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File 162403894510.jpg - (562.48KB, 930x656, Touhou_full_1126440.jpg) [iqdb]
[u]Sup Anons, had this idea for a while now and after some years of just reading stories here and being a part of the cyoas.
I figured I'd try to take my own swing to it as well![u/]

The sun rises, some bird chirps and as far as you can see there are no intruders in the sky or on the ground,
though you aren't certain if any are hiding behind the gravestones or trees surrounding you

But if they are then you won't spare them your wrath!

You are an Jiangshi, you are to PROTECT the graveyard from INTRUDERS.

Why is that? Because the master told you to. See even your talisman says so

[b] -Do not allow anyone to enter the graveyard
-Do not allow anyone to steal from the graveyard [b/]

So far you've been doing a good job because you are a good boy!..or good girl! your neck is too stiff to look down and check!

"Bzzzzz" Ah what is that? a foul yellow creature has slipped beyond your guard Unforgivable. it is yellow and small and yellow and it's small yellow presence is not allowed to be small and yellow here!

[] Show it your wrath!
[] Calm down, give it a chance to surrender
[]Leave it be
[] Whatever else you think works better (write in)
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"Actions born from Desire; Getting caught in whims of others and my own. The consequences catching up, causing... this."

You can squeeze in an "Apologies, Master.". But then you'd be at 21 words.
Or you could shift the blame to the guard, after all~ you'll find your own words for him too.

Glad you made your first own choice since - if you could call it that - coming back.
Reader Comment: Exciting! Usually wresting away voter choice is corny but it worked decently well. There was ample enough foreshadowing (if the conversation near the beginning of the story wasn't explanation enough) that Anne is 'her own' and the votes are more like random voiced thoughts in her head. So it's not like it came completely out of the blue. It's still a bit corny. The good corny. Like a popcorn about to pop, not the kernel stuck between your teeth.

Maaan, I have no idea if I should act a bit with the meta and 'talk with Anne' as her thought or not. It's certainly a fun prospect to go along with. I PURPOSEFULLY did not place [x] before my dialogue because it's Anne's choice to go along with it.
I definitely do NOT want to have this go any deeper in the layers of Meta-story-adventuring, escalating to characters talking to and with the voters and writers. Stories like these as a rule devolve into a mess that's unfun to read.

You could have done away with at least one, even better two, of the paragraphs of Anne screaming 'AHHH'. (Mind I'm writing merely as if this is objective, in actuality these are 'just' my experiences reading stuff) The potency of having someone scream impetuously in written speech is that the reader has his very personal idea (and possibly experience) of what it's like to scream loudly and desperately at everyone and everything and no one and nothing in particular. Invoking this feeling (or experience) in writing is the strongest the first time it's done, because the reader's callback is
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
"Actions born from Desire; Getting caught in whims of others and my own. The consequences catching up, causing... this."

I think Seiga would accept this answer pretty readily. We can only hope the reader voices are not going to cause some strange multi-personality disorder. It would be funny if voting turmoil usually ends up with Anne getting fed up with everything.

As for other anon's blurb, I pretty much agree with the sentiment. This was a case where 'show don't tell' wasn't used in a rather literal sense. Which is funny, because between the paragraph long verbal screeches was a legitimately great descriptor of the scream itself.

Talking to Anne or not is entirely your own choice, and yeah it's not planning to go any deeper than that. At most Anne would get some odd looks or be dismissed as cuckoo if she told anyone about the voices in her head like most people would in the Outside World. Which naturally would lead to one's credibility being lowered.

> We can only hope the reader voices are not going to cause some strange multi-personality disorder

Doubt it, though who she perceives herself to be or in other words the person she used to be can change depending on SPOILER or what info you find about it or what other people say when asked about it. (Though such info would always be not 100% accurate since people have opinions and stuff. Someone could think you were an complete B-word while someone else could not care less about you etc, ad infinitum. If there even are people who know you? Vaque vibes wooo~) but yeah it's mostly Anne and you Anons, not some Elfen Lied stuff since that's too much for a novice writer and overall offputting to me. If not quite unnecesary to the whole plot and vibes of the story itself.

> Shades of Anger

I did not actually know that and that's very VERY juicy to learn about and I shall keep it in mind for the next occasion (if there is one). Thanks for the advice!

And yeah I did post the scream a bit too much didn't I? That won't happen again if I can help it which I can.

Thank the both of your for your comments and critiscism. I always apreciate them so feel free to always say so if there's anything.


If you liked that portion then there's a fun story on the site with like a Space Marine in Older Hell if I remember, FUCK GENSOKYO was the name yeah. it's bassically filled with those vibes.

I'd reccomend a read on it since I enjoyed reading it too, appealed to my own sense of humor and frankly it was just fun all around.

With that said expect an updat
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 158949140140.jpg - (158.09KB, 800x600, mountainpeak.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>41094
Thread 2: >>41628

[x] A stroll somewhere exotic. We could compare our philosophies and spells.

“Perhaps a trip to some dark, mysterious forest?”

“A dark forest, really?”

I pulled away from her. Clasping my hands behind my back, I strolled toward the gate. “Why? Are you afraid I’ll do anything… inappropriate?”

“What? Why would I even think that?”

Still clasping my hands, I shrugged. “Why, indeed?”

And yet, after a few steps, she fell in line beside me. “Surely, there’s somewhere better we can go.”

“Hm.” I chuckled. “Why yes, I think I know just the place.”

“Oh? Where is that?”

“Let’s allow it to be my little surprise, darling.”

She pouted. “Very well.”

Waiting barely until we left the gate, I unhooked my hands, grabbed one of hers, and dragged her toward the lightning-singed tree I’d come from. With a hop and skip, we’d returned to the infinite void and, from there, come out from another damaged tree, this time by a coarse dirt pathway, winding in switchbacks up a mountain face.

She frowned. “A dark forest on a mountain. Your wisdom impresses me, dear.”

“Oh, hush. You’ll see its beauty soon enough.” I offered her my elbow. She glanced at it, a mask of uncertainty flickering across her face before she shook her head and linked her arm with mine. Together, we began a trek up the mountainside.

I breathed in the thin but crisp, mountain air, feeling its chill touch on my skin. “So, how was your temple today.”

She sighed. “For some mysterious reason, your presence has them rattled. Perhaps we should spend our nights at your place, instead.”

I gasped in mock shock. “Why, you’re not trying to kick me out, are you?”

“Oh dear,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Urgh. I was hoping to get one last update out before I had to make this announcement, but it looks like even that will take a while.

School has started back up for me and looks like it will take up nearly all of my time. So, from here until somewhere around December or so, updates will be very, very slow. In a worst-case scenario, there may not be any until then. So, my apologies, but please be patient until then.

While waiting, all I can do is express my appreciation for following and being patient with me thus far.
Appreciate the heads up!

This moment is as good as any to say thank you for writing this lovely story and letting us be part of it.
Keep your head up and be so kind to be kind to yourself. Wishing you good luck and good success in (and outside of) school.
Be seeing you the next update!
I'm pretty bad at keeping up with stories but, for whatever it's worth, I enjoy reading this and am looking forward to whenever you have time to write again. No worries, hope you do well.

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File 160247718446.png - (1.01MB, 1200x675, am disturbed at the lack of suzunaan pictures.png) [iqdb]
Depending on who you ask. You’d get a lot of different opinions on this fantasy land called, ‘Gensokyo.’

If you were to ask the folks in the Human Village, they’d say that the land is nice so long as you stay inside the walls of the village. But if for some unfortunate reason you’d have to travel out of it, they’d still say the land was mostly fine so long as you’d stay within the well-traveled roads.

And avoided the enormous Forest of Magic.

Stayed away from any large fields of sunflowers.

Kept your distance from any large patches of spider-lilies.

Took care not to attract attention from the Tengu from the mountain

Made a large detour around the lake and avoided the scarlet mansion.

Oh and if you somehow had the ability to do so, stayed away from the big hole in the sky over yonder unless you want to visit the netherworld early.

Among other hazards.

‘But it is a nice place regardless!’ So they’d say.

If you were to ask the question to a youkai who was more willing to make conversation and not gore you for a snack ‘just because,’ They’d have a higher opinion of the land as a whole. But also mention some, if not a good chunk of the same hazards the villagers mentioned.

Then you’ve got the individuals that are practically the center of these hazards who’ll tell you that Gensokyo has no issues and will stare at you blankly and/or oddly for even suggesting that there might be some issues with this little land of fantastical paradise.

But who were you to think? You were just an outsider dropped into this hot mess out of nowhere. A case of ‘Right place, wrong time,’ that you quickly found out was all too common for something seemingly uncommon.

Months went by, through multiple strokes of luck and will. You had somehow managed to carve out a little niche for yourself as another ‘problem-solver’ of sorts. Taking cases from the village and, on the rare occasion, the more sophisticated youkai.

Luckily for you, the majority of cases were just small-time stuff. ‘There’s a weird noise coming from th
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[X] Stay and listen. Despite what happened, it would bug you to leave a ‘story’ unfinished. Hear the final pages and then close it.

Seems fairly safe, and far more interesting.
File 162339380990.jpg - (125.75KB, 850x522, whatusedtobe.jpg) [iqdb]
Funny how I drop off at the vote talking about "leaving a story unfinished"
Anyways, let's continue this. The next major update after this chunk should have the next vote. Assuming I don't take too long again.

[X] Stay and listen.

The meager seconds that pass feel like eons as the two of you stare each other down waiting for the other to make a move. Yet, despite the intensity, you don’t feel the dreadful hostility coupled with the atmosphere like before.

Personal arrogance notwithstanding, you feel as if it’s the kind of hesitation a convict feels, looking at the judge about to bring forth their conviction and punishment.

It brings forth an awkward feeling from you. The thought of being ‘judge, jury, executioner’ only brings internal conflict with your own sense of morality. Yet you know at the end of the day, you are potentially the only person in this line of work that still tries to hold the ‘neutral’ ground in these kinds of cases.

You are almost certain the Hakurei maiden would already be done with this and back to her abode drinking tea. The other outsiders who follow the similar field would most likely shoot first, ask questions later, no doubt. If the current rumors circulating around the village are of any indication.

The best thing you can do right now is to stop and try to gain all the facts and details. It may make things more complicated, more so than you like. But at least you can say that you’ve made a final decision with all the information you could glean.

Piercing lilac-colored eyes follow you silently as you heave a sigh and kneel down in what you figure to be a ‘formal’ style. The only compromise you can think of that lets you give an appearance of non-hostility while retaining a somewhat prepared position to defend yourself should you be proven wrong.

A moment of silence passes as you shift around trying to get yourself comfortable while attempting to ignore the scrutinizing gaze of the youkai in front of you. Not entirely willing to lock eyes with her yet, as the pressure and imagined intensity exuding from her puts you off slightly, akin to a child caught doing som
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 162339394764.jpg - (58.98KB, 850x299, justimaginewithoutthesink.jpg) [iqdb]
You leave the room, putting what has transpired inside to the side of your mind for now. You make your way through the -once again- dusty, worn, halls. This time with purpose as you now know where to specifically go.

Turning a few corners, a left. Then right at a T-junction, you walk past two sliding doors until you stop at the next one and open it.

“Ah, geez!”

You flinch at the scene that suddenly comes before you. An organized line of decayed and rotting corpses lying side by side greets you immediately upon entrance. A second later, you instinctually resort to breathing through your gritted teeth as you feel the stale, dry air waft out from the room.

You end up bringing up a sleeve as the smell was overbearing enough to register on your tongue from what you assume to be microparticles from the decay. You only caught the taste of something sharp and rancid for a second before you turn away to try and get a relative breath of fresh air and try not to gag.

Prior experiences with dead bodies be damned, nothing can still beat a body pile fermenting for who knows how long on the ranks of ‘shit most likely to make you hurl.’

You inwardly curse the youkai to a thousand suns. You have no doubts she led you here as a way to spite you pettily. Which brings to mind a reminder.

“You know I can still just walk away from all this and leave you to your punishment!?” You exclaim down the hallway, not really caring if she heard you or not.

“What are you talking about?” You startle as she appears suddenly from behind you. “I only asked for you to retrieve an oriental pot- ah.”

“Yes. ‘Ah.’” You deadpan, temporarily ignoring the fact that she’s apparently able to move around now. “I was willing to let the other pokes slide. But this just takes it too far, don’tcha think?”

“That’s because you didn’t listen. I said: ‘walk past the two sliding doors and open the second one.’ She reiterates, moving over to the door to the left.

There was an awkward moment as she made what seemed to be a movement to open the door, but then remembered that you happened to blow off both her arms. In which
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 159772075489.jpg - (3.82MB, 2600x3182, __kasodani_kyouko_touhou_drawn_by_kakutasu_akihiro.jpg) [iqdb]
He apologized first to the girl. “Sorry,” Kigaku mouthed to Kyouko.

“Sorry,” she echoed as the prophet bowed in shame.

“No—um. It’s alright. Really.” The book-girl shrugged in resignation. “I’ve memorized the contents, more or less. And it was only a matter of time until something like that would burst into flames, so it was only inevitable.”

And why would that be the case?

“Because,” she said, her orange eyes falling onto the yamabiko. The girl was half a word into her next sentence until she cut herself short, instead muttering to herself. She hunched over, and, as if the prophet and his companion didn’t even exist, she circled around, mumbling non-words all the while.

“Um. Hello?” Kyouko took a nervous step back and retreated to behind the prophet. “I’m not liking this, Ametsuchi.”

The man silently agreed. It was not just her demeanor, either: Both the prophet and the youkai sensed malintent. And though the book-girl seemed innocuous at first glance, a spell of malevolence took to the air around her.

Kigaku nodded to his assistant. “Excuse me. Miss?

Kyouko relayed, though her voice barely carried over—she was busy pressing her face into the prophet’s back, cowering all the while. But no amount of decibels would have swayed the orange-haired girl: She was entranced. This was an unfortunate setback for the prophet—he had prior business with the bookkeeper, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The prophet opened his lips. ‘Miss,’ he mouthed.

The girl stopped in her tracks, her glazed eyes turning to the man.

Forgive me, but I’ll be intruding.’ He took a step forward, and, delicately, the prophet put a hand to her left shoulder.

She recoiled, jumping back at the man’
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>tying up the vote this late
[x] Kigaku let those thoughts perish. He would not meddle more than he should.
fuk you are mum

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File 159306871660.png - (459.37KB, 725x1270, curious leaf.png) [iqdb]
The ominous gong of the church bell sent vibrations through the slim, tensed body of the blonde heroine. Her journey would end inside the cathedral before her: one of black, spike-like towers and cold, metallic trusses — a holy place captured and twisted by the legendary demon, Melog. It was a fate she had been prepared for ever since she took up the blessed sword, Fortuna, said to slice through all probability. There was always a price to be paid for defiance.

A firm hand slapped her back, sending a wave of force through her leather armor and into her shoulder blades. She steadied herself and looked up at the offender: a man whose shell of gray plate armor revealed only his cold, dark eyes.

“Don’t lose your nerve,” he said through his visor.

She forced a smile as her heart fluttered in her chest. “You should know by now that my nerve has only ever faltered once: when we first shared a bed, and I gazed upon your—”

He turned away. “That’s precisely what I mean.”

She silently apologized. Even as a heroine, inappropriate humor seemed to be her only talent. Perhaps if she had any real skills — sorcery, medicine, peddling, or even farming — she would not have been forced to take up the holy sword. He would also have been spared.

Her legs pushed her forward, to the large double-doors. There were no locks, no barricades. She placed her hands on the door and struggled against its size.

Then he appeared beside her, adding his own weight to her efforts. “I have never regretted my decision.”

The heroine smiled, took a breath, and shoved against the door with all her might.


The foreigner erupted from his slumber and jolted upright. His light kimono had allowed the cool night to seep into his bones, and his head felt as if it were swimming in the open air. The alcohol had been unusually strong tonight, or perhaps he had drank an unusual amount — he could not remember.

“O Fortuna of purity, my body be cleansed.”

His spirit called upon his homeland’s goddess of probability, but the drunkenness didn’t subside. The alcohol’s haze was so potent, no parallel self of hi
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
[x] He must be aroused by the barmaid he cannot seem to remember.

[X] He must be aroused by the barmaid he cannot seem to remember.

[x] He must buy this lady a drink to repay her for convincing the barmaid.

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File 157980965355.png - (343.38KB, 578x390, bloom into tsu(kumogami).png) [iqdb]
Rice and Rain >>/shorts/2209

Inspired by, or shamelessly stolen from. Take your pick. Mibya wrote that (>>/gensokyo/15535).

Thread 1 >>41060
 [View thread]
Honestly, Kizin, of the stories I have read from you Unchanging Days was probably my favourite of your works "It’s still debatably with Maf2."

The relationship that Reimu and Kogasa was probably the cutest pairing I have ever read, their personalities playing off with each other making them just so damn cute; You should do more fluffy fluff stories in the future.

The theme I honestly never really noticed more blinded by how cute Reimu and Kogasa were XD.

The one issue I had, which wasn't really an issue, was just not enough sex scenes "I know the main focus was the fluff,” just a personal gripe I had. There just something about a good sex scene between two characters that have great chemistry that makes it all the sweeter “or something IDK.”

I eagerly await Make A Fist 2.
Gotta say this is the sweetest thing I've read in awhile. Kogasa and Reimu play off each other very well

Nice connection to the first post at the end
Thanks. I like simple things like that.

Well I'll probably write something else with them in /at/ at some point, but dude there's like 7 lewd scenes in this, about half quite lengthy too. Probably too much!

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File 159321508724.png - (1.69MB, 1590x857, titletitle.png) [iqdb]
Previous thread: https://www.touhou-project.com/shrine/res/38956.html

It's been a while, but I'm back with a sequel to the Hakurei Apprentice. Enjoy!

Leaves blow in the cool wind. The red blends with the yellow, sticking to the grooves and cracks of the stone pathway leading to the shrine. A familiar sight each and every autumn morning. It was as much of a part of my routine as making breakfast and doing laundry. It’s what my Master often called ‘shrine maiden training’ when it was just daily chores. I’ve done this so many times, it’s as if the days bled into months bled into years.

It seemed like only yesterday that Yukari brought me across the barrier into the Hakurei Shrine. Despite my life in the outside world, I’d like to say that, overall, coming here was an improvement. I’ve been able to form relationships with people that I would have never dreamed of meeting. Well, people being the operative word, but… they’re still ‘people’ all the same. Thoughts, feelings, hardships, desires.

Humans, youkai, gods, fairies, spirits -- all of them are different, but they can still exist in the cut-off world of Gensokyo. Despite their eccentric personalities, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Master hasn’t let up in the years that I’ve been here, always being hard, always expecting more out of me than she was going to get. I know that should be encouraging, but I’m just not as gifted as she is. Tapping into her innate powers as the Hakurei shrine maiden seems as easy as breathing for her. For me, it’s a struggle -- considering I’m still having a hard time grasping the basics even after four years.

I struggle with the thought that Reimu might not be a good teacher. I’m still not entirely sure myself, but the fact remains that I live here, that she’s helped me, and that because of her, I’ve found a place to belong. There are moments where Master’s intuition and guidance are something to be admired, truly. I wish that I--


A wooden box smashes into t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 159444504464.png - (2.23MB, 1700x2200, komano_aun_touhou_drawn_by_nikorashi_ka__b72bfb06e.png) [iqdb]
If the maid girl wants to help clean, then I’m not opposed, but I am worried about the missile Mimi. It seems docile, but I’m still not sure about the danger it could pose. A sentient missile is weird enough, but that’s not the issue at hand.

The glare in the robot girl’s eyes makes me wince.

“W-what’s your name?”

“My name’s Ruukoto, creation of the brilliant Professor Okazaki!” She puffs her chest out with pride. “This is my friend Mimi!” she says as the missile floats above her hand, gazing at me with its lifeless, black eyes.

“Professor?” I point the light away from Ruukoto. “Does that sound familiar to you, Komano?”

The komainu scrunches her face and twitches her nose. “Oh yeah! Miss Reimu did something with her!” she says, staring intently at Ruukoto as the gears churn in her head. “It’s really close. I think—Oh! This girl is part of that ‘thing!’”

“What thing?” It’s cute watching her put so much effort into this, but again, she isn’t making much sense. I appreciate Komano’s help, but she doesn’t have to strain herself so hard.

“You know, a ‘thing.’” Her tail wags vigorously as she jumps up and down. “Uh, it’s… the incident. Right, it was an incident! There were brochures! A-and tourists! Miss Reimu got Ruukoto from that Professor person!”

“Komano.” I gently pet her head. “Slow down. You don’t have to rush. So, can you tell me a bit more about it?”

“Not really. It was a long time ago, like a hundred years or something.”

“I’m… pretty sure that’s not true.” I chuckle and turn toward Ruukoto. “I’ll take your word for it. You said you wanted to clean, right?” It wouldn’t be too bad if she just wants to help, but why was she down here in the basement?

“Yes! Of course!” Ruukoto nods. “Lead the way!”

I ascend the stairs, floating a few inches above the ground. “Let’s see what you can do.”

“I am cleaning, Mimi!” Ruukoto says with a joyful smile, swinging the broom to and fro. The shaft whittles down little by little with each forceful
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
[x] Try to calm them both down.

Getting some PC-98 here, eh.
[x] Try to calm them both down.

Why can't we all get aloooong?

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File 154614013222.jpg - (179.36KB, 700x840, buddhistballs.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>41094


[x] To spar.
 [x] Loser has to sleep at the opposite abode.

I strode back out, into the open. She wouldn’t get out of those habits on her own, so I decided to shake this up. Byakuren waited by the trees.

I turned and faced her, resting my left hand on my sword. Seiga didn’t help, but I still had one card up my sleeve. I threw my right hand out, shaku pointed at Byakuren. “We’re here to duel.”

She stepped out of the shade. “Excuse me?”

I shrugged my shoulders and let my right hand descend to my side. “We’re not reaching each other through conventional means. So, I’ve decided we need to speak in a more common language.”

She cocked her head. “Violence?”

“Magic bullet duels.”

She shook her head as she rolled her shoulders. “I can accept that. What are your terms?”

“Our beds.”

She froze, turning pink. “Excuse me?”

“The loser must rest in the winner’s abode. We’re companions now, after all, so we ought at least to do that much.”

She stared back, a slant to her eyes. “I think you want to sleep here.”

“Oh ho. You’ve got some fire now.”

She shook her head, face still as she balled one hand into a fist, which she pointed at me. “How many cards?”

“As many as you have.” Or in other words, the fight would continue, all out, until someone wore out or gave in. A choice normally reserved for intense, almost desperate encounters. Or extreme workouts, as in this case.

“So, you do want to sleep here.”

I growled back, half-playfully. “I’ll still win, darling.”

Lights gathered around us both as I swallowed my fears. Byakuren was savvy, but not as proficient as I in the social sphere. Yet in direct, one-on-one combat, the tables turned. I lifted off, into the air, my cape fluttering as I ascended. Byakuren hung below, hovering bar
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
[X] A stroll somewhere exotic. We could compare our philosophies and spells.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[x] A stroll somewhere exotic. We could compare our philosophies and spells.

The party is tempting, but she wanted to enjoy her presence to the fullest no?

Also the idea of both philosophies finding common ground is very intriguing.
Next Thread: >>42837

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File 157266951083.jpg - (125.49KB, 850x1117, __kasodani_kyouko_touhou_drawn_by_homo_1121__sampl.jpg) [iqdb]
“Hey. Say something. Please?” She appeared before him with the wind gently fluttering her billowing pink dress. She brushed aside a stray hair from her eyes, and the girl smiled, her emerald eyes smiling with her.

The man would, but there was one small problem in the way: He was, in the most literal sense, mute.

[ ] Hand motions are simple enough to explain.
[ ] Mouth the words. She should understand.
[ ] So he engaged in interpretive dance.
 [View thread]
[x] He apologized first to the girl.

[x] He apologized first to the girl.

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File 154043409481.jpg - (222.86KB, 860x1204, KogaRei.jpg) [iqdb]
Rice and Rain >>/shorts/2209

Inspired by, or shamelessly stolen from. Take your pick. Mibya wrote that (>>/gensokyo/15535).
 [View thread]
[x] Surely she was overthinking. She pressed on.

possibly a bit too late but w/e
I hadn't gotten far before I ended up falling asleep, so I'll accept it.
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