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File 136627589590.jpg - (333.46KB, 580x600, 19667396_m.jpg) [iqdb]
You, who loves music but doesn't feel reciprocated. You, who lacks musical knowledge. You, who feels despised by the muses. You, who has dropped the healthy habit of taking baths because you don't dare to sing even under your own shower. You, who, when you join your voice to the fervent masses to sing your nathional anthem, is reprimanded by a hostile crowd that shouts 'you goddamned traitor!' at you. You, who believes music is a complex art only within reach of a few fortunate people. Yes, you, don't play coy! You, my dear reader, you can also succeed in the world of music!

Does it surprise you? Don't be surprised too much, because I, the great, magnanimous and talented kirin musician, Rin Satsuki, am going to give you the answers to all your musical concerns! I will teach you to know and master in a few lessons the most intimate secrets of music: how to compose songs; how to play instruments; how to write letters until the letters make words, and the words make musical poems - in other words, lyrics -, and how to read sheet musics in a steady rhythm, and not only steady, but other more difficult rhythms like tango, rock, or symphony.

The success of my method is tried and tested. Isamu Nakano was a sickly and complexed Russian kappa who lost his hand in an unfortunate accident involving cucumber missiles, didn't feel confident enough to confess his love to his beautiful tengu neighbor. After following my advices, he decided to sing her a serenade. His success was so fulminant, she asked for his hand on the spot. The other hand.

My advices can also help you. You just need to believe. And to believe, you just need conviction. And to have conviction, you just need to be convinced. And to be convinced, you just need to believe!

So, coat yourself with the conviction that you will learn music, and shielded on it, repeat exicted:
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Bravo good sir, bravo.
I applaud you, good sir. This is truly one for the books.
File 136909972438.jpg - (46.22KB, 489x750, mysides.jpg) [iqdb]
Pic related.

An absolute masterpiece. If there's one regret I had it's that the Touhou lore makes it slightly less amusing to the uninitiated, but for fans like us it has quite the opposite effect.

I can't wait to see what monstrosity you write in the future. It will be glorious.

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File 14073842798.png - (158.19KB, 500x800, farewell bunny.png) [iqdb]
The shuttle launches, exploding, coughing, sputtering off into the confines of space. One Lunarian decided to rebel. Her punishment is eternal imprisonment in space beyond. Locked in a clean white pod, the traitor is sent into the darkness not yet ventured. She is doomed. Reisen Udongein Inaba is doomed. Fare thee well, lone bunny. Brave bunny. Stupid bunny. The moon shall remember thee not. All records are destroyed, all relations are severed, an unspoken (but certainly enforced) decree of not mentioning “her” name has been put into action. The benevolent, malicious, all-powerful, loving, sadistic queens have put this unwritten law into action. And unlike many disgruntled parents of stupidly curious children, it is absolute because they said so.
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Well. This is horrifying. Hope there's a continuation later.
I'll agree that this story was brilliant, but I think a direct continuation would cheapen it.
Not really, I think it can work out, if done correctly.

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File 138483991717.jpg - (52.73KB, 850x601, angel of death.jpg) [iqdb]
I was still tied to the tree at that time, drifting in and out of consciousness. It was a tall, thick tree. I was naked, hugging this tree on my knees, with a series of ropes binding me there. My eyes were covered by a blindfold, and I could barely move my head. My neck was very stiff from holding it one position for so long. Hell, I was stiff everywhere – I had been stuck there since noon.

Night had fallen long ago. I could tell it was night because there was little light showing through the blindfold.

For hours, I had been waiting there for my death. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to die – maybe some youkai would find and eat me soon. Or maybe I would stand there until I died from sheer exhaustion. Either way, I had to wait. And wait I did.

Before long, I fell into sleep again.

~ ~ ~

I was awoken by my blindfold being roughly ripped off of my face. There was nothing to see, however. It was pitch-black. For a moment, I believed I had imagined the removal of the blindfold.

Then I could hear a whispering voice was in my ear.

“Good evening, human.”
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Yea that's why I didn't read it. I didn't want to ruin the glorious head cannon I built up in anticipation for this story's progression.
Hmmm, that's unfortunate. I would have enjoyed reading such a tale of suffering.
Oh, what sort of headcanon was that? You've piqued my curiousity...

To be honest, it would have been fun to write! Well, some of it. (Mainly just certain scenes with Rumia.) But yeah, a lot of it would have been beyond my abilities. Maybe "one day" I'll be able to write a true tale of despair.

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File 140357470152.jpg - (21.72KB, 615x615, question-mark.jpg) [iqdb]
For some death in obscurity, unmarked but for the illusory earth.
For some death for knowledge, to sate man’s eternal thirst.
For some death in damnation, to pay the cost of an existence ill-gotten.
 For some life eternal,
The cruellest of the Fates.

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Easy mistake, man. You've all got the same name!
File 140560493327.png - (271.27KB, 565x496, lewd thoughts.png) [iqdb]
Looking forward to it.
>Would you mind terribly if I wove it into the quasi-continuity I’ve got over at >>752? That would spare me the effort of building everything from scratch.

I'd love that

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File 140155258769.jpg - (97.03KB, 900x675, goodbye__chen_by_takuyarawr-d3bewgk.jpg) [iqdb]
(Inspired by, dedicated and all the thanks goes out to yours truly, Takuyarawr)

Some time, after a battle, Ran and Chen found that Yukari's health had declined and that she fell ill. Despite how weak she was becoming, she tried not to pay any attention to it and was enjoying her life. As her illness worsened, doctors treated her with the best treatment they could offer but, however, it did more damage to her body than it did repair. Knowing fate was being merciful and hostile to her, she didn't know how to break the news to Ran and Chen, so she told Reimu and asked for her to give them her parasol.

When Reimu broke the news to the shikigami, they were in utter disbelief and were immediately grief-stricken. "I'm sorry, Ran, Chen, she didn't know she could tell you herself, so she told me to tell you and she wanted you to have this." Reimu said, handing them the pink lace parasol Yukari loved so dearly. A few days later, Yukari fell into a coma and died in her sleep, from the last of the treatment that she wasn't strong enough to survive.

Her funeral service was long and full of tears from those that loved her. Even Yuyuko, as gluttonous as she was, didn't think to eat all the food. Everyone was dressed in black and/or purple. Reimu closed down her shrine for a month, grieving and out of respect for her deceased yokai friend.

Grief-stricken, Ran was trying to hold things together and often took to caring for the violet garden that Yukari left behind but found her health, too, had declined. Chen was hit the hardest and spent half of the day at Yukari's grave, wishing for her to come back.

However, Ran had the most of her problems, other than her mistress's untimely demise. She found her declining health had proved she was ill with a terminal illness that was incurable. She knew she couldn't ignore it but couldn't tell Chen. All through the summer, she hid her illness and, in the fall, after becoming so frail and thin, she went to a doctor to see how far it progressed. However, the diagnosis wasn't good and that the illness had spread rather quickly through her body.
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File 137868073486.jpg - (209.83KB, 700x1000, 9bea0912c971f483728ef31cdd29f8ff.jpg) [iqdb]
Veterans, your stories go here. See the rules thread at >>/gensokyo/11756
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File 138119014383.jpg - (102.09KB, 850x774, Open Kimono Big Sword Youki.jpg) [iqdb]
She fell in love with him at first sight.

It would be incorrect to say that it was like any other day in Hakugyokurou, but until that moment, it would have also been incorrect to say that it was a unique day. That day marked a changing of the guard; after many years of loyal service, old Aoi had finally gone to join Tetsuo in the flocks of souls resting within her domain.

Just like every other time, the princess had already had her friend Yukari contact Aoi’s son from the minute her retainer had sagely noted the imminence of her passing. While the princess had felt a little sad, knowing she’d miss the little things that distinguished Aoi from all the other Konpakus before her – her unique habit of smoking flower pollens, her tendency to default to a throaty chuckle to fill silences in conversation, her drive to decorate every panel in the mansion with a unique painting, her treatment of the Hakurouken as a reluctant burden and symbol of position rather than a treasured family weapon – she had also felt a little excited, knowing that she’d get to learn all the inner quirks and idiosyncrasies of a new servant. And since he had already married, that meant the house would be lively once again; while it had been comfortably tranquil with just her and Aoi, after Tetsuo had passed away, she had been ready for a change of pace.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t known anything about him. After all, she had been Aoi’s midwife, and she had watched the couple raise their son into his teenage years, even helped them. But just like every other Konpaku born and raised in Hakugyokurou, he had returned to Gensokyo as soon as he had come of age, before his own service would be required.

What would he be like? There was no question that would take after his mother to some degree, as the half-phantom bloodline always ran true. Of course he would have white hair – unless he chose to dye it like Sancha had – and be accompanied by a phantom “half” in the form of a misty white wisp. But beyond those few guarantees, what would his personality be like? Would he take after his mother, staying up for days on end
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 13811903178.jpg - (125.33KB, 850x850, Younger Youki Hugging Yuyuko.jpg) [iqdb]
When Yukari came to take Noa back to her village to be buried, Youki asked the princess if he and his newborn daughter could go with her. It was absolutely unheard of for a Konpaku to abandon their charge, but there were extenuating circumstances, after all.

Deep inside, she could not bring herself to deny him his mourning in private. Not when she was at fault for his grief.

She had thought a single day of waiting between servants was uncomfortable; but after ten, and then a hundred, she had revised her opinion of solitude.

It was not merely uncomfortable. It was torturous.

She tried to cook meals for herself to pass the time. It wasn’t as if she didn’t know how. After all, not every Konpaku arrived in her domain as an expert in every single field needed to fulfill their position as her servant. And while Yukari could always bring in tutors for things like carpentry or gardening, the one skill that the princess would have to teach herself would be cooking, as only she truly knew her own tastes in cuisine.

But without anyone to share the meal with, the food might as well have been ash. Her appetite shriveled to nothingness.

Could she have asked Yukari to keep her company? She could have, and knowing her friend she would have caved to the request. But doing so would mean asking favors But she grit her teeth and suffered through it, staring out at the endless fields of cherry blossoms that without a companion to appreciate them with seemed dull and lifeless.

Eventually, she gave up on the gardens altogether. She attempted to immerse herself in the works of former servants: paintings, sketches, ceramics, poetry, stories. But walking through the mansion only reminded her how empty it was, of the absence of people who had made each and every brushstroke whether on canvas, porcelain, or parchment, and the pain, the crushing loneliness, was simply more than she could willingly bear.
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File 138119161140.jpg - (400.29KB, 800x1000, Found Emotion.jpg) [iqdb]
The Hakurei Shrine doesn't get very many visitors. The stairs are long and steep, almost half a day's walk from the village. Of course, most people can fly. Strange then, how he, a normal human, regularly made the trip.

The sun was nearing its apex when he arrived at the shrine. He shivered at the lingering cold. Winter, it seemed, had not yet released the mountains from her icy grasp. Here, snow had not yet given way to flowers.

But that was unimportant. He wasn't here to complain about one of the bizarre weather patterns the Hakurei Maiden solved roughly once per year. No, he had come to see a girl.

Trudging through ankle-high snow, he deposited a few coins in the donation box.

"Weren't you just here two days ago?"

Noticing a bit of red poking out of the snow, he went over. "Good afternoon, Miss Hakurei. I'm here to visit-er, what are you doing?"

Reimu Hakurei, almost completely submerged in snow, replied, "Enjoying the last bit of winter. I had planned to make a snow angel, but the snow is really soft and comfy. I haven't managed to motivate myself into moving."

"Just how long have you been lying there?"
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File 134885952843.jpg - (126.26KB, 800x600, 29592486.jpg) [iqdb]
“For those of you who do not know,
 You’re like to be very sorry.
 For this piece here is a tie-in
Tenshi is in This Story.”

—Me, right now, “Satori is in This Short Story”

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I Wish I could hate you to death for not using sage
File 139729747350.jpg - (135.77KB, 420x675, satorin_oh_goodness.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139843849173.png - (277.93KB, 400x279, 1339191400129.png) [iqdb]

Become a Sith lord.

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File 139079983363.jpg - (973.76KB, 684x3748, Five+.jpg) [iqdb]
[Someone told me to put this here.]



"Yeah, that's me. I'm sorry, you know me but I don't know who you are. You're—

"A princess? Huh. You sure you've got the right guy?

"Yeah, sure, that is my name, but—

"Er—yeah, sure. Who am I to refuse royalty, and stuff like that. I hope you don't mind me eating while you talk, though, because that's what I was doing, when you knocked. Eating.

"What? No, nothing fancy. Just rice and a little fish. Mostly rice, but rice is fine. As long as your stomach's full, it doesn't much matter what it's full of, right? Well, I guess it does matter, but you know what I—
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Well that was intresting I actually want to see a more that last part with mokou made me laugh
I wish it was a little more coherent, but I suppose that's one of the restrictions of a work entirely made of dialogue between two people, and you only hear one side. Interesting, but I am not so sure I'd go so far as to say 'enjoyable'.
I thought it was well done though I had to read it twice.

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File 138689466239.png - (719.32KB, 600x600, 0d3e1c9dc93c0a15c0675cf384a4e840.png) [iqdb]
Newbie shorts go here!
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On a dark winter night, a blue-robed stranger walked into a small village.

There was a fierce blizzard blowing, but the stranger walked unfazed to the nearest house.

If the village had a mage, he might have noticed the magic guiding the wind and snow. Maybe, just maybe, he would have realized the local terror had set its sight on the village.

But there was no village mage.

The stranger set a frozen hand on the door of the house. Ice spread quickly from its hand, covering the door, the door frame, the walls, the roof, and in an instant the entire house was trapped in ice.

The stranger walked to the next house and put its hand on the door.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 138912936816.jpg - (235.86KB, 673x874, 3fed72e12061b4f3d8a46636e756244f.jpg) [iqdb]
"Come on! Push harder! We're almost out!"

I strained against the wood cart, trying my hardest to push it out of a deep patch of snow. Gensokyo was beautiful in every season, but winter brought with her a heavy blizzard this year. Traveling by road was a difficult prospect but I had a delivery to make.

"You know, you could- help," I grunted at the lazy goddess sitting in my cart. Hina Kagiyama sat bundled up in warm furs, wrapped up in her own sense of superiority.

"It was your terrible luck that handed landed us in this mess, Reina, so you're going to get us out of it!"

"Terrible luck that you could rid me of within an instant, yet you refuse to."

"Well, if I were to rid you of your curse, then I'd lose my locus, and our little contract would be broken, now wouldn't it, Reina? And here I believed you to be an honest craftsman."

"Oh that's a load of bol- Just help me push Hina. Please?" I pleaded with her. This was going no where. The delivery was due at the Scarlet Devil Mansion tonight, and it was long road from my home to the village, and then through the woods to the Misty Lake.

"My my, asking a goddess to do such menial work, Reina?"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 138912958142.jpg - (1.92MB, 2000x1414, 1371291628811.jpg) [iqdb]
I left the bank with lighter money pouch and very bored goddess in tow. The village bank exhibited the highest quality of bureaucracy. As in, it took waiting in line forever to get anything done. At least they were competent at their jobs, and competitive with the youkai banks as well. It was past noon by the time we reached the market and had a chance to stop for lunch at a small cafe near the outer edge of the square. I patted the pint of twelve-year whiskey stowed in my purse. I had bought it from a nearby liquor store; I had to say, the young man at the counter knew his alcohol well, and it'd make for an enjoyable New Years.

"Hey Reina?" Hina took a pause from munching on her roast chestnuts. A white-haired woman was selling them at her stall near where I had bought the whiskey. According to her, they were an old family recipe. I had nicked one from the goddess when she was occupied with staring at a sapphire brooch in a shop window near the fancier part of the shopping street. They certainly were good. A slight taste of vanilla and chocolate was mixed in with the flavor of the chestnuts. Hina seemed to love them. In the months I was stuck together, I had rarely seen her so fully indulge in anything as much as the chestnuts, bar my money.

"Reina, what's that large gate in the building over there? The one flowing with distant magic" I looked over. Hina was pointing to a large, official looking building, off near the western edge of the market. In the busy midday, I could see traders flowing in and out with their wares.

"That? It's a cross border portal Yukari set up with Reimu. Gensokyo isn't the only refuge for the fantastical. Reimu says that a lot of the forgotten youkai and gods formed their own version of Gensokyo to survive. That portal is something Yukari set up with some of them to encourage more trade within Gensokyo." It was a natural progression. Gensokyo was far smaller than some of the larger youkai planes, not to mention far less developed. “It leads to a giant trading hall of the sort between the boundaries. Dozens of youkai set up shop there and its how Gensokyo gets most of its imports.”
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