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Thread 187689 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 145759107793.png - (1.35MB, 2570x1924, the tank girl marches alone.png) [iqdb]
187689No. 187689hidewatchexpandquickreply
[-h+2-] Press forward and find them. It's all she can do.


"Get… Get a hold of yourself, Rika." The girl continues to pant to before forcing a step forward. "Just… I have to find them. I have to… They'll be fine. Nothing happened to them. They took care of it and they'll… they'll be just fine…"

Eventually, Rika manages to look back up through the forest before beginning to skulk back through the trees. She continues to look back and forth, her hair whipping back and forth in its ruined state. There's nothing that she can see; there's nothing lingering but for the trees.

"…Where… where would they have gone? They couldn't have been taken. Marisa was better than that. Wasn't she? She was, wasn't she?" The question goes unanswered; she dearly hopes that she has the answer, but the weight at the bottom of her stomach continues to call her assurances into question. Though unable to cast those aside, he continues to amble along through the silent, still, stale forest. She continues to walk until, at last, she finds a mark of life.

Or, at least, the remains of it. The tree line is charred with the faint outline of a hole. Various other burn marks litter the ground, pock marking the dirt and turning over the sod. One tree has been toppled over with the trunk being savagely cracked by impact. Of the jagged shards that still stick up from the trunk, she sees stray, tattered feathers along with fresh blood caking the outer edges of the wood. The ground beneath it is disturbed, but there is no trail from which a body would have been dragged.

Rika gulps silently and look around, her eyes searching for more. She sees more pitted earth along with another tree that seems to be half uprooted. A rock is extruded from underneath, lifting it up and tilting it over. Near the roots of that tree, however, are two strips of familiar black cloth pinned into thin gashes within the wood. "…Marisa? You're still here, right? You just… You got into a big and bloody fight, right? That's all. You'll
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>>No. 198133
Well. That is certainly a distraction. Now we just need to make good use off it.

[x] Check if there's a mind in the tower and use your power to find a good time to run. Hide around the corner of the way out while you do.
[x] Head to the treeline and skulk around to the ship. Hopefully the melting building is a good enough distraction.
>>No. 198134
Third option is suicide. Fourth option is a definite 'no.'

[X] Time to book it; make a beeline for the vessel. It’ll be hard to keep up with her in the commotion as it is.

>The stranger then turns her eyes to the camera.
I don't trust Junko not to have prey-seeking mechanisms or some bullshit. We have a distraction. Let's go.

Wonder if it's 'physical cold,' as in, Letty displaces the heat to cause combustion, thus cooling somewhere else - or 'conceptual cold,' in which she draws in the 'cold' from elsewhere; thus, heating everywhere else up. Doesn't matter either way, it's a Kappa BBQ nonetheless.

Once again, it's difficult to keep track of cardinal direction and the general map layout, given the space between updates.

>Limited cryokinesis doesn't sound terrible useful. Though 'limited' to kappa might still be significant if it's by a youkai's measure.
Neat. I was right.

>I don't see her exploding out like a blizzard and killing us
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>No. 198136

Changing vote to...

[X] Time to book it; make a beeline for the vessel. It’ll be hard to keep up with her in the commotion as it is.

You know, if the building is melting, couldn't it, like... fall on us if we dally?

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File 148590636951.jpg - (7.56KB, 511x288, images.jpg) [iqdb]
193652No. 193652hidewatchexpandquickreply
You groan, a sharp pain throbbing in your head as you wake up. You probably shouldn't have gone on a bender like you did.

In fact, you probably shouldn't have gone on one at all. Last night, which was the your first bender, was coincidentally your first drink at all. You groan again, raising your hand to your head.

For a few seconds you think about how much smaller your hand feels, but then dismiss it. It must just be your imagination, or a remnant of the alcohol still being purged from your system.

The memories from last night are hazy, but with a bit of concentration they come back to you. Basically, you and your bros decided to go out for a drink, and you had let slip that you had never drunk actual liquor before.

Needless to say, you regretted it.

You remember pub crawling for quite a while, then finally settling down in this weird eastern-themed pub/hotel or something. The lady at the counter didn't look eastern - you think; still a little hazy. She was... Blonde? Something like that. She also had this weird, real ornate dress

Then, the next thing you remember is just before you were about to check in for the night, she said something a little weird.

"Have a good night's sleep, and don't forget; a dream is just a gateay to somewhere you haven't seen before~"
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>>No. 195667
[ ] The Eirindex mentioned a human village, right? You should go explore it.
>>No. 195669
[X] The Eirindex mentioned a human village, right? You should go explore it.
>>No. 197876
Alright, so I'm going to start working on this story again. I just need some more time to decide if one more vote is going to be needed, or if to write it with the current votes.

I do have to do Uni and am currently writing another story, though (I'm dropping the Dragon Maid one; that was a fad of the month thing that I wasn't really too satisfied with in the first place), so it might be a bit difficult for me to do regular updates. So please wait warmly~

Thread 192515 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147930778899.jpg - (186.84KB, 630x1008, Like a hamster.jpg) [iqdb]
192515No. 192515hidewatchexpandquickreply
First Thread: >>191170

[m+1] What 'interests you' exactly?
-[m+1] She's human.
--[m+1] A sennin, whatever that is.


"My, didn't I just say~?"

"You evaded the question."

"Ohh~? Did I, now...?" She titters a bit.

You sigh. You're a bit bothered by how she's bothering you so much less than before. "Still, why are you, erm..." You blush a bit, remembering that this situation is a bit embarrassing.
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>>No. 197788
Next thread coming up, but first I have to finish up a chapter for the other site. Wasn't in the mood to not write, but still needed votes at the time.
>>No. 197790
Next update, we shall finally be hitting the third thread!
>>No. 197798
File 150434107921.jpg - (123.51KB, 850x535, Totally pointing to the link.jpg) [iqdb]

Thread 197331 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149884361550.jpg - (11.88KB, 310x140, Orpheon_full_view.jpg) [iqdb]
197331No. 197331hidewatchexpandquickreply
You arrive at the location of the distress signal. There it is, the frigate Orpheon. It seems to have suffered damage recently, no doubt due to someone taking offense at the actions of the vessel’s latest crew. You bring your ship alongside to board the ship.

It doesn't take long for you to make your way inside the ship, and you are greeted with a rather gruesome sight as the airlock finishes cycling. In the room ahead lies a myriad of corpses. The most obvious one appears to be some massive insectoid creature, which seems to have punctured the hull. However, the internal atmosphere seems to have forced the remains back into the hole, sealing it. Further, there appears to be a number of pirate corpses. However, your theory is shattered when one raises its weapon and levels it at you. You put the wounded assailant out of your misery with a quick blast and proceed through the ship.

You make your way through the ship, and find a room filled with terminals, which you use to acquire a map of the ship. You also notice a number of files regarding the experiments the pirates have been performing. A quick skimming reveals that most of the creatures aboard the vessel are being used as test subjects for enhancement. You perform a quick scan for locations of interest on the ship, and notice an unusual energy signature in the reactor core.

As you enter the reactor room an alarm blares, prompting a massive insectoid to descend into the center of the room. You manage to make out the words “lockdown initiated” over the intercom before the bug unleashes a beam of energy, which narrowly misses you. A quick scan of the monstrosity reveals it to be a variant of one of the parasite samples, horribly mutated by the pirates. How the hell did they manage to give a bug lasers? You open fire on the abomination, only to be struck by the next beam. The impact throws you against the wall, draining your shields significantly. You collect yourself and ready your weapon, preparing to dodge the next blast. As you leap to the side, you launch a missile straight at the deformed head of the mutant, and follow this up with several blasts from your beam cannon. This only seems to anger the beast,
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>>No. 197501
I'll try to work on that. Thanks for the advice.

The pirates were all downed, and Rumia was still firing at her. Samus fired to attempt to subdue her assailant, and had no idea it was alive.

Leaving voting open for a bit longer, hoping for more votes.
>>No. 197504

The scene was just strange because we've been led to belive getting hit with a rocket kills the crab. To see Samus not even make an effort to communicate before shooting was a very powerful "what the fuck am I reading" moment.
>>No. 197546
After some thought, I've decided that I don't quite like how the last update turned out. I'm currently planning on rewriting it. If anyone has objections, let me know. Feel free to keep voting while I work on it.

Thread 197219 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149839411780.jpg - (32.54KB, 499x853, 73363dbffc9fc150a6f78ae7ef130eee.jpg) [iqdb]
197219No. 197219hidewatchexpandquickreply
A/N: Holy shit this site's still alive?

“Sisters! To me!” you raised your sabre and spurred your white courser into motion, riding her along the small path running beside a clear river that, if you’re not leading your cavalry group out of its certain death, you’d definitely like to swim in, taking off your hot coat of plates.

Behind you, your hundred sisters, mostly of freed slaves, followed you closely on their own, specially-bred white horses, riding tightly on that small and rough path. However, although perhaps scared and confused after they had suddenly been brought to what seemed like a fantasy land many of them had read or heard about in old tales, they were still the best riders the newly restored kingdom of Calradia had to offer, and they had no problem keeping up with you.

“Keep your shield up!” shouted a fair skinned, red haired lady riding to your right. She was Liliana, your lieutenant, your second in command, and although she might not be your best rider, being a native Rhodokian, you had found through your long years of fighting together under your queen that her tactical brilliance made up for it most of the time.

Liliana’s command was spot on. The seemingly calm forest to your left suddenly spat out a rain of arrows, and you could hear the scream of your less experienced, newly initiated sisters near the back of your formation.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 197480
[X] Is this some sort of a hidden fae realm? Have we intruded? Are we going to get cursed? Are you going to kill us?
>>No. 197481
[X] What are you, exactly?

The other option comes across as too panicked in my opinion.
>>No. 197540
[x] We humans obviously do not belong here. So if you could point us to the nearest magical barrier or fairy gate we could ride through to get home, that’d be very helpful.


Thread 186907 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 145275338184.png - (328.78KB, 579x819, 846eddb4d1df8de075a90fd41f6ff11e.png) [iqdb]
186907No. 186907hidewatchexpandquickreply
I need something shorter quicker, and lighter to write. So why not? Unless bad writing is bad. I want to update this either daily or every few days max, barring times of emergency. Else, it should die. Shooting for less than a thousand words per update for efficiency purposes, if appropriate.


“Wheeere shooould I gooo todaaay? Wheeere shooould I gooo to-DAAAY?”

Cirno skips along the grass, the trees quiet around her.

Then, a high pitched sound. Like a drops of water falling one after another, but instead of a drip, it’s a chirping sound.

“Eh?” The ice fairy blinks, perking her head and looking around. “Huh? Huh?”

She looks left. She looks right. Then, she looks at the ground to her left. Then to her right. The high-pitched drops of water continue to fall.

“Where’s that coming from?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 188071
[X] Step in front of Dai.

Shit gets real.
>>No. 197229
[X] Step in front of Dai.
>>No. 197233
You're retarded.

Thread 196302 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149456903836.jpg - (252.97KB, 850x1020, Underground.jpg) [iqdb]
196302No. 196302hidewatchexpandquickreply
With nothing to deter you, your small group actually manages to reach the end of the village rather quickly.

“Well, it's been a pleasure,” Kagerou says, sounding somewhat hurried. “I’ll visit you guys later so—ACK!”

You feel your arm being jerked as Sekibanki lunges and presumably catches Kagerou in a grip. For what reason you don’t know.

“Oh, no you don't,” she calmly seeths. “I’m sure Koishi is just dying to see you as much as she is for me.”


You turn to Sekibanki’s voice and raise an eyebrow.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Fair enough.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 197156
And as they both talk with each other, their accents get thicker and thicker until only they can understand each other?
>>No. 197157
Oh! I know this joke!

An Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman walk into a bar...

Quick! Where's Remilia?
>>No. 197195
New Thread


Thread 195617 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149090192816.png - (934B, 300x300, EASTERN TALE.png) [iqdb]
195617No. 195617hidewatchexpandquickreply
Act 1:
>>188147 1: Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
>>188477 2: Iron Giant
>>189365 3: Phantom Menace
>>190278 4: A New Hope
>>191322 5: Return of the Jedi
>>192352 6: Longest Yard
>>195020 7: The Clone Wars
>>/i/740 Pictures: Memento

[X]Save Failed. Retry in one update.

— - — - —

You look to the thankfully dim woods beyond the grand doors. Being snow blind isn't on your to-do list, after all. The way the light is so dim makes it a very serene scene, honestly. It's not snowing, but there's just so much. You reach out for some with your good hand, leaving best hand to warily hide in your left sleeve like a cosmic snail.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 197060
This is the last bump of the thread if I'm not mistaken. Here's hoping!
>>No. 197064
[x] Burger it up.
-[x] Converse with Sam as you can.

Why not spell out a conversation with alphabet soup?
>>No. 197088
File 149739888582.jpg - (72.20KB, 806x966, What are you looking at.jpg) [iqdb]
Next Thread: >>197087

Thread 196650 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149621174671.jpg - (163.87KB, 850x1511, ProTag.jpg) [iqdb]
196650No. 196650hidewatchexpandquickreply
Every city has rules. Not the Law, that's different. The Law is for the drek, the everyday common man or woman who's a part of the system. It's good for most people, ya know - don't kill no one, don't steal from nobody, report suspicious behavior, don't turn off your RFID, and all that shit. You break the Law, the Corp sends a few police to straighten you out; sometimes it's a beatin', sometimes its jailtime, usually though, it's a fine. 'Course, the got damn fines are so high for most of us that you can't pay it, then they beat you and throw you in jail anyway, rottin away in a hole while the rest of the shit floats on by.

But I ain't talking about the Law; I'm talking about the Rules. The Rules are different in every city. Gensokyo ain't no exception to that either. The City don't get many visitors that are mundane - that don't got a bit of magic in them - so all the rules are about what ya do with your magic. Human, youkai, whatever, you follow the rules or you get shitcanned. I ain't talkin' about the police, naw; Gensokyo PD is lazy and corrupt, worse than all the rest. What you gotta worry about here is the security, but if you know the rules you can avoid that too. There's a few big ones you gotta watch out for, but after that you're golden.

The first rule: There's a balance of power, don't fuck with it. You can play your games here, you can mess around with things, but at the end of the day, there's a status quo that the people here expect and want to keep. That is, there are two big factions that work in tandem to keep the peace, and we wanna keep it that way. On one side, you got Eientei Corp. On the other, you have the Yakumo Clan. Sometimes one side or the other gets it in their head they wanna take over and they gotta be beat down, but don't you worry about that. We got our own enforcers for that shit. Now every human and youkai is on one side or the other of that particular can of shit, but my advice to you is to stay out of it. I don't care what you came here for; business, pleasure, both, neither, I couldn't give a shit - but we worked hard t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 197067
So I thought there was a tie. Turns out I've been miscounting the votes this whole time. Apologies, updating now.
>>No. 197151
File 149786577730.png - (296.61KB, 600x627, eb3.png) [iqdb]
>the previously blistering update pace suddenly stops

I know you're probably working on it, but it still scares me. Love the story so far.
>>No. 197293
Also completely vanished from the IRC. Either he decided "man, fuck that shit, writing's too much work, I'm out," or, less likely, something terrible has happened.

Thread 187220 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 14544778981.png - (74.12KB, 271x220, Templar Executor.png) [iqdb]
187220No. 187220hidewatchexpandquickreply
Previous Thread: >>184316


[X] Leave, head to Misty Lake to get back guns & practice flight, then head to the Garden of the Sun.


You step off into the air as soon as you exit the gate. Turning around, you see Junko walking towards the floating Celestial. Words seem to be exchanged, either banter or terms of engagement, then they move some distance away from the village in an empty field. Tenshi lands on the ground and Junko spits out her cigarette and draws her own sword.

Junko raises her hand, palm upturned, and a disproportionate amount of gray smoke starts billowing from the discarded cigarette, obscuring her from view in seconds. Tenshi takes a step back in alarm, brandishing her sword as rocks rise into the air around her.

You turn away. You’ve already seen what comes next, and while it’d be pretty funny to watch Tenshi blunder through her first illusions, you have more important matters to deal with.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 197048
[x] "What do you want of me?"
>>No. 197049
[x] “You’re serious about this, aren’t you, Yukari?”

I don't remember if spoilered options had particular significance, but this one amuses me.

No major surprises in the Taoist dossiers, though that's an unusually sympathetic take on Seiga's creation of Yoshika. I don't mind at all, and rather like the explanation, just wanted to note it. Also I approve of you managing to make Reimu's poverty something other than the typical punchline. Poor Ruukuto.
>>No. 197136

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