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File 147930778899.jpg - (186.84KB , 630x1008 , Like a hamster.jpg ) [iqdb]
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First Thread: >>191170

[m+1] What 'interests you' exactly?
-[m+1] She's human.
--[m+1] A sennin, whatever that is.


"My, didn't I just say~?"

"You evaded the question."

"Ohh~? Did I, now...?" She titters a bit.

You sigh. You're a bit bothered by how she's bothering you so much less than before. "Still, why are you, erm..." You blush a bit, remembering that this situation is a bit embarrassing.
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>> No. 193552
[X] Use it. She seems certain it will work for you, regardless
>> No. 193554
[X] Use it. She seems certain it will work for you, regardless.

part of me wants to know what happens if its used on a human
>> No. 193555

A holy man would be born, maybe.

File 147852834611.gif - (95.41KB , 777x777 , This is horrible but worth the effort.gif ) [iqdb]
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>>/i/704 This will be filled quite heavily with some of my better edits after the month is over.

>>191322 Previous Thread
>>188147 First Thread

[X] Let the whappings begin. You find a certain deep satisfaction to this.
[X] Defend the flower after 4 whaps!
-[X] This all started for a bad joke you couldn't even finish!
--[X] And defending you like this is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you.
---[X] Of course, that means you deserve a share in the whapping... Oh shit.

— - — - —

The first strike... Wow. That dented the armor. "Auntie, wait, stop, it's hard to get those dents ou—"

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>> No. 193547
[x] Depeen kiss
-[x] Pay attention to her cues and act accordingly

Jeez, it's like you've never kissed a flying eye before!
>> No. 193548
[X] Break kiss.
>> No. 193553
[x] Depeen kiss
-[x] Pay attention to her cues and act accordingly

Playing an extreme xenophile is fun.

File 148137979753.jpg - (96.08KB , 1280x689 , What can one brave ship do.jpg ) [iqdb]
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[ ] Blood..?
-[ ] Don't dally too much and get ready though.
[ ] I get the feeling a little bit of abyssal blood is only the beginning, Chiyuri. If I didn't know any better, I'd say our mission here is to see how far we can take abyssal on human experimentation.

— - — - —

"So, what am I to change into?"

Rika helpfully answers, "Clothes we can assure won't contaminate the room. Really, your shoes and gloves are the most likely candidates, but being sure doesn't hurt when dealing with this much surgery." After a moment, she blushes. "Ahh, erm... I'll show you where. Sorry, sir."

As you're in the process of this all, you begin to consider all that you've learnt since you've arrived. Abyssals bleed and have organs, not that such a thing is new to you. What does the term 'Abyssal technology' really mean, though? Is it flesh and blood, or steel and oil? Are they grinding their bones to make your ships, or simply studying tech far more advanced than anything you ever could hope to make?

Fully kitted out and ready to enter, you soon are led, along with Inazuma of course, towards the place where this will happen. Are you really here to fight the abyssals, or are you here to rip parts out of them and attach them to little girls? You know time will answer the question, but as things are, do you really want the answer? Your loyalty to your country is still resolute, but these things are putting niggling little doubts in your head.

Soon, Inazuma is lying on the table. You offer a hand to settle her nerves, which she takes after a short bout of hesitation. She may be a sailor, she may be seen fit to be a hero, but under all that — under all that crushing weight of your country's hopes and dreams — the girl is still only a child still. She may be of the bravest people you've ever met, she may have been deemed the best for the job, but you can't just let her go through this without support.
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>> No. 193543

Even that would be a risky proposition my dude. Consider Aoko's leg muscles and the ratio by which they would need to increase in strenght to effortlessly support her weight. Now, apply that same ratio to her other muscles. particularly, and more relevant to this conversation; the ones involved in vaginal contractions.

I'm sure you can see the problem that may arise should we attempt any act inclusive within the set of all that is [Intercourse].
>> No. 193549
[X] Wait until later.

Tide, piss, etc. No need to rush her.
>> No. 193556
Calling in around 10 or so hours.

File 142282951364.png - (1.29MB , 1024x1365 , muppet.png ) [iqdb]
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"Unoriginal title" edition.
Previous thread: >>179898

[X]Just stay by yourself. Anyone wants to talk, they'll come to you.
[X]Have a drink, loosen up a bit.

You know what, while you're interested in meeting everyone else, you can't be arsed to actually get up and talk to them. To that end, you decide to simply stay where you are, and let them come to you.

Also, you don't feel like being completely sober. You can't remember the last time you were able to have an actual drink.

Getting up, you feel a few eyes linger on you as you approach the drink table. As you stop in front of the alcohol, you realize that you'll kinda have to take your mask off to actually have a drink. Thankfully, you were facing away from everyone, so you could gulp some liquid down without showing your face. You don't know why you're worried about that, however. Probably something about preserving the mystery that is you, or some bollocks.

Anyway, you manage to slip the lower half of your mask up with your good hand, which almost completely obscures your vision, but you can at least drink something. You quickly fill your glass and swallow it down, wincing as the alcohol burns your throat. You missed that.

Fitting your mask back on, you turn to see most of the room watching you, evidently hoping to sneak a peek of your face.
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>> No. 193533
[X]Might makes light, and not much is mightier than an explosion. Grenades could work.
>> No. 193534
[x] Maybe the answer is a more natural light source. A welding torch can work as a lighter, most likely.
>> No. 193536
[x] Grenade out!

File 145081207435.jpg - (249.66KB , 850x1175 , are-there-even-any-downsides.jpg ) [iqdb]
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You are a necromancer. As a practitioner of what many in the magical world revile, you have been forced to skulk in the darkness to seek precious knowledge. It is in the shadows of humanity, far away from the any civilized denizens, that you have faced countless horrors. The simplest, the giant half-spiders that could bisect a man with the strength in their legs or the mutated locust swarms that could deafen a town and strip it bear of life in under an hour, would be enough to drive any modern human into a panicked frenzy.

Such mundane worries don’t trouble you. You have seen worse. You have encountered the raving madman looking to resurrect his daughter. The self-proclaimed scientist preyed upon a small village, kidnapping women in the night, dragging them kicking and screaming to his underground lair where he strapped them to a blood-soaked table where he sawed off their limbs, sliced open their bellies, and extracted their throbbing organs. He entrapped their souls with magitechnical devices and slowly picked those women apart, stripping skin and gouging brain matter to see what effects the body and mind had on the soul.

You animated the mutilated corpses that were discarded in the corner and mobbed the madman. Then you cut apart his stitched together doll of a daughter who could only weep blood all night long. She was unreasonably, unfortunately, durable.

You have infiltrated the gibbering cults that worshipped astral nightmares. They had rituals for summoning tentacled monsters that would punch a hole in a man’s chest, chewing through his fleshy innards and tunneling into his chest cavity to nibble at the victim’s heart.

All manner of demons and devils have assailed you, brought forth by powerful Satanists. Some demons were towering in stature, the fiery generals of Hell capable of crushing you underneath a hooved foot. Devils little more than whispered words on the air have attempted to subvert your mind and subsume your thoughts.

You have encountered the abominations of your ‘fellow’
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>> No. 193491
What about making contact with kaguya?
>> No. 193498

And how do you propose to do that with Eintei on total lockdown? The guards out front won't let us in, and Eirin will hear about it because its Kaguya. And we don't want Eirin to learn what we're doing.
>> No. 193517
A custom campaign, but yes that would be correct. I have fond memories of that series; I played through it multiple times over the years.

I'll assume those two options are in priority order, then.

Infiltrate Eientei and find Kaguya? Sure, go ahead and vote for it. Anything you have in mind to say?

File 14826482487.png - (85.00KB , 352x234 , quite the maniacal princess.png ) [iqdb]
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[x] ...Yo?
[x] Did you catch them?
[x] ...What’s with the getup?
-[x] You’re here about Mai.


“...Yo?” The redhead simply stares back at your befuddled being, not really moving anymore. Seeing this angle is somewhat disorientating, especially in your relatively tired state. It takes a moment or two longer to realize that, yes, you are seeing exactly what you think you’re seeing. ...This is hardly some sort of dream; that’d be too easy an explanation.

Either way, you do recognize the face from earlier. “...Did you catch them?”

The first hint of life appears on her face as she arcs an eyebrow… well, upward for her. “We caught all of the hostage-takers. In the end, they were sufficiently apprehending and contained. Sara was quite enthusiastic about ensuring that none were in a state to escape.”

“That’s good, at least. Are they going to remain in custody?”

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>> No. 193405
[X] Wake Hina and see if she can assist with flying or walking.
>> No. 193486
Where is the next part?
>> No. 193501
Will be coming in a few days. I've been a bit busy as of the new year, but I'll have time later on.

File 147961976419.jpg - (672.39KB , 4160x3120 , alice sez.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Here's a rather short story whose magical evening is only a few choices long. Putting brevity aside, it'll hopefully still be fun. Follow your hearts and all will be well.


She’s late.

It’s a thought that’s annoyingly hard to dismiss. Logic threatens to reach some sort of conclusion from that fact. Specifically, it’s the sort conclusion that makes you weak in the knees. So you keep telling yourself that she’s just being fashionably late.

At least it’s somewhat comforting to know that you’re not the only one made to wait. A few individuals and small groups loiter in the reception area, making small talk and stealing the occasional furtive glance towards the door. This fellowship is usually short-lived, however, as most of those waiting are only there for a few minutes. Some run out of patience and ask to be seated, ushered beyond the separating curtain, leaving their companions to sheepishly ask after them at the reception when they arrive. Others choose to wait right there and greet their friends as they come in, going in as one happy group.

Though there’s still a few people waiting that arrived at around the same time as you, none have been there quite as long as you have. After checking in on your reservation, you had stood to one side of the room. That was about a half hour ago by your reckoning. A few minutes ago, you got an annoyingly sympathetic look from the one of the wait staff. Her eyes said everything that you had been working so hard to avoid thinking about. She saw someone well-dressed, with a reservation for two, waiting for his date and reached the natural conclusion…

But how could she know you were on a date? Well, it was the most popular restaurant in the village. During the day farmers and merchants showed up for hearty lunches but the atmosphere was completely different at night. With soft, live music and candlelight, it was a natural draw for couples and closely-knit groups of friends. The somewhat private location of the restaurant on the western edge of the central park was conducive for intimate strolls under the moonlight after meals. So, therefo
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>> No. 193475
File 148378225487.jpg - (249.25KB , 1920x1080 , votes please.jpg ) [iqdb]
g-guys..I'm sorry for whatever I did wrong. I promise I c-can do better...
>> No. 193476
[X] Alice
[X] Check in with your cousin and enjoy the best service they can offer.
Pity vote.
>> No. 193479
File 148382709666.jpg - (199.76KB , 636x960 , __kirisame_marisa_and_mima_touhou_and_touhou_pc_98.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why is this even a contest? We all know who is best magician, right?

File 146583102093.png - (950.93KB , 1254x885 , when do I get to punch stuff he said I would get t.png ) [iqdb]
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You get it.

As hard as it is to believe, you think you actually get what the white-haired girl is saying!

Looking back on your past actions, it certainly does explain more than a couple things that had once left you confused.

The upperclassmen who giggled or laughed at you...
The underclassmen who gave you strange looks and said something about 'stranger danger'...
The maid that closed the door on your face without a word...
The waitress who laughed uncomfortably and refused to make eye-contact from that moment on...
The nurse's reaction from before...

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 193477
So guys what's the bet that we either;

A) Wake up in the infermary at the dream school or B) We wake up nowhere near Moriya shrine since we've somehow managed to sleepwalk somewhere.
>> No. 193488
[X] Okaaaaaaaaaay~!
>> No. 193530

What, just those two options? I am disappoint.

What about Option C, where you wake up nowhere near the dream school because you sleepwalked into a dream rice paddy on the outskirts of the dream town?

Or option D) You actually do wake up back in the Moriya Shrine, but now everyone you look at turns into a pillar of salt?

Or even E) You wake up back in your base, and resume the endless conflict between your fleet of girls who are boats and fleet of creepy yet strangely hot girls who are also boats?

And of course,
F) You wake up back in the Hakurei Shrine. You have always been at the Hakurei Shrine. You have never left the Hakurei Shrine. You will never leave the Hakurei Shrine.

Disclaimer: Some and/or none of those things will probably happen. Probably.

File 14544778981.png - (74.12KB , 271x220 , Templar Executor.png ) [iqdb]
187220 No. 187220 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Previous Thread: >>184316


[X] Leave, head to Misty Lake to get back guns & practice flight, then head to the Garden of the Sun.


You step off into the air as soon as you exit the gate. Turning around, you see Junko walking towards the floating Celestial. Words seem to be exchanged, either banter or terms of engagement, then they move some distance away from the village in an empty field. Tenshi lands on the ground and Junko spits out her cigarette and draws her own sword.

Junko raises her hand, palm upturned, and a disproportionate amount of gray smoke starts billowing from the discarded cigarette, obscuring her from view in seconds. Tenshi takes a step back in alarm, brandishing her sword as rocks rise into the air around her.

You turn away. You’ve already seen what comes next, and while it’d be pretty funny to watch Tenshi blunder through her first illusions, you have more important matters to deal with.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 193466
[x] Kasen: Ask more questions about Gensokyo's history.

Just finished rereading this story in its entirety and now having played a bit of TSW I think I appreciate things a lot more. There's all these neat little references that I really enjoy funding. Here's hoping for more updates.
>> No. 193471

I know, right? He gets the little lore bits spot-on, not to mention that everything just feels right.
>> No. 193505
[X] Kasen

File 143639114258.jpg - (147.24KB , 904x822 , 1bcf248bf7[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
184500 No. 184500 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Bloody fucking rain. Of course it had to fall now of all times, heavy enough to guarantee I won’t have a dry or warm inch on me anywhere. The chill is already settling. To boot, I’m running upwind: the heavy raindrops blind me almost completely, I see nothing but a barrage of water.
This godawful city too. Barely any light in this stretch of wretched slum to navigate by, random garbage strewn all over the horribly uneven, muddy ground. Were I anybody else, I’d already be sprawled face down on the water with a broken leg or two. Even through the rain, I can smell the rot here, and the people living in it.
And what’s up with these fucking clowns, what do they think they’re doing chasing me in this kind of weather, in the middle of the night? I knew they were stupid, but this is something else entirely. They can’t even catch me when it’s bright and sunny, what are they hoping to accomplish? Anybody else in this city would have been left alone by now, for fuck’s sake. Many have, actually. I’ve offered bribes and everything else you’re supposed to do, what’s the deal?

It’s all shit. I hope this city burns to ash, that everyone in it gets taken by the kasha to burn in hell, that the ground where it stood gets salted, cursed and nothing grows on it ever again. I hate it all.

I grin.

Hop, hop. The idiots chasing me are already losing ground, and we’ve barely gotten started. Over puddles and holes, over cat-sized scurrying rats. Around the corner into a one-man-wide alley, over a fence, out again, around another corner. I stumble over a beggar trying to take shelter and leave him sprawled on the water. Tough luck, buddy.
I avoid climbing to the roofs: this part of the city is too poor for it. I’m more liable to step through a shoddy roof and break my neck than make a clean escape.
It’s not too long before the already barely audible clinking and yelling behind me fades completely, drowned out by the deafening white noise of rain. I slow to a jog, turning through a few more alleys just to be sure. What’s wrong with these guys? It’s been what, 5 years? They still haven’t learned that they have no chance o
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 193300
>active story
I'll always be writing something if that helps.

I actually think it can be salvaged somewhat, yes, but not for me right now. Let's call it shelved.
>> No. 193355

Whoa wait what don't sage stuff like this!

Don't sell yourself short, either. I liked Kiss Me, ending and all. I think it's a writer thing; I know my readers like my godawful stories way more than I do. The retards. You're better at this than you think you are.

And I sure hope you decide to write more Seija sometime in the future, because I'd bet money I'm not the only one that needs more of that shit. Even if it is just a short here and there.
>> No. 193356
That's too bad. I absolutely adore Seija and her kids. Honestly even if there is no overarching narrative I think it's a great story.

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