I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 162283470477.png - (1.24MB, 1440x810, idk heres aqn writing.png) [iqdb]
Last night, I floated an idea in the Discord about a fun thing that could be done for the season. My main resistance to setting dates and posting a thread is that participation on the site is way down compared to before across the board. The last contest was surprising in how many people actually submitted entries, but it still wasn't on the level of previous ones.

That in mind, I figured we ought to have a thread where we can bat around ideas for things like contests and try to gauge interest/potential engagement before committing. If you have something you'd like to see done on the site, toss it out there.

I'll keep my thing separate of the OP.
So, my own proposal is for a 'ghost stories' themed event for the summer.

To be clear, I don't necessarily mean horror stories. I think ghost stories can be spooky, funny, and many other things besides. As long as they're stories that have a clear 'supernatural' element, they fall into that umbrella, in my opinion. That'd be the general theme.

As to the form of such an event, I don't have a real clear idea. I don't think a contest is really warranted, personally. Contests are already sort of old-hat here, and some have even been put off participating by the faux-competitive aspect. Accordingly, it probably should be more of an 'exhibition' than anything. How that should play out from a procedural perspective is the lingering question.

That's where the rest of you come in. I'd really like to see a fair show of support for an event like that before putting in the time and effort to plan it out. And it'd be nice to hear any ideas anyone else might have. The floor's open.
This is a fun sounding idea, I agree that there's no need to make it a competition though.
if we were to do an event like this when would we do it?

I really like the idea of a ghost stories theme, and making it "more of an exhibition" also appeals to me, its far easier to justify posting something if I don't have to worry about it being explicitly measured against other peoples.
>As long as they're stories that have a clear 'supernatural' element, they fall into that umbrella
Sort of sounds like Touhou, in general, but I understand what you mean. I think it's an interesting theme with plenty of potential. Not sure if I'd participate as it would depend on getting a workable idea.

The previous contests barely measured much of anything. Sure, there was a "winner" but it's not like many people bothered to put much thought into the actual judging part.
I didn't come in with a particular date or time in mind, since I doubted there'd even be interest, but let's say August or September for the sake of argument. If anyone wants to push for something different, the floor is, as stated, open for discussion.

That said, there'd first need to be more people giving definite affirmatives on participation for that to even become a question to seriously address.
I would almost definitely contribute a story to this, as I've already started to write one because of it, and hope other people will too.
I'll put my hat in the ring; I think I've got an idea or two left around to dust off.
Thats the attitude! Gin-berry!
As long as I'm permitted to lood the spewks, you can count on my chipping in.
If you do something, I'll make some kind of attempt. I'd personally want to do something "scary" even if "scary" isn't the true theme, but, we'll see
Yes, lewd is fine, as far as I'm concerned.
ill give it a honest shot for what it's worth
i've had something in mind that falls somewhere in the "spooky" camp and have so far failed every time when i've tried to write it. Third time's the charm?
Sorry for the lack of discussion for some days. I got a bit sidetracked with other projects.

I'm seeing a showing of five people giving reasonably solid affirmatives, so I guess we can call that a fair interest. So, that leaves a more solid date and the actual form of the event to be decided. I tentatively named 'August or September' above, but I'd like to hear some feedback on that.

What works for everyone? What doesn't work? If possible, it'd be nice to catch some stretch when no one expects to be too busy to participate. Weigh in.
A Spooktember sounds like a pretty fun idea.

I've had an idea to make something like a horror with some comedy in it too but wasn't sure how to balance that.

This event may be a good way to gain some experience with it. I can already imagine Yukari calling you by the phone a la the ring.
I'm not massively worried about scheduling, so as long as I have a month or two to actually write im happy, ill weigh in for spooktember.
Yeah, Spooktember. Get ready for the spooky month after/still technically summer, good for ghost stories
I'd be up for a Spooktember event. I just don't really get what OP means by a "ghost story". From the sounds of it, any kind of youkai hijink would fit the bill, and that's not quite what I imagine a spook related theme to be about.
Fair enough, define ghost story then.

I just understand it as a spooky story like oooh you're house is haunted or something
Here's the thing: As I see it, this isn't a contest, so there's no need to fit some kind of narrow criteria just to 'qualify'. If you think a ghost story is one thing, then go with that. It's not like I'm going to shout "That doesn't count! Disqualified!" or some such.

Really, I avoid setting an explicit definition for the express purpose of the event being able to include anyone's definition of a ghost story; none of us are likely to understand such a term the exact same way.
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