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File 149100624918.jpg - (108.85KB , 850x894 , How frightening.jpg ) [iqdb]
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>> No. 2125
File 14910183089.jpg - (315.85KB , 850x1275 , getting serious.jpg ) [iqdb]
One day, as with most of the incidents, happenstances and unusual circumstances, Yukari thought she had a good idea that involved an ice fairy and a certain border - it happened to be the first day of April, after all.

What she didn't think of, however, was a sudden snowstorm, the biggest snowman ever made appearing near the Misty Lake, raining icicles that made things worse for ferals, a well-organized army of fairies laying siege on the vampire mansion and winning, local variation of "Stars on Ice", furious sunflower youkai getting defeated quite spectacularly, the kappa getting a master-class in igloo-making, the founding of a relatively successful ice castle amusement park, an impressive sculpture of a giant robot from the outside world made out of a giant ice block, the dreadful, yet curious possibility of this fairy becoming a minor god and a shrine maiden getting a cold and dealing with this almost a week later.
>> No. 2126
File 149104804088.jpg - (391.95KB , 940x529 , What a beaut!.jpg ) [iqdb]
Before me, I saw a right feisty little ankle bitea. A fairy, goin' on what I'd 'eard.

The things I'd heard about fairies! Apparently they're a roit problem when it's incident season. Y'see, in incident season, they get roit ornery! Now, I don't quite know what they meant by incident season, but I figured I'd catch one and foind out.

Probably slang for must. Must get real aggressive!

"Umm... why are you hiding in that bush...?"

Croikey, she's onto me!


Now, if they're anything like a saltwater croc, ya just gotta clamp the jaw shut and get them on their back.

Now, I don't 'ave any tape, so I'll use me mouth, just in case they're more like wolves. Y'see, canines voi for dominance by puttin' another's snouts in their mouths.
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>> No. 2129
File 149294875054.jpg - (149.34KB , 850x549 , __cirno_and_star_sapphire_hidden_star_in_four_seas.jpg ) [iqdb]
Rumia squinted at the tree. "...Is that a turd?"

"Yup." Cirno, whose skin was tanned (because why not) sipped on her iced mocachinoalolate, reflective shades giving her the appearance of being calm, cool and collected. But no, she wasn't cool — she was downright pensive. Here she was, coming to a shit show with nothing but a picture of a turd.

Wriggle scoffed. "Is that the best you have?" While Wriggle was her good friend — one of her best — she was far from a good friend. Cirno knew she had to up her shit game or have her shit pushed in.

Cirno calmly (but not really) sipped on her iced coffee amalgamation. "Yup." Seriously, what was she thinking? To bring a picture reeked of shit, and she knew that this shit would, indeed, not fly. If only she had a catapult...

Daiyousei wrinkled her nose. "This lack of stench is inappropriate, to say the least." She might be her best friend — her very best — but she was right. Without a properly smelly turd, shit would hit the fan before long. She had that snooty look of a teacher with an entire forest crammed up their ass — you know, like Ms. Hugename.

"Guess so." Cirno slurped on her shitty drink of a too-long name.

Doremy smugged. "But look at it closer. It has a thick sheen of grease unlike anything I've ever seen..." While Doremy was her best acquaintance — her very best — she was far from a friend. She had that horrible smug on her face, that told everyone that she was better. But, at least right now, that didn't matter. She was a judge, and she seemed on her side.

"Thanks. Made it myself." The consistency of the beverage in her grasp was taking a turn for the worst.
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File 149110331994.jpg - (137.96KB , 850x978 , sample_d0244c30f2d7fcd76b00a38624e271fc.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Sakuya stood at the table at the end of the gathering room in the mansion, speaking to everyone seated on the benches opposite her, which consisted of Meiling and nobody else.

“I have an announcement for you. You are all to kiss Remilia’s hairy arse, and then storm the walls of the Human Village, but first, we must have an auction to sell this tiny little sword.” Sakuya reached behind the table to pull out what looked like a steel cocktail sword and put it on the table. One could hear the joints in her arm crack as she did so. “I can’t even see it it’s so fucking small. Is there any takers?”

“Uh,” Meiling slowly raised her arm, looking around the room as she did, “I.. have an offer… for the maid,” Meiling adjusted her beret by moving it up and down twice, “the chief… maid- in the, uh, weird hat, uh, I offer fifty yen, for that thing.” Meiling breathed in.

Sakuya looked incredibly offended, “Fifty yen!? You are a peasant, I want seventy-three!”

Seventy-three,” Meiling stood up from the bench, “FACKING YEN,” Meiling then proceeded to take the top half of her dress and undershirt off, the beret flying off with it.

YOU MUST BE A PHUCKING MADMAD, YOU MOTHER FUCK-” Meiling charged the table and leaped over at Sakuya-


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File 14906543231.png - (116.55KB , 256x308 , Th09MedicineMelancholy.png ) [iqdb]
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Since I don't know where to put the "derp" that I think is this CYOA, here we go...

I was sitting down, trying to figure out what to eat for dinner… I had gotten nowhere, until I gave up, and thought, “Let’s just order a pizza.” And I did so, having to go through a minute or two of the hassle that was ordering a pizza through the landline. Eventually, I did get my order in, but, when I was about to hang up, I felt a poke in my side.


[ ] Try to get the mystery poker to stop
[ ] Ignore the mystery poker
[ ] Write in?
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>> No. 2120
[X] Try to get the mystery poker to stop
>> No. 2121
[X]Boop them back.
>> No. 2122
This story is going places, I can feel it.

File 148748276064.png - (511.64KB , 703x750 , Doremy.png ) [iqdb]
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"To what do I owe the pleasure?" The girl says, bowing mockingly. Her robes flow as she does, bringing to mind rustling flowers.

"You know exactly why, parasite." I shoot back immediately. The scowl on my face is unbecoming, but I really don’t care right now.

She smiles at me and spreads her arms wide to gesture at the endless field of lotus flowers surrounding us. A minute passes before she deigns to respond. "They are happy here. Everyone is happy here. Surely, you won't take that from them?"

That's what she always leads with. The happiness of her victims, as if she actually cares about them.

"I couldn't care less. Taking a few can be overlooked, even an entire island, like you used to. But you just had to get greedy, and spread like a damned weed. Now I have to deal with a shared dream the size of a nation! Do you have any idea how much of a problem that is?" I start shouting at her halfway through. Why can’t she just understand what she’s doing?

For the first time in years, Lotus’ carefree smile breaks. Her contempt is palpable now. “Greece is my land. I will not just give it up now that I have finally united it under my peace. Furthermore, it is your job to maintain the sanctity of dreams to begin with. I refuse to change at your leisure.”

That insolent—”It isn’t possible to keep something that size from interfering with other dreams!”

“And if it does, yet more would experience true peace. I see no wrong in that inevitability.” She doesn’t seem to understand at all. Her mask of tranquility has reformed, and she’s back to being hard to read.
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>> No. 2114
[x] Appeal to her with logic. Surely she’ll listen when she knows it’s unsustainable to keep so many in a dream.

Since when we have a /shorts/ board?
>> No. 2115
>> No. 2116
Well, since nothing's happening I'll just go with the first vote.

File 148522394823.jpg - (70.83KB , 850x472 , Don't hit on grandma.jpg ) [iqdb]
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If not "Veteran", what better term is there?

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>> No. 2106
File 14881746113.png - (644.52KB , 700x750 , cfbea634bc194dbb270a7dd41cdd3d72.png ) [iqdb]
At the dark edge of that place, a girl stands
One fateful day, a stranger came to her
And as she made to question them, the stranger asked:
"What matter made your face frown so?"
Offended, the girl lowered her scythe and replied:
"What do you know about me?"
After she asked, the stranger took their leave.

The next day the girl stood, guarding as she always did
As did previous, the stranger approached her
And as she made to ask again, the stranger spoke:
"I see your mistress has left you."
Bewildered, the girl raised her scythe and replied:
"What do you know about her?!"
So she said, as the stranger withdrew.
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>> No. 2107
File 148817726470.jpg - (110.06KB , 850x532 , 0a63db10357d2687dc4aa68cad0459de.jpg ) [iqdb]
“What a beautiful song.”

Those were the first words she heard from the girl.

Benben froze, taking her hands off of the biwa. Yatsuhashi gaped her mouth open.

“Thank...you.” A tingle ran through Benben's cheeks.

It was strange. Not that what seemed like a normal, human girl complimented her, or the bright smile that she had on her. No, what was strange was the trace of faintness that the girl exhibited. A humble, withdrawn voice. It was for this reason Benben asked.

“Your name?”

And the girl responded.

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>> No. 2108
File 148818065494.jpg - (354.54KB , 909x607 , remorse without end.jpg ) [iqdb]
Through the woods, the poor child wandered, lost and chilled from autumn's cold. Struggled, he did, through the paths untrod, towards that village he called home. The forest's green expanse was slowly yielding to the frosty, frigid gale. The poor boy stumbled through that clime, tumbling into a meadowed lea.

There in the center stood a sight that had never touched the poor mortal's eyes. Far from the boy in this vast, desolate vale, stood a woman in a gown burnished by autumn's warm embrace. She slowly spun in a circle, her arms all outstretched, her hands gracing the leaves, needles, and even the bare blades of grass.

From every last touch, the child could but witness as the life faded from the great, healthy wood. Strong supple leaves would fade and embrittle. With every soft touch, the green placidly vanishes, with yellows and reds taking its righteous place. The grass that she trod upon crinkled and browned, the same as all caught in the hem of her frock.

The child barely reckoned the scope of his witness, vaguely kenning all the dread miracle happening before his eyes. He just saw the delicate woman clad in autumn’s colors spinning and twirling and carousing about. A strange feeling arose, deep in his chest, at the splendor that his earthly eyes had never touched on before. With no instincts halting, the child arose and walked o’er the meadow towards the dancer of leaves.

The woman’s head crooked and her dance finally ended; she spied the visitor to her small, seasonal waltz. As her gown finally fell flat to her sides, the woman knelt to look the child right in the eyes.

There were no words that desired flight from the poor boy’s lips, stunned into silence at this divine visage. Never before had he seen a face that shone with such vigor; rare was it that he even had seen one naked of dirt. Trembling, a small hand arose, its owner enthralled with the holy vision. Something within begged him to lay hands on the angel, not bothered by the blessings she had bestowed to all before.

Gently, spindly hands sought out and captured his arms, and with the barest of shakes she told all desired
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File 148605655313.png - (509.98KB , 600x600 , Db1738810_-_Namie-kun_-_Hieda_no_Akyu_tahyaa_ulos.png ) [iqdb]
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Hi, everybody. I have written small amounts of Tōhō filk texts, fanfics and miscellanea since 2009. A part of my work is in English, so I have decided to share some here sometimes.

In case you decide to read, please try to bear with my sometimes lengthy author's notes. Feel free to ask questions, suggest corrections (English is a foreign language to me), present me with new filk ideas, or just share mental images my texts might call forth. Everything will be taken into consideration, but I promise absolutely nothing more than that. Apologies in advance.

I have other interests on this board as well – did not come just to create this thread and forget it. But I still have a lot to learn about your ways and traditions.
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>> No. 2097
File 148787484317.png - (340.11KB , 550x650 , Db2608968_-_Dadamori_-_Hieda_no_Akyu_ja_Kosuzu_Mot.png ) [iqdb]
It sure feels nice to get some attention. As I gradually reveal more details of "my Gensōkyō" (even though not all my texts belong to one and the same headcanon), I would love to get to hear some of your impressions: do my views, interpretations and twists match yours, differ from them, or perhaps bring about some new perspectives? But perhaps we are not that far yet.


>the whole 'ō' and 'ū' thing really gets on my goat

I suppose a simple "that is the style I'm most familiar and comfortable with" would not make you happy.

Don't you worry, I've given it more thought than that over the years. I might even enjoy chatting about transcription vs. transliteration. But preferably not in this very thread. You might want to invite me over if there is a related topic elsewhere.

Whatever the case, that "wasting paper" bit was a good one, really enjoyable. I giggled to myself, imagining a representative of Wikipedia stating in an interview that the project cannot afford the paper needed for JSL romanizations.
>> No. 2098
File 148787560823.jpg - (323.45KB , 753x800 , Db416428_-_Boru_Inuzuka_-_Marisa_Kirisame_ampuu.jpg ) [iqdb]
And next, for a completely different beat.

This filk is based on "Watch Out for This (Bumaye)", a 2013 dance hit by Major Lazer, which in turn was constructed from The Flexican and FS Green's song "Bumaye".


The featured toaster is called Busy Signal. Now, I've listened to a lot of reggae in my life, and I maintain that most songs I've heard are in Jamaican English. "Watch Out for This" is not; it is clearly in patwa (or patois), a different language with a notably different grammar, even if it has very much in common with English. I could not have fully understood "Watch Out for This" without seeing the lyrics video, and I definitely could not rewrite it in patwa. So, I attempted to mimic the rapping style of some Jamaican-born U.S. East Coast MCs. Not sure how well it came out, but I think it would suit Marisa rather nicely.



A much older song, "Boom Shack-A-Lak" (1993) by Apache Indian, should be mentioned as an important additional influence. And... actually there is a minor reference to the Irish folk song "Whiskey in the Jar" in the text as well.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2099
File 148792473846.jpg - (195.55KB , 1536x1152 , yukarin.jpg ) [iqdb]
My friggin' sides. It's perfect.

> You might want to invite me over if there is a related topic elsewhere.

There isn't, and I'd be nailed to a tree for sperglording if I started one. All I really have to say is "English speakers can't read 'em or type 'em, so they're just gonna drop 'em". Pic related.

File 148748672052.jpg - (104.93KB , 850x560 , __doremy_sweet_fujiwara_no_mokou_kishin_sagume_kum.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Gensokyo. A land that houses many anomalies and other conundrums that are enriching to the eye of those who wish to see it. The mysteries of this land is closely surrounded by a magical border that is loosely maintained and guarded. Though the overseers of such a border may say otherwise.

It is because of this lax security did certain “things” leak out of the border. Catching the eye of a certain group of men and women alike to these anomalies. They’ve recorded every major event that came out of the border. Detailed it into literature, visual entertainment, and audio relaxation. Spreading Gensokyo’s major events to those who wished to see what lies beyond the beyond. This was all done over the course of many years. Those who wished to explore further had come across a means of doing so years ago. However, not many have come back out with good news, those who made it back with any news at all told tales of how dangerous traversing the landscape was and discouraged anybody from entering it.

At least, not entering it unprepared…

With the years passing, more and more outsiders managed to cross the border and into the land of Gensokyo. A small amount automatically turned away from either the overseers or the border itself rejecting their entrance. But those who did make it through had to find a means of shelter, food, and income. The Gensokyian wilderness was not going to let it be easy.

There are stories of the outsiders who had managed to make it past all of the tribulations the land had thrown at them, paired up with groups or factions like the shrine on the border, the pharmacy in the bamboo forest, the underworld, or the mansion in red, and had eventually managed to settle and adapt to living to the quirky and fickle circumstances Gensokyo had to offer to those who wished to live there.

These are not the stories of the heroic or desperate actions these outsiders undertook to secure their new lifestyle, nor are these the stories of survival and harsh situations they overcame to continue living.

These are the stories of the outsiders who had managed to secure their new lifestyle, and their hosts being faced with the real
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>> No. 2093
[x] two horned

Suika has been absent from this site for far too long
>> No. 2094
Calling votes in favor of two horned loli.

Looks like we'll be hearing her tales of drunken woes. Or maybe the reverse...
>> No. 2128
Are you still around? I really like this

File 148142059011.jpg - (130.80KB , 800x706 , Not symbolism at all!.jpg ) [iqdb]
2020 No. 2020 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

If you feel you need to improve, post here!
>> No. 2055
Snow fell in sheets in the cold village streets. In the dark of night under the snow coated willows. When all the good little villagers had their heads on their pillows. One lone figure had her head held high as she strolled by the river. She strode through quiet night without a single shiver. The youkai was not dressed for the weather, but she had a destination in mind. With her supernatural resilience she was making good time. There was something in the air, under the shadows of the trees that night. She was oh so full of cheer, as she went by the roads covered in white.

Soon she found herself in the forest of the lost. She looked for something between the bamboo stalks layered in frost. A humble little home, hidden away by snow. The youkai brushed off her head and gave it a throw. Inside the home came a loud yelp. Woken from her sleep the resident cried out, “Help!” The disembodied head gave a stern glare as her body followed inside. The home’s resident could be called a human if one wanted to misguide, but in truth she was a youkai.

“It’s midnight, what the hell are you doing in my home?” Said the human like youkai, half surprised and half annoyed. Then she sneezed, too quick for the severed head to avoid.

The dullahan put her head back on her shoulders, “You missed our last meeting, by the lake that’s always getting colder.” She looked at the loup garou who seemed to be falling over. “Are you sick, or do you have a hangover?”

At these words the bedridden woman took a deep breath, and shouted, “Werewolves can’t get sick! I refuse to believe it, not one bit!” She spoke with a raspy voice. All this left the rokurokubi with no choice.

“It’s true that youkai don’t get illnesses that affect the body, but you’re only a full youkai once a month unlike everybody.” With a frown, then a shrug, she had decided and would not tug. “You can’t come to our end of the year party. Maybe things would be different if you were more hearty.”

“Wait, I can still come, I’ll tough it out. When I show up tomorrow you won’t have any doubts.” The werewolf pleaded, but it was to late, her friend had already r
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>> No. 2057
File 148323160444.png - (1.16MB , 960x960 , 140325583848.png ) [iqdb]
I forgot a picture so have a random banki.
>> No. 2061

Sorry. Half asleep. Thought it was a different thread. Didn't intend to respond as if you.

File 148058672292.jpg - (148.14KB , 850x725 , Too silly not to use.jpg ) [iqdb]
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On the first day of Christmas some author gave to me...
One lazy joke!
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>> No. 2049
On the fourth day of New Years some author gave to me...
Twenty-nine days of sillies...
Twenty-eight days of lies...
Twenty-seven days of truths...
Twenty-six days of guesses...
Twenty-five people triggered...
Twenty-four hours waiting...
Twenty-three paranoid readers...
Twenty-two contest entries...
Twenty-one early drunkards...
Twenty readers total...
Nine teenage mutants...
Eighteen legal lolis...
Seventeen years tsundere...
Sixteen kisses flying...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2050
File 148311364220.png - (271.00KB , 600x600 , The wheels of fate are already in motion.png ) [iqdb]
On the fourth day of New Years some author gave to me...
Thirty years of this site...
Twenty-nine days of sillies...
Twenty-eight days of lies...
Twenty-seven days of truths...
Twenty-six days of guesses...
Twenty-five people triggered...
Twenty-four hours waiting...
Twenty-three paranoid readers...
Twenty-two contest entries...
Twenty-one early drunkards...
Twenty readers total...
Nine teenage mutants...
Eighteen legal lolis...
Seventeen years tsundere...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2056
File 148322748238.jpg - (89.99KB , 850x394 , It'll do.jpg ) [iqdb]
On the actual day of New Years some author gave to me...
Thirty-one days a-punctual!
Thirty years of this site...
Twenty-nine days of sillies...
Twenty-eight days of lies...
Twenty-seven days of truths...
Twenty-six days of guesses...
Twenty-five people triggered...
Twenty-four hours waiting...
Twenty-three paranoid readers...
Twenty-two contest entries...
Twenty-one early drunkards...
Twenty readers total...
Nine teenage mutants...
Eighteen legal lolis...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 148142010827.jpg - (151.69KB , 850x680 , My favorite season is Autumn.jpg ) [iqdb]
2019 No. 2019 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Here there be skilled writers!
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>> No. 2047
Quality shitpost.
>> No. 2053
File 148315165949.png - (758.91KB , 1050x800 , I need a hat.png ) [iqdb]
It's always cold on Nameless Hill.

The icy wind howls over the bare hilltop with nothing to stop it. I tug my scarf tighter and blow warm air into my mittens in an effort to stop shivering. But standing with my back to the village, I can imagine that I'm all alone, the last living creature in a world covered in beautiful, toxic dust...

...on second thoughts, it's just really, really cold. I hunch my shoulders, grit my teeth to stop them chattering, and stomp off toward the mountain.

The trees at the base of the mountain are all bare, twisted skeletons of dead wood clawing at the sky. The Kagiyama shrine is forlorn and empty, its once-noisy residents long since departed. And once I've passed all that, and the path starts to climb up the steep slopes of the mountain itself, the wind returns with a fury. I stick to the leeward side of every tree and boulder I can find. It's not much, but it's still better than flying.

"Halt! You are trespassing on tengu grounds! State your business or begone!"

I wonder if wolf tengu have fur under their clothes? The cold doesn't seem to be bothering them. Then again, their clothes are bulky enough they probably don't need it.

That's what I need. Better clothes.

The grumpy guards repeat their warning. I scowl, or try to, and wordlessly brandish the slip of paper I got from Seija. The guards eye the paper warily, then me. Then they glance at each other, nod once, and leave me be.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2054
File 148317265990.png - (88.69KB , 236x230 , it started with a question what mermaids do in win.png ) [iqdb]
The languor of the lakebed is tranquilizing this time of year. The chill in the water would cool a surface-dweller to the bone. For those that reside in the lake, it is a none-so-subtle reminder to retreat to the depths and seek the safety of the nooks and crannies that are etched into the waterlogged surface. And, for those that are too bold, or too belligerent, to heed the numbing kiss of a deep-winter frost, then the sheet of ice etched upon the surface calms the sometimes-torpid waters and separates the water from the air.

The land-dwellers who so often frequent the shores of the lake in warmer times have long since vacated, save for the odd, confused few that revel on the frozen ice. And, those that swim without a dream of touching the skies are denied even that dark and dreary vision that typically clings to the horizon when snow visits. Ice covers the lake and, save for the peculiar few, the result is a peace oft missed in the summer months.

And so is found, deep beneath the ice sheet and the water surface, a young youkai, her fins idly flapping as she rests on the rocks of the lakebed. Scattered about her dark abode are small containers, filled to the brim with stones polished to a shine. The light that trickles down to this section of the lakebed is weak this time of year, and the normally sparkling piles of stone have lost most of their luster.

The youkai, a mermaid, shows just as much life as her tail lazily whips back and forth as she rests on the muddy bottom. The underwater weeds drift back and forth, a few sweetish slipping in and out of the folds that drift about. She eyes them for a little while, wondering if it is even worth the while to expend the effort to catch the little fish. The chase would produce quite the distraction caused by the endless winter days and nights. They quickly vanish beyond the confines that define her home, and she goes back and closes her eyes and instead listens to the soft, wiggling chorus of the distant schools.

Carp slowly float near the surface while loaches lurk in thrushes and trout putter alongside. On the bottom, further down than the mermaid's dimly-lit home, are the catfish and snails that
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