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File 149775631892.jpg - (396.64KB, 1297x4460, gja7X.jpg) [iqdb]
197130 No. 197130 hide watch expand quickreply
Once more, you find the intercom and insert the key. The wave of exhaustion hits you as soon as the static, but you find that you’re able to fight against it this time.

“What do you want of me?” You ask the white noise.

“Don’t let her struggle be in vain.” You don’t hear the words so much as you feel them. “She deserves that much, wouldn’t you agree, dear?”

An image appears in your mind - of a woman with long, ink-black hair in red and white shaman attire, standing tall with her back to you.

“You’re talking about the Hakurei? Well, what would that entail?” You ask, muffling a yawn.

If it was possible for a butterfly to shrug, you swear it would have. More figures appear before your mind, this time blurry and indistinct - flashes of a woman in red and a man in blue, both with silver hair - but the vision slides across your consciousness like suds on glass before you can see it clearly.

“I’m going to need more than that.” You say, earning an annoyed flick of antennae.

This time, you see them with plumes of light rising from their backs, reaching for the sky.
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>> No. 198412

It fell off the board but hasn't reached the archive yet. You can try bugging the mods about it but I doubt you'll get far.

In the meantime, behold the magic of the Wayback Machine:

>> No. 198414
Agreed, though it feels a little metagamey to pick this since I don’t think Charlotte would know of any friendship between Hina and Nitori. It make sense for them to at least be acquainted, though, both being Youkai Mountain residents.

[x] (Truth) Both Hina and my colleague have detected imminent misfortune in its vicinity.
>> No. 198416
[x] (Truth) Both Hina and my colleague have detected imminent misfortune in its vicinity.

File 150263746427.jpg - (287.10KB, 1664x1170, apres la pluie.jpg) [iqdb]
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Previous thread: >>190622


“I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a mother,” Aya said at long last. She had been relatively quiet for some time, offering only a terse shrug or half-mumbled reply whenever I said something. Part of it may have been a normal post-meal slump, that time when thoughts are weighed down by physical satisfaction. Part of it may have been real introspection. Perhaps, more likely, it had been a convenient way for her to setup whatever other point she wanted to make before the night was through.

I couldn’t tell what her deal really was. As the night wore on, I was less and less sure of her real thoughts and motivations. I briefly wondered if she thought the same about me, since I wasn’t really open either. At least, I tried not to be. I refrained from asking her about things I wanted to ask because I wasn’t sure if it’d be playing into her hand. At any rate, the timing was off.

I smiled, hoping to mask my true thoughts and went through the opening she left me, asking, “what do you mean?”

Aya sighed, leaned back in her chair and turned her eyes up to the ceiling, looking like she was staring through solid material at the stars. There was a pause. For better or worse, I found myself leaning in slightly, crossing my arms. “I have my doubts about if you’re ready,” she said, keeping her gaze fixed upwards.

“About tomorrow?” I asked the unnecessary.

“Yep. Going out into the wider world all by yourself isn’t easy. If you mess up, it won’t just be me that you have to worry about.”
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>> No. 198403
Nice recovery there Tman.

[X] Continue on without her.

Showing up alone will put us in a position of strength. Waltzing in all smiles and curtesy, with the implicit understanding that we beat Cutemu, will send a very powerful, yet subtle, statement to the lord/lady of the manor. I'd even go as far as saying we should shift into maximum oversmug and shift her sword to our waist.

Only drawback is that we might get lost.
>> No. 198406
>She smiled. It was the smile of someone who thought themselves both justified and insufferably clever for answering the way they did

It's like looking in a mirror, isn't it?

>The forcibly grim and confident edge that she first displayed had come back. None of the vulnerable desperation remained in her, so far as I could tell. It couldn’t be that she felt better already? It didn’t look like she was about to attack me again, at least not yet. All the same, I found myself thinking that keeping the sword on my person instead of discarding it or giving it back had been a good decision.

She is stubborn and prideful as they come. I guess that, in her eyes, we have done nothing to earn a visit to the Mistress.
Man, it really doesn't feel like Youmu will actually help us. Maybe take us to another guard or something (Youki?) Even if Yuyuko can kill us, she probably doesn't want to bother her.

Well, if we can't predict her, we can see what is the most Tengu like thing to do. And, for him, it is to focus on his mision again.
We had our fun, but he said that we've wasted enough time and I agree. We can't keep bothering with someone that is obviously not going to help us willingly.

[X] Continue on without her.

>“Because,” she said, “you’ll just have to trust me. It would be rude not to.”
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>> No. 198415
[x] Wait for her to recover.

File 151207363237.png - (340.44KB, 832x196, china-grove.png) [iqdb]
198302 No. 198302 hide watch expand quickreply

// Formerly known as GreaterYakani.

A curtain lifts.

---- CHINA GROVE ----
---- Select Arc ----

[_] Kannapolis Arc
[_] China Grove Arc
[X] Concord Arc (locked)
[X] Charlotte Arc (locked)
[X] ?????? (locked)

// Votes will close 48 hours after the time of this post.
// (Selection Type: Linear Selection)
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>> No. 198385
Anybody voting?
>> No. 198386
[X] Cubicle worker

This story needs some love...
>> No. 198413
Vote closed. ETA unknown.

File 151047841699.jpg - (612.46KB, 600x800, 1507745149764.jpg) [iqdb]
198206 No. 198206 hide watch expand quickreply

I sighed as I sat up, annoyed at myself. Mother always said a shrine maiden’s most basic responsibility of all is towards herself – I couldn’t hope to serve her or help others if I couldn’t take care of myself. Eating enough and eating properly, sleeping right, keeping clean and neat; all elementary things you might not think consciously about, but of vital importance nonetheless. Because it was Mother’s direct teaching, I took it as seriously as I would any youkai extermination: a threat to my health was a thread to my work, and that could not be allowed.

I knew what the issue was. Slowing down to keep pace with Aya for a few days in a row had left me with excess energy. I didn’t think I was the kind to get restless over it, but it built up over time either way.

I took stock of our situation as I thought of what to do to work off the extra energy. The night no longer looked red: the thin white lines now radiated enough clear, bright light that they easily drowned out the moon and stars in intensity. They lacked the red color, as if they were on the inside, and the sky on the outside of a big pane of colored glass. They had nearly covered the entire sky now, and I had to look for a full minute to spot even one tiny patch of starlit sky not covered by the web of light. Whatever this was doing to the world, it would be complete before next dusk.

Aya breathed peacefully, having tumbled into sleep nearly instantly from the fatigue of the day. I felt a strong pull of anxiety as I saw his skinny, pale little limbs shake from another passing shiver, the fire having died down to embers by then. My teeth clenched. It was that same unexplainable protective instinct from before flaring up again. I huffed as I got up and fed the fire, and forcing myself to stop there. It would get improper, otherwise.

I hadn’t seen my friend for almost a full day now, but I quickly nixed the idea of going off to look for him. Aya was vulnerable here, I couldn’t just run off to look for a dog. There was one thing I could do to occupy my time.

I sat near the fire and started to relax, feeling the warmth of the fire wash over me. With some reverence
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>> No. 198393
[x] No deal. A nice bath was plenty.
>> No. 198394
[x] No deal. A nice bath was plenty.

Gotta keep the uniform. It's a faith thing, y'know?
>> No. 198395
[x] No deal. A nice bath was plenty.

She doesn't want it, if she wore something else it will be because she felt forced by Aya, she wouldn't be honest with herself, and Oni respect honesty.

File 149827760688.jpg - (137.53KB, 850x1239, __kisume_and_sekibanki_touhou_drawn_by_baba_baba_s.jpg) [iqdb]
197194 No. 197194 hide watch expand quickreply
“Who’s Kisume?”

“You’re about to find out.”

All your mental alarms go off simultaneously, but you refrain from acting to avoid making a mess of the situation. You silently reach out with your senses, but all you get is the echoing gloom of the cave—


“...don’t ya fecking dare!” It’s faint, but you can hear Sekibanki slipping into her Irish accent from somewhere behind you.

“Seki?” You turn around to try to get a better head on her location, Yamame temporarily forgotten as you listen for—


Drop into a crouch and immediately feel something go flying past you, ruffling the hairs on the top of your head, and impacting on something with a painful-sounding “GAH!” from two voices.
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>> No. 198378
[x] Open your eyes.

This is going better than expected so far, wonder when the other shoe will drop.
>> No. 198380
[x] Open your eyes.

>> No. 198383
[x] Open your eyes.

File 151165070594.jpg - (722.65KB, 1600x446, spectrum_of_dragons_by_the_sixthleafclover-d8gxbik.jpg) [iqdb]
198243 No. 198243 hide watch expand quickreply
Hello people of the threads and possibly beyond... I am new here...

Alright, introductions out of the way let's skip straight to the point, what are we doing here, in this thread right now.

Other then just typing, you guys are a dragon now, more specifically, taninim, if any of you are familiar with the In the Company Of Dragons by Rite Publishing. Yes, that, you guys are 'those.'

If it isn't obvious enough, first time doing this, hope I don't fuck up, you know, that'd be bad.

But I like options, so I'm giving you options... and lots of them, hopefully easy enough for me at this current point in time.

Let's run through the check list. First thing; difficulty.

[X] I'm just here for the story.
[X] Easy
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>> No. 198367
[X] No, we can have an exchange of informations here.

A more peaceful version of "Nah, we’re getting this information right here, right now!" since we don't have much of a reason to be aggressive right now, but we also can't totally trust her (at least for now) and we're a lot more vulnerable in human form.
>> No. 198368
I agree with this,we just met her so trusting her so easily might be a bad idea.
>> No. 198374
[X] No, we can have an exchange of informations here.

File 150434063430.png - (1.04MB, 793x900, Being Kasen is suffering.png) [iqdb]
197797 No. 197797 hide watch expand quickreply

Previous Thread: >>192515

[e+3] Quickly thank her, and don't complain too much.
-[e+3] Ask what it does that will last a week, however. You weren't aware of this taking time.
[e+3] Redirect attention to where you go from here.


After you regain your composure, you spit the increasingly nasty lump of wood into your hand. "Thanks, I guess." But then, something hits you. "Wait, a week? You never said it would take time."

"Well, technically. You should be good as new long before then, though it's the same sort of charm I slap on Kasen. The living aren't a specialty of mine after all, so forgive my smaller bag of tricks." She almost sounds genuinely apologetic.

"...It's not for healing, is it."

"Correct. It would be more accurate to say that it keeps one in a single piece and at least lively should more terrible things happen."
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>> No. 198314
File 151215509315.jpg - (126.18KB, 800x951, I hope to work well together.jpg) [iqdb]
I'll take the silence as a no! For the time being, I shall focus on this and Youkai Academy over in /other/. You see, this story is approaching the end, so I'd like to focus it a bit. My estimates of remaining length is in the neighborhood of a few dozen update range at most.
>> No. 198315
Thanks for the heads up, I kind of missed this update.
>> No. 198316

Sorry about that! I would have bumped it, but I figured having an excuse to not turn my brain to charcoal would be nice, so decided not to do so, as the vote worked just as well without votes.

File 150913022851.jpg - (84.69KB, 1024x768, Radish.jpg) [iqdb]
198107 No. 198107 hide watch expand quickreply

I hunger. Radishes taste nice. Look, I have radishes in my arms. How nice. I wonder who put them there. Master wanted radishes…. Maybe she wants these radishes! I forgot where I am. Master says I need to try and think more. I’m thinking hard right now. I can’t remember where I am for the life of me. There’s a weird lady standing outside that wall over there. Maybe I could talk to her. Oh, I don’t know. I’m thinking but I can’t decide…
[] You could talk to the lady…
[] …or you could ignore her and look towards the lake.
[] Perhaps you want to make your own choice?
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>> No. 198190
[x] Creep inside and surprise them with a hug. I know, surprise hugs really do help sometimes.

Let's hope she doesn't turn into confetti and will have to be sewn back together
>> No. 198200
[x] Creep inside and surprise them with a hug. I know, surprise hugs really do help sometimes.
>> No. 198261
[X] Sing a song about radishes before entering the room.

Singing usually brightens up the mood.

File 150953091398.png - (348.95KB, 800x1000, waking_up.png) [iqdb]
198137 No. 198137 hide watch expand quickreply


I awake with a start, jumping in my seat, eyes flying open.

Bright light sears my vision, my world a white blur. I instinctively screw my eyes shut, grimacing at the thought of exposing them again. A dull pain stomps its way across my forehead, prompting me to gnash my teeth. I reach up to massage it - ouch! My shoulders tighten at the pain and my heart pounds in response. Is that a bump? Slumping down in resignation, I take a moment to gather myself, focusing on slowing my breathing.

This sucks.

What feels like an eternity passes before I open my eyes again, this time bracing myself for round two of blinding light.

I slowly pry open my eyelids. Sterile fluorescent lights glare off immaculately polished rows of desks to either side of me. A lectern stands in front, a logo proudly emblazoned on rich mahogany sides. Behind it, a dull, gray chalkboard nearly as pristine as the desks next to me. Linoleum flooring squeaks as I shuffle around in my seat, hastily surveying my surroundings.

All in all, a very tidy classroom presents itself. I hear nothing except for the drone of the lights and my own ragged breathing. Unease starts to seep through my thoughts as questions spring from my hazy mind.

Did I fall asleep in class? What time is it?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 198239
[x]Crimson and brooding.
chuuni banki
>> No. 198240
[x]Crimson and brooding.
>> No. 198241
Called! Writing.

File 148908240976.png - (2.12MB, 1024x1316, aa109df94e56ef5c0c64172197f7b6c7.png) [iqdb]
194609 No. 194609 hide watch expand quickreply
The simple straw doll stared eyelessly at me from where it had been tied to a tree with a length of coarse linen. Quickly but meticulously made, a certain sign I was still walking in the right direction. A black substance emerged slowly, delicately from between the straws, clinging to the wood and flowing gently upwards. Like incense smoke in still air, but of solid black, as if someone had plucked up a line of ink by one end and lifted it clear from the paper. It reacted as I approached, turning towards me as I gingerly placed my hand upon its host. It continued to move with the same ethereal smoothness as before, but now with the purpose I’d given it. With the push of a thought, it coiled around my fingers, spinning, up my wrist and arm, over my long sleeves, to finally slip into my chest like a dagger to the heart. I had gotten used to it, but seeing it move across my skin without even the scantest whisper of sound or feeling was still novel every time.
It all took less than a half-minute. I’d performed the entire ritual dozens of times this week alone. The doll was drained then, and all that was left to do was methodically cut the ties, take it down and scatter the now mundane straws in the wind. This latter part wasn’t strictly necessary, but there was no sense in leaving the doll here to spook random people.
Even being as slim as a silk string, to me the smoke-like substance coming from the next marker was clearly visible from just over the horizon, probably a good couple of hard hours away. I suppressed a sigh, folded my skirt beneath me and sat against the tree. Only a very short break, that’s all.
The sun was nearly fully down, although I could feasibly have travelled at night with the bright moon for a companion. I’d long abandoned what road there was – an overgrown dirt path that looked as though it had seen no men for months. I hadn’t seen another person at all for a full three days and change. This far from the rule of law, a path like that was as likely to lead into trouble as not. And anyway – I thought, fiddling with the string I’d just recovered – I had my own guide.

I leaned my head back against the trunk, thinking. Where were we goin
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 198182
[X] Get up and do something productive instead.
>> No. 198195
[x] Sleep, damn it.
Cuddle the dork-child.
>> No. 198209
Nearly a year later, threadu two:

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