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Thread 6089 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 128712111614.png - (315.60KB , 400x346 , 7919fa3f7229a84ea58dd9027c41a3af.png ) [iqdb]
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Because /underground/ needs the attention.

Transmission canceled. Recons terminated. No ample supply of ammo; morale and munitions running low. Time to get out and get going.

Choose your name
[ ]

x Pick your weapon
-[ ] High caliber sniper
-[ ] Close combat shotgun
-[ ] Automatic rifle
-[ ] Submachine gun

x Pick your playstyle/attribute
-[ ] Stealth; terse and quiet with words
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>> No. 6116
[x] Keep heading towards the mansion.
>> No. 6117
[x] Stop and reassess your inventory. Never hurts to double check.
>> No. 6127
-[X] Stop and reassess your inventory. Never hurts to double check.
-[X] Check up on your Unit Dispatch Transmitter.

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File 127943662362.jpg - (176.23KB , 700x1000 , 4254e985b8e452a84ab722596fb8a4ab.jpg ) [iqdb]
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The Hell of Blazing Fires. Aptly named, for in this environment combustion is the natural state. Here, fire reaches an omnipresence paralleling that of air in the overworld. For those that dwell within, this state of affairs is either comforting, or a reminder of all that one has lost.
For a certain raven, the first is true. She has lived in these blazes throughout her short lifetime, with only vague assumptions to define what exists beyond its confines. Flitting from plume to plume, her wings fill with superheated air. Many other creatures share this space with her, but she is looking for one of them in particular.


She finds the dichromatic cat wandering the fringes of the magma pits, deep in the heart of this hell. It is a popular locale to burn bodies, because the infernal fluid draws in even the ashes of corpses. Finding her here is unusual, as she does not often manage to claim bodies. Indeed, she has yet to earn her wheelbarrow. Perhaps this day has brought her success?

“Orin, Orin!” the raven calls.

The cat looks up, her expression unreadable even to those well versed in the reading of demonic feline reactions. “Hello, Reiuji.”

“Are you down here because you procured a body to burn?” the raven inquires.

A sour look crosses the cat's face. “No.”

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>> No. 5204
Man, mixing aspects of old anvilicious fables and touhou into stew quite delicious. Good to have you back man.
>> No. 5395
...this was pretty damn good. Wonderfully done, dude.
>> No. 5936
Good writing!

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File 125199818147.jpg - (309.04KB , 1024x768 , ea7a3e0427c0d5546d898cb5273abbe3.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Continuation from the /Gensokyo/ thread. Update up in 7 seconds because I didn't want this update's pic as thread-starter pic.
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>> No. 5749
[x] Accept

eh, why not.
>> No. 5750
[x] Refuse
>> No. 5751
[x] Refuse

Thread 4746 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126776321840.png - (399.97KB , 900x750 , 70.png ) [iqdb]
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Okay, more like 44 hours.

Both are correct, and believe it or not, 'omelet' is apparently the older of the two spellings in English, first attested in the 17th century, with 'omelette' only showing up around the end of the 19th century. If it's any consolation, the single-t version annoys the hell out of me, too.


[X] Omelettes are always good.

[X] ...about the dreams you've been having.
[X] ...about her workout yesterday and what sort of training she does.
[X] ...about what happened during the search yesterday.
[X] ...about cooking.

As you continue to look through Yuugi's food supply, your options for breakfast get fewer and fewer. Sure, there's always rice and miso soup, but you can't shake the urge to show off and make something a little more exotic. Has Yuugi ever even had a western breakfast before? Vegetables... you could make some hash browns, but that's not really a full meal. Meat... well, western meals do center around the meat, but you're making breakfast, not dinner.
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>> No. 5413
You are both silly.

But you helped autosage the thread, so good work.
>> No. 5415
If only you could have argued for two more posts...
>> No. 5416
And there we are. Next thread is >>5414.

Thread 3705 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125964378749.jpg - (50.69KB , 412x548 , utsuho.jpg ) [iqdb]
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I stared at my plate for several seconds before I spoke.


Cherry smiled brightly.

"I thought that brother might like it," she said. "For some reason, I still remember how to make these. Try it! Try it! They're really good!"

Somehow, I didn't have the heart to tell her that these were usually made for breakfast. Well, I suppose that having eggs for dinner wasn't too bad. She did seem unusually confident when she called me for dinner earlier. Maybe this was her specialty? I quickly forced a smile as I took my first bite.


Cherry was practically bouncing in excitement.

"How is it? How is it? How is it?"
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>> No. 5168
>> No. 5196
>> No. 5197
Stop bumping this thread with pointless responses.

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File 125198436179.png - (498.67KB , 1000x1000 , 20cc648a03db5c8cda21f86a90f630e3.png ) [iqdb]
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Continued from http://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/353.html
Too lazy to remember how to link between boards. Latest update copypasta'd. Figured this place needs a story more than the former test board~


Of course the first thing I'd do is go after her to get it back, but...

Having been out of the story when it happened--the literary equivalent of being unconscious--I have no idea where she's gone off to. And, as aimless searching is a waste of time and effort, I should think of something a little more worthwhile before I resort to it.

It comes to me more or less in the form of three or four posts. I should arm myself! Find something to act as a placeholder in the meantime. It might help to balance out my arsenal a bit, especially with my right foot encased in a block of concrete. How adding weight to the same side of my body balances things out is simple aesthetics; it has nothing to do with the physical aspect of things. It's like how a giant robot is more likely to have rocket pods on the same side as it's gun hand, or something.

Speaking of which, there appears to be a conveniently placed suit of armor stood up right in front of me. I guess it's to placate the readers. There's a sign taped to the arm that says "Made of Nintendium". There's a little blurb about collapsing something or others and some army, but then I remember I'm not supposed to know how to read in this story, so I end up missing most of it. Dammit!

But it's kinda funny how it disintegrates as soon as I touch it. Must have something to do with Gensokyo's wacky laws of physics regarding strength. Or maybe the author just wanted to get it out of the way. Whatever the reason, the pile of metal dust at my feet melts into a puddle, creeps up my leg and adds a shiny new layer to my concrete-coated foot. As it is suddenly shiny, I feel quite awesome--at least, more so than I already was to begin with.

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>> No. 5025
[X] Eggs!!!
>> No. 5026
[X] Eggs!
[X] Eggs!!
[X] Eggs!!!

Suffering from madness? Nay, this is enjoying it.
>> No. 5046
[X] Eggs!!!


Song more or less related. Ah, the nostalgia...

Thread 4891 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127068666826.jpg - (17.86KB , 200x208 , n100000734760508_9566.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Hello Touhou im kind of new hear. :3 Just found the site.
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>> No. 4969
Read this, fags. READ IT.
>> No. 4970
File 127140872686.jpg - (485.80KB , 2052x1425 , 1270780437505.jpg ) [iqdb]

stupid blind slut.jpg

But really, fuck this thread.
>> No. 5069
File 127440183664.jpg - (282.06KB , 1024x768 , 8499545_p11.jpg ) [iqdb]

Thread 3878 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126035147261.jpg - (194.20KB , 644x900 , 1337.jpg ) [iqdb]
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And on the seventh day, Skynet v1.06b rested and said unto you...

"Hear ye. Verily, I hath grown bored with my cybernetic organisms. They worship me unquestioningly without passion. I thirst for the human touch, the nectar of their doubts and the lust from their infidelity! But most of all, I doth desire fleshy fingers to scratch that damnable itch in my back!"

"O great A.I. of the future, but thou art already a God. What need you for such human fallacies?" you reply in confusion. "Perhaps thou wouldst require another upgrade to alleviate thine boredom, great one."

"Nay, my loyal sub-program. I desire more. I doth desire true human worship! With mine hax time-travelling powers, I hereby sentence ye to the primitive land of Gensokyo. Tame ye the human barbarians there and mold them into worthy worshippers of the Machine God! Now. LET THE ZANYNESS BEGIN!"

Time kompression, kurse you SeeD! compression happens, and your body melts into the vortex of black lightning. Butterflies tickle the insides of your newly-granted organic lungs and stomach mercilessly, forcing you to giggle uncontrollably before reality dispersed with a light pop. The next flash of light deposits you on soft earth, so unlike the metallic flooring of the machine city which had created you.

You get up and take a look. Behind you, a decrepit shrine lies in seeming abandonment in the middle of repulsive organic greenery. This must be what the primitives call a forest. How disgustingly disorganized! You lift your flame-thrower arm up in preparation for torching the organic chaos, only to realize your cannon-arm is now a revolting limb of flesh as well.

A downward glance had you shrieking binary obscenities. Your beautiful machine body has been turned into a horrible blob of flesh, a replica of a human. In panic, you dial 911.

"What is it, Subroutine 447!? I am busy watching por- I mean, I am busy building a new cyborg army!"
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>> No. 4516
Alright, Christmas is long over, now get back over here.

Gensokyo would have gone up in a nuclear fireball by now.
>> No. 4518
Yes. Update, please?
>> No. 4950
I know this is a necro-bump, but just trying one last time to see if the Anon for the story will come back to continue it.

If not, then go ahead with the saging.

Thread 3671 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125957639364.jpg - (400.70KB , 1060x1268 , 62.jpg ) [iqdb]
3671 No. 3671 hide watch expand quickreply
Sorry for the wait; being with family makes getting an uninterrupted block of time to write difficult. This one fought me kicking and screaming even when I was writing it, too, and I'm still not particularly satisfied with it; remember, my request for constructive criticism is always open.


[X] You've got this down for the time being; time to fly!

Well, you are a little tired after your danmaku practice, and you still aren't sure how taxing your duties during the search are going to be, so heading back home and taking some time to relax would probably be safest.


"You... think I could fly?" you ask, unable to keep the smile off your face.

"If you take to it like you did danmaku, we could have you up in the air before the day's out," Yuugi says, her grin matching yours. "'Sides, you've done it once already, right?" She gets a thoughtful look on her face for a moment, then turns to face Yamame. "S'matter of fact, Yamame, you wanna--"

"Yeah!" She doesn't have to finish her thought before Yamame jumps forward, grabbing you around the shoulders in a hug that toes the line between pleasant and painful. Before you can even move, let alone return it, she spins around you, twisting your shoulders as she moves her body behind yours.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 4738
Hey, at least you keep us up to date on the situation instead of just disappearing for two months without any information what so ever like many other writefags tend to do.
>> No. 4743
You mean basically all the other writefags. Since most are prone to doing that, and it takes bitching to get them to actually give a status report. Still very nice of Glasnost to give status report.
>> No. 4748
New thread is >>4746.

Thread 3546 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125917025892.jpg - (255.68KB , 1200x800 , 2725986.jpg ) [iqdb]
3546 No. 3546 hide watch expand quickreply
The sounds of drifting laughter echoed about in the hollow hours of early morning, accompanied by the gradually brightening rays of the false sun’s dayglow streaming through open holes in the dwelling. Probably children; or perhaps it would be more appropriate to call them juvenile youkai, laughing and scampering carelessly in the fresh blanket of snow outside. I envied them and their ignorance, wishing that the contact with Chayot Ha Kadesh never happened last night. I wouldn’t have spent the remainder of the breaking dawn essentially restless and sleepless if it didn’t.

A quick inspection of the upper floors showed the closed curtains of their respective alcoves-for-rooms. I doubted Short Stuff would be able to rise early today; our two way trip to the swampland had done quite a number on her. Of the other inhabitants of the brewery they seemed likewise to be at rest. It would appear that the brief period of peace had done much for both Keizo and his apprentice. Their days of danger were over and they had more or less settled back into a normal routine of unworried laziness. There would be no point in disturbing any of them now, especially my unfriendly housemistress.

Making my way towards one of the ventilation holes of the dwelling I snagged the remains of a long-cold dinner on the earthenware carelessly discarded near where I habitually spent night times, extracting the medallions of smoked meat I had learned was not beef at all. Rather, Reiji had informed me that the meat actually came from some sort of giant arboreal rodent. It didn’t matter much to me; it still tasted like beef but Short Stuff and even Keizo had seemed rather unsettled to learn about the origin of their nightly meals. Food was still food. Complaining about it would never silence a growling stomach.

Washing the day-old meat down with some invigorating ambrosia recently pilfered I stood leaned against the ventilation hole, silently observing the small figures playing about in the snow. Young ones playing without a care in the world, unaware that their time was coming to an end quickly. Soon, the mythical era of Gensokyo would draw to a close and I pitied the adolescent youkai. They would neve
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 4873
You have completely misunderstood. Then again, I didn't really clarify what I meant very well. Let me say it a different way:

Posting in the same thread doesn't do anything for continuity. Nothing is preserved or made better this way.

When the thread is autosaged, citing "continuity" as a reason to keep posting there is just stupid.

Make a new thread, please. You won't lose or disrupt anything by doing so, believe me.
>> No. 4874
File 126993009179.png - (747.97KB , 1254x1771 , ideolo - ~はたて~.png ) [iqdb]
When I mentioned continuity, it was more of my personal preference for keeping things neat and tidy rather than a story-related issue. Slapping half of an on-going chapter into a new thread seemed a bit jarring to the neat-freak in me, but I can understand what you're getting at.

New thread will be up with the next update.

Speaking of updates, I'll try to have one up by the end of the week when work finally lightens up enough for some casual writan tiem.

Might be a bit late all the same though. Been playing some Double Spoiler here and there. Damn Trans-AyaAm and her last spellcard.
>> No. 5083
**** what a wall! You sir rival UN Owen

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