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File 135899679821.jpg - (1.35MB, 1920x1080, 1358841604513.jpg) [iqdb]
This story is a sort of bizzaro rendition of PC 98 era Gensokyo. The early choices will determine Reimu's personality as well as the general tone of the story. A word of warning however, actions have consequences, and character deaths are a very real possibility. I hope you all enjoy the story.


My name is Reimu Yakumo, 31st Hakurei of Gensokyo, and this is my legacy.

The title of Hakurei is not always passed from parent to child, though that happens often enough. Rather, the current Hakurei selects a child from one of the villages and trains him or her as a successor. The child, no older than 12 at the start of training, is to be taught the history of Gensokyo. He or she learns of the gods, monsters, youkai, and ghosts. They learn of the elements which govern life. Lastly and most importantly, the child is taught about the duty they will inherit when the current Hakurei dies, the duty to protect Gensokyo from harm, both from within and without.

If only I had the chance to learn those things.

I suppose I should start by recounting the circumstances of my birth. I was, like close to half of Gensokyo’s humans, born in the human village east of the Misty Lake. My father was a woodcutter, my mother, a weaver.

Life was quiet. My parents had few close acquaintances. I suppose that is one trait I inherited from them. Well, along with a dislike of pleasantries and small talk.
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Sorry everyone for the last month without updates. Life has been rough lately, and as a result, I haven't been coherent enough to even think about writing. With spring break on the way however, I should be able to finally get something done.
Sage, goddammit, SAGE!

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File 132893314251.jpg - (45.45KB, 600x402, frozen_lake.jpg) [iqdb]
A new story! And a new picture! If you didn't know already, this is where I comment the picture. Story comments are after the update so I won't spoil anything.


The thick layer of snow supports your weight as you skim across the landscape. A trail of pawprints is the only sign of your passage: the light, fluffy snow makes no sound under your paws. "Said trail leads behind a snow-covered rock not too far away, and changes into a trail of human footprints. No-one'll ever notice the oddity; it'll be completely covered in a few minutes if it keeps snowing like this. The light flakes, coming as a steady stream from above, hide anything that's too far away. It smells almost like ice, but not quite. Taking a deep breath, you enjoy it's frigid beauty to the fullest. The sight from the shore of the lake is amazing: the branches of the trees behind you are covered with snow and their trunks are gray with frost. The lake itself is only a featureless plateau of pure white snow. It is completely silent. The warm air coming from your nostrils forms a silvery cloud as you continue towards your destination.

The freezing weather starts to bite through your fur when you're about halfway across the lake. Should the ice fail – which it will not, it's thick enough to support a fully-grown bear dragging a similarly sized moose – you'd fall into the water below and die in mere seconds. The snow here feels a little harder than what was in the forest. Thanks to last week's winds, you suppose. Shivering once, you accelerate your pace as much as you can to make the time spend on the lake as short as possible.

The orders you got from the seven-tails are simple: go see if Reimu is up to something. As always, being recognized as an agent of the kitsune is strictly forbidden. That, in turn, means that Reimu can't be allowed to see you change shape. You're quite certain, however, that she won't suspect a perfectly normal-looking fox. She already knows your human form, so that won't be a problem e
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[X] Finding out why Yuuka advised you to watch Reimu closely.

Might as well see what's up.
File 135939585869.png - (1.85MB, 1920x1200, screenshot66.png) [iqdb]
Updates delayed for now. Check >>/sdm/54876
Picture unrelated.
I'm still planning to continue this, but not before I finish my other story. So if you're still checking this thread in hopes of updates, you can stop doing so for now.

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File 135603835219.jpg - (147.34KB, 1401x690, Ludolf_Bakhuizen_-_Ships_Running_Aground_in_a_Stor.jpg) [iqdb]
This is my first CYOA, and as such, I'm probably not going to be able to hold a candle to most of the writefags here, but if I'm doing something wrong, feel free to tear me a new one if you find it necessary.

Anyways, I'll get started.

Your head. It feels like someone took a lead block to your skull, and then tried using a torch to repair the fracture. You try getting to your feet, only to slump back to the ground. With all your might, you lift yourself off the ground slightly, and open your eyes, reveling an unfamiliar setting. Strange, you were on a steamship earlier, weren't you? You spy a building not unlike the ones you've seen on your voyages from London to Shanghai to Tokyo. Your pain-addled mind somehow makes the connection between the architecture of the building, and the Buddhist temple near your temporary home in Guangzhou. You can't manage much more mental activity, and you let your mind slip back into blissful unconsciousness.

A sharp jab to the stomach makes you shift in your sleep. A sharper jab rudely rouses you. Your head hurts relatively less now, most of the pain has shifted to your side. A golden haired girl is hovering over you, head tilted to the left in confusion. Odd, her hair has stripes that vaguely remind you of a tiger's, that's not something you see often. She holds a spear, probably the accursed object that awoke you. She starts speaking, it takes you a few seconds

"Are you alright? You're not hurt are you? We should head to the temple, it'll be dark soon, and some pretty strong yōkai are going to be coming out" It takes you a few seconds to identify the language as Japanese, a single word sticks out to you. Yōkai. Similar to the demons back home. Similar to you. You nod at the girl and rise to your feet.

[x]"Who are you?" Follow the girl.

[x] Try to find your way to the temple.

[x] Genuflect.
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It's probably too early in history for Nazis to exist is what he means.

[x] I'm a mage.
-[x] (Lie) I'm a human, I guess we're lucky to not have been attacked yet

Now we just need to see what the writefag's definition of "mage" is.
[X]I am but a humble merchant, a purveyor of all things mystical and arcane! Come, beautiful lass, have a look at my wares! I'm sure there's something to interest you...
[X]...Is what I would say if I had my stock. I seem to have lost it going from steamship to ground. How bothersome.
[X]As for why the yōkai aren't attacking... Well, you don't wander much without making yourself unpalatable to them.

Lying directly to the avatar of a god is probably a bad idea. Particularly when she's armed, perhaps indicating that she's the avatar of some kind of war god. Outright revealing we're some kind of undead abomination against God is probably not a good idea either.
File 135776712074.jpg - (36.17KB, 500x462, 390933_317049874991647_574445332_n.jpg) [iqdb]
Unfortunately, I'm probably going to be dropping this for a while, if not permanently. I need to work my way through some nasty writer's block, and then figure out some way to progress the plot.

Until then, stay thirsty, my friends.

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File 13307585016.jpg - (123.05KB, 850x714, keineonherthrone.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous thread at >>33879

Thanks to everyone for being patient.


[x] Head towards the sound of knowledge.


You figure that it wouldn’t hurt to look around a bit. The school is rather small, and you have some confidence that Reimu can find you rather easily anyhow. It’s not like you’re leaving the building, right?

Walking towards the door, you can hear the sound of lecturing...

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A fair point sir.
[X] There’s nothing for you here at the store. Head off to the Human Village and search for kappa at the marketplace.
[x] There’s nothing for you here at the store. Head off to the Human Village and search for kappa at the marketplace.

For clock parts, and maybe a random encounter.
New thread at >>34987

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File 134730880040.jpg - (642.61KB, 800x800, shingyoku1.jpg) [iqdb]
The loud sound of fireworks exploding wakes you up from the sleepiness that has been assaulting you for all this day. Shaking your head to dispel any traces of doze remaining, you look above to see the dark night sky tinted with bright flares of all kinds of colors and shapes. It was such a beautiful display that you can’t help but stare at it like a kid for a few seconds, with your mouth slightly opened in amusement. It does not matter how grown up are you, fireworks have the charm to make you forget about your daily life, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

From the top of the long stairs you’re standing on, you look down to the place where all the bustle and hustle of people is coming from. The booths and stands were distributed in a perfect square on the small prairie down your privileged position, transited by lots of parents and children sporting the traditional kimono of this festivity. Along with the light lamps, paper comets, and the occasional sparkler, they made for a rather colorful and bright scenery worthy of a portrait, and only rivaled by the pyrotechnics on the sky above. You take a deep sigh of both endorsement and pride for a job well done. After all, you helped a lot in setting up those booths, planning the fireworks and, in short, ensuring that this year’s Shichi-Go-San* was perfect. You could even say that all the hard work you’ve done was for this very moment, as you admire this stunning and pleasant sight.

A pat on your shoulder suddenly calls your attention.

“I should have guessed you’d be here,” says a male voice you know very well. “You should go down there and have some fun instead of looking at it from afar like an elder woman. You deserve it.”

You turn your head left to face your speaker and see a tall and muscular man with short black hair topped with a tall blue hat, dressed in a white and blue robes that resembled the attire of a feudal souhei*. He is showing a humble smile at you that contrasted with the worried look on his dark red eyes.

“It’s you, Gyoku,” you sa
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File 134774698086.jpg - (216.85KB, 765x1000, shingyoku2.jpg) [iqdb]
[X]Search for Reimu. It’s a special day for her, and I should spend some time with her.

“Look, this is a special day for you and little Reimu, and you deserve a day off with your daughter.”

You recall Gyoku’s words and decide to follow his advice. Taking a small breath, you walk towards the crowd and begin to push your way through, while searching for your daughter’s small and slender figure dressed in red. The last time you saw her was just at the end of the ceremony, and she said something about buying chitose ame* to her new friend. That was some time ago, but at least it was a small lead to her.
As you roam through all the chitose ame stands and the people, an inkling of worry squeezes your chest. You have the certainty that youkai won’t attack the festival stands, thanks to a large chain of pacts made with them that forbid them from attacking humans on the villages. But those rules don’t apply on other humans. You taught Reimu not to wander outside the village at night, but what if another person decides to bully her and chase her off the festival recint? It was highly unlikely, since villagers have developed a sense of attachment with their neighbors, but it the possibility was there. And if that happened, youkai would mercilessly prey upon her…

You shake your head to dispel those dark thoughts of your mind and continue your search with more effort than before. As you trot to the third stand, you bump into a young-looking man who wore a long red decorative horn, maybe as a part of an oni disguise. In a split second you move aside to avoid getting your eye torn out in accident.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” you say to him.

However, he doesn’t seem to have heard you, probably due to the loud shouting that filled the place. He disappeared among the crowd, leaving you jilted with a complaint in your mouth. “He m
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[X] "Gyoku wanted you to meet him at the gate.” Although he said I didn’t have to worry…

More then half the time, you used Shen instead of Shin.

Cripes, good call! A huge slip up from my part. Well, at least it doesn't distract too much from the story -I hope- since you knew I was referring to Shin. I'll try to be more careful on the next update.

I wonder why do I keep unconsciously calling Shin "Shen"...

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File 134659693626.png - (923.71KB, 800x600, 8d3b027f44e582a4c5136bf0fa4cc3ad.png) [iqdb]
Novaya Braslavika precinct, Gensokyo-
Two members of the controversial punk band "Kitten Protest", identified as Mystia Lorelayeva and Kyouko Kasodanskaya, were placed under arrest by State Police after an unauthorized concert at the Myouren Temple. No further details have yet been released.
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> Examine MYSTIA
>'EXAMINE' Mystia
>examine surrounding cells

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File 134587798778.png - (532.97KB, 522x783, Ghosts.png) [iqdb]

Good day, dear reader. I am Zurocha. I am new here with no experience whatsoever on these kinds of stories and you might ask, “Why try a CYOA?”

Well, I just want to try new things. This fic might be long, and (hopefully) regardless of whatever votes you choose, the story will have at least one lemon. I’ll give a heads-up when that happens.

Any votes that end in a bad end will result in the story going back to where the decisive vote was chosen. I will keep on doing such until we reach at least one good end. I might continue after that so that everyone can experience the other good ends that may be possible, but whether I do so is up to my whims.

Also, I will give a one-week window for votes (I can’t manage a smaller window considering that I can only go online weekends). If there are no votes until then, then I will decide which action will be chosen myself (though that might be unlikely). I’ll only cash in my own vote when, after the window, the vote somehow ends up in a draw (2 votes for this versus 2 votes for that; very unlikely), when I’ll vote at random between the two.

I’m also a bit of a slow updater because I have very little time available to me (Weekends and Wednesdays) and because I have another fic going on, so please be patient. Another reason is that I’m writing this all by myself, which means I have to manually check for inconsistencies. I envy those with beta-readers, you know? Oh, and yeah, this chapter got through three or four beta-reads before I posted this (most of it done by my friends at the LetsDanmaku community), but I am not so sure about the succeeding chapters/updates.

Oh, and my OC(s) and the items associated with them will be having non-Japanese non-western names. I will translate for you, Bakunawa, Mawala and Gahinpilak. Bakunawa is, in Philippine mythology, a dragon that eats the moon during eclipses. Mawala means “to disappear” or “to fade” while Gahinpilak (Gahimpilak) is a compound word that means “Hard Silver” …or maybe it was “Hard Gold?” I forgot, and oh, as for what a Karis is, you can do some
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>Has actual e-mail in the e-mail field
>Story doesn't so far doesn't do much for the overall point
>names seem akin to someone headbutting a keyboard.

Well good thing there's the hide button and for you that /blue/'s lax.
> 34878
OCs? Well, the only ones are the MC, his buddy, and the ghost of his girlfriend, which will be absent most of the time.

> 34879


Don't worry about the plot, since there IS plot. It's way too early for anyone to judge that, anon.
As for the names, well, I guess the language struck ye as strange. Would it be strange if the MC were an Indonesian with a Russian name? I think so.

> 34877

Chillax, bro. The forest of magic is a wonderful, peaceful place... not!
Wise choice.
Votes closed, folks, and I am dismayed to see that there is only one vote, but hey! Even if there is only one who did vote, and even when it ain't no ferkin' mob votin' for me, I will write to the fullest for that one person.

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File 134236563979.png - (92.81KB, 777x518, 27463271_p6.png) [iqdb]
They were all unconscious. The final gunshot was an exclamation mark to everything that had led to this point. I released my finger from the trigger. And then it was over. To make any kind of sense of it, I need to go back two weeks. Back to the day the pain started.

Well, I said two weeks ago, but if you want to hear the whole story, I'll have to go back two hundreds years, but since we don't have that much time, I'll be as short as I can, and I'll stick to the important parts.
Back in the days, when I was in Gensokyo, I was the unofficial leader of the Human Village. Unofficial, because I constantly insisted on the fact that I wasn't taking decision, just offering advices. I hate taking decisions, and it just happened that I was respected enough to be obeyed, no matter what I said, so I thought “okay, I'll just do my best to help them”.

You're saying I'm not giving enough details? I'm sorry, I'm not used to talk. Usually, I don't take decisions, I just follow the orders I receive. Go here, do that, come back, that kind of thing. That's why I wasn't confident in my ability to lead the village.
Hell, I'm calling it village. It's more accurate to call it a town. A small town, sure, but still a town. When you say “village”, you think “that forgotten shithole populated by 50 inbred morons”. In that case, it was a bit different. Sure, at first, most people were a bit too close, genetically speaking, but we were constantly joined by new outsiders, so calling it a village is inaccurate.
The proper name should be “Gensokyo, the Human Haven”. Because that's what it is. But you remember it, right? The calamity, and the youkai apocalypse? You don't remember? Ha right, you were dead the whole time. My bad.

I was here, and I saw everything. Well, not everything. I'm not the Queen in Purple, I cannot be everywhere, but I still saw many things I cannot forget. I guess that's why I softened. It's easy to kill someone when it's just a name, but when it's a face and a family behind it, you usually hesitate to pull the trigger. If I knew, back then
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File 134520230478.jpg - (373.46KB, 700x700, 14157697.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] “You're kind of a dick, you know? That's rhetorical, don't feel obliged to answer.”

You're the last person I want to hear that from. You're a manipulative and violent bastard that killed a man to marry his widow. You like pretending to be weak only to break people down, for no real reason than your selfishness. I wonder why we're friends. I wonder how we could become friends to begin with. And I also wonder why we're still friends.
I guess that things are so complicated and dangerous now that even I have to accept your help. No matter how crazy you are.

Anyway, that aside, we quickly returned to the village, carrying Ivan. Well, I said “quickly returned”. The real word I'm supposed to use is “we ran away Stalingrad-like”. Even Ivan called us out on that. The others couldn't understand what Stalingrad was, so they gave up and listened to us old geezers.
But then I made a really stupid mistake: I forgot about Anijû. I mean, Ivan got his arm torn off and was barely conscious, so we panicked and brought him back to the Village, and we forgot about her, and that's something that... that I'll...
I'm sorry, give me a few minutes.

I'm fine now. Sorry, I just... stuff. I won't talk about that now. Your PhD isn't in psychology anyway, so don't try to help, okay? I'm just here to tell you what happened, and after that you'll tell me your side of the story, and then we'll get this thing done. Nothing else, and don't try to psychoanalyze me or anything like that. I'm serious. I'll shoot you if you try, before you can even touch me.
Yeah, I know that if you can grab me I'm done for, but I have a better range than you, because I have a rifle. And you, what do you have? Nothing but your fists and your bar brawler experience. I highly doubt that you can avoid a bullet like you would avoid a punch.
So anyway, we quickly got back to the Village, with Ivan almost unconscious due to blood loss. So I quickly took a decision, like I used to do back in the army, blocking everything emotional in order to stay calm. Ba
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
[x] “I bet you avoided her and returned to the village.”

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File 122390310273.jpg - (158.20KB, 1024x768, Forests 017.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Focus! Tell Suika to catch up to the speedy escapee, full speed.


Tch. You feel a bit bad about leaving the mansion without first making sure everyone's fine, but then you have a much more important objective to achieve. The revolution must continue, a little sacrifice can never be avoided, it's good thing this happens here, for they're sure to have better medical supplies they bought with their dirty money. You shake your head to clear your thoughts and focus ahead.

"Comrade, we must make haste and follow the star weaver. Fly, take to the skies, and tail the joyous laughter with brilliant speed! Haste!" You command, your voice hard as steel as your gaze lock onto the rapidly reducing form of the quick escapee.

"Eh?" Suika look at you strangel, before a grin surfaces as realisation hits. "Oh right! Hold on tight Alek!"

You grit your teeth together as the oni accelerates in an alarming rate and blasts off after the escaping blur, wind whipping across your face and constantly stinging your eyes. You fight against it, keeping your sight on the target, who is still quite far ahead. The blur does seem to be a bit larger though, so Suika is obviously making some good progress at catching up. Excellent.

The chase, you notice after awhile, brings you back to through the forest of magic. Briefly you find yourself passing through Alice's house, but another second later the house is out of your view. You chance a glance upwards, and with a little quick calculation determine that it's just past mid-day. It'll probably be a good idea to take a rest back at the shrine and have lunch after the chase ends.

Your thoughts are cut by a nose dive downwards, and moments later you find yourself zigzagging through tree branches and the like in god knows how fast you're going. You can't even control the swing of your body at this speed, and so you just hope you don't hit yourself too badly when the forest run is done. A sudden bump on the back of your head by a wayward branch incites a small yelp of surprise and a quick and quiet curse from you, and you decide to at least try
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Why must you crush my dreams so?

False Anon trolling himself lol.
So, a bot bumped this and got deleted, then?

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File 13387851639.jpg - (39.72KB, 430x332, covers.jpg) [iqdb]
“I need you over here, now. This is urgent,” the doctor tells me, and from the somber look in his eyes, I know that he means every word. After seeing a number of patients in varying degrees of decline pass through your clinic daily, you don’t get worked up over every little cold.

No, if the doctor says this is urgent, it’s urgent. And as his assistant, there’s no way I can refuse his request. I set my parcels down at the threshold - I was just out running an errand in the village - and follow him down the narrow hallway.

The village clinic is eerily silent; at this time of day, most people are busy working in the fields or one of the many village shops. My every footstep echoes loud and clear on the wooden flooring. The only other sound to disturb the calm is the faint rustling of patients shifting on their beds as we pass by their rooms.

Eventually, we reach the innermost room of the clinic. The doctor shuts the sliding door behind him, dispelling the light of midday and leaving the place in twilight gloom.

A heap of quilts and blankets in a corner of the room quickly catches my eye. Something - make that someone - stirs beneath the layers of fabric. As I approach, I notice a tiny figure hidden under the covers, catch a glimpse of dark hair splayed out over a pillow. A human girl. (Which is about what I expected; we hardly ever get youkai patients.)

The girl squirms in her sleep, kicking off several of the blankets; her eyelids flutter briefly. This close, I can see her sunken cheeks, her wan, drawn complexion, the sticklike limbs protruding from her emaciated frame.

She thrashes under the covers again. A shrill, animal cry of pain escapes her. Without thinking, I suck my breath in sharply.

Whatever she’s dreaming about, it can’t be pleasant.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What I'm afraid more is that if we're not going to get a bad end for this.

The consequence of this choice is really big, and it can shape the direction of this story.
people who want to delete their posts like reasonable people and not people who seem like they just came from gaia.

I think that's their goal: twisting the story into one about youkai killing and human supremacy.

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