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File 150275685760.png - (553.81KB, 1000x607, bR4nDn3WD4y.png) [iqdb]
197664 No. 197664 hide watch expand quickreply

“Um, sure...” the fluffy-fluffy-fluffy fluff-head girl says with that look you get sometimes when you say too much like you think you probably did just then.

You get that look all the time these days, it seems.

All the time.

All those eyes, just looking.



“Ah! I mean, yes! Yes, I would very much appreciate it if you would help me, sir!” the girl says, with more cheer and enthusiasm than before.

Probably trying to hide how uncomfortable you're making her you think, possibly.
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>> No. 198800
[x] Breaking Out

>> No. 198801
[X] Keep Quiet
[X] Peace sign ✌️
>> No. 198802
[x] (The) Fall
Tumbling is a good trick.

File 147961976419.jpg - (672.39KB, 4160x3120, alice sez.jpg) [iqdb]
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Here's a rather short story whose magical evening is only a few choices long. Putting brevity aside, it'll hopefully still be fun. Follow your hearts and all will be well.


She’s late.

It’s a thought that’s annoyingly hard to dismiss. Logic threatens to reach some sort of conclusion from that fact. Specifically, it’s the sort conclusion that makes you weak in the knees. So you keep telling yourself that she’s just being fashionably late.

At least it’s somewhat comforting to know that you’re not the only one made to wait. A few individuals and small groups loiter in the reception area, making small talk and stealing the occasional furtive glance towards the door. This fellowship is usually short-lived, however, as most of those waiting are only there for a few minutes. Some run out of patience and ask to be seated, ushered beyond the separating curtain, leaving their companions to sheepishly ask after them at the reception when they arrive. Others choose to wait right there and greet their friends as they come in, going in as one happy group.

Though there’s still a few people waiting that arrived at around the same time as you, none have been there quite as long as you have. After checking in on your reservation, you had stood to one side of the room. That was about a half hour ago by your reckoning. A few minutes ago, you got an annoyingly sympathetic look from the one of the wait staff. Her eyes said everything that you had been working so hard to avoid thinking about. She saw someone well-dressed, with a reservation for two, waiting for his date and reached the natural conclusion…

But how could she know you were on a date? Well, it was the most popular restaurant in the village. During the day farmers and merchants showed up for hearty lunches but the atmosphere was completely different at night. With soft, live music and candlelight, it was a natural draw for couples and closely-knit groups of friends. The somewhat private location of the restaurant on the western edge of the central park was conducive for intimate strolls under the moonlight after meals. So, therefo
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>> No. 198795
[X] Focus on something wholly different. Talk of dreams and hopes for the future.

I'm curious to see what their dreams are.
>> No. 198796
[X] Talk about shared interests and experiences, such as your private lessons.

I really wish there was some kind of conflict or purpose here. I feel like I've been cheated out of a scandalous magician love triangle story. Or, perhaps, in this case i'd be more appropriate to say a magician love quadrilateral.
>> No. 198797
[ze] Talk about shared interests and experiences, such as your private lessons.

Nice update Teruyo. Go on, I'm interested.

File 151047841699.jpg - (612.46KB, 600x800, 1507745149764.jpg) [iqdb]
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I sighed as I sat up, annoyed at myself. Mother always said a shrine maiden’s most basic responsibility of all is towards herself – I couldn’t hope to serve her or help others if I couldn’t take care of myself. Eating enough and eating properly, sleeping right, keeping clean and neat; all elementary things you might not think consciously about, but of vital importance nonetheless. Because it was Mother’s direct teaching, I took it as seriously as I would any youkai extermination: a threat to my health was a thread to my work, and that could not be allowed.

I knew what the issue was. Slowing down to keep pace with Aya for a few days in a row had left me with excess energy. I didn’t think I was the kind to get restless over it, but it built up over time either way.

I took stock of our situation as I thought of what to do to work off the extra energy. The night no longer looked red: the thin white lines now radiated enough clear, bright light that they easily drowned out the moon and stars in intensity. They lacked the red color, as if they were on the inside, and the sky on the outside of a big pane of colored glass. They had nearly covered the entire sky now, and I had to look for a full minute to spot even one tiny patch of starlit sky not covered by the web of light. Whatever this was doing to the world, it would be complete before next dusk.

Aya breathed peacefully, having tumbled into sleep nearly instantly from the fatigue of the day. I felt a strong pull of anxiety as I saw his skinny, pale little limbs shake from another passing shiver, the fire having died down to embers by then. My teeth clenched. It was that same unexplainable protective instinct from before flaring up again. I huffed as I got up and fed the fire, and forcing myself to stop there. It would get improper, otherwise.

I hadn’t seen my friend for almost a full day now, but I quickly nixed the idea of going off to look for him. Aya was vulnerable here, I couldn’t just run off to look for a dog. There was one thing I could do to occupy my time.

I sat near the fire and started to relax, feeling the warmth of the fire wash over me. With some reverence
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>> No. 198790
I laid on my futon and fidgeted impatiently, taking a break from pacing around the room. A small swaying candle on the floor nearby served as the only illumination in the room and my textbook sat forgotten next to me, the diagrams within long memorized. Studying it no longer served as a past-time. It was about time this ‘assignment’ ended, but Mother wasn’t always exact with dates. I hadn’t been learning for too long, so her arrivals and departures still filled me with a giddy anxiety and eagerness to meet her again — one would think living with her for all of my childhood would have deadened such an impulse, but all it did was make her absence more painful when she did begin sending me away.

This time, I’d been given a modest servant’s room in the manor of a minor imperial court member, mostly observing as he went through his busy schedule each day. Though I wasn’t given express instructions and learned well enough just observing him go through his work and occasionally asking questions, he’d even made time to teach me directly, along with some nephews of his. They complained, kept their distance and whispered of witchery that I could see without eyes, but that much was routine, and there had been nothing much worse than the usual whispers and looks. No matter. As long as I could do what I was told, I didn’t care even if they threw rocks at me. There had even been a pleasant exception to the rule, in this case.

I kept the sliding door to the outside opened a crack despite the cool wind, so I could fruitlessly crane my head back and peek out at the lantern-lit garden every few seconds, waiting. My time here had been well spent. I’d learned a lot, but it was growing near time to go — I could feel it. The increase in pressure that announced her, a shiver that had nothing to do with the cold. Goddesses had such presence, naturally. I rose into seiza naturally as the door quietly slid open. I smiled up at her.

“Welcome back!”

Mother was ghostly as always, silhouetted against the night sky and the dim garden, long hair and ribbons streaming. Ethereal, pale and beautiful, like a princess from a tale. The starlight framing he
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>> No. 198791
You write the best Hina.
>> No. 198794
Yay flashback!

File 149775631892.jpg - (396.64KB, 1297x4460, gja7X.jpg) [iqdb]
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Once more, you find the intercom and insert the key. The wave of exhaustion hits you as soon as the static, but you find that you’re able to fight against it this time.

“What do you want of me?” You ask the white noise.

“Don’t let her struggle be in vain.” You don’t hear the words so much as you feel them. “She deserves that much, wouldn’t you agree, dear?”

An image appears in your mind - of a woman with long, ink-black hair in red and white shaman attire, standing tall with her back to you.

“You’re talking about the Hakurei? Well, what would that entail?” You ask, muffling a yawn.

If it was possible for a butterfly to shrug, you swear it would have. More figures appear before your mind, this time blurry and indistinct - flashes of a woman in red and a man in blue, both with silver hair - but the vision slides across your consciousness like suds on glass before you can see it clearly.

“I’m going to need more than that.” You say, earning an annoyed flick of antennae.

This time, you see them with plumes of light rising from their backs, reaching for the sky.
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>> No. 198774
[X] Play the music box and take a nap.
>> No. 198789
[x] Play the music box and take a nap.
>> No. 198792
[x] Try to call Komachi's attention to the butterfly.

I am contrary and suspicious.

File 151941235328.jpg - (18.39KB, 360x180, prologue1.jpg) [iqdb]
198676 No. 198676 hide watch expand quickreply

That feeling of abandonment.

You don't know how long it's been since your existence has been defined by anything else.

You can remember something else - something that, long ago, lent you meaning in the form of purpose. Like... a guiding hand. Like a strong, wise friend who held you and promised your safety. Whatever it was, it was important to you. It was you, and it was everything that you were. But it went.

Replaced by this emptiness. Without warning. Without even a polite 'goodbye'. You were held and you were forgotten. Or perhaps you forgot?

You don't like this emptiness.

This feeling is not something you want to feel. It's something you want to go away.

You've sat here for a while now, hoping the feeling would go away. You don't remember what this place was. You don't remember why you were left here in the first place. You just know, sitting in the seat of your own detachment from your own purpose, you only wished to all the gods that could hear you that the feeling would go away. But it didn't.
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>> No. 198785
[X] Hop upon the girl.

Can we skip the exposition we already know?
>> No. 198787
[X] Who are you?
[X] Where are we?
>> No. 198788
File 15208514541.jpg - (1.24MB, 1200x1920, then we go looking for friends.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] What am I?
[x] Where are we?
[x] Who are you?

Let's get the introductions out of the way first.

File 150263746427.jpg - (287.10KB, 1664x1170, apres la pluie.jpg) [iqdb]
197641 No. 197641 hide watch expand quickreply
Previous thread: >>190622


“I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a mother,” Aya said at long last. She had been relatively quiet for some time, offering only a terse shrug or half-mumbled reply whenever I said something. Part of it may have been a normal post-meal slump, that time when thoughts are weighed down by physical satisfaction. Part of it may have been real introspection. Perhaps, more likely, it had been a convenient way for her to setup whatever other point she wanted to make before the night was through.

I couldn’t tell what her deal really was. As the night wore on, I was less and less sure of her real thoughts and motivations. I briefly wondered if she thought the same about me, since I wasn’t really open either. At least, I tried not to be. I refrained from asking her about things I wanted to ask because I wasn’t sure if it’d be playing into her hand. At any rate, the timing was off.

I smiled, hoping to mask my true thoughts and went through the opening she left me, asking, “what do you mean?”

Aya sighed, leaned back in her chair and turned her eyes up to the ceiling, looking like she was staring through solid material at the stars. There was a pause. For better or worse, I found myself leaning in slightly, crossing my arms. “I have my doubts about if you’re ready,” she said, keeping her gaze fixed upwards.

“About tomorrow?” I asked the unnecessary.

“Yep. Going out into the wider world all by yourself isn’t easy. If you mess up, it won’t just be me that you have to worry about.”
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>> No. 198773
[x] Stick to business, as it were, ask more about this Youmu and her blade.

I keep forgetting to mention this, but I really like how you write Hide. There's something about his "straight man" personality that makes interactions with characters like Aya and Yuyuko all that more fun.
>> No. 198777

There's some evidence to suggest wealthy aristocrats used perfume unique to their family as a seal of authenticity. I'm not sure I believe that, but it's probably the effect Tman is going for here.

[X] Ingratiate myself with Yuyuko further, ask more about herself and this place.

This is a pretty opportune moment since she's clearly off her guard. The fact that she doesn't even consider Hide a potential suitor kinda puts a soft cap on how much influence we can exert over these two.

To that end, I think we should capitalize on the newfound realization that Hide is actually in a position of power to win a bit more favor.
>> No. 198786
[x] Stick to business, as it were, ask more about this Youmu and her blade.

We kind of left Youmu in a delicate situation, so we better work towards improving their relation if she is to bo-help her.

Also, very good update, easy and fun to read.

File 151508337290.jpg - (81.18KB, 850x601, Sleepy Banki.jpg) [iqdb]
198503 No. 198503 hide watch expand quickreply

You wake up once again to the same somewhat-bright shapelessness in a soft bed. Birds chirp from out the window and you can hear the faint sound of village chatter in the distance, as well as smell the tea that Keine is having for the morning.

You sit up, letting the sheets fall away and groping around the table you know to be beside the bed for your folded shirt. Your fingers brush against the familiar fabric and you pull it towards you, not expecting the weight that you didn’t know was on it give way and topple to the floor.


You wince, more because the curse was shouted so loudly than the impact sounded incredibly painful, and tentatively reach down, hoping that what you feared would happen would not happen.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.


“Jesus!” You withdraw your hand, cradling your now-sore finger as Seki “hmph!”s and floats her way out with a creak of the door.

Putting on your shirt, you can’t help but sigh.
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>> No. 198706
[x] There’s this one shop. Lots of things from outside. The owner might have something.
>> No. 198717
[x] There’s this one shop. Lots of things from outside. The owner might have something.
>> No. 198776
[x] There’s this one shop. Lots of things from outside. The owner might have something.

File 151207363237.png - (340.44KB, 832x196, china-grove.png) [iqdb]
198302 No. 198302 hide watch expand quickreply
// Formerly known as GreaterYakani.

A curtain lifts.

---- CHINA GROVE ----
---- Select Arc ----

[_] Kannapolis Arc
[_] China Grove Arc
[X] Concord Arc (locked)
[X] Charlotte Arc (locked)
[X] ?????? (locked)

// Votes will close 48 hours after the time of this post.
// (Selection Type: Linear Selection)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 198758
[X] Discuss the 'lack of color'.

Kinda thinking this is the cause of everything
>> No. 198759
[x] Ask what happened with the rest of the mansion...
>> No. 198760
[x] Discuss the 'lack of color'.

Not really my thing, but have a vote anyway wink wink

File 150389065056.jpg - (9.13KB, 184x184, fosty.jpg) [iqdb]
197773 No. 197773 hide watch expand quickreply

"Staying tuned" edition
Previous thread: >>184073

[X]Try and get a better look, and ask if he has anything else for sale.

Before the door can finish swinging shut, you call out. "Hey, you got anything in the back that's for sale?"

There's a small crash from the other side of the door, and you wince slightly. Hopefully whatever he had wasn't too fragile.

"Uh, I suppose," the man calls back, and you can hear some mild effort in his voice. "Come on-" There's the sound of a box being set on top of another box. "-back, if you'd like to see."

You push through the door, and find the man inspecting a stack of crates, particularly the one on top. Judging by his sigh of relief, nothing was actually broken. The back room itself was in a pretty much identical state as the rest of the store, but with a lot more boxes piled up along the walls and in the floor. There wasn't any organization method you could recognize at work, here.

The man adjusts his glasses. "So, what exactly are you looking for?"

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
22 posts and 1image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 198754
[X]Head over, see what's up.
>> No. 198755
[x]Head over, see what's up.

After we've checked it out we can decide whether or not it's important enough to warrant further attention. If it isn't, we just go on our way.
>> No. 198756
[X]Head over, see what's up.

Side Ops Ahoy

File 143518025359.gif - (459.58KB, 352x240, K983D.gif) [iqdb]
184446 No. 184446 hide watch expand quickreply

Billy Herrington awoke with a start, a flash in his eyes, and a pain in his rectum. Looking around, there was a thick fog around him through which he could discern the shadows of trees. Suddenly he hears a rustling noise approach him.

Konichiwa! Gomenesai!
Is this Japan?
And you?
A little computer guy?

“No I am the strongest!” said the miniscule shadow in the corner of his eye. He turned about to see a small blue idiot. “Are you some sort of karate master? You know I’ve always to come to Japan because of my background in karate.”
“What’s karate are you lost mister?” inquired the blue idiot.
“When you lose your way it’s probably because of fairies.”

“I guess I’m the one at the wrong door this time.” He said reminiscing of his days with Van Darkholme. “Door?” Cirno said. Suddenly more rustling and a gust of air from behind. At this point a gushing beam of vehement life eliminated the blue idiot’s map for keeps. “Why did you did you go offscreen damn you?” It was a witch…. Billy thought. “Wait this isn’t Japan!” he cried out in ecstasy and dismay. “What’s japan?” said the witch. “The subject behind my studies!” Billy exclamated. The witch looked at him worriedly having not seen anyone more muscular than Rinnosuke before. “This is the land of illusion.” she said, “namely Gensokyo.” “Yeah yeah okay where’s the gym then?” “This isn’t pokemon you know.” Said an extremely thin man with a flowery hat and a large glass of beer in the sky. “So you’re the little computer guy!” said Billy “The little computer guy in the sky!” ZUN looked at him worriedly, also never having seen anyone more muscular than Rinnosuke, before disappearing into thin air. “I need your help!” said Billy. “If there’s no gym how do I keep my gains?” “You’re obviously not from here.” Marissa said. “I know someone who can help take you back.” “So you know a place where I can practice my karate skills?”
“Eh, well, just hop on my broom.”
“Okay!” exclaimed Billy excitedly, as he placed Marisa’s firm, long broom handle in
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 191697
This would have been the perfect shitpost for the contest.
>> No. 198752
aniki ;_;
>> No. 198753
Wrestle in Peace, Aniki. You were the original big guy for us.

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