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File 137354047487.jpg - (123.76KB, 789x647, 133968574321.jpg) [iqdb]
A flash of light outside a plain paned window and a thunderous crash broke the monotony of the rain that had continued for the better half of the evening, the raindrops also guilty of lulling a man swaddled in linen and quilts to sleep atop his desk chair. Yet this natural alarm that cracked the sky in two with a brilliant glow did stir the man from his slumber so slightly that a hand might reach out and grasp at layers of paper that accumulated over the hours upon the desk surface. This hand was time-worn and lined with the proof of the years that had passed, but not by many winters at the barrow or tending to the shop. This hand knew the touch of a dusty tome and entire weeks devoted to turning tens of hundreds of pages, it knew the brushings of a quill pen against the fibrous parchment, the muscles beneath the worn hand knew the movements to a few but practiced incantations, from lighting a candle with a touch of heat, or charming the librarian with a spark and cheery sound. The hand also belonged to a person, who's form stirred again underneath the pile of comfort and warmth it had allotted itself this stormy night.

But yet this person did not display any more than a stir, it's heart ticked slowly in the chest, the clockwork blood engine worn after years confined to a study and a paper strewn desk. This heart could not continue to fuel the hand it had owned on it's grasp for air and allotted it to fall on the desk once more. The man's lungs protested, expanding and contracting below the heart, dragging air through the old cracked lips it had serviced for so many long nights, mouthing unsuccessfully the difficult spells and syllables that the person so wished it could. If only he had more time, if only he didn't lay dying this very moment. If only the old heart could beat for just one more night, he would become a true magician, if those old legs would carry him to his chair another time, he could finally spout flame from his fingers with no more difficulty than breathing air. If those mentioned lungs would service him just for yet a few hours, this old man could invigorate his body with but a gesture and a slash of ink on paper. If only this man, this quivering pile of
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Please, watch your sentences and go lighter on those commas. It's dipping hard into run-on at times.
A sentence such as

>The Shoutoku Legend was not cruel, but she was dauntingly aloof, the chance he had now to impress upon her his desires was likely his first and only one.

would look way better as

>The Shoutoku Legend was not cruel, but she was dauntingly aloof. The chance he had now to impress upon her his desires was likely his first and only one.

I mean, just look at them.
>They hailed him not, returning to their muted conversations, another wanderer seeking guidance, likely to be turned away, questions avoided like so many before him.

>This was not unlike himself, his identity as a budding magician was not unknown, and often a farmer's wife would request a spell for a bruised limb or the bravest children would tout the proximity to the forest and cheer and holler for a show of flame and thunder.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
[x] This is a wonderful enclosure, it would be a waste to not explore for a while.
Gotta cover the whole trio.
Your advice doesn't fall on deaf ears, thank you.
The comma and I are in a honeymoon phase, I'll try and ease off her curves a little in the future.

I promised an update this morning but I was tricked into attending a pre-release for the new MtG set so I'm in no shape for writing anything that's not a life total. I'll take a nap, down a cup of joe and begin again.

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File 137167641536.jpg - (447.13KB, 800x1130, 0faf0800c439c46da6ea562f4ce841e9.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, so I've been writing here for a little while but I'm going to use another name at the moment until I'm sure I can balance two stories. The story is about a entrepreneur who chooses to open a bar on the outskirts of the human village. The story will for the most part be a comedy with some romance. I'm also not going to use a proofreader, at least not in the beginning because I'm working on seeing my own errors and fixing them myself. That said, if you notice any grammatical errors do point them out, I won't know what to fix if you don't. So with out further ado, I present to you Wild Afternoons, Strong Tastes, and Extreme Drunkenness (Abbreviated WASTED)!
It has been over one hundred years since Gensokyo has been dimensionally dislocated from the planet Earth. While travel between the two is possible it isn’t very common as the technological differences can cause problems, even if the kappa do their best to help “modernize” Gensokyo.

The Gap Youkai, Yukari, has been bringing people from the outside in since the beginning. She does this partially because it amuses her, but mostly because an outsider will stir up excitement for the residents of Gensokyo and keep people entertained and content with how things are. Her targets are usually those with an open mind or those that would benefit from living here, like you.

You were brought to Gensokyo at the age of ten and have lived here for eight years now. In that time you’ve made a lot of friends and connections, none more important to you than Yukari. She rescued you from a forest fire you inadvertently started and raised you for the next eight years and you even took to calling her “mom”, you think she liked that. On your eighteenth birthday she gave you enough money to buy a house in the human village.

The look on her face when you used the money to buy an old rundown bar on the edge of the village was priceless. You had to explain to her that you already had a plan to have it fixed up and that the left over money would go to building an additional room for you to sleep in. She has ever
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[x] Buy the Chocolate
(x) For everyone one to share

No option to buy the gun? I kid.
We are sharing the chocolate with everyone, and getting a visit from Ran and Chen. Update later tonight along with a new thread!
It's time for Momizi Pop! Redux!

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File 13342868929.png - (563.00KB, 700x690, Seiga~.png) [iqdb]
Well, this would have been accompanied by a pic of Kurumi since she's the only other person near Wade, but for some inexplicable reason there's no pics of said vampiress on Danbooru at all. There's two pages out of a doujin where she's tagged, but come on.

Instead, you get a Seiga. Yes, just like in the first thread of the first run, it is foreshadowing. This time, however, it is in fact quite relevant.

Anywho, as far as the fragments go, it does seem like the voters go for the more exotic weapons rather than the conventional ones. A simple longsword could work, but since Wade currently exists as a bunch of metaphysical manifestations, it's more fun to just think up and use the most powerful weapon you can.


A lot of weapons come to mind, all in different shapes, forms, powers, and functions. I briefly entertain the idea of using the Gates of Babylon, but I don't really have the sheer arsenal required to pull it off worth a damn. On the flip side, it is an idea for later, so I decide to store it in the back of my mind in the event that I have a lot of weapons and no time to use any one in particular.

It takes a couple seconds more, but I do eventually settle on one weapon in particular: Gae Bolg. Kurumi's still trying to tank the various stones being flung her way, but I'm pretty sure I have enough time to manifest this particular weapon before her shield fails completely. Closing my eyes, I focus on the same feeling I felt back when I acquired the cap for the first time. The familiar wall of desires overlays itself over the black, and a few of the smaller desires move to my open hand. I clench down on them, feeling a smooth bone shaft form in my hand, changing its size and weight according to what would be ideal for someone my size to wield, be it for melee or simple throwing. I'm not sure how well this is going to work, but eh. I'm not going to be picky about something that's going to keep me as I am.

I open
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x]Check Hakugyokuro

What areas did we cover already? That'll help in making a list of areas not covered and not on the list.

As for WA, I couldn't tell of any character decay, though hopefully you'd use this time to make a plan before resuming it.
[X]Check Hakugyokuro

Why not?

Dug through the first thread, found this list that I've updated so it's relevant.

Scarlet Devil Mansion Completed
The Human Village Completed
Myouren Temple Completed
Miko's Dojo - Unstable
Marisa's House/Alice's House Completed
Eientei - Unstable
Moriya Shrine

Unstable locations are where you may find just one fragment loitering around, none but get a solid lead on where it went, or multiple fragments. This late in the main story though, there aren't that many left to locate since the fragments are not unlike rocks clumping together in an asteroid belt to form a planet.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 123100378388.gif - (14.39KB, 350x447, f6b834733de4d05d42856a6a2993588e.gif) [iqdb]
[X] Cockslap!

If 'ridiculous' had a definition, this situation would be an epitome, a prime example of completely incomprehensible circumstances, to top it off, brought completely against one's will. It would be fine, it would be nice, bah - good, even - if it weren't an effect of something you didn't want to do... Or at least didn't want to do it for real. It would be good if it weren't for that confused expression of hers, and the fact that... She's covered... in your own...
Insane as it may appear, there's no denying it - seeing that cute, petite body stained with your own seed is an incredibly arousing sight. So incredibly arousing it pumps crazy amounts of addinationa; blood into your already swollen throbbing member. Swollen. Yeah, that's a good word. Swollen usually describes something larger than usual and aching, right? Therefore it would be right to call it swollen, right? Wait, does that even matter?
Hell, the sheer lack of importance makes you scream out loud. It's stupid! Idiotic! How could you allow yourself to get aroused - AGAIN - in face of such a pathetic sight? Because it IS pathetic. That girl's confusion is an effect of your indecent, dirty, perverted, reprehensible, dishonourable actions! Even if it wasn't exactly according to your will, still, the fact stands. It stands. Both of them stand. The fact and your junior. The question is...

Maybe she... Doesn't mind...?

Or are you just thinking with your lower brain here? Is that plaintive hope only a delusion of a testosterone-driven mind? Or is that face actually... sort of happy? She did want to see you after all, didn't she? If so, it's only logical to assume she has some feelings for you, right? Therefore... It should be okay to...
Wait, what is she doing? No, wait, what are you doing, Emily?! Why is that little hand of yours reaching towards...?!
Again, you scream, unsure of your own thoughts, but fully aware of the fact that if she touches you, it's going to get even worse, and frantically try to jump away... Well, in vain, since the store room is too cramped for such hast
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How many fucking egoes do I have, that after so many imploding I still have a hefty supply of them? Am I some kind of ego god? I should make my own religion, all about me.

I shall call it egoism.

If you can count how many egos you have, you don't have enough.
[x] Swing by Akyu’s home

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File 134834746369.jpg - (422.70KB, 800x800, demdeviceshurtman.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] There’s nothing for you here at the store. Head off to the Human Village and search for kappa at the marketplace.


Well, it seems like a good idea to start looking for the elusive kappa in the market.

You duly make your shift report to Rinnosuke, who simply nods an acknowledgement in kind.


Coming up the gates, you see two familiar faces chatting away. As soon as he sees you, the wiry Jiro waves you in without much fuss, whilst his bigger comrade gives you a friendly hail.

“Y’know, I was kinda expecting the miko today,” Jiro smirks, “Guess she’s got no more business with us normal folk, huh big guy?”

“It’s like you’re trying to pick a fight Jiro,” the larger man frowns.
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[X] It’s better to be careful.
As nice as luck is, precaution is more reliable, and I'd prefer my luck to keep me out of such situations in the first place, rather than barely keep me from losing my life to bear traps.
I believe in our NPC friend. He will return someday!
It was going so nicely too...

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File 125309981366.jpg - (398.43KB, 800x1000, 943e2ca2f0e3c613175ab7090f54cd64.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Go to the kitchen, might as well see what Suwako's up to.


Well, now that the party had ended, it is time to work in a different manner. Hasn't the goddess of Moriya asked you to join her in the kitchen for discussion? You think you should at least hear what she has to say, and so make your way towards the cooking area. On your way you passed by an open-air corridor of sort, and in an instant you are captivated by the beauty of this moonlit place. Subconsciously slowing down your pace, you keep your eyes fixated upon the brilliant heaven, listening to the soft rattling of leaves as they sway peacefully to the soothing wind. Stars twinkle occasionally, and you couldn't help but smile at the serene scenery.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" A soft voice speaks to you from behind, and to your surprise you find the shrine maiden of Hakurei standing behind you, holding two steaming cups of tea, a ceramic teapot, and a small bowl of snacks on a wooden serving dish. She chuckles at your expression, and holds out the dish towards you. "Tea? Suwako helped me with them, told me to smack you into the kitchen right after you finished." She said with a grin, lightly swinging her ritual stick of sort in a mock attempt to hit your behind. Returning her friendly offer with a nod of thanks, you take a cup and take a sip of the burning hot liquid, the heated sensation channelling down your throat and spread across your body. You feel quite relaxed as a result.

Reimu plops down cheerfully on the wooden floor as you enjoy your tea, gesturing for you to do the same with the wave of a hand. "Of course, it'd be a pain to fix all the walls if I do what she says, so don't worry about it." She pops a round ball of white into her mouth, face lightening up with a look of euphoria. "Take you time and enjoy the tea, I'm sure she can wait patiently in someone else's shrine."

"Perhaps, though I didn't expect to meet you here, comrade."

"Eh, I woke for some reason, and once I'm up the hangover wouldn't let me get back to sleep." Sh
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If anyone is actually reading this, I will come back after school stops trolling me so hard.

Which probably means no update until at least the end of February, and in the worst case scenario it means no update until summer.

Though based on the lack of complaints, it is pretty clear that everyone either a) already knows shit happened in my life or b) thinks this story is dead and has moved on.
"We Will Be In Berlin By Spring"
Comrades, they tell us of the upcoming 70th anniversary of the Grand Triumph of The People over the Fascist Aggressors! Let us prepare to celebrate with a synopsis of the story thus far!

Okay, seriously though, I made the promise to never give this up and I gave it up. I gave Touhou (and also Visual Novels, Light Novels, Anime, Manga, JRPGS, etc.) up to academics, work, and work (did I mention work)? I fucked up.

In the words of a greater man than me,
"I have resolved never to start an unjust war but never to end a legitimate one except by defeating my enemies"

This person may have been an enemy of the Russians and a zealous monarchist, but at least he died bravely on his campaign and with his unwavering belief. That is more than I can say.

I will be done midterms on Thursday. Since the story has been more-than-half dead over the past few years, I'm going to do a summary of the story up to the point we left off. While we may remember the core tenants of the Revolution, many details have been forgotten over the passage of time. There might be slight retcons (but then again, remember that in a lot of ways this is a giant walking retcon. An inherited story from times long past must be updated; the revolution needs evolution).

I will try to get a summary/synopsis thingy out by Sunday. Sage because no guarantees (may or may not jump into river after midterms), but I want to let people know, if a single other soul out there remembers this story, I'm not completely dead yet. We started from a dead story, and despite a brief, brave period of revolution, we have failed like 1848. This time we will try again, and learn from our previous mistakes, and succeed like Glorious Lenin did in the Red October [November] of 1917.

A big reason for previous failure was that I am either:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
I was in the hospital. I'm crawling my way back to life

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File 135899679821.jpg - (1.35MB, 1920x1080, 1358841604513.jpg) [iqdb]
This story is a sort of bizzaro rendition of PC 98 era Gensokyo. The early choices will determine Reimu's personality as well as the general tone of the story. A word of warning however, actions have consequences, and character deaths are a very real possibility. I hope you all enjoy the story.


My name is Reimu Yakumo, 31st Hakurei of Gensokyo, and this is my legacy.

The title of Hakurei is not always passed from parent to child, though that happens often enough. Rather, the current Hakurei selects a child from one of the villages and trains him or her as a successor. The child, no older than 12 at the start of training, is to be taught the history of Gensokyo. He or she learns of the gods, monsters, youkai, and ghosts. They learn of the elements which govern life. Lastly and most importantly, the child is taught about the duty they will inherit when the current Hakurei dies, the duty to protect Gensokyo from harm, both from within and without.

If only I had the chance to learn those things.

I suppose I should start by recounting the circumstances of my birth. I was, like close to half of Gensokyo’s humans, born in the human village east of the Misty Lake. My father was a woodcutter, my mother, a weaver.

Life was quiet. My parents had few close acquaintances. I suppose that is one trait I inherited from them. Well, along with a dislike of pleasantries and small talk.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
Sorry everyone for the last month without updates. Life has been rough lately, and as a result, I haven't been coherent enough to even think about writing. With spring break on the way however, I should be able to finally get something done.
Sage, goddammit, SAGE!

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File 132893314251.jpg - (45.45KB, 600x402, frozen_lake.jpg) [iqdb]
A new story! And a new picture! If you didn't know already, this is where I comment the picture. Story comments are after the update so I won't spoil anything.


The thick layer of snow supports your weight as you skim across the landscape. A trail of pawprints is the only sign of your passage: the light, fluffy snow makes no sound under your paws. "Said trail leads behind a snow-covered rock not too far away, and changes into a trail of human footprints. No-one'll ever notice the oddity; it'll be completely covered in a few minutes if it keeps snowing like this. The light flakes, coming as a steady stream from above, hide anything that's too far away. It smells almost like ice, but not quite. Taking a deep breath, you enjoy it's frigid beauty to the fullest. The sight from the shore of the lake is amazing: the branches of the trees behind you are covered with snow and their trunks are gray with frost. The lake itself is only a featureless plateau of pure white snow. It is completely silent. The warm air coming from your nostrils forms a silvery cloud as you continue towards your destination.

The freezing weather starts to bite through your fur when you're about halfway across the lake. Should the ice fail – which it will not, it's thick enough to support a fully-grown bear dragging a similarly sized moose – you'd fall into the water below and die in mere seconds. The snow here feels a little harder than what was in the forest. Thanks to last week's winds, you suppose. Shivering once, you accelerate your pace as much as you can to make the time spend on the lake as short as possible.

The orders you got from the seven-tails are simple: go see if Reimu is up to something. As always, being recognized as an agent of the kitsune is strictly forbidden. That, in turn, means that Reimu can't be allowed to see you change shape. You're quite certain, however, that she won't suspect a perfectly normal-looking fox. She already knows your human form, so that won't be a problem either.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
[X] Finding out why Yuuka advised you to watch Reimu closely.

Might as well see what's up.
File 135939585869.png - (1.85MB, 1920x1200, screenshot66.png) [iqdb]
Updates delayed for now. Check >>/sdm/54876
Picture unrelated.
I'm still planning to continue this, but not before I finish my other story. So if you're still checking this thread in hopes of updates, you can stop doing so for now.

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File 135603835219.jpg - (147.34KB, 1401x690, Ludolf_Bakhuizen_-_Ships_Running_Aground_in_a_Stor.jpg) [iqdb]
This is my first CYOA, and as such, I'm probably not going to be able to hold a candle to most of the writefags here, but if I'm doing something wrong, feel free to tear me a new one if you find it necessary.

Anyways, I'll get started.

Your head. It feels like someone took a lead block to your skull, and then tried using a torch to repair the fracture. You try getting to your feet, only to slump back to the ground. With all your might, you lift yourself off the ground slightly, and open your eyes, reveling an unfamiliar setting. Strange, you were on a steamship earlier, weren't you? You spy a building not unlike the ones you've seen on your voyages from London to Shanghai to Tokyo. Your pain-addled mind somehow makes the connection between the architecture of the building, and the Buddhist temple near your temporary home in Guangzhou. You can't manage much more mental activity, and you let your mind slip back into blissful unconsciousness.

A sharp jab to the stomach makes you shift in your sleep. A sharper jab rudely rouses you. Your head hurts relatively less now, most of the pain has shifted to your side. A golden haired girl is hovering over you, head tilted to the left in confusion. Odd, her hair has stripes that vaguely remind you of a tiger's, that's not something you see often. She holds a spear, probably the accursed object that awoke you. She starts speaking, it takes you a few seconds

"Are you alright? You're not hurt are you? We should head to the temple, it'll be dark soon, and some pretty strong yōkai are going to be coming out" It takes you a few seconds to identify the language as Japanese, a single word sticks out to you. Yōkai. Similar to the demons back home. Similar to you. You nod at the girl and rise to your feet.

[x]"Who are you?" Follow the girl.

[x] Try to find your way to the temple.

[x] Genuflect.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]


It's probably too early in history for Nazis to exist is what he means.

[x] I'm a mage.
-[x] (Lie) I'm a human, I guess we're lucky to not have been attacked yet

Now we just need to see what the writefag's definition of "mage" is.
[X]I am but a humble merchant, a purveyor of all things mystical and arcane! Come, beautiful lass, have a look at my wares! I'm sure there's something to interest you...
[X]...Is what I would say if I had my stock. I seem to have lost it going from steamship to ground. How bothersome.
[X]As for why the yōkai aren't attacking... Well, you don't wander much without making yourself unpalatable to them.

Lying directly to the avatar of a god is probably a bad idea. Particularly when she's armed, perhaps indicating that she's the avatar of some kind of war god. Outright revealing we're some kind of undead abomination against God is probably not a good idea either.
File 135776712074.jpg - (36.17KB, 500x462, 390933_317049874991647_574445332_n.jpg) [iqdb]
Unfortunately, I'm probably going to be dropping this for a while, if not permanently. I need to work my way through some nasty writer's block, and then figure out some way to progress the plot.

Until then, stay thirsty, my friends.

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File 13307585016.jpg - (123.05KB, 850x714, keineonherthrone.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous thread at >>33879

Thanks to everyone for being patient.


[x] Head towards the sound of knowledge.


You figure that it wouldn’t hurt to look around a bit. The school is rather small, and you have some confidence that Reimu can find you rather easily anyhow. It’s not like you’re leaving the building, right?

Walking towards the door, you can hear the sound of lecturing...

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
A fair point sir.
[X] There’s nothing for you here at the store. Head off to the Human Village and search for kappa at the marketplace.
[x] There’s nothing for you here at the store. Head off to the Human Village and search for kappa at the marketplace.

For clock parts, and maybe a random encounter.
New thread at >>34987

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