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File 131258250960.jpg - (251.21KB, 850x1205, Good end.jpg)
Good end
[x] Create a deadly neurotoxin to spend time.

“Eureka! Saw that, idiot rabbit? Of course you can't! I just created something strong enough let you die in a fearsome and painful way! And what you understand? NOTHING! Freaking nothing! I envy you sometimes, being idiot must be a blessing. But I do enjoy that genius brain of my. Thanks to it, I could create.... THIS!”
Raising the bottle over your head, you scream in joy. What you made is something horrible, a disgusting poison from your twisted yet wonderful mind! A wonderful poem, to death, and torture! A disgustingly perfect and slow death! This is what you made, by mixing average neurotoxin to aphrodisiac! According to your prevision, the victim will first feel horny its body will slowly goes numb, and in the end, be totally paralyzed, leading to a death by asphyxiation! Of course, you're still alive during the whole process, to make things worse! But isn't it better to die while having a boner? Hey? Besides, you're pretty sure that hanged peoples died while ejaculating! How elaborate from you, because, in the end, anyone being poisoned by this will leave this world in an orgasm. Man, you are so horrible and twisted, you actually love yourself for being like that! Now, if you could just turn this liquid into a gas, everything would be perfect. Perhaps if you use another toxin?
Oh. Someone spoke. And that's not Reisen. Nope. That's that chain-smoking brown haired girl with a nice hat, Renko Usami.
“Hello Renko. Hey, it rhymes. So what's up? Wanna have an innocent and totally not suspicious drink?”
For some reason, she's avoiding your eyes, not looking at you directly. That's not bothering you, since you're far more bothered by the fact that she's smoking in the laboratory. But you're not going to lecture her, she's old enough to know what she's doing.
“He's coming.”
“Mmm? Who? Zalgo? The Antechrist? Reagan?”
“The one you're supposed to get rid of.”
And with that, she disappears. Just like that. You just blink, and “poof”, she's no longer here. That's funny, when you think about it. It's like there's nobody else in this room to begin with. Maybe you talked alone. How can you be sure? There's no way to be 100% sure. Maybe you're dreaming all this. Maybe if you pinch yourself, you'll wake up, in a ruin, still feeling exhausted even after sleeping for 6 hours. Then, you'll grab your pack, your hat, and you'll walk totally randomly, hoping you could find some food before a cannibal monster find you.
You pinched yourself. Nothing changed. You're still here. Creating a deadly poison, while secretly hoping you won't have to use it. Maybe if you use something else than a fugu poison as a base, you can …

You made it. But, for some reason, you're not feeling happy. In fact, you're stressed rather than being happy. You don't understand why. You're just going to knock a lunarian down, scare him moonless, and kick him back to his damn moon as a warning. Why are you so worried? Is there something else on your mind.
“Professor. Yes, that's it.”
Strictly speaking, you're not a doctor. You have a doctorate, but you're not a doctor in the medical sense. And yet, you want to be called a doctor. Is that why you're excessively annoyed by the fact that Renko called you “professor” instead of “doctor”? No you can't be worried about something that petty, so it has to be something else.
Reisen. The main worry is Reisen. You don't want to harm her. Not because she's pretty, young, and cute. It's because you were asked to teach her. You feel responsive. You can't harm her, and you won't. But you're afraid that you driving away that lunarian may jeopardize her.
No, not good. You have to forget every doubt you have. Put 'hem in a box, and throw that box somewhere. And wait until night comes.

“He's here.”
Yep. No mistake about that. You can smell that arrogance 20 miles away. You never saw him, and yet you already hate him. From the self-confidence smell, you're pretty sure he's the kind of guy walking without looking around, being obsessed with his good look, speaking to you like he would speak to a complete retard, and always having a smug face.
Lunarians are no good after all. And you're not saying that by jealousy. You're saying that by hate.
“Whatever. Let's follow the plan.”
You found a bottle in your pocket. You don't remember putting it here, but “make-up” is written on it. So it's obviously make-up. Even if it's written over something else. You should be sure it's make-up before trying it on someone.
“Hey, rabbit. Can you identify this for me?”
You open the bottle, and place it under the rabbit's nose. It falls from the chair, to the ground.

Of course. When you're applying make-up, you need to stand still! In other words, this thing is to apply make-up in an optimal way! That's the perfect make-up!

Leaving the laboratory, you sneak around the mansion, casually waving at rabbits, but doing your best to avoid Reisen. For some reason, she's walking from the living room to the kitchen, and from the kitchen to the living room. What the hell is she doing?
Sneaking closer, you press your ear against the thin paper wall, and you listen to the one-sided conversation between the newcomer lunarian, and your favorite moon bunny.
“That's enough, inaba.”
“Thank you, my Lord.”
'Lord'. For some reason, hearing that words piss you off.
“Show me my room for the night. Your best room, of course.”
“Please, follow me, my Lord.”
That guy isn't just a lunarian. There's a real respect in Reisen's voice just now. She's truly respecting that guy.
That doesn't mean you're not going to enjoy what you're planning.

Still hiding, you wait for several minutes. You hear several people walking, but those are fast footsteps. What you're looking for- hearing for, are slow footsteps. The footsteps of a very tired and stressed person. The moon rabbit's footsteps, to be frank.
And you just heard them. The footsteps you're looking for. You slowly crawl to the door, and just when she passes, you open the door with PROPERTY DAMAGE!
“AH! Doctor! You were-”
“Make-up time, Reisen!”
Grabbing the back of her head with your right hand, you press the bottle against her nose. At first, she looks surprised, but when she finally realizes your plan, she's already half knocked.
“Don't... be a fool...”
Is all she can says before collapsing.
“I was already a fool before. I'm not going to change just for a rabbit, even as cute as you.”
Ha ha ha. Now, no more fooling around. You grab her arms, and you bring her in the room you just left. After that, you close the door, and you keep following the plan.

“Disgusting. How am I supposed to sleep in THAT? That would be dishonor for my whole ancestors if I were to do such a tasteless thing!”
Yep. No possible mistake. That high-pitched voice, that whining speech, and that arrogant attitude. That's him alright. He's so fond of purity and perfection. You bet he's not going to sleep. He's probably going to stay awake, cursing the whole world. Like the stereotypical arrogant lunarian. So fond of his precious purity. And yet, so stupid. He's sitting here, against the wall. Yes, against that paper wall. Against that THIN, FRAGILE paper wall. Sneaking, you place yourself just behind him, with the make-up bottle in a hand, the other hand being free. You know what you're going to do. Grab his face through the wall, pull him as close as you can, and spray make-up over his face. Okay. Breath quietly. Three. Two. On- nononononono. In fact, you shouldn't count. If you count, you give yourself enough time to think. Think about what's going to happen after. Think about what Toyohime is going to do to you if she learns that you're still here. Does that guy know about you? Did she warned him? Did- GO!
Punching through the wall, you quickly grab his chin. He shouts angrily, but you don't care. Pulling him, you manage to make him fall, while he's trying to get rid of your damp and sweating hand over his so pretty and perfect face. Opening the make-up bottle one more time, you quickly create another hole in the paper wall, raising the bottle over his face, and flooding his face with make-up.
Maybe that's working, but just a little. Because, unlike Reisen, he doesn't fall asleep. Instead, he grabs your arm, and pull you through the wall, in the wall. Why do they even have paper walls if they're so fragile?!
“Disgusting! Look at what you have done! And what is that thing?!”
“Make-up. What else?”
You try to sound cunning, but the fact that he's crushing your arm and the fact that your plan failed is spoiling the fact that you're more or less screwed, now.
“Repulsive crawler!”
While saying that, he throws you away, and grabs some weird staff. Now that you're a little away, you can take a good look. First of all, he's damn handsome. White skin, baby face, and long dark hair. If you were a woman, you could easily fall in love. Second, he's wearing some kind of modified shinto priest costume. How are they called? Kannushi, or something like that. Except that his costume is entirely white.
“Perfection, right? Are you going to use your magic against me?”
“That would be like using a rifle against a cockroach, crawler.”
“Funny enough, I have a very strict honor code.”
Jumping to your feet, you charge him, shoulder first. He easily avoids you, and you end up crashing into the same wall you already massacred earlier.
“What's honor for a crawler?”
He hit you very hard in the ribs with his staff. You though it was made of wood, but now, you're pretty sure it's metallic? Ignoring the pain, you smile in the most demented possible way.
“You should worry about yourself, brych.”
“I do not like that face of you. And what's a brych?”
Without answering, you smile at him. He's going to hesitate for a few seconds, and you're going to think about what you should do next, since the make-up isn't working.
The thing you just created! The neurotoxin! You should use it! Of course, there's a chance you might be poisoned too if try to use it in such a small place, but that guy is going to kill you, so-
“Lord Enma! Gives me strength to defeat my opponent...”
Oh, he's got to be kidding. What happened to the “I won't need help”, uh? Whatever, don't let him finish his thing! Throw the bottle! Now!

You throw it. It crashes against the lunarian's face, while you quickly run away, closing the door being you.
“... you a-a-assist me!”
He's already affected by your poison. The room must be a living hell for everyone right now. You bet he's- the door breaks, and a dense white fog spreads over the area. You're pretty sure that's not your poison, but it's not colored, while this fog is.
“What the hell is that?”
“E-e-enjoy it, crawler? That's lunar dust. You can't hide from me in this.”
“Wow, thanks for explaining me your magic's weakness, gwaedlyd moron!”
He's stammering. In other words, the aphrodisiac is working. You don't know if the neutoroxin will, however. But you're confident. There was enough poison in the bottle you just broke to poison the whole mansion. Even if his fog got rid of your poison, you're sure he had a good, deep breath.
“What's the matter, lunarian brych? Are you think about some lunarian women?”
He yells something, but you don't hear him, and you don't care.
“Can you feel it? Are you imagining yourself, alone with one of those wonderful princess? Are you alone with the long-haired one?”
“T-they were both long-haired...”
“What are you imagining, tell me. Are you imagining wild stuff?”
“N-nonsense, crawler! I'm a p-p-priest! I'm p-pure!”
You laugh. You honestly laugh from the bottom of your heart. You laugh until you hear him falling.

You're totally surrounded by rabbits. Some of them are humanoids, but most of them are not. You should be worrying about being surrounded by dangerous creatures such as them, but you're far too interested by something else. For example, the lunarian lord you just dropped in the rice field. In the swampy rice field. After watching his terrified stare for a while, you turn your face to the rabbits, and you begin speaking.
"Ladies and … Rabbits! You've read about it in the papers! You heard about it from Reisen! Now witness, before your very eyes, that most rare and tragic of nature's mistakes! I give you: the average lunarian. Physically unremarkable, it instead possesses a deformed set of values. Notice the hideously bloated sense of purity's importance. Also note the elitist and closed social conscience and the disgusting obsession for cleanliness. It's certainly not for the squeamish, is it? Most repulsive of all, are its frail and useless notions of order and superiority If too much weight is placed upon them... they become even more arrogant. How does it live, I hear you ask? How does this poor pathetic specimen survive in today's disgusting and dirty environment? I'm afraid the sad answer is, "Not very well, or not at all." Faced with the inescapable fact that human existence is hard, random, and difficult, all of them crack up and die in a stupid and shameful way! Who can blame them? In a world as condemned as this... any other response would be crazy!"
Having finished your speech, you put your foot on the lunarian lord, and, being burying him in the damp field, you say one last thing.
“If you survive this, go back to your precious moon. But you're going to die here.”
And you press, until his face completely disappears under the water. Now, it's time to grab all you have, and leave this place. You wanted to settle this peacefully, just scaring him, but you never though he would be so resilient to your make-up. And Reisen won't approves this. So you're not staying here, you're leaving.
Passing by your room, you leave the stethoscope, but you take the whip and the revolver with you. After that, you go see Koishi, and you whisper to her:
“I'll be back for you.”


I wanted to have this one proofread, but thanks to Murphy, everyone was busy or unavailable.
So, sorry but this update is done in a rush.
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File 131263061421.png - (212.16KB, 576x320, Ah crap.png)
Ah crap
That's it. You just leave a pretty good place with just a hat, a whip, and a weapon. You're probably not going to get far, but you're going to try anyway. You decide to go to the shrine you went yesterday. Not the one you ruined, but the other. The one where Satori is. She may be able to help healing Koishi.
And after that? You don't know, but it's a little too early to think about it. First, you should reach that shrine. And considering that you're lost in a forest, at night, without compass, without even a map, you're pretty much screwed.
“Could be worse. There's no cannibal around.”

After walking totally randomly for 2 hours, you manage to finally leave the bamboo forest. Of course, the fact that you're coughing make your job harder. Pretty hard to find your way when you're busy spitting your lung in your hand. And since you're out of the forest, you're now in cannibal country. Even if, according to Reisen, that 'Gensokyo' is more friendly, there are still monsters eating human. And since you're human, you are going to be jelly if you're caught.
Good thing for you, even if it's not really a city, there are enough buildings for you hide until morning comes. So, you're just going to hide in one of them, and wait for the day
Why? Because it's completely stupid to travel at night. And also because you're quite tired, so if you can sleep, that's good. So, forget your doubt, and go in... THAT one.

Closing the door after you, you quickly inspect the room. First, it's small. Second, it's quite cluttered. You mean, really cluttered. Third, it's also very dark, but that's normal, you guess, since it looks like a storehouse. Why would you light a storehouse at night?
Okay, time to remember your father's advice: “if you're coughing, avoid dusty places”. Thanks dad. However, the whole place is quite dusty, and you don't really want to get out. So, in the end, you decide to sleep on some of the mess. Hell, it looks like there's a wooden cylinder in this room, for some reason. You never slept on wood, but that's a good idea to try.

Or maybe not. You're pretty sure you heard something scratching inside the cylinder. It's like, there's SOMEONE inside it, trying to get out. But it can't, since you're here.
[] Climb onto the roof! Don't make any move! Do your best to not cough!
[] Crawl under the weird cylinder! And keep quiet, no matter what!
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[x] Crawl under the weird cylinder! And keep quiet, no matter what!

Might as well. The worst that could happen is a fight, and we kinda do have a gun.
on a side note, writefag, What nationality are you? I keep seeing grammartical errors that normally wouldn't happen if english was your first langauge. 'Cuse me if it sounds rude, by the way.
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I'm french. I try to proofread, but most often, I forget/can't find proofreader/don't have enough time.
Delete Post
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Delete Post
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Sweet Merciful Christ.
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File 131289736424.jpg - (833.07KB, 800x1200, She's alive.jpg)
She's alive
Sorry about the intermezzo. I erased it.

Anyway, I can't really say I have enough votes, so have this instead:
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[x] Crawl under the weird cylinder! And keep quiet, no matter what!
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File 131316371794.png - (318.33KB, 576x320, vlcsnap-2011-08-12-17h17m31s47.png)
Sorry about the delay, but the fiasco with the intermezzo kind of ruined my self-confidence about writing about Yoshika. So, let's say it's on hold for now.

Also, wrong field. Sage goes in the email field. Shame on [someone else] for my own mystake.
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File 131328011676.png - (389.51KB, 446x600, 131238057243.png)
Guess what?
Ten Desires is out.
And since I planned to put Yoshika in my next update, I kind of... have to rewrite the WHOLE story from A to Z.

If I do everything right, I won't have to retcon. If I have to... I'll erase everything, and restart from the beginning.
Delete Post
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Delete Post
Report Post

Oh for the love of god. If it doesn't work, you make up a new plothook, not restart the entire damn story. If you do that, you may not have any readers left.
Delete Post
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If you even think of doing that, Get the fuck out. Dont even joke about that, as Whip it out anon is not pleased.

Seriously, why would you even need to rewrite the whole thing?
Delete Post
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Good new: I think I found a way to rewrite the story without it being too obvious. Update is ready, by the way, and it'll be here after proofreading (if, of course, I can get my hands on someone who's free and better than me in english).
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File 131365192224.jpg - (238.55KB, 640x480, th012.jpg)
Bad new: Miko is a bitch.
Delete Post
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Understatement of the year. Wait till you get to Mami's Mammies Mamziou.
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File 13136990527.jpg - (798.52KB, 1200x763, You opened the coffin.jpg)
You opened the coffin
[x] Crawl under the weird cylinder! And keep quiet, no matter what!

Something tells you it's not alive. That cylinder is probably airtight, or something like that. There's no way something could live inside this. And yet, you can hear that. That little and insignificant noise is giving you goosebumps.
Because, be frank: you survived alone for years, walking on thousands miles and miles. But it's not like you were walking proudly. Most of the time, you were hiding when hearing something strange and/or suspicious. It became like a reflex for you.

And said reflex is kicking your ass right now, saying “you moron, go hide somewhere”. But where to go? Where to hide? You quickly look around. The room is a real mess. But you can't find any good hiding place. Unless... directly under the cylinder! Of course, there's a big chance it'll backfire but no pain, no gain, as said your masochist teacher back in the days.

Jumping from the cylinder, you quickly crawl under it, pushing much junk aside. Who need swords today anyway? And it's not like you're going to need it soon, right? Right? Hell you're not sure. Logic says, “nothing can live in that thing”, but your ear says, “dude, fuck logic, she's not making sense here, and listen to me”. That aside, you're now hidden under the cylinder, totally invisible from the outside. There's so much useless junk around you, it's impossible to locate a guy in that mess anyway. You can sleep peacefully. If you can sleep with that annoying scratching, of course.

Okay, that one startled you. Looks like that thing decided to walk outside inside of just sleeping in that thing. Is that really a cylinder anyway? Because now that you think about it, it looks like a-
You have a brief glimpse of a heavy piece of wood being thrown away. That's not a cylinder, you fool. That's a coffin. And you managed to wake up a freak thinking she's probably a vampire. Why would someone sleep in a coffin anyway? That's stupid. Coffins are for dead people. And you can't see dead people, so that girl is obviously alive. Wait, a girl?!
Slowly crawling, you move the junk, just enough to have a good view of that strange girl. Look like that whole land is really full of girls. But that's the first time you see a grown-up girl hopping around like a kid.
“Are you still there?”She asks, in a childish voice.
'Nope, I'm gone' is what you want to say, but you bite your tongue. It would be foolish to do that. More than foolish, in fact, but you're not going to write a thesis about answering to freaks.
“I can hear you breathing, you know?” She says, while looking left and right in a quick motion. You notice that she's still moving her arms like a stereotypical zombie. Must be tiring. “There you are!” She adds, looking at you.
You clench your teeth in fear. How could that girl see you in that damn darkness? Hell, you can't see shit, and she located you in a blink.

Too busy thinking, you don't pay attention to the girl. That's a mistake, as you couldn't see her sliding on the ground. Well, not until she appeared in front of you, nails first, aiming for your throat.
“Woah, the hell!”
You barely managed to avoid her, as she continues sliding. Seeing her sliding on her belly would be ridiculous if it wasn't obvious that she tried to kill you. You should move, it was a good hiding place here, but now that you're found out, you're disadvantaged. Kicking the junk, you try to leave the place.
No, leaving the place is wrong. The exact formulation is “being a wimpy coward and running away”. Hell, as if you're going to do it. You take your revolver out, and you aim for the head.

Wait a second. Where is she? Did she disappeared? Where the damn hell is she? Well, it's not like you can see anything in this darkness, but you were hoping you would see something moving. Or maybe hearing her hopping.
Yep. You're hoping for her to hop. That's so lame, you should be ashamed. But wait a minute! That girl... Is there a chance that she's dumber than you? You should try, just in case.
“Hey, girl! Where are you?”You say out loud. To be frank, you're not really exp-
“I'm right behind you.”
“Fffffff-” Holding back a scream, you manage to sound like a deflating pneumatic. That's pretty lame, but that's better than screaming like a little girl. “What do you want?”
“Just warning you. This isn't a place for the likes of you.” You're not sure, but you think she's smiling. And that's just making the situation completely creepy. You mean, think about it. You're in a storehouse, in the dead of night, speaking to a girl who just came out of a coffin, who's either hopping, either sliding on her belly, and who's talking with a childish tone and a big smile.
“That's a very unique way to warn someone, trying to kill him.” You answer in an acid tone.
“Mmm? I did that? I don't remember!” Oh, for hell's sake. “Also, that reminds me, my master told me something about how I needed new blood. Would you be kind enough to-”
“Hell no.”
And you raise your gun and shoot her in the head several times. In fact, you're emptying your revolver. And she's still standing.
“Now that's very rude, don't you think?”
You try to answer, but the words are stuck in your throat. That girl took several high caliber bullets in the head, and she's still standing? What kind of trickery is that? Did you shot a dummy?
No, that's impossible! You saw her, while you were shooting! You saw her face! That was not a dummy! But that's impossible! Nobody can't take several point blanks shots and be still alive!
“If you're like this, then I'll take your life!”
And with that, she quickly moves.

By pure reflex, you duck. And that was a pretty good idea, because according to the gust you took in the face, she moved pretty fast. You don't have time for this, you must get out before being killed. That girl can locate you in the darkness without any trouble, while you're almost blind. And since you're not a kung-fu expert, you can't keep on with someone who can take several shots in the head. Especially if you're unarmed.
“Screw you, I'm leaving!”
“Oh no, you aren't!”
You run to the exit, and, just after passing it, you quickly flatten against the ground. Good idea, one more time. That girl flew over you, hands first.

You're outside now. It's still pretty dark, but, thank to the moon, you can at least see what's going on. But thinking about it, you'd rather not see that girl getting back to her feet in a totally unnatural way. It's like she had several strings attached to her, allowing her to rise like that. Yep, that's creepy for sure.
But there's an advantage to that. Now, you can see her clearly. Okay, the awfully pale skin isn't really sexy, but her outfit is pretty unique. You're mostly interested by her chinese clothes, and by that yellow paper on her forehead.

[] That yellow paper... Somehow, it must be her weakness. Take it off!
[] Just punch her. If you punch her enough, you'll end up winning.
Delete Post
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[x] That yellow paper... Somehow, it must be her weakness. Take it off!

... You dumbfuck. Why in the fuck would you shoot a zombie in the head? That only works in fictohwaitFUCK.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] That yellow paper... Somehow, it must be her weakness. Take it off!
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] That yellow paper... Somehow, it must be her weakness. Take it off!

Delete Post
Report Post
[x] That yellow paper... Somehow, it must be her weakness. Take it off!
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 131394288869.jpg - (450.86KB, 565x750, Yoshika snapped.jpg)
Yoshika snapped
[x] That yellow paper... Somehow, it must be her weakness. Take it off!

You have to acknowledge it. Sometimes, there are things you can't explain. It hurts you to admit it, since you're truly a scientist, from the bottom of your heart. You always believed that science could explain everything. But now, you're not really sure. In fact, you're not sure any more. Are you dreaming? Are you in Hell? You don't know, and there's no way to check. The only thing you're sure about is that there's a strange girl in front of you, and that she's trying to kill you. You tried to shoot her, and it failed. You haven't tried it yet, but you're pretty sure that punching her would be unsuccessful too. You have to find another way. And that yellow paper on her forehead is intriguing. It is a sticker or something? There's only one way to find out!

“Come at me sis! I was made for this shit!”
That being said, you quickly duck, avoiding those nails aiming at your throat. Luckily, that girl is pretty bad. The fact that she can't bend her arms makes your job to avoid her nails easy. But still, you have to be careful, because you're pretty sure that she's not the kind to “release after capture”. Probably more like “I have you and I will crush you until you're dead”. Raising your arm, you manage to touch the paper, but before you could grab it, she jumps back.
“Don't touch that, it's impolite!”
“Why not? It may be the key to defeat you forever, you evil!”
She's obviously lying! There's no way a single-minded girl would say the truth in a worried tone. She's obviously manipulating you! NOW! ATTACK!

You charge her, and when you're close enough, you drop on your knees, and you roll to her, all according to plan “run to her, be where she can't hurt you, take that thing off, and take it easy”.
“Take that, you sneaky freak!”
With the yellow paper in your, dramatically stand still, waiting for her reaction. If everything goes according to plan, she'll stop annoying you.

But sometimes, things don't go according to your plan. Sometimes, there's a guard here, and you end up losing your family. Sometimes, there's a stepsister, and she kills you. And sometimes, the paper you though was a weakness wasn't one.
With your mouth wide open, you can just look. Your mind is completely blank, without any of your clever schemes, or any manipulation trick, or any sadist burst. It's just blank. There's nothing. Nothing but “oh crap”.
That girl, that freak. You thought she was a freak. But she's truly a zombie. And now that you've took that paper off, for some reason, she's … rotting. Yeah, rotting. Her eyes are popping, her jaw is falling on the ground, her hair is growing in a grotesque way, and her nails are now ridiculously long. Worse, her flesh is falling apart, allowing you to see her bones.
You stagger, unsure about the next thing to do. What you're seeing does not make sense. Flying little girls? Let's say it's magic, or let's brush it as a hallucination. But this is just too much for your mind to handle. That girl is DEAD! There's no way someone would be living with a body like that! And you know what you're talking about! She's godamn DEAD! She can't be moving!
Falling on your bottom, you crawl back, trying to be as far as possible from THIS. You're shaking like a kid in a dark room, your teeth chattering, your limbs twisting and moving, and your mind being on vacation. Yes, you are really scared.
“My god!”
Standing up with difficulties, you decide to freaking run away as fast as you can. You can deal with cannibals little girls, with demented survivors, with moon rabbits, with lunarians nobles, but a zombie is just too freaking much! You run away, not even noticing that you're screaming. You just want to find a place to hide. Find a dark place, where nobody will find you, where nothing will follow you. But she's following you. You can hear her, hopping, gaining centimeters after centimeters.
“Haaaa...” That's her. She doesn't sounds happy. In fact, that sounded like more a death rattle. The thing of thing you're saying- or rather emitting, when your neck is broken, leaving you in agony.
“Yeah, Yoshika! What's … the hell is going on?”
You hear someone speaking, but considering that you're being chased by something you don't know, that you're kind of panicked right now, and also that you're probably not in the mood speaking, you decide to not give a damn about who's speaking.
Of course, in your panicked state, you're not really careful about where you're going. Otherwise, you would probably noticed that running in the storehouse isn't a good idea, since it's a dead end. Which leads you to the predictable situation of you, back against the wall, trying to look as wall-ish as possible, hoping for that rotten thing to not notice you. Even if said zombie is close enough to kiss you, and also probably to stick her nails in your neck, killing you in a really painful way. You're still hoping for her to go.
“Let me fix this!”
A hand appears from behind you, sticking another yellow paper on the zombie's forehead. Immediately, the rotten zombie becomes a girl again. You sigh in relief. You're quickly cut by the girl in question, who's busy trying to strangle you.
“Argh. What are you doing?”
Still smiling, she answers in the most disturbing way.
“I'm just making sure that next time, you'll listen to me when I say to not touch it!”
“Yoshika! That's enough!” Says a voice coming from behind you. Disregard the fact that you're supposed to be against a wall, you're pretty sure there's a good explanation for this. And you'll be curious to hear it. Once you're no longer being strangled by that girl.
“Okay, master!”
She lets you go, and you fall on the floor, tired and still scared.

“So? Would you mind explaining me what happened?”
That girl interrogating you is named Seiga Kaku. She introduced herself as a humble and wicked hermit. But you're pretty sure she's a show-off. Why else would she be talking to you through a hole in a wall? She explained you that she was the zombie's master. You're not sure why she refers herself as a “master” rather than as a “mistress”, but you hope it's not for some disgusting sexual reason. Thinking about that, Reisen also spoke about her “master”. So it was obviously a male.
“Hey, I'm talking to you!”
Ugh. Useless to come with a half-baked answer, you just have to be honest.
“Yeah, so I went and decided to sleep in this place because I had some kind of fight with the girl I was more or less living with, but you see, she's a moon rabbit so I'm pretty sure she'll be fine during the day but anyway I'm pretty sure that you already been as far as decided to try and pass through the wall of my personal space, and I think that explain why all cats are gray.”
Of course, you have your own definition of honesty. Look at her, she's all confused! That's funny to watch, but you can't smile, or she'll discover that you're making fun or her.
“Oh, okay. I see. If I got it right, you had a fight with a cat and a rabbit and they kicked you out?”
“Something like that, yeah.” You answer happily.
“But why would you sleep in a mausoleum?”
She's got a point.
“Because I thought it was just a storehouse.”
“And you're okay with trespassing?”

[] “Okay, I can go sleep elsewhere. If it's not like I'm going to be tortured, killed, and eaten if something catch me.” Tough guy time.
[] Stare blankly at her face. Look like a complete moron. No, Moriarty, you ARE a moron. Starting from now, anyway.
[] “I'm kind of cornered right now. So excuuuuuuse me if I decide to go as far as decide to even ignore what “propriety” means.” Mocking tone.
[] Write-in.
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[] Stare blankly at her face. Look like a complete moron. No, Moriarty, you ARE a moron. Starting from now, anyway.
Delete Post
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[x] Write-in.
-[x] "I got lost, and found a place that didnt look like it'd eat me, so I decided to stay here."
--[x] whip it out do it faggot
Image Source
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File 13140495263.png - (1.21MB, 1600x1200, Koishi is now french.png)
Koishi is now french
Also, I think about adding some sort of time limit. But, I'm just thinking about it for now, so if you have a suggestion, let me hear it.
Delete Post
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A time limit to votes or something? Why not just call it when you feel like it or something.
Delete Post
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A time limit to the story. Because I don't really want Anon to just walk around in Gensokyo. Even if it's funny to write, it will be pointless. And probably out of character too.
Delete Post
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You mean... a general plotline?

The way I do it is just make a flowchart, and all the points merge at one point, and flow out again until you reach the end of it. Basically, say theres choice a,b,c. Anon chooses c, and learns some more information then he would get out of b and a, and then the choice's now are d,e,f. No matter which one you choose, you still end up at, say, Youkai Mountain or something.

You didnt do this before? Unless this isnt what you're talking about.
Delete Post
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Actually, forget it. I decided something.
Delete Post
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[X] Stare blankly at her face. Look like a complete moron. No, Moriarty, you ARE a moron. Starting from now, anyway.
-[X] Get annoyed at yourself for not remembering that zombies die when you remove their head. Also for forgetting that a virus could have just raised her, like in Resident Evil.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 131444205674.jpg - (158.48KB, 850x936, Oh fuck.jpg)
Oh fuck
[x] Stare blankly at her face. Look like a complete moron. No, Moriarty, you ARE a moron. Starting from now, anyway.
--[x] "I got lost, and found a place that didn't look like it'd eat me, so I decided to stay here."

You don't answer. Too busy with staring her face. She would be beautiful if she weren't that kind of strange girl doing strange and potentially magical stuff. Which means that as long as you're near her, you'll be exposed to more magical stuff. So, you'd better forget about everything. Close your eyes, and focus.

“Are you okay with trespassing?”
“What's 'trespassing'?”
She opens her eyes wide when hearing your question. Is that really so surprising? Trespassing. Does that means passing in a tress? Passing like what? Fainting? So trespassing means fainting while wearing a dress? That's impossible, otherwise it would be “dresspassing”. So that doesn't make sense.
“Trespassing. It means going somewhere when you're not supposed to go.”
“Oh. I call that 'cating along'.”
“Yeah, because cats are always moving and looking for little things, you see?”
“The cat-thing apart, mind explaining me what you were doing here?”
“I got lost.”
“That place was fine. Was probably not going to eat me. So I wanted to sleep here.”
“If it's that, I think I can understand.”
While you're speaking with the strange blue girl, the other rotten girl look at you. She's doing more than looking. She stares at you. With mean eyes. You raise your hand, index finger and little finger pointing to her, in a typical Italian gesture. Very rude gesture, by the way. Fortunately, the rotten girl doesn't understand, and keep staring at you with “I'm-going-to-hurt-you-as-soon-as-she's-no-here-any-more” eyes.
“...Yoshika, please, don't scare him like that.”
“I'm not doing anything, Lady.”
After that, a discussion start, but they use too many complicated words, so you're not going to bother about that. Instead of that pety... pitty... small discussion, you have to focus on a more important problem. That rotten should be dead if you kill her by removing her head. You mean, people are dead when they are killed. And you are killed if you have no head. So, people are dead if they have no head.
You're so brilliant.

Placing both her hands on your chest, the girl in blue try to stop you. You don't understand why, so you quietly explain the situation to her.
“That rotten girl, she's supposed to be dead, right?”
Pushing you away, the blue girl answers in a “I-have-no-idea-what-you-are-talking-about” kind of tone:
“Technically, yes, but that's a complicated story.”
You throw the shovel away.
“I don't like complicated stories. They make my head hurts.”
“...Yeah, sure. But what about the shovel?”
“Master, isn't it obvious? He wanted to kill me!”
Hearing the rotten girl speaking again, you look at her and answer with your best bored tone:
“You're supposed to be dead. When you're dead, you're not alive. If you're supposed to be dead, but still alive, then something is done wrong.”
There's a silence following your declaration.
“Yes, I did things wrong on purpose. Hmm, would you mind sitting in a corner quietly and waiting?”
“No problem!” You answer happily.
They keep speaking for a while, still using long words. Your headache is getting worse. So much long words. And you're sure they're speaking chinese. You don't speak chinese. You can't understand what they are saying.
“Hey, could you come here for a second?” The blue girl waves at you. You look behind you, just in case, but there's nobody else. So it must be you.
“Sure, what?”
“You have nowhere to rest for now, right?”
Now that she says it, it's quite true. You're just walking around without any plan. Why are you even walking around to begin with? Bah, nevermind, it'll cause you a headache again.
“Yeah. Well, I mean no. No, I have nowhere to rest. So, uh, yes, you are right.”
Rolling her eyes again, the blue girl smiles at you, in a way that could be warm if it weren't creepy. After all, she's looking at you as if you were a piece of meat. Mmm, dried meat. With peppers and mustard.
“Fine. I'll bring you to the Pure Land.” That sounds fishy. “Be grateful!”

[] Going to some Pure Land? Meeting new people? Oh yeah! Let's go at once! Uh, where is it?
[] “Pure Land”. That sounds too fishy. Decline the invitation in a pilo... poile... non-rude way.
Delete Post
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[c] Going to some Pure Land? Meeting new people? Oh yeah! Let's go at once! Uh, where is it?

This is interesting.
Delete Post
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[x] A "Pure Land"? Isnt that what pedophiles say to little children?

I'm sorry. I have to.
Delete Post
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Vote called for:
[x] A "Pure Land"? Isnt that what pedophiles say to little children?
Delete Post
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[x] A "Pure Land"? Isnt that what pedophiles say to little children?
Delete Post
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[x] A "Pure Land"? Isnt that what pedophiles say to little children?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 131491305254.jpg - (194.28KB, 680x2000, wwww.jpg)
[x] A "Pure Land"? Isnt that what pedophiles say to little children?

“Pure Land”. That expression. It reminds you something. Something your mother said a long time ago. About adult “loving” young boy.
“STRANGER DANGER!” You screams, while making a cross gesture with your fingers.
“What the-”
“Yeah, yeah, I know the drill! You're going to bring me to your 'Pure Land', and then you'll say 'this will be our little secret', right? Like any pedophile!”
“Uh, in fact...”
“You're going to lure me in a dark and closed place, rip my clothes off, and wildly rape me, right?”
“Now that you say it...”
“You're going to say that your religion doesn't forbid sex, right? I bet you will!”
“I'm not following you, you pedophile person!”
“Sure, you're going to say 'but you're too old', and I'm going to answer 'I'm probably old enough for this, but still younger than you'! Normal people don't go through walls anyway!”
“Hey, look behind you!”
“Behind me?” You answer stupidly.
“Yes, behind you. There's something awesome!”
You look behind you. There's nothing but a blank wall. And then it turns black, as you fall against the ground after bumping accidentally your forehead with Mr. Wall.
As you fall into darkness, you hear those girls speaking about something totally stupid and unrelated.
“Master, was that really necessary?”
“You saw him, right? He tried to attack you with a shovel. That's only self-defense.”
“Yes Master.”
“Good girl.”
Self-defense, hey? You don't know much about Japanese laws, but you're pretty sure that shoving someone's head in the wall isn't exactly what you may call self-defense. You're pretty sure that's called “torture” somewhere else.

Still unconscious, you feel someone grabbing your feet, and dragging you against the cold floor. You're kind of used to it, but you still don't like it. Not at all, in fact. Bah, still better than the last time. Nothing is broken in your body right now, and the floor is flat. Not full of little sharp rocks scratching your back like a wild woman.
Keep talking as if you had any experience, it's not like you know a lot about that. Because, yeah, you are basically single. Sad, isn't it? Always spending all your life running after something you could never name. What do you want? Is there something you want in this world? After all, you're still alive. Despite everything. You can't stay alive if you don't have any desire. Desires are keeping us alive, therefore you must have a desire. So show me, human. Show me the color of your desire, and I shall call you brother and tell you who you are and what you want.

You SUDDENLY open your eyes. Well, if you can call that sudden. Every time you open your eyes, it's sudden. You're not going to take your time opening your eyes, anyway, so that's just plain retarded. That aside, once your eyes are finally and suddenly opened, you notice several things that may matter to you if you weren't feeling sick right now. For example, you could notice that you're in an unknown place, that you were lying on the floor like a trash, and that you're in a wonderful and pretty place. But since you're busy coughing your guts out, with a terrible headache hammering your head. And also, you want to puke. Your breath smells like rotten egg. You're really going to puke if you keep on. Well, you would already be puking if you weren't so busy coughing. Disgusting, isn't it?
Busy coughing you guts out, you still manage to catch a brief glimpse of a tall woman, her face totally impassible, looking absentmindedly at you. You can't identify any distinct feature, but you can feel something wrong about her. Something terribly and disgustingly wrong. Hell, even someone like you, materialist, scientist, and logical can feel something like that.
“Oh, you are... already waking. I wasn't clearly expecting you to bring yourself together so soon.”
Blinking several times, you try to understand what she said. But you fail. Either that girl is using a weird dialect you don't know shit about, either you're really dumb. Or maybe that rotten egg breath is giving you vapors for brain.
Let's say you're dumb. Speak slowly.
“Sorry. I don't... speak japan very well.”
Giving her that pathetic excuse, you slowly get up. Harder than you expected. Besides the headache to your improvised party with Mr Wall, you also feels... weak. How long since your last meal?
“You do speak japanese well enough to have a little conversation.”
Now that you're more or less okay, you inspect the girl. And you understand that this thing is everything but a girl. Displaying a powerful charisma, she stinks of authority. The kind of girl used to command. Pretty strange, considering that she looks still young.
Hey, you're facing a paradox. A young girl giving a arch-chancellor impression. It would be funny if it weren't so disturbing. You don't know how to act with her. Paying her respect is obvious, but what if she insults you? Punch her in the face like you would do to a girl, or bear with it like you would do if she was really the arch-chancellor? Better to bear with it for now.
“Yes, I talk Japanese. Where am I?”
“You're in the Pure Land dojo! Welcome!” She says happily, while smiling in a warm way. You should be cautious, but, remember, you're supposed to be a moron.
“Pure Land? Isn't it what pedophiles say to little kids?”
“Yes, yes. Seiga told me about it. You are, quite, obsessed with that? Tell me why.”
Oh, hell no. You're the one asking the questions. You're dumb for now, but you're not going to be manipulated that easily.
“Pure Land. Where is it?”
“Oh. It's everywhere!” Answers the tall girl, while expanding her arms, like if she was giving a speech. “From the Pure Land, we can go everywhere!”
“Back in the day, we called that subway.”
Her smile shattering, the girl comes really close to you, and ask in a wannabe-relaxed tone:
“You don't trust me, right?”
“Why do you have bed hair?”
This time, her concentration is broken, and her eyes wander aimlessly around the room. If you weren't feeling so sick, you would be proud.
“Bed hair... They are natural... And I'm a saint. You're supposed to trust me...”
“From my home-country, people calling themselves saints were very often perverted and twisted.”
This time, anger lit her eyes, as she stares at you again. That girl is pretending to be a saint, and yet you can read in her like in an open book. Is she really that dumb? Or is she playing dumb?
“If you doubt my powers, I can show you.”

[] She's playing dumb. Be dumber.
[] “By the way, my name's Moriarty. What's yours?”
[] “You're cute. Wanna sleep with me?”
Image Source
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File 13149132785.jpg - (726.03KB, 1280x960, Ninja-Gaiden-3-Free-Wallpaper-1.jpg)
Sorry about the delay, I have no excuse.
But know that I have no desire to be caught writing. I can stand a lot of thing, but I won't stand real life mockery.

Delete Post
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-[X] "I was once killed by one of the Lunarian Princesses. I beat up ten Shikigami and a Yama to come back to life."
[X] She's playing dumb. Be dumber.
-[X] “You're cute. Wanna sleep with me?”

[X] “By the way, my name's Moriarty. What's yours?”
Delete Post
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[x] Wait, she's going to 'show her powers'?
-[x] "Free sex is good sex."

making these terrible options is what whipitout anon does
keeping insane zombie doctors freed from pedophiles since '98
Delete Post
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[x] Kiss her. Make a good first impression.
Delete Post
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[x] Wait, she's going to 'show her powers'?
-[x] "Free sex is good sex."
Delete Post
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[x] Wait, she's going to 'show her powers'?
-[x] "Free sex is good sex."

I can't resist voting for this.
Delete Post
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[x] Wait, she's going to 'show her powers'?
-[x] "Free sex is good sex."
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 131526842752.jpg - (1.08MB, 2816x1872, DSC04153.jpg)
[x] Wait, she's going to 'show her powers'?
-[x] "Free sex is good sex."

You snicker. Not really buying that “saint” crap. Of course, maybe she's a taoist saint. You don't know much about her. But you know it's hard for a christian to be saint. Of course, there's a chance she's neither christian, neither catholic. But with that pedophile crap she said earlier, you're really doubting her.
HOLD ON, BRO. Is she really going to show her powers? What, her super-pedophiles power? Is she going to instantly wear a latex tight suit and rape you? Dear god, NO! That won't happen! You can't allow this! Not you, God, but you, Moriarty! Since you never believed in God anyway, it's ironic and very hypocritical from you. So screw God, you're going to save yourself! Like a FUCKING MAN! HELL YEAH! But wait. Alone, you're pretty sure you can handle that chick. Of course, yeah, you lost your whip, and you throw your revolver to that zombie girl earlier, so you just have your clothes and your fedora with you.
Challenge accepted. You're going to knock her out with your fedora. Like Oddjob did in James Bond. You saw some of them while you were working at the NASA. Damn good. Especially with that guy, Moore. But anyway! If she's alone, you can knock her out, but what if she call for help? You won't be able to knock everyone out! So, in the end, you're going to be raped anyway!

You can't do anything against that. Admit it. You're going to get raped, and you won't be able to do anything. First, she's going to attack you and try to rape you. You're going to throw your hat in her face, like a Frisbee, while shouting “Wheeeee~” in a high-pitched tone. Then, she's going to call for help, that zombie girl and that blue girl will arrive, and rape you instantly. You can't do anything against that, so it's better to accept it now.
After all, even if you're going to get raped, you'll try to enjoy it. Free sex is good sex after all.

“Okay, come at me, I'm waiting for you.”
“Really? Great!” Her eyes are flashing like a Christmas tree, as she's joining both her hands over her chest, in a complicated position. Is she trying to play with her fingers or what? “I, for one, command gods and demons to appear and bow before me. Now, I summon you, Suika of the Pandemonium! Appears to me and help me to defeat my enemies!”
You slowly move away from the girl. Very slowly. You don't know why, but her invocation is quite... dangerous. Defeating her enemies? Summoning gods and demons? Summoning a pandemonium? That's quite dangerous, what you're doing here, sis. You're pretty sure there's a law against summoning dangerous things in front of a mentally unstable scientist. But you're not really paying attention to this right now. Mainly because you're on your guard, and also because there's a strange mist gathering in the room.

“Hello, human.”
The mist is talking to you!

[] To the mist: “Hello.”
[] To the saint: “Is that your doing?”
[] To your left hand: “I'll kill you and bake cake with your body! No, wait, there's no cake!”
[] To your right hand: “One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix. One can prepared coconut pecan frosting. Three slash four cup vegetable oil. Four large eggs. One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. Three slash four cups butter or margarine. One and two third cups granulated sugar. Two cups all purpose flour.”
Delete Post
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[x] To the mist: “Hello.”

not what whipitout anon was expecting
Delete Post
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'the mist is talking therefore it must be sentient.' EXPERIMENT TIME!
[x] breathe in the mist
Delete Post
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[X] To the mist: “Hello.”
-[X] Breath in the mist.
[X] To the saint: “Is that your doing?”
-[X] "Is this some sort of forplay before you rape me?"
[X] To your left hand: “I'll kill you and bake cake with your body! No, wait, there's no cake!”
[X] To your right hand: “One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix. One can prepared coconut pecan frosting. Three slash four cup vegetable oil. Four large eggs. One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. Three slash four cups butter or margarine. One and two third cups granulated sugar. Two cups all purpose flour.”

Wall me with insanity.
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[X] To the mist: “Hello.”
-[X] Breath in the mist.
[X] To the saint: “Is that your doing?”
-[X] "Is this some sort of forplay before you rape me?"
[X] To your left hand: “I'll kill you and bake cake with your body! No, wait, there's no cake!”
[X] To your right hand: “One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix. One can prepared coconut pecan frosting. Three slash four cup vegetable oil. Four large eggs. One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. Three slash four cups butter or margarine. One and two third cups granulated sugar. Two cups all purpose flour.”

Delete Post
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>>7685 here, and with the new vote?

[X] To the mist: “Hello.”
-[X] Breath in the mist.
[X] To the saint: “Is that your doing?”
-[X] "Is this some sort of forplay before you rape me?"
[X] To your left hand: “I'll kill you and bake cake with your body! No, wait, there's no cake!”
[X] To your right hand: “One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix. One can prepared coconut pecan frosting. Three slash four cup vegetable oil. Four large eggs. One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. Three slash four cups butter or margarine. One and two third cups granulated sugar. Two cups all purpose flour.”

wall me bro
Delete Post
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[X] To the mist: “Hello.”
-[X] Breath in the mist.
[X] To the saint: “Is that your doing?”
-[X] "Is this some sort of forplay before you rape me?"
[X] To your left hand: “I'll kill you and bake cake with your body! No, wait, there's no cake!”
[X] To your right hand: “One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix. One can prepared coconut pecan frosting. Three slash four cup vegetable oil. Four large eggs. One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. Three slash four cups butter or margarine. One and two third cups granulated sugar. Two cups all purpose flour.”

A wall is fine too.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 131534653239.png - (127.37KB, 704x384, Moriarty's bag.png)
Moriarty's bag
[X] To the mist: “Hello.”
-[X] Breath in the mist.
[X] To the saint: “Is that your doing?”
-[X] "Is this some sort of forplay before you rape me?"
[X] To your left hand: “I'll kill you and bake cake with your body! No, wait, there's no cake!”
[X] To your right hand: “One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix. One can prepared coconut pecan frosting. Three slash four cup vegetable oil. Four large eggs. One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. Three slash four cups butter or margarine. One and two third cups granulated sugar. Two cups all purpose flour.”

The mist is talking to you. This is something serious. You're definitely mad. Or if you're sane, you're going to go mad to avoid trying to explain how a mist can talk.
“Hello, Mist. Mind if I take a deep breath? Wanna know how you smells. You smells like cheap alcohol bought from the convenience store near the base when I was working at the NASA. Not a very bad place, by the way. But that's beside. Main point is, that saint girl I kind of want to fuck badly because I was alone for many years said she was going to do something. So I'm going to ask her 'is that your doing?', and she's going to answer 'yes'. So tell me, saint girl, is that your doing? No need to answer, I already know. Is that some complicated foreplay before raping me? First time I see something like. First time I'm going to get raped, by the way. I had a very complicated life. Perhaps I should write a book. About my life. About England. About Wales. About my family. About the only woman I ever loved. And now she's not here. I wanna paint everything in black. If I go outside, stare at the moon, my love will laugh with me until the morning come. But the sky is an asshole. WHY DID HE CURSED ME? YOU ASSHOLE! No, shut up. Don't say anything. Sky is space. Not going in space anymore. Last time I tried, I puked. Hard to clean puke in zero gravity. Really hard. NO SHUT UP Toyohime! I hate you so much! I want to defile everything you love! So shut up! You don't even exist, ghost Toyohime! It's your doing, you evil left hand! You're deceiving me! We're not going in space! SPAAAAAAACE! Dark. Deep. Big. Too big. HAND! I'll kill you and bake a cake. One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix! One can prepared coconut pecan frosting! And you, left hand! I'll kill you until you're dead from it! And then I'll make you into a cake! Because I'm a baker! And a monkey! I'm a SUPER MONKEY! From science! Everyone is a monkey! Except Toyohime, she's a fucking BITCH. Kill that bitch. Three slash four cup vegetable oil! Defile that bitch. One and two third cups granulated sugar! Rape that bitch. Two cups all purpose flour! Burn the moon! Cake. Destroy everything! Bake cake. Slowly strangle that bitch to death, shoving her hat down her throat! And make cake. Cake. You told me I would have cake. And a party. I only wanted a woman. Alone for so long. Always alone. My roommate was an asshole. Tried his kung-fu tricks on me because he was bored. Hated him. Learned kung-fu just to beat the crap out of him. Toyohime is a bitch. Jealous like a kid. Immature. Idiot. Violent. Perhaps also sadistic. Not a psychiatrist. Should ask Gideon. Was annoying and British, but he was clean. Still better than any of you. Toyohime is obsessed with purity, he would say. Killing people because they're fucking her sister. I love her, you know? The only woman I love. Not here. Not here. Here. In the sky. The sky WHO CURSED ME, YOU ASSHOLE! Never going to see her again. I know it. Why am I still alive? Don't know. Have something to do. Maybe. The world is a mess. Violent, and shitty. Shitty world. The world was always shitty. ALWAYS SHITTY! United Kingdom was corrupted. United State was racist. Lunar Capital was frankly xenophobic and proud about it. Shooting down everything without any warning. Only her was different. She was curious. I love curiosity. Science is made from curiosity. Science is great. No science, no funny stuff. No weapon. No reason to kill your neighbor. But no Internet. Impossible to speak to someone totally different. Loved talking to strangers. They are interesting. You could learn so much from difference. She understood it. I loved her for this. Wasn't expecting her to do science. Was just expecting her to love me. Toyohime is a bitch. Ruined everything. Saying crap about purity. BITCH. BIIIIIITCH. KILL THAT BITCH. Eyesore. Scum. Garbage. Useless non-human being. Everything is wrong about you! EVERYTHING! Nothing makes sense. Wanna paint the world black. I see a red door and I want it BLACK! EVERYTHING BLACK! No girls. No summer clothes. Darkness everyone. Never going to see her again. Never. Ever.”
Slowly sliding against the wall, you find yourself sitting on the ground, with two girls staring at you with wide eyes. Not caring for them, you bit your finger, and you keep speaking.
“Nothing makes sense. I though I could understand mankind by knowing them. Forgot mind. Mind is important. Take twins. Similar. Identical. Really the same. And yet, different. Different choice. Different lives. Impossible. That shouldn't be allowed. If they are biologically similar, they have to be similar psychically too! Nothing else but mankind. What are those things walking around, killing people? I died, and I live again. Why? HOW? That's impossible. I shouldn't be living. Neither should that stiff girl. Neither. Tried to kill her. Balancing things. Failed. Should kill myself too. Never going to do that. Suicide is for the weak. Never going to do something that stupid. Walked around. Not knowing what to do. Where I am? When am I? Ruins everywhere. Trees. Fucking jungle. Where am I? A skeleton. Recent. Clean. Like if something ate it, leaving nothing behind. That place is dangerous. Take care. Find a weapon. And a map. Find where you are. You are in Spain. Good. Where are you going? Hey, there's a red X on the map. And a name. Koishi is the name. Let's go here. Before leaving, try to find who made that X. A doctor. Another doctor. See ya, brother. We doctor are all brother. Walked. Hear screams. Hide and look around. See a blond little girl chasing a man. See her breaking his neck and eating the body, spilling blood everywhere. See her tearing the flesh apart, devouring the organs. Biting the genitals off. Good thing he's dead. God. Going to pass out. Can't. I'll be next. Keep walking. Keep walking. Never look away. If you feel alone, speak to the rock. Speak to your hand. Speak to the road. Speak to the tree. Keep speaking. Or you'll go crazy. Don't think about her. You'll go crazy. CRAZY!”

You're not speaking any more. You don't have anything else to add. You wanted to say it, for a long time, but you didn't wanted it. You had a very complicated life, but you shouldn't talk about it. After all, you can't boast about walking alone for years to a girl who can summon a talking mist. You can't boast about surviving alone to a girl able to go through walls. And you can't tell a lunar rabbit how much you hate Toyohime. You can't tell her that. You can't hurt Reisen, and she will be in a bad situation if you do it.
You're a murderer. But you have an ethic. You're a scientist, but you're right. You can't be wrong. You have to be flawless. Therefore, no experiences on innocent beasts. You could test on rabbits. You didn't. You're clean.
You'll win on the moral ground. You killed some people back in the day. The lunarian lord who challenged you. But it was a challenge! It was okay! There's also that oni in the underground. But you were forced to do it! No choice! There are many survivors you killed during your walk. But they were crazy. It was you or them. You were forced to kill them. In fact, it was mercy kill rather than murder. Who can live in that crazy world?
“Are you okay?” Ask the saint. She's a saint. No doubt about it. And you're not going to ask for more proof. You're feeling too tired for this.
“I'm fine.”
“Can you tell me your name?”
Gentle voice. You could love her. If you were free.
“I'm the Doctor James Moriarty.”
“You said something about the United State before. What is that?”
Gentle, but uneducated.
“A country. They called it Freedom Land. Scratched the varnish. Nothing but hillbilly racists and bigot assholes. Hated that country. Still better than United Kingdom.”
“Tell me about your family.”
Why is she asking that? You're too tired to think about it, so just answer.
“Mother, Father, and Sister. All dead. Been a while since last time I saw them. I wonder how my sister has been doing.”
You tried to forget about it. You tried to forget about everything. You left them behind you, with the rest of the U.K. Don't think about them. Or remorse will haunt you forever. Never look back.
“I am a saint. I can read people's heart. Tell me your desires.”
She's not making sense. Are desires different from your heart?
“I have two desire. The first is to see again the woman I love. The second is to defeat the woman I hate.”
“Are those women the same person?”
Gentle, nice, but a little dumb.
“I'll leave you for a while. Suika, sorry about it, but dismiss.”
“Hey? You summon me just for a nervous breakdown?”
Placing your hands over your ears, you don't pay any attention to the girls arguing.
'Are those women the same person?'
For some reason, that sentence is engraved in your brain. That's impossible. You know it. You're really sure about it. You should think about it.

Screw everything! You're back. You're feeling better. You adopted a enthusiastic and happy personality, making you ready to fight the world. Of course, you're still in that strange room, but you're too full of energy to be slowed down by a DOOR.
“PROPERTY DAMAGE!” You shout, while brutally shoving the door aside.
To your right, there are metallic noises. Probably some kind of dojo. To your left, no strange noise. Probably more rooms.

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>Should ask Gideon.

So this is a self-insert along with the other story? Eh, I'm not sure about this choice...


Yes, I made a writein.
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I feel this will produce the most amusing result.
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>along with the other story
It was obvious. In my opinion.
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Felt he was a self-insert due to Gideon being mentioned twice in your different works (that i've seen so far)even with completely different characters.
Delete Post
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"Felt he was a self-insert due to Gideon being mentioned twice in your different works"
What about the SDM butler then? He's present in all my stories.

That aside, if you think that Moriarty from FAG and James from SEX are different characters, it means I failed somewhere. Shame on me, then. I'll read a skyblog to punish myself.

Also, vote called for "punching a chicken"? I like you guys.
Update soon. Maybe tomorrow.
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File 131560427794.png - (17.32KB, 100x100, Spoiler.png)
NSFW image

You feel ALIVE! You're going to find the damn kitchen, find a chicken, AND BEAT THE FEATHER OUT OF IT WHILE SCREAMING HAPPILY! YEAH!
Leaving the room and the memory of your nervous breakdown behind you, you start walking to the left. No, you're not really working. You're MANLY walking. Walking as loudly as possible, hitting the floor at each step.
Damn, you feel great! Really great. Too great, in fact. You want to punch something, anything will be fine. Hey, that wall is looking at you!
You punch the wall, half-breaking it in the process. Haha, that silly wall can't stand your strength. You have to look for stronger opponent than walls.

Aaaah, the kitchen! Well, either it's the kitchen, either it's the strangest bathroom you ever saw in your life. You're pretty sure that even lunarian bathroom aren't as strange as this one. Or maybe yes. Thinking about that, you never saw how a lunarian bathroom look like. Do they have bidets in their bathrooms, like in France? What the hell are you talking about? YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT A BIDET IS!
Maybe you should consult a doctor. Those adrenalin outburst aren't normal. But, YOU ARE A DOCTOR! Now think about it. Extreme agitation, excitation, tendency to laugh without reason, overly aggressive behavior. Nothing unusual. You've been like that since Toyohime killed you. Maybe even before. You have trouble remembering what happened before.
Maybe you should add coprolalia to the list. Anyway, that's right! ANYWAY! Find a chicken! You don't know how you're supposed to do it, but you'll find a chicken! NOW! But any bird is fine too! Yeah! Any bird! Except a rukh. Rukh are annoying. Don't punch-

You fall on the ground, holding your head with both your hands, clenching your teeth together. Your head hurts. Like, REALLY. Like if Toyohime was waving her damn fan at you again. That really hurts. Makes you want to punch something. Anything. You try to think clearly, but the pain is taking away your common sense, replacing it by basic instinct. Violence is a basic behavior. Something is hurting you, you want to hurt something. And currently, your head REALLY hurts. Like if someone was driving a drill in your skull, while saying something like 'anesthesia is for cowards and lunarians'. In other words, that really hurts. And the pain is driving you mad. You're always mad, but that time, it's different. It's not your usual controlled mental instability. It's an aggressive behavior, added to your sudden adrenalin burst. You want to punch something. You want to BEAT something with your hand until it' nothing but a BLOODY PULP.
Throw those thoughts away. Control yourself. You can do it. Doublethink. If you can be crazy, you can also be sane. You should try to speak. Speech is the difference between a man and a beast.
“I love bananas.”
That's pitiful, but at least, it's helping you controlling yourself. Now, you can think. It's not perfect, and the pain is still in control, but your mind is your own now. So think. Think about what's happening. Basically, your head hurts. A lot. Making you crazy. Something changed. It's not psychological, so it's obviously physical. Have you been exposed to something weird recently? Not strange poison? Well, of course there's the neurotoxin you used against the lunarian priest who came recently. But you know it, and it's not acting like that. It's causing a paralysis, not pain. So what?
You know! When you threw the neurotoxin to the lunarian, he summoned some weird white mist. That's obviously that! It can't be anything else. Unless someone poisoned you while you were knocked out. You'll check that later. But for now...

Slowly moving hands, you let go of your hand, and, with your right hand, you grab your left index finger, and you twist it slowly. Sloooowly... The pain from your head is decreasing, as the pain from your finger is increasing. Basic pain control technique. It's like pressing your nose when you have a headache. Creating another source of pain. The brain will shut one to focus on another. Of course, now, your finger hurts, but at least, the pain is now bearable.
That was a basic trick. You learned it when you were working at the NASA. Part of the security protocol. Since you were not a soldier but a scientist, you were not trained to resist torture, but they showed you some good tricks. Like this one.
“Thank you guys for this one.”
You let go your finger. The pain from your head is gone, as suddenly as it appeared. You'll have to investigate that later. Because if that thing happens in a dangerous situation, it will be a 'one-hit-kill situation'. With you as the killed one. And, frankly, being killed is not good. You dare even say it's bad. Being killed is maybe worse than killing. Maybe? OBVIOUSLY! Better to kill rather than being killed!
“I feel tired all of a sudden.”
If you had a laboratory and plenty of test subjects, you would already be studying how pain can affects one's stamina. That sudden and violent headache of you left you completely tired. Like if you had four orgasms in one. No, no, bad comparison. It's like...
“Aaaah, screw that! Let's jut find a chicken!”
Right, you need a chicken.

Why do you need a chicken? You don't remember. Was it because you were hungry? Yeah, probably that. But the probability to find something edible in this room are fairly low. If you wonder why, look around you.
You're in a bedroom, you MORON! You're not going to find something edible in a bedroom. Unless there's a cute girl sleeping here. But that's not what you had in mind when you said you were hungry. No, you were rather thinking about something good, like... a cawl. With a lot of meat. It's been a while since the last time you tasted one. Damn, you almost feel nostalgic here.
You freeze. There's someone in this room. Watching you. Inspecting you. Dirty clothes, a silly hat, and some long hair. And it's a man!

[] Punch him! First strike wins!
[] Try to talk to him!


Not totally satisfied with this update, but I don't really see how I could improve it. More plot, more reasons for Moriarty to be CRAZY, and a historical meeting!
I wanted to draw the male guy appearing, but I'm not Rapestove, I can't draw. So instead, have that shitty picture.
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[x] Try to talk to him!

This will do.
Delete Post
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[x] Try to talk to him!
-[x] If theres no response, we have Mister and Misses Fist to talk to him for us!

I must always write a write in for some reason. Plus its 1:30 AM. Go figure.
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[X] Try to talk to him!
-[X] If he doesn't respond, communicate in the universal language of SUDDEN BRUTAL VIOLENCE!
Delete Post
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[X] Try to talk to him!
[X] But first kiss him. Make a good first impression.
Image Source
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File 131568461276.png - (143.58KB, 225x350, I'm sooo evil.png)
I'm sooo evil
Also, while I think about it: if I'm going to insert myself in one of my story, it will NEVER be as a gay and BRITISH character. If you really want to see a self-insert story, I can write you one, but it'll be short and very violent. And also totally uninteresting.
Delete Post
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How so?
Delete Post
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[x] Punch him! First strike wins!
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 131579579740.jpg - (94.76KB, 800x800, Well fucking cheers.jpg)
Well fucking cheers
[X] Try to talk to him!
-[X] If he doesn't respond, communicate in the universal language of SUDDEN BRUTAL VIOLENCE! PUNCH HIM THE FACE AND BANG HIS MOTHER!

You immediately adopt an intimidating posture. Rolling your shoulders, and cracking your knuckles. But that guy is doing exactly the same thing! Does he think that his pathetic and weak arms are going to impress you?
“Hey! State your business here!” You speak loud and clear, but he doesn't answer. Is he mocking you? Oh, you're not going to bear that! Not for long. If he's ignoring your attempt to communicate with him, you're going to use your wonderful and great communicator that worked fine on many cannibals monster before, aka Mister Punch and Miss Fist.
But before picking a fight, you decide to examine him very closely. The first thing you notice is that he's quite tall. As tall as you, in fact. Second fact, he looks sick. Inspecting his face, you notice that he's really pale, with heavy bags under his eyes. Look like he never got a good night, did he? However, his clothes are really dirty and disgusting. That guy probably never took a bath in his entire life. And he's having long and disgusting brown hair. Seriously. If you're a guy, you're supposed to have short hair. A guy with long hair is obviously stupid. Or gay. Probably both.
In fact, that guy reminds you the butler from that strange mansion. The mansion with that silver-haired maid. Silver hair. That reminds you someone. But who? That doesn't matter. That guy insulted you, so you're going to PUNCH him in the face!

Okay. Let's be honest for once. You were not expecting this. You mean, you ran away from your hometown, and even from your homecountry, you did several things you don't want to talk about, you went to the moon, you narrowly escaped death, you fell in love with a lunarian princess, you were killed by her jealous sister, you mysteriously came back to life, and yet, you were not expecting this. You were certainly not expecting the guy you punched to shatters like a mirror. Because that's what you were facing. You were facing a MIRROR. Long hair is cool, in fact. You said before it's gay and stupid, but honestly, it looks good. Probably not on you anyway. You should cut it when you'll have spare time.
You crouch, and you grab a mirror shards. Mirror shards. That reminds you something else. What was it again? Something about a box, and a golem. Or something like that. Bah! Not important! If it's, you'll remember it later. For now, look at your face. You're well shaved, but that's ruined by the important dirt layer over your face. You took a bath recently, but you walked a lot since, and you even had a fight against a zombie girl in a old and dusty storehouse. No wonder why you were scared by your own reflection. But that's only secondary. You're far more worried by your pale face. It's been several years since you woke up, somewhere in Spain. Since that time, you walked a lot, most often under the sun. That's why you're not really happy to see your awfully pale face. You're supposed to have a suntan, dammit! You sweated enough to earn it! And yet, no!
Or maybe you're really sick, and this is a symptom. That's probably rather that, yeah. Poisoning from white fog. That sounds silly, yeah. But the neurotoxin you used against that guy wasn't really impressive either. Deadly gas are very often invisible. Only a few of them are actually green or yellow. And you know what you're talking about. Even if you don't really want to think about this. Colored gas are just for show. For psychological effect. It's easier to break someone into submission by threatening his family with a green gas rather than with an invisible gas. But that's the past. Never worry about the past. Carry on.

Throwing the mirror shard over your shoulder, you try to remember something. It was important. About a box and more mirror shards. You tried to chase that though out, but it's still here, so it's better to fix that and go back to... whatever you were doing before. When you ran away from the Bamboo Mansion, you had a wooden box, right? And now, you don't have it any more. So you lost it. Somewhere. And it was probably very important, since it was given by that lovely Renko. And, now, you wonder if those shards are from... wait, that's impossible.
Nevermind that. Just find your box, and get the hell out of here. You don't know where you're going, but you're going away. After all, you have to find a ripped off Third Eye. Well, you have no idea where you're supposed to find it. Maybe you can check the lost & found office. And maybe you'll find your box too!

“Hey, innocent and cute bystander with gray hair, gray eyes, and a typical Breton hat! Tell me where I can find a lost & found office?”
“Who arth thou? Art thou the one that shall be destroyeth?”
“What the fuck are you on, little girl? You shouldn't smoke weeds, that's ungood. Besides, that'll make you dumb!”
“Insulting arth we? Very well, thou shall feel my power!”
“Who the hell speaks like that? I bet those masked guys from the Village can't understand you at all!”
“Do not speak without knowing, will thou?”
Well, you can't exactly you were expecting that either. That world is indeed full of surprise. First, you fight against a mirror. And now, you just ask your way to an innocent, cute and monochrome bystander, and you're attacked. That place is no good at all.

Species: monochrome human.
Personal notes: Uses some kind of weird language. Do not listen to her. She likes moving her hands everywhere. She must be thinking you're deaf.

[] Walk to her and pet her head.
[] Walk to her and punch her.
[] Magic:
-[] Confusion!
-[] Distraction!
[] Run away.
[] Surrender.

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[x] Walk to her and pet her head.

We are gentlemen. A gentlemen does not punch a woman, he just kills them with neurotoxins. However we have none on us, therefore we must choose the secondary.
Delete Post
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-[X] Be reminded of the weird bird-faced people that liked to chase people down and lock them up for some reason.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 131582627970.jpg - (79.45KB, 612x842, Fuck no.jpg)
Fuck no
I don't think I ever mentionned Yume Nikki in this story. Why, you...
Delete Post
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[x] Walk to her and pet her head.
-[x] Then punch her!
Delete Post
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[x] Walk to her and pet her head.
-[X] While she's distracted, smash your fist into the floor so hard you throw up a cloud of debris, allowing you to escape.
Delete Post
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[x] walk to herand pet her head. and keep on petting and petting and petting.
Delete Post
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Because I'm not SK-II. I can't write a good self-insert story.

Also, "Whip it out Anon", can I find you on IRC?

Finally, vote called for petting the futo. Expect an update maybe
Delete Post
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I usually go on as Anon946. I'm on at random times really, now being one.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 131611859336.jpg - (158.77KB, 800x800, Good morning.jpg)
Good morning
[x] Walk to her and pet her head.

“Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. But I know one thing for sure...”
You walk to her, keeping the last line for you. 'You're an old fashioned freak'. You can't really say that. Totally not. Instead of that, you're going to free your basic animals instincts on that poor innocent, cute, and monochrome bystander. Blame fate for being here, girl.
“What are thou planning?”
“He he he heeee...”

Oh god, that feels good. Really good. It's been so long since the last time you did something like that. It's almost like you're in Heaven right now. You're having an orgasm! Well, not technically an orgasm. But it feels like an orgasm. With your hand. Being busy. Petting the CUTE, INNOCENT AND MONOCHROME BYSTANDER.
She wonders loudly. You don't answer, being too busy petting her. Good girl. Good girl. She reminds you the dog you had a long time ago. If you really had a dog, of course. If even if you had a dog, you can't remember what kind of dog you really had. And since you never had any dog to begin with, that monologue is just uselessly stupid. But petting that girl makes you want to adopt a dog. Or a cat. A purring cat on your knees, while you're reading a book, must be Heaven.
… Well, not really Heaven. There's still something missing. A woman. A very specific woman. A moon princess. That's so silly, now that you think about it. You just want to see Yorihime again. And? What are you going to do after that? Ask her to live with you? She's a moon princess. You're not sure what that means, but she exterminated the whole team in a flash. She's clearly out of your league. And yet, you don't want to give up.

And what are you thinking about that when you're petting a purring girl? Can't you just relax and take it easy? NO! You have to ruin everything by overthinking! You're clearly not the guy taking pleasure in making the same gesture again and again. Like petting that girl. At first, it felt nice, but now, your hand is smelling weird.
You stop petting the girl, and you bring your hand to your nose, sniffing it. Smells nice. You sniff the girl's hair. Smells nice too.
“Good shampoo you're using. See ya.”
And with that, you leave her. No 'thank you', no 'that was fun'. You're not going to look back. Always going ahead. No question asked. Not a single question about the possible destination. You're just following your guts. Guts. Feeling.
“That's very silly.”
You're a scientist. You're supposed to be logical. And now, what are you? Someone trusting his guts over his common sense. And why are you like this? Because you saw a normal and fragile woman killing a team of perfectly-trained soldier with a saber? Because you saw golems being formed from a broken mirror? Because you were torn into pieces by a fan? Because you saw flying girls able to read mind? Because you saw flying little girls eating dead people?
Common sense is just dead. Admit it. You can't follow it anymore. Well, you never really followed it to begin with, but that's not the point. The point is: you have a something to do, right now. Stay focused on your objective, and maybe- no, you WILL reach it. Even with just a bike, you'll reach the moon. It's all about willpower.

You feels like something is watching you. That's not something nice. It's like an itching on your neck. But when you look around, there's nothing. Are you going mad? Or are you being watched thanks to some unknown device you don't know? Or maybe it's just a fly. You're probably over thinking it. AGAIN. It's not like you're not used to it. Being obsessed with being watched. That's what you get for walking in the wastelands for years. Good thing you're not completely paranoid. It's truly a miracle, now that you think about it.
“Hello again. Are you feeling better?” Oh, hey, it's that saint girl.
“Fine. Tell me, uh, saint, do you happen to know anything about self-mutilation?”
Frowning, the saint girl answers in a very polite and yet cold tone.
“The name's Toyosatomimi. And, no, I'm not connoisseur.”
“Too bad. Also, where's the exit, Toyotatamimi?”
Frankly frowning, the saint girl points the ceiling.
“The Pure Land will leads you everywhere. But are you sure you want to leave? It's dangerous outside.”

[] Leave. You have a terminally ill patient. You have to find information about her Third Eye. Her sister must know something. Even if she's probably going to bash your skull open with a rock, you have to talk to her.
[] Stay for a while, and ask if there's a job. A small favor from that saint girl will probably be useful later. And you need to find your box you lost earlier. And your hat. You lost it. No wait! It's on your head. Silly you.
[] Write-in.


I want to progress, but I wonder if I'm not missing something. Tell me if you think I'm going too fast. It's fine to take it easy, meet people, punch people into submission, and run away from people able to punch you into submission.
Anyway, the final boss' identity will be unveiled soon, in order to give you enough time to prepare for the fight. Making friends might be interesting. Just saying...
Also, yeah, I'm sometimes on #touhouporn, if you need to find me.
Finally, there's a chance I might get a job, so update will probably be rarer.
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[x] Stay for a while, and ask if there's a job. A small favor from that saint girl will probably be useful later. And you need to find your box you lost earlier. And your hat. You lost it. No wait! You didn't lose it. You sacrificed it to some god. Or was that your other hat...
-[x]tomato tomahto. Ask for a new hat.
Delete Post
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[x] Leave. You have a terminally ill patient. You have to find information about her Third Eye. Her sister must know something. Even if she's probably going to bash your skull open with a rock, you have to talk to her.

Koishi is a god damned plot point and you all know it.
Delete Post
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Also, if there's any "whip it out" vote, I'm going to write the next update in ork. You're warned.
Delete Post
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Alright changing my vote to
[x] Leave. You have a terminally ill patient. You have to find information about her Third Eye. Her sister must know something. Even if she's probably going to bash your skull open with a rock, you have to talk to her.

come at me bro
Delete Post
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[X] Leave. You have a terminally ill patient. You have to find information about her Third Eye. Her sister must know something. Even if she's probably going to bash your skull open with a rock, you have to talk to her.

What kind of a doctor are we if we forget our patient?
Delete Post
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> I'm going to write the next update in ork.

Image Source
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File 131620588549.jpg - (787.27KB, 2124x3396, img022.jpg)
Can't use my PC. Maybe a virus. Or just a memory problem. Have this instead. Real update coming this week-end.
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File 131621566147.gif - (212.12KB, 390x380, Zalgogif.gif)
I am a very good person. You should trust me. I give you some food for thought. Please, treat this as meta-knowledge. Or as a warning.
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File 131623835984.png - (284.25KB, 808x630, it_helps_her_relax.png)
NSFW image
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File 131630039446.jpg - (375.86KB, 1500x1200, This is 4chan.jpg)
This is 4chan
[x] Leave. ya have a terminally ill patient. ya have to find information about her Third Eye. Her sister must know something. Even if she's probably going to bash yar skull open with a rock, ya have to talk to her.

Ya don't fink there're anyfing interesting enuff for ya 'ere. Better t'just go away, rafer than loiterin' around here like a little wimp. Not that ya don't want to loiter around, it're good ta take it easy once in a while, but time are precious. Too precious to spend it playin' with people ya don't know. Bezide, ya have somethin' to do. Like loiterin' around, lookin' for a mutilated third eye. Or somethin' like that.
“Sorry, maybe later.” Affer all, ya've got noffing planned after that, kay?
“Oh. I see. Farewell, then.” She sayz, her bed hair droppin' like some kind of animal ears. Ya might feel guilty if ya weren't so busy.
“Bye, saint girl. Good luck to ya.”
And with that, ya lef'. Well, ya tries to, exactly. Tryin' to reach the ceiling, pushin' the ceiling, and crawlin' out weren't rally assy, that. Still easier than killin' a lunarian lord.

Finnna... phinal... after crawlin' under one of da ceiling's stone, ya're out again, able to see da gold sunz, da blue skyz, and da ruined shrine ya visited lez fan a week ago. Thinkin' 'bout that, ya wonder how Mima's doing. She's probbly not da kind of boyz giving up after being beaten with da business end of da choppa, so she's probably preparin' something nasty. A big nasty thing with lot of dakka.
“Oh. That was unexpected.”
“Mmm?” Raising yar head, ya see the grot from that hut ya visited earlier too. ya frown immediately. It's a reflex, ya can't help. ya just hate that guy. Without any good reason.
“What a nasty face you're doing. Are you looking for something?” He sayz, whyle zmiling in a totally irritating way. It'z like he's saying “problem?” with that zmile.
“I'm looking for someone.” ya don't want to say too much. Keep yar information for yarself.
“You should visit the Hieda house then. They had some interesting archives back then. You'll find everything here.”

[] Try to sayz “Thank”, and go check da Hieda boyzhouse.
[] Sayz nothing. Painboyz like ya don't thank nobodyz.
[] Talk a while with him. You came out of nowhere, and that guy helps you out of nowhere. He can't be that bad. Even if ya wantz to krush his heds with a choppa.


Next time I'm writing an update in another language, I'm doing it in french.
Sorry for the short and pathetic update, but orkish language is harder than expected. I'm pretty sure I overlooked details of said ork language.
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[x] Talk a while with him. You came out of nowhere, and that guy helps you out of nowhere. He can't be that bad. Even if ya wantz to krush his heds with a choppa.

>Next time I'm writing an update in another language, I'm doing it in french.


Does that count as 5 different updates in different languages? Heh.

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[X] Talk a while with him. You came out of nowhere, and that guy helps you out of nowhere. He can't be that bad. Even if ya wantz to krush his heds with a choppa.
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[x] Leave. You have a terminally ill patient. You have to find information about her Third Eye. Her sister must know something. Even if she's probably going to bash your skull open with a rock, you have to talk to her.
Delete Post
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[] Try to sayz “Thank”, and go check da Hieda boyzhouse.

>7809 here, slowbro was slow. Forgot to refresh the page today before voting.
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No. I don't speak enough language to do that. Beside, if I write an update in another language, I have to also write it in English, or it's not fair for the English-speakers.
Beside, it's fine to use another language once in a while, but this is an English website. Anon will burn me down if I try something funny.
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File 131659991788.jpg - (182.88KB, 768x1248, 45d640f9d91f4dc19b51a2fb7248d41d.jpg)
[x] Talk a while with him. You came out of nowhere, and that guy helps you out of nowhere.

You're a very legit person, always ready to recognize your qualities. And you must admit that you're perhaps not a very good judge of character. After all, you never really though that Butler was a nice guy. And yet, you come out of fucking nowhere, and he helps for no good reason. So, maybe, perhaps, once in a while, you may actually be wrong about him being a no-good and arrogant wanker only good for serving women. Not in THAT way, you fool!
“Oh. Thanks.” Okay. Now that you thanked him, you should start a conversation. Find a nice way to start one. “Weather's fine, isn't it?” YOU FOOL!
“Ah? Uh, yeah. Weather's fine.”
There's a loud silence for a while. Well, silence can't be loud, since it's silence, but anyway, you decide to restart the conversation, in a better way, since you have no social skills. Well, you do have social skills, but they are just 'kill people, fall in love with people, and poison people'. Not really the best thing.
“Soooo, what are you doing? I though you were butler for that mansion I visited earlier?” YEAH! That's very good! Wonderful! Amazing! Splendide! You managed to START a DECENT conversation with another human being!
“I got fired.” And you fail. One more time. Social interactions are really too strange for you.
“Wow. That's mean.” Yeah! Yeah! Compassion is the way to go!
“Are you kidding? That's wonderful! Perhaps you never noticed it, but I was kind of useless anyway. I got hired only because the maid was too sick to do her job properly. Now that she's fine, there's no need for me, just I got kicked nicely and properly.”
“Ummm...” You don't know if you should be happy for him or not. He looks happy about this, but he's more or less saying he got kicked out brutally. You fail to understand why he's so happy about that.
“And now, I'm free to wander around, without anyone to give me orders! I'm FREE!” He says, screaming the last part. Wow. Poor boy, spending his life working. But now that you think about it, you also spent your life working. You just happened to enjoy your work. Well, a part of your work. The part with patients wasn't funny. Even for you.
“Fond of freedom, are you? Sounds like you had a very busy childhood.” You try to sound sympathetic.
“Not really. I was just very busy recently. I don't know why, but recently, a big green woman showed up at the mansion, and ask if she could borrow a few maids.”
“A big green woman, uh?” Does that ring a bell? Yes it does. You know someone like that, right?
“Yes! So she showed up, and asked to the Lady if she could take a few maids for a while. I don't know what she's planning, but there's a rumor saying that she plans to use them to find someone.”
“Uh uh.”
“Someone who ruined her shrine. Well, not technically her shrine, since she's nor a god, nor a priestess, but she was living in a shrine. And according to the rumors, that shrine got ruined by someone, and she's looking for that person!”
“Uh uh.”
“Yes, and so she went and apparently organized the maids in groups. I don't know what she's planning, but according to my contact in the Human Village, she apparently bought many things. Rumor says she's going to find the person who ruined her shrine, and kill him or her very slowly! But that's just a rumor, anyway!”
“Uh uh.”
“That same rumor is saying that there's chance she might hire someone to do the job for her. That would be quite strange, but what do you know about evil spirits?”
“Uh uh.”

In a nutshell, he basically warned you that Mima is planning something really nasty. Good lord, you have to deal with lunarians, emo little girls, zombies, and now an evil spirit is after you. Life is going to be very interesting. Whatever, you'll just deal with those troubles using your brain. Like you always did. Except when you strangled that horned guy underground. And when you drown that lunarian priest in a rice field.
Okay, let's say you'll deal with that in the most horrible and brutal possible way. Of course, it will involve neurotoxin. And punching faces. Hell, it might be funny.
Jokes aside, you have something important to do, right? Namely, going to the Hieda house, stealing some old archives, and look for something able to make a girl emotive. If it can helps you, that's obviously not a book. It has to be some kind of dark and forbidden power. Or maybe some drug causing a depression. But even like that, depression means more often 'hugging your knees while crying in a corner about how the world is mean'. It's rare for depression to means 'tearing your organs off'. Simply because depressed people are apathetic. They simply don't have enough energy to try and kill themselves. It's only unstable patients who can kill themselves, because they are oscillating between depression, and mania. In their 'depression' state, they're too apathetic to kill themselves, and in the 'mania' state, they don't want to kill themselves. In other, the danger is when they're falling from manic state to depressed state. When it's like that, they have enough energy to move around, and they'll be depressed. But Koishi never doesn't look like the usual bipolar patient.
In other words, you're suspecting that one of those cannibals little girls can influence other little girls. On a really dangerous scale. Manipulating someone into self-mutilation isn't really easy. But you'll think about that later.
Because right now, you have something else in mind. Butler said that you could find informations at the Hieda's house, right? DID HE MENTIONNED WHERE WAS THAT HOUSE?

After many hours walking totally randomly, you finally manage to find the renowned human village. Well, honestly, saying 'many hours' is overestimating the thing. Let's say 'two minutes'. That's it. Be honest. Also, you managed to find the Hieda house. Well, it's probably the Hieda house, since it's the largest and oldest house in the whole village.

[] Knock at the main door, and humbly request information.
[] Wait for the night, and sneak in.
-[] Meanwhile, visit [write-in].
-[] Stay where you are.
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[x] Knock at the main door, and humbly request information.
-[x] If that doesnt work, leave, then come back later. Make sure to take note of any good hiding spots.

Gotta get our sneaky-pants on.
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The more I read that, the more it sounds like a challenge to me.
Delete Post
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[x] Knock at the main door, and humbly request information.
-[x] If that doesnt work, leave, then come back later. Make sure to take note of any good hiding spots.


It might have been.
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Just go 'CHALLENGE ACCEPTED' and get on with it.
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[x] Knock at the main door, and humbly request information.
-[x] If that doesn't work, leave, then come back later. Make sure to take note of any good hiding spots.
Image Source
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File 131673559495.png - (308.12KB, 705x649, Loli Hieda.png)
Loli Hieda
[x] Knock at the main door, and humbly request information.
-[x] If that doesn't work, leave, then come back later. Make sure to take note of any good hiding spots.
Let's keep it simple. You're going to knock at the door, then knock off the one who's going to answer, rush in, kill everyone inside with a knife, and take your time investigating. Or not. That mansion is in the middle of the village, and everyone is already looking at you suspiciously. Did you forgot to mention that they are ALL WEARING MASKS? Yes. You're the only guy around here without a mask. And you feel like everyone is watching you. That's probably their passive-aggressive stance towards strangers. Besides, you're not really that strong to begin with.
Let's use that very rare and very unused skill called DIPLOMACY! You tried to avoid using it too much, because your charisma tends to be quite low after spending years alone with Mistress Madness and Mister Paranoia, but you don't have any choice now.
Walking totally unsuspiciously to the mansion's main door, you unsuspiciously knock to the mansion's main door, and you wait in a totally unsuspicious way. Did you mentioned that you tried to act totally unsuspicious? It's really for hard to not jump in a bush. You swear, everyone is looking at you, from that not-so-innocent kid to that probably-old-grandpa hidden in his house.
You swallow the 'that's what she said' comment that you were going to do. Hilariously derailing one-liner are out of question here, you need to use DIPLOMACY! And you also need to manipulate your target.
When the door finally open (apparently by itself), you move inside the house, after a small hesitation. After all, you speak Japanese, but you don't really know the japanese customs. And you're pretty sure that it's not your time either. Putting those thought asides, you move forward, wondering about the door. When you're not thinking about something, you're thinking about something else! Can't you just think about NOTHING, just to change?
Oh. In front of you. There's a very small and little girl. With purple hair. Puuuuuuurple hair. Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurple hair. Sure. It's not like you haven't seen anything weird before. But seriously, purple hair? Probably a dye. Youngsters those days. The girl herself is quite... boring. Wearing some kind of weird kimono. Like Reisen's, but more... sophisticated? Weirder? Probably something like that. And, good lord, she's young. Probably 8 or something.
“Hello, little girl. Is your father home? I want to ask him something?”
Instead of answering you, the girl raises both her hands, and says:
“Oh joy, it's been a long time since the last time I heard proper Japanese!”
“Sure. So, having purple hair means brain damage, right?”
Did you said that out loud?
“Not necessarily. But I bet you already heard some of our nice and honest villagers! They're using some kind of modern language! I can't stand listening to that! Back in the days, people were using proper grammar!”
“What are you, an old lady?”
“You may say that. But I guess we weren't presented. Greetings, professor. I am Hieda Anijû, the Twenth Child of Miare. From the parallel family.”
“Oh. Hello there. I am the Professor James Moriarty. From Wales. I will appreciate if you call me doctor.”
Saying “hello there” was kind of pathetic, now that you think about it.
“So, now that we're presented, shall we talk around a cup of tea?”
“Yeah, sure.”

As you said. But you quickly understand that Anijû is alone in the mansion. You don't like the idea of letting a 8 years old girl preparing tea for you, so instead of waiting like a good guest, you decide to give her a hand. Like … a better guest, maybe? Really, those Japanese people are too formal. You can't take it easy if you let a little girl do all the job for your lazy and sorry arse. You are a professional. You have standings. Be polite. Be efficient. Have a poison for everyone you meet.
Walking around, you just have to go to the loudest part of the mansion.
There she is. Standing on a stool, doing her best to hold a heavy teapot, and filling two cups. Good lord, just watching her trying her best despite the apparent weight of the teapot is hurting you. Any of your students can say it, you don't care one bit for anyone else's well-being. In fact, you don't even care about your own well-being. But that scene is just hurting your very soul. So, you know what? Screw being polite, screw possible japanese custom, you just walk in, grab the teapot from the little girl's hands, and pour tea in the cups.
“Ha! Thank you!”
Hearing Anijû thanking you, you don't answer, and you try to maintain an impassible face. Of course, that's just a facade. But you're not going to think too deeply about being moved to tears by a girl. Because if you don't take care, you might get attached to that girl. And you don't really need that to complicate the situation.

Carrying the teacups, you walk back to the main room, and you place the cups on the table. As you said before, you don't know much about Japanese customs, but you know that tea is important for them. Well, to be frank, you learn that from watching that show about the civil war. When characters are drinking during a whole episode, you understand that tea must be important. That, or the whole show was retarded. But you doubt it.
“So, why are you here, professor?”
“Ah, yes. I heard you had some impressive archives here, and I need some help to locate … not really someone, but rather something.”
You decide to not tell too much. After all, if her archive is that impressive, then maybe you can loiter around and consult Reisen's page. It'll give you a better understanding of the situation. And consult Mima's page, she was quite pissed after you.
“Is it related to what happened to the last Komeiji?”
The question catches you totally off-guard. Luckily, after spending years alone, you learned several valuable skills. One of them being an uncanny and really creepy ability to not waste anything. For example, if you heard the same question before, you would probably have spilled tea all over the table. But thankfully, since you've got that uncanny and creepy ability to not waste anything, you manage to spill it back in the cup instead of spilling it all over the table as said before.
“Now that's interesting.”
“And why is it interesting?”
“Because that means there's another reason for you to check the archives.”
You do your best to display a poker face. That's just a little girl, but she's obviously more clever than the average little girl. You don't like admitting it, but she may be even more cunning than you. And you REALLY don't like that.
“Not answering? That's not really funny.”
“Are you going to let me check the archives or not?”
“I have no wish to do so. But this memento belong to everyone. Therefore, I cannot deny you the right to read it.”
Saying awful things with a bright smile. That girl knows how to get on your nerves. There's food for thought here.
“You're not saying that randomly, do you? You know me. You wouldn't try something like that with a stranger able to overpower you.”
“Nice one. Keep going.”
Praising you like a teacher praising a kid, she urges you to continue.
“Therefore, you heard about me. From a reliable source. When I came to help you earlier, you were truly surprised. So you didn't expected me to be nice.”
Okay. As they say, “rien ne va plus, les jeux sont faits”.
“I think someone heard me trying to drown that lunarian guy, and told everyone in the village.”
“Nice. While I think about it, he's not dead. He managed to get out of the rice paddy before drowning.”
“How surprising. He was supposed to be paralyzed.” Maybe lunarians are more resistant than you expected to poisons? Or maybe the white fog cleaned his body or something like that.
“Anyway, according to the newspaper, he managed to make it back to the moon.”
“Too bad. I wanted him to die in that rice paddy.” You drink some tea, before noticing that you missed something. “Hold on, newspaper?”
“Yes!” Anijû's smile is bright enough to warm a whole solar system. Disgusting.
“There was a reporter near the rice paddy?”
“There are reporters everywhere. But that's besides the point. The thing you should be worrying about is that everyone in Gensokyo know what you did yesterday. How was it the day before?”
“Wonderful.” Sarcastic, aren't you? After all, your plan was to stay behind the scenes, collecting everything you need, fixing what you broke, and going back to the moon.
“Aaah, don't be so down. After all, considering who you are, sooner or later, you were going to be the front page of the local newspaper.”
“What do you mean by that?” You try to sounds cheerful, but you suspect that 'don't-mess-with-me' is written over your face. Especially considering Anijû's.
“Do you know you're in the history books? After all, you were the last human on the moon. As an conqueror.”
“Aaah, okay.”

[] “Hold on, what do you mean, as a conqueror?”
[] “Whatever. Just show me the archive. Or the memento, as you call it.”
-[] Consult Reisen's file.
-[] Consult Mima's file.
-[] Consult your own file.
-[] Consult [write-in]'s file.
-[] Ask for Anijû's advice.

If you want, you can vote for everything. But do I really need to say it? You're probably going to do it anyway.
Also, again another OC. Sorry about that, but using Akyuu was retarded. And I don't want to calculate the Hieda's age after 200 years, so I just created a parallel family. Anijû (A-20) is from that family. Each Child of Miare is supposed to die younger than its predecessor, so let's just roll with a 8 years old kid. Canonically, I think the whole family would probably be extinct, but... AAAH, DETAILS, DETAILS. Just enjoy the update, thank you.
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[x] “Hold on, what do you mean, as a conqueror?”
Delete Post
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[x] “Hold on, what do you mean, as a conqueror?”

Holy shit seriously?
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[X] “Hold on, what do you mean, as a conqueror?”

I'd probably say that we conquered a Lunarians heart, except it's the nastier of the two Lunarian Princesses. She probably asked her sister to get rid of the impure trash.
Image Source
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File 131690168737.jpg - (76.67KB, 392x288, Sex Ed class time.jpg)
Sex Ed class time
[X] “Hold on, what do you mean, as a conqueror?”

Meh. Of course, it's logical. After all, when your team was exterminated by Yorihime, you were the last one able to contact the Earth. And you told them that the moon was too dangerous to be walked on again. So of course there's some kind of legacy.

“Hold on, what do you mean?”
“What do I mean about what?”
“The conqueror part! What about it?”
“Oh, yeah, you don't know! After all, it happened after your death! Well, I'm not sure about the details, but I heard that there was possible travels to the Moon.”
“Travel. As in 'travel'? As in... tourism?” You're quite surprised. No, in fact, you're not 'quite' surprised. You're totally and fully dumbfounded.
“Yes. Tours were organized. You could pay some money, and visit the moon. I said before, I don't know the details, but apparently, the Lunar Capital was still closed. Just the outside was opened to foreigners.”
“How do you know that?”
“Because I received this!” Winking, the girl take a leaflet from her kimono, and show it to you. It looks like a any tourism ad. Except that the destination is the moon.
You must admit that you're really surprised, and quite unsettled by that. After all, last time you were in the Lunar Capital, the defense force was directed by two xenophobic women. One of them got better, thank to you, while the other went worse. In the end, you were killed by the last one, out of jealousy. You remember how she called you. 'Defiling' her sister. Meh. You vaguely remember something about her fan too. How you tried to botch it. And how it failed. And how you sliced your throat. Too late, since in the end, you end up being killed by that goddamn fan. Memories asides, what the hell happened in the Lunar Capital after your painful and humiliating death?
“Tell me. In your archive, do you have anything about the Lunar Capital?”
“Mmm? I guess I have a few things. By hearsay only. It's not like one can simply walks into the Lunar Capital, writes notes, and leaves like that.”
“Can I see your archive?”
“I already told you, you can.”
“Okay. Thanks.”
“One last thing...”
“I'm not stupid.”
What does she mean by that?

You found it. It took several hours, many teacup, and all Anijû's help, but you finally found the one responsible for Koishi's problem. Well, probably. You're not sure, but her ability suits the situation. The name is Ama Trassu, and she's a … rokurokubi. You don't know what the hell this is, but this is obviously evil.
“Of course, your archive can't be wrong, right?”
“Of course it's right! The Miare child is the only one allowed to modify them. Nobody else can.”
“Are you sure nobody can sneak in your house while you're sleeping or anything like that?”
“Hmpf! I know what I'm talking about! Just try and write something!”
Why not? Maybe it'll shut her pretentious and arrogant mouth. Of course, coming from you, the most arrogant guy in the world, that's stupid. But her confidence is annoying you.
Taking a pen, you quickly write “I love Yorihime” on the paper.
“See? That's not... what?”
The ink disappeared! How could this happen?
“See? Just as I told you! I'm the only one able to write the Hieda archive. So you can trust them!”
Oh. That simplify your task then.
“So, when you're saying that this girl can literally manipulate people into committing suicide, that's for sure?”
“Really, really sure?”
“100% sure?”
“Wanna have a tea?”
“Wanna sleep with me?”
“I was joking, I was joking, please don't rape me!”
Watch your big freaking mouth, you moron! That's illegal!

Name: Ama Trassu
Species: Rokurokubi
Abilities: Can manipulate people
Age: 400 years old.

You checked many files, and this one is the most suspicious. Because, Koishi ripped her third eye off. That's not something you do on a whim, especially considering that her third eye is probably more important than her heart. From your position, it's not impossible for someone like that … Trassu to manipulate Koishi. Especially since the recent events, like her sister being kicked off from her house. In a psychologically weak state, being attacked by a manipulator explains why she did that. Or maybe you're just jumping to the conclusion, without knowing everything.
After all, you're not psychiatrist. Maybe Trassu's manipulative abilities are just peerless.

[] Go ask her in person. Ask Anijû where Trassu is living right now.
[] You need more data. Read more! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE INFORMATION!
[] Write-in.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Besides, I restarded reading Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, it's giving me ideas.
Ama Trassu is not really original. Her name is based on a Japanese god, while her ability and species are based on a nameless character from Jiroo's comic.
And there's no Anijû route, don't try.
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>And there's no Anijû route, don't try.

Kick reason to the curb and surpass the impossible! Isn't that the way of our Gurren Brigade site?!

[x] Seduce her. If that doesnt work, raperaperaperape THE VOICES IN YOUR HEAD COMMAND YOU
Delete Post
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[X] Ask about where this avatar of evil is living.
-[X] But first, you need more data.

Awesome as always.

I look forward to your attempt to win my challenge.
Delete Post
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Sorry, but you're basically asking a socially handicapped badger to write romance?
I tried, but I can't. That's just totally out of my league. I'm afraid you'll have to ask someone else if you want that update.
Delete Post
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I think he just wants porn, considering he said to fall back on rape as a plan B.

Not that I'm with him, or anything. At all.
Delete Post
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I'd rather stab my own hand rather than "inserting" out of character porn. Flirting is okay, though. But not porn. Not in any of my story.
Anyway, calling vote. Only one vote, but I'll write something anyway.
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Anon, Your sarcasm meter is a bit off today. You might want to get that fixed.

Delete Post
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...Look, I'm sorry alright? It's just...It's just...I never really had a sarcasm meter in the first place, okay? It's still a bit of a sore subject.
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[X] Ask about where this avatar of evil is living.
-[X] But first, you need more data.
“Ability to manipulate people. That sounds kind of lame. But Reisen's ability was more or less the same, right? Making you crazy by looking at her. Creepy stuff.”
“Well, since I'm not from the main family, I only have my own memory and that archive, but I think that the place was worse before the Hakurei collapse.”
Mmm? Again the Hakurei name. Might be interesting to learn more about that. Not going to help you, but you're curious anyway.
“Tell me more about that, please.”
“The family or the collapsing?”
“The Hakurei thingy.”
“This is going to take a while.”
Whatever. You don't have any appointment. And that tea is quite good. So you don't mind being here for a while.
“Go on.”

Amazing skill you have here bro. In a nutshell, you will make a very good summary of a 6 hours long speech, in which you learned about wonders and devils, about betrayals, about guts and tear AND RIP AND- sorry that was off-track.
So, the short version is the following. Basically, you were attracted to a former sealed land. You're not sure about how one can seal a whole land, and you're just going to close your eyes and believe. Thing is, the land isn't sealed anymore. Basically because the link keeping the seal on was severed. You're not sure about the details, but it's related to the Hakurei's death. From the Hakurei Shrine you accidentally ruined. So, since the land was no longer sealed, the cannibals little girls from said land were finally free.
In other words, if you were working in a giant wasteland, only inhabited by cannibals little girls and crazy survivors, it's because that sealed land was destroyed. Like a soap bubble, it exploded. Spreading cannibals all around. Well, according to Anijû, they're not cannibal, but just man-eater, since they're not human.

In a VERY short summary, here's what happened: the Hakurei goes “AAAARGH”, the seal goes “kthxbye”, the monsters goes “dinnertime”. And that's why your world no longer exist.
But, you know, you're taking that rather well. After all, during those years you spent walking alone, you were always expecting some kind of heaven to reward you, after everything. But there's nothing else. NOTHING ELSE. The last human are living in that village. All retarded, using some kind of moronic slang. Mankind is kind of screwed, and you're not having a nervous breakdown. That's really admirable, you know?
Or perhaps you're just too egotist to give a damn about anyone else than you? Hahaha, that's obviously that.

“Sounds nasty.”
You try to shrug it off like a bad dream. But, in truth, you're really worried about that. As you're getting more and more enemies, you were hoping for some backup. But if the whole mankind is in this village, you can't really ask them to help you.
“I admit this is not a good time. But, honestly, your face looks worse.”
“Mmm? I wasn't listening. Were you trying to insult me in a really ridiculous way?”
“No. I was merely reporting you the fact that you're awfully pale.”
“I know, right? But thanks anyway.” Grabbing your wooden box on the table, you jump to your feet, in a very handsome gesture. “Anyway, I have to find that girl. And axe her a few things. Also, I'll need your ask.”
Your tongue just slipped, isn't it?
“What? You can't go now!” Anijû runs, placing herself between you and the door. “I mean, it's almost the night!”
Haha, she's so cute.
“I know the danger, but I have something to do! It's more important than my own life, and nothing can make me change my mind-”
“No. Don't say things like that. If you die, it's over. I mean, you have only one life, and once it's stopped, you're dead, forever.”
You're pretty sure you heard that one before. And yet, you're still alive. Despite SOME BITCH.
“Relax. I don't risk anything.”
“No. You stay here.”
You stop smiling. That last line definitely sounds like a threat. You were just kidding around, but you're not going to be nice to a little girl threatening you. Especially if she's human.
“Are you threatening me, young lady?”
You can't notice it, since you're too focused on Anijû, but your own voice is frankly threatening. Still, you have to recognize Anijû's courage. She's facing an adult, and she's not even shaking.
“No. I'm just saying you don't even know where to go. In that situation, you will be killed before saying Gorsafawddacha'idraigodanheddogleddollônpenrhynareurdraethceredigion.”
“Thank you.”
“But are you proposing something else?”
“Yes. The answer is in the archive. I just have to find it. Just give me some time!”
You don't have time. Time is running short, and it's sprinting. Or maybe you're just over-dramatic.
“Fine, jeez.”

“Would you mind explaining me what you are exactly doing?”
“As your keen eyes can see, I'm preparing dinner.”
“Please do not criticize my eyes. They are fine. What's missing here is my power of deduction.”
“How so? Your eyes are serving you so well, the rest should be following.”
“Even like that, would you mind explaining me why you're preparing dinner?”
“I don't want to sound snotty or cheeky, but from what I heard, you, Professor, are the biologist. If someone here have to explain why people should eat, it's not a poor and innocent girl like me.”
She's a smartass. Interesting. Too bad you're not psychiatrist, her personality is really fascinating.
“I think we might have a misunderstanding somewhere.”
“How so?”
“What about that part where you find where Ama is living?”
“As you may know it, one can't be efficient when hungry. Of course, being an adult, you're tougher than me. I, however, being a poor and innocent, must eat 3 times a day. And since eating in front of you would be quite disrespectful, I'm preparing food for two.”
Fine! Just let her do whatever she wants.

Hey. Hey. Wake up. Whatever you were doing, drop it. Someone came to see you. You remember Mister Headache? He's back, with Miss “Want-to-puke”. And they have a child, let's call him “Feels-like-your-head-is-exploding”. Nah, that's just mean to them. Let's just say there's a party in your brain, and everyone is throwing up. And your job and to take it easy. Implying it's easy to take it easy with a damn pickaxe in your head.
What's happening, you may ask? Here's what happening. You're having a relapse. It got better after you left the Pure Land place, but now it's worse. The pain is too important for you to think clearly, your vision is foggy and your whole body is shaking. Perhaps this is how you feel when you're suffering from a ruptured aneurysm. Feeling like your head is opening. Like a mouth. A big, vertical mouth. With teeth. Sharp teeth. Gnawing and nibbling on your brain from the inside, pulling it out.
The mental image is sickening. Crushing your own mouth against the floor, you do your best to not throw up. It's not like you have anything to throw up anyway, but puking bile is more painful than puking food.

Hello world! The new Moriarty is here! So, right now, the purple-haired is cooking something! I don't know what, but that smells good! So, following Murphy's law, it will obviously be purple, with tentacles growing out from it, and a really strong killing intent! But you don't care, you can't feel aura! That's why human are awesome! They can live freely while ignoring the obvious strong desire coming from their neighbors! After all, is there anything more oblivious than a man?
Except a woman, of course, BWHAHAHA!!
“Are you feeling all right?”
“Perfectly and without any undoubtely nice! I'm not making sense, but at least, I don't feel like I have a vagina dentata growing in my forehead! And that's a good thing, I don't like the idea of looking like a monster!”
Eyes wide open, the purple-haired girl stares you without saying anything. Perhaps you're looking awful. Perhaps you're so pale you look like a corpse? But that doesn't matter. Because YOU ARE ALIVE!! ALIIIIIIIVE! YOU ARE FUCKING ALIVE! And you're going to eat and find and eat and beat and eat and give the white-haired girl her eye back, even if you have to kick a god's ass to do it! FUCK YEAH!
“You're not looking good. You do realize it?”
“Sorry, did I hear 'you look fine, marry me'? Because I think I heard something like that!”
Slightly blushing, the purple-haired girl counter-attack.
“What's your name?”
“My name? I am Finger. Please take care of me! I'm a very violent person, but everything's gonna be alright! After all, I have no reason to beat your ass with your own arm, right? Anyway, let's go eat and beat and eat and KILL AND MAIM AND CRUSH AND MAIM AND heal!”
“Are you Moriarty?”
“Yes and no! WE ARE THE SAME! But no! We're acting and thinking differently! Not the same! I like healing people! He likes CRUSHING people, throwing them in the dirt, and pressing their head with her foot! He's a sadist guy like that! But that's beside the point! Girl, what's for the dinner? DINNER. One of the most important meal in the day. Right after breakfast and lunch, of course. But that's lying! In fact, the most important meal in the day is obviously the one you're preparing to eat right now! I know, right?”
“Are you sure you're all right?”
“Of course I'm all right! Of course, I'm awfully pale, I want to throw up, and I have awful headaches strong enough to make me crazy for good, but I'm fine! It's like I've been poisoned or anything like that! I'm fine! Look, I'm even smiling at you! That means I'm in a good mood! And I can't be in a good mood if I'm sick, right? Okay, I'm smiling like the Cheshire Cat, but I'm smiling, and that's the important part! So let's eat! I'll bring the bowl!”

Sitting in front of the purple-haired girl, you're eating. Voraciously, can you add. In fact, you're not eating, you're stuffing yourself to the back teeth with that soup. But that's so good, leaving some would be rude!
“That's really good! I always thought that little girls were unable to cook, but you proved me wrong! I shall never doubt little girls again!”
“Thank you. I appreciate it.”
Oh crap! She's SMILING at you! That means she likes you! She's probably going to crawl in your bed once you're sleeping!
Whatever, let's keep eating. You're going to be very busy tomorrow. You need FOOD! MORE FOOD FOR THE FOOD GOD!

“Good night, purple-haired girl! Thanks for the futon!”
“You don't remember my name, do you?”
“Ummm... GOOD NIGHT!”
You quickly close the “door” (not sure you can even call that a door), and you jump in the futon, not even removing your clothes. The wooden box is next to you, safely placed in the middle of the room. No risk to forget it tomorrow. No risk, no fun, but a tree gave its life to create that box. Playing with a tree's memory would be rude. And you're not rude, right, you dumb fucking piece of earthling crap? HA HA HA HA HA hahaaaa... Once this is over, you will enjoy beating that bitch to death.
ANYWAY! You just go to sleep! Early! Like a good boy! No running in the hallway, no nighttime attack of the fridge, no crawling in the purple-haired girl's bed while she's asleep! In short, no fun! But that's important too! EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT! Especially you!

HELLO WORLD! This is a beautiful day, you're waking up in a comfy bed, with a sleeping purple-haired girl hugging you! You don't know what's going on, but that's adorable! Especially her sleeping face! If marrying a 8 years old girl was legal, you would do it gladly, she's just too cute! Poor literate girl living in a village of illiterate degenerate! She's like a flower in snow! Wonderful, but doomed!

“Okay, I'm going.”
“Ummm... Goodbye...”
Still sleepy, the purple-haired girl waves you off! You had to threaten her a few times, but she accepted to give you Ama's location! And Ama is currently living in the Myouren Shrine! You're pretty sure it's the one with the dead old hag! So you're going there!
“Thanks for everything!”
“One last t-thing...” Yawning, the purple-haired girl glares at you venomously. “Don't underestimate me. I know you've been lying to me.”
Petting her head, you laugh loudly.
“Whaddya saying, purple-haired girl? I'm not lying! Sometimes, I'm omitting, but that's for the Greater Good! Or any other shitty explanation like that! I'll come back for your delicious soup one day, so wait! So long, and thank for the fish!”
Yep. You definitely wouldn't mind drinking her soup each day! The soup she cooks, you mean, not... bah, just drop the sexual joke! It's funny and all, until you joke with a kid, and you end up in jail!

[] To the Myouren Shrine! Through the main entrance! You'll find that Ama, and you will:
-[] Have a nice and relaxing talk about third eye or some shit like that.
[] To the Myouren Shrine! Sneak around! There's always another entrance!
[] Stop your wagon, you just got back that wooden box, and you don't even remember picking it up! What kind of trickery is that?!
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[x] Stop your wagon, you just got back that wooden box, and you don't even remember picking it up! What kind of trickery is that?!

-[x] To the Myouren Shrine! Through the main entrance! You'll find that Ama, and you will:
--[x] Have a nice and relaxing talk about third eye or some shit like that.

I would make a write-in but i'm too tired
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[x] Stop your wagon, you just got back that wooden box, and you don't even remember picking it up! What kind of trickery is that?!

-[x] To the Myouren Shrine! Through the main entrance! You'll find that Ama, and you will:
--[x] Have a nice and relaxing talk about third eye or some shit like that. If the conversation stalls, then

Violence, violence is always the answer.
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Removed file?
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Considering all the Portal 2 references in this story, using a TF2 picture was not really a good idea. I have other plan for that file anyway.
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And, of course, I forgot to write "sage" in the Email field.
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[x] Stop your wagon, you just got back that wooden box, and you don't even remember picking it up! What kind of trickery is that?!

-[x] To the Myouren Shrine! Through the main entrance! You'll find that Ama, and you will:
--[x] Have a nice and relaxing talk about third eye or some shit like that.
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[X] “Uh-hu.” Listen to her. That can't hurt, right? And if it's important. Be on careful anyway, with your machete ready.
Image Source
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File 131750684732.png - (152.62KB, 600x338, vlcsnap-2011-09-30-00h42m56s12.png)
[x] Stop your wagon, you just got back that wooden box, and you don't even remember picking it up! What kind of trickery is that?!
-[x] To the Myouren Shrine! Through the main entrance! You'll find that Ama, and you will:
--[x] Have a nice and relaxing talk about third eye or some shit like that. If the conversation stalls, then

Leeeeeeeeet's do it! To the Myouren Shine! Let's heal girls, chew bubblegum, and RIP PEOPLE APART! FOR SCIENCE! And also for your own sake, and your own pleasure! Not that you take any pleasure in torturing people, but torturing animals is fun! Like someone you know! She's not human, so she's obviously an animal! And you will enjoy torturing her!
“OH-HO! Why do I have that box? I don't remember picking it! That's WEIRD! And SCARY!”
AND A REALLY IMPORTANT LAUGHING MATTER! Because nothing is funnier than nonsense! You dropped that box somewhere, you don't know where, and yet it's in YOUR POCKET! How unrealistic is that? Hu? HU?
“I open the box! Glass shards! Mirror shards! Useless scum! Useless crap! NOTHING! HAHAHAHA!!”
You close the box again! It's time to find Koishi's Third Eye! Maybe it'll fix your TEMPORARY madness!
Because, face the truth, this is getting WORSE recently! When you were alone, you managed to maintain a balance, but now, your recent headaches are forcing you to become crazier to escape the pain! And if the pain is too strong, you might become crazy for good!

You enter in the shrine! There's still the mummy in a corner! Staring at you! With its missing eyes!
“Stop looking at me!”
It doesn't stop! Staring at you! With its empty sockets!
“Hey, that gave me an idea. I have, here, a pocket. In that pocket, I have a box. Said box is full of sharply shards!”
That's right! You're going to stab that disgusting corpse with the glass shards! That's all they're useful for, right! You drop the box on the ground, you grab the mummy, and you throw it against the wall! Tearing its clothes, you completely undress the rotten corpse! Disgusting! Opening the box, you start stabbing the corpse with mirror shards, while smiling in a demented way!
“La la laaaaa~ !So much fun! One day, I'll eventually be crazy for good, so let's have some fun before that happens!”
Mumbling happily, you continue stabbing the corpse's chest with mirror shards.
“Hey, that's funny, I can see my own face in this one! Am I really that ugly? And why is my hair so long?!”
The mirror briefly shows you a very pale man, with long black hair, smiling in a really creepy way! If you didn't knew it was a mirror, you would be scared by now! But that's fine!
Is someone screaming after you? Yes, it does sounds like something like that! Or maybe the corpse is reacting?! Jumping to your feet, you kick the corpse in the chest! No reaction. That wasn't that screaming vigorously at you! So it has to be something else! Something like...
“Track-suit girl! There you are!”
Turning your head to face her, you notice something very strange! At first, she was coming for you, with a furious look on her face! But when you turned your own face to face her (haha repetition), her face quickly changed! Going pale at first, lips slightly shaking, eyes opening wide, in short, FEAR!
“Y-you... don't come closer!”
“I can't! I'm looking for Ama Trassu!”
You happily say, while walking CLOSER and CLOSER!
“T-t-t-t-that's m-m-m-me, b-but don't come any closer.”
“I want to ask you something! I want to find Koishi's Third Eye, or something like that!”
“Don't get near me! I beg of you, just go away! I'll give you everything I have!”
“I want that eye!”
“It's in my room! Now let me gooo!”
And with that, she runs away! Maybe you're REALLY that ugly! Or maybe it's a new skill! Made from TESTOSTERONE! And MANLY SWEAT! Programmed to make girls and women PANICKED!

Gee, what's wrong with her? You tried to be friendly, to avoid unnecessary pain, and she runs away, rudely, without even saying goodbye!
Letting the rotten corpse behind you, its chest full of mirror shards, you inspect the Shrine, trying to find Ama's room!
“Oh? Hello!”
Tch, is that's girl who was with Ama when you accidentally ruined the Hakurei Shrine! Just looking at her makes you SICK!
“Mmmgh. Where's Ama's room?”
“Last door at the right.”
“Thank you.”
Leaving with a smile, you really want to puke! That girl is just DISGUSTING! Stupid ears! Wonderful personality! Friendly behavior! EVERYTHING in her is disgusting! She's too friendly to be really trustworthy!

“Ah-ha! This is the good one! Uh what? Pink-haired girl? PINK-HAIRED GIIIIRL!”
It's the pink-haired girl from earlier! Sitting on a blanket! Holding a raven! She doesn't look too well! In fact, she may be even sicker than you! Disgusting! That whole room is a mess, in fact! Pile of junk everywhere!
As she hears you screaming, she looks at you.
“Oh. It's you.”
As you're running to hug her, another girl interposes between you and your target BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!
“Hey, red hair catgirl, mind getting out of the way so I can hug someone who lost everything in a riot?!”
“Actually, I do mind.”
The catgirl with red hair is not smiling! Instead, she's watching you with mistrust!
“Awwww, you don't trust me? Here, I'm smiling! Now trust me!”
“You have blood on your hands.”
“Just an accident.”
“Lady Satori was kicked from her house just after your arrival.”
“Lady Koishi has gone mad soon after meeting you.”
“You're acting like Lady Koishi when she's going hysterical.”
“Not a coincidence. In fact, I'm here for her! To fix her! I can fix her! I HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY! But I don't have the skill, nor the critical thing for that!”
“Orin, let him pass.”
The pink-haired girl speaks again! For you! She's helping you! There's a god after all! Wait, how is that related to everything?! You don't know!
“I'm not going to help you. But I want to know how Koishi's going.”
You look around! That room is messy! With the cat, the raven, and the pink-haired girl, it's also too small! Gee, what's that on the ground?! A machete! So scary! But you're taking it, it might be useful!
“Koishi? The white-haired girl? She's in a decent health!”
You walk to the closet. Inside, there's another impressive pile of junk. You start searching and throwing those things away.
“I don't like your tone. And what 'decent' means? Is she injured? Is she eating properly?”
A handkerchief. That's what you're looking for. A red, warm, and pulsating handkerchief.
“Too bad! I can't change my tone! But I can ask you something! Do you really care for your sister?!”
Your question raises several screams. From Satori, it's indignation. For the cat and the raven, just anger.
“How dare you?”
The cat hisses while the raven caws!
Holding the heavy bloody handkerchief, you walk to Satori, and you slowly open the handkerchief, unveiling the thing you've been looking for. A pulsating blue ball, with several little strings pointing randomly, spitting blood. That thing is pretty ugly. Ugly enough to change your mood.
“You were in the same room than Koishi's heart, and yet you didn't found that? That's suspicious.”
“My god... Koishi...”
Satori is too dumbfounded to be a part of the conspiration. So Ama really acted alone on this!
“She kept that as a trophy! I don't know why, I can't understand you, you crazy inhuman things!”
“She's sleeping right now! We filled her body with drugs to keep her like that! She's fine, for now!”
You place the eye in your pocket Feels warm! But not in a good way! You'll have to be quick!
“W-wait! Why are you helping her?”
And with that, you run away! A wooden box in your left hand, a machete in your right hand, a hat on your head! You're running back to the Eientei! Now it's no time to play around! You're not even paying attention to the ruined mummy, who started breathing for some reason! You just run! Oh hey, it's nighttime now!

“Wait! Please wait!”
“Like hell I'm going to do that!”
You don't know who said that, and you don't care! You've got things to do!
“It's important!”
You stop immediately, and you stare at the girl who's been following you.
“Oh. It's you. You ran away 3 minutes ago, why are you again after me?” Ama. She's back after you. Probably in order to have her revenge. Since she's a bitch. A manipulative bitch. “I'm not in the mood right now. Speak your business and get lost.”
“So rude! I'm just trying to help you!”
Saying that, while smiling could eventually convince you. But the severed eye you're having in your pocket reminds you that this girl is a bitch. A manipulative bitch.

[] “Uh-hu.” Listen to her. That can't hurt, right? And if it's important. Be careful anyway.
[] “Go away before I kill you for good.” If she resist, fight her. With the machete you stole.
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New version. With less typos, text edited here and here, and also, NEW RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPES!
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[X] "Like you helped the satori?"
-[X] "Now go away before I disect you."
--[X] "Never saw what a monsters insides look like while they were still alive."
---[X] "You know, maybe I should just disect you now instead of waiting for you to come after me later."
----[X] "Don't worry, I'll try not to kill you."

I see no isotopes. Radioactive or otherwise.
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[X] "Like you helped the satori?"
-[X] "Now go away before I disect you."
--[X] "Never saw what a monsters insides look like while they were still alive."
---[X] "You know, maybe I should just disect you now instead of waiting for you to come after me later."
----[X] "Don't worry, I'll try not to kill you."

This write-in is glorious.
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[X] "Like you helped the satori?"
-[X] "Now go away before I disect you."
--[X] "Never saw what a monsters insides look like while they were still alive."
---[X] "You know, maybe I should just disect you now instead of waiting for you to come after me later."
----[X] "Don't worry, I'll try not to kill you."

I -really- like this write-in.
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[X] "Like you helped the satori?"
-[X] "Now go away before I disect you."
--[X] "Never saw what a monsters insides look like while they were still alive."
---[X] "You know, maybe I should just disect you now instead of waiting for you to come after me later."
----[X] "Don't worry, I'll try not to kill you."
Image Source
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File 131759528982.jpg - (77.08KB, 470x534, Rokurokubi.jpg)
[X] "Like you helped the satori?"
-[X] "Now go away before I dissect you."
--[X] "Never saw what a monster's insides look like while it's still alive."
---[X] "You know, maybe I should just dissect you now instead of waiting for you to come after me later."
----[X] "Don't worry, I'll try not to kill you."

“You seriously want to help me?”
“Yes! I want to help you!”
“So, tell me...” You take a step. “How exactly? Like you helped that satori?”
“Ugh, that's-”
“I inspected that eye, you know. It wasn't cut off. It was bitten off. Because of you, that satori bit off her own eye.”
“A necessary-”
“I don't give a damn about necessary or whatever. All I know is that a girl is mutilated, because of you. Now go away before I open you.”
“You don't-”
“You're not a human. You're just a monster in a track suit. You're manipulating people into committing suicide. I must say I'm curious. I wonder how you look like inside. If I open you, properly, while you're still living. Will I find a beating heart? Will I find real organs? I wonder. I'm not a doctor, but I know how to open someone without killing him. No go away for good, or I might kill you for real.”
Saying that, you start to walk away. You're not going to kill her. That would be improper. But opening her sounds appealing. Because you're really wondering what you an find inside that body of her.
“I'm sure you can.”
You freeze. What? What did she said? WHAT DID SHE SAID?
“...” You try to speak, but nothing comes out. Everything is stuck in your throat.
“That's why you ran away from that, right? You ran away from United Kingdom, not because you wanted freedom, but because you were afraid of yourself!”
“...” She's screaming now, her eyes brimming with malice. She knows something you don't like, and she's going to rub it on your face.
“You said you were a biologist! But I did some researches! After you ran away from United Kindgom, you lived in America, and they sent you on the Moon, right?”
“But many missions disappeared on the Moon! They were suspecting alien intervention! That's why they sent you! But you don't send a peaceful scientist in a dangerous zone! Not if they're able to defend themselves!”
She's screaming louder and louder. She's going to say it. You can't let her do that. You can't let her ruins everything.
“And that's the truth! You're never defenseless!”
You have a machete in your hand.
“Biologist, hu? That's awfully vague! The truth is that you're an expert in-”
Quickly moving, you raise the machete over your head, and you hit Ama with it. She's probably screaming, but you're not paying attention. You must kill her. Perfectly. On first strike. One shot. One swing. You're killing her in one swing.
“...what a joke...”
For a moment, she's standing still, the machete deeply buried in her skull, her whole body turning red. You stare at her, wondering for an eternity if she's dead, still holding the machete, not moving. But something dies in her eyes, and she falls on the ground.

That's... different. That's not the first time you're killing someone, of course. You killed smany people in the past. In many ways. But this is just different. There's no satisfaction, no relief. You just feel dirty. You don't know why, but you feel that this one is different. It's not just killing an enemy because you were asked to or because you had to. You killed her because you wanted to.
No, that's not that. You never had any choice. She was going to ruin everything. You walked alone for many years, so many years you even stopped counting. Your only obsession was to find two women. The one you love, and the one you hate.
And that girl, Ama, wanted to...
“... That doesn't look like me. Maybe I'm changing?”
Speaking to yourself is never a good sign. You're changing. But for the better? Or for the worse?
“Why am I even thinking about that?”
That's right. You have the eye. Bring it back to the satori. And fix her for good.

You start walking away. When that voice speaks. In a low, and slithering tone.
”Why do you want to heal that youkai that much?”
You clench your teeth. Not in anger, but in fear.
”Do you think you will be someone nice if you save her?”
You want to walk away, but something entangles your legs, imprisoning you. And when you look, you regret doing so.
”Isn't your life worthless? You're a scientist. Living in a ruined world. Do you think you can live?”
Ama. Her chin is resting on your chest, her eyes are looking joyfully at you, her skull is fractured, and her neck is the slithering thing paralyzing your legs.
”You scorn them. They can't speak properly. They're illiterate. They can't read. They are just morons waiting for their death.”
Her neck is so long.
”You know it, right? You're the only human worthy of something. The other human living in the village? Stupid and useless.”
She's a rokurokubi. You understand know what it means. She can extend her neck.
“Besides, this is not your time. You're two centuries too old for that world. So, tell me, what do you want?”
“I... I want...”
She's looking expectantly at you, her nefarious eyes brimming with joy and malice.
At this point, you stopped thinking. Your mind took over your body, and you acted by pure instinct. You raised the machete over your head a second time, and you hit Ama's head with it. Again. And again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
Until there's nothing left but a pile of red meat.

“I'm back now. I'm okay. Not crazy any more.”
You wonder what happened. You look suspiciously at your pocket. The eye is still here, in that bloody handkerchief. You wonder if the eye is responsible for your recent mental breakdown. After all, your mood changed rapidly since you found it.
Anyway, it's better to bring it back to Koishi. Hey, you said Koishi instead of 'that satori', or 'that white-haired girl'! You're also feeling better! Well, except for the sporadic coughing fit. Your mental trouble will get better once Koishi is fixed, but your health trouble are something else. You'll have to fix it.

“Honey! I'm home!”
You happily scream, while kicking down the Eientei's main door. Your journey is finally coming to an end, and you feel happy about that! Even through you were depressed earlier about crushing Ama, you're now feeling happy! That doesn't make sense, but that's okay!
“Oh, hi Reisen. How are you?”
“Are you joking? I'm not in the mood for that! You drugged me-”
“-dragged me in an empty room-”
“-removed all my clothes-”
“Wait what?”
“-and you tried to kill the lunarian missionary!”
“If that guy was a missionary, then my name is Watatsuki no Moriarty!”
“ENOUGH!” Oh, she's angry! “Luckily for me, I received new orders!”
“Sorry, my ears aren't working fine. I though someone here told me she was deaf. Who was it again?”
“From a fellow moon rabbit!”
“Go on, tell me your whole plan, I absolutely won't ruin it!”
“I received permission to hurt you if needed, and I'm- GOAF!”
“Sorry, you were saying something about how you're going to punch me in the belly? Did I interrupt you?”
“You... cheater...”
“I'm not a cheater! I'm a SCIENTIST!”
“You're crazy...”
“Perhaps, but I'm not knocked out, in a crowd of bunnies eager to steal your clothes and take naked pictures of you for maximum embarrassment!”
“I hate you so much...”
“YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME! One day, maybe. When you won't be mad any more about me trying to kill your guests. Because, yeah, that fellow rabbit of you is next. Once Koishi is fixed, of course. Auf wiedersehen!”
And with that, you punch her again in the stomach, leaving her knocked out for a good while. You're pretty sure any normal human would be knocked out for good by that, but that girl is an youkai, and she was trained hard. No time to waste.
“Now excuse me, rabbits, I have science to do!”

Kicking down another door, you finally find the medicine stock. You'll have to stitch an eye, and it won't be easy. Then, running back to Koishi's room, you quickly drop everything on the floor, save for the eye. Opening the handkerchief, you see it's reacting. It's pulsating faster.
You grab it, trying not to puke. That blue thing is living. And you're sure it does not like you. You place it carefully on Koishi's chest, and you start preparing the tools. Needles, suturing needles, compress, disinfectant, and lots of towels. You'll need everything in order to...
The eye's strings... are connecting to Koishi's own strings. And regenerating. You don't like that. Like a puzzle, the several strings are put back together, by an invisible hand. You considered that eye to be just a strange blue thing pulsating, but it was sentient all along. And now, it's healing itself.

[] You don't like that. Fall back. That thing made you half-crazy just by being near it, and now it's healing itself.
[] Wonderful! You won't have to take any risk by operating the patient yourself! Hug her!

That aside, I have two request:
-if you know a music suiting the final boss, let me know, I'm thinking that "My Heaven" from Silent Hill soundtrack may do it,
-if you know a good cure against boiling water injury, let me know.
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[X] You don't like that. Fall back. That thing made you half-crazy just by being near it, and now it's healing itself.

Withdraw! Also,


Is pretty good for epic battle scenes. Nothing for boiled flesh though, I'm sorry to say.
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[x] You don't like that. Fall back. That thing made you half-crazy just by being near it, and now it's healing itself.
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[x] Wonderful! You won't have to take any risk by operating the patient yourself! Hug her!
>-if you know a good cure against boiling water injury, let me know.

Dont stick your hand boiling water?
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>music suiting the final boss

Damn it, we're near the end, aren't we?
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Please consult >>7800.
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File 131775918745.png - (160.61KB, 600x338, vlcsnap-2011-09-30-00h42m38s102.png)
NSFW image
Votes called for ""You don't like that. Fall back. That thing made you half-crazy just by being near it, and now it's healing itself."
Update coming someday, once I'm in the right mood for it.

Also, I found the perfect music for the final boss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX45pYvxDiA
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So we're going to fight Murder-Koishi while really unfitting music plays.
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File 131785049373.jpg - (247.21KB, 1000x1200, Crazy Koishi post battle.jpg)
Crazy Koishi post battle
[x] You don't like that. Fall back. That thing made you half-crazy just by being near it, and now it's healing itself.

“What's happening?”
You mutter under your breath, trying to not make any noise. That thing... It looked like a little girl, but now that you look at it, you understand that Koishi is definitely not human. And it's scaring you. In front of you, there's something you can't understand. Something without any morale, without any concept. You can explain magic, you an explain people flying.
But explaining that thing is just out of your league. You though you were crazy, because your mood changes very quickly, because you tend to talk to yourself, because nothing makes sense for you. But you understand now that madness isn't that simple. Madness can't be explained.
“Ţ̸̀͘͟e̵̛͏̀͟n̨̢͞ ̵͠͝l̶̡i̶̵҉t̡́͜t̶͏͏́͞l҉͘e҉́ ̸̨̢̛̀Ş͘͡o͠l͜͢ḑ̧̨͝i͏̀ȩ̨̨̡̡r̵̴̶͏ ͢͠b̴̕͞ờ̶̕ỳ҉̢̕s͝ ̡͢͏̕w̢̧͝͝e̶̡̡̢n̴̛t̨͟ ̵̛̛̀o̷̧ú̶t͡͏͢ ͏͞͞t͜͝o̢͜ ̴̷̷͘d̡͟͠i͘n̷̛e͟͢͏̛;̛́҉̧ ͘͘͢Ơ̵̢n͏̶͝ȩ̷͝ ͏̀͝c̴҉h̀͡҉o̴̶k̷̢̛̕͡è̴̢̨ḑ̡ ̛́h͏҉i̸̕͡s̷͏̵͢ ̶͘͘͠l̴̕͢͝͞í̧̛t̢t̶̷͟͠l̀͢e̶̷̡͏ ́҉͜͝ş̶͞e̢͏l͢͜f̧͟͠҉ ́͜a͏̵̸n͡͡d̛ ̷̵̨̀̕t̀͝h̢̕ę̸̕ǹ̷͠͏ ̶̵̵̕̕t̀͜͞h͏̛́͠͞ę͏̧r҉̵̸́͘e̵ ̶̀̀͘ẃ̶̷̨͠e̵̢҉̨r͝è̶̷͟ ̴́ń̨͡i͟͏n̴͜͟͠e̶̸̵͢͞.̵͠ ”
Her eyes still closed, she's speaking. Something you can't understand. And then, her mouth opens in a demented smile. She slowly raises, eyes still closed.
“N̸̕i̧̡̨͘n͏e͏̡́ ̸̵͘l̶̷í̷̸͠t͘͜͝t́̕͜͞͝ĺ̶̷̛e͜ ̴̨̕͞S͟͢o͞҉͏͝l̵̵̴͞d̴̡̀͝i͟͜ȩ̛͢͞r͏̢͏ ̵͘͝b̢́o̷҉̷̨y̸̡͢͞s̵̛͟ ̡̡͟͝ś҉̨͜͠ą̴҉̕͢t̶҉̴̧̨ ̶̴҉͢u̴̡̢͟͞p̀͘ ̴̛̕v̷̵ę̕҉r͜͞y̸͢͞ ̶́͟͠l̨͠a҉̸͠t̸̢͟͞e̶͘͜;̶̷̵͡ ̶҉O҉̨n̵̛͢͡e̷͞͏ ̸͟͡ǫ͝v͘͏͜e̸̸r҉̵̵s̴̢͡l̸̡̛é́҉p̢̛͡͡͡ţ̶͡ ̢́̕͘h̢͘i͜͢m̷͟ś͟͟e͜͞͝͞l̡͘͢f̴̶́̕͡ ̶̵͢͟a̷̸̛̕͟n̢͘͝ḑ̛́͘ ̷̴̧̛͝t̴̸͘͢h̶̨͝e͢͏ǹ̸̕ ̨͘t̴̡̛́͝h̛͘͝͞e̵̕͡ŕ͟͝҉́e̶ ̧́͞w҉̡̛ę̵͝r̶̡e̡̛͜͢ ̶̡̧ę̶̴͜i͡҉̶҉g̨͟͠҉̷h̶̷̢t̵͘͡.͜͝҉̢ “
She opens her eyes. Don't look at them. Look behind you. There's a scalpel in the tools you brought. Take it. TAKE IT!
“E̛͢i̛͘͢͞ģ̷̛͠h̷̨̛̕t̷͘ ̶̵̨͞l̷̡̡͘͞i͡҉͟ţ̴̕͟t̢ĺ͘̕e̸̷̛͜ ̸̨̛̀͟S̵͝҉͏o̧̕l̶͡d͜͠í͢͞͡ę̴̡́͢r̡̡͜҉ ͢b͞͏̷̕͞o̶͘͞ỳ́͞s̀͝ ̵́́͝t̀͢r̷͘͟͝a̴̛͟͠v̴̨͝͡͡ę͝l̸̸͝͡͝i҉̷̀͘̕ǹ̷̢͡͡g̕͠҉̷́ ̨̨̡̡i͏̴̨n͡҉ ̵̧̕͟͡Ḑ̸̷͜é̵̷̵͠v҉̡͢o̧҉ǹ̷͞;̵̧҉ ͏̴̢O̸͏͏͞n̴̶̢é̴̀ ̢̨̧śa̶̡i̴̷̧͟͞d̛͠ ̵̀͜h͘͜é̸̢'͜͜͢͠d̴̡̡҉ ͏s̸̵͜͟t̢̛́͘͘a͏̡ỳ̵̛͘͘ ̡͜͢͡͡t̛͡h̡͘͜e͢͞r̛͢͟͡҉e̶͝҉͏͝ ̧͢a̡͟n҉d̸̡̀͝ ͢͝͏t͏̡̧̢h́҉e̷͟͟͡n̨͘͘ ҉̡͞t̵̨͠h̴́̕͜͝ę̧̧̢̧r̕͏̷͢è̛͞͡ ̶͢͡w̷̸̢͜e͘ŗ̷͠e̛͟ ̵̡̛͢͠ş̡e͜v̛҉͘͡e̵̢n̢̡͟҉.̸̀͜ ”
You quickly grab the scalpel, and you turn again to face Koishi. But it's too late, she already disappeared.
“W-what... What?”
Speechless you are, unable to understand what's happening. You know there's someone in this room, and yet you see, no, you KNOW you're alone. The paradox is paralyzing you, like a neurotoxin. There's just no way that-
Pain. You look down. Several metallic blades are piercing your arm. Those blades looks like nails, but that's not important.
“S͘͘͟͞͝e̷̷͢v̀͜͡ę̨̀n͢͡҉́҉ ̸͘͠l̡̛i͟͏̨̀t̷̀͏t̕͝l̨̢̀͞è̶̡̕͝ ̶̸̸̷͟Ś̕͟͞o̧͜͟l̢͘d̸̢i͏̨̕͡e̶̡̧̧͠ŗ̸ ̵͡b̸̡̀̕͢ò͝͞y̨̛̕̕s̵̨̨͘͘ ̛͏̢̕͟c̸̨͞͝h̵̀̕͝ờ͘͡͠p̴҉̛͜͡p̴̷̢͘͠i͘͝͞n̛҉̀ģ͝ ̴͏̷̨̡u͝p̶̸͘͝҉ ̵s̸̛͝͠t̸̶̀͟i͘c̴̷̴͡k̶̨̨͟ś̶̢̛;̕͢ ̷͟Ó̡͜n͜͜e҉̧̛́͘ ̡̢c̶̨͟͝h̵͘͢o͡͏͢͢p͘͠ṕ͜͞e̡d̸̛͜͜͞ ̷͘͟҉h̸̷̀̕͝į̧ḿ̵͢͏s̢e̷̸̵ļ̶̨̕f̧̛ ̸͘i̵̢͝n͟҉͞͞ ̛̕͠h̢́̀̕a̸͘͞l̵̶̨v̷̸̸͝é̷̵̡͠s̶̛ ͠҉̛̕a̵̛͢͡n҉́d̸͞͏ ̶́͘͝t̶͝͏̡͘h͘͢͡͞e̡̛͜͜n͏͏̷̀ ̵̸̕t͏̨h̀e̢̕͝r̷̨̛͟͟ȩ̀͝͝͏ ̸̸̢͢w̸̛͜e҉̴̡͘ŕ̷̷͢e͟͏̸̡ ҉͢ş̵̶ì̷x̷̸͘͜͡.̡͜ ”
She speaks again. She's right in front of you, her eyes staring at you, a demented smile eating her face, and an unreadable expression on her face. She's smiling, but there's no joy in her eyes. She's hurting you, but you don't feel any happiness.
“S̸͢͡i̷͢x̵̴̴̡̨ ̸͢͡l͞͝͏́͟ì̴̢t̴̴̨̡́t̢͠͡l̶̴̴e͘͞͡ ͏̧̀҉S̵̨o͏̀ļ̵͝d̢̕i̧͟͞e̶͟͝͞͝r̸̸̨͘͢ ͟͏̴b̀͢͝o̸͟͠y̨͘͟͢͝ş̸̷ ̴̧̕p̨̀͠l͢͞a̢̕͜y̴̷͝i̴̛͟n͘͡g̛͡͏͘͜ ̧͘͞͠w̴̡̨͢i҉͢t͘͏̸h̸̨͝͝ ̕҉̵͡a̷͏͏ ̛͞͡ḩ҉̢̡͠i͝͝v̕͢͠͝é̴̸̸̡;҉̷̛ ̶̨͡͏̷A̴̸̧̢ ̷͜͏͡b̧̢̀͘ù̧͢͡͞m̴̸͞b͏҉͠͠͞l͏̷̨̛̀e̴͘̕͠b҉̴́́͢e̵͝e͠ ̵͞҉͢s̷̡̛̕͏t̶̢͝͏̨u̧͞n̷͠g̨̛ ͜͠o͘҉n̵̕҉͡҉ȩ̶̴̷̡ ̢͡͞a̸̢͞ń͘͟͜͠d̵̷̢͟ ̸̢͡t̶̀͠h́͠͞è̛͜͝n̡̨̕͢͡ ̶̡̨̀͢t̴̀̕͜h̶̀́́͡e͢͝͡r̴͜͠e̡̧͢ ̡ẃ̵̵̀͢ȩ͠͠ŕ̶͢ę͘ ̵̢̛f̡̡͠͝i̶̶͢͏͜v̸e҉̛.̛͢͠ ”
You understand something really important. You're going to die here.
Swapping hands, you slash her face with the scalpel, trying to free yourself. Still with that weird smile, she suddenly lets you go, withdrawing her nails from your arm. You waste no time, and you quickly run away.

How are you supposed to live? How are you supposed to even SURVIVE? You can't feel her, you can't SEE her, you can't even UNDERSTAND her! How are you supposed to defeat something you can't understand? That's impossible!
“F̛͘͞í͘͢v̷̴́͟e̕͏ ̛͠͝͡l̵̀i͜t̨ţ̢l͢͢è̸̡̕͘ ̡̛S҉̶̨̨͟ơl͘d͘͜͠i̷̧e̴̢̨̕͡r̸̢͟ ̴̛́̕̕b̴̨̕̕o҉̵̨̧y͜͡͠͠ś͡ ̸̛͝g̨̛o̵i̷̛͜n͡͠͞ǵ̷̸͜͞ ̴̧͏̨i̶̡͜͝n̷͝͡͠ ̢͝҉͘͜f̀͟͠o̵͟͞҉ŕ̸̷̛͞ ̧ĺ̛̕͟ą͏ẃ͘͞;̸̕͏̢͘ ̨̡͢͏͞Ơ̢n̸̷̶͟ę̡ ̧́g̨͘o̢̕̕͟͠t̴͢҉͡ ̷͟í̸̡n̡̧ ̷̵̕͡C̴̸̢͡h҉҉̧̀͘a̧͞n͢͠҉͜c̨̨̧̛ę̛̕͜ŗ̵̶y̨̛ ̵̧̡̕͜a͟͜͝n̸d̶̶̸́͟ ̸̶̕͠t̢͢͞h̴̷e҉̧n̵̴͡ ͜͟t̵̴͘҉҉h̛̀͘͡͝e҉̴̡r͟͟ȩ̶ ͜͝w̨̛̕̕e͘͟r̕̕e̶҉͜͝ ́͢͡͝f̴͢ó̷͡ų̵͡r̨̕.͝͏̴͢ ”
Oh god oh god she's RIGHT BEHIND YOU! Don't stop running!
“F̸́͝͠o̴̢͟u̸r̶̨ ̴́̕͢l̶̡͟i̢̢͢͝t̸̡̛҉t̕͢͠͏l͟҉è̛͞͝͝ ̴̶̧S̛̀͢o̷҉̶̢͠l̵̵͢͝d̷̡̨̢͡í̢̨͜e̸̛r͏̶͠ ́̕b̶͢o̸y͏̵̵͟͜s̨̨̡͡ ͡g̴̷͜͞҉ơ̸̕͏ì̧͝n̷͘͢g̵̢̨ ҉͘̕҉o̷͟͜ù̷́t̶̷ ̷̨͟͝t҉͢o̷̡ ͏̕s̡͏̕e͘a͡;̶̢́͟ ̶̕͜͡Á͠ ̶̨̡́̕r̴̸̨͢e҉̴̴̸͝d̸̷ ̴̷͝h̵̢e̕͜͡͡ŗ̧̀͘͢r̡͞í̧ņ̧͘͟g̨͠ ̸̶͠͡s͡͏͏ẁ̵͟͝͠a̴͟l̵̛̛̀l̶̶͟͏o̕͟҉ẁ͟ȩ̶̧̧͞d҉́͠ ̴̀͢͠ò̧͢͟n͟e҉̶̷ ̴̧̕͟ą̵̴̧͞n̵͞d̨͜ ̧̨̢͝t̷͘͘h̡͜͢e̵̕͡ń̡͘͞ ̵̢̡̨t̵̨͜͢͟h̷̨̛́é҉͡r̶͝ę̴͘͠͡ ͏̷w͏e̵͡҉r̴̴̛͡ȩ̵͢͠ ͏̸̸͝t͡͠͡͝h̶̵̷̢r̷̴̕͟͠ȩ͟e͜.̧̕ ”
You fall on the ground, your nose meeting the floor. Instinctively, you roll on your back, avoiding several metallic nails. But when you try to see your opponents, you're facing an empty corridor. And you're not feeling crazy any more. In other words, she's not here.
“Thank god.”
There are many things you hate. But you just decided that the thing you hate the most is being scared by a thing looking like a little girl. For god's sake, you don't really plan to die now, because it would be ridiculous. So, find a way to bringer Koishi down. You left your machete in the laboratory, go fetch it.

Ah, there it is. You'll need that one to stop Koishi. Well, you said “stop”, but you're not sure if you can stop her without killing her. After all-
“T̡͠h̡̛͞͞r̴̷̡͠e̢̡̧̛e͢͡ ̢̢̕l̀͘͝į̷̢͞t̨̡͝͞͝t͘҉̷͘l̸҉̴͘͟e̴̛͢͢ ̀̕͜S̢͠͞o͘͏l̀҉̶̶̀d̵̛͜͟i̴͜͜͝è̷ŗ̴͜ ̴͢b̡̢͠҉o̷̷̡̨͏y̢̧̕͢͟s̸̡̡͏ ̀͟͝w͝͏̶҉͞a͘҉l̷͏́͘͢k̸̕͡i҉̴̸̀n̡͜͠͡g͏̶̡ ̶̢̨͡i̸̢̢͢͠n͡͏̛͢͝ ̷̨̀͜t̷̵̷͡h̀͞͠͏ȩ̕͞ ̶͘͟͠z̨o̧̕̕o̸͡;̕͡ ҉҉A͟ ̶̸̕͡b̨̡i͟͢͞҉g̨̧͘͞͡ ̶b̵̀͢e̡̕à̷͡r̢̛͢͜͞ ͘͟h̴͘͠ù͜͏̶̷g̛͞͠g̸͘͞e̴̢͏d͢ ̷̢̛ờ̸͜ǹ̶̀e̛͠ ̸͟͞a̷͢ǹ̵̢͟͡d̛͞ ̡̀́ţ͟h̶͡͞e̶͟͢n̵͟͢͝͠ ͜͜͡t̸̸͜͠h̴̶e̵ŗ͢͏̴̡e̶̛͘̕͞ ͢͠͡͏҉ẃ̨͞͡e̛͜͝r̶̢҉é҉̨ ̷̧́̀ţ̡w̨ǫ̵̵̨͢.͞ ”
Another pic of pain, this time in your back.
You fall against the door, bringing it down with you. Your back hurts a lot, and you feel something warm leaking. You must be losing blood.
“̴̡͢͞T̵̀w̢̕͢͝o͏̷̡ ̸͢͢L͏͜͜i̡t̸̴t̨̕͢͝l̨͢e̸̛̕ ̶͞S̛͜o̕͘͘͟͡l͜͏ḑ͘͟i̸͟͡e͡͏͡r̷̀͘͘͞ ̵̷̡͝b̡҉ơ͘͜͜͟y͘͢s̶̨̢̕ ̛́̕͞ś̴̶͝͝ì̵͠͞͏t̷̕t̴̡̕̕͞i҉͏̀n͘͏̀͝g͏̢ ̀͞͏̡i̕͢͡ǹ̛ ̡̀͟͟͡t̛̕͢͡ḩ͞҉̶e͟ ̸̨s̵̨̕͟͞u̶̶͘n̴̸̛͜͡;̵̴̶̡͞ ̵Ǫ̸̶n̢͏̴̨e̛ ̷͘͡͡͠g͝ớ͘͝t͟ ̡͢͠͠f͟҉͢͟r̢̧̛̀ì͝͡͏z̵̡̕z̷l̡͘͘͟è̕d̴̕ ̸̨̛ừ͢͞p̢̛̀ ̧́́͞͝ą͡͠n̴͏̨͏d̢̡͢͡͏ ̶̷̷͠t̕͞h̵͟ę͠͝n̢͠ ̡t͏̨̛́h͘e҉̸r̴̛é̴ ̵w̡͢҉̷̧a̴͜s̴̢̕͝͝ ̴҉̷͜o҉͘͡n̢͘͜͟͠è̷͟.̵̨͘͞͝ ”
You crawl to the machete, with the whispering monster right following you. No longer running, she feels you're almost dead, and she's probably just playing around. Letting you crawling for a bit more before finishing you.
“O̴̧n̴̛͘͢͞è̕͜͡ ̵̛l̛̀͠ì̧̧͜t̨̨͠t́҉l̶҉̧͘͝ȩ̴͝ ̡̢S͏̸̴̢o̴͜͜͝l̷̷̕̕d̨̢҉̧i̢͞ę̷̨͜͠r̵̷ ̛́b̶̶o̸̢͜y҉̷̡͞ ̷͘ĺ͠éf̵̸̷͟͞t̶̛͡͞ ̢͢͞a̴̵͡͡͝ļl̀ ̷̡̛͠͠ą̵̸͜͞l̴̷͠͠o̵̧̕҉̕n̛҉̷͝e͏͢;̵͡ ̸͡H͘͟͢͝͝è̴͞ ̷̨̛͘͞w̢͡e̵̸̕n̶̢t́͜҉҉ ̸͏̷̴o͝͡u̷͝t̵̢̛͞͡ ́̀̕a̕͠͏ń͟͡d̛͟͟ ҉̛҉h̵̢a͠͏ǹ̸̡͘g̴͘ę͡҉͢d̨͏̴͢ ̢̧́͢͜h͢͏̡͜͠i͢͠m̸̷̕͏s̡̧̧͘e̷̴̕͞l҉̶̶͡͡f̷̨͘ ̶̡̛a̵̧̡̛ņ̷̷́̕d̡̨ ̷́͠͡t͏h͏̵̵̛e̡͟n͢҉̶ ҉̡̢͟͟t̸̸̀͢͡h̛̀͢ę̸͞r̵̸͘e̸͡ ̵͝w͝҉̸̨͝e҉̸r̵̛e͏̴͘͢ ̀́n҉o̕͘͡n̵̨͟͜e͝҉.̷́́͡͞ ”
There's something in your mouth. Taste like copper. Probably blood. That scratch in your back must be pretty. Or maybe it's a consequence of your current sickness. Situation isn't very great, right? You're already sick, and there's a crazy girl with metal nails trying to kill you.
“Hey? I know you're here! Where are you?” Th-that's not Koishi's voice! That's the Butler's voice! What is he doing here?
As you turn to warn him, you feel something metallic pressed against your lips.
And with that, she disappears again. But the strange headache is still here, so she's still standing in your field of vision.
“Hey, answer! I found Reisen in the entrance, I know you're here!”
Step by step, he's coming closer. Koishi wants you to stay silent, but...
“Ha, so there you are!”

[] “...”
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Bros don't let bros be dismembered by crazy monster girls, bro.
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[x] Slash at Koishi
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From what little I understood of that weird text, I heavily suspect Flandre being involved.
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File 131802327641.png - (1.04MB, 990x660, mon-chapeau-est-mon-meilleur-ami.png)
Here's the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uAsD6lQV1I



He's entering! And Koishi is obviously somewhere near! You have to do something!
Screw Koishi, you're not going to witness a vicious attack on someone! Not as long as you can do something!
“Wh-what's happening? You're hurt!”
Dammit, that idiot totally doesn't understand!
“You fool! Koishi is here! Somewhere!”
He finally understands, and moves back.

Too late. His neck suddenly splits open, and he falls on his back in a complete silence, while blood is flowing from his wounds. You watch in shock as Koishi slowly appears from nowhere, her... nails dripping with blood. Your blood. And that guy's blood. Hell, you don't know him, and yet you tried to help him!
“Ỳ̷o̸̡u͢͡ ̧̕͜͢w̶̷͢i̵̸͜͟l̸̸̕l҉͟ ̶̢̡͝b̡̕é̡̡̢͘ ̵̛҉b̀́҉̀ą̷̕ķ̶e̶̢̡҉d҉̶͘͜,̵̨̨ ̵̕̕͠a̴̛͘͘͜n͟͝d̛̕͟͟ ̵̸̡͞t̴̷͟h̢̨͏̨e̵̸̛̛ń́͞ ̷҉w̴̕͢e̶̸̕͟͡'̨́́́͝l̨̡̀͞l̡̀͡ ̧̨̧͜h̨àv̸̨e̴̕͢͝ ̷̛c̶҉a̴̢̧͜ķ̶҉e͢͝͠͞.͜͟͞ ”
She speaks again. No. It speaks again. You don't recognize that thing as human. Well, it wasn't human to begin with, but now, it's not human at all. Even her appearance is alien.

Hell, this is making you MAD! Like, seriously! You left your homecountry, went to U.S.A., went to the Moon, fell in love with a moon princess, you were killed by her sister, you were brought back to life mysteriously in the middle of nowhere, you walked ALONE for many years, and when you finally decide to help someone instead of stealing her stuff, she tries to kill you? Seriously, WHAT THE HELL!
“Damn right. I'm not going to die now. Not after everything.”
Clenching your teeth, you raise again, walking toward Koishi. Says Koishi still being busy talking to herself about the newcomer.
The pain is awful. Like, really awful. Have you ever been scratched by a cat? That hurts, right? Because a cat's claw is very sharp. Now, try to imagine the same claw, but 6x longer, and used by an intelligent and crazy individual. That hurts like hell. Bah, be positive!
At least, she's not licking her claw/nail/whatever those things are. Cats are even more dangerous that way. Licking their claws. Putting their saliva on it. Disgusting.
You stagger. Focus on the target. Don't think about the huge slash on your back, or about your several wounds on your arm. Right now, Koishi is showing you her back, being too busy trying to achieve that poor guy. What is she, a hunter?

You raise the machete over your head, like you did with Ama. And you hit Koishi as strongly as you can.
Taking the machete from your hand, Koishi jumps over Butler, with your weapon stuck in her skull. It would be funny if you weren't that wounded.
“You! HURT! ME!”
“Sounds like you got yar tongue back ditcha, you lousy little brych waedlyd?”
But instead of the loud reaction you were expecting, Koishi begins crying. With your machete still stuck in her head. That's really creepy.
“T-that hurts! Why d-do you h-hurt me?”
She's … CRYING. For real. Like, REALLY crying.
“Why do y-you always t-try to hurt m-me?”
You don't know what to answer.
“Why do I always h-have to HURT YOU MORE THAN YOU HURT ME!”
Quickly changing mood, she stops crying, and pounces you without warning. Took totally by surprise, you're thrown one more time on the floor, your head bumping against a table leg, half-knocking you.
“Slash and cut and slash and cut and slash and cut and slash...”
Half singing, she begins furiously scratching you like a furious cat. A huge cat, looking like a crazy little girl, with claws longer than her arms. Totally terrified, you try to defend, but the pain is soon too important for you to stay conscious, and the world slowly goes black as Koishi's moves are faster and faster.

No, that's not true. She's not faster. It's you. Your brain is malfunctioning, and everything you see is deformed. If you could see the sky, you would probably see a hallucination.
Here's the hallucination. You just heard Satori's voice. But Satori is a shut-in spending her life crying over her losses, so there's no way she would act like an adult.
“Oh? Sis? Is that you?”
“Yes, Koishi. It's me. Now let's go home.”

The fuck. Is that all? She's gone, just like that? You were saved by a youkai? UNFORGIVEABLE! You have to... ugh... wash off that humiliation. Or something like that.
Crawling to the desk, you manage to catch some bandages with your shaking hands.
“Reisen! I found him! Or rather, I found them!”
Gah! There's a moon rabbit who sneaked behind you while you were trying to heal yourself! Sneaky little rabbit. If you had more time, you would give it a angry glare, but your hands are shaking, your whole body is covered in scratches and is probably a bloody mess, and you're badly coughing. If you survive this, it's a miracle!
“Leave him to me! I want to pay him back for earlier!”
Reisen's voice comes from the corridor. Were they looking for you? Awww, that's so sweet. Best give her your best regard.
“Hello. What's your name?”
With an amused look, the other moon rabbit answers your question with precision.
“My name's Reisen. You may call me Reisen II if you want. I was sent here to assist my fellow rabbit, Reisen, in the difficult task of capturing you.”
“Yes. I'm working for Lady Toyohime. Bad news for you.”
You want to say “if I could give a fuck, I would”, but you can't say anything now. Too tired. You don't know if it's the blood loss, or some weird lunarian power shit.
Aaah, Reisen, sweety, she's so rough, as she grabs you by the collar, raises your body over her head, and starts punching you in stomach, just before noticing the lack or skin at this place. That's right, you're currently eviscerated, and Reisen is punching your guts. It would be funny if you were able to laugh. Especially Reisen's face when she understands why her hand is so warm and bloody.
Throwing you on the ground again, she begins lecturing you.
“All you had to do was keeping a low profile! But, no, you had to attack the Kannushi, you had to play bloody cat and mouse in Gensokyo, you had to ruin my authority in front of the rabbits, and, finally, you had to be nearly killed by a patient you brought yourself! I'm going to say it, this is your karma coming back at you to bite your ass! Now listen to me! I'm going to heal you, and then, I'm bringing you to Lady Toyohime! No objection! No “but”! No escaping attempt! Nothing like that!”
“Hu, Reisen?”
“Okay, okay....”
“No more dangerous neurotoxin in the mansion! No more weird experiments! No more “I'm doing whatever I want and I let Reisen fix stuff”! Nothing like that! Do you understand?”
“He passed out a while ago...”
“Dammit! Bring me alcohol!”
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File 131802948551.jpg - (279.74KB, 800x800, Subterannean Broken Rose.jpg)
Subterannean Broken Rose
Cast by appearance:

Pr James Moriarty as the main character. Original Character.
Yamame Kurodani as that bitch who dragged a wounded guy over sharps rocks.
Satori Komeiji as a nice girl who greets people happy to ruins shit for no reason. After being kicked out from her mansion, she leaves the underground. She's attacked by something, and end up in the Myouren Shrine. After spending the story crying over her pets, she shrugs it off, and become brave. She takes her sister, and decides to take over the underground world, thus creating a wonderful world. She's scary as hell, and she could use a story taking 5 threads.
Rin Kaenbyou as a useless cat used as an extra.
Utsuho Reiuji as a useless crow used as an extra too.
Koishi Komeiji as a side character, main antagonist. At first, she's nice and stuff, but she falls to Ama's manipulation, and tries to kill herself by ripping her eye off. Moriarty keeps her alive, and tries to heal them, without considering any psychological after-effects. She ends up turning half-crazy, attacking people for no reason.
Horned Guy as an oni who met with a terrible fate. He got better after, and didn't die. He's an extra, so who cares?
Other Onis as a retarded mob. They're acting like kids with an IQ equal to 10.
Kyouko Kasodani as a nice youkai. Got beaten up for no reason. Is too friendly to be a real youkai. She's obviously an evil mastermind to come.
Ama Trassu as a bitch feeding on life thrown away. Throw your life away, and she'll be here to accept it. Original Character. Died painfully after pissing off the main character.
Renko Usami as the Purple Queen's underling. Her past is unknown. She's a chain smoking seductress. But she's lesbian. Too bad.
Reisen Udongein Inaba as a poor and useless moon rabbit. While her master isn't here, she wears kimono, rather than miniskirt. Cannot easily trust. Has a weird sense of honor.
Tewi Inaba as the real Eientei master. She doesn't have a lot of screen time, but she's too clever to be involved in shenanigans.
Elanor Izayoi as the Scarlet Devil Mansion's maid. Original Character, introduced on another story. Smiles more often than her predecessor, but is not as strong.
Nameless Guy as the SDM's butler. Original Character too. He has no name, and probably no throat now. Is currently working for someone.
Mima as the evil spirit living in the Hakurei Ruin. Is currently pissed at everyone for this. Currently rebuilding her shrine, using fairies. She'll probably create an incident, but who care about Mima?
Ran Yakumo as the Purple Queen's other underling. Unknown past too. Very clever, and is in charge of all youkai-related matters.
Unnamed Masked Guys. The villagers. The last sane human living on the Earth. And they're wearing masks too. For them, identity is useless. They're probably illiterate anyway, so who cares?
Lunarian Kannushi as a guy sent by Toyohime to find Eirin and bring her back to the Moon. The Purple Queen decides to get rid of him, and hires Moriarty. He'll manage to live, but he'll be scarred for life by rice paddies. He'll spend his life eating anything but rice. His attacks are based on lunar dust, and his strength depends from the moon phase.
Miyako Yoshika as a zombie girl living in a coffin. Attacks anything looking like an intruder, including people trying to just sleep peacefully. She's very cautious, and you can't word you way out if you upset her.
Seiga Kaku as the zombie's master. Very attached to her jiang shi, her job is to bring people in the Pure Land for interrogation.
Toyosatomimi no Miko as some chick talking like a pedophile. Loves showing off her power. Is uneasy in front of people breaking down. Since Byakuren's death, she's bored.
Suika Ibuki as an extra. Is totally useless.
Mononobe no Futo as a cute little girl deserving to be petted. Nothing else to say, she's just too cute and too innocent.
Anijû Hieda as the last child of Miare. A creepy little girl acting like an adult. For some reason, she's living all alone in a big house. Considers Moriarty as a gentleman, but she's also very careful about him. Feels lonely in the village, since she's the only one being able to read.
Cheshire Cat as a random reference dropped around. I have no clue why he's here. Whatever, his smiles creeps me out.

All aboard the Extra Stage!
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That's it, then?

Huh. Pretty quick.
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You read 'til the very end?
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Well it did only last about two threads. Unless you mean Extra Stage will be longer that two threads.
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Nothing sure about Extra Stage. I'll focus for a while on M.A.K.A.I. and on S.E.X. before resuming this story.
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And now...
[x] Whip it out

This was pretty good, ddyk.
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File 131872606833.jpg - (300.46KB, 744x897, Lunar Invasion.jpg)
Lunar Invasion
You mean against the paper wall, doing your best to stay silent. You can hear Reisen's voice, crystal clear right.
“Yes, Reisen?”
“Where is he?!”
“I dunno. I spent the night trying to figure what kind of poison he used, so I'm kind of tired...”
“How can you rest like that? If he gets away, Lady Toyohime will punish both of us!”
“Sincerely, I had worse with Master. And I prefer dealing with Lady Toyohime rather than dealing with his poison again. Go bother some rabbits.”
“Aaaarg, you're useless!”
Fast footsteps. The younger lunar rabbit quickly leaves the room, leaving Reisen alone. That is when you strike, like a snake!

Silently opening the door, you quietly crawl behind the Doctor Reisen, and you mentally repeat the action you're going to apply. First, your arm on her throat, to block any scream. Second, your other arm behind her neck, to lock her head. Third, strangle her just enough for her to lose consciousness. This is the part where you briefly regret not paying enough attention during the “close combat” class. Bah, once Reisen's down, it's all right. You knock down the other Reisen, and you're free.
“Nice try!”
Of course, it's a optimist guess. And now, this is the part where reality bites you hard. Reisen is a highly-trained elite soldier. That poison you made earlier gave her more than a headache, but she managed to overcome the side-effect with pure willpower. That's kinda scary, considering that the poison you made was theoretically strong enough to knock her down for a week. Also, there's the “tired” part. But she made it all up. That damn moon rabbit is so experienced that she knew you were still somewhere, waiting for an occasion. So she feigned to be weak, in order to lure you. And it worked.
“Aaah, damn...”
Turning her face toward you, you can see she's smiling.
“That was a nice try. But seriously now, you should stop trying to escape. This is just making things worse.”
“Stop saying that. You're basically keeping me alive for that lunarian lady of you. You do know she's going to kill me once she sees me, right?”
“That's not my problem.”
“Me causing you trouble isn't my problem either. I have to think about my own safety. Sorry if I have to- BEATING TIME!”
You pounce her! Sitting on that chair like an idiot, there's no way she can avoid you! The only possible way is if she- whoa whoa WHOA!
You're pretty sure that was judo. Grabbing the opponents' arm, placing your foot on his stomach, and using his own strength to throw him against the desk... Sounds definitely like judo.
“I hate fighting elite soldiers with my bare hands. I should get a gun next time I'm evading.”
Leaving you half-knocked on the floor, Reisen quickly leaves the room, probably calling for the other Reisen. Hell. One Reisen was already enough, now you have another one.

Luckily, the only dangerous Reisen is the doctor one. What do you remember about her? She said she was Toyohime's own pet, so basically a high-trained elite soldier. More a bodyguard than a pet, in fact. She recently was interested in medicine, so you're calling her “doctor Reisen” instead of just “Reisen”. Most of the time, she's wearing a kimono, doing her hair into a ponytail, and letting her ears free. Sometimes, she put on a white blouse, looking like a stereotypical doctor. In fact, you suspect she doesn't know anything about medicine, but that she's just reciting whatever her “master” taught her. Her incapability to improvise seems to prove that.
The other Reisen, however, is less dangerous. And far more stupid- you mean innocent. You observed her, and you're pretty sure she's totally not a soldier. More a pet than a bodyguard. Toyohime probably sent her here just because she was able to communicate. But, hey, you're not an expert about moon rabbit biology. NOT YET. But just manage to trap Reisen in a room, and you'll soon become one. That aside, what do you know about the other Reisen? She's Toyohime's pet, and she's more loyal to the moon whore than the doctor Reisen is. She's also incompetent, not trained, stubborn, and hot-headed. Her only strong point is the fact that she can send and receive messages from the moon.
You don't really know how that works, but moon rabbits seems to be able to communicate via telepathy. Except the doctor Reisen, for some reason. She claimed it's because you shot her ears at point blank, but she's obviously lying. After all, people can go deaf with that, it's been proved, but NOBODY can blame you for that! There's no proof! There's no lawyer either, so probably no trial.

That aside, you have a more pressing matter here.
What's the current situation? It's simple. You're wounded. Like, badly wounded. Koishi basically tore you like a paper doll. Luckily (?), the doctor Reisen (screw that, let's call her Udonge) was here, and she helped you. And Butler too. So you're alive. And you're healing. But there's a problem. Reisen and Udonge are loyal to Toyohime. Said Toyohime wants your ass for some puny reason involving you sleeping with her sister. That's a really silly reason, but lunarian are really thin-skinned about things like foreigners sleeping with pure-blooded lunarian. That kinds of reminds you some old theory about races. Shitty reasons aside, the fact is that you're actually prisoner. Luckily (or not), you have reprieve. Due to some technological bullshit you're not really getting, Toyohime can't comes and kick your ass until the next full moon. Short version? You have three weeks to get out of the Butcher's Bay, find something strong, prepare for Toyohime's arrival, kick her ass, make her your bitch, go to the Moon, find Yorihime, do things to her, and happy end. Unfortunately, your cunning plan is quite of lacking in the following part: how to get out of the Butcher's Bay. You mean the Eientei. This time, you managed to brew a basic poison, basic, simple, but quite strong. Your plan was to knock Udonge (the more dangerous), and leave, but she was stronger than expected.
And now, you're lying on your back, with Mister Headache coming back from holiday, and Reisen running to meet you, with a happy smile on her cute little face. Or not.
“There you are, you mongrel! I've been looking for you!”
For some reason, being called a mongrel by a 16 years old girl with bunny ears and a secretary uniform with a miniskirt isn't really something you like.
“I've NOT been looking for you, unfortunately. You're obnoxious. And ugly. And fat. And adopted. I though rabbits were supposed to lose weight when running? Congratulations for piling a few pounds.”
“Arg! Just shut up already! All resistance is futile, and you'll soon understand it!”
“Bollocks. Your mother is futile, that's why she abandoned you.”
Talking about her mother really pisses her off. That's why I'm doing it. Not going to be the nice little prisoner accepting his fate. If I'm going to die, I'll annoy as much people as I can.
“Why don't you just say what you think? Do you scorn me too much to be frank?”
She snaps. That's something really funny. Even if it happens every day. I just can't get tired by this.
“Girl, if I'm frank one day, you will be scarred for the rest of your meaningless and stupid life, that you probably spent running into a cage, and eating grass like it was something tasty.”
“I was Lady Toyohime's bodyguard! Nothing can scare me, as you're assuming! So be frank!”
“All right...”

[] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.
[] “I'm going to rape you while you're sleeping. And I'll put duct tape over your ears.” Psychological warfare. She'll spend the night awake, and tomorrow, you'll attack!
[] “I'm going to make another poison. And you can't stop me.” Psychological warfare too. You have to make the enemy paranoid of your every move. While she'll be watching you, you'll ask Butler to act for you.


-Steam doesn't work.
-I can't figure how Amnesia's level editor works.
-The wiki's models aren't working.
-I know how to write, but something stops me from updating M.A.K.A.I.
-An old "friend" blocked me for no reason.
-TL;DR: shitty day.

Therefore, I bring you... THIS UPDATE! Now with 50% more monologue, more poisons, more neurotoxins, more obsession about the lunar girls, and more raping threat!
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[X] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.
[X] “I'm going to rape you while you're sleeping. And I'll put duct tape over your ears.” Psychological warfare. She'll spend the night awake, and tomorrow, you'll attack!
[X] “I'm going to make another poison. And you can't stop me.” Psychological warfare too. You have to make the enemy paranoid of your every move. While she'll be watching you, you'll ask Butler to act for you.

The only thing more terrifying than any of these is all of them. Thus, it is the correct decision.
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This is true. Why pick one when you can pick them all?

[X] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.
[X] “I'm going to rape you while you're sleeping. And I'll put duct tape over your ears.” Psychological warfare. She'll spend the night awake, and tomorrow, you'll attack!
[X] “I'm going to make another poison. And you can't stop me.” Psychological warfare too. You have to make the enemy paranoid of your every move. While she'll be watching you, you'll ask Butler to act for you.

However, if someone can think of something better than these, I'm all for it.
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[X] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.
[X] “I'm going to rape you while you're sleeping. And I'll put duct tape over your ears.” Psychological warfare. She'll spend the night awake, and tomorrow, you'll attack!
[X] “I'm going to make another poison. And you can't stop me.” Psychological warfare too. You have to make the enemy paranoid of your every move. While she'll be watching you, you'll ask Butler to act for you.
What could Possibly go wrong? (inb4 everything)
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[X] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.
[X] “I'm going to rape you while you're sleeping. And I'll put duct tape over your ears.” Psychological warfare. She'll spend the night awake, and tomorrow, you'll attack!
[X] “I'm going to make another poison. And you can't stop me.” Psychological warfare too. You have to make the enemy paranoid of your every move. While she'll be watching you, you'll ask Butler to act for you.
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[X] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.
[X] “I'm going to rape you while you're sleeping. And I'll put duct tape over your ears.” Psychological warfare. She'll spend the night awake, and tomorrow, you'll attack!
[X] “I'm going to make another poison. And you can't stop me.” Psychological warfare too. You have to make the enemy paranoid of your every move. While she'll be watching you, you'll ask Butler to act for you.

Let's go all out.
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[] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.
Image Source
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File 131905506071.jpg - (88.33KB, 1064x803, Scoutsmom.jpg)
[x] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.

>Well, off to visit your mother owner!
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[X] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.
[X] “I'm going to rape you while you're sleeping. And I'll put duct tape over your ears.” Psychological warfare. She'll spend the night awake, and tomorrow, you'll attack!
[X] “I'm going to make another poison. And you can't stop me.” Psychological warfare too. You have to make the enemy paranoid of your every move. While she'll be watching you, you'll ask Butler to act for you.
Image Source
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File 131915034562.jpg - (151.94KB, 800x800, 10184660.jpg)
[x] “I had sex with your owner. And I loved it. And I'm going to do it again.” Saying the truth will be worse.
[x] “I'm going to rape you while you're sleeping. And I'll put duct tape over your ears.” Psychological warfare. She'll spend the night awake, and tomorrow, you'll attack!
[x] “I'm going to make another poison. And you can't stop me.” Psychological warfare too. You have to make the enemy paranoid of your every move. While she'll be watching you, you'll ask Butler to act for you.

“Nothing can scare you? Because you're tough, right? Because you were a pet for decades, you think you're tough? For your information, I ran away from my home-country, like a boss, I went to USA using a nickname, like a boss, I travelled to the Moon, like a boss, I kicked asses, like a boss, and I had sex with your owner, you PET.” Rolling on yourself, you slowly and dramatically get up, ignoring your bruises from the fall. “So if I decide something, it's not a furball like you who's going to get in my road. Am I clear? You're nothing but a decoy here. If I want to have sex with Yorihime again, I won't ask for your opinion. If I want to make another poison, I don't need your opinion. And if I decide to rape you while you're sleeping, your opinion is as useful as a pregnancy test is for a nun. Am I clear?”
Looking down on the little rabbit, you try to sound impressive. And, speaking frankly, she doesn't look that assured. Of course, that one isn't a problem. The real deal is Udonge. And everyone in the mansion know it. That's pretty much why Udonge isn't taking you seriously. She knows she's stronger, faster, and far more experienced than you.
“You... are really troublesome.”
“Boo-hoo. I was called a mongrel, a dirty earthling, a defiler, and a bastard. So I'm obviously going to cry because a PET called me troublesome. Boo-hoo.”
“If it weren't for the Lady's order to keep you alive, I-”
“YOU WHAT?” You suddenly scream. “TELL ME! What would you do? You can't stop me. I'm going to do what I want, and you're not going to do anything! I'm going to fuck your owner AGAIN, I'm going to rape you while you're sleeping, I'm going to put duct tape over your ears, I'm going to make another poison, and if you get in way, I'll teach you that even an earthling's wrath is something scary! GET IT?”
Shoving Reisen aside, you walk back to my room, like a good prisoner. Like you're probably supposed to act, in fact. Except that you're whistling Colonel Bogey March. And Reisen is too dumb to understand the joke.

“Don't let him go this time! Lock him in his room!”
The rabbits don't answer to Reisen's order, too busy nibbling rice balls. Yeah, Reisen, you can't give orders to rabbits if they're already eating. That's pretty much why you used your own food to make rice balls for them. Damn, that was so clever from you.
“Argh, forget it! I'll lock his door myself!”
Pushing you rudely in the room, she quickly closes the door, and attempt to lock it from the outside. How you're supposed to lock a paper door is out of your imagination, so you just open the SECOND door (the back one), walk to the terrace, walk through Butler's room, walk back into the corridor, and quietly spy on Reisen. She's apparently trying to put a padlock on your door. It would work if the door was solid enough. But in Eientei, everything is made of wood and paper. Except the roof's slates, of course. Long story short, even if Reisen remember there's another door leading to your room, she can't lock you in for long. There's so many way to get out. Tear the door, breaking the padlock apart, breaking the floor slabs, crushing the wall, or picking the padlock like a thief. She just can't lock you. That's impossible. But, again, Udonge doesn't mind you moving as long as you don't try to run away, the other rabbits just don't care, so Reisen is the only one worrying about that. And, as you said before, she's totally incompetent.
“What are you doing?”
You close the door, and answer to the room's occupier, still laying under his blanket even through it's past 7 o'clock after midday..
“Just chilling bro. Not doing anything harmful.”
“Good. Just tell me if you plan to release another dangerous youkai, m'kay? I do not like the part about my internal organs being clawed by a screaming monster.”
“Be grateful, jackass. If I followed her suggestion, I would not have warned you. Beside, you've been resting for a good while, mmm?”
“And if you didn't, I know, yadda my head yadda cut off yadda yadda. You repeated me that several times. And I'm a wizard. I need more time to recover from heavy wounds.”
“And you're still, like, 'dude I got almost killed, not cool dude'. I saved your ass back there. And if you were a wizard, you would be able to heal yourself.”
“I saved your ass too. We're clear. And my magic only works on someone else. I have only a few spells working on me.”
You smile at the sarcastic former Butler.
“Yeah, yeah, really interesting. But not quite clear we are. I have something I want to ask you.”
Opening an eye, the annoying guy finally raises from his futon, finally looking interested.
“A job? Tell me more in detail.”
“I want you to, during the night, walk into Reisen's room, tears her clothes, and place duct tape on her ears.”
“So I'm the decoy then? What will you do meanwhile?”
“That's the cunning part. I don't do anything. I rest during the night, and I'll only act tomorrow, while she'll be emotionally scarred and afraid of everything.”
Hearing your cunning plan, the former Butler smiles.
“I have to admit that I don't really like the part about me tearing her clothes, but that sounds funny. I'll do it, but you'll be in my debt for a long time.”
With that said, you go back to bed, using the back door that Reisen conveniently forgot. Either she's a real mastermind, either she's completely dumb and totally incompetent. Anyway, sleeping, sleeping.

That starts at night. First, there's a loud horrified scream. Then, you can hear a girl's voice, shouting “I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!”. Then, Butler's voice, shouting: “NONONO! WAIT! WAIT! I'M JUST IN THE WRONG ROOM!”
After that, everything go funnier. You hear a loud explosion, a strange buzzing noise, a pained scream, another explosion, and more noises. At this point, you managed to understand what happened. That incompetent stupid Butler went into the wrong room. Instead of picking on the incompetent stupid Reisen, he tried to pick on the dangerous, wicked and competent Udonge.
You'll probably see him tomorrow. Try to sleep in the meanwhile.

“My godness, what a beautiful day! I can't wait for the morning breakfast!”
“Fuck you.”
Staring down at the former Butler, you display a scorning smile, as the former mercenary is now laying down, both his arms used as cradles for happy rabbits.
“My god, what happened to your face? Look like you talked politics with a stream roller!”
“Shut up! She broke my arms! I couldn't walk before, and now I can't do anything good!”
“I don't see any difference.”
“What? Screw you!”
“Hey, you did went in the wrong room, after all. Your fault!”
“It's all because of Reisen. She swapped the room. Instead of picking on the innocent one, I attacked the wild one.”
“And I tore you easily into pieces, right?”
“Yeah. Wait, who spoke?”
You look around. There's a tall bunny in a white coat, wearing glasses. Cute. Sexy.
“How long were you listening, Udonge?”
Blinking at you, she answers in a pouting tone:
“Please do not call me Udonge. That's something my Master used to do. But I'm not here for that. Aren't you supposed to be prisoner in your own room?”
You mutter to yourself, while Udonge slowly walks to the poor former Butler. Said Butler being quite scared by the wild beast.
“While I do appreciate that you two are helping each other, I do not appreciate you sneaking in my room at night, Commander. Let's not do that again, right?”
“I'll do! I'll do!”
“Otherwise, I may have to break your spinal cord. Do you understand?”
That threat leaves both of you speechless while Udonge slowly leaves the room.
“Wow. She's serious about those nocturnal visits. That was a dumb idea from you.”
“What? That was YOUR idea!”
“I never forced you. And don't speak so loudly, you're disturbing the rabbits.”
“Why, you!”
“Excuse me?”
Oh. It's AGAIN another moon bunny. Reisen this time. You're half-expecting her to scream vigorously at you for leaving your jail, but thing does not go as expected.
The rabbit doesn't even look at you, and instead of that just stares at the former Butler -now renamed Commander for some reason- with something you're not witnessing often: fascination. The former Butler, on the other hand, is totally unamused, and does not seems to be surprised by Reisen's presence. After all, you did talked with him when he woke up, right? He knew everything about her for the whole time.
Still, lingering here feels like interrupting a married couple, so you're just going to leave, and quietly brew some deadly poison. You always wondered what was the needed amount of poison to paralyze a youkai. Let's find this out. For SCIENCE! For MANKIND! For GREAT JUSTICE!
Anyway, brewing, brewing...

Walking in the corridor, you SUDDENLY notice something strange.
A bunny. There's a bunny in front of you, blocking the road. You move right to avoid it, it moves right too. Well, your right. It's his left. Anyway. You're moving to the left now, and it's moving to the left too! Well, your left. His right.

[] Attack!
[] Charge!!
[] Use your brain.
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[x] Use your brain.
-[x] Speaking of using your brain, whatever happened to that mirror shard?
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[X] Use your brain.
-[X] Step over it. It's only a few inches high.
--[X] If it's one of those humanoid monster bunnies, just pick it up, move it to the side, and continue on your way.
[X] If it wants to fight, well, we can always make rabbit stew.
Image Source
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File 131916131912.jpg - (35.18KB, 322x449, LEEROY JEEEEEEENKINS.jpg)

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[] Use your brain.
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[x]Use your brain.
-[x] Eh, Who the fuck are we kidding, we only used it when its needed. For science.
Image Source
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File 131920565621.jpg - (40.52KB, 483x322, caved.jpg)
[X] Use your head.
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Vote called for:
[X] Step over it. It's only a few inches high.
-[X] If it's one of those humanoid monster bunnies, just pick it up, move it to the side, and continue on your way.
-[X] Use your head.

Because that sounds completely illogical and retarded, so that's obviously what a traumatized Moriarty would do to a poor, innocent and fluffy little rabbit.

Don't worry about them. For now.
Image Source
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File 131942038391.png - (30.40KB, 600x800, Anger.png)
[X] Step over it. It's only a few inches high.
-[X] If it's one of those humanoid monster bunnies, just pick it up, move it to the side, and continue on your way.
-[X] Use your head.

No way! That's impossible! You go left, it goes left. You go right, it goes right too! That's beyond any human ability! Being able to be so ANNOYING!
Well, that makes sense, since it's a rabbit you're talking about. A little, white, fluffy rabbit. It could almost be cute. If it weren't hiding sharp teeth everywhere. Dirty little rabbits. You let them frolicking for a while, and then KABOOM, they charge you, and tear your throat off, causing the wound to bleed a lot. And ruining the carpet too. Dirty rabbits.

Whatever. You're just going to have your way with this one. NO, NOT IN THAT WAY! You mean, you're going to avoid the nasty dirty obstacle. By stepping over it. Yeah, that's brilliant!
You begin walking. BUT THEN, SUDDENLY, it starts walking too. Well, hopping. Like that girl in blue from earlier. Was it last week? Anyway, it's hopping! TOWARD YOU! Scary!
You stop walking. Things aren't going as planned. You though you could step over the rabbit, but it's hopping. What will happen if it jump and bite your crotch while you're stepping over it? It may tear your genitals off! Well, it's not like you use them a lot anyway, but finding Yorihime is your obsession, and if your balls are missing, then it'll be useless to find her.
Better keep them as long as you can. It's hard to replace balls anyway. But anyway! You're going to talk your way out! Time to use that skill you neglected before, called “Charisma”! Of course, with your long hair, your dirty clothes (you insisted on keeping them, even through they were kind of dripping with your own blood), your crazy eyes, and that slasher smile you're always wearing without even noticing it, your charisma stat must be under nine thousands.
“Hey! You! Bunny! Let me pass!”
It's not listening to you, still blocking the way. No, it's even scorning you! Filthy scoundrels, it dares scorn you! NOBODY scorns you! Except Toyohime, but the day you'll get your hand on her, she'll be a dead piece of meat.

Anyway, diplomacy kind of failed. So it's time for Plan B. Well, Plan C, in fact. Charging, punching, and crushing everything stupid enough to stand in your way!
Turning on yourself, you present your shoulder to the rabbit, and, like a rugby-man, you charge while screaming “FREEDOM!”. Or is it “LEROY”? You're not sure.
JUST AS PLANNED, the rabbit jumps back to avoid the screaming towering human charging it. You quickly apply Plan D, nicknamed 'FOREHEAD CRUSHER' for some obvious reason, related to the fact that you plan to use your frontal bone as a battering ram to literally crush that impudent little rabbit who dares to stand in your way!
“FOR THE QUE-ayayayaïe, stop that, it hurts!”
Your WONDERFUL and MAGNIFICIENT charge is interrupted by a black haired little girl who just got a hold of your damn-too-long-hair, pulling them, and hurting you by the same way.
“Do not attack the kid. He's bringing you a message.”
“Ah yeah? Couldn't hear it!” You spit, while trying to take your hair off her grasp.
How can a little girl be that strong anyway?! That doesn't make sense! But thinking about that, people living on the Moon, witches, magicians, you being back from the dead... Nothing makes sense. So just accept it and do not discuss it.
“Of course you can't hear him. You're not listening to him. Go to the entrance, you have visitors.”
And with that, she lets go of you, walk to the rabbit, take it in her arms, and walk away while cradling it. How eerie to see a little girl cradling a rabbit. Anyway, you have visitors.

Hold on, you have visitors? YOU? You, the walking catastrophe? You, the guy who ruined a shrine, punched several youkais into oblivion, strangled a oni, pissed off a dead person, caressed a little girl's head, poisoned many people for no reason, killed an youkai with a machete because she knew a little too much about you, and got almost killed by an youkai you tried to save? Why would someone sane come and visit you? Oh, yes, you also forgot the part about stabbing a dead corpse with mirror shards, trying to drown a lunarian noble into a rice paddy, and in general, accepting any dangerous task just for fun.

That visit. That's something bad. You're sure of it!
[] You're a man. Face your mistakes. You're pretty sure you won't be killed. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably. You're sure of nothing, in fact.
[] You're a dead man. Too many people are after you. If it's not Mima because you ruined her shrine, it's someone from that youkai shrine about the defiled mummy. Or someone from the underground about the murdered horned guy. Or someone from... JUST RUN AWAY, YOU FOOL! GRAB A HAT, YOUR SHOES, AND RUN!


Not as long as I wanted it to be, but I'm wounded. Deal with it. Also, it's hard to switch from Heinz, who's a manipulating bastard, to Moriarty, who's just totally obsessed with the moon princesses, and doesn't care for anything else.
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[X] You're a dead man. Too many people are after you. If it's not Mima because you ruined her shrine, it's someone from that youkai shrine about the defiled mummy. Or someone from the underground about the murdered horned guy. Or someone from... JUST RUN AWAY, YOU FOOL! GRAB A HAT, YOUR SHOES, AND RUN!

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[] You're a dead man. Too many people are after you. If it's not Mima because you ruined her shrine, it's someone from that youkai shrine about the defiled mummy. Or someone from the underground about the murdered horned guy. Or someone from... JUST RUN AWAY, YOU FOOL! GRAB A HAT, YOUR SHOES, AND RUN!
-[x] Must be sneaky liek
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[X] You're a man. Face your mistakes. You're pretty sure you won't be killed. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably. You're sure of nothing, in fact.
Delete Post
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[X] You're a man. Face your mistakes. You're pretty sure you won't be killed. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably. You're sure of nothing, in fact.
-[x] In fact, We're so manly we'll see them nude.

No real man actually wears clothes in his own home! Well, It's not our home, it's someone elses, but thats close enough!
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[X] You're a man. Face your mistakes. You're pretty sure you won't be killed. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably. You're sure of nothing, in fact.

I bet all my money, it's revived not-so-zombie Byakuren dropping in to say thanks because the mirror shards were MAGIKHAX somehow.
>You're not even paying attention to the ruined mummy, who started breathing for some reason!
>Don't worry about them. For now.
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I wouldn't be too surprised if those shards really did revive her in some way.
Delete Post
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Nor would I to be honest, I keep expecting them to come back and bite us in the ass somehow though.
Delete Post
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I'm not supposed to say it, but I bet you never wondered how Moriarty was still alive after being disintegrated.
Delete Post
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Well, yeah, I did, but I never got to voice those ideas I had because templates are forbidden. And insanity was a handy excuse at that time.
Delete Post
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I figured it was more or less because of his will to get back at a certain someone. Though I am curious as to the actual reason.

There are a few other ideas as to why, but most of them are 'eh I doubt it'

(also sorry if this causes a double post internet is being funky right now)
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[x] You're a man. Face your mistakes. You're pretty sure you won't be killed. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably. You're sure of nothing, in fact.

>but I bet you never wondered how Moriarty was still alive after being disintegrated
I wondered it the moment it was stated. Figured it would be gotten around to at some point.
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Delete Post
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Delete Post
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But there's only one Sunday in a week...
Delete Post
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And then there was five Sundays.
Image Source
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File 131975948535.jpg - (134.38KB, 850x637, Yorihime.jpg)
[x] You're a man. Face your mistakes. You're pretty sure you won't be killed. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably. You're sure of nothing, in fact.

You're kind of scared. Why would someone come after you? You did nothing wrong! Yeah, you kind of murdered an innocent horned guy who had nothing to do with that story, but that was his fault anyway! Yeah, you also ruined a shrine, punched two innocents girls, and tried to drown a lunarian high lord in a rice paddy. But hey, that happens to everyone, right?
Except that you're pretty sure that beating two youkais girls isn't something common. Exactly like drowning a lunarian high lord. You remember the first time you walked on the moon. Rabbits back then were using very advanced weapons, like a rifle able to control the bullet it just shot. That's right. You were surrounded by elite troops, well-trained military tip top finest commandos. You were the only scientist in the expedition. And you saw the whole expedition being butchered in a few second.
First, you landed on the moon. It was horrible. Almost worse than the takeoff. Mainly because you fainted during the said takeoff, despite the harsh training you received. The whole rocket was shaking and creaking, and you were all scared, all silently thinking 'it's going to tear apart, it's going to tear apart'. But it didn't. After taking a few minutes to calm yourself, you finally took your equipment, and you left the rocket, closely protected by the soldiers. After that, everything went bad. The first men were butchered by a bullet coming from nowhere, curving and spinning and hitting two men despite the fact that they weren't even close. After that, she appeared, sticking her goddamn sword in the ground. Blades came from everywhere, killing the rest. Leaving only one man left. You. You took your pistol, and you shot. But it did nothing. So in the end, you just ran away, until you were caught again, for 'interrogation'. Your orders were to kill yourself if you were captured, but you never did it. You broke free, you reached the rocket, and you sent a last message to the Earth, explaining that the situation was hopeless, and that everyone was dead. Including you. After that, she found you, and the rest is history.
Speaking about that, aren't you forgetting something? Oh, right, someone came to visit you!

You're not going to see them. You're going to run away- HELL NO YOU ARE NOT. What are you? A man, or a rat? Are you going to face your opponent, or run away AGAIN? NO! You're going to face your dark past, to face what you were! You're going to assume everything you did! Because you are a MAN!
With that mindset, you crush the door leading to the entryway. Reisen did told you something about crushing doors, but you were so busy picking your nose and throwing snot balls at her to actually listen to what she was saying. It wasn't important anyway. There are only two people in this world to listen to. Yorihime, and her demonic, bitchy, disgusting, repulsive, frigid, and virgin sister.
“I'm here! What is your business with the doctor James Moriarty?”
There are two people standing in the entryway. The first one looks exactly like that little youkai from earlier. What was her name? Ah, yeah, it's “disgusting-girl-with-a-friendly-behavior”. And you forgot the strange ears/headphones/silly helmet part. Youngsters those days anyway.
The other girl is a woman. A mature woman. With big breasts. And strange, weird, alien gradient hair. Look like she has purple hair. No, wait, it's brown! No, purple! No, brown! Depending how you tilt your head, it looks like she either has brown hair, either purple hair. Weird. Funny. Strange.
“Excuse me, do I have something on my face?”
Ugh. You just found out what her name is. Her name is now “huge-boobs-woman-with-strange-hair-and-friendly-behavior-and-constant-smile-and-no-eyes”. That suits her pefectly. But joking aside, it's business time. Your back must be straight. Your mouth neutral. Your eyes serious.
“No. Moriarty here. How may I help?”
The little girl with strange ears' eyes are coming and goings from you to the woman, unsure about the outcome. You don't like that.
“My name is Byakuren Hijiri.. I am, or rather, I was in charge of the Myouren Shrine.”
Impossible. If she was in charge of that hellhole of a shrine, you would have noticed her earlier. You visited that place 2 times.
“I'm afraid I may have missed you earlier. When I visited that shrine.”
“I think not.”
She's still smiling, but there's something threatening about her eyes. You vaguely regrets not having any poison pills on you. Holding it in your hand, throwing it at her face, and running away until the poison acts. Damn, you need one right now.
“I'm not following you.”
“I'm sorry. What I meant is that you did saw me. Several times. Does my name rings a bell?”
Uh? Now that you think about it, it was the mummy's nam-OH FUCK.
“I think I do remember you after all. You were quite skinny back then.”
“Don't be so tense. I'm here to thank you.”
Really? She's going to thank you because you kicked her corpse and stabbed her lifeless body with mirror shards on a whim?
“Uh, no need, really.”
“I really want to. Besides, I have that box you forgot back then.”
Right. The wooden box, in which those shards were piled. She briefly opens it, allowing you to see that there are many shards still in here.
“Oh, yeah, that's nice from yoARGH.”
She PUNCHED you! Right in the ribcage.
“However, I learned that one of my disciple, Ama Trassu, met a terrible fate from your hands. I'm also here to call justice on that.”
Ama? What kind of sick joke is that? Ama was a manipulating bitch, who never believed... whatever religion that huge annoying woman was preaching. Unless her religion is about...
“Hey... Tell me, you who knows everything... What are ya teaching?”
Holding your chest, you barely manage to spit those words. The woman, Byakuren, stares at you with surprised eyes for a while, and answers.
“Tolerance between human and youkais.”
“Nice religion. I might love it. Except that your so called “disciple” manipulated a patient of mine into tearing her own heart off.”
Is all you can spit before the pain becomes too strong. You fall on you knees, clenching your teeth, trying to suppress your anger.
“... I shall investigate this.”
Leaving the wooden box behind her, along with a stunned Moriarty, Hijiri Byakuren leaves the Eientei, closely followed by her last disciple, an unnamed little youkai.

You reach for the box, opening it. There's no doubt possible. Many shards are missing. That woman, Byakuren, is still alive. And it has something to do with those shards. But what are they? You take one of them, toying with it. For some reason, you're flooded with nostalgia. No, it's not nostalgia. It's “déjà-vu”. You already saw that mirror before. Before it was broken. What does that mean?
“Well, are you going to sleep here?”
Aaaah, Tewi. You're getting on my nerves.
“Mind your own business, little rabbit. I can easily break you on my knee.”
“Always to aggressive, hey? You're not going to be laid if you keep up like that.”
“Funny enough, I don't remember asking for your opinion.”
“And yet you have it. You should treasure it. That's rare.”
“A little girl's opinion? As rare as an asshole.”
“No, a wise woman's opinion. It's rare. Many people paid gold for my opinion on something.”
“Nice story. If I could stand up and slap your face to make you shut up, I would.”
“That monk's got a nice punch, hey? That's Byakuren for you.”
“Because, of course, you know her. I wonder if I should be surprised.”
“If you plan to live here, nothing should worry you any more. But Byakuren was already a troublesome one when she lived, she's going to be a bother now that she's alive.”
“Ugh. Mind telling me more?”
“Why not. You'll owe me a meal then.”
“I already owe one to Butler. You'll eat together. I'll prepare something good from my country.”
“Fine by me. So, Byakuren. Was quite obsessed with her brother. Almost as much as you are with your moon princess. But when he died. Boo hoo. So she became a magician to live forever. At first, she was a manipulative one, not caring for opinions or feelings. But with time, she became truly worried with youkais, and began to preach about human having to live together with them.”
“Sounds stupid.”
“You said it. I'm an youkai, but I never ate any human. Hell, it's like asking me to live together with a snake youkai. I'd rather kill it immediately rather than risking being killed. Anyway, people back then though the same, and sealed her. She came back, made a shrine to keep on preaching, and she was killed. And now she's back.”
“I know someone who's gonna be happy. That Hieda girl from the Village.”
“Oh? I though you were focused on your little moon princess, but you've been collecting girls from everywhere, were you? Clever man.”
“Um, Tewi, right? Can you avoid joking with that? I'm serious here.”
“I'm never serious. Life's too boring when you're serious.”
“Coming from a little girl, that sounds silly.”
“I'm older than you.”
“That's what she said too. Never bothered me, and still not bothering me. I LOVE HER, DAMMIT!”
“Yeah, yeah, and you're going to ravish the princess from the moon, and live happily after that. Not the first time I hear that. Human are always running after their dreams.”
She's pissing you off.
“And youkais are running for themselves, not caring about the future.”
“Nice one. But enough talk. I have work to do.”
“That little gesture with your fingers was almost cute. I didn't know sleeping was a work.”
“A full-time work, indeed! You have no idea how hard is it to sleep when you're not sleepy!”
“Then why do you even want to sleep anyway...”
But she's already gone, humming a little song. Something about a bird in a cage. That strange girl can be totally serious about something silly, and be silly about something totally serious one second after. That's crazy! If you weren't already stunned, you would be!

You close the wooden box, and jump to your feet. If Byakuren is going to claim justice for Ama's murder TOTALLY LEGIT BEATDOWN, you should go fetch Koishi. After all, she was manipulated. Her testimony will be crucial to prove that you were right into madly murdering giving justice to Ama Trassu. So, you have the choice. Either you go back to the underground, you find Koishi, you bring her back to Byakuren, and then you punch Byakuren in the solar plexus, or you can be all 'fuck everything I'm outta here', or you can just don't give a fuck, like you did until now.

[] To the underground! Find Koishi! Bring Koishi! Punch Byakuren! ?????! PROFIT!
[] Time to become a ghost. Disappear. Take everything you need, and vanish.
[] Uh? Sorry, I was busy brushing my hair, you were saying something?

That's the joke. It basically means "never".

Anyway, I don't have a picture of Byakuren punching a long-haired crazy male scientist in the ribcage, so here's Yorihime.
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[x] To the underground! Find Koishi! Bring Koishi! Punch Byakuren! ?????! PROFIT!

Only if writer lets it:
-[x] Hold on to those shards, she revived using them! You might be able to survive being killed with them on your person!
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[x] To the underground! Find Koishi! Bring Koishi! Punch Byakuren! ?????! PROFIT!
-[x] Hold on to those shards, she revived using them! You might be able to survive being killed with them on your person!
--[x] Crush any doors in your way. [DYNAMIC EXIT! DYNAMIC ENTRY!]
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[x] To the underground! Find Koishi! Bring Koishi! Punch Byakuren! ?????! PROFIT!
-[x] Hold on to those shards, she revived using them! You might be able to survive being killed with them on your person!
--[x] Crush any doors in your way. [DYNAMIC EXIT! DYNAMIC ENTRY!]
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x] To the underground! Find Koishi! Bring Koishi! Punch Byakuren! ?????! PROFIT!
-[x] Hold on to those shards, she revived using them! You might be able to survive being killed with them on your person!
--[x] Crush any doors in your way. [DYNAMIC EXIT! DYNAMIC ENTRY!]
---[X] Afterwards, ride off into the sunset, leaving all the cazy bastards behind.
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We cannot do, sorry mate. We still need to go to the moon and do certain things to a certain girl and the sun is sadly in the exactly wrong direction (getting Koishi will probably take a few updates so deciding now is a bad idea anyway).

Also, this >>8067 was me.
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File 13201877676.jpg - (112.55KB, 936x897, Be a ninja.jpg)
Be a ninja
[x] To the underground! Find Koishi! Bring Koishi! Punch Byakuren! ?????! PROFIT!
-[x] Hold on to those shards, she revived using them! You might be able to survive being killed with them on your person!
--[x] Crush any doors in your way. [DYNAMIC EXIT! DYNAMIC ENTRY!]

You're leaving this place at once! God damn it! Your cunning plan was to wait here until Toyohime comes, then punch her in the cunt, go to the moon, abduct Yorihime, and happy end! And instead of that, you're now doomed to venture one more time in the underground, facing horned guys, mind reading little girls, sadist little girls, cat-like little girls, crow-like little girls, and more little girls.
You think you're going to hate little girls for a while. There's a real lack of matures women in this place. So far, the only women you saw were Renko “Smoker”, and that fox lady. And they're all working for that Yukari girl. Hey, maybe you'll be able to meet her one day!
Whatever, you're just going to grab your clothes, and a weapon. And a hat. Never forget the hat. And also that wooden box. Just in case you have to resurrect someone else. Might be useful.
“Where do you think you're going?”
“Going underground, fetching that batshit insane youkai who almost killed me and grievously maimed Butler to prove that I never murdered Ama Trassu with a machete.”
“There's so many flaws in your plan that I don't even know where to start.”
“Start with the obvious!”
“Fine. You're prisoner here. No going out.”
You have a doubt. Who are you talking to?
“Oh, Udonge! Nice meetin' ya! What are you doing here?”
“I'm watching my favorite prisoner trying to escape again.”
“Aaah, you're wrong!”
“I'm not trying to escape.”
“Oh, really?”
“Ja, really.”
Ignoring Udonge, you walk back to the laboratory. Your specialty is making poisons, and you're going to use them as weapons. Better than a machete. There's nothing better than a good poison. Doesn't leave any trace. Clean. The person die wonderfully. No blood, no scream, no holes, no mess. It's perfection. Back in the day, you used to stare the victim in the eyes, trying to witness that very moment when he dies. The last breath. The light in the eyes changing.
You shake your head. No good, no good. Yes, you're a scientist. Yes, you're a biologist. But if you start thinking like that, you're going to turn crazy.

“Wha! Yes?”
Answering to your call, the moon rabbit arrives running.
“Aren't you supposed to be locked up? And what is that suspiciously-looking thing you're agitating in front of me?”
You push the vial in Reisen's face, smiling happily like a kid who found a new toy. Of course, that's not the only poison you have in stock. But that one only works on moon rabbit. Well, on ONE moon rabbit, to be accurate. Simply put, you used Reisen's blood to find and exploit a genetic weakness. A very cunning plan. And you just found out that moon rabbits are weak to stress.
What? Poison isn't just a liquid thing you throw at your enemy! It's also psychological warfare! Long story short, you made the most suspiciously-looking liquid, and you're frankly shoving it in Reisen's face. For fun. AND SCIENCE!
“I'm not going to do that!”
She answers, while pushing the vial away. Theatrically, you drop it, making it looking like a accident. With a little 'crac', the vial breaks, releasing the liquid on the wooden floor. Now it's time to play the scene.
“Oh no! Fuck that, I'm not staying here with that crap! If you value your life, you should be running away ASAP!”
“What! What happened?”
“Want me to draw you a map? You broke the vial, you dumb rabbit! Stay here for too long, and you're doomed! First, the aphrodisiac will affect your body, and your mind. Everything you'll see will be considered as 'fair game'. Second, the poison will causes hemorrhages. You'll bleed from EVERY hole! And then, it'll attack your brain, causing hallucinations, and generally speaking, disturbing everything. Pain will causes endorphins to be released, so if you're still able to move, you'll hurt yourself to release more and more endorphins!”
“That's awful! And you tried to force me into breathing that?”
“No, I was trying to rape you while you were sleeping, but since you locked me in my room, I sent an underling. Anyway, you should start running, rabbit.”
“I'll do!”
And with that, she runs away.

Like, really. She's cute, but she's always quite dumb. Anyway, she's out of your path. Now, your time is limited before Udonge understands what's going on and chase after you. But time is already timeout! Grab your clothes, and RUN!
As you're putting your shoes, you're rewarded for your hard work with several horrified screams. Look like Reisen went to warn Udonge about the 'poison'. Let's move on.

As you leave the Eientei AGAIN, you notice bitterly that you're not wearing a hat, but a head mirror. You just miss the white coat, and you basically look like a real doctor. Well, of course your face is still sickeningly pale, and your hair is still too long, but that mirror is a big deal!
“What with mirror, anyway? I took that one by accident, and I have another one in that box of mine who's shining with an incredible power!”
So, the plan is to reach the Underground, find Koishi, abduct Koishi, burn the Underground, and barely escape while the Underground is collapsing. That sounds perfect. For one exception.
“Where the hell is the entryway to the cave?”
Try to remember. When you left the underground, what was the first thing you saw? The shrine, right! So go back to the Shrine, and you'll find a way in! Damn, that's so clever from you! You're so clever you could easily fuck a moon princess. Wait. YOU ALREADY DID!
You happily start walking, not noticing the shadow closely following you. Or do you? Well, since you're thinking about how you're being followed, maybe you noticed. Or maybe not. If you think about something, does that mean you actually noticed it? Or not? Is 42 really the ultimate answer? Was Thatcher really the devil incarnate, as your teacher said? When does the narwhal bacon? Has anyone really been as far as decided to use even go want to stase more like to have hats? You don't know! And you don't care! That genius brain of you can only focus on one thing at once! Koishi is priority number one! The strange-looking ninja following you is the second! How you're going to deal with Mima is the last priority!

But, hey, there's a 90% probability that dealing with Mima becomes your first priority. You're not sure why, but you suppose that the fact that she's standing on front of you right now may play. Here's the current situation: you're in the stairs leading to the ruined shrine, and Mima is under the red “Torii”. And she's looking at you. And you're looking at her breasts. Are you drooling? Of course not!
“You're back.”
“I'm just passing.”
“And you think I'm going to let you pass?”
“I hoped something like that, but considering that your eyes are full of lust, you're probably going to rape me!”
“What? No! Why do you even think that?”
“So you admit you're going to rape me?”
“Then why do you look at me with those eyes of you?”
“Just shut the HELL up!”
“I'm going to the underground.”
“Then you're going to hell for real! But I won't let you pass!”
“Why not? Okay, last time I passed here, I kind of ruined the shrine, beat everyone down, and burn the ruins, but that was an accident! Well, kind of an accident! But I won't do it again, so let me pass!”
“I will let you pass, if you do something for me.”
“I'm not a gigolo. And I already have someone else in mind, you shrewd woman!”
“Who talked about sex to begin with? I never said anything about that!”
“I talked about sex. Do you mind?”
“YOU! Your box is what I want!”
“My box? What the hell are you talking about, you brych waedlyd?”
“I read that in the newspaper! You brought the monk to life with that! Give it to me!”
“Why? Do you have someone you want to resurrect?”
“Actually, I do! Gimme the box!”
“Or twenty dollars?”
“No, just the box!
“Twenty dollars, gimme twenty dollars, gimme twenty dollars~”
“Stop singing, and give me that box!”
“Sorry, I can't. But I can use it myself.”
“So you'll have to rely on me. Who do you want to resurrect?”
She's hesitating. ONE MORE PELVIC THRUST!
“Come on, speak! Where's that tongue of you? Did you lost it?”
I display a 'suck it down bitch' kind of face. More to piss her off than anything else. I hate people interfering with my MISSION!
“Fine, I'll tell you. However, since you're the only one able to, uh, resurrect her, I'll show you her body. Follow me.”
Floating out of your sight, the evil spirit giggles. You have a bad feeling about this, but you started it, so you're going to finish it.

Following the floating green woman, you see that she's rebuilding the shrine, using winged little girls as workers. Considering how everyone is looking at you, they're probably not really efficient .
Ultimately, Mima leads you to a little graveyard, hidden in the forest behind the shrine. There are many graves here, and only a few of them are decorated with flowers. Mima floats to the last of them, and speaks again.
“In this private graveyard, are the Hakurei. They made Gensokyo, with their blood, and they payed for it. One after another, they died. And in the end, the last of them died before reaching adulthood. Her name was Reimu Hakurei.”
When speaking, you notice that Mima's face changed. At first, she was sneering, and she sounds sad. You guess she was really attached to this shrine.
“Died as a maiden, uh? What happened?”
“I have no desire to speak about that. Anyway, she's there. Now bring her back. With this.”
And she leaves, leaving a shovel behind her.
A shovel.
You hiss for a few seconds, baring your teeth like a beast. You have a strong desire to beat Mima to death with that shovel, and then use that same shovel to slice her ass in two. But you're not going to do it.
Let's just get this over with quickly. You remove your shirt, keeping only your forehead light and the box on you. You just hope nothing's going to attack you. Would be stupid to die while trying to bring someone to life.
You kick the grave, sending it flying, and you start digging, when you're hit by an idea. If those mirror shards were able to bring that woman -Byakuren?- back to life, perhaps you can be immortal by stabbing your self with these? After all, your health isn't good recently. You're pale, and you've been coughing a lot, besides the brutal headaches. Maybe it'll help?
Baring your torso, you understand many things. Why it won't work. And how you're still alive, despite enduring from Toyohime's hands. Right here, right where your heart is supposed to be, there's a round blue thing. You briefly wonder why you never noticed it before. And you remember that the only one who saw you naked was Renko, and she probably knew about it. And yourself? You never really cared to take a look. After all, after walking years in a wasteland, becoming half-insane in the process, you really observed your own body. But enough thinking. Back to digging.

After roughly hour digging, you finally dig up the coffin. And you have to say, that's a beautiful coffin. It's been, like, what, 2 centuries since the last Hakurei died, right? She died after you, that's sure. And yet, her coffin is still untouched. With many thingies on it. Ofuda, you think it's called like that. Ofuda to protect the corpse from decay.
With difficulties, you pull the coffin out -since it was buried vertically-, and you open it. First impression: smells like Toyohime's breath on the morning. Second impression: she's intact. The corpse is still perfectly conserved. That girl was a real cutie back then. Long black hair, tied with a red ribbon, eyes closed as if she was sleeping, and strange clothes. Kinda like a shinto priestess, a miko. The only strange thing are her long nails. You briefly wonder if you brought a vampire back to life.
What are you, a kid? It's not the first time you see a corpse. Hell, it was even messier the first time. When you tried that poison on... don't think about it. It's past. All you have to do now is doing your job. You put your shirt back, and you start thinking about how you're going to do it. Maybe just stabbing the corpse should work, right?
You open the box, and place it on the girl's knees. Then you grab the biggest shard around, and you try to plunge as deep in the chest as you can. And you wait. No reaction. Should you wait again, or does she need another shard? You feel your own chest. You don't know. Honestly. Your heart, and your whole body worked fine, so you never bothered about that. Maybe you should open your chest and take a look at your heart. But it would probably kill you. So, don't do it.
You close the wooden box, and put it back in your pocket. You kind of forgot about it, but you were followed earlier, right? CONFRONTATION TIME!
“Hey, you can come out, now.”
There's a muffled gasp, and another girl comes out of the wood. Just how many girls are living here? But that one is different. She's dressed in some dark costume. Kinda like a ninja. Well, if ninjas were wearing miniskirts, of course. And if ninjas had black wings.
“Ayayaya. Could notice me. Guess I became bad at this.”
You try to ask her something, but your attention is focused on her VERY TINY MINISKIRT. That should be forbidden.
“So, yeah, uh, you were following me. Why?”
Removing the veil from her face, the girl blinks to you while answering.
“Are you dense? Destroyed the Hakurei Shrine. Brought our beloved Hijiri back to life. Managed to kill an youkai! I have many reasons to follow you!”
You look at her face. She's very pretty, and she knows it. She's acting like a typical teenager, showing her beauty because she can. Stay calm.
“So you're following me because I do something?”
“No. I'm a journalist, you see! And, for many, many years, I had to shut down my newspaper, because each day, it wasn't time for this. Always have to do something. Great Wolf orders me to check on the kappas, I do. Great Wolf orders me see what Mima's up to, I do! I can do anything.”
“And you have enough spare time to write a newspaper?”
“With you around, yes. Land is changing. If you manage to bring the Hakurei back to life for real, land will change for good. When Hakurei Border crashed, Outside's influence hit us hard. Had to live in pain, because the land was full of disbelief. Other, feral youkais went crazy, and began to kill, and kill and kill. Land isn't as painful as it was. Still some human, but they believe in us youkais. Therefore it's not painful for us to be near them.”
“And me? Why are you following me?”
“Human. Normal human. Not hunter like the village. Not behind a mask. Not strong. No spiritual powers. Just your muscles and your brain. No spirit. And yet. Did more in a week than me in twenty years. Killed that makibishi Ama Trassu. Don't know how. She talked to death everyone near her. Except Kyouko. The janitor. Don't know why. Friends?”
The girl's speech is quickly degrading into a monologue, containing only a few words. Say something to remind her you're here.
“What do you know about me?”
Opening a small notebook, the girl quickly recites:
“Almost nothing. Arrived from the underground. Ruined the Hakurei Shrine. Worked for Lady Yakumo's shikigamis. Tried to drown that lunarian nuisance. Apparently hates lunarians. Worked with Reisen Udongein Inaba. Has a very bad relation with that other Reisen. Is apparently a good poisoner. Knows very little about medicines. Used to attack before speaking. Is apparently calming down. Is waiting Watatsuki no Toyohime, for unknown reasons. Is in an undefined relation with Watatsuki no Toyohime. Is good with weapons, average in melee. Is apparently stronger than a normal human, for unknown reasons. Probably trained. Claimed he walked all the way from Spain. Probably true. Would explain his high stamina.”
“Is capable with small weapons. Probably due to training. Claimed he received basic military training. Would explain his weapons skills. Apparently, prefers revolver over pistol. Claimed to be welsh. Researched that. Let's call him british.”
“Wait, how the freak did you just called me?”
“Never says fuck. Very polite. Is apparently sick since the confrontation with the lunarian nuisance.”
“Sorry. Got carried away. What?”
“What's your name?”
“Aya, from the Shameimaru family. Call me Aya.”
“Listen there, um, Aya. There's something going on in the bamboo forest, you should see that, and tell them that it was a false alert.”
“Okay. Will do! Thanks!”
She's already gone! Flying. What the hell was that about? Well, whatever. Now that she's gone, you can back to the dead girl, who's now... breathing... So, yeah, it was that. The mirror shard. You don't know how, or why, but it brings people back to life. It must be some kind of youkai mirror. Or some broken lunarian relic. Or maybe both. Maybe.
Whatever. Your job is done, so you're just going to...

[] Check the other graves. Curiosity can't hurt. Beside, you want to check something...
[] Go directly to the underground. Well, where the hole was. Assuming Satori left it, without blocking it.
[] Witness the Hakurei's resurrection, while taking many mental notes. It's historic! And your name is now Dr. West!

"Oh my god, you killed Reimu!"
"You son of a bitch!"
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File 132018793070.jpg - (9.80KB, 250x250, Tetsubishi_2.jpg)
Also, a makibishi is some kind of foot-trap. I'm sure it has a name, but I couldn't find it. Sorry about that. I think it's something like caldrop, or caltrop. But OpenOffice says that both are wrong.
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Caltrop is correct. Plenty of other names though.

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Oh, okay. Thanks.
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[X] Witness the Hakurei's resurrection, while taking many mental notes. It's historic! And your name is now Dr. West!
-[X] But off to the side and out of sight, you're not too sure about how she would act. Mima hinted at something though, and you don't trust it to be a good thing.
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[X] Witness the Hakurei's resurrection, while taking many mental notes. It's historic! And your name is now Dr. West!
-[X] But off to the side and out of sight, you're not too sure about how she would act. Mima hinted at something though, and you don't trust it to be a good thing.
--[x] Whip it out in waiting.
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[X] Witness the Hakurei's resurrection, while taking many mental notes. It's historic! And your name is now Dr. West!
-[X] But off to the side and out of sight, you're not too sure about how she would act. Mima hinted at something though, and you don't trust it to be a good thing.

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File 132031991891.jpg - (127.61KB, 600x600, mad crime doctor.jpg)
mad crime doctor
[X] Witness the Hakurei's resurrection, while taking many mental notes. It's historic! And your name is now Dr. West!
-[X] Pull the shard out. Won't do to wake up with glass in one's lung.
--[X] But off to the side and out of sight, you're not too sure about how she would act. Mima hinted at something though, and you don't trust it to be a good thing.

Best Doctor this side of the Time War.
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File 132033760869.jpg - (453.78KB, 1232x1500, fe3b7d162938f8a75812c66c1b0d7635.jpg)
[x] Witness the Hakurei's resurrection, while taking many mental notes. It's historic! And your name is now Dr. West!
-[x] But off to the side and out of sight, you're not too sure about how she would act. Mima hinted at something though, and you don't trust it to be a good thing.

The Yama is gonna be pissed.

I find myself wanting to resurrect at least one more Hakurei for some reason.
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If your picture is anything to go by, I'd rather not.

She'll return the favour by dragging us kicking and screaming down to hell. Also, Yama.

Oh fuck, Komatchi is still probably a thing.
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File 132088085763.jpg - (134.98KB, 850x804, A satori catched a spider.jpg)
A satori catched a spider
[x] Witness the Hakurei's resurrection, while taking many mental notes. It's historic! And your name is now Dr. West!
-[x] But off to the side and out of sight, you're not too sure about how she would act. Mima hinted at something though, and you don't trust it to be a good thing.

This is something historic! You're going to bring someone back to life! By yourself! Isn't that AMAZING?
Well, it would probably be more amazing if it is really the first time. You were the first guy being resurrected by those things, Byakuren (what a loudmouth, you'll call her Bybia from now) was the second, and that pretty girl will be the third, and possibly last. As long as you don't plan to stab anyone else on the chest with a mirror shard, that'll do.

Interestingly enough, the shard seems to be slowly sinking in the Hakurei's chest. That's really interesting. It's like the body is assimilating the mirror. Or maybe that mirror has some kind of independent will? After everything you saw so far, it wouldn't be that surprising. Dead girls walking and jumping, girls flying through the wall, little girls coming from fog, little girls building shrines... Yeah, there's probably a pattern here. Look like everything you're doing is related to little girls somehow. You briefly wonder if that mature and young girl is going to turn into a little girl once the... assimilation is finished.

Thinking about that, that girl died, probably in a violent way. And now you're bringing her back to life. You should probably be expecting a violent reaction, right? After all, if she died fighting someone, her first reflex would probably to punch the closest person, right? So, uh, you should move away quite quickly. But that's just a suggestion. You're free to stare at her chest turning blue for some reason. You're also free to get out of sight, just in case.
And that's what you do. You move away, hiding behind a single grave. From here, you can see the coffin, but not the girl. Bah. That'll do. Once you're sure she's sure, you just have to... go in the forest, make a looooooong detour around the shrine, and try to find the hole to the Underground. Yeah, that's probably as retarded as you think right now. Better to hide elsewhere. Like, probably, closer to the supposed “hole-to-the-Underground”. Where was it?
You don't remember that graveyard, so it's probably not here.
But hey, that gravestone has a strange name on it! It's written... “charming demon”? What a ridiculous name! Is it a baby grave?
“Oh, sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of some retarded moron thinking that my name is 'hey'!” You answer without even thinking.
The Hakurei's genuinely irate face makes you think deeply. About many things. About how angry can a person be if she sees a stranger in her family's private graveyard. About how furious can a person be if said stranger ignores her for some reaon.

Today, you learned something. You learned that a reanimated person can kick you as hard as a normal person. The fact that your knee is broken may have something to do with that, but you're not sure. Luckily, you managed to find a branch able to be used as a walking stick.
“So, how can I help the reanimated Hakurei?”
“First, tell me who you are. Second, tell me what you did to me!”
“My humble name is Doctor James 'West' Moriarty. I am-”
“Short version.”
“-the one who used tremendous amount of awesome technology and used them to reach the moon, and-”
“-and then, that guy came screaming from the mirror, and said something like 'I LIVE AGAIN!' but I learned later that he was an avatar of some sort, and-”
“Keep it short, for the Yama's sake!”
“And then Yorihime and I were alone, I finally whipped and it, and then we bow-chicka-bow-wow, and then her sister came and-”
“Sorry, was that a question?”
“It lacked the interrogative mark.”
“Are you always so annoying?”
“I tend to be annoying with people breaking my leg without any good reason.”
“Fine! Tell me what you did to me! I feel an youkai heart beating in my chest! What does it mean?”
“It means that your heart is working fine now.”
“How? Why? Did Yukari told you to-”
“Well, basically I opened your chest, I took the heart from your chest, I pissed on it, and then I put it back in, while swearing.”
“Argh! Get lost!”
“Where's the hole to the Underground?”
“I've seen the Bhava-Agra, I came back from death, and you're asking me something that silly? Get lost, seriously.”
“Oh. Okay.” You smile, baring your teeth like a predator. “By the way, Mima ruined your shrine. You should get her back.”
“She WHAT?”
The Hakurei leaves you quickly, without even saying good bye. What a rude little girl. She needs a mother to pull her ear or something. Well, anyway, your job here is done, so grab your stuff, and go to the Underground. You've got SCIENCE to do. And you also want to get back at that blond girl who dragged you over sharp rocks while you were badly wounded.

“Reimu! I'm happy to se WAIT WAIT DON'T DO THAT!”
There's a huge loud, and several explosions. Mima will remember that messing with you is a big mistake. Pavlovian reflex. She hits you, she's hit. So she'll stop annoying you. That's so clever, you could almost be in love with yourself! If you weren't already in love for someone else.
“Aaaah... I miss you so much.”
Trying to clear your memory from Yorihime's face, you explore the area, trying to stay hidden. You don't want to be seen by Mima or any of her underlings.
Oh, CARP! She saw you. The Hakurei girl, you mean. Quickly! Run away!

That's okay, don't be depressed. It's normal to fail at running away with a broken leg. Don't be depressed. Well, you're never really depressed, but whatever, don't be too depressed. Try to. Okay?
“Yeah, I'm here. Do you want to finish me?”
“No. I want to thank you for your... help.”
“So, how are things going?”
“Too soon to say anything. I'm back from the grave. Can't say anything.”
“Let me make it short. We are in... probably 2050. 2 centuries after your death. All your friends are probably dead. The Hakurei Border, whatever it was, is no more. You're alone. Congratulations on being alive.”
“Gee, party pooper. There's always a way out. Let me help.”
Taking an amulet from her … chest. Okay. Don't think about this. Taking an amulet, you said, she presses it against your broken leg.
“Hey, that's better! Thank you.”
“I always pay back the debt I owe.”
“I'll try to be in your debt as often as I can.”
“There's no need for that. I'll lead you to the thing you're seeking.”
Using your walking stick, you manage to stand. Amazing, your leg is completely healed! Awesome! Original! Capital! Classical! And other words totally uncalled for in this situation but funny to pronounce anyway!
“So, okay, and thank you!”
“Where do you want to go anyway?”
“The Underground. Part with little girls, and horned guys.”
“Oh. The Onis.”
“They are stronger than any human. I'll lead you as a thank, but I think you shouldn't go.”
“Oni-oni-onioni. No matter what you say, 'onion' comes to me. Are they allergic to onion?”
Rolling her eyes, the Hakurei girl starts walking. You follow her, half-dancing. You know, it's like wearing small shoes. It's SO GOOD when you finally remove them. Same with your leg. It hurts like a bitch, like a Reisen to be accurate, and now it's so gooooooooood you could fill three pages with 'o'. It's that goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

“Here it is. But, one more time, I think-”
“Allons-y! Ha! Always wanted to say that.”
Not listening to her any more, you quickly descend in the slavering fang of the dark hole. Whatever you'll find, you're going to crush it! With poison! With science! With diplomacy! With your punch! And it that doesn't work, you're just going to run away!

[] Meanwhile, in the Eientei...
[] Meanwhile, somewhere...
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[X] Meanwhile, somewhere...

The unknown always interests me.
Delete Post
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[X] Meanwhile, somewhere...

...over the rainbow.
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>“And then Yorihime and I were alone, I finally whipped and it, and then we bow-chicka-bow-wow, and then her sister came and-”

We've only whipped it out with one girl? Come on man.

[X] Meanwhile, somewhere...
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[X] Meanwhile, somewhere... [on the moon]

I want to see things from Yorihime's pespective for once. I want to know if she's still pining for him or if this is an empty quest to despair.
Image Source
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File 132094082491.jpg - (69.85KB, 813x668, Kyubey.jpg)
Kyubey approves of despair.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 132096000654.png - (952.89KB, 800x800, MORNING RESCUE.png)
But I don't approve of Kyubey.
Image Source
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File 132111778684.jpg - (77.47KB, 630x800, d3a235cc0b0fdc215324dab6c725ea17.jpg)
[x] Meanwhile, somewhere...

Everything is all right, isn't it?
That's what Watatsuki no Toyohime repeat to herself. Trying to convince herself that everything was all right. Of course, she was summoned personally by Him, but everything was all right, isn't it? Right?

Giving her fan to the guard near, she enter in the throne room, alone. Walking with a limp toward the middle of the room, she proceeds to kneel down. Her knees are screaming in pain, but she kept the posture. The room itself is very big, but is also empty. There are no chairs, not even a cushion. Just her, and Him, hidden behind a veil. She can hear Him, slowly drinking from a richly decorated cup.
And then, He started speaking, in a deliberately slow voice.
“Haa, my dearest princess. How are you today?”
Swallowing her own saliva, Toyohime answered in the most polite way.
“I-I'm fine, my lord.”
“Good.” He paused, and chuckled a bit. “Would you believe, my dearest princess, that things aren't going as well as you? You are really lucky to be healthy. You should be grateful.”
“I'm grateful, my lord.” A cold sweat is crawling on her back, but she does her best to ignore it. Panicking would ruins everything.
“And how is your sister? How is my other dearest princess?”
“I... I don't have any news, but I know from a reliable source that she's doing great.”
She wants to add 'since her exile', but it would look like she's criticizing His orders, so she just keeps it for herself.
“Wonderful. Would you believe that banishing her from the Moon tore my heart in half?”
“I believe you, my lord.”
“Don't lie, dearest princess.”
His voice changed. From the slow and smooth voice, it changed into a slow and hissing voice.
“I-I don't know what you're talking about.”
“Dearest princess. I ordered you to kill your sister's lover, and to banish your own sister. I know you must hate me.”
“I don't hate you.” Toyohime's voice is dripping in confidence. She believes what she's saying. “Things have to be done. Even if it hurts people.”
“Yes, you trust me. But you're not efficient yourself.” His voice changed again, back to the smooth voice. “You are facing so many problem by yourself.”
“I-I don't know what you're talking about.”
“Really? Allow to remind you that we have foreigners, earth crawling youkais on our sacred moon. Allow me to remind you that your precious Lunar Defense Corp is now without any leader. Allow me to remind you that while you're busy spying on your dear sister, we have invaders spoiling our own ground.”
“I-I know, but-”
“Allow me to remind you that you send the Lunar Defense Corp leader to his dead. He was a mongrel, but he was reliable. And you sent him to death. Why, I wonder? Will you be nice enough to tell me?”
“I'll answer for you. Because it was your sister's position. You weakened us, because you were jealous. Now, explain me how a bunch of rabbits is going to defend us against the earth youkais?”
“I-I can lead them-”
“They don't trust you, my dearest princess. Who could trust you? You're always getting yourself excited about purity, when you should be focused on your task. I asked you to watch incoming dangers, and all you did was murdering a human prisoner. You never bothered to warn us about Bishamonten. Now, tell me, why should I trust you in your current position? Why should I keep you, when it's obvious you're not good?”
On the verge of crying, Toyohime tries to find something for her defense.
“I-I can! Trust me again, and I'll-”
“My dearest princess. The last time I trusted you, you managed to get yourself wounded while facing a bare-handed human prisoner. You're obviously not good at combat. You forgot to warn us about Bishamonten trying to invade us. You're obviously not good at intelligence. So, tell me, are you good at something?”
That's not what she expected. Princess of the Lunar Capital, she was a sheltered kid. She wasn't dumb or weak, but sometimes, she could become quite obsessed with something. When she heard the lunarian history from her teacher, she learned only one thing. Purity is making people immortal. From that day, she decided that everyone should be pure. If you're pure, you're going to live forever, right? That's what she though. And she never wondered if it was literal or if her old teacher was saying the truth.
“My dearest princess, don't panic. I'll give you one more chance to prove your value. The Lunar Defense Corps is a sword, that we use to cut down our enemies. You, are the fan, that we use to defend ourselves, during war, but also during peace.”
“I want you swap your fan for a sword, and to lead our army against Bishamonten.”
“I'll do, my lord.”
“You can leave, now.”
“Thank you, my lord.”

Finally alone, He allows himself a mental sigh. That girl was too obsessed with her own sister. So obsessed about this that she apparently sent the royal priest to the Earth.
Slowly rising, He remembers His spies report. The priest came back two hours after being going. He refused to mention to anyone what happened, and he only talked with Toyohime. Any attempt to learn what happened failed, and asking him directly would be a mistake, since it would alert Toyohime that He was interested. Still, He wondered why a smart little girl like her would do something as stupid as sending the royal priest to the Earth. That was obviously an error. Or maybe it was a bait? Maybe she was trying something else meanwhile?
Summoning a servant, He ordered the last report of the army. It was brought to Him diligently. Reading through the lines, He saw nothing unusual. So that wasn't something she planned. So that was a panicked reaction. But is there anything able to make her panic? He always though of her as the smart girl, always able to stay cool in any situation. Except when her sister was concerned, of course. So it has something to do with Yorihime.
Mentally sighing again, the Lunar Lord Tsukuyomi almost regretted his decision of banishing Yorihime. Getting interested in a prisoner was something expected for a warrior. Respect can born on a battlefield, and Tsukuyomi was wise enough to know that. But being THAT interested in a human was just unhealthy. Even if said human was worthy of any lunarian respect. Defeating a lunarian lord in a duel isn't something common. But, still, Toyohime insisted, and finally snapped. She assassinated the troublesome human, triggering her sister's ire. After that, Tsukuyomi was forced to interfere, and he banished the most troublesome. At first, that wasn't a problem. The Earth was in total chaos, nothing could happen to the Moon. They were peaceful, living in their own world.
But then, that tiger youkai arrived, with many other youkais. Enough to be called an army. At first, Tsukuyomi wasn't worried. A disorganized army couldn't stand against the Lunar Defense Corps, even if said group was without leader. And, starting from that point, things went ugly. Tsukuyomi was a god. A major god, to be accurate. You couldn't kill him a blade, you couldn't kill him with faith. Even cut in pieces, he would still be alive. But that god is paralyzed by the lunarians rules, who forbid him to directly act on the battlefield. Was he able to step on the battlefield, he would have been able to understand that the army trying to invade the moon was lead by the most cunning and patient leader.
The tiger youkai leading the army was possessed by Bishamonten, and Tsukuyomi learned it too late to be able to change anything. The Lunar Defense Corps was decimated. Literally. Without Yorihime to lead and train them, they failed to the invading army's merciless tactics, and were quickly demoralized.

Tsukuyomi drinks again from his cup. The tea always taste bitter when he thinks about the past. Luckily, things went better after that. Toyohime brought a decent leader from nowhere, and personally asked Lord Tsukuyomi to make him leader. So he did. And he was good at that. As good as any mortal can be against a god. When Bishamoten made his camp in a forest, that nameless leader burned down the whole forest. When Bishamonten gathered his army in a crater, that nameless commander used artillery to burn them alive. When Bishamonten hid his troops in the moon caverns, the commander used ancient relics to cause tremors and bury them alive. Truth to be told, he was never 'fair'. He was always using forbidden tactics, never leading his troops to any real fight. Tsukuyomi himself was annoyed by that cowardly behavior, but he was wise enough to admit that it was the best way. He never admitted it in public, anyway.
And when, for some unknown reason, Bishamonten learned about the commander's incognito inspection of an outpost. It was a huge tactical error for a leader to place himself in danger, but he probably though that nobody would know about that. It didn't, and he disappeared during the travel. For Tsukuyomi, Toyohime's implication was obvious, and she never denied it. Not in front of him, anyway. She sent her... 'pupil' to the death, because he was occupying her sister's place, and was doing a good job. Dirty job, cowardly job, but good job anyway.
“Enough with the past.”
Tsukuyomi said aloud. He was a god, and a ruler. Showing any weakness was forbidden. If he wasn't able to trust himself, who could trust him? He practically made the lunar civilization! He had help for that, yeah, but still, it wasn't easy! Meteors showers, solar flare, and recently, invasions. Many things happen to a civilization. Even when said civilization is lead by a god. So many work, and so little time.
With a last mental sigh, the Lunarian Ruler Tsukuyomi stretches his arms. Here's something else he would never be able to do with someone else in the room.

[] I always wanted to do some window shopping in HELL!
[] Walk to the palace. Don't get distracted by- OOOOH SHINY THING HERE! No! Don't get distracted. Focus.

Nobody is totally black or white. You have your own motivation. Anyway, that's enough plot for a while. Time to take it easy, and slap people for the fun.
Also, I originally wanted to write Tsukuoymi's speech in olde Englishe, but ye thougheth that thy would beth annoying to readeth. Forsooth, thy wouldn't pleaseth either thy, either thou.
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holy shit
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I hate stuff like that. I never know if that means "HOLY SHIT! THAT'S AWESOME I WANT TO BEAR YOUR CHILD!!1!" or if that means "Holy shit! That's so awful that even my Immortal is good if you compare them!"
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Very good, I'd say. Good motivations all around, really. I even sympathize with Toyohime now, when before I wanted to murder her.

[x] Walk to the palace. Don't get distracted by- OOOOH SHINY THING HERE! No! Don't get distracted. Focus.
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[X] Walk to the palace. Don't get distracted by-OOOOH SHINY THING HERE! No! Don't get distracted. Focus.

Welp, guess we shouldn't be heading for the moon now that the one we want isn't there.
Image Source
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File 132122884549.jpg - (99.08KB, 1366x768, 2011-10-10_00001.jpg)
NSFW image
I'm in a good mood, so here, have a look at the Extra Stage final boss. It doesn't look like it's working for me, but guess it'll be different for you. Good luck!

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It's not working for me either
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Downloading the track works for me.
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So what is it?
Image Source
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File 132134102723.jpg - (8.83KB, 320x240, Picture.jpg)
NSFW image
Delete Post
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Who's this douchbag?
Delete Post
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A character from a BBC show. His name, or rather, his title is the same than the Extra Boss.

And, yes, this is NOT simple. Good luck.
Image Source
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File 132181136061.jpg - (879.69KB, 1000x833, 1317943911011.jpg)
[x] Walk to the palace. Don't get distracted by- OOOOH SHINY THING HERE! No! Don't get distracted. Focus.

You hate long hair. You mean, sure, you look awesome with it! You look some bad guy from a SF movie, standing in the wind, with his hair flying. But there's an annoying side effect.
Namely, the fact that your hair got caught between rocks while you were climbing down. And also the fact that you more or less fell after that.
“I have a terrible déjà-vu impression.”
That impression is probably not a déjà-vu. After all, you already ate the dust earlier, right? Hell, you can say that you're eating dust on a daily basis. Blame the fact that your first tactic is generally to charge and punch people until they're all knocked out. Maybe it's time to change your plan? After all, your worst enemies right now are the rocks under you, giving you a friendly massage. Well, friendly, from a rock perspective, of course. From your zombie perspective, it's more like “torture” than “massage”.
Because, yeah, you're obviously a zombie. You're living, your heart is beating, but from you saw, it's not your own heart. It's some weird-stuff-reviving-shard-device. Technically, you're alive. But you died. Duh. What you don't understand is why your body is still intact. That Hakurei girl's corpse was intact too, and Byakuren's corpse was completely dry. Not only that shard revives the heart, and makes it work, but it also clean the body.
Headache. Let's not think about that. Not as long as you're laying on those rocks.
“I heard that when you die in extreme pain or sorrow, you... oh, it's you again.”
It's her! For the Queen's sake, it's HER! That sadist girl who dragged you over sharps rocks for shits and giggles!
“Who are you calling silly, human?”
“I'm not silly! Just an youkai who happens to pass by...”
“And I though that I might give you a hand. If you want to, of course..”
“How long can you scream like that?”
“Oogitty boogitty boo!”
“What are you doing?”
The blond girl stopped talking, and started makings faces at you. You immediately stopped screaming, and went all serious.
“Uh? W-well... I am... I mean, I was...”
Slowly raising, you look down on her.
“Wow, you're bigger when you're standing. But you still look like shit.”
“Is that an insult?”
“No, it's a statement. You're pale, your cheeks are bony, and you're probably underweight.”
“How do you know that?”
“I'm working with sickness. I can recognize a sick person when I see it.”
“Coincidence. I'm a biologist. I point and laugh at sicknesses. Besides, I'm not sick?”
“I'm just poisoned.”
“I'm afraid I can't help you then. Good luck if you wanna go deeper, other youkais may not be as kind as me. But I'm in a good mood.”
And with that, she just... flies away.
Dot. You think about a dot. You focus on a dot. Because there are many things that aren't making senses, like people still alive after being killed. You would think that people die when they are killed, but then, NO! They are still alive! When people are dead, they're supposed to stay down and be still dead, but they're still alive, ready for more science! Or, in your case, more “let's-hunt-the-princess-down”.
Whatever. You should just focus on your current task.

What was the plan again? You're underground, but why?
Find Koishi, bring her back, prove Byakuren that she's wrong, point at her and laugh, and after that... you don't know. Probably throw a party. Or release a potentially dangerous neurotoxin around the bamboo forest. That might be fun too. Fuuuun.
“Let's find Koishi. I'm pretty sure everything's gonna be just fine.”

You and your big mouth.
Oh, yeah, you though those horned guys were natural, hey? You though you could kill one of them, hey? How wrong you were! Those guys aren't just your average guy with horns, they are onis. You managed to strangle one before, but you quickly learned that it didn't killed him. In fact, you understood that when you saw him. And when he saw you. And when he started screaming and running after you. And when you started running too. And then his friends joined the fun, and you soon became hunted by a whole mob. Of incredibly strong onis. If you weren't that arrogant, you would think you're screwed, but you're too arrogant to give up now.
Besides, you still have your utility belt. Well, not really a belt, it's rather a pocket, inside your coat, where you put all your -potentially- dangerous... thingies. But you decided to call that an Utility Belt, because that sounds awesome! But the fact is, that you don't have anything in your Utility Belt to deal with angry mob. Here, you have a medicine you stole from Reisen. Apparently causing headache. Might be useful against a angry mob of drunk morons. Except that it needs to be drank to be efficient. You can't really stop them, and make them drink that. They'll probably crush your head if they catch you. And you're optimist. In the worst case, they'll hang you.
“Stop righ ther, crimial scoom!”
And they still have enough energy to run, AND scream at you. They're really tough. Time to outsmart them. Looking in front of you, you see that you're reaching a T shaped crossroad. Still running, you raise your left arm, and you turn to the right. The mob follow your arm, and turn to the left. That trick wouldn't work against a undrunk mob. Good thing they were mostly drunkards.

You kick the main door open, while screaming “KICK OF JUSTICE!”. In front of you, is a horned woman cradling a booze bottle. Not the good house.
You kick the door open. This time, there's nobody to greet you. So that means you must be in the mansion you're looking for. Hey, it's written here, on the wall! 'The mansion you're looking for is here!'
“Hey, thank you, sign!”
“No problem!”
Did that sign just answered to you? Probably. Do you care? NOPE. You're just going to troll around, looking for a way in. Roll around you meant. Not troll.

You're currently in some weird hall. You suppose that you probably look yourself. That would explain why you don't remember entering in that mansion. You briefly wonder if there are sulfur down here. Might explain why you have trouble focusing and remembering what just happened.
Something feels weird in your mouth. You spit. Red. That's blood. You're spitting blood. That's not good. Not good at all. You should find Koishi before your condition gets worse. Really.
“Anyone here?”
Oh, it's a cat. A kitty fuzzy dizzy cat! What a cute cat!
“Come here, you little furball...”
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 132182537826.jpg - (53.32KB, 555x555, stomach-growls-in-class-start-growling-out-loud-at.jpg)
NSFW image
You're going to assume that it's a normal day for someone living underground.
Still, you're impressed by Satori's calm behavior. She saw you arriving in her dinner hall, closing the door behind you, and using a bench to block the door. And yet, she isn't screaming or anything like that.
“Having trouble?”
“Um, yeah. That cat attacked me, and then that dinosaur arrived from nowhere, so I kind of ran away.”
Chuckling, the mind-reading girl just quietly drinks her tea, not really impressed by the fact that her pets are chasing you.
“They're not really chasing you, you know? I ordered them to bring you to me, should you come here again.”
You're pretty sure that the part about the dinosaur trying to crush you wasn't part of the order.
“Now that was unnecessary. She's still a little young, you can't expect her to comprehend the fact that other people may be frail.”
While she's talking to herself, you quickly look for an exit.
“Trying to escape, are we?”
Well, it's not like you don't want to stay and listen to her talking about her pets for days, but hey, you've got something to do, like, you don't know, maybe find Koishi, or something like that.
“I shoulda guess it was about Koishi.”
Is that sadness you're detecting in her voice?
“No. It was just exactly as that newspaper said.”
A newspaper? Underground? What the hell, now? Flying little girls, cats, raven and dinosaurs aren't enough, now you have to deal with FREAKING newspaper? What the hell, seriously?
“Come on, come on. Don't get mad. It's just an youkai newspaper. Here, read it.”
You grabs the paper, and start reading it aloud.
“White wolf tengu looks for partner. Must be cute, fast, and serious. Crow tengus accepted.”
“No, read the front page.”
“Oh. Hijiri Byakuren, the resurrected saint, is looking for a murderer. Any information is welcome.”
“Good. Now read the rest of the front page.”
“On another note, the self-named Doctor Moriarty is looking for the underground satori Koishi Komeiji.”
“Very good. Now allow me to add one and-”
“Wow, special sales at the Village? Everything is 50% off? Wonderful!”
“Um, yeah. But the important thing is that I can't let Koishi-”
“Miko Toyosatomimi, leader of the taoist group, declared that Byakuren's return was 'a heresy', and that the current situation was 'extremely dangerous for any human'. Sounds like things are going nasty for Toyosatomimi and her underlings.”
“Maybe. I'm not into politics. But if you could listen to me-”
“Last-minute information! The Hakurei maiden, Reimu, is back from the grave! The current shrine caretaker, Mima, declared from her hospital bed: 'she's back into business, and she means it'. Komachi Onozuka, the local ferrywoman, declared: 'her heart is beating, so for me, she's alive. I have nothing to add'.”
“Just... calm down.”
You throw the newspaper over your shoulder.
“I'm sorry. Out of question. If I'm calm, then I'll be thinking. And if I think, I'm done for. I have too many questions, and no answer, so I just have to keep running. SO! Where's Koishi? I must abduct her, and bring her back to the surface!”
Satori blinks a few time, finish her tea, and softly puts her cup on the table.
“I'll let you borrow my sister if she's agree, and if you accept to have a real talk with me.”
“Real talk, uh? You sound like my old teacher back in the -COUGH- days.”
You blankly stare at your own hand. Once more time, you're spitting blood. You're not getting better. But don't think about that for now! You have to focus on something else! Namely, the pink-haired little girl in front of you.
“Doctor, can you stop fooling around? I'm trying to be serious here.”
“I hate being serious. More funny just rolling around, following your own desires. I don't have to worry about anything, why should I worry about everything?”
She snaps.
“You sound like my sister, and that is NOT a good thing. Don't forget that I'm a mind-reader! You can lie to the people around you, you can even lie to yourself, but you can't lie TO ME! Is that clear?!”
“Noooope! Too much words! Headache! Hey, I wanna eat pancakes. You got pancakes here?”
Looking around you, you adopt your usual anti-satori tactic, named 'speak your mind, don't care if that doesn't make sense'. It worked fine before, it should work now. Right?
“It should. But it doesn't, because your mind is still focused on something far more important than me, right?”
You hate when she's doing that. Yeah, you're worried about the fact that you're coughing blood. That's human to be worried about silly stuff like that.
“Don't you want to talk about it?”
“NO. NO, and NO!”
“Because nobody is interested by what I think, if I'm sick or not! Everybody is just expecting me to do what I'm supposed to do!”
“And that is?”
“First, prove Byakuren that I'm innocent.”
“And after that?”
“... Find Yorihime.”
“And how are you going to do that?”
Satori's questions are slowly angering you.
“What the hell is that? An interrogation? If you want a godamn answer, just take it from your own head or something.”
“You don't have any plan, do you? Am I right?”
“Did I asked for your opinion? I'm currently hunted by your pets, the horned guys out there want my head, there's a saint who wants me dead, and you're asking me questions over petty details?”
“I highly doubt that those are 'petty details' as you said.”
“You do acknowledge the fact that you're not going to last forever?”
“What make you think that, Satori of the obvious?”
“The fact that you're spitting blood is one. And the fact that your mood is unstable again.”
She's got a point here. Since you reached the horned city, you're feeling weird. Angry, happy, or downright furious.
“You don't control your emotions any more. That's normal, you're not used to live Underground.”
“What's your happy plan, then?”
“That's simple. You just have a talk with me, and I'll help you getting out of here.”
“And why would you help me?”
“I can't stand despair. And if I don't help you, you're probably going to loiter around, your mind full of that woman, and I won't be able to stand that either.”
“So basically, you're helping me because you don't want me here?”
Sounds legit.
“Okay then.”
“Fine. Lay down on that couch, I'll call Koishi.”
“Hold on, why Koishi?”
“My pets are agitated. Someone must calm them down.”
You lay down on a couch who just appeared out of nowhere, and you try to relax. For some reason, you don't remember arriving in the underground city. Is the sickness reaching your brain now? Are you going to forget everything you've done? Or is it just attacking your lungs?
You're a biologist, but medicine isn't your specialty. If one were to know what to do, it would probably be Udonge. But after the panic you created, you doubt she'll help you.
You pass your fingers in your hair. Too long. You'll have to cut them.
“Okay, I'm here! How are you, mister patient?”
Okay. Frankly, that's something, to see her so cheerful. Yeah. Because, last time you saw her, she was, like “I'M GOING TO MURDER THE HELL OUT OF YOU”.
“I'm... fine. But are you sure you can...”
“Hey, hey , HEY! I know a lot about the subconscious! Believe it or not, but I read many books about it! Just check my library!”
The Question of Lay Analysis, by Sigmund Freud. The Unconscious, still by Freud. Collected Works, Volume 10, by Carl Jung. How to sleep with youkais, by Ember of Hartmann. The Fundamentals of Psychoanalysis, by Heinz Hartmann.
“Okay. I trust you.”
“All right! Let's start from...”

[] “... tell me about your childhood.”
[] “... tell me how you discovered your interest toward biology.”
[] “... tell me why you're obsessed over that woman.”


I think I'm going to stop updates for a while. I'm not using my usual computer, and I think it's affecting the story. Book's name are 90% legit. Also, yeah, there are sicknesses able to affect the brain. Isn't that scary?
Delete Post
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Also, yeah. I want to have your opinion about the story so far. Do you think updates are too rare? Are you okay with the story so far (not that I can change it now anyway).
I haven't been that well recently, and I want to know if, in your opinion, the story changed, and if I can fix it now because it goes out of control.
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[x] “... tell me about your childhood.”

We already know why we love the not-so-moonbitch so much.
Delete Post
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[X] “... tell me why you're obsessed over that woman.”

We may, but we don't know enough. His childhood is not nearly as interesting as this tender lovestory.

Let me put it this way. Up until not too long ago, this story was an adrenaline-fueled thrillride, a drug trip taking us to places we've literally never seen before. But as all things too good to be true, it had to end. And it does now. We're coming off the high, we're clearing the hormones out of our blood. We're calming down. The colours fade, everything gets real again. Suddenly you notice that there are some things which are more important than the pure fun, the moment. Sometimes there are things worth suffering for. These 'sometimes' are all the time, actually. We were just to tripped out to notice. And just as the numbness fades away and leaves us feeling the cold and the pain of reality, so is it very refreshing and does give us a new purpose to aim for. A goal, a target. Something to strive for.

Too much talk, too little said. Go on, man. This has been fun, and the direction it is going seems like even more fun.
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[x] “... tell me about your childhood.”
Delete Post
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[x] “... tell me about your childhood.”

“Tell me about your childhood.”
“That's not very original.”
“I'm an youkai, not a human. Since I don't think like you, I can't be original.”
“Excuse me?”
“What I'm going to do, is trying to understand you. So, lie down, relax, and speak freely.”
“Ugh, fine.”
You lie down on a conveniently-placed couch, you think for a few seconds, and you start speaking.
“I spent my childhood in Cardiff's slums. It wasn't a good place to raise a kid, now that I think about it, but I think my parents never cared about that. I had a younger brother, but he died in a terrorist attack on a school. After his death, I stopped studying. Instead of that, I spent my time in bars, fighting with other guys.”
“Your parents never cared? What were they doing?”
“Both politically engaged. They were here the morning and the evening to make food, but that was all.”
“Excuse me, what does 'politically engaged' means?”
“We humans are electing our leader. Politically engaged means that my parents were going around to say to people how cool their boss was.”
“I see. Keep on.”
“After one year like that, procrastinating and avoiding the house as often as possible, I meet a strange girl. Well, a strange woman.”
“Well, my memory is kind of fuzzy about her, but I remember that she was blonde, and very beautiful.”
“Anyway, I don't really remember how, but I ended up having a drink with her. Then, she told me many things...”
“The only thing I remember is her telling me to explore new ways.”
“Is that all she told you?”
“That's all I an remember. Anyway, after that, I decided to resume my studies. It was long and difficult, but I managed to earn a scholarship. Long story short, I left my parents forever, and I left Cardiff.”
“It's rather troublesome for me. Isn't it normal for human to leave their parents?”
Are you sure she's a good psychiatrist? You have some doubts here? Well, too late to abandon now, so give her a chance.
“Usually, we try to stay in contact with our parents. It's unusual for someone to break all ties with his family.”
“Oh, I see.”
“Anyway, I went to Oxford, and I started studying biology. I quickly discovered my passion for biology, but despite what my teachers told to me, I never wanted to become a physician. Biology was interesting, but the most interesting part was...”
You quickly interrupt yourself. That's forbidden. Don't talk about it. The only one who knew about that was Ama, and now she's dead. Deader than dead. She's a freaking pile of red meat.
She can't insist. She can't know. Nobody must know. NOBODY.
“The important part is that my parents were assholes, that my brother was killed, and that they did nothing.”
“I see. So you have a problem with your parents.”
That's not going anywhere! Cut that out!
“Yes. Also, I have a problem with Ama's boss.”
“Ama? Who is she?”
“Ama Trassu. She's the one who manipulated you into tearing your eye off, right?”
For a moment, there's no answer. You want to turn your head and see if she's still here, but you're too afraid to find yourself facing a crazy monster speaking nonsense and reciting 'ten little soldiers' to do anything.
“So there was really someone...”
“Excuse me?”
“NOTHING! Everything is fine! Bright-shine-sun fine! By the way, the session is over! Dismiss!”
“Um, yeah, that's fine, but I still need you.”
“Oh? Sister said you came to see me.”
“Yeah. But she didn't mentioned why, right?”
“No. I just assumed that you wanted a session with me?”
“Ah. Truth is, I kind of accidentally caused Ama's death. So I need you to say that she was a bitch, and that kind of stuff.”
“I'm not going to say that word. Sister said it's bad.”
“She taught to not use rude words, but she forgot the part about tearing people in pieces?”
“So, are you going with me or not?”
“I don't see why I should.”
I jump to my feet.
“Haa, don't scream, patient! You're supposed to be nice, and that kind of stuff!”
“Yeah, but I have a problem here!”
“Yes. You hate your parents. That's a real problem. According to Freud, it may be a Oedipus complex who-”
“I'm talking about the monk who probably wants to crush my head with a stone.”
“Nonsense. Monks are nice.”
“The punch I took in the guts kind of say you're wrong about the 'nice' part.”
“Well, maybe things changed, but back in the days-”
“Why do you speak like a grandma all of a sudden?”
You're getting really angry about that. Byakuren declared that she wanted her so-called follower to be avenged. You're not really into buddhism, but usually, avenging a murder means the culprit being executed in a painful and humiliating way.
“Nah, I think you shouldn't worry.”
“Yeah, right.”
“Well, honestly, I think I'll stay here. I don't want to visit the surface any more.”
“Argh. FINE!”

[] Fuck her! You're going to find Byakuren and explain yourself.
[] Abduct her. She's going with you. Asking for her opinion is unnecessary.
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[X] Fuck her! She's going with you. Asking for her opinion is unnecessary.
No, no, no. We want to stay away from rape.

[x] Get Satori, tell her stuff. She seems reasonable. More than you, anyway.
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[x]Amputate her arm and use her hand to write a complaint. Show this to Byakuren as proof that you dindn't steal her food?
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Vote called.
Dunno what's happening right now, but considering >>8327's vote, I think I'm just going to ignore your votes, and write an end to this story.
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File 132224510828.jpg - (175.82KB, 400x353, haruhi-rage.jpg)
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I come back from a trip and see this,fuck you man.
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File 13222663985.jpg - (168.81KB, 850x1200, Time to get serious.jpg)
Time to get serious
“Can I talk to your sister then?”
“My sister?”
“Pink hair? Third eye? Can read though?”
“Yes, that's her.”
“Can I talk to her? Where is she?”
“Probably in her room.”
“What about my hand?”
“Where's her room?”
“Oh! Third corridor, to the left. Big door. You can't miss it.”
Clenching your teeth, you start walking. That's not what you planned. Not at all. You don't like when things aren't going as planned. Plan was to bring Koishi to the Surface. You never expected her to turn into a scared little girl. Not after the crazy youkai who tried to kill you.
You punch the closest wall in frustration. You're sick. Really sick. Coughing blood and persistent headaches. And worse than all, you don't know what's making you sick. You're a biologist, you're supposed to know everything about sicknesses. And yet, that thing killing you slowly is unknown to you. Well, since you were kind of dead for probably two hundreds years, it may be an evolved virus that you don't know. Or it may be a poison. A lunarian poison...
Now that you think about it, you've been sick since the fight with that lunarian priest. Since you breathed that white foggy thing. You though he summoned something to counter your own poison, but what if it was a weapon rather than a defense?
Swearing, you quickly follow Koishi's indications. Too many problems at once, and you feel like you're no longer the one leading the show.

Okay, that girl is good. You kicked her door open, surprised her in nightgown, and she's not even startled.
“I'm beyond that.”
And she apparently has no decency. Whatever. Her nakedness isn't your concern right now.
“You're the first man thinking that. Whatever your reason is, it must indeed be important for you.”
“Yes. So let me talk, and don't read my mind.”
“As you wish, professor.”
“I want you to tell your sister to follow me to the Surface.”
“The Surface?”
“Yes. Or the Overworld, or whatever you call it. I need her. As soon as possible.”
“I'm afraid I can't do that.”
You feel like your heart is sinking in your chest.
“Well, that Koishi's decision to take.”
“I can't influence her. That's not right.”
“She can decide by herself.”
“I said-”
“I don't give a shi- I mean, I don't give a damn about that. Your sister almost killed me, and wounded Butler! She's downright insane, therefore she can't decide by herself!”
“That's enough. I can read minds, and I can guarantee you that my sister is now sound of mind... Is that the right expression?”
“Don't look at me like that. I don't want to risk my sister's life or sanity again.”
“I see.”
You muttered those words between your teeth. Well, see that on the bright side. Now, she basically forced you to do this.
“Do what?”
“What? What are you going to do? Hey!”
You leaves the room, blocking the door behind you. Not that complicated. You just had to take the key, lock the door, take the key with you, and put something in the keyhole. Your scalpel will do. It's a noble sacrifice.
With Satori out of the picture, you're safe. Area is clear. As long as you don't loiter for too long, since you suspect that Satori knocking to the door and screaming will attract someone.

Going back to Koishi, you quickly check your Utility Pocket Belt. Poison, deadly poison, aphrodisiac... Did you forgot it? Ah! No! It's here! Good.
And Koishi is still here, too.
“Ah, you're back? I though you were going to... What is that?”
You drink the vial's content, without swallowing it. Then, you walk to Koishi, and pinch her nose. As expected, she opens her mouth to breath. That's what you counted on. You release her nose, and quickly place your mouth on her, forcing her into swallowing the liquid.
And you release her mouth too, looking at her eyes. Confusion, anger, comprehension, and then, nothing. Her eyes are empty. Nothing. Not reaction to light, even when you light her face with your forehead doctor light.
“Can you hear me?”
“I can hear you.”
Wonderful. It worked. You wanted to avoid drugging her, but if it's the only option, you're forced to take it. Hell, Satori forced you! That's her fault! No, that's not honest from you. The truth is that you don't really want to be considered as a murderer. You don't care for Byakuren's opinion, but you simply don't want Ama to be considered as a victim. She was a manipulative bitch who killed and manipulated people for fun.
“Good. Now listen to me.”
“I'm listening.”
“I am very sorry, but we're going to the surface. And you're going with me.”
“I'm truly and very sorry for this, but I don't want to be labeled as a murderer. Not again. Well, technically, I'm a murderer, but she provoked, so it was self-defense -COUGH”
You ears are ringing, and you still have that copper taste in your mouth. In other words, this is getting worse. And walking in those damp cave won't make you any good.
“I understand. I will follow you.”
“Good. I promise I will send you back once I'm finished, but -COUGH”
DAMMIT, that's really getting worse. Your time is running out. You must clear the situation, and go back to Reisen as soon as possible. She won't be happy to see you again, but if you can't get her help, you're dead. Again.
“Should we go?”
“Yes, we're going, Koishi.”

Passing the city was easy. All you had to do was giving Koishi a ride, on your shoulder, and ask her to hide both of you. You'll be frank, she was heavy. Or maybe you're just weakening. But, for a moment, it was great. It was like having a daughter.

Oh, and you saw him. That horned guy you killed. He's not dead, in the end. Bah, it's probably for the best, you don't really like killing people. Especially if they're not really pissing you off.

The worst part of the travel was the cave itself. Climbing all those rocks was really difficult for you. On the bright side, you stopped coughing. On the dark side, your light died, so you had to rely on Koishi to show you the way. You expected her to lie and lure you back in the underground city, but she was legit.

And now, you can relax. You're back to the Surface, the Sun is happily shining, the trees are happily dancing in the wind, and the Hakurei girl is happily beating the ectoplasm out of Mima.
“So you ruined my shrine while I was away, hu?”
“No! No! I-”
“And you though you could get away with that, hu?”
“Nononono! In fact, what happened is that-”
“And you tried to rebuild it to deceive me, hu?”
“Nooooo! Listen, it's that human who-”
“And you blame someone else? You're the worst!”
You could watch this for ages, but you're kind of busy right now. You'll come back later, when everything will be alright.
“We're close. Just a little more.”
“All right.”

You went into hell, you talked with blond little girls, you fooled a bunch of horned drunkards, you locked a little girl in her room, and you abducted another one!

Yeah, said like that, that doesn't sound glorious at all, but it was kind of epic, right? Well, except the part where you spat blood. That wasn't glorious. And the part where you ran away from a bunch of drunkards. That wasn't heroic either.
But the important thing is that you're back to the-youkai-shrine-with-a-mummy-inside. Epic, isn't it? Damn right it is!
“Bybya! I'm back from hell!”
You though that kicking the main door would lead you immediately to Byakuren, but all you see is the scared little evil-girl-who-befriends-everyone. And she has ears. And a broom.
A broom.
A broom.
“YOU MUNSTER! I'm going to -COUGH”
This time, you frankly puke. You puke something. That... half-green and half-red. Bile and blood. Bile? Oh, right, you forgot to eat. Thinking about that, it's been a while since the last time you went to the bathroom.
“Why are you calling her a cheese?”
“Tongue. Its fault. YOU! The girl with a broom and no name! Where's your boss, the Byakuren?”
“Actually, I have a name!”
“Very good, you'll write it down later on my toilet paper. Your boss, NOW!”
“Aaah! S-she's in her room.”
“Thank you for your kind assistance.”
“N-no problem.”
Switching from your angry face to a kind face, you leave the girl with a broom but no name, and you start walking. And then, you remember something. Back to the girl with a broom but no name!
“HA! What?”
“Where's Byakuren's room?”
“Oh! Sorry! I'll show you the way!”
“Ha, thank you sweetie!”

“Bibya! It's me! The guy you punched in the guts for no reason! I'm back!”
“Would you mind telling me who you're calling Bibya?”
“Byakuren is too long. Anyway, I don't have time to waste. Koishi, do you mind telling her the truth about Ama?”
The hypnotized girl who was walking behind you the whole time finally advances, placing herself in front of Byakuren.
“I'll do.”
You highly doubt she would do that if she wasn't drugged, but the order you gave her was to 'tell the truth'. Not 'tell her how Ama was a manipulative bitch'.
“I was lost. Alone. My sister and I were chased from our home, and I got separated. And then, she arrived. Whispering. Murmuring. Slithering. Crawling. She arrived, and said terrible things. She told me that my sister abandoned me. That I would be alone forever. That-”
You place your hand on her shoulder.
“Koishi, that's enough. You can go back to your sister now. Thank you.”
Gently shoving her aside, you smile. That's not a nice smile you're doing here, by the way. That's a wild smile. You're not smiling like a scientist proving he's right. You're baring your teeth, preparing yourself to deliver the deathblow to an idealist buddhist. And, frankly, you love that.
“I found Koishi several weeks ago. She was mutilated. I think she took her Third Eye off. And if I'm right, that's like a heart to her. So, I'll say it properly for you to understand, Bibya. Your gentle and nice follower, Ama Trassu, manipulated Koishi and drove her crazy enough for her to rip her own heart out.”
The girl with a broom with no name place a hand on her mouth, trying to suppress a gasp, but Byakuren is totally unfazed.
“That's not explaining me why she died.”
Your demented smile goes wider. Well, you can't really call that a smile. As said before, you're simply baring your teeth. Your red teeth. After coughing blood, your own teeth are tainted in red.
“She died because she tried the same thing with me. She whispered in my ears. But instead of taking my life away, I crushed her head with a rock. And she kept on, whispering and laughing and giggling and CACKLING AND GIGGLING AND WHISPERING AND TELLING ME SHE KNEW.” You pause momentarily. Mostly to take your breath off, but also to calm yourself. “So I kind of snapped. I beat her to death with a machete. I guess some people are displaying aggressive behavior when attacked.”
Your voice sounded like you were singing. That wasn't intended. A brief look at your hand shows they are shaking. You're not an iron man, and what Ama told you really affected you. You're telling the truth after all. You just snapped, like Koishi did. Except that you acted like a beast back then. A human reasons. A beast simply acts. If you trap an animal in a corner, it will fight in desperation. Every hunter knows that, and that's why they're always leaving a way out. And since you spent many years alone, you kind of regressed. Truth to be told, you look like a doctor, you're a scientist, but trapped in a corner, you regress into a wild beast. If you didn't had that machete in your hands, you would probably had attacked her with your bare hands.
“I... see...” Byakuren sighs. “What a shame. I though I could fix that habit of her.”
“Hey, hold on Bibya.”
“Don't call me-”
“Shut up your mouth and let me talk. You knew what kind of person she was?”
“Yes, I did. But who are you to tell me-”
“You knew who she was, and you accepted her? Did you knew she kept Koishi's heart as a TROPHY?”
“There's still a chance for someone-”
“A CHANCE? I know what she was. She's an youkai feeding on suicides! How can you seriously expect something like that to live in a human society?”
“Don't say something, that's insulting-”
You pause again. You were focused on Byakuren to notice it, but your hands are clenched so hard your fingers are white. Your lips are shaking, and you're pretty sure that your face is ugly.
“She's just living on energy. There are other ways to-”
“BRILLIANT! I mean it! That's really BLOODY brilliant! Yeah! Oh hey, there's that girl feeding on people's suicide, so I'm just going to take her in! I mean, what's the worse that could happen? Her feeding on innocent people -well, I'm not exactly innocent, but that's beside the point-, well, TOO BAD, it happened. And guess what, Bibya? I'm ready to bet that Koishi wasn't the first one. Ama's room was a real mess. And she's keeping trophies. I'm sure that, in this mess, I can find a proof that she killed another person. Hell, probably ten! Or a hundreds? OR MAYBE EVEN A THOUSAND?”
You try to calm down again, but you can't. All that mess was in fact Byakuren's fault, and she ACCUSED you. You pinch your nose, walk a little in the room, and stop again in front of Byakuren.
“Everyone deserves a second chance. That's all I say.”
“And you deserve a good spanking for your foolish and idealist behavior, but I'm just going to pay you back the trouble.” You raise your hand over your head, and you punch her on the solar plexus. Right where she hits you before. “Now, we're even. Sorry for the trouble, see ya later, and thank for the fish.”
“H-hold on.”
Byakuren is still sitting, holding her chest, so who talked? Oh, it was the girl without a name.
“You can't judge people like that! Lady Byakuren did many good things! You can't just judge her on a mistake!”
“Of course I can. I'm a murderer. I can judge her, because I did worse.”
“I-if you're a murderer, you have no right to judge her!”
“That's the opposite. Because I know what happens when you kill someone. Hey, Byakuren?” You turn your head to Byakuren, slowly recovering from your punch.
“Have you ever killed someone?”
“No. Never.”
“Well, you're still responsible for Koishi. Because Ama was your responsibility. “
“Human never changes, right? Why do you hate youkais so much?”
She's glaring at you, with hate in her eyes. You laugh at her face.
“Me? Hating youkais? Dear, I'm in love with one! What I hate are sadists. If you want to kill someone, you can just break his neck, or drown him. Forcing him into mutilating himself is just cruel.”
“Everybody deserves a chance.”
“Ama wasn't 'anybody'. She was someone feeding on death.”
“I can say the same thing about you?”
“What the hell? Okay, I killed many people, but I never forced them to kill themselves! Well, maybe I did. Not sure.”
“I bet you eat meat, right?”
“Oh ho ho ho. Don't try to sell me your vegan diet, BUDDHIST!” You spit this last word like an insult.
“You have to kill animals to eat them, right?”
“You're not so different from Trassu, in fact. You feed on people.”
“Animals aren't people.”
That's what you're trying to think, but you see Byakuren's point. And that's not something you like. In fact, her point is enough to disturb you.
“They are living. You are living. They're the same.”
“They aren't smart.”
“They can feel pain.”
“...” You don't say anything. You just glare at Byakuren. The saint slowly gets up. She's taller than you.
“Killing a dog, a rabbit or a cow is the same than killing me, or Kyouko, or your friend Koishi.”
“Not really a friend. So your name is Kyouko, uh? You BLARGH”
This time, it comes without warning. Blood rushes to your mouth, flowing on your chin. You put your hand on your mouth, but it's too late. On the bright side, that cushion was ugly. You swallow your own blood. Taste horrible.
“I have to go. Sorry.”
With that said, you leave, for good. You can hear Byakuren calling for you, but you don't have time for her. Just... go to Reisen. Tell her it's lunarian related.

You fall to your knees, puking more blood. Enough to fill a glass. You feel weak. Like, really weak. Luckily, your brain is still working. But your hands and your feet are getting colder.
Lunar dust. You figured out what the poison was. It was indeed that fog that the lunarian priest summoned. Probably lunar dust. Looks exactly like lunar dust anyway. You never suspected it could be used as a weapon. What a powerful defense mechanism.
But didn't you noticed that earlier? You went to the moon,, you stepped on that dust! The SAME dust that's now killing you! How could you NOT notice something like that?
Less green and more red. You're puking and coughing at the same time. Quickly, what does it mean? Lungs and stomach are damaged. Both at once? That's not good. How is your liver? How are your kidneys?
You have to get yourself back together! Push with your hands! Get back to your feet! Do it! Do it!
“Argh. I hate being sick.”
But you did it. You're standing again. Now, walk. Walk. And walk. Enter in the Bamboo Forest. Walk until you find the mansion. That mansion who's bigger in the inside than in the outside. Find it.
“Here he is!”
“Reisen, go catch him.”
“Master, are you referring to me?”
“Or to me?”
“Udonge, that's not the time. Take him back to the Eientei.”
With your hand still covering your mouth, you hear several voices. Who were they? No, who ARE they? That's present. Well, basically it's past. Past for you. Since they already talked and stuff.
You fall to your knees again. Everything is so cold. Your hands are cold. Your nose is cold. Your legs are cold. The only warm thing in you is your blood. That red liquid you're puking and coughing.
This is going to make a perfect epitaph for your grave.
“Died choking on his own blood, while muttering nonsense.”
Someone catches you as you're falling into darkness.
“Master, I got him!”
“I can see. Carry him back.”
“What? Alone?”
“Don't make me repeat myself.”
Someone is carrying you. That's not Udonge. She's stronger than that. That's the other rabbit. Reisen. The idiot one.
You don't know how, why, but at least, you know who saved you. Guess you'll have to thank her later.

Where are you?
You can't see anything.
Not, it's not blurry.
Your eyes are just tired. Wait a little.
Here, see? You can see.
You look around. You're on a chair. In the wooden mansion. The Eientei. Hell, you recognize this room!
“My laboratory.”
“Technically, that's my laboratory.” Said a feminine but cold voice coming out of nowhere.
“Where are you? Who are you?”
“Present yourself first.”
“Professor James Moriarty. Now present yourself.”
There's a small laugh, and you hear the door opening. A tall woman enters. A very tall woman. Maybe even taller than Byakuren. With silver hair. She kind of look like Yorihime. You really want to see her again. Like, right now.
“Usually, I greet newcomers with a simple word, like 'greetings' or something, but since you already took over the laboratory, I think it's uncalled for.”
“So I guess I should be the one saying 'greetings', then?”
Her smile fades.
“You're barely alive, and you joke with me? That's not a good idea.”
“So I'm not supposed to joke with you? I'm supposed to tell you that story where a rabbit, a wolf, and a troll are entering in a bar, and-”
“Shut up.”
She walks in the room, observing the vial. Your vials. The one you stocked in your Utility Pocket Belt, but also the others you left here.
“Now that's interesting. You're not bad, I give you that. However, you made many mistakes.”
“Tell me about it.” You try to sound confident, but you're still on a chair. And still weak. The only things working fine are your brain, and your mouth. And you wish your mouth couldn't work, because it's faster than your brain.
“First, you used MY laboratory. Second, you attacked my assistant Udonge. Many times. Third, you tried to murder the head of the Ginnosuki house.”
“The priest. And, last but not least important: your assassinated a relative of mine.”
“Hu? Mind telling me your name?”
“I am the Master Eirin Yagokoro. I created science and medicine as you know them, millennium are nothing but a blink to me, I created life countless times, and I'm currently VERY angry.”
Oh crap.


Fun fact: F.A.G.'s Eirin and S.E.X.'s Eirin are the same. Other fun fact: most updates were named after Portal 2 song.
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Fun fact: probably the longest update I wrote. Therefore, probably the one with the highest number of typos.
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Oh man,dat update. Also he assassinated a relative of Eirin? Well fuck,cant remember that part.Seems like i suck at reading stories.
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That part is from another story. The writefag seems to enjoy taking a support character from a story and turn it into a main character for another story.
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File 132235997612.jpg - (721.65KB, 700x1016, 5515e381c2af0e9e54cf2ff09522843b.jpg)
“Uh, perhaps we can negotiate?”
With a smirk, Eirin looks at you.
“What could you possibly offer, in exchange for your life?”
“Well... I don't know yet, but I probably have something who-”
“Nothing. The only interesting thing you have, I'll take it from you by force.”
She turns her back to you, working on something on the desk. Busy mixing things and other things.
“Hey, uh, Eirin, right? What are you doing?”
No answer.
“Eiiiiiriiiin? What are you doing?”
“You should know it, if you know anything about chemistry.”
“Hold on... That green vial. Soporific. And the other is a barbiturate. Wait, you're making a TRUTH SERUM?!”
“That's the funnier way to get what I want.”
Filling a syringe with that disgusting liquid, she slowly walks to you, smiling like a cat playing a mouse.
“Wait, wait, wait, you don't have to do that! You can just ask, and I'll answer! You don't have to -COUGH- inject me that shit!”
“Oh? You're pretending to be a doctor, and you're afraid of syringes? That's very ironic.”
“That's not funny, wait, I mean it, you really don't have to do that! You can just, I don't know, ask me, and I'll answer!”
She seems to think about your proposition.
“Mmm. Okay. Tell me your real name then.”
“James Moriarty.”
“Okay, injection time.”
“Nononono! That's my real name! That's the name I used when I emigrated to the USA!”
“That's not what I call a real name. Whatever.”
Not accepting your protest, Eirin quickly pierces your arm with the dangerous needle-thing-looking-exactly-like-a-weapon.

You feel good. Everything is so blurry, but you don't care. You feel good. Warm. Not worrying about death, pain, cold, or anything like that. Your throat still hurts, but it's all right. Truth serum. So that's how it works, hu? Makes you feel like nothing's important.
“That's illegal, you know?”
“I make my own rules.”
That answer came out of nowhere. But your question too. You spoke without noticing it. You're basically saying what you have in mind. For real. No trick, no brick wall.
“That's scary.”
“Now, we're talking.”
You hear the sound of a chair being dragged and placed in front of you. You're vaguely aware of something tall standing in front of you. But everything is so blurry, and you're feeling so good...
“Too much soporific. I want to sleep.”
“That's done on purpose. Now, tell me.”
“You asked it.”
“I interrogated Yorihime about the rocket you used to reach the moon.”
“Aaah, Yorihime. I miss her. I really miss her.”
“Focus. The rocket. It contained many instruments, and the lunar corps found your vials. What were they?”
“Are they still here? The vials?”
“No. They were destroyed. Explain me how you planned to use this.”
“Mixing stuff. Releasing stuff. Complicated. Where's Yorihime?”
“We're not talking about Yorihime. What are you?”
“I'm a doctor.”
“You're not a doctor. I interrogated Reisen. She's a better doctor than you. What are you?”
“I have a doctorate in biology. I am a doctor.”
“Biologist, hu? Now tell me, the Moon was considered as a hostile territory when you 'visited' it. What does that mean?”
“Complicated. Makes the question simpler. And where's Yorihime?”
“The Moon was hostile. And yet, instead of a military platoon, the Earth sent a 'biologist', with only a few soldiers.”
“Yeah. They were kind of bodyguards.”
You try to focus on Eirin's voice, but you feel so sleepy...
“Biology is really vague. Obviously, you weren't a physician. Besides, all those vials you filled are containing various poisons. So tell me, 'doctor', what's your specialty?”
“I don't want to talk about it.”
“Tell me.”
You try to shut up, but the urge to answer is too strong.
“Biological weapons. Truth to be told, I'm more a chemist than a biologist, but biology is simpler. Chemistry is so complicated, while biology is interesting. Inject that thing to a mouse, and look how it'll react.”
“Tell me more about your mission on the moon.”
“I left United Kingdom before the London Subway terrorist attack. I knew someone stole my researches, and I immediately recognized my virus when I saw the news. I immediately left United Kingdom, and went to the United State under a nickname. I worked for a while here, as a teacher, and I managed to join the NASA program. But they figured out who I was, and they sent me to the Moon.”
“What was your mission? Tell me exactly what your orders were.”
“Wipe everything. Total extermination. Killing only the lunarians citizens, leaving the riches and the technology intact.”
I hear several gasps in the room. She's not alone? Can't see. Too blurry. Too tired. But then, Eirin speaks again, in a cold and sharp tone.
“And yet, you didn't. I don't know exactly what you planned, and everything was destroyed before I could get an accurate report, but I'm ready to bet that you were ready before landing. Am I right?”
“Yes. You're still right. Right about everything. Where's Yorihime?”
“She's busy. So, when your group was swiftly killed, why didn't you used your biological weapon?”
“Didn't want to. I saw Yorihime. And I loved her at first sigh.”
“Aren't you going to ask me why an earthling fell in love with one of your so-called princess?”
“You're going to say it anyway.”
“Right one more time. Because she was different. She wasn't an apathetic slug. She looked like the kind of woman shouting at your face rather than pouting for the whole day if you forget something important.”
“Yeah, yeah. But there's something different.” Not saying anything, you tilt your head, closing your eyes. That warm feeling is so wonderful. “That organism -NASA, right?- was out of money.”
You open your eyes. You feel like your brain is working at two hundreds percent. That's not a new sensation. Sometimes, when you feel that a long research is finally giving you results, you feel like that.
“Ooooh, I see! So I bet the money for the travel came from private funds, right?”
You still can't see properly, but you can distinguish several silhouette in the room. Eirin is probably the one sitting in front of you. Reisen and Udonge are behind her. Who's the last one?
“And you think that my travel was financed by a friend, right?”
“Yes. Does the name 'Yukari Yakumo' reminds you something?”
“Yep! Read it in Anijû's notes! A gap youkai! Worked for her recently, too. Well, worked for her underlings.”
Is it the soporific's effect wearing out? Because, for no reason, you're full of energy!
“What kind of job?”
“Beating the moon out of a lunarian, teaching Reisen how to heal people, that kind of stuff.”
Eirin's voice is now so cold that you can practically hear the snow falling on the floor and melting.
“How did it go?”
“Very bad! The priest ran away, and poisoned me! Lunar dust, I think! I'm probably dying! Would explain why I'm so full of energy, in fact! I though it was the soporific wearing out, but I think my brain is going wrong, releasing adrenalin and stuff! And I couldn't teach Reisen properly! She couldn't trust me! I wonder why!”
You can see Eirin's silhouette moving. She's getting up.
“I think that's enough. I have enough proofs to-”
“Hold on Eirin!”
She sounds REAAAAAALLY surprised by the fact that you basically interrupted her.
“I told you, I'm a better biologist than chemist. Luckily, bio-weapons are mutliclassed, so I have to know a minimum of things.”
“There's a bottle labeled NG on the furniture next to me! At first, I remembered it was for angina, and then, I remember that NG isn't just a medicine! It stands for nitroglycerin!”
Quickly raising your leg, you kick the furniture, shaking it, and making the bottle fall to its doom.

You're a genius. A first-class genius. Biology is more than your hobby, it's your passion. You can understand it faster than anyone else, and you were pretty popular as a teacher. However, as a chemist, you are awful. You completely underestimated the nitroglycerin explosive power. You also disregarded the fact that the explosion happened right in front of you. And the fact that it was a really powerful explosion. Strong enough to send you flying in the rice paddy.
Luckily, you're not dead. Not yet. But you're in a bad shape. You were basically already dying before, and now you're frankly into pieces. It's a miracle that you still have all your limbs. And another miracle that you're still not dead.
But you think it's not going to last. The Eientei's Master is after you, and this time, she's not angry. She's completely furious. And then, you understand something that was quite obvious. That woman, Eirin Yagokoro. She's not human. You could see it before (silver hair, intelligence, arrogance, etc...) but now, you can feel it. And she's coming for her, her long red and blue dress being partially burned, her hair being in a real mess, as opposed to the long braid hair she had before.
The scariest part is how only her clothes and her hair are ruined. Herself looks totally untouched. That woman just got an EXPLOSION IN HER FACE, and she's not even bruised! Seeing that, you wonder if there's anything in your possession able to knock her out.
Considering you only have your clothes on you, you're screwed.
“I won't kill you, but I will make your life miserable!”
She's coming. SHE'S COMING! What do you have? You're in a rice paddy!
“I'll have my fun with you, and then I'll throw you in space!”
She grabs your collar, easily lifting you. Find something, find anything!
Plunging your hand in the paddy, you take a handful of mud, and you quickly throw it at Eirin's face.
“Close your mouth, that's dirty!”
She instantly releases you, being too busy rinsing her face. You use the opportunity to run away. Well, you would if you could. But in your state, all you can do is crawling pathetically. And even crawling is causing you a huge pain. Your torso was probably burned in the explosion. Would explain why it hurts so much.
Oh, great, now she's still screaming after you. If you weren't so terrified by that unnatural woman, you would find this whole thing silly. After all, you're both quite toasted, and yet she's still chasing you. You just need some yakety sax. Or not. After all, if you're lucky, she'll just break your neck. If you're not, she'll probably try your own poison on you. And that won't be pretty. Hell, you made them awful on purpose.
“You are a real nuisance. I understand why Tsukuyomi wanted you dead so bad.”
Ignoring Eirin's taunt, you finally reach the paddy's end, and you grab the nearest branch around, and use it to get up. Harder than it sound, considering your physical condition. In fact, you quickly fail to secure your grip, and you fail head first in the branches.
“Look at you. You're pathetic. Crawling to save your life, like a worm.”
You're not crawling. You're pressing branches with all your weight, to bend them under you.
“I'm doing what I can to save my skin.”
“By basically exploding your own face? That's the most retarded escape attempt I ever saw.”
Still walking, the lunarian keeps taunting you. Just a little closer, just a little closer...
You quickly rolls on yourself, releasing the folded branches. A part of them are broken, another part doesn't work in the intended way, but a few of them manage to hit Eirin in the face while returning to their initial location, strong enough to send her flying.
“YES!” You're shining in happiness. “Take that! I set a trap, and you fell into it GLORIOUSLY! Do you hear me? I OUTSMARTED YOU!”
“Now, I wish you haven't done that.”
What, seriously?
“Why don't you just drop dead, Eirin?”
“I can ask the same thing from you. You're more than a nuisance, now. You're a pest.”
Getting up again, the scary silver-haired starts walking again. And this time, you're out of trick. No mud, no branches... Well, you're near the storehouse now, so you can try and crawl to it.
“Oh no, you don't!”
Something grabs your legs, and pulls you back. With a quick glance, you confirm what you already know. That's her. She's faster than you expected.
“Ah, crap.”
You roll on your back, trying to kick her on the knee, but it backfires at you when she kicks you in the chest. The pain is quite excruciating, because not only your torso is already in a bad shape, but Eirin also knows where to hit for maximum damage, and damn she's strong.
“And that's just the beginning.”
Spitting blood, you scream madly.
“I hope it does.”
This time, you'll do it properly! Aim for the knee, and KICK!
“Take that, you witch!”
There's a loud breaking noise as your foot strikes her knee. She screams briefly, and falls on her side.
“That's it! No more games! I'll kill you for real!”
“Hey, that's not very nice!”
You crawl again, this time toward the storehouse. The explosion you caused in the laboratory caused a fire, and everyone is busy extinguishing it. Save for the crazy lady following you.

There's a new cracking noise behind you, but you don't care. You reached the storehouse, that's the only important thing. Well, maybe the second important thing. First thing being that Eirin somehow regenerated her broken knee, and is now fine. You can say that from the sound of footsteps coming for you.
“Are you invincible, for hell's sake?”
You quickly crawl your way in the storehouse, and close the door just in front of Eirin. That's not even slowing her, she just walks through, tearing the wood apart.
“Are you a terminator?!”
She grabs your neck, and rises you.
“Now, it's the end, you pest. You're really the troublesome one, throwing mud, sending me branches in the face, and not giving up. But that's over now.”
Without warning, she punches you in the guts, causing you to puke again. Still blood.
“Well, look at that. I gave you a basic medicine before interrogating you, but it seems it's not enough. You are really dying, young man.”
Not enough blood. Brain malfunctioning. Catch the goddamn closest thing, and throw it at her goddamn face to make her shut up.
“Funny, when I was young, there was this show where a guy named the Doctor was fighting a guy named the Master.”
There's a bottle in your hand. You don't know what is it, but you still shove it into Eirin's face with extreme prejudice. It breaks, and soak Eirin with a strange liquid.
“What? What's that? Turpentine? You JUST THREW TURPENTINE AT ME?!”
She throws you on the floor, nearly breaking your back. You might be thankful, but considering you're on the verge of passing out, the only thing coming to your mind is 'throw more stuff'.
You throw another bottle at her. This time, she gracefully avoid the incoming projectile, but then something happens. The bottle breaks against the storehouse's wall, and burst into flames. Was it phosphorus or something similar?
That voice wasn't Eirin's. That's all you notice before passing out for good. After all, not only you stupidly exploded your own face trying to escape, but you also got the crap beat out of you. Well, you're probably going to die now, but at least, you die happy. Well, not completely happy, because, despite everything you tried so far, you still couldn't see Yorihime again, but at least, you managed to outsmart the so-called Brain of the Moon. And that's something you can be proud of.

I wanted to write Eirin as an archer, but I decided it would be funnier to write an Eirin being completely pissed because someone basically squatted HER laboratory, exploded her face, and turned her into a fool.
So, instead of a fine battle of intelligence, clever tricks, and double-entendre, the final battle is basically Eirin beating Moriarty to a pulp with extreme prejudice, while he just tries to survive and clings to life as hard as possible. The "London Subway terrorist attack" isn't inspired from any real terrorist attack, don't send me the FBI, I don't like their party van. If you have a biological weapon, and the perfect scapegoat, how would you use them?
Update took me 3 hours to finish. Should be sleeping instead of writing. Nothing to add, I guess.
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I am so on the edge of my seat about what happens next. Really. So psyched.
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File 132244867219.jpg - (71.39KB, 600x439, Use to be a gentlemen.jpg)
Use to be a gentlemen
As a hatted-gentleman myself, I am most and horribly disappointed by the occurence that you may have ignored many hidden messages that I enjoyed writing, fidgeting in anticipation for the time they would be noticed.
"Hélas", as we say between gentlemen, it appears that your eyes, even through they fulfill perfectly their mission, providing you with interesting visual data about your current environnement, seemed to have ignored the part that I would consider as most important in my last essay.

I would strongly and humbly ask you to reconsider your question, after of course having usesd your eyes again to read the sentence preceding my last essay, that I meekly call a title.
Having used those wonderful organs of you, containing many nerves fibres, used to deconstruct the light and turn it into usable data by your capable and powerful brain, perhaps you would have then noticed that my last essay is shyly called, I sayeth "The End".

Therefore, most surprised I am, by your anticipation of a possible sequel to this humble and simple, yet slightly amusing tale.
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I think >>8340 meant that he's waiting for the conclusion to the story, as besides the title, which is just that, you didn't say anything about that being the final update.
Image Source
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File 132266531031.jpg - (313.55KB, 620x877, TIME PARADOX.jpg)
Happy end for everyone!
Well, except for Moriarty, but considering that he's basically a walking disaster, it's a miracle that he's not dead. Not again, I mean.
Basically, the story was written following the stupid brilliant idea that a scientist not acting like a scientist could make a story funny and/or interesting. Therefore, here's Moriarty, your average no-name character, who's a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. (For the record, yes, he has a name. A welsh name. Was difficult for me to find one.)
But after some update, I though that it may be a good idea to turn that nameless character into someone a little more complex. After all, not everybody likes a guy without history. So I reused a minor character from an older story. I brought him back to life. For real.
I can't really say that I like this story, since I'm the writer, I lack objectivity. But I really like how the main character sounds less and less insane. From a guy shouting and punching people for fun, he became a cunning scientist, using poisons and chemicals to defeat his enemies.

Anyway, I could speak about this story for several threads, but that would be stupid (and wasting bandwith), so I'm just going to wait for the auto-sage, and I'll start writing the Phantasm Stage. Because, yeah, Moriarty found the woman, but he's still dying, there's still a war on the Moon, Butler has gone missing, the Hakurei Border isn't complete, and Yukari hasn't appeared directly so far. So there are still a few things to fix, so I'm really going to stop here for now.

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And more whipping it out?
Delete Post
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And she doesn't remember us. sigh.

Also the hostage seance was wonderful
Image Source
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File 132267826059.jpg - (661.23KB, 1260x1500, Watatsuki.jpg)
This is a wonderful and beautiful day. The sky is blue, the sun is bright, the roses are red, and, somewhere, Eirin is angrily shouting something.
You slowly crawl back inside the room, careful not to make any noise. Eirin's laboratory is next to this room, so if you make any noise, she'll find you instantly. And you're ready to bet that she won't be nice. Well, you have to be frank. She's nice enough to keep you alive. That's something. She could've let you die. No bother. But instead of that, she decided to keep you alive -barely. You're still very weak, and you can barely walk. But at least, you're not coughing any more. When you asked her, she told you that she was going to send you back to the Moon. Told you that what Toyohime was planning couldn't be worse than anything she planned herself. Then, she called you a nuisance again, and declared that sending you to the Moon was a mistake, but that she stopped caring about that. Then, she mentioned something about the moon being Tsukuyomi's responsibility.
So, as a revenge, you sneaked in her new-and-recently-rebuild laboratory, and you removed all the labels. You quickly burned them after that. So Eirin has, like, maybe thirty, forty bottle of medicines and/or dangerous chemical products (not sure if there's a difference), and she has no idea which one is the acetylsalicylic acid, and which one is the nitroglycerin. That's kind of petty, but considering that she's the only one able to keep you alive, you don't want to really piss her off. You just want her to respect you. After all, you're a first-class biologist, you're not some dumb laboratory assistant.
You briefly considered the possibility of poisoning her, but you decided that it would be stupid.
But now that you think about it, it may be interesting. Because, as you said before, you're dying. Lunar dust poisoning. And Eirin isn't letting you study this, and she's therefore stopping you from healing yourself. If you poison her, you can probably blackmail her. An antidote for an antidote. You just have to hope that she's not as good as she boasted, otherwise she may be able to make herself an antidote in retaliation, and heal herself.
Oh man, she's really pissed off. You close your mouth, breathing quietly, and you softly place your ear against the paper wall, listening carefully.
“I'm here, Master. What can I do?”
“Find him!”
“Who shall I find, Master?”
“That stupid human who dared to step in my laboratory!”
“All right, Master.”
You hear several footsteps, and the sound of a door closing. Eirin didn't noticed it yet, right? She didn't-
You briefly moan in pain. Eirin's quite the screamer, and, being so close, you're pretty sure that you're now half-deaf.
“What now, Master?”
“Changing my plan. I'll hunt him, and you fix this.”
“Fix what, Master?”
“Label. Missing. Fix that. Where's the other rabbit?”
“Probably taking care of the injured mercenary, Master.”
More footsteps, and the door is brutally closed. You stay still for some seconds, until Udonge sighs.
“You should avoid that, you know? Master is usually nice, but if you mess with her researches, she can be terrible.”
You jump. She's doing it again, making you feel how superior she is, and how easily she can detect you. But she's still nice enough to not sell you to Eirin, and you're grateful for that. Speaking through the paper wall, you answer her lecture.
“She's keeping me alive, and I'm grateful, but I can't stand her arrogant attitude, and her constant 'I can kill you if I want' speech.”
“The Master is a goddess. If you piss her off, she won't kill you. She'll turn you into an immortal being, and throw you into the Sun.”
“What? Seriously?”
“Seriously. She can seriously do that.”
You get up with difficulty, and you slowly walk into Eirin's laboratory.
“Bah. Guess I'm going to help you a bit, then.”
“Thank you.”
She says that, but she's not smiling. You grab the nearest bottle, open it, and take a deep breath.
“Chloroform. That one was easy. Got a paper?”
“On the desk. Ouch! That's one is acid. So, what are you going to do?”
“That one's barbiturate. Can't say more without detailed analysis. About what?”
“Why do I keep picking acids? About being send to the Moon, I mean? You're not one to give up, I learned that pretty quickly.”
“Lemme take care of that. Go here, it's mostly perfume, you should be fine. Well, honestly, I don't really know. I mean, I enjoy pissing off Eirin, but she's right. I'm dying. If I decide to escape and run away, I will probably die from blood loss, or get eaten by some weird beast.”
“Mmm, lavanda. My favourite. Since the Hakurei girl is back from the grave, the land is safer than before. I also heard that Lady Yakumo is trying to rebuild the Border.”
“Argh, that one was nasty. Probably sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. What about that border?”
“Plastic gloves on the desk. Take them. The Border will seal this land. Nobody comes in, nobody comes out. If you can survive on your own long enough for the border to be restored, you'll be safe from Lady Toyohime.”
“I appreciate the attention, but I'll gladly go to the Moon if I can see Yorihime again. Hell, I'll gladly die for this.”
“But Lady Yorihime isn't on the moon.”
You almost drop the bottle you're holding.
“Wait, wait, WAIT! Tell me more! Where is she? Is she safe?”
“Well, as far as I know, she's safe.”
Udonge was slightly hesitating here. You wonder if...
“Don't call me lik-”
“Are you telling me the truth?”
“Of course I am. Lady Yorihime is currently somewhere near the old Kyoto city. Her last letter said so.”
“Letter? You've been receiving letters from her?” Udonge's face quickly changes when hearing that. She's mentally thinking 'oh, crap', you bet. “What with that face? Something I shouldn't know? Tell me.”
“Well, I can't-”
You're screaming that at Udonge's face. As soon as she mentioned Yorihime's name, you stopped working, instead walking to her. Now, she's facing, and her face is pretty close to your. Or is it the opposite?
“I... I can't-”
“AH! I heard you!” Says a angry voice coming from behind you. You don't need to look, you know who's here. “Intimidating my assistant, are you? That's not nice. Should I reduce your medicine dose and let you choke on your own blood?”
You quickly grabs Udonge, and turns toward Eirin, using the rabbit girl as a shield.
“Stand back! I have a rabbit, and I'm not afraid to use it! STAND BACK!”
“W-w-wait! What are you doing?”
But the brain of the moon isn't impressed. Instead, she coldly stares at you.
A brief moment passes, the three of you locked in a stalemate situation, until Reisen arrives running, screaming for no reason.
“The Commander is missing! I went to his room, but he's nowhere to be seen! Do you... What's happening here?”
Quickly, Eirin grabs the clueless rabbit, and uses her as a shield, just like you.
“HA-HA! Now YOU surrender, because I, too, have a rabbit! And I certainly won't hesitate a single second before using it!”
You're legitimately pissed off.
“Hey, that's not fair! That was my idea!”
“A genius knows how to adapt! And I'm a genius! And a god, too!”
“Hell, I am the genius here! I'm so geniusly genius that my work on a virus was stolen and used in a terrorist attack!”
“And you call that genius? I made an elixir who turns people into immortal beings!”
“I had to run away from England!”
“I had to run away from the Moon!”
“The rabbit I'm holding hostage is smarter than your rabbit!”
“The rabbit I'm holding hostage is cuter than yours!”
“Wait? No she's not!”
“Yes she is!”
“Mister Moriarty, a letter from the Underground.”
Throwing Reisen away, you walk to the terrace, and take the letter from the talking crow's beak.
“Thank you. I guess.”
You hear a loud glass crash behind you. Look like Eirin fell on something. Not giving a damn about that, you open the letter.

“Dear Moriarty,
First, let me tell you how much I hate you. I'm writing this letter from my room, which I'm still using. It appears that I don't own any smart pet, smart enough to unblock that goddamn door. Once I'm done with this letter, I'm going to slide it under the door.
Second, I suspect you took Koishi by force. Let me tell you how despicable and childish is it from you, throwing a tantrum and taking things by force.
Wait, no. Not 'things'. I meant 'person'. Not 'things'.
Third, let me tell you how much I hate you since I'm closed here. I counted, and there are 1,583,199,976 stones in this room. If the word “hate” was engraved on each stone, it would not equal 1,000,000,000,000 of the hate I feel for you.
Fourth, let me tell you that you are what I call a 'decadent' human. You don't belong to this world, and you'll never be. You're a dinosaur from another age, and you'll never be able to live.
Fifth, you suck. Seriously.

I hate you,
Komeiji Satori.

PS: Make sure my sister is back once I'll get out, or I'll swear I'll rip your guts out!!!”

Again another love letter. It's getting boring, being so popular.
Oh. With the agitation, you almost forgot about the mad goddess.
“You can't blame me for this! I'm crazy!”
“I'm crazy too! And I blame you for this!”

And so, after a difficult and really complicated investigation, it appeared that Butler -called Commander by Reisen for some weird reason- escaped the Eientei, after releasing a totally random gas to cover his tracks. Fortunately, being completely retarded, he just released some kind of laughing gas, made by Eirin herself. After that, as a punishment for making a prank on her, Eirin kicked you in the knee, forcing you to walk with a walking stick. Oh, and she also ordered the rabbits to stop feeding you. But you're still preparing you revenge!

So, right now, you're supposed to be locked in your room, with a sprained ankle, no food, and Reisen guarding you. When you asked her why you were locked, Eirin told you she didn't wanted you to 'ruin everything'. There's something going on, and you're going going to find it out! You started by suffocating Reisen with your pillow until she passed out, and then you put her in your own bed. If someone check, he'll see someone sleeping. Nothing suspicious. Slowly sneaking your way to the main entrance, you casually steal a rice ball on your way.
Hearing a noise, you quickly hide in the closest room, and you wait here. You can hear someone speaking, but it's one-sided. Someone is soliloquizing?
“Don't go... Please...”
You slowly opens the door, sneaking your way back in the corridor.
“Don't leave me.”
Wait a minute? Is that's Udonge's voice? Poking the paper wall, you casually peek. Yes, it's Udonge. Soundly sleeping. She a sleep-talker? You didn't know that! But you never slept with her, so that's not totally surprising. The most surprising part is why Udonge is sleeping during the day.
Not your business. Perhaps Eirin doesn't need her or something like that. That's not your business.

You finally make your way to the entrance, a walking stick in a hand, and a rice ball in another. You briefly wonder why you're still holding that rice ball, and then you remember why you took it in the first place. There are always a few rabbits to keep the main entrance. Well 'keeping it' meaning in this case 'playing in'. You give them the rice ball, and they let you pass. Isn't that nice?
Passing through the main entrance, you finally manage to get out the Eientei, and see the bright sun. That's nice and warm.

And then, you see her. Walking toward you, followed by another girl, with long black hair, a long and sophisticated dark skirt, and a pink shirt. But you just had a glimpse of that other girl. The only one interesting you the only leading the way. Long blue hair, tied into a ponytail, wearing an old and dirty dark red dress with a strap on the right, over a gray and dirty shirt.
You instantly regret not shaving yourself this morning. You must be ugly right now, with your long hair, your short beard, and your partially-burned clothes. You shoulda took a shower, new clothes, make yourself handsome, not having pissed Eirin off, and, and... Bah, too late anyway. You're seeing the woman you love, after two hundreds years, and you look like someone who went through hell. Well, basically, it's the case. You know, since you're a dying resurrected corpse, you can say that you really went through hell. Twice.
The woman walks to you.
“Hello. Is Master Yagokoro here? I'm here, with the Princess, as we decided.”
“... Yes....”
You try to say 'It's me! I love you! I forgot to tell you last time, but I love you!'. But it doesn't come out.
“Do I know you? Your face is familiar. By the way, I forgot to present myself. My name is-”
“I know you.” Dropping your walking stick, you walk, and you hug her. “And you missed me. A lot.”
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Edited version. Slighty changed some dialogues, fixed a few typos.
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File 132274881046.jpg - (51.87KB, 544x548, soft warm feeling.jpg)
soft warm feeling

The wait was so worth it.
Delete Post
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That was gold.I really enjoyed this story and would like to see more of it.I applaud you good sir!
Image Source
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File 132322342664.png - (603.44KB, 1373x1528, She'll cut your balls.png)
She'll cut your balls
“Can you believe it? That Bunbunmaru Newspaper is saying aloud that you took control of the Eientei and that you're the one in charge!” Screams Eirin. You wince in pain, kind of annoyed by the sudden loud volume.
Swiftly, the Princess takes the newspaper from Eirin's hands, and read it aloud.
“The Mad Doctor is back to the Eientei! An epic Doctor Showdown! A human Doctor versus the Lunarian Doctor!”
Quickly, Yorihime takes the newspaper from the Princess's hands, and read it aloud.
“The Doctor Moriarty apparently defeated Eirin Yagokoro, the so-called Brain of the Moon! Does that mean he's going to take over the Eientei for real?”
You take the newspaper from Yorihime's hands.
“Hey, festival near the Hakurei Shrine to celebrate the Hakurei's resurrection!”
Not amused, Eirin takes again the newspaper from you, and start explaining you in very nice terms that you're alive thank to her, that she's wonderful, and that you're nothing but a cockroach. You try to argue, but your argumentation is mostly composed of 'hey, that's not very nice' or 'no, you'.
“How dare that crow, to even suggest that my genius mind might be equaled by your? That's impossible! I'm a genius, and a goddess! I created medicine all by myself! There's no way an ape can be as brilliant as me! No way! That's impossible.”
Watching Eirin getting angry is kind of funny, but she's really insulting. Perhaps you should find some way to shut her mouth for real?
“Hey, Eirin, why don't you ask her?”
“It's Master Eirin for you!”
Not answering anything, you point to the girl sitting on the fence. What's her name already?
“Ayayaya, don't mind me! Keep on! That was funny to see the Brain of the Moon showing her true face.”
You instinctively recoil, just like everyone else in the room. Eirin's annoyed and half-angry face disappeared, replaced by a mask of pure calm and indifference. And, for some reason, two lunarians princesses, a whole bunch of rabbit, and yourself are more scared by the calm than by the angry Eirin.
“Showing my true face? Now you're saying silly things again, you crow. Why don't you come closer and have a nice little chat?”
“I don't mind!”
Getting on your feet with difficulties, you slowly and silently limp your way out of the room. You don't know what's going to happen between that crow and Eirin, and quite frankly, you don't want to know. You just want to get the fu- the freak out.

“Almost there, almost there...”
You whisper, trying to motivate yourself. Just a few meters, and you're safe. For now, anyway. But you won't be able to make it! Curse your weak body! You can't even walk a few freaking steps?!
As you begin falling, Yorihime quickly grabs you and take you away from this cursed room, leaving Eirin and the crow alone. Udonge closes the door behind you, protecting your eyes from the horrible and possibly gruesome scene about to happens.
You try to catch your breath, but just walking tired you a lot. You feel really weak and useless. That's kind of frustrating.
Silently, everyone is waiting. Everyone wants to ask the same thing, but nobody dares. Nobody but Reisen.
“Mmm, Princess Kaguya?”
“Yes, Inaba?”
The black-haired princess answers with an excessive polite tone.
“I never saw Master Yagokoro like that. Does it happen often?”
The Princess chuckles a bit, and answers in a cryptic tone.
“No. Only when she thinks she's considered as a second.”
Having caught your breath, you ask.
“Second? She wants to be the first?”
Smiling broadly, the Princess snaps her fingers together, and answer happily.
“Exactly! I'm surprised you understood her so quickly! That's exactly that! She's a genius, so she's the best at everything!”
This time, it's Yorihime who asks.
“Do you have any idea about what's going to happen?”
The Princess's answer is vague.
“Not a clue. She might do something stupid, dangerous and/or unnecessary to proves that she's the best, or she may simply-”
She's interrupted by a loud scream coming from the room. That doesn't sound like Eirin, so you're ready to bet that the crow-girl was served.

You hesitate for a while, but Yorihime cuts you.
“So, you were explaining me how you disappeared for two hundreds years after promising me you'll be by my side until the time you die.”
You quickly glance at her. Yep, she's still angry. Time to use your wonderful voice to convince her that what you're going to tell her is the truth.
“Well, you see, I have a very good explanation! The truth is that I was killed, and then I came back from the grave!”
You can hear Udonge sighing, and everyone else slowly recoiling. Your stomach is sinking like the Titanic, and a cold chill runs down your spine.
“Do you want me to punch you in the face?”
“Nononono! Listen, I'm really saying the truth, and-”
You're gradually panicking. You consider yourself as a cold and collected individual, and you never panic. Even when you're facing a zombie girl, even when followed by an angry horned mob, even when fighting the Brain of the Moon with your bare hands. And yet, in front of an empty-handed lunarian woman, you're panicking. That's pathetic.
“Do you know that I was exiled from the Moon, after... our meeting?”
“Listen, Yorihime, I'm-”
“That's enough. I brought Master Yagokoro and Kaguya here, and once they're back to the Moon, maybe I'll be forgiven. In the meanwhile, I don't want to see you any more.”
You try to say something, but you feel like someone stabbed your heart with an ice dagger, freezing your whole body. Your mouth is paralyzed in a half-grimace.
Not caring about your opinion, Yorihime just turns around and walks away. While you just stay here. Motionless.

You're dying. Lunar dust poisoning. Slowly killing you. Thanks to “Master” Eirin Yagokoro, you don't feel any pain, and you're not coughing blood any more. However, you're weak. You can barely walk, and you have to use a walking stick each time you get out of your room. Still, you can be optimist, for many reasons. First is, you're not really human. You're more like, a mongrel. You're a human, but your heart is youkai-like. Not sure how it works, but those mirror shards you used aren't naturals. Probably youkais, in fact. And you can reanimate a body with them. Well, your own body is probably “infected” with them. Analysis asides, you noticed that having those shards embedded in you made you more resilient. You don't know the details, and you can't really research that yourself. Second thing allowing to be optimist is the fact that Toyohime is coming, so you probably won't be allowed to agonize. According to Reisen, Toyohime will arrives using a lunarian portal device, at the full moon. That gives you one week to prepare.
However, while you can move your body with mere willpower, you're kind of destroyed right now by Yorihime's words. You can almost say that your mind is broken. For years, you walked alone, almost turning crazy, consoling yourself with your memories, and now...
“Everything is gone...”
You slowly slide against the paper wall, sitting on the floor. Nothing is important, hu?
Half-singing, you can feel it. Your brain is working again. From chilly-ice-cold, it goes into volcano-hot-hell mode. Well, you still can't think properly, but at least, you're thinking.
Reisen waves her hand in front of you, but you don't notice her. Too busy thinking.
She doesn't believe you. Yorihime, the only woman you love, is not believing you. And you know that she's very stubborn. In short, that's done for you. You can't follow her. You can't be near her. But you still can love her. So what's the problem?
“Excuse me?”
Everything was fine and perfect. You, the former biological gunsmith, and her, the lunarian princess. And then, that other lunarian girl came. Toyohime. She ruined everything! That's her fault! That's it! Her fault! THAT'S HER FREAKING FAULT! Until now, you tried to be nice and stuff, you tried to avoid unnecessary killing, and you were really happy when you heard that the lunarian priest didn't die during your bullying (until you understood that he was responsible for your poisoning), but that's over!
This is your new plan! Ambush Toyohime, and kill her! That won't bring you back Yorihime, but at least, you'll get your revenge!
“I know...”
“Are you talking to yourself?”
Finally, you notice the moon bunny in front of you. Working for Toyohime.
“Now, you...” You grab her collar, and pulls her close to you. “Mind telling me where I can find the Butler? That guy you called Commander?”
“AH! H-h-he's not here any more!”
“I know. Where is he?”
“I don't know! Please let me go!”
“I call that bullshit. You knew him, right? You must know him. Tell me where he is.”
“I honestly have no idea! Please let me go!”
You release her.

All right, so here's the plan. You are dying. You can probably fix yourself temporary by mixing painkillers and adrenalin, but that won't last. Long story short, in your current state, you probably can't defeat Toyohime. So here's what you're going to do: you have one week before the full moon. You have to find a way to kill Toyohime, one way or another. Everything is good.
Sitting in a remote part of the Eientei garden, you briefly chuckle.
“That won't be easy. Eirin is an exile, and she fought with her bare knuckles. Toyohime, on the other hand, is a real lunarian princess, and she'll probably use lot of gadgets.”
Closing your mouth, you briefly remember that sword Yorihime used against you when you tried to take over the moon. That sword that grows many blades when stick in the ground. You also, but barely remember Toyohime's fan. You tried to sabotage that thing, but it's been two centuries. So she'll use it.
“So much things to calculate...”
There's also a huge probability that she'll bring another weapon that you don't know. After all, if the lunarian civilization is that advanced, they'll have more than 2 weapons. And you have only a week. Just a goddamn week.
“I'm really too old for that horseshit, but if it's the last thing I do, I'll do it perfectly.”
Using your walking stick, you slowly get up. Time to get things done.

[] Go ask Eirin about the lunar civilization.
[] Go ask Udonge about the rabbits groups that Yorihime and Toyohime were leading.
[] Yorihime mentioned an exile. Go interrogate Reisen until she talks.
[] You'll need friends for this. Try to contact Renko or that fox lady.
[] You'll need someone reliable for this. Try to find Butler:
-[] Ask Reisen. Again. And again.
-[] If that newspaper is that well-informed, there's probably something...
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File 132322394046.jpg - (44.52KB, 435x497, 4_round_curcles.jpg)
You're free to take any options. Or maybe all of them if you want to.
If there are too many retarded votes, I'll just suspend them and turn this CYOA into a boring story. Not in the mood to deal with people voting randomly.

Also, probably many typos. Sorry about that. not in the mood to proofread. Wanted to write. Too worried, can't sleep. Fucking 3:05AM. Supposed to sleep, but can't sleep. So writing.
Anyway, before you go all "Yorihime lol moonbitch lol", keep in mind the character's situation. And don't use "lol". It makes you look poor and hatless.
Also, Toyohime is coming in a week, but that doesn't mean there's a time limit. You're free to vote for whatever option. Retarded write-ins will be ignored. Don't make me regret opening votes.
Also, I tried to keep that story untouched, but if you feel that the story turned suddenly more grimdark (grimdarker? Not sure if correct), tell me and I'll try to correct it. It's supposed to be a funny story. Dammit.

Just author's notes. Too long. No place to write about my fucking life. Good night. Have fun. Used to be depressed too. And then I got an arrow in the knee.
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[] Yorihime mentioned an exile. Go interrogate Reisen until she talks.

we must make her realize it's not our fault.
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Everything you say, my good man? Why sure!

[x] Go ask Eirin about the lunar civilization.
[x] Go ask Udonge about the rabbits groups that Yorihime and Toyohime were leading.
[x] Yorihime mentioned an exile. Go interrogate Reisen until she talks.
[x] You'll need friends for this. Try to contact Renko or that fox lady.
[x] You'll need someone reliable for this. Try to find Butler:
-[x] Ask Reisen. Again. And again.
-[x] If that newspaper is that well-informed, there's probably something...
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[x] Yorihime mentioned an exile. Go interrogate Reisen until she talks.
Delete Post
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[x] Yorihime mentioned an exile. Go interrogate Reisen as hard as you can.

Resistance will not be tolerated.
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[x] Go ask Eirin about the lunar civilization.
[x] Go ask Udonge about the rabbits groups that Yorihime and Toyohime were leading.
[x] Yorihime mentioned an exile. Go interrogate Reisen until she talks.
[x] You'll need friends for this. Try to contact Renko or that fox lady.
[x] You'll need someone reliable for this. Try to find Butler:
-[x] Ask Reisen. Again. And again.
-[x] If that newspaper is that well-informed, there's probably something...

Wall me.
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File 132365180140.jpg - (207.92KB, 800x1000, That's illegal you know.jpg)
That's illegal you know
[x] Yorihime mentioned an exile. Go interrogate Reisen until she talks.

Well, you did said something about focusing on Toyohime, and how to slowly and painfully extract your revenge from her agonizing body, but you can't focus on everything right now, being too bothered with Yorihime's painful words.
“Do you know that I was exiled from the Moon, after... our meeting?”
What does it have to do with you? That's bothering you. Like, a lot. Like when you're working on something important, like your thesis, and then your roommate arrives and screams “BLEIGH ALFALFA BRETHEN!” and then you scream “BRYCH WAEDLYD!” and you punch him in the nuts.
No, focus. There's something fishy here. You should move with precision, but carefully. After all, everything in the Eientei knows that you and Toyohime will probably fight to death next time you meet. They must ignore the fact that you're preparing yourself for this.

Limping back to the mansion, you call for the only one able to ease your mind right now, using your softer tone.
The Eientei walls are shaking as your voice resounds along the corridors. Probably causing several heart attacks on the way. You quietly sit on the terrace, smiling as you hear quick footsteps.
“Special Unit Reisen, reporting! Oh, wait, it's you.”
“Good day Reisen. Sit here, on the terrace.”
“Listen, I don't have to play with you, I have to-”
Frankly surprised by your sudden outburst, the bunny girl sits on the terrace, crossing her legs in a typical japanese fashion. You never understood why they sit like that. You tried once, it hurts a lot.
“You know, in your current state, I can probably defeat you.”
“How nice of you. Mind if I ask a few questions?”
“I was expecting something like that...”
Trying to reassure her, you smile.
“Just some questions. I won't try anything funny. Besides, you're right. Can't really do much.”
Her ears bending backward, she cries out loud. You're really vexed, but that sounded sincere. That's even more insulting like that.
“Ugh. Fine. Tell me, if you can overpower me like you think, why are you still here? Instead of doing... whatever you do?”
She sighs, and start talking in a casual tone.
“I am Lady Toyohime's personal pet. In a way, I'm her bodyguard, but in fact, I was rather used as a lie detector. Following Lady Toyohime, and telling her through discrete gestures if the person in front of her was lying or saying the truth. I'm not as athletic as Reisen- I mean as the other Reisen, but I know how people react. And I know that if you don't get what you want, you'll do something stupid.”
“Like what?”
“I honestly have no idea. I just feel that you're... what's the term? Cornered. You're cornered, and heartbroken-”
“That's enough.” You're harsher than you intend to. The fact that a person you scorned and considered as useless could read you that easily got on your nerves, probably. That, or Yorihime's words are still tormenting you. “What's the deal with Yorihime? She mentioned an exile. Tell me more about it.”
Hearing that, Reisen fidgets for a while, unsure about the good words to use.
“It's... political. I'm a moon rabbit, mostly used as a pet. I'm not really into political matters, but as far as I know, Lady Yorihime was... compromised.”
“UH? What was that? A scandal? Some kind of Watergate?”
“Umm... It's more like... a Moriartygate, if I got this term right.”
“... What?”
Restless under your stare, Reisen is more and more anxious. Truth to be told, you begin to regret the wastelands. You were alone, and half-crazy, but at least, you had hope. And nobody could read your mind out here. Here, you're safe, without any monster to eat you, but you don't have any hope.
“I'm really not sure about that, but it has something to do with her position in the Royal Family. But I really don't know much about that, you should ask someone else.”
“Fine, fine, no question about the royal family. What does it have to do with me?”
The rabbit stares at you, looking surprised.
“You really don't know? Lady Yorihime is a moon princess. She compromised herself with you, an earthling, and moreover an invader who came to wipe the lunar capital.”
You look away, scratching your cheek.
“Ah, yeah. I can see now why her position was... kind of difficult.”
“It was a miracle that she wasn't sentenced as a traitor to the capital.”
Clenching your teeth, you glance at Reisen again. She's looking absentmindedly at the sky, trying to remember some detail from the past.
“Traitor? Seriously?”
“Try to see things from a lunarian perspective, Doctor. You came from the Earth, apparently without any plan, so everyone knew there was something fishy with you before you even landed. Lady Yorihime decided to take you alive to understand what was going on, and you assassinated her husband.”
“It was a fair fight. I had a shotgun and he had a sword. I won.”
Not big surprise. Even a fast, tough, and strong lunarian lord dies when shot in the fact at pointblank by a shotgun.
“Anyway, you probably have no idea of this, but a lord being killed by an alien is quite a shock. Especially when Lady Yorihime protected you. Some people started whispering, and... well that's all I know.”
“What does it have to do with Yorihime being kicked?”
“She was never kicked from the moon. She exiled to avoid the lunar court.”
That's not Reisen's voice.
You turn around, only to see the black-haired girl who was following Yorihime.
“Oh. Good day.” What's her name already? “Princess...”
“We weren't presented. Allow me to introduce myself.” You get up, helping yourself with your walking stick. “Princess Houraisan Kaguya. Nice to meet you, Doctor Troublemaker.”
You smile warmly, and answer in a mocking tone.
“Troublemaker is my second name. But you may call me James, and I'll call you Princess.”
“Oh please, don't. Eirin and the Inaba are all calling me like that. Call me Houraisan, or Kaguya if you prefer.”
“Fine, Kaguya. Reisen, dismiss.”
That was a very polite way to say 'get the fu-freak out of here'. You're becoming polite, that's nice.
Nodding, the rabbit quickly walks away, leaving the two of you alone on the terrace.
“Shall we sit? Lunar matters are serious but tiresome businesses, and we shall make ourselves comfortable before talking about them.”
Following her advice, you sit again on the warm wood, while the Princess take a small cushion out of nowhere and sit on it.
“Soo, Kaguya, you said something about avoiding the lunar court?”
The Princess chuckles softly.
“The Lunar Court is a nasty one. One can't meet them and escape untouched, for they are brutal and merciless. For them, the Lunar Capital is the first priority. Everything else, like the lunarian citizens' happiness, is secondary, or maybe even unnecessary.”
“From your speech, I think you met them once, right?”
“As surprising as it may seem, I didn't. But Eirin did.”
You wait for her to continue, but she doesn't.
“And? What happened?”
“Do you know what is the saddest thing in the world?”
What the hell does it have to do with you? And what with the sudden distant tone?
“No. Tell me?”
“Having to bury your own daughter.”
You try to say something, but nothing comes to mind.
“I'm not talking about me, of course. But I acknowledge this as the saddest thing in the world. You should never be forced to bury your own flesh and blood.”
“That's what Eirin tried to fix. They tried to create a medicine able to protect one from death.”
You finally regain control of your mouth.
“Like an immortality elixir?”
Kaguya's answer is firm, and without any hesitation.
“I don't understand.”
“My bad, I chose the wrong words. I meant premature death.”
“I see...”
You think you begin to understand, but you're not totally sure.
“Eirin's goal was to create an elixir able to protect one from death, while not preserving him from time. With that medicine running in his blood, one could endure wounds and sickness, and yet still lives like any healthy person.”
“But something went wrong...”
“Exactly. Eirin's first experiments resulted in failures. She created a medicine that could stop death and time at once. She created that cursed elixir, and I named it Hourai.”
“And you consumed it.”
That's not a question.
“I did. And I regret nothing. Being part of the Royal Family meant a perfect life, but one can't appreciate happiness unless one tests pain and despair. As a Royal Princess, I had a wonderful life, but I craved for freedom. Eirin brought me freedom, even if she didn't wanted it.”
“I was judged as a victim, and yet sentenced to live a pitiful life on Earth.”
You don't really like the idea of Earth being a prison.
“Judging from your current situation, that wasn't the case.”
“Eirin's punishment was far worse. Judged as the mastermind, she was forbidden any experiment.”
“I can relate to that.”
For a scientist like you, being unable to experiment is like being encased in stone. You still have things you want to check, researches to be done, and yet you can't.
“The rest of my story does not matter to you, therefore I will cut it short, and tell you the truth. Yorihime was judged by the Lunar Court, but rather than being sentenced, she exiled herself to escape punishment. Trust me, even if she's bitter and blames you for everything, it's still better than what they planned for her.”
“Tell me.”
Your question is motivated by two reasons. The first is some kind of morbid curiosity, while the other is your need of a motive to hate the lunarian even more.
“Traitors to the Lunar Capital are drown in the Sea of Tranquility.”
“Sounds nasty.”
“I can assure you this is. The Sea of Tranquility isn't filled with water, but with sins. It is basically what keeps the Lunar Capital so pure, as every sin is absorbed into the Sea of Tranquility.”
“Sounds really nasty.”
“And yet, you do not know the worse. Should Yorihime be sentenced for treason, it will be the Lunar Defense's responsibility to comply the sentence.”
“Hold on... You mean that Toyohime will be forced to drown Yorihime?”
“Yes. That is why Yorihime exiled, rather than being executed by her own sister.”
You close your eyes and pinch your nose. So, while you were walking in the wastelands, risking your life, Yorihime has to leave her own family to avoid execution. And you though that your life were shitty, you found worse.
“My god.”
“I knew you would be saying that.”
You can hear her moving, as she's preparing to leave. You open your eyes again, looking at her.
“Wait, please, Kaguya!”
“What is it?”
“Why are you telling me this?”
She smiles.
“I like happy endings. Work hard, and maybe you'll win it. In the meanwhile, you can ask me anything, and I'll answer.”

[] Ask Kaguya:
-[] About the Royal Family and how it works. Is she Yorihime's cousin or something like that?
-[] About the Butler guy. She probably knows something useful about him.
[] Try to contact Renko or the fox lady.
[] Try to find a weapon, inside or outside the Eientei. You'll ask Udonge for information. Don't mention a weapon, just say you need... special tools.
[] Rest. Everybody needs rest. And read that newspaper Eirin threw at you earlier.


I'm not sure that everything in this update is canon, but I think that Toyohime did said something about the Sea of Tranquility unable to accomodate life. So I just stretched that a little.
Also, Kaguya's speech is probably a bit grimdark (LOL GRIMDARK), but I think that it fits her perfectly (immortal, etc...). And since tomorrow I'm burying my cousin, I'm not in the mood for a funny update.
And, yes, I consider Lunarian as a bunch of nasty bastards. And that's canon! Sending Kaguya on the Earth as a punishment? So it's basically a punition to live on Earth? Bunch of hatless bastards. THEY'LL NEVER GET THE BEATLES!
EDIT: Fixed several little errors.
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By the way, "brych waedlyd" means "bloody placenta", while "bleigh alfalfa brethen" means... well I'm not too sure about that. Probably something like "bwaaa alfalfa salad".
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[x] Ask Kaguya:
-[x] About the Royal Family and how it works. Is she Yorihime's cousin or something like that?
[x] Try to contact Renko or the fox lady.
[x] consider asking the Miko for help.
This last one may or may not be a joke
[x] Ask the Author for help this feels helpless an we must save our selves and more importantly regain Yorihime's love
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[X] Try to contact Renko or the fox lady.
[X] Try to contact the reanimated Miko.
[X] This is a meeting. It is made of findings and information exchange.
Now that the law's in town again, we need to make use if it.
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File 132373132053.png - (241.33KB, 624x352, vlcsnap-2011-11-14-00h33m20s85.png)
>Ask the Author for help this feels helpless an we must save our selves and more importantly regain Yorihime's love
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File 132390188153.jpg - (146.29KB, 400x400, Ddyk's self portrait.jpg)
Ddyk's self portrait
[x] Ask the Author for help this feels helpless an we must save our selves and more importantly regain Yorihime's love

You need a good plan. Better than your current plan, if possible.
What's your current plan, already? Ha, yeah, going against a jealous woman. Said woman using some kind of nuclear fan. If it touches, you'll be blown to smithereens. Again. And it hurts, so you would rather avoid being turned into dust.

You need a good advice, so you decide to ask the “All-Mighty And All Wonderful God Who Knows All And Who's Writing His Title With Capitals, the author”.
“Hey! Author?”
From the sky, a powerful and mighty voice resonates all over the Eientei.
“Busy playing Skyrim. What's the deal, I can't punch thalmor to death now? Why are you bothering me?”
“Just a quick question! What am I supposed to do?”
“You're supposed to do as Anon says.”
“What if Anon decides me to punch Toyohime?”
“Well, that was VERY useful from you.”
“Listen kid. Your plan is basically to defeat a lunarian. Those guys were basically humans, and now they're more or less gods. In short, your plan is basically to defeat an armed to the teeth god.”
“Said like that...”
“So, long story short, you can't do it alone, nor with your bare hands. Find something to use against her. I dunno, use a poison, that's your perk!”
“That would be cheap.”
“Yeah, because she's not going to blow you once she sees you.”
You hesitate for a while. You know that the “All-Mighty And All Wonderful God Who Knows All And Who's Writing His Title With Capitals, the author” will probably spoils the story. But you decide to ask him anyway.
“What should I do?”
“Argh, I just want to play Skyrim! Why are you crashing?”
“And for my question?”
“Dammit! Listen, boy, as I said, either you find something useful against her, either you ask for someone's help. Toyohime isn't really popular, and even Eirin might say something useful for you if you know how to use it.”
“And what about Yorihime?”
“You have the choice about that.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, it's really simple about that, all you have to do is
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And with that, thread reached autosage.
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.... Fucking brilliant.
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that ".sock" made my day.

For no reason.
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