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File 141666276015.jpg - (545.58KB, 648x906, fcf493f5565c8c7d10523ea1bf64649c.jpg)
Feeling like I should post stuff I did while I write the new updates for Infiltrator. Anything happens here are not canon to the main thread, and every lewd story continuation are self-contained in here.

Posting the story in a bit.
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File 141666290992.png - (188.88KB, 750x533, 158543078dc19a072d71c6d16f5a8767.png)
"Alright, that's pretty much it for tonight. It's your turn now." You get up from your post, as a fellow guard takes over your position.

"So where you are going? Mystia's cart as usual?" He asks, prepping up his armaments.

"Yeah as usual." And you would point a finger at him. "No, no asking me to save some take-out for you. You still owe me for last week."

"Tch, fine. Have a safe trip then!"

"Will do."

Every night, after your rounds are done, you would take a trip to Mystia's grilled eel stall. It became a habit ever since you were introduced to such a delicacy by fellow guardsmen in the Human Village.

"Good evenin', Mystia." You call out to the night sparrow as you slip under the stall's low curtain to greet her.

"Good evening, Roach. Have a seat." She smiles warmly at you.

“Thanks.” You reply as you slip onto a stool.

“So, will it be the usual?”

You nod affirmatively at the night sparrow. This is your usual activity when your patrols are done, where you would travel to Mystia’s grilled eel stand to have a drink and some eels. For today, you’re taking a front seat that the stall, and there’s a lovely lady on the other end of the row of seats.

A rather unfamiliar lady too.

“Who is she?” You ask Mystia in a whisper.

“She’s new here; I think her name is Raiko-something.”

"Is she a youkai?"

"She probably is, I think."

The lady in white would continue drinking as much as she could, and you stop paying attention to her when your drink and snack arrives.

Few hours later…

You eventually stare at the same woman at the other end of the seat. It seems like she’s completely out of it since she is lying face down on the table. You can only sigh in disbelief when Mystia tells you to look at her. With her currently smashed condition, it comes complete with some used plates stacked high and lots of empty sake bottles.

You then cast your attention back at the night sparrow. It’s late already, and you need to go home. “Hey Mysty, I can only pay for my stuff, can you put hers to my tab?”

“Oh sure.” She then flashes a devious smile at you. “I bet you want to take advantage of her, am I right?”

“Of course not. It’s not like you’d let her crash at your place too.”

She immediately declines. “Hell no! My house is cramped like a sardine can already. I don’t need to add discomfort to a guest.”

“Whatever.” Right after you stand up, you adjust your weapon sling so that your M4A1 would hang from your chest. You then walk up to the lady and hoists her up to your back in a fireman’s carry, trying to balance yourself with the sudden weight addition.

“See you later, Mysty.”

“See ya.”

And so you depart back to the Human Viilage with a pocket flashlight showing the way. The walk back home is pretty boring, but at least you manage to reach the Human Village safely.

As you approach the village, the street lanterns illuminate the roads better, and you cut off the power to the flashlight while trying to take a route to your home without having to pass near the guard's post. You can only hope they won't stumble upon you with a girl on your back either, else they would start a gossip.

You finally reach the two-storey shophouse where you live upstairs and carefully tread upstairs until you reach your base. Shirayuki would probably be asleep by now, and since you don’t want to wake her up in the middle of the night like this, you try to fish out the keys from your vest while trying to keep your hold on Raiko. You eventually manage to get the keys and unlock the door, and with a count of three you push the door open slowly with your foot.

Once you’re at the mini-porch, you kick off your boots and take hers off as well.

When you’re inside, you quickly think of an option about where to put her. You don’t really have a free guest room in your house anyway since Shirayuki had the room for herself, so your guest would be sleeping on your bed while you sleep on the living room.

Having decided to leave Raiko at your room, you march on and then gently placing her on your bed. She is quite heavy and you stretch yourself to get rid of your fatigue. Once you’re done, you shed off your gear and putting away your vest, rifle and other things on the kit cabinet. Now, you’re down to your shirt and camo pants. As you turn around, your gaze averts towards the lady’s body. Thinking that it would be fine for you to stare up close, you sit down on the bed next to her to take a closer look.

You stare at her vulnerable body, eyeing her from top to bottom, your eyes eventually focusing on her bulging breasts which seem to strain her black checkered shirt. It's as if her breasts will burst through at any moment given. The desire at the back of your mind makes you decide to cop a feel at her chest, which you did.

You hover your hand towards her bulging tits, trying hard to resist groping her in her sleep.

And then it happens.

Her eyes open abruptly, sending a chill down your spine. “Hello, handsome.”

You quickly draw your hand away from her breast. “…how long did you–”

Raiko suddenly grabs your head and pulls you closer to her face, ending it with a kiss. You are clearly surprised, as she kisses you hungrily before you play along and return the kiss, wrestling your tongue with hers, and relax on her body.

After a while, the two of you break off from the kiss. She takes your hands and guides them to her breasts and pushes them there, making circling motions around her soft mounds. “About to molest me in my sleep, hmm?” She questions teasingly. "Naughty."

“W-well, it was an accident!”

"You sure are a good kisser." She suddenly compliments, changing the topic. "Had some practice before?"

"…A little."

She smiles at you and claims your lips again, but this time she rolls you over during the kiss and now the taiko tsukomogami is on top of you.

"So, what were you thinking when you carried me back to your home?" She asks as she breaks off from the kiss again.

"Well… It's because Mystia asked me to."

"Really~? Or was it because you wanted to take advantage of me~?" Raiko teases you as she presses her lovely chest on yours. You can feel her hardened nipples pressing onto your lap.

"That's nonsense, you know."

Raiko giggles as she slides slowly down your torso. You shiver as you feel her breast's warmth and her nipples sliding down your chest and towards your lap slowly. Sitting up you see her pressing her lovely chest mounds against your crotch, as she looks at you in the eyes with a seductive look. "What are you doing?" you ask.

"It's pretty obvious by now, you know." Of course, since her chest is pressing against your crotch, your growing erection becomes noticeable to her. She lets out a teasing chuckle at this. "How cute, you're getting turned on by my chest~"

Slowly, the tsukomogami slides her hand down to your trouser's zipper and starts tugging on it.

"H-hey now…"

"Don't worry about it~"

The zipper is now fully down, and yet your cock is restrained by your boxers. She slowly pulls it down to get it out of the way and soon enough your rock-hard member springs to life once it's free, towering in the air. Raiko makes a surprised face for a split second, but she quickly regains her composure as she eases off your trousers and boxers out of the way and off your legs.

"There we go~"

Raiko then unbuttons a few buttons on both the top and bottom of her shirt, which is in range of her breasts. You thought she was going to unbutton the whole thing, but instead she slides her breasts down around your cock, through the open slit of her shirt. She then wraps anad squeezes her lovely tits around your shaft, giving the exposed tip a lick.

"Are you ready?"

You swallow a lump in your throat as Raiko begins her titjob, starting her pace slowly as she squeezes your erect shaft. You lean back and stifle your moan, and yet you are blushing at this.

"Does it feel good~?"

You let out a gasp and nod at Raiko. In return she coos and starts massaging your cock harder and squeezing her breasts harder.

She chuckles. "I like your cute face there, dear."

"Well, you are doing things to my dick after all…"

At times she squeezes her breasts down onto your groin so that she can take the head in and suck on it. You moan as she does so, bucking your hips into her breasts in response. Even though her breasts look quite firm, she is unbelievably soft as she squeezes your dick between her lovely chest mounds!

"W-Wouldn't your clothes get dirty if I cum in there?"

She flashes a grin at you. "Who cares~ I can wash it off anyway~"

Raiko's continuous massaging with increasing pace and your thrusting combined eventually make you climb close to your peak. She notices this as your cock is visibly throbbing and twitching fervently between her breast hold. "Getting there already? I'll make sure you cum lots~"

The taiko tsukomogami squeezes her breasts together again, this time using her forearms to make her titjob tighter. You on the other hand let out gasps and moans as you begin to rapidly lose control of yourself due to the pleasure.

"Just let it all go~"

And thus you do. Unable to control yourself, you finally reach your peak. Raiko squeals in joy as you splatter her face with cum, with some of your thick juice dripping down to stain her shirt.

"Oh my, you sure were saving a lot."

You don't say anything due to embarrassment. In the meantime, Raiko wipes off your sticky cum off her face.

"That was great~"

"You can say that again."

"Hmmm… Would you help me with something?"

"What is it?"

"Undress me~"

There is a pause as you let her request sink into your mind. Once you can compute it, your hands quickly grab her shirt but Raiko pinches your hand, waggling her finger with the other hand.

"Tsk, tsk~ while I do allow you to cum on my shirt, I won't let you rip it, mister. Be gentle~"

"Alright then…"

Your hands then shift towards her collar where you start to undo her shirt buttons, top to bottom. Before you can remove the last button, her breasts spring free and burst out of her shirt, still bound to her lacy black bra. You stare wide-eyed at her creamy white skin that contrasts her checkered shirt so much. Your attention to her breasts earns you a giggle from her.

Raiko raises her arms in the air, and you lift off her jacket first, followed by her stained shirt before casting it aside. You move on to the belt and then discard her skirt as well. Now the taiko tsukomogami is only clad in her black lingerie.

She stretches in front of you, again showing off her large breasts and toned body. The sight of her body somewhat makes you hard again. Raiko only chuckles at this as she removes your remaining shirt, tossing it away to her pile of clothes. You pull Raiko towards you for a hug and she returns the favor.

“Just a couple more things to take off~” With Raiko still hugging you, you pull down her panties. She adjusts her position accordingly so you can slip her black panties off her legs, then throwing it aside. “One more~ and no cheating on taking them off too~”

She presses her body against yours, allowing you to reach around to her back. Your hands fondle her for a moment before you reach her bra. You feel around her back straps to find the hook,which you do. If memory serves you well, you'll have to push the strap with the eyelets and hooks together… and pop it goes off. You finally lift it off her, allowing her naked breasts to press against your chest.

"Flawless~" she cheers.

You smile and hug Raiko, kissing her passionately.

After the two of you break off from the kiss, you and Raiko stare at each other's eyes. You can tell you are in love with this charming woman, and tell she feels the same way too. You then smother your face in her cleavage, earning a surprised squeak from her before a giggle is heard. Raiko then places a hand your head before she ruffles your hair. After a while of nuzzling, you can see droplets of milk forming on her nipples.

You suddenly claim her nipples with your lips and squeeze the other, making her squeak in surprise. Not only that, you push her to lie down on her back as you continue suckling her, savoring the taste of her thick and creamy milk. Now that you are on top once again, you straddle her belly and look down on her. Your cock now rests in between her tits.

"I see you like my titjob well~"

"That's because you're good at it."

You grab a handful of her lovely mounds to squeeze them together. Raiko lets out squeaks at that, as you start thrusting between thm while letting her milk trickle down to your cock and her belly. The milk starts to make your dick slicker against her tits' skin too. She doesn’t just lie there though, helping you squeeze her breasts against your thrusts and licking the tip as it reaches the top.

It indeed feels so good, that you don’t take too long for you to reach your peak again. This time, without warning you release your cum into her face, eliciting yet another surprised cry from the tsukomogami. As she cleans up her face, you giggle mischievously at her predicament.

"What a naughty boy you are, cumming in my face like that…"

"It’s fun to do and look at." you reply.

She scoops all the spunk with her two fingers, before seductively slipping them into her mouth and slurping it clean. "You are quite tasty, by the way~"

As you watch her cleaning up your sticky mess intently, you can feel your desire to claim her as yours rising. Lying down on Raiko again, you claim her lips just as she finished licking most of it off.

Noticing your rock-hard erection rubbing against her lower lips, the tsukomogami chuckles and breaks off from the kiss. “What’s the matter? Can’t wait to fuck me raw and pound me silly?” Raiko teases, squirming under you.

"Oh, with a sexy lady like you? You'll bet I'd do exactly that."

Raiko giggles as she hears this and works up another kiss. "Oho~ I like that~ don't make me wait now, will you?"

Oh, of course you will not make her wait, though a part of you wants to tease her so that she's truly ready. "Of course, but I have one thing to make sure."

"What is it?"

Raiko suddenly gasps when she feels your hand between her legs. You don't hesitate in pushing your fingers in, which makes her hike her lower body up at the stimulation. As she moans and writhes, your fingers massage her inner walls. Raiko starts to leak her love juices as you continue with your fingering. This prompts you to pick up the pace while you suckle on her tits at the same time.

With enough stimulation, Raiko eventually cries out as she reaches her climax, arching her body as she experiences it. You pull out your drenched fingers and hold them in her face, which she dazedly cleans up. Now that she’s all wet and ready, you keep her legs spread as you start rubbing against her slit. She offers no resistance when you penetrate her starting from the head, only moaning in reply. And when you push the whole thing in, Raiko lets out a little scream.

“…oh gods… you’re so deep inside…”

“Are you alright?” you ask out of concern.

She nods. “To think this is actually the first time I ever gotten a proper cock…~”

Her first cock? How surprising.

But instead of thinking too much, you start to squirm and give her a few tasting thrusts for you to stir up her insides. Once you’re ready, you start picking up your pace.

A little while has passed and you're in a complete thrusting frenzy, planting your hands by her sides for support as Raiko writhes and moans in complete bliss, with you doing the same. You then adjust your support to allow you to bend down to claim her lovely lips, effectively silencing her.

This causes her to wrap her arms around your back.

You break off from the kiss while you continue to ravish the tsukomogami. Over time, you build up your peak and definitely are coming close to cumming. Raiko knows you are getting there, she can definitely feel you throbbing and twitching inside of her. Just as you reach your peak you're about to pull out of her… only for Raiko to quickly push you back into her with her legs locking you back.

"W-Wait Raiko, what are you doing?" you gasp as panic rises in you.

Despite your panicked protests, she keeps with her leg lock and because of that, you shoot your seed right into her womanhood. Now holding up your body, you pant and look up at her. “Why’d you do that?”

“You don’t have to worry about cumming in me, dear~”


Suddenly, you find yourself lying on your back, and then Raiko straddling your crotch. "Because it's my safe day, that's why~"

You let out a mental sigh of relief, only to moan when Raiko rolls her hips. "You're one horny lady..."

She giggles. "Why, thank you~"

With her hands resting on your belly for support, she continues to roll her hips so that she can feel your cock in her better. The then starts to raise her hips and push it back down, this time she is in charge completely. You watch the tsukomogami making quite a lewd and naughty face as she bounces on top of you fervently.

As she rides you, you grab a handful of her ass with both hands, makung her squeal and pciks up her thrusting pace.

Soon enough, you could feel her start to tighten up around your cock. Raiko is definitely reaching her orgasm soon and you pull her down to you. She squeaks as she lands her breasts on top of you. You take this chance to clamp on her teats to drink her tasty thick milk. Raiko clamps on your throbbing cock even harder at this and eventually she reaches her peak with a scream, squeezing your shaft hard enough that she makes you cum in her the second time. She flops on top of you, and you wrap your arms around her waist.

Both of you are panting hard, but neither of you are completely exhausted yet. "My, my... That's quite quick of you to get hard."

"You're just too sexy."

Raiko kisses your lips for your flattery. She dismounts off you and gets on her fours, shaking her hips at you seductively. "Come on, dear. I know you want to do me like this~"

You chuckle as you admire her ass, getting on you knees behind her. She lets out a small squeak as you squeeze her rump, which turns into a surprised squeal as you swat her buttcheeks once. She turns her gaze around to shoot an annoyed look at you, but her flushed cheeks makes it hard to make her gaze intimidating. "H-hey!"

Another swat follows and she squeals, this time in a different tune. "You sound like you like it."


In response, you give her butt a good squeeze. Now with that done, you grab her rear to squeeze your cock in between her butt cheeks, before you plunge your cock right into her pussy roughly into her. Raiko throws her head back in pure pleasure, letting out a moan of bliss as she feels your cock suddenly stabbing inside of her womanhood. You might even have felt her come a little.

Raiko's upper body lays flat on the futon as you start to pound her from behind. She makes quite lovely noises as you slam into her, with you grunting as well. While you do so, you bend down onto her back and squeeze her milky breasts, her hard nipples pressing into your palms as you feel her milk against your hands. Raiko lets out more cute moans as you make the futon damp with her milk. Over time, your thrusts start to become more intense, and Raiko is crying out more often and start to squeeze your shaft harder as a result.

She finally reaches her peak first, complete with a squeal and her legs spasm under yours. You can't hold on any longer either and thus she receives yet another cream filling to her pussy.

"H-haaah... It feels so warm inside my belly~"

You smile at her. From there, you pull her up to your lap as you now fuck her from a sitting position.

"Ehehe~ you're quite strong~"

She turns her head to the side so that she can kiss you, and you embrace her closely.

"Thanks~" you reply, and then you resume kissing her, bucking your hips a little in her. You continue to snuggle Raiko and nibble her nape, making squeals and moans in response to your loving bites.

You shift your hand to squeeze her tit, and tease her clit with the other to make her let out more happy noises.

This goes on for a while, with you switching hands to tease her sensitive spots. In this position, you even manage to nip at her ears, much to her apparent delight. Your wet licks to her nape makes her shiver in your arms, making her clench on your shaft a little.

"You're quite good at this, dear~ I like it~"

You don't answer that, instead, you focus on pleasuring this girl, as you start to enjoy hearing her squeal.

Several more thrusts follow, each getting more intense from the previous. Raiko arches her back to allow better penetration as she squeezes your wandering hands to keep you fondling her body.

As time goes by with your continued thrusts, you can definitely feel her inner walls clamping down on you. Moments later Raiko let out a cry of pleasure as she comes, drenching your dick with her love juices.

You squeeze her chest as you triy to endure her pussy squeezing on your cock, but it proves to be futile as you come as well, shooting more jets of your own seed into her womanhood.

Raiko slumps against you, panting heavily. "A-amazing... You can still go on~ you sure did save yourself for a moment like this, hmmm~?"

You blush and chuckle at her statement. "...sure. Of course I've waited for something like this for quite a while..." you pant and hug her close as you lean against the backboard of your single bed. "Though I think I should rest a bit..."

Raiko pouts in disapproval but she leans up against you, before turing around to face you. "What a pity... but I could use some rest myself."

The two of you kiss each other's lips and started frenching, with your hands groping each other's asses for a while before you break off from the kiss.

“Hmmm…. All that sex made me forget to give a proper introduction…” She says, snuggling up to you. “The name’s Horikawa Raiko, just call me Raiko. What’s yours?”

“Alex. Alex Sanderson.”

“What a cute Outsider name.” She remarks. "Oh, Alex? May I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Did you ever have a girlfriend?”

“I did, but it didn't really last long."

“Why not?”

You hug her tighter. "It's a really long story."

"Go on."

"Well… I did have a girlfriend before but we didn't get to do stuff because I was in the army, getting ready for this 'war on terror' thing a few years back. I got deployed there and she promised to wait for me." You let out a sigh of disappointment. "Not a month into my deployment, she sent me a 'Dear Alex' letter. Suffice to say I stopped thinking about her and burnt everything about her. And for some reason I got stuck here since a couple of years ago."

Raiko smiles at you, kissing you deeply. "There, there."

"With that said, do you mind if I ask you to be my girlfriend?"

"I wouldn't mind. In fact… I want to be yours~." she answers without missing a beat in her playful voice, as she hugs you close.


"Of course!" she chuckles at your surprised expression.

"There's another thing I want to ask you though. I just realized this... How can you lactate, though? I thought you haven’t gotten pregnant yet.”

"It's a side effect from the instrument change.”

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well this could be canon as we don't know what he fully does, especially since Seo's laid up.
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True, but isn't Roach currently still in the Underground?

And it's good to see this posted finally.
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File 141689638984.png - (313.89KB, 800x572, a33e6ba40b3708dcf50ced0c9940140c.png)
Lewd drummer is lewd. And I'd bang her so hard.
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File 14178452523.jpg - (851.64KB, 799x1058, 3c1fd518c6f85de5bce5c36719168009.jpg)
Continuation of >>36386

I forgot I supposed to say "unless I say it's canon" since most of these stuff are fast-forward stuffs.


A couple of weeks have passed since you and Raiko met, and you’re still dreamy about your encounter. You spent lots of time wondering when would be a good time for you to spend more time with her. She visits quite frequently, but she seems busy with something important. Still at least she lets you grope her tits.

Of course, Seo knows that look on your face.

"So... I heard you had a new girlfriend, Roach."

You snap away from your reverie, and quickly turn around to face Seo."Who told you that?"

“Shirayuki did.” He says, taking a sip from his cup. “She said you two were so noisy back there that she couldn’t help but think you scored one.”

Grumbling, you look away from Seo. To be honest you had sort of forgotten she had been in the house that night…

And then you saw a familiar figure walking towards the outpost. She stops and waves at you from below.

"Oh, speak of the devil."

“That’s her?” Seo asks.

“Yep. That’s her alright. How much time do I have left?”

“You’re almost done anyway. In about two minutes or less.”

“Then clock me out, will you? Erin will be over in a few minutes, so I don’t want to wait.”

“Fine. Get going. Shoo.”

You jump off the post and land in front of Raiko, after she takes a couple steps back to give you a space to land.

“So, what brings you here, dear?” You ask as you stand up.

She chuckles at your spectacle. “Got a moment, Alex? I have something to show you~”

“Well, shift ended anyway, so I got plenty of time. Let’s go, shall we?”

Raiko giggles once again as she leads the way.


Soon enough, the two of you have stopped right in front of the same shophouse where you live upstairs. You now wonder what the surprise is about.

“My house? What about it?” You ask, but instead of going up the stairs, Raiko flips out a set of keys from her jacket and walked towards the shutter of the lot below your house.

“It’s not about your house, but the lot below it.”

"So what are you building downstairs anyway?" You ask as Raiko unlocks the shutter door.

"A studio. Oh, we had it planned long before the both of us met. The construction isn't too long anyway and you're usually away when the guys are doing things downstairs."


"Me and my two friends." Raiko chuckles. "I'll introduce them later. They are coming over a little later."

Once the shutter door is opened you follow Raiko though a glass door where various musical instruments are displayed, mostly traditional musical instruments, behind the glass cases with a few familiar modern ones as well.

"A studio to sell instruments and for residents here to practice too."

"So you're having the studio as your summer home?"

She giggles. "Silly roach. If I ever have a summer home, it'd be yours~"

"Ohhh, you're staying at my place then."

"Bingo!" She giggles as she opens up a second door, toawrds a different room, With all the instruments placed here, you recognize it as the jamming studio.

You take a seat on one of the chairs inside of the studio. Raiko on tbe other hand would give a few drums a few rimshot tests. "So! Have you ever played a musical instrument before?"

"No. I'm known to suck at them."

Raiko chuckles. "But you do know how to play with the drum well~"

You roll your glance away. "Very funny."

Regardless of that, you pick a guitar and pick a few strings. Raiko on the other hand plays her drum set, as she looks up at you. "How about I teach you a few things about making music?"

"Sounds great. Though, wouldn't it be noisy with all that loud practice and all?"

"Well, the studio's soundproofed, anybody outside won't hear a thing."

"How thoughtful."

"Can't be too noisy here without some padding, nobody can appreciate music like that~" She gets off from her drum set, and walks towards you coyly. As you put away the guitar, Raiko sits on your lap. Wrapping your arms around her waist, she shifts slightly so you two can get comfortable enough for a kiss.

But just as she tries to pull down the balaclava you are wearing, two girls suddenly burst into the room, surprising both of you.

"Hold it right there, you creep!" they both yell in almost unison.

You quickly pull out your USP from your drop holster and point the gun at the girls. While you do that, the two bring out their musical instruments into view, ready to fire their danmaku at you. Raiko on the other hand stares between you and the sisters, before suddenly bursting into laughter.

Of course, the two stare at Raiko in complete bewilderment.

"W-why are you laughing? We thought you were being molested!"

"What are you talking about? This guy right here is my boyfriend, silly girls." She fails to stifle her laughter. "Anyway, girls, this is Alex Sanderson, also known as Roach. Alex, that's Benben Tsukumo and that's Yatsuhashi Tsukumo."

You pull down your balaclava, offering a handshake, but neither take it.

"Why Roach?"

"Foreign proverb. Apparently I run 'as fast as an amputated cockroach', according to my commanding officer..."

"Ewww, bugs."

"Well, enough with that and let's get on with the practice, girls." Raiko then turns to you. "Do you want to join us, Alex?"

"No thanks, I'll watch instead."


Few hours later, it starts to get dark outside. You, Raiko and the Tsukumo sisters are outside as Raiko closes the shutter to the studio, finishing it up with a lock. "There we go. That's it for today. You girls don't want to go home for today?"

"Soon. What about you?" Benben asks Raiko.

"I'm staying with him for the night."

"...on second thought maybe not. Gotta keep an eye on that pervert."

You pretend to not hear that as you unlock the stairs to the upper floors, right next to the shutter doors to the studio. Raiko soothes you a little as she wraps her arms around yours while all four of you climb up the stairs and then into your house. Shirayuki is there in the living room, laying out her equipment as she makes an inventory. Hearing the main door slide open she looks up to see you and Raiko walking out of the door... and then followed by the Tsukumo sisters.

"You're bringing more people?"

"Sorry, Shirayuki. I can't shake them off."

"So what are you two here for?" Shirayuki asks.

"Watching over someone." Benben replies.

The fairy casts a quick glance at Raiko and shrug. "Okay then." And then she goes back to work. "Alex, where would they sleep then? We don't have extra rooms."

"Well, your room, if you are willing to share."

"Absolutely not!"

"Then bring out the futon, lay them in front of the TV."

"Okay then..."


As usual, your dinner consists of takeaway kitsune udon from Nanabi's shop. Shirayuki was the one who fetched it. While you wait for her return, Raiko, the Tsukumo sisters and you watch TV, connected to the Outside world (in part thanks to Yukari). As you and the tsukomogamis watch, you have Raiko sitting on your lap. She's wearing your T-shirt and her own biker shorts, while the Tsukumo sisters opt for simpler nightgowns instead, flanking your sides. You know they are not definitely happy with you getting touchy-feely with their older sister figure.

How annoying.

Once dinner comes through the window, everyone is focused on eating. You finish first and Raiko soon follows, with Shirayuki busy distracting the sisters with seconds. By the time you and Raiko sneakily work your way to your bedroom, the Tsukumo sisters are done with their dinner.

It's bedtime by now, and your fairy partner later takes out a futon for the Tsukumo sisters, but only then have they noticed something is off.

"Where's Sis?"

"I don't know... maybe she's with that pervert?"

"Grrrr..." Benben shakes her fist in annoyance. "Just when I want big sis to sleep with me..."

Of course, you and Raiko are peeping behind the door to your bedroom, giggling to each other.

"Well, that took care of her." Raiko remarks as you slowly close the door and lock it so they can't peek in. "Now where were we?"

"Where were we? Well~" As you finish your words, you pounce Raiko towards your bed. She giggles as you do, letting out a little grunt as she lands her back on the mattress for one, and then she wraps her arms loosely around you in a hug.

To demonstrate your eagerness for her body, you lift up her shirt and roll it up just above her chest. Then you immediately seize her nipple and start suckling on it. Raiko moans happily as you do that, pulling your head close to her bountiful breasts and pressing your face tighter to her chest.

"I know you miss my breasts so much, you naughty boy~" She giggles as you switch between her teats. "Just like me missing you~”

“I miss you too, dear.”

Raiko smirks and reaches down to fondle between your legs, massaging your sack and shaft gently. Both are quite hard already from the kissing and suckling,

"Mmmm~ I expected you to be this eager~"

A moment later, you break off from her hug and sit up. You strip yourself and leave your tsukomogami lover in her spats. She stretches a little, showing off her breasts to you in a rather sensual fashion, and you bend down to kiss her in return. "Raiko, you're gorgeous."

"You too, Alex~" She sighs lustfully.

You claim her breast in your mouth once again, suckling and drinking her milk while she writhes and moans in the bed. As you hold her down you rub your hard shaft against her spats, making her moan. Your kisses muffle her sexy cries, and once she had enough, she suddenly pushes you over to your back. You yelp as she does that, allowing her to see more of your cock.

"Don't just focus on me, let me help you too~" she says as she lowers her face to nuzzles on your rock-hard cock. Her breath is ticking you skin, making you squirm under her. She then starts licking your stick eagerly, like she's eating a popcicle. Starting fron the tip, Raiko sensually drags her tongue along your length, up and down and again. Once she reaches the base, she even nuzzles your sack. Going back to nuzzle your cock, she looks at you. "They look so eager, I've been wondering how much you saved in there~"

"A lot probably, for you~"

"Good~" Raiko coos. She moves from her position, climbing on top of you so that you have a clear view of her pussy right above your lying form. "Now let's do it together so both of us can feel good at the same time~"

She brings her nether lips to your face, just as she takes your cock into her mouth. You start to lick her pussy, eating her out eagerly and trying to match her pace. Of course, since her butt won't stop squirming you have to hug her rear and push her down. You even increase your tongue lashing intensity against her, causing her to moan with her mouth full.

Raiko eventually leaks out more of her love juices over time, just as your tongue explores
her insides. She can definitely feel you twitching and throbbing inside her mouth by now. That only makes her suck even more aggressively, making it hard for you to counter her pace. As if knowing that you are at your limit, she deepthroats your cock just as you finally can't take it anymore.

She spurts her own femcum in your face as you shoot your load into her mouth, and then she straddles your belly as she swallow the load whole.

Raiko turns to face you, now lying down on your body. You hug her and she returns the favor before she adjusts her position a bit, and back to straddle your crotch. "Hmmmm~ I could never get tired of this~" She says, snaking her hand to your cock, lifting herself a little to guide your rock-hard shaft towards her waiting pussy. "And now something you're waiting for~"

Slowly, she lowers herself onto your shaft, gasping and panting as your cock inches deeper into her womanhood. Once she's down onto the base, her whole body shivers from pleasure, and she puts her hands on your chest for support. Your hands find their way onto her rear, and you squeeze her nates fondly.

"H-here I go..." Your tsukomogami lover breathes out as she begins to ride your erection buried deep in her. Every time she moves and twists her hips, both of you moan. She rides you for a little while longer bur eventually she can't continue for some reason.

"Why'd you stop?" You ask, a little puzzled.

"Your turn to move your hips, dear~" As she said that, Raiko lies her body on yours, her lips in range. You kiss her as you start to move your hips and hers at the same time, pressing your manhood deep into hers. With her moans muffled, you're free to lift and press her hips repeatedly. Over time, you can feel her tightening up on you, which can only mean one thing.

She knows what you are thinking. "I can feel you twitching like crazy, Alex~" She coos, pressing her rear against your hands. "You know what I want, right?" Raiko twists her hips to emphasize her desire.

You chuckle at that and continue to share a kiss and keep your thrusting pace. Soon enough, she is squeezing you at her hardest and you can't bear it any longer. She lets out a squeal of pleasure as you shoot your seed right into her. Since you have been saving a lot for her alone, she is squealing at the amount of cum you're pumping into her.

After a while, you turn her onto her back. She giggles a little as you still keep your erection in her, kneeling on the bed and adjusting her position.

"What do you have in mind now, dear~?"

"Oh, nothing special, of course."

You pull her towards you and keep her legs to your sides, making her lower body bend a little upwards as you bend down to kiss her. When you pull off from the kiss you put your arms next her sides for support as you start thrusting into her hard from the get-go.

As a result of that, Raiko let out surprised cry of pleasure as she gets roughly railed. Instead of gripping the bedsheets, she holds out her arms to hug you and you return the favor by hugging her too.

Hearing her moan from each mating press you do to her only makes you thrust harder into her.

"It... It's so deep inside..." she moans, feeling herself going crazy from the pleasure.

"I'll give you more, dear~"

When you feel like your peak is getting closer, you start picking up the pace and the sound of wet flesh slapping together gets even louder. So does Raiko's cries and her hug intensity as well.

As you finally reach your limit, you press yourself against her as close as you can before crying out Raiko's name and leting out another nice large load into her. While you do so, the taiko tsukomogami arches her back as she reaches her own orgasm, before she sprawls on the bed, panting hard beneath you.

"You look like you can go for another round~"

"If you want me to, that is."

"Nah, on second thought let's just cuddle." she pulls you close and the two of you kiss each other. "It's good to finally get that pent up lust out of the two of us~"

You giggle and fondle her rear. "Yeah, that works really great, dear."

The two of you relax on each other, breathing slowly as you recover. "Alex? Can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"About Benben and Yatsuhashi." She said, lowering her voice at this point. "Don't you think they are being a little overbearing about my relationship with you?"

"Honestly, they sort of are. Annoying too."

"Sometimes I feel the same way too, since they look at me as an older sister or something." She sighs, but then she smiles at you. "Though, dear, I think I have a plan on how to make them more lenient with you."


The tsukomogami lover of yours sports a grin. Clearly she is up to something naughty. "What would you think about them having a taste of you~?"

"...sounds fun."

"Glad you're interested~ now here's what we're going to do..." She says, whispering out the plan. As she lays out her idea, you nod and grin. "What do you think?"

"Sounds excellent."

"Great~ glad that we can work on something~" Raiko then gets up and pulls the covers, just as she lies on top of you, pressing her chest on yours. "Let's rest for now~" She ends her words with a peck to your lips.

Ahh. Good thing you have a day off tomorrow.
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File 141784566151.jpg - (1.17MB, 848x1200, b8fd8c5ee05f5535f216a7a6fa267d98.jpg)
Fun fact: This is sorta my first lewd story, but the Raiko stuffs gets finished first.

This one may or may not appeal to everyone.

Also - DOUBLE UPDATE today, whooo.


You stand before the lying form of a certain blue-haired hermit, panting heavily. Ejected casing litters around your feet, your HK416 hanging on your side by the sling. After tormenting you and causing lots of trouble to you, you managed to defeat Seiga in a danmaku battle and brought the proud hermit lying on her back.

Proud, but defeated soundly this time. She was also surprisingly easy to beat.

Of course, being in a danmaku battle, the wicked hermit was only lying on her back with her beautiful blue dress torn in various areas. You approach Seiga, with your hand on the HK416’s pistol grip.

“Ah…ha ha… you beat me this time…” She coughs up her words as she notices you walking towards her.

You crouch right next to her with your DMR lying across your lap. “So, how does it feel to be shot down by the one you kept bullying? Satisfying, mayhaps?”

She let out a weak laugh, but doesn’t say anything. You eye the wicked hermit’s body, exposed by the ripping from your danmaku shots.

The hermit sees your eyes checking out her partially exposed body, and you can see her smug smirk.

“My my, trying to take advantage of me?”

“What makes you think that?”

She giggles. “Well, I know men like you would jump at the chance to ravish a defeated girl like me~”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” You answer quickly. However, your mind does stop and think at the prospect of ravishing her. Perhaps that would be fun.

“Well, you seem to be considering it~”

You sigh. “You need some extra punishment.” You pull out a couple of zipties, and then bind the wicked hermit’s ankles and wrists before hoisting her up to your shoulders before leave the battlefield hastily.

Not too far from the place you were fighting, you spot an abandoned hut, and you make your way there. Inside, you put her down close to a pillar. You makee sure the place is safe to be around, and despite the floor being creaky, it still seems to be solid. The bolt lock seems to be intact as well, albeit rusty, and you lock the main entrance. You walk back towards the lying hermit, and tie her wrist to the pillar.

“Oho~ the guard is getting naughty~”

“Oh shut it, impatient slut.” You crawl over Seiga, hovering above her. “If you want me to ravish you so much, then we better start purging your dress now.”

You grab a handful of Seiga’s tattered dress and tear it apart with a mighty rip echoing in the air. She lets out a yelp of surprise at your sudden roughness; you continue to tear up the top of her dress until her bra is exposed. Her black lacy bra holds up her sizable breasts quite well, and you waste no time in squeezing her tits in your hands. She squirms a little as you fondle and squish her breasts together, before you tear her skirt as well to expose her panties.

You discard the hermit’s tattered blue dress, remove your gloves and shed the rest of your kit, leaving you only in your shirt and trousers. With her clothes out of the way, you can admire her sexy, curvy hips better. You run your hand down her side, waist and then her buttocks, trailing your hands on her butt in circles before giving her ass cheeks a nice squeeze.

Seiga has a small blush on her face now, and her eyes go wide when you suddenly claim her lips as your hands continue to roughly squeeze her rear.

“So eager…” She moans as you pull off from the kiss.

“You’re the one who wanted it in the first place.”

From her lips, you shift to lick her cheeks, savoring the taste of a liar. While a hand of yours switches to grope her tits, you start to nibble her ear, giving it a nip. She moans apprehensively as you move down to nip her nape, giving her a love bite. The wicked hermit squeals at that, and you fingers move to pinch and twist her nipple.

Seiga pouts when you lift your upper body away from her, only to freeze when you pull out your knife. Instead of harming the hermit though, you cut her bra off by the straps and pull the lacy black underwear off her. Now that her bra is off, her delicious full breasts are revealed for you to ravish, leaving her in her panties as her last defense for her modesty. The wicked hermit shoots an annoyed look at you.

“What? I’m not so cruel as to cut you or anything.”

She pouts. “But at least you could have left my lingerie in one piece!”

“Stop whining, troublesome hermit. You have no right to complain.” You snap at her, squeezing her breasts to make your point. A grin creeps up to your face as you feel up her large breasts molding them in your grabby hands. “You have quite lewd breasts, Seiga.” Before she can say anything, you seize her hardened nipple into your mouth while your hand tweaks and teases the other.

This act makes her moan louder, and you keep on sucking, occasionally switching to the other teat and fondling the one you just left. She has such large and squishy breasts, just like Okuu’s! You feel the urge to abuse her breasts a little more – namely pressing them together, and then sucking both nipples at once. You do so, eliciting a cry of arousal from the hermit as you tug both of her nipples at once until she arches her back. You then let go of your mouth hold, letting her drop back to her lying position.

“You’re so rough with my breasts~” the wicked hermit moans out with a quasi-complaint, her blush getting bigger.

“You did ask for it.”

She squirms a little. “Mmmmn… my nipples are smarting a little…”

“A little, huh?” You reach for her nipples and starts pinching and tweaking them, before hungrily sucking on her teats once again. As you suck even harder, the hermit thrashes her head around before she suddenly arches her back with a loud cry. To your surprise, warm breast milk floods your mouth and you try to drink it all. When you have your fill, you release Seiga’s tits from your mouthhold, leaving her panting heavily on the floor.

She works up a grin. “My milk is delicious, no?”

For some odd reason, her milk makes you feel much energized, with your erection pressing hard against your trousers. But instead, you try to suppress it, and you pluck her hair stick from her hair loop. “Your milk’s turning me on.” You state bluntly.

“Do you want to know something?”

“That you had a baby before?”

She makes a smug smirk, meaning that your assumption was right. “Right~ but that’s not the thing I want to say~”

You grab the wicked hermit’s teats and start squeezing on them hard. “You’d better not be playing games with me.”

Seiga smiles at you, wincing a little at the rough squeezing. “If you want to know, my milk is special, it makes you energized… sexually~”

You suckle her tit again, as if you are not hearing it. “Oh, really? That’s something I could use. Tell me what else it can do.”

“That’s all it does~”

“So, time to continue with you punishment then.” Your hand then plucks her hair stick off her hair loop, making her hair fall down. “You know, it makes me wonder how often you please yourself with this.”

As you say that, you start to tease her with her hairstick, rubbing the thin metal shaft against her panties. Seiga gives a low gasp as you do that and you press a little harder to make the wicked hermit squirm.

“Mmmmm… it’s obvious, isn’t it?”

“Someone just doesn’t want to get their hands dirty.”

You slip your hand under her panties and start pressing your fingers against her nethers, which makes her twitch and gasp noticeably. Without missing a beat you slip your fingers into her, and start rubbing your fingers against her inner walls. It doesn’t take long for her to react to your fingering, the moans and her head movement making it clear she feels it. You don't stop until she moans louder and then reaches her climax with a loud squeal. You can totally feel her inner walls clenching on your fingers as you pull them out of her, and then you hover your dripping fingers in front of her mouth.

She laps up your wet fingers before taking them into her mouth and suckling them sensually. Looks like her composure is back, but of course this is just the beginning.

You stand in front of her and start stripping your remaining clothes off and throwing them aside. Seiga seems to be taken a little aback with the size of your erection.

“My, my… you’re quite bigger than I expected…”

You smirk and prod her cheek and lips with your erect tool, but she still seems to keep resisting. So to open her mouth you pinch her nose and wait for her to start breathing from her mouth.

The wicked hermit tries to hold her breath, but eventually does start to breath with her mouth, which gives you the opportunity. You claim her throat, shoving your meatstick into her mouth, making her moan in surprise. She tries to pull away, but you hold down her head.

“No can do.” You say, squirming as you feel the warmth of her mouth. “Don’t try to resist this time.”

She gives off muffled protests, and you pull out as if conforming to her… only to thrust it back in. You hold her head as you start humping her face roughly. Her mouth and throat feel incredible, her wet tongue rubbing against your shaft while her tight throat squeezes your head. All the wicked hermit can do is continue making choked moans with her eyes rolling up at you. When your release comes, you push your shaft as deep as you can manage, before you shoot your thick cum into her mouth, moaning hard. She closes her eyes as she tries to drink all of the sticky liquid.

Once your release stops, you pull out of her mouth, leaving her panting for air.

That wasn’t quite enough for you, and so you straddle her belly and put your cock between her breasts. Without waiting another moment, you start to hump her breasts as your hands squeeze her tits against your cock.

You can see Seiga suppressing her moans as she bites on her lips, looking away as you grind your shaft between her pressed teats.

And then a thought suddenly crosses your mind.

While you ride on her tits, you start to squeeze her milk out by her nipples, making her cry out. With enough force in the squeeze, her tits start to leak milk into your hands. You collect them and lather your raging cock with her milk before resuming the titfucking. The milk makes your cock feel slicker against her skin, and your pace starts to increase. Her moans also start getting louder.

Soon enough you feel like cumming again, and without warning you paint her face with your cum again. Seiga reflexively closes her eyes as you do that, and then you remove your still-hard dick from her sticky tits and prod her cheeks and lips to tell her to clean it up. She looks away, clearly disobeying your demands.

“Clean it up, Seiga. Or else…~”

She meekly opens her mouth as you prod her lips again, and this time she takes your shaft into her mouth, now tasting the odd mix of her own milk and your semen. Once she sucks your shaft clean, she pulls away. You smirk at her as you slip your hand into her panties, feeling that she’s already flooding there. Seiga cannot hold back her moans as you slip a finger into her and tease her insides.

By the time you pull your hand away, your fingers are dripping wet with her juices. It seems like she enjoyed that stimulation despite her denials. Now it’s time to move to the main course. For that, you pull out a knife from your pool of clothes to cut the ziptie on her legs and then forcefully spread her leg apart.

Even though she has her mouth shut, her whole body is squirming in protest as you cut her panties apart to pieces before you throw the knife back into the pile of clothes. She raises her head a little to see your cock looming on her crotch, before she throws her head back in shock with a surprised cry as you shove your stick roughly into her pussy.

Once your cock is fully in, you let her writhe and squirm as you enjoy her tightness around your manhood. She's tight and warm and you can feel every fold and bump in her against your shaft.

“How does my cock feel like?”

Apparently she had no idea it would be a little too big for her to handle. “Mmmgh… too… big… take it out…!”

“In your dreams. You made my cock bigger, so it’s fair for you to taste it.”

Holding down her thighs, you start to move your hips against hers at a slow pace. Seiga tries her best not to moan, but in the end she lets out that lovely voice of hers, moaning in pleasure… just as you pick up your pace.

This time, Seiga doesn't hold back her moans, and you can feel her inner walls start to squeeze on your dick. Since she is encouraging you despite her denial, you don’t want to disappoint her. Your unrelenting thrusts continue, and you can feel her tightening up on you. Unable to hold on any longer, you shoot your seed right into her womanhood as you push up into her as deep as you could with a grunt. Seiga screams as she reaches her orgasm, making you feel a little triumphant.

Not content with that, you adjust the hermit’s position, so that she will be lying on her chest and knees. Seiga whimpers as you raise her butt to the air, as she knows what will be coming next. With her in this embarrassing position, you pop your cock right into her again and then start humping her in full force.

“You sure put on quite a tough face back then, so where has it gone to now, huh?”

She doesn’t answer that question; instead you can her groaning and moaning. This prompts you to slap her exposed ass and make her squeak in pain. More slaps followed and you start to relish this situation. Now leaning over her, you continue to slam your cock into her roughly, and pinning her wrists down.

Unable to get herself free from your grip, Seiga lets out more moans and screams. Despite her trying so hard not to get turned on from this embarrassing position as evidenced by her futile struggling, her pussy walls are squeezing down on you, trying to milk you up despite her obvious denial.

“Hnnngh… I have to wonder… can you get pregnant again?”

“Wh… what…?”

It’s a pretty cruel thing to talk about, but every bit of intimidation counts.

“I should leave you with my kids so that you won’t ever bother me again.” You say, swatting her butt. Of course, with every smack to her buttcheeks, she tightens a little inside.

Her moans are getting louder at this point, and you pound into her holes even rougher by now.

She eventually screams as her climax comes and squeezes hard on you again, but this time you manage to hold onto yours, and you pull out once the twitching hermit’s climax wave ends.

“Wh… why didn’t you… cum…?”

Instead of giving her a verbal answer, you adjust her rear and forcefully stuff your cock into her rear entrance. The sudden jolt of pleasure of having her ass fucked makes her upper body shoot up and arch her back. You dont hold her back as you violate her rear hole as rough as you can. You grab and squeeze her butt cheeks as she let out more moans, sometimes swatting them so that she lets out more noises.

You grin at her faded confident look, before you give the answer to her question. “I’m going to make sure your holes are filled proper, slut.”

Before you move on to your next plan, you cut the ziptie that’s connecting the one binding her wrists to the one around the pillar. You then lift Seiga up with your dick still in her rear, making her stand up and then press her against the pillar.

“…no! No more! Let me rest!” She protests, her façade finally fading completely.

“You can only rest after I am through with you!” As you say this, you can feel her milk's aphrodisiac in full effect. Seiga gasps as she feels your cock in her rear at its biggest; her legs are trembling and losing balance, but you keep her pinned to the pillar as you roughly pound into her ass.

And as the final move for the moment, you bury your cock to the deepest it can go, gripping her rear cheeks before you treat her waiting butt a big injection of cum, straight into her insides. You can feel her jolt with every shot of warm cum you release into her; you can bet if you were pressing her against a mirror she would have a fucked silly face.

When you lessen your press on her, Seiga slumps weakly to her knees, but you’re far from done with her. As soon as you pull out of her, you prod her face with your cock as if to tell her to clean it. Though, just as she takes it in your mouth, you grab her head and start roughly humping her face without much mercy. As much as she wants you to stop, she’s way too tired to stop your continuous assault on her beautiful body…


A few hours have passed since it started.

You pant out in exhaustion as the effect of her breast milk finally wears off. Thanks to her, she has quite a nice and round cum-filled belly. As you pull out of her, thick cum flows out of her well-fucked holes, forming a small pool between her twitching legs.

Her dress might be torn, but it’s still wearable. Her undergarments on the other hand are a total loss. She’ll be walking or flying home without any underwear.

Perhaps dealing with her next time will be as easy and fun as what you were doing to her just now. At any rate, this is your chance to take your leave before she wakes up.
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Also this might be a future outcome in the canon thread, who knows?
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By personal preferance, I'd prefer that it doesn't.

Not too fond of rape.
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Silly boy, that's not rape, she was asking for it.
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I get the impression that she let it happen; WaHH shows she can get out of a tight spot very well even when it's caused by a Kishin, let alone some human soldier.
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Probably leads to Male Snuff...

I'd be okay with this ending snip being written!

Maybe bring him back as mindless Jiang Shi
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Maybe Seiga and Yoshika can have fun with Seo? Like capturing him or something? I could certainly imagine them sucking Seo dry or completely exhausting him through them having endless stamina or something.
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Same guy who posted 36491: Seo did take Seiga's hairstick away and that was what she used to get out from the kishin's water prison thing. But I think you're still correct about her sorta letting it happen because no doubt she has a lot of magic she could've used to blind or knock out Seo and get her hairstick back.
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I was thinking something of the reverse: Seo and Yamame having some fun with her.
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File 142671453170.jpg - (195.04KB, 1300x1900, 49013088_p0.jpg)
And now we resume Alex's adventures! Infiltrator regular updates will resume in a few days.

I hope.


It’s been quite a while since you and Raiko started a relationship. And you weren’t able to hide it from your other guys, who often would shoot a look of jealousy at both of you – well, sans Seo for some odd reason. It’s no secret that Raiko had practically moved into your house by now, and when the two of you were back home from work you would spend the time together in your apartment. Night activities become more common with her as well.

Of course, not everyone liked this development, your squaddies aside.

In the way of your relationship was the Tsukumo sisters, who had Raiko as their older sister figure. They weren’t pleased at all, giving you sour looks whenever you were close to Raiko. Instead of calling them out, you decide to just shrug it. Lately however they were on a roll to check up on what you were doing with Raiko, occasionally stalking you whenever you were off from work.

Erin might scare them off as he is on patrol, yelling at them for being suspicious.

And since you've got a few days off, you might as well spend some time with her by going to various places of interest. You and Raiko would go around the shopping district in the human village, browsing for clothes, sharing food together and watching Alice's puppet show. There's a lot of stuff you listed, and you managed to get almost everything done.

Of course, while you are having fun, time sure flies. You soon realize that the time is almost reaching 10 in the evening. You decide to finish up the date with a trip to Mystia's stall. Just as you were about to leave to the final dating place, someone greets you.

“Hey, lovebirds. Whatcha up to?”

You and Raiko turn around to see Sukiyaki and Wriggle, apparently dressed up for a night's outing like you.

"G'evening, Yuki. We’re going to my usual hangout place.”

Of course, they know what place you are talking about right off the bat. “You mean at Mystia’s? We're about to go there ourselves. Can we come along?” Wriggle asks.

“You’re welcomed to join us~”

--- ((Yatsuhashi Tsukumo)) ---

It's already night but the pervert's house is still empty and the lights are out. You could wonder where Raiko and Alex have been to, and you have been circling around the village since daytime. Perhaps the most logical solution is to ask his friends where he gone too…

You fly towards the village guard post and to your relief; the person manning the tower is not the boy who usually yells at you for lingering around Raiko's studio and Alex's house. He might be new.

“Hey, excuse me. Have you seen the guy with a face mask who works here?”

He turns around to look at you… wait a minute… this person isn't even looking Japanese. “You mean Roach? He’s on leave today, I’m pretty sure I saw him and his girlfriend going places to places for their date.” He even speaks in a weird accent too.

“A date?”

“You know, couples going out for a walk or a shopping?”

“Ah, I get it now, thanks!”

"You're welcomed, lady." Just before you leave you hear the man mutter something. "Lucky bastard…"

--- (( Alex Sanderson )) ---

In the meantime, you, Raiko, Yukikaki and Wriggle have already arrived at Mystia's grilled eel stall, waiting for your orders. Your sake is already served, while you and Yuki have a conversation.

From the corner of your eye, you spot Yatsuhashi landing on the ground and jogging towards you and the group. Raiko greets her when she's close.

“Good evening, Yatsuhashi. Where’s Benben?”

“Looking for you, I guess.”

"It's not like I am going anywhere. Come on, have a seat with us." Raiko pats the now-vacant seat beside her as Wriggle now takes a seat right next to Yukikaki. Once she's seated, Raiko orders some more grilled eels and sake for Yatsuhashi.

You and Raiko would continue your conversation with Yuki and Wriggle, with Yatsuhashi not making any attempts to get into the talk. When the conversation slows down, only then she would ask.

"Raiko-nee, how and when did you meet Alex?"

"Oh? Well that's an interesting one to tell."

You prop your chin on the counter and watches Raiko. Yuki and Wriggle seems to be interested to hear it, of course.

"I remembered quite clearly, back then I was here to drink my heart out, and he came over to have some snacks. It was a month ago or so." She starts. “The place where you sit is where I sat when I first met Alex.” Raiko chuckles, just as Yatsuhashi lifted a finger. Before she can say anything, Raiko resumes talking “Befriending him since then makes me feel my life has changed forever~"

Yatsuhashi lowers her pointing finger in disbelief. “You what…?”

“Don’t be thinking that he’s all bad, sweetheart.” Raiko giggles as she pulls your head close to her chest. “Some people say ‘love at first sight’, some people have theirs as ‘love at first touch’, which is how me and Alex get together.” Yuki and Wriggle giggle embarrassedly at Raiko's bold move, while you try to get off her chest.

"So why did you drink so much that day?" Yuki asks.

"Well, I got to put up with her and her sister, of course. Sometimes you two are plainly irritating to work with, your music skill still need some work when working in a duet, Yatsu."

Yatsuhashi lowers her gaze in shame. Once you manage to get off her chest, you see Mystia putting down a bottle of Sake in front of Raiko. “Don’t worry, Yatsu. I am not angry with you. Have a drink or two and you’ll forget whatever you heard~”

A quick inspection of the bottle later and you notice the kind of liquor that Raiko is giving to the girl. A very strong booze, nonetheless. “Don’t get too drunk now, you two. I can only carry one person home at a time.” you warn your girlfriend.

Needless to say, your warning is unheeded by the two. Raiko ends up feeding Yatsu the whole bottle to herself, and as a result the poor younger Tsukumo is rendered comatose. You sigh as Raiko grins at you like she did nothing wrong. Still, you hang around with your friends for a little while before deciding to go home for the night.

“It's been nice talking to you two, but we should be off now.” You say to Yuki.

"Figures, it's quite late."

"What about you, Yuki?"

"We'll be off in a little while, so you don't need to wait for us."

"Alright then. As for you…" you lift the unconscious Yatsuhashi and carry her over your back, just like what you did with Raiko a while back. "…I'm going to toss you on the sofa. I told you not to make her drink too much, Raiko."

Her response was just to smile back at you.

"See you later, Alex, Raiko!"

You wave back at the couple, just as you leave Mystia's cart court for the Human Village.


Thankfully, the journey back home isn't as slow as you were with Raiko, and soon enough you are back home. You are about to leave Yatsuhashi on the couch, but Raiko insists on bringing her to the bedroom… which you quickly realize that means she's really up to something lewd. Nonetheless you bring Yatsu to your room and you get a full sight of the taiko drum tsukomogami already stripping her clothes. She sits down on your bed, taking Yatsu from your hands so that you can strip as well.

By the time you're done and on the bed however, Yatsuhashi is still fully clothed.

“Raiko, help me with her clothes.” you ask Raiko for help.

“Why don’t you undress her yourself?” Raiko suggests.


“So that you can appreciate her body more, I suppose~?"

You shrug your shoulders and start to gently undo the buttons to her shirt and skirt, before pulling the former off, then flipping her over to her belly so that you can take off her skirt and panties. Now that Yatsu's all naked, it seems that she’s more appealing when she’s naked. She has quite a big butt for her small frame, quite squishy ones at that.

“Yatsu has quite a nice butt, doesn’t she~?”

You nod at your girlfriend, pressing Yatsuhashi's shapely rear against your hard-rock cock. “Raiko, honestly I just want to fuck her in her sleep right now.”

Raiko only giggles when she sees you cradling and fondling the younger Tsukumo's body. As you make her lean against you, you give Yatsu's chest a healthy grope. Her breasts are still budding and feel quite firm, in complete contrast to Raiko's squishy, large and milky teats. She only watches as you lean against the bed's backboard and grope Yatsuhashi's body.

Of course, Raiko does mind that the sight of you molesting her younger sister only makes her obviously hot and bothered.

“She can wait, dear. For now you have someone with a bigger priority over here~”

You chuckle and gently lay Yatsuhashi belly-down and crawl towards Raiko, now cradling your girlfriend close. "Bigger priority indeed, Raiko." Your hands wander around her body, groping her chest and rear, which makes her moan slightly.

Raiko then kisses you as she suddenly pushes you to lie down on your bed. "So, what it’s going to be, Alex? Do you want me on top or at the bottom?"

"You're already on top, that question is invalid." You reply to her in her exact teasing manner.

"You're too kind~"


The next morning, you wake up to the scene of Raiko and Yatsuhashi kissing and hugging each other, both noticing your awakening as soon as you sit up and stare at them. Raiko pulls off from her kiss and hugs Yatsuhashi to her bosom. "Good morning, dear."

"Good morning, Raiko. Did I interrupt your fun?"

"Not at all, Alex. Just something to warm both you and her up before your breakfast, a sexy one at that~"

A lovely girl-on-girl breakfast, something you'd never thought you would ever see, to be honest. Both girls are facing you, hugging each other. Most of their bodies contrast with each other, like Raiko's smirking expression versus Yatsuhashi's reluctant face. The former's squishy chest is squeezing against the latter's firm, flat but budding chest, which adds to the charm as well. Soon they resume their kissing session.

You sit up and watch the girls go at it. Yatsuhashi at times peeks at you embarrassedly before resuming her make out session with Raiko, and a little later, you predictably get hard from watching this. They both finish their session, hugging each other and panting heavily. The younger tsukomogami is obviously reluctant about what's going on, and soon looks a little shaky.

Raiko once again reassures her younger sister. “Just follow my lead, Yatsu.”


With Yatsu convinced to do the deed, you lean back on the bed's backboard as Raiko instructed, now your erect shaft in their full view. The girls admire your shaft, before Raiko lies down on her belly to push her face against it. Yatsuhashi is still reluctant about this, but instead of assuring her, Raiko nuzzles your shaft and starts giving your length a long lick from base to tip. She then withdraws and urges Yatsu to follow her, which the younger one does so, albeit a little reluctant to do so. Raiko resumes her licking after she sees Yatsu keeping on her pace.

Now with them focusing on your shaft, the girls lap your shaft in alternating directions, before Raiko glides her lips against her share of your cock. Yatsuhashi would soon follow suit, and you pet their heads encouragingly.

Of course, the girls are pleasuring you quite nicely; it makes your cock throb and twitch, wanting for a release from all that stimulation.

"Watch closely, Yatsu." Raiko says, as she gently squeezes her digits around your shaft for a final hand job. Since you are already hard, her hand makes it even easier to reach your climax, before letting your cock erupt its thick juice right on their face without warning. There is a squeak coming from Yatsuhashi as she didn't expect her to be cummed in her face, while Raiko lets out a chuckle, looking at the younger Tsukumo afterwards.

"Here, Yatsu. Let me clean you up." Raiko would then lick the cumstains from Yatsu's cheeks before staring at you. "As for you…" Instead of finishing her sentence, Raiko lifts her chest up and sandwiches your still-hard cock between her lovely chest mounds.

You grunt as Raiko presses your shaft between her tits, with the head popping on the top. Then she gives the underside of your exposed cock a healthy lick, which makes you twitch and moan. Afterwards, she massages your meat stick, all while sucking on the exposed head happily. The younger Tsukumo would watch silently as Raiko continues her breast massage, silently quivering while she fingers herself.

Your red-headed girlfriend would suddenly suck harder, making you return your focus to her. Her massaging pace would get faster as well, making you feel it rising up your shaft once again. You feel your climax at its peak just as she clamps over your exposed head, and thus shooting it into her mouth. Raiko sucks what she can, pooling it in her mouth before pulling away, and showing her collection gleefully.

When you and Raiko turn to face Yatsuhashi, she abruptly hugs and french-kisses the latter, with Yatsu squirming due to her unfamiliarity with the taste. Soon enough the squirms dies down and she enjoys the kiss with Raiko, before she pulls away, complete with a thin saliva string connecting each other's tongue.

"Are you ready, Yatsu?"

"I… guess so…"

Raiko lets go of her hug on Yatsu, and pats her shoulder. She even gives Yatsuhashi a good luck kiss to the lips. You then pick her up to hug her instead.

She seems hesitant to return the hug, but does so anyways, wrapping her arms around your waist. You proceed to nip at her nape, causing her to squirm lightly in your hold. You nibble both sides of her nape, before stopping and staring at her flushed face. Only then do you hold Yatsu's head for a kiss to her lips. Raiko kneels in front of you, and then you gently pass Yatsu over to her so that she can cuddle her from behind.

Of course, her hand would start to finger Yatsu's lower lips, doing it rather slow and gentle.

Raiko guides Yatsu's hand towards your stiff cock, coaching her to give your shaft a nice massage. She does it rather slowly, and at the same time you alternate between kissing Yatsuhashi and Raiko. After a while, Raiko stops stimulating the smaller tsukomogami and hugs her from the front, before pulling her to lie down on her chest. With both of them lying down and kissing each other, their lower lips are pressed together.

You take this chance to slide your cock between the pressed pussy lips. That makes both girls moan in complete surprise, showing how pleased they are at once. With your hands pinning the younger Tsukumo to her older sister figure, you continue on teasing on the girls.

Apparently this is too much more for Yatsuhashi than Raiko. She can't handle the teasing anymore. The smirk on latter's face only confirms it.

"What's the magic word, dear~?"

Yatsu turns around to face you, stuttering her words. "P-please be gentle with me…" She shakes her hips at you at the end, and you're unsure if she's shivering or doing it on purpose.

"Don't worry, I will." you assure her, caressing her cheeks before she goes back to burying her face between Raiko's chest. Raiko holds Yatsu's hand as support for the younger tsukomogami, as you line up your hard shaft against her hairless slit. You push yourself gently into her as she requests, arms planted to the bed by her side until you are deep in her up to the hilt. Yatsuhashi cries out as she feels a jolt in her womanhood, her grip on Raiko's hand tighten momentarily before she relaxes, and you stay there to let her get used to your shaft.

Once you feel that she's ready, you start with gentle thrusts, starting out slowly as you hear her moans, and then picking up your pace steadily. Of course, Raiko soon feels left out from the fun you're having.

"I do believe I need to be more hands on the scene, dear."

"What would you suggest?"

At this point, you pause from pounding Yatsuhashi so that Raiko can lift Yatsu's upper body from her bosom and engage the younger tsukomogami in an assuring kiss. Yatsu accepts Raiko's lips as she comes into contact with her, with the latter gently caressing Yatsu's hair. Yatsuhashi glance back at you with her flushed face, shaking her hips at you as if she’s asking for more. Raiko notices this and giggles.

"I told you it'd feel good, didn't I?" Raiko asks as she breaks off the kiss.

Yatsu nods shyly at Raiko's words, and she awards the younger tsukomogami with more caresses to her head.

"If you want it, it'd be a shame if I leave you wanting, right?" you speak to Yatsu as you hold her shaking butt firmly, before resuming pounding her from behind.

Yatsu gives a muffled moan as you're once again filling her tight womanhood. The room echoes with gasps and moans just as Yatsuhashi's mouth slips off Raiko's milky teats as your pace gets gradually rougher, and her grip around Raiko's waist gets tighter. Of course, this easily makes the poor tsukomogami even more aroused, as you can feel her womanhood's inner walls tightening up around your meaty shaft.

Raiko of course knows this, and she stimulates Yatsu more by teasing her clit, making the younger Tsukumo moan louder and writhe in pleasure. All that pounding and squeezing starts making you get closer to your peak, and you can feel Yatsuhashi getting tighter and squeezing you. Since it's too late to back out now and you feel that you're at your limit, you feed her womanhood with your seed, while the younger Tsukumo cries out in complete pleasure. Her hug on Raiko loosens, and she slumps beside her while breathing heavily.

Now that leaves one more person on the bed that you haven't cum inside today.

"Your turn, Raiko."

Your mischievous girlfriend would giggle when she hears you saying her name. Of course, by time you're done with Yatsuhashi, Raiko is wet from anticipation. You did not waste time, as you claim her right away. Raiko let out loud moans as you pin her down and roughly pound her while Yatsuhashi watches. Of course, you kiss her to shut her up, since it's already morning. You can see Yatsu blushing furiously as you move from her mouth and clamp her milky breast, which makes her arch her back and hugging you tight.

She isn't letting up on her side either, as she bucks her hips against yours, attempting to follow your pace. Of course, you only keep on pounding her faster as you could, which makes you start to pant and groan as you build up you climax. As such, you can feel her tightening up on you, due to the rough handling you give her.

Soon, you can feel you reaching your peak. With more moans, you shoot some into her womb, before pulling out and letting the rest onto her chest and face. When she sees your dick hanging in front of her face and still dripping with cum, she gladly takes it into her mouth to clean it up, before pulling herself off you with a small pop. You then kneel beside her, just as Yatsuhashi crawls on top of Raiko.

She then licks off the cum splattered on Raiko's chest while the latter giggles at the display. "My my, someone's finally getting used to doing that I see~"

Of course, the younger Tsukumo sister looks up to Raiko and just pouts at her. Raiko giggles and pulls Yatsu close to her clean chest, while you slip behind the taiko drum tsukomogami to hug her and Yatsu closer to you. Of course, you slip your shaft into her pussy by then to keep her filled up.

"Mmmm~ I guess someone here is not satisfied yet~" Her chuckles soon turn into moans as you thrust into her from behind as a second round.

By the time you're finished with Raiko again it's almost mid-day…
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1 sister down, time for the other.
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File 142960093298.jpg - (713.83KB, 835x1181, 47169016_p0.jpg)
I like ayakumo's design of the Tsukumo sisters plus Raiko.


"It's a shame that you have work, but that happens when you have paperwork to do on the weekends." Raiko says, as she gives you a kiss to the lips. "We'll be back in a couple of days from the springs. Shirayuki will join us right after her shift, so will you be fine alone?"

"I'll be fine. There will always be another time for the both of us."

"Well, if that's the case, I'd expect someone to come over to stay here, so please treat her well, will you?" You raise your eyebrow, wondering who she meant. "But, yes, we should leave. Yatsu, are you ready?"

"Ready~ we’ll bring back souvenirs when we get back~!" Yatsuhashi says before she and Raiko takes off to their destination.

A few minutes later, while you are doing some paperwork, you hear a series of knocks to the main door. You get up to open the door, and leaving the paper on the coffee table. After undoing the lock and opening the door, you see a glimpse of purple hair…

…which soon reveals that it's Benben waiting at the door. You almost forgot that she existed.

You look away, close the door and pretend you didn't see anyone, but she quickly wedged her shoe between the doorframe and the door so that you can't close it.

"Wait! Please! I have something to ask!"

"She's on her way to the hot springs, if that's what you're asking."

"N-no! It's not that! Just let me in first!"

You sigh and relent to her request, letting her inside the house. You expect her to drop her mask and go ballistic on you, but to your surprise, the moment she steps in, she closes the door for you.

"Okay, so what's the deal?"

"Well, Raiko and Yatsu are out to have some time for themselves so they told me to ask you for anything I need." She says. There is an awkward pause before Benben resumes her words. "I… I feel so jealous when Raiko gets so much of your attention… and then Yatsu joined you… so now I can't help but envy you for getting their attention."

"So what you want me to do?" You ask.

"Can I stay here while they are away? I could use some company…"

"Well, if she says so, then make yourself at home I guess." you tell her, turning away so that you can resume your activity.

But then, you hear her clothes ruffling, before you turn around and see her completely naked, with her clothes set aside to show her whole body

"…what's the big idea?" Of course, your gaze quickly focuses at her chest. It doesn't help that her tits look about as large as Raiko's.

"I have no experience in men… just ladies…so can you teach me a thing or two about what Raiko-nee and Yatsu likes so much about you?" Benben still stands there, lowering her gaze to the floor, while you stare at her naked body, now admiring her slim body but quite busty chest.

"Well I could, but first…" Without warning, you grab her and hold her close while she squeaks and instinctively tries to resist, only realizing what she wants and calms down.

"You're for real?" She turns her gaze away, shaking her head. "Well… I guess I have to enforce a few things while you're here."


You flash a grin of mischief at her, before letting her go from the hug, picking her clothes and throwing it away into your room.

"Hey! What's the big idea?"

You focus back on Benben, wagging a finger to her. "Rule number one, you're not allowed to wear any clothes while you stay here, only I can. You're allowed to wear clothes while going outside, obviously."

Benben scowls at you. "Pervert…"

"Second, you let me do things at my own pace, so no asking when I am not in the mood."

"You don't look like a person who wouldn't be in the mood…" She mutters but you can still hear her.

"Third, in spite of all this, are you really willing to do this?"


"Then feel free to make yourself at home… but first things first." You lead her to the couch, where you sit on it and let her take a seat on your lap. From there, you grab her breasts and start kneading them. Of course, she starts to react by squirming and squeaking.

"You pervert… are you really just focusing on my chest?"

"Patience, Benben, if you want the ravishing, this is where I start preparing you for one. Your chest is almost as large as Raiko's too~" You continue to play with her chest, tugging at her nipples and squeezing her chest together. Her moans start to become louder, and the bulge in your trousers is becoming noticeable as well. "Does it feel good?"

She blushes and trembles in your arms. "O-of course… idiot…" You purposely rub your clothed tent against her butt, making her yelp in surprise. "Wh-what was that?!"

"Don't worry about it; you're going to see a lot of it while you're here." You move your hand downwards from her lovely chest, trailing her stomach and then between her legs. She squeaks and twitches visibly in your hold. "Boy, you're quite noisy, aren't you?"

"I-I can't help it!"

You smirk and lean back on your couch as you idly rub your fingers against her lower lips, massaging her gently clit in the process. Benben lets out more protesting moans.

"So do you want me to stop?" You whisper to her ear.

"N-no! Kee-ep going…"

And so you do, this time inserting a finger into her and massaging her inner walls instead. She writhes in your hold and moans in pleasure, just as you add another finger to the massaging routine. Of course, while she fails hard to resist moaning her inner walls aren't really cooperating with her.

"Does it feel really good?"

She did not answer that, instead she gasps and squirms in your hold as you tease her as deep as your finger can go. With your thumb now massaging her clit, Benben moans get louder and bucking and grinding her hips against your hand. A loud orgasmic moan follows as she finally reaches her peak - with the older Tsukumo now arching her back and her inner walls squeezing your fingers and also drenching your hand with her love juices.

She slumps back against your chest, momentarily weakened and panting heavily.

"Yo, is it really that good for you?"

"Of course it is…"

You let her rest her back on your chest, hearing her panting slow down back to normal before you start speaking to her again. "I could teach you things I did with Raiko before. Are you interested?" You tease her.

Her eyes perk wide open as she hears Raiko's name. "I… might be?"

You caress her hair. "Good." After that, you shift her a little so that you can get your track bottoms off you. Soon enough, she soon sits naked on your bottomless lap, with your shaft poking out between her thighs.

She would stare at your girth between her legs in awe. "So this is the thing that's pressing on my butt…"

Of course, instead of just letting her stare at it, you would guide her hand to your shaft. "How does it feel in your hands?"

"It's… so warm… hard and twitching…" Her reply seems to make her sound intimidated by it. Then again, it is her new experience. "What should I do?"

"Rub your hand against it, like this." You then guide her hand to rub against your length, and when she's accustomized to keeping her own pace, you remove your hand from hers and lean back, pulling Benben's back towards your chest. And then, you grab her breasts for some gentle fondling. "That's good; you're getting the hang of it just fine."

Of course, Benben doesn't reply aside from her small gasps of pleasure.

"You know what this reminds me of?" You ask, trying to get her response.


"Sometimes, while I was bored and watching the TV, Raiko would come over and block the TV on purpose with her butt facing me. Then she changes the channel to something raunchy, and then strip right in front of the TV. She’d sit on my lap like this and we'd play each other until nobody can take it anymore." You chuckle, remembering things. "I just claim her right on the sofa, and then we clean things up the next day. Your big sister is a horny devil, you know, but don't tell her that."

You can see the blush on her face, while her hands rub against your shaft faster. You can feel her rubbing her thigh and slit against your rock-hard member, her increasing pace tells you that she wants it more.



"Take me… please… I can't take this anymore…" She begs.

At this point, you're trying hard not to snicker loudly. "You forgot to say please."

She pants hard; her rubbing against your shaft is no longer subtle. "Alex… please… please make me yours…!" Benben cries out as she pleadingly stares at your face.

"Alright then. I hope you're ready."

You adjust her position on you a little, lifting her up by her legs, before lowering the older Tsukumo onto your serviced shaft. As you give her a first taste of cock right into her waiting pussy, you let out an aroused grunt, feeling her inner walls squeezing and engulfing you. It’s quite surprising that she managed to take it wholesale, but you wouldn't even think about asking her. Once she accepted your shaft fully, you let her get used to the feeling of being stuffed, occasionally squirming and thrusting a little.

"How does it feel?" You ask, tugging at her nipples.

"It's… filling me up… and it feels so warm…"

Once you feel that she is ready for the next step, you would start thrusting into her, starting slowly but quite hard. She let out heated moans as you continue to shove it deeper into her, intentionally bucking into her harder at times.

From this position, you would then shift her around, now making the older Tsukumo to bend over on the couch. She has her chin cushioned by her arms on the armrest and her butt high in the air. Despite the positioning, she doesn't protest at all, only looking back and staring at you getting ready to mount her from behind.

"This is embarrassing…" She mumbles.

You plunge into her, before you start pounding her with increasing strength. All Benben can do right now is burying her face into the cushion to stifle her moans as you grab her rear and continue on your business. You can tell that she is very excited despite being taken quite roughly, as you can feel her inner walls squeeze on you and almost not letting you go as you thrust into her.

Over time, you can feel Benben clenching up her inner walls around your shaft, and her moans get louder every thrust

When you pull out of her, her body slumps weakly on the sofa and your sticky cum oozes out of her. She stays there for a few more minutes before you get off the couch and lift her body up.

"Where are you taking me?" She asks weakly as you lift her up onto your arms.

"To the bathroom."

Benben only looks away.

When you reach the bathroom, she can already stand on her own by then and you let her walk to the showers. She presses her chest against the bathroom walls and panting hard. Since she doesn't tell you leave, you discard your shirt into the laundry basket and close the door. You turn on the showers for her, and gently pull her towards you - which she responded with a shriek since she doesn't expect you to linger around.

"Stop that! You scared me!"

"Hey, you didn't tell me to leave." You say as you cradle her under the shower, nipping at her nape.

"You pervert…" She sighs. "Fine. Bathe me like you do with Raiko."

"As you wish, princess." You tease her, pressing out some liquid soap from the nearby sink onto your hand and lathering her body with it. Of course, you start with her breasts, which makes Benben let out a low whimper. After that, you move your hands down from her chest to her belly, giving her a quick tickle on her navel. She makes a ticklish giggle, and by then your hands move towards her rear cheeks where you give her rear really thorough rub, then between her rear cheeks and her legs. For the final touch, you lather more soap to her thigh.

Afterwards, you pick the shower hand and rinse the soapy bubbles off her, until she's clean.

"Do you want to do it on me too?"

"If you can sit down first."

You nod and pull out a small stool from nearby, before sitting on it, while Benben kneels on the floor slowly so that she wouldn't slip. Everything went fine as she starts rubbing the soap on your body, and back, but she stops for a while as she reaches to your waist, as if she had an idea popping in her mind. From the corner of your sight, you can see her hand reaching for the soap bottle again, and a moment later, she's back to rubbing your back, this time with her soap-lathered breasts instead.

Her hands in the meantime would focus on your limp shaft, giving them a massage with her soapy hands, and makes you get hard once again. She doesn't stop there; instead Benben keeps the pacing up and harder with her hands, while breathing down your neck and her nipples hardening noticeably against your back.

She keeps on with her rubbing pace until you can't hold out any longer and thus shooting it off to the bubble-covered floor. She stares and blushes in shock, but instead of saying anything, you would grab her and shower the both of you until there are no more soap bubbles on her.

Once she is all dried up from the bath, you know that she is staring at her pile of clothes, but deciding not to take it. Instead the older Tsukumo would walk out of the room to do something else while there's still light outside, namely summoning out her biwa and playing it. She is mostly silent - might be because she remembers what she just did in the bathroom. She only stops doing so when you serve dinner for her.

When it's bedtime, Benben follows you to your bedroom, before jumping onto your bed and hogging the blanket. You don't mind this as you would climb onto the bed and pull her close under the blanket, pinning her to you in your embrace. Noticeably, she doesn't resist.

---Next Morning---

Since you woke up first, you decide to go on with some housework, such as laundry and making a breakfast for yourself. When you heard someone thumping out of the bed, you know that she just woke up.

"…where are my clothes?" She asks you as soon as she gets out of your room.

"I'm washing it, so you have to stay naked in the meantime, just like I said." As you take the last gulp of your coffee, you point at the laundry you hang outside. "If you still want to wear clothes, you can take Raiko's from the drawer in my room. So what'd you like for breakfast?" You say, gazing at her chest and she grumbles in return. And despite the given chance, Benben prefers to stay naked.

"Something simple. Bread or milk. Or both. A toast is fine too."

You make some toast and grab some milk for Benben. Of course, you're not telling her that you're serving Raiko's milk she squeezed out of herself before she went on to her trip. Other than that, her breakfast is pretty quiet.

When she's done, she cleans up her dish and mug while you wait at the sofa.

Just as she puts away the plate she washed, she would sit right beside you, and somehow inviting you to sit on her lap. You did exactly so, sitting on her lap and lean against her, getting yourself comfortable with her chest squishing against your back. Benben then wraps her fingers around your shaft in your pants and starts jerking you off, acting on instinct.

"You're a fast learner."

"It's not really that hard to learn… It just pops up…"

"That means you're comfortable with me around, I say."

A few more strokes and you stop her, before you adjust her position so that she sits across your lap. This way, she can continue her handjob and you can suck on her breasts in the meantime.

"Stop that… no milk would come out, you know…" She complains, squirming as you suckle on her hardened nipples some more.

"Why not? Your sister makes me addicted to sucking breasts. If I suck hard enough, you might get milk. With your breasts almost as large as Raiko’s, it might be possible."

She sighs, but then gasps sharply as you tug on her nipples with your lips. "Stop biting my nipples!" She chides, but then grows quiet as you instead resume suckling her. "Alex?"

"What is it?"

"Why do you like Raiko so much?" She asks.

"It's a long story, but let's just say I brought her home, she was actually waiting for me to naughty stuff to her… and we had a lot of sex afterwards."

"…a lot of sex afterwards…"

"Hey, she is the one who started the idea."

Her caressing slowed down by then, and she pulls down your pants past your knees. She would then adjust herself, straddling your lap. "Then I want as much as she usually has." She lowers herself on your meat stick with a moan, pressing her body against yours as tight as possible.

"Aren't you quite the eager one here?"

"Sh-shut up… “She snaps at you. To emphasize her neediness, Benben would rock her hips against your shaft. "Mmmmph… I have something to confess…"

"What is it?"

Benben rests her face on your shoulder, and you can feel her warm cheeks heating up your nape. "I… I actually like doing this with you…"

"Come again?"

"You heard me, right?"

"Something about you liking this~?"

"…pervert…" She mumbles slowly.

At that point, you would flip the position to lay her on the couch, spreading her legs and thrusting into her. Her accessible ears make it easier for you to nibble her while you work your hips into her. Of course, you love to hear her moans as you thrust into her, which makes Benben wrap her arms around your back and complete it with a leglock. You wouldn't let up with your thrusts here either, as you keep on with your pace on her, until you can't take it anymore.

With her orgasmic shout, Benben clenches her womanhood around your shaft, making you shoot into her yet again.

"You're a good girl, Benben." You praise the older Tsukumo, while trying to catch a breath. "For that I'll let you wear something."

"…like what? I thought you're not allowing me to wear anything?"

"True, but you're still naked anyway. That's why it's called naked apron, silly." You tease Benben by squeezing her rear cheek. "And I make the rules, so go figure."

"Honestly… you would jump at me even if I have clothes on… not that I mind that." She whispers her last few words.

"What was that again?"



To you, giving her the apron might be the best idea you can come up with. Raiko looked absolutely gorgeous when she puts it on last time, and so does Benben too. At least she is doing some housework with you, while she's still mostly naked. You can tell she actually enjoying being semi-naked in the house, often times, looking back at you and shaking her hips at you subtlety. Of course, soon enough you're done with cleaning the house, you would take a seat on the couch, and she would quickly claim your lap despite the seating space being available right next to you.

She even wiggles her hips on your lap invitingly, and you would respond to her by grabbing her boobs and pulling her closer. Benben would squeal happily as you play around with her breasts, kneading and squeezing them in your hands. In the meantime, she would rub her hand against your crotch affectionately.

"So, what shall we play now?"

Of course, before you answer you would think back about the things you and Raiko always do to pass some time. A glance at her chest and the idea quickly pops up for you to try with her.

"Since Raiko likes to do it with me, how about you massage my dick with your breasts?" You suggest.

"My breasts?" She asks as she loosens the top of her apron and sandwiches your shaft between her breasts. "Like this?" It feels so tingly warm and comfortable.

"Yes, like that."

With a happy chuckle, she presses her breasts together with her arms with your dick in between. "How does it feel?"

"It feels great, Benben. Keep on."

It doesn't take a while for you to feel close to your peak with her titjob, and the way that she's squeezing your shaft between her breasts is like she wouldn't let it go. So instead of telling her, you shoot your dick cream to her face, splattering the sticky liquid all over and making her squeal in surprise.

"You meanie… you could have told me…" Benben whines as she wipes the mess off her face with her apron. But instead of stopping there, she would even clean up your cock. "What's next?"

"Eager, aren't you?"

She simply nods. That is when you get up from the couch and lift her up into your arms, moving to the kitchen. There, you bend her on the table, with her ass facing you. You know that she wants it badly when she starts shaking her hips at you, and without waiting you claim Benben's pussy with your dick - thrusting into her at your roughest. Benben in the meantime squeals and moans happily with your roughness, bucking her hips to feel more of you.

Hearing Benben's happy squeals makes you want to fill her up and feeling her womanhood tightening up on you would encourage you to thrust faster until both of you cum together. You prop yourself on the table, before suddenly carrying her off from the table and to your bedroom for more.

---Next Morning---

As you open your eyes upon waking up the next morning, you are greeted with Benben's peaceful sleepy face. You soon realize that you tired yourself out by making love with Benben, and thus fell asleep on top of her. Now that you think about the stuff you did with her, if she had been just a regular human girl, she could have already be impregnated with all that strenuous lewd activities. The thought of you impregnating her as well as Yatsu and Raiko gives you quite a stiffy; you might as well try waking her up.

No response from her however.

Unable to contain your lust for her, you would spread her legs and slowly pushing yourself into her sleek folds, eliciting a small groan from the sleeping tsukomogami. Instead of thrusting roughly into her like yesterday, you embrace Benben and thrust slowly and stir her up to get a response from her. She finally woke up, slowly opening her eyes with a moan.

"Good morning, Benben."

"Good morning, Alex… can't wait for me to get up proper, huh?" She replies in between gasps.

You snicker at Benben, holding hands with her. "A man who doesn't eat the meal in front of him should be ashamed."

Benben doesn't answer much, and you kiss her lips instead. She accepts it and even tries to french kiss with you while you keep the pacing up. "If that's the case then eat me as much as you want~"

"Will do~"

Of course, with her eagerness, you can feel her squeezing against your shaft quicker than she would earlier on. Not wanting to be outdone, you continue thrusting into her as fast as you can.

As the older Tsukumo reaches her orgasm with a squeal of pleasure, you shoot it deep into her womb, hugging Benben tighter towards you. When her orgasm dies down both of you stay hugging each other until you pull away from her. With your meatstick in her view, she didn't waste tip to gobble it up and clean the sticky mess stuck to it.

"Oh my, it seems like you two has quite some fun~"

You would turn towards the voice and seeing Raiko is leaning against the doorframe. While you're happy at the fact that Raiko's back from her trip, Benben is surprised as she removes herself from the cleaning duty and try to cover herself up, even though Raiko doesn't even look angry in the slightest. That was to be expected, since she is the one who planned the whole thing. She puts aside her things and climbs onto the bed to kiss both you and Benben, Yatsuhashi just flops onto the empty space on the bed right next to you, presumably tired.

"So, how was your days together?"

"It was great, but just how many people are going to stay in my room next time?"

:"Don't worry, Alex. We'll buy a bigger bed. There's one condition, though…"

"What is it?" You ask.

"You and I would claim its first time, just the two of us~"

You stare at her face for a few moments, letting the words sink in before responding. "That sounds so wrong, Raiko. So wrong."

Of course, all she did is chuckle mischievously at your reaction.


A few days after you have Benben to warm up to Alex, everything is well. Now, you and the Tsukumo sisters live with Alex and his fairy co-worker in his house, and your jamming studio business is doing good too.

"Hey, who finished all the milk in here?" Yatsu asks, after looking inside the fridge.

"Huh? I finished it yesterday." Benben replied. "I'll buy some later."

Raiko says as she walks towards Yatsu. "The milk's finished? I just squeezed that out yesterday…" She laments.

There is an awkward silence hanging in the house as Benben tries to register what Raiko just said. "You… did what now?"

"I squeezed them, right out of my chest~"

At that point, Benben went pale before she quickly ran towards the balcony with a view of the village's guard tower in the distance.


It was so loud that Alex might even have been able to hear her.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Shirayuki asks as she flies out of her room with her P90.

"I think the secret is out of the bag…" Yatsuhashi replies as she cowers behind the couch.
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And so Alex's conquest of the Tsukumogami musicians is complete. Good one.
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Now he needs to add the poltergeist musicians! Just kidding.
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File 143554359328.jpg - (559.19KB, 834x1221, b2c1a8f9927b43ed2a603a204a44d581.jpg)
This is the missing scene after the party at Yamame's place and before the three-month jump.


Instead of waking up to sit, she grabs your collar and pulls you down to her body. You grunt as your body meets the floor but are quickly silenced with a hungry kiss from Yamame. She only lets go after a while to let you catch a breath, with a naughty smirk curving up on her face.

"...what was that for?"

Instead of replying, Yamame kisses you again. Her hand gropes your crotch, and gives you a gentle fondle there.

You think you get the point here. Now feeling bolder, you start undressing Yamame's kimono, which soon reveals that she isn't wearing any undergarments underneath her clothes. As such, her large breasts and hairless slit are revealed as soon as her clothes fall apart.

You then disrobe yourself, exposing your youthful body to her. Once your top is exposed, you and Yamame stare into each other's eyes - yours filled with uncertainity and hers with lust. An eyeful of her breasts however soon change that, and you extend your reach towards Yamame's bountiful chest to give them a good fondle. She giggles and squirms at the touch.

In response to your chest-groping, the spider lady rubs her hands along your uncovered length.

"Mmmm~ look how healthy you are, Seo~ how you are so ready to jump on me~"

Yamame moans as she feels you trail your finger from her breasts to between her thighs. "Mmm... as much as I want to jump on you, I'd rather make both of us enjoy it to the fullest..."

"How romantic, dear~" You blush in the dim light of her room. "It shows how much you have matured~"

You continue to finger her slit gently and at the same time she rubs her hand against your shaft. Deciding that the handrubs isn't enough to please you, she shifts her body a little.

"What is it, Yams?"

"Sit up, Seo."

You do as she told you to, allowing the spider lady to nuzzle on your erect shaft before proceeding to give your cock's undersides a wet, long and wanting lick. Moments after coating your cock with her saliva, Yamame then takes your cock into her mouth, sucking on your shaft. At the same time, she fondles your nuts and fingers herself. Moaning, you ruffle the spider lady's hair, letting her please you as much as she wants to.

After a while, you can see her hard work is starting to make you feel the peak. Instead of going any slower, she happily keeps her mouth around your cock.

"Ugh... Yams... I'm going to cum...!"

Despite your warning, she only pulls her head back a little, just before you burst into her mouth. You can hear her complaints, albeit a little muffled, before pulling her mouth off your twitching cock. Yamame giggles as she swallows your load, and seeing as how you are still erect from the display of lewdness, Yamame pushes you to lie on your back, before she pounces on you.

For the second round, she wraps your cock around her breasts, and immediately works on massaging your shaft. You moan at the stimulation, causing her to giggle in reaction.

"From the look of your face, it feels good now, doesn't it?"

"Damn right it does..."

Yamame resumes her massaging, bobbing her breasts with tight squeezing from the top to the bottom, licking the underside of your cock whenever it's exposed. While she does so, you are reduced to a moaning wreck as you feel yourself ready for release once again.

"My my, is it that time again~?"

You can only muster a grunt as a reply, and that makes her double the effort. When you finally reach your peak, she aims it so that you shoot directly at her face, eliciting a happy squeal from the spider lady. She licks up whatever she can and wipes off the rest with her wrist.

After that, she lies down and spreads her legs invitingly, showing her sopping wet folds to you. "I hope you're not done yet since I want you to release it all inside of me here as well~"

You swallow a lump in your throat at her inviting display, before you position yourself above her. Yamame guides your cock towards her waiting pussy, allowing you to push inside of her. Once the head is in you push in the rest of the way in. Yamame let out a squeal as she felt your shaft fully sheathed in her, causing her to tighten up around you for a brief moment.

Once she calms down, you lie on top of Yamame, and then kiss her. It starts with a peck before the two of you french kiss each other. Yamame loosely wraps her arms around your neck, and you start the loving session with a sharp thrust into her.

"Hmmm~ Seo~"


"Ravish me, Seo~"

You chuckle and nuzzle her face, as your stir her up. "Considering that you are the one who riled me up, it's only fair that I say yes to that~"

"Good boy~"

Without wasting any time, you wrap your arms around her, making your hips start thrusting into her, in a gentle pace. Yamame in the meantime moans and nibbles at your nape, making you moan.

"You're being quite bitey."

"At least you like it~"

True, she is using her teeth to tickle you. And you decide to thrust a bit more into her.

That seem to work as she throws her head back in pleasure. Her reaction only makes you press her harder against the futon and pump your cock into her pussy with increasing eagerness. She seems to accept this well, now locking you in place with her legs clinging around your hip.

"Mmmm~ you are quite good, Seo~ I think you've had some experience, hmm~?"

Instead of answering that, you kiss the spider lady and push your tongue inside of her mouth to play with her tongue. She accepts it well, and even tightens her inner walls during your tongue assault.

While you continue kissing Yaamae, your hips won't stop working, keeping your pace at first before increasing the intensity.

You can feel her tightening up around your shaft, which drives you even closer to the edge.

With a deep kiss and seating your shaft deeply inside her womanhood, you release your thick seed inside her as much as you can, with Yamame squealing in joy.

You continue to shoot your seed into her womb until your orgasm dies. Until then, you and Yamame lock lips, enjoying the deep kiss. Her leg lock has loosened by then too, allowing you to rest on top of her.

Of course, you don't feel that once inside her is enough. And for that reason, you slowly get off her. Before she can question you why, you flip her to lie down on her belly and raise her hips to you. Of course, as soon as her rear is up, she sways it to entice you - you quickly take the bait.

Yamame hugs on her bolster as you pound her from behind, muffling her moans as well. At times she looks back at you, watching you pant as you continue claiming her from behind.

"Mmmh... You're so naughty, Seo... taking me from behind so roughly~"

Of course, that remark only made you stab your cock in her deeper, making her cry out loud.

"And your voice is so lovely too, Yamame."

"You meanie..."

You hold her hips with a chuckle, as you continue to ravish the spider lady from behind. She lets out plenty of lewd moanings as you continue, and apparently being taken in this position seems to turn her on very well. Her inner walls keep squeezing you as you bury it deep in her womanhood.

"...ore! Deeper... make me feel good...!"

And you do, slamming your hips as roughly as you can onto her. Yamame tightens up so much that you can't handle the sensation anymore, and you keep your cock deep in her. With a powerful surge or orgasm, you once again fill the spider lady's womanhood with your seed.

She slumps to her side as you let go of her raised butt and pull out of her. You on the other hand lie down beside her, finally being able to rest after that tryst with her. Yamame at first simply cuddles you, but soon she turns you a little and lies on top of you before guiding your still-hard cock back into her pussy.

Both of you would at times exchange small thrusts between each other, and Yamame chuckles as she observes you sucking on her nipple and fondling the other.

"You still remember the time when you were a kid, and you fell down here?"

"Of course."

She chuckles to herself and gently pets your head. "Back then I used to love a human, who got thrown down here. He lived, and I nursed him back to health. I loved him as much as I could, but unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries even though I tried to heal him as much as I could."

You suckle her breasts intently as you listen to her story.

"When I found you that day, you were crying a lot, from pain and from seeing my spider form. I had to put you to sleep, so I could fix your leg, and then bring you to the city for treatment."

"You brought me to the city? I don't remember that."

"Well, I have to put you to a deep sleep. The treatment itself is painful to look at, but as you can see, you're able to do perverted things with me."

You giggle and play with her breasts some more.

"When I hugged you close to my chest, you instantly stopped crying. But in your sleep you keep mumbling for your mother, I know you missed her a lot." She sighs, sounding a little regretful. "I enjoyed having your company, but I know that I have to return you to the surface. So once you are healed, I sent you back up. From that day, I hoped to meet you again when you are all grown up."

"I see..."

"Honestly, I am glad thay my wish came true~" Yamame says as she hugs you close to her chest. You chuckle and do the same to her.
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File 143554449222.png - (726.03KB, 900x635, 2f6e71690be08b10a0d74dfb8bbc567d.png)
A night at the bar at tbe edge of the Forest of Magic

You and Meiling are spending your day off, and today she's treating you to a few rounds of liquor. Of course, being a beast it's really hard to get you drunk, while she's starting to get a little tipsy. As you were busy drinking, you notice a twin-tailed redhead sitting at the table not too far from you.

"Who's that?"

"Komachi Onozuka, she's the ferrywoman of the Sanzu River." Meiling explains. "Check out her breasts, Rei."

Of course, that was not the first thing you start to stare when you first saw her, but now that Meiling had pointed it out, your eyes are now fixed on her assets. You then break the glare and stare at Meiling instead. "You know you don't have to mention that to me."

"Oh, don't be mad."

Komachi, now noticing you, gets off her seat, and carries along her drinks to your table.

"Hey there, wolfy. I see that you have been trying to avoid staring at my chest for a while now. Though, you're quite bad at doing it." She then notices Meiling, who's giggling beside you. "Ah, Miss Gatekeeper, fancy seeing you around here. Is he your man?"

"Sort of." She replies. "Day off or otherwise?"

"Otherwise. "

"Same here."

This time, with the ferrywoman as close as she is to you, you don't even try avoiding your gaze. Of course, you suddenly get a faceful of Komachi's breasts. Meiling giggles, and you figure out that she just pushed you into Komachi's cleavage.

By the time you pull off from her chest (much to Komachi's disappointment,) Meiling gets up to leave

"Hey Meiling, don't leave me here."

"Oh, you'll be fine. Have fun, though~"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means we can have fun with each other~"

You blink in surprise as she pulls you to her chest, and ruffles your wolf ears. Of course, you are a little bit calmed down with the friendly gesture, and being an animal youkai you are you return the ruffles with nuzzles. As you nuzzle her bountiful chest, your hand feels around her breast, feeling it and generally trying to feel up her size.

She... is definitely bigger than Meiling as you are hardly able to fit her breast into your greedy hands and as you press your face between her breasts, you admire her softness, which is nothing like you have felt before. This even makes you wag your bushy wolf tail around in excitement.

"Hey, you are pretty good with your hands."

"I've got some practice."

"And I know you like it too~" Komachi gently pries you off her chest and stands up. Instead of leaving without a word, she offers a hand for you, which you accept. "Though, I prefer doing things in private, don't you?"

"...Of course."

"Let's go upstairs, mister wolfy. My treat~"

You get up and follow Komachi to the upper floors of the bar, and you soon encounter empty hallways leading to inn rooms.

Komachi opens the door of the room at the far end of the hallway, and leads you inside. Once you close and lock the door, you promptly hug Komachi from behind. She replies with a giggling yelp as you cup her breasts, and grabs your hand to push it in even further, thus enabling you to feel her softness and warmth.

"You're quite a naughty wolf, Mister Rei."

"So you know my name."

"Well, I always saw you scavenging for interesting things, but mainly outsider items." You let her go from the hug, so that she can turn around and plant your face between her breasts again. "I know, I saw you sometimes, and since you're this close, I admit you look cute."

"I am not cute." You protest, squeezing her rear in the process.

You regretfully pull yourself off her so that you can unfurl the inn's futon. Once it's done, she surprises you with a hug around your neck, and she rests her breasts on top of your head, causing you to squirm your head under her.

"You sure like breasts, don't you?"

A smirk grows on your face. "Of course, in fact..." you turn around and pounce her to the futon. "I want to do more than just fondling."

The same smirk also appears on her face. Without much hesitation, Komachi props her body so that she can sit up a little, and then undresses her top, to expose the breasts of your dreams. The sight of her glorious chest makes your eyes wide, and your ears twitching in interest.

"Oh my, -" her words are cut short as you pounce on her again, this time flooring her completely on the futon. "I think I turned on a switch~"

You growl happily as you fondle her breasts, kneading them together and playing with her nipples. When you open your mouth, Komachi can see your fangs , eliciting some giggles from her before you wrap your lips around her erect nipples.

The ferrywoman squeals happily as you start suckling and playing around with her nipples, tending the other with your free hand and occasionally switching sides. Komachi even encourages you keep doing it as she gently pats your ears and rubbing the back of your head.

While you were busy playing with her breasts, her hand would snake to between your legs, groping the bulge that's been growing even since you get pushed into Komachi's face.

"You know, I've been wondering how large a beast's meatstick can be." Komachi giggles.

You look up from your spot and smirk at her. "Perhaps comparable to your breasts, Komachi."


To prove your words, you straddle her legs and hastily undo your hakama, showing Komachi your rather large girth for a beast, a half-erect one at that.

The ferrywoman licks her lips as she beckons you over, so that she can have a closer look. Then, you straddle her chest so that your half-erect shaft lies between her breasts.

"Hmmhmm~ I wonder how thick it is when it's fully hard~" And without warning, Komachi squishes your shaft between her soft breasts. You grunt as her softness envelopes your shaft, save for the head, and she quickly makes her move in massaging along your cock.

"Wah... Komachi... that's heavenly~"

"Take this, you pervy beast~" She teases.

As she expertly kneads her breasts around your meatstick, you moan and feel your cock getting bigger as a result of your arousal. It soon becomes fully hard as you reach your full erectness, and the head often times will peek out. She uses this chance to lick the tip.

Her tongue licking the underside of your head feels incredible and you find yourself thrusting into her breasts, all while gripping the sheet beside her head for support.

"Feels good, hmm?"

"You know your moves~" You reply.

Of course, all that breast stimulation coming from her is starting to push you over the edge already. She can even feel your cock twitching between her tits, and your resistance to orgasm is slowly dying down. "And I see that you look like you can't hold it anymore~"

At her remark, you shift your arm from the futon to her breasts, squeezing and riding them for a bit more, before with a howl you shoot it to her face - a good amount of your sticky wolf cum splatters on her face.

You get off her, with both of you panting at the orgasm. Komachi scoops up what she can to drink it down and judging from the look on her face, she seems to be satisfied with the taste. Now that she had her face cleaned up, it's your turn to please her. Of course, instead of you taking the initiative, she removes the rest of her clothes to expose her slit. It's quite drenched, and she's definitely wanting your attention this time.

"Rei~? It's your turn this time~"

"You don't have to ask, Komachi~"

You get on your knees and then lie down to press your nose between her thighs. This time, as you focus on her clit with your rough tongue, you can feel her shudder. She lies down to allow you to get more access to her wet slit, and you don't waste time to give her one, rough lick.


And as aggressive she was with her breasts and licking a while ago, you return the favor by roughly licking her slit and slurping up her love juices. She grabs your head and pushes your face into her, while you continue eating her out.

"Your tongue... it's so rough... it feels so good~"

You wrap your arms around her legs and lift them up so that you pleasure her more. Hearing her moans makes your ears twitch in happiness and your tail wag happily. Of course, not stopping at just licks, you even lap up her inner walls with your tongue.

Her arousal is heightened with that and you continue eating her out, with her moans unfiltered. She arches her back with the pleasurable licking you dish out to her - and pants heavily. Just as you feel her tightening up you get a taste of her juices surging towards your mouth, and she cries out in orgasm.

Once her orgasm dies down, the ferrywoman finally gets her chance to calm down. "You're pretty good, Rei~"

"I'm glad you think so, Komachi." You chuckle, kneeling between her legs. "And you're ready for the main course, yes~?"

Komachi slips her fingers to between her thighs and slips them to between her thighs,spreading her slit as an invitation. "Mmmn... don't make me wait then~"

With her permission, you guide your full-erect shaft towards her waiting pussy. As you sink the head of your shaft in, she let out small childish yelps, and you stop for a few moments. Before she can protest at you for stopping halfway, you push the rest of your length inside of her with some , hearing her squeal out in total pleasure.

"Uwah...! So..... thick..."

To assure her so that you can proceed further, you lie on top of her and share a deep kiss with her. She wraps her arms loosely around your waist, beckoning you to start moving.

As she gives you permission, you stir her inner walls by twisting your hips. Her squeals and her soft breasts pressing against your chest then make you start thrusting your hips into her. It starts out rather slow, before the pacing gets faster. "Hah... Komachi...~"

The ferrywoman is definitely enjoying it, as her fingers clench against your hold. She gets even tighter as you keep thrusting, while you keep the rather rough pacing on her. Over time, she tightens even further, so much so that it's getting harder to pull out of her. As a result of that, your thrusts get shorter and more arousing.

"Mm~ I can feel you're about to cum~"

"And you're so tight around me, Komachi..."

Giggling, once again she pulls you into an embrace and then into a kiss - and she even locks her legs around your waist to prevent you from pulling out all the way. "That means you can't release it outside of me~"

"Guh... you're one needy girl... I'm gonna cum...!"

"Release it all inside me, naughty wolf~"

And after holding back your orgasm for a little more longer, you finally shoot your wolf cum right into her womanhood, with pleased cries coming from both of you. Komachi lies tiredly, panting heavily to catch her breath and letting her leglock go.

"You came quite a lot, Rei..."

You smirk at her, towering above the ferrywoman. "It's something I am proud of." You then shift your position to lie down behind her, wrapping your arms around her and sinking your hands into her large, soft chest.

Komachi moans as you play with her breasts once again, and it intensifies as you hump her from behind. "Then I suppose we could go along well~"

Then, you hear the door click open, revealing Meiling waiting at the door, blushing and licking her lips. "I had enough watching, and I feel like joining you two too."

She closes the door behind her, locking and dropping the key to her feet. Her clothes would soon follow, and she would later lie down facing Komachi. "I hope you like sharing."

"Not a problem to me~"


A couple of hours later.

You lean against the pillar, twitching as the two redhead damsels lick your thick shaft as if they are licking a popsicle. At the same time, you pet their heads encouragingly.

"I feel quite lucky to have two lewd redheads like you two."

Komachi giggles. "It is fun, after all."

"It is~ it's not always that you would have a threesome with someone who has a chest bigger than I do~"

"Ah, he's throbbing again~"

"Open wide, girls~"

Both Komachi and Meiling happily open their mouth, before you shoot your cum into their mouth and face. As they lick each other's face and your cock clean, you smirk at the redheads wondering about the lewd future you will have with both.
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That was great, but porn that skips the best part makes me sad.

We never got any group scenes with the underground crew either. Profound sadness.
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Group scenes with the underground crew? It might be something considered for the future.
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Delicious Yamame is delicious and desirable.
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What parts are we skipping again?
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He meant the Komachi-Rei-Meiling threesome.
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File 144255784081.png - (931.44KB, 627x886, 793e08b477ec488e460d78e2161c64e5.png)
And now for some more Yuuka love.


You glance up at the sky with a hand shielding your eye. Looks like with the sun's glare and white clouds above, today would be another fine day with good weather to take a stroll in your garden. As you hum with a parasol in hand to shield you from the sun, you notice someone's presence in the vicinity. Of course, it is not a malicious presence but someone is trespassing through your area, which prompts you to check it out.

You soon stumble upon a pair of fox ears poking out of the sunflowers, Judging by the way they are uncovered, you know those ears do not belong to Yakumo's servant. Floating above the the flowers, you approach the vulpine intruder from behind. With careful observation, you realize that this fox is a male, so he is definitely not Yakumo's servant. The amount of tails he have confirms it further. Instead of walking up to him, you observe his actions as he seems to be examining some sunflowers...

...as if he's going to pick them.

Not on your watch. "Aren't the sunflowers lovely, mister fox?"

His ears perk up at your question, finally noticing your presence before turning around to face you. "Ah...! Oh, yes they are. My younger sister wants to grow sunflowers so she asked ne to find some good seeds for her."

"So that explains why you look suspicious." You say as you approach the seven-tailed fox. "You did know this garden belongs to me didn't you?"

"I'm aware, Miss Kazami."

You chuckle at the fox knowing your name. Of course, you do have a reputation. "Oho~ but I didn't catch your name, dear."

"Nanabi Tsukishiro." he bows.

You nod at him. "Nanabi, hmm? I could give you the seeds myself, but there's something you need to do... And you do look strong for the thing."

"Is it a danmaku battle?"

"Correct." What a foolish fox, agreeing to a battle he surely can't win. You close your parasol and point the tip at him. "If you can defeat me, I will give you what you want. If you lose, you have to do what I want~"

He looks thoughtful for a few moments. "Sounds good enough for me."

You smile and take a good distance from the fox. "well then! Let's begin!"

And then the two of you dash straight at each other.


An hour has passed, and you're hovering in the air, staring down at a fox faceplanted onto the ground, with some smoking. Of course, despite his strong start he got worn out fairly quickly. You land down beside him and poke his back with your parasol.

"Down for the count, huh. I admire your strength... but you don't have the tactics." you keep prodding his side to no response. "Unconscious already? Ah well. If you're not waking up I might as well carry you off."

And off you go with an unconscious fox slung over your shoulders,

Once you're back in your cottage, you toss him onto your couch, despite the fact he seems to be in total unconsciousness. Poor thing, putting up such a brave fight but losing in the end. Parts of his clothes are singed, torn or both. You sit on his belly and fiddle his cute whiskers with your fingers. All he does is squirm around a little before he goes back to his dormant state.

"Oh mister foxie~ you'd better wake up now~"

No response. So he's totally out cold.

You glance at the fox's unconscious body, eyes traced on his semi-exposed top. He's got some abs for sure. Of course, you sit on the couch to get a closer look. You chuckle to yourself as you observe his body, feeling your heart beat faster. "My my, Mister Fox~ you got quite a charming body there~" you mutter, leaning down onto Nanabi's body and lying on top of him.

He seems to squirm as you worm your body up so that you can lie on top of his body fully. You relax on top of the fox, humming lightly. Of course, soon enough, you feel that cuddling his warm body isn't going to be enough for you. Your hand squeezes and grope his fluffy vulpine tails, pulling the ones that are not completely pinned under him close to your cheeks to give it a healthy nuzzle.

Back to his body, staring at his chiseled chest makes an inner desire to play with this fox grow. You fiddle your fingers with the buttons on your vest, undoing them first, then your shirt soon follows. Now with both your vest and shirt undone and removed, you toss them away to reveal your black lacy bra, pushing up your sizeable breasts up. Chuckling, you remove your plaid skirt as well, and straddle the fox's belly in just your underwear.

At last, the fox finally wakes up, flapping his ears before his eyes flutter open. Those charming green eyes open wide in shock upon seeing you sitting on his belly.


…when you finally come to, you see Yuuka sitting on top of you, clad only in her underwear. "Do you like what you're seeing?" she asks as she stretches her body, showing off her curves to you.

"...of course... but why?"

"Why not~?" She lies down on your body and lean closer to your face. "After all, you look like a man who has experience with women~"

"Do I look so?"

"You can't fool me, Mister Fox~ it's written right on your face~"

Unexpectedly, Yuuka leans down to lock her lips with yours, and she wraps her arms around your shoulders.

You sit up and lean against the bed's backboard as Yuuka helps to remove your hakama, with your fudoshi soon joining the former in a pile. Yuuka smirks at you as she dances a little on your lap just to get you riled up, before sliding off your legs and lying belly-down between your legs. She nuzzles your erection with her cheek, and then gives it a nice lick along the length, causing you to wince at the small burst of pleasure.


"Why? You're a gorgeous young fox, itd be a waste if I don't take advantage of a served meal~" You let out a surprised moan as you feel her gobble up your shaft and force it down her throat. She bobs her head along the length for a few rounds before pulling off.

Now, your cock is slick and glistening with her saliva.

"Mmmh... your mouth is wonderful..." you moan out your words.

"That's not all, dear foxie~" Yuuka chuckles as she unhooks her bra and throws it away, letting you feast your eyes on her beautiful, bountiful chest. For a brief moment, she allows you to manhandle her breasts, which are quite a firm pair.

You grunt as Yuuka wraps your erect cock with her tits, stroking and giving the underside of your cock's head a nice big lick. She even grins at your lewd expression.

"Oh man... that is great..." You moan out a response.

"You make quite a lewd face, Nanabi."

"It's because it feels good, of course."

"You think that's good~? There's more~" as soon as she finishes her licking she squeezes her tits, then rubbing along your length teasingly. "How about that~?"

You can't answer coherently, and Yuuka continues her assault on your cock, until she feels you throbbing from the need to cum badly from her overpowering stimulation.

"What's that, you want to cum?"

Instead of nodding, you buck your hips into her breasts. Yuuka however isn't letting her heavenly trap around your shaft go; instead she strokes and licks harder until you reach your peak. With a loud grunt you let go, resulting in you making a mess on her face.

She giggles and wipes her face clean, making sure to clean up everything. And despite blowing such a copious load to her face, you are still hard to her delight.

"Mmmhm~ I can see you're quite eager~" She then climbs atop you, rubbing her body against yours. As for her final article of clothing left on her body, she makes a little dance as she removes her lacy black panties, tossing it away the the clothing pile. "Now it's your turn to tease me, Mister Fox~"

You rub your hands against her body, trailing from her back to her rear, before squeezing her supple butt and rubbing her slick slit with your hard shaft and forcing her to moan. Afterwards, she guides your shaft and pushing herself down and taking the whole length into her womanhood. She arches her back from the immediate pleasure, and after a short break to relish your thickness in her before she starts to bounce atop of you. She starts with small hops while leaning back slightly. Your hand on her hips serves as a guide while she continues to make her move.

While she's doing that, Yuuka leans down, lowering her top body to your face. With her breasts pressed against your chest, Yuuka rubs her bountiful breasts against your firm chest, with a smirk on her blushing face. She occasionally let out quiet gasps, and your squeezing on her rear plus your thick shaft pumping in and out of her womanhood makes her slip out the louder ones.
Before she gets too absorbed into it however, Yuuka stops, gets up and swaps her positioning, now with her ass facing you, and with her riding you off. With her action and positioning, it's enough to make you writhe in pleasure as her inner walls massage your shaft vigorously. With how your cock is twitching and throbbing inside her, Yuuka doubles her pace, and making you cry out while gripping her rear.

"Aha~ you're throbbing so hard inside me, Nanabi~"

"If you keep doing that I am going to..."

Instead of saying anything, Yuuka makes a giggle as she rides you even harder, making her inner walls massage your shaft even roughly. This causes you to grab on her butt and hold her down, and she presses herself down with a naughty squeal.

You finally cum inside Yuuka, shooting out another round of thick cum into her womb, moaning in pleasure as well. Once the orgasm dies down, she pants heaviky to catch a breath before looking at you over her shoulder.

"Is that all you got, Nanabi? Or do you have some more fight left in you~?"


You let out a playful giggle as your remark made Nanabi push you over so that you lie chest-down on your bed. Of course, even in this position, you can still tease Nanabi by swaying your butt at him to tempt him. Of course, he took the bait and quickly jumps on you.

"Oh my, the fox is being rowdy~"

You can feel him rubbing his length against your slit. The fox however stops rubbing, causing you to look over your shoulder in confusion. Just as you are going to open your mouth, he orients himself and pushes his whole length into you, causing you to moan in surprise. The fox is definitely in his element now, and then he starts to pound you from behind quite roughly.

"How do you like that~?"

"Mmmmph~! I like it, Nanabi~"

You let out more naughty moans as Nanabi continue to pound you from behind like the naughty beast he is, and in the meantime you lay your chest flat on the bed, gripping the sheets for support. Soon enough, you can feel him resting his body on top of yours, his hand grasping yours. He even attacks your nape and ears with his nibbles, but after a while, he stops and yanks you off the bed. Naturally, you're confused about what he's going to do.

"Let's go elsewhere~" He starts.

"Oh? Where to?"

Without even answering your question, he walks out of your bedroom while still connected to you and brings you to the living room. He sits on the couch and as a result you sit down on his lap with your back facing him.

Giggling, you lean back against the fox's chiseled chest and subtly bounce on his lap. He moans at the same time, causing him to grab your breasts and fondle them.

"On the couch, Nanabi? You're such a naughty fox~"

"And you're quite a naughty lady too, Yuuka."

As expected, the fox has quite the stamina if he's turned on like so~ he's relentlessly squeezing and molding your breasts together, causing you to let out gasps. At the same time, Nanabi resumes his naughty poundings, before bending you over on the couch. With him lying on your back, you choose to enjoy the bliss. He isn't even rushing this time, choosing to alternate between poundings and stirring up your womanhood with his cock. Though, after a while the fox changes position so that you lie on your back on the sofa with him squishing and fondling your breasts with a beastly vigor. This makes you wrap your arms around his head and press him down to your bosom.

Of course, in the back of your mind, you thought of something as you both continue to make love.

You decide to speak up to the fox. "If we stay here, someone will catch us... "

Suddenly, you hear the door click open just as you say that.

"Speak of the devil." He whispers.

Wriggle watches in horror as Nanabi ignores her and continue to pound you with healthy vigor. She quickly runs out of the house, leaving the door open. Before you can say anything about that, Nanabi locks your lips in a kiss that you eagerly return. Few moments later, Wriggle returns with Elly, and you can see both Wriggle and Elly at the door, with the former pointing at you and Nanabi cuddling on the couch, only for the fox to pound you even harder, causing you and him to moan out louder. With your inner walls squeezing him down, you can feel the fox twitching and throbbing. And since he's trapped, he shoots inside you for one last time, with your moans of pleasure being muffled by his kiss.

Elly and Wriggle stare at both of you before Elly closes the latter's eyes and silently escorts her out. You could swear Elly smiling a little at such lewd display of affection. At the same time, Nanabi hugs and kisses you, only letting go when he heard the door click shut again.

"Ah~ screwing me even though I have guests... such a naughty fox..."

"It's a shame to stop in the middle of the action, no?"

"Good point~"

While he is still knotted with you, Nanabi continues to leak more of his cock juice right into your womanhood. It takes a while for his knot to deflate as expected, and Nanabi sighs as he pulls out of your for the moment. He then lies beside you for an afterglow embrace.

"You're quite good, fox. We're you expecting this at all~?"

"Mmmm... totally not." He replies. "But that was fun~"

You smile warmly at him as you slip his shaft around your fingers. "You have quite the experience, and you're getting excited again~"

And instead of replying to you verbally, he kisses you deeply. The way he rubs his shaft against your hands

That'll shut you up... for now~
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Nice! I laughed at the part where Wriggle went into shock at the scene. Made me think she'd get temporary blindness.
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File 144973371158.png - (424.44KB, 619x900, 45573c8f135b911d9f68664151fb6118.png)
This happens a few weeks before whole kidnapping fiasco involving Akyuu, Shinobu and Hitomi.


It's a rather clear afternoon today, and as per the usual in the Youkai Mountain, the wolf tengus patrol the area around their territory. Despite being a wolf tengu however, you can't be arsed to actually join them. Instead of simply slacking around your favorite sleeping spot, you are hanging out at Nitori's place. For today, you are receiving wiring lessons from the blue-haired kappa before moving on to help her fix a generator she found.
After that repairing session, you and Nitori sit outside for a rest. You sit on the riverbank with your legs kicking the water while Nitori runs back to her place. When she returns, she carries along a couple of canned drinks, passing one to you.

"Thanks. It's cold."

"I have a refrigerator for that. It's an outside world soda, by the way."

"Yeah, I'm aware."

As you're examining the can and popping the tab open, Nitori suddenly sits on your lap, much to your surprise. Despite the thoughts that start to surge to the top of your head, you act cool about it and drink the soda to calm your nerves.

"Sorry that I have to bore you with the mechanical stuff here, Kaede." She starts, popping her can open and drinking it.

"It's fine, Nitori. I'd rather be here and help than going on patrol." Of course, hearing your your remark makes her chuckle in amusement, wriggling her cute butt on your lap. You fear your body's reaction to her action. "Nitori, what are you doing?"

"What? I can't get comfy on your lap?"

"It's not that, but-" All of a sudden she straddles your lap, now facing you as you stare down at her. Nitori should feel your bulge in your hakama by now, but instead of commenting, she shuffles closer before hugging you. "Err... Nitori?"

"Are you uncomfortable with this?" She asks.

"...not really."

For some reason, she looks so happy settling on your lap like that. You let her stay there for the time being as you place your hands on the ground and lean back. Nitori keeps her embrace and leans against your chest.

While you are chilling around with Nitori still straddling your lap, she looks up to you, and then you suddenly feel something squishy pressing against your lips.

She just kissed you.

She just kissed you.

You freeze in shock, before trashing your head as you regain your sense before staring at Nitori with a blushing face.

"You seem to be much calmer than I expected. Are you actually expecting this?"

You scratch your cheek and giggle nervously. "Actually... to be honest this is the first time I've interacted with a girl this way... so I just followed what I thought in my head... but I won't complain about it."

"Neither will I." She says. "Actually, I might have fallen for you, Kaede..."


Nitori giggles. "First of all, you're cute and fuzzy, and the whole thing about you helping me here and even willing to learn machinery... you're so unlike the other kappas or tengus that have tried to hit on me."

"Oh really?"

"Really! Well, they wanted to learn machinery but then bailed out because it was messy."

This time, you chuckle and return her loving kiss with a passionate one coming from you, complete with tongue wrestling and butt-squeezing. You soon realize from all that kissing that you're still outside, with Nitori on your lap in a compromising position.

"I think we should move elsewhere, Nitori."

"Mmm... I suppose so..."

Nitori gets up from her lap seat and leads you back to her place, and towards her bedroom.

Once she locks the door and sits down on her futon, Nitori beckons you to sit down beside her. You do so and Nitori slowly wraps her arms around your waist, nuzzling your shoulder. You reach her head to pull off her hat before you pet her gently, and pull her to sit on your lap, her back pressing on your chest. She turns slightly so that she can kiss you, all while guiding your hands towards her chest, and holding them there. Each kiss you have with her makes you pull the kappa closer and squeeze her bust with definite eagerness.

After a while, Nitori breaks off the kiss, and lightly pries your hands away. Removing her key strap from her chest, she then sticks her arms to the air.

You stare at her in confusion. "What are you doing?"

"Undress me, silly."

"Oh, right."

You pull her tank top off her arms, revealing a black sports bra underneath it. She wiggles her butt onto your lap a little, as you deliberately slow the undressing so that you can feel her chest up again. It's just a tease, however, since you soon tug her sports bra up and away from her arms... which soon turns into a delightful surprise for you.

Well, truth be told you are quite surprised with her bust size.

"I didn't know you had a chest this size, Nitori." You chuckle, running your hands along her breasts to massage them.

She stifles a moan, twitching in your hold. "I don't like people staring at me..." Nitori then turns around to straddle your lap instead. "But you can look at it as much as you want, Kaede." She says with a giggle and a wink at the end. After her top comes off, Nitori put her key strap back on this time; it emphasizes her bust nicely.

You smirk at her statement, pulling her head closer for a kiss. "I would never get tired of them, Nitori."

As both of you share a passionate kiss, your hands creep from her back to her still-covered rear, before slipping your hands into her shorts. There, you squeeze her butt and caress her there, all while nibbling her exposed nape when you disengage from the kiss.

"You have a very lovely back; it's like two apricots in a handkerchief."

"Yours are so firm... and fuzzy too..."

While you giggle at the sensation of her hand playing with your fuzzy tail, her free hand moves from your butt and to your hakama's sash. You can tell she is hesitant about moving her hand off your tail, but she needs an extra hand to undo your sash. Eventually she gets the idea to just pull one end of the ribbon, and with that you are undress-able.

Still, she needs both hands for the unveiling, and exposes your bulging fundoshi. With a chuckle she undoes that as well, before her eyes go wide at your cock being exposed in front of her.

"Oh my... look how eager you are, Kaede..."

"Says the one who just straddled my lap and grinded on it."

She giggles and lies down as she nuzzles your erect shaft, rubbing it slightly in her hand. She gives you a few tasting licks before she laps at your cock, licking along the length at a slow pace. At times, she looks up at you to see your reaction, and you merely look away to hide your blushing face.

A few licks along the length and then the tip to lick the precum off it later, she wraps her lips around your arousal, and is then gulping it down. There is a jolt of pleasure as she attempts to deep throat your shaft - which she does - and more when she rubs her tongue all over your length. She stays there for a bit before she starts bobbing her head along the length and making muffled pleased noises along the way. With her cap still on, you remove it and pet her head as she continues with her work. She later pulls off, but instead of leaving you hanging she wedges your shaft between her firm breasts.

Pretty neat idea.

For this position, you decide to lie on your back as Nitori resumes her titjob, both of you letting out grunts and small moans of your own. She squeezes tightly and sucks on the head all while bobbing her breasts along her length. She is doing it like she's so used to it. This keeps you aroused for a good while, and is enough to get you to start going over the edge. Nitori must be feeling it too, as her pace gets faster. She isn't even letting go despite your signs of being close to the edge... and for her hard work, she gets a faceful of sticky cum to her face.

Just as you go to tend her, she cleans herself up, admittedly swallowing some that got into her mouth.

"You have been saving for a while now, haven't you?"

"No, why?"

"It's so thick and flavorful..."

Now that she's panting and hot and bothered, you decide to return the favor to her. Before she can register it, you pin Nitori to her futon and bury your face between her legs. As soon as your rough tongue lap against her moist folds, she squeals in pleasure, grabbing your head and pushing it against herself. This way, it shows that she is much more needy than you are, and this makes you double you tongue lashing against her, especially on her sensitive spots. And if that's not enough, you push your tongue into her, noisily lapping up her love juices.

"Uwaaa... Kaede... you're too much...!"

She's much easier to turn on than you are, and while you are busy poking up her inner walls with the tip of your tongue, the kappa reaches her orgasm with a noticeable jerking and a pleasant scream. She is a sprawled wreck on the futon but it's too early for her to tap out yet. A couple of minutes later follow and she sits up facing you.

"Are you ready, Nitori?" You ask.

She nods at your question, before scooting closer to you and removing the top of your uniform that's still on after she took off your hakama. Once the deed is done she then hugs you tightly. This time as she looks up to you, you claim her lips for a deep kiss with Nitori. When you break off from the kiss, you then nibble her neck and nape, causing her to moan, before pushing her body up and enabling you to have access to her breasts. Sucking her hard nipples and alternating between them makes her squeal louder.

In the meantime, she guides and lowers herself onto your shaft until she hilts it fully. You both groan when she hits cock bottom.

"S-so deep... and thick..."

With your shaft deep in her, you are now connected together. While she is staring into your eyes with her dreamy ones, you gently push her down onto the futon as you lie on top of Nitori, hearing her gasping in pleasure. A bit of teasing and stirring later, you give Nitori a single thrust of your hips, to hear her reaction to that. She lets out a pleased moan, and you follow that up with more.

As she lets out more gasps of pleasure, you hold Nitori in your arms before nibbling her bare nape. She turns away to let you access her neck some more.

"Does it hurt, Nitori?" You ask her gently.

She shakes her head a little before replying. "No... I want more, Kaede..."

You nod to her request, increasing the pace of your thrusting into her, soon enough causing Nitori to return your cuddle with her own. Her moans asking for more soon are stifled with a deep loving kiss and increasing pace.

Nitori on the other hand is responding to it rather well, since she's clamping down on you so much down there it's as if she's won't let go.

More thrusts and tongue wrestling follow, before you push into her as deep as you can. You let go of the kiss to let her catch a breath just as rest atop of her, causing Nitori to hug you tighter.

Since she's squeezing on you so tightly, you keep yourself inside her before you award her desires with a burst of your sticky seed right into her womb. Nitori squeaks out in pleasure as she jolts from the sensation of being creamed inside for the first time.

Once her inner wall clamping dies down, she requests you to roll over and you follow her requests without much words.

This time, she's sitting on top of you, sandwiching your still-hard shaft between her legs and your belly. She even grinds herself on it. "My turn..." she pants out.

"Don't overdo yourself."

Nitori nods and gets up a little, allowing your cock to stand up again as she guides it into herself. Once she hilts your shaft fully, Nitori plants her arms down on your chest as she starts to move her hips along the length at her pace. She has her eyes closed as she moans in pleasure.

Of course, Nitori can't really hold on long, and she decides to continue moving her hips while lying down on top of you.

It's no different than what you were doing with her on the bottom, but she seems to appreciate herself doing a bit more of the hard work right now. You reward her by grabbing her butt and squeezing it, holding her there and stirring her about whenever she takes the whole length down.

Nitori moves her hips faster as she grows needy from her hard work. Instead of kissing her to silence her moans, you let her moan as much as she wants. When she reaches her peak, you push her hips down onto yours, letting her cry out at her orgasm. For that, you award her by filling her up more with your cum.

"Are you feeling alright, Nitori?"

"I'm... tired... but... I want more..."

More it is then. You slowly slide Nitori off you, letting her lie on her side. She then shifts to lie on her belly as you instruct her to do so. By now she gets a clear idea on what you're going to attempt - and as such she gets on her knees and raises her butt higher in the air.

"Like this, Kaede?" She asks.

"You're getting the idea, that's good." Of course, your slightly animalistic side likes how she's presenting herself, complete with a mix of both of your fluids dripping down down her thighs.

The way she's swaying her butt a little is so tempting that it's making your tail wag around in excitement.

Of course, the temptation is too much for you to resist, and moments later, you pounce on Nitori, getting ready to mount on her.

"Sorry if I get too rough with you, Nitori."

"It's... it's fine."

She braces herself by gripping the blankets as you line up and slide yourself into her. You on the other hand grab her waist and start thrusting into her from behind at a slow but hard pace. Nitori's body jerks forward with every thrust, as if letting you take control of her. At times, she even bucks back.

You bend down onto Nitori, clasping her hands as she lets go of her grip from the blanket and her knee slackens from that. You adjust her position from doggy style so that she's better rested, with both of you now lying on your side. Still pounding her from behind, this time you hug around her waist and squeeze her breasts at the same time. As your peak draws near, she turns a little to you with slightly parted lips.

You get the hint and kiss her. She knows that you're going to fill her womb again, and as such she bucks her hips onto yours as much as she can manage while she guides your hands against her breasts.

Nitori reaches into her climax with a muffled shout of pleasure, before your own follows. When her body stops twitching in your hold, she relaxes and sighs.

"Feeling better, Nitori?"

"Yeah... I do." She then resumes after a moment of silence. "It's my first time doing it with something that's not a toy."

You raise an eyebrow. "Oh, so you've practiced before, eh?"

A full blush envelopes her face. "N-no! It's just for-"

"Like preparing yourself for someone that you like?"

"Kaede!" She pouts, making you pat her head to calm her down. "...but it's true... to a degree that is..."

You cradle Nitori close and caress her gently. At the same time, she presses her head against your hand.

"By the way, Nitori..."


"Mind if I hang out at your place until next morning?"

"Sure… on the condition that you stay with me like this."

You chuckle and kiss your first lover's cheek. "If you wish so~"





It's almost midnight but Kaede hasn't gone home yet, and mother tasked you to look for him. Finding his scent is hard with the rain pouring a few hours before. Still, you finally find traces of it lingering around the most unlikely places.

Nitori's workshop.

As soon as you make your landing, you make your way inside, sneaking the rest of Kaede's scent trail until you reach a bedroom. The door is even carelessly left ajar.

Lo and behold, you see your younger brother cuddling with Nitori - sleeping together and most importantly, naked. You can totally smell the things that went on in this room.

Instead of reacting with shock or anything, you grin and leave the room immediately. This will be a fun thing to tease him when he wakes up and goes home next morning...
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File 145333933525.jpg - (91.93KB, 600x829, c5c324b9f1ea8307e3d6718384a542d9.jpg)
And so the womanizing fox gets another one to his harem count in the background.


A few days ago, you had brought Hikari to Eientei for her fever. Eirin had given her medications and a few days later, she had asked you to come over to Eientei. It was a little late, but Eirin did say that she preferred that you came to her office at night. You went there regardless, and met up with Eirin at her office, with the rest of the Eientei residents nowhere to be seen.

"So, how is your sister? Is she getting any better?"

"She's doing fine. I had her rested up and gave her your medicine."

"Ah, that's good to hear."

Eirin later asks how your own health is and other matters - so far you didn’t really have many problems about yourself.

While both of you are conversing, you notice that the windows are open. Eirin begins acting a little differently when she notices your gaze, as you can see her blushing when she starts unbuttoning her top a little. "Sorry for that, it's a little hot in here." She even grabs a hand fan to cool herself down for emphasis.

"Don't you have a fan?" You ask as you glance at the ceiling.

"Well… that broke down yesterday, and I don't really have a replacement."

"Better get that fixed."

She smiles at that. "I'll do that tomorrow."

Both you and Eirin continue to talk to each other, from about your business and to current affairs. Eirin's been showing her cleavage, and her face is flushed - and from the way she's talking it's clear that she's not drunk. Instead, you can definitely sense the scent of arousal coming from Eirin herself, and while her statement about the fan is not working definitely isn't a lie, you wonder what she is thinking right now.

Of course, after a while has passed, you feel that you have nothing else to add to the conversation and you decide to fake a leave. "Well, I suppose I should be on my way, it's getting quite late here."


Of course, you have other things in mind as you get up from your seat for your next move. Eirin follows suit and leads you to her office's doors.

Just before she can open the door, you make your move and pull Eirin towards you. She squeaks in surprise as her back is pressed close to your chest. Here, your wandering hands move to grope and squeeze her breasts and ass through her skirt.

"N-Nanabi! What is the meaning of this?!"

"There's no need to fake it, Miss Eirin. You're not even resisting yourself."

"B-but still… what are you- nnnnn!"

You continue to molest her breasts which are covered by her lacy black bra. Eirin's resistance continues to remain subdued as you slowly undress her by pulling the clothes she unbuttoned by herself earlier apart and letting her outfit pool around her ankles on the floor. Her bra, panties, thighhighs and garterbelt are the only articles of clothing she has left on her body; the former two soon join her clothing pile.

As you hold her in your arms, you take your time to admire her body, comparing her pale skin to yours. Your hands continue to play around with her body, running them along her lovely curves. She has breasts that are certainly more than you can grab, complete with perky nipples that makes you want to turn her around and suck on them. Her breasts are even bigger than Yuuka's, yet still having quite the bounce and firmness. Your raging cock rubs against her supple rear cheeks, and as a plus, she also have quite thick thighs.

Your ears catch the noise she's making, and you can tell that she's actually enjoying it. Eirin seems to be really docile in your grasp.

"Are you going to ravish me, Nanabi?" She asks while you're busy fondling her.


There's a short pause before she adds more. "I suppose I could entertain you tonight, then…"

You chuckle naughtily at her remark. "If you can handle me, Miss Eirin."

Both of you are still near to the door, and you soon pull her away from it.

"Wait! What about the door?"

"Oh, don't worry about that."

"But what if someone…" She stops her sentence mid-way.

"Nobody would bother walking in at this hour." You then lean in closer to her. "Besides, you'd love the thrill of someone walking in when making love."

Eirin is about to protest some more, but she relents.

You momentarily let Eirin go, and she gets the idea to undress you as soon as you pull your sash away. As soon as you throw away your clothes, she's mesmerized by the healthy physique that was hidden underneath the cooking garb you wore.

You sit on her chair, pulling Eirin along to sit on your lap. Your cock stands erect between her legs as you continue to fondle Eirin's breasts, with your ears twitching at the sound of her moaning in pleasure. Since her hands aren't bound together, instead of freeing herself from such compromising position she decides to push your rock-hard shaft against her slit and rub herself against it.

A little while later, Eirin slides off from you and repositions herself to kneel in front of you. You sit down and spread your legs as she kisses your cock, giving your little brother a nice and warm nuzzle.

Before you can tell her what to do next, she already picks up the hint and starts licking your shaft's underside. She follows it up by taking your shaft into her mouth. She’s definitely skilled in sucking your cock as you experience it, which makes you squirm and twitch on the seat, feeling how comfortably warm her mouth is. You give Eirin a rub to her head as an encouragement, as you relax and let her do this on her pace.

As her blowjob continues, Eirin notices you throbbing and twitching in her mouth. She often looks up to see how you are reacting to this, and much to her delight, you're quite pleased. She bobs her head along the length some more. Soon you feel the urge to cum and you pull her head close and thrust rapidly into her mouth, before finishing it off with filling her mouth up with cum.

Eirin gags at that, but she only pushes herself closer to you and attempts to drink up the amount you shot into her. She lets your cock go as she pulls off once she has had enough of her fill, panting as she tries to catch her breath once she swallows up what's pooled up in her mouth.

"You seem to really enjoying yourself, Miss Eirin."

"Well… I heard rumors about you and Yuuka from the other day… and from there I wondered what it was like on Earth."

"That's a strange rumor."

"So… do you usually have sex for procreation?"

"A quarter for that, another quarter is me being tempted for it, and the rest is me just having fun screwing a girl senseless."

"You're such a horny fox…"

Hearing her confession makes you chuckle. "Says the lady who willingly sucked me with a hand between her thighs~"

Eirin looks down on herself, with her left hand on your shaft and her right hand teasing herself between her thighs.

That short conversation later, you realize she has your shaft sandwiched between her breasts. It reminds you of Yuuka's method from the other day, with the main difference being that Eirin is much firmer and larger in bust size. The size swallows the most of your length with only the tip popping out from between. She then starts massaging your slick-coated cock between her firm pair, and her smooth skin is definitely arousing as well.

"How's this? Does it help you feel better, Nanabi?" She asks.

You moan in response at first. "Mmmmm… more, Eirin~ your breasts are heavenly~"

What little uncertainty she had earlier on seems to be gone completely by now, as right now Eirin is massaging your shaft with increased vigor. She even sucks on the exposed tip of your shaft as she continues with her titjob. Her massaging gets faster as she hears you moan for more.

When you're about to cum, she positions your cock to bury the tip of your shaft between her breasts. You grunt at the increased pressure and thrust a few more time before finally erupting between her breasts, and coating the space between them with sticky cum.

As you pull off and roll the chair back a little, you see Eirin now has both hands touching herself between her thighs. It seems like she can't take it anymore.

You then stand up to clear her table, and lay her across it on her belly. There, you untie her hair and line her up for penetration.

With a single thrust, your cock easily slides into her and right away, her inner walls are squeezing you as soon as you hilt your whole shaft into her. You choose to relish the feeling of her massaging. Of course, this makes her really needy, as Eirin starts to buck her hips onto you to tell you to hurry up. You chuckle and grab her ass, as you pound her from behind. Of course, you intentionally pound her as hard as you can just to hear her moans. The thrill of her subordinates walking in to you screwing their master is something that grew ever since you experienced a walk-in while you were fucking Yuuka the other day.

You can tell that Eirin enjoys this position, as she bucks back onto you whenever she can every time you bounce your hips into her.

Eirin moans even louder as you thrust into her, increasing your pace all while squeezing her rear. This continues for a few moments until you push yourself to the hilt and shoot your thick seed into her, filling her womb with your cock juice. You stay there to let yourself shoot a few more spurts into her.

When you are done, you pull out after filling her up and she gasps sharply from the sudden disconnection. Predictably, your cock is still hard from all that.

"Do you want me to stop now, Miss Eirin?"

"On the contrary, Nanabi… I want you to do me a favor… and fill me up as much as you please…"

You perk your ears when you hear that request from Eirin, blinking your eyes a few times in disbelief. "Oh?"

"…you heard me, right?"

"I do, but that's a pretty bold request for a woman like you." You chuckle as you rub your hand against her butt. "I think you could use someplace more comfortable to lie on first though. How about that bed over there?" You point at the patient's bed.

"No… the other one is much more private. Try the one at the back…"

"If you say so then."

Slowly, you get lift Eirin off her office table and into your arms, before you bring her in bridal carry towards the room right behind her office. Using your foot, you unfurl the futon and then set Eirin to lie down on her back on the futon, before you follow suit and lie beside her. She lets out a sigh of comfort right before you play with Eirin's breasts, squeezing and fondling them greedily. She lets out a slow moan, and then a sharp one as you suddenly suck on the left breast. She squirms and writhes as you alternately suckle between her breasts, before you press them together and suck them both at the same time.

She pants to regain her breath as you stop sucking. "You're pretty good, Nanabi… it makes me wonder how you can come up with it…"

"Let's just say it's a life's experience. What, life on the moon wasn't lewd enough?"

"Well… I heard that it's not as pleasurable as I am feeling it with you right now…"

You chuckle and kiss Eirin's as you get off her, kneeling before her and spreading her legs apart, rubbing your still-hard shaft against her moist folds.

"Um… Nanabi…?"

"Yes, Eirin?"

Instead of asking verbally, she lifts her hand and rubs it against your slimy shaft, pushing it against her reddening lower lips. You take this as a signal for you to start, where you push the crown of your cock into her pussy. She takes your cock's tip easily, and you push the whole length into her once again. Right away, you hug her legs and start thrusting into her again. Eirin makes more aroused moans as she is still sensitive from the previous session. Once you let her legs go, Eirin extends your arms towards you.

She wants you to ravish her while having you close to her, and as soon as you lie on top of her, she pulls you in with a hug around your back and a leg lock around your waist. Eirin really doesn't want to let go of you as she keeps her hold tight around you, and you return her gesture with a hug on your side. She whimpers louder and louder as you thrust faster into her, and seeing that she needs to stop making too much noise, she suddenly kisses you. You accept her kiss as your hips continue to go crazy.

The twitching and throbbing signal her that you're about to cum soon, and just as she reaches her own peak, your own finisher arrives, shooting another vulpine seed injection directly into her womb. Eirin's sweating and hot body remains splayed on her futon as she lets go from the hug.

Of course, it doesn't stop there either, as the moon lady wants more - and you give her exactly that.

By the time you make the final knot with Eirin two rounds of sex later, she looks quite tired, panting heavily at her multiple orgasms. You figure it's time to stop as you roll over gently so that she can rest atop of you.

"Rest well, Miss Eirin."

Eirin looks up at you and nods weakly, with you noticing her smile despite her tired state. She hugs you once again before finally succumbing to fatigue.


When next morning comes, you wake up to the blurry sight of Eirin bobbing her head between your legs. She notices you waking up briefly as she returns to gobble up your morning wood. She only stops briefly to let you sit up straight, before petting her head and caressing her hair. You can feel your orgasm coming up, and a result you cum inside her mouth without a warning.

Once she pulls off from your shaft, she swallows the stick liquid pooling in her mouth. "Good morning, Nanabi. Does it feel good?"

You caress her hair. "Morning, dear. Now who's the horny one now~?"

"Alright, you win…" Eirin replies with a blush on her face.

You chuckle and pull her into your arms. "Now then… you seem to be impatient, giving me something lewd like that so early in the morning."

She averts her gaze a little. "…I'm just afraid that this is a one-time thing, so… I wanted to be with you a bit more…"

You chuckle and nuzzle her cheek. "Now, now. I wouldn't leave you alone… in fact, do you mind becoming mine, Eirin?"

"…but… would Yuuka be fine with it?"

"I know she would." You hold Eirin close, before suddenly laying her back on the futon. "Now then… would you like a morning makeout before a shower~?"

Eirin blushes at your smiling face, with your body casting a shadow on top of her. "…I would like that."

And with her consent you soon lie down on her to kiss the moon lady, with her delighted giggling can be heard.
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I didn't remember reading any Eirin-centric /at/ scene here, so this is a very pleasant surprise. Shame there isn't any lewd braid teasing, but oh well.
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File 146362947159.jpg - (599.54KB, 1140x1000, 53409710_p0.jpg)
Time for a second round with the moondoc.


Ever since that little tryst in Eirin's office the other day, it's suffice to say that Eirin really began to take a liking to your presence around Eientei. At first nobody in Eientei suspected the weekly deliveries you made for Eirin would usually end up with you pounding her against the wall and staying overnight after that. But eventually the word broke out among the rabbits. You and Eirin took it in stride however, since both of you wanted this to be a permanent relationship instead of a mere fling.

As such, you began to visit her more, deliveries or otherwise.

On one of those usual visits, you decided to bring Eirin outside, perhaps a little far from the prying eyes at Eientei. A little bit of walking later eventually both of you come across a clearing in the bamboo forest, with a clear view of the full moon rising in the sky.

"We're here." You tell her as soon as you stop walking.

"Here...?" Eirin questions, herself looking so unsure. "I never thought we were going to do it out in the open."

"I'd be a nice change of mood I say. Plus, your skin looks nice under the moonlight."

Eirin chuckles as you praise her, even caressing her cheeks. "If you say so..."

Both of you then sit down on the grass for a little stargazing, with Eirin sitting on your lap and her back facing you. You spend this moment together for a while, loosely embracing her close to you as well.

It takes a little spark for you to start being intimate with her, as when time goes by, you start becoming frisky. Your hands start to get naughty with her, slipping onto her breasts and giving her a sensual fondling. With Eirin going braless, her perky and erect nipples can be felt through her clothes.

When she twists her body a little to face you, you claim her with a kiss to her lips, followed by a more sensual tongue-twisting kissing. At this point your arms and hers hug each other's body and press them close, with yours soon wandering towards her rear. Eirin pulls off from the kiss while you are busy squeezing her butt.

"Such a naughty fox..." As she says this, her own hands wander to your own rear, mirroring your actions. "Not that I mind that~"

Her remark makes you resume French kissing her, which lasts for a bit before you both pull away. Eirin strips herself with a bit of a tease, as she takes her time taking her clothes off while showing off her body to you, revealing that she isn't wearing any underwear for the occasion. You soon do the same, but in a slightly hasty manner. Both of you resume your embrace and grope each other's rear cheeks again.

"You're really looking forward to something like this, Eirin?" You ask as Eirin squeezes your butt more firmly than you do with hers.

"Mmmm... I just love it when you go wild on me just like you did the other day... and I thought having fun in a place like this would enhance the mood a little more..."

You chuckle at her response, as you sit down and let her sit on your lap. Eirin slips her hand onto your hard cock and gently wraps her fingers along the length moments later, rubbing it a little. You moan into her ears in response, squeezing your body closer to yours as well.

"Mmmm... if you don't mind... shall I service you tonight, Nanabi~?"

"Be my guest, dear. I'm all yours~"

Eirin shifts her position, now straddling your lap with your shaft pressed down against her pussy. She puts her arms against your chest, acting as support, as she starts grinding your shaft against her sleek folds, letting out slow, heavy breathing as she slides herself along your length.

You can see her trying her best to please you as she slowly rubs her moist pussy against your erect cock's length. Eirin isn't really able to hold back her moans as you can still hear her between her gritted teeth before dropping the act and letting herself moan. You in the meantime remain laying your back on your bed of tails, occasionally grunting and moaning in pleasure yourself.

Soon, she stops her actions and slides off your body. You spread your legs for her, which Eirin kneels in front of, bending down to lie belly down on the grass, nuzzling your shaft eagerly. Her warm cheeks really complement your arousal, and she gives your eager shaft a few teasing licks from the root to the tip. She gets your shaft coated with her saliva, and then slowly slides your whole length between her lips.

She keeps your cock sheathed in her mouth, sucking up the precum a little and running her tongue all over the length and the head. After she has had enough, your Lunarian lover starts to bob her head along your erection. As a result of her wonderful blowjob, you begin to moan in bliss, now caressing and patting her head. She is rather good at what she does, as you can feel your cock getting close to burst. Eirin doesn't slow down the slightest either, as she picks up the pace, not letting go of her mouthful.

At this point you grab her head with both hands and buck your hips against her face. When you're about to cum, you pull her head down before finally bursting, pouring your seed deep into her mouth. Eirin remains lodged between your legs even after you let her head go. She then pulls herself off, albeit at a much slower pace, before she looks up at you with a dreamy look on her face.

"Are you alright there, Eirin?"

She nods as an answer, licking off a trickle of your cum dribbling down her lips and giggling once she does that. "You're quite thick and creamy, just the way I like it~"

Just as you pat her head for that remark, Eirin shifts her position to sandwich your shaft between her breasts. She then massages your shaft with her breasts, pressing them nicely together as she slides along the length. You get aroused pretty quickly with such pressure and the warmth of her skin, which is amplified by her firmness. With the tip of your glans peeking, she gives it a gentle suckle.

Eirin catches you staring at her, which she responds with a lustful smile. "Do you like what you see, Nanabi?"

"Absolutely." You say to her just as you pet her head. "You're doing great."

She squeezes her chest around your shaft a little more, making you moan more. "Well, you taught me well about this."

"Glad that you're learning well." You chuckle.

Eirin then intensifies her breast strokes to keep your erection firmly pressed between her bountiful chests, noticing that you're going to burst. Just before you do exactly that, your Lunarian lover shifts her position slightly so that your cock is completely hidden between her breasts. When you finally reach your next orgasm, you coat Eirin's cleavage with your cum and letting loose a couple of jets to her skin before she pulls away.

She kneels and chuckles at the mess you made on her chest - right before she rubs it thin around her belly and chest, licking off the excess cum off her fingers erotically. Eirin later lies down on you, pressing her body against yours. You can tell that she's already wet with your erect cock already pressing against her moist lower lips.

Your lover on the other hand then sits up to straddle your lying form, this time undoing her braid by herself. Once her hair is free, Eirin then resumes her position on top of you.

"I can't take it anymore..." She mumbles during her kiss, and at the same time, she guides your shaft to her moist and eager lower lips, pushing the whole length until she hilts it fully.

You remain lying down as Eirin's pussy accepts your whole length, and she stops to feel your shaft pulsing and throbbing inside her. At the same time, she hugs you close, while you return the gesture with an arm around her back and another squeezing her juicy rear cheeks.

"Mmmm... you're really focusing on my butt today, didn't you?" Eirin asks, just as you now have both hands on her rear cheeks.

You nibble her nape at first before following it with a reply. "Your butt is practically begging to be fondled with, Eirin. And they are delicious to the touch."

She wiggles her hips as a response, before stopping her actions and starts gyrating her hips against your shaft. That action would soon change into her thrusting her hips along the length. Eirin then releases herself from her embrace and continue to ride you, while supporting herself over you.

This causes her chest to bounce in your face, so you open your mouth and catch her hanging breasts, taking in both of her nipples and start sucking on it.

"Ohhh... both of them at once..." She moans. "You lewd fox... sucking on my chest like that..."

Of course, this riles her up even more, her pacing increases with the excitement of having her breasts being suckled. Even though you're doing little and letting her move on her own, you can feel your orgasm coming close with her inner walls slowly squeezing on you. Eventually, Eirin reaches her peak, letting a scream of lust when she does so - and at the same time squeezing you enough for you to shoot out your cum into her womb.

She is still straddling you, panting heavily from her orgasm with her barely able to stay sitting up, if not for her hands on your chest. With the moon highlighting her from the front, you're able to admire her sweating, glistening alabaster body.

"Ahh... Eirin, you're so beautiful under the moonlight..."

"You too, Nanabi..."

She slowly lies back onto you and soon resting her body on top of you.

"Needing a rest already?"

Eirin shakes her head. "Only for a bit. I know you can be... quite insatiable... not that I mind that..."

You chuckle at her remark, sharing a sloppy kiss with her just to get yourself stay riled up. Once she regains her stamina, you decide to swap her position and lay her on her back, but first you grab your discarded gi and lay her on it after you spread it apart. You could at least use your gi as a mattress for her comfort.

"That's so thoughtful of you..."

"At least that's I can do for you to keep you comfortable, Eirin."

For your next move, you spread her legs and slip your shaft into her waiting lower lips, and she accepts it well while letting out low moans and slightly squirming under you to get comfortable.

"You sure like this position, didn't you, Eirin? You're smiling so much its adorable."

"It's two things that I like - you can be gentle in such way, and I could cuddle you close as much as I want..." she says.”But this time, I want you to ravish me as much like our first time together~"

With such request coming from her, you really want oblige her wish. With you pinning her down on your makeshift mattress, you then begin to tease her by giving her gentle thrusts. Eirin lets out what you hear is some whines of protest, and that is when you begin asserting your dominance. You start to lock your lips with Eirin to muffle her moans, before your thrusts turn into pounds. As you let go of her mouth to rest your chin on her shoulder, Eirin lets out an even louder moans of ecstasy, wrapping her arms and legs around you for support. With such pressure you put on her, she squeezes on you tightly both outside and inside of her.

Eirin couldn't hold off her orgasm once she reaches her limit, and soon you would follow her steps, filling her womb with copious amount of your vulpine seed.

You did not stop for a rest, now that you feel quite frisky yourself, opting to position her chest down and bottoms up, before mounting her from behind. Eirin moans as she is taken roughly from behind, her rear cheeks wiggle with each pounding.

Then from such position, you would then transition to lie on your side with her while lifting her leg up for better access. As you build up your next orgasm, Eirin seems to be really unable to control herself, playing with her breasts and fingering her clit at the same time. The finality comes as you drive your cock deep into her and let out another few deep shots into her. This time you decide to knot her as well, so that you can fill her up even more.

Eventually, the spooning would turn into you lying on your back, with Eirin positioned to lie on her back right on top of you. Of course, due to the knot, you and Eirin had to spend a little time waiting for it to deflate.

While you're busy fondling her breasts, both of you spend your time admiring the full moon.


"What is it?" You ask.

She giggles to herself, holding a hand up as if grabbing the moon. "I never thought it would be this would be quite the sensual night... making out under the moonlight like so... just you and me together, still connected like this..."

You squeeze her breasts together, agreeing to her words. "Glad you liked it, Eirin."



"Shall we go for another few rounds once you are not stuck in me again?" She asks.

"Why not?"


You definitely lost your track of time when you finally decide to stop. Eirin is lying underneath you, panting heavily and tiredly, while you are starting to feel the same. Being a youkai has its perks, but you do think that you should give her a rest for the already wild outing together.

"You really went all out again, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I know."

"I've been wondering... what if someday I get pregnant from all this?"

Your ears perk up at such question, a sign of interest to that question's topic. "If you do end up having my child, then I would cherish it." You chuckle and cuddle Eirin close.

"Then that's good~"

"I'm surprised, though, a Lunarian can bear a youkai's children."

"Willingness and your... healthy activity would contribute to that... I'd say that if the circumstances are right, you could be the first person to impregnate a Lunarian~"

You can't help feeling a little proud at that notion, before you nod and nuzzle her. "Just rest, Eirin. You need more rest than I do."

She nods and hugs you close, and while still remaining naked, you drape a few of your tails on top of her, acting as a blanket for her tired body. Now that she sort of started a spark of interest in you, you wonder if you can really knock her up...

That's for another time for sure.
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File 152407165131.jpg - (256.15KB, 574x1126, d889eca3d348d061690281b38a2a5a89.jpg)
Now for someone different. This was in the backburner for quite a bit.

---[[ HIIRAGI ]]---

Truth be told, I really liked Gabe, ever since I first met him in the woods. It was love at first sight and I decided to bring him to Eientei for his safety. I stuck around until his health improved - which didn't take long due to Eirin's help with her medicine - saw him and a friend of Seo’s reunite, and only then return to the mountains.

After that he seemed to be stuck in my mind, so I decided to see him whenever I could, after my patrol rounds were done, of course.

My patrol rounds this week seem to be in my favor as I am able to visit Gabe at the Scarlet Devil Mansion while there's still daylight... at least until someone decided to change the schedule in the last minute. There, I visit the mansion around nighttime where some of the inhabitants are more active.

Still, the fairy maids, the gate keeper and the head maid seem to not mind my appearance in the mansion, which is great. After minutes of scouting the rooms, I eventually found and managed to sneak into Gabe's room, and somehow he was already asleep.

At this point I realized that this was unbecoming of me of being a lady, sneaking into a man's room and such, but it's a tad too late to turn back. And I also feel sleepy.

Putting away my equipment, I slide onto his bed, cuddling him from behind. Eventually the patrol fatigue catches up with me, and I soon fell asleep with him in my arms.


When I wake up the following morning, I am greeted with the sight of Gabe hugging me, with his face buried between my bosoms. He seems to be having a good dream, with how he's nuzzling my chest like they are bolsters. My clothes have gone over my shoulders as well, exposing the sarashi I have on.

I even take the time to caress my hand on his head, but then Gabe wakes up. He looks up confusedly before suddenly jumping off

"It's okay! It's okay! It's just me, Gabe."

"Geez, Hiiragi... I didn't expect you to sneak into my bed like that."

"Sorry... I wanted to visit you and I got tired..." I bow my head down as an apology, but then I feel his hand rubbing my head. He didn't say anything else so I continue with my confession. "Well... to be honest ever since that day I found you... I sort of felt attracted to you. Maybe it's me having a crush on you but it... grew on me. I mean, I always looked forward to meeting you every time my patrols ended... I'm sorry if I ever made you feel uncomfortable..."

"It's okay, it's okay."

"Do you... mind if from now on we share the same bed?"

"Eh... I don't mind, I guess?"

I squeal happily, before pouncing him into a hug. I can hear him sigh, but it was a happy one, since I looked up at his smile. As we both embrace, I can't help but wag my tail so much.


Suffice to say, it's been nearly two weeks since this habit of mine of sneaking into Gabe's bed at night started.

It sort of escalated now that Gabe and I agreed to sleep together naked... partly because the nights in the mansion are getting colder nowadays. Now even with that, he is still holding himself back, as both of us only cuddle into each other and nothing more.

If it had been other boys, they would've caved in to the temptation very quickly, and I can bet my brothers are guilty about that fact. Gabe however is quite the opposite... he's quite the tough egg to crack. Perhaps it's time to take an initiative, complete with the advice from Sanae, of course.

And for that very reason, I am visiting Gabe again at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

"Good evening, Hiiragi. Visiting Gabe again?" Miss Gatekeeper greets me as I approach her.

"Yeah. Is he busy?"

"Oh, not really. Gabe should be off from his patrol soon." She then opens the gate for me. "Come in."

"Alright, thanks!"

I say my goodbyes to her as I enter the mansion, making a beeline for Gabe's room. Once there, I make sure nobody saw me, and then give the door a few knocks. There is no answer, so I assume he's not in yet. The door is not locked, so that means I will just have to wait inside.

Once inside, I set aside my equipment, and then belly flopping on his bed.

I can't help but give his blankets a light sniff and get a little excited about it. My ears twitch and my tail wag as I recall the times we both share the bed together.



And just like that I was brought back to reality - and Gabe staring, wondering what I did just now. I can't help but feel my face burning red in embarrassment, and I quickly hide my face behind his pillow.

Moments later, I feel his hand on the top of my head, before he starts to pet me with his usual gentleness. This indeed made me feel at ease once again, cooing happily.

"You know, Hiiragi... I can't help but think you like a really cute dog." I pout my lips at the mention of the word 'dog'. "A big but cute and fluffy one."

"...but I am a wolf..."

"I know, I know~" He teases, kissing my forehead and ears for a little longer before stopping. "Well then... if you excuse me, I think it's time for a bath for me."

Hearing the word bath, something sparks into my mind. "Um, Gabe?"


"Can I... join you in the bath?"

"Sure." The answer comes quicker than I expected. I can't help but have my ears twitch happily at his approval, and I jump off the bed to start shedding my patrol outfit in front of him.

That definitely made him stare~


Soon enough Gabe and I are in the bathroom, which gives me plenty of ways to initiate things. There's even a shower and a bathtub, but Gabe doesn't bother with the latter. It's a good thing we both can fit under the shower, too.

After that small rinse, you sit on the stool. Just as I am about to grab the soap bottle, Gabe already has his hands on it. He does seem to pause on his thoughts a little, just as he turns towards me.

"Hiiragi, mind if I..."

I nod at him with a smile, and almost immediately feeling his soaped hand on my body. It's quite a gentle touch, if not a little hesitant at first. I even guide his hands to my breasts, where he gives them a good squeeze, and giving me the similar gentle massaging. When I look up to him, I lean my back against his chest, as if suggesting that he'd follow on.

And he does so, pulling me to his lap. It makes me chuckle as I'm now is seated on his lap with my legs rested on the stool. His gropes seem to intensify that way, making me chuckle and squirm against his body. As I look up to him once again, he kisses my lips where I would return the favor fully. I can feel his hand stop short of between my legs, and thus him just resting his hand on my belly.

After a while, I figure it is my turn to get him all soaped up.

I start lathering the body soap onto my hand, and then rub my hands against his back. He just lets me be as my hand roam against his body like he did to me. Then, I suddenly think of a fun idea, and pour some of the soap on my bust and start rubbing it against his back while my hand continues to feel up his chest.

"What are you doing back there?"

"Giving your back a scrub!" I answer with a chuckle.

"That's not the bath sponge though..."

"I know~"

My hands continue to wander lower until I brush against something hard between his legs before I gently wrap my hand around his erection. From there, I start to stroke him gently, gulping a lump in my throat as I stare at his semi-erect manhood. I want to stroke it as I 'accidentally' brush my hand against it, but then I think of a better idea that Sanae gave to me.

At first I rinse off the soap by turning on the shower after getting up to my feet. I stop him from doing the same, as I go back to occupy his lap, this time with his manhood pressed between my breasts.

He seems to have a slight idea on what I am up to, as he adjusts himself to my new position.

I can't help but blush at the warmth of his steadily hard erection, as I start to slowly rub along his length from the base to the top, occasionally licking the tip. He looks like he's in ecstasy with such a lewd display and I continue with my action, trying out everything that Sanae taught me.

Over time, Gabe's breathing goes more ragged and he's even blushing as well, which encourages me to rub even harder.

"Mmmm... Hiiragi, if you're rubbing me like that, I can hold back any longer..."

I nod to him, rubbing his erection for a little bit more. The twitching and throbbing is a telltale sign of him close to his peak and I attempt to trap the head of his shaft between my breasts.

"Hya!" I cry out in surprise as a string of his seed still escaped from my attempt, landing on my cheek as a result, and I wipe it off with the back of my hand. "Did I do well, Gabe?"

He nods, smiling as well, before reaching up and petting my ears. "Yes, you do."

I stand up and turn on the shower again, this time to clean up proper, all while we both embrace each other, and finishing the bathing session by drying each other up.

Like usual, we forgo the clothes for bed, although this time Gabe is less restrained about giving my body a good touch. Smiling at him and hugging him close; I take a deep breath before I dip in and kiss his lips in a passionate manner, just like how Sanae taught me to do. This continues for a while until I pull away by my own accord.

"You sure have had practice for that kiss."

"I did, of course. Though if it makes you feel better, It was a lady-on-lady practice."

"...hot. For the wrong reasons."

I let out a small chuckle. "For you, you sure have a lot of self-restraint from this, Gabe. I don't think my brothers can come as close as you do." I tell him.

"Well... I wanted to but I really didn't want to hurt you or anything like that."

I giggle at his remark, smiling at his response. "Then, without doubt I have chosen the right person."

There is doubt in his voice still. "...are you sure about this, Hiiragi?"

There is a moment of pause before I answer him with a nod. "I'd rather surrender myself to you than anyone else." I tell him. There's a brief unwanted flashback running in my mind, but I cast the thought aside.

"If you say so." Gabe says, caressing my cheek. "I'll take good care of you."

I smile at him in return, before taking a deep breath and then exhaling. "Here I go..."

First, I sit up on his lap, gently guiding myself towards his erection with my hand and then lowering myself onto the tip. I steel myself as I feel the tip pushing against my lower lips until the head is all inside me. There is a little resistance, but it wears away soon and thus letting me to straddle his erection fully, and leaving me gasping for air.

"Are you okay, Hiiragi?" Gabe asks out of concern.

I nod to him, taking my time, getting used to his girth throbbing inside me and my inner walls massaging him. Now that I've pulled myself together, I start gyrating my hips against his, with my hands firmly grasping the bed sheets beside him.

With half-closed eyes and Sanae's notes I took mentally, I move my hips in a variety of ways and letting out small moans as I try to please myself and Gabe at the same time. My concentration breaks for a bit when I feel his hands resting on my butt and gently caressing there, along with my tail. This serves to make me pick up the pace with my hip movements.

On Gabe's side, I can feel him thrust back into me, while still squeezing my rear at the same time. My twitching ears can pick up his own low grunts that would turn into moans, and I would ride him harder at that. It would result in him bucking back as equally hard as well, up until the point he can't hold it back any longer.

I can definitely tell that he's about to reach his peak, and Gabe isn't even sure if he would do it inside me. For that I push myself to the deepest, and coax him to finish by gyrating my hips even more, all while moaning out his name. It worked, as before long he lets out his spurts of seed into me. It’s at that point I also feel my own proper, blinding orgasm, my body spasming and my inner walls clenching on his still-squirting cock.

Once the pleasure fades off, I relax and gaze at Gabe.

"That feels good." He says.

I smile in return, only to squeak when I suddenly found myself grabbed and turned over to my back on the bed.

"My turn." He says, spreading my legs wide.

I immediately recognize what Gabe is going to do next, so I willingly let him take the lead. One moment later he would be entering me again, and this time he didn't settle down for too long before starting like I did earlier on. He would loom over me, where he then holds my hands before he starts moving his hips.

I expected that from my earlier attempt he'd be a little vigorous, but it seems that he's trying to pleasure me as much for himself - his methods are quite sensual and it feels quite good as a result.

As he continues to do so, Gabe releases his hold on my hand, as he focuses on my breasts instead. His hands gently knead and fondle them together, making me gasp as he teases my hard nipples. Not content with just holding them, Gabe even suckles on my teats, tugging them a little and switching sides at times, and that sensation makes me squeeze on his shaft more.

With him firmly focusing on my breasts, he neglects on moving his hips, and once he realizes that, Gabe resumes his thrusts, now faster than what he started earlier. He picks up his pace even more over time, to the point that I can feel him twitching and throbbing inside me once again.

Even with my hazy mind, I want Gabe to release it in me again, and in that thought I lock his hips with my legs so that way he wouldn't be able to pull away. This results in him giving shorter and deeper thrusts too until he can't take it anymore.

Gabe reaches his peak first, and the feeling of him filling my womb up with his thick seed is just such a bliss, where I follow suit moments later. I writhe and squirm in pleasure under him, feeling my inner walls massage and squeeze him for more, until my body relaxes.

I can feel his hand gently petting my ears, before he pulls out... and still erect. I roll over to lie on my belly and focus on his shaft, seemingly still erect.

"You know you don't have to do that..."

"I want to~" I tell him rather playfully, before starting to gobble up on his still sticky cock, sucking it clean. Gabe only relents and lets me do as I please to him, leaning back and occasionally petting my ears.

By the time I am done gobbling up his manhood, it seems to be erect once again. I can't help to wag my tail behind me out of excitement. Gabe of course would see through that.

"Are you up for more?"

I can't help but give him the honest answer. "Of course~!"


As the night goes on, we seem to lose the track to time after all that intense lovemaking, trying out everything that came into our mind and often times switching on who would be in the lead.

By the time both Gabe and I finally stopped, we are completely exhausted but yet in bliss, with both of us cuddling each other very close.

When fatigue takes over, I start to nod off and getting sleepy. Eventually, I snooze off with my face rested on his chest – as Gabe idly pets my ears and tail, with him drifting off to his dreamland soon after.

---[[ GABE ]]---

When I woke up for duty for the next morning, Hiiragi was still sleeping soundly beside me. She does eventually wake up by her own, mumbling to herself that she needs to go back to her patrols. As usual, she kisses me when waking up, shifting the blanket away and slipping off the bed.

This day was no different... except for the fact that we both took a bath together instead of waiting for turns. We took our time under the morning shower together like last night, complete with us fondling and cuddling each other. And just like last night, Hiiragi would slip into her antics to give me a handjob under the shower. I return the favor by fingering her until she climaxes.

I am tempted to do the full deed in the shower but that could wait for her next visit.

Once we both are finished with the shower, Hiiragi gets dressed with her fresh set of uniform she brought along the day before, while I get dressed in mine, BDU and all. Before she leaves for the mountains, Hiiragi and I have a breakfast together at the dining room, along with other Guardian recruits. Needless to say, even though Hiiragi is acting with the best of her behavior, both her and I still attract jealous stares.

---Human Village Outpost---

"Morning, Alex."

"Morning, Gabe. Seems like you're a little bit late today."

"Yeah, had breakfast at the mansion this time." I tell him, as I set down my rifle on the rack.

"Strange. Usually you would have breakfast at the village instead of the cafeteria. Did something happen?" Alex is full of intrigue for sure. Though before I could say a word, he would raise his finger. "Let me guess, you got a real good night, didn't you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You got the look and the face of the 'I just got laid' kind. Was it with Hiiragi?"

You definitely can't deny that. "Err, yes."

"Ha! I knew it! Took you long enough, though."

I sigh and decide that it's safe for me to indulge him with a bit of information. "Well, yes... in part that she takes the initiative most of the time." I explain to Alex. "So she visits me at the mansion often, socialize with me a bit more, and until she deiced to climb up to my bed one day with me on it and snooze off."


"So at first it was just that. Then she would bring spare clothes and spend the nights at my place, and after that I agreed about her suggestion about sleeping together naked... but still nothing too overt."

"Wow, you sure have a lot of self restraint, man."

"That's what she said." I tell Alex.


"I guess she saw the chance when she wanted to take a shower with me, so it sort of escalated from there."

"Mmmhm." Alex nods. "Well, that's good for you, honestly. Though considering who your girlfriend is, I guess the thing you need to watch out is her younger half-brother. Kaede, I mean. He can be quite protective of her."

"Yeah... I can understand that, especially if someone's harassing my sister."

Alex had a look of realization on his face. "Oh yeah, I remember that thing about your sister back in the days."

"Pretty much. I just hope I could get on his good graces. Have he beaten anyone over trying to flirt with Hiiragi?"

"I'm not sure, except for this one case where it's much more offensive than flirting when I first saw him during a mission. I wasn't anywhere close, but I good a good view of him beating that guy through the SOFLAM." Alex bluntly replies. "In fact, it's a long story and I could tell you the whole story, but first you'd have to treat me lunch."

I throw a jab to Alex's upper arm, though in a rather playful way. "Really, Alex?"

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding." Alex giggles. "But yeah, I'll tell you later anyway, lunch or no lunch, but mostly at lunchtime."



And that fist bump seals the deal.
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