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File 144632778849.jpg - (377.51KB, 1200x1200, 9cd753e999f483d43ba1eedb8d734c78.jpg) [iqdb]
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Infiltrator has reached the third milestone! Thanks for reading, people. Update will be up within the next hour.

Thread #1: >>5934
Thread #2: >>13575

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>> No. 15799
File 151314229214.jpg - (502.26KB, 1200x900, 7b9516f97ead685ecc3cd1d2c2b4eb3e.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Join the ladies and their conversation. (3 Votes)

Seems like I keep getting distracted from doing updates lately due to other creativity focuses, but I'll make it up with bigger content per update. Enjoy.


While the guys were busy with their own conversation, you had the thought of joining the opposite side for a change of pace. And so, you went on to join the ladies with their own group conversation, all of them flocking about at the living room of the house.

Currently, the group consisted of your mother, Hisagi, Sanae, Hiiragi, Satori and her two pets.

And so, you sat beside your mother, just as she was chuckling at their conversation.

“Ah, good evening Seo. I thought you would've been more interested in joining the rest of the guys.”

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>> No. 15800
[x] Contact Yamame for help.
>> No. 15801

「c」 Contact Yamame for help.

File 145732711228.png - (1.33MB, 1031x609, little shop of corners.png) [iqdb]
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(Previous music continues)
[ ♫: http://youtu.be/knC2kyRf-n8 ]
[ ♫: http://www.listenonrepeat.com/?v=knC2kyRf-n8 ]
[ ♫: http://tindeck.com/listen/hqrrk ]

[Ļ] Not right yet, no. Girl asks th' dame what might be on 'er mind.

"Well, no," I reply. "Not yet, I guess." <well that sure was something to tell a demon> A demon who lives right next to the onje district? Yeah, that's totally how predators work <by looking as harmless as possible yes>. That's not a word I'd use to describe her. "I've got someone to meet after this, and then I'll check in for the night somewhere." Crashing in someone's shed seems like it would get me in trouble, here. I already know I won't be fortunate enough to find another Elis.

"O h ?" Verritine lifts a very orange eyebrow. Hold on, are those scales up by her hairline? "Y o u ' r e w e l c o m e t o t r y , I g u e s s ."


"...Try what?"
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>> No. 15771
Your manga recommendations have been surprisingly on point for me. Can't wait to see the new arc of 'I'm a spider, so what?' which, I assume, will be when the shoe drops and the tone changes dramatically.

Kinda like Doki Doki, but with less suprisingly disturbing content.
>> No. 15781
>He offers his humble gratitude and goes along to the Station that lies beyond her lands, leaving the Baroness alone in her domain once more.

>...The night shift sucks. Pays well, definitely. But it suuuuucks.

Baroness story when? PogChamp

>A fun little fling in the end that lasted only a decade

'Only' ten years FeelsBadMan.

>A smoke-grey bird alights before her.


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>> No. 15797
[x] Something Shaking (The train?)

Shaken, not stirred.

File 151148287160.png - (1.17MB, 1126x1600, 13jpg.png) [iqdb]
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Wherein happens something terrible.
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>> No. 15794
(x) Not.

Okay, I'll bite. Do your worst, Sekitroll.
>> No. 15795
(x) Not.
>> No. 15796
(X) Not.

Kurodani Yamame Is Fucking Lewd.

File 148115700448.jpg - (724.49KB, 924x1265, 59638022_p4.jpg) [iqdb]
15173 No. 15173 hide watch expand quickreply
Wherein Yamame Kurodani realises a few things.
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>> No. 15715
File 151111666596.gif - (2.72MB, 352x352, a forlorn insect.gif) [iqdb]
>He likes patches and watermelons.

Patches are good civilization. Watermelons are bad civilization.

If I had to choose a touhou, I'd go with Patches. Or a certain night-flying light, if you get my drift.
>> No. 15716
> which ‘hou would you burden me with in this circumstance?

Nazrin. Grump is love, grump is life.
>> No. 15719
Next thread, 'cause the OP forgot: >>15717

File 149926788932.jpg - (357.37KB, 650x433, Underground.jpg) [iqdb]
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Hello everyone and welcome to...well my first real story on this site given that the last one was more of a prototype. So welcome to Imperiled Indentured Servant! This story starts with a line I'm sure many have used, someone catches Yukari's eye then she fools around again. But before we get into all that we need to craft our MC. Our MC is a youngish male student living in the outside world in Japan. He starts out as a normal, if somewhat shy, student but as he gets dumped into very different situation (god damn it Yukari) your posts can alter his personality.

Name: Up to you guys

Age: 16ish but if you guys want more shotamoe you can discuss that in the comments and if gets enough people behind it we can hash it out

Personality: A normal and kind, if somewhat shy student but can change with your votes. You want to turn him into a deadpan snarker? Do it!

Body type: A tad short. Likes to keep himself fit by running so normal with the budding signs of a runner's body

Hair: You guys

Eyes: You guys

Hobbies: Mostly up to you guys but he is part of the archery club
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>> No. 15608
[x] Leave the palace and head into town
>> No. 15609
[X] Next 1 roll is treated as a 20
[X] Try to find someone
-[X] Orin

>Wherever this story ends I was thinking about running the same kind of base premise for the next one only in a different household. Would you guys want that or a whole new story?

Not many writers here can actually finish their story, let alone make a second playthrough of it. So no need to think that far ahead yet. That said, I'd prefer a new story.
>> No. 15610
I like planning ahead

File 140062962096.jpg - (63.15KB, 440x617, 83cebcfcefc6a77a4ebc63dd2566de67.jpg) [iqdb]
13653 No. 13653 hide watch expand quickreply

Before I get started with the story, let me just say that this new story of mine doesn't mean I drop my others. As I get inspiration I need to act on it, because it makes me motivated and inspired to work on my older stories.

This is also a BIG experiment. You'll see why in a moment.

“I didn’t mean it. I didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Oh gods, I can still see it. All the blood, their bodies lying there in pieces, the words carved into the walls, and their faces.

Oh gods, make it stop!

“Please, don’t leave me here! I won’t hurt anyone again, just let me out!”

The last nail in the coffin is hammered.

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>> No. 15489
[X] Sure, but maybe not “pet”, that doesn't sound right to me.
>> No. 15490
[X] Sure, I guess being a pet wouldn't be so bad.

>> No. 15491
[X] Sure, but maybe not “pet”, that doesn't sound right to me.

File 147414478672.jpg - (951.47KB, 800x1047, __kurodani_yamame_touhou_drawn_by_masa_neku__78751.jpg) [iqdb]
14818 No. 14818 hide watch expand quickreply
“In examining disease, we gain wisdom about anatomy and physiology and biology. In examining the person with disease, we gain wisdom about life.”
― Oliver Sacks

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>> No. 15164
File 148088910998.png - (1.09MB, 1400x1400, 37361100_p0.png) [iqdb]
Used to be big time into stouts, and my absolute favourite brand remains a regional brand stout named “Sawn”/“Screwed” in my native tongue. However, as my alcohol tolerance has dwindled since college days, I’ve found myself downing one or two local brand tequila- and cranberry-flavoured bitters every odd evening.


Thy Futo impression for an authentic word order wanteth. Verily it my sensibilities irketh. Eth, eth. Ye zwounds.
>Let's say hypothetically a dude posts a stupid-rank comment at the very end without, you know, reading the whole dealio. How uncool is that?
At the risk certainty truth of sounding full of myself, it’s your loss, bossu. My Stand, 「Paperback Writer」, grants me 「control over words」 of a degree unparalleled by ordinary TH-P writers! This 「thread」… No, this 「story」, is a 「test」 of my will to write!
>> No. 15167
(X) Punch.
>> No. 15177
Kurodani Yamame Has Another Thread: >>15173

File 138544137570.png - (523.62KB, 826x596, The fumbling forms of darkness.png) [iqdb]
12501 No. 12501 hide watch expand quickreply
[≤] Girl sticks to the trail leadin' outta here. Bounty's not as important as that.

Moments pass. Silence stays. Mind races. All of this at once.

I really hope that she can't hear me thinking about jumping her here and now.

[ ♫: http://tindeck.com/listen/itws ]

She continues to grace me with that look that speaks of quiet mirth and expectation. The look of a woman who has much and knows that more is coming <so why chase after the inevitable>. The look that tells you that money can, in fact, buy happiness.

A look as benign as that shouldn't be worn by someone so dangerous.

...And... that's the key, here. Danger.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14631
I always think of


>> No. 14632
> 'Boutaround niney'nine by one-fiff'five, vel-zed, Dis-rellah.

"99 by 155, vel Z, Dis-relative."

... what "vel Z" means, I have no idea. Vel is "ascending" and so may denote "height level Z", i.e., the ground. On the other hand, it may instead mean "in this context, vel is the z-positive axis"... which would imply that other, less obviously sensible possibilities are in common use.

> Makaian addressing is technically logical but bizarre in actuality. Trigonometry was involved.
Just (r,θ) rather than (x,y), I hope?

Or using cylindrical coordinates with z⁺ pointing due an, so that neighbors along a street have no coordinate values in common, and likewise, second-floor apartments differ in all three coordinates from their first-floor counterparts?

(Cylindrical coordinates with z⁺ pointing up are almost reasonable, if you have named streets; it introduces a bit of redundancy that can help if you get one of the coordinates wrong, but still know the street name. Except on the central radii; but everybody knows what's on those, right?)
>> No. 14638
Next thread: >>14636

File 139825296132.jpg - (146.68KB, 1200x850, eee29e8c14a99c272d79785c0e25c340.jpg) [iqdb]
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So we finally reach the new thread for Infiltrator, update will be posted in a few moments.

Thread #1: >>5934

Please wait, now loading...
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>> No. 14404
[X] Ask Remilia if she or Flandre is available. Better if both does. (Night Raid)
>> No. 14410
[x] Ask Okuu for this role. (Day Raid)

It's definitely not just because I want to make nuclear fusion with a certain bird.
>> No. 14412
Votes are closed and we just hit the second milestone. Congratulations for reading it this far.

Thread #3 is this way: >>14411

File 142145719556.jpg - (168.80KB, 1024x768, 142138271335.jpg) [iqdb]
14039 No. 14039 hide watch expand quickreply
I feel something winding down as soon as I move away from my companions, like a sort of tension, you could call it. Of course, I love them to death, wouldn’t even be up here without them and all that, but still. I’ve had little to no alone time since we left the underground, when before alone time was all I got. It’s a radical change, and I enjoy some peaceful isolation by myself, like this. It’s calming and feels like going back normal. The forest seems to help too: the colourful, pastel glows and lack of direct sunlight puts me in this relaxed state, like floating about underwater. Under warm water.

Not so relaxed that I forget myself, of course. I mark the (massive!) tree trunks as I go, so I don’t get lost. No knife, so I have to use my nails. Fearsome youkai claws, technically.

I wander around, more enjoying myself on a stroll than whatever excuse myself I gave myself to get out here. ‘Sides, I’m sure I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings, even if they knew I’m leaving for some alone time. I’ve seen those two and how they’re acting: back at the temple, and just how they’ve… stuck together, in various ways. It feels like the two of them are a proper group, while I’m hovering around them. Literally, too. Not that I’m against it! I mean, them. I know they were already close friends, it’s just that Parsee has clearly softened up a considerable amount lately. It’s understandable they’d get closer. They’ll be happy to have some time to themselves.

Ugh, what am I even thinking about? It’s none of my business what their relationship is and what they’re up to. I think the episode with Rinnosuke is making me think too much.

What did I say I was going to look for, again? Tinder? How stupid, it’s not even near cold enough for us to need a fire. I look around the forest, surprisingly sparse of life aside from the gigantic trees and the mysterious living light bulbs planted to them. Not even any shrubs around, just a whole lot of dead leaves. Actually, now that I take a good look — excuse me, a good listen at it, this place is way too silent for what it is. You’ve got a handful of bird calls soun
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14176
I thought this was a lovely story and I will definitely reread it later.
>> No. 14251
Agreed, in fact, I'm going to go back reread it now.
>> No. 14253
I liked it.

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