I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 147136817427.png - (3.24MB, 2000x1414, __hieda_no_akyuu_and_motoori_kosuzu_touhou_drawn_b.png) [iqdb]
It doesn't feel like it's been a year, but it's August once again. And, since no one else has made any mention of it, I suppose I'll get the ball rolling in starting this year's annual contest!

As usual, EVERYTHING MUST BE SUBMITTED ANONYMOUSLY. Breaking this rule WILL result in disqualification. The deadline is the 16th of September, 23:59 GMT, AKA site time, because I'm not seeing much reason to break from tradition here. Submissions after the deadline will be disqualified.

There's a two-post limit per entry, as usual. They must be obviously connected with each other, preferably with in-thread links.

After the last annual contest's newbie turnout of nil, I'm also trimming categories down to just Regular and Lewd. However, because at least one chucklefuck always makes comedy porn, I'm also instituting the bonus Best Shitpost Award, because if people are going to write joke lewds they might as well be recognized for it.

So, for example, votes would go like:


Speaking of, voting will last until the 23rd of September, 23:59 GMT. Everyone will get a vote in both regular and smut categories, plus the optional BEST SHITPOST vote in case you feel like throwing it in. If you don't wanna, or if there aren't any shitpost entries, feel free to ignore it.
File 147136911160.png - (832.69KB, 978x1395, __motoori_kosuzu_touhou_drawn_by_hide448__8529ab81.png) [iqdb]
REGULAR: >>/shorts/1964
LEWD: >>/at/38019

File 147137660419.jpg - (395.65KB, 600x600, cover.jpg) [iqdb]

I WON'T! I will mull over options and hopefully eke something in before the deadline comes to pass.




fuck man, i hardly update my regular stories
Long-time lurker here, is it a good idea to shit out a story for this if I don't know what I'm doing?

English is my second language and I'm thoroughly convinced that this will end in embarrassment and disappointment, even with a proofreader.
File 147143471795.png - (3.05MB, 1981x2500, briefly motivated.png) [iqdb]
I was going to complain about the lack of a Newbies category, buuuuuut then I realized I wouldn't have qualified for it anyway. Fuck. Into the shark tank I go.


That's exactly what I did for the carnival thing last year (which is the only reason I wouldn't be a newbie). You can't let yourself be held back by embarassment on THP!

Seriously, go for it. I can barely hold a conversation, never mind write a story, but nobody here gives a shit.

The best way to get better at a language is practice, so go for it, this anon believes in you.
>is it a good idea to shit out a story for this if I don't know what I'm doing?
Didn't stop me from finishing pretty high in one contest. Most entries don't end up being high art, anyway.
If they have never been entered in one of these contests before, can we enter an old short if we promise not to edit it?

Well, I culled the Newbies section from the contest because of zero entries last time. But, if there's enough demand for it, sure, I can make a thread for Newbies too. It just isn't much of a contest for them if it's only one or two entries, right?

So for anyone who hasn't written on THP before, or for anyone who started writing after this year started, if there's enough of you who want a Newbies category, I'll make it.


At first I was going to say "Sure, why not?" But, thinking harder on it, I honestly can't allow it if you've posted it anywhere online. It's too easy for someone to look up your entry and go "oh so this dude wrote this," or for an anon to scrape something off the internet and post it here going "yes this is mine," and while I'd like to think people wouldn't do that, I'd rather not even chance it.

Sorry, anon. I gotta ask you to try to put up something fresh for the contest here.
I would also qualify for a newbie category but I currently only have an idea for lewd thread. Dunno if that helps or not.

>only have an idea for a Lewd

No theme?
I plan on entering (as non-lewd), and I would also be considered a Newbie. Though I don't mind being lumped together with everyone else.
Would anyone mind if I posted like a poem or something?
It'd probably fall under crossovers, and you'll probably be able to guess who wrote it.
My, my, I'll have to participate in this for once...

Assuming I remember to, mind you. My memory does leave one wanting.

Still, I think I'll aim for porn.

Question: what are the rules on pictures?
If it's like the previous contests, then there are no special rules concerning attached pictures, as long as they respect the site's guidelines (i.e. not posting explicit pictures outside of /at/). In fact you can refrain from doing so if you want to.
Go for it
I didn't think I was going to enter this, but I suddenly got struck with inspiration. It's already been ten days, but I think I can turn out a story in time.

It's a little intimidating writing my first story on THP. Who knows, maybe it'll be entertaining.
We all have to start somewhere. Good luck!
Guess I will try writing something
So, important question: is it okay if we post a lewd and a non-lewd? Already did the the latter, so... Kinda wrote up a lewd just now.

I can't not post it due to time till deadline, but, if it's not allowed, I'll just delete the post when an answer is given. I'd rather lose the lewd than the non-lewd. The 5th said more or less yes, but I'd rather a definite answer from the host with the most.

There's no limit on how many shorts you can submit, so feel free to go nuts.

Awesome, thanks~
Don't mind me, just getting a read on site time to see if I should bother editing this thing that I either have fifty minutes to post, or am too late to post.

Thank god I'm not the only one that did that. I know site time is technically GMT, but I had to be sure.

Please wait warmly while the contest runner collects all the entries and links them in this thread~
Damn, did I not make it in time? I thought I barely managed to meet the deadline. Well my story was rushed anyways.
If you wrote Come in from the Cold, then I think it should count. The timestamp reads 23:58

Weird, it didn't show up on the /shorts/ thread for me before. I'll delete the entries list and fix that real quick, sorry!
File 147407269019.jpg - (1.81MB, 1800x1285, __hieda_no_akyuu_and_motoori_kosuzu_touhou_drawn_b.jpg) [iqdb]

>>/shorts/1967 Untitled the First
>>/shorts/1980 Walnuts
>>/shorts/1981 My Friend
>>/shorts/1983 Forgotten Gensoukyou
>>/shorts/1984 Piece of My Mind
>>/shorts/1985 Rolls and Roles
>>/shorts/1991 Crossroads
>>/shorts/1994 That's All There Is
>>/shorts/1995 Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi
>>/shorts/1997 Six Pence
>>/shorts/2000 Once Upon A Time...
>>/shorts/2001 Fey Mood
>>/shorts/2002 Untitled the Second
>>/shorts/2003 Come in from the cold


>>/at/38060 Koishi isn't not in this story
>>/at/38061 >>/at/38062 Kasen is built for lewd
>>/at/38063 >>/at/38064 Inappropriate Workplace Relations
>>/at/38065 Super Perfect Touhou Lemon Fic!!!
>>/at/38067 Can You Knot
>>/at/38068 >>/at/38069 Under the kotatsu
>>/at/38070 "Okay."

You forgot >>/shorts/1996 Eastern Wonderland, Bullet Heaven ~ The Great Cat War of 2016

Regular: [x] >>/shorts/1985 Rolls and Roles

I'm a sucker for stories like this of friends being themselves doing something, even if they can fly and shoot bullets. Not to say the other entries weren't nice.

Lewd: [x] >>/at/38061 >>/at/38062 Kasen is built for lewd It does a rather nice job of demonstrating how well built the two hermits are for lewd. The Sex is hot while having a bit of meta commentary on Kasen's sex bomb status, particularly for a character who's never been in a game until ULiL. Though between the two of them, I'm sure Taichi could do an all nighter.

Shitpost: [x] >>/at/38065 Super Perfect Touhou Lemon Fic!!!

It's like every bad touhou H-fic trope rolled into one steaming pile which wound up being so bad it's funny. There's no other choice really.

Remarks on other regular stories:

Eastern Wonderland, Bullet Heaven ~ The Great Cat War of 2016

An amusing short with a notion that could be used for an actual story. the EBF gang would not be out of place in Gensokyo, that's for sure.

>>/shorts/1967 Untitled the First

It's basically a touhou game in a nutshell, though this time I don't think Reimu finds the mastermine (likely Suika). The remarks of Reimu actually beating up people comes off as sort of charming despite being an old fanon notion.

>>/shorts/1980 Walnuts

No idea why Raiko wanted walnuts, but what she did get is an rather insightful talk with one of the newest moon rabbits. I feel a slice of life story with Raiko would be a nice read.

>>/shorts/1981 My Friend

A look back at the forming of the border and perhaps showing Like God, Like Miko. Has enough ground for a bigger story; the Hakurei God certainly comes off as an amusing guy.

>>/shorts/1983 Forgotten Gensoukyou.

A poetic if a tad confusing look at the PC-98 era, often forgotten or ignored by most, especially mr. "won't into continuity". With varying PoVs. It could stand be cleared up, though part of its charm is that it's not.

>>/shorts/1984 Piece of My Mind

Sort of amusing how accurately it mirrors slapping a story together for contests like this. There's also a decent number of cameos from various things, some of which I suspect are non-THP.

>>/shorts/1991 Crossroads

A small peek of the future of Keymaster's Gensokyo. Really goes without saying the quality and such. For better or worse.

>>/shorts/1994 That's All There Is

I think it's about Reisen's escape to earth, though I wonder if this is what escalates things to the story of earth beating them badly. Otherwise pretty SoL-ish with the two new moon bunnies and bored astronauts.

>>/shorts/1995 Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi

Post modern fanfiction? It's tempting to wonder if there's real meaning or not, but I feel madness lies that way.

>>/shorts/1997 Six Pence

The story isn't exactly bad, but I don't see Komachi fitting the spot. Though I wonder if the first soul was the one the third was following or not.

>>/shorts/2000 Once Upon A Time...

This I found very good, though I feel it's part of a bigger story, one that I'd read.

>>/shorts/2001 Fey Mood

Not sure if her pregancy work that way or not as a humanoid, but that's just me.

>>/shorts/2002 Untitled the Second

Another thing that seems cut from a bigger story, but with a guy that is both akin and not so to Marisa.

>>/shorts/2003 Come in from the cold

A nice little short about looking on the bright side of things, particularly winter.

As for the dirty:

>>/at/38060 Koishi isn't not in this story

It certainly lives up to to the title, though I wonder how much she's behind Kogasa's idea. She's certainly kinky if incidentally sadistic judging from Nue's remarks.

>>/at/38063 >>/at/38064 Inappropriate Workplace Relations

Not a bad story, though in my opinion it could have gone without mentioning Komachi if she's not gonna get sucked into the sexy antics. Still it's a Eiki scene and atypical at that. Sort of want a sequel with Komachi somewhere.

>>/at/38067 Can You Knot

It feels wrong having Hatate instead of Aya in the role. Seems a tad bait and switch considering Momiji's fantasies were with guys.

>>/at/38068 >>/at/38069 Under the kotatsu

A nice short, that's semi-constrained by kotatsu. It does make me want to read more about these two.

>>/at/38070 "Okay."

Leaves just about everything to the imagination. Anything else I'm at a loss of words for.
Regular: [X] >>/shorts/2002 Untitled the Second

Because this Marissa is nice, and I don't want to assault her like I normally do interpretations of her.

Lewd: [X] >>/at/38069 Under the Kotatsu
File 147408816248.jpg - (164.18KB, 650x500, motherfuck.jpg) [iqdb]

>You forgot >>/shorts/1996 Eastern Wonderland, Bullet Heaven ~ The Great Cat War of 2016

god damn it

this too is an entry to vote on

i am very sorry, whoever you are
> Also, in that other story, Macha was the THP character or the Farseer? Either way, nice blast from the past!

> There's also a decent number of cameos from various things, some of which I suspect are non-THP.

Macha is from >>/th/185325.
Malla is from >>/sdm/54956.

Thank fuck I didn't include Phobe.
>>/shorts/1985 [x] Rolls and Roles

I'm a real sucker for a good D&D story, and, to be frank, this has a lot of potential as a story. I mean, just imagine as they become real men. As they gird their loins on purple worms and great wyrms!

And great wyrm purple worms, if Koishi gets involved!

Heck, I can even imagine Suwako sneaking a chain mail bikini into the item shop, and maybe Alice buys it for stats or something. Gotta have that +1 charisma to get you to an even number, right?

I hold no opinion on the lewds. I'm just happy that there are any, really.
Regular: [X] Forgotten Gensoukyou
Best shitpost: [X] Untitled the First
REGULAR STORY: [X] Eastern Wonderland, Bullet Heaven ~ The Great Cat War of 2016
LEWD STORY: [X] Koishi isn't not in this story
BEST SHITPOST: [X] Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi

Yes, I had to add a fourth category to this.

This was a hard decision, I enjoyed reading the contest stories. I would include a special mentions section but then I'd just include half of the stories.

Untitled the first is a fun story. It's nice to read stories like this to contrast more serious stories. I liked the character interactions in Walnuts. My Friend was neat, a nice short story about Gensokyo's creation. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for PC-98 stuff which made Forgotten Gensoukyou a lot more enjoyable. Piece of my mind is a neat meta story, it's also a lot more relatable than I would like. Rolls and Roles was a close contender for my vote. Now I really want to see a story about Touhou characters playing fantasy games. That's All There Is is nice. I like seeing the moon involved more often in stories. Koishi Koishi Koishi, Koishi. Six Pense was another story that I almost voted for. I enjoy reading poetic stories. I feel like I didn't get all the meaning that Once Upon A Time... had to offer, but I understood enough to enjoy reading it. I am slightly biased towards Fey Mood as Kokoro is one of my favourite characters. It's a nice and sweet story, the type that gives you a cozy feeling at the end. The second untitled story was just fun to read. The character interactions were what sold it for me.

I don't have anything to comment on for the rest of the stories. Still, even if I only have one vote, I'll give a round of applause to everyone who entered a story.
REGULAR STORY: [x] Rolls and Roles

I would happily read thread after thread of this. I like D&D (even if I can never remember the rules), I like the laid-back slice-of-life-y feel, and I like the colorful characters.

LEWD STORY: [x] Under the kotatsu

I don't much into lewds, so this was more a matter of being the only one I could stomach from start to finish.

KOISHI KOISHI: [x] Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi

Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi, Koishi Koishi, Koishi Koishi, Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi.

...Koishi Koishi Koishi.
I'm not going to mince words here. It's not cool to vote on your own story and it's definitely not cool to vote on your own story for the annual writing contest. Consider this a stern reminder that self-voting is in bad taste.
Called the fuck out

I'm honestly confused as to why he voted me best lewd... I literally made that in the hopes people would beat it, as nobody had posted anything at all. It was a declaration that, if they don't get their butts moving, I'd win by default.

The fact that I'm tied for best lewd boggles my mind.
File 147420414634.webm - (2.85MB, 1280x720, go to orbit.webm) [iqdb]
Lewd vote (only category that matters): [X] Under the Kotatsu

Honestly, a couple of them were nice, but this is just the nicest one for me.
Best Story: [X] Six Pence
Best Porn: [X] Can You Knot

I almost voted "Koishi isn't not in this story" for Best Porn, but I couldn't bring myself to since it's more of a comedy piece. Mea culpa.


--My Friend--

I suppose Gensokyan origin stories aren't overdone. Unfortunately, there's not much to say about this one. Gensokyo didn't exist and then, poof, there it was. The end. It's not clear who the perspective character is, either. However, there is something to be said for the simplicity of the story.

This had to be the insecure ESL guy. Your writing is more or less understandable, so keep practising. More than that, don't ever be afraid to reach out for help.

P.S. Use of honourifics is strongly discouraged.

--Rolls and Roles--

Setting aside my general distaste for D&D and its ilk, this wasn't bad. There was a coherent plot presented in a clear and straightforward fashion, and it even managed to avoid being completely lifeless. Although, the Kokoro in this story was grating after a short bit; not that she wasn't meant to be, but it went a bit over-the-top. Gotta love the ending, though.

Comedy isn't what I'd call your strong point, but I'd love to see what else you can do. You're at least competent in telling a story from start to finish.

--That's All There Is--

Yay, moon buns. Not even being sarcastic when I say that, either. I love seeing people bring in more recent characters, especially in a setting that makes as much sense as this. Now, I'm not sure, but I'm guessing the perspective character is Reisen. Not that you had to be super-obvious with it, but... well, you could have made it a touch clearer. That said, you managed to do enough in a small space to make it into a solid plot. The dialogue had points where it was hard to follow, and I can't say the characters were incredibly distinct from each other, but you did alright with what you had.

Write more moon buns if you're not already. That is all.

P.S. Ringo is love. Ringo is life.

--Six Pence--

Out of all the serious entries, this one is the most competent in its presentation. There's a real sense of death that hangs around the story; I don't know how best to describe it, but it's easy to imagine being at the banks of the River Sanzu just reading it. The ending is brilliant in closing the loop and bringing it all back to the start, discarding the tragedy of what we've witnessed as another day in the life of a reaper. I love it, both from a writing standpoint and an editing standpoint. If this was done in a short span of time, I salute the author.

I want to read more of your stuff, author. If you're not already writing a story on here, please start.


--Koishi isn't not in this story--

My own partiality towards the UFO cast could be a factor here, but I liked this from the get-go. I'd have a hard time calling this porn since there's not much in the way of explicit "action", and I'm perfectly okay with that. It's funny and it maintains a sense of restraint in its humour. While I wouldn't call it 'erotic comedy' in the truest sense, it's certainly a decent short, however you'd classify it.

I'm curious if you've written anything else here.

--Can You Knot--

The title aside, this was the most tolerable out of all the 'proper' porn. My sensibilities when it comes to this stuff are best described as conservative -- even with so-called 'vanilla' -- but the meat of the story had enough tooth to it. One thing that so many writers get wrong with porn is either underplaying or eschewing the emotional element of sex. Here, it was present without calling excessive attention to itself. The ending, while bordering a staple of porn stories, was also refreshing, given the setup. Top-notch for a contest piece.
>I don't much into lewds, so this was more a matter of being the only one I could stomach from start to finish.

I'm not sure I like this reasoning. It feels unfair. Subjectivity is one thing, but if you're voting within category and automatically omitting multiple entries just because you don't go in for "normal" smut, then I'm not sure you should be voting on the porn category at all. You're basically excluding them, if you even finished reading the pieces. If you couldn't stomach them because you thought they were just terribly written, that's one thing, but that's not how I read that line.

Full disclosure, I do have an /at/ entry to pre-empty any accusations of salt. This is purely from a fairness mindset.

As contest runner, and taking a page from the previous contests, my official stance on this is that voting for your own entry is allowed. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU AIN'T A TURBO-NERD FOR DOING IT.

So, >>14378, know that you are officially a NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD.
Regular: [x] Six Pence
Lewd: [x] Kaden is built for Leeds
Close lewd runner up is Can You Knot.

You can't ask someone to dissociate their personal preferences when judging how much they like something. That would be like asking someone to pick their favorite out a line-up of ice cream flavors with the additional stipulation that the ice cream's actual flavor isn't part of the judging criteria.

Adding arbitrary stipulations to "pick your favorite" kinda cheapens their entire crux of "YOUR favorite" IMO.

TL;DR: I disagree with you. His personal, subjective vote is just as personal and subjective as anyone else's.
My votes here:

Regular: [x] Untitled the second
Lewd: [x] Inappropriate Workplace Relations
Shitpost: [x] "Okay"

I will now attempt to comment and review the entries in 10 words or less.


Untitled the First: Short, absurd and hilarious. Reimu beats everybody. Fuck the lunarians.

Walnuts: Ringo was amusing, but Raiko, a loner? Then nothing happened.

My Friend: Overused theme. Not descriptive enough. Didn't catch my interest, sorry.

Forgotten Gensoukyou: Rhyme without prosody is found lacking. Points for nostalgia. Promising.

Piece of My Mind: Two meta four me. Not as witty as "the First".

Rolls and Roles: I love tabletop stories and friends messing around. Want more.

Crossroads: Very purple. Original characters not very interesting. Big Papa? Seriously?

That's All There Is: Still don't understand what happens here. Felt promising, but incomplete.

Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi: Semantic Satiation - The Shitpost. Like peebles under my soles. Koishi.

Eastern Wonderland, Bullet Heaven ~ The Great Cat War of 2016: Sure this is not a shitpost? But it feels serious...

Six Pence: Komachi reflects about death. Again. But she's a hard-working girl.

Once Upon A Time...: Plot felt underdeveloped, cliffhanger was not earned. But shows promise.

Fey Mood: Emotional depiction of marriage cracking under pressure. Felt too short.

Untitled the Second: Ordinary Magician and Dork Wizard antics. Very sweet and entertaining.

Come in from the cold: Letty was amusing. Kagerou, a bit rude. Then nothing happened.


Koishi isn't not in this story: Not a bad shitpost for under an hour. Quite amusing.

Kasen is built for lewd: Detailed, lustrous descriptions. Why is Lewd Pink still a hermit?

Inappropriate Workplace Relations: Eiki spanking is sublime, I want more! Ends too soon.

Super Perfect Touhou Lemon Fic!!!: Tried too hard to be bad. Lemony isn't my thing.

Can You Knot: Baited and switched to lesbianism. Hatate is a horrible person.

Under the kotatsu: My entry. I will comment after deadline. gibe votes pls

"Okay": Spoke to me in a spiritual level. Want more Tenko.
That's the distinction, though. It's like judging in a cooking contest and then not tasting half the dishes because you don't like what was made, while still holding a "fully-informed" vote for the best. Of course subjectivity is inherent--I would consider something in the vein of "this didn't appeal to me, but it was well-written" a perfectly valid review.

TL;DR "I voted for this because I got through it in a category I don't like in the first place" is worse than just not voting in the category at all. Agree to disagree, etc. I just don't think it's in the spirit of the contest.

I though the deadline was the 23rd!

Now I feel obliged to start a new story to make up for it and also terrible!
I too thought the deadline was the 23rd (but I am a dumb so that just means I'm bad at reading rules)

I think the disconnect here is that you think people should vote for the best story, whereas I think people should vote for the story they like the best. I don't need to read something in it's entirety to know I'm not going to like it or vote for it should it happen to be submitted in a porn story contest.

Also, I don't think the original Anon just straight up ignored any story. Him saying

>the only one I could stomach from start to finish

shows he read at least enough of each story to know wheather he liked it or not.
Not at all--like I said, if someone reviewed a story and said "this was good but it wasn't for me," and voted for something else that they did find more appealing, that would be perfectly fine.
[x] Walnuts

I’m bad at giving praise. Moon bunnies and tsukumogami are great, and your moon bunnies and tsukumogami are great. Casual character interaction is something I have a terrible time with, but you nailed it. Reading this cured my tachycardia for a brief, hopeful hour. Please write more so I don’t die of heart disease.

As for the others—

Untitled the First
This almost got my vote. I’m a sucker for—I can’t quite pin it down clearly enough to label it, but—this style of prose and humour. It’s just that, comparing apples and oranges as it were, I suppose I liked Ringo better.

My Friend
I’m not going to mention the technical errors, because I know you know and at this stage it can’t really be helped. I will say: I can imagine reading a passage like this as the beginning of a light novel—o~kay in terms of setting up a premise, but doesn’t quite stack up when taken as a stand-alone short.

Forgotten Gensoukyou
I do like PC-98 stuff, and your story-telling is really quite good, but—I can’t get over the rhyming without a consistent meter. It just doesn’t work, for me. Sorry.

Piece of My Mind
If you were serious in >>14375, I really would’ve liked to see Phobe. I did like your Cirno, and I think it would’ve been cute.

Rolls and Roles
This was a good idea. —I must say, though, the block of exposition in the beginning outright describing their play styles was a shot in your own foot, there; the story did a pretty good job of establishing characterisation through actual play.

Eastern Wonderland, Bullet Heaven ~ The Great Cat War of 2016
Bluntly: there’s no story here. If I wanted to read an order of battle, I’d go to Wikipedia. You can’t really prop up what amounts to little more than idea on the sole basis of “it’s a crossover”.

It started off strong, and I really wanted to like it. But then the characters started talking, and the casual modern diction just felt at odds with the narration. I don’t know if that was intentional; the post image hints that it was. If so, it worked, in that it didn’t work.

That’s All There Is
Well, as the saying goes, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I wrote this, and I don’t have anything nice to say about it, so.

Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi
I’m 100% Koishi.

Six Pence
This is good. It is. It’s got a very good atmosphere which I can almost feel, and I get the impression it’s my own fault it came off to me as dry. An issue of personal taste, I guess; sorry.

Once Upon A Time…
I need more of this. I mean that in the sense that it’s a good vignette, but the basic subject matter isn’t the freshest and it hasn’t been built up beforehand or followed up on, so it falls a little flat. The villagers’ impressions in the beginning did catch my attention, but the rest of it kind of fell through for me.

Fey Mood
I’m not completely sure what happened, but I think I get it. You really barrelled through the plot, though, man. It’s a good concept, but how short the passages are between time-skips kind of kills the buildup.

Untitled the Second
Here’s some good-old-fashioned fun. I liked it. It felt like a crossover, but I guess it isn’t or else Google has failed me. Looking closely, though, you’re walking a fine line between having something be funny and having that thing no longer be funny because it’s been laid on too thickly.

Come in from the cold
I’ll be honest: I feel like a scene like this really relies on the strength of the words-on-the-page writing, and this is just a little too dry and a little too mechanically rough. Also, no fault of your own, but rhyming makes me irrationally angry.

Good show. Cheers, all.

>I'm curious if you've written anything else here.

Ask again when the contest ends. Gotta maintain anonymity.

>I can’t get over the rhyming without a consistent meter.

Yeah, I keep getting told that I wrote poetry, but I had no intention of, y'know...

...Writing poetry.

I was really just practicing rhyming to a theme while telling a story. I'm only vaguely aware of what a meter even is. Never written poetry before.
File 147423990878.jpg - (485.82KB, 1060x1600, 1463932420310.jpg) [iqdb]

REGULAR STORY: [x] Rolls and Roles

It captured that feeling of camaraderie quite well. More.

BEST SHITPOST: [x] Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi

Koishi Koishi Koishi. Koishi, Koishi Koishi, Koishi Koishi Koishi.

REGULAR STORY: [X] That's All There Is
REGULAR STORY: [X] Rolls and Roles
LEWD STORY: [X] Under the Kotatsu
BEST SHITPOST: [X] Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi

These are my choices.
I chose those because Rolls & Roles was fun for the D&D and Kokoro's in-characterness, The shitpost was great because Koishi! And the lewd was fun because not only was it the most coherently written I felt but the others just felt kind of eh somehow.
File 147451324995.jpg - (661.37KB, 1500x1179, a8a78f663ef5bda99a4b023f5cfad9c0.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Inappropriate Workplace Relations

Yes good. Heca is sex.

I am not a spanking fan, but this was still delicious.
My vote is for Rolls and Roles, though the story with Marisa and Akkad came close. I like D&D antics, and it was fun seeing how the Gensokyans' personalities influenced their play styles.

Still, I think that Sanae's aggravation would make more sense if the story went off the rails, which I kept waiting for. Just something to keep in mind for next time.
Regular Story: [x] Six Pence.

There is something nice and simple about this story; reminds me of the older aesops. There aren't any wasted words, either, as brevity becomes it. Do like the one note about Komachi wondering what she is becoming.
File 147460934240.png - (494.65KB, 720x900, 068c53a470c66f38d84ca35cac678b8b.png) [iqdb]
REGULAR ENTRY: [X] Untitled the First

LEWD ENTRY: [X] "Okay."
REGULAR: [x] Untitled the Second

>>/shorts/1967 Untitled the First
The moon is gone and Gensokyo barely cares. I like this a lot more than I should. This is a story that doesn't take itself seriously and delivers deadpan in spades. There is something very Gensokyo-like about the humor – which is good, because I find the story funny. Other than that, there isn't much else to say. It's fun, but that's all it is.

>>/shorts/1980 Walnuts
A rabbit meets a pair of drums. This is cute and has great character dynamic. At no point could I complain about the characters. They felt very natural. Overall, it was a good read and I'd enjoy reading more with a soothing cup of tea.

>>/shorts/1981 My Friend
A story about the Dragon god. A good attempt, but needs some polishing around the edges. It feels like it could have been a poignant story about the mystical wonders of the Hakurei god and how self-sacrifice created the Gensokyo we know today. Ultimately, it falls a little short but that's fine. Practice makes perfect.

>>/shorts/1983 Forgotten Gensoukyou
A story where its rhymes have no weight, just like the canon of PC-98. I have a tendency to mouth words aloud. This is a story where the word flow hurts me. Some lines read naturally, while others have me stop and and re-read the sentence because the rhythm was off. That isn't to say that this story was bad – I thought it was rather good, but I cannot get over the break in meter.

>>/shorts/1984 Piece of My Mind
2meta4me. This story wanted to be a lot of things but somewhere, it got stuck. The story tries a little too hard to push the meta and as a result, the delivery feels cheap. In particular, the snippet with Macha feels downright forced. Cirno's cute.

>>/shorts/1985 Rolls and Roles
D&D in Gensokyo. This is a story where the writing is fair and the characterization is good, but I don't particularly like it and I have no solid reason why. Maybe it's because I'm not really sold on the premise, I don't know.

>>/shorts/1991 Crossroads
The coming of age for the new Hakurei miko... probably. I couldn't make myself like the original characters. By no means did I hate them, it's just that... I'm indifferent. The short has a solid world, but with all the original characters coming in without much significance, I forgot their names by the next few paragraphs.

>>/shorts/1994 That's All There Is
Moon bunnies discover Houston, and it becomes a problem. This is good, but the story feels unfinished. I want to know more: what happens next and why? It creates a story and leaves me with a lingering feeling of “where's the next post?”

>>/shorts/1995 Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi
Koishi Koishi, Koishi. The plot twist is cheap and the romance is garbage. 9/10. Koishi.

>>/shorts/1996 Eastern Wonderland, Bullet Heaven ~ The Great Cat War of 2016
I have no idea. This story is a hodgepodge. It has so many things and all of them are wrong. I can't even discern the plot because it isn't there. Not only is the story missing the plot, but it's also missing very basic things, like formatting, background, and characterization. It reads terribly, and I wouldn't even give this story an award for participation because it's lazy.

>>/shorts/2000 Once Upon A Time...
A cowboy, presumably, and an oni are about to face off and it never happens. Feels like more like a movie preview than a story. It's captivating, but it ends before it really even starts. I can't say anything else about it because I finished it before I could formulate any impression of it, really.

>>/shorts/2001 Fey Mood
Kokoro gives birth and there are troubles along the way. You could replace Kokoro with a completely different character and I don't think I would notice. If you remove the images and physical descriptions of her masks, I would have no idea. Other than that, the conflict was there and then it wasn't all of a sudden – then the story ended. Was too short to really feel or understand anything.

>>/shorts/2002 Untitled the Second
A man and Marisa deal with each other and friendship happens somewhere along the way. This is good. Maybe really good. I was thoroughly entertained reading through this story. A story can be about daily interactions and sweet friendship, but what sets this one apart from the others is how fluid the character interactions are. The back and forth between Marisa, Arkad, and even Alice is top-notch. Untitled the Second is praiseworthy for making the not-so-mundane life of Marisa interesting and believable.

>>/shorts/2003 Come in from the cold
Kagerou hates the winter, Letty loves the winter, surprise. I have no particular feeling for this short, other than it is a thing. The rhyming banter evoked only a groan from me and that was the bulk of the dialogue between the two. I'd have loved to see Kagerou interact with the bartender more, but the story ended quite halfheartedly.



I honestly can't vote because it would be unfair since I didn't bother reading all of them. Sorry about that.
File 147467087439.png - (7.12KB, 217x164, Keine foils 1CC run.png) [iqdb]
Regular: [x] Untitled the Second
Lewd: [x] Inappropriate Workplace Relations
Shitpost: [ ] No fun allowed.jpg

Proper reviews to follow when I have the time.
REGULAR: [X] That's All There Is

Good stuff in general, and A+ work on the picture, dude.

LEWD: [X] Inappropriate Workplace Relations.

Hecatia is good. Shiki Eiki is lovely. Both together is something I didn't know I wanted until you showed me.

SHITPOST: Koishi isn't not in this story

There were good shitposts all around, but this one had me cracking up from start to finish.
[x]Can you knot
REGULAR: [x] Untitled the Second
LEWD: [x] Under the kotatsu
SHITPOST: [x] Super Perfect Touhou Lemon Fic!!!

Runners-up: Rolls and Roles, Walnuts

Critiques later.

Please relax while I tally up the votes - winners will be announced shortly.
File 147467645678.jpg - (179.52KB, 1400x980, __hieda_no_akyuu_and_motoori_kosuzu_touhou_drawn_b.jpg) [iqdb]

REGULAR WINNER: Rolls and Roles, with SIX votes.

REGULAR RUNNER-UP: Untitled the Second, with FIVE votes.

LEWD WINNER: Under the Kotatsu, with FIVE votes.

LEWD RUNNER-UP: Inappropriate Workplace Relations, with FOUR votes.

SHITPOST WINNER: Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi, with FOUR votes.

SHITPOST RUNNER-UP TIED between Super Perfect Touhou Lemon Fic!!! AND "Okay." with TWO VOTES.



Rolls and Roles: 6
Untitled the Second: 5
Six Pence: 3
Walnuts: 2
That's All There Is: 2
Forgotten Gensoukyo: 1
Untitled the First: 1
Eastern Wonderland, Bullet Heaven ~ The Great Cat War of 2016: 1


Under the Kotatsu: 5
Inappropriate Workplace Relations: 4
Kasen is built for lewd: 2
Koishi isn't not in this story: 2
Can You Knot: 2
"Okay.": 1


Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi: 4
Super Perfect Touhou Lemon Fic!!! : 2
"Okay.": 2
Untitled the First: 1
Koishi isn't not in this story: 1
File 147467677913.jpg - (209.94KB, 500x607, well don't do it.jpg) [iqdb]
Yay! Well. Sort of.

Can You Knot was mine. I got dunked hard. RIP the dreams of a repeat of That Fucking Satori Story.

The number-one thing I heard said about it was that it bait and switched with the hetero fakeout into Hatate--I guess I can take some comfort in knowing that, whether people liked it or not, that was kind of the idea--get into Momiji's headspace by playing up her unsatisfied needs and desperation.

For my part, I'm mostly just happy I got my entry in at all--I've never had less time. I also didn't have the time to, ahem, "percolate" the idea in my usual fashion when I write smut. I'm not sure if that made any difference, but I suspect I could have had a better product with more time to cook.

Either way, though, congrats to the winners, and until next time. Reviews will be forthcoming at some point.
Procrastination is bad, mmmkay?

I had a MUCH more complete idea of what Fey Mood was supposed to be. I didn't actually write the damn thing. I didn't realize I wasn't writing until there was a 48 hour window, and I wasn't even warmed up from a failed attempt at writing something else like I was last year.

That reviewer who said it was rushed through? That guy was spot on and knew exactly what the problem was.
File 147467765255.png - (322.91KB, 646x710, a cute reisen.png) [iqdb]
. . . as you could (and did) tell. The original outline was a lot longer and had a lot more to it, but me being myself, most of it ended up never making it off the cutting-room floor either from being unable to find the right tone and voice (the Apollo crew—what lines they do have are taken from the LM transcripts) or from being unable to get enough research done in time (there was to be a segment aboard the USS Hornet). By the end of it I was just trying to push something resembling a complete story out the door.

The ending and post image were supposed to be a reference to this: http://www.alanbeangallery.com/dualperson-story.html —It’s really not clear enough without all the story and research notes, though. Come a rainy day, I’ll likely rewrite this; it’d feel wrong just to leave it at that.
With the contest done, I can now say without fear that Untitled the Second is mine. I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out, because I am a shit who put writing more than the barest basics of it off until like a day before the deadline. A great chunk of it was literally written down by me on a mad dash to the finish, so I'm honestly amazed it turned out as well as it did.

And to answer >>14401, Arkad isn't a crossover character. He was basically just made up on the spot as the reason the story existed, and I think he did a pretty good job in the role. I wouldn't have written the thing if he didn't.
Well, that was a ride.

For those familiar with my work -- and I know you number few -- guessing that "Walnuts" was my entry was probably easy. I had a feeling that it wouldn't be all that popular. Two votes isn't bad, though.

Every one of my contest entries thus far has been based on a vague 'feeling' more than anything. In this case, it was the nighttime atmosphere of a bar alley. Well, that and the desire to write something 'cozy'. That's how I ended up with Raiko and Ringo as the main characters.

This is probably obvious enough, but I didn't edit my post at all. I consider contests to be a sort of off-the-cuff display of skill, so I don't bother too much with polish.

Anyway, thanks to those who voted and/or said nice things. I don't know what that says about your tastes, but I can't complain. Here's to another contest full of whimsy and fun and all that good shit.
File 14746801132.gif - (1.29MB, 500x500, a winner is me.gif) [iqdb]
The writer of Rolls and Roles was meeeeeeee

Wow, hey, um, wow. So a lot of people expressed interest in reading a full story of this. Truth be told, I actually did intend for this to be a full story, with you all playing Sanae as she has to manage a DnD campaign for Touhous. But every time I sat down to try and seriously write it, I immediately felt really bad for letting my DF story die. So I decided to just toss it out here for the writing contest.

That said, this was a massive confidence boost. If I do make this into a full story (which is very probable now), I'd have to make a few changes, though. I'd have to change to 5e from 3.5e, primarily because I have actual experience with it. It being so much simpler is also a big plus, since I absolutely will maintain full character sheets for this (maybe put them in /words/). I'd also let you all vote on who the actual players on (except for Reimu), in case you want a more stable (or unstable) group. And also increase the number of players to five, for an extra bit of fun.

So, thanks for the support, it's been a huge boost to my self-esteem. And congrats again to everyone else as well, everything was a great read!
File 147468122166.png - (561.18KB, 800x1000, ff01.png) [iqdb]
I wrote Six Pence and "Okay." and wrote both last minute.
File 147468202460.jpg - (116.79KB, 560x600, __imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_drawn_by_kotaro_nosuke__.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm not going to pretend that my story was even halfway decent. I wrote come in from the cold. I came up with an idea for a Kagerou story while browsing touhou images and realizing that there's barely any images of Kagerou as a human. I had some sort of plan and theme, but in the end I was just rushing to finish it after I kept pushing it back because I couldn't figure out what to write. I wrote the first couple paragraphs in one sitting, then the rest of it on the day of the deadline. Reading back on it I don't know what I was thinking with the rhyming. I barely had any time left so I didn't finish redoing the dialogue or making a proper conclusion. So take it from me and don't be an idiot. Write stuff ahead of time. I'm a little sad that this is my first story on the site, but if I write something in the future hopefully it'll be better to the point where nobody realizes I wrote this. Maybe I'll visit the idea again some day.

Part of me is okay with not getting any votes considering the quality of my work, but another is irritated that the epic battle fantasy crossover story got more votes than mine. Even if the author did vote for their own story.
>Part of me is okay with not getting any votes considering the quality of my work, but another is irritated that the epic battle fantasy crossover story got more votes than mine. Even if the author did vote for their own story.

Your story was a metric fuckton better pal, even with your rushing. Don't let his own vote sway you. Looking forward to another story you write here, so best of luck.
File 147468427267.jpg - (214.53KB, 480x640, keinecakes.jpg) [iqdb]
Hi. I wrote the Super Perfect Touhou Lemon Fic!!!

Me and two friends were up late one evening, and one of them was showing me bad fanfiction. He and the other guy were like "we should write the cringiest shit ever", and I was like "okay we're doing this".

So then we wrote it, and midway through one of them went "we should post this on THP for april fools" and I was like "asdf April's literally half a year away" so he looked on the site and saw this contest. Then I saw the bit that read "some chucklefuck always writes comedy porn"...

This was the result of 1-2 hours of three people being stupid around midnight. I have no regrets.

If it made someone laugh, though, that makes me happy.
File 147468848445.jpg - (407.50KB, 2522x1924, __hecatia_lapislazuli_and_shiki_eiki_touhou_drawn_.jpg) [iqdb]

I did it.

I will add onto the sentiment that holy hell procrastination is a killer. I kept saying "I'll have more time, and if I'm going to write, it should be doing planning for my normal thread!" Then a whole bunch of life stuff happened at once and I had to scramble to write almost the whole story in like 2-3 evenings. Ended up having to miss an update on my thread too, which pissed me off and messed up my groove more than it should have. Apparently I'm really bad at focusing on multiple things at a time. I'm not very good at focusing on anything, come to think of it.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure some people noticed this, but Inappropriate Workplace Relations was originally going to have more content. I had several more ideas that would work in the setting (several, but not all, of which Hecatia mentioned near the end of the story), but realized by Thursday evening that I wasn't going to be able to write any of them quickly enough. Considering that adding one of the extra ideas probably would have ended with me running into the character limit and having to cut things anyway, it might have been for the best. I guess I could have cut stuff out of the intro if I had needed to. It was maybe a little too long.

I kinda want to write some more of this at some point. I don't know exactly when, considering the previously mentioned multitasking deficiency, but there's still some material to work with here. Anything to make /at/ a bit less dead would probably be good.

So yeah, thanks for the kind words everyone who commented on eiki_ass.txt. Second place is really much more than I expected. The blitz of doing almost nothing after work other than writing for several days straight was actually pretty fun, though not something I'd be able to keep up for very long. Hopefully I have learned a valuable lesson about procrastination, but probably not.
File 14747060489.png - (696.65KB, 1000x706, 35674799.png) [iqdb]
I wrote Under the kotatsu. Thanks for all the votes who have taken this piece to the first place!

The idea for this lewd came about about half a year ago, but aside from being an exercise in brainstorming, it didn't amount to much... Until the contest notice popped up, and I decided to use it since I had no better ideas. The thing about my entry is that there's a clear (at least for me) divison between two parts: the first half was properly planned and written down according to what I had in mind, but then college stuff happened, writer block settled in and stopped my progress until the very last day, where I had to force myself to write down the second half in whatever way I could before the deadline. As such, it feels rushed and not proofread to my own standards.

All in all, I am happy with how it turned out in the end, specially considering this is the first complete erotica I've ever done (I had written some smut before but they never reached actual sex) and that I haven't written anything serious for almost two years, but I also have this feeling that I could've done better in different personal circumstances. Perhaps when I manage to get my college life in order I might consider continuing the escapades of the lewd couple, or write another lewd oneshot in the future... Or perhaps even get back in the business of writing a long story again, if I manage to overcome my procastinating ways. Who knows?

Thanks for all of you contestants for your entries, it was nice to read Touhou fanfiction again after such a long time. Here's hoping we see each other again next contest!
File 147470657891.png - (269.61KB, 500x500, I'm sorry.png) [iqdb]
Welp, looks like it's time to 'fess up... I'm the douchebag responsible for the following crimes against literature:

Piece of My Mind is an unedited brainfart I crapped out in two hours after the Cirno story I was actually working on rammed into a wall and died before paramedics could arrive. It isn't even a story, just a description of my day, but three weeks later it was still the best thing I had so I flushed my dignity down the toilet and posted it.

Crossroads was supposed to be a shitpost. Yes, really. But Uncle Yian proved more than my fragile psyche could handle so I channelled Garner and Tolkien instead. Badly. Amelia was invented on the spot, Shion and Koko were dredged out of something I canned two years ago and everything else was stolen from actual authors. In the end the whole thing was just an exercise in getting my purple on for a story that never eventuated. But it was finished, so up it went. Let it stand forever as a monument to my shame.

There was going to be a lewd as well but I ran out of time. Thank Shinki for that.

I throw myself upon the mercy of the court. If it please ye, I will report to the update mines at once.
File 147471194259.jpg - (121.12KB, 850x658, Let the celebratory feast begin!.jpg) [iqdb]
Alrighty, then! Finally can discuss things~

First off, I'm eventually rewriting Forgotten Gensoukyou in a way that you guys will shut up about it being bad poetry! Hooray?

It will either be in haiku format this time, or I will bite the bullet and learn poetry and then proceed to touch it with a ten foot pole because ohh god it's poetry.

My entries were Koishi isn't not in this Story and, of course, Forgotten Gensoukyou.

And yeah, honestly, I wasn't satisfied with FG, but sadly my keyboard kinda broke halfway through the contest. It was only half done, and I work terribly under pressure. I had something like a week left to finish it, and, well... Rhyming every single sentence isn't the fastest thing in the world.

Also, there literally was no deeper meaning to Koishi. I had no plot for it, I had no direction for it, and I just bullshitted my way through it, making the plot on the spot with the theme of Kogasa having a glove compartment umbrella on her crotch.

Anywho, irritating claims that I wrote poetry aside, I suppose I should address some things!


As I was saying earlier, yeah, I've been writing here for a little while. Mind you, only about a tenth or so of my total work is on this site, but still. I've written three proper stories since February, the first of which having been completed.

A Very Tokiko Valentines Day would be the first, which, quite honestly, was more or less written as a test run for various other intentions. It was finished not long after it started, over in /th/. I was trying new things, and it kinda got derailed.

Then there is Eastern Tale, also in /th/, which has reached the fifth thread in about four months.

Finally, and most mysterious of all, there is the mystery box. What might the third story be? Why, that is up to you to figure out!

Let's try something, now that I have been yelled at about my unintentional poetry for the umpteenth time! I think a hint might be nice~

Hints of mail, hints of fail; locate them to find my tail.

There. I think that had the rhythm that was apparently so lacking in my completelynotpoetrystorystopcallingingitthatpleasefortheloveofgodstop.


Well... at least it's not 4th edition? Although, honestly, for me at least, the lessened complexity is exactly why 5th isn't as appealing. After all, more complexity means more votes when we're making the campaign!

Although, now I'm imagining what Yuugi might be like in D&D.

No Such Thing as Ghosts
File 147472083399.png - (459.73KB, 750x1000, This is how I smile!.png) [iqdb]

Well, now. What might be the reason for this guess?
File 147472901912.jpg - (2.21MB, 3000x1710, Something Something Something - Something.jpg) [iqdb]
I had an actual story for this contest that I was working on, but I couldn't finish it in time. Then, at the last minute, I had an idea for another story. There was no way I could even get that one started, let alone finished, so I came up with another story, but that would have been too similar to my last-minute entries from previous contest. So, finally, I went "fuck it" and wound up shamelessly ripping off paying homage to that "chicken chicken chicken" research paper, re-purposed the concept as a short story, and slapped a character in there in place of all those chickens.

And thus, Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi was shat into existence.

There may have been some meaning behind some parts of it, at some point, but I couldn't even tell you which parts those were. All I do know is that I like Koishi as a character, and would probably enjoy writing an actual story with her in it sometime.

Thank you to the people who voted for it, but shame on you for not voting for something better. I appreciate it, really, but still. Shame.
File 147473756696.jpg - (207.83KB, 850x775, The best part of waking up is roses in your cup.jpg) [iqdb]

Aww... This whole time I thought it was a reference to the Buffalo sentence.

Looked it up a bit, and here you go.


That is 100% grammatically correct, as buffalo has so many definitions.

I know that Koishi means loving, so I kinda guessed that you were being the most awesome author ever and took that to the extreme somehow.

I feel betrayed! Shanghaied! Keelhauled! Up a river without a paddle! Forced to list off as many roundabout ways of being betrayed as is humanly possibly! Betrayed! Again!

Also, I'm amused that we both made a Koishi shitpost, and we were both well recieved. Great job winning the coveted Golden Turd.

You truly are... the best in shit.

...You were supposed to read that like we're on Iron Chef, by the by. Just saying.

I didn't vote because I thought the limit was the 25th, but I'd have voted for you... and for under the kotatsu. Oh well, neither would have made a difference anyway.
Cripes, I was considering starting a Kageroo story literally last week, before the die fell on someone else. Agreed on the Real Woo™ deserving more attention. Alas.

Sage for OT and awoowhoring.
Pic sums up this contest.
You might see me do a proper Kagerou story in the future. I feel like I didn't do her justice.
I'm assuming the story-telling bemonocled hatted toaster in Crossroads was the same one that beat up most of Gensokyo and spent several DBZ episode's worth of time channeling power.

Am I right, that it's the walfas toaster?
File 147477955050.png - (561.46KB, 1280x620, I can't do anything right.png) [iqdb]

No, it was the toastermogami from Alice's Life (Sucks) by faggot. Pic related.




For all your great guile, you can't hide your style; to me your alias stood out for a mile.
File 147482224142.png - (1.35MB, 800x1130, Sometimes it feels good to stand in the light.png) [iqdb]

I'm happy to have a reader of such quality, in that case.

Assuming you read it, mind you.

Also assuming you didn't mean me.

If you don't make a story our of it-or continue with your current one, I will destroy you
>>14427 here. I actually wrote all this before the author reveals but then pointlessly decided to sleep on it, and now it's kind of awkward and nobody will be impressed that I got the chicken chicken chicken reference but fuck it I'm posting it anyway


Really tough call between 3 regular stories this time.

For the lewd vote I just went with personal preference. Inappropriate Workplace Relations was probably the most well-written, though.

As for shitposts, this got my vote:
>Outside, Kagerou pouted as her good friend Wakagashimime gave her a mermaid titty fuck, far different from regular tittty fuck.
>“Haauu~♥...” Wakagashihame inhaled, suffering from oxygen deprivation outside of the water.

Some thoughts and/or critiques:

>>/shorts/1967 Untitled the First
Decent humor, but maybe a little too silly.

>>/shorts/1980 Walnuts
Wonderful slice-of-life. It's not easy to make a single conversation between two people this interesting. Really enjoyed this one.

>>/shorts/1981 My Friend
This seems like it was supposed to be a personal POV retelling of a premise that's been done before, but the characters felt flat and there was way too much exposition.

>>/shorts/1983 Forgotten Gensoukyou
This is prose awkwardly forced into a rhyme scheme with goofy phrases tacked on. Why?

>>/shorts/1984 Piece of My Mind
Barely even a story. Admitting it in the story itself doesn't actually fix the problem.

>>/shorts/1985 Rolls and Roles
Great characterization and interplay between characters, fully utilizing the premise. Good pacing, I heard someone complain that the final battle was left out but I feel that was a good choice. This is some really solid writing. Also, the description of Alice's playstyle speaks to me on a personal level.

>>/shorts/1991 Crossroads
Nice premise, but a little too purple for me.

>>/shorts/1994 That's All There Is
Too military for me. The first line is weird.

>>/shorts/1995 Koishi Koishi: Koishi Koishi Koishi
Chicken chicken chicken.

>>/shorts/1996 Eastern Wonderland, Bullet Heaven ~ The Great Cat War of 2016
3/4 of this was spent obliquely describing the EBF characters. That kind of thing works in a long story where you gradually give more hints until the reader realizes it's a crossover, but here it's like your entire "story" is just an obscure riddle. The characters overreacting to how WACKY and WEIRD they are also feels forced, especially for Touhou.

>>/shorts/1997 Six Pence
Brutal. This was just depressing.

>>/shorts/2000 Once Upon A Time...
Feels like the first half of the best scene from a good story.

>>/shorts/2001 Fey Mood
I'm not sure I get what happened at the end.

>>/shorts/2002 Untitled the Second
Really fun buddy comedy, has anyone even done that before on THP? Marisa and the new guy play off each other well. Great all the way through, I'd love to see more of this.

>>/shorts/2003 Come in from the cold
> I heard someone complain that the final battle was left out but I feel that was a good choice.

I don't recall any such complaints, unless if they were in the chatroom.

Also, if anyone's curious, I have statted up characters for a full story of DnD shenanigans.

And also encounters.

And loot drops

and I've mapped a dungeon

... So I've realized that I am literally incapable of holding myself back on this, and if I go through with this story, I will end up running the most bizarre DnD campaign: multiple people all DMing for a single, poor idiot who has to play literally every character.

I just want to make sure if people are okay with an enormous and ambitious story like this.
File 147484856840.jpg - (449.23KB, 850x1190, __hoshiguma_yuugi_touhou_drawn_by_baba_baba_seimai.jpg) [iqdb]


I read it. Don't vote as much as I should because I'm chicken and know diddly-squat about the non-Touhou though. Sorry about that.

Because my style is, as I have apparently correctly assumed, extremely standoutish.

If people can recognize me, then it's not anonymous, thus defeating the purpose of the contest's anonymity.

Due to this, and my desire to prove to myself that I'm good enough for THP, I decided to hide within rhymes.

And then grow increasingly annoyed at people calling it poetry, and talking about rhythm I see no point to, as you hardly sing it. The degree to which they called it poetry even went so far as to, for some, only focus on such facets.

Plus, the sub-purpose is practice for riddles. I needed to get better at rhyming for my stories, as themed puzzles are a common occurrence. While the sphinx's riddle, as well as other easier puzzles, will possibly crop up, I hardly can rely on things people can simply google the answer to for the harder ones. To that end, I needed to figure out rhyming around a theme. If I could rhyme to an overarching theme as well as a short term one, which I successfully did, I felt it would prepare me.

I have only read parts of a single poem. I had no idea that rhyming was their thing. Heck, my inspiration was more along the lines of nursery rhymes, if anything. Those I at least know of, if only to some small degree.
I don't think you're ever going to get people telling you not to write the ambitious and interesting story.
File 147489919466.jpg - (150.28KB, 850x959, This is Renko before long.jpg) [iqdb]

Ehh. It's designed to work so that both fanbases feel as if they have no idea what's going on, honestly.

Heck, if you didn't feel lost, I'd be lost. The story is to make you feel like a small child lost without a clue how to get home in a land of comedy mixed with horror and drama.

These three things will be had in spades, too.

So don't worry about the consequences of not knowing certain things and just have fun as if playing a Chinese bootleg of rare quality. Sure, it's similar to both in many ways, but it is also jarringly different in many.

If you ever feel as if you could use more knowledge on a subject, just ask and I will consider answering. I honestly check the thread 2-40 times a day, if not more.

Plus, I still have the anti-vote system in place, so, if your vote turns out to be satan's hairy deodorant, people will just vote against it

Unless you mean Ghosts. In that case, your fear of voting is very well placed, and I suggest you familiarize yourself with Luminous' works if you aren't already.
We can fess up now, right? I did Once Upon A Time. Not bad for something I wrote on my phone via titanpad while walking around a wal-mart. Just an idea I've wanted to toy with for a while. A crossover.


Dang, that beats me writing my shitpost so quickly... Nice going! Either you're the patron saint of texting, or you edited that heavily before posting it.

Nice to see you still writing~ Always did love that story of yours. Always been a huge fan of D&D, so it was hard not to.

The iceburg does like its silly hat.
The idea'd be best not so much on DnD nitty gritty but just dealing with the other characters.

Pardon me for bursting in with this, but I've got the OP's permission. The survey will remain open for the next couple of weeks.


Welp, I've begun the redux of Forgotten Gensoukyou. This time it will be as it was meant to be, if with minor alterations based on the ideas of another.
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