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File 146885949517.jpg - (6.13KB, 200x140, Hakurei shrine.jpg) [iqdb]
Home is where the Donation Box is

So this is my first story here so let me give you a little info. My stories will have a simplified skill system that is based on what you encounter in the story itself. After all no point in spending points in paper mache if you never get the chance to use that skill right? Let me show you how it works.

At the start of any story I make something like this will show up.

Name: (What they are called)

Gender: (Male, Female, and so on)

Age: (How old they are)

Description: (What they look like)

Personality: (How they act)
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New thread: >>39699
[X] Wander around the village.

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File 14598673317.jpg - (74.08KB, 1019x598, Team-Fortress-2-Arena-Hakurei-Shrine-Map_1.jpg) [iqdb]
You are stepping off the bus, you have arrived at the college campus you will be teaching history classes at for the year. As you walk among the buildings trying to recall the lecture hall you were given your mind wanders. You remember the events leading up to this point.

You recall acing your SAT s in sophomore year of high school and getting bumped up a grade. You remember the countless hours of studying you dedicated to the history of the world. You remember denying yourself a social life to further your goals. You remember working your damnedest to get into Yale and graduate on the dean's list.

You remember the soul encompassing feeling of satisfaction when you graduated a year early and on TOP of the deans list. Now here you are. At the same place your grandfather taught history for thirty some odd years. You fulfilled your promise to him. You took his place so he would always know the students he cared so much for are getting the quality education they deserve.

… so why do you feel so…


After all, you're the youngest overly qualified teacher in this school's history. That's a hell of an accomplishment… right?

As you ponder your emotions you find your lecture hall. 'ah well.' you think to your self. 'after I teach for a while I’ll probably get right in the swing of things. I'm just a bit jittery on my first day.' when you open the doors an unexpected sight greets you.

A woman in a rather poofy dress is sitting by your podium. Before you can say anything she looks at you and stands up. She strides over to you in a way that you might call predatory. She looks at you strangely, her eyes almost seem to glow. After a while you decide to speak up but she interrupts immediately. “when your students arrive I’m going to help you play a prank on them.” she says in a casual manner. “what do you mean?” you ask.
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Please for the love of all that is good and just in this world capitalize your story's title and get someone to proof your updates. Shill on the irc if you need to, there's ninety people there with diddly to do.

I don't remember if I voted on this update, but:
[X]Jog every morning and after work. +30 Agility
[X] Do a project about Japanese history.
[X]Jog every morning and after work. +30 Agility
[X] Do a project about Japanese history

I'm not bothered by it.
I'm back.
life's been in te way lately, if any of you still want to be a part of this then i'm bringing back our professer freind for his october full of exersise and japanese history.

in late september after everything calms down.

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File 145085554316.jpg - (771.96KB, 723x1023, d8351990d322ff88678ddf33b60619ec.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey folks! New here to Touhou-project, and I've been sitting on this idea for a while. Will be posting it here, hoping for some good fun. Now sit back and enjoy the show!

Leaves crunched under my feet. I held my head up, staring straight on, looking for some kind of path to follow. Anything to take me back the way I came. A few glances around. No, nothing. The only way to go was forward.

The dark forest taunted me. Each passing second stretched on for an eternity. My shaking body never stopped. Fear and anxiety overtook me.

“H-hello?” I tried to yell. I wanted someone to come save me. “Is there anyone there? Hello?”

It felt like there was someone there. Someone beyond the thicket that had their eyes on me. If I didn’t keep walking, if I didn’t say anything, whatever was there was going to devour me.

Keep walking. Had to keep walking.

My legs moved, but my eyes didn’t. They were still fixed on the black between the leafless trees. Autumn air assaulted my face.

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File 146884409892.jpg - (227.44KB, 850x1153, sample-5a5bacabf301243504e3d9c398928f2e.jpg) [iqdb]
So it seems like people want to see the Riku Arc next. Alright, I'll see what I can do. Unless people want to see Yume more, then things get awkward.

Question: Do I change locations to the Forest of Magic, or do I just stick around here on this board?
Make the jump if you'd like.
File 146891440537.jpg - (143.91KB, 700x521, Tenshi5.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, I'll make the jump. I'll link back to this thread for people who haven't read the work or something. Thanks for the input!

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File 14545645106.jpg - (132.92KB, 850x1081, getundertheumbrella.jpg) [iqdb]
I am Kogasa Tatara. I am a karakasa. I have a serious issue.

I stand before the Myouren Temple today. There's this person I like, you see. but I don't know who to turn to for advice. Who should I ask?

[ ] The pretty Head Nun(Priest? Priestess?) Is always so helpful with these things, but can she really help with romantic advice?

[ ] That plain girl is nice, and she might be able to help. But that big, scary pink guy is supposed to be really nice, too. I might learn how to be scary AND get romantic advice if that's true!

[ ] The sailor girl is usually really fun to talk to! The thing is, I have no idea what her romantic advice would be like. It might be bad, but it also might be REALLY good, though.

[ ] Kyouko is a rock star, so she's surely had to deal with romance at some point. The 'sex, drugs and rock' lifestyle she leads might actually help here!'

[ ] There's supposed to be another girl here. She's kind of mysterious, though. I hear she's actually a mother, though, so she might be of help here, since she apparently knows enough to have a kid.

[ ] The big-sis tanuki is always giving me advice! And alcohol! A great combination! Maybe I can learn something from her AND get the confidence I need!
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[X] "Could you saw it out of me slowly? P-Please be gentle with me..."


Are you trying to put the moves on Nue instead?
So... Dead?
It's been a few months...

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File 145606439994.jpg - (240.21KB, 850x850, f78f37c21d42f01f29a223a347b54f23.jpg) [iqdb]
Not another story. But not exactly a one-shot.


“Oh, Myouren? What are you practicing now?”

Byakuren peeks over her brother’s shoulder, hunched over his own hands.

“Byakuren? I’m practicing some new magic for the upcoming journey. Some of the monks have been wondering what to do if some of the men in the village get lost.”

Stretching his prayer beads over his two forefingers for Byakuren to see, he wraps the beads over his ring finger and pinky. Then, he lets go of the beads with his other hand. The beads seem to jump from the first two fingers to the others.

Byakuren laughs. “That’s just a silly trick, isn’t it?”

Her brother does, too. “That might be. But this isn’t.”
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[X] Let him live

I think enough time has passed, so calling it. Writing.
[x] Rescue Myouren's soul from this hate criminal. Byakuren is someone close, so she should be able to separate the soul from the thief without killing anyone.

[x] If killing him is necessary, see if you can make him clinically dead just long enough to take the soul out, then resuscitate him. If Byakuren can perfect her body, she can control a body well enough for medical work.
File 145745703945.png - (357.79KB, 600x500, b88272eb24d5f0e52313d2319e087148.png) [iqdb]
[X] Let him live

This was first. So it's up first. Lots of things happened. But here you go.


Byakuren looks up at the man's face.

“Do it.” A trickle of blood drops falls from the corner of the man's mouth. “I'm ready.”

A needle stabs at the inside of Byakuren's mind. What this man has done is unforgivable to Myouren.

“Come on. Come on! Do it!”

Yet, even so.
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File 131768365436.png - (658.08KB, 600x800, Reporter and Guard.png) [iqdb]
It's been three months at least, I've been pestered with ever dwindling hope and enthusiasm, and I myself doubted I would continue this. And yet, here in /shrine/ I find myself posting a long-overdue update! Now try not to cuss me out for being slow too much.


I find myself waking up in the arms of a beautiful, naked woman after a night that felt more like a dream than anything else. In my case I'm being dead serious. The pleasure I felt and the fact that I was going at it with Letty really did feel like it was little more than a pleasant dream, especially since my sleep schedule is only now starting to shift to something more along the lines of what a normal person might have. ...Then again, the exertion last night might account for why I'm feeling sleepy and unproductive. I try to get out of bed to get myself cleaned up, but find that there are two problems with this: One, I apparently managed to join together with her in my sleep, and two, she's got a tight hold of me. I can't argue with the sensations and find myself wanting to sleep a little longer in her arms, but at the same time I can't just let myself be bound up in a pot of honey all day, no matter how nice it feels.

I shift my weight to at least roll myself toward the edge of the bed, but all that does is put her on top of me. Her soft body is pressing down on mine even harder than before, what with gravity assisting her own unconscious physical force, which is complicated yet further by the fact that she's running her tongue along my cheek. She nuzzles my neck a little bit after that and sighs in contentment. All that combined with her radiant warmth makes me wonder how in the world I'm supposed to get up from this.

...Though when I try to think about it, I can't recall anything pressing planned for today. I think I can let myself be swayed just this once...


Alight on the front porch, knock once, twice, three times~ "Ivan!" I call out to that leadhead once I do, and find that after a few minutes there's no sound of footsteps coming up to the door. I put my ear to the door just to make absolutely sure
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Even though I am told it's in bad form to necro a thread like this...

S.L.D.T. You still here? Need an idea of where to go?
What does S.L.D.T. even stand for?

Super Large Dino-Terror?
RIP in peace story. Your Rumia was god-tier.

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File 144654902413.png - (2.33MB, 868x1260, here goes nothing.png) [iqdb]
"Hey, Sekibanki!" I call, spotting a familiar face in the crowded market street.

"Oh, uh... Kogasa, wasn't it? It's been a while," the floating redhead replies. I fall into step beside her, my umbrella shading us both from the hot afternoon sun.

"What happened to the rest of you?" I ask. She sighs.

"To make a long story short, I got in over my head," she says. I resist the urge to roll my eyes. "Dr. Yagokoro told me to take it easy."

"That doesn't sound too bad."

"In Eientei. For a month."

"Wait, seriously!? What did you do to yourself!?"

"...I'd rather not talk about it," she says with a grimace.
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[x] An assistant librarian.
[x] An assistant librarian.
A very enjoyable reading so far. And a lovely Koa needed.
Thread 2: >>38909

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File 144660161242.jpg - (96.00KB, 707x500, shrine_village-view.jpg) [iqdb]
Day in, day out, it's always the same thing.

At the crack of dawn you're already up and en route to the village. It doesn't take long to get there when you can fly, though you try to stay low to the ground as you draw closer so as to not attract attention. Before entering the village you hide any obvious signs you don't belong and amble towards the store.

The man in charge is a geezer, as far as you're concerned. He always insists that he has a lot of life left in him, but you know better. People all die eventually, though you hope he hangs around for a while yet. After all, if he dies then you'll need to find a new job!

Anyway, after running into the old man and getting your morning greeting you get straight to work. It's not easy work, though the only hard part is settling for something so boring. These days you have the whole thing down to a routine, where you sweep after every ten or so customers that come through.

Occasionally the old man breaks his routine by having you sweep after a particularly messy guest, or by interrupting the constant breaks you allow yourself by having you help a customer get something off a shelf. Sometimes he even has you load what they bought into a cart for them, or sends you to help them carry it to their house!

None of that matters, though. The only thing that matters is when she comes through.

Every other day she stops in, usually carrying meat and vegetables she already bought elsewhere. Most of the time she'll just look at the old man's wares while talking to him, only occasionally buying something. Those are the best days, since you get to volunteer to help her carry whatever she bought.

Today is one of those days.
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Please stop being died. I really liked this one.
LIVE, damn you! ;_;

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File 144652430320.png - (42.74KB, 277x220, routine.png) [iqdb]

I continue to sweep the path. The newcomer’s voice is a routine and, as usual, she’ll swoop in and start talking whether or not I acknowledge her greeting.


She crashes right next to me. Leaves, branches, and other oddities in my neat pile are spread all over the path. My work is gone, but I don’t even blink. I’m used to it.

“Hi, Marisa,” I mutter, beginning my sweeping anew.

“Reimu, have ya heard about the ghost girl?”

I shrug noncommittally. Her greeting is abrupt, and follows a train of thought that I am not privy to; however, I have no need to ask questions, because she’ll just tell me everything.

“A little girl ‘as been showin’ up at night, terrorizin’ villagers.”
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Hi all.

We've done this for a week now. I went into this story with the mindset that it would be "low effort" and "fast." And while that is true when you compare it to my usual writing habits, it's not as easy as I had been hoping.

I am both studying for university and holding up a part-time job. Between these two things, I get little time for myself and using it all to write daily updates is taking its toll on my health. Ive been staying up until the early hours of the morning to write and in turn I've become more anxious than usual. I dont think this is solely from writing but it certainly has a hand in things.

I don't mean to go on about my personal issues; I just want to be transparent with you guys about this. Now, as I said before, it's been about a week. I've come to the conclusion that writing at this pace is too much for my life right now. Regrettably, I must drop out of the carnival. It was fun, and I wish the best of luck to all those still participating.

As for this story, I'm going to drop it. However, if down the road I can devote my full attention to this story, I may attempt a second go at it. If that day comes, I promise I will use the lack of a daily deadline to make it better in quality all around. As it is, writing on a daily basis has lead to a lot of rushed posts and lacklustre characterizations. (I feel like my Reimu in particular is lacking something, which is not great for a protagonist.)

That's all the news I have. Thank you, everyone, who took part in this story. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but thankfully there are a bunch of other great stories updating daily right now!

If you have any questions, I'll answer anything short of spelling out the whole mystery, since that would ruin this story's potential "remake."
Thank you for taking whatever spare time you had to write this story. I hope this doesn't dissuade you from writing in the future or supporting other writers on this site. Daily updates is no easy task, no matter how short you plan for it to be. Every writer has felt the pain of staring at a blank page or wanting to just scrap entire hours of work. In the end, it's all about the letting everyone share their own version of a series that we all love. Don't forget that and enjoy it in your own way.
Hope to see you again when things get better on your end!

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File 14100297997.jpg - (200.39KB, 1024x409, PDB_2580-Bamboo-1024x409.jpg) [iqdb]
Let's see pants, shirts and other clothes are all accounted for so are your books, games and the rest of your stuff, nodding to yourself you close your brief case, a green one with brown straps that would look more at home in the previous century, and your sky blue duffel bag.

You quickly give yourself a once over making sure your hazel nut hair aren't chaos incarnate or that you need to shave. satisfied you sling your bag unto your shoulder with some difficulty and grab the brief case before leaving the room after making sure everything was locked.

As you walk through the corridor you can't help but be exited at the prospect of returning to japan, the last time you were there was a blast! You met colorful people (sometime literally) both at and outside of work and unlike last time you were going there only for fun!... Yeah right the Japanese division is definitely going to bug you when you arrive in Tokyo at least until you start your road trip with Subaru and Sukoshiro after that you will be free to do what you want, might even go see that “indestructible” torii in Nagasaki if your travel take you there.

As you open the door you are greeted by...
“bamboo? What?”
That can't be normal, as you try to figure out just what this is about you hear a sound from behind you, spinning around as fast as you can you immediately notice the absence of the door that brought you here.
You declare your state of mind to the world with an eloquent “well fuck.”

Looking around to see just where you are you can only see bamboo, the stuff is everywhere stalks preventing you from seeing farther than a handful of meters and that's being generous, leaves littering the ground and shoots poking out of said ground here and there. But as you look around you can't help but hear as well the forest is fairly quiet the only sound being the rustling of the bamboo and the leaves as well as the wind, wait scratch that you can't hear the wind.

...Hold on if there's no wind how can the bamboo and leaves rustle? You then suddenly feel a breath behind you, p
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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since it was a correction of my previous post rather than an actual update I figured it didn't warrant a bump.
on a side note I'll try to wait for another vote before writing anything but if nobody else votes I'll go with >>38116.
File 14261067337.jpg - (1.90MB, 4500x1407, just_replace_the_cars_with_horse_cariges.jpg) [iqdb]
went with >>38116 since it was the only vote. I know it's not the best but as I said critics are welcomed and I'll keep them in mind for the next updates.

[x]tell her your name (default: Johnas Traon)
[x]courtly intrigues (Faes)
[x]she may have helped you but you are still wary of saying anything about yourself

While you follow Mokou you realize something: she said there were fairies around and if these are here it means a Fae court isn't far....
As soon as it hit you memories of the last time you had to deal with the courtly intrigues of the Faes assault you, you quickly try to figure a way to avoid them at all cost but it dawn on you even faster that you have absolutely no info on them beside 'they are somewhere in this place'. Which makes things worse.... oh god if they discover you dismantled a court they'll want to see how you did it anduseyouasatoy! Wait, maybe if you make yourself as boring as can be they won't notice you?
...no wait if you are boringtheywillcaptureyouto'spiceupyourlife'an-

“Uh are you okay? You started hyperventilating and sweating...”

Your eyes lock onto this Fugiwara, what if she was one of them? No, she doesn't feel like one but could she be one of their agent? You can't trust her, you-
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
[x] Food stall
[x] Mild

Remember to ask for a proofreader. Also, every sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a period. Finally, "team 9" is a fanon name and, thus, doesn't really exist (well, nothing exists, but this doesn't exist even less)

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