fits Touhou like a glove.
>> No. 14548

Don't Call Me a Glutton (Dacmag for short) updated and it's a really fun read. So far it's equal parts police procedural, food porn, and Kokoro being a jerk to everyone.

None of the original characters feel like donut steels, they fit into the setting pretty well and considering how little love the youkai mountain gets in general, it's great to see a story that really fleshes out the "daily life" aspect of the mountain.

File 139746212644.jpg - (451.49KB , 1014x1202 , shes probably writing 'ur a faget'.jpg ) [iqdb]
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In the interests of keeping the recs thread clean and limited to recommendations, let's bring all other discussion of stories here. Want to have a protracted argument about why writer x is a faget who should die in a freak kitchen accident? Fire your shots here. Want to complain about story y not having enough (or too much, if you're a sissy) grimdark tentacle death blood rape? By all means, make your voice heard here. Just keep it germane to THP stories and we're all good.
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>> No. 14531
You should finish it, you nerd.
>> No. 14532
Yes. Also will Yuuka and Aya work on a time share agreement for Robin and Reina?
>> No. 14534
At least a point where one could wrap things up yet perhaps resume them. It'll be interesting to see what happens and how many remember the story.

But a story reviving and finishing somehow would be great for the site.

Some advice for SoL: think of things like episodes (something going on to help frame up things and direct the goings on)

File 147136817427.png - (3.24MB , 2000x1414 , __hieda_no_akyuu_and_motoori_kosuzu_touhou_drawn_b.png ) [iqdb]
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It doesn't feel like it's been a year, but it's August once again. And, since no one else has made any mention of it, I suppose I'll get the ball rolling in starting this year's annual contest!

As usual, EVERYTHING MUST BE SUBMITTED ANONYMOUSLY. Breaking this rule WILL result in disqualification. The deadline is the 16th of September, 23:59 GMT, AKA site time, because I'm not seeing much reason to break from tradition here. Submissions after the deadline will be disqualified.

There's a two-post limit per entry, as usual. They must be obviously connected with each other, preferably with in-thread links.

After the last annual contest's newbie turnout of nil, I'm also trimming categories down to just Regular and Lewd. However, because at least one chucklefuck always makes comedy porn, I'm also instituting the bonus Best Shitpost Award, because if people are going to write joke lewds they might as well be recognized for it.

So, for example, votes would go like:


Speaking of, voting will last until the 23rd of September, 23:59 GMT. Everyone will get a vote in both regular and smut categories, plus the optional BEST SHITPOST vote in case you feel like throwing it in. If you don't wanna, or if there aren't any shitpost entries, feel free to ignore it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14469
Pardon me for bursting in with this, but I've got the OP's permission. The survey will remain open for the next couple of weeks.

>> No. 14479

Welp, I've begun the redux of Forgotten Gensoukyou. This time it will be as it was meant to be, if with minor alterations based on the ideas of another.
>> No. 14480
Thanks for all the responses.


File 147434697644.jpg - (1.25MB , 1000x1414 , kind of cute in an evil way.jpg ) [iqdb]
14407 No. 14407 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi there!
So I know that there are tons of fan-made spin offs of various genres of the Touhou Project, which of course have their own OCs, but I was wondering which of them are the most famous?

After all, there's enough fan-art and remixes for Mitori that she kind of feels almost nearly canon-ish, I feel. She's even got a wiki page, so who else is up there?
>> No. 14408
There's Miko (Hakurei) from the MUGEN games. That's about all I know about. I barely can keep with the canon characters and their personalities, so I don't really pay attention to OCs.
>> No. 14409
There are a few at https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Fan-made_characters.

... I don't think I've ever heard of any of them before today. Except Meimu, and that only via Touhou Nekokayou.
>> No. 14421
most don't have much lasting impact, though it doesn't help that many seem to palette swaps of existing characters.

The "Previous gen Hakurei" mentioned in >>14408 has more of an impact among fans for having a more unique design compared to most.

File 147456358163.png - (120.59KB , 465x558 , 145913580239.png ) [iqdb]
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The seventh thread of Animating Gensokyo, www.touhou-project.com/th/res/177232.html is missing from the archive. Help?
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>> No. 14417
>> No. 14418

Related: >>14295
>> No. 14422
File 147464387748.jpg - (156.09KB , 720x720 , 141577419784.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thank you all for your help.

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