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I write it. You read it. Everyone wins.

Expect highly irregular updates (both in timing and content).

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Your eyes flicker open, casting about in the pitch-blackness to locate the alarm clock. What time is it? For that matter, what time did you set this thing for? 6:25... no, 5:30, you correct yourself, blinking enough of the sleep out of your eyes to distinguish the hour hand from the minute hand.

Wait, 5:30? That's... did you actually time it right this time?! You don't feel her beside you in bed, so it's not too early, but she's usually out until at least 6:00... Hah! Spirits soaring, you practically throw yourself out of bed, reaching out to switch off the alarm.

Except you don't go anywhere.

And your hands don't move.

Because there's something around your wrists, holding them together behind your back.

And there's someth-- no, someone on top of you, holding you down.

And, now that you're paying attention, you notice you're stark naked.

God damn it.

"Good morning, Parsee."

Even in the dim light before dawn, you can clearly see the pair of green eyes that smile down at you from a position a few feet above your stomach. "Good morning, love," Parsee drawls, in that bright, cheery tone that she only ever seems to use when tormenting you, and you catch a flicker of motion in the darkness as the alarm goes silent.

"And to what do I owe the pleasure of waking up to your ass in my diaphragm this morning?" you ask, matching her faux-sweet temperament with your own as you discreetly test your bonds behind your back.

"Oh, I'm so glad you asked!" she says as she flops down onto you, planting her elbows on your shoulders. She's as naked as you are, you realize; you can feel her breasts against your chest and her bare hips on your stomach as she slides against you, pulling her face so close to yours that your noses nearly touch. "You see, my morning walk of the bridge just gets me so sweaty! I was going to take a nice, long bath, but then I thought..." Her smile shines through the darkness, disconcertingly wide and toothy. "...why deny my lover the privilege of doing the job himself?"

"Sorry if I'm less than hono--oof!" Your witty retort is cut short as Parsee swings herself back onto your stomach, nearly knocking the wind out of you, and pulls her feet up to rest in front of your face.

"You can start from the bottom," she says happily, "and work your way up. Depending on how well you do, there may be..." Her fingers play their way down your stomach, coming to rest just short of your crotch. "...fringe benefits."

Yeah, right. You've had enough of these early morning 'sessions' by now to know that all you're going to get out of this is enough frustration to last you until nighttime. You give the rope tying your arms together one more tug before deciding that no, it's probably not going to snap, no matter how hard you pull on it. It is a little loose around the wrist, though...

Ah, wishful thinking. You push your thoughts of breaking free to the back burner for now, bringing yourself back to reality as you resign yourself to the task before you. At least it'll put her in a good mood for the rest of the day, you think to yourself, shifting to relieve the pressure of her body weight on your chest and taking a hesitant breath in. Despite what she said about getting sweaty, her skin smells clean, maybe even a little soapy, as if she just got out of the bath. Not entirely surprising; you know by now that it's the dominance and humiliation that gets her off more than the physical act itself.

Of course, after everything that you two have done together, you're not really sure that there's any humiliation left to be had. Sighing once more, you close your eyes and bend your head forward, stretching your tongue out to meet her--

"Ah ah ah. I haven't given you permission yet." She quickly draws her foot away from your mouth, clunking you on the forehead with her heel. "You'll have to ask politely first."

...Okay, maybe there's still a little humilation. "Please let me lick your foot," you say halfheartedly, knowing even as you do what her response will be.

"Not good enough." The hand resting against your stomach moves south, raking through your pubic hair, and you feel cold fingernails drag across your balls with just enough force to make you gasp. "Try again."

God damn it. "Please, allow me the honor of cleaning your body... Mistress," you intone vaguely, casting about for a set of words submissive enough to make her happy.

"Hmmm... no. Still not good enough." The fingernails return, along with a warm hand cupping your balls with an unpleasant pressure that you know could very quickly turn to genuine pain. "Once more chance. Try to be sincere this time, would you?"

You know from unfortunate experience that the implicit threat of violence is very probably not a bluff. "P-please, Parsee, I w-want to..." you stammer, fighting back the shameful flush that rises to your cheeks at the sound of your own nervous, whining plea.

"Good boy," Parsee giggles in reply, grinding her butt against your stomach again and shoving her foot under your nose. "You may."

She lets out a half-sigh, half-moan as you finally make contact, starting to lick along the outside arch of her foot. The taste is... unique -- not particularly pleasant, but not unpleasant, either; more or less the same as any other patch of skin, but with an extra bit of flavor you don't particularly care to qualify. Straining you neck further forward, you work your way across the flat of her foot, careful not to miss a spot as you coat the tender skin with a thin layer of saliva.

"Ssslower," Parsee hisses breathlessly, punctuating her command with another squeeze of your balls, and you oblige, slowly running your tongue up the length of her foot. You can feel her shiver as you reach her toes, probing into the gap between them with the very tip of your tongue, and you gasp as the uncomfortable sensation of pressure on your groin is replaced with a much gentler touch.

"Haha, look how big you've gotten already," Parsee laughs as her feather-light touch runs the length of your semi-erect shaft. "This sort of thing really does get you off, doesn't it? Slut."

Any objection you might have had to her words dies on your tongue as she drags her thumb over your glans roughly, the sensation of friction making you moan audibly. Head swimming, you manage to move your mouth along to her middle toe, sucking gently, and you're rewarded with a slow stroke of your shaft as her other fingers wrap around your length.

"The... other one..." As Parsee squirms atop you, pulling her foot away, you feel a drop of wetness fall onto your stomach, and you catch a glimpse of her free hand working furiously between her own legs before your vision is filled with her other foot. You dive in with gusto, snatching two toes in your mouth, earning yourself a pleased shriek and another finger rubbing against the head of your penis. As you continue to service her foot, her hand works its way into a rhythm; tortuously slow at first, getting faster and faster until you can barely concentrate on anything but the sensation. As she masturbates you, the patch of wetness on your stomach grows, and you can feel her rocking her hips in time with her hand's movements.

The seconds feel like hours as the two of you pleasure each other, but it's not too long before you can feel your own orgasm approaching. You try to stay quiet, focusing your attention on Parsee's foot, but when she suddenly changes her rhythm, slowing her strokes as she increases the pressure of her grip, a moan slips from your mouth, beyond your control. Frantically, you begin to thrust your hips forward, humping against her hand in an attempt to push yourself over the edge before--

Her grip on your cock goes from pleasurable to painful in an instant as her thumb and forefinger circle around the base of your shaft, pulling tight in an unpleasant pinching sensation. You groan aloud in frustration, all your muscles stretching painfully as you arch your back off the bed, trying in vain to get that last bit of stimulation you need.

"Did you... hah... really think I was going to let you cuh... come..." Parsee's scornful laugh isn't enough to hide her arousal, and you hear a low, humming moan from deep within her as she comes, bucking back and forth atop you as your own orgasm gets further and further away. By the time she comes to a rest, panting heavily, your stomach feels like it's drenched with her fluids, and you're painfully hard with no relief in sight.

On top of it all, your hands are really starting to hurt. Sometime in the past few minutes, your thumb got folded over and caught between your palm and the rope, and it's really starting to--

--Wait. Does that mean--

Pressing the back of your hand flat against the bed and arching your back again for leverage, you make a fist in your other hand and pull up and away from the thumb caught in the rope. After a few seconds of tugging, you feel a sharp pain as the rough material scrapes past your knuckle and over your thumb.

You're... free? You're free! Now all you have to do is--

"Now, now, don't make that face," Parsee gloats from above you, mistaking the pain on your face from the rope scratching against you as sexual frustration. "You'll get your turn... eventually."

...Oh, this is going to be fantastic.

You bite your lip in what you hope is a convincing display of contempt, working frantically to loosen the knots and free your other hand; as you do, Parsee laughs at you again, running a hand across your cheek.

"Well, if you're going to be like that, maybe I could do you a favor," she coos, bending down to kiss you on the forehead. Now that some light has begun to creep in through the windows, you can actually see her body as she leans back again; her skin, normally a pale, pristine white, is flushed pink from a combination of exertion and arousal, and the sweat covering her body makes her practically shine in the dim light as her modest chest heaves up and down with every breath.

"Since you did such a good job with my feet, I'll let you skip my legs," she says as she turns her back toward you, stretching one of those perfect legs out until her foot is just about level with your head. "This way, we can move on to something more interesting." Her other leg positions itself on the opposite side of your head, and you finally realize what she's doing as she walks a step backwards on all fours, her knees coming to rest on your shoulders.

"Of course, you'll have to ask permission again first," she says happily, reaching her hands back and pulling her cheeks apart, exposing herself to you completely. She's dripping arousal, literally, and a droplet of liquid lands on your chin as she wiggles her hips, bringing herself closer to you.

"Go on," she taunts, warm breath playing against your erection with every word. "'Please, Parsee, let me lick your a--'"


She doesn't even have time to scream before you're up, yanking your legs from under her at the same time that you push her knees off of your body. Her green eyes go wide with shock as she tumbles, and she raises a hand to try to push you backward again, but it's too late; you grab it by the wrist and pull it tight behind her back as you duck out from under her, making her cry out with pain. Her legs flail up as she hits the bed, trying vainly to kick you, but you're practically sitting on the small of her back now, and you avoid them at your leisure, quickly grabbing hold of her other hand and tying it to the first using the same rope she used to bind you.

"You bastard! You... rrraaagh!" Parsee is practically incoherent with rage, flailing her shoulders up off the bed and baring her teeth back at you like a dog on a short leash. You leave her like that for a good five minutes as she thrashes wildly, working the frustration out of her system; doing nothing, saying nothing, just watching and waiting.

And double- and triple-checking your knots. Your aren't exactly planning on going easy on her, but if Parsee somehow manages to get free, you doubt you'll be able to stand after she's done with you.

Speaking of revenge, you didn't really plan past this point, now that you think about it. Part of you wants to truss her up, strap her to something that vibrates, and just leave her there for the rest of the morning; give her a taste of her own blue-balling medicine. As poetically just as that would be, though, it doesn't do anything about your own frustration, and another very convincing part of you wants to forget about payback and just bang her until she can't see straight. What to do? Decisions, decisions...

Well, maybe you can have your cake and eat it too? "All finished down there?" you ask in that sickeningly sweet tone from before, smirking down at your now-silent captive. She doesn't even look at you in reply, keeping her head steadfastly turned away and remaining silent. Slowly lifting yourself off of her and standing up from the bed, you grab hold of her ankles and pull, turning her around until her lower body is dangling off the bed, her feet touching the floor. A quick check of the nightstand reveals a few extra bundles of rope and small bottles of lubricant, and you take one of each, tying her legs together at the ankles with the former and coating your fingers with the latter.

"Now, then," you begin, spreading her cheeks with one hand as you bring the other to rest a few inches above her exposed sex, "just where were you going to have me lick next? Hm?"

No response. Looks like she's still trying the silent treatment.

"Was it somewhere around... here?" You bring your middle finger down right on the exposed nub of her clitoris, pressing down lightly, and her entire body quivers, all of her muscles tensing at once. Still, she remains silent, and you begin to slowly trail your finger down her slit.

"Maybe closer to here?" you ask, your finger passing over her opening, and she recoils, actively trying to avoid your touch. Still no sound, though.

"Or maybe..." You continue to move your finger, past her slit and moving upward, over the pucker of her anus. "...here?" you ask, giving it an experimental prod.


The way the muscles in her back and neck seize up in the moment immediately afterward tells you that moan wasn't intentional, and you can't quite stop a smile from rising to your face as you draw back.

"Aha. We have a winner," you say glibly, pushing your finger forward once again and earning another moan, stifled as Parsee wriggles forward, trying to bury her face in the bed.

"So this is where you wanted me to lick? It feels good when I touch you here? That's pretty strange, enjoying something like this, isn't it?" You bring a second finger into the act, prodding against her ring in time with your words, and each touch brings a muffled yelp into the bedsheets. After you're convinced that she's too into it to try to escape, you bring your other hand back down to her sex, stimulating her outer lips and clit.

Within minutes, she's writhing in pleasure as you toy with her, just barely hanging on to any semblance of self-restraint. After you begin to finger her vagina, slowly working one, then two fingers in and out of her, teasing her inner walls, even that patience vanishes, and she begins to buck against your fingers, practically doing your work for you. Before long, you see her face scrunch up, eyes and mouth closing, and she begins to emit that telltale humming moan indicating that her orgasm is close at hand.

Which is your cue to stop, abruptly pulling your hands away from her erogenous zones and holding her hips steady, keeping her from grinding against the bed.

"What... why did...?" Parsee whines at the sudden loss of contact, the silent treatment forgotten as she turns her head toward you with pleading eyes.

"Hm?" you ask, raising an eyebrow and smirking down at her. "Did you really think I was going to let you come?"

Her disbelieving stare and shocked gasp make everything worth it. "Fucker," she spits venomously, turning her head away from you again.

"Now, that's no way to convince people to do what you want," you say, feigning insult as you lean over her back. "In fact, if you were to apologize and ask very nicely, I might just decide to do something that would make us both happy. How does that sound?"

"Go fuck yourself." Ooh, now she's good and mad. If you grin any wider, your face might just stick like this.

"Why would I do that when I have you, love?" Chuckling slightly, you run your hands along her body, back down to their original positions, and begin to touch her again, gently at first, slowly getting more vigorous; within a minute, her moans have begun again, even louder than last time.

The second time you bring her to the brink of orgasm, she stays silent, probably trying to give you as little satisfaction over her predicament as possible. The third time, she tries to fight against you, practically forcing herself onto your fingers as her pleasure nearly peaks, and trying to grind against the bed pathetically once that fails. The fourth time, she tries to fake it, but you know her body too well to be fooled, continuing to pleasure her right up to the brink.

By the fifth time, you can tell that she's almost ready to give out. Her pants are mixed with moans, which are mixed with wordless screams, and she makes a noise like she might cry when you finally pull your hands away, leaving her just shy of orgasm yet again.

"You can stop this whenever you want, you know," you say, leaning to whisper in her ear, your voice almost too quiet to be heard over her gasping breaths. "Just a few simple words."

No reply.

"Oh, well. I guess I'll just keep going, then."


"...What was that?"

"I'm... sorry..." she mumbles into the bed quietly, hands closing into tight fists behind her back as she speaks.

"Beg your pardon?" you say lightly. "You'll have to turn and look at me if you want me to understand you, love."

For a long, long moment, she doesn't move, silently trembling below you on the bed.

"I'm sorry..." When she finally does turn her head toward you, her face is a deep red, and her eyes avoid yours as she apologizes through clenched teeth. "Please... forgive me..."

Hmm... You could push her a little further, but you don't think you can hold back much longer yourself, especially given what you have planned. "Apology accepted," you say, smiling down at her. "Now, what do you want me to do?"

"Let me... I want to... come..."

"Ah, but it's not very fair if you're the only one who gets to come, is it? What am I suppos--"

"Put it in me...!" she says impatiently, raw desire on her features as she interrupts your sadistic patter halfway.

"As you wish," you say with a grin. Fumbling for the bottle of lubricant, you dump the remainder onto your length, and after a few strokes to ensure that you're completely coated, you take a step to bring yourself close to her, rubbing your tip up and down her slit a few times. Her loud, long moan is followed by a gasp, though, as you bring your member up to rest at the opening of her anus.


"You did say you wanted me to put it in you, didn't you?" You reach down with one hand, your hand barely touching her skin as it hovers over her pubic mound. "Or should we go back to what I was doing before you apologized?" you ask, struggling to keep a straight face at the whirlwind of emotions that pass her face.


"No, you don't want me to put it in?" you ask facetiously. "You'll have to be clearer, love."

"Put it in me..."

"Where?" you tease, nudging the tip of your penis against her anus as you continue to play with her slit.

"My ass..." she finally says, half-shouting, hands balled up into fists as she squeezes her eyes shut in shame. "Do me in the ass...!"

"As you wish." Her breathing starts to go ragged again as you lean forward, slowly beginning to push into her, and you savor her whining moan as you pull back out, teasing her opening with your tip. You're running out of self-control yourself, though, and after lining yourself up with your hand once more, you push forward past the muscular ring, moving slowly but steadily inward until your hips lie flush against her ass cheeks.

The sensation is... phenomenal; with the warmth of her insides pulsing around you, even staying completely still inside her feels good. Despite her earlier protests, you can tell she's feeling it, too; the way her muscles spasm around you as her entire body shivers with pleasure, that low, moaning hum as she adjusts to your entire length inside of her...

In fact...

"Did you... just come?"

"Y-you... I..." Her hesitance, mixed with those deep, heaving breaths, tells you everything you need to know, and a predatory grin creeps its way onto your face as you lean into her even further, bending down to whisper in her ear from behind.

"You did, didn't you? You came just from me putting it in your ass."

"N... no..." she lies, her blush visible all the way out to the ears even as she turns her head away from you. "I didn't... I didn't commmmnnnnn!"

Her protests are cut short as you slowly begin to pull out, her tightness massaging every inch of your shaft.

"Then I'll just have to make sure you do." Just as the head of your penis reaches her opening from the inside, inches from pulling all the way out of her, you reverse direction, working your way back in with excruciating slowness, and Parsee's moans turn to incomprehensible babbling, her mind shutting down in pleasure.

At first, you continue at that torturous pace, fighting against your own urges as you continue to stimulate her clit with your free hand, letting her involuntary muscles acclimate and relax. Once she starts actively participating, though, clenching and unclenching her anal muscles around you like she's trying to suck you in deeper, you can't hold back any longer; before long, you're going at full speed, both hands grabbing Parsee's waist as you hump against her in pure animalistic need. Only blearily conscious of your own actions, you switch from short, hard thrusts that grind your penis back and forth against her walls to long, sloppy thrusts that squelch with lubricant as they stimulate your entire length, and then back again, mindlessly searching for the most pleasure possible.

It feels like you're melting into her as you lean your body over Parsee's back, every inch of your skin tingling as it slides against hers, and the sound of your labored breaths mixing together seems like the only sound in the world. As if by chance, Parsee's head turns toward yours, and your mouths meet, kissing, sucking, biting, anything to keep the two of you in contact.

"Parsee..." you gasp as you release a kiss, feeling yourself rapidly approaching your limit, "I'm gonna--"

"Me... too..." she replies breathlessly, eyes scrunching shut, "Cuh... cominnnnng..."

The sound of her voice dwindling into that blissful moan pushes you to the point of no return, and the first contractions of her orgasm pull you past it. Closing your eyes, you thrust into her one more time, burying yourself inside her as deeply as possible, and white spots explode in your vision as you reach your climax. You're paralyzed with pleasure as her orgasm continues alongside yours, her muscles pulsating around you like they're trying to suck every last drop of sperm out, and you ejaculate for what feels like years, shooting wad after wad of semen deep into her body.

Eventually, the pleasure comes to a gentle finish, and you let out a breath you hadn't realized you were holding, your entire body going limp as all your muscles relax at once. Beneath you, you can hear Parsee's breathing begin to stabilize again, and you meet her in a kiss almost unconsciously, your eyes remaining closed as you seek her out by instinct alone. As your lips separate, you wrap your arms around her body, and for the next few minutes, the two of you let your minds fall into a post-orgasmic lull, only the sensation of each other's warmth registering.

"...You're heavy."

Parsee's the first to break the silence, naturally, her curt order killing the mood completely.

"Get off me before you break my arms or something."

Sighing to yourself, you comply, pulling your flaccid member out of her and rolling away, crawling up onto the bed and flopping back down into a prone position. As you move, Parsee works against her bonds in an attempt to do the same, and you don't bother trying to stifle your laughter as she shimmies her way up into a comfortable position, wiggling like a worm to lever her legs onto the bed.

"Shut up, you bastard," she snaps venomously, blushing bright red, and you can't help but laugh even harder.

"Or what?" you chuckle. "Gonna spit on me?"

She scowls at you for a moment longer before her eyes flick downward, and before you can stop her, her head jerks forward, forehead catching you right in the solar plexus with a fair bit of force. Even with the wind nearly knocked out of you, you can't seem to stop yourself from laughing, and you let a few more weak chuckles escape before rolling onto your back and taking a few deep breaths.

"You're making breakfast," Parsee says, glaring up at you sullenly. "Since you messed up my plans for the morning. Now untie me."

"Hmm..." Fortunately, you know better than to take a sullen glare from Parsee as a sign of any real, lasting anger. "Nah."

"Wh-what? What do you mean, 'nah'?! I said let me go, you--"

"Too tired. You wake up too early, you know." Turning over onto your side once more, you reach down under Parsee's arms, ignoring her stream of shouted invective and pulling her all the way up onto the bed until her face is level with yours. "Besides, this is a rare opportunity for me."

"What is that supposed to--"

"Normally, when I wake up, you're either gone walking the bridge or assaulting me," you say, grinning wryly as you slip your arms around Parsee's back, pulling her closer to you. "But if I get back to sleep now, I might actually get to wake up with you beside me, for once."

That shut her up. "...Jackass," she finally manages after nearly ten seconds of hemming and hawing, glaring at you that much harder to make up for the bright red blush rapidly spreading across her cheeks. "Do what you want," she finishes sharply, turning up her nose and closing her eyes petulantly.

"'Kay." You pull her even closer, into a tight hug, resting your head just above her breasts. Maybe you really will be able to get a little extra sleep like this, after all. "I love you, Parsee."

Another long silence. "M... me, too. You, that is. L-love. I mean, uh..."

Good Lord, but she's easy to fluster. "I know what you mean," you say, trying not to snicker.

"You'd better." She breathes out heavily, resting her chin on top of your head. "Asshole."

Hm. You'd probably better let her have her way with you next time she decides to try something.

You let your eyes wander lazily for a moment longer, taking in the new day's light now streaming in through the window, before allowing them to drift shut. Tucked as close to Parsee as you are, you can feel her chest rise and fall with every breath, and her heartbeat is loud enough to drown out all the other sounds around you, the rhythmic pounding lulling you even further into sleep.

Lazily, you reach your arms out and grab hold of Parsee's arms, working your way down clumsily until you reach her wrists. After a few false starts as you lose your concentration while working blindly and drowsily, you manage to undo the main knot, and you toss the rope over the edge of the bed as she pulls her hands free. After a moment, you feel her hands against your back as her arms drape over your shoulders, enveloping you in a loose embrace.

Maybe mornings like this aren't so bad, after all.
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God damn, that was great. Good job, glas
No. 5907

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Good lord. A+.
No. 5916
I love you man that was too awesome ;_;
No. 5925
I haven't stopped fapping.
No. 5927
Fapping Extravagant!
No. 5930
Ah, brilliant!
No. 5932
Imagine how the Yuugi H-scene will be. There are no words that could describe how great it'll be.
No. 5942
File 127239595423.png - (858.31KB , 1200x779 , 4809508.png ) [iqdb]
Unless glasnost has something in mind to push the relationship along in a specific direction, I really don't see a Yuugi H-scene ever happening. Not like it's impossible or something, it just wouldn't make sense in the story, at least with the way it is now.
No. 5952
File 127242173244.jpg - (132.66KB , 500x433 , 1258429517101.jpg ) [iqdb]
what the fuck you talking about
No. 5964
The problem with that theory is that is this story going to be a continuous story, or is it a series of one-shots with different characters?
No. 5965
I think >>5942 was referring to the /underground/ story, which is on the Yuugi route.
No. 5980
Now I see what >>5942 was talking about.

Still why are there so few Yuugi H-scenes?
No. 5981
Not many people write about the underground crew to put it simply, and it doesn't help that most that do end up giving up. And in terms of H-one shots, there's so many other characters in line ahead of her, such as Komachi, who has a VERY distressing lack of H-scenes.
No. 6089
File 127329110558.png - (397.88KB , 729x859 , 10468195.png ) [iqdb]
>Still why are there so few Yuugi H-scenes?

Probably because the act of coitus with Ms. Hoshiguma is literally suicide; the unfortunate protagonist of any such story wouldn't survive long enough to even get her off before he would be reduced to a thick red paste and/or accidentally gored. It's a profound combination of guro, despair, and blue balling that few can bring themselves to attempt.
No. 6107

Not true, I have done H-Roleplay scenes with Yuugi before that were quite enjoyable. She's boisterous, to be sure, but underneath she's a caring soul with a heart of gold.
No. 6149
I wouldn't say it's that bad, but it's probably not something the timid should attempt. Brings to mind the old "who could survive a romp in the hay with She-Hulk" question.

Woman of Steel, Man of Kleenex.
No. 7229
This should not be on the third page.

Loved it.
No. 7941
This is fuckin' classic.
No. 8353
Finally making good on my promise to save Byoujo no Sho from the horror that is a CGRascal translation.


Side-by-side with the Japanese text for your convenience. I think I caught all the little grunts and moans that bear translating, too.

Watch this space for more porn actually written by me; this thread is a deadline-free zone, but I've had another piece close to done for a while now. Team 9 group sex. You heard it here first.
No. 8354
Aha. Gotcha.

Now time to work on this very slowly, after I am done NitoMari Woosh!.
No. 8357
Great to hear...

About you know... Adult or loli?

Also the general thing here isn't so much deadlines as finishing the shorts you start.
No. 23102
This was on page 9, right at the bottom, getting ready to be pushed off the board. But this is fucking great, and needs to be saved from obscurity (i know there are archives).
No. 23103
Except that glasnost isn't writing any more.
Thanks anyway for rubbing salt on my open wound.

No. 23104

But he is eagerly translating doujinshi! Either way, he's providing awesome things for the community. Seriously, though, if this rots in archives nobody will see it.
No. 23809
>I've had another piece close to done for a while now.
No. 23810
It's never going to happen. Sage more you nigger.
No. 23824
What's happened to Troika anyway.
No. 23825

The hell do you think happened to? It's Glasnost.
No. 23831
That was the point, he seems to like vanishing without warning.
No. 23838
Did he went into some haunted house recently?
No. 23856
Does IRC count?
No. 23861
I don't know. Did someone died in a rage or sorrow while being on IRC?
No. 23862
>failed at sage