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File 128550824098.jpg - (99.86KB, 419x595, 7779938_p3.jpg)
Boy, it sure is boring around here. You had been waiting for the palace’s owner for quite a while now.

You have been assigned to the Palace of the Earth Spirits, on your first day of work earlier today. You began to wonder why you are called ‘Scarlet Devil Mansion Guardian Division’ if your work is to guard other places that are not SDM. That or SDMGD is more like specialized or glorified security guards.

“Welcome to the worst assignment you’ll ever have.” The little vampire’s words when you reported in at work at the Scarlet Devil mansion rang in your head.

You’re not quite sure if she’s joking or not, but you had hopes that she’s just joking with that sly smile on her face.

Either way, you try to remember back about what happened back at the Scarlet Devil Mansion a couple of hours ago.

-//Scarlet Devil Mansion, three hours ago//-

“Miss Remilia, why are you deciding to assign him for the Underground City?”

The vampire sighed. “It’s because she requested a guardian for her palace. I don’t know her reasons, but you had your hands full with the tower guard duty and Roach is assigned to patrol the Human Village.”

Her name is Remilia Scarlet. She’s like a commander to the SDMGD, except that she’s much more lax than what you always read compared to other commanders you often read off the magazines in Kourindou. Charisma, huh.

You often thought that SDMGD was a strict para-military organization, but unfortunately you were dead wrong.

“If that is the case, then…” Her maid spoke. “Then how would we transport him to Satori’s palace? He can’t even fly yet.”

The silver-haired maid is Sakuya Izayoi, the head maid of the mansion, and the vampire’s right-hand lady. You often see her shopping at the market while you are busy helping in your father’s convenience shop.

The black haired guard took a thoughtful moment before he snapped his fingers and made everyone – including yours– turn our attention to him. “I know someone who could help.”

That man in his early 20s’ is called Zero. While he had a real name, a lot of people preferred to call him by his callsign ‘Zero’. You thought he had told you his real name once, but it often flew over your head when you tried to be formal. He’s quite brownish from the rest of the people in SDM, which strengthens the fact that he is not a Gensokyo native.

“You do, Zero?” Sakuya asked.

With a simple whistle from Zero, a small child appeared from out of nowhere and landed belly first on your head, surprising you. He is surprisingly light.

“Arikado’s PK Teleport at your service~” He chirped. “Where would be your location today~?”

The guard named Zero pointed at the child behind you. “Arikado, I need you to send this fella’ to the Palace of the Earth Spirits, time limit five minutes, Mystia’s lampreys plus sake, my treat.”

You raised a brow. Did that loli oni just got herself an apprentice in drinking?

“Ok-ay~!” He then led you to the outside of the mansion, in which the gates are opened wide by the gatekeeper. “Watch your distance, mister! We’re going to need some space to stop when we arrive!” He said, as he jumped off from the back of your head and stood in front of you.

Man, he is really that short.

“Wha - what?”

“Ready, steady…” He said, as he took a running stance while you on the other hand feel very clueless. “And off we go!”

When the little fox ran in front of you, you feel like your feet are moving on its own. From the front door of the mansion, both of you ran towards the open gates and the road outside. When he gained up speed, you did too, and then suddenly everything turns black.

The only thing that you can remember when everything turns back to normal is the little hanyou waving at you before he disappeared.

-//Palace of the Earth Spirits, Present//-

When you first arrived here, you met a girl with red braided hair and two sets of ears and a pair of tails. Sure, you saw the usual youkai back at your home in the Human Village with a pair of animal ears but, seeing her with two pairs of ears is a bit bizarre to you.

She hasn’t introduced herself just yet, but she has been told to be expecting about your arrival at the palace. Before the catgirl went off somewhere, she told you that some of your items have been placed on the topmost part of the palace, and then she blazed off. Literally.


You sighed when you returned back to present time from your recent flashback. It was quite chaotic back there, and the Underground City is very foreign to you with little to no humans in sight. All you need here is a bit of some adjusting to get used to this new environment.

Come to think of it, from this height the Underground City looks… beautiful. It’s just like staring at stars in a clear night.

“Hello there.”

You turn around to the owner of the voice, who is a young lady with pink hair and blue dress, with an eye staring at you from the chest. She looks a bit older than you are, with her well mannerisms and all that.

Ah, you’re spacing out. Hold that thought a bit – you were told by Zero that she’s a heart-reader.

She chuckled a bit when she sees your flustered face. “So you must be the guardian I requested from Remilia.”

“Yes I am, ma’am.” You said. “I just arrived from SDM a couple of hours ago.”

“I see. You arrived with Arikado the little psychic didn’t you?” The pink-haired lady walks closer to you for a handshake. “My name’s Satori Komeiji. The owner of this palace. And you would be…?”


Your name would be…

And your assigned call sign…
[]Write-in too.

Your Gender
-FN SCAR-H w/ Red Dot Sight + Foregrip (20 + 100) – Standard SDMGD Primary, attachments are not available as in yet. High damage and low recoil.
-Beretta 92FS (15 + 75) – Standard Sidearm for SDMGD. High capacity, low damage.
-BlackHawk Tatang (x1) – For melee and throwing.
-Basic SDMGD Gear (Kevlar vest, knee & shoulder pads , helmets are optional), Condition: 100% - Protects you from harsh danmaku battles.
-X1 Level 3 Sentry Gun aka the Death Machine, Condition: 100%, Ammo: 499/998 – For setting up defenses while you are away from your base. Detects heat signature.
-Four Stun-nades, Two Frags, two Semtex Grenades.

N/A as in yet, will be based on MW2/Black Ops perks.




So yeah, this is my first time of writing a CYOA after lurking for quite a while. I have been putting off to write one since I do not have the right idea to write. Any voters are welcome, and I might be alternating from this CYOA yo my Touhou Kuroneko fanfic (Which still needs its 13th chapter ready).

Our MC is a human, so that’s a reason why he cannot fly, make danmaku (which is why he uses weapons) or use spellcards as in yet. In conjunction Little Soldier Lost, primaries, sidearms, sentry guns or any kinds of weapons are danmaku refitted.

Happy reading and voting.

Don't mind the title, I 'borrowed' it from a favorite re-arrange of I Sawed the Demons.
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Your name would be…
[x] Seo Fujisaki

And your assigned call sign…

Your Gender
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Your name would be…
[x] Seo Fujisaki

And your assigned call sign…

Your Gender
Delete Post
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[x] Nakamura Reika

[x] Rei

[x] Female
Delete Post
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[X]Isayama Yomi
Delete Post
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[X] Hellshit Carhouse


[X] Robot
Delete Post
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[x]'XIII' Hartmann

Call sign…
[x]Schwarze Katze

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Forgot to say that our MC is from the Human Village, so that means only Japanese names are accepted.

Votes will be called by Tuesday 5PM +8 GMT.

I chuckled. BMF "Thunderstrike". Good times.
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File 128559181723.jpg - (593.76KB, 1000x1414, isayama_yomi.jpg)

Samefag here, just couldn't post a pic with my vote last time. Aside from looking cute and badass at the same time, Yomi's personal story of being conscripted into the army of the Deadites seems kind of appropriate for an MC who used to live in the Human Village, went to work for the SDM, and is now posted in the former hell.
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[x] Akimoto Kurou

[x] Spectre

[x] Male
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>Seo Fujisaki

I assume you use western style?
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Why yes. As you have guess, Seo is the first name while Fujisaki is the family name.

Typically, it should've pronounce as 'Fujisaki Seo' in Japanese.
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[x]Ryuuji Iwasaki


Delete Post
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[x] Misato Arisato

[x] Spectre

[x] Both
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Vote's called.

[X]Fujisaki Seo (2 votes)
[X]Spectre (5 votes)
[X]Male (5 votes)

Please wait, preparing updates - ETC 29/9, now loading.
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File 128573656542.jpg - (922.15KB, 1000x1419, 892b8cdf6d7a64db19a5b16eed4295c1.jpg)
[x] Seo Fujisaki [2 Votes]
[x] Spectre [5 Votes]
[x] Male [5 Votes]

Here comes the second update, as promised.

Fujisaki “Spectre” Seo
Day 1, 13:52:09
Palace of the Earth Spirits
Scarlet Devil Mansion Guardians Division

“My name’s Fujisaki Seo, reporting in for duty.” You introduced yourself to the owner of the palace. “You can call me Spectre.”

Satori held your hand and gave you a handshake. “Welcome to the Underground City, Mr. Fujisaki. I suppose that you had met one of my pets when you arrived here.”

She is reading your mind again. “Yes I did. That cat with four ears I met earlier… what was her name again?” You asked her.

Satori chuckled at your question. “Her name’s Rin Kaenbyou, just call her Orin. I have another pet too, but she’s not around at the moment.” She began smiling happily when she began talking about her pets. “Would you mind if I show you around the palace?”

“Sure thing. I don’t want to end up lost when I need to go places.” You agreed to Satori’s suggestion.

“Good choice, Spectre. Follow me.” And after that, she led you down the stairs of the rooftop, back into the inner sections of the palace.


You finally had the chance to have a good look on Satori’s palace. While you can do it on your own, you’re prone to get lost anyway. The Palace of the Earth Spirits seems quite huge compared to the Scarlet Devil Mansion - as expected; however, you noticed that the palace didn’t have many inhabitants as SDM had.

As a result, whenever the two of you begin to talk, your voices seem to echo in the palace. Nice effect.

“For starters, here’s your room.” She said, opening a locked red door.

To your amazement, your room is quite bigger than what you had at home, and for once, you got the chance to sleep on a bed rather than sharing futons, blankets and pillows with your siblings. Not that you’re complaining much. You entered your room and inspected the furniture in the room – all of them are very well kept.

Not a single dust is sticking off from the wooden furniture. Everything in that room is peculiarly shiny as if they were polished everyday.

Satori has a really good taste when it comes to furnishing, it seems.

When you checked your wardrobe, you noticed that your clothes are hung nicely in there. Your spare clothes are also neatly folded in the drawers.

“Wow, since when did they do all the moving?” You wondered aloud.

“Zero and Roach had come over to transport your things and your guarding equipment few days ago.” She said. “If there’s anything else that you need, please do not hesitate tell me.”

“Understood, ma’am.”

“Here’s your room key.” She said, handing over a set of keys grouped together with a black lanyard strip. “The laundry room is just below yours, so if you need to wash your garments just go there and use the things provided.”


She had also shown you the garden at the back of the palace, some of the pets she had kept and several other important things you needed to know.

“Other than your pets, do you live alone here?” You asked when the two of you were on a balcony overseeing the underground flower gardens.

“Not really. I have a younger sister, but she’s more often than not spent her time on the Surface World.” Satori explained.

“I wonder what she’s up to then.”

“Recently I heard from the Hakurei Shrine Maiden that she is wandering above in search of delicious food. The only thing that I do not like about that is – in a proper word, stealing other people’s food.” She said.

“I see.”

“Speaking about food, I’ll prepare your meals, so I will ask Orin to call you when it’s ready to be served. You’ll be dining with the three of us, including Utsuho the hell raven.”

“Noted.” You said. “Wait. A hell raven…?”

“Yes. A hell raven. Oh don’t worry; she’s a bird-brain. She won’t attack you without a reason.”

“That is if she doesn’t recognize me as an infiltrator or an intruder.” You voiced out your concerns. “I wonder how a real hell raven looks like.”

“Don’t worry too much about it. You’ll sooner or later meet her.” The mind reader assured you again. “Here’s the dining room, by the way.” Satori said as she pointed to the said room. “And the kitchen’s right next to it. If by any means I got sick, and you don’t want to go all the way to the city, you can cook if you’re so inclined.”

“I can cook. No worries.” You assured her. “Hopefully.”

“Good. Let’s continue with our walk then.”

After quite a while of walking and chatting, Satori excuses herself – a sign that you should get back to work from the housemaster. “Fujisaki, I will be at my reading chamber. If you have anything else to ask, just find me there.” Satori said to you before she walked away from you.


While she took the stairs down to her personal library, you on the other hand climbed up the flight of stairs to your guarding post.

“Come to think of it, living here as a guard might not be as bad as I thought it would be.” You thought to yourself while climbing the stairs.


And now you are back at your post on the palace’s rooftops, overlooking the perimeter of Chireiden. There are times you cast you gaze to the Underground City and kept wondering when would be a good time to go there. You had heard from the folks that the Underground City is the home of the horned kind – onis.

Not that you are going to have a drinking competition with them – you’d surely lose for sure since you are a very bad drinker. The Underground City doesn’t look as bad as the older folks were telling to your generation. The city is much livelier than deserted, compared to what they often say.

While you are busy looking down at the palace’s gates, you felt the rush of air – telling you that something is coming toward your position in a great speed. It turns out that your hunch was right, as you could see a figure with wings charging towards your right.

“What the…?” You thought before you made a quick roll to the railings your left – holding a firm grip on the bars so that you didn’t fall off the upper floors.

When you regained your composure, you quickly reached for the SCAR you have on your back, turned off the safety and chambered your assault rifle by pulling back the charging handle near the rifle’s bolt release. As expected, the winged figure returned to your position and hovered in some distance between you and the stairs down to the main section of the palace.

“Who are you?” The girl asked in an angered tone while hovering in front of you, arming her long hexagonal cannon painted in orange at you. The muzzle is glowing in bright orange too. “What are you doing in Satori-sama’s palace?”

This is not good. Not only she blocked your way out of the rooftop, she had her arm cannon trained squarely on you. You could also feel the temperature rising – which starting to make you feel very, very uncomfortable. It’s like you are being baked inside your clothes.

“Who is this girl? Is she the one of the pets Satori told me just now?” You thought frantically. The ‘eye’ on her chest is glowing in angry red, a sign of her current emotion.

It’s your first day of work and you had already stumbled upon trouble, and you only have three options to react – retaliate, explain or distract her and find Satori.

What should you do?
[] Retaliate by aiming at her with the SCAR you have.
[] Explain to the bird girl that you’re a new guard Satori just employed.
>[] Write in.
[] Ask her if she’s one of Satori’s pets.
[] Find a way distract her and find Satori for help
>[] Say to her that she cannot destroy her master’s palace, and then retreat into the palace.
>[] Throw a stun-nade near her feet.
>[] Flip her skirt.
>[] Write in.

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[X] Explain to the bird girl that you’re a new guard Satori just employed.
-[X] "Woah, calm down. I'm Spectre, and I'm here because Satori hired me to guard the palace."
-[X] Glance at her wings. "Are you Utsuho?"
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Vote the unvoteable.

[X] Find a way distract her and find Satori for help
- <spoiler>[X] Flip her skirt</spoiler>
Delete Post
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[x] Find a way distract her and find Satori for help
>[x] Flip her skirt.

I wonder how she react to this? Huhuhu..
Delete Post
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[X] Explain to the bird girl that you’re a new guard Satori just employed.
-[X] "Woah, calm down. I'm Spectre, and I'm here because Satori hired me to guard the palace."
-[X] Glance at her wings. "Are you Utsuho?"
Delete Post
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[x] Ask her if she’s one of Satori’s pets.
Delete Post
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[x] Ask her if she’s one of Satori’s pets.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Find a way distract her and find Satori for help
>[x] Flip her skirt.
Delete Post
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Apparently there is some goof with the ISP that made all users subscribing to the same internet plan as mine to unable to access this image board.

Well it sucks, but I had to use a proxy until they fix this bloody problem. Keep on voting, vote will be called on 5PM Saturday +8 GMT.
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[X] Explain to the bird girl that you ’re a new guard Satori just employed.
-[X] "Woah, calm down. I'm Spectre, and I'm here because Satori hired me to guard the palace."
-[X] Glance at her wings. "Are you Utsuho?"
-[x] "Nice gun you have there, it is quite...unique."
Delete Post
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Current votes are:
Votes have been called, and this is the result:

[X] Retaliate - N/A
[X] Explain - 3 votes
[X] Ask - 2 votes
[X] Distract - 3 votes

Explaining wins after three rounds of coinflips. Updates are on the way - Please wait, now loading.
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>OP Pic
>Tewi with SCAR-L (or is it H? I can't see it clearly)
You don't happen to have full version of the pic, do you?

Saging, because it's too late to cast my vote though I really want to see the MC flipping Utsuho's skirt, but I'll surely follow this story.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128610937573.jpg - (56.23KB, 419x595, 7779938_p1.jpg)
Nope. The source on Pixiv have four pics, all of them are in the same resolution, two of them had captions stuck on them and two variation of colors.

It's tagged as SCAR-H on pixiv, by the way.

Side note: I really hope Packet One fix the problem of inability to fix this website so that I wouldn't have to use proxy.
Image Source
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File 128615895781.jpg - (435.53KB, 1039x1477, 95f1c81ecaf63ccd54cf037a35bdb0aa.jpg)

[X] Explain to the bird girl that you ’re a new guard Satori just employed.
>[X] "Woah, calm down. I'm Spectre, and I'm here because Satori hired me to guard the palace."
>[X] Glance at her wings. "Are you Utsuho?"
>[X] "Nice gun you have there, it is quite...unique."

Tactical Update inbound.


“… I’ll prepare your meals, so I will ask Orin to call you when it’s ready to be served. You’ll be dining with the three of us, including Utsuho the hell raven.”

When Satori’s words echoed in the back your mind, you took a quick glance of her wings. And later you snapped your fingers in realization and pointed at the hell raven. “You are… Utsuho aren’t you?”

“Unyu?” She squaked. “Of course I am! How did you know my name?!” Somehow, mentioning her name while she hadn’t known yours was not a good idea. She was prodding you in the chest with her arm cannon, nearly pushing you off the railings.

“I’m getting there, just calm down, okay?” You said. “I'm Spectre, and I'm here because Satori hired me to guard the palace.” You breathed out. "Nice gun you have there, it is quite...unique."

“It’s my third leg.” She said proudly, still aiming the cannon at you.

You sighed in frustration. “For gods’ sake, can you at least put your cannon or whatever it is away for a while? You’re boiling me.” And she did just that. “That’s better.”

“Oh. Where’s Satori-sama?”

“She told me that she’s at her reading chamber.” You replied, but Utsuho didn’t seem to buy your explanation. “Is there anything else that I need to add or explain?”

The hell raven stared at your face for a few seconds before saying… “What’s a reading chamber?”

Upon hearing that question, you slapped your hand on your forehead. “How about I just take you there…”

Before you went down to the reading chamber with Utsuho, you set up the Sentry Gun on the rooftop. After some slight modifications by the kappa, the “Death Machine” can fire automatically at enemies. But it still needs to be spooled up, and you flicked the barrels to cool down the spool time.


The reading chamber was easy to spot, since it had double doors as an entrance, just like Voile’s doors. You push one of the doors open, and walked in with Utsuho walking right behind you.

However, when you enter the library, you tripped on something which made you fell flat on your face at the doorframe. Instead on walking over you or pushing the door on her left, the hell raven simply drops herself on you before you could even stand up.

“OW!” You screamed out in pain.

“Who in the blazes is screaming in this room?” Satori’s voice could be heard beneath the bookshelves before she appeared in a distance from the door frame. “Oh, Spectre. It’s you. With… Utsuho…”

“Satori’s-sama!” Utsuho called out to her master as she stood up and hugged her master.

“Are you okay, Spectre?” Your employer asked.

“I felt like someone had dropped a ton of rocks on my back.” You mumbled before you got on your knees. “Otherwise, I’m fine.”

“Good.” She said. “I was wondering how in the world you just fell flat on your face with nothing impeding your path.”

“I felt like I tripped on a foot. Someone’s foot.” You said. “And I am sure as heck it was not Utsuho’s because she is right behind me.”

You hear Satori sigh.

“Is there something wrong, ma’am?” You asked in a concerned tone.

She shook her head in a dismissive way. “It’s nothing.”

“Well then, if there’s nothing else I think should go back to my post.”

“I’ll be right behind you, unyu~”

“See you at dinner then.” Satori said. “If you are going to leave for the Underground City Central, I permit it. Just be sure that you don’t leave the rooftop unguarded.”



After Seo and Utsuho walked out of the room and closed the door, you called out a name.


A giggle could clearly be heard echoing in the reading chamber before the figure of a girl materialized from thin air. An audible ‘woosh’ could also be heard.

She giggled again. “Yes, sis?”

“I was wondering when you returned home. Did you trip Seo while he was walking into the library with Utsuho?”

“Yes I did.” Koishi nodded to your question. “In fact, he seems easy to tease~”

“Let him work in peace. He just arrived from the surface world to work here.”

Koishi pouted at your comment.

“Don’t give me that look.” You said, before you turned around to sit on your chair. You wore a pair of spectacles when Koishi walked closer to your chair. While you were reading a book, she placed her chin on your lap as she is sitting on the floor. “Have you been stealing other people’s food again?” You asked.

You hear Koishi hum in delight. “Yes I did. They had wonderful and tasty food; I had a good time ‘sharing’ food with them.”

“Koishi, Koishi.” You thought in your silence while reading the book you had in hand. ”If only you could just stay around in this palace, I won’t feel too lonely.”


Back at the lookout post, you turned off the Death Machine upon resuming your guard duty. A quick glance at the ammo counter shows that no bullets were spent on intruders. Utsuho on the other hand had disappeared long before you reached the stairs, presumably she flew off to do something else.

“That’s a good thing.” You mutter, while unfolding the sentry gun. “Urgh. This thing is heavy.”

“Need a hand?” A voice rang behind you. You turned around and saw Orin – the catgirl with four ears you met earlier today.

“Nah, it’s okay. I just need to deactivate the device.” You declined, pulling off the car battery attached to the sentry gun. “There we go.”

After the sentry gun was set to safe, you let out a whistle and rested your arms on the railings. Orin joined by sitting next to you.

“I haven’t heard about your name, mister. Mine’s Rin Kaenbyou, but Satori-sama might had told you my nickname.”

“Mine’s Fujisaki Seo. Callsign’s Spectre. And no, I am not a ghost.”

“I could tell you apart, since your human-ish scent is very obvious. You’re a human after all~” She said with a gleeful tone.

“Good guess.” You said, before you paused a bit. “Wait, what kind of youkai are you again? A nekomata?”

“Wrong. I am a Kasha; controller of spirits in the remnants of the Hell of Blazing Fires. I used to drop dead bodies down the blazing fires of hell to regulate the heat.” She said, while staring at you with a menacing glare before she backed away. “Don’t worry, mister. You are not dead yet, so I won’t throw you down the furnace~”

“Oh come on, that doesn’t make me feel any better either.”

Orin laughed when she noticed the uncomfortable scowl on your face. After that you received a pat on your back.

Suddenly, a hitodama burst into flames front of you, which made you fall on your butt. You’re clearly surprised with the hitodama’s sudden appearance, which later turns into a fairy.

“You sure are easy to be surprised, mister.” Orin giggled. “It’s just my zombie fairy.”

“A zombie fairy? Does it eat brains?” However, your question made the small fairy on fire sulk and fly into the kasha’s arms.

“That’s a mean question you know.”

“I’m sorry, when ever I think of zombies, I think of those flesh eating live corpses I seen in the movies.” You said as you stood up to your feet.

“Ah. Our little Zoffiies wouldn’t eat your flesh or your brains.” She said, letting the little fairy fly away and sit on your head.


“I have a few of them following me. This is just one of them.” She said. “Well, Satori-sama said that I should call you when dinner’s done, so see you later then.”

“Yeah. Whatever.”

A couple of hours had passed after the kasha left your post, and things started grow boring on you again. You glanced at the idle Death Machine, the Underground City, and a green care package right next to you out of boredom.

”I wonder what I should do now…?”

The time is now 15:12:32. Your actions to cure your boredom…?
[] Open the care package and see the contents inside.
>[] Write in.
[] Set up the Death Machine and go to the Underground City.
[] Set up the Death Machine and go to sleep.
[] Write in.
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[x] Set up the Death Machine and go to the Underground City.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128616531349.jpg - (1.11MB, 1040x1477, 1270034c641e5fe2f669bbe6077fd959.jpg)
[c] Set up the Death Machine and go to the Underground City.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNknUX5MKuk the first thing I had in mind when Orin appeared.
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OP image is a SCAR-H, SATA, you can tell by the straight mag and the heavier barrel (although, without a point of comparison, I guess you can overlook that.)

>you quickly reached for the SCAR you have on your back, turned off the safety and chambered your assault rifle by pulling back the charging handle near the rifle’s bolt release.

"Yo dawg, we heard you like rifles, so we put an assualt rifle in yo battle rifle so you can shoot while you shoot..."
Yeah, the SCAR-H is a battle rifle.

>and you flicked the barrels to cool down the spool time.
Buh? Do you mean flicked the barrels to shorten the spool time?

[X] Open the care package and see the contents inside.
"Weapons and ammo, beg, borrow, or steal what you need..."

One more:
>SCAR-H, High damage and low recoil.
I guess we're pretty strong, or we're smart enough to fire in bursts then?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128638115795.jpg - (107.38KB, 740x521, 1276916215603.jpg)
Votes will be called by 5PM +8 GMT, like usual.

Have a drink while we wait.
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File 12864801327.jpg - (1.56MB, 1440x1046, 639610d87fe91f5492ac44bce8a21915.jpg)

[X] Set up the Death Machine and go to the Underground City.

And onto Underground City we go. I wonder who will we meet there…? Stay tuned.

That’s a really nice song. I liked it.

Whelp, those are quite the goof I made and went off my radar. And yes, Seo will fire in bursts unless he’s desperate to get a spray hit.

For those who’re curious, the handheld Death Machine can be seen in here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnhlC88YxX0&feature=player_embedded

“Weapons cycle.”

Note to self: Put a title for every different parts from this update onward.


And so you decided to take your first visit to the Underground city. It looks not quite too far from the Palace of the Earth Spirits; you can walk over there alone. A bicycle would be fine if you were to have trips to the city under Satori’s errands.

After you plugged in your Death Machine to its power source, the sentry gun whirrs to life. Once again, you flicked the barrels to reduce the spool time.

When you are at the main hall of the palace, you met up with Satori.

“Going to the Underground City, Seo?”

You nodded to her question. “Yeah. I want to explore the city a bit just in case if I need to buy anything.”

“Speaking of buying…” Satori said as she walked over to you. “I forgot the fact that I employed you, so here’s a bit of your payment from me.” She then gives you a brown, rectangular envelope.

“Eh? But I just started today and I already got my paycheck?”

“Just consider it as a welcoming gift.” She smiled happily. “Now off you go. Be sure to return back before dinner.”

“Roger that.”


And so you are off walking to the Underground City. While you are on the way there, you feel as if someone is walking beside you, but you cannot see anyone there. You shrugged off the feeling before you proceeded to the first few rows of the shophouses.

The marketplace is packed with different races of youkai – much busier compared to the markets of your hometown. There are some restaurants open, selling weird delicacies. Despite their weird appearance, the foods being cooked were giving quite a wonderful and delicious aroma.

“I think I need to get used to this.”

And while you are browsing the shops and bars, suddenly a hard slap landed on your back.

“Hey! Zero!”


“OW!” You pulled out your sidearm and turned around, only to freeze in fear when you saw a tall, muscular girl with a red horn protruding on her forehead.

“Oops, sorry. Wrong person.” She said while chuckling nervously. “I thought you were a friend of mine with that clothes you are wearing.” The tall oni girl continued, holding her sake dish.

“Wait, did you just call me Zero?” You asked.

“Yeah, I did. I bet he’s your superior, am I right?”

You nodded, with your back still stinging from the hard slap. “But you could have at least just greeted me without slapping my back though.” You muttered, holstering your M9.

“Sorry about that. It’s a force of habit.” She said. “I don’t think I have seen you before. Are you from the surface world, by any chance?”

“Yes I am.”

She grinned. “The name’s Hoshiguma Yuugi, by the way.” She said, offering her shackled hand to you for a handshake.

“Fujisaki Seo of Scarlet Devil Mansion Guardian Division. You can call me Spectre if you want. I just got assigned here to guard Chireiden.”

Yuugi grinned again when she heard your name. “Ah, so you’re that liquor store owner’s kid Suika often talked about.” She said, grinning happily. “Say, mind if we sit around for a bit to talk?”

You were hesitant about joining the oni, but you accepted her offer. “…sure.”

“Great! Now let’s go to a great bar I know!” Yuugi then brought you in a bar, called ‘Yamame’s Poison House’. There is an emblem of a ground spider on the bar’s banner.

“Yamame?” You paused, staring at the name at the banner. “Could it be her?”

“Hey Yamame.” Yuugi greeted the barkeeper as she entered the bar house.

“Hello, Yuugi. I see that you’re bringing along a human with you.”

“This fella’ is Satori’s new guard.” She then turned towards you. “Hey Seo. Why don’t you go and introduce yourselves to the barkeeper?” The oni pushed your towards the spider girl at the counter.

Yamame smiled. “Save your introductions for later.” She said. “Ah, Yuugi. Your girlfriend, Parsee was here a while ago – she’s waiting for you for quite a while.”

“What? Oh crap, I just remembered what she asked me to do.”

A green-eyed girl stomped towards Yuugi’s direction. “I have been waiting for you to show up for hours to fix my roof, and you brought along a human?! Fix my roof first, you stupid, one-horned-muscle-brain!”

“Uh-oh. See you later then, Se –whoa!”

“Fancy meeting you here to be a guard at Satori’s palace.” Yamame started, as Yuugi and Parsee left the bar house. “You had grown quite a lot since the last time we met.”

“It’s been quite a while, right?”

---Few years ago---

Back when you were still a child, you liked exploring a lot. There were times when you returned home late at night.

However, that day is not one of those times where you return home after spending hours in the forest.

You were on your way back home after chasing fairies in the woods, and somehow you fell into a very deep pit while running around in the dark. While you could die from such height of a fall, you managed to survive the fall somehow with only a few broken limbs.

When you thought you would not get out of there alive, you saw the light of a fire illuminating from a distance and you prompted to call for help. Hearing your cries, the bright light stopped moving before it turned around and started moving again – this time it got on closer towards your direction.

But as the light went closer to you, you noticed that the bearer of the torch is not a human. Closer and closer, the light finally gives you an outline of the torch bearer.

It was a spider woman.

“Oh? What do we have here?” She said, putting the torch aside. “Looks like I found a live human child.”

In fright, you backed away, but with your legs in such severe state, proved very painful. Tears rolled down your cheeks as you crawl, while you struggled to get away from the spider woman.

She reached out for you, before she patted you the head. “It’s okay, little one. I do not feed on the living.”

From there, she began to tend your broken limbs by prepping them up with her spider silk and a bone of a dead man. The injury healed slowly but you were able to move again within two days. That was the moment you last see the spider woman.

“My name’s Kurodani Yamame.” She said, before you drifted to sleep. The spider woman gives you a hug for the last time.

“Seo… Fuji…saki… Seo…”

Few days later, the village’s search party found you sleeping cozily while half-covered with spider silk near a tree, quite far from the pit where Yamame resides. You returned home in a daze, but your broken legs were healed by then.


“Those were quite the times.” She said, returning back from her brief flashback.

“Yes. I honestly never thought I would see you again after these years… you didn’t seem to look any different than before.”

“I’m a youkai. I don’t age much like as you do.” She smiled.

“…Very true.”

“By the way…” Yamame said, disappearing behind her counter. Moments later, she placed a brown package in front of you. “Seo, would you give this to Satori when you get back to her palace? She ordered some liquor from me two days ago, but I haven’t got the chance to send them to her.” The earth spider smiled again. “Please send her my regards.”

“Sure thing.” You said. “At least it’s not too heavy.”

“Get going with the delivery. You don’t want to make her wait now, do you?”


Once you were out of the bar, you began hauling the package as you started trekking back to the Palace. The contents were heavy, and you need to be very careful with the package Satori had ordered from the ground spider. As you move around, the bottles in the box clinked randomly.

Since you can’t see much in front of you, you have to keep saying your ‘excuse me’s as you pushed through the people in that area.

However, you tripped on a rock and fell flat on your face again, and this time, you had the package flew off from your hands.

“Oh crap!”

You were expecting to hear the bottles break into pieces, but you didn’t hear any sound except the sound of the bottles clinking together. Slowly, you opened your eyes and saw a pair of shackled feet on wooden getas. You looked up and saw a blue skirt. You know who it belongs to; it’s Yuugi the one-horned oni.

“Whoa, easy there.” Yuugi said as she balanced the package. “Are you okay, Seo?” She then helped you to stand up.

“Probably. This is the second time I fell flat on my face.” You responded while dusting off your uniform. “Eh, are you done with the roof already?”

“Yeah, done it within record time.”

You noticed that she is holding a couple of baskets with a variety of groceries in them.

“So where are you going with those groceries?” You asked Yuugi.

The oni smirked. “Satori told me that if I want to join her for dinner, all I have to do is bring some groceries for her to prepare.”

“I see.”

“Hey Parsee! Hurry up, will ya?!” She hollered.

“I’m coming, dammit!” The blond-haired girl replied in an annoyed tone, with another basket full of groceries in her hands. “This thing is heavy, Yuugi! You should help me carry some of it at least!”

“Now let’s get going, shall we?”


Back at Palace of the Earth Spirits…

“Oh? Back already?” She said. “And is that the liquor I asked from Yamame?”

“Yes. She said it herself.” You said, lowering the box so that it will not cover your view from Satori. “Where should I put this?”

The mindreader pointed at the kitchen’s direction. “Just put it on the table. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Copy that, ma’am.”

“Hey, Satori! You wouldn’t mind if we brought along something for dinner, d’ya?”

She smiled at Parsee and Yuugi. “I don’t mind. Though, can we finish the dinner with that much food you’re bringing along?”

“Probably.” The oni shrugged. “I think Parsee and Seo can finish it all if we couldn’t!”

“H-hey! I’m not a heavy eater you know!” Parsee yelled, punching Yuugi’s arms repeatedly.

“Not me either!” You replied, calling out from the kitchen.


Upon returning to your post, you see Orin and Utsuho curiously inspecting your Death Machine. You were really surprised. You hope that they did not mess around with the preset tracking and firing settings; otherwise you will be in a lot of trouble with your superiors if that were to happen.

“Hey, what are you two doing with the DM?” You called out, alerting the two.

“Oh, mister. It’s nothing. We’re just poking around with it.”

“Whatever you do, don’t mess up with the settings.”

“What settings?” Orin asked. “Like we said, we’re just poking it in random places.”

“Say, mister, this thing shoots danmaku, right?” Okuu asked curiously.

“From what I was told, it’s refitted with danmaku rounds.” You recalled. “At least that’s what I have heard.”

“Hey mister, how about you play danmaku against me and Okuu with this thing? I bet it’ll be fun~”

“Well… I don’t know…”

Mess around with the Death Machine with them?
[] Sure, why the heck not?
[] No. I am not supplied with enough ammo packs for the DM.
[] Maybe later.
[] “How about we skip the DM and use something else; like a battle rifle instead?”
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[x] “How about we skip the DM and use something else; like a battle rifle instead ?”
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128654157292.png - (1.21MB, 2000x1000, 9c9c3cad6d6af13d78fc574f2b860c58.png)

[c] “How about we skip the DM and use something else; like a battle rifle instead?”
Delete Post
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[x] “How about we skip the DM and use something else; like a battle rifle instead?”
Delete Post
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wish I found out about this sooner, but it's a pretty interesting story so far, with say Gourmet Koishi references. But being so trip prone isn't a promising sign for a soldier.
Delete Post
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Where's Kisume?
Delete Post
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She will show up sooner or later, in one way or another.
Delete Post
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I'm glad
Delete Post
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I wonder, if we choose other than go to the city, would we met Kisume by any chance?
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File 128663074088.jpg - (625.75KB, 1150x1199, 340e75a6e43751c7738a18f377808d56.jpg)
It's probable, since the order of Touhou characters who Seo will meet in the Underground City would also be different. For example the order could be, Kisume -> Yamame -> Parsee -> Yuugi.

Saging, since I am writing some drafts as a timesaver. And since TF2 & L4D2 took quite a while to finish updating, I might as well play MW2 Multiplayer, screw some Domination matches for the heck of it.
Delete Post
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[X] “How about we skip the DM and use something else; like a battle rifle instead?”

Future: [X] Get more Ammopacks for the ADM.
Delete Post
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Alright. Vote will be called at Tuesday, 5 PM +8 GMT.

You can expect Part 6 within the next few hours after I called the vote.
Image Source
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File 128691890236.png - (1.78MB, 1624x1180, 7512663fcc9b73dffe8454127668dca7.png)

[X] “How about we skip the DM and use something else; like a battle rifle instead?” – 4 Votes

[X] Get more Ammopacks for the DM. – 1 Future Vote

Somehow this will be much longer in length than part 5. Enjoy reading your weekly dose of Infiltrator.


“How about we skip the DM and use something else; like a battle rifle instead?”

“What’s a battle rifle?” Okuu asked.

You didn’t reply to that, instead you pulled your standard issue SCAR-H from your back. You only turned the safety off, since the rifle has already been chambered when you met Utsuho the hell raven few hours ago.

“My third leg looks much better than that.”

“At least you don’t have to worry about reloading.”


Orin looks a bit disappointed. “Aw, oh well. A battle rifle would do just fine.” She then calls upon a number of zombie fairies alongside her. “Since this is your first danmaku battle, we’ll go easy on you mister!”

“Yeah, I hope I don’t get blown to oblivion by your friend over there when you’re trying to take it easy.” You muttered, referring to Utsuho. You took the helmet placed on the care package that you have neglected earlier today, before you strapped them on to your head.

“Shall we start then?”

“Alright, let’s do this.”

As you aimed down your Red Dot Sight, you fired your first few bursts from the SCAR-H.


“Ok, folks. Sorry to interrupt your drinks and stuff, but I have to close early for an event at Satori’s place.”

“Oh great. I just ordered my food.” One of your customers groaned, as he finished his sake cup. “Put the food on tabs, I’ll pay it tomorrow.”

“Here you go.” One of your customers put a few coins on the counter. “Keep the change. Have a nice day, Yamame.”

“Yeah, you too.”

When all of your customers had walked out of the bar, you spent a few minutes cleaning up. After it’s all done, you walked out of your liquor shop to lock the doors while bring along a wooden bucket with you. From the point where you are standing now, you can see the Palace of Earth Spirits very clearly. For some reason though, you can see that the rooftop of the palace is somewhat lively with danmaku. You can also see lines of fire shooting out to the top of the cave in bursts.

“Well, what do you know? Someone’s starting up a danmaku battle at Chireiden. Let’s go, Kisume.”

A head popped out of the bucket you are holding in your arms to nod once at your words, before she held on the bucket’s rims.

“Hang on tight. We’re flying high.” You said to your companion in the wooden bucket before you took off.


“Ha, ha! You missed!” Okuu taunted as she evaded the bullets you fired at her.

It seems like for the first few minutes you were doing well at attacking them, but now you’re missing every shot you fire. You had spent a lot of your energy while dodging bullets and shooting back at them with your battle rifle, which is the reason why your performance in the firefight is degrading.

Even though both the kasha and the hell raven have large gaps in their patterns, you seem to have trouble dodging most of them due to the fact that you are mostly grounded. They are not using their spellcards just yet, but somehow this had proven to be tough for you.

Orin have been using her zombie fairy friends to shoot out danmaku, while Okuu had been shooting small balls of energy out of her third leg.

“If this keeps up I’m going to run out of bullets…” You shrugged that thought off and kept firing at the two in bursts until the rifle dryfires.

“Changing mag!” You yelled, shaking out the empty magazine out of your SCAR-H before you inserted a fresh one. However, Orin used this chance to bombard you with her zombie fairies.

The fairies charged at you in a speed that you didn’t have time to switch to your sidearm or even reload cancel, and they managed to down you on the floor. You had also lost your grip of your SCAR-H when you were charged into.

“Alright, Okuu. That’s enough.” Orin said which made her hell raven companion lower her arm cannon. “Come on, mister, you should do better than just dodging and hip-firing~!”

“Well, I’m trying to get into the game actually.” The zombie fairies that charged into you laid themselves right next to you. The one you saw earlier today can be seen lying on your head. “Can you get them off me? I can’t stand up.”

The kasha smiled as she claps her hands thrice. By doing so, she attracted the zombie fairies’ attention. “Come on guys. You all have something else to do.”

Yamame landed right next to your body. “My, my. What do we have here? Busy doing something, my little Seo?”

“More like busy trying to get up in the first place.”

“Well, up you go then.”

“Ah! Yamame! So nice to see you around!” Orin gave the spider woman a big hug. “Did you bring Kisume along?”

“Sure, I di-” Before Yamame could even finish her sentence, she heard something snap.


“MISTER! LOOK OUT! Orin yelled as she ran towards you.

“Huh?” At this point, you began to notice that something is falling from above. You looked up and...


Then everything went black for you.

“Ouch.” Yamame cringed.

---/Few minutes later/---

When your vision returned to normal, you are greeted by the face of a green-haired girl in a bucket, Yamame, Orin and Okuu.

“Are you okay, Seo?” Yamame asked.

“I don’t think so… What the heck happened?”

“Kisume’s rope snapped when I was going to lower her down slowly. She’s a bit shy to meet a stranger, like you, Seo.”

You touched your head and you felt relieved that the helmet is still there, not even a dent could be detected on it.

“I guess the helmet saved me from a coma for today.” You made a remark.

“I’m sorry…” Kisume muttered while she’s trying to hide in her bucket.

The girl looked so cute; you could pass out again with her cuteness. ”How adorable.”

“Seo, can you do me a favor?”

“Sure. What is it?” You asked as Yamame helped you to get up again. Then, the spider woman lifted Kisume’s bucket by its handle, before she held it to pass it over to you. “You want me to carry her?”

“Yes, please. Don’t worry; she’s not as heavy as you think.” She assured. At this point, you took the bucket. “Up you go, girl.” Yamame said as you lifted Kisume’s bucket to your head. “Now watch your head, Kisume. You too, Seo.”

Kisume nodded silently.

“You don’t have to remind me though. I got enough self-inflicted and environmental headshots for the day.”

Orin and Okuu laughed heartily when they heard your response. You could only roll your eyes away in irritation.

“Alright, all of you. Let’s get to the dining hall. The dinner would be ready soon.”


“Looks like everyone is gathered here, yes? I like the way this dinner turned out to be a small and impromptu feast.” Satori said as she saw you running down the stairs with Kisume’s bucket in your hands and Yamame following suit behind you.

“We can make it to celebrate a new family member!” Yuugi laughed. “Right, Parsee?”

“Whatever.” She replied to the oni’s question with a sour face.

“Come on, don’t be like that. I mean, it’s not always we have a human living around here.”

Still, the sulk never left Parsee’s face. ”I wonder what is so special with that human that she becomes friends with him that fast… I’m jealous…”

When you arrived at the dining hall, you noticed that the bridge princess is glaring daggers at you but you didn’t respond to her.




Everyone in the dining hall raised their glasses and bottles to the air before they drank their liquor. You drank a little, but Satori had to drink more than a cup since her pets keep pouring sake into her cup.

You on the other hand are much focused on eating but you cannot help noticing that someone is stealing your share from your chopsticks. Irritated, you picked another piece of meat with your chopsticks in the boiling nabe pot.

And then you felt a slight tug from your food on your chopsticks. Nobody, except you were eating with you now. That makes it one-on-one.

“Oh no you don’t!” You screamed mentally, this time eating the piece of meat from your invisible rival.

“Hey! That’s mine!” A girl’s voice could be heard. Everyone in the dining room paused from whatever action they are doing and fixed their gaze to the table.

“Koishi.” Satori called. “If you please…”

You hear a sigh, before a woosh-ing sound could be heard, and your food-stealer appeared right before your eyes.

“How can you even see me?” Koishi asked.

“I might not noticed you if you don’t start stealing my food from my chopsticks.”

“But it’s not stealing!” Koishi retorted. “Isn’t this what you humans call sharing?” She said dreamily.

“Well you’d better get your terms corrected. Now let’s eat in peace, shall we?” Satori’s sister pouted at you.

”I really hope Koishi would get along with Fujisaki. It’s not like he’s here to stay for just a day…” Satori thought as both you and Koishi began a small quarrel over a shiitake mushroom.

The oni and the spider woman had also started eating as well, while the bridge overseer ate only a little before she forced herself to drink a bottle of rice wine.

After your little argument with Koishi ended in your favor, she began drinking some strong wine you brought along earlier, glass after glass.

“Whoa. Slow down, Koishi. It’s not like that I’ll finish every bottle I see on the table.” Yuugi commented.

“Ahhahahaha~ because you’re an oni, I’ll be an oni as well~ *hic*”

“Oh dear. I think it’s getting to her.” Yamame remarked.

“I will not lose to *hic* a huaman in *hic* drinking~”

“Knock yourselves out. I don’t drink much.” You thought, since you only drank three cups of rice wine, and nothing else.


“She’s down.” Yuugi said. “I think Koishi’s overdoing it.”

“REDALiCE's song is so cool… Why is it so cool...? Aah, it is really enviable...unfair... unpleasant... disgusting... depressing... noxious... detestable... shameless....” Parsee muttered before she slumped over on the table, unconscious.

“One more down for the count.” Yamame said as she munched on the mushroom she took it from Yuugi’s chopsticks. “Yummy.”

“Dammit, Yamame, that’s my share!”

The spider woman chuckled as she chewed on the mushroom. “The fastest get theirs first.” She then turned to Seo. “Where are you going, Seo?”

“I’m sending them to bed, Yuugi. Up and at ‘em.” You said as you hauled Satori up in your arms in a bridal catch. “Ma’am, you’re heavy.”

After that, you carried your employer all the way to her room, where you carefully laid her on the bed so that she won’t wake up.

She did wake up anyway when you tried to leave the room.

“Just… bring along Koishi, Okuu and Orin here…” She said weakly. “Sorry for troubling you, Fujisaki…”

“It’s okay. It’s my work anyway.” You responded before you closed the door to the room, leaving the mindreader alone for the moment.

When you are at the dining hall, you saw Yuugi with Satori’s pets over her shoulders. “Need a hand?” The oni offered. Looks like you don’t need to make three return trips to carry them upstairs.

“Sorry for the trouble.” You said. “Please bring Utsuho and Rin to Satori’s room, Yuugi. I’ll carry Koishi.”

“Sure thin’.”

“Think we’d be off from here as well.” Yamame said as she flew over to you, surprising you with a kiss to the forehead. You froze in embarrassment due to her actions. “My shop will be open until midnight, if you need any advice, just head over there.”

“Got it.” You said while blushing slightly.

“See you soon.” Yamame then walked away and waved goodbye at you with Kisume’s bucket handle in her left hand. The poor girl had been drunk since Yuugi deliberately filled her bucket with a large amount of strong sake.

You lifted Koishi in same manner as you did with her older sister, following Yuugi who is waiting for you at the staircase.

Back at Satori’s bedroom, Yuugi slowly placed the kasha and the hell raven next to their master. Since the bed is not large enough for the fourth person, you placed Koishi on the sofa. Then, you and Yuugi took off their shoes and threw them at a corner. Finally, both of you pulled the blanket over their body, so that they would be warmed up in midst the night’s cold. Yuugi later left the room, closing the door shut.

“Thanks for the help, Yuugi.”

“No problem. Well then, I think that’s it for today now.”

“Yeah.” You said. “Wait, what about Parsee?”

“I’ll carry her home. No worries.”

“If you say so, then.”

Yuugi then left the palace with a wave of goodbye, and the oni disappeared as she descended down the stairs. You on the other hand returned to your room for a quick bath and a change of clothes before you headed to bed for a good night’s sleep.



The room was hot and stuffy. You were sure you had put the ceiling fan on before you went bed, but yet…

Wait a moment.

There’s something lying on you. No, not one but there are two heavy things lying on you.

Trying not to panic, you began feeling around with your free hand. Well, there’s hair, a neck, ears… and something else you could only describe as squishy.

”Are those breasts?”

Shaking off that thought, you put your head on the heads and began feeling around once again, avoiding the chest area.

What else did you feel?
[] Something furry and fluffy, and are those feathers too?
[] Something with a hairband with a heart on it. There’s also a hat with a ribbon on it.

What would you do?
[] Go back to sleep.
[] Slip out of the bed.
[] Wake them up.
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[X] Something with a hairband with a heart on it. There’s also a hat with a ribbon on it.
[X] Wake them up.

"Excuse me, but what are you doing in my bed?"
Delete Post
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What else did you feel?
[x] Something furry and fluffy, and are those feathers too?

What would you do?
[x] Wake them up.
Delete Post
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[X] Something with a hairband with a heart on it. There’s also a hat with a ribbon on it.
[X] Wake them up.

>REDALiCE's song is so cool…
Careful, Parsee, the fourth wall can't take much weight.
Delete Post
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[x] Something furry and fluffy, and are those feathers too?

[x] Wake them up.
Delete Post
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[c] Something with a hairband with a heart on it. There’s also a hat with a ribbon on it.
[c] Wake them up.
Delete Post
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[X] Something with a hairband with a heart on it. There’s also a hat with a ribbon on it.
[X] Wake them up.

Satori's the only one I can't imagine pulling a stunt like this. Therefore, she has to be one of the ones to do it.
Delete Post
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>Satori's the only one I can't imagine pulling a stunt like this.
It's plausable, considering Orin and Okuu got her to drink until she passed out.
Delete Post
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[X] Something furry and fluffy, and are those feathers too?
[X] Wake them up.

What's wrong with a hell cat and a nuclear powered crow?
Delete Post
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Votes will be called tomorrow at 5PM +8 GMT as usual.

Have fun voting.
Delete Post
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[x] Something with a hairband with a heart on it. There’s also a hat with a ribbon on it.

[x] Wake them up.
Delete Post
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>“Changing mag!” You yelled,
What. In a (1 on 1), this never happens. Maybe in loud, squad combat, but not in (1 on 1).

[X] Something with a hairband with a heart on it. There’s also a hat with a ribbon on it.
[X] Lie there, and enjoy the feeling for a while.

Also, could you use some sort of different paragraph seperator when you switch perspectives? It's fairly easy to get confused otherwise.
Delete Post
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>What. In a (1 on 1), this never happens. Maybe in loud, squad combat, but not in (1 on 1).
Let's say he's under pressure, everything gets mixed up in his head.

>Also, could you use some sort of different paragraph seperator when you switch perspectives? It's fairly easy to get confused otherwise.
Got it. Will implement that starting from the next update onwards.
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File 128717908788.jpg - (292.52KB, 946x1076, 78bce992a8efb8b44711a491cfb8815cf8c1b422.jpg)

[X] Something with a hairband with a heart on it. There’s also a hat with a ribbon on it.
[X] Wake them up.

Haha, poor guy. Here you go, people.


In the darkness, you groped around and felt something like a hairband with a heart on it. “It’s Satori.” You thought. The one on your right wears a hat with a ribbon on it. “And this should be Koishi.”

You were wondering why the two were sleeping on your bed, even though both had their own. If they somehow felt uncomfortable with their beds and walked out of the room, how on earth can both Komeiji sisters get into your room?

Oh wait, they have a second key. But still…

Oh what the heck. You have to wake them up so that they didn’t crush you in your sleep. You started waking Koishi up first by shaking her shoulder.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” She groaned.

No response other than the groans from her, so you tried your employer instead by shaking her shoulders.

“… Uh…” Satori moaned as she stirs up. “What is it, Seo…?” She said. Man, her breath reeks of the alcohol she drank last time.

“No offense ma’am, but you’re sleeping on my bed…” You said to your employer.

“Utsuho kept trashing around until I got kicked off my bed, so I decided to use yours instead.” She replied to your question. “I have the secondary keys to your room, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“I knew it.” You thought. “And what about your sister?”

“What about Koishi?”

“She’s… lying around right next to me.”

“… urgh… she must have been following me… I didn’t notice that she’s there.” Satori then paused a bit. “Ow, ow, ow…”

“Are you okay, ma’am?” You asked her in a concerned tone.

“My head, it hurts a lot…” She writhed.

“Uh, ma’am, I need you to roll off to Koishi’s side so I can fetch a glass of water for you.”

“Okay.” Satori agreed as she slipped out of your bed, before you did the same.

“Much better.” You thought as blood flowed back to your left arm.

You got yourself the needed drink from the kitchen and retuned to your room. By the time you reached your room, you found Satori has resumed her sleep. It seemed that the mindreader had left the nightstand light on in order for her to see in the dark as she waited. However, she fell asleep while waiting for you to arrive with the promised glass of water.

With Satori lying in the center of the bed, you decided to resume your sleep. But before you could, you were rolled onto and pinned down by Koishi instead.

”Dammit. Get off me already; I am not your teddy bear.” You thought, while trying to toss her off your stomach, but eventually you gave up and went to sleep.


//Cold Underground Morning//
Fujisaki “Spectre” Seo
Day 2, 07:03:10
Palace of the Earth Spirits
Scarlet Devil Mansion Guardians Division

Morning arrives without warning in the Underground City. Since there are no roosters to wake you up from your sleep in the underground areas, you had brought along an alarm clock you bought from Kourindou as a substitute.

The funny thing is that the alarm didn’t ring when it’s supposed to. Weird, since you had been shown by the shopkeeper that the item’s alarm was working properly. Someone must have turned it off deliberately.

The lights in your room were turned on as you open your eyes, and you were greeted by Koishi, Rin and Utsuho’s face in the same manner when you woke up from your unconsciousness yesterday.

“Good morning, you three.” You greeted them while stretching your arms out.

“Good morning, pervert~” Koishi teased.


“Pervert.” Utsuho mirrored her friend, grinning from ear to ear.

“Seo is a pervert~” the three of them called out in unison.

Angered with their remarks, you quickly scrambled from your bed to chase Koishi and Satori’s pets away from your room.

“What the hell was that all about?” You wondered as you returned back to your room.

That is until you bump onto Satori. The mindreader just woke up from her sleep, and she’s wearing nothing but a nightgown. Just a nightgown with no panties.

“G-good M-m-m-m-m-morning, Miss Satori.” You stammered while trying not to stare at your employer at odd places.

“Good morning…” She said groggily as she walked out of your room, presumably walking back to her own bed.

You sigh in relief that she didn’t comment about what you actually had in your mind about her near clothes-less state.

When you are busy making the bed, you picked up your alarm clock from your nightstand. It seems that the alarm will only ring about an hour later, in which you figured either Koishi or Satori’s pets must have tampered with the settings.

”Well there’s no use being angry about it now.” You set back the alarm clock’s settings to the right time and then you proceeded to take a bath and gear up for your second day of work.


“Alright, the DM’s all set.” You exclaimed after checking the condition of the Death Machine. After that, you took out the items in the backpack given to you yesterday. You haven’t checked the contents of the backpack yet.

Let’s see. There’s a log book with several pens, a wristwatch (glow in the dark, kinda) and a pair of combat gloves. You put on the combat gloves and wore the watch on your left wrist, and you left the logbook and pens in your backpack.

“Hey, mister.”

You turn around to face Orin, who is grinning mischievously at you. “How was your night with our masters?”

“Nothing special. Other than Koishi keeps hugging and crushing me like a teddy bear, everything’s normal.”

The kasha nudged you lightly. “Come on~ tell me how they are o – ow!” She was cut short off her words when you pulled her cat ears. “Hey! That hurts!”

“Now before you get me wrong, I totally didn’t sleep with your masters on purpose. And there are no love-making sessions included.”

“Aw. Too bad.”

You sat on the floor of your post, and Orin rested her breasts on top of your head.


“What? You don’t see me do this on you often. Trust me, Okuu’s are much bigger than mine.”

Ignoring the kasha, you picked up the SCAR-H on the Care Package. “Reloading.” You whispered to yourself, before you inserted a fresh mag and then slapping the bolt release on the battle rifle. Immediately, you switched the fire selector to safe.

“You’re pretty backwards, mister.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

The kasha slowly moved her breasts down from your head to your back. At this point she wrapped her arms around your waist while squishing her breasts on your back.

“Orin, do you mind?” You raised her voice, clearly irritated by her seductive behavior. “Stop doing that on me would you?”

“Why?” She said. You’re blushing heavily at this point, but your face is hidden from Orin’s view.

“Shouldn’t you be throwing corpses to burn them today?”

The catgirl shook her head. “I’ll only throw in the corpses when the heat needs some regulations.” She said. “In short, wherever you go, I will tag along~!”

“Oh brother.” Looks like it’s going to be a long day with her. Now then.

The Care Package looks like it’s full of something. Do you want to…?
[] Check the contents of the Care Package
[] Ignore it for now.

By the way, the DM’s all set, where would you go now?
[] Patrol around the Underground Rose Garden.
[] Check up on Satori’s condition.
[] Visit Yamame’s Poison House.
[] Go to the Bridge to the Surface World.

-FN SCAR-H w/ Red Dot Sight + Foregrip (20 + 20) – Standard SDMGD Primary, attachments are not available as in yet. High damage and low recoil.
-Beretta 92FS (15 + 75) – Standard Sidearm for SDMGD. High capacity, low damage.
-BlackHawk Tatang (x1) – For melee and throwing.
-Basic SDMGD Gear (Kevlar vest, knee & shoulder pads, helmets are optional), Condition: 89% - Protects you from harsh danmaku battles.
-X1 Level 3 Sentry Gun aka the Death Machine, Condition: 100%, Ammo: 499/998 – For setting up defenses while you are away from your base. Detects heat signatures.
-Four Stun-nades, Two Frags, two Semtex Grenades.

N/A as of yet.

N/A as of yet.

Log Book – To record any event during your guarding trips.
Tritium-lighted Wristwatch – The watch that glows in the dark. Cool.
Combat Gloves – Slipping things from your grip? Not anymore if you are wearing these.
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[X] Check the contents of the Care Package
[X] Check up on Satori’s condition.

Ensure your own house is in order, first.

>(20 + 20)
Geez, we used a lot of ammo. We DEFINITELY need to check that package.
Delete Post
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[x] Check the contents of the Care Package

[x] Check up on Satori ’s condition.
[x] Patrol around the Underground Rose Garden.
[x] Visit Yamame’s Poison House.
[x] Go to the Bridge to the Surface World.

Gear up Seo coz you're going to check every corner of the underground today. In this order. And please wall me.
Image Source
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File 128720479750.jpg - (566.17KB, 1152x864, 61a0511e11a862bd6e83d32c70715e88.jpg)
[c] Check the contents of the Care Package
[c] Check up on Satori’s condition.

>(20 + 20)
We really need to get Bandolier perk after this.
Delete Post
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[X] Check the contents of the Care Package
[X] Check up on Satori’s condition.

Satori must have been really sleepy if she did not notice her own state of (un-)dress. Or our thoughts for that matter.
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[x] >>6104
Delete Post
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[X] Check the contents of the Care Package
[X] Check up on Satori’s condition.

I sense a cat in heat
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Votes will be called tomorrow at 5PM +8 GMT as usual.

Have fun voting.
Image Source
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File 128743105065.jpg - (757.86KB, 900x768, 93a3528f8e344fa0f042bc41cb71b33b.jpg)
[X] Check the contents of the Care Package (6 votes)
[X] Check up on Satori’s condition. (6 votes)
[X] Patrol around the Underground Rose Garden. (1 Vote)
[X] Visit Yamame’s Poison House. (1 Vote) < Backup
[X] Go to the Bridge to the Surface World. (1 Vote) < Backup

>Gear up Seo coz you're going to check every corner of the underground today. In this order.
I have to break the votes into different parts because running around the Underground City without any activity sounds boring. For our MC anyway.

>And please wall me.

Here’s your weekly update of Infiltrator, people. Have fun reading.


“Hey mister.”

“What is it, Orin?”

“You know mister, when Zero and Roach brought along the large box over there,” She said, pointing at the Care Package with the SDMGD emblem spray-painted by Roach on the sides. “They didn’t leave a key to the lock with us.”

“I don’t have a key to the lock either.” You said, scratching the back of your head.

Orin tilted her head curiously. “Then how would you open the lock?” She asked.

You paused for a while to think on how to break the lock without a hammer. A couple of minutes later something hit you.

“I know a way.” You pulled your SCAR-H from your back sling, before you turned off the safety on the battle rifle. Too bad you don’t have a Masterkey right now, so your SCAR-H would do just fine as a replacement. “Out of the way, Orin.”

"'Kay." The kasha walked away and sat cross-legged to see you do your work.

You aimed at the lock on the Care Package before you shot a few rounds on it. Although the danmaku refit is not designed for breaching locks, it made a good job on putting holes on the padlock. With a hard kick, you broke the lock of the care package. Orin opened the lid of the package to reveal its contents.

You stood in awe as the contents of the care package is revealed upon you.

Inside the care package are…

* Walther WA2000 Semi-Auto Sniper
* Franchi SPAS-12 Pump-Action Mode
* M1014 12 Gauge Semi Automatic Shotgun
* TDI Vector
* Spare Stun, Flash and Frag grenades
* Boxes of ammunition of different calibers, an ammo pouch with several SCAR-H magazines are also included.

“Aha, now that’s the one thing I am looking for.” You said, reaching for the cloth ammo pouch in the package.

<<Ammo Pouch Acquired, Maximum Reserve Ammo Increased>>
SCAR-H (20 + 380), Beretta 92FS (15 + 135)

“There we go. Now we are packing.” You exclaimed as you pulled the straps of the ammo pouch tightly around your waist.

Orin chuckled. “Do you think you can last longer in danmaku battles now, mister?”

“I doubt I can win any danmaku matches even with you and your friend fighting alone.” You then slung your battle rifle to your back with the safety on. “Orin, I’d think we’d better check on your master.”

“You mean ours.”



With the DM’s all set to track intruders, you and Orin descended down the stairs to Satori’s bedroom. As expected, the door to her room is not locked, but you knocked thrice anyway.

After the three knocks, you and Orin walked in and turned on the lights.

Satori was still in bed, still in a state of undress and still fast asleep. Upon realizing that you are once again staring at her bottomless bottom, you quickly glanced away from her naked body.

“Uh, Orin, can you do me a favor and please help and dress Satori up?”

“Sure.” The kasha said, before she began raiding the mindreader’s wardrobe. “Hey, how does this one look for Miss Satori?” She held up a striped panty into your face.

“Anything goes, dammit.” You said in response, pushing her hands away.

“Then how about this one?” The kasha then pulled out a pair of black satin underwear that matches Satori’s nightgown.

“Orin!” You snapped at Orin with a half-yelling voice. “Honestly, I don’t know much about your master’s tastes, so like I said, anything goes. Just get her dressed so that I won’t feel too awkward. Okay?”

“Okay~” She replied with an impish smile on her face.

“Good. Meet me outside when you’re done.”

You exited the room, waiting for the kasha to finish dressing her master. After a few minutes, she walked out of the room.

“Are you done?”

“Of course I am.” She said. “Miss Satori looks happy when I made her wear that piece of underwear.”

Again, you felt uneasy with Orin, you decided to change your topic. “Any idea where Koishi is?”

The four-eared catgirl shook her head. “Nope.”

“Okay then. Let’s keep patrolling the palace.” You said.


After finishing your rounds inside the palace’s interiors, you decided to walk outside to patrol the gardens and the outside compound. Orin is sitting comfortably on your head in her cat form while you focused yourself in patrolling the Underground Rose Garden.

The Underground Rose Garden is pretty surrealistic since it has roses of different colors other than red, most of them you have never seen or heard from your local florist shop before.

You’re sure as heck that sunflower lady doesn’t grow blue roses in her garden either.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Orin started. She doesn’t open her mouth when she talks, but rather a pulsating purple aura appears when she speaks. “The blue roses are wonderful to look at once in a while.”

“How do these flowers grow in the underground without a sun anyway?”

“Oh we do have a sun actually.” She said. “Okuu must have forgotten to launch a small one in the air today.”

And as you kept walking with Orin on your head, you heard a girlish giggle.

“Did you hear something, Orin?” You asked the kasha.

Orin nodded before replying to your question. “You bet I did.”

You heard the rose bushes flutter, making you more alert about your surroundings. Orin had jumped off from your head as you turned the safety on your battle rifle off. She used her cat ears to scan around the area.

“Come on out, come out wherever you are…” You whispered.

All of a sudden, you are ambushed by someone and you fell flat on your back.

“Hahaha~! Gotcha~!” Ah. It’s Koishi.

“I should have known it’s you.” You said as you shoved her off your face. “You seem a bit playful for today.”

“As usual.” She gave out a bright smile.

You stood up and turned on the safety on your rifle once again before you slung the SCAR-H over your back.

“Hey Seo.” Koishi called for your attention.


“Do you mind if I ask you a favor?”

You stare at her. She sounds somewhat suspicious. “What is it?”

“There are three things I need you to do Seo, but you can choose only one.” She said. “One, kidnap Kisume and bring her here. Two, bring me a charred salamander. And the last one is…” She paused for a while. “Strip Orin naked. Riiiiiiiiiiiight here.” Koishi pointed on the ground with her index finger.

“Eeeeeeh?!” You shrieked in surprise. “Surely you can’t be serious?!”

Koishi laughed heartily at your response. “I’m just kidding about the last part.” She said, still chuckling.

“Miss Koishi, you’re a meanie.” Orin pouted at her master.

“It’s just a joke, Orin. Don’t be offended~” Koishi then turns towards your position. “Now then, where were we again?” She asked. “Ah yes. Alternatively, I want you to bring me to Yamame’s Poison House as fast as possible. If you help me, I’ll give you something special~” Koishi said.

“I don’t know… should we give it a try, Orin?” You asked the kasha.

“Your challenge, your call.”

You tap your temples while trying to decide which Koishi’s request that you’re capable to accomplish. “I’ll…”

Accept her request?
[] Accept
[] Decline

Which one? (Pick one.)
[] ‘Kidnap’ Kisume. Do it without raising Yamame’s alarm.
[] Find a salamander and burn it. Sounds tasty.
[] Bring Koishi to Yamame’s Poison House as fast as possible.

If you decline her request where would you go then?
[] Visit Yamame’s Poison House.
[] Go to the Bridge to the Surface World.

New Item!
Ammo Pouch – Double your reserves, double your weight.
Delete Post
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[X] Accept
[X] Do 'em all!

I'm feeling proactive.
Delete Post
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[X] Accept
[X] Bring Koishi to Yamame’s Poison House as fast as possible.

Strip orin while at it? (JK)

that was a very hilarious chapter.
Delete Post
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[X] Accept
[X] Bring Koishi to Yamame’s Poison House as fast as possible.

>[] Find a salamander and burn it. Sounds tasty.
Wait, is this a normal salamander, or the mythical fire kind?
Image Source
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File 128744355999.jpg - (833.01KB, 1425x2000, touhou-yuyuko-019.jpg)
This guy.
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So, mythical fire kind. That's what I was expecting.
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>“I should have known it’s you.” You said as you shoved her off your face.

"It's your pet, the freaking headhumper!"

[X] Accept
[X] Bring Koishi to Yamame’s Poison House as fast as possible.
[X] Strip Orin later tonight

Hmm, what's our current weight and weight limit?
Delete Post
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[X] Accept
[X] Bring Koishi to Yamame’s Poison House as fast as possible.
[X] Strip Orin later tonight

She was kidding? God, very funny Koishi, for getting my hopes up.
Delete Post
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His weight is at 79 kilograms, not counting the heavy stuff (ammo pouch) we are holding at the moment. As for our carry limit, I'd guess somewhere around 40-50 kgs.
Delete Post
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[x] >>6130

I'd rather strip Okuu.
Delete Post
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[X] Accept
[X] Bring Koishi to Yamame’s Poison House as fast as possible.

Also, in the event that you're still up for editing it, >>/at/8353 is finally done.
Delete Post
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Delete Post
Report Post

I rather love Okuu. Literally.
Image Source
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File 128752871531.jpg - (176.80KB, 960x1280, Image031.jpg)
Update will be called by Thursday, 5PM +8 GMT.

By the way, have a sketch of Seo I made while waiting for the votes.
Delete Post
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So, we have chameleon-man?

Also, does that mean we weigh ~150lb (~80kg), and can carry 110lb(~50kg)?
Delete Post
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I'd get on to color him one day or another.

Also I presume that Seo weighs that much can carry that much. He did lift a lot of things when he takes care of his father's liquor store.
Delete Post
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It might just be me, but his eyes seem way too far apart.

Otherwise it's not that bad.
Image Source
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File 128778474733.jpg - (132.66KB, 500x433, 84bd14fe8189ffb0d7b8cb53d7bc38db.jpg)
[X] Accept (7 Votes)
[X] Bring Koishi to Yamame’s Poison House as fast as possible. (6 votes)

Sorry for the wait, here's the ninth part of Infiltrator. The new paragraph separator for all characters, as requested by >>6080 are now online.


You tap your temples while trying to decide which of Koishi’s requests that you’re capable to accomplish. “I’ll…” You paused for a bit.


You made up your mind about her request. “I’ll accept your challenge, and I’ll carry you on my back all the way to Yamame’s Poison House.”

Satori’s younger sister beamed in joy. “Great!”

Orin however didn’t look too enthusiastic. “Uh, mister… there will be a bit of a problem.” The kasha started. “Early mornings like now are when the Underground City will be full of people, so getting around them on foot could be hard.”

You frowned. This will be tough. “Got any good ideas?”

“I’ll show you the way through the market areas.” The kasha said. “Oh, by the way… mister, please give me anything that is weighing you down. It’ll ease you in running a bit.”

“Sure thing.” You said. The only things that you have in your mind are the ammo pouch and your battle rifle.

The kasha unhooked the ammo pouch and the SCAR-H from you and she put them on. At this point, Koishi jumped onto your shoulders and it took a little bit of swaying around for you to get used to her weight on your shoulders.

When you finally stabilized yourself, you asked Koishi. “Is there a time limit or something?”

“I’ll start the timer once you run out of the gate. I presume we can get there in less than half an hour if you took a couple of shortcuts through the market~” Koishi shows off her watch, but instead of showing the hands of a watch, it shows numbers instead. You begin to wonder where she obtained the watch as you compared hers with your tritium-lighted watch.

“Are you ready, mister?”


“GO!” Koishi yelled, before you and Orin quickly started the sprint to Yamame’s Poison House.

--//Underground City//--

As soon as you, Koishi and Orin reached the Underground City, Orin jumped on top of a roof as a lookout for crowded area.

“Turn right into the alley!” Orin yelled to you while she ran on the rooftops. You made a quick turn to the alley on your right, and you went through to a different row of shophouses. More people walking around in this area, but less packed.

“Mister! I saw an opening dead ahead! Hurry!”

“On it!”

You sprinted through the amount of market goers, but Koishi’s weight on your shoulders are making your turns much difficult.

“There are too many people blocking the front area! Side step and take the alley on the left for the roof!” The kasha yelled at you.

Koishi kept humming a song as you ran to the left, but it’s a dead end with wooden boxes. Fortunately, the boxes you are stepping on are rather solid – they didn’t break when you step on them.

“Follow me and watch your step! The roof tiles are not strong enough to hold your weight!”

You followed the Kasha right behind her so that you won’t fall through the roof.

--// Parsee \\\\--

Being a girlfriend to an oni is somewhat very troublesome. You have to spend time drinking with her a lot and somehow it is irritating you.

“Follow me and watch your step! The roof tiles are not strong enough to hold your weight!” You heard Satori’s pet yelling, before she ran past you on the rooftops overhead, with the human guard and Koishi on his shoulders following right behind her. The latter is happily flailing her arms around – trying to mimic a bird in flight.

“Now what were those three up to now?” You stopped walking and wondered aloud.

“Oh? Isn’t that Seo?” Yuugi said as she stopped walking. “Looking kind of energetic today, isn’t he?”

“I don’t care.” You said, glancing away. “Why should I care about a human anyway?”

Yuugi laughed as she slapped your back.

“That hurts, god dammit!” You yelled at Yuugi, but she grinned at your response.

“Y’know, you really need to loosen up a bit.” Yuugi said while sipping sake from her dish. “It’s not like we often see a human around here.”

“What’s so important about him anyway? He looks like a weakling to me.” You replied. “Geez.”

"You know, humans are interesting creatures." Yuugi said.

“Whatever.” You pouted.

--- [Seo] ---

At this point, you began to feel that your body, especially your legs, started to strain. You hope that you would reach Yamame’s Poison house before fatigue takes over you.

“The clock is ticking~” Koishi spoke with a sing-song voice despite the fact that you’re beginning to feel the strain.

“Shut up and enjoy the wind!” You snapped.

While you can’t see her face, you are pretty sure that Koishi is pouting at your answer.

“Jump for it!” Orin yelled, as she jumped off the roof.

While you are about to follow the kasha and land safely, Koishi kept flailing her arms around to annoy you more.



Oh god.

You’re falling.


Your whole world turned upside down when you hit a weak roof tile and fell off the roof. Koishi lets go of her hold on you on air, and she landed on her feet gracefully. You on the other hand were hoping that you didn’t fall on your head on this one…


“Kii!” A shriek prompts you to snap out of your thoughts of death by skull fracture, slowly.

“Can’t let you fall like that, little ghost!” Orin exclaimed with a look of satisfaction on her face.

As you open your eyes, you felt like something had just broken your fall. You also noticed that you were hovering.

And then a hitodama hovered in front of your face.

“Zoffies.” You thought.

“That’s a close call, mister! If I didn’t react in time, that fall would be a skull fracture for sure!”

“Okay, okay. I get the point.” You said, breathing out a sigh of relief. “Can you let go of me now?”

Orin grinned. “Sure thing, mister.” She said with a wave of her hand.

At once, her zombie fairies let go of their hold on you, and as a result, you fell on your back with a loud thud. Orin could be heard laughing out loud soon after.

“You didn’t specify exactly where you want me to put you down, so I put you down on the air instead!”

What a cruel joke. “Very funny, Orin. Veeeeery funny.”

Yamame heard the ruckus and walked out of her bar, standing near your head. “What’s going on here, Seo?” She asked.

“Err, wait. I can explain.” “Well Koishi asked me to bring her to…” Wait a moment. Where is she?

The spider woman crossed her arms. “What about her?”

“She uh… disappeared…” You muttered. “I knew she’s going to do that.”

“Come on, don’t be a baby. Just get up to your feet.” Yamame spoke while pulling your arms so that you can stand; but she noticed that you are limping. “Are you okay?”



Yamame brought you up to her room on top of her bar. The spider woman made a quick check on your legs, and minutes later she gave out a small smile.

“It’s nothing much. You just strained you tendons because you ran without warming up.” Yamame said. “You’d be okay, if you rest for a bit. If you’re all okay go downstairs and I’ll prepare you some snacks. They are not for free of course.”


After Yamame left you with Orin and Kisume, an audible ‘whoosh’ could be heard before Koishi appeared in front of you. Kisume apparently ignored the sound, since she was busy petting the sleeping kasha.

“Where the hell did you go just now?” You asked.

“Don’t be angry, I did it just for fun. Here’s your reward anyway.” Koishi then looped a small pendant around your neck.

<<Green Ability Gem Acquired>>
Marathon – Extend Your Sprinting Time.

“What’s this for?” You asked.

“Next time, try running again with this on.” Koishi then pecked your cheek before she disappeared again.

Yamame had left your ammo pouch and SCAR-H on top of her kotatsu, and you went ahead to grab and loop the tan pouch over your waist. When were done, you lifted Kisume’s bucket and Orin in her cat form and placed the cat on top of your head.

“Okay, little hat and bucket. We are on the move.”

The kasha yawned before she resumed snoring.


“Feeling better now?” Yamame asked when she saw you walking down the stairs.

“I hope so.” You replied as you put Kisume’s bucket on the counter.

“Give me a minute; I’ll prepare some snacks for you.”

You sat down on an empty spot in the bar. You could see Parsee glaring daggers at you from one corner of the bar. Then, the bridge princess walked up to you with a scowl on her face and she slammed your table which made everyone in the bar stopped drinking and stare at your table. The liquor house becomes quiet in an instant.

“Yuugi said to me that humans are interesting creatures. But for me, you don’t look like anything special.”

Okay, that was too sudden. Now what?

“Your point?”

“I challenge you to a danmaku fight outside. I’m going to prove to Yuugi that you’re not special in any way.”

What should you do?

[] Accept Parsee’s danmaku challenge.
[] Decline her challenge
[] How about we do something that doesn’t involve fighting?
> [] Write in your challenge.
Delete Post
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> [] Write in your challenge.
A race from Yamane's house back to the Palace of Earth spirits
Delete Post
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[X] Decline her challenge.
[X] "Why are you so tense? I think you need a hug."
[X] Hug Parsee.

Delete Post
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[x] How about we do something that doesn ’t involve fighting?
-[x]A race from Yamane's Poison house to the Bridge to the Surface World(as a checkpoint), then continue to the Palace of Earth Spirits. The goal is at the Rose Garden. First to arrive, wins.
-[x] If you lose Parsee, I will give a hug. Why? Because you need to loosen up. For that, hug is the best solutionS for this give me a tour around the Underground City.

Unless someone else has better challenge, please do put it here.
Delete Post
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To Zero: in TH-P, wall me means give me a longest/longer-than-usual updates. Prime examples of these comments are in the first few threads of Fallout Gensokyo and AoS final thread.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128783651783.jpg - (476.92KB, 1000x1000, 1285818691708.jpg)
I see.

It depends if I can write that long or not though. I usually end a chapter from up to 4-6 pages in Verdana 9.
Delete Post
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Folks, I will be closing the vote this Wednesday, 5 PM +8 GMT.
Delete Post
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[x] How about we do something that doesn ’t involve fighting?
-[x]A race from Yamane's Poison house to the Bridge to the Surface World(as a checkpoint), then continue to the Palace of Earth Spirits. The goal is at the Rose Garden. First to arrive, wins.
-[x] If you lose Parsee, give me a tour around the Underground City.
Image Source
Delete Image
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Report Post
File 128829376863.gif - (257.39KB, 400x750, 56ed539de0525f3dab117b897cbd43a6.gif)

[X] How about we do something that doesn’t involve fighting? (3 Votes)
- [X] A race from Yamane's Poison house to the Bridge to the Surface World (as a checkpoint), then continue to the Palace of Earth Spirits. The goal is at the Rose Garden. First to arrive, wins. (3 Votes)
- [X] If you lose Parsee, give me a tour around the Underground City. (2 Votes)

Let’s rock. By the way, the pic is a gif file, click it for some bouncy goodness.


You don’t like the fact that you have to settle a dispute with a danmaku battle. Sure, while it’s a way of Gensokyo’s residents settle their differences; you don’t feel like wasting your ammo.

“Well? Are you a brave one or are you a coward?”

“Run. It’s the feat of who’s the fastest – if you’re choosing to be a pacifist.” All in a sudden, you heard a voice echoing in your mind.


“I’m waiting, human…” Parsee said impatiently.

Well, if there’s no other way, you’d have to do play the pacifist.

“I’ll decline. How about we try something that doesn’t involve fighting?”

”Wimp.” Parsee thought. “So what’s your idea?”

“I challenge you to a race from Yamame's Poison House to the Bridge to the Surface World as a checkpoint. And then we continue all the way towards the Palace of Earth Spirits. The goal is at the Rose Garden.” You stared into her eyes with confidence. “First to arrive, wins.”

Parsee smirked. “That'll do, I suppose. I just happen to be a good runner as well,” she claimed. "And your wager?"

“If you lose, you'll be my tour guide for me around the Underground City this weekend. And if I lose…”

“And if you lose, you'll be our dakimakura next weekend.” Yuugi interjected as she entered Yamame’s bar. “How about it?”

“Y-Yuugi! This is my competition; let me choose what I want to do with him!” the bridge princess shouted, rounding on her.

The one-horned oni laughed heartily as she walked closer to your table. “But isn’t that the thing you actually want to do to him?”

You can see a crimson tint on Parsee’s face as she punched Yuugi’s chest repeatedly. “Stop saying things like that!”

The oni and Yamame’s customers turned their attention towards you. “So, Seo. What’s your say?”

“I don’t know… but I haven’t got the chance to go around this city, so why not?”

“No. I mean about the thing you had to do if you lose.”

You sighed. “Sounds okay, I guess.”

“Good.” Yamame said as she appeared from the bar’s kitchen with plates of noodles. “I guess both of you need to have a bit of briefing when it comes to a competition.”

The spider woman handed you the plate before you started eating the noodles. “Rule number one. Absolutely no cheating. Flying around is forbidden in this race.”

Parsee pouted.

“Rule number two. No rough-housing. Anyone who is guilty of hurting the other player during the race is subject to punishment. Also danmaku is not allowed for this competition.”

The bridge princess groaned.

“Finally, rule number three. Do not damage public property. Absolutely no running on the rooftops. Seo, this applies to you too.”

You choked on the noodles a bit. “Actually that was Orin’s idea, not mine.”

“I don’t care.”

Yamame repeated the rules once more before you agreed to the conditions set.

“Alright. I’ll follow it.”

“Oh, by the way, Seo, give me your pistol and one bullet please?”

“What for?”

“It’s for flagging both of you off for the race.” She replied.

“One moment.” You pulled out your M9, ejected the magazine and racked the slide to expel a round from the chamber. Then, you took out an empty mag from your pouch and loaded it with a danmaku-refit round, handing both the magazine and the M9 to the spider woman.

“You know how to use this?”

“I watch movies from the Outside World when I have the time.” By this time, you've finished eating. “Why don’t you go and have a good warm up before you start running?”

“Sure thing.”

--|| A Few Minutes Later ||--

Both you and Parsee are now standing outside of Yamame’s Poison House with the spider woman’s customers. They were talking to each other and you can also see the folks placing their bets on who will win the race.

“Are you two ready?” Yamame asked as she slapped the magazine into your M9.

“Ready to win.” Parsee said.

“I’m all set.”

“Good. On your mark…get set…” Yamame chambered the handgun by flicking the slide release before she raised your M9 to the air. “Go!” She pulled the trigger, and an earsplitting crack tore through the air. Both you and Parsee dashed off towards the bridge accordingly.

The handgun’s slide had locked back, and Yamame ejected the empty magazine out. She inserted a fresh one handed by Orin, before she turned the safety on the M9 off and handed it to Orin. The kasha then tucked it in the holster you left behind with her.

“Well, I wish you luck, Seo,” she muttered.


During the first leg of the race, you and Parsee seemed very even. Both you and her kept trying to overtake the other, but with no avail. That, however, changed when you reached the Bridge to the Surface World.

Yuugi and Kisume were on the other side of the bridge, waiting for you and Parsee as a checkpoint.

The moment she reached the bridge’s other end for the checkpoint; she swiveled around on the spot to turn and took off again, as if momentum did not apply to her. You, on the other hand, had to skid before you could turn around and resume your sprint to the Palace of Earth Spirits.

"How'd she take that turn so well?!" you yelled out.

“Whoa, how did she do that?” Kisume asked to Yuugi.

The oni smirked. “Parsee’s a Swerve Star.”

As you ran past the bar, Yamame waved her hand in your direction, but you had no time to wave back at her. You had to find some way to catch up to Parsee, and fast.

You and Parsee eventually came upon a steep flight of stairs. Without hesitation, the bridge princess leaped all the way down to the bottom. You, though, skidded to a stop. Jumping that far or even rushing down didn't look too inviting.

“Hey, why'd you stop?” someone shouted. You look up, and spot Orin staring at you from up on the rooftop. She must have wanted a better view of the race, and decided to follow you two.

“I don’t want to end up forfeiting the race with broken legs! There has to be a easier way down!” you responded, in between gasps. "Do you see one?"

“Turn around and look for the shortcut on your right!” she yelled. You do as she says, and took the alley on your right. You smiled when you see a less-steep downhill road, before you resumed your sprint to the palace.

“Go for it, mister!” The kasha cheered for you as you resumed your run for the palace.

--(( Satori ))--

You woke up sometime in the afternoon with your head still throbbing over yesterday’s drinking binge. You can't recall ever having so irritating a headache. With your pets (especially Okuu) interrupting your sleep, it was an unfortunate implication that you had to share beds with your guard.

“Orin? Seo? Okuu?” you called out, once when you had finished dressing up. “Anyone there?”

Once again, the palace, save for you, seems entirely lifeless.

You decided to check up on Seo’s post, only to find the Death Machine turning around on its tripod in search of contacts when you get there.

“He must have been to the Underground City again.” you thought.

“Satori-sama!” a voice called your name, which prompted you to turn around. It’s your pet kasha in her cat form. She transformed into her human-like form seconds later before she proceeded to give you a hug.

“Orin, have you seen Seo?”

Your pet smiled, which prompted you to read her mind briefly. “A race?” you asked, puzzled.

“Turn around, Satori-sama~”

And from the rooftop, you could see Parsee running towards your palace, with Seo following behind her. The latter was running in at an odd angle, and he seemed to be gaining on the winning horse.

“I'll fill you in later, but for now we need to get to the balcony over the rose garden – that’s where the race will end!”

--- [Seo] ---

Somehow, you managed to catch up to Parsee by straferunning. Although it looks very odd, it seems that you are going faster than just running alone.

“Faster! You can do it!” Orin cheered from the balcony overseeing the garden.

“You’re not gonna make it!” Parsee teased you over her shoulder, hoping to discourage you.

“Oh no you don’t!” you replied. Like hell you were going to lose. ”Just a little bit there, Seo, you can make it!”

In a last-ditch effort to get to the finish, you summoned every ounce of strength in your body and attempted a flat-out sprint, but something snagged your legs and made you fall end-over-end on your head – blacking you out almost instantly. You’re not the only one who fell, either; you heard Parsee yelp as well before everything goes blank on you.


When you next wake up, your mind is still a haze, and your vision blurred.

“Are you okay, Seo?” a voice asked. You cannot identify the owner of that voice, since it sounds as though it were mixed with someone else’s.

The hell with it; if you can’t recognize their voice, you can at least try recognizing them by their footwear. You raised your head off the stone walkway and…

What footwear is that?
[] Slippers
[] Boots with a heart on each pair
[] Geta
[] Mary-Janes without white socks
[] Mary-Janes with white socks

Note: Two of these vote options will raise the ‘Defeated!’ flag on you.
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>[] Slippers
>[] Boots with a heart on each pair
Koishi, duh.
>[] Geta
>[] Mary-Janes without white socks
>[] Mary-Janes with white socks
Either Yamame or Parsee. I'm tempted to say Parsee, but she took a fall too.

None of them are Okuu, who would've been spotted by her distinct concrete foot/electron leg combo.
Delete Post
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>[X] Slippers
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Mary-Janes without white socks
Delete Post
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[X] Slippers
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Mary-Janes without white socks
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 128840481626.jpg - (301.63KB, 600x600, 8131ca6b90d9ec4579d6e68d5b980c10.jpg)
Parsee, how tsundere.

[c] Mary-Janes without white socks
Delete Post
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Attention: votes will be called at Monday 5PM +8 GMT.
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[x] Mary-Janes without white socks.
Delete Post
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[x] Mary-Janes without white socks.

Keep up the good work, lad.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128865068743.png - (677.31KB, 800x800, 4cd0740af80cbdc2908ee7dbdaaf336f.png)

[X] Mary-Janes without white socks. (3 votes)

Looks like you guys have chosen the kasha. Let’s see what happens in this tenth update of Infiltrator.


“Are you okay, Seo?” a voice asked. You cannot identify the owner of that voice, since it sounds as though it were mixed with someone else’s.

The hell with it; if you can’t recognize their voice, you can at least try recognizing them by their footwear. You raised your head off the stone walkway and saw a pair of Mary-Janes without socks.

“Orin?” you called out. “Can you help me and Parsee get up?”

“Sure!” She said as she called a few of her zombie fairies to pull you back to your feet.

Her other zombie fairies on the other hand lifted the bridge princess and placed her on the bench nearby. Satori showed up shortly with a first aid kit and a bowl of water with a towel in her hands. The mindreader sat right next to you before she placed the items on the table.

“Don’t move, Seo. I need to clean your wounds.” Satori said as she brushed some dirt off your forehead with a wet towel. “Orin, give me the patch please.”

“Okay~” She said as she proceeded to rummaged the first aid kit.

The kasha then handed a small cotton patch to her master, and Satori applied it on your forehead. “There we go. All ‘patched’ up.”

“Thanks, ma’am.”

“Don’t mention it.” She then cast a glance at her pet kasha. “Alright, Orin. I want you to explain what the race is all about.”

“It’s a bit sudden, actually. We were off to Yamame’s Poison House under Miss Koishi’s request, but she made mister fell off the roof. I saved him in time though. When mister got all better from the fatigue, Miss Parsee challenged him to a race.”

“I see.”

Few minutes later, Yuugi and Kisume showed up at the rose garden. The oni made a small frown when she saw Satori patching up the unconscious bridge princess’ forehead.

“So what happened?” Yuugi asked when she arrived at the canopy with Kisume. “Who won the race?”

“Nobody did.” You said.


“Someone tripped their feet and the match ended with a tie, Yuugi.” Satori spoke. “Reading through Seo’s mind shows that both of them took the fall at the same time.”

“Well that sucks. But still, the match needs to be decided.”

“I don’t want to run again for now.” You said. “My legs feel as if they are falling apart.”

Orin pulled out three coins from her dress’ pockets. “I know! We can break the tie with the good ol’ coin tossing!”

“Good idea, Orin.” Satori said. The oni then placed Kisume’s bucket on the walkway. “Kisume, would you mind checking the coins once Orin finished tossing them?”

“Sure!” The girl in the bucket chirped.

The one-horned oni then turned towards you. “Seo, yours are heads while Parsee’s are tails.”

Orin then turned to the walkway where you and the bridge princess took the fall.

“Here I go, mister! Hope that you will win this!” she said. “One!” Orin tossed the first coin. “Two!” There goes the second. “Three!” And with that she ran out of coins to throw.

Kisume tipped out of her bucket to see the coins lying on the stone walkway.

“What did you see, Kisume?”

“Um… all three of them are tails. That means Miss Parsee won the race.” She said.

When you heard that announcement from the bucket girl, you slumped on the table under the canopy and groaned. “Thanks, Orin.” You muttered venomously.

“What? What did I do?”

“Your optimism. It jinxed me.”

“Alright. I’ll see you this weekend at Yamame’s shop, then I’ll take you to her house.” Yuugi then held Kisume by her bucket’s handle and she carefully placed the unconscious Parsee on her left shoulder. “Off we go then. See ya later, Satori.”

“Yes. See you again, Yuugi.”

As the group of three disappeared from the rose garden, you propped your chin on your right hand. “Now I have been wondering… where exactly do Yuugi and Parsee live anyway?” you asked Satori when the three of them left the rose garden.

“They are living together.” She replied. “Yuugi used to live in a house in the city and Parsee lived in a cave – not too far from the Bridge to the Surface World. So, one day she visited Parsee’s place, she hatched an idea of building a house for her.” The mindreader then paused for a while. “She asked some people she knew from the surface to help her build a house for Parsee. And after that, the two lived together.”


Satori chuckled for a bit. “No matter how hard she denies that she likes Yuugi, she actually likes her from the bottom of her heart.”

“How tsundere.” you thought, before you glanced at your watch. “Well, it looks like it’s gonna be night soon. I’ll be going upstairs to check on the DM.”

“Alright. Take your time.”

Instead of sprinting your way to your post, you decided to take a walk all the way up there.


When you are at your post, you took a quick check up on your equipment. All your weapons are fine, while your Death Machine is still busy looking for its target. You turned off the DM by pulling the power cord to the car battery at the bottom of the tripod.

After you are done, you returned to your room with the items you left with the kasha when you were at Yamame’s bar. By the time night arrives in the surface, you had already finished with your shift. You took a bath and dressed up in your usual T-shirt and tracksuits for preparing dinner, but before you could close the door to your room, you were tackled to the ground.

It’s a good thing you managed to shield your face from floor.

“Unyu~” Your captor murmured, as she kept rubbing your back with her breasts.

Gah, its Utsuho.

“Okuu, get off me, you’re as heavy as a boulder.”

Orin appeared few seconds later as she walked up the stairs to your room. She instantly spotted her friend on top of your back while you are lying on your stomach on the floor.

“Having fun lying around, mister?” Orin asked as she went all fours in front of you.

“No. Just get her off my back will you?”

“Not if you say please~”

This is getting nowhere. “Orin, can you please get your hell crow friend here to get off my back?”

The kasha shook her head playfully. “Don’t wanna~”

You groaned as you tried to stand up with the hell raven on your back. However, Utsuho pushed you back to the floor.

“Get off me, for god’s sake.” you muttered.

“Orin! What is taking you so long?” Satori’s voice could be heard calling for the kasha downstairs.

“In a minute!” She called back, unaware that her master is climbing the stairs to your room.

And before Orin could continue her antics, Satori showed up and pinched the kasha’s pointed ears.

“Ow, ow, ow!” she writhed as her master pulled her ears.

“So this is why you’re taking too long. Have pity on the guard already, the two of you have been teasing him like he is a toy since he was here yesterday.” She said. “Now, get yourselves prepared already if you two are going to follow me.”

Her pets then scrambled away from you and then Satori pulled you back to your feet.

“Thanks, ma’am.” You said.

“Don’t mention it.”

You noticed that the mindreader was holding a small bucket with some toiletries in her hands.

“Going somewhere, ma’am?”

“The Old Capital’s onsen. Are you coming with us?”

Ah yes, the onsen. You can see the hot spring’s symbol from the rooftop – not too far away from the palace. But hold on a second, Old Capital?

“What’s Old Capital? Is the Underground City’s divided into two?” You asked.

“Not really, it’s just another name for the Underground City.” Orin said as she returned back with her bucket. “We go there for a hot spring bath once in a while. And it’s a mixed bath too.”

Well, even though you already taken a bath, but…

Do you want to follow them to the Old Capital’s Onsen?

[] Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?
[] Mmmmm… I’ll pass.
Delete Post
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[x] Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?

Beats being in the Palace by your lonesome. Perhaps you could even learn a little more about your employer while you're there.
Delete Post
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[X] Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?

this should be fun~
Delete Post
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[x] Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?

I don't think Okuu has any idea what effect her body has on guys. But as far as this vote, if you're invited, why not?
Delete Post
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[X] Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?
inb4 Orin calling Seo a pervert

>I don't think Okuu has any idea what effect her body has on guys.
Or maybe that's what she wants you to think. The birdbrain is smart enough to run a nuclear reactor.
Delete Post
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[X] Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?
Delete Post
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[X] Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?
Delete Post
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Well now, it's not that bad we lose. The only bad thing about becoming a dakimakura is that we're going to be hug-crushed to death by Yuugi during sleeping.
Delete Post
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[X] Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?

Mixed bathing? Count me in.
Delete Post
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that seems to be the only thing she's bright at.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128878658957.png - (293.29KB, 700x1300, seo4.png)
Votes will be called at Friday 5PM +8 GMT.

Have a sketch of Seo I drew while waiting, this time using a tablet.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 128935103428.png - (694.46KB, 800x1129, 10877864.png)

[X] Yeah, sure. Why the heck not? (6 votes)

Alrighty then. To the Old Capital Onsen with Satori and her pets we go. Just watch out for slippery floors. Took me and my proofreading buddy quite a while, but here it is.

The remix where I got the idea to make this CYOA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjtkVhLi718


“Not really, it’s just another name for the Underground City,” Orin said as she returned with her bucket. “We go there for a hot spring bath every once in a while. And it’s a mixed bath, too.”

You've already taken a bath, but the heck with it.

“Yeah, sure. Why the heck not?” you replied. “So, what should I bring along?”

“Well, you don’t have an onsen set yet, do you?”

“Oh. Yeah, I forgot about that.”

Satori smiled. “Don’t worry; we’ll get you one there.”


The trip to the Old Capital's Onsen didn’t take long, you find out; it only took you about ten minutes to walk to the building with Satori and the others. Once you had arrived, Satori went to visit the reception desk while you, Okuu and Orin proceeded to the dressing rooms.

You waited for the hell crow and kasha to finish undressing. When they finished, they hurried out of the dressing room so that you could change in private. Unfortunately, that didn't prevent Satori from walking in on you about to remove your clothes, and rushing out seconds later when she saw you holding your undershirt.

Thank god you’re still wearing your trousers when she popped in.

“Hey mister, what's going on?” Orin asked, peeking in moments later, a towel wrapped around her chest. "You are joining us, right?"

“I’ll be there in a minute,” you tell her.

Your intentions are otherwise, however, as you slip off somewhere else.

--(( Satori ))--

While you were busy undressing, you’re quite flustered and embarrassed at the fact that you entered the dressing room while Seo was inside. You should have knocked first.

It doesn't take you long to finish with your clothes, despite your third eye, and you walk out from the room with your personal towel firmly around your chest. As you approach the main pool, where Orin and Okuu are busy splashing water at each other, there seems to be something amiss.

“Have either of you seen Seo?” you asked your pets when you noticed he was not among them in the pool. In your free hand was the new bucket you recently bought for him.

“I thought he said he'd be with us shortly.” Orin replied, frowning.

“Where could he have gone?” you wonder out loud. Instead of joining your pets, you decide to double back and look for your guard.

“Where are you going, Satori-sama?”

“I'm going to go look for Seo. He could be in a different pool. I shouldn't be too long if that is the case.”


--- [Seo] ---

While Satori’s pets are soaking themselves in the hot springs, you on the other hand are secluded yourself behind a boulder in a different pool, away from Satori’s pets. You are quite sure that the mind-reader would be looking for you.

”Aaaaaaaaah~ this feels really wonderful. Stack on that the fact that I never visited a real onsen back at home,” you thought as you submerged yourself up to your neck. The warm water feels very comfortable against your skin. To top it off, there was a lack of unnecessary noise due to the onsen being quite deserted save for you, Satori and her pets.

As you let the hot springs wash away the stress that had been building up since a few hours ago, and perhaps even from yesterday, you heard a familiar voice.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Seo." It's none other than Satori, from behind the boulder you were resting against. "Would you mind if I joined you?"

“I wouldn’t mind,” you said with closed eyes, oblivious to her near-naked state. That is, until she waded out to the water in front of you – which made you open your eyes and… “Bwah!” you cried out in surprise, clutching your chest as if your ribs would fall out.

The mind-reader stared at you after your sudden outburst. “What? What’s wrong?”

“You just scared me half to death, showing up like... that.”

Satori then threw her white towel over the boulder you are leaning on before immersing herself right next to you. “Seo, have you ever seen a grown woman naked?” she asked casually, after rifling through your mind.

“No. Not to my knowledge. Not until now.” At this point you looked away in embarrassment. ”Oh dammit, I shouldn’t think of that when she’s around.”

A bucket with small sake bottles floated near the two of you.

“Sake?” you asked.

“No thanks.”

You let the bucket float away.

“It has been only two days that you worked around my palace and already a lot of things have happened. Is this a bit too hectic for you?” she asked.

You stretched your arms. “Not really,” you answer. “I liked the pace actually. My hometown in the Human Village is almost never as lively as this place.”

There is a pause after you finish speaking. You can hear Orin and Okuu laughing happily in the distance.



“Do you want me to wash your back?”


It’s a bit too sudden for you, but you comply with her request anyway. After all, it isn't very often you get the chance to have your back scrubbed for you – by your employer nonetheless.


After stepping out of the pool, you sat down on the stool Satori placed on the floor as she began to lather your black hair with some mint-flavored shampoo. “Ever considered getting a haircut, Seo?"

“Naaah. I like it messy,” you said, before Satori began massaging your scalp. You're hesitant to say it, but this feels really good. It's almost as if she had been doing this all of her life. Which might not be too far from the truth.

“Say, Seo. How many siblings do you have?”

“Five, three boys and two girls. I’m the youngest,” you replied. “Dad owns a liquor store and a convenience shop. Runs them both at the same time. Mother’s not so healthy. She's been sick for quite a while, actually, and we had to go visit the pharmacist in Eientei whenever she started having coughing fits.”

“I see,” she said. She seemed to be quite curious about your background. “Why did you join the armed forces and become a guard instead of following in your father’s footsteps?”

You closed your eyes to prevent the soap bubbles from getting in your eyes. “I don’t even like the concept of family-owned businesses. Dad had already chosen my eldest sister to continue his business, anyway.”
She continues to massage your scalp for a while longer before rinsing away the shampoo with a bucket of water from the nearby tap. The mint shampoo did a good job in making your head feel tingly fresh.

“Next up, your back.” The mind-reader said as she ran her soapy hands across your bare back. While she did so, Satori hummed a song. It sounded pleasant and lovely in its own regard. You'd hum along, had you the vocals.

“Is there something bothering you, Seo?” Satori asked.

You'd almost forgotten there was something on your mind. “Oh yeah. I’ve actually been wondering about your third eyes…” you started. “Why is Koishi's third eye never open?”

"The mind can harbor awful things sometimes. Things better off not seen," she explained. "Koishi saw those exact thoughts, of murder, of pain; of fear... they terrified her. I found her one day with her third eye shut tight, and she couldn't reopen it. Nor could she remember what made her close it in the first place." The mind-reader realized she stopped scrubbing your back and quickly made up for lost ground. "It looked like it turned out for the better, though. Not only is she not scared of the world anymore, she even goes above ground sometimes. Not that she's supposed to, but that's my carefree little sister for you."

“So carefree that she likes to tease me a lot?”

“She is quite fond of some humans, actually.”

“No wonder.”

When she’s done with the soap-lathering, she began scrubbing your back.

--|| Few Minutes Later ||--

“There, all clean.” Satori said, before splashing water on you. “Do you feel refreshed now?”

"The water's a bit cold," you reply.

The mind-reader chuckled after you said that. “It is unlike you to whine.”

"I'm not whining," you shoot back.

Satori was about to dry you up with her towel but, as she kept her focus on you, she slipped on a patch of soap water on the floor. She let out a shriek and fell on top of you; pushing you off the stool and making you slam into the floor back-first. You groan out in pain from being sandwiched. The towel that she had in her loose grip found its way into the air and landed rather neatly on her butt.

Uh oh. With her lying face down on your chest, both of you are now in a very compromising position.

“Are you okay, ma’am?” you ask, the pain at the point of impact flaring up your back and taking its toll.

"I'm okay... ow..." Satori grunted, stunned. Her frail body couldn't have fared much better.

Before you can manage to get her off you, or she to do so by herself, you spot Orin and Okuu peeking from behind a rock, and your face quickly drains of color. The kasha had a sinister smile on her face, while the hell raven looked as confused as ever.

Satori seems to notice her pets peeking from a distance, but she can only stare speechlessly at them.

“Uh, ma’am, I think you should be getting off me before anyone else sees us like this,” you tell her, worried. “I don’t want to think about what’ll happen, just get off my stomach… ow.”

Satori snaps her attention back to you. “Oh, right.” She then dismounts from your stomach. God, that was painful.


You, Satori and her pets spent about another couple of hours at the facility, most of that time giving Satori’s pets the same treatment their master just gave you. While Satori takes care of Orin, you are in charge of giving Okuu a bath. She is very ticklish, especially when you touch her wings.

“Mister, that tickles~” She cooed as she flutters her wings a bit.

You really did want to tickle her, and you would have, had you not spotted Satori’s third eye fixed on you again, looking at you as if to say, "Don't you do it." You don't press your luck after that, needless to say.

“Alright, you three. It’s time to leave,” Satori said suddenly.

“Aww, but…”

"No 'but's. You don't want to miss dinner, do you?"

Orin’s sour face quickly brightened up at her master’s remark. She quickly grabbed a towel from her master’s hands and ran towards the dressing room. Okuu faithfully followed her friend from behind, almost forgetting hers.

“Talk about enthusiasm,” Satori commented, folding her arms, before she followed her pets to the dressing room. You let her go first this time; you didn't want another repeat scenario.

Once everyone redressed, Satori then led the way to a food court near the onsen. The place is bustling with all types of different youkai, and it seems as if you are the only human in the area.
The food court is very noisy, with the hawkers shouting about to attract customers. The stalls were selling a similar variety of food to the oddities you have back home. Surprisingly, they were not too expensive – despite the fact that they look (kind of) exotic.

“Is it safe to eat?” you asked yourself.

“If you don’t know what to eat, then I suggest you order a ramen from the stall over there.” Satori suggested, casually pointing behind her.

Sounds good. Since you were starving anyway, you decided to go with the satori’s suggestion. She paid for the bowl of ramen, before she went to buy the food for her pets. Satori also bought a drink for you before she sat down at her pets' table. How nice of her. While you were eating, however, you noticed the glares of individuals around you directed towards the mind-reader who is happily watching her pets as they ate their dinner.

She herself seems to ignore the glares, but her third eye returns the stare in all its fervor. You almost get up and say something, but you don't want to break the mood unnecessarily. In the end, you go back to enjoying your noodles.

By the time you finished up your dinner and reached the palace alongside the others, you were fully spent. The only thing that you could think of is your fluffy bed, which you quickly dived into once you reached your room. Fatigue-driven sleep followed you soon afterward.



For some reason, your night’s sleep didn’t last too long. You woke up in the middle of the night. 2:45 AM – if your S&W watch is to be believed.

“Two forty-five in the morning… That’s just brilliant,” you muttered.

Tossing and turning won't do much for you right now. You need something to make you return to your peaceful sleep. Warm milk, a lullaby... anything would do right now.

What should you do now?

[] Attempt sleeping again.
[] Get to kitchen for something to drink.
[] Write in.
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File 128936634590.jpg - (115.07KB, 700x900, f8ad36bd5e384c77b911a69219e9af4d.jpg)
[c] Get to kitchen for something to drink.
Delete Post
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[X] Go to the kitchen for something to drink.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Get to kitchen for something to drink.
[x] Head to your post with the hot chocolate you made and look at the Underground City from there.
Delete Post
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>[x] Get to kitchen for something to drink.

Man, we sure love to find adventures, aren't we? Even if it means walking around at the abandoned spooky mansion in the middle of the night, just for a drink..

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. WHY A DRINK? We should find food as well for our midnight snacking.

[x] Get to kitchen for something to drink.
-[x] Find some food too in case of drinking isn't enough.
Delete Post
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[x] Get to kitchen for something to drink.
-[x] Find some food too in case of drinking isn't enough.
Delete Post
Report Post
Delete Post
Report Post
you forgot the "[x]" and please don't use a name when posting. It's acceptable if you write, even then it's preferable that you don't.
Delete Post
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[x] Get to the kitchen for something to drink.
[x] Head to your post with the hot chocolate you made and look at the Underground City from there.

Also, if anyone is curious, I'd be the proofreading buddy >>6265 mentioned.
Delete Post
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[x] Get to the kitchen for something to drink.
[x] Head to your post with the hot chocolate you made and look at the Underground City from there.
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File 128959748061.jpg - (199.40KB, 583x800, f12fc0ff2727da1820c3639079834d88.jpg)
Votes will be called by Sunday 5 PM +8 GMT.
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[X] Head to another bedroom to find something to cuddle~

[X] Get to kitchen for something to drink.
-[X] Find some food too in case of drinking isn't enough.
Delete Post
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A little bit late there, and the vote have been called with coin flip. However, I might include the top three votes to extend the content.

Still writing.
Delete Post
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Looks like it was made with a new version of MS Paint, that sketch is horrible. You need to use harder lines and avoid making those breaks every 15th pixel and it will look great
Try using Paint Tool SAI
Image Source
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File 129026845086.png - (14.94KB, 300x500, nin2.png)
Actually the sketch is drawn in SAI. I haven't drawn a finished artwork on MS Paint since I uploaded an artwork of Ninten on Pixiv. Picture related.

I just finished typing out the raws for the next update. Now waiting for Fusion? to be combat effective.
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Update is undergoing revamp process by Fusion?. Will post an update sooner when it's done.

Sorry for making you guys wait. Man, what a week.
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File 129078718787.jpg - (86.75KB, 564x600, 018f3644846c22014bc20cefd21116d1.jpg)

[X] Get to kitchen for something to drink. (8 votes)
[X] Find some food too in case of drinking isn't enough. (3 votes + 1 late vote)
[X] Head to your post with the hot chocolate you made and look at the Underground City from there. (3 votes)

This hot chocolate drink looks tasty, mmm mmm. I can feel the hair on my chest growing already. Nevertheless, enjoy this 12th update with a nice, hot cup of Cadbury’s chocolate drink. Yummy.


Tossing and turning won't do much for you right now. You need something to make you return to your peaceful sleep. Warm milk, a lullaby, an onigiri... anything would do right now.

Right. Getting a drink should be fine – cold or otherwise. Something to eat would do as an alternative too, just in case. And thus, you walked out of your room and into the kitchen, your footsteps echoing in the quiet hallways.

You fumbled around in the darkness for the lights when you managed to reach the kitchen. And when you flicked the switch on, the bright white light blinded you for a few seconds.

“Ow, that hurts.”

You took a while to cross over to the kitchen's inventory so that your eyes can adjust properly to the sudden contrast. Once you could see better, you ran a check of the fridge's contents and anything on the pantry to find anything that catches your attention to make a drink.

The fridge had a few groceries in it, ranging from leftover food and bread, sandwiches, and more. There were also a couple of soy sauce bottles in it. The egg tray on the other hand was full of brown-shelled eggs, mixed with raw and boiled ones.

Distinguishing them isn't too difficult, however. You took some eggs from the tray and spun them on the pantry. This way, you could tell which eggs were boiled and which weren't by the way they spun.

“Hey… Seo…” Koishi said without any prior warning to her arrival, making you jump in your skin. Utsuho is close behind her, alarming you further. “What are you doing in the kitchen this late?”

“Midnight snacking. Can’t sleep,” you told her. “What about you two?”

“Same.” she replied, the lack of sleep evident in her eyes.

“Same…” Utsuho repeats. However, her eyes widen when she sees you with the eggs on the pantry.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” you asked when you saw her stare fixed on you, growing in ferocity.

And all of a sudden, the hell raven lunges at you, but you managed to make a quick side step, just avoiding her. Okuu stops herself too late and slams into the counter face-first as a result.

“Unyu…” She groaned as she steadied herself, while rubbing her forehead.

You turn Utsuho around to assess the damage. “You’ll be fine. Though you might be better off not trying to tackle me like that-”

“You’re trying to steal my eggs, aren't you!” she squealed as she began punching your chest repeatedly. Despite the gesture, it actually hurt a little.

“I haven’t – ow ow ow ow ow!”

"Okuu. Leave him be."

That got her to stop. Utsuho pulled herself off of your chest, still scowling at you.

“Okuu likes boiled chicken eggs. That’s why we've always had some in the fridge, just in case,” Koishi said, while the hell raven continued to sulk. “Though she often mixes up the raw eggs with the cooked ones.”

“I already started sorting out the boiled eggs, no worries,” you tell her. “Though I'm more inclined on drinking something warm at the moment, like milk or something, rather than downing eggs.”

Koishi shook her head. “Sorry, Orin finished the last carton yesterday and I forgot to ask Yuugi to buy some fresh milk.”

“…you really like to ask people some simple favors when you could just buy them by yourself.”

“Well, I'm not always here. I figure since I'm gone so often I should help my sister with whatever.”

“Fine. Do you have some malt drink to go with that, then?” you asked, pointing at a can with two pierced holes on the top. The can was sitting on top of an orange saucer.

“Look at the pantry,” she replied simply. “You might find something tasty.” As soon as she finished talking, she helped Okuu peel off the shells of the boiled eggs you had sorted earlier. The hell raven's face lit up contentedly at this. You took that as a sign that you'd gotten off the hook somehow.

You ran a scan on the containers on the pantry. In the containers were different kinds of tea bags, drink mixes, sugar, spice and everything nice. That is, until you stumbled upon a jar filled with purple packets.

Hold on a moment. Those guys looked quite familiar. You turned to Koishi to ask what is in the packets.

“Ah, those are the hot chocolate packets I got from the human village store a few days ago,” she responds, looking over her shoulder.

Something was fishy about that response. You have a slight inkling of suspicion she may be stealing yet again.

“Did you steal it?” you ask, in a stern tone.

“No way~”

“You don’t sound too convincing,” you press on, and loom closer. At this point, you're standing over her from behind, while she looked up at you. “Did you steal it or not?” This time, you had your fingers ready to flick her forehead if she refused to comply.

“Okay, okay! I took it from the store near the school in the humans' village! Happy?” Wow, that worked. Though you aren't sure how well, because she's still grinning.

“Good enough. I suppose I don’t have to tell you every time that stealing is bad.”

Smiling to yourself, you took out a can of condensed milk from the fridge and started boiling water in the kettle over the stove. Few minutes later, the water was boiling hot. Koishi mixed a couple of hot chocolate powder packets and a few tablespoons of condensed milk in a small jug.

She then stirred the contents in the jug with a rice scoop. When the mixing is done, she poured the chocolate into a mug before you took a few sips from the mix.

“How is it? Is it too sweet?” Koishi inquired, referring to the chocolate’s taste.

“Sweet enough. Tasty!” you exclaimed.


She put a lid on the jug before walking with it and an empty mug in her other hand. Okuu brought along the tray with sandwiches in addition to her boiled eggs.

“Hey, where are you going with the hot chocolate?”

“Let’s go upstairs at drink the stuff at your post. Because sometimes drinking outside is nice~”

“...Sheesh.” It was pointless to argue, though, having no real qualms about it.


After climbing up the stairs to your post at the palace’s rooftop, you could see the Underground City almost in whole, with its nightlife in full swing. The lights of the City lit up in various colors, making the scenery a jumbled rainbow from afar.

“It looks beautiful.” You commented the sight while drinking your hot chocolate. “You know, Zero always told me about the lights in the Outside World when he still lived there. I wonder how he would think of the nightlights here. Does he often visit you guys?”

“He’s usually here to escort the ghost princess for their usual fugu whale dining every three months.”

You've never heard of that animal’s name before. “Fugu what?”

“Fugu whales. Sis keeps them under the palace as food once in a while,” she explained. “Preparing them is really hard. But thankfully, we've always had someone else to do the job properly.”

“I see.”

Koishi paused. Her hell raven kept munching on the boiled eggs.

“Hey Seo. Are you prepared to be Yuugi and Parsee’s hug pillow tomorrow?” she asked, the usual smile replaced with a smug look.

“I’m not quite sure,” you state, frowning. “The prospect of getting hugged by an oni sounds frightening. Possibly even lethal.”

"Something scaring our guard? Oh no~" The satori chuckled teasingly, stifling her laughter. “Don’t worry. We've had sleepovers at Yuugi’s house before; she's never hugged anyone that hard.”

“That’s because she knows you and your pets better.” Your chest heaves with uneasiness. “I've only known her for like, what, two days now? And she’s acting as if we haven't met in years.”

Right after you finished speaking, you feel something drop into your lap. You look down and see the hell raven lying there. “Sleepy…” she murmured.

Koishi yawned before she laid her head against your shoulder.

“Shouldn’t you two get back to bed if you’re sleepy? Sleeping here isn't good for your health, you know.”

“Then carry us,” Koishi whispered.

“Well, don’t blame me if you two get a cold tomorrow morning.” Coincidentally she sneezed twice, which convinced you to elicit a witty response. “I told you.”

Koishi rubbed her nose. “Alright, fine. But regardless of your chance divinations, you still have to carry us.”

“You big baby.” You hauled her up into your arms, bridal-style. Okuu transformed into her bird form and perched on to your head, perhaps to save you the trouble. Rather thoughtful of her. “Wait. Who’ll take care of the dirty dishes?”

Koishi grinned. “You will.”

”I knew it.”


//The Guard's Day Out//
Fujisaki “Spectre” Seo
Day 3, 06:43:10
Palace of the Earth Spirits
Scarlet Devil Mansion Guardians Division

“You’re up pretty early today,” Satori commented when you finished deploying the Death machine at your post. “Going to the city again, Seo?”

You nodded after flicking the sentry gun’s barrels to make it start spooling. “Yeah. Since I lost the match by way of tiebreaker…”

“I know how you feel,” the mind-reader said. “Don’t fret; you’ll be fine with the both of them around.”

“Your sister told me the exact same thing.”

“How courteous of her.”

“Satori, what time do you think Yamame would start her morning shift?”

“In a few minutes,” she replied. “Are you in a hurry?”

“Not quite.” That's right; it’s a bit too early for the tsuchigumo’s shop to be open for business. Come to think of it, you wouldn't want to open this early either.

“If you want to get there quickly, you could always ask Orin for help.” At the mention of her name, Orin appeared in her cat form, before reverting to her human-esque form. As near always, a wheelbarrow at her side. “Or, should I say the cat cart.”

“That's right. So, do you want to walk or would you rather take the Orin Express?” the kasha asked, a sort of mad glint in her eyes.

“Hmm… let’s see…” you contemplate quietly. How do you want to get to Yamame’s Poison House?

[] Take a scenic route. Walking is good for your health.
[] Take the Orin Express. It's an excellent chance of riding in it without being dead.

- FN SCAR-H w/ Red Dot Sight + Foregrip (20 + 380) – Standard SDMGD Primary, attachments are not available as in yet. High damage and low recoil.
- Beretta 92FS (15 + 135) – Standard Sidearm for SDMGD. High capacity, low damage.
- BlackHawk Tatang (x1) – For melee and throwing.
- Basic SDMGD Gear (Kevlar vest, knee & shoulder pads, helmets are optional), Condition: 89% – Protects you from harsh danmaku battles.
- X1 Level 3 Sentry Gun aka the Death Machine, Condition: 100%, Ammo: 499/998 – For setting up defenses while you are away from your base. Detects heat signatures. (Deployed)
- Four Stun-nades, Two Frags, two Semtex Grenades.

N/A as of yet.

N/A as of yet.

Log Book – To record any event during your guarding trips.
Tritium-lighted Wristwatch – The watch that glows in the dark. Cool.
Combat Gloves – Slipping things from your grip? Not anymore if you are wearing these.

CoDura Laptop Set – Durable laptop for use in harsh environments. Still new, haven’t got out of its box in the Care Package yet. Set includes a charger and an extra battery.
Delete Post
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[x] Take a scenic route. Walking is good for your health.

No need to hurry.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Take the Orin Express. It's an excellent chance of riding in it without being dead.

No regrets.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Take a scenic route. Walking is good for your health.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Take a scenic route. Walking is good for your health.

"You enjoy the health benefits of walking. Mainly, you're not dead."
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Take a scenic route. Walking is good for your health.
We are going to get hugged by an oni and her jealous friend, remember? We will be dead and aboard the Orin Express in no time.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Take a scenic route. Walking is good for your health.

No reason to be fast~
Lets make this last~
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Take a scenic route. Walking is good for your health.

Maybe next time, crazy cat.
Delete Post
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Votes will be closed on Friday 5 PM +8 GMT.
Delete Post
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The update is now undergoing optimization. I will post it when it's done.
Image Source
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File 129373513778.jpg - (506.83KB, 1240x1666, 61a59986f28e82bf28e53e70123fe16e.jpg)

[X] Take a scenic route. Walking is good for your health. (6 Votes)
Sorry for the late update, mates. Here you have it, the 13th part of our human guard's adventure.

Happy reading.


“Hmm… let’s see…” you contemplate quietly. Since there’s no real rush about getting to Yamame’s shop, you decide upon the slower method and take a walk to reach your destination.

“Well? Are you gonna ride in the cart?” she asked eagerly.

“I’ll walk.” you said. “I’m going to get hugged by an oni and her jealous friend, remember? I’ll be dead before you know it,” you added as a joke.

“Aw.” The kasha's ears drooped slightly. She crossed her arms, her expression a mix between disappointment and smugness. “Hm. You'd better not come back to the palace dead. Then I won't give you the privilege of being carted to the Hell of Blazing Fires.”

“I know,” you replied. “’Sides, I’m only playing around." You turn to Satori and bow. "See you this Sunday, ma’am.”

“Alright. Have a nice weekend, Seo.”

“You too, ma’am.”

You walked through the palace’s gates after waving goodbye to your employer and her pet.


Instead of taking the usual route you used during the race and Koishi’s subquest, you decided to walk an alternate path. This Underground City was humongous, and you knew that, but you didn't know the full extent until now.

“Now that’s something you didn’t see every day,” you thought when you see quite a number of underground youkai slumped on the tables outside of the bars after spending the whole night drinking. “Party hard, sleep like a rock.”

As you walked on, mapping the City in your head, there were several shops beginning to open, with the owners pulling the shutters open and several restaurant workers turning on the fire in their stoves. There are also several storeowners who had already opened their shop for business – as if their shop were open for the whole day.

The houses on the other side of the road have already opened their windows for the morning, despite the fact that there is no sun to greet them. That is, until you see that a bright ball of fiery light sailing through the air. It stops and hovers there – effectively mimicking the sun on the surface.

“Neat. So she didn't forget her responsibilities.” You thought as you stared at the small sun. It was bright, but at least it wasn't blinding, like the genuine article. You kept on walking towards your destination.

By the time you reached Yamame’s liquor house, you find that the shop’s already open for business. Yamame and Kisume’s bucket could be seen sitting on the bench outside of her barhouse, the former apparently resting after preparing her shop for business. Smiling, you approached the two and greeted them.

“Good morning, Yamame, Kisume.”

“Morning, Seo!” The petite girl in the bucket pops out and waves at you energetically.

“Good morning, Fujisaki,” Yamame greeted you. “You’re up pretty early today.”

You scratched the back of your head. “Yeah. I thought I should be up early since I haven’t eaten any breakfast yet. That and I didn't want to be late for my rendezvous with Yuugi and Parsee.”

The tsuchigumo smiled. “Then you wouldn't mind having breakfast here, would you?” she offered while walking into her barhouse with Kisume. “I can cook some porridge for you.”

“I'd like that. Thanks.”

“By the way, which would you prefer to go with your meal, Seo? Coffee or tea?”

“I’m not too fond of coffee, so...”

“Alright. Tea it is.”

Yamame returned back to the kitchen and reappeared a few minutes later with a bowl of porridge and a steaming mug of tea. She took a second trip to the kitchen, this time for a bottle soy sauce with her and an egg in a smaller bowl.

“Adding soft-boiled eggs and soy sauce to your porridge makes it tastier. Or so I heard.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.” You crack the egg and pour its contents, yolk and all, onto your porridge. After that you added some soy sauce and white pepper to the mix. Your hunger magnifying in sight of this meal, you dig in then and there.

“How is it?” Yamame asked after you finished your first spoonful. “Is it any good?”

“Good enough for me.” A few spoonfuls of porridge follow soon after you made that reply. “Pretty tasty, by the way.”

“That’s good to hear.”

More spoonfuls were followed by still more, and before you knew it you were scraping out the last of the porridge, and your cup of tea emptied minutes before. Once you were done with your breakfast, you put your hands together, before whispering “Thanks for the meal” quietly. Before you could lift the dishes off the table to wash it out of courtesy, she stopped you.

“There's no need to; I’ll take care of the dishes. This is my shop, after all.”

“Oh, okay.” You sit back down and lay your head in your hands, a good deal bored.


As time passes, customers start flocking to Yamame’s shop, breaking the monotony. Some of the regulars who had met you over the past few days greeted you, the human guard of Lady Satori. It was a welcome change; despite the fact that you were told by your mother that youkai, particularly oni, despise humans, the things she once said become completely backwards from what you can observe from your stay.

“Hey, your name’s Seo, right?” A teenage oni approached you. Speak of the devil.


“Mine’s Hideki. Nice to meet you." He took your hand and shook it, then scratched his head, throwing about already-messy orange hair. "I missed the last leg of that race you had with the bridge princess. Did you win?”

You crossed your arms. “Well, it ended up as a tie first, but then I lost during the tiebreaker. My luck's like that.”

“You know, when the two of you were off racing…” Hideki grinned, and stuck his foot on the seat next to you. “You should have seen this one guy- he put a huge bet on you.”

You let out a small smirk. “Well, that wasn't smart. He'll definitely lose everything that way.”

“And to top it all off, they don’t know about the results yet.”

“Don't they?”

Hideki shrugged. “Well, while you and Parsee were away, Yuugi said she’d tell the results today. 'To keep the suspense', she said.”


“See you later, Seo. I have some work to do,” he said before running off towards a shop in the other side of the road.

“So he lives in a business-oriented family too, huh?” you thought. Interesting.


After spending a couple hours of waiting, Yuugi and Parsee finally showed up in the barhouse. Despite the fact that she had won the race, Parsee’s usual scowl still could be seen as plain as day.

“Hey Seo. Sorry for making you wait.”

“It’s fine. It’s not like I'm in hurry or anything.”

Once the couple entered the barhouse, the customers quickly turned their attention towards the two.

"Hey, she's here!"

“So who won the race?”

“Yeah, tell us!”

“Whoa. Slow down, guys. I’ll tell you people the results, but first calm down.” The crowd in the barhouse settled down, giving the one-horned oni the chance to announce the results. “At first the race’s result was a tie, but..." Yuugi held her tongue here, milking whatever suspense remained. "...Parsee won the tiebreaker.”

Moans of disapproval could be heard coming from a number of the customers.

“Great. That means I'll be sleeping in the dumpster because of this flop,” one man said, leaving the barhouse in tears.

“Better luck next time.” Yuugi called after him sheepishly. “Yeah, whatever” was heard as a reply.

The bookie at the back row of the table pulled out three satchels in varying sizes. He picked up the largest satchel first. “Yuugi!" he shouted, catching her attention again. "This one’s for the winners!”

“Gotcha!” she replied, catching the satchel with her right hand. She opened it up and started distributing the gold coins inside to the winning bets.

“Parsee! This is for you!” A smaller satchel flew through the air, but since she didn't see it coming she ended up getting a faceful of coins.

“OW!” She cringed.

“Sorry! Next time, pay attention! Hey, human!” One of Yamame’s customers called for you from the back of the barhouse. “This one’s your consolation prize. It may not be much, but it’s yours. Catch!” The smallest bag easily sailed into your outstretched hands.

<<8000 Yen acquired>>
Total amount of money in hand: 29000 yen

“Thanks!” You turn around to ask Yamame something as Yuugi passed around bottles of beer and wine after paying them. “Isn’t it a bit too early for them to get drunk?”

“These guys don’t really care about getting drunk. I reckon they can drink all day long, to be hon-” The tsuchigumo paused mid-sentence, and then smirked at you. “Sounds like you want to join them, Seo.”

“What? No way, that’s not my style.”

The tsuchigumo laughed. “Of course not. Though now that you bring it up, I wonder how you would look when you drink until you’re drunk silly.”

“That… doesn’t sound comforting.”

“And then you would do all sorts of strange things… that I just might want to see,” she teased, making your blush- you were reminded of what happened with your employer and her sister yesterday.

You tried to reach Yamame's cheeks or ears and pinch them, but you shook in your uncomfort. “Dammit, Yamame! Knock it off!”

“Ow~ it hurts~” she cooed when you finally managed, giggling even harder.

Parsee and Yuugi approached you and Yamame at the counter after they handed over the liquor to betting winners. They sat beside you side by side. The earth spider kindly stepped aside so as to allow them to.

“So are you ready to be our hug pillow for the day?” Yuugi asked.

“I... think so.” Yuugi laughed heartily at this and slapped you on the back with equal passion.

“Come on, Seo! You don’t sound too optimistic! It’s not like I'll kill you in your sleep!”

“Like I haven’t heard that before… ow…”

“Are you ready?” Parsee reiterated, as if she would rather be doing something than nothing.

You sighed after the stinging wore away. “Alright. Let’s do this.”

Yuugi slapped you on the back again. “That’s the spirit! Now let’s go!”

“See you later then, Seo!" Yamame called out. "Have fun!”

“I’ll try.”

“Bye, Seo!” Kisume waved goodbye at you as you are dragged out of the barhouse.


“So what are you two going to do with me today?” you wonder out loud, the moment the three of you reached the Bridge to the Outside World.

“Since it’s a bit too early for you to be our hug pillow, I think we should do something interesting until then.”

“What’s your idea then?”

Yuugi paused for a while. “Probably turn you into my ‘punching bag’. Nah, I'm joking," she said. But there's plenty to do in the Underground, if you look hard enough." She then turned to Parsee. “What about you?”

“Tch… I just figured I'd take him for a walk around town…”

You look back and forth between the blondes. Yuugi grins and Parsee looks away.

Whose idea will you follow?

[] Parsee's. She made the effort, so she should have first dibs.
[] Yuugi's. She seems to have better ways of enjoying herself.
[] How about you suggest something?
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[X] Parsee's. She made the effort, so she should have first dibs

it seems only fair.
Image Source
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File 129378005558.jpg - (220.64KB, 1000x625, 394d77a942b9ef46f1d816745e97e094.jpg)
NSFW image
[c] Parsee's. She made the effort, so she should have first dibs.

Picture not related.
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[x] Parsee's. She made the effort, so she should have first dibs.
Delete Post
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[X] Parsee's. She made the effort, so she should have first dibs.

For those curious, 8000 yen is roughly $97 USD.
Delete Post
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A walk around town? Seo just did that.

[X] Yuugi's. She seems to have better ways of enjoying herself.
Delete Post
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[X] Parsee's. She made the effort, so she should have first dibs.

8000 is a small amount? Sounds like the betting done in Vegas.
Delete Post
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if it's akin to Yen, then it only amounts to 80 bucks.
Delete Post
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Even so, that's not exactly a small bet, and considering it's a small amount compared to the winning, you have to wonder exactly how much was wagered on this match.
Delete Post
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The amount of the wager will be revealed in the next update. Keep on voting, I will call the vote next Tuesday, on 5pm, +8 GMT.
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[X]Parsee's. She made the effort, so she should have first dibs.

It only makes sense, for one, she made the effort, secondly, she also won the race, I personally would feel obliged to take her's first.>>6422
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The vote's been called.

Please wait, now writing.
Image Source
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File 129555360675.png - (1.69MB, 1748x2480, 52d08f09ec38eef1f7748323c81d62b5.png)

[X] Parsee's. She made the effort, so she should have first dibs. (6 Votes)

The total amount of the bet that was made is 40000 yen (480.65 USD, according to Coinmill). Parsee gets 20000 yen, the betting winners get 12000 yen with most of the amount spent on strong liquor (obviously) and Seo gets 8000 yen.

Now let’s get on to the 14th part of our favorite guardian’s adventure.


After spending a good minute of thinking which one you would choose, you turned back to the one-horned oni and the bridge princess.

“I’ll go with Parsee’s idea. Since she’s the winner, she should have the first dibs.” You exclaimed.

That grin never left Yuugi’s face. “Great! Now run along you two. See you later tonight.” She then turned around and left you and Parsee behind.

“So where are you going then?” Parsee asked.

“Preparing stuff.” She replied to the question over her shoulder, not even bothering to turn around as she said that.

The bridge princess scowled yet again, and grumbled inaudibly at the oni’s response. Before you could lean against the bridge’s railing, she yanked your arm and started dragging you away, passing by Yuugi as she leisurely walked towards her intended location.

“Well… see ya again, I suppose…” Yuugi thought as she watched Parsee dragging you away from the bridge.


“Whoa, slow down. It’s not like I am running away.” You said after she finally stopped. “Just show me around where I haven’t gone to yet, Parsee… take it easy, okay…?” You assured her.

“Fine, whatever.” The bridge princess then took a deep breath. “I can’t believe that useless oni just left me behind with you for the whole day.”

You sighed in response. “Yuugi left the two of us alone so that you can enjoy the victory you deserved. You did win the race, after all.”

“Fine.” She huffed. “If Yuugi didn’t interfere, I wanted you to do a lot of favors for me.”

“Such as?”

Parsee gave an angry glare. “I was getting to that, dammit. Don’t interrupt me.”

“Okay, go on ahead.”

She tried to mouth out the words, but it seems that she failed. “… urgh. I just can’t say it. Maybe later.”

“Well, if you can’t then I won’t force you.” You said, before Parsee turned away from facing you. You had no choice but to follow her when she started walking away.

“I’d take it that you had walked through most of the Ancient City?” The bridge princess asked.

“Definitely.” You replied. “Is there any area where I haven’t gone yet or missed?”

“Just shut up and follow me.”

You frowned at her reply.


“So where are we now?” You asked once Parsee stopped on top of stairs overlooking the old shops below.

“This is where we sell textiles and clothes. Probably the smallest market in the Ancient City - it caters for the women entrepreneurs and tailors who lived here. So to say this is the place where we sell clothes and garments for all walks of life.” The bridge princes then descended down the stairs, and you followed suit.

As you kept on observing, the clothes market was mostly dominated by women. You could see various tailor shops dotting all over the area. Unlike the other parts of the market, this area was less rowdy. The shops mostly sell Japanese traditional clothes, but there are several shops that sell garments that resemble the outside world attires.

Eventually, you came across a small shop selling traditional clothes with the owner of the shop sitting on a stool outside of her store. She was also seen drinking her tea while waiting for potential customers.

“What’s with the holdup?” Parsee asked when she noticed you looking at the shop.

“I’m thinking of buying some clothes. Are you coming along?”

The bridge princess declined. “I have no mood to go and shop for clothes.”


The old lady put away her tea cup on a tray next to her before she stood up to greet you.

“Ah yes. A customer… Come in… come in and take a look, Dear.” The old youkai greeted.

You nodded to the old lady before entering her shop, revealing the small shop’s colorful collection of yukatas and kimonos in various vibrant colors, sizes, and beautiful patterns.

“Take your time, child. Choose the pattern that would suit the one who will receive it.”

“Okay.” You nodded again as you checked on the yukata and kimono, which were hung all over the store’s iron bars.

“All of them look nice, but what kind of pattern would go well with her?” you thought to yourself. “And I wonder which one would fit Parsee’s size?”

Eventually, after spending minutes scanning through the store’s collection, you finally spotted a green yukata with flowery patterns, prompting you to touch the fabric.

“This one looks nice.” you thought as you examined the garment.

The shopkeeper approached you. “Ah yes. This yukata is woven by an inari in the surface world. Word has it that she had been alive since Japan’s old times – probably much older than me. Poor woman. Her husband died protecting her when she was bearing their twins.”

You hadn’t heard things like this before. “Really?”

“That was what I heard from the village folks. I hear lots of stories about her.” She said. “What’s your name, anyway?”

“Fujisaki Seo.”

“Ah, I see that you are the boy who they are always talking about. I hear you are from the surface world, is it?”

“Yes. The Human Village, to be exact.”

“I often heard that she sometimes visit that new temple in the surface world once in a while.” She said before throwing her glance to the streets outside of her shop. “Hmmm… is that the bridge princess standing outside?”

You turned around and saw Parsee standing outside of the shop with her back facing you and the old lady.

“Yeah, that’s her.” You confirmed as you placed the green yukata you wanted to buy on the counter near the old lady.

The old lady chuckled. “My, my… how she had grown after all these years. She looks pretty as a fine, young lady. This yukata would be fit enough for her size” She said. “That reminds me. Are the two of you getting together? I hear some men of the underground tried to flirt with her, but she ignored all of them. That leaves just the oni alone in the competition to win her heart.”

Boy, she sure knew a lot about Parsee.

“Not exactly. I’m buying this as a present for her since she won a race we had yesterday. We ended up with a tie, but Parsee won with a tiebreaker.”

“Ah, how lovely.” The old lady then folded the yukata neatly into a brown package. “That would be 11000 yen, but since it’s for the bridge princess, I’ll make it 10000 instead.”

“Sounds okay to me.” You said, as you took several money notes from the brown envelope Satori handed to you a couple of days ago.

Before you could turn around and leave the shop, the old lady stopped you. “Before you leave, I want you to have this, child. A gift from me.” She then placed a brown package on the counter.

“A gift? For what?” you asked, looking puzzled.

“It’s tradition in my family to give you a kimono to a customer who had bought something from our shop. Give it to someone who you like, I’m sure they would be happy with this.”

You took the package and placed it neatly in the compartment of your backpack.

<<Green Yukata and Unknown Kimono acquired>>
Both items are now placed in the MISC slot.

“Thank you.” You said followed with a bow to the old lady.

“You’re welcome.” She bowed back at you. “Please come again.”

Once you finished, you walked out from the shop to meet up with Parsee.

“It’s a good thing you’re done. I hate to wait when someone’s shopping for clothes.” She said before she walked away.


Eventually, after dragging you through the market again, Parsee later showed up holding a bouquet of underground roses. For some odd reason, you could feel the somewhat-subtle sadness from her facial expression.

“Are you coming with me?” She asked, trying to mask the difference in her tone of voice.

“Of course I am. Wait for me.”

You followed her until the two of you reached a graveyard a little bit far from the busy streets of Ancient City. Tombstones could be seen sticking out of the ground – some of them had vibrant flowers that were recently placed before.

Silently, the bridge princess approached one of the tombstones, and she knelt before it.

Parsee placed the bouquet of underground roses near the tombstone before offering some silent prayers. At this point, you decided to just watch her in silence. The tombstone she knelt before could have belonged to one of her closest family members, possibly her mother.

After spending a few minutes near the graveyard in complete silence, the two of you turned away and left for the Ancient City. For some odd reason, you could feel that someone was watching both Parsee and you. However, you shrugged the feeling before realizing that you had been lagging behind the bridge princess.

“He-hey! Parsee! Wait up!” you then tried to catch up with her, trying your best not to turn around to see the whole graveyard over your shoulder.


After spending a couple of minutes running away from the Ancient City’s graveyard, you finally caught up with the bridge princess at her bridge. Once she stopped, you leaned against the railing while trying to catch your breath.

A little smirk could be seen across her face for a split second. “Oh dear. You looked so pale. Are you afraid of ghosts?” She mocked.

“That’s your fault for leaving me behind.”

“You’re just too slow.”

“Remember when you’re a kid – when you hold your breath when you went past the graveyard?”

“Yeah, so?”

You tried to catch more air to breathe. “Graveyards are the things that I really disliked when I was a kid. I used to pass by one if I ever got home late after playing with the fairies.”

Parsee laughed out loud, attracting the attention of some pedestrians. “Oh, I can’t believe that you’re such a coward.”

You glanced away. “I have issues about ghosts. I’m not afraid of youkais and fairies however.”

“Good for you.” Somehow she turned chipper after discovering your childhood weakness. Silence fell between the two of you again, until she broke it. “Just how much money do you have actually?”

You paused for a while to look at your pocket and your envelope. “Originally, it was 29000 yen, the consolidation prize plus some money Satori gave to me a couple of days ago. Right now I have like 19000 yen left.”

Parsee bit her thumb. “Already started working for a couple of days, and you already had that much… I’m jealous.”

“Hey now, it’s not something to be jealous about. You did get more winning money than I, right?” You stated.

The bridge princess replied with a sigh. “Who cares about the money anyway? I just want to make sure you’re not special in any way.”

It sounded like she didn't want to let go of the competition. She still wanted to defeat you fair and square, but you didn’t think you would do well in a danmaku battle where she might be much more experienced than you think she is. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt if you could actually calm her down.

“But then again, I don’t have a spellcard to be used in a danmaku battle. I think I should ask Satori to help me create a spellcard later.”

You pulled your SCAR-H from the slings and started inspecting it. The brand-new battle rifle hadn’t been used much, aside from the play-fight with Orin and the hell raven. You wondered if you could do better in a danmaku play one day.

That aside, you had something bugging you from the back of your head. Something that you need to ask the bridge princess.

“Hey, Parsee…”


[] Are you still unhappy about the race?
[] May I ask whose grave was that?
[] I need to ask you something… (Write in.)

One of the options above will give you the option to create a spellcard, so choose wisely.


Log Book – To record any event during your guarding trips.
Tritium-lighted Wristwatch – The watch that glows in the dark. Cool.
Combat Gloves – Slipping things from your grip? Not anymore if you are wearing these.
Green Yukata – A gift bought for Parsee for winning the race. *NEW*
Unknown Kimono – A kimono of unknown pattern given by an old lady at the store. Give it to someone who you like…? *NEW*
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[X] I need to ask you something… (Write in.)
[X] DO YOU LOVE ME? (I can really move!)
[X] DO YOU LOVE ME? (I'm in the groove!)
[X] DO YOU LOVE ME? (Do you love me?)
[X] Now that I can daaaaaaaaaaaance!

[X] Are you still unhappy about the race?

Yeah, I got nothing.
Delete Post
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[] May I ask whose grave was that?

We aren't needing a yes yet, its more just to show we noticed.
Delete Post
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[x] May I ask whose grave was that?
Delete Post
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[X] Are you still unhappy about the race?
Delete Post
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[X]May I ask who's grave that was?
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Are you still unhappy about the race?

I'm curious who's grave but still I wish to avoid that. I like to see the Jealous Parsee than a Sad Parsee.
Delete Post
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[x] May I ask whose grave was that?

Kinda want to get past that sour candy shell
Delete Post
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[x] May I ask whose grave was that?

good luck~ zero :3
Delete Post
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Delete Post
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I'll be calling the vote by this Monday 5pm, +8GMT.

Keep on voting.
Delete Post
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Writing, please wait.
Delete Post
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Undergoing final checks, will post it when it's done.
Image Source
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File 132059268989.jpg - (258.56KB, 1753x2480, 71fd4e4f0c738747bf5d5189ee328f73.jpg)
Dear god. It's been a while since I ever updated. That was a huge gap between the last time I ever updated, I am sorry for those who waited, on behalf of Fusion? and myself, so here's an actual update!


[x] May I ask whose grave that was? (5 votes)


“What is it you want?” Parsee demanded your question.

“May I ask whose grave that was?” Immediately her face turned from sour to gloomy. You suddenly had the notion that it was a bad idea to bring up such a matter. “Are you okay?” you asked, worried that you would be slapped across the face or even worse – blasted with danmaku.

She said nothing, started to drag you by the sleeve elsewhere, probably somewhere she could tell her story without being interfered.

The bridge princess led you to the top of a tower overlooking the bridge before she sat down on the floor, wrapping her arms around her knees. You did the same while leaning against the tower’s wooden railing.

“You can choose on not telling me about it, you know.”

Parsee looked away. “If I don't, I'll never hear the end of it from you, that I'm sure.”

“Oh. Well, then, go ahead.”

She took a deep breath in an attempt to steady herself. “That grave... is my mother’s,” she started sorrowfully. “She died while trying to protect Chireiden from a kingdom by the name of Makai, and its attempted invasion many moons ago.”

--// Parsee, a few years ago //--

”Makai tried to invade the Ancient City? For what reason?” Seo asked.

You shook your head defeatedly. “I don’t remember much, but I do remember previously that the Underground City was under Makai’s sovereignty. Back then, my mother was the guardian of that very bridge I often watch over.” you continued. “I'm an only child, and my father passed away a year before the invasion.”

”I see. I'm sorry for your loss.” Seo looked like he was searching for more comforting words, but ultimately stayed silent.

“The attack started at night, however, my mother and I managed to alarm the town as the assault started. We and other youkai who lived in this town scrounged up a defensive – but we severely underestimated the size of the enemy and were quickly overwhelmed.”

“Parsee! Look out!” The cry of a desperate woman filled your mind.

The memories came flooding back like an old recording with no end, and it stung. You tightened the grip on your legs. "She… pushed me out of the way when Shinki's subordinates came. But in turn… she choked my mother before my own eyes… and tossed her off the edge." You sobbed, unable to suppress the tears. "…From the very same bridge she dedicated her life to look over."

“Stay away from my daughter!” your mother cried out to the woman dressed in a red maid's attire, while trying to hold her back with your heirloom sword. However, the maid seemed to always be one step ahead, dodging each swing of the sword, and finally catching the blade in one hand.

She glanced at you momentarily before she pulled your mother’s sword out of her grip. A little while later, the woman in red had her arms around your mother’s neck while facing you.

“Ghk… Parsee…!”

Time seemed to slow down to a crawl as the red-clad woman threw her off the bridge she used to protect.

“MOTHER!” You screamed your heart out, tears streaming down your cheeks. You struggled to break yourself free, but it was no use.

She then swung your heirloom sword around and examined it. “Pandora Mizuhashi is taken care of. Kill her offspring.”

“Yes, Lady Yumeko.” Her subordinate acknowledged, before they grabbed your arms and collar.

”I was about to be thrown off the bridge myself, but...”

The next thing you saw was a whirl of yellow and red, and the sickening sound of distorting flesh.

“You SCUM!” Yuugi screamed, turning the face of the Makai soldier holding you into a pile of slushy meat with a single punch before she could hurt you. You flinched out of instinct, then looked up. Yuugi stood over your quivering form. “Are you okay, Parsee?”

“I think so…” you replied.

“Get to the Chireiden barricade, I’ll join you later. Go!”

”Yuugi later engaged Yumeko in a duel, but despite her strength, she ultimately lost the fight, even with Suika joining in, and both were forced to admit defeat. We had to retreat back into Chireiden.”

Instead of going to hide in the barricade, you doubled back towards Yuugi mid-way.

There, you see Yumeko, pointing your sword at a downed Yuugi’s face. The oni was lying on her back, with her clothes torn and battered. Suika’s unconscious body could be seen not too far away.

You were terrified further. Yuugi was one of the strongest people you knew. For her to be defeated in such a manner, by a maid of all people...

“I’m impressed with your strength," she complimented, "but you and your friends cannot match the strength of the Makai army, much less me.” She used the sword to lift Yuugi’s chin, before asking her a question. You were worried that Yuugi was going to get beheaded, but thankfully it didn’t happen. “Tell me your name.”

“Yuugi… Yuugi Hoshiguma…”

“Ah, so you are Yuugi the Strong – one of the Four Devas. Meaning that must be Suika,” Yumeko exclaimed, a slight hint of sarcasm in her voice. “I won't mince words. Yuugi, do you admit your defeat?”

“Yes…” She reluctantly said so.

“Good.” The maid smirked and signaled the troops under her command to advance. “Move.”

Yumeko and her troops marched past the two oni, with Yuugi pounding at the ground in frustration once the red maid and her troops were gone from their eyesight.

Once you thought it was safe, you quickly dashed towards Yuugi, who was now trying to catch her breath by hiding in the alley with Suika.

“Yuugi! Are you okay?” you screamed as you dashed for the one-horned oni.

“I’m fine… I thought I told you to get to the barricade.”

“I… I’m just worried... about you… Suika... everyone...” You could feel the tears coming back, but you quickly rubbed them away.

“It's all right. Let’s get out of here; if they're headed for the Palace we might not be safe here anymore.” Yuugi tried standing up, and surprisingly could. She grit her teeth in pain, but bore it and dragged Suika along as she followed you to wherever the two of you thought would be safe.

Eventually, you met up with Satori’s pets, but their masters were not with them.

”Just when you'd think it was over, a salvation army from Higan arrived to save us.

I didn’t know exactly how big it was, but it certainly wasn't as huge as Shinki’s. However, they seemed to be much better-trained and made their way to the Underground City using alternative methods. I'm not sure what they did, but they got in.”

“Relax.” A green-haired woman told you as she stepped forward. She wore a black and white dress, over which she had a navy blue vest. On her head was what seemed to be a crown fit for a king, wrapped in red and white ribbons. “I’m here to help the Ancient City.”

“Who are you?” Yuugi asked, still breathing heavily from her overexertion.

“Shiki Eiki from Higan.”

"Higan soldiers, put down your weapons! This is not your war. We do not wish you harm! The Devil's Army of Makai is here to liberate you!"

“Ignore that load of bollocks. We’re the ones doing any sort of liberation here.”

Seo looks surprised. “Whoa. She sounds like a certain leader I often read of in the magazines Kourindou has,” he exclaimed.

You can see the fairy soldiers shield themselves from the bullets by making a turtle formation, while the leader marches on.

“Higan Soldiers! Your aggression towards Makai will not be left unpunished. Instead of returning to your own country - you will die in ours!”

Despite the threats thrown to them by the Makai’s soldiers, Eiki led her troops to defend Chireiden from the invasion. She and her troops scattered the Makai invader’s defenses while decimating a large number of them by luring them into the trap they made to take out Eiki’s troops.

”With the the Higan army’s bravery, the defending villagers got a morale boost, and we started fighting back and pushing back the rest Makai army away from the Ancient City. We had our revenge for a short while.” You then paused to take a drink from Seo’s flask he offered to you. ”Even though the Ancient City was saved, many of its citizens become either orphans or widowers while I lost my mother and my heirloom sword to Shinki’s right-hand woman. Our infrastructure was also destroyed. A peace treaty was made at the defeat of the Makai army and they retreated back per the treaty they signed.”

--- [Seo – Present Day] ---

“With Eiki’s help we started rebuilding the city back into its former glory. A lot of things happened since then, and even recently the Hell of Blazing Fires was re-ignited by that bird brain back when she got the powers from a mountain god a couple of years ago.”

“Ah, so that’s the story then…”

“Apparently, she went to the Underground City warfare without her superior’s consent, and when she gets back to Higan, she was berated, but promoted for her bravery.”

“Oh, I see.”

You were alarmed with the sound of clanking getas on the wooden stairs, which prompted you to reach for your handgun. However, the sight of the distinctive red horn makes you re-holster your weapon. Yuugi approached the two of you on the top of the tower, and smirked.

“Hey you two. Having fun smooching each other on top of the tower?” she quipped. "Maybe I'll just leave you two alone for the night..."

Instantly, the bridge princess’ face turned crimson red in embarrassment. “Y-Y-Yuugi!” by the time she stood up, Yuugi had started walking down the stairs and Parsee quickly gave chase.

You took your time to look around the city from the watch tower, before following the two women right behind their tails.

As you followed Parsee and Yuugi on your trek to to the bridge princess’ home, you didn’t speak a word despite the cheerful atmosphere of Parsee being teased by the one-horned oni. Your mind is up in the air, probably still thinking about the story that was told by the bridge princess.


“Ah~ that was refreshing.” Yuugi exclaimed after she downed a bottle of sake. “Now we need to wait until it’s all boiled up and ready to be eaten.”

“So, Parsee.” you started while waiting for the nabe to be ready.

“Yeah? What do you want?”

You grabbed your backpack and pulled out the package where the green yukata is, while keeping the gifted kimono away from the bridge princess and the one-horned oni’s line of sight. After that, you zipped your backpack open and held out the brown package.

“What is that?” she asked.

“Since you won the race, I think I should give you this as a prize.” You then placed the package in her hands. Parsee hesitated to take it, but she did after a few seconds.

“How about you open it somewhere that we can’t see? It keeps the surprise factor.” Yuugi suggested. She was eager to see what was in the package as well.

“Good idea.”

Parsee strolled to her room with the brown package, while you and Yuugi waited for the nabe to be done. The oni was on her third bottle, and she didn’t look like she was getting drunk at all. She was drinking them like it was just plain water.

You had this question lurking in your head; you just need to poke a conversation with her. You did just that.

“Yuugi.” You called for her attention.

“Yeah? What's up, Seo?”

“I always wondered how you would have enough money for dinner and then buy sake for you to go on a drinking spree.”

The one-horned oni laughed out loud. “I work for it, of course. The only way that I could gain this much is by stealing – but of course, that’s not my thing.” The one-horned oni took another gulp from the bottle she was holding. “We oni preferably like the type of work that displays our power.”

“What kind of work?” you asked curiously.

“Let’s see… delivering heavy-duty goods, building, repairing, mining all sorts of things, and even destroying them. The last job’s my favorite.”

The words ‘mining all sorts of things’ suddenly strikes you oddly. “All sorts of things? I never thought we have mines around in Gensokyo…”

“Well, we don’t have mines of gold or anything like that, but we do mine stone. Oh, and trees too.”

This doesn’t make any sense. “How do you mine a tree anyway?”

She laughed at your bewildered expression. “Lumberjacking IS tree mining, Seo.”

“Oh. Right. And how would you mine trees? With pickaxes?”

“No. We get things done with this.” Yuugi balled her hands into fists, showing off her muscular arms in the process.

After your short conversation with the one-horned oni ends, Parsee showed up while wearing the beautiful green yukata.

Truth be told, you were stunned. The green color and flowery patterns you chose fit fantastically with her.

“You look beautiful, Parsee,” you told her honestly. “Looks like the yukata fits you so well.”

“What he said,” Yuugi commented. “The green color matches your eyes.”

She pouted. “You're too much, really.” Her voice did nothing to convince you further, however. She then doubled back to the room to change back to her usual clothing.

“The food’s gonna be ready soon. I can’t wait to eat.” Yuugi exclaimed as she rubbed her hands together.


After finishing off the last food boiled in the hotpot, the three of you leaned against the wall with your stomachs stuffed.

“That was a good meal. Even though we already had a nabe few days back,” you spoke.

“I’d wish we can do more, but at least not for now. We can have another hotpot feast on another special occasion.”

Parsee pouted. “I’d rather just have one big pot on my own but you just kept stealing it from my chopsticks.”

“Same thing goes for me as well. And I got picked on by Yamame and Koishi last time...”

From out of nowhere, the oni slapped you in the back once more while laughing. The sting returned, and with greater fervor than before. “That’s how it works. You just need to be fast enough when eating nabe with us, y’know?”

“You know, I would appreciate it if you don’t slap people in the back so hard, Yuugi. It feels like my head'll pop off each time,” you mouthed out your irritation to the oni, and she continued her laughter.

“Oops. Sorry, Seo- force of habit.”

“A force of habit can be fixed. You just need to be reminded that how it hurts a lot. Oww…”

Parsee remained quiet; she didn't even bother to try and interact with you or Yuugi.

“Is something wrong, Parsee?” you poked the bridge princess to make her talk, but she just glanced away.

“Y’know, the two you really need to loosen up more.” Yuugi said as she filled her sake dish with the liquor from the bottle labeled as "ZUN Slayer" before she offered you the same dish. She also poured a little for Parsee. “Here. This sake is so powerful that it would even make even the creator of Gensokyo drunk silly. A word of caution though, if you're not good enough at holding your liquor you'll likely end up with a splitting headache tomorrow. At worse, you won’t be able to wake up for the next month.”

You totally haven’t heard this before.

“Are you going to drink that?” you asked Parsee, who is having second thoughts to drink the sake from her cup.

She scoffs. “Of course. But you drink it first. You’re the guest, remember?”


So what would you do now?

[] Take it – lead the way.
[] Take it – but Parsee drinks first, just in case.
[] No thanks, with excuse (write in).
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[x] Take it – lead the way.
Delete Post
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[x] Take it – but Parsee drinks first, just in case.
Delete Post
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[x] Take it – lead the way.
Delete Post
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[x] Take it – lead the way.
Delete Post
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Haven't read this in a while.

[c] Take it – but Parsee drinks first, just in case.
Delete Post
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Will call the vote in three days. Make your choice while you still able, mates.
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File 135233941235.jpg - (482.71KB, 1220x862, 851fef0710d22336a60d94b220289b35.jpg)

[X] Take it – lead the way. (4 Votes)

Apologies for the awfully long stall. Writer’s block got to me.


She scoffs. “Of course. But you drink it first. You’re the guest, remember?”

“…Alright then.” You agreed.

You took the sakazuki from Yuugi’s offering hand, still having a second thought about drinking the awfully powerful sake in the flower-studded dish. The sake’s scent is strong enough to sting your nostrils, but the two ladies don’t seem to be bothered about it. After a few seconds of steeling your thoughts, you brought it to your lips and sipped.

“Drink it slowly, Seo. A weak drinker like you should take things like that slo~wly~” She cooed, before taking a different cup to drink.

It tasted surprisingly sweet, almost like honey. Yuugi, propping her head up with one hand, watched you out of one eye as you drank. Once the sakazuki was emptied of its contents, you set it down with a sigh of contentment. She smiled a second later.

“Not even a drop spilled. I admire that.” Yuugi chuckled.

While you let the aftertaste flood your senses, Parsee on the other hand poured the drink for herself and downed it all in one go. You couldn't help staring at her with a mixture of disbelief and amazement, as Parsee puts up a sort-of victorious smirk.


The sight only made Yuugi more excited.

“Looks like both of you are in good spirits! Come on, have some more!”

“Stop pouring those in my cup!” Parsee yelled. Her yells of protest obviously fell into the joyous oni’s deaf ears.

---Few Minutes Later---

Your second cupful of ZUN Slayer left you resting your chin on the kotatsu. Parsee had already given up as well, and she had her face planted on the tatami floormat. Yuugi on the other hand was still busy drinking, but now she was doing it straight from the bottle.

“Hey Seo! Drink some more!” She said. She'd worked up a furious blush by that point.

You were unable to speak back in full sentence, let alone lift a finger, so you only mumbled some incomprehensible words. She took them as a 'yes'.

Grinning, Yuugi stood up from her seat, noticeably wobbling in her steps before sitting down right next to you. She wrapped an arm around your back and eagerly poured you some liquor to drink. You would have tried to decline her offer, but you don’t want to push your luck.

"Just a bit more, Seo," she said as she put away the now-empty bottle under the table.

You still had a bit of strength left, so you decided to mirror what Parsee did earlier. With eyes closed, you went bottoms up with the sakazuki, pouring every drop of the strong sake pour straight down your throat.

Feeling victorious, you slammed Yuugi’s sakazuki on the kotatsu with an audible thump, before you too fell on your back with the same audible thump. You caught a glimpse of Yuugi giving you a thumbs-up and grinning before everything went black.



You woke up to a pair of foxes. They'd been busily nuzzling, sniffing, and licking your face, but your awakening made them flee beneath a hedge. You could only blink at them and wonder.

“Where am I?”

You immediately realized that you couldn't speak. The words echoed inside you instead. Slowly, you stood up, taking a good look at your surrounding area. On your left were a garden table and a pair of chairs, with a few teacups on it. A quick inspection revealed that they were still full of tea.

“A garden?” You questioned yourself again. “This is a dream, isn’t it? I was at Yuugi's house…”

Without any idea of where to go, you decided to walk around and choosing the first path you saw.

As you walked, you kept looking around. The weather was cold and the sky was slightly dark, as if dawn was about to come. Various critters and colorful insects crawled about, populating the hedges and the colorful flora. Some cats and foxes stared straight at you with curiosity, but none of them dared to approach you.

You, on the other hand, wanted to stop and approach them instead, but you kept walking on until the hedges, insects and animals disappeared entirely. Then the air was filled with fog, limiting your line of sight.

“What’s going on now?”

Despite the small setback, you keep your pace and continued on until the thick fog slowly disappeared. Eventually, you came across a garden table with a few chairs. The same ones you saw when you woke up. The tea was gone; someone might have been there…

Then you noticed two things flying gently towards you. They seemed to be a pair of butterflies, surrounded by spherical green auras. As they hovered near you, you could swear you heard playful giggles echoing around you. They seemed to be from a boy and a girl playing together.

What should you do now?


[] Beckon them.
[] Let them pass.
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[x] Beckon them.
Delete Post
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It's back. Awesome.

[c Beckon them.

Curiosity arises.
Delete Post
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Been waiting for quite a long while, lad

[x] Beckon them
Image Source
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File 135407193844.png - (1.23MB, 778x900, 8c98bf1364243cfd24ac6786d853be7554a92aac.png)

[x] Beckon them (3 Votes)

And onto the next chapter we go. Enjoy.


You decided to beckon the two butterflies by holding up your hand to them. They noticed and flew towards you… and a moment later they faded away, replaced by the faded visages of a butterfly-winged man and a girl. Their clothes were… unique so to say. They don’t look like any you have ever seen.

”Who are you two?” you asked.

“Ah, you saw us," the man said.

“It’s rare for that pendant’s owners to notice us!”

“What pendant?”

“You are wearing it at the moment," the man pointed out

You looked down and saw the green gem pendant Koishi gave to you the other day.

”Who exactly are you people?”

“I’m Tateha, and this is my brother Ageha!”

“Simply put, we are dream-world creatures, and that pendant allows us to converse.”

Tateha nods as her elder brother explains.

”So wait a moment. Ageha, were you the voice who told me to run if I am choosing to be a pacifist?”

“That’s me indeed.”

”Weird pendant.” You say. “I should ask Koishi where she got this thing... What does it acually do? She gave it to me out of the blue.”

“Koishi, eh? She’s a nice girl, we met her back when she had the pendant," said Tateha.

“Suffice to say, this pendant has a special power hidden in it, which we have now granted you. But it's been ages since anyone has used it to its full potential. Not even Koishi could.”

“Wouldn’t you fear about having this pendant to the wrong hands?”

“In the olden times, yes. But after Koishi found us, we felt safe.”

”Alright, back to the topic then. How do I actually use this pendant?”

“You don’t have to; it’ll help you when you need it.”

”Okay then…” you say. “Still, what do I get if I master this pendant? Will you two haunt me for being lazy? Are you actually evil spirits who are trying to take over my head?”

Ageha only chuckled at your questions. “If we are malevolent, you’d probably have nightmares right about now.”

”…You got a point there.”

Tateha looked thoughtful. “Hmmm… mister, you’re a human, aren’t you?”

”Yes I am.”

“Well, if that’s the case, then I believe you’ll like flying - uh… Mister?” Tateha suddenly called out. “You seem to be fading… I guess there’s not much I can tell… “

Ah hell… you could barely hear Tateha’s voice by now.

“I guess our meeting can wait for another time. Until then, Seo!”

You hadn't introduced yourself, but Ageha already knew your name. Strange, but you were more concerned with waking up.


You woke up in the middle of the night again, with a massive headache jackhammering your head. The sake was just as strong as Yuugi said it was. And thankfully you managed to wake up despite Yuugi’s claims that it can make you literally sleep for a whole month…

After your eyesight adjusted itself to the surrounding darkness, you pulled up your wristwatch to your sight. The clock hands showed that it was 2 in the morning. Sighing, you put away your hand, only to bump into something.

This was not the first time you'd woken up with two people pinning you down in their sleep.

Yuugi was on your left side, positioned so that your head sank into her massive breasts. She was probably doing it to keep her horn from piercing through your skull. Parsee was on your right, resting your arms on your chest as she grumbled and mumbled in her sleep.

That crushing feeling was not there, so you were thankful for being alive. Unfortunately, with them hugging you like this you had no choice but to go back to sleep.

//Something To Talk About//
Fujisaki “Spectre” Seo
Day 4, 08:33:15
Yuugi’s House
Scarlet Devil Mansion Guardians Division

Your follow-up sleep was pretty much blank and uneventful. By the time you’d woken up again, Yuugi was at the kotatsu. You dragged yourself to the kotatsu, making yourself a little bit comfortable. Thinking back, you could remember the whole dream, down what the two were wearing.

“G’mornin’, Seo.” The one-horned oni greeted you.

You twitched slightly, holding your head. ”Morning, Yuugi… what’s that you’re drinking?”

“Ginger tea, have a drink," she said, pouring the hot beverage into a vacant cup and placing it in front of your face.

You took the cup from Yuugi, which was the same cup you drank with last night. Over a few slow helpings, the wooziness started to fade away and your head started improving.

“Feeling better?”

“Just a bit, my head still hurts. At least I managed to wake up from that in less than a month," you replied, folding your arms on the kotatsu and resting your chin on it.

Yuugi laughed. “Ahahaha! That means you got talent in drinking, Seo! You ought to join drinking competitions, who knows, ya might be a good drinker!”

“I’d probably die from alcohol poisoning if I were to challenge you to a drinking competition, Yuugi. I might not even pass the preliminaries.”

Once again, the one-horned oni laughed merrily at your reply. Yuugi raised her hand; you cringed in preparation for a back-slap, but she only gave you a pat on the head. That was surprising, but you couldn't show much with your face buried in your arms.

“That’s surprising; I thought you were going to slap my back.”

Yuugi gave you a toothy grin. "You're not durable enough for me to do that all the time. It's good, right?"

“Well, that should save my spine at least," you muttered with relief. “By the way, where’s Parsee?”

“She woke up a little before you did; right now, she's taking a bath.” At this moment, Yuugi leaned towards you with a hand on lips to whisper at you. "Whaddaya say to peek on her?"

Well that suggestion was to be expected of her. You quickly dismissed the idea. “What? No thanks. That’s like trying to peek at you in the women’s bath. ” Instantly, your thoughts shifted towards that day where you, Satori and her pets were at the hot springs.

And then Parsee appeared, with only a towel wrapping her from her bust to her thighs. You couldn't help but stare, and you could swear that Yuugi is chuckling beside you.

“What’s this about peeking on me in the bath?" she asked.

You turned from Parsee to Yuugi, but she was already on her way to the bath, leaving you and Parsee alone. You decided to say nothing at that as Parsee sat facing you on the other side of the table. A couple of minutes passed, and both of you didn’t speak a single word. The silence were unnerving, it’s as if she was waiting for you to say something. After another minute of tapping your forehead,

“Hey, Parsee?” You broke the silence.

The green-eyed hashihime stared wordlessly at you after being broken from her reverie. Her expression was the equivalent of a "Yeah?”

“I’ve been meaning to ask, what do you think about the race?”

Parsee shot a glare at you. Seems like you just asked a wrong question, but then she looked away and started to speak. "Still can't get over it?" She showed you the same smirk as when she left you behind at the graveyard. “Or were you jealous that I won the race by sheer luck?”

"... Well, I was a little bit jealous," you replied, looking away with a little embarrassment. "Still, I'd like to know what you thought of my running."

Parsee sighed before she started. "Even though you're a human, you managed to run at my level. You don't get tired quickly, but you don't turn as tight as I do, and you don't take as many risks," Parsee said, referring to her swift swerve turn and her stair jump. "Still, that weird running style of yours let you catch up with me when we reached the palace."

“Was it really weird?”

“Yes.” She replied bluntly. "And next time... Don't ask any black cats to flip your coins." Parsee ended that sentence with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes away. She had a point there. “Yes, I get it.”

Silence fell between the two of you again. The hashihime took the moment of silence to drink her cup of tea. You did the same too, wondering what else to talk about.

“How’s Yuugi treating you lately?”


“Okay then…”

“…What do you think of her?

“…A tad annoying sometimes, but it never bothered her much.”

Speak of the devil; the oni was done with her bath already, wrapped in a towel just like Parsee.She had a clean towel for you hanging from her hand.

“Oi, Seo! Can’t have ya taking a bath without a towel! Catch!”

You caught to towel as it sailed through the air, before scooting off to the bathroom to clean yourself up for the morning.

--//Please Wait, Now Loading…//--

When you were out of the bath, the first thing you saw was your backpack. You picked out your clothes out of the pack, before getting back in the bathroom to wear your usual SDMGD attire, minus the vest. Parsee and Yuugi had already dressed themselves, and it seemed that Yuugi was preparing to head out..

“Hey Yuugi, where’re you going?” you asked.

Yuugi snapped her attention to you. “I got something else to do with my chaps, and maybe a drink or two with Suika. I guess I'll see you two again tonight.”

“Alright, see you later.” You waved at her. Parsee did the same, albeit a bit half-heartedly.

The main door closed with a clack, and with that, Yuugi left you and Parsee alone at the house. You sat down at the kotatsu, and again, deep silence fell between you and the hashihime. Again, minutes passed, with nothing happening until she broke the silence.



“Breakfast.” She repeated herself. “We hadn’t gotten any breakfast yet. Do you want to eat outside or make your own?”

“Eh, it depends…” you said, crossing your arms.

“Unless you can cook, we should just get some breakfast - loser’s treat of course. If you want to cook, there’s stuff in the kitchen.”

Alright then… What's your plan for breakfast?

[] Yamame’s Poison House.
[] The Food Court.
[] The Kitchen. Self-cook for both of you.
>[] Got something simple and easy to cook? Write in!
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[x] Yamame’s Poison House.
Delete Post
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[x] Yamame’s Poison House.

Sounds like I'm going to have to reread the thread tomorrow to see about when Koishi gave the Espgaluda pendent.
Delete Post
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[X] Yamame’s Poison House.

I would go for self-cooking but I can't remember anything easy to make.
Delete Post
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Eggs. Maybe some toast and bacon to go with it too.

[X] Yamame’s Poison House.
But I am fine with a Yamame poisoning as well and I doubt pissing against the tide would work here.
Image Source
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File 136055039049.jpg - (1.38MB, 1288x1178, cb2e83f1e7a8e681427c5159c8ea5da3.jpg)

[X] Yamame’s Poison House. (4 Votes)

Unanimous vote for Yamame’s yes? Onwards to the next chapter. And sorry for taking it this long.

Ah, so you see what I did there. Let’s see how this turns out, yes?


“Unless you can cook, we should just get some breakfast - loser’s treat of course. If you want to cook, there’s stuff in the kitchen.”

You stood there thinking about the choices. Finally, you decided to make a visit to Yamame’s place instead of making breakfast.

“Well?” Parsee broke the silence in impatience.

“…I don’t think I am in the mood to cook, so how about we go to Yamame’s place for breakfast. Are you okay with it?”

“Let’s go.” She said, as cold as ever. “Loser’s treat, remember?”

“Yeah, I get it.”

Before you left the house, you picked up your SCAR-H that was leaned against the wall when you arrived at the house last night. The grey battle rifle still had its safety on and chambered. As you walked out of the house you slung the rifle onto your back, making sure the slings are not too obstructive and later you checked if the M9s are still strapped to your thigh holsters. Extra ammunition for the handgun and battle rifles is rather basic, 4 magazines for both of your primary and secondary weapon.

Parsee stared at you blankly while you kept on with your inventory check. She had just finished with closing and locking the door to her house.

“You really like lugging that thing around, don’t you?”

“I’m a guard; I need to be always ready just in case something happens.”

Parsee didn’t say a word aside from a little ‘hmph’, she walked away leaving you behind. You followed her on her tail, not a word said.


Few minutes of walking followed before both of you arrived at the entrance of Yamame’s Poison House. The hashihime entered, and you followed right behind her. The tsuchigumo’s friendly smile from behind the counter greeted the both of you; Parsee remained with her sour face. You on the other hand smiled back at Yamame.

“Hey, Seo. You’re up late today for a guard.” She teased.

You sat on the stool facing the counter; Parsee did the same and sat beside you.

“Don’t mention it, Yamame. Yuugi had me to drink one of the strongest stuff she had. It’s a good thing I didn’t wake up a month later like she said.”

Yamame laughed merrily. You stared at her and waited until she stopped her laugh. “ZUN Slayer, was it?”

“Yeah – wait, how did you know?”

The spider lady chuckled in amusement. “Obviously, I knew because that’s her favorite. Though who knows, maybe she diluted one for you and Parsee to drink.”
You shook your head. “No way. Freshly-opened bottle.”

“And how many shots did you take?” You raised three fingers from the table, and Yamame chuckled as she saw that. “Good thing it’s only three "If you had drunk more, the effect would have been much more profound~”

You only shook your head. “I don’t want to get too drunk even on break, thanks.”

“So, what will it be for breakfast? Toasted bread?”

“Porridge like the one you made the other day.”

“Alright. And you, Parsee?”

The hashihime lifted her head off the counter. “Toast and boiled eggs.”


“Ginger tea.” Both of you said that at the same time, which made you and Parsee stare at each other a little while later. Yamame smiled gingerly at what had just transpired, and she continued writing down the orders. “Lovely. I’ll be back in a bit.” And with that the tsuchigumo disappeared into the kitchen.

Some of the customers who just entered Yamame’s shop noticed you and gave you a pat on your shoulder as they walked past you. Some of them greeted Parsee but she didn’t even pay attention to them. Instead, she kept on mumbling about ‘jealous

It didn’t take too long for Yamame to show up again with the ordered foods and ginger tea in a tray.

“Well, here it is, you two. Enjoy your meal.” She said as she served the ordered items and placing the utensils on the counter.

“Thanks, Yamame.”

“You’re welcome, Seo.”

Like before, Parsee only offered short thanks. Yamame smiled at the hashihime regardless. You clasped your hands together before you started digging into your meal, while Parsee followed suit, albeit at a slower pace.


Few minutes passed, and you had already finished with your porridge.

“Thanks for the meal.” You spoke.

Parsee, on the other hand was still eating her breakfast. She had already finished her boiled eggs, now she moved to chomp on the toasts. Just as she was about to sink her hands in the bread, something – or rather someone – yanked the piece of toast right off her hands. Parsee was surprised, but she slammed her hands and stood up on the counter in reflex.

”HEY!” She screamed.

Other patrons, including you jolted up in surprise, looking at the hashihime in surprise before they turned their attention to the main door of the Poison House. The blinds at the entrance were waving around in the air, as if someone had just passed through it.

“I’ll get it.” You said to Parsee. She sat back down glowering at the door. “Hey!” You ran out of the door.

The onlookers stared at you as you chased the floating piece of toast, but you paid them no mind, sans the ‘excuse me, coming through’ lines you said as you make your dash through the morning Ancient City crowd. And unlike when you started Koishi’s challenge, you didn’t feel your legs straining, since the gem was somehow empowering your legs.

“Come back here!”

You followed the floating toast right into a backalley, quite hidden from the public view. At this point the toast shrinked from your view as if it was eaten. You screeched to a halt, seeing the final piece of the bridge princess’ toast chomped into nothingness. Just when you wanted to turn around and walk back to Yamame’s Poison House, you see a faint outline of a body, shimmering into existence.

You didn’t have to guess who it was.

“Hello, Seo!” She chirped, waving at you merrily.

“Koishi…” You tried to continue your words between ragged breaths. “Damn it. Gimme a moment.” When you finally got your strength back, you stared at her. “Koishi, you know that stealing someone’s food while they are eating is rude, right?”

“I know.” She pouted cutely at you. “I just wanted to catch your attention.”

You crossed your arms on your chest. “You got my attention now. Oh, and I have some questions for you.”

“Questions? Go ahead and ask then~”

“Where did you get this thing?” You asked, pulling out the green-gem pendant she gave to you before.

Koishi tilts her head, scooting closer to see the pendant. “Oh! That? I found it while I was walking at the surface long before I knew you.” She said. “It was a beautiful gem, until I realized that I can talk to Ageha and Tateha. But despite that, I think that the gem’s power is just a bit too redundant to me.”

“Such as?”

“Oh, you know. I can fly, you can’t.”

“…oh.” You paused a bit, letting the Satori with the closed third eye’s words sink into you. “Wait a minute, fly? I can fly with this thing?”

“Of course, it’s called the Gem of Flight for a reason, you know. But I think Ageha won’t be letting you fly that easily. He said something about this ‘compatibility’ thing.”

You heaved a sigh. “Well that’s a given, of course.”

Koishi chuckled merrily as she walked in circles around you. “So, don’t go jumping around random cliffs and hope that you can fly! If you die, Orin will take you away on the Orin Express~”

“…I’m not that stupid to try that, thank you.”

“Well then, enjoy your date, mister! I’ll see you at the palace tomorrow~” She smooched you on your cheeks before she shimmered and disappeared. You could hear her footsteps echoing in the back alley as she took the path behind you.


“So did you get it?”

“No.” You answer simply. “It ate your toast as I chased it.”

“What’s this all about?” Yamame asked as she popped out of the kitchen.

“Someone stole my toast and ran off with it. And it’s invisible.”

Yamame patted Parsee’s back. “Aww, you poor thing. Do you need a second serving then?”


Another pat on the bridge princess’ back and the spider lady disappeared behind the blinds that separated the kitchen and her counter.

In the meantime, you noticed Orin parking her cart in front of the Poison House’s entrance. She beckoned you with a wave, and you left the hashihime alone as she turned away and stared at the blinds hungrily.

“Mornin’, mister. Not dead yet, are you?” She asked as soon as you got out of the shop.

" Do you want me as a corpse or what?"

Orin laughed. “Now, now, no need to be offended. Just passing by to check on you.” She then reached to her cat cart and pulled out a little package.

“Cookies?” You asked as she puts it in your hands. “Who made these?”

“Satori-sama and I made these last night, and we still had some left for you after giving some to other people we know, so yes!” Orin said, her kasha-ish grin never leaving her face. “But that’s not all!” She exclaimed, holding up four tickets in front of you. “These are tickets for an open-air movie show tonight and vouchers for a special dinner from the surface.”

“A dinner from the surface?”

“I believe you heard of Kitsune’s Pot while you are at the surface?”

You stopped to think for a moment. “…ah, yes, the Kitsune’s Pot. We always order take away but never actually visit the shop.”

Orin grinned. “Well, surprise! It seems that there had been quite a demand for their cooking, so their cook is here in the underground for the food festival at the food court.”

“Hold on a second, food festival?”

“It’s been going since yesterday, Seo. Anyways, the fellow who owns the shop at the surface is one of the invited guests today, and he’s operating an udon stall at the court. It was a rush yesterday, so he had to impose vouchers so that everyone gets their turn. And I got a pair and some extras just in case!”


--// Parsee \\\\--

By the time you were served your extra toast and eggs, you noticed that Seo was not in his seat. Or rather, the human guard of Chireiden was outside, talking to someone. You could see his legs and the person he’s talking to. Judging by the shoes and the hem of a green skirt and a cart nearby, you deduce that it’s Orin.

You could barely hear what they were talking about in the middle of this hubbub at Yamame’s shop and as Seo entered the shop, you noticed that he was holding a packet and… were those tickets?

“What are those?”

Seo placed the medium-sized packet on the counter. “Here’s some cookies from Satori, and this –” He said, holding up two pairs of tickets. “Are the tickets to an open-air movie and this is a voucher to a guest cook from the surface.”

You stopped a moment to think. Guest cook? Open-air movie? “Both of them happens tonight?”

“Yep.” He answered your question shortly.


So, what do you want to do tonight?
>[] Open-air movie from the outside world night. Might be something romantic.
>[] That Kitsune’s Pot thing sounds delicious.
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[c] That Kitsune’s Pot thing sounds delicious.
Delete Post
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[x] That Kitsune’s Pot thing sounds delicious.

I don't recall meeting her and i think the movie might risk rubbing Parsee the wrong way.
Delete Post
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I do not think Koishi's "invisibility" works quite the way you described it.
Delete Post
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Yes, I noticed, but I'll keep it for the story at least.
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[x] Open-air movie from the outside world night. Might be something romantic.

Might be interesting
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File 136436328338.jpg - (823.21KB, 1500x1062, cf95a860fe49c03bd2e6f1f6bb527110.jpg)
>[x] That Kitsune’s Pot thing sounds delicious. (2 Votes)

Slow run it seems, but it doesn’t matter. Have a somewhat-related picture to go with it.

Onto the next chapter we go, happy readin', folks.


Seo placed the medium-sized packet on the counter. “Here are some cookies from Satori, and these..." he said, holding up two pairs of tickets, "... are the tickets to an open-air movie and vouchers for a guest cook from the surface."

You stopped a moment to think. Guest cook? Open-air movie? “Both of them taking place tonight?”

“Yep.” He answered your question shortly.

“Hmmm… if you were me, what will you choose?”

“Between the Pot and the movie, I’d choose the Pot. It’s been a while since I ate some surface udon. You should try it too.” He suggested.

“…Are you trying to make me fat or something?” you asked, clearly irritated.

“No, of course not.” Seo glanced away. “You don’t look attractive when you’re fat anyway.”

While he was only trying to lighten up the mood, you definitely were not amused with that joke. So for that remark, you ‘awarded’ Seo a punch to his arm.


"Not funny," you snapped sharply at him.

“Fine, fine.”

“But then again, a kitsune making noodles sounds much more interesting… I’ll take that offer. The movie might be boring anyway.”

Seo blinked at your answer. Seemed he'd thought that you wouldn't like the idea, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. “Well, if that’s what you’re going for, it’s all fine with me.” He then glanced at the other pair of tickets on the counter. “So what are we going to do about the other set?”

You shrug your shoulders. “Beats me.”

“Well, you can leave them to me.” Yamame said as she put her hand down on the movie tickets, winking at the two of you. “I’ll take those and watch movies with Kisume. You two can go ahead and visit the kitsune.”

“Great idea, at least the tickets won’t go to waste.”

Yamame then raised her arms into the air and clapped her hands together to get her patron’s attention.

“Attention, folks! I won’t be available for night business tonight due to movie night, so evacuate the premises at eight in the evenin’, got it?”

And right after Yamame said that, a couple of visitors stood up from their seat.

“Not now, you two. I said tonight, to-night, not right now.” The tsuchigumo stressed the words out for the two.

“... Oh," one of them said, before sheepishly returning to his stool.

The rest at the Poison House laughed merrily.

--- [Seo] ---

It does suffice to say that nothing interesting happened between your visit to Yamame's shop and the night's arrival. Parsee and you walked around the shop, but nothing attracted your attention much. In the end, you just stayed upstairs at Yamame's house, playing some board games with Kisume.

When night arrived, you and Parsee walked from Yamame's place to the food court, which was getting livelier by the minute.

The two of you approached a food cart, with the inviting “Kitsune’s Pot” in kanji written on the low curtain.

“Welcome to the Mini-Pot.” The kitsune greeted you and Parsee with a smile. "Ah, a human in the Ancient City? Fancy seeing one here of all places," he said.

“Yes I am.”

“Please have a seat. My name’s Nanabi Tsukishiro, pleased to meet you.” The fox introduced himself, extending a hand for you to shake.

“Seo Fujisaki.” You got up from the stool and returned the handshake. True to the kitsune’s name, he had exactly seven fluffy tails bunched up behind him.

“Parsee Mizuhashi. Bridge princess.” The bridge princess then stared at Nanabi’s bunch of fluffy tails. “I’m envious of your tails.”

The seven-tailed kitsune chuckled. “I get that all the time. So, what do you fancy? We got the usual kitsune udon and soba imported from the surface. There’s inarizushi and others for you to choose from for snacks.”

You looked up at the menu plaques on the cart’s walls. Since Parsee wasn’t going to order anything by herself, you decided to order a food set for two.

“We’d like a food set for two, please.”

“I’m on it.”

You hummed a little tune while waiting for Nanabi to finish your order. As you did so, you noticed that he was handing the filled bowls and cups over to small floating dolls that bore a striking resemblance to the kitsune, though they only had one tail each.

“Nanabi, what are those things flying around with your bowls and cups?”

Nanabi just smiled, not even looking up from his bowl-preparing ritual. “That’s my shikigami, Ichibi. It’s a puppet, and I split him up so that I can get orders delivered without leaving the stall, as you can see.” He explained. “Are you still new here, Seo?”

“For almost a week, yes," you said. “Having some time off from the guarding job.”

Nanabi nodded at your statement and returned to his work. Looking around, you saw that most of the underground folks in the court were clearly enjoying the meals delivered to them by Ichibi.

You kept your observation around the area until your food was finally ready.

“Order up. Enjoy your meal, both of you.” Nanabi smiled again, placing the bowls of kitsune udon right in front of you at the food cart.

“Thanks.” Parsee said.

“Thank you.”

You and Parsee then picked up a pair of bamboo chopsticks each from the holder, before pulling them apart. You made a short wish before you started digging into the noodles, blowing the hot udon before you took them into your mouth.

A pleasant feeling spread through your mouth as soon as you tasted it. You had to admit, Nanabi was quite an excellent cook. His kitsune udon was quite savory, and the fried tofu was tasty as well. Parsee was hungrily eating her share; she'd definitely taken a liking to the noodles.

“It’s tasty," you commented.

“Thank you~”

“Mmmhm.” You hummed as you slurped up more of the noodles from your bowl. Parsee had already finished hers, and had moved on to the soup. It really tastes good, and people like it too. No wonder you got invited to cook here.”

“It comes from hundreds of years of learning," he replied. “Takes years just to make the dishes I cook taste more… kitsune-y… for lack of a better description.”

“I feel jealous… your cooking is tastier than what we would usually have here…”

The seven-tailed fox nodded before setting out some teacups for you and Parsee right in front of your bowls.

"Here. Green tea for you two, as ordered.”


The bridge princess didn’t say much, but she took the tea to drink it.

“So, do you change your name whenever you gain a new tail?” Parsee asked.

“Not quite, I’d say.”

“It’d be weird when you have more tails than your name does.”

"Indeed. I was called seven-tails even before I had seven tails. Do you two fancy some sake?” Nanabi asked.

“I’m fine with it. How about you, Parsee?”

“Count me in.”

“Here you go then, a bottle for each of you.” The fox placed two bottles of sake and two small sake cups on the counter. Parsee quickly grabbed her bottle and poured some into her cup, before taking a good swig.

“Ahh… that’s the good stuff.”

Nanabi nodded and smiled at the bridge princess, then replaced the empty bowls with two plates of inarizushi, five on each.

"Lovely," you said as you put your cup down. The sake was much milder than what Yuugi served yesterday, but even though it was tasty and went well with the snack the seven-tailed just served, you didn't want to drink too much.

There’s no use on stopping Parsee though. She went on and on with the drinking, drowning her jealousy and perhaps her sorrows.


Few hours had passed since you arrived at the pot. You had your seconds with the kitsune’s cooking, at his insistence, before moving onto snacks and desserts. Parsee, on the other hand, had slumped onto the cart's countertop face-first. As time passed by, you struck up a conversation with the seven-tailed fox."

“Your weapon shoots danmaku, yes?”

You glanced at your SCAR-H. “Yes. It’s imported from the Outside World with ‘someone’s’ help," you replied, making a parenthesis sign with your fingers.

“I see. So how many rounds can it shoot before it runs dry?”

“Twenty in a single magazine. Well, it’s my standard-issue rifle for now. I might get better ones in the future.”

“Well, it depends. You might opt for a change of armaments, or you could become better in danmaku without even using the outside world guns.”

“Why’s that?”

“Your pendant has quite a power hidden inside it.”


Nanabi chuckled. “Being a danmaku fighter myself, I could sense the power coming from that pendant. It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it, though," Nanabi said, obviously referring to the pendant peeking slightly out of the scarf around your neck.

“Nah, its fine, Nanabi. It’s not like I know much about this pendant or the power that’s hidden inside it. A girl I know just gave it to me a few days ago.”

Nanabi nods silently as he continues to prepare more orders, before sending Ichibi away to deliver them to his customer’s tables around the food cart. “I see.”

“I don’t think I am well versed in danmaku. I only participated in exactly one play-fight, and I avoided one so far with a sprinting competition.”

“You lost, I believe?”

“Spot on.”

Nanabi chuckled. “Better luck next time, Seo.”


“Yo, Seo!”

You turned around to the source of the voice that was calling you, and found it to be none other than the one-horned oni Yuugi.

“Ah, Yuugi.”

“You and Parsee weren’t around at the house, so I asked Yamame where you went to. She said she's closing her shop for a movie. I'm just glad I could catch her before she went away.”

You nodded to Yuugi. Parsee on the other hand, continued to mumble and complain about various things in her drunken sleep.

“Right, back on topic. You’re going home today?”

“Yep. It’s getting late though, so I’ll be heading straight to the Palace instead of spending a night at your place, Yuugi.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry. Though, if you want to head straight home, you shouldn't forget your bag, Seo. Got it right here.” Yuugi then handed over your backpack. “Don’t leave home without it.”

You only let out a chuckle as a reply, accepting your backpack and putting it down next to your stool.

“It's nice being with you for company, though fun times gotta end one way or another,” Yuugi said. "Maybe you should lose more next time, maybe to me!” She laughed.

“I’d be done for if I were to lose to you…”

The one-horned oni laughed and petted your head a couple of times. “Well then, time to bail her out. Heave ho!” Yuugi muttered as she threw the bridge princess over her shoulder. She then took the sake bottles by their necks between her fingers. “See you later, foxy brown, and you too, Seo.”

“Seeya, Yuugi.”

“Later, Yuugi.”

And as the two disappeared from your sight, you turned your attention back towards the foxy chef.

“It seems like you made quite good friends with one of the Four Devas of the Mountain. Even I am afraid of her sometimes.”

You shook your head and sighed. “It’s a fast friendship with a slap on the back. She mistook me for someone else, and everything went well from there onwards," you said before looking down at the remaining empty dishes and cups. “So… how much should I pay for all this?" you asked, drawing a circle around the items on the countertop with your index fingers.

The fox gave you a rather foxish smile. “No need to, my treat.”

You paused a bit, trying to register what the kitsune just said, then sat yourself back down on the stool. “Well… if you say so.”

“If time allows it, maybe we can have a danmaku duel in the future.”

“That sounds too sudden.”

“It’s just a suggestion. If you want to train your danmaku skills, perhaps we can try to meet.”

“Roger.” That suggestion didn’t sound too bad, being a good practice and all. “Another time, then.” You then slung your backpack over your back.

“Ah, and before you leave, have some take away.” The fox handed over a package he'd just wrapped up. “And make sure they don’t spill, too.”

“Should I return the bowls next time?” You asked.

“Keep them as a souvenir, Seo.”

“Thanks. Good evening, Nanabi.”

“Good evenin’ to you too.”

And with that, you hauled your backpack over your back and walked away from the Mini-Pot. Your current destination was now a beeline towards the Palace of the Earth Spirits though the still-lively streets of the Ancient City.

---((Palace of the Earth Spirits, Atrium))---

Everyone else was asleep at this hour, and the silence and darkenss of the Palace of the Earth Spirits was kind of eerie. But before going to your quarters, you walked your way towards the kitchen. Not bothering to find the switch, you just mounted the flashlight onto your vest’s chest strap and let it light the way, while you held your rifle in one hand and the packed udon in the other.

And finally reaching the kitchen, you turned on the lights, letting your eyes adjust to the light before you put the package on the counter to examine it. The udon, tofu and the soup were all separate, and there were even some instructions on how to reheat them. Seemed the fox was testing some prototype instant noodles.

You stashed the udon, the soup bowls and the tofu into the fridge, putting up the instructions on the fridge door with a fridge magnet. When that was done, you headed back to your bedroom.

Once you were there, you set aside your bag, your vest and your long-sleeved shirt, leaving you with just your trousers. Now topless, you just flopped onto your bed in exhaustion, not even bothering to lock the door like you usually would.

With this soft bed, it’s good to be home.


You were woken up by the sounds of footsteps in the corridor. Mentally cursing yourself for not locking the door, you just lied down and hoped it would be gone soon.

The footsteps continued to echo, getting closer into your room, and then stopped as it reached your bed.

That person then jumped into your bed and landed right beside you, and you didn't bother checking who it is. You just hugged it, mistaking it for a pillow thanks to your unclear mind.

There was something attached to the pillow, though...
[] ...your pillow had something coiling around it.
[] ...your pillow somehow had wings on it.
[] ...your pillow somehow had cords at the bottom of it.
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[c] ...your pillow somehow had wings on it.
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[x] ...your pillow somehow had wings on it.
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[X] ...your pillow somehow had wings on it.
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I'll vote soon, I promise! Just gimme a day to get through this thread, and there'll be a new voter ready for tomorrow.
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[X]...your pillow somehow had wings on it.
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[x] ...your pillow somehow had wings on it.

Cancer-inducing route go go go.
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[X] Your pillow had wings on it.
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[X] ...your pillow somehow had cords at the bottom of it.

Is this going to happen every night?
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[x] ...your pillow somehow had wings on it.


I sure hope so.
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[X] ...your pillow had something coiling around it.

I'd be okay with things if it did.
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Calling the vote, winged pillow wins by a landslide.
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File 136669545767.jpg - (825.77KB, 3228x2369, 5492ba1116eb6bb0aa2de979739bdc23.jpg)

[] ...your pillow somehow had wings on it. (6 Votes)

Man, that was quite a landslide.

I would have this posted earlier if not for my computer breaking down. Now onto the next chapter we go.


As you feel around the pillow that landed right beside you, the first thing you did is grope your hands around the back of your pillow. You feel a number of things as you feel around the pillow that landed next to you: a head of soft hair, a pair of feathery wings, a naked back and a naked curvy bottom...

This got to be Utsuho.

As you touch her bottom, Okuu shifts upwards a bit to return your hug. You feel a pair of fleshy mounts pess against your naked chest, which makes your cheeks flare up in embarrassment. But that embarrassment quickly turns to a feeling of bliss as you gleefully hug the hell raven close.

“U… nyu…” She squirms uncomfortably in your arms, enough to make you loosen your embrace slightly. But even so, she doesn't go back to sleep. Instead, her eyelids flutter open, and soon enough she's staring straight into your eyes.


You swallow a lump in your throat. This is going to end badly...

But instead of getting angry, the hell raven lets out a little coo and returns your cuddles as hard as she can, literally squeezing the air out of your lungs. She quickly loosens her hug to let you gasp for air.

"Are you okay, mister?"

"I'm… fine, kind of. Okuu, what are you doing in my bed?”

"I just feel like sleeping with you~"

That answer sounds so wrong, especially if you take it out of context. "Well, if you say it that way…"


"... It's nothing." You're trying to control your urges, but she's just lying there, looking all pretty, and... cute. "Why are you naked?"

"My room's too hot." She then nuzzles your cheek, forcing you to blush. It seems hot in here, too. "What about you?"

"Just plain tired, that's all."

The raven giggles and leans against you, before kissing you on the lips and taking your hands. Before long, she's gotten on top of you, still keeping the kiss.

Well, if anything of sort really happens, at least you can say she wanted it...


//Call to Duty//
Fujisaki “Spectre” Seo
Day 5, 08:40:34
Palace of the Earth Spirits
Scarlet Devil Mansion Guardians Division

When you wake up again, you're greeted by Utsuho's sleeping face. She is lying on top of you without a care in the world.

While you'd like to stay in this position at least until she wakes up, you have to gently push her aside so you can get on with your job. You'll need a good bath as well, as you kind of reek with the scent of sweat. You quickly wrap your body from the waist down with a towel before removing your pants and tossing them into the washbasket.

The door was still open from yesterday, and to avoid more misunderstandings, you bolted towards the door to close it before locking it.

And with that out of the way, you jog towards the bathroom.


A few minutes later, you come out of the bath feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

While you're drying your hair with a second towel, you notice a couple of neatly-folded tan shirts and trousers lying on the top of your desk, with a note stuck on the top one. You picked up the note. The note read, “Your CO issued new colors to correspond with each guard’s assigned area. Since you’re underground, I hope you like the tan color for the shirt. – Roach”

Those new uniforms must have been delivered to you while you were away with Parsee and Yuugi; they even have the fresh-from-the-tailors smell on them. Guess you don’t need the blue uniforms then.

Asleeping, you have no problem getting naked to put on your underwear, T-Shirt, pants, uniform, combat vest slash armor and other necessities. Once you put on your elbow pads, you roll your uniform's sleeves up to your elbows before getting the gloves on. After that, you take a good look of yourself in the mirror.

Compared to the previous uniform, this feels slightly more comfortable, apart from the suitable color. You grin to yourself, taking a few coat hangers to hang your uniform in the closet.

“I hope today’s going to be fine,” you say to yourself.

You sit back down on the bed. Just as you bend down to kiss Okuu's lips and run a hand up her body, a knock on the door makes you jump. You cover Utsuho's body with your blanket and bolt towards the door to unlock it, where you're greeted by the kasha's smiling face.

“Good morning, mister!”

“Err – good morning, Orin!” As you say that, you try to casually block the kasha’s view from the bed. “What’s up?”

“Miss Satori wanted to see you in the study room, pronto!” She then catches sight of your blanket shuffling as she peers over your shoulder. “Mister, what’s that on your bed?”

That’s it, you’re doomed. Better come clean now.

"Okuu," you reply truthfully. Your honesty only earns you a frown from the kasha, especially once she takes a whiff of you and the room.

“No wonder she was not in her room! Did you force yourself on her against her will?!”

“What? Of course not! She walked here on her own!”

“Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense!” Orin flailed her arms. “Mister is a liar!”

“Aaah, and yet you just called me a pervert when your masters did the same thing to me three days ago, what gives?” You defended yourself, clearly a bit annoyed.

“Well, that’s a different story!”

And that's when you hear Utsuho's voice. "Good morning, Seo, Orin..." The hell raven yawns and stretches, then walks out of the room past you and Orin in the nude.

The door to her and Orin's room closes with a gentle click. Orin stares at it for a moment before holding up a hand to cover your eyes. You quickly pull down her hand by the wrist. “She’s already gone, Orin.” Silly kasha, her reaction time is way too off. “Oi, you alright?” you ask as you wave your hand in front of her face. She seems to be in total shock.

“I’m… kinda fine.”

“Never seen a full grown woman naked?” you echoed Satori’s question when she was with you at the hot springs.

“Not when she’s this casual… in the house, even…”

“Come on, let’s go.”

Orin follows you to the satori's study, grumbling to herself all the way.


Once you reach Satori's study, you give the door a good couple of knocks. Hearing the satori telling you to enter, you open the door and walk through with Orin in tow.

“Good morning, Miss Satori.”

“Good morning, Seo. How was your weekend with the two?”

“It was fun, getting drunk, eating delicious food, shopping for things, and so on… oh, and those udon I brought along…”

Satori cuts you off. “Yes, I tasted it, and it was delicious. The fox is quite an excellent udon cook,” Satori flips another page of her book before resuming her staring. "You know, the fox would make an excellent danmaku sparring partner for you."

You nod in understanding. “Also, Miss Satori…”


“It’s something about Utsuho, actually.” It's be enough to get the point across, since she can read the rest.

Satori pauses to read your inner thoughts before nodding in understanding. "I see. I do apologize if it makes you uncomfortable, but she's been doing that since long before you became a guard here. It seems you have to cope with it, I’m afraid.” She smirks slightly before continuing. “…or, you could fulfill your desires with them like what’s in your mind~”

Orin chuckles at her master's suggestion. Seems like like the hell cat had a plan of her own. You, on the other hand, get a burning blush on your face. At least she won't be mad if you end up bedding her humanoid pets.

“Are you serious, Miss Satori?”

“It all depends on you. But don’t be too one-sided, or someone might get very, very jealous~”

The kasha pouts at Satori’s remark.

“Okay…I’ll try.”

“And do show some self-control, too. You don’t want to end up with too many kids while you have duties to attend to, yes?”

You feel like your cheeks are burning with that statement, but the satori has a valid point.

“Now then, run along, Seo. You have lots of work to do.”

“Roger that!” You salute mindreader before exiting the study and zooming all the way upstairs towards your work area. First thing to do for the day is check up on how your DM did while you were absent from the palace.


The door to your upper post opens with a metallic clang, and the first sight that welcomes you is your DM, nicely deactivated with the barrels pointing almost straight upwards. As you inspect the sentry gun closer, you notice that the power cables are neatly disconnected and coiled under the unit, and the batteries are thankfully not dried up.

Everything seems to in working order, you think, putting down more report notes. It occurs to you that Orin may have taken care of it, since she saw you doing the deactivation/activation at least once. Now with the reports jotted down, you reactivate the sentry gun.

Your post sseems to be really tidy; even the contents of the care package are neatly ordered. You have to thank Orin for taking care of the place while you were gone.

while you're leaning against the railing, you see a group of youkai walking towards the gates of the Palace of the Earth Spirits. From what you can tell, they are probably from the Ancient City. As soon as they stop at the palace gates, they ring a bell that clangs behind you. The group's attention is quickly directed towards your tower.

Concerned, you make a "please wait" gesture towars the group before rushing down the stairs from your post to the gate. Seems like that green gem really does its job; you barely feel any fatigue as you slow down from your quick and sudden sprint.

“Good morning. How may I assist you people?" You observe that they seem to be mostly civilians from the shopping district. You also recognize some of them as old ladies from the textile district.

“Are you a human from the surface?”

“Yes I am.”

“Are you sure that this kid can help our problem, Kagura?”

“I have faith in this child," an old woman says. You recognize the lady; she's the same person from whom you bought the kimono for Parsee and received an extra one as a present two days ago. So her name is Kagura.

“What seems to be the problem?” You try to ask the people standing before the gates about their intention.

“It’s like this, child… a few days ago a group of humans came over. They were mostly young boys about your age…”

“…One moment, ma’am, let me take notes about this.”

She nods slightly as you pull the report book from your vest and start writing down notes with the pen on the binder.

“Continue, ma’am.”

“As I was saying, they were boys about your age, wearing hoods and black, loose robes. They just passed by the district and didn't even stop walking, just looking around left and right. When we were closed for the day, they broke into some of the shops.”

“They broke into our shops at night, stealing most expensive merchandise that are meant to be sold, and even our money! Some of the shops even got paint splashed across the wall!”

“Those buggers burnt a part of my shop on purpose!”

There’s a group of thieves and arsonists in the shopping district? This is serious.

“We know that they were the same person and group who were hopping over roofs with those robes. I could even see them carrying my clothes," an elder youkai complained.

“Those rats are really sneaky; they even get past our night patrols. And they are so nimble, running over the roofs even when they're carrying so many fabrics.

“Hang on, how you know that they are one of the same people?” you asked, clearly curious.

“We might be old, but we can still catch a glimpse of them running in the dark with their black robes.”

Processing the notes and tapping the pen onto your forehead, you try to think why they would want fabric from the undergound. Not too long later, you manage to come up with a theory. “Okay. Maybe they're stealing your goods because they want to sell them on the surface."

“Bullshit! Those are our handiwork! They have no rights to steal our work and sell it as theirs!" The crowd echoes the sentiment. Only a few keep their dissatisfaction to themselves.

“Calm down, people. It's only a theory. If we catch them we might get your things back.” They calm down a little while later. “Did you tell Yuugi first before asking me?”

“We didn’t look for the oni first.”

“We are mostly old people who can’t fight them. If we let the oni folks take care of the thief, they might tear apart the shopping district in the process. Or they might not solve the problem at all. Will you help us?”

You go silent, crossing your arms and holding your mouth thoughtfully. There are three options you can take: either accept or decline their plea for help right now, or ask Satori for advice.

[] I’ll go, but I need to do some preparations first.
[] I’m sorry, but I have to decline, I am on duty.
[] I’m not sure, let me go and talk with Satori first.

Seo’s equipment as of late:
- FN SCAR-H w/ Red Dot Sight + Foregrip (20 + 380) – Standard SDMGD Primary, attachments are not available as in yet. High damage and low recoil.
- Beretta 92FS (15 + 135) – Standard Sidearm for SDMGD. High capacity, low damage.
- BlackHawk Tatang (x1) – For melee and throwing.
- Basic SDMGD Gear (Kevlar vest, knee & shoulder pads, helmets are optional), Condition: 89% – Protects you from harsh danmaku battles.
- X1 Level 3 Sentry Gun aka the Death Machine, Condition: 100%, Ammo: 499/998 – For setting up defenses while you are away from your base. Detects heat signatures. (Deployed)
- Four Stun-nades, Two Frags, two Semtex Grenades.

Marathon – Extend your sprinting time. (Passive)

N/A as of yet.

Log Book – To record any event during your guarding trips.
Tritium-lighted Wristwatch – The watch that glows in the dark. Cool.
Combat Gloves – Slipping things from your grip? Not anymore if you are wearing these.
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File 136669867232.jpg - (447.53KB, 880x1215, b7e61e0d6e32c3ea1f072c494b2bf301.jpg)
NSFW image
Cuddly Okuu is cuddly.

[c] I’m not sure, let me go and talk with Satori first.
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[X] I’m not sure, let me go and talk with Satori first.

Yeah, we probably shouldn't just up and leave our post.
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[X] I’m not sure, let me go and talk with Satori first.

Seo's not a local enforcer as he has an active duty to uphold his post at the "manse", however if Satori's willing to allow Seo to investigate, which she would most likely would, then I don't see why not help.

besides, who's to say those guys wont target the palace after these night raids in town; may want to stock up on batteries too if at all possible
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[x] I’m not sure, let me go and talk with Satori first.

I think Satori gave Seo the okay to "bed" Orin and Okuu. That was surprising. That and Okuu would be great to share a bed with in the colder months.
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[X] I’m not sure, let me go and talk with Satori first.
He still has a job to do
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File 13685493188.png - (391.86KB, 1000x1748, PKynx.png)
NSFW image

[] I’m not sure, let me go and talk with Satori first.

Well, a little short for my standards. Picture I drew is more or less what Seo's uniform looks like now.



“What do you say, young man?”

You snap out from your deep thoughts and refocus your attention on the old folks. “I’m sorry, but I am on duty right now. Please let me ask my employer first.”

“Ah, go ahead then. But please don’t make us wait for a refusal.”

“I’ll try not to disappoint.”

As you walk away and leave the folks at the gates, you catch a bit of their conversation.

“A human employed by the satori? Would she even let him help us?”

“I doubt it.”

“Well, let’s hope she will let him detain the thieves, or else we're out of options.”

You shrug at their words and jog towards the entrance.


Inside the palace, you start making your way towards the study. You really hope that Satori is still in there to offer you advice on the situation. Once you arrive at the study, knock on the door a couple of times. Thankfully, Satori is still in the room, and she lets you in.

She notices the slightly troubled look on your face as soon as you step through the door. “Is something the matter, Seo?”

You nod to the satori as you stand close to her table. “A number of people showed up at the gates, and they are asking me to solve some problems at the shopping district.”

“Trouble with thieves, isn’t it?” You nod wordlessly at her words. She seems to pick up the rest of the issue by reading your heart. “My my, I see the problem now. What else did they ask of you??”

“Supervise the area and catch the thieves - unharmed if possible.”

“How strange, they should have asked Yuugi for help. And I wonder why they asked you instead…”

“Maybe they think I can do a better job without unnecessary destruction?”

“Perhaps so. Your opponents are most likely humans, and they wouldn’t want the oni folks go overboard with their effort to stop the thieves.”

You nod to your employer. The townspeople need your assistance, but leaving your job to help other people would be a breach of contract. And if you miss a few, they might target the palace next. “What should I do, Miss Satori? I can't just desert my position and leave you here alone.”

Satori gently closes the book along with her eyes. “Don’t worry too much about me. I always have my pets to help me if I am in need. Go ahead and assist those people, Seo. Now, get back to your post and prepare your equipment before going anywhere else.”

You nod to Satori, giving her a salute before you exit the room and head off towards your post upstairs.


Back upstairs at your post, you quickly scramble towards the care package. Thorough preparation could make the difference between success and failure. You set down your SCAR-H on the floor and look down to your vest, counting the magazines in the ammo pouch.

There's still have plenty of ammo in your pouch; you only used up a few shots during that play-fight a few days back. You took a handful of batteries for your flashlight; they are going to be useful if your tactical lights go kaput.

Then there are the weapons inside the care package. Carefully, you lift them out of the box and then place them on the floor, side by side.

Now, if memory serves, you have a sniper rifle, two shotguns with buckshot danmaku shells, and a sub-machine gun. You have enough ammo for each weapon thanks to the ammo pouch, but you obviously cannot carry all four of them in addition to the rifle you already have.

If your eyes are sharp enough, you should be able to pick them out of the air with your sniper rifle as they. On the other hand, the shotguns and that SMG would fare better should you encounter them in closer quarters. It is quite a tough decision to make.

Of course, if you had a partner or a squad, it would be easy to get the roles sorted out…

-- [[Yamame]] --

Well isn’t that just lovely. You've scheduled your shop to have a small renovation, which means you have lots of free time to burn up. While Kisume watches over the work, you're wandering around aimlessly, bored out of your wits.

Then the thought of Seo pops into your head. You wonder how he's doing at work right now. He might be bored too; maybe the two of you can have a little chat. With that thought in mind, you start to walk towards Satori’s palace.

As you approach the palace, you stop walking when you notice that there is a group of people at the gates, talking to Seo. The guard in tan clothes (Is that his new uniform ?) replies to the group before leaving them. They all seem to be people from the textile-shopping district; you wonder why they're at the palace? You approach them unnoticed, and Seo shows up at the top of the watchtower a few minutes later.

“What’s he doing now?”

“I think he’s gathering up things to bring along?”

What business do the textile folks have with Seo? Did something come up that nobody in the food district was informed about?

Seo seems to be thinking as hard as he can up there in his watchtower; maybe you could lend him a hand! You sneak away from the group, as stealthy as a spider can be.

-- [[Seo]] --

“Yo, Seo!”

As soon as you hear that familiar voice, you snap out from your deep thoughts, turning around to glance at its source. You see Yamame floating with a grin on the other side of the railing to your left.

“Whatcha doin’?”

“Choosing my weapons.”

“What for?”

“See those people down there? They complained to me that there has been an increase in theft in the textile shopping district.”

Yamame frowns at your information. “Wait, thieves at the textile district? They could just ask Yuugi for help, right…? Why did they ask you instead?”

“Well, they won’t risk the oni’s strength destroying the district, or so I have been told. I think that's why they chose me instead.”

“If that’s the case, I’d be happy to help ya, Seo!”

She seems to be a bit giddy at the prospect of getting her hands on your weapons for some reason… “Well, that’s good. Say, Yamame.”


“What kind of movie did you watch with Kisume yesterday?”

“It’s the one with lots of buff men and blazing guns. Eh, what’s it called again… ah, Rambo!”

“I have to be honest; I've never seen that one before.” You chose well yesterday; Parsee may have not liked that movie.

The spider girl hops over the railing to stand beside you and inspect the weapons. “You didn’t? Aw, you should, it was fun!”

“…I don’t think Parsee would like a movie like that…” You scratch the back of your head. “Well, anyway, can you be a reliable partner, Yamame?”

“Absolutely! Just pick one for me and I’ll get crackin’~”

Select a primary weapon! This replaces your SCAR-H.
[] Walther WA2000 Semi-Automatic Sniper
[] Franchi SPAS-12 Pump-Action Mode
[] M1014 12 Gauge Semi Automatic Shotgun
[] TDI Vector
[] Keep your SCAR-H

A weapon for Yamame! Pick one for her.
[] Give her your SCAR-H
[ ] M60E4
[] Specify a weapon you had not picked from the weapon pile.
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[X] Walther WA2000 Semi-Automatic Sniper
[X] M60E4 for Yamame

And now Yamame can have a go at being Rambo. Let's hope she doesn't wreck the place too bad.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Walther WA2000 Semi-Automatic Sniper
[X] M60E4 for Yamame

I concur with this logic.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] M1014 12 Gauge Semi Automatic Shotgun
[X] M60E4 for Yamame
We're in a cave. In the confines of the Underground, a shotgun is best. The TDI Vector, while a light and accurate SMG, doesn't really have the punch of the SCAR due to firing pistol bullets which are easily defeated buy good body armor. The Walther is a heavy sniper rifle, 6.95 kg (15.3 lb) empty, and is going to be exhausting to carry around and its range is wasted within a cave.
Delete Post
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[X] Walther WA2000 Semi-Automatic Sniper
[X] M60E4 for Yamame

Why I chose the Walther? Don't ask. It is obvious for this incident.
And keep up the good work, lad.
Image Source
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File 137101037948.jpg - (210.01KB, 572x800, 8aeda90073aae668255f5418fcd8d58a.jpg)

[X] Walther WA2000 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (3 votes)
[X] M60E4 for Yamame (4 votes)

Right, so the WA2000 and the M60E4 will be it then. Enjoy reading.


While you are busying yourself thinking, you don’t notice Yamame walking towards the care package.

“Yamame, what are you doing?” you ask. You notice the spider lady's feet walking out of sight, but you don't turn around


Silence follows. A few clicking and ruffling noises later, Yamame calls for you. “Hey, Seo?”


“Check this out.”

You turn to Yamame, and your eyes quickly open wide in shock. A few seconds later, you blink a few times as if you do not trust your eyes on what Yamame is actually holding – a bloody light machine gun. “Woah. Where did you… get that – or rather – how did you know it’s in there?”

Yamame shrugs her shoulder. “Well, I didn’t know it was in this box right here... at least, not until I saw this crack in the cover. Then I just lifted it up – like this – and tadaah! It looks like it came straight from the movie I watched yesterday too!” She scans the machine gun over for inscriptions. “M-roku-rei-E-shi…”

“It’s sixty-E-four, Yamame.”


…A secret compartment in the care package… how crafty of those two. That would also explain the two extra machine gun ammo pouches that were lying inside the crate when you started pulling the weapons out.

“Can I have it?”


“Err, I mean, can I borrow it?”

“What for?”

“Well, you did say, ‘Can you be a reliable partner for me, Yamame?’ and I said, ‘Yes, pick a weapon for me!’, and so I choose this big bad fella~!”

You totally forgot that you'd asked her that earlier. “Well, alright, you can borrow it.”

Yamame let out a cheerful squee as she hugs you, and then the machine gun. “So… does this still work?”

You scratch the back of your head. “In all honesty, I don’t know. If I knew I would’ve told you.”

Yamame points a thumb over her shoulder at the folks by the gate “Well, there’re plenty of targets down there.”

“… Give that back to me.” You lean forward to grab the M60E4 from her.

She evades your grab and sticks her tongue at you. “Just kidding. I won’t be that cruel, you know.”

“So where are you going to store the extra mag pouches? I don’t have extra chest rigs for you.”

“Chest rigs?”

“You know, like what I am wearing right now?”

“Ah. Don’t worry. I can make those by myself.”

“Well then, I guess I’ll be the sniper.” You pick up all the weapons but the WA2000 and return them to the box. With your hands on the ammo pouch, you discard the magazines for your SCAR-H replace them with the WA2000's, piling the unneeded ones in the corner of the box. After that, you start to part with your battle rifle. You detach the slings and put them on your sniper rifle, eject the mag and pull the charger handle a few times to clear the chamber, and finish by turning on the safety. After that little procedure, you stash the SCAR-H back into the box.

Yamame catches the magazine pouches for the M60E4 that you toss at her, along with a walkie-talkie that matches yours. She made a sling out of spider threads for the machine gun, but the pouches have seemingly disappeared into thin air. You decide not to ask her about the matter.

“You know how to reload it?”

“I got the manual.” She said, fanning herself with a small pamphlet. "I could've figured it out myself, though. So, what should I do after this?”

“Keep on watching the area. If you spot anything odd, tell me.”

“How do I use this?” She asked, pointing at the walkie-talkie.

You take the matching device from your shoulder and hold it in your right hand, tapping the push-to-talk button with your index finger. “You need to push this button here…” beep comes from Yamame's device. “… Testing, one, two, and three…” And your voice echoes through. “The power dial is right here; just make sure you have them turned on before you start talking. And when I talk, don’t push the button, or you won't hear me.”

“Interesting! And why’s that?”

“I learned that it’s one-way radio.”

“Ah, so.”

“Ah, one more thing… Return everything to me when we’re done. That means the radio, leftover ammo and the machine gun as well.”

Yamame pouts. How cute. “Aww… but…”

You pat Yamame’s shoulder. “Well, sometimes you have to let go of things… since they are not even mine anyway.”

“But if your company supplies you with all this, doesn’t it technically mean they’re yours?”


“Fine, fine, technically it’s mine. But I’ll still stick to not giving you my MG. Top brass might ask me questions about it. So I can’t give it to you just like that.”

Yamame pouts at you again.

“That won’t help you this time.”

“Aww, well. Time to scram then.”

“Yes, right. Scram. Keep an eye on me. And try not to break or lose the things I lend to you, you got that?”

“I’ll do my best, no worries about that.” Yamame winked at you before she jumped off the side of the tower where she came from. Yamame winks at you befor jumping off the side of the tower. You adjust the WA2000 on your back before jogging down to meet up with the old folks downstairs.

“So, what did your employer say?” The old man asks, looking a little grumpy.

“She said 'okay.'. I can go with you to check up on the area, but I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to bust the perps immediately.

“Good enough. Follow us then.”

And with that, you depart for the textile district.


As they said, the textile district is in a state of disrepair. Some shops are vandalized, some of the walls are burned, and several youngsters are cleaning up the mess. It’s quite different from the time when you visited it with Parsee a couple of days ago.

“It’s like a warzone down here.”

You continue to survey the textile district. Kagura's shop didn't escape the vandalism; a red X is clearly visible on the wall. Most shops have some items left, probably because the raiders didn't have space to carry them all.

You spend the next few hours walking about the textile district and taking notes, but there is not much that can help you identify the group you are supposed to after. And now it’s question time. You sit down at a nearby dango store, with the textile district folks around your table. At least some competent fact-finding might give you a good info.

“Alright. So how long has this been happening?”

“For the past two days.”

“I believe it started happening the night after you visited.” Kagura adds.

“Anything in particular that you people want to say?”

“They seem to know where our valuables are, keeping them safe in the safest safe won’t help.”

“And how well-hidden are they? The safes I mean.”

“We have them in the basement, usually.”

“I have a safe in my bedroom, but only my wife and I know the combination.”

Well, those thieves seem to know where the valuables are… even though they are well hidden or well-guarded. Interesting info. You jot down the notes into your journal.

“Alright. This might sound odd, but who in this group hasn’t been robbed yet?” A person in the back raises his hand. “We’ll keep watch on his place tonight.”

All in a sudden, a hand slams hard on the table and makes you jump slightly. You look up from you logbook and see an angry old man staring at you.

“Are you going to actually catch those thieves?!”

“Calm down, old man. He’s at least gathering information.” One of the younger folks attempts to calm him down.

“Gathering information, my ass! You should be looking for those bastards instead of looking for information like a sissy! Where’s your army?!”

Patience, Seo. Patience… “I am stationed here alone, sir. So does my friends in the surface. We are security guards, or bodyguards, not a battalion. Sir, we’ll get it done.”

“What do you mean ‘we’?”

“Well, do you think I can handle this without everyone's help and advice?”

“That’s enough, old man thunder. You’d better be leaving before you start talking nonsense.” The same young man from earlier pulls the old man away from the group. Good riddance.


After all that information gathering, the group finally leaves you. You are now sitting on the bench right in front of Kagura’s kimono shop, reading the notes you wrote down in your journal. As you do so, Kagura approaches you with a cup of tea for you on a tray. She sits down beside you.

“Have a drink, Seo.”

You close your journal and slip it into a pocket in your chest rig. “Thank you.”

You sigh in despair. Lots of clues, but you have problems piecing them together. And that old man is seriously starting to annoy you.

“Who’s that old man anyway? Did he really think I could go straight to the point and solve this problem instantly?”

“Hagane’s his name. Kids call him 'old man thunder’ – he’s quite a hotheaded and impatient fellow.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Child, may I ask you a question?”


“You hold a lot of trust to the youkai race, despite that it could endanger your own life. Why is that so?”

“…I never had many human friends,” You tell Kagura. “Whenever I tried to mingle with other kids, I often got singled out for no good reason, but I never had that problem when I played with youkai. Some did scare me, but others liked me.”

“I see. And what did those people say about your preference?”

“I’m quite indifferent, really. They can say whatever they want; I still have friends that care for me. I’m glad people are getting along with me here, even the oni folks.” You sigh. “But for now, I need to figure out who the culprit is. Everyone seemed so skeptical of me.”

“Cheer up, son. I believe in you. You’ll catch them soon.”

“I hope so.”

You sip your tea, but just before you can put your teacup down, someone crashes into you. All you can hear is someone flumping to the ground, the sound of the teacup shattering into pieces, and you grunting as soon as your face kisses the dirt.

“Are you alright?”

You lift your face off the ground. “I’m fine.”

The man seems to be quick to be on his feet, already picking up and stuffing the scattered packages straight into his bag. He is wearing a black hoodie with the hood down, and he seems to be in a hurry for no good reason. And these facts alone raise your suspicions.

Soon, you notice a package lying in front of you.

You shake your head and pick up the fallen package before standing up, but the mysterious man grabs the pack as well, causing it to tear open. Its contents flutter slowly to the ground. Your eyes widen when you see a heap of fabric on the ground between you and the man.

“A kimono…?”

“That’s Suzume-san’s kimono!” Kagura called out.

“What the hell–” You quickly draw you gun out of your holster, flipping the safety to off with your thumb before he could pick the ill-gotten merchandise off the ground. “Hold it right there, mister. Step away from the merchandise.” You hold the Beretta threateningly in his face. The gunpoint threat seems to be working; the thief in black clothes starts to step away from you.

“Lie down and put your hands behind your head!” You raise your voice. This man should be one of the culprits!

Kagura takes this chance to snatch the kimono off the ground, staring cautiously at the two of you. There is a tense stare-down between you and the culprit; you try to keep that trigger finger of yours on the guard. The thief doesn’t respond at you at all.

And then he turns around and starts running.

“Hey! Stop or I’ll shoot!”

Seems like the fellow didn’t want to follow your orders to stop and stop and drop. He's started running at full speed with that bag still in hand.

What will you do?
[] Shoot him.
> [] Snipe the bastard’s legs! (Use: WA2000, prep time 4 seconds, hit rate 35%)
> [] Put some bullets to his arse. (Use: WA2000, prep time 4 seconds, hit rate 50%)
> [] Pepper his back with your pistol. (Use: M9, prep time 1 second, hit rate 70%)
[] Give chase.

Every weapon is fired three times. There is a chance that you will miss the shot.
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I'm not sure if chasing him is a good idea considering the head start though with shooting how alive do we want him?
Delete Post
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Alive and not running.

Since all firearms are already danmaku refit, shots might make him tumble over and groaning instead of outright crippling him.
Delete Post
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[x] Shoot him.
> [x] Pepper his back with your pistol. (Use: M9, prep time 1 second, hit rate 70%)

If it's danmaku, I don't see how this would be bad, sure it'd take more than one shot to stop him but 1-2 would slow him down.
Delete Post
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[c] Shoot him.
- [c] Pepper his back with your pistol. (Use: M9, prep time 1 second, hit rate 70%)

Alright, then.
Delete Post
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Alright, calling the votes.
Delete Post
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[x] Shoot him.
> [x] Pepper his back with your pistol. (Use: M9, prep time 1 second, hit rate 70%)
Image Source
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File 137325324343.jpg - (798.78KB, 1500x2099, b34053887bbcde77fa9a6a5e7aed85c9.jpg)

[x] Shoot him
> [x] Pepper his back with your pistol. (Use: M9, prep time 1 second, hit rate 70%) (3 Votes)

And thus we continue with our adventure - the dice rolls say you do not miss the shots! Well, all but one.


“I said stop!" you shout.

With his head start, it would be almost impossible to catch up with him. Shooting him in the back with the handgun is a better idea; you don't have the time to set up your sniper rifle.

You pull in your left left hand to grip your right, aim down the iron sights, and squeeze the trigger on the fleeing culprit…




Two shots hit true, and the other whizzes past the man as he tumbles in pain before you. You waste no time in dashing towards the fallen thief and pinning him down to the ground with a knee on his back. Kagura, with her elderly might, managed to catch up with you, and she quickly takes the bag and starts to inspect the contents.

“That’s mine!” The man yelled.

“I call bullshit.”

“I bought it!”

“Oh really? Why are you leaving in such a hurry then, huh? What's in his loot?” You turn towards Kagura as she is still inspecting the man’s loot.

Kagura continues checking the packages, apparently muttering the names of people who sew the clothes. She must be quite an expert, to tell who made them by the textures alone. And eventually, her eyes widen in surprise.

“My kimono…! I just finished this one yesterday, too!”

You hit the jackpot. He is one of them. “I told you it’s bullshit.”

The man tries to thrash free, but you keep your pressure on his back.

“Unhand me, you youkai-loving brute!”

“Shut the hell up. Thieves like you don’t deserve hospitality.” While still pinning the man on the ground, you reach for your radio. “Seo to Yamame, do you copy?”

A moment of silence follows. “Loud and clear.”

“You know Kagura’s shop?”


“Get over here – and I mean right now.”

“On my way.”

A minute passes before you see Yamame flying towards you. She slowly drops down from the high ceiling above, noticing that you’re pinning someone down.

“Who’s that guy?" she asks.

“A part of the cult of thieves, it seems.”

“It seems like you caught quite a fish while I was looking for suspicious things, Seo. Need a hand?”

“Can you tie him up?”

“Sure thing.”

“Unhand me!”

“I said shut the hell up, thief!”

Yamame makes some spider silk from her hands, and you shift over to let the spider lady do her work while still keeping the captive restrained. A few minutes and some rolling later, the guy is now bound with spider silk around his waist. Yamame even gagged him for an extra annoyance prevention measure.

“Alright, that will do. Heave-ho!”

“Where’re you two going?” Kagura asks.

“Somewhere that's good for squeezing answers from this son-of-a-dog, ma’am! Seo, follow me.”

“Yeah, I’m coming. See you later, ma’am.”


A little walk later, you and Yamame dump the guy roughly onto a stack of boxes, and Yamame tears off the web gag.. Your captive looks up and stares at you.

“You… you look human… what are you doing here, siding the youkai?”

“I’d be asking you the same thing – what the hell are you doing, stealing things that are not yours?”

“So you’re trying to be the youkai’s hero then?”

This man is obviously trying to get on your nerves. “I'm a security guard. Not an enforcer, a hero, or a vigilante. I'm doing this to honor my employer's request.”

“What request?”

“Investigating your crimes of course. You and your cohorts just robbed the textile district from out of nowhere, and you even committed vandalism on the shops you stole – smearing red paint all over the place, burning the walls down and trashing the place.”

“So what? They belong to youkai, who cares about them?”

“The underground do. They didn’t even come to the surface to disturb you, what have they done to deserve this?”

The man keeps quiet. You press on with the question. “Now tell me – who is your leader?”

“I won’t tell you anything.”

“Tell me your leader. Make this easy for both of us.”

“I said I won’t tell you anything!”

You heave a sigh. Trying to negotiate doesn’t seem to be working here. Well, intimidation will work just as well. You pull your handgun from the holster, and hold it in his face once again. This time the barrel pushes roughly against his nose. “Tell me how many of you are here or else I will blow off your nose. Lie to me, and I will break your arms. Keep fighting me and I will get the oni folks to break your arms and your legs.”

“Go to hell!”

“Ironically we are already in hell. You better tell me everything before we do drastic measures. Wouldn’t it be easy for you to just come out clean?”

“As if I would!”

You really lose your patience there, so you toss your gun onto a box, grab the man by his collar, and throw a few hard punches into his face.

“Convinced now?”

He shakes his head. You throw more punches. Yamame could only blink as she witness you snap. Just as you are going to throw another fist to the thief’s face, Yamame deftly catches your wrist. You turn to the spider lady with angry eyes.


“Let me handle it, Seo. I have better ways to deal with the culprit. You can go ahead and punch him after I am done. And you better write down everything he says.” She lets go of your hands soon after.


You walk away from the man as Yamame takes your place before him. She crosses her arms and puts on a stern expression while you take a seat at the nearby table.

“Like he said, let’s make this easy. You give us what we want, and we will let you go. It’s as simple as that. What do you say, hmm?”

“Don’t think I’ll cooperate with you, youkai!”

“No? Well then… how does a fever sounds for you?” she asks cheerfully with a fake smile on her face, twirling a finger at the man. Almost instantly, the man starts to sweat heavily. “Now, if you tell us earlier you won’t be… feeling choked now?” As she says that, your captive seems to trying to gasp for air. “Do you want to resist and harm yourself… or do you want to spill the beans, mm?”

“I won’t give you anything! I won’t tell you even if you try to break me apart!”

The spider lady sighed. “Since you want to do it the hard way, I'll give you a good taste of it … Seo, can you break his ribs?”

“I don't have the strongest punch, but okay. Left or right?”

“His right.”

You throw a hard punch to the man’s left rib, making him groan in pain.



“Your right, Seo.” Another punch follows, and the man screams out in pain.

“How about now?”

He shakes his head weakly.


You gave the man a couple more punches to the cheeks. When you stop the flying fists, he coughs and spits out some blood and a tooth.

“Do you want some more? Or do you need a piece of Mr. Glass Candy before you start giving us the information we want?” Yamame asks while you wave your hand, which has gotten sore from the punches even though you're wearing your full gloves.

“I tell you, tell you – just hurt me no more!”

The spider lady grins. “Glad we can finally squeeze something out of you. How many of you are down here in the Ancient City?”

“A... a group of a dozen.”

“Who’s your leader?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t make me fill up your lungs with blood and tell him to stomp on your chest now.”

“I don’t know her name! Honest! All I know that our group leader is a girl! She said that she could see valuable things through walls! She can pick locks too!”

Huh? That's an interesting bit of info, so you quickly jot it down.

“See through walls, eh? Are you sure you’re not pulling this out of your ass just to save it?”

“I'm not making this up! She did it right in front of us!”

Yamame raises a brow and glances at you – she still has her doubts. “Next question… what are your targets?”

“We-re, we’re after valuable things! Jewels! Money! Expensive clothe – “

You sigh and stop the man in the middle of his sentence. “If you’re going to use the ‘rob the rich to feed the poor’ line, don’t bother. First, the folks you robbed weren’t rich; they had a good and healthy business and a family to feed. Second, the people on the surface are doing just fine. Third, you and your cohorts are doing this for pure self-interest. Am I right?”

“It’s not like that!”

Yamame works on her mojo again, and now the fellow chokes for air. He frantically shakes his head to talk again.


“We… steal them… so that we could get money from it!”

Bingo! Just as you suspected, the man and his ragtag group of misfits are actually doing this for their own profit. “There! Wouldn't it have been easier if you'd just gone straight to the point and saved yourself all that beating, poisoning, and choking?" you exclaim. “Well, you've already paralyzed the textile district. Where’s your group’s next target?”

The man seems to be having trouble breathing.

“Talk to me!” You shout, grabbing the man by his shirt collar.

“Okay! Okay! The oni’s district… we… are going to steal all the valuable sake!”

“And then you’re going to sell them at the surface sell it on the surface?" He nods, just as you expected. “I hate to admit, but even my own race can be stupid.” You roughly shove the man back and quickly put down more notes. “Now then… while you are here, where did your group stay?”

“I don’t know! But it’s an inn somewhere in the food court district!”

“There’s more than a dozen of inns at the food court district, dumbass. You’re trying to protect your friends for the wrong reasons!”

“Red Lotus! Red Lotus Inn! We all stayed there!”

You and Yamame exchange glances. "Is that all?" she asks.

“That’s about it I guess. Let’s report.”

Yamame nods silently at your suggestion. You nod back at her, picking up the gun you tossed earlier and holsters it.

“Hey! Don’t leave me here!” The man wheezes and yells at the two of as you walk out of the warehouse.

“And why shouldn't we leave you here?”

“My group will kill me if you leave me like this, especially if they know I leaked information to you! You gotta protect me!”

You turn towards the man, still bound in Yamame’s spider silk, and point and accusatory finger at him. “Men like you and your friends are nothing but trash. It’s a good thing I'm a man who plays by the rules - if I were a vigilante, you'd be a corpse by now.”

And with those words you exit the warehouse, slamming the doors shut and putting an axe on the handlebars to prevent him from opening it from the inside.


By the time you reach Kagura’s shop, the same folks who were with you earlier today were gathering around the shop.

“Hey, he’s back.” One of the folks in the crowd calls out and the rest turn their attention to you and Yamame at once.

The crowd’s attention quickly swaps from Kagura to you and Yamame.

”So, how did it go?”

“I got good news and bad news. Good news is that the guy I shot back there was indeed the thief. The bad news is that there are more still lurking around. He did say that his friends are going to loot the other districts as well.”

“Even the oni district?” A lad from the group speaks out.

“For their quality sake, yes.”

“... Idiots. If the oni get them, they'll be dead for sure.”

“And any mention of his leader?”

“Yeah. Apparently their ringleader is a girl, and she is said to be able to see through walls… which might also mean that she can see where your valuables are," Yamame says.

”See through walls?”

“In case you didn't know, Hagane, there's a hermit who can pass through walls up on the surface.”

“So we should find this hermit then!” Hagane impatiently raises his voice.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa – easy with the quick accusations. We don’t know if the hermit and that guy’s leader are the same person. You don't want to catch the wrong suspect.”

Just then, Kagura shows up. “Alright, people. That’s enough of you all hounding the boy for answers. Run along now, he needs some rest.”

Well said, Kagura. You could use some rest before you press on... and as soon as she says that, everyone nods at the elder and walks away from her shop. Once the group disappears, you sigh and sit down on the same bench you got knocked off of a few hours ago.

“Would you like some tea, dears?”

You slump forward, a little tired. “Yes, please.”

Yamame grins at Kagura and holds up two digits. “Two servings for me, please.”

“Alright then. I will return soon.”

... Greedy spider," you mutter as you watch Kagura walks back into her shop.

“I’m parched, don’t mind me~” She she says cheerfully, ending with a sigh as she takes a seat next to you. “But, you know, Seo. Don’t you feel bad about beating the guy back there?”

“I don’t feel bad about beating up thugs like him. What’s wrong, Yamame?”

“You seemed to flip a switch there, Seo. For once I am kind of worried.”

You shrug your shoulders. “Eh, don’t worry about it, I had some pent up stress from all the pressure, and that guy was just asking for it.”

Yamame nods at your words. “I can understand that. So what are you going to do now?”

You sigh and think of the things you should do. “I should warn Yuugi about a possible raid, or we could spy on the inn, or we could raid the inn by ourselves.”

What should you do? Pick one.

[] Tell Yuugi about the possible sake raid.
[] Find a spot near the inn and spy on them.

[] Raid the Red Lotus Inn with Yamame.
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[x] Tell Yuugi about the possible sake raid.

So Seiga's up to something... not surprising. I choose this just to see what happens when they try that when Yuugi aware of it.
Delete Post
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[c] Tell Yuugi about the possible sake raid.

Nobody steals sake under the oni's nose. Nobody.
Delete Post
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[X] Tell Yuugi about the possible sake raid.

I'm sure she as well as the others would appreciate having information shared.

That said, robbing just for money eh?
Delete Post
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[x] Tell Yuugi about the possible sake raid.
[x] Find a spot near the inn and spy on them.
Delete Post
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Only pick one, mate.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Tell Yuugi about the possible sake raid.

My bad, lad.
Faulty connection lately.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 137402584346.png - (504.37KB, 578x818, df562aff378d0a6fe6669705646e647a.png)

[x] Tell Yuugi about the possible sake raid. (4 Votes)

Pretty short update.


“I think we'll go to Yuugi and tell her about all this," you say. Raiding the inn might be a bad idea with your current choice of weapons. You could even be outnumbered there, who knows.

“Good idea,” Yamame responds.

Kagura returns with three cups of tea and a plate of snacks on a tray. She hands a mug to you and places Yamame's two cups right next to her. “Leaving already?”

“We'll at least finish the tea and snacks first, ma’am.” Yamame says.


Kagura leaves the two of you alone outside. You sip your hot tea slowly, but Yamame hastily grabs hers and pulls it to her lips to drink it, with predictable results.

“Ahhh! Hot! Hot! Hot!!”

“…Serves you right for being greedy.”

Yamame sticks out her tongue at you and blows a raspberry. You only chuckle at her in response. After she spends a few minutes blowing on and sipping the hot tea, the two of you resume your snacking and drinking.


After you finish your snacks, you and Yamame say your goodbyes to Kagura and make your way through the Food District towards the Oni District. On the way, you keep an eye out for the Red Lotus Inn. It doesn't take long for you to find it, thanks to the tell-tale red lotus on its signboard. The building seems to be newly-opened.

Yamame tugs on your vest to tell you to keep moving. You stop staring and get back on your way, following the spider lady until you reach a stairway that leads down to the oni district.

“So we’re here?”

“Yep. Welcome to the Oni District. Here’s where the oni folks live, work, and make their oni-grade sake!”


The two of you descend the stairway, passing some oni who are hauling up a load of barrels and other items. As soon as you reach the floor of the area, you bump into someone familiar. The two of you would stare at each other, trying to remember each other's names. Soon enough, you break the silence.

“Ah, right. Heya, Hideki.”

The teenage oni grins at you. “Nice to meetcha again, Seo. Fancy seeing ya around here, can I help ya with something?”

“Yeah, I’m looking for Yuugi. Is she around here?”

“Oh, Yuugi? I saw her drinking with some other guys at a yakitori stall. Just walk this way straight ahead and you’ll see her, assuming she hasn't finished and moved on yet,” Hideki says, pointing down one of the roads.

“Alright, thanks.”

“No problem, see ya later.”

And with that, Hideki jogs up the stairs, leaving you and Yamame behind.

Following the teenage oni's instructions, you make a beeline down the path, passing by a variety of shop houses. A little while later, you spot Yuugi, laughing and drinking with a group of oni. Instead of her usual white shirt and long blue-red skirt, she's wearing an ornate blue kimono, with the fabric slipped off or her shoulders. Her usual flower-studded sake dish is held firmly in one hand.

But before you can greet her, the one-horned oni spots you first and waves merrily. You and Yamame trot over to the yakitori stand where she's sitting.

“Heya Seo. Day off from work?”

“Not really. In fact, I have something to tell you.”

“Good news or bad news?”

“The latter.”

A frown develops on the oni’s face.

“You alright, boss?” one of the oni asks, noticing the look on Yuugi's face.

“I’m fine. Go ahead and tell me, Seo.”

You rub your face and start telling Yuugi about the issue. “Well, in case you hadn’t heard about it, a group of humans showed up at the textile district and decided to ransack and vandalize the whole area.”

“Wait, how come I didn’t get to hear this earlier?”

Yamame jumps into the conversation. “Of course you didn't. The people there decided to consult directly with Seo at the palace instead of meeting you.”

The one-horned oni shrugs her shoulders. “Meh. Carry on.”

“Okay.” You reply before resuming. “Well, after the quick investigation I did there, I took a rest at Kagura’s place… and then one of the thieves bumped into me. I interrogated him with some help from Yamame.”

Yuugi rubs her hand together excitedly. “Oooh.”

“So we beat the guy up, Yamame did something to him –”

“Did some voodoo to him.” Yamame cut you off.

“– okay, she worked some voodoo on him so that we got to squeeze out some answers to our questions. We got word that they are going to sell the stolen stuff at the surface, and they're also going to raid the Oni District for your famous sake.”

The oni chatter among themselves. Among the lines you can catch up are “Is he for real?” and “I hope he's not lying.”

Yuugi notices her crew's doubts and waves her hand dismissively. “It’s fine to trust him, boys. I know him," she says, making you heave a sigh of relief. “As for those scoundrels, we gotta show them a proper oni welcome!”

“Huzzah!” The oni throw their arms up in the air and cheer excitedly.

“…Now I feel sorry for them.”

“Don’t be. We won't be that rough with them. It’s not like we’re going to break their bones~”

“That’s what I am worried about.”


Minutes later, Yuugi and her crew are having a discussion among themselves. You and Yamame keep a little bit away so that they can concentrate at the matter at hand.

“I gotta wonder if the renovation at Poison House is done yet or not.” Yamame speaks up, breaking the silence between the two of you.

“You want to check up on it when we’re done here? And what’re you renovating anyway?”

“Sure thing.” She dangles her legs off the table she's sitting on, kicking them in the air out of boredom. “You mean the renovation at my shop? I’m getting the kitchen and its drainage fixed.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Well, it shouldn’t take long now, unless the guys screwed something up.”

“Exploding kitchen?”

“That would be pretty much impossible since I use coal. It’s not like I cook using gunpowder or anything.”


The crowd disperses a few minutes later.

“We don’t know when they will strike, so keep your eyes on strangers, guys.” one of the horned men speaks, and the others cheer after him.

Yuugi, on the other hand, motions the two of you closer.

“The folks and I decided to keep watch around the area. We don’t want to burden you since you have some other work to tend to.”


“Don’t worry, Seo. We'll take care of that thief. If we get 'em first, we'll tell you.”

“Well, alright.”

“So what are you going to do next?”

“Eh, I don’t know. I could help Yamame check up on her renovation, or I could go back to the palace.”

“Take your time.”

And that leaves you with nothing else to do. What now?

[]See if the renovation's done at Yamame's Poison House.
> [] Stay the night there if it is. (Optional)
[] Get some take-out for dinner and return to the palace.
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[x]See if the renovation's done at Yamame's Poison House.
-[x] Stay the night there if it is. (Optional)
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] See if the renovation's done at Yamame's Poison House.
-[X] Stay the night there if it is. (Optional)

I guess we got time.
Delete Post
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[x] Get some take-out for dinner and return to the palace.

I worry that we've been neglecting our job. And I want more Okuu.
Delete Post
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[X] Get some take-out for dinner and return to the palace.

Can't always leave the turret doing Seo's job.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Get some take-out for dinner and return to the palace.

Works for me~!
Delete Post
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[x] Get some take-out for dinner and return to the palace.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 138464731335.png - (866.03KB, 1242x888, aac712476673bbb5b4b1ba31005c3a63.png)

[x] Get some take-out for dinner and return to the palace. (4 votes)

Geez, this laziness is rubbing on to me. And work just makes it harder to write even a short one. But here it is at last! Enjoy reading and voting, folks.


“I think I’ll go home for tonight.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay over?”

You shake your head at Yamame’s question. “I’ve been outside of my designated area for quite a while now. Contract breaching is not a cool thing, you know, even if Satori said okay.”

“Alright, do I need to return your things now?” Yamame points to the M60E4 on her back.

You wave your hand in a dismissive manner. “Not now. I’ll claim it when I am free. Just keep your eyes on things should the baddies have a go at it again.”

The spider lady nods. “Duly noted.”

You and Yamame then part ways at the path that leads to the Poison House. As she disappears in the crowd, you make a beeline towards the food court. The delicious scent of Ancient City cuisine assaults your senses just like before. You have no idea what everyone at the Palace wants, so you decide to just buy them some ramen.

You walk over to the ramen stall from time, where a lovely young oni lady greets you. You bow back at her and place your order before she asks you to sit down. She serves you a cup of tea to drink while you wait for your order to be finished.

A few minutes of waiting end with the girl handing you your package of take-away bowls of beef ramen. You pay your bill and bow to the girl once again before leaving the food court for the palace. You move at a brisk enough paces that you'll be able to deliver this while it's hot, but still careful that you won't spill the bowls' contents.

And at last, you arrive at the gates of the Earth Palace, which are still unlocked from earlier. The huge door to the mansion opens up with a loud creak. Some of Satori’s pets at the atrium perk up at the noise, but then go back to idling on their spot when they see you. You make your way toward the kitchen, where you find Satori filling up the food bowls for her other pets.

“Ah, welcome home, Seo.” She greets you as she turns around to face you.

“Thanks. Sorry for being outside a lot the last few days. I brought everyone some beef ramen on the way back.”

“It’s fine. After all, I could see those people looking up to you. You have quite a good reputation.” She walks over to help you serve the food. At that moment Orin and Koishi appear, seemingly drawn in by the scent. “We were just about to ask Orin to go out to the food court and buy us some dinner.”

“Mmm… that smells delicious. Now where’s Okuu?”

On cue, the hell raven shows up. She beams at the dinner served piping hot on the table.

“Tonight’s dinner smells good~ did you cook it, Satori-sama?”

Satori shakes her head. “Seo bought it.”


“Now, everyone, gather around the table, dinner’s getting cold.”


A few minutes after finishing your dinner, you return to your room for a nice and relaxing warm shower. The first thing you do when you reach your room is to drop your backpack and pouches on the bed and lean the WA2000 against the wall. Soon enough your uniform and trousers find their way into the washing bin.

You spend a few minutes in that shower to clean yourself up after your stressful day. Soon after you get dressed for sleep, you hear a series of knocks on your door. You turn towards the door while you are still drying your hair.

“Come in. The door’s not locked.”

The door clicks and swings open gently, and Satori walks in. Utsuho follows suit, wearing an oversized T-shirt.

“Ah, good evening, Miss Satori. And Okuu.” You can spot Orin peeking at the door, refusing to enter. Instead, she glares at you. “And you too, Orin.”

The hellcat doesn't respond to you, instead just continuing to stare at you. You have to wonder what her problem is.

“So, Seo, anything you want to tell me about? You seem eager to tell me what’s going on out there.”

“Well, I got interesting information about the thieves, Miss Satori. From the one Yamame and I caught earlier today.”

“Interesting. Go ahead.”

And so you start off, explaining everything you could to your employer. She nods understandingly as you go on.

“What about you, Okuu?”

“Just wanted to sleep with Seo!”

You choke when you hear those words, but Satori chuckles instead. “Well, if that’s the case, I’ll just leave the two of you here. Good night.”

You feel like you're forgetting something as you lie on the bed, but what could it be?


When you open your eyes again, the first thing you see is that tea table again. But this time there’s only one cup being used there. The other one is currently sitting bottom-side up on the saucer. You press onwards along the hedges, until you arrive at the place where you last met the two siblings.

“Welcome, Seo.”

“Hey, Ageha. Where’s Tateha?”

“She ran off somewhere else, probably chasing after some rabbits or cats.”

“Oh, okay. Anyways, what’s up?”

“Nothing too important. I just wanted to check up on you while you’re dreaming. I see you have run into lots of interesting things today.”

You nod. “Yeah. Getting a lead when investigating is wonderful.”

Ageha claps his hands together to congratulate you. “Good, good. May you be successful in your endeavor of fighting off those criminals, Seo. And now for a little quick test, I suppose.” As Ageha says this, he crosses his arms against his chest. “Draw your weapon, Seo.”

“…I’m sorry, what was that again?”

“Draw your weapon and use it against me.”

Which weapon would you use against Ageha? Pick one.
[] Beretta M9.
[] Throwing Knife.
[] Point a gun finger at Ageha.
[] Do nothing.
Delete Post
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What the...?! An update?! Holy shit, I thought this thing was dead. Well, then welcome back!

[x] Beretta M9.

Y'know. Draw gun. Shoot.
Delete Post
Report Post
[] Point a gun finger at Ageha.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Beretta M9.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Beretta M9.

This might be a danmaku test but I think this is what he's most familiar with.
Delete Post
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Welcome back, it's been a long time.

[c] Beretta M9.

I suppose this is a test of faith?
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Point a gun finger at Ageha.

Works for me~!
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Beretta M9.

Familiarity at best
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Point a gun finger at Ageha.
Easier to aim than anything else.

Anybody know any reason Orin might be annoyed at us? Is it because Okuu slept in the same bed with Seo in >>11351?
Delete Post
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That's the exact reason.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 138967682481.jpg - (1.04MB, 1500x2099, b2caa70d5d90787a11e5d1d9e67e00f2.jpg)

[x] Beretta M9 (5 votes)

And so the first update for 2014. Also, updates going to be sporadic ‘m afraid, since I am quite busy with work.


“Let’s try that again. On the count of three. Three…”

You relax and take a stance.


You keep your hands ready, hovering just over the gun in your thigh holster.


On cue, you whip out your handgun and fire at Ageha. Not just a single shot, but several in quick succession. Once the smoke clears, you see that Ageha has vanished from the place he was standing before.

You hear something flutter behind you as you stand there, and you quickly turn on your heels with your eyes still focused on the iron sights.

“Very impressive. I see your reaction time is quite good,” he says as he gets a fair distance from you. “But, can you focus when you’re under pressure? Like… this?!”

Suddenly, Ageha starts shooting out a pattern of bullets and lasers. Surprised by the sudden ferocity of the attack, you immediately dive behind a hedge. Your cover is quickly torn apart by bullets and lasers, however. You pop out of the hedge and fire a few more rounds right at Ageha before the slide locks back, forcing you to curse and dive behind cover to reload. You eject the empty mag out, slap a new one in and depress the slide release. As you jump out of your cover once again, Ageha is nowhere to be seen.

“Come on, Seo. You should know better than to just dive behind cover.”

You turn towards Ageha, again hovering behind you. “If I had my machine gun, I’d be happy to do more.”

“That doesn’t matter actually; your peashooter can do just fine… if you know how to keep your aim while moving.”

“So the point of this is…?”

“You seem clunky when you're trying to both move and shoot. So, I’m here to train your mobility.”

You go silent at that, thinking back at the last time you had a playfight with Satori’s pets. “...That’s true.”

“So you are pretty new to danmaku?”


“I can help with that, minus the spellcard rules. You'll need to ask the miko about those when you go to the surface, or go to your friends underground."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't operate with Spellcards, that's why. Different world, remember?"


“Danmaku fight isn’t about diving behind cover and taking potshots! Now, repeat after me: no cover, all man.”

“No cover, all man.” You repeat. It seems a bit silly to you.

“Good.” Ageha nods. “Seeing as you're grounded all the time, you have to keep the target in sight – or else you'll be in for a nasty surprise after you reload. As bad as getting caught with your pants down.”

“… You don’t have to remind me about that.”

Ageha only smirk at your reaction. “Now let us begin again.”


A couple of hours have passed (you think), with both of you exchanging and dancing around bullets.

One thing's for sure: Ageha’s bullets are strong and fast. The projectiles make a tsssh sound as they graze past you, instead of the tick you hear when the maidens of Gensokyo do battle.

When you think you are in range for your pistol, you decide to pop five shots. Ageha grunts as the first two bullets hit him, and sidesteps away from the rest. Despite his dodging, he doesn't stop with his barrage of lasers and bullets, and as you try to keep up with him it only results in more direct hits and painful grazes.

“Keep it up, you’re doing well,” he shouts.

“I can hardly call that as ‘doing well’!” you yell back, only to have him laugh at you.

Even though the two of you have been dancing around danmaku for a while, you're surprisingly not tired at all. Instead, you have been focusing on trying to land your shots, trying to fire from the hip or aim down the handgun’s small sights. The latter slowed you down a bit; focused movement is great for dodging danmaku, of course, but going against faster-firing opponents like Ageha you need to keep moving quickly.

“That’s the spirit, Seo. Keep weaving.”

As you continue to aim and shoot at Ageha, you need to figure out a way to retaliate.

“What to do? Would shooting and running work?”

You don’t have a lot of time to think, as Ageha started shooting directly at you. “Don’t stall or you’re toast!”

Grumbling, you go back running. It seems like you have to just go through with your initial idea. As you dodge Ageha’s sweeping laser pattern, you turn towards and starts strafing, occasionally bringing your gun up to fire before resuming the sprint. As Ageha watches you adjust to your footwork, he realizes what you're doing and throws in an occasional laser sweep in order to throw you off.

Don’t stop or you’re toast! you tell yourself. Despite that, you stop when the laser sweeps at your direction… only to correct yourself by quickly jumping over it. You cast a quick glance at Ageha, and see him hovering in place.

Looks like he didn’t even try to move. Or is it a trap, so that he can counter as you try to point-blank him? Or would he dodge at last second? There isn't time to overthink with all these bullets shooting past you. You quickly take your chance, dodging another fast laser shooting at you. Unfortunately, you botch that evade and grunt as the arrowhead bullets hit your shoulder and back.

You shrug it off and zig-zag your way closer to Ageha, so that you can at least get into the M9’s effective range. When you do, you unload a few bullets into Ageha. And again, the man dodges it. Damn wings!

“You’re getting warmer.” Ageha pauses for a brief moment before resuming his barrage.

So this fellow will dodge your bullets, and your first hit was pretty much a lucky shot. Seems you have to shoot ahead, then. You start running again and fire more shots towards Ageha, but intentionally aim it slightly away from him before you quickly trail the sights towards the flying dream being as he dodges left. You shoot more at Ageha, and this time the shots hit true. You grin, now loading a new mag into your gun.

You repeat the intentional miss, this time shooting behind Ageha, but he fires a laser beam at you and forces you to quickly drop down. “Very good, I see you finally caught up with me.”

“Not quite yet.”

“Have at you!”

Ageha fires a pair of lasers, forcing you get down to evade it before getting up and running towards him. He drags the laser to hit you from behind, but you quickly use this chance to trail your ironsights towards Ageha and punish him with your peashooter.

The man with the neon butterfly wings is caught by surprise and gets hit, but you don’t want to let him run away. So you keep running towards him, firing constantly until he falls down and your handgun’s slide locks back.

“Gotcha!” you cry out, dry-reloading your M9 with yet another fresh clip. Thank god for unlimited ammo. Putting your weapon back in the holster, you walk briskly towards Ageha to see if he’s alright.

Ageha seems fine, though. He floats up before you reach him and tosses you something, which you quickly catch with both hands. It's a yellow gem,which hovers up to merge with your pendant. “Congratulations, Seo. You passed the test.”

<<Yellow Gem acquired>>
Stalker – Keeps your mobility as you aim with any kind of firearm while on the move.

“So this will help me keep my mobility?”

“Pretty much. I do hope that this will help you in your battles. Now it’s time for you to go back – there’s something you need to do.”


Without warning, your vision blurs as you suddenly fall down and drop your M9, and Ageha only watches.



“What is that noise…?” you ponder, rubbing your head as you wake up. Utsuho wakes up as well, rubbing her eyes groggily. Her oversized t-shirt has drooped over her shoulder.

It takes you a few moments to register that the ripping sound you hear is the noise of the Death Machine firing. Indeed, the Death Machine is actually shooting at someone on its own. The rapid noise of the sentry gun firing can be heard until it abruptly stops.

Someone might have disabled it.

“Oh no.”

Soon enough you can hear the metal clang of the door of the control post. It might be a little away from your quarters, but with the palace’s emptiness it can be heard loud and clear. No rest for the guard it seems.

“Okuu, find Orin. I’ll look for Satori.”

“Alright, be careful.”

You quickly put on your clothes, boots and vest with pistol magazines, before storming out of your room to look for Satori. Her bedroom is the first place you check, but it's empty. The next place you decide to check is her study. You walk at a brisk pace, keeping the handgun close should someone try to jump on you.

Just as you reach the hallway to the study, you can hear a door slam shut before something slams into it. You jog up to the study's door, and to your horror, it’s barred from the inside. You try to push against the door, but to no avail. Frustrated, you go back to your post and look for suitable items to use.

The whole place is a complete mess. The DM is now disabled; the power cable was cleanly severed in the middle. As expected, no weapons are left in the crate, with some ammo missing. But they did leave some equipment behind, rather, outside of the box. You rummage through the mess, hoping to find something like explosives, but unfortunately you get nothing that could help you. Looking over the edge of the balcony you can see a couple of grappling hooks, meaning that they climbed in as a point of entry.

There’s one person lying down at the bottom of the ropes. He might have been shot down by the DM as he climbed up before the machine was disabled by the others that followed him.

Frustrated, you have no choice but return to the study, with the door still locked and no way in. As you ponder on the possible choices of entry to the study, Rin and Utsuho return and regroups with you. They seem to notice that you look troubled.

“What’s wrong, mister?”

You pull both Rin and Utsuho a little way from the study.

“There seems to be a little trouble.”

“What kind of trouble? And why are we whispering?”

“Because all those intruding people are in there, that’s why. I need to get into the library, but they locked themselves in there.”

“Why don’t you just walk in? if the door is locked, I have the key~” Orin said, dangling a bunch of keys in front of you and Orin. The hell raven tries to catch it, but Orin quickly put it away.

“Keys? Those are useless. That door is barricaded from the inside, I doubt Satori would do that.”

The kasha blinks and sniffs around. “Now that you mention it, all the human scent converges here… and through the door. So they really are turtling up in there.”

You sigh in defeat. There’s no way you can get inside since you lack the proper items for it… until you lay your sight on Utsuho’s arm cannon. And then a light bulb of ideas lit up.

“You know what? I think I have an idea.”


You turn to Utsuho to ask her a question. “Do you still remember the layout of the study?’

“Sure. Why?”

“I want you to blow the door up.”

Hearing your suggestion, Orin is quick to protest. “You can’t be serious! You might burn Satori-sama’s precious books!”

“Then what do you suggest? I don’t have a breaching charge or C4 to get an entry.”

Orin points a finger to the door. From the door, the hellcat trails her pointer finger to the floor near to the door and drawing an X. “Now if we can aim juuuuust right there, we can kick the door and the obstruction right over! What do you think?”

You think about the idea for a moment. After a while, you reach up and pet the catgirl’s head. “Smart girl.” Orin flicks her ears happily as a response. “Alright. Let’s take cover.” You and Orin hide behind pillars while Utsuho preps up her arm cannon.

“Never thought I’d be blowing things up indoors…” Utsuho mutters.

“Just make sure it’s not too powerful. Alright, at the count of three…”

As soon as Utsuho hears ‘three’ she aims her arm cannon at the spot Rin pointed to. It goes quiet for a few seconds until her third leg cannon charges up, a projectile forming at the muzzle. Seconds later, she launches the fireball directly to the ground, creating an explosion that rocks the whole building.


Once the smoke clears up, it reveals a hole on the floor and the door toppled over, just as planned. That would be more than enough for you and Okuu to slip in.

With sign language, you tell Orin and Okuu to cover both sides of the study. The enemy knows that you three are here, so you need to watch out for any potential ambushers. The two nod silently at you, and they slowly walk in to take point. Once the hell raven and hell cat disappear beneath the rows of bookcases, you raise your firmly-gripped M9 and walk slowly through the rubble.

There’s little light in here, except from the one coming from the center of the study. You assume the rest of the lighting was taken out by the thugs, possibly to make it easy for them to ambush you. And then you see your target. Satori is there, but she is restrained by a person with a knife held close to her neck. You bring the handgun to a ready position and step in.

“Drop it! Down on the floor now!” You yell, pointing the M9 at the guy holding Satori in armlock.

“YOU drop it!”

Hearing that voice, you turn around and realize that you are cornered – all these hooded goons are circling around you with your weapons. Your SPAS-12, SCAR-H, M1014 and the Vector is in their possession. The rest of them are wielding short bladed weapons or bats.

“So, it’s ten to one! You don’t stand a chance this time, loser.”

You lower your handgun, but keep it firmly in your grip. It’s a little dark to figure out if the ones with your weapons have the safety off, but these people didn’t look trained to use outside world weapons. While you are feeling tense, Satori keeps her cool, which unnerves some of the thugs around you.

You need to make sure you and Satori out of this mess without a scratch on the latter.

What’s your plan?

[] Kneecap the guy behind Satori, grab her and run like hell and think of a way to get this sorted out on the fly.
[] Taunt, shoot them and confiscate a shotgun, either the SPAS or M1014. Incapacitate the rest.
[] Pop smoke, grab the guy with Satori first. Terminate with extreme prejudice.
[] Stall them. Rin and Utsuho will ambush them.

Certain actions will have a lasting impression on the humans, should some of them run away and tell stories about what happened underground.
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[x] Taunt, shoot them and confiscate a shotgun, either the SPAS or M1014. Incapacitate the rest.
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[x] Taunt, shoot them and confiscate a shotgun, either the SPAS or M1014. Incapacitate the rest.

Satori seems unconcerned. So, get their guards down and hit them like the wrath of God.
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[X] Taunt, shoot them and confiscate a shotgun, either the SPAS or M1014. Incapacitate the rest.

No sense in fatally maiming the trespassers if we can get some info out of them.
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[c] Taunt, shoot them and confiscate a shotgun, either the SPAS or M1014. Incapacitate the rest.
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File 139132006883.jpg - (319.10KB, 700x979, 40ff40882093ab8943f9d5ffb2876416.jpg)

[x] Taunt, shoot them and confiscate a shotgun, either the SPAS or M1014. Incapacitate the rest. (3 votes)

Commencing beatdown.

Seems like we are nearly on autosage too, with 12 more posts or so? That took a while to get there. Yay me.


First, you take another look at Satori. She seems eerily calm despite the tense situation and the knife pointed right at her. Perhaps something she knows something is amiss with the firearm-wielding thugs. Perhaps it’s safe to play around with them.

“What are you going to do this time, huh?”

“Pray tell,” you start. “Do you even know how to work the guns?”

“Oh, of course we do!”

Satori’s smirk grows even wider. You take this chance to taunt the posse.

“You do? Well then, go ahead and shoot me.” You thrust your chest out and hands on your hips. As you expected, the group hesitates to do so. “What are you waiting for? Come on, you imbeciles! Shoot me!”

They try with all their might but, the guns' safeties keep the triggers locked. Some of them start panicking.

“See? You people are just all talk.” You pull out your M9, shooting a couple of rounds into the foot of the thug holding the M1014. As soon as the bullets hit his legs, the thug shrieks out in pain, and then felling onto his knees and groaning. His friends look at him in apparent shock, frozen in place.

You grab your shotgun by the barrel, using it to pull the groaning goon over. In the struggle you slam the shotgun’s butt into his face several times until his grip becomes loose, and then you roughly yank the weapon away to hold it properly.

In a swift motion, you turn the shotgun's safety off, load a shell into the shell ejector, press the bolt release and slap three more shells into the bottom tube. The rest of the goons seem to be stunned, but you didn’t waste any time wasting them. Your first targets are the thugs who are still holding your weapons. Why they keep trying to pull the trigger with the safety on, the first three shells you fire spit danmaku buckshot straight to their stomachs and sending them tumbling over in pain.

You top more shells into the tube, now pointing it at the rest of the group. Immediately, one of the thugs charges at you with a club in hand, but he receives two shells worth of danmaku buckshot to the chest. Another one charges directly at you with a knife, but you fail to parry it away in time and take a cut to your arm.

As you jump away from the guy in pain, you cringe and grit your teeth. The thug with the knife grins, thinking that you’re finished. His triumphant smile only lasts for a moment before you charge at him, slamming the shotgun’s butt to his face before unloading a whole pistol magazine to his chest. As he falls down and groans in terrible pain, you reload the M9 before switching back to the M1014.

You load the tube magazine to full capacity once again and turn towards the rest of the intruders. “Anyone else want danmaku to their face? If you’re feeling lucky, punks, come closer.”

The remaining thugs look at each other, before deciding to slowly retreat and running away. You turn to the last man holding Satori at knifepoint, pointing your M9 at him.

“Alright, you bastard. Let her go or you WILL be next.”

“As if I am going to do that!” He circles around you, and you keep your sights trained on him. He’s trying to retreat with Satori, obviously. You can’t find a good opening to make him stop, and eventually, his back is facing the entrance hole you made a while ago.

“So long, sucker!”

“Oy, Suzie!”

But before he could exit the study, you hear a crack, followed by the clattering of his knife and the dull thud of a body hitting the floor. Before you can wonder what just transpired, Utsuho and Orin show up from the darkness, hugging Satori.

“Nice save, Okuu.”

“Everything alright?”

“All morons accounted for,” Rin remarks, kicking one of the thugs you shotgunned earlier in the stomach. He winces and groans in pain. “That’ll teach you to break into our house.” She turns to you and notices that you’re bleeding. “Umm… I’ll be right back with the first aid kit.”


“There, that should fix it.”

You hold your bandaged arm and sigh in relief. “Thanks, Rin. Is the guy Okuu punched dead yet?”

“Nope.” Rin replies, before looking at the rest of the downed humans. “What do we do with them?”

Satori crouches beside you and pulls out several cable ties from your vest’s pocket. “Use this, Rin. Tie them up, keep them away and safe. We need to throw them back to the surface later.”

“We have a dungeon?” You ask.

“A basement, to be exact.”

At the mention of basement, one of the thugs you shot a while ago catapults awake. “No! Anything but the basement!”

You walk over to the guy and grab him by the collar, pulling him towards you. “Then I want you to talk about your operations.”

“…Motherfucker! Like hell I would!”

“This IS my job, after all. And what did you do? You stole something that doesn’t belong to you, and then sold it off as if it were your own. Look, I’ve been through this argument before, how about you just shut up and cooperate.”

“Want me to shut him up?” Orin puts down a bat.

“No,” Satori denies.


Utsuho returns from checking the palace’s perimeter, and Satori welcomes her back. “Welcome back, Okuu. Saw anything?” The hell raven shakes her head silently. “So that would mean they jumped over the gates and ran off.”

“Oh, Miss Satori?”


“Your verdict, please?”

Satori motions you to step back before she walks over and stands over the tied-up thug.

“Are you happy with your accomplishments now?”

“What are you talking about, youkai?” He’s clearly trying to put on a brave front here.

“Not only did you steal valuable goods from helpless elderly of the Textile District, you crippled their business as well with arson.”

“Liar! I didn’t do–”

Satori waggles a finger at the thug, cutting his words off. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Don’t call me a liar, liar. I know you are still involved, don’t think I don’t know about what’s happening out there. For instance, you are the one who painted the walls red and burned some shops, didn’t you?” You can see the thug’s face going pale. “I could give you a trauma that would leave you sleepless, but I prefer handing you back to authority above.”

“Your slave shot us! We’ll come back down and exterminate you all!”

“That’s because you broke into MY home. My guard right here had reason to defend his employer, and he has his right to defend himself from your assault as well. I’d wager the CO for my ‘slave’ right here wouldn't be pleased that you’re trying to spread lies.” Just as the guy starts to retort, Satori cuts in again. “And your next words will be… 'you are a youkai, nobody on the surface will believe what you say.'”

“You are a youkai, nobody on the surf–” The thug stammers when he realizes Satori said the words in verbatim before he does. “Wh-how did you?!”

“I am a satori. I can read deep inside a person’s heart even if I didn’t want to. But it sure is useful to reveal a liar like you. You know that the oni hate liars?” She says, staring deeply into the frightened man’s eyes. “And your next words will be… ‘It’s impossible!’”

“It’s impossible!” And you see the guy going pale once again. “It’s impossible!” He shakes feverishly and screams, then passes out.

“I think he just got blown away,” Orin says as she prods the guy’s forehead with her finger.

A thought crosses your mind. While you were busy here, did they attempt to raid the Oni District? You quickly pick up your radio to contact Yamame. “Yams! What’s the situation at the sake district?”

There is a long pause before the radio’s static can be heard. “Oh, those morons did show up here, but I’m just watching the fun right now.”

“What’s happening over there?”

“A beating. The onis are having fun beating the snot out of the guys who tried to rob their sake. Our info is spot on.”

“Just don’t get them too absorbed in it; we need to throw those guys back to the surface…”

“Well, tell that to the brawny folks! I can’t do much here either.”


“Though while they are distracted with the beating, don’t you think we should try and get the textile folks' stuff back?”

“I’m always up for that.”

“Over and out.”

You disengage from the radio call. “Can’t let these people stay here in the palace without me around. They might get crafty and try something else.”

“Not a problem. Orin, load them up in your wheelbarrow. We’ll return them to the surface.” Satori gives an order.
“Aye aye!”

“Okuu, stick around the Palace, just in case we have a splinter cell coming back for a second try.” While she says this, Rin’s cat cart tumbles as the kasha roughly tosses the unconscious thugs in.


“Seo. You know what to do.”

“Leave everything to me.”

“Oh, and if you don’t mind I’ll keep this with me,” she says as she picks up the Vector and places it on her desk. “Never mind what I said earlier. I just think that I like it.”

“You know my CO will ask me about that.”

She laughs and waves it off. “It’s only for a while. Run along now. Don’t let them become mystery meat.”

You nod and prep your weapons before leaving the study via the large hole in the wall. Looks like you will have to do an all-nighter. What should you do first?
[] Get Yamame and retrieve the stolen goods from the Red Lotus Inn.
[] Stop the beating.
<> Equipment Check?
<> Options are pretty much optional.
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[x] Get Yamame and retrieve the stolen goods from the Red Lotus Inn.

Get it straightened out then stop the beating.
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[x] Get Yamame and retrieve the stolen goods from the Red Lotus Inn.
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[x] Get Yamame and retrieve the stolen goods from the Red Lotus Inn.

The higher priority, as far as I'm concerned.
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[X] Get Yamame and retrieve the stolen goods from the Red Lotus Inn.

Works for me~!
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File 139571966781.jpg - (343.01KB, 1000x750, 30881183.jpg)
NSFW image

[x] Get Yamame and retrieve the stolen goods from the Red Lotus Inn. (4 votes)

No, she don't have those. For now.


“I’ll go ahead and get those things back.” You announce to Satori.

“Alright, good luck.”

“Right after you, mister.” Orin says, her cart is ready to roll with her cargo.

And both of you run out of the palace, right towards the Ancient City.

As you reach the shopping district, you direct Orin to the storehouse where you imprisoned one of the thugs a while back. You noticed that it’s unlocked, and the man inside had already escaped, but you had a hunch that you will meet the man again sometime soon. Orin on the other hand, starts to dump the unconscious bodies off her cart and into the stacks of hay before you could even offer a hand.

You and the kasha part ways as soon as she’s done with the dumping, as you run straight towards the Oni District and Orin hauls back towards the palace.

By the time you get there, the fistfight had subsided, with more humans captured and tied up to be sent back to the surface. You count six of them right there, which might mean that’s the other half of the infiltrators. You spot Yamame standing on the rooftops with her loaned M60E4 in hand, and you holler at her.

“Hey! Yamame! Right here!”

She turns towards your voice, and leaps away before landing in front of you. “Alright, you’re here. Let’s do a raid, shall we?”

“Let’s get the show on the road.”


Red Lotus Inn.

You would expect you would be ambushed as soon as you step into the inn, but instead the receptionist only smiles at you, with various customers walking in and out. You approach the counter.

“Welcome to the Red Lotus Inn. Are you the guardian of the Satori’s Palace?”

You nod at the female, feline receptionist. “Yes… that would be me. Do you want to tell me something that I didn’t know?”

“Well, if you were looking for the thugs, they are at room number 10 to 13, second floor.”

You raise an eyebrow. “How did you know I am looking for a bunch of bandits again?”

The receptionist rolls her eyes in a side glance. “They had been the talk of town since a few days ago.”

“If you know about them staying here, why don’t you tell the oni about them then?” Yamame asks.

“It’s because I’d rather not be out of work due to the renovation that follows after their raid.”


“If you’re going to shoot someone, don’t overdo it.” The receptionist says.

“That, I won’t promise.”

You and Yamame then proceeds towards the stairwell leading to the rooms upstairs. Just as you ascend the stairs to the second floor, a hooded thug bumped against your shoulder as he descends. You stopped climbing the stairs as he stops a few steps below, turning around to face you, as if you are the one at fault. The man, in a glint of realization, only stares at you shakily as you bring the shotgun to bear. Isn’t this the exact guy you punched for info in a warehouse few hours earlier? The frightened look on his face kind of supports it.

“Why, hello there. You look so fine.” Yamame greets the man with a sickly sweet smile. “So, are you up for round two?”

He drops the knife before he races out of the inn screaming.

A man pops out of his room and stares at the stairs, just before you look up and stare at the man back. He takes a few steps back before yelling. “He’s here!” That was quite the cue the rest of the thugs needed to go into full alert.

“Quick! Grab everything you can and run!” You can hear someone screaming behind the paper sliding doors. And then those slide open, with people running out of the room with their ill-gotten merchandise firmly clutched in their hands.

“Not so fast!”

The cramped hallway and corridors make it easy for you to mow them down with your shotgun, pulling the trigger rapidly until the bolt of the shotgun locks back, occasionally pausing to top up the shell count. Despite that they seem to be shot in the back, they are quick to get back up on their feet and jumping out of the window.

“They are running away! And there are more than a dozen of them too!”

“Nice observation, Yams. Now chase them, will you?”

“What about you?”

“I’m going to check for things inside. They might leave few things behind in a hurry.”

Yamame leaves you behind as she flies out of the window with the loaned M60E4 loaded for bear. You on the other hand raise your shotgun and cautiously enter the room they left a while ago.

You slowly walk in, looking about in alert just in case the thugs hide in the corners and try to jump on you. You cautiously pushed the closets open with the barrel of your shotgun, and find more clothes packages left behind in a hurry.

Just then you heard someone chuckle behind you, you quickly respond to it by quickly turning around your heels, with your M9 in your grip. To your surprise, you see a blue-haired woman in blue-shade dress, floating in the air. You didn’t hear the door or the window open, where did she come from?

“My, my. What a reflex.” The blue-haired woman starts talking. “It’s quite ungentlemanly of you to point a gun to a lady.”

“Maybe you should try not to sneak up on me.” You ask her, not even moving away your gun from her. “You must be the hermit that can walk through walls, aren’t you?

“I see my reputation precedes me. But it’s more making a hole in the wall than walking through walls.” She let out a small laugh. “Seiga Nyang Nyang. Or Seiga Kaku, if you prefer.”

You adjust your grip, still not letting up with your gun. “So what are you doing here? Paying your disciples a visit?”

She snaps a finger. “Correct! I just want to see how they're doing, but since they said they are being hindered by a certain person I decided to stick around and see who it is~ And I see an eager young man raring for a fight…” you can see her smirk widening. “…for justice.”

At this point you holster your M9 and bring out your shotgun out. “And what are you implying now?”

Her grin grows even wider. “If you want answers for your questions, there is only one way to get it~”

You grit your teeth and grip your shotgun as this woman keeps playing with you. Your trigger finger’s getting super itchy now…

What should you do?

[] Go after them.
[] Confront Seiga.

M1014 – 7/46
M9 16/75
Basic SDMGD Gear
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[X] Confront Seiga.

Welp, boss battle time. Good luck to us. Also I'm biased in this vote because I kind of love Seiga in general.
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[x] Go after them.

Getting the stuff back matters more and I think Seiga's trying to bait us into a fight we can't exactly win.
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[X] Go after them.

Focus on getting back the items
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[X] Go after them.

I bet Seiga's just stalling for time.
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New update on the new thread, folks. Congrats on reaching the first milestone.

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