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File 128550824098.jpg - (99.86KB, 419x595, 7779938_p3.jpg) [iqdb]
Boy, it sure is boring around here. You had been waiting for the palace’s owner for quite a while now.

You have been assigned to the Palace of the Earth Spirits, on your first day of work earlier today. You began to wonder why you are called ‘Scarlet Devil Mansion Guardian Division’ if your work is to guard other places that are not SDM. That or SDMGD is more like specialized or glorified security guards.

“Welcome to the worst assignment you’ll ever have.” The little vampire’s words when you reported in at work at the Scarlet Devil mansion rang in your head.

You’re not quite sure if she’s joking or not, but you had hopes that she’s just joking with that sly smile on her face.

Either way, you try to remember back about what happened back at the Scarlet Devil Mansion a couple of hours ago.

-//Scarlet Devil Mansion, three hours ago//-

“Miss Remilia, why are you deciding to assign him for the Underground City?”

The vampire sighed. “It’s because she requested a guardian for her palace. I don’t know her reasons, but you had your hands full with the tower guard duty and Roach is assigned to patrol the Human Village.”
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[X] Go after them.

Focus on getting back the items
[X] Go after them.

I bet Seiga's just stalling for time.
New update on the new thread, folks. Congrats on reaching the first milestone.


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File 137490294279.jpg - (840.43KB, 1323x802, aed9c7159437e16fcab9804893dcbd3a.jpg) [iqdb]
February 23, 10:58 PM

Scotch. Scotch always makes thinking easier, makes connections form. Scotch is your friend, scotch helps you unwind. So why isn't it helping?

You've been staring at this autopsy report for an hour or so now, ever since the cop brought it by. You and her shared a drink, but she left earlier than you'd hoped. Left you alone here to stew and stare. You could recite this autopsy report by heart, probably.

Victim's body discovered 0851 16 February, under the Mizuhashi bridge. This was a result of a report from one Parsee Mizuhashi, who was visibly shaken upon reporting.

Victim suffered several contusions upon the head consistent with blunt force trauma. Blunt force trauma is probable cause of death.

Victim's estimated time of death 36-48 hours prior to discovery.

No visible sign of struggle at scene. Suggests murder took place elsewhere and body was deposited under bridge at a later time.

Victim has been conclusively identified as one Tenshi Hinanawi. Identification was provided by one Iku Nagae.

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Of course! The one place nobody would think to look for clues is the best place to hide them.
[X] Fuck it. Caution to the wind! Investigation above all! Even though I have literally no idea what I'm doing here!

Updates. When?

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File 13897425539.png - (246.58KB, 707x1000, Parsee216.png) [iqdb]
Parsee is easy to read, even for me. It's obvious she has something in her mind: She hasn't started chatting yet, and she keeps glancing my way and back, which isn't really her type of thing.
Luckily, I remembered this time around that it's proper etiquette to bring a gift if you're visiting someone. As a bonus, what I brought happens to be just right for the situation. With some effort, I heft up the heavy load from the bottom of my bucket and present it to the hostess.
I may be a youkai, but I'm not a physical type, which means I only have a few times the strength of a human of similar stature. It still isn't much at all: a single adult human could probably physically subdue me with some ease. The large bottle gives me some trouble, and I dump it on the nearby table, half fearing it'd break from the impact.

Damn, this thing must be three liters or more. I can't remember, but I probably swiped it from an oni home at some point: it looks like the same rough, ill-refined kind of sake they usually make themselves. I had the thought of bringing it because you're not supposed to drink alone. At least that's how the oni do it, and I'd trust their knowledge when it comes to drinking.

Parsee looks surprised, raising her eyebrows, but not at all disapproving. She gets up right away to fetch us some glasses while I open it up.
This should make conversation (so to speak) a lot easier. I hope. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen Parsee drink any alcohol. She doesn't seem at all against it, though, so there's no problem.

She pours for both of us — clay cups: simple, like the rest of her home — and lays back again, with not a word throughout. I would be slightly uncomfortable if I weren't used to it. It's Parsee, after all. I just stay put, enjoying the comfort that comes with her company and taking an occasional swig. Parsee, in turn, drinks quite a bit faster than me, turning cup after cup of strong drink and not saying much. Without much change in expression either, which is not possible for
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File 139321197729.png - (196.28KB, 680x800, 73c3c185feaab170588cca469dd25b98.png) [iqdb]
I like it. When in doubt, act cute.

Sorry man, shounen powerups are the domain of the writer. If it makes you feel any better, i totally would have ran with that if it didn't make everything I've planned and foreshadowed null. Also if it won.
File 139321434977.png - (220.24KB, 304x400, Talking shit about mai waifu.png) [iqdb]

>When in doubt, act cute.
>act cute.
>Implying Kisume isn't genuine cute.
The old thread is dead, long live the new thread.

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File 136837351044.jpg - (502.26KB, 1500x1850, Satori.jpg) [iqdb]
A voice from somewhere calls out a name.
“Heiki-sama, please hang in there!”
Heiki… it sounds familiar somehow, but where’ve I heard it before.
“Everything is going to be okay, just please hang in there!”
Okay? Is something wrong?
“Please hang in there. Satori-sama will be here any moment with help. So please… ju…ease…ay wi… me…”
Her voice fades away. Consumed by darkness, the same darkness that’s swallowing me. The same darkness that’s dragging me into unconsciousness.


I stare into the darkness surrounding me, the darkness which stretch endlessly, forming the horizon, the ground, and the sky. Well, there is no ground. Here I'm just floating in the sky, which is also missing. With no sun, no clouds… no sky, no nothing. Yet I can see myself clearly, just like if the sun was shining on me. I can clearly see the guy who appears to be right next to me. I can clearly see he looks exactly like me.
“So we wound up here again, it seems.”
“Indeed it does. When was the last time?”
“I don’t remember.”
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This is quite saddening actually, I was curious to see how this would go.
What if I told you I had no idea?

In >>13073 I mentioned 'mistakes'. One of them was the utter lack of preparation.
One day I just decided that I wanted to try writing on this site, and I began this story on a whim. I never planned ahead more than 2 or 3 updates. The exception being that I had already planned ahead to the second fight with Marisa, but it stops there. I had no idea what to do after that point.

Some writers may have the skill to write a story like this, but I'm not one of them. Which is why I'm doing my best in the prep-work for my next story. If everything goes as planned, then it'll go up in /Border/

Glad to hear you were interested, and I hate to break it to ya, but I feel this was the best choice in the long run.
A shame, but if you feel that way then I suppose this was inevitable.
I suppose I had better start watching /border/ again then.

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File 137038058927.jpg - (96.96KB, 360x360, 9f548d5262be169e3c32a585d49672df.jpg) [iqdb]
Even so, I'd rather have her beside me. I know she'll do what she thinks is best for me. I think I'm the one closest to her, same as she is to me.

As for Rin, I can't say the same. I don't know her. From the looks of her, she could subdue me with no trouble if she so wished: weak people don't spoil for a fight as she did — I'd know.
And I'd be completely alone with her. It might be a tad paranoid of me, but I've earned my paranoia. I'd feel more at ease with Yamame around..

Of course, I don't communicate any of my thoughts. What I feel or don't feel has no impact on anything.
Luckily, however, the fates are going my way for once.

“I'll go.” She draws herself up as she says it, sticking out her chest. Rin also flicks her eyes downwards for a split second, perhaps just now noticing Yamame's impressive... stature.

“Very well. You'll have to deal with miss Satori yourself, though. If her sister doesn't come home for too long, she gets a little... on edge.”

She nods, eyes filled with inexplicable resolve. I'm not sure where it came from, but I'm not about to refuse help.

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I can't remember either, oh the fun!

[X] Actually, didn't I bring her something today...?
File 138970630498.jpg - (628.54KB, 682x744, Parsee397.jpg) [iqdb]
Surprise item time. Writing now

Time for a new thread, too.
File 138974261156.jpg - (532.86KB, 700x840, Parsee169.jpg) [iqdb]
Next Threadu: >>>>12696

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File 138336472990.jpg - (553.88KB, 540x800, oh-god-what-am-i-doing.jpg) [iqdb]
“It’s cold.”

“Much too cold.”

“Yes, I know, but what about…”

“No? Then why did we…”

“Actually, where is she?”

“What? I didn’t drive her off!”

“But you said…!”

“Hey! Don’t put this on me! And please stop worrying over it, that won’t solve anything. Listen, I’m sorry, but right now this place is in total disarray, so would you please help me do something about it? Just help get some warmth around here. And go find her while you’re at it, gods know where she’s wondered off to. And be careful, we’ve only just settled in. Who knows what’s out there.”
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[x] Bear End.

[x] Cat End

This is an excellent read. I enjoyed it rather thoroughly, especially the encounter with that bear.

Speaking of,
have you seen my bear Tibbers?
[X] Fairy End
For anyone who happens to come by:

While it has been over a year now, I am definitely still here, lurking as much as the next reader. I find it interesting that this story has been labeled as "complete" in the Story List, as I know this story does not deserve it. This was all just my own proof-of-concept for myself that was quite a success. Anyone who reads this can easily tell it was rushed, and with just cause. It was for the 2013 NaNoWriMo THP challenge after all.

I digress however as I am here to say that this story will have a rewrite and a continuation, and that they have both been in the works for quite some time. Do note that this story’s vote is still open by my own terms, and, most importantly, that it will have an effect on my future story, whenever it is I post it. I do advise any future voters to sage their votes, as this story has long left the front page and newer stories deserve the attention. Finally, I’ll probably post some /shorts/ before diving in and posting my rewrite.

Of course, as with any story on this site, my words mean nothing unless I actually post them. It may be the end of this month or the end of this year, but I do plan on starting at some point in time.

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File 125255599560.jpg - (300.70KB, 1024x768, fk2_025.jpg) [iqdb]
Light. Such an annoying glare.

I toss around uncomfortably in my sleep, trying to get the light away from my still-closed eyes. For a few moments, I'm awarded a small measure of comfort as I escape from the overbearing glow only to realise that I was being attacked by something else; the unbearable heat that accompanied the sunlight beating down on me. With a small sigh I force my eyes open and shield them with an arm numbed from sleeping on the hard, uneven ground.

Looking up at the sky I guessed that the time would probably be around midnight by now, not that I could tell for certain since the perpetual daylight started countless years ago. I had been able to accurately keep track of the time in the beginning with the random clocks and time-pieces I ran across in the ruins of the human cities I happened to pass-by, but that quickly lost its meaning through the meandrous years. It was always day, the accursed sun was forever pounding everything beneath its harsh reign with its punishing glare. The heat stayed as a constant reminder of whatever the unnamed calamity that befell this world was, and the crumbling remains of human civilization served as a bitter refuge for my lone figure wandering on the blasted earth.

Just another day I guess.

Forcing myself into an upright position, I massage my protesting muscles feebly. My first attempt at standing up ended with me falling down to one knee and I quickly became aware of the total lack of feeling from my right leg. Whoops. It seems like not all of me has woken up yet. Pulling myself against a baked concrete wall that was now shaded by the partially-ruined building I took shelter in, I waited for the blood to circulate in my sleeping limb and contemplated my fate again as I had so many times before. It was rapidly becoming a habit for me to think about the past whenever I started to idle and it was only recently that I recognized the fact that I did that to keep my sanity intact instead of a conscious effort at trying to formulate an explanation for the mess that was this world.


<i>Once, many lifetimes ago, I had been an ordinary human. In an age when gods
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 [View thread]

Sleep well, dear friend.
I miss this story

We all do, Anon.

We all do.

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File 134828757835.jpg - (132.65KB, 1200x565, Sharp shark.jpg) [iqdb]
[♠] Why not? A game'll pass the time 'til she's movin' again.

"All right," I tell her. I still don't feel up to moving around much <if youre lazing around its gotta be card games>.

Elis shuffles the deck blindingly fast, then holds it out to me. I cut it, but her hand stays in the air. She gives the deck a weird look, then me, but before I can ask about it, she takes it back, then begins dealing the cards. We each receive a hand of 8 cards, and then the deck is split in two, each half placed a hand's-width apart from the other.

"Normally the inviter goes second, but I'll start us off, this time," she mentions, before picking up her hand.

"Sounds fine to me."

I pick up my cards, confident in Elis' reassurance that I'll figure it out as I go along. It's just a card game; it should make sense soon enough.


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[X] Girl sticks to the trail leadin' outta here. Bounty's not as important as that.

I really want to say we should jump this phantom and see who comes out on top, but I'm not convinced we will come out of it in any good state. At the same time, I don't want to brush her off and flee. Stalling with dialogue and seeing where things go seems like the best idea to me, although we don't know that she won't jump US at some point. If she has plans to act hostile towards us, a preemptive strike could tip things in our favor, but if she didn't intend to hurt us, drawing her ire doesn't seem like a great idea either. I'm torn, to put it simply.
File 138544105239.png - (413.45KB, 480x432, that wasn't bacon at all.png) [iqdb]
For those reading this once this thread slips off the board and into the archive... which will only be at some point several years from now in several years, given the blazing pace of activity on /underground/:
Since—as of this posting—we don't archive posted images, here's the picture from >>12183, un-hidden (A thumbnail's better than nothing, right?). On that note: Remember that hidden picture at the very very very end of The Game? It was a ring box made of rosewood.

I'll probably start doing this whenever I finish up a thread and it's in autosage.
File 138544132685.png - (151.64KB, 1860x360, removes even the toughest spots.png) [iqdb]
Next thread: >>12501

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File 131201864975.png - (690.16KB, 1000x1000, 43ae71b98ae8eab29419cf7838abe40e.png) [iqdb]
This story has nothing to do with the historian.


Over the course of your lifetime, there are very few things you look back on and think "now that was incredibly stupid of me."

Add this one to the list, you think wryly as you look down into the pitch-black shaft below you.

For a moment, you think back to how you ended up in this predicament. This morning, you planned to explore a new cave you and your friends had discovered not too far from the village. It was an admittedly risky and dangerous hobby you all had, to explore these hidden nooks and crannies near the village that no human had ventured into before.

The adventure had gone smoothly overall, actually; you and your friends had had quite the fun spelunking through the natural caverns and underground streams. It was only when your friends went back home and you decided to stay a little longer to see if you could find anything else interesting when things went sour. You had found an opening from one of the large caverns leading further down into the cave, and followed the tunnel until it widened into this large vertical shaft. It was at this point that you had slipped on a patch of wet moss and went sliding over the edge. Only by a miracle did you manage to grab hold of an outcropping on the side of the shaft. This is where you are now.

Both of your hands hold tightly to the rock that spelled the difference between hanging there or being splattered at the bottom of the shaft. The illumination from your dropped torchlight is still plainly visible in the exit to the tunnel some three or so meters above you. It may as well have been three kilometers.

As you hang there in the dim light, you give thanks that you're as strong as you are; holding on with just your hands is only moderately a strain at the moment, but it's only a matter of time before your strength starts to give out.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
Stop asking all these questions and do as I say. Or I’ll update this story again.
Go ahead. Then you'll be doing something at least.
You mean other than my weeklies at /shrine/? Not sure what I could do with this one, though. That thing up there was a total one-off.

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File 136435421753.jpg - (344.19KB, 800x568, how-long-can-it-last.jpg) [iqdb]

The main theme I worked with for my dolls was swords.

A strange theme, perhaps, but it seemed to work well. It played to my strengths while covering my weaknesses. I would never be able to match somebody like Yumeko or Sara in a contest of strength or martial skill. However, the weapons I could create were excellent.

With all the time I spent working on golems and other automatons, it didn’t take much to transfer the basics over to forging weapons and other tools. Sara was absolutely delighted when I started trying to create weaponry on the fly. The gatekeeper loved to smash my conjured weaponry into things – eventually, the weapons stopped breaking.

In a way, my swords were better than what I based them on. Yumeko’s ability to generate swords was limited to her single gleaming blade, copied over and over again on the fly. My weapons were restricted only by my imagination. From composition to form, I could change what I liked.

When metal met metal, my weapons held strong. My own arms were liable to break if I clashed with Yumeko, though. That was where the dolls came in. My creations had limbs of steel, reinforced by magic. If they broke, there wasn’t much hope for me anyway.

However, that kind of situation never threatened my daily life. Other than for fun, it wasn’t like I was fighting anybody. Fortunately, the specialization for my dolls proved to be useful in other ways.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
>You want partake in a little forced sexual deviancy? Yumeko would slice your head off.

I see what you did there.
This story is one of my favourites on this site, keep up the good work!
>You want partake
Damn, this ruins the joke completely. I suck.

Thank you very much! I’m glad this exercise in pain and new experience was enjoyable for others. I have a story on /th/ that is currently stuttering along while I try to find new times to write. After that finishes up, we’ll see where I travel next.

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