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Get your smut on, folks! Rules are at >>/gensokyo/14305
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Kogasa had a surprise. Kogasa, of all people, had a surprise. Yes, you know what that means. It's going to be absolutely horrible, and end in tears when someone beats her to a pulp. "Kogasa, maybe you shouldn't-"

But you're interrupted by Nue, who cuts you off, like every other time. "Well, lay it on me."

And then Kogasa lifts her skirt.

And all eyes stare.

And all eyes lower to her groin.

And all eyes slowly look upwards as said groin begins to telescope outwards.

You're not a big connoisseur of the things, but, you have to say, that...


You tilt your head this way and that, sure that everyone else is doing so as well.

That's definitely... not a... dick?

Byakuren is the first to dare to risk reaching out to grasp at it.

She proceeded to push down the skirt to its normal position, just as everyone in the room was most definitely contemplating.

Nue was equally as flabbergasted as you are, and that's saying something. The girl works with the undefined. By the very 'definition', nothing should be able to shock her. For all you know, she's made of the things. But you don't. And you won't. 'Cause, well... Nue.

Ichirin didn't look phased, but, well...

The girl's cloud is near half the size of the damned temple.

Obviously it didn't impress her.

Because, y'know.

The cloud's a big manly man. Big beard. Big hands. Big, well, everything. Surly he's got something pretty dang impressive in his...



Cloud. You'll settle for cloud.

And, well, Byakuren. Sure, she's a saint, but she wasn't always. Who is? She's probably seen hundreds, if not thousands. Probably rammed in every port, and- Wait.

You bop the girl that isn't there on the noggin. "Quit that."

The not-there girl pouts. "You're no fun..."

You roll your eyes. "Makin' me obsess over an umbrella like it's a dick ain't my definition of fun."

"It's my hobby."

"Get a new hobby."

"You first!"

"It's not my hobby."

"Then what is?"


"...That's not a hobby."

"What about getting rid of others' hobbies?"


"Ehh, whatever floats your boat."

"You'd rather sink my boat."

"Yeah, true."


"...Yeah, true."

And, before you know it, you're confused at why you're smoking a pipe in a futon. Not really a good place for it.

Looking over, you find the totally-not-there girl to be laying there, watching you.

And she's not-not-there.

...It's kinda weird to realize that you know what she looks like when you know you have no idea what she looks like.

"Was it good for you, too?"

"...Ehh, not bad. I think." Your crotch kinda hurts. Which, y'know, being a ghost, that's kinda hard to do.

You're honestly afraid to check, to be frank.

Knowing her, those weird ropes that you didn't know about but apparently did were involved.

And, also knowing her, sharp barbs, too.

So you're just gonna cuddle and ignore the pain. You'll look at a less vulnerable moment.

Your crotch feels not unlike a bouquet of roses. Which, again, knowing the girl...

...You think you're gonna need a bit of...

...What the heck do you even use to dress ghost wounds? Ghost bandages?

How the hell do you even make a bandage die, let alone with regrets...?

I totally wrote this in an hour while dead tired.
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File 147398409751.png - (800.74KB, 777x1024, 763af3ccd6276e22a4a6bae86b820325.png) [iqdb]
Kasen gently strokes the two boys' cocks, causing both to quiver in agony. The semen covering each cock, as well as Kasen's hands, makes her movements slick and irresistibly pleasurable. Neither can remember how many times they've ejaculated already, the past two hours swirling into a blur of debauchery and longing for her enticing body. Despite being far past their limits, their cocks dance in her hands, eager to cum again over her hands, face, and luscious breasts.

Below her, the young man who was thrusting into her anus stopped moving his hips, having reached the limits of both his stamina and his testicles. Kasen gives her ass a quick back-and-forth shake, hoping to entice him into movement, but to no avail. She can't spend any more time on him, however, and focuses her attention on the fourth, raising and lowering her hips along his cock. He groans in place, the slippery walls of her cunt ravaging his sensitive rod, and ejaculates quickly from her practiced movements. Kasen purrs with pleasure as his sixth creampie shoots into her hungry womb. Her hands then make quick work of the first two boys, and they both ejaculate from the strange feeling of her hands caressing their testicles.

She stands up, getting off the two defeated young men, and they lie flat on the ground, gasping for air, their cocks still standing upright despite their complete exhaustion.

“Geez, you boys are hopeless,” she grumbles. “You'll make your big sister sad if you get tired this quickly. You haven't been training your cute little dicks properly, have you?”

“W... We're sorry, Mistress!” one of them stammers. Kasen doesn't even look to see which it was. She wants results, not excuses.

Turning her attention towards the boy that was penetrating her ass, she gets down on all fours in front of him. Despite his exhaustion, he's unable to pry his eyes away from her voluptuous, hanging breasts, and raises his head to look up at the terrible hermit preying upon him. Likewise, the other three boys in the room lock their eyes onto her plump ass, thick thighs, and engorged labia. Her entire body is dripping with their semen, and the room reeks of their sex. It's still not enough for her, and none of them could ever hope to say “no” to her.

Kasen gently strokes the boy's cock with her bandaged hand, causing it to twitch with anticipation, and him to groan. She lowers her hand to his base and suddenly pushes a finger against the underside, the unbearable pleasure abruptly turning into a dull pain. But what's worse is that the boy knows what will happen next.

Keeping her finger on his dick, Kasen lowers her lips to his tip and slowly swallows his entire length, locking her lips tightly around his skin. Her tongue swirls around his cock, dancing to and fro and licking up the cum still coating his shaft. Once she reaches the bottom, she reverses direction, lifting her head and letting the suction ravage his cock. At the top her lips finally part with an audible pop!, and her victim groans in agony from her harsh treatment. His penis trembles in the relatively cool air, aching to ejaculate and fill her moist mouth, but her finger makes this impossible.

She repeats the punishment, taking his cock into his mouth again, and raising and lowering her head, this time without stopping in between. After a few agonizing repetitions, she brings her other hand to his ass, extends her middle finger, and slides it up his ass. The semen coating plus her hermit magic makes insertion easy, and she locates his prostate in no time at all. He groans in agony at being unable to ejaculate from the terrible combination of her luscious mouth, the gentle prostate massage, and her chi flowing into his body from her finger. His cock surges with renewed vigor, but this just makes the denial that much worse for him.

“Please... Mistress! Let me cum! I can't bear it any longer!”

Kasen pauses her fellatio briefly, but doesn't remove her finger. “No. This is part of your training too. Accept my love, and you'll become a splendid semen fountain that can go for days without tiring!” Ignoring any other protests, she returns her lips to his shaft, and continues sucking his delicious cock. The other boys watch with rapt interest, on the verge of ejaculating themselves just from watching the rhythmic movement of her ass. They're all at the limits of their endurance, however, and will need another chi transfer from her to continue. Hopefully, without a punishment of their own.

Footsteps can be heard from outside, but none of the orgy participants are in any state of mind to notice them. They get closer and finally, the door to the room opens.

“I'm ba – What?!” Reimu opens the door to her shrine and is promptly greeted with the pungent smell of semen, pussy juice, and four boys who look like they're about to collapse. Plus, the culprit – Kasen Ibaraki.

Kasen stops her blowjob and looks up at Reimu. The boy ejaculates the instant Kasen's finger is removed, and the combination of the built-up pressure and her overpowering chi makes his climax ridiculous, sending huge volumes of semen into the air; some of it lands on the ceiling and sticks, while most flies over the room and showers Kasen's hair and body, with a small amount landing on the other exhausted boys. Reimu avoids it entirely, nimbly stepping back away from a single stray bullet that headed her way.

“Good afternoon, Reimu. Would you care to join us? I've found some absolutely splendid shota cocks this morning. I wouldn't mind sharing this eager little pup with you, while I continue 'training' the other three.”

“Dammit, Kasen, did you get mind broken again?”

“Of course not, Reimu. I've simply... 'noticed' how tantalizingly perfect these penises are. The alluring shape, the limitless endurance, their eagerness to please...” Kasen continues, paying no attention to her surroundings, and thus not noticing that Reimu already left. Floating above the ground to avoid the semen stains, she flies off to another room in her shrine. “Ah, they're simply divine! It'd be foolish of me not to try to train them, to bring out their fullest potential, and to cooperate in achieving the highest ecstasy together! And it'd be the greatest negligence of my own, were I to try and keep these paragons of mortal life to myself, and did not attempt to share them with my truest friend and disciple, my dear Reimu Hakurei!”

Reimu returns, carrying a small bottle. It's a bit of outsider technology she picked up at Kourindou that's perfect for this situation. Kasen still hasn't noticed she left in the first place, and is ranting about “divine understanding” or something.

“Bad!” Reimu shouts, squeezing the handle on the bottle. A small spray of water shoots out, hitting Kasen in the face and interrupting her speech. “Stop that!”

Kasen sputters as the droplets hit her tongue, the discomfort causing her to instinctively close her mouth and turn away. “Reimu, cut that out!” she protests, shielding her face with her hand. Reimu pauses, hoping that she's finally come to her senses. “I only want to share the glory of being a shotacon with you! Is that really -”

Reimu squeezes again, cutting off Kasen's speech. It's not working she thinks to herself, and leaves the room once again.

Kasen sighs. “My dear disciples, it seems that Reimu is unable or unwilling to see something as obvious as the joys of sex. I fear that we must enlighten her... through force. She may protest initially, but I'm certain that she will see the light quickly. Please assist me, both in training her mind and body, and also in subduing her.” She turns to directly face that one she just sucked off, who has the most of her power at the moment. “If one of you acts as a distraction, I can hold her down, while the rest shower her with their affections.”

“Eh? M-Me?” The singled out boy protests. His crying face is so adorable, Kasen thinks to herself. “B-But, Reimu is really scary! I can't do anything against her!”

“Don't worry,” Kasen reassures. “I will protect you. I won't let anything happen to my cuties.”

Kasen's beaming smile and kind words – not to mention her voluptuous breasts and hips – convinces him. “W-Well, I can try, if it's for you, my beloved master...”

At the same time, Reimu re-enters the room, carrying a large bucket. She promptly throws the contents onto the pink haired hermit, completely drenching her with the freezing water, and splashing her “disciple” as well.

“Mistress!” the boy shouts in a panic. “Grr, I'll get you, you shrine maiden!”

Begone, youkai!” Reimu shouts, and sends three talismans flying towards the young boy. They slap against his face, stopping him in his tracks, and then he dissolves into dust.

“Oh crap, she's serious!” The three boys turn and run as fast as they can. “Let's get out of here! This bitch ain't worth it!”

Reimu fires more talismans after the retreating youkai, which hit two of the slower ones. They collapse from the impact and quickly turn to dust, but the fourth was too quick and managed to shut the shrine door just before two talismans would've collided with his face. Reimu lets out an annoyed “tsk” but doesn't chase after him. Hopefully just this much will stop the four of them from trying to prey on innocent women (even if they got Kasen this time).

“Well? Are you back to normal yet?” Reimu asks. Kasen is still sprawled out on the floor, soaking in a puddle of water. The splash washed some of the semen off her, but she's still filthy. A little bit of cold water isn't going to hurt her, but the shock of being splashed like that, plus chasing off her corrupters, should mean that she'll be more reasonable now.

“Yes... I think so.” Kasen sits up and looks up at the shrine maiden. “Um, sorry about this.”

“Well? What happened this time?” Reimu asks sternly, ignoring the hermit's apology.

“Err... I was out meditating near the forest,” Kasen starts, pausing guiltily from Reimu's inquisitive stare. “And then these two young boys were playing together and ended up nearby, and...”

“And?” Reimu repeats, pressing her to continue.

“...and they were just so cute and adorable and precious that I ended up eating them up right there.”

Reimu sighs. “That's it? That's all it took for you to get mind broken?”

“Yes,” Kasen confirms after hesitating. Reimu sighs again.

“Then what happened? There were four of them. And why did you end up having sex inside my shrine?”

“Um, they had mentioned more friends, so I suggested that they get them so we could all have fun together. Which meant we needed a place to meet up, and they obviously couldn't find their own way to my home... so, well, this shrine was the next best place!”

“Listen,” Reimu starts after composing herself. “You need to conduct yourself better! You're a hermit; act like one! Above all else, you can't go around picking up youkai shotas. They're dangerous rapists, luring in innocent women with their charms. Just because you are safe from them doesn't mean other women are, so you can't go around encouraging them like that!”

“So,” Kasen interjects, “does that mean it'd be better if I found hum-”

“Stop. Don't even complete that sentence.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

“Now, clean up this mess.” Reimu says, gesturing towards the globs of semen pooling on the floor and dripping from the walls. “Then take a bath. You reek.” Reimu floats over the mess and opens the shrine door wide open, letting some fresh air in. Then she retreats further inside, closing the door behind her to escape from the smell, leaving Kasen behind to clean up her mess.

Kasen looks over the mass of semen left behind. Without the adorable boys around, she feels no desire for it, and regrets losing herself to her lust. A few hours of hard scrubbing pass the time, followed by a relaxing hot bath, giving Kasen plenty of time to think.

Over the next week, Kasen doubles down on her meditations; she contemplates in solitude, focuses herself beneath a waterfall, practices her Shequan, and re-reads ancient scrolls.

Confident that she has re-attained inner peace, Kasen heads out to the human village to see if there are any humans in need of assistance. Off in one corner of the village, away from much of the hustle and bustle of the center, Kasen finds an unusually large group of people nearby. This area has a good number of food stalls set up throughout the year, and Kasen is very familiar with the area, but there appears to be a new one that she doesn't recognize. About two dozen people seem to be patronizing this new stall, either lingering about with purchased items or queuing up to buy their own. Naturally, Kasen decides to investigate.

A delicious scent wafts over as she gets closer. The distinctive smell of cooking beef is the most prominent, but there's also some other meat she can't really identify, as well as the less pronounced but still agreeable fragrance of various spices and uncooked vegetables. It's no wonder that it's attracting this many people – whatever it is – but Kasen still needs to experience it for herself.

“Oh, did you come to check out the hamburger stand?” Kasen turns to the source of the voice and finds a man that she doesn't recognize. He's tall and sturdily built, about half a head taller than Kasen, with short black hair. His finely woven blue robe is trimmed with black around the edges and decorated with a simple geometric pattern.

“Good morning, sir.” Kasen bows and greets the stranger. “Yes, I did notice the crowd and wanted to see what was going on. A 'hamburger stand', you said? I've never heard of such a thing before.”

“Good morning. And yes, as the name implies, they sell hamburgers. It's a new foreign food, being sold by a, well, 'colorful' woman. She's a new arrival to Gensokyo, as I understand, and brought some of her cuisine with her. I was just about to pick one up myself; would you be interesting in joining me?” he asks with a smile.

“Certainly,” Kasen agrees. The man seems amiable enough, and having someone familiar with this new food might be helpful. “I'd appreciate the company. I'll be in your care,” she says, bowing again.

“Ah, there's no reason to be so formal. It's my pleasure to assist you! The food is really good, even if it is a bit unusual, so I'm certain you'll enjoy it. Ah, but I haven't gotten your name yet! I am Taichi.”

“Kasen. Pleased to meet you.” There's still a fairly substantial crowd trying to purchase from this stall, so Kasen and her companion are forced to wait in a line for their turn. During this time they discuss this new delicious food and the proper way to order it, as well as make simple small talk about life in the village.

Eventually, its their turn in line. The people in front of them get their burgers and walk off, laughing amicably amongst themselves, happy to get a taste of this new exotic food. Kasen finally gets a view of the inside of the stall, and the sole staffer. It's a young-looking girl with very long blonde hair, a strange polka-dot hat, a very bright and colorful dress with unusual patterns, and “fairy” wings behind her. Except she's not a fairy... not quite. Kasen isn't sure what she is; she's clearly not a Gensokyoan fairy, even if there are some similarities.

“I'd like a single burger with cheese, lettuce, and tomato, and extra onion, please.”

“Comin' right up!” the proprietress says, and turns her attention to a metal grill with some delicious-smelling meats on it. There's the hamburgers Taichi described, with grease sizzling and slowly dripping onto the array of torches below it, as well as... “And you, miss?”

“Oh!” Kasen exclaims, abruptly drawn out of her trance. “Um, sorry, but what are those other things cooking? Next to the hamburgers.”

“Foot long hotdogs. Good with mustard and relish. Same price as the burgers. Want one?”

“Yes,” Kasen replies immediately, “Please!”

The “fairy” assembles Taichi's hamburger and sandwiches the patty and toppings between two circular slices of bread. For Kasen's hotdog, she simply places it inside a long thing of bread, with no toppings at the hermit's insistence.

Having received their food, the two of them walk off together towards a less crowded grassy plain. Other diners are walking and eating along the main roads, eating their exotic food while shopping at other stalls and stores, marveling at how easy their food is to carry. In this situation, Taichi would naturally seek out something more private, in the hopes of getting to know a beautiful woman like Kasen a bit better. He bites into his burger, making somewhat exaggerated “Mmm!” noises in response to how good it tastes, then turns to ask Kasen how her hotdog is.

Kasen opens her mouth and brings the hotdog inside, closing her lips around the sausage and bread. She holds this for a second, gently biting into the meat. Her entire body quivers with pleasure as the unfamiliar but amazing taste of the cured meat flows into her mouth, her hips and bust shaking with exaggerated motions. Then she opens her mouth and pulls it out with a trance-like expression and a small bit of juice dripping down her lips. Once she realizes it's there, she extends her tongue and runs the tip along her pink lips, moistening them with a small sheen of her saliva. Breathing heavily from the mental exertion, Kasen eyes the hotdog in her hands for a few seconds before she's ready to take another bite, repeating the process.

Taichi stares at her ridiculous performance with awe, forgetting to even eat his own burger. Even with her drawn out pauses, it doesn't take long for her to finish her hotdog, and she lets out a sigh of bliss.

“Ah, delicious...” she says to herself, her voice distant. “More...” she murmurs, and turns to look at Taichi's burger with hungry eyes. Or maybe at Taichi himself.

“Um,” he starts, unsure how to react to this strange woman.

Kasen closes the distance between them with two quick steps and reaches her hand out. Without giving him a chance to react, she grabs on to his stiffening dick and wraps her fingers around its head, the gentle pleasure making him buckle momentarily even through his robe. “Ah, another delicious sausage!”

“Wait, hold on, you can't just do something like that here!” Taichi protests, quickly checking their surroundings. They had walked fairly far away from the village already; the stall and its crowd are out of view after taking a turn on the road, and there aren't any buildings around, nor people. But it's still a road, so there will inevitably be travelers eventually. Kasen is more interested in him than he thought, and seems to want to have some fun right away – however far this actually goes, Taichi naturally wants a secluded location. “Let's, uh, let's move over here first, okay?”

Taichi makes his way over to a nearby tree, with Kasen following after him with her hand still stroking his dick. It's not the best location for privacy, but it'll do: the tree itself is wide, it's a decent distance from the road, and there's even a few shrubs around the path that might help further block visibility if they do end up going horizontal. “Okay, this should be good,” he concludes, and turns his attention back towards Kasen.

Kasen continues stroking his dick, staring at him with lust filled eyes while breathing heavily. Without a word she brings her bandaged hand to her chest and pulls on the rose in the center of her tabard. Once the stem is out, her complicated-looking outfit falls apart in under a second: her tabard falls off, her sleeves unravel and open up, her blouse split in the middle, and all of it, including her skirt, drops to the ground. Her huge breasts, their pink nipples erect and pointed out and her moist, hairless pussy are now exposed, further testament to her extreme arousal.

“Ah, what a delicious smelling morsel. And it's almost as big as the last hot dog!” Kasen wastes no time in opening up Taichi's robe and exposes his cock to the summer air. She lowers her head to his crotch, letting the intoxicating aroma of his shaft assault her nose. “Time to dig in,” she concludes with a smile, no longer able to contain her lust.

“Wait, when you say 'dig in', what exactly do you-” Taichi starts, suddenly worried about Kasen's intent, but is silenced before he can even finish asking. Kasen sticks out her tongue and swallows the head of his penis into her mouth, closing her plump lips around his glans. While her tongue flicks against and wraps around the base of his shaft, she sucks on the head, slowly moving her head back and forth to stimulate just his most sensitive part.

Taichi can only groan from her experienced fellatio. At the same time, both of her hands slide up his chest underneath his robe and caress his body directly, which also pushes him against the tree. The feeling of her bandaged hand against his skin is somewhat unusual, but Taichi eagerly welcomes the touch, and slightly thrusts out his chest to encourage her to continue.

After servicing Taichi's penis for a little over a minute, Kasen abruptly opens her mouth and pulls back. “Does my mouth feel good?” she abruptly asks, locking eyes with Taichi, while also keeping his moistened head within an inch of her luscious lips.

“Yes!” he answers immediately, hoping she'll resume the heavenly blowjob. Her eyes are completely consumed with lust, but by now he's just as enamored with her. “It's incredible. You're incredible. Please, keep going,” he urges.

“Of course,” she responds with a lust-filled smile. “I'll do anything for you.” With that, she extends her tongue again and gently flicks it against the underside of Taichi's engorged cock. It twitches in response to her touch and its owner groans again from the pleasure. Satisfied with the reaction, Kasen opens her mouth wide and pushes her head towards his waist.

Even without touching her lips, the sensation of being surrounded by the moist heat of her mouth makes Taichi groan with pleasure. Kasen pushes forward, slowly taking in more and more of his impressive length. His tip brushes against her tongue, then finally scrapes against the back of her throat and bumps against her uvula after swallowing about half of his cock.

Except she's not done. She continues moving, forcing his tip to curve a bit and push down her throat. The extreme tightness of the back of her mouth makes Taichi gasp, but Kasen herself seems unfazed and doesn't stop until her lips touch Taichi's base. She holds this position for a few seconds, letting the pressure and heat from her throat caress his shaft, and returns her attention towards groping his chest.

Once her throat has relaxed, Kasen begins to move. She pulls back, stopping when her lips meet his glans, then rapidly swallows his cock again in a single, swift motion. Just letting his cock soak in her wet mouth was incredible, but the mix of sensations from the tightness of her throat, the contrast from the cooler air blowing against his skin when she pulls back, the friction from her plump lips gliding against his shaft, her wet tongue rubbing against his underside with every motion, and even her gentle breath tickling his cock and waist, all of these blend together into a single sublime experience.

Taichi uses every bit of his mental strength to try and hold in his ejaculation, trying to make this incredible blowjob last forever, but he's completely powerless against Kasen's mouth. “Haaa... gonna, cum!” he manages to say, trying to at least warn his partner. However, Kasen doesn't do anything different, and continues to suck his length with the same overbearing force. She raised her eyes for a brief second to look at him as he spoke, so she definitely heard him. Perhaps she simply wants me to fill her throat, Taichi thinks to himself, and decides to give her what she wants.

He relaxes himself when Kasen's lips next touch his waist, resolving to let it out as deep inside her as possible, but the pressure stops him from releasing until she pulls back again. He gives in and ejaculates while groaning, shooting out dozens of thick globs into Kasen's eager mouth. Kasen stops moving her head and keeps her lips tightly closed around his shaft, sucking on and flicking her tongue against his urethra to coax out more of his cum. As the sheer volume threatens to fill up her mouth, she begins swallowing, drinking it down almost as quickly as he can release it.

After what felt like hours to him, and what must have been the longest ejaculation of his life, his cock finally stops twitching. Kasen gives it a final twirl with her tongue and releases his cock, opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue to show off to Taichi. As he looks down, there isn't a single drop of white liquid visible on her, nor a single spilled drop around her lips, and his shaft is coated with her saliva but otherwise completely clean. She drank all of it.

Despite feeling like he should be completely drained, Taichi's cock is still fully erect, and his yearning for this lustful woman hasn't diminished in the slightest. “Oh my! Such a wonderful cock, so full of life!” Kasen says happily, “would you like another blowjob, or perhaps...” she pauses slightly, her left hand reaching down to her crotch with an exaggerated motion. Her pussy is completely drenched, and a single touch of her index finger against her engorged lips is enough to coat it with her lust. “...You'd prefer something a little more vigorous to relieve yourself?”

“Yes!” Taichi answers immediately. “Just, uh, hold on a second!” His robe is disheveled from Kasen opening it up haphazardly, which will make movement somewhat difficult. At this point it'd be better to just go completely naked. He struggles to get a hold of the obi and drop it on the grass, such that it won't tangle up with the rest of his clothes later. Meanwhile, Kasen uses this downtime to place herself in position, and turns away from Taichi on all fours, and sticks her ass high up into the air. The gorgeous sight of her full buttocks and moist pussy makes him falter for a second, but he uses this to hurry up his disrobing. After finally getting everything off and onto the ground, he sets his burger down on top of his clothes, and walks over to Kasen's waiting form.

Taichi takes a moment to fully appreciate the sight of Kasen's pussy and ass, and rubs her plump behind with his right hand. It's deceptively firm, its size more from the wideness of her hips than an abundance of fat. Her pussy juice overflows and drips down her toned thighs, and all that from just giving a blowjob! Not wanting to keep her waiting any longer, he lines his shaft up with her entrance and presses the tip against her lips. That slight touch is enough to make her body quiver, prompting Taichi to grip her hips with both hands and prepares himself to put it in.

Taichi thrusts forward, easily driving his dick inside of her with a single thrust. Her well-lubricated walls provide minimal resistance, clinging to and caressing his shaft but without slowing him down any. Kasen's moans of pleasure escalate as he pushes deeper inside her, all but turning to a scream of ecstasy when his tip bumps against her cervix. The unexpected noise makes him falter momentarily and almost lose himself as her body trembles and quivers, her pussy squeezing the foreign object inside of her. Unlike Taichi, she doesn't seem to care one bit if anyone hears them.

Once her moans settle down a bit, Taichi pulls backward, her tight walls clinging to his length as if trying to hold it in place, then slams it back inside. Her folds grip and release his cock, constricting and contracting around his length as she constantly flexes and shifts her body to match his rhythm. The indescribable warmth of her vagina feels heavenly, and the pressure stimulates his most sensitive areas. Even right after cumming he needs to hold it in, once again trying to be with this sensual woman as long as possible.

“Nhnn, haaaa, yes, ha, keep going!” Her moans fill the air, vocalizing her pleasure between frantic gasps for air and primal cries of delight. There's no point in trying to be quiet – even if she could hold it in, the loud slapping of his flesh against hers would still be a dead giveaway. “More! Mmmm, haaa... Master! So good! Fwaaaa....” Fortunately, no one seems to be around, or they're deliberately keeping their distance, but by now Taichi wouldn't stop no matter who showed up. “Stirring up... haa! My pussy! Mmmm, yes, more! More!!”

Taichi thrusts back and forth rapidly, possessed by his lust to indulge himself as much as possible in this lovely woman. The impact from his thrusts combined with the mind-numbing pleasure she's experiencing causes her arms to give out, and her chest and face slump down against the grass. Her gorgeous, quivering body drives him to penetrate her as rapidly as he can, her babbled cries and moans of ecstasy force him to go as deep as possible, and the sticky heat and caresses of her insides encourages him to vary his angles, all to taste as much of her pussy as possible.
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File 147398412628.jpg - (232.25KB, 540x690, 9100aac9a19182f330d51cbdae27a434.jpg) [iqdb]

Far too soon, he's unable to hold it back any longer. He plunges his dick deep inside of her just before he ejaculates and begins shooting out thick, hot glob of cum into her depths. The heat and the sensation of being filled brings her over the edge as well, and she lets out a loud cry of absolute pleasure as she joins him in climaxing. Her walls clamp down on his shaft, trying to wring out every last drop of semen. Not that he has any intention of giving her any less.

Once his penis stops ejaculating, Taichi slowly pulls out of Kasen's pussy with a grunt. His erection is fading, but Kasen's walls are still tight, making movement difficult. He's tired, both physically from pounding her with such force, and mentally for cumming so much twice. Kasen simply lies still, letting her raised ass fall to the ground once Taichi is out, causing his semen to slowly pool out of her and stain the ground and her thighs. Rather than being exhausted, she's simply perfectly content at the moment, and is still basking in the afterglow.

“Oh my, it looks like you're having fun.”

A woman's voice interrupted their post-coital rest. Taichi turns to look and sees an unfamiliar woman in a surprisingly fancy blue dress, with bright-red lips curled in an amused smile, a flowing white shawl behind her that almost floats over her head, an expensive-looking hairpin holding her hair loops in place, and two even more expensive-looking golden bracelets around each wrist. She's leaning over a set of the bushes surrounding the area with her lower body obscured and her sizable cleavage on full display.

“Yes❤” Kasen replies happily, and sits up to face the new arrival. “Taichi's cock is absolutely perfect, and brought me to heights of pleasure I never imagined! Ah, just thinking of his thick meat is making my naughty pussy drip. And soon he'll fill up my holes again, completely turning me into his obedient slut!”

“Um,” Taichi tries to interject, but the other woman speaks over him.

“What, him?” she replies, her expression changing to an annoyed frown. She floats over the bushes – it seems she wasn't simply leaning over them earlier – and settles to the ground, gently landing on the grass in front of Kasen. “How did you let yourself be raped by someone so weak? Even a pathetic hermit like yourself should have no trouble with such a filthy commoner. Or does he have some hidden power that I should try to take for myself?”

“Hey,” Taichi tries again.

“Fool!” Kasen interrupts him and jumps to her feet, walking towards the new woman. “Master's wonderful cock had me captivated, even before I laid eyes upon it. A single touch was all it took for me to completely surrender myself to him as his personal cum slave. One taste and even you will understand, Seiga!”

Seiga paused and actually took the time to examine the human. He managed to stand up, but is a bit unsteady on his feet. The man that somehow dominated Kasen is completely worthless; his muscular build betrays his common roots, his angular face isn't the least bit beautiful, his hair is a mess, he clearly has no wealth or influence worth appropriating, and his cock is simply too big. That makes him perfect for someone as crass as Kasen, but not worth a second thought for someone as refined as Seiga.

On the other hand, the vivid memory of Kasen's face contorting in absolute pleasure simply from fellating this man and her cries of bliss when he inserted himself rang through her mind. It was a far greater reaction than she had ever coaxed out of a nobleman, and the idea of experiencing this herself did have some appeal. Of course, a delicate, refined, elegant woman like herself would never succumb to such vulgar behavior, but gracefully experiencing this pleasure would be an interesting experience. Plus, if the man couldn't live up to her expectations, she could simply dispose of him; the look on Kasen's face would be worth it.

“I think there's been some kind of misunderstanding...” Taichi says, trying to take advantage of the sudden quiet.

“Silence. I've decided. I will make use of you. Impress me, or I will make things very unpleasant for you.” Seiga stares at him with perfect composure, while he simply returned a blank look. She sighed internally, already sick of this imbecile. “Sex. You will attend to me as you did for her,” she commands.

“Uh, well, alright,” Taichi stammers, not sure how to deal with this aggressive woman or her overbearing tone. But she seems to be friends with Kasen, so she can't be all bad. And he isn't exactly opposed to sex with another beautiful woman. “Did you want to start with the blowjob, or should I just take you from behind?”

“Do you take me for a common dog?” the woman snapped. “Lie on your back and be thankful that I am willing to grace you with my vagina. Do an especially good job and I'll even bare my breasts for you,” she says with a scornful smile.

Kasen sneaks up behind her, crouches down, and grabs on to both her ankles. With a single swift motion she pushes forward, sending Seiga crashing downward, and promptly pins her against the ground before she can react.

“Wha- unhand me, you false hermit!” Seiga shouts, struggling to break free, but in vain. As loathe as she is to admit it, she is simply no match for Kasen's physical strength, and she's unable to use her magic like this either.

Kasen is able to keep Seiga restrained with her body and one arm, and uses the other arm to flip up her skirt, revealing her bare pussy to Taichi's hungry eyes. “Master, this lowly harlot is ready to be disciplined by your magnificent cock! Come, train her body and ravage her to your heart's content until she has learned the joy of servitude.”

“Release me! Don't you dare lay a hand on me! Rapist! Brute! Filth!” Seiga shouts. Kasen spreads Seiga's legs, holding each down so she can't kick Taichi, and uses her weight to pin Seiga's body against the grass. Taichi steps closer and takes examines the new woman's body. Her legs are long and slender, hauntingly pale and breathtakingly beautiful. It's a stark contrast to Kasen's full figure and lightly tanned skin. Her breasts are hidden from view but were very impressive, and might even appear bigger if only because of her narrower frame, but the rest of her is almost devoid of fat or excess muscle. Both women are amazingly gorgeous, but in almost completely opposite ways.

Between her legs, on full display thanks to Kasen's interference, is a thin, hairless, pink slit. Despite its owner's complaints, a thin layer of moisture is plainly visible, reflecting the summer sun, and her clitoris is erect and begging for attention. It's a stark contrast to her vile tone and frantic struggling, but perhaps it does make sense. She had declared her intention to have sex with him, and she's clearly a prideful woman, so maybe this is all just a farce, an attempt to save face; all so she can ask for sex with a man she's never met without compromising her pride and nobility. And it's not rape if she wants it, right?

“No way,” Taichi responds. “I'm not going to force myself on a woman. If she wants sex, she can ask for it herself. Politely.”

“...Huh?” Seiga responds, dumbfounded.

“Ah, Master's kindness is truly boundless, to respect this wicked woman's choice, even after she chose wrong!” Kasen sings.

“Yeah, yeah...” Taichi dismisses, getting fed up with this 'master' talk. “Wanna go around round, Kasen? Your, uh, 'friend' can watch if she wants.”

“H-Hey!” Seiga interjects. He's about to leave her like this, and fuck Kasen of all people, and even invited her to watch! What an absolute, irredeemable brute this man is! To force her to beg for sex, and for him to be perfectly willing to ignore her sublime beauty and lay with another woman. To top it all of, despite his “kind” offer, he hasn't moved an inch – Seiga can't actually see it with Kasen's ass in the way, but she can almost feel his cock close to her lips, perfectly confident that she will succumb like Kasen did so he can plunge inside of her and make her submit.

And he's right. The shame of losing to Kasen in terms of femininity would sting far more than the loss of pride of being forced to ask for sex.

“I'll allow it, so, you can go ahead and continue...” Seiga stammers.

“Hmm? Sorry, I couldn't quite catch that.”

Fighting down the urge to murder this man, Seiga tries again. “Ple, please use my body as you... just, hurry up and stick that huge dick in my pussy!” she screams.

“With pleasure!” the scum replies cheerfully. At the very least he does keep his word and promptly slams his cock into Seiga's waiting hole. The sheer girth of his member, larger than any Seiga has even seen before, forces open her walls with a dull ache. She's long since immune to pain, but she can still feel her body being forced to accommodate this brute's shaft, and involuntarily lets out an uncivilized groan of discomfort.

Taichi's waist taps against Seiga's groin. It's an amazingly tight fit inside her, her walls clinging to him and almost wrapping themselves around every nook and cranny of his cock, but he still managed to get his entire length inside her with no trouble. He can't see her face with Kasen in the way, but judging by her heavy breathing and the ample lubrication she must be feeling amazing.

Next, he pulls out of her, the bulging head of his dick scraping against her insides as it moves, then slams it back inside. The powerful impact makes her entire body quiver and muddles her thoughts. Her body has already grown accustomed to the large object inside of her, and his rapid, powerful motions fill her with pleasure before she could even realized it. Lustful moaning and breathing fills the air, and it takes Seiga a minute to realize that she's the one making those inelegant noises.

Sensing that she isn't needed anymore, Kasen releases Seiga from her hold and climbs off of her, but not before pulling down on her dress and freeing her breasts. She sits calmly at the side, watching the two of them go at it. Seiga could easily overpower Taichi now, either to escape or simply to transition to being on top, but she makes no attempt to move.

With Kasen's big ass no longer blocking her view, Seiga is suddenly able to see Taichi's face, and the disgraceful leer on his face as he ravages her body. His face is contorted in pleasure, teeth visible in a crude smile as he breathes heavily, moaning softly from the embrace of her vagina. He's simply too base, too unsophisticated to do anything but vulgarly display his satisfaction, completely unlike her usual partners or Seiga herself...

Realization promptly strikes Seiga as she realizes that her face is probably just as messed up, her expression just as stupid, as unrefined, as crass. Sex has always felt good, but this is the first time she's even been penetrated so deep, or not been the one in control. The pangs of embarrassment cause her to lose herself for a second, and the overbearing pleasure quickly brings her to orgasm. She cries out with joy, suddenly not caring about appearances and only the magnificent cock stirring up her insides, clenching her walls around his shaft.

Taichi falters for a moment as his partner reaches climax. He doesn't want to stop savoring her exquisite body, but her unpredictable twists and back-and-forth rocking makes it too difficult to move. After waiting a few seconds for the peak of her orgasm to subside, keeping his dick buried deep inside her, her scoots forward and grabs onto her waist, then resumes plowing her tight hole. Kasen not being in the way lets him get a much better position, and makes full advantage of this by driving his cock even deeper into her hungry pussy.

Her previously subdued and confused groans of pleasure immediately turn to sweet moans of delight, his partner now completely enamored with him, starring up at him with lust-filled eyes. A jolt of pleasure shoots through her spine each time his cock bumps against her cervix, and she quickly learns to grind her hips to match his rhythm, working together to reach greater heights of ecstasy.

She can feel his dick bulging inside her, the long shaft pulsating in response to the caress of her walls, and the precum oozing out of his urethra, and instinctively realizes that he's about to cum. She spreads her legs wide and opens up her arms, encouraging him to get closer to her body and to drive deeper inside her pussy. Every thrust makes her moan with pleasure, the anticipation of what's about to come just as powerful as the pressure on her cervix.

A slight lapse in Taichi's rhythm prompts Seiga to move, concluding that he's at the limits of his endurance. With a single motion, she wraps her legs around his waist, locking him against her body with her cock deep inside her, and does the same with her arms around his back. Completely thrown off balance by her sudden movement, he gives in and ejaculates, spraying his thick semen directly into her womb. She holds the lock until she can feel his semen overflowing from her pussy, dripping down her thighs and onto the grass, finally releasing him with an expression of absolute delight and triumph. Completely spent, Taichi climbs off Seiga once she releases him and leaves her sprawled out on the grass.

“Ah, simply fantastic,” Seiga mutters to herself. “I'm definitely going to make you mine. Or maybe you've really made me yours. It doesn't really matter; either way, I'm not letting you go!”

“Nah, I'm done,” Taichi responds flippantly. “I still haven't eaten, and then I'm gonna have a nap. Bye.”

“...Huh?” Seiga responds, abruptly sitting up while fighting off the afterglow from her orgasm. “I don't think I heard you correctly. What did you just say?”

“I'm leaving,” Taichi states bluntly. “I'm way too tired after all that to keep fucking you girls. I'm only human; you both seem inexhaustible, and there's two of you. I can't possibly keep up, so I'm leaving.”

“Wha- ?!” Seiga utters, dumbfounded. “Hold it!” she finally manages. “Do you really think I'm just going to let you walk away?! I'm not nearly satisfied yet; I wont permit this disgrace!”

“Don't worry, I have a solution.”

“What?” Seiga snaps. This is probably just a trick to buy time; the only “solution” is for him to shove that wonderful cock back into her cunt. And Kasen can have some time with him too, or something.

“You're both girls, right?” Taichi suggests.

“Yes?” Seiga responds, not understanding.

“So you should just have sex with each other.” Seiga stands there dumbfounded for a second, giving Taichi a chance to turn around and step away from her.

“Get back here!” Seiga shouts once she comes to her senses. But before she can actually do anything, something wraps around her waist. She looks down and sees a white strip of cloth winding around her, seemingly moving on its own. Kasen's arm! Without even getting a chance to turn around on her own, Seiga is suddenly pulled towards the other hermit and twirls around, their bodies just narrowly not colliding thanks to Kasen's fine control.

Without a word, Kasen puts her remaining around the back of Seiga's head and pulls her close, then closes her lips around Seiga's in an aggressive kiss. Seiga tries to shout in protest, to make her understand that their shared cockslave is escaping, but this just gives Kasen an opportunity to force her tongue into Seiga's mouth, silencing her. Meanwhile, Taichi calmly walks away, his vitality (mostly) intact and pelvis uncrushed.

Seiga tries to struggle and push Kasen off her, but once again is completely powerless against the more physical hermit. The bindings around her waist and head give her almost no freedom of movement, and the closeness of the embrace pushes their breasts together, and Seiga's attempts at struggling cause their erect nipples to rub and push against each other.

Kasen's tongue explores Seiga's mouth, forcefully rubbing it against Seiga's tongue, teeth, lips, and cheeks. As loathe as she is to admit it, Kasen's skill with her tongue is affecting Seiga, and she finds herself softly moaning into the other hermit's mouth. It's all Taichi's fault – he came inside her and taught her the joy of being fucked hard, but then he ran off on her! Now the only one around to relieve Seiga's frustration is her rival. She can't help herself after getting all worked up like that!

Seiga's tongue starts to move, twirling her tongue around Kasen's and softly closing her lips around her partner's. It's really just mimicking her partner's actions, as her thoughts are still muddled, and she lacks experience in such a vulgar but enticing form of kissing. After letting Seiga take the lead for a minute, Kasen breaks the kiss, pulling her head back and out of range of Seiga's lips, even as she closes them in the air, attempting to seek out Kasen's warmth.

At the same time, Kasen's bandages unwrap themselves from around Seiga's waist and her arm reforms, and her other hand travels south, stopping between her legs. Juices drip down her thighs – more from her experience with Taichi, but Kasen still takes it as an invitation to go further. Gently pressing her index finger against Seiga's engorged lips causes her entire body to shudder in delight. Pleased with the response, she slides her index finger inside, causing Seiga to open her eyes and cry out in pleasure.

“It's okay if we go further, right?” Kasen asks in an uncharacteristically soft tone. Seiga can only nod in response, breathing heavily from the narrow object inserted inside her. “Okay, then. Please lie down. It'll be more comfortable, and you won't have to worry about falling over and hurting yourself.” With that, she gently guides Seiga down to the ground, and has her rest on her back with her legs spread.

Next, Kasen climbs on top of Seiga and buries her head between Seiga's legs. The soft tickle of Kasen's warm breath against her groin, the delicate touch of Kasen's fingers holding on to her thighs for support, and the comfortable embrace of Kasen's heavy breasts and soft body against her stomach all make Seiga quiver with anticipation. After admiring the sight of Seiga's fluttering lips and erect clitoris for a moment, Kasen softly kisses Seiga's labia.

The delicate touch of Kasen's tongue and lips against her sensitive area cause Seiga to purr in response. Kasen's gentle kisses, touches, and slow licks send soft waves of pleasure through Seiga's body, relaxing her rather than overwhelming her. It's in stark contrast to the harsh pounding from Taichi's thick cock stirring up her insides, the blinding pleasure so fierce it was almost painful, which reduced the proud hermit to such an undignified state.

As Kasen's gentleness calms Seiga's mind, she becomes more aware of the other hermit's dripping pussy, only inches from her face. She never had any interest in the same sex, typically seeing other women as competition at best, but the lustrous pink and musky aroma of her “rival's” vagina captivates her attention. Perhaps it's simply out of an earnest desire to return the attention that she's receiving.

Whatever the reason, Seiga squirms and adjusts her position from underneath Kasen and raises both her hands, placing them squarely on the other hermit's buttocks. She takes a moment to admire the silkiness of her skin, which is so unlike even the fanciest man's body, and the superbly toned muscle underneath. Still, Kasen's pussy is what has really grabbed her attention, and so the bottom hermit lifts her head and presses her mouth against Kasen's lower lips, and drives her tongue past Kasen's folds, all in a single motion.

Seiga works through her inexperience, combining Kasen's movements with her memory of the various times she instructed men to eat her out. She focuses all her attention on attempting to please Kasen, trying fervently to return the favors. There's no response from Kasen, who is equally determined to pleasure Seiga, and both women stay focused solely on the others' drenched pussy, caressing it with licks and kisses and gentle sucking.

Seiga is the first to climax, the excitement from Seiga's prior intercourse with that brute making it impossible for her to resist Kasen's skill. Just before she cums, Kasen slows the pace to draw out her partner's orgasm, then abruptly sucks on her throbbing clitoris to bring her over the edge. The waves of pleasure wash away all of Seiga's remaining frustration, and she falls flat on her back as she moans Kasen's name. Kasen stops licking at the same time, not forcing Seiga to experience pleasure beyond her limits.

After letting her calm down and letting her breathing return to a relaxed pace, Kasen sits up, keeping her vagina hovering just above Seiga's lips. The sudden movement pulls Seiga out of her trance, and she lifts her head to once again focus on pleasuring Kasen. Now that she isn't busy doing the same with Seiga, Kasen is free to fully enjoy Seiga's wet tongue and plump lips as they kiss and suck on her pussy, moaning and softly repeating Seiga's name to voice her approval. She moans louder in tune with Seiga's intensity, sways her hips back and forth to encourage Seiga to switch up where she licks, and lightly grinds against Seiga's mouth at times to drive her tongue in deeper.

Working so hard to pleasure another fills Seiga with a warmth comparable to her earlier orgasm. Of course, Kasen realizes this, and is giving her ample opportunity to attend to her without distraction, and intentionally exaggerates her moans to bolster Seiga's confidence. Still, even if she is inexperienced, her tongue feels heavenly, and Kasen quickly succumbs to the pleasure, not even attempting to hold it in.

Kasen cries out weakly, her hips twitching as she climaxes, then slumps down to the ground, taking care to drift off of Seiga's body and land by her side. The two hermits stare at each other for a brief moment, their sudden intimacy clouding any earlier hostility they once had for one another. Both girls are tired from their long day, both mentally and physically – or at least willing to fake it to match the other. With an exaggerated yawn, Kasen holds on to Seiga's hand and lets herself drift off to sleep, prompting Seiga to follow.
No. 38063
File 147399654060.png - (861.27KB, 706x1000, c6cba435f165e2717ff84992ca42e49d.png) [iqdb]
Slap slap slap.

The sound of my bare footed steps on the tiles is quite loud when there's not even a single soul around to absorb the sound. I'm not bothered by the noise or the emptiness as much as I'm bothered by how cold this floor is. I don't demand that everywhere be warmed by the eternally burning fires of Hell of course, but it's definitely noticeable when I go somewhere that isn't. It does make some sense that they would skimp on the heating here to cut back costs. Anyone who got here that still had both feet and the ability to feel things would be wearing some kind of footwear.

Anyone aside from myself that is. Although I'm not exactly an everyday visitor.

I have the excuse that this is a one off situation. I wouldn't normally be here, but I had business that happened to put me in this area. I couldn't resist the urge to stop by this branch and see how things were going. Call it an inspection if you like, I'm sure that's what will be filed on any paperwork after the fact. It's really just me sating my own curiosity. Gensokyo is just such an interesting place full of interesting people. I can't be blamed for looking around a bit now that I have the chance.

This place however, is a bit less interesting and a bit more cold than I like. I've been to many different branches at some point or another. Most all of them are more comfortable than this. Of course I, being in the position that I am, can easily grasp the reasons behind the decision to keep the heat in here low, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't annoy me. A relatively low population for this jurisdiction does mean little opportunities for fund collection, I can understand that. If I was in a more usual state of mind I would even praise the effort to lower our expenses. Right now, however, I'm in a bad mood.

I could blame my mood on my big plan going south a while ago, but that wouldn't be very honest. I'm already over that setback. I know we'll come up with another plan soon enough, and we have almost an eternity to make something work. They do say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Although I don't think adding any length of time onto the thousands of years I've already waited would make it get any colder.

No, there are really just two things that are putting me in a sour mood, and one of them is pretty minor. I'm currently annoyed by the coldness of my feet, and the fact that coming around here reminds me that I've already taken a bit too much time off. It's gonna be Hell to catch up when I get back.

Heh, Hell.

Anyway, I think I've only been to this branch of the Ministry once or twice. I know my last visit was a really long time ago, so I'm not going to recall each and every detail. It was most definitely newer back then. Things were better cared for and much more impressive. It's easy to blame the budget cuts, but that reflects somewhat badly on me. I'd rather push that blame on to an underling, so it's time for a little discipline. Call it top down motivation or whatever you wish.

Through the grand entrance hall, past the exquisitely made statues of various important East Asian religious figures. Across the extravagantly sized but barely furnished courtroom. I see nobody as I continue my walk through the unoccupied Ministry. The low population this branch presides over means that court doesn't have to be in session at all times. However, I'm still confident that someone must be around somewhere for me to push my annoyance onto.

Even deeper is the areas for record keeping, the seldom used break areas, and miscellaneous office space. I'm betting that even now, there has to be somebody back here working. Probably the diligent type too which is good because they're so... Receptive to disciplinary measures and uh... Oh who am I kidding?

They're always more fun to tease.

A few words pop into my head, spoken in a voice that I've gotten quite used to hearing lately. Frivolous, impertinent, aweless, flippant. I'm used to having these words thrown around whenever I get a bit playful in my own way. She sure is cute when she's angry, and she's not much if not angry these days. Still, we're both separate people still, and I can choose to use my time to get something a bit fresh off to the side if I wish to do so. She's usually too beside herself to care.

My strategy of opening doors at random and looking inside doesn't appear to produce the results I want. I continue to find nothing of interest inside the rooms, and accomplish little other than increasing my annoyance. Did everyone leave? I would expect there to be at least one straggler somewhere in here. I understand that a low population means that court does not have to always be in session, but that's no excuse for laziness.

I can feel my irritation growing as the possibility that I will find no one to play with comes to mind. That just wouldn't be fun at all. Still, I don't bother to increase my pace as I continue searching. I'll find someone when I find someone I suppose, and if I don't then I'll have ammo for next time I come around.

Let me see... Record keeping. Supply closet. Restroom. Empty office. Oh, this next one is apparently the office of the Yama here. Who exactly that is is slipping my mind at the moment, but it doesn't really matter. If anyone's still around other than janitorial staff, it should be the Yama.

An officious, womanly voice comes the instant that I turn the handle and poke my head into the room. "No Komachi, I have told you that I will not leave until my paperwork for the day is finished. More to the point, I've already told you that I don't wish to join you in your nightly debauchery. You are welcome to use your time off in whichever way you wish, but remember that I am free to do the same. I am choosing to fully complete the responsibilities for someone in my position, just as you yourself should," Jackpot. Just the sort of thing that I was looking for. She sounds like quite a toughie.

"Oh? How admirable," I say playfully, throwing the door wide as I confidently stride into the girl's office. I do remember to kick the door closed on my way in as well. Just in case.

By the time that I reach her desk, I can already see recognition in this girl's eyes. Of course, I am rather important, it wouldn't do for her to forget the names of her superiors. "Lady Lapislazuli!" She scrambles to rise out of her chair and gives me a deep bow. Ah, there it is. I've been meeting far too many people who give me crap for no reason. I may not be one to stand heavily on ceremony, but it's still nice to be given proper respect every once in a while.

"Just Hecatia is fine," I say dismissively, knowing full well that she's not likely to listen to the suggestion. Well, regardless of if she does or doesn't, I could use it as ammo either way. While she's preoccupied with her bowing, I chose to glance over at her desk.

She should have a nameplate buried somewhere under all those neat stacks of paperwork, I just have to pick it out. Ah, Eiki Shiki, yes that was her name. It was just on the tip of my tongue, I swear. We have a lot of Yamas, I can't be blamed for not keeping track of all of them. It's just that I haven't met with this one all that much. In my defense, if you were to look at one of our nonexistent org charts, I would be waaaay up and quite a bit to the left of her. Or maybe to the right. Depends on who made it.

After a bit of waiting, it seems that she's not just letting this bow end quickly. I guess that's the Japanese branches for you. Ah, that gives me an idea!

I take a quick step around the girl's desk and place a hand on her shoulder. "Thanks for the gesture, but I doubt that the ground is really that interesting. You can come up now. I'm not used to the bowing thing, y'know?" I keep my own voice playful and casual, as is normal for me. Starting off light makes it much easier to catch people off guard if I decide to turn up the godliness.

"Yes ma'am," The girl stands up straight again and I take a moment to get a good look at her. A beautiful, almost perfect face. Deep blue eyes, just barely showing signs of over work. Short green hair, just a little longer on one side. The clothes are the usual stuffy uniform, but that doesn't matter much. She'll certainly do for a bit of fun. I hope we can both enjoy this, and if not, well I'll be getting mine either way. Yyou can't work in Hell for too long without developing a bit of a sadistic streak.

"I'd rather do a something more normal for me," I grab both of her shoulders and plant a quick kiss on each cheek. She holds back something she was going to sputter out and looks at me, clearly a bit thrown off.

"I don't believe that that's the normal greeting in Hell," She does a good job of sounding as even as possible, despite being taken by surprise.

"I was talking about Greece," It has been a while since I've visited my old home, come to think of it. Well, I think my Earth self may have visited within the last few decades. "You've got a point there though."

There's a lull in the conversation which I use to continue observing my cute underling for the night. A bit short, but she still has womanly, if a little thin, figure. Her breasts are almost completely hidden under the uniform, but they're likely still enough of a handful that I don't think I'll feel too disappointed if anything special comes of my visit. I can at least see her bare legs like this. Quite beautifully sculpted, I have to say, and completely smooth and flawless. I wonder if Yamas have to work out.

"Did you need something of me?" Eiki asks eventually, not giving any indication if she notices my observation.

"Not really. I was just in the area and thought I could check on my subordinates for a bit," What I'm saying is mostly true at least. "You can sit down and do your work like normal if you want. Maybe we can just chat for a bit."

"I see," Eiki says simply, sitting down and getting back into her paperwork. She seems just a bit more stiff than she was when she thought it was someone else coming to visit her, but a surprise visit from your boss' boss' boss'... and so on, will do that.

With nothing specific to talk about, Eiki inevitably begins talking about the specifics of what she's working on right now. I'm not interested, but that's not the point of what I'm doing, so I let her talk as much as she wants. I pay a minimal amount of attention to what she's actually saying, instead focusing on subtly shifting myself around as I lean over the side of Eiki's desk.

My shirt, being as fashionable as it is, is very low cut. Given my sizable breasts, leaning over like I'm doing right now allows quite a bit of cleavage to be seen by anyone who happens to look. That's not the only reason that I like this outfit in particular, but it's pretty high on the list. It's the simplest bait for sinners there is, and yet, people still fall for it.

Eiki's words catch in her throat for a moment when she first notices, but she doesn't want to point anything out. Not one to speak against her betters then? She disguises it as a cough and continues on in the same tone as always. After that she only gives my chest a few covert glances every now and then. Perfect. I don't know if she's interested or just amazed that I'm so unaware of my own body, but I frankly don't care. She's given me more ammo, and I plan to use it.

After Eiki finishes her explanation of the importance of her sixth straight form, I decide I've given out enough eye candy to move on. "And yet, despite all this work, the inflow of souls from this jurisdiction sure does seem slow. At least from here into Hell."

Eiki grimaces. Even though I hadn't been accusing her of anything, the criticism was obvious. "I am willing to personally take some of the blame. I may judge some of our cases a bit too lightly," She answers, sitting up straight in her chair. She's trying really hard not to look at my breasts now, isn't she? "I will also have to have a talk with Komachi about lowering the distance of the Sanzu. She likely uses it to take a break, and it does have an affect on our throughput."

"Oh I don't mind," This is all lead in for some fun after all. "Less work doesn't bother me."

"Regardless, it is improper that I allow my subordinate's negative actions to affect the works of those above her station."

"Well I wouldn't worry too much about that, but I guess if a superior doesn't correct her behavior, no one else will," I answer, trying hard to keep the playfulness out of my voice. She really is just handing this to me.

"Quite right," Eiki agrees immediately, nodding along as if I've said something wise. "That's why I have been doing my best to act as a positive role model for any that I meet, both inside and outside of the Ministry. I believe that if a leader acts with moral integrity, then those under her will eventually follow."

I think now is a good time to take the rug out from under her. "I also assume that the same thing applies to you then?"

"Excuse me?" She seems ready to continue talking herself up in order to impress me, but my question threw her off.

"If you were behaving badly, then it would be the job of your superiors to put you on the right path then?" I ask. Now let's go in for the kill. "Like say for example, if you were inappropriately leering at other members of the Ministry."

"I... Don't know what you're talking about," Eiki denies it just a little too quickly.

"Such a rare sight to see a lying Yama! That's a sin, you know?" I laugh playfully at her. She's not just trying not to look at my chest anymore, now she's trying not to look at me at all. Shouldn't she know what a guilty person looks like by now? Maybe she's just not used to being on this side of an interrogation. "Not that I mind exactly, but like you said, behavior changes sometimes have to come from someone above you."

"Miss Lapislazuli I-" I cut her off with an open palm slap against her desk. It's just a hand against wood, but it's loud enough to get the point across. The friendly conversation time is over. It's Hecatia Lapsilazuli's punishment games time.

Before I speak again, I notice that my hand happened to land right next to... Ah, that's a fun plan. This should work out perfectly. "I said to call me Hecatia," I stand up next to Eiki and take a more serious tone, grabbing the Rod of Remorse off her desk as I do so. "We'll have work on your listening skills too. Stand."

Eiki looks up at me almost fearfully. I'm sure she didn't expect this happening to her when she decided to stay late. Well, I know that I'm going to be relatively harmless when this is all said and done, but I also can't blame her for being intimidated. As she reluctantly stands up from her chair, I grab a pen off of her desk. 'Eiki Shiki' gets written at the top of the rod, then one other word comes immediately below that; 'Lust'.

The rod quickly grows heavy in my hand, this is one of the deadly sins we're talking about after all. Even if I'm mixing religions a bit, weight of the rod is always going to match the weight of the sin. However, the number that appears below the other writing, indicating the number of strikes I should give out as punishment, is disappointingly low. Oh well, it's to be expected with someone like her, and it's not like I was going to follow along with that number anyway. What Eiki doesn't know won't hurt her. Or rather it will in this case.

"Miss... Hecatia," Good. She had to pause in there, but I know she can take instruction at least. This should be fun. "I apologize for any perceived inappropriateness on my part, however I must say that using the Rod of Remorse outside of an official hearing is highly irregular and-"


That's a good noise. Both the sound of the rod meeting Eiki's butt, and the surprisingly cute 'eep' noise that she made when I struck her. I keep the rod pressed against her, tracing it in a slow circle over her left butt-cheek. She turns her head to look at me with a shocked expression that I can't help but enjoy. "I'll be sure to notify your supervisor," I practically growl out at her, letting my smile be as sinister as it wants.

Before Eiki can respond, I swiftly use my left arm to force her down across her desk. Paperwork and writing utensils scatter out wildly, but I ignore them. The mess can be cleaned up later. I'm not slowing down my fun.

"Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu," I'm sure she's heard this kind of speech all the time, but never from the receiving end. I have to hold in the urge to laugh at the role reversal. Instead, I take on as serious a voice as I can manage. "I am giving you this opportunity to repent for the sin of lust. I will now strike you an amount proportional to your crime, and will only stop when you have fully atoned. Do you have anything to say in your defense?"

Honestly, what can she say? She could say that even though it may be true that she glanced down my shirt, that in itself isn't lust. If I choose not to believe her though, she's left with nothing. I'm the one following her idea of top-down behavioral changes here. Trying to get out of this would only make it clear that her philosophy doesn't work the moment after she brought it up. The question is if she's more okay with looking bad in front of her superior than she is with being punished for a sin she's barely guilty of.

"I... Have nothing to say, Miss Hecatia," And that solves that question.


Eiki jerks in surprise at the hit. Of course, I don't plan to hit anywhere other than her ass, but maybe she was expecting something different. "Then I'll give you some hints," I lean over and speak down the back of Eiki's head, trying to sound helpful and pleasant. "I am a beautiful woman, right?"

"Y-Yes." Eiki doesn't hesitate that much to answer. Well, I try not to let others kiss up to me that much most of the time, but it's still nice to be complimented.

"Of course," I agree. "I am a goddess. I can be elegant and fashionable while also being damn sexy, isn't that right?"

This time Eiki hesitates. I'm leading her here, it shouldn't be that hard to tell where I want her to go.


"Yes!" Eiki quickly answers after I smack her butt again. The only bad thing about this set up is that I can't see Eiki's face. I'm sure her pained and surprised expressions whenever she gets spanked are really cute. Let me think, she doesn't seem like someone who'd have tears from just this much. She's probably still in the gritting her teeth and trying not to act bothered by it stage. Well, let's keep going.

"Yes ma'am!" I correct her. "Now explain what this beautiful, sexy goddess tempted you into!"

There's another pause, and I begin raising the rod again. Even though Eiki can't see me with her head down against her desk, she can at least tell that I'm moving. "L-lust," She chokes out awkwardly before I can take another swing. Well, that's faster than I expected an answer, but it's still not much of one. So...


Eiki's hips jerk against the edge of the desk as she squirms forward, involuntarily trying to get away from the rod. I hear some more paperwork scatter, but am too busy to care where it goes. Someone else can clean that up for me. "Go on!"

"I was tempted to lust, ma'am!"


"Not enough!"

"I was lustily staring at Miss Hecatia's body!" I can practically hear Eiki's grit teeth as she struggles out this admission.

Ah this is great. Torturing the damned for eternity is one thing, but it's a bit more fresh to work with someone who isn't used to being tormented. I begin tapping on Eiki's ass playfully, alternating between cheeks and making a small "Hmmm," noise as if I'm considering something. Well, I am considering something, but it's not about Eiki's forced punishment. I'm trying to think about how I should bring this around to me eventually getting off instead of just indulging in my own sadism. Before I can come to a conclusion however, I happen to glance down at the Rod of Remorse.

The number went up.

Only by one, but you have to consider that that's with the subtraction of the four that I've already given. This girl, lying face down against her desk and being spanked by her superior, is actually lusting more now than she was when I started. Even if it's only a little, she is getting turned on by this.

Oh I am so glad that I came here today.

I reach down, wrenching Eiki's underwear down from her hips and letting them dangle somewhere around her knees. Black and white strips? How adorable. As I move back up, I grab the hem of her dress and pull it up as well, bunching her uniform up under her waist. This let's me see exactly what I'm working with. A nicely toned, perky little butt. It's pleasantly a bit larger than I expected on this girl's frame as well.

"Okay then," I continue as I watch Eiki's legs squirm around, probably trying to keep her panties from falling completely off. "Tell me why you were tempted Miss Hecatia's body,"

No immediate response.


I want her to talk before she can think. It doesn't matter to me if she's honest or not, just that she says what I want to hear. Falling into silence is obviously no good. It gives her too much time to think. It wouldn't be hard to lose the mood if Eiki has too much time to consider the ridiculousness of me punishing her for nothing more than my own amusement.

Eiki shifts slightly, and for a moment I consider spanking her again. Eventually she manages to mumble something out. "I could see your chest."


I go a bit lighter with my hit this time. It was an answer at least. "You're going to have to say more than that."

"When you-" SLAP "-When Miss Hecatia leaned over my desk, I could see down her shirt, letting me see almost all of her breasts," Eiki's obviously embarrassed by being forced to explain herself. It must not be often that she has to deal with anyone higher on the ladder than she is. Her answer isn't exactly what I want to hear. She probably needs more prompting. Even if it turns out that she's actually getting into this, it will take a bit more before she actually lets herself go.


"They're wonderful aren't they?" I say confidently, sparing a glance down at my own cleavage. "Probably a bit bigger than what you're used to."

Eiki squirms again. Should I be using my left hand to hold her down? It's probably not necessary, she hasn't tried to get up yet. "Not quite," SLAP "Not quite, ma'am," Her answer somewhat surprises me. Well, I suppose there are those more gifted than myself out there, but I didn't think she'd bring it up.

"Oh?" She's just going to give me more ammo here, isn't she? "Do tell."

"One of my subordinates here, a shinigami, is also... Quite endowed," Oh don't be coy. Now I'm just a little curious. I'll make a mental note to check on Eiki's underlings later. The show must go on for now though.


"And I suppose that you stare at those just as much as you did mine," I try to sound accusing, even though I'm not in the least bit bothered.

"No of course not!"


I love seeing the tiny little ripple that comes out when you strike either cheek hard enough. "Oh, and we had been making progress too," I act disappointed, even though I'm really enjoying myself more than I ever expected to.

Eiki just groans in response. Her ass is definitely getting to be bright red by this point. I make a mental note to have one of my other bodies grab some lotion for me when they're not busy. I'm going to have to do some serious aftercare for this. This isn't someone in Hell that's going to get tortured anyway. This girl actually has to sit on this ass and get work done tomorrow. Well, as long as I'm responsible about this it shouldn't be much more than some temporary discomfort.


"Is that all it takes for you, miss Yama? Just a nice pair of tits in front of you and you're drooling all over yourself?" I reach my hand down suddenly, lightly running a finger along her vulva. Yup, she's definitely excited now. "In more ways that one?" Eiki yelps in surprise at my touch, but again doesn't respond. I give her another SLAP.

"No!" Eiki quickly denies. "I only notice them occasionally!"


"More lies!" I may be pushing hard here, but I think now is the right time. Even if I had originally started by just messing with her for fun, I seem to have stumbled upon an actual hidden truth. Now the cracks in her mask are starting to show. "You already admitted to your lust once!"


"We're only going to be able to work through your behavior when you admit to everything!" I scold her, leaning down so that my face is just above her head. From this angle, the distance makes it difficult to get good leverage on a spank, but the more important thing is being able to whisper into Eiki's ear. "We'll start again."


"What sin have you been committing?"


"L-lust, ma'am."

Nervous, but she still said it. "Who have you been lusting over?"


"My co-workers, ma'am!"

A bit more urgent, good. She's worked up, like a good little M. "What about your co-workers?"


"I've been lusting for their bodies!"

Quick and snappy response this time. I don't have time to bother her about dropping the ma'am. "Why?!" I demand loudly.


"B-because..." Eiki seems at a loss for words, but I think it's more that she doesn't know what to say than it is that she doesn't want to say it.

"Because even you can't be honest about your actions!" I declare, standing up from the desk and taking a stand directly behind her. "Even while you're pretending to be a role model you can't keep yourself from staring at women's bodies! Now admit to your perversion and TELL. ME. WHY," I punctuate each word with another light slap. I may be prompting her here, but the important thing is how she chooses to admit to it.

"B-because..." I rear back in preparation as Eiki draws in a deep breath. "Because I am a perverted sinner who can't stop lusting for others!" She cries out loudly.


I strike so hard that Eiki's body pushes the heavy desk forward a few inches. Well, it's a good thing that I know this place is deserted. The noise from her admission and my punishment would definitely be heard by anyone still in the offices.

I unceremoniously drop the Rod of Remorse to the side, letting it clatter onto the floor as I flex my hand. I may have been gripping it a bit harder than I needed to, but I'm pretty excited here too. Eiki finally collapses into a heap next at the bottom of her desk. One hand limply holds onto the top, while the rest of her descends into a roughly breathing and occasionally shivering lump. I don't think she came, but she's definitely made a sticky mess of the paperwork she was laying on. I hope she has copies.
No. 38064
File 147399667362.png - (1.59MB, 1010x1800, fdd5334d1f381cef311bad87fef45b9b.png) [iqdb]

I decide to let Eiki catch her breath while I focus on getting ready for the next step. Glancing down at the discarded rod, I can see that Eiki's sin has far from lowered, in fact it's multiplied. I'd be lying through my teeth if I tried to pretend that I wasn't turned on by our play as well. Why not allow both of us to have some fun?

Eiki's not in a position to watch me at the moment, so I choose to take my clothes off without making a show of it. I unhook my skirt and kick it off to the side, then get rid of my underwear in a similar fashion. My shirt takes a bit more maneuvering, I have to slip the Earth and Moon through first before I can fully remove it. Well, the low, wide cut is functional for this. The polos crown and Spirit World stay, of course, while my other selves can continue to do as they wish.

Now naked, I sit myself down in Eiki's chair, spreading my legs wide and leaning back. Well, even if they're skimping on the heating here, at least they splurged for comfortable chairs. Alright, back into character. We don't need casual Hecatia now, we need Goddess of Hell Hecatia. "Eiki Shiki," I say commandingly, staring down at the shuddering mess of a girl beneath me. "I'm going to have mercy on you and give you an opportunity to satisfy your lusts."

Eiki slowly drags her head up and gazes at me with an unfocused stare. Wow, that spanking took a lot out of her. Her face flushed and tears just barely hanging onto the edges of her eyes, she jerks with surprise at suddenly finding me naked and sitting in her chair.

"M-miss..." Eiki seems unsure where to put her eyes. Oh you cute, cute little girl. Of course it's okay for you to lust over me now.

"Shut up, and do what you want to do," I command, reaching a hand down to beckon her. "Don't think about your work, your job, your status, or your title. Just get up here," Even with that, there's still some hesitation left. Should I have spanked her a little harder? Well, that's still an option. "That's an order!" I snap loudly.

"Y-yes ma'am!" She stammers out quickly, failing to completely hide her eagerness behind the excuse of doing what she's told.

Even though she starts out right next to my lower lips, I'm not surprised that she goes up for my breasts first. These girls are the things that brought this whole situation about after all. It seems like Eiki is much more a breast woman than an ass one. Well, I won't judge her for personal taste. I'm glad that it worked out this way.

Eiki hovers over me with a mix of anticipation and nervousness on her face. Relax girl, this will be good for both of us. When I give her a sly, encouraging smile, she finally begins to touch me experimentally. It starts off with simple squeezing. From what I know about Eiki, I can't imagine she gets nearly enough chances to play around with girls, but this is just a little too timid. "This is about you and your desires," I remind her, arching my back up slightly to jut my breasts into her face. "Don't be afraid to be rough," Most of my sex lately has all been pretty forceful after all. I've gotten used to it.

Ah, that's better. The squeezing quickly progresses to fondling and rubbing. The fondling moves on to kneading and pinching. I'm not at all shy about using small moans and body shifts to help her work out exactly what I like done to me. Eventually Eiki's focus brings her face in even closer. Of course she can't help but do what comes natural next.

I let out a soft hiss as Eiki's mouth gives my nipple a tentative kiss. Encouraged by my reaction, she continues. I look down at her lightly blushed face as she lightly toys with the tips of my breasts. I grab her head and pull her against me, trying to encourage her to go rougher without having to speak. Once she catches on, I reward her with an unashamedly lewd groan.

Even I'm a little surprised at how this whole situation has progressed. This level of fun was well beyond my wildest expectations coming here. One of our Yama's being willing to take up a submissive role was such a nice treat for me against the stress I've been building up.

After a long time with Eiki's continued ministrations, I'm feeling pretty excited myself. Eiki's body is straddled over my right leg, so I can tell that I'm not the only one. "Clothes off," I groan to her at some point, and she attempts to comply without stopping her play. Her hat was gone long ago, as were her panties. All that really remains is for her to remove her uniform and bra, which she manages to do an admirable job of doing without separating from my body too much.

Even though she's undressed, Eiki continuing to work my body over means that I can't get that great a look at her. Well, I can tell that I was right about the size of her chest. Not nearly as voluptuous as my own, but a perfectly reasonable and perky handful. She jolts just a tiny bit when I begin tweaking her already hard nipples, but it seems she won't let the interruption faze her.

While Eiki seems content to focus solely on my breasts, I don't let my hands spend too long on any one part of her body. I let them roam freely up and down her slim frame. One moment I grasp at the back of her head, controlling the intensity of her mouth work, the next I reach down to cup her still bright red and sore bottom. She seems to appreciate everything I do, if her increasing intensity is any indication.

I finally decide that I've had enough teasing. Even though I said that this is about Eiki's desires I'm sure that we'd be here all night if I let her continue like this. The ever growing moisture dripping down on my leg makes it clear to me that she's not in much of a thinking mood. Not that I'm one to talk, given the mess I'm making on Eiki's chair.

My hands stop roaming Eiki's body, coming together to cup her face. She looks surprised when I pull her up my body and catch her lips with my own. I keep her there, lazily slipping my tongue into her mouth. Ah, I feel her face heating up, did she think that she wouldn't be allowed to do this much after what she's already done? What a silly girl. The time to be embarrassed is long passed.

I slowly increase the intensity of my tongue, breaking to grab some air occasionally. Eiki gradually starts reciprocating, so I let go of her face and instead pull her body up against my own. I feel her thinner body squirm anxiously against my own, as her kisses get more and more urgent. Well, as excited as she gets for what's coming next, I'm still getting mine first. I am in charge here, you know?

On the next separation, I curve my mouth into a wide smile. Eiki's response is a confused, and almost hungry look back. I push down with my hands, currently hovering somewhere around her hips. She goes along with it, lowering herself back down along my body. She lets out a cute little moan when her breasts rub down across my own, but I continue pushing her even lower.

"You didn't get a chance to look here when you were committing your sin," I say imperiously down to her. "But we both know the path that your lust would lead you down eventually," Heh, Welcome ❤ Hell indeed.

Eiki doesn't say anything in response, instead choosing to stare at my vagina. The look on her face was tense and excited. She knows what's going to happen and is clearly into it, so I don't see the point in her acting conflicted.

"Well, get to it," I swiftly bring my left leg up and around to Eiki's back, pushing her toward me. "There's no point hesitating when you've already come this far!"

In spite of what I say, Eiki still begins somewhat hesitantly. She works the outer lips slowly, getting used to the taste, smell, and feel of it all. Ooh, was that a bit of teeth I felt there? Intentional or not, I coo happily in response. That seems to encourage her.

After growing more comfortable with what she's doing, I notice Eiki seems to fall into something of a rhythm. I wonder just how experienced she is at this. I can't possibly be her first, can I? She's had centuries to at least try it, right? Well, she's doing a wonderful job either way, so there's not to much importance in actually knowing the answer. Between experience or natural talent, it doesn't make much difference to me as long as it's pleasuring me, and she most definitely is.

Eiki adds fingers to the mix, and at first I'm a little confused why it's only one hand. I do like it rougher, you know? Just judging from the movement of her shoulders though, I quickly surmise that she's using her other hand to attend to her own needs. Well, I'll allow it as long as she doesn't slack off. She's working hard enough to bring me to involuntary twitches of pleasure, so I'm not going to complain.

It seems like I've made the right decision. As Eiki works both of us, her pace begins to increase. Ahhhh, that's good. Just a-just a little to the left. Okay, now deeper. Good, good, keep your fingers working even while you're focusin-AH! Perrrfect. Even though I don't vocalize any actual instructions, Eiki does a good job of hitting most of the right spots. It must help that I'm not bothering to hold in my moans even slightly. Come to think of it, neither is Eiki.

She almost seems to be having trouble breathing. The frantic pace of her attacking my pussy, combined with her own building orgasm and lewd moans were all factors. For my part, I'm barely paying attention to anything other than the head of the girl that I'm clinging to desperately, fingers lost in her short green hair. Even when she's eating me out, this girl so damn cute!

I can feel the point of no return approaching rapidly. As my body starts to tense so hard that I'm almost shaking, Eiki has the good sense to go for the kill. I let out a loud, incoherent screech when she suddenly moves up and roughly attacks my clit with her tongue. Even with my eyes shut tight, I still somehow see my vision go white as I lose control of myself and climax.

... Phew.

When I start to come down into a comfy feeling of post orgasm, the first one of my senses that chooses to cooperate with me is touch. I'm aware of Eiki continuing to slowly lick at my vagina, as well as my own hands still deeply entwined with her hair. I hope I didn't pull on her too hard while I was cumming. As if in apology, I slowly start to stroke Eiki's head, simply enjoying the feeling as I try to regain the rest of my faculties.

When I look down, I can see that Eiki isn't using her arm to bring herself off anymore, so I imagine she managed to reach climax at around the same time that she got me. Well, I'm happy for her, but maybe I have been a little selfish. I'll have to correct that... Once I feel like getting up.

Actually, I wonder... My head lazily rolls to the side so that I can glance over to where I left the Rod of Remorse. Oh... That is not a small number. Well, this girl must be pretty backed up I guess. Just one round isn't going to be enough then? Fine by me. That's just what I was hoping for.

"Get up," I command. My voice isn't quite as intimidating as it probably should be, but I'll just use the excuse that that isn't my natural tone. Eiki's not going to ruin the mood by criticizing anyway. She's obviously perfectly willing to stand, though her shaky legs are making it a bit harder than it needs to be. "It looks like even that wasn't enough to satisfy your lust, was it?"

"No," Eiki answers immediately, then corrects herself. "No ma'am."

"Well then," I rise up from Eiki's chair, feeling a second wind start to come on as I stand. "Let's continue."

Eiki offers no resistance this time as I turn her around and push her by her shoulders onto her desk again. You'd think she'd be concerned about the mess getting even worse, but I won't say anything if she doesn't.

A ton of ideas on the next step flood my mind. The obvious choice is to return the favor and eat Eiki out, but that's probably the most plain idea. I know that my Earth body has had enough time to grab some lotion, so maybe I should spend some more intimate time with Eiki's worn, still slightly red ass. After care is important after all. Though if I'm bringing in my Earth body, maybe I should just bring all three of me in here and we can really give her a good time. Then maybe we could also add in Eiki's titty monster shinigami as well, just to make sure everyone knows how workplace hierarchies are structured.

Well, we have all night, and after this little episode, I can't imagine that I won't be back soon. I'm sure Junko will understand that this girl is just too delicious to leave alone forever.

But for now...

My head turns and glances down at the discarded Rod of Remorse again.

Then back to Eiki's bent over form. She wiggles her ass just a tiny bit, but even from that I can't help but get excited again.

Maybe a few more slaps wouldn't be too bad.
No. 38065
File 147400632030.jpg - (1.08MB, 1457x1500, TheThrustening.jpg) [iqdb]
The following is a tale, a tale passed down in sacred scrolls…

...Elizabeth Francine Hakurei rose from her big, poofy bed. It was covered in luxurious, purple pillows and violet sheets. The sheets were still wet from the other evening…

“Aaah~♥…!” She moaned girlishly. “That was awesome sex last night…”

Yes, she remembered every detail. Marisa had taught her a special spell that let her have some fun the other night…

Lifting the sheet, she checked…

“Yep, still have a vagina.” Elizabeth Francine Hakurei nodded. “Sex with a dick is the best~♥!”

Rising from bed, Elizabeth Francine Hakurei let loose her long, violet hair. It sparkled in the morning sunlight like a princess’, as if she had hatched from a pretty, purple, sparkly cocoon to become a beautiful butlerfly.

She slipped on her shiny red pumps, clipped on her long, luxurious red cape, and brandished her mighty Hakurei Staff.

Then, she slipped on her booty shorts (styled like shrine maiden of course!), threw on her garterbelt over her clothes, and performed the magi- wait, she also needs stockings. Then, she slipped on her stylish beanie, which had cute pictures of Reimu taped on it. She slipped on her cat ears and cat tail, and then strapped on her bunny ears, and then strapped on her dog ears, and then strapped her boots to her feet.

“I wonder what fun misadventures I will get into today!” Elizabeth Francine Hakurei slipped on her neon pink arm-length fuzzy surgical gloves, ready for more action.

She stepped outside, where her sister, and mother Reimu was sitting at the kotatsu…

Reimu sat only in her bindings and panties, a dazed look on her face. “...Ahhhhh~♥...”

Elizabeth Francine Hakurei smiled a naughty smile. “Hello, Reimu~! Was it that good, last night?”

“...Y-yes.” Reimu nods numbly. “I want more…”

Elizabeth Francine Hakurei giggled. “You’re such a slut, Reimu-chan~!” She moved up behind Reimu, and began groping her boobies. “You and those armpits…”

“Ahn~♥!” Reimu moaned erotically, face flushing a bright red. “Ye-yes…!”

Leaning around Reimu’s side, Elizabeth Francine Hakurei lifted her arm, and took a deep breath, “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~...” before stuffing her face in, passionately taking in Reimu’s husky scent, one that smelled vaguely of apples and cherries.

“O-oh, yes! Yes!” Reimu arched back, shivering violently with pleasure. “More! More!”

It was at this moment Marisa walked in, bringing her girlfriend Alice Margatroid. They were both wearing pitch, sleek black s&m outfits made by Alice, lined with black latex and spandex rubber bands.

“Hey, ze~!” Marisa blushed widely, her big melons jiggling as she waved her arm. “We came to play, ze~!”

“Mmph!” Alice says through the ballgag she was wearing. “Guuh~!”

Elizabeth Francine Hakurei stared down at the two large bulges in Marisa’s pants… “Ooh my~♥! Is that a rabbit in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”

Alice’s dolls surged into the shrine, all of them very “well equipped” (pant pant).

And then the sex began.

- -

Remilia Scarlet sat upon her giant purple throne. “I wonder what what handsome, dashing, sexy Elizabeth Francine Hakurei is doing on a day like today…”

At this thought, Remilia Scarlet smiled widely. “Ahhhh~♥...” She moaned, lifting her dress.

Her sister Flandre Scarlet was kneeling under her dress, eagerly sucking on her clit while jacking off. “Onii-sama…”

Sakuya, blushing, hot and bothered, masturbated through her fishnet stockings, watching the two have glorious incest.

Remilia Scarlet twitched, arching back. “Flandre! M-my period’s about to happen!”

Blood rockets out of Remilia Scarlet’s vagina, showering Flandre Scarlet’s face in magnificent vampire blood.

“I can’t take it anymore!” Flandre stood up, the entire lower half of her face covered in blood, lustfully grabbing Remilia Scarlet. “I want to fuck you sister!”

And then Flandre dropped Remilia on her dick.

“Oh~♥!” Remilia moaned in a womanly voice. “Yes!”

The two began eagerly fucking, Remilia’s stomach swelling up with the blood that was unable to escape from her plugged vagina…

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

The two fucked all night long, as the red moon hung high in the sky. That’s why she had so much period blood.

- -

Patchouli Knowledge finds it hard to focus on her porn mag, as Meiling intimately mates with Sakuya in front of her…

That was when the library door burst open, and a literally faceless, completely naked black man walked in, taking in the library’s many shelves and many sluts.

[x] Join in on the action!
[x] Go join Remilia and Flandre.
[x] Jump in the lake.
[x] Stick your dick in a book.

Eagerly, he runs towards the three girls, his twenty inch erect black Richard Cox ready to fuck some anime pussy.

Overexcited, he rips a book off the shelf, and sticks his dick in it.

It clamps down, but then his dick comes through the other end, cleaving the book in two with his member.

This action enrages the entire shelf, which proceeds to swarm him. He attempts to thrust as hard as he can into the swarm of books, but his dick gets bit off before he succeeds.

“Oh baby!”

- -

Outside, Kagerou pouted as her good friend Wakagashimime gave her a mermaid titty fuck, far different from regular tittty fuck.

“Haauu~♥...” Wakagashihame inhaled, suffering from oxygen deprivation outside of the water.

From behind Kagerou, Seiga floats out, and slaps a zombie seal on Waka Flocka Flame’s forehead.

“I-I love you, Wakaganahime!” Kagerou cried out, before she came passionately all over her sunken greying face.

“H-ha… too…” Wakinasawasha smiled weakly, her face absorbing the cum as a minor oxygen supplement.

- -

“Now, Udongein…” Eirin Yagokoro chides her pupil. “This is how you discipline rabbits.”

“Ghrk! Ghhk!” Tewi gagged on Eirin Yagokoro’s thick, pale rod, her eyes watering as the long shaft rested in her mouth. Eirin Yagokoro leisurely slid her up and down the length of her rod…

“Ah~♥!” Eirin Yagokoro yelled. “I’m ejaculating!”

Reisen watched closely as Eirin drew a syringe of Cialis, and stabbed it into Tewi’s throat.

“Mmmghk! Mmm!” Tewi obediently devoured Eirin’s cock.

In the next room, Kaguya Houraisan and Fujiwara no Mokou really heated things up!

“Wh-whore!” Kaguya piped, Mokou’s hands around her throat.

“Fu~ck!” Mokou groans, resisting Kaguya’s punches as she fucked her missionary style.

Kaguya reaches up, and gouges Mokou’s eyes with her thumbs.

“O-ouch!” Mokou stumbles back as Kaguya attempts to wrestle sexual dominance from her.

The two struggle back and forth, until Kaguya pulls a broadsword from a nearby counter, and impales Mokou with it, in more ways than one!

“Agh.” Mokou scowls. “Fuck you!”

She explodes in a ball of flames, engulfing the two.

Then it was quiet.

But then they respawned, and really heated things up!

- -

Yuuka smiled down at the 2 tiny beings beneath her. “Why hello, my littlest darlings~!”

Wriggle and Shinmyoumaru and Cirno looked up at the giantess Yuuka.

“Oh no!” Wriggle yelled! “We’re gonna get eaten!”

They ran as fast as they could, until she scoops Wriggle and Shinmyoumaru up with a hand, and stomps Cirno. “Eye’m-” Pichun~<3

“How cute you 2 are~♥!” Yuuka beamed, bringing them closer to her mouth. “Why I could just eat you up!”

“Nooo~!” Shinmyoumarumaru and Wriggle yelled desperately, before Yuuka ate them hole.

Inside, they were pushed through yuuka’s esophagus and bounced around the fleshy interior.

“Woah!” They yelled, before landing in Yuuka’s stomach!

“Ew…” Shinymoumaru stared at all the fleshy goop. “It stinks!”

“No!” Wriggle objected.

...The two locked eyes, and they knew they were really in love. The smell of their imeniate death only heightening the arousal.

Eagerly, they began ravaging one another, tearing their clothes off and casting it to the stomach acid

“Sieg heil!”.

- -


Yamame wailed loudly and hornily, the absolutely massive horse cocks of the oni penetrating her spider half violently. Her web leaked from her bum, which was getting violently excavated.

“Hell yeah!” Yuugi roared mightily as she unleashed the fifty eighth load into Yamame that day. “Spiders are the best!”

She was accompanied by all of the other oni in the underground, and Parsee, and Suika Ibuku, and Kasen, and Conegara, and YuugenMagan, and Shinki, and Sendai Hakurei No Miko.

“Woah woah woaaaah~♥!” Yamame was dicked.

- -

Elizabeth Francine Hakurei thrusted along with Flandre, Meiling, Faceless Black Dude, Konngara, Mokou, Wriggle Or Shinnymara, and the sextillions of oni in the underground.

They thrusted so hard they ripped a hole in space time. Their nuts could be seen across the night sky of all worlds, uniting all Gensokyos under one banner.

Elizabeth Francine Hakurei gazed up into the night sky, bodies of unconscious women all around her.

“So many Gensokyos…!” She lit up like a kid in a sex machine store. “So many womens!”

0 0 0

Yukari stared at the night sky along with Reimu. “It is important to uphold the balance, you see. Humans and youkai are destined to conflict.”

Reimu furrowed her brows. “...I don’t like it.”

And then there were nuts in the night sky.

“...Or this happens.” Yukari facepalmed.

Reimu jerked her head back. “Wh-what… what the hell!?”

0 0 0

Remilia sipped from her tea. “...Good. You’ve gotten better, Sakuya.”

Sakuya bowed. “I aim to please, mistress.”

Like this, Remilia stared at the night sky. The moon was full that evening. She could see the lunarians.

Then, the sky tore open, graphic images of sex abound.

Remilia’s jaw slowly dropped.

0 0 0

Byakuren pointed to the stars. “Some people believe every one of those is another world. I can’t say they’re right… but I think it’s a cute thing to believe in.”

Murasa looked somber. “...Other worlds, huh?”

“Who knows what they’re like?” Byakuren tries to mentally prod Murasa.

And then the sky was blown open, nuts dangling in clear view of all of Gensokyo.

...Murasa reeled back. “Ahahahaha~! What the blazes...!?”

...Byakuren blanched.

- -

Portals to alternative Gensokyos floated in the sky, ready for Elizabeth to enter, bringing her horribly forced and weird sex scenes with equally horrible spelling with her, thoroughly ruining the Gensokyos across all dimensions.

That was when two pillars of light shot from the sky, landing in front of the Hakurei Shrine, blowing piles of exhausted, naked women out of the way…

“What…?” Elizabeth Francine Hakurei shields her eyes from the resulting dust. Once it settles, she smiles seductively. “...Oh~! Have you come to fuck with us?”

On the left, a fully clad samurai in red armor aimed his katana at her. “It is your cock that we now will be blocking!”

The samurai on the right stepped forward. “We proclaim no sex until you are married!”

Elizabeth Francine Hakurei giggled. “Who are you two fucking losers? Are you gay?”

“Arin Neverbone.” The one on the left announced.

“Samurai Barry.” They were the Samurai Abstinence Patrol.

...Elizabeth Francine Hakurei began stripping. “Very well~! We’re gonna fuck all night long!”

A swarm of well-equipped dolls began circling the warriors, eager to pounce.

Arin took to the air with an uppercut because he could apparently fly! Twirling his blade, he spun through all the nearby dolls, while Samurai Barry spun in place, destroying those who came near.

Two naked vampires came from the shrine’s interior, glearing menacingly.

“Come he~re!” Flandre’s eyes were wide. “I wanna do naughty things with your pussies!”

Arin narrowed his eyes, then closed them.

Hanging in the air, time seemed to slow for him…


Arin cleaved straight through Flandre, bisecting her.

“Aaaaa~h!” Flandre exploded into a shower of colorful hearts, which rained down across the shrine’s front.

Remilia froze, the menace on her face fading. “...Fl-Flandre? Little sister?”

Marisa hobbled off the floor, attempting to approach Arin from behind, but he spun around, and cleaved her head right off.

“To control all your junk is our one true goal!” Arin gritted his teeth, the mage’s blood running across his blade.

Elizabeth Francine Hakurei’s expression flared. “Motherfuckers! These are my lovers!”

“Y-you killed my sister!” Remilia snapped from the daze she was in, staring at her hands. “...Wh-why am I naked!? What’s going on!?”


The naked form of Yuugi burst from the floor beneath the shrine path, moving directly in the direction of Samurai Barry.

Noticing this, Arin spiralled towards her, and Barry prepared to go on the defensive.

“Hrah!” Yuugi flailed her arm at the samurai, only to get slashed a few times in the back by Arin. She turned around…

“Lethal Frame-u~!” Barry used both his katana and a naked Youmu to stab Yuugi in the chest.

“Huuaah…!?” Yuugi stumbled back, her body rendered inoperable by the Youmu embedded in her. “Aaagh…”

She fell to the floor…

“You will bend to my will!” Elizabeth Francis Hakurei roared, floating into the air. “Reimu! Get them!”

Erecting dual katanas of her own from thin air, Reimu mindlessly charged at the two samurai.

Arin’s face hardened. “Barry, now!”

“Got it!”

They crossed their blades, which began glowing. “Douchebag Dick Slicer!”

Leaping to the air, they performed giant, sweeping slashes, cleaving Reimu apart into three different segments with a series of slashes. As her gibs spread across the path, the sky noticably, shimmered.

Elizabeth Francine Hakurei flinched violently. “Augh! The-... the barrier! This power…! So much… pow-!”

Arin slided his blade straight through Elizabeth’s stomach.

Her remains dropped to the floor, producing audible splats as the blood pooled immediately.

Arin spoke to Barry "We have grown, but there is still much to be done. Many live in the darkness that must be shown the way. For it is the dawning of a new day."

Such was the tale of the Samurai Abstinence Patrol.

- -

...Koakuma sighed, standing from her journal. “Perfect! Eff Eff Dot Net will love this!” She hugged the journal to her chest. “...Now I just gotta convince Patchouli-sama to let me use her laptop for a little while… and teach me how to use it.”

She slouched. “So much wo~rk.”

- -

Alice’s eyes shot open, and she sat up in a cold sweat. “...W-woah…”

...She yawned. “What… what a dream…”

Leaning over towards her bedside, she picked the bottle of Butterfly Dream Pills off the counter.

“What did she put in these…?” Alice fruitlessly searched the medicine bottle, even if she could hardly read it this late at night.

...Rubbing her thumb across it, she realizes the label is loose. Peeling it off, she stares at the text underneath…

‘Hyper Lucid Dream Enhancer - Makai Blend! Expiry date: April 1st, 129. Not for retail use, at least not over the counter anyway. - Tewi’

...Alice groaned. “U~gh. Seriously... this doesn't even belong in Makai.”

Thoroughly annoyed, she laid her head on her pillow, unable to get back to sleep. “...Stupid.”

- - THE END - -

Such are the tales passed down in sacred scrolls...

Is the story over, or has it just begun?

Has the battle for boning been lost, or won?

[] Yes
[] Yes

The question is a deep and important one…
No. 38067
File 147406238838.jpg - (161.12KB, 700x988, i specifically requested the opposite of this.jpg) [iqdb]
There were a lot of miserable tengu in the academy, but right now, Momiji was sure she was the by far the most.

She hadn't been eating well--coming back from their scant time off was always brutal, as the sudden shift back to dry rice cakes and tinny water leaving her feeling drawn and her stomach growling.

She hadn't been feeling well--she'd fairly well shit out her daily Operational Pedigree Minimum, somehow in the haze deciding it was better to face the screaming of her instructor and do the whole thing again--all one hundred pushups, situps, squats, and the run, all ten kilometers of it.

She hadn’t been sleeping well--time and again, she flopped into bed at the end of a grueling day of training, waiting for rest to come. Despite the exhaustion, it never did--not until five minutes before reveille, anyway.

And, like her sleep, the other thing that wasn't coming was Momiji herself. The cadets turned a blind eye on one another's more intimate needs--sometimes even giving each other a "helping hand,” but between the OPM, the drills, and her advanced placement duties, she just hadn't had the time.

Not that it stopped her from fantasizing. She tossed and turned in bed, sweat still matting her tail to her leg unpleasantly, groping herself half-heartedly as her need for sleep and her need for sex competed unsuccessfully for her attention, depriving her of either. Finally, she willed her hand out of her panties, trying not to listen to the faint rustle of much more successful masturbation around the bunkroom. Resigned to another miserable night, Momiji drifted off into uneasy, unhappy slumber, fantasizing about someone, anyone, coming to take her woes away.

Momiji dreamed. That handsome recruit from the other side of the mountain was just toweling off after a workout, bare from the waist up. Her eyes were drawn down his abs by the faint sheen of sweat in the midday sun, her gaze lingering on the happy trail peeking back at her from the top of his hakama. He caught her staring. She flushed and looked away, Souta's rakish grin under that shaggy brown hair perfection itself. He cupped her chin with a strong, calloused thumb, turning her head back to face him. She gasped as he wrapped a hand around her, pulling her close. Strong fingers gave her ass an appraising squeeze, apparently liking what they found there, as she felt the stirring of his loins through her skirt. She shivered in need as he grinned knowingly, his hand gliding down her thigh to scoop her up under the knee, putting her on tiptoe. Her eyes met his again and, flush with heat and need, she shivered and nodded, spreading her legs as he parted the folds of his hakama, the heat and musk filling her senses as she nibbled her lip, Souta lowering her onto his waiting--


The first three words Momiji was cogent enough to form in her head, in order and yet all at once, were "What? Fuck. No!" as the 4 AM bells clanged and the sergeants shouted. Thrashing herself free of her tangled sheets with barely-restrained fury, she came to attention, resisting the urge to shift her thighs while the cadets reported for muster.

"Sparring!" barked her instructor, an old veteran with a mangled ear, eye, and personality. "Eat, shit, and then find your partner! I want blood on the mats, whelps! Tarou! With Hoshiko! Kenji! With Yuudai! Momiji! With Souta!"

Oh, fuck, fuck, mother fuck. Biting into her rice cake with a grimace, Momiji tried to shake the dreams out of her head, but they were stuck fast--and so was her tail to her leg, covering a thin trickle of arousal. She'd gone so long that she'd come that close. Fucking stupid sexy farmboys from bumpkin cantons! She showered hastily, hoping that no one noticed, or at least was going to comment on, how fucking horny she was.

Sparring was an experience. Her libido took the field with her and proceeded to turn her legs to wobbly jelly. He feinted left, then right, his hand brushing past her arm--she felt a tingle of anticipation, excited at the bare frission and the fluid strength on display aaaand then she was on the ground.

"Fuck judo," she told the ground.

Weapons didn't go much better. He was damned good with a staff--in better times Momiji was a dab hand with her sword and shield, but she kept catching the scent of his sweat, and it brought the fitful dreams back up through her hindbrain. She'd try to sidestep, get around him, be anywhere but downwind of Souta, but that just put the sun in her eyes. Two times, he hooked his bo around the back of her ankle and turned crisply, pulling her weight out from under her and sending her ass to the floor. By the third, Momiji had just decided this was her home now, and in her exhaustion, even the cold, dewy earth felt soft and inviting...

"Daydreaming?" Her sergeant asked, voice honey and silver. Oh fuck.

She bolted upright so fast she nearly slammed her forehead into his. "No sir!" she reported. "Simply winded, sir!"

"I noticed," he replied, dropping the sugary tone like her sparring partner kept dropping her. Ohhhh fuck. "Souta!"

"Sir!" He stood ramrod straight, a match for his staff in one hand, planted in the ground.

"Apparently, you're on jujutsu today. Momiji, you can keep your weapons. You clearly need them. Another hour."

Momiji resisted a wince. "Sir," she responded, trying to hide the shame in her voice.

As he marched off, Souta gave her a sympathetic, sheepish smile, which did absolutely nothing but remind her how much she wanted to just stare at him a while. They took ready positions--gods damn it, he was downwind again--the faint breeze caught his lapels, the sun positively glittering in the beads of sweat running down his defined clavicle. She found herself staring at his bare chest under the thin cotton of his training clothes.

The distraction lasted. Momiji tried to focus, reciting lessons, koans, prayers, anything she could think of in her head. Every third or fourth line was automatically replacing itself with lurid and overwrought prose from an old dirty book she'd read once. She felt her nipples stiffen under her wrappings, a familiar tingle between her thighs.

And then, Souta was on top of her. He moved so fast--her sword flipped end over end through the air, her shield twisted aside, Souta's presence was on her, his meaty thigh between her legs, his rippling bicep curled around her, his bare chest against her side, brushing her breast through that awfully-thin fabric as they fell through eternity and he brought her to the ground.

For a moment--for just one moment--pinned beneath the strong, handsome tengu man--Momiji's feral instincts took hold, her lust held sway, and that nagging urge in the back of her head surged to the fore, taking over and telling her--this is good. Unseen beneath her fellow wolf, Momiji spread her legs, going supine and splaying wide, ready to accept anything he did to her.

...Which, as it turns out, was another spar. Satou, with his head like a bag full of sand, never noticed, leaving Momiji to come back to her senses after that brief leave of absence, flushing brightly as she tried to forget what she just did.

She was still trying to forget it in the showers when the whole ordeal was done. The ice cold water helped barely at all as she remembered that thin book, with the ice on the nipples? And damn it, there they went again.

"So that was interesting," purred a voice behind her.

Momiji didn't cover herself as she turned--your packmates saw every bit of you sharing the space so intimately, so why bother?--and grimaced, recognizing the voice an instant too late. "Himekaidou," she growled... an instant before her heart dropped. "What did you say?"

"I saw, Inubashiri. Or should I call you Momiji?" Hatate asked mockingly. "Since you're all so close."

"Wolves don't lean on their family names. That's probably a novel concept to you," Momiji replied icily, trying to ignore the heat blooming in her face as she reached for her towel.

Hatate snatched it first, twirling it once and laying it over one shoulder as she gave the wolf a theatrical look up and down. "So what was your game plan? Get rutted in the dirt until your sergeant came back? Hey, maybe he'd join in! You probably like a bit of gray behind the ears, eh?"

Momiji checked the urge to bare her teeth, glaring a hole in her least favorite crow. Her face was a little flush herself, her clothes rumpled and messy. "What, never seen a girl naked before?" She asked. "Or did you just roll off your dad?"

Hatate chuckled, stepping into the shower stall. "I was just thinking, that's a good look for you. Maybe a collar, and sitting about yea high?" She rather pointedly leveled a palm at crotch height, sweeping it back and forth for emphasis.

Bemused, Momiji turned and twisted the shower lever to full, blasting them both with freezing cold water. Snickering at the drenched bird, she moved to step past, satisfied with herself.

And in a sudden burst of action, Hatate caught her and pushed back with surprising speed, slamming her against the shower wall. Water thundered down on them as the wolf was left at a loss for words for a moment, Himekaidou smirking. She reached past Momiji, turning the shower handle higher and hotter.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

"Himekaidou," Momiji panted, still stunned. "What the fuck are you--"

Her challenge turned into a strangled cry as the crow's knee came up between her own, digging in hard, rivulets of water waving the silver-gray hair back and forth on Hatate's pale skin.

"You want it more than you hate me," Hatate replied. "Go on. Tell me I'm full of shit."

Momiji groaned in disappointment as the thigh spreading hers departed, leaving her feeling cold and empty inside, even as the steam began to rise. She... she couldn't. Fuck, she needed this.

"That's what I thought," Hatate said, smirking as Momiji looked away, cheeks burning and ears low. "Hey, want to see something fun?" Reaching into her pocket, she produced her checkerboard phone--her trademark and Momiji's consternation--shaking off a few drops of water with a grimace. "Here we are. 'Submissive...doggy...slut.' Oh yes, I'm feeling lucky. Hit search, and... Take a look."

Momiji looked up into the bright, backlit screen, adorned with pictures of... herself. Masturbating. Sucking her first dick. That one boyfriend who liked taking her on all fours. That day, when no one was watching, that she slipped the leash around her neck, admiring it in the mirror, giving it sharp little tugs even as her free hand wandered aimlessly across her body.

"Like I said," Hatate repeated, the fire in Momiji's cheeks now some kind of wonderful, lingering burn. "About yea high?"

Glaring up resentfully, Momiji shivered and, discarding the last of her pride, slowly sank to her knees, kneeling before the crow in the shower stall.

"Good girl, good girl," Hatate praised, dripping with smug condescension that nonetheless made Momiji's heart race. "Good girls get a reward, don't they? Go on." The next word was not honeyed, but hard as iron. "Lick."

Slob that she was, Hatate hadn't worn underwear. Peeking under her sodden skirt, the first thing that greeted Momiji was a mussed thicket of brown hair, warmer still than the water around them. Her ears tented the fabric as, slowly, she leaned in, still disbelieving that this could be happening. The room returned to light as Hatate pulled her skirt off the top of Momiji's head, smirking down at her over her flat little chest, all too eager to watch every moment of this. Momiji pressed her nose in, and--

Another scent. Strong. Powerful. Masculine. Souta's.

Before she could pull back, Hatate grabbed her with both hands and forced her in deeper, nose buried in the crow tengu's cunt. Her muffled moans and gasps only flooded her senses with his potent musk, raw and virile--and inside Hatate.

Shuddering in arousal, Momiji's tongue pressed in, hungry and desperate, ears flat against the back of her head as she licked and sucked the cum from her "lover."

"Ooh, fuck, you're good at that," Hatate hissed. "A girl could get used to this. Does slut need air?" She cooed knowingly.

Eyelids fluttering, Momiji nodded, Souta and Hatate's scents mixing in her nostrils. Hatate let off, letting her pull back and swallow--thick and still hot, feeling the seed slowly slide down the back of her throat, Momiji's feral instincts screamed in her ears.

"Did you like your treat?" Hatate asked knowingly. "I went and had a little fun with him before I dropped in."

"What in the hells did you do to even get him?" Panted Momiji, looking up with disbelief at Mist--at Hatate.

She shot a very, very self-satisfied look down at her new pet and shrugged out of her shirt, bra already half-off beneath. "I just put some peanut butter down there, and the problem took care of itself."

"Fuck you," Momiji hissed weakly, the barb hitting home in all the wrong ways.

"That's the plan," the crow replied cheerily, stripping off her waterlogged kneehighs and slapping them over the stall divider. "Now how about you clean the rest of me?" With one foot, she pressed down on the back of Momiji's head, water dripping from her bedraggled hair as her lips met Hatate's painted toes. Abandoning herself to the swelling feeling of joy clutching tightly in her chest, Momiji meekly kissed and worshipped, tongue lolling to serve.

This is good...

Hatate ruffled Momiji's damp hair with her toes, letting up with the pressure, no longer necessary to keep the submissive wolf kissing and licking. Masturbating herself lightly, she gently nudged Momiji's chin back with her toe. She looked upward obediently as Hatate spread her slit between two fingers. A thick bead of Souta's seed splashed across the bridge of Momiji's upturned nose, Hatate actually laughing as her pet went cross-eyed from the dose of potent heat. The wolf's lapping redoubled as she eagerly and hungrily slurped the cum from Hatate's feet as they pattered down, her tongue finding its way up her ankles, between her calves.

She gasped as she realized she'd propped herself up on her knees to reach, giving Hatate's toe purchase, the nail gracefully dragging across her aching clit and sending sparks running up Momiji's spine. Hatate gently ran her toe back and forth, back and forth, grinding harder against her dripping folds, finally parting her lips, agonizingly slightly, as she toefucked the once-proud cadet.

She looked up only when she heard the clicking of Hatate's phone camera. The heat burned from her forehead to the tip of her tail, which despite (because of?) everything, thumped against the cramped stall walls, wagging in naked excitement. "Speak," Hatate ordered down at her. "And you get another treat."

Shivering, Momiji brought herself up, knees to the floor, and with her heart pounding in her ears, raised her hands in mock-paws, looking up with scarlet cheeks and plain submission. "W-woof..." The camera snapped again and again as the crow hummed cheerfully, removing her toe from between Momiji's shaking thighs and pressing them to her teeth again. No force was required for the wolf to lean forward, suckling her own arousal from Hatate's precious foot.

That was all it took for the hapless, sex-starved Momiji to cum, her first climax in who-knows-how-long rippling through her, tongue outstretched, pinched lightly between Hatate's toes as her every faint, strangled gasp echoed off the walls. Left reeling in place, knees going weak, Hatate lightly nudged her chest with her toe, putting her on her back in the stall.

"Roll over," Hatate directed. Shivering, that camera still flashing against the stark shower walls, Momiji fell supine for the second time in a day, spreading wide and presenting, looking up at Hatate hopefully. The camera clicked, recording her glorious, embarrassing act, as Hatate licked her lips. "Yes, that's it," she muttered. "That's the pose..."

A moment later, Momiji felt the warmth and weight of a body atop her, the feeling she'd craved all along. Fingers pushed inside her without resistance, slicking up with loud, wet noises even over the patter of the shower overhead. Hatate's splayed fingers found Momiji's breast and roughly squeezed, rolling the flesh, pinching the nipple. Her head was forcefully turned to meet the slender crow's, a tongue passed between her lips, a hot spot blooming against Momiji's knee and grinding there back and forth. Hatate broke the kiss with a wet pop, straddling the larger, stronger tengu and grinned, panting. Her hand contoured the side of Momiji's face, and she reflexively nuzzled against it, basking in her Mistress's praise.

"Good girl," Hatate said, even as she repositioned and hooked Momiji's leg around hers, bringing their hips together, and hot frission at their union. Hatate began to grind, pushing further and further ahead, Momiji's leg stretching higher, almost to the point of pain until they were nearly shoulder to shoulder, breast to breast--

And with a final act of dominance, Hatate leaned in and bit Momiji's shoulder, hard, the sub gasping and crying out loud as the rough assertion sent her into a second, screaming orgasm. Hatate ground herself against her pet as she rode it out, each buck of her hips sending a bolt of intense heat through her until, halfway through, she came to her own climax, exhaling hard as she left her mark on the wolf's collar.

They lay there, panting against each other, rivalries and stations forgotten, two naked, drenched tengu, dirtier in the shower than they had been before it, a single coil of tangled arms and legs. Momiji's senses finally came back to her as her eyelids fluttered open, the sight of the hickey blotting on her shoulder all it took to bring the urge to submit back to full.



Hatate finally staggered free of the amorous wolf's clutches one hour and twenty-three minutes later, bony hips aching, slender chest heaving for air. "What in Tenma's name is wrong with you, you stupid slut? Don't you ever get enough?"

"What's wrong?" Momiji asked with a lusty grin, hauling herself back up as Hatate buckled over the shower stall divider. "Spank me more, I'm a bad dog."

"How the fuck," gasped Hatate, "do you have this much stamina?"

Momiji laughed her wonderfully sore, swollen ass off. "How? How? I drill every day. I'm a conditioned soldier, and you're a fucking scrawny bitch journalist.

Hatate tried to rise, legs giving out as she twisted around, sliding down miserably to the floor as Momiji finally collected her stolen towel.

"Drills start at four in the morning," She declared, humming cheerfully to herself as she toweled off. "So I expect you at the barracks at three sharp, 'Mistress.'"

Hatate groaned in dreadful agony, hair and wings mussed and drooping as Momiji trotted out of the showers stark naked, refreshed and renewed.
No. 38068
File 147406603550.jpg - (485.33KB, 1032x1222, wg35yq34hu42yq35y.jpg) [iqdb]
"I'm hoooooome~!"

He was awoken from his nap by the girlish, cheery voice coming from the entrance. A drawn out yawn escaped his mouth while he rubbed his eyes with his arm. The responsible part of his mind reminded he that it was his duty as a priest in training to go greet her, but the rest of his body refused to obey and abandon the cozy warmth of the kotatsu. Nothing short of a hurricane could have teared him away from under the blanket, although he often tended to forget how easily she could make one if she wanted.

"Heeeeey, I know you're here! Your boots are at the door... Ah, there you are!"

The living room's door slid open to reveal a young woman shooting an annoyed frown at him. Even in his semi-asleep state, he still took a moment to appreciate her looks. The first thing everyone noticed about Sanae Kochiya was her long green hair, adorned with a cutesy frog clip and a snake ornament around one lock. That day she was wearing a red scarf and that beige leather coat she brought from the Outside, both of which did a commendable job on protecting her shapely figure from the cold. Even so, no amount of baggy clothes could hide her considerably sized chest, bigger and rounder than most girls her age. Down below, the shrine maiden chose to wear her favorite long skirt, the dark blue one with light blue dots and stripes and white frills, paired with tall white socks. He could spot a hint of her soft, creamy thighs between the gaps if he looked hard enough, but he was too sleepy to bother sneaking a peek, and he had a feeling she wouldn't appreciate it at that moment.

"The least you could do is say 'welcome home, Sanae!', no?" She berated him. "It's rude not to greet your seni--ooh, warm kotatsu! Nice!"

Luckily for him, the allure of the heated table was too strong for Sanae to resist. The green-haired miko undid her coat and her scarf, hastily threw them away at a corner of the room and took a seat under the blankets, opposite of him. Her frown melted into a satisfied expression as the warmth began to seep into her body. Only then he mustered enough strength to utter a grunt of greeting, also doubling as a message to her: "don't bother talking to me, I'm too drowsy to pay attention." Unfortunately for him, Sanae wasn't that good at picking up on the subtler nuances of wordless communication.

"Ahhhhhh, this is bliss!" She sighed in contentment. "Man, it sure is freezing out there, huh! Nothing beats sitting under the kotatsu after a hard day at work in the cold."


"But you know, it's really cruel of Lady Kanako to send me to collect faith with such bad weather! I couldn't find any person outside that wanted to listen to my preaching. They all said they were busy, but I bet they just wanted to get home and get under their own blankets, just like this! Hard to blame them, though."


"Still, it beats staying with Kanako and those long-nosed tengu. All those hours of doing absolutely nothing while listening them going on about their boring negotiations and... You aren't listening, are you?"


His lack of attention was punished with a swift kick to his shin from under the kotatsu. Sanae couldn't put much strength in her sitting position, but it was enough to fully wake him up and leave him with an uncomfortable numbness in the leg.

"Owww! What was that for!?" He whined as he rubbed the sore spot.

"That's for being so rude to me, you lazybones," the miko responded, sticking out her tongue.

"Why you little... Take this!"

Naturally, he wouldn't just stand there and take it, and returned an equally strong jab at her thigh with his foot, aiming his toes at the part of her soft, creamy skin that was unprotected by her sock. The priest in training enjoyed hearing his superior's surprised yelp, and she could barely contain her whole body from jolting up in place.

"Eep! You dare...?"

"What's the matter, can't take what you give?"

"Oh ho, now you're asking for it!"

"Bring it on!"

And so the two got themselves in a petty leg fight, both of them trying to hit the each other's most sensitive parts to get any kind of unpleasant sound from the other's mouth. Whoever might have walked inside the living room would have found them glaring at each other's eyes intensely, concentration plastered on their faces, but this stillness belied the hectic battle that was taking place under the blanket. Leg pressed against leg as they tried to snake a foot between the other's defense to hit any vulnerable spot. None of them gave any quarter while their legs locked in a power struggle to gain crucial inches in the little free space there was. Sanae's soft skin hid strong, powerful muscles inside that gave him a hard time, but he was confident in his own strength from his training. However, the grogginess from his earlier nap played against him, and he wasn't able to sense the shrine maiden's attack.


The miko swiftly changed balance and broke the lock, leaving his most sensible place open for attack in the process. He barely had time to respond as Sanae's foot swiftly slid along his inner thigh and dangerously approached--


The shrine maiden had pressed against his erection under his clothes, sending a pleasurable sensation up his spine. He closed his legs together in reflex, which only served to further slide her foot up his hardening shaft. This in turn wrung out an involuntary, subdued moan out of him. As realization settled in, he felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment, and he could see a mischievous grin creeping up Sanae's lips.

"Ohhh? What do we have here~?" Sanae's singsong voice was filled with mockery.

"Er, that's..." He began to explain, but soon realized the futility of trying to justify the physiological phenomenon that occurs whenever a man wakes up from sleep and stretches his body immediately after. Especially to someone who wasn't willing to listen in the first place.

"Looks like I found your weak point! Here, here!"

Sanae kept rubbing and pressing the sole of her foot over his cock with practiced ease, asserting her advantage. Even through the fabric of his clothes and her sock, he felt the precise movements of her toes searching his most sensible spots and relentlessly teasing them. The miko tried her whole repertoire on him, from teasing the tip of his penis off between her toes, to jerking the shaft with her sole and even lightly massaging his scrotum with her heel. Not content with just that, Sanae added her other foot to the fray and the pleasure became twofold, combining her techniques to caress his member all over. She never let him a moment of respite as she skillfully brought him closer and closer to the edge. His breath became more ragged and his lower parts grew number and hotter while Sanae simply had her way with him, intent on reducing him to a whimpering mess quite literally under her feet...

But as good as giving in to her blissful technique sounded, his pride refused to let himself be done in like that. He knew that he'd never live it down if he lost to Sanae in such a humiliating way. And since his orgasm was practically around the corner at that point, the least he could do now was bringing her down with him. Sanae was using both her feet to pleasure him under the kotatsu, and in that position her own weak point had to be completely exposed to a counter-attack. He only had to stretch his leg and--


His sneak attack was rewarded with a glorious yelp. His toes had caught her completely offguard and jabbed at her crotch, perhaps a bit too strongly. But in that moment of surprise the miko had frozen and stopped her merciless attack on his cock, leaving herself wide open for the priest to bring his other foot and start teasing her crotch in return. Similarly to him, her panties covered her pussy, but even through them and his socks he could easily make out the contour of her labia as his feet explored her crotch. But unlike her, he didn't waste any time teasing her, instead focusing on her weakest spots right from the start. It didn't take him long to find a hardening nub a bit further above, and he proceeded to press and roll her clit under his toes with desperate ferocity, while his other foot pressed against her labia in coordination.

"Ahh! Uhnnn! That's, ah, that's cheatinnnnnng!" Sanae's moans of protest were like music to his ears, and he enjoyed the sight of her body trembling in ecstasy under his attack. "Then I'll have to get serious too!"

Even when her head was getting cloudier with mind-numbing pleasure, the shrine maiden managed to muster enough concentration to resume her teasing on his cock, this time aiming her efforts to make him cum as fast as she could. The speed and forcefulness of her feet redoubled, but the priest valiantly held on and continued attacking her pussy, practically jerking her clit off in rhythm with her movements as if trying to match her measure by measure. His unrelenting efforts started to have a noticeable effect on Sanae; he could feel moisture drenching the fabric of her panties. Taking it as a sign that he was doing something right, the priest kept repeating the same motions over and over and stimulating Sanae to her orgasmic peak, putting aside the fact that her forceful footjob had also made him start leaking precum in his pants.

"Ah, ahh, hah, hmmm, hnnng, I won't, huff, lose, ah, ahh..."

"Oh, ohh, hmmmmmm..."

What began as a childish fight had steadily escalated into a battle of who could make the other reach their peak faster, but neither of them was willing to concede defeat. Both priest and miko completely forgot about their surroundings as they became absorbed in each other, watching their faces grew redder and sweatier with arousal and listening their sighs and pants of pleasure while they tried to stave off their own orgasm for as long as possible. Their last remnants of restraint crumbled down at some point, and they eventually dropped any pretense of subtlety. Both of them leaned down the floor, looking for a better angle to reach each other's most sensitive parts, and their shrieks and moans filled the room as they neared their limits of their endurance.

The priest was painfully aware of the advantage Sanae had because of her headstart, and even more of the warnings his throbbing member was sending him: he wouldn't last a moment longer if things continued like that. Only a desperate, forceful move could turn the tables, and he knew exactly what would bring Sanae over the edge without fail, whether she liked it or not. He had felt it as he rubbed his feet over her pussy; all the stimulation had exposed her clitoris open and made it hard and sensitive to the slightest touch. If simply rubbing it made Sanae moan sweetly like that, then...

Trying his best to ignore the incessant pleasure coursing through his lower parts, he felt her crotch over with his toes until he touched the hard nub at the top with his big toe. As exposed as it had become, it wasn't difficult for him to put it between his toes and pinch it hard.

"Hgyu!?" A weird squeal escaped Sanae's mouth as the sudden sensation ran through her whole body. She trembled visibly and froze in her place, unable to keep teasing him after that.

It was the opening the priest just needed. Savoring his imminent victory, he slowly moved his foot away, pulling her pinched clit along with it. The miko's eyes opened wide and her mouth hung wide open as the burning pleasure washed over her.

"Ah! Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Finally, his rough pinching and pulling brought Sanae to a loud orgasm. Her moans that flowed out of her mouth were like a victorious fanfare to his ears. The sight of her body, trembling in pure ecstasy, her huge chest heaving and trying to catch her breath in vain, the skin of her nape and her cheeks flushed in red and sweat, her green eyes hazed with tears of bliss -- all of this he engraved in his mind as he relished the feeling of conquest and accomplishment after defeating such a hardy foe.

Speaking of hardy, now that the ordeal was over, the throbbing ache between his legs reminded him again of just how close he was to orgasm himself, and that he needed to do something about it. He briefly considered taking his cock out and finishing all over Sanae's face as a way of rubbing it in, in both senses of the phrase. But on second thought, he'd have to clean up the mess afterwards, wouldn't he? Else the two goddesses might find out what they did in the living room... No, as tempting as marking Sanae with his semen was, it'd be much safer to relieve himself on the bathroom, he thought.

"... Not so fast."

However, just as he was about to stand up and leave the room, a pair of plump yet surprisingly strong legs kept his own pinned in place. Unable to retreat, the priest turned around and saw that Sanae had leaned up, and was eyeing him with the look of a predator about to pounce on her prey.

"You're not leaving until we're even, got it?"

It was at this moment that the priest realized his mistake. He had yet again neglected to consider the consequences of pushing all of her buttons like that, and now her switch was completely flipped. At that point Sanae wouldn't let him go until her lust was satiated. Should've known better than to tease her like that, he chastised himself.

"Wait, Sanae," he tried to reason with her, in vain. "This isn't a good tim--"

Naturally, she didn't listen to any of his half-hearted protests. The miko grabbed his ankles with her hands, and once she had him secured, she took her legs out of the kotatsu and shoved her upper half back inside. The priest tried to scurry away one more time, but it was an useless effort. In fact, it only served to pull his trousers down and expose his underwear to Sanae, practically presenting his bulge and the telling stain of precum on the fabric right in front of her face. He could easily imagine the kind of lewd expression the horny girl was making at such a tempting sight; one he had seen plenty of times before, yet could never get enough of.

"Heheheh, looks like you can barely hold it in..." Even if her voice was muffled from under the blankets, he could still hear Sanae's raw desire for his cock.

She proceeded to take his pants off completely, which he saw flying behind her to join her coat and scarf at the corner, and rested her hands on his thighs. He felt her silky fingers caressing and coping a feel of his taut muscles as her hands snaked up his legs towards her goal. And then, with one or two sharp tugs, Sanae finally freed his throbbing erection from his underwear, exposing it to the warm air of the kotatsu.

"Ooh, here it is, here it is~!" She cooed. The feeling of her breath hitting his shaft was enough to make him twitch uncontrollably. "Hmm, it's throbbing and leaking so much! I bet you won't last a minute when you're already like this."

Sanae pressed her wet, pliable tongue on the base of his cock, and then started to lick her way up tantalizingly slowly. She made sure not to leave any part of his undershaft uncoated in her saliva, teasing and caressing every vein she came across. When she reached the underside of the crown, she gave it two quick flicks, and enjoyed how his penis throbbed in response to the sharp stimulation. Her tongue lapped all the precum flowing down the head until she reached the source. She brushed her soft lips lightly against the tip of his cock with a feather-like kiss, taking a fresh drop of white fluid right from the urethra.

"Tasty as always..." Sanae sighed in contentment while she savored the semen she had collected in her mouth.

She couldn't see it, but her boyfriend was breathing heavily and gripping the blankets until his knuckles went white. Only by pure willpower he had avoided exploding right in the middle of Sanae's sensual licking, and he knew it was only the beginning. The responsible part of his mind reminded him that if he blew his load right there he'd stain the table, and then they'd definitely be found out, but he held no hopes of making Sanae listen to him. The heat of the table and the musky scent of his cock must have gotten her even hornier, he reasoned, to the point she couldn't think of anything but blowing him. Besides, as much as he hated to admit it, he didn't really want to stop either...
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File 147406622354.png - (0.95MB, 1058x1500, tqwrgqwry3442136.png) [iqdb]

And so the priest gritted his teeth and endured Sanae's frenzied blowjob as best as he could, while she tested and strained the limits of his endurance. The shrine maiden decided to get serious by bringing two of her fingers to the base of his cock and squeezing it in a ring. She had practiced long enough to know the right amount of pressure to make it the most pleasurable for him; not too soft nor too constricting. A hearty chuckle escaped her mouth when she felts his cock twitching and pulsing strongly between her digits, as if wanting relief desperately, and she grew even bolder in her servicing. Her other hand started to roam around his balls, sometimes caressing his balls, softly massaging them and feeling their weight, or teasingly running her nail along the vein of the shaft, measuring even the smallest reactions he gave to her techniques.

"Hmmph, oh, Sanae, that's... Ohhhhh..."

While her fingers started to jerk the lower part of his shaft off, her lips returned to his frenulum and pressed on it. She then tilted her head to the side and slowly opened her mouth, putting the underside of his crown inside her hot, wet cavity, almost as if taking a bite out of it. A shudder ran through the priest's spine at the sensation of her lips pressing hungrily around the tip of his cock, and when he felt her tongue flicking at his frenulum, his most sensitive part, he couldn't contain his moans any longer. Then Sanae started bobbing her head up and down in rhythm with her fingers, and his whole body was wracked with immense pleasure. Precum started to flow non-stop from his urethra, filling her mouth and mind with his taste and scent.

"Hmmmm... You haven't shot your load yet?" She moaned directly under the tip of his cock, making him shudder again. "C'mon, give it to me!"

That he hadn't come from that attack on three fronts was a miracle in itself, but despite his desperate efforts to stave off his orgasm, he was at the end of his endurance. He wanted nothing more than to give in to the pleasure and stain Sanae's pretty face with his hot, sticky semen, but even in the brink of ectasy, one thought refused to leave his head:

"B-but the kotatsu will get dirty...!" He complained pitifully.

"Oh, who cares about the kotatsu?" Her fingers pumped the base of his cock stronger and faster, wringing him out like a cow's udder, while her other hand squeezed his balls. "Just cum already!"

It was always like that; in the heat of the moment, she stopped minding about her surroundings and gave herself to her lusts with abandon, leaving him to clean up afterwards and making sure their sinful encounters weren't discovered. That carelessness of hers was the source of most of his worries, and over time that worry turned into annoyance. This moment was the last straw for him, and the priest decided that Sanae needed to be disciplined. An evil thought formed in his head, although he had a feeling she wouldn't hate it in the slightest.

"Actually," he said, "I have a better idea."

"Hm? What is i--mmphhhhh!?"

Reaching under the blankets, the priest's hands grabbed Sanae's head by the sides and, without any warning, pushed it down forcefully, stuffing her mouth entirely with his dick. The sudden feeling of the hot, wet insides covering almost his entire member, along with her tongue pressing under his shaft and her lips squeezing around the lower half, was the last push he needed to finally reach his peak and explode inside her mouth. Sanae, who hadn't had time to prepare herself, was startled when the first, powerful shot hit the back of her throat, but she quickly recovered from her surprise and started drinking his cum as it filled her mouth.

"Ohh, that's it," he moaned in delight. "Don't spill a single drop, understood?"

Shoving his penis inside her lover's mouth and shooting his semen violently inside it was a liberating experience for the priest, who usually let his lover take the lead. He unloaded spurt after spurt while keeping Sanae's head firmly in place. He could hear her gulping loudly under the blankets as she struggled to keep all his semen from spilling out, feeling the strained movements of her mouth through his cock. Unfortunately, with her head under the blankets, he couldn't enjoy the depraved sight of her face as he flooded her cheeks with cum, so he settled with watching her feet thrashing in both pain and glee at the other side of the table.

Despite it being as painful as it was pleasurable, Sanae seemed to like it almost as much as him, hungrily sucking and drinking everything he gave to her. He had never been so forceful with her, and this change in his disposition excited her to no end. Still, his fingers didn't stop caressing and ruffling her hair affectionately, as if encouraging her to do her best. Even while being rough he didn't stop caring for her -- although he'd never admit it to her upfront, but that's what she found most endearing about him. Besides, she could never get enough of the bitter, salty taste that clouded her mind and made her pussy twitch in desire; a taste that satisfied something more than her base lusts. In fact she found herself wanting more, and when his orgasm started to die down and his spurts grew weaker, Sanae resumed her jerking motions with her finger and gave his balls a last, long squeeze, coaxing a couple more shots out of him which she promptly swallowed down.

After such a long, powerful orgasm, the priest lost his strength and slumped down in the floor, trying to catch his breath. Even with his lower parts numb with pleasure, he could still feel Sanae sucking and slurping whatever was left in his cock while she slowly pulled her head away, until the head of the tip went out with a little pop. The miko crawled towards him, poking her head out of the blanket. Her face was flushed red with heat and arousal, pearls of sweat freely ran down her skin... but not a drop of semen stained it. Surprisingly, she managed to do as he told her and didn't spill anything. He stared at his lover in amazement, marveled at the lengths she went to satisfy him. It was at times like these when he thanked the gods for having a girlfriend more lustful and perverted that he was.

"Hmmm, you really had a lot saved up," Sanae sighed dreamily, licking her lips and nuzzling her cheek against his navel. "Hey..."

She needed say no more; he could read the pure lust and need in her eyes like an open book. Once her switch was turned on, she wouldn't stop wringing him out until the next morning.

"It was really cold outside, so..." Said Sanae, while deftly undoing the tie of his robes, "I've been wondering if you could... You know, warm me up a little more?"

"I think you're plenty in heat already," he half-heartedly retorted.

"Oh, don't say that like you don't want to do it too! Not when you're still like this," the shrine maiden ran a finger along his still hard cock, making him shudder at the touch. Then she tugged on his robes, exposing his bare chest to the chilly air of the room. "Come on, let's fuck already..."

"I'm not against it! It's just that Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako will arriv-mmh..."

As he tried to speak, Sanae's hands slithered along his torso, feeling up his muscles with gentle caresses. The sensation of her tender, delicate fingers running over his skin sent a shiver up the priest's spine. He couldn't find it in himself to resist her advances, and even if he wanted to, he had too little strength left to escape the miko's embrace. Especially not when she started kissing and licking her way up his chest, nibbling his skin and leaving reddish love bites in her lips' wake.

"But I want to feel your dick filling my pussy up and stuffing me full with your hot cum..." She whispered into his neck lustfully. "Please?"

Those words, and the way she looked at him with those green eyes full of desire, were the final blow to his resistance. Giving in to his own pent-up lust, the priest brought his hands under Sanae's skirt and panties to grab two handfuls of her plushy, springy buttocks.

"Ah..." The girl gasped, and grinned cheekily. "I'll take that as a 'yes', then?"

"J-just hurry up," the priest, embarrassed at his own lack of restraint, couldn't bear to look at his girlfriend. "They'll come at any moment."

"Yay! I love you!" Sanae took his cheeks in her hands and turned his head, to give him a quick smooch in the lips. "Leave it to me, okay?"

She ran her hands down his neck and torso again, stopping for a second to flick the priest's nipples teasingly and drawing a surprised gasp out of him, until she reached their crotches, still under the kotatsu. In one practiced motion, she pushed her panties aside with one hand, while with the other she lined up his erection with her pussy's entrance. The priest felt his head rubbing against her wet and hot labia before the familiar tightness of her pussy walls assaulted him. The two of them moaned and grunted in pleasure as Sanae kept lowering her hips slowly, while the priest enjoyed the familiar sensation of her insides spreading apart and accepting his whole cock with ease until their hips met.

As their lower bodies were still under the table, their freedom of position wasn't as great as they would have wanted. Sanae had to make do with simply grinding her hips up and down, mixing some twisting occasionally, but even such simple, subdued movements were still enough to make her moan in delight whenever his cock scraped against her sweet spots. Meanwhile the priest contented himself with savoring the pleasurable squeezes Sanae's pussy, groping her ass and watching her face become redder and her breath more ragged as she worked to please him and herself. Such slow, relaxed sex was enjoyable in its own right, but it wasn't nearly fast or intense enough to make him cum any time soon. At that pace, it wouldn't be long before the two goddesses returned and found them out in a very compromising position...


"Mmm, yes, what is i-eek?!"

In one fell swoop, the priest pulled both of them out of the kotatsu and rolled them over, so that he was now on top of her. Propping himself up against the floor, he pulled his cock out until only the head was inside.

"I'm going to up the pace now."

"Wait, wha-aaaah!"

He was already slamming his cock back, up to the base, before Sanae could say a coherent sentence, and when he started to pump faster and harder, she could only let out screams of ecstasy. Unlike most other times, the priest was solely focusing on reaching his own climax as fast as his hips could move, without any regard to his lover's cries. But Sanae found such rough treatment even more exciting than usual, and her back arched whenever his cock mercilessly pounded her insides into mush. It was not often that he was so aggressive with her, and she was enjoying every second of it.

"Oh yes, yes! So good! Fuck me! Fuck me more, mooooore!"

The priest kept on pounding Sanae hard, even as her hips started to buckle against his. He felt heat rising in his loins, and he knew he wouldn't be able to keep that pace for much longer before he blew his load. But he also had to satisfy Sanae, or else she'd keep pestering him. Luckily, he knew exactly what buttons he had to press.

Raising up to his knees, the priest forcefully yanked the shrine maiden's top upwards, and her bra with it, baring her bountiful breasts to the air. Without missing a beat, he brought his hand to her left tit and began to grope and knead it even harder than he did her ass. Meanwhile, his other hand reached to where they were joined, until his thumb found the nub he had mercilessly attacked moments before. Although Sanae was being wracked with pleasure both from her chest and her pussy, she still had enough composure left to realize his intentions.

"No, wait, stop, that's a bit too muuuuuuaaaaaaah!"

Timing it with a particularly deep, strong thrust, the priest pinched both her nipple and her clitoris, attacking the shrine maiden in three different erogenous zones at the same time. Her body immediately reacted to the strong stimulation; she threw her head back and let an ectasic wail, while her legs and toes curled up and her hands grabbed onto her lover's forearms, involuntarily scratching his skin.

Nevertheless, the priest didn't stop fucking her even as she was still in the middle of her small orgasm. He felt his own release coming closer, and he was pondering where to shoot his seed, when he felt Sanae's arms around his shoulders. The girl pulled herself up until their bodies were tightly hugging together, and he put his own hands on her back to support her weight.

"Ahn~, your dick is throbbing so much! You're going to cum soon, aren't you?" Sanae moaned in his ear. "Inside! I want it inside!"

"What? But that's risky!"

"If you cum outside, you might stain the floot, right?"


It actually sounded reasonable, thought the priest. Besides, it felt so good inside Sanae, it would be a waste to not blow his load deep inside her pussy, moreso when she was asking for it so sweetly and sexily. The least he could do was oblige.

With a last powerful thrust, the priest buried himself as deep as he could inside the shrine maiden and released all the cum he had built up until then. He heard Sanae gasp and moan in delight as his hot cum poured inside her pussy and coated her walls white, and moments later her walls started to contract and spasm as well, as if coaxing even more shots out of his cock. His orgasm lasted for a good thirty seconds before he couldn't shoot anymore, but hers went on for a while longer, even as they both fell back to the floor exhausted.

"Haaaah... That felt great..." He heard Sanae sigh.

"It was too good... " He rested his head on Sanae's bosom as he tried to catch his breath.

They laid on the floor still, with Sanae mindlessly running her fingers through the priest's hair while he listened to her heartbeat grow slower and calmer. Neither of them felt like separating or pulling out, instead letting the minutes fly by. They were both blissfully enjoying their afterglows, forgetting about the rest of the world for that moment.

"Wow, we're both sticky with sweat," Sanae said, breaking the silence. "I didn't know you were that good at warming people up."

"Heh, thanks. Guess you taught me well," he replied with a smile. "We should clean ourselves up, though."

"Yeah, you're right... Hey, how about we take a bath?"

"Okay, I'll go prepare the wat--"

The priest tried to get up, but Sanae stopped him by hugging him tighter in her arms, preventing his escape.

"Nuh-uh, we're both going together!" She declared with a mischievous wink. "I'll settle our duel in the next round!"

In the end, he couldn't win against her. But perhaps losing wasn't so bad after all...
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File 147406979963.jpg - (204.46KB, 850x1190, k.jpg) [iqdb]
“I have insecurities,” said Tenshi.

“Okay,” said the man.

And then they had sex.

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