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File 153416266382.jpg - (245.66KB, 1996x2262, Grumpy and jaded.jpg) [iqdb]
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Posting as an update because I can't do so for the main thread. My apologies if it bothers you.

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File 153416228853.jpg - (2.06MB, 1240x1748, How many authors have you ruffled today.jpg) [iqdb]
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File 13435089776.jpg - (17.42KB, 480x360, 0.jpg) [iqdb]
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"And that's that," the miko's shrill voice commanded, "Now call off your 'Makai residents' from flooding my neighbourhood!"

Shinki slowly sat up, groaning. The palace looked liked a war had been fought in it, bits and pieces of crystal were floating around, some walls had collapsed, puddles of blood and sweat were plastered across the floor. The four intruders (plus turtle) had all converged in the center of the room and stared down on her with expressions varying between mockery and exasperation. In the other corners of the room, Shinki could see poor Yumeko and the three witches struggling to get up.

Such destructive power... an idea struck her suddenly. Why not swat two flies with one catcher?

"Ooh, to think that I would lose to ones such as you." she whined while standing up. "Directly interfering in a civilian business portal will give me a headache for decades to come and grant me at least two heresies to deal with. At least have some tea and a talk? I'm sure you are interested in relaxing after a hard-won victory? Perhaps you'd like to hear a counter-offer as well?"

She smiled when the four agreed. This might just work out for all of us after all.


Reimu found the tea to be strange but acceptable, the lemon-scented drink with the juicy taste was a welcome respite from the all-pervasive miasma that passed as air around here.
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>> No. 669
>He's just a fag that doesn't write anymore because his mental instability and life issues got the better of him and came crashing down.
Who is 90% of THP's writers?
>> No. 2192
good thread
>> No. 2193
sage, nooblet - do you speaketh it!?

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File 152993577696.jpg - (348.79KB, 1000x437, before titles and feats.jpg) [iqdb]
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First note: This is tied to The Magician's Apprentice Exchanged Cups With an Oni (>>65260) and is ideally read after chapter 9 (>>66514), but can totally be read on its own.
Second note: Archaisms abound.
Third note: This will be updated once a day for six days.

Let's begin.


I grew too soaked last night. After I washed the wood from my mouth with the river’s water, from Yuugi I departed, and to find more sake I went. Not yet am I used to alcohol’s back-bite. My skull is in chaos, cacophony. I run my hands through my hair and stop at my budding horns. I touch them, feel them, and confirm. Aye, this is me: oni.

Now to know what it means, young Ibuki.

[ ♫: http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=rzpsp4KiW3s#/4;133 ]

I groan and grit my teeth, growling bitterlike and unsure why this emotion boils inside me; regret from the sake washed down my throat, or regret that my sweet ignorance had been washed on way? My stomach is wet. What is this, now?
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>> No. 2189
File 153036197086.jpg - (2.58MB, 1600x1200, spring means flower viewings.jpg) [iqdb]
Hoped you liked it! See you in the future/present/past.

Unfindable image sources:

And, a gift: for download, perusal, or whatever. I find it nice to have all these tracks (from all the threads) in one place, so I may as well share.
Tracks used:

Title - Album (Circle)

[笛子]東方Project 碎月 (cover of FELT's "CLONE") - (Dizi)
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>> No. 2190
File 153044950073.jpg - (249.34KB, 750x750, 151388963064.jpg) [iqdb]
>“rage becoming you, for any reason? That is the day to day. We are oni, after all.”

I know she tried to cheer her up, but that really wasn't the best thing to say to someone who is trying to escape their nature.

Anyway, thank you for this short story. I really liked it.

The best thing, for me, is that, despite knowing the future, we cannot see how her journey ends. Suika incident and the exile can be taken in many different ways, all very very exciting.

My favorite things are the OC girl and the fact that Yuugi "Lost" a brawl against a human. Maybe she's too soft, too?
>> No. 2191
>I know she tried to cheer her up, but that really wasn't the best thing to say to someone who is trying to escape their nature.
As I see it, Suika loves being an oni, but she's not technically an "ideal" one. Part of this was exploration as to why, and I'd say that line was Yuugi trying to remind her that even if she doesn't fit all the ideals, she's still what she thought she wasn't (but nonetheless wanted to be... while also not wanting to be). Girl's conflicted!

As for "exile"... It may be better to interpret her as a simple aberrant oni according to her original Japanese description in her IaMP ending as being, eh, an "outcast". Outcast is an off the mark reading of what she's called, although "異端児" can carry a heavy, but accurate connotation of "heretic" (some sources will tell you it means "maverick", and more readings seem to support that idea https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/jn/12267/meaning/m0u/ ). For what it's worth I won't be going from a perspective of her being a cast out of society oni (especially given according to Satori, Yuugi is jealous of Suika's freedom to abandon the Former Capital and do as she pleases), but she is undoubtedly unique for better or worse. She was a ruler at one point in her past, as one of the Four Devas, so she probably had the respect of her fellows. That's my interpretation!

And finally, thank you~. I'm happy you really liked it, it was a fun exercise.

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File 149110331994.jpg - (137.96KB, 850x978, sample_d0244c30f2d7fcd76b00a38624e271fc.jpg) [iqdb]
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Sakuya stood at the table at the end of the gathering room in the mansion, speaking to everyone seated on the benches opposite her, which consisted of Meiling and nobody else.

“I have an announcement for you. You are all to kiss Remilia’s hairy arse, and then storm the walls of the Human Village, but first, we must have an auction to sell this tiny little sword.” Sakuya reached behind the table to pull out what looked like a steel cocktail sword and put it on the table. One could hear the joints in her arm crack as she did so. “I can’t even see it it’s so fucking small. Is there any takers?”

“Uh,” Meiling slowly raised her arm, looking around the room as she did, “I.. have an offer… for the maid,” Meiling adjusted her beret by moving it up and down twice, “the chief… maid- in the, uh, weird hat, uh, I offer fifty yen, for that thing.” Meiling breathed in.

Sakuya looked incredibly offended, “Fifty yen!? You are a peasant, I want seventy-three!”

Seventy-three,” Meiling stood up from the bench, “FACKING YEN,” Meiling then proceeded to take the top half of her dress and undershirt off, the beret flying off with it.

YOU MUST BE A PHUCKING MADMAD, YOU MOTHER FUCK-” Meiling charged the table and leaped over at Sakuya-


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>> No. 2177
>> No. 2178
File 152861615052.gif - (801.68KB, 500x600, shoo.gif) [iqdb]
>> No. 2179

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File 152482122776.png - (502.33KB, 900x1500, SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS.png) [iqdb]
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Move along, nothing to see here.
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>> No. 2173

Clownpiece and Marisa Do America?

Die Hard With a Silly Hat?

Renko and Merry's Excellent Adventure?


Tell me if I'm getting warmer.
>> No. 2175
Huh. Marisa as she appeared in the Seihou series. Haven't really seen much of that...pretty much anywhere actually.
>> No. 2176
File 152609939924.jpg - (76.80KB, 1023x719, catch me if you can.jpg) [iqdb]
> Haven't really seen much of that...pretty much anywhere actually.

So much this. I'm honestly surprised you noticed.

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File 151405906538.jpg - (116.30KB, 642x767, Christmas Banki.jpg) [iqdb]
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What I wouldn't give to find out what eggnog tastes like.

This the proper board?

Oh, well.


“Christmas? What’s christmas?”

You and Sekibanki simultaneously react to Kagerou’s ignorance of what is probably one of the most well-recognized dates of the year in the outside world by spitting out your tea. If Keine’s shouts of protest are any indication, you’ve both chosen the same unfortunate target for the synchronized spit-take.

“How can you not know about christmas?” you ask, turning to the direction Kagerou’s voice came from.

“Er, well… It’s not like I haven’t heard of it!” she protests, clearly sounding pressured. “They celebrate it at the Moriya shrine, I just don’t know what it is exactly.”
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>> No. 2160
I wasn't aware that eggnog was something you could make at home to be honest. Always thought that was something you could only buy in the states. Gotta love Asian Christmas.
>> No. 2161

I didn't even know they sold ready-made stuff. I must be getting old.
>> No. 2162
>Nemuno's THP debut
Actually, someone on /at/ beat OP to that.

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File 15084221928.png - (337.60KB, 650x450, e2ff650066c6d0126eb0c35f65c7e729.png) [iqdb]
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I should check more, but I had to make a decision. This is fine.


Laugh. Think. Believe the ideas created. Life can flourish on its own. But it needs to exist with life to do so.

Even with that white hair. Even with those eyes that will see everything in an eternity. I could stop. Like my footsteps. Just. Like. This. Or maybe, pause, do something different, defying what is considered logic. Defying “logic” and “reason”, as defined by others. Or whatever it is that's the argument. Or criticism. No, this is just a bit of my venting on something unrelated to her now. And even that wouldn't be right. Yes, this is pitiful. But what's important isn't the intention, but the existence of understanding the meaning behind two thoughts. Two thoughts. Right. Now I'm just exaggerating.

But really. If someone's annoyed by a bit of bamboo and can't observe the forest, then I don't quite understand it. But I suppose I see her annoyance the same way, on a tangent direction.

Someone might have noticed by now. But I can afford the time. I know, without certainty, that I will be able to escape. And even if I get caught somehow, there are no consequences for me. No. I'm not some almighty existence that defies the logic of power. I am not magically resistant and capable to overcome every challenge I face. Especially not in Gensokyo.

“I'm not lost.”

I hope that's all I need to say.
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File 150282834240.jpg - (126.84KB, 850x988, Also symbolism!.jpg) [iqdb]
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>> No. 2153
File 150603652035.png - (69.02KB, 152x223, THIS OAR.png) [iqdb]
The crunching of paper.

So wet. So moist.

Your tiny boat didn't stand a chance.

The water kept seeping in… You could feel it penetrating the borders.

Shriveling the skin. Turning the paleness into a sickly, wrinkled yellow.

The hat, ribbon torn by the current. Your skirt, shrinking and ripping as you claw for air.

Your arms burn, nearly ripping at the seams as you struggle to breathe. Struggle for the surface. Water invades your chest. So close. The sun is so close. Freedom.

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>> No. 2154
File 150672907531.jpg - (215.92KB, 850x601, in a tree.jpg) [iqdb]
“Woah Daiyousei, the view from your house is so awesome!”

At the end of a long day, along the shore of the Misty Lake, in the uppermost branches of a certain tree were two young fairies. At first glance, this would not seem to be such an unusual thing to find in the land of Gensokyo. Gensokyo was home to many trees, with many young fairies frolicking among the many branches, usually making mischief for any unsuspecting humans or youkai below. What made this particular tree so unique was the fact that these two particular fairies were not frolicking at all, but were in fact sitting. For this particular tree was planted in just the right spot, that the waterfalls and rivers of the Youkai Mountain could be seen reflected in the calm waters of the misty lake, set aglow in the beautiful oranges and yellows of the setting sun.

“Thanks Cirno. This view is the whole reason I picked this tree to live in.”

The two fairies sat close together, contentedly watching the sunset in silence. However, although the view was breathtaking, one of the fairies found it difficult to focus on it. For this fairy had something weighing heavily upon her mind.

This is it Daiyousei, the fairy thought to herself. You’re all alone with Cirno watching a beautiful sunset together. Now is the perfect chance to tell her how you really feel about her.

“Um… Cirno. There’s something really important that I have to tell you.”

“What’s up Dai?” Asked the ice fairy, quickly taking her eyes off the view to focus on her friend.

“Well… you see,” Daiyousei nervously began. “We’ve been friends for a long time right?”
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>> No. 2155
File 150673347763.jpg - (664.75KB, 1407x1000, hunt or be hunted.jpg) [iqdb]
"Graaaagh! I've had it!"

Luna Child punched the nearest available tree trunk in frustration, stirring up a cloud of startled insects.

"We've been wading, through a swamp, in the rain, for four hours. I'm covered from head to toe in mud, mosquito bites and bug guts, because some genius had the bright idea of swatting them with a giant exploding hammer!"

She slumped against the tree and slid into a half-sitting position.

"I wanna go home."

"We all do, Luna," Marisa replied, leaning tiredly on her sword.

"At least you're not up to your neck in river water," Luna shot back.

Marisa winced; as the shortest of the party, Luna was the worst off by far.
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File 150282795595.jpg - (116.46KB, 850x882, Symbolism!.jpg) [iqdb]
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