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File 154614013222.jpg - (179.36KB, 700x840, buddhistballs.jpg) [iqdb]
41628 No. 41628
Thread 1: >>41094


[x] To spar.
 [x] Loser has to sleep at the opposite abode.

I strode back out, into the open. She wouldn’t get out of those habits on her own, so I decided to shake this up. Byakuren waited by the trees.

I turned and faced her, resting my left hand on my sword. Seiga didn’t help, but I still had one card up my sleeve. I threw my right hand out, shaku pointed at Byakuren. “We’re here to duel.”

She stepped out of the shade. “Excuse me?”

I shrugged my shoulders and let my right hand descend to my side. “We’re not reaching each other through conventional means. So, I’ve decided we need to speak in a more common language.”

She cocked her head. “Violence?”

“Magic bullet duels.”

She shook her head as she rolled her shoulders. “I can accept that. What are your terms?”

“Our beds.”

She froze, turning pink. “Excuse me?”

“The loser must rest in the winner’s abode. We’re companions now, after all, so we ought at least to do that much.”

She stared back, a slant to her eyes. “I think you want to sleep here.”

“Oh ho. You’ve got some fire now.”

She shook her head, face still as she balled one hand into a fist, which she pointed at me. “How many cards?”

“As many as you have.” Or in other words, the fight would continue, all out, until someone wore out or gave in. A choice normally reserved for intense, almost desperate encounters. Or extreme workouts, as in this case.

“So, you do want to sleep here.”

I growled back, half-playfully. “I’ll still win, darling.”

Lights gathered around us both as I swallowed my fears. Byakuren was savvy, but not as proficient as I in the social sphere. Yet in direct, one-on-one combat, the tables turned. I lifted off, into the air, my cape fluttering as I ascended. Byakuren hung below, hovering barely above the grass. Her head flitted between me and the temple.

I had beaten her almost as often as she bested me. Almost. And yet, despite the odds, I had no intention of suffering even this embarrassment here. I would win.

Byakuren fired off a volley of mixed, large and small, blue orbs. I glided out of the way, only to find her retreating away and into the sky.

Cross, I pursued her, right into a solid wall of large blue balls with smaller tails. One of the tails clipped me as I slipped through. I grunted through its sting, but otherwise shrugged it off.

I fired off my own volley of golden arrowheads, wide and tightly packed, as I wove through her own bullets. This would have come across as a spectacular show of fireworks at night, as very few natives commanded the level of firepower we wielded. But even as I wove between the heavy blue spheres and their deceptive tails, I only found myself wondering who would be the first to start this battle in earnest.

Then, in a flash, Byakuren had surged across my vision in tight, impossibly quick zig-zags. I lurched back, anticipating the utter swarm of tiny bullets that followed. She chose well, too. My talents gave me an edge in baiting out and misdirecting aimed shots, but these floated at random. Perhaps we’d fought a few too many times. She stopped, almost within arm’s reach before floating back.

She revved up for another run.

[ ] I kept my distance, leaving my options open.

[ ] I pressed in close at the next lull.

[ ] I fired off my own card.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Quit livin' in the past

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>> No. 41629

Votes End:
Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2019/01/01(Tue)19:00

>> No. 41631
[X] I kept my distance, leaving my options open.

I don't know the matchup, but in AoCF I usually have more luck as shooty Miko than punchy Miko.
>> No. 41632
[X] I kept my distance, leaving my options open.
>> No. 41633
[X] I fired off my own card.

I feel like we should respect her choice to start off with a powerful spellcard by reciprocating with one of our own. That, you can't just sleep on 「Superhuman - Byakuren Hijiri」like it's a fodder spellcard.
>> No. 41634
[X] I pressed in close at the next lull.

Go in and get some pressure going!
>> No. 41635
[x] I kept my distance, leaving my options open.

This will be rough. But good for the relationship. I hope.
>> No. 41654
File 154656067180.png - (537.16KB, 800x578, danmakufight.png) [iqdb]
[x] I kept my distance, leaving my options open.

I floated back as the swarm approached, flicking my head left and right, up and down. I shifted, barely, as I watched the gaps fan out or fill in. Byakuren shot through our impromptu battlefield again, now zig-zagging sideways. The first swarm had barely begun to ebb as her jumps toward and away from me conjured up the next.

I kept my own golden bolts flying out from my body but kept my cards in reserve. Much of our battles lately had become games of chance to me. Do I rush in early, betting I’ll overwhelm her, or wait for better opportunities, hoping one will come before I tire? Or do I do something strange, assuming it will surprise her at least enough to overcome my resulting vulnerability?

I often command the tactical edge, but time favored her impressive stamina.

She fired through another zigzag, now zipping away from me. I kept moving, hair’s breadth at a time, but my joints had grown tight. It was a shame that she had no need to dodge when bolting back and forth like this, as it left my openings only to the short lulls between such bursts.

Nothing landed, of course. It would have been a miracle to catch someone of our experience out during such tiny windows with only common fire. Even for our own brand of ‘common’ fire.

I squeezed through a pair of tight bullets that wandered close, barely slipping my gut between them. I dared not lose. Our first night would land where I ruled, damnit. Not in her testament to utopian tunnel vision.

Our first night, under the same roof. Possibly in the same bed. I shook my head, wobbling through a bullet corridor to a nearby gap. The rumors would last well after our union ended. A bullet grazed my ankle, bringing me back to the fight before me.

A near-solid wall of meandering bullets approached. I flung my eyes around, failing to find any hole I could squeeze through. I floated back, hoping for one to open before they hit. The bullets followed, never wandering far enough to slip between. Their light filled my eyes as I drifted as far back as I dare—Byakuren was a dangerous opponent to lose track of—before an opening finally appeared.

Too far away. I lunged to the side, but the bullets came too quick, their heat washing over me long before I…

The wall came, then faded away. The card had ended just before they hit. A thinner host of bullets followed behind, one I had no trouble keeping between. The thoughts still tugged at my mind. My mind had returned to the battle at hand, but I couldn’t count on it remaining here. Some of the very worries that had kept her so distracted the past few hours had now seeped into my own head.

Would we go shopping together? Training? We would no doubt spend quiet nights alone together. What would we even… No. I had to end this fight soon.

Flowery patters appeared behind her as the next wave of bullets soared toward me. Thin, faint lines shot out, soon to bloom into irritating lasers.

[ ] I responded with lasers (and talismans) of my own.

[ ] I brought subtle, delayed waves to bear.

[ ] I hit her with pure bullet spam.

[ ] I closed the distance.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2019/01/05(Sat)19:00

>> No. 41655
[x] I brought subtle, delayed waves to bear.

Close and personal? That's her forte.
>> No. 41656
[X]I re-purposed the captured spellcard
-[X]Star Divine Sign 「Superhuman of Seventeen Articles」

Pulling a Marisa is a surefire way to surprise her. Just hope our body can take it.
>> No. 41657
[x] I brought subtle, delayed waves to bear.
>> No. 41658
[X] I brought subtle, delayed waves to bear.
>> No. 41663
It looks like I might get a bit busy this month, slowing updates to about a weekly basis in a worst-case scenario (hopefully). A best-case scenario looks like about twice a week. That said, there should still be one coming today, depending on your time-zone.
>> No. 41664
File 15469857279.jpg - (148.52KB, 800x600, closeenough.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I brought subtle, delayed waves to bear.

Her lasers had barely flared to life when I called out my own card. A bit of a hidden treasure. A secret jewel.

A sphere of bullets flowed out from me as a vast, messy field of similar spheres faded, almost, into being. As one, they revolved around me, forcing Byakuren to move. She slipped between the expanding sphere even as the field of bullets flared to life, then faded back out as the next sphere rippled out.

The next field lurked as well, now revolving in the opposite direction. Byakuren flinched but followed suit. And here the chaos of danmaku rose to the surface.

She moved, jiggling right and left, which in turn jostled the bullets pouring out from her. Her beams had faded off, but that still lead to a chaotic spray coming my way. So, I jostled and twisted to avoid her barrage, which in turn shifted the field of bullets that orbited me.

It was an almost pretty mess of twisting, shifting, and jiggling as we bobbed and weaved around each other’s changes in pattern. Byakuren had to work quite a bit harder as she now stared down the barrel of superior firepower, but she held out better than I did under her card.

So, I changed things up, just a little. Much of these battles came down to what you brought in. Cards had to be created, consciously or otherwise, beforehand. These cards consistently followed certain rules, such as allowing escape for a sufficiently skilled contender and displaying some sense of the user’s history or personality.

These cards, once created, could not be changed in the heat of battle. But they did not dictate every detail. Against someone like Seiga or Eirin, I might speed my cards up. It exhausted me faster but made them difficult for more tactical opponents to keep up with.

But speed and reflexes were her domain.

So, I slowed the next wave down. I suppressed it. The next spherical burst came out sluggish, easy for Byakuren to find a hole in, but she held back. She slowed down herself, gliding almost with the wind. Then she startled.

Her head flicked to the left and right. Even her bullets came out slow as she realized. By suppressing the card, I made the coming wave almost invisible. Her bullets came back in force, even as she flitted around the field, trying to pick out a safe spot.

Fully invisible bullets would have been illegal, of course.

The swarm appeared, blasting into her back but throwing her into a gap as they spun around me. She followed, rattled but focused. Good. I had a bed to visit tonight and it wasn’t here. She slipped through the sphere just as the wave died down.

My next sphere fired out, slow once more. She practically ignored it as she floated through the faint lights. The swarm ignited once more, not touching her. But it did distract her, letting a bullet from the sphere clip her.

I fired off a couple more waves, which she dodged flawlessly, so I ended the card. I had taken the lead, commanding a full hit over her, but I had to finish this before I tired.

Her bullets thinned out as she warmed up her next card.

[ ] I interrupted her with waves of ‘sticky’ bullets.

[ ] I brought blinding light to the battlefield.

[ ] I switched from arrows to knives, but kept my cards close.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2019/01/10(Thu)19:00

>> No. 41665
[x] I interrupted her with waves of ‘sticky’ bullets.

Keep her off balance
>> No. 41666
[X] I interrupted her with waves of ‘sticky’ bullets.
>> No. 41667
[X] I switched from arrows to knives, but kept my cards close.
>> No. 41668
[X] I brought blinding light to the battlefield.
>> No. 41689
File 154752257785.jpg - (158.77KB, 800x544, fallingstars.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I interrupted her with waves of ‘sticky’ bullets.

I didn’t give her a chance. Barely out of the first card, I fired off another. She blinked, once, at the vast wave of bullets forming behind me. I felt a sense of nostalgia as the force rippled through my body, popping more of them into existence. This was final card I’d used against the very maiden who got us into this mess.

I let go, unleashing them in a staggered, uneven mess. One that barreled forward, right in her direction. This formed a field not unlike the ones I conjured last time. A field she dodged through almost flawlessly. But that was fine.

With a flick of the wrist, this swarm changed, cooling down in both speed and luminosity. The darker, slower bullets now flowed directly toward her. They too missed. I fired off another wave, as I warmed up the twist to this card.

But Byakuren chose not to abide my pressure. Just as I had my third wave readied, she activated a card of her own.

That flowery backdrop still behind her, four great, red beams lanced out, pushing her back before they dissipated. Not one landed, but my stomach fell. That was a near-perfect choice for interruption.

A second later, long chains of small, angular bullets streamed out from the glowing frame behind her, undulating as they approached. Some came directly for me while others pushed out in flanking streams, limiting my escapes.

My own wave fired off, bright and quick like before, but with a twist her card would, gratefully, do little to help. The might of her card was the variety of fire, not the invulnerabilities or density of her earlier card.

As my wave reached her, its nearest bullets flashed dark and slowed down.

The first addition to Byakuren’s card now appeared in the form of red bullets, both large and small. But even as I jumped between them, a small cluster of dark bullets built up around her, closing off many of her options. And yet she slipped through them, nudging her streams closer to me.

I floated away, firing off my next wave. More bullets flashed dark, limiting her movements again as I ducked through the growing horde of red bullets and blue streams. I pushed my card, urging the next wave out faster. Adrenaline coursed through me as I slipped through a cluster of red. My great, white balls kept flashing out near Byakuren, penning her in more and more.

Then her red beams returned, firing out and penning me in as well. And now, like the undulating blue streams, they moved about, rotating in their own narrow cones. Which jittered, in turn, as she shifted through the dark bullets around her.

One such bullet clipped Byakuren, pushing her into a nearby cluster of bright orbs, turning them dark and constricting her further.

And in the process of watching her, I skipped around a large red orb, only to get clipped by a smaller neighbor. I fired off one more wave, sweat now beading on my skin. We’d both pushed ourselves far harder and faster than usual. Idly, as I squeezed myself between a string of small reds, I wondered if she suffered from distractions like what afflicted me earlier.

My card ended with no further hits I could detect. Her own fire continued, though somewhat more stable now.

I breathed heavy, readying my next card when I slipped a hair’s breadth too close to the streams. It wobbled, clipping me again.

I grunted as I fired off one last card. Something simple and straightforward. Four consecutive spheres thick with bright yellow bullets fired out from me as her card ended. Only for one of her red giants to strike my gut. I teetered, barely airborne, as my sunburst expanded, still sailing toward her.

She wobbled herself, almost meandering through the air as her card died down. I could hold out for maybe a moment or two, praying my bullets would down her first, or I could bow out, surrendering my bed in return for a more dignified exit.

[ ] Hold On.

[ ] Surrender.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2019/01/17(Thu)01:00

>> No. 41690
[X] Surrender.

I guess we should start packing for an overnight stay, then.
>> No. 41692
[x] Well we DID agree to as many card as we have.

You give me a write-in. I make a Mystery Box.
>> No. 41693
[X] Hold On.

Gotta play to win, everyone is waiting for us back home!
>> No. 41694
[X] Hold On.

Never give up, never surrender!
>> No. 41695
[X] Surrender

She outmatches us in terms of stamina. If we haven't managed to shoot her down by now, it's better to go ahead and take the loss.
>> No. 41696
[X] Hold On.

Until the bitter end.
>> No. 41697
[X] Surrender
Because I want to see how Shou reacts to us spending a night in the temple
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