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Thread 200320 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 155496785220.jpg - (564.71KB, 1024x768, Pleaaaaaaaase.jpg) [iqdb]
200320 No. 200320 hide watch expand quickreply
Over the years, and they were many, you have been told a great many lies.

"Fairies are terrifying and will eat you!"

"I'm the strongest!"

"Okay, maybe fairies aren't as scary as I said, but youkai certainly are!"

"I'm totally human."

"I'm totally human."

"No, I'm human!"

"Okay, maybe youkai can look indistinguishable from humans, but they still will eat you at the first chance they get! Seriously, trust me on this, I've been writing about this for generations!"
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>> No. 200344
[x] Wake your captor, no matter how bad an idea it seems. Ain't no way you'll be getting out of here blind, and she's probably got a good idea of how to fix that.
>> No. 200345
File 155585222262.png - (712.67KB, 1120x1300, WHAT WHY WHERE WHEN HOW.png) [iqdb]
You grope about for something less nice, but still local. Sure, you could shake her awake by those, but ain't no way you want that to be her first impression from you in this situation. You aren't dumb, and it's kept you alive this long, so continuing to try and not be dumb would probably keep a good thing going, right?

Sure, waking her up is risky, but so was getting frisky. Doctor's not a fan, saying that your heart's just not up to it.

Well, shows what she knows, right? Not that you have in years, but still.

Now, let's see... Huh? Fabric? ...Probably that hat. Going back to where you were before with a fairly pleasant softness, you find the shoulder based on that. Gripping firmly, you begin to shake her awake. And you shake, and you shake.

But, as far as you can tell, she ain't waking no matter how much she gets jangled about like a rag doll.

This calls for extreme measures. "Cucumb-"

"WHERE?!" Not a moment later, you hear a horrible groan. "Ugh... my heaaaad..." Yeaaaah, that's what you were hoping to avoid. Girl got sloshed, and a youkai with a hangover is almost as scary as your late wife on her period.

Keeping your voice quiet, as you know that having good bedside manners is important now more than ever, you say, "Morning, Miss." You'd normally be less overly polite about these things, but you're kinda in hot water here. And, as you'd like to keep hands from going places they really shouldn't, you need to keep her from getting in a panic and acting rash. Kappa tend to be like that.
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>> No. 200346
>Even the ceiling
The fuck happened last night.

Thread 198243 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 151165070594.jpg - (722.65KB, 1600x446, spectrum_of_dragons_by_the_sixthleafclover-d8gxbik.jpg) [iqdb]
198243 No. 198243 hide watch expand quickreply
Hello people of the threads and possibly beyond... I am new here...

Alright, introductions out of the way let's skip straight to the point, what are we doing here, in this thread right now.

Other then just typing, you guys are a dragon now, more specifically, taninim, if any of you are familiar with the In the Company Of Dragons by Rite Publishing. Yes, that, you guys are 'those.'

If it isn't obvious enough, first time doing this, hope I don't fuck up, you know, that'd be bad.

But I like options, so I'm giving you options... and lots of them, hopefully easy enough for me at this current point in time.

Let's run through the check list. First thing; difficulty.

[X] I'm just here for the story.
[X] Easy
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>> No. 200247
{X} Roar at it to grab its attention.

Has anyone mentioned that if Heated Anonymity is shortened it turns into Hot Anon? kek
>> No. 200249
File 154958003327.jpg - (75.23KB, 573x428, 83E24E64-3284-4D62-8853-AC48B69A068C.jpg) [iqdb]
absolutely amazing
>> No. 200325
{X} Roar at it to grab its attention.

Thread 199505 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154125098321.jpg - (35.37KB, 600x450, Dark Room.jpg) [iqdb]
199505 No. 199505 hide watch expand quickreply
Vents, Door, or Window.

Either option will suck, but that’s al you’ve got in front of you at the moment.


[] Vents

[] Door

[] Window
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>> No. 200317

This is canon, right?
>> No. 200318
Belated April Fools
>> No. 200319
File 155422389961.png - (20.55KB, 640x478, woosh.png) [iqdb]
kinda just hoping for a bit more seki in skyrim (sekirim?) tbh :P

Thread 200170 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154616167730.png - (23.90KB, 192x262, image.png) [iqdb]
200170 No. 200170 hide watch expand quickreply
"Seriously, I want Hawaii. And I'm a physicist, I'm done being shot at. You understand that, right?"

"It's time to choose."

"You're threatening me, you took my weapons, and you're a fucking time lord. This is bullshit."

Everything's green again, big surprise. And now it's all black. Wonderful.

"Wisely done, Mr. Freeman. I will see you up ahead. Although... I may have to... call in a favor, in the meantime."

The hell is this guy talking about? I agreed to his stupid job offer, right? Why is everything still black? Did I die and this is my own personal hell? Because that would suck.

"Oh, this is unexpected. To what do I owe the honor?"

Wait, that's a woman talking. Not anyone I recognize, I don't think.
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>> No. 200286
[x]Time to go to the village.
-[x]Waggysaggy did a good job getting me here, I guess, time to part ways.
>> No. 200304
[x]Time to go to the village.
-[x]Waggysaggy did a good job getting me here, I guess, time to part ways.
>> No. 200305
[X]That mountain looks far more interesting than the village.
-[X]I have no idea what else could be waiting for me. A mermaid, if nothing else, could be a good distraction.

I must piss all over this tide. If we don't go to the place that maybe hates youkai, we can keep her, right?

Thread 200225 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154814905238.jpg - (167.23KB, 800x941, cats.jpg) [iqdb]
200225 No. 200225 hide watch expand quickreply
“Alright, fellas,” you say. “Time to go drop in on that Noboru human and tell him the great news. I’m sure he’ll be overwhelmed, as humans do whenever youkai drop by, but it’s better that Daiki gets her family visit out of the way before dropping the whole ‘I want to be the village’s cat youkai-slash-protector’ bomb on the populace.”

“What?” Chen sputters out, shifting her gaze abruptly towards her fellow cat companion. “You’re gonna do… what?”

“Basically,” you say, “Daiki’s going to have the human village accept her as one of their own.”

Chen takes off her cap to frantically scratch the top of her head. The girl’s frustration spreads to her feet as she paces back and forth around the shrine’s front entrance, kicking stray stones on the ground.

“I’m no good at these kinda things,” she groans, “but isn’t that crazy?”

“That’s what I’m saying!”

“Think it’ll work out?” Tewi says. All things considered, she’s surprisingly composed.

“Me? If I’m being honest, no. But I don’t know those humans.” With a defeated smile, you shake your head from side to side. “Daiki does. Your opinion, cat?”
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>> No. 200238
[X] Talk to the rest of his family instead—maybe they’ll be more conducive.

I think that >>200236 has the right idea
>> No. 200287
File 155113886340.jpg - (469.32KB, 3508x2400, __original_and_etc_drawn_by_koshi_koshi_vortex__0f.jpg) [iqdb]
Fool,” you bark, and though you had more to say—better cut words for the likes of him—you bridle your tongue. Humans. “Perhaps you don’t realize how important this is—how important you are. You get to decide whether she lives, or otherwise. Understand?”

“I do.” Noboru bobs his head up and down numbly, letting stray black hairs falling down to his forehead. “That’s why—that’s why I—”

“So fickle, you humans, cowardly lot. You save their lives, and they repay you with what? Indecision? Stuttering?” You narrow your eyes at the human. “Human. If you understand, then you understand. There’s no room for ‘that’s why’ or ‘what if’ or ‘maybe.’ You either do, or you don’t. If you do, good. And if you don’t—know that you shall be forever scorned by me. Forever.”

“I get it,” he says lowly. “I get it,” he says again. “It’s not that I won’t help Daiki—I will, and you may take my word on that. But what if I mess it all up for her? If I stand in front of the other villagers, and they don’t believe me, then it is because of me that Daiki would…” He struggles to find his words. “...move on.”

“So what?”


“I said,” you hiss, “‘So what?’ Do not make me repeat myself. If you need me to explain, then you are more daft than I initially presumed.”

“But then...” he trails off.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 200302
'You'll grow a spine, or I will club you to death with yours'

Thread 197664 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 150275685760.png - (553.81KB, 1000x607, bR4nDn3WD4y.png) [iqdb]
197664 No. 197664 hide watch expand quickreply
“Um, sure...” the fluffy-fluffy-fluffy fluff-head girl says with that look you get sometimes when you say too much like you think you probably did just then.

You get that look all the time these days, it seems.

All the time.

All those eyes, just looking.



“Ah! I mean, yes! Yes, I would very much appreciate it if you would help me, sir!” the girl says, with more cheer and enthusiasm than before.

Probably trying to hide how uncomfortable you're making her you think, possibly.
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>> No. 200224
[x] Achieve Satori

Time to transcend.
>> No. 200288
[x] Achieve Satori
i'm just plain ol' confused
>> No. 200289
[x] Achieve Satori

About time

Thread 200251 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154959903996.png - (44.60KB, 400x400, Lost_Bees_Fanart.png) [iqdb]
200251 No. 200251 hide watch expand quickreply
Reposting due to bump limit.


[ ] Stay behind to buy time
[ ] Make a straight run for the Youkai Mountain border
[ ] Run for Eirin’s field (Clamshell)
[ ] Run for the Yamanba zone (Clamshell)
[ ] Aki Farm
[ ] Call Ran
[ ] Other?


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 200282
anon >>200276 here, gonna change my vote to
[X] Go to Clamshell’s safehouse

Proteccting Ruu-chan is my main priority
>> No. 200283
4 for leaving Ruukoto in the safehouse then responding
3 for going to the safehouse as planned
>> No. 200284
>>200274 and >>200276 changed their votes, though...? so it'd be 2 to 3, not 4 to 3...

Thread 197130 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149775631892.jpg - (396.64KB, 1297x4460, gja7X.jpg) [iqdb]
197130 No. 197130 hide watch expand quickreply
Once more, you find the intercom and insert the key. The wave of exhaustion hits you as soon as the static, but you find that you’re able to fight against it this time.

“What do you want of me?” You ask the white noise.

“Don’t let her struggle be in vain.” You don’t hear the words so much as you feel them. “She deserves that much, wouldn’t you agree, dear?”

An image appears in your mind - of a woman with long, ink-black hair in red and white shaman attire, standing tall with her back to you.

“You’re talking about the Hakurei? Well, what would that entail?” You ask, muffling a yawn.

If it was possible for a butterfly to shrug, you swear it would have. More figures appear before your mind, this time blurry and indistinct - flashes of a woman in red and a man in blue, both with silver hair - but the vision slides across your consciousness like suds on glass before you can see it clearly.

“I’m going to need more than that.” You say, earning an annoyed flick of antennae.

This time, you see them with plumes of light rising from their backs, reaching for the sky.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
217 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 200246
[X] Run for the Yamanba zone (Clamshell)
>> No. 200252
[X] Run for Eirin’s field (Clamshell)

Eirin's reputation is probably more than sufficient to deter the tengu, I think, and if it's not we'll at least have a head start.
>> No. 200256
next thread:

Thread 200139 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154488587731.jpg - (76.28KB, 850x637, bb0c65d649e4a47a04555828538379fe.jpg) [iqdb]
200139 No. 200139 hide watch expand quickreply
Men are all like that. Why would one be any different? Everyone should know why.

Whether you do or do not know, please begin by observing the girls who had to deal with them. The first three of six, each with a decision to make. Like songs of love, their fleeting stories resound with a lingering taste of life.

Hey. Are you doing okay?
It’s been tiring for me.
Ever since we ended it, you know?
It was a break up,
but it was hard on both of us.

Sometimes, I hear you've been doing well.
You’ve found people you can be with, they said.
You have people who love you, they said.
People who really love you.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 200219
[x] Do nothing.
>> No. 200222
[x] Do nothing.

>> No. 200244
Life hates me right now. And I am sad. No time to update anytime soon.

Thread 199440 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154112981134.jpg - (85.05KB, 800x581, this could be home.jpg) [iqdb]
199440 No. 199440 hide watch expand quickreply
For a long, long time, all is silence.

All is dark.

You know nothing. You are nothing. Everything has passed - you are dead.

This is where your story begins.

For the first time in a long time, your heart clicks, gears skipping a tooth, before catching, the clockworks pumping your turbid blood as you awaken, slowly.

You stare, blankly, across the graves for some time before you realise that they've not been cared for.


All you can bring yourself to feel at this realisation is a vague sorrow - you feel a bit sad, nothing more. You take a long, shuddering breath, your first that you can recall.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 199904
Looking forward to it, this is a pretty good story!
>> No. 199928
Best of luck to you and your family. (Or you, at least, if they're the ones causing problems.) Take care of yourself.
>> No. 200168
Hey OP

You doing okay?

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