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File 137662398222.jpg - (231.07KB, 1280x960, 94ef01165ac03499c156dfc4e4b358f5.jpg) [iqdb]
Today, you received a letter. While getting letters isn't rare at all, there is something different about this one. Perhaps it's because of the red splatter on it that looks like blood. Or perhaps it's because of the stone that's inside. Hopefully, the stone won't turn out to be a shard of poison. They've done that before, and you had to spend several hours in a trance to cleanse your body and the air around you. All because your mother happens to be a youkai, and some people think that makes you a man-eater.

Regardless. The letter. You slide the blunt edge of your knife into the envelope, tear open one side and peek inside. There's a gemstone in there. Still doubtful, you turn the envelope around and tap the bottom until the gem falls onto the table. Deciding it's not poison, you pick it up for a closer look. It's an irregularly shaped, smooth and generally round black gemstone with a speck of light suspended inside. Odd, but perhaps the letter will explain.

“Greetings,” reads the letter, “Lately I have been hearing rumors of something powerful being scattered around Gensokyo in pieces. I thought it was only rumors until, by chance, I found one piece myself, included with this letter, and did some... research. It seems as if there are nine pieces in total. Your job, Seimei, is to gather them.
According to everything I've heard about them, they are the pieces of some item of immense power. If we ever want to fulfill our dream of equality, we need this power on our side.
Below is everything we know about the possible locations of these pieces:
-It seems like the Hakurei shrine, the Moriya shrine and the Myouren temple each have one piece.
-This is also true for the Scarlet Devil Mansion and the Eientei.
-The sixth piece is rumored to be somewhere underground.
-We know nothing of the remaining two pieces.

PS. I cut myself while writing this. Sorry.”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I wish to enquire about profiles of the dramatis personae we have encountered thus far:

Shirou and Aya
Reimu Hakurei
Iku Nagae
File 139017344484.jpg - (21.21KB, 624x351, _68899415_68899414.jpg) [iqdb]
I am currently busy trying to integrate/derivate fourdimensional hypersurfaces in 5-space. I'm also busy trying to figure out wave-particle dualism and the inaccuracy theorem.

I shouldn't have to say that I'm a "little" busy, and probably will be for the entire spring term.

Multivariable calculus, quantum physics, C programming and a lab course.
I liked this story too, tragic.

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File 13620447037.jpg - (356.02KB, 1120x700, Border Crossing.jpg) [iqdb]
It’s good to be home. Or it will be, once you get past the Border.

You still remember when you left Gensokyo, young and starry-eyed and itching to see the world outside that tiny bubble, perched on that outsider’s shoulder. They said you wouldn’t last a month. They said you wouldn’t have a scrap of belief to live on.

You cannot wait to see their faces when you return, in your full-grown glory and your elegant European suit, and tell them how that outsider wound up becoming a famous poet. How his greatest work fed you enough belief to go from that little boy who could barely spend a whole day in human form to – and here you’re tooting your own horn somewhat, but it’s quite true according to ladies far and wide – the strapping man you are today.

You’ll tell them of all the mad adventures you’ve had in a world far less dead to the supernatural than they had feared. Psychopomps carrying heads made of cheese doing battle with neckless knights over who had the right to their shared myth of origin. Strange flying mushroom men in Groucho Marx glasses arguing with a coal-black genius of fantasy-science. Infinite varieties of vampires and were-things, who were actually quite entertaining thanks to how often you got to kick their fangs in. Spirits, ghosts, gods, angels, demons…

Before you can do that, though, you’ll need to get back through the Border. The pulsing wrongness of it still strikes dread into you, even as it offers no response to the touch of your black-gloved fingers.

[]For all of Lady Yakumo’s cunning, she always forgets that most supernatural beings can fly.
[]There was a shrine that marked a safe entryway, right?
[]With all the force of myth behind you, you can probably just brute-force it.
[]You still have that odd little token…
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So when is 'too long', shitlord?
Well! A new story! This one looks good, even.

[X] “Hello?”

Shame on you, guy whom posted Draven.
File 138959033984.gif - (14.83KB, 275x300, slowpoke.gif) [iqdb]

>Well! A new story! This one looks good, even.

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File 130444219534.jpg - (320.79KB, 1072x1520, 15925465.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] “If she wants me, she'll get nothing less. I'll go now. Delaney, it was good to see that you're okay. Kaguya, if Mokou shows up, I want to hear about it straight off. And thanks.”

Some people will spend all their lives working out a single part of their body – the wishbone.

Not you; you've nurtured it enough already. You have fed it to the point of gross obesity, you've exalted it above divinity, and you've polished it to shine brighter than a twenty four-carat diamond. If you reached out and slapped it up on the sky among the stars, nobody would ever tell it apart. Astronomers around the world would be flummoxed for years to come. All conceptions of physics could change to accord the discovery. New religions would spring like mushrooms after heavy rain. Science as humanity knows it may very well go to the devil. The world could be thrown into another dark age, and you would be the one to thank for it.

However, you won't do that. Not because you wouldn't want the infamy of single-handedly setting civilisation back a couple of centuries. Not because science is already one leg in hell and you would rather it stayed at least half on this side for a while longer. And certainly not because you never wanted to be the central figure of a shady new religion.

It's because you want to start developing a different part of your skeleton.

The backbone.

“Very well,” you say. “If the shifty vixen wants me, she will get nothing less.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 138955456476.jpg - (1.42MB, 1198x1707, 36986724.jpg) [iqdb]
>Anything interesting?
Well, I got a heads-up someone was apparently impersonating me on /jp/, so I hopped on over and found it was actually just the opposite – someone was being called me, for whatever reason.

Then I did a quick archive search and found someone had actually linked and recommended TiiTS on /jp/. Which is fucking great. Except when I say great, I mean god damn awful. /jp/ has been shit since... well, forever, but it was tolerable at least in GM’s day. Why you would even bring up THP stuff over there these days beats the shit out of me.

Actually a lot of stuff comes up if you search for “YAF,” which is just great. And when I say great...Well, you know the drill.

As for those scenes, might be an idea forming in my head. I’ll see what comes of it. With a bit of luck it won’t go and explode on me.
>someone had actually linked and recommended TiiTS on /jp/. Which is fucking great. Except when I say great, I mean god damn awful.

Don't be such a gay baby, you big gay baby. What do you care if some particular kind of demographic reads your story? It's not like you're interacting with them directly or anything. Does the simple knowledge that some random fags from somewhere shitty read your crap really bother you?
It bothers me that it could pull over the neo-/jp/ sort of users.

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File 137745652025.jpg - (371.33KB, 800x1000, 37755392.jpg) [iqdb]

“Alas for those that never sing,
 But die with all their music in them!”

—Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Sorry for giving this the finger, lads, but I’ve sincerely forgotten where I was going with this. I’ve a horrible memory. I should make more notes. I was clearly going somewhere, but thanks to that crazy September I had it’s all blown out of my head and I can’t remember where.

Let’s put this on hold for now, shall we? Unless, in the light of recent developments, someone feels like continuing this in my stead. You’re very much welcome.

The rest of it didn’t tip you off?
May have had an inkling. What happened on the month, exhumed the corpses of a mafia don's relatives? Or did you just go road tripping?
File 138607773332.png - (846.55KB, 789x1125, d3a7eddaa404f6e80f43f4ef9b2ab2f0.png) [iqdb]
I had a sojourn with school-teaching. At the same time I worked part-time elsewhere because I was starved for money. Took a few years off my expectance very likely, but you know what they say: live fast, visit Gensokyo young, battle the youkai menace for glory and victory.

Benben is still the best DDC and I will immortalise her in writing one day.

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File 137752854310.jpg - (11.55KB, 240x180, Undefined_Fantastic_Object_240_1222556.jpg) [iqdb]
The decision to help all beings achieve enlightenment and happiness is the meaning of being a Bodhisattva. This can take many forms, and may happen in life, or happen after choosing to descend from heaven to help others.


Senses, something alien after a thousand years, scents of a forest, the feeling of the hard ground around you, it’s overwhelming.
The sun is bright, even behind closed eyes. You pull on the ground and hoist yourself to a sitting position finally opening your eyes.

White… a white path seemingly going on for miles, with the faint outline of a building in the distance shadowed by the morning sun. It seems familiar, where are you?
A snap, you clutch your head in pain, memories coming to bear all at once in your brain, you see them, fighting for your attention, a war, a journey, a decision, too vague to make out amidst the pain, but one thing stands out as the memories fade, the reason you descended.


You remember now, your sister, Byakuren. So distraught by death she sought immortality. The very antithesis of your teachings, even worse, she has resorted to working with Youkai. Because of this, you have received a mandate, either move her from this path, or kill her.

But first you must find her, a quick glance shows the path is made out of ornate stone, marked by lanterns of the same material, it’s well worn and appears to be traveled frequently, behind the path goes on around a corner, but you can see smoke in the distance, a village perhaps?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]

My own suggestion is to do some more research on Buddhism and then try again. Like any religion/philosophy, Buddhism has offshoots and disagreements, and you might be able to find something to play off of between Myouren and Byakuren. Seeing how the elder Hijiri deals with Gensokyo would be interestng, as well.

I'm enjoying writing, so I see no problem, Myouren is an interesting character to work with, I think if I research and get a layout this could work rather well, thanks.
File 138681131217.jpg - (39.59KB, 268x400, The_Doctrine_of_Awakening_Cover.jpg) [iqdb]

somewhat late to the party, but i heavily endorse pic related.

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File 137498620594.jpg - (225.96KB, 600x847, 7f4c2d9157d453d170cf7b709f38fc6c.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous Threads:
You gently put a hand on her shoulder, she doesn't respond so you take that as a good sign. If she was truly mad she would have slapped your hand away. “Youmu,” you say in a soothing voice, hoping it doesn’t come off as condescending. “That totally doesn't count as your first kiss. Just forget about it, and kiss somebody that you genuinely care for. Then you'll see that this was meaningless, and your first kiss will be all the more special.” You just say what you’re thinking and hope that she understands.

Her expression changes from anger to surprise, then to confusion, and settling with embarrassment. “W-what are you saying? It totally counts!”

“Did you enjoy it?” You ask with a small frown. She shakes her head. “Then it doesn’t count. It only counts if you enjoy it.” Koishi looks about to say something but you stop her. “Please don’t say anything.” She quickly closes her mouth and even covers it with her hands. Youmu just looks at you awkwardly. “So, uh,” you aren’t quite sure what to say now. “How about we, uh, watch the match?”

“O-okay,” she says turning to the action. You look at the combatants to see that the action is in full swing.

“Wait, when did they start? I can’t hear anything!”

Koishi giggles loudly. “You don’t know much about spell card duels do you?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]

Well I can definitely see that in Sakura's route. Not sure how Nasu could write it otherwise, but it's there. I think her hate is part that and part how irrelevant she was during the other routes. Fuji-nee was even more important than she was during Saber and Rin's routes (also where the hell is my Fuji route?!?!). That and the fact she's got quite the sexual appetite, although I'm sure Shirou sure as hell couldn't complain.

Now to the Tsukihime part, you mean how Arc was still fairly prominent in Ciel's route, even so far as being involved in a possible harem with Ciel in Ciel's Good End?

I can see where you're coming from after thinking about Sakura, but I don't believe it's the case for her. Arcueid always fell hard for Shiki during any route or game she's been in. Given the nature of the whole linked power/Roa + Shiki/etc of the story, and Arcueid's love, it wasn't forced as it was in FSN. The Good End in particular I believe is just Shiki being indecisive (he always had feelings for Arcuied, although that varied depending on the route) and not quite having as much attachment to Ciel as he did in the True End.

That and the Tohno Gland. Lucky bastard....
I say that as Ciel's sort of maligned in the fandom similar to Sakura, that and people love mentioning the "Surpress ROA in my ass" scene. The impression I get was that people weren't satified with her route compared to the others for whatever reason.

As far as her seeming insignificence? well the plan might have been for a far/near thing ala Tsukihime and part of it was to set up the plot The fact Shirou gets closer to her in HF is a factor in how HF's shit gets started as I think Shinji threatening to tell Shirou about her lustful nature caused her to snap.
File 137748054796.jpg - (1.25MB, 1400x2000, 3c74ca40c8d99a1d9132e44832894eb5.jpg) [iqdb]


And yes, I feel the HF route got shafted. It doesn't help that I don't really care for Sakura, but that's my own problem there.

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File 137300415380.jpg - (211.43KB, 900x534, tut1.jpg) [iqdb]
No, the main character is not a trap, nor does he look like a lady.

The sun was shining brightly, with just a smattering of clouds overhead to make it seem like a perfect day. Despite this, the temperature made it intolerably hot for most people, so the well-travelled road was practically empty on that sweltering day.

Yet perhaps in defiance to the blazing heat, a solitary man walked down this road. He wore simple blue jeans and a long-sleeved blue shirt over his lithe form, with basic tennis shoes covering his feet. His brown hair was bogged down with sweat, yet his brown eyes still shone with energy. In his right hand was a long and rather plain black staff, which he used as a walking stick for his journey.

It was not known how long he had been walking, not even to him, yet to him his purpose was very clear. He had set out in search of the mythical land of Gensokyo as a means of escape.
It was not that he was running from any particular person or group, but rather it was his life he was seeking an exit to. It’s not that he hated it, it was just getting stale.

Or so he would say.

Nonetheless, his journey was almost at an end.
He had reached Gensokyo, yet he would rather not try to live out in the wilds. He would much prefer a simpler life in the village he heard of from the Hakurei shrine maiden, which supposedly was at the end of this road. With this information, he set out as soon as he could, making steady progress with no breaks for himself since the sun had risen earlier that day.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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1) You should have saged.
2) Vote was called.
3) It's dead, Jim.

>So let's hope this one doesn't die and at least makes it to thread 2!
Didn't even make it to the first update. That a record of some sort?
>one month

It's dead. This author has started total of 4 stories that haven't gone past thread 1(2 have one update).

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File 137436638237.jpg - (753.62KB, 1029x1136, c65590ef201aeef3786a04ccf07d3b16.jpg) [iqdb]

“All love stories are tales of beginnings. When we talk about falling in love, we go to the beginning, to pinpoint the moment of freefall.”

—Meghan O'Rourke

 [View thread]
Ah, thanks.
Hey YAF, what would have happened if we'd stayed with Rat?
I don’t have the notes for this anymore (as I was quite literally scraping whatever notes I hadn’t used for other things to create this one), but I think what the plan was, was that there’d be a short scene of Rat coming back, then a cut to the next day when Reimu agonises over receiving a kiss on the forehead and being forced to flee through the bathroom window of an inn her “father” was “staying” at so as to maintain her disguise. Otherwise the same deal.

This story was a prequel from the very start.

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File 137351258718.jpg - (380.79KB, 800x1130, c2b5098e1f78cc30adadc7df00e7e4ab.jpg) [iqdb]
Momiji was eying that chocolate earlier and you could go for some right now so you quickly head back to grab it from the shelf and bring it up to the register. Momiji just watches you with a puzzled look. “Hey there Rinnosuke!”

“Hi Aaron, where’s Yukari? I don’t see her anywhere.” His golden eyes dart around the room like he’s looking for a thief.

“She’s not here,” you say simply.

“That’s strange, normally she’s the one who brings you here. Did something happen?” He actually sounds worried.

You shake your head. “Nothing to worry about, I just moved out that’s all.”

He looks at you with an expression of disbelief. “You moved out? How did she take it? What are you doing for money?”

“She actually gave me money to buy a house, but I used it to buy a bar instead. She didn’t take that very well, but once I prove that I can do it I’m sure she’ll be proud.” Well, you hope she’ll be proud.

“Ha, well good luck with that. I’ll stop by if I get the chance, so just let me know if you need anything. Oh, and the chocolates are on the house. Consider it a gift for finally moving out of her house.” You wonder how he stays in business when he either give everything away or keeps it for himself. Oh well, he obviously enjoys his job so you can’t criticize him.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
I say Backfire as in has a opposite effect than intended, such as trying to help a person only to have them hate our guts for some reason.

As far as Youmu being boring I don't exactly agree with that as she hasn't gotten much time to herself, not with other people coming up, including Koish the queen of scene stealing.
File 137497756333.png - (1.02MB, 840x469, A standard evening at the Hakurei Shrine.png) [iqdb]

>Do you just want to pollinate her flower?
I'm certainly not opposed to it if that's what you're insinuating.
>She is the fastest person half-alive IYKWIM.
I have no idea what the letter sequence is supposed to mean but I'm inclined to agree with you nevertheless.
>You just want to touch fluffy tail, don't you?
Yes. Yes I do. Wanna fight about it?
>Mushrooms, that is all.
8/10, took me a minute to get it.
>Talk about a hot date. There, pun delivered.
Eh, 3/10. Apply yourself.
>Also, what? No Mystia? I would like you to go for her, she needs some love!
Can't say I'm overly fond of the idea but hey, it might work. Two business owners swapping tricks of the trade and steadily growing closer as time goes on until one of them suddenly realizes the other is of the opposite gender...yeah, could work.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 137498685861.jpg - (438.51KB, 960x960, 9a5bc427d14342c9302510bc6677687d.jpg) [iqdb]
New Thread

Please, Keep asking questions. If something isn't clear let me know. I'll answer most questions, as long as they don't require me to spoil anything.

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File 137354047487.jpg - (123.76KB, 789x647, 133968574321.jpg) [iqdb]
A flash of light outside a plain paned window and a thunderous crash broke the monotony of the rain that had continued for the better half of the evening, the raindrops also guilty of lulling a man swaddled in linen and quilts to sleep atop his desk chair. Yet this natural alarm that cracked the sky in two with a brilliant glow did stir the man from his slumber so slightly that a hand might reach out and grasp at layers of paper that accumulated over the hours upon the desk surface. This hand was time-worn and lined with the proof of the years that had passed, but not by many winters at the barrow or tending to the shop. This hand knew the touch of a dusty tome and entire weeks devoted to turning tens of hundreds of pages, it knew the brushings of a quill pen against the fibrous parchment, the muscles beneath the worn hand knew the movements to a few but practiced incantations, from lighting a candle with a touch of heat, or charming the librarian with a spark and cheery sound. The hand also belonged to a person, who's form stirred again underneath the pile of comfort and warmth it had allotted itself this stormy night.

But yet this person did not display any more than a stir, it's heart ticked slowly in the chest, the clockwork blood engine worn after years confined to a study and a paper strewn desk. This heart could not continue to fuel the hand it had owned on it's grasp for air and allotted it to fall on the desk once more. The man's lungs protested, expanding and contracting below the heart, dragging air through the old cracked lips it had serviced for so many long nights, mouthing unsuccessfully the difficult spells and syllables that the person so wished it could. If only he had more time, if only he didn't lay dying this very moment. If only the old heart could beat for just one more night, he would become a true magician, if those old legs would carry him to his chair another time, he could finally spout flame from his fingers with no more difficulty than breathing air. If those mentioned lungs would service him just for yet a few hours, this old man could invigorate his body with but a gesture and a slash of ink on paper. If only this man, this quivering pile of
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
Please, watch your sentences and go lighter on those commas. It's dipping hard into run-on at times.
A sentence such as

>The Shoutoku Legend was not cruel, but she was dauntingly aloof, the chance he had now to impress upon her his desires was likely his first and only one.

would look way better as

>The Shoutoku Legend was not cruel, but she was dauntingly aloof. The chance he had now to impress upon her his desires was likely his first and only one.

I mean, just look at them.
>They hailed him not, returning to their muted conversations, another wanderer seeking guidance, likely to be turned away, questions avoided like so many before him.

>This was not unlike himself, his identity as a budding magician was not unknown, and often a farmer's wife would request a spell for a bruised limb or the bravest children would tout the proximity to the forest and cheer and holler for a show of flame and thunder.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
[x] This is a wonderful enclosure, it would be a waste to not explore for a while.
Gotta cover the whole trio.
Your advice doesn't fall on deaf ears, thank you.
The comma and I are in a honeymoon phase, I'll try and ease off her curves a little in the future.

I promised an update this morning but I was tricked into attending a pre-release for the new MtG set so I'm in no shape for writing anything that's not a life total. I'll take a nap, down a cup of joe and begin again.

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