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File 147524538549.jpg - (62.46KB, 900x506, mayohiga.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] A storage room for lazy things huh? Detective mode activated!

Right well now would be a good time to just sit back and enjoy some tea as you wait for Ran to return.

You feel your eyes slowly drifting to the dark hallway. Oh come on Ran what kind of person drops a hint like that and then just leaves?! ...maybe that's her game? Well in that case you are staying right here! ...but what if she KNEW you would think that in an attempt to make you not go in the hallway?! Ok no no enough of this I know that you know that I know kind of thinking, that way leads to madness. You take another long look at the hallway.

Ahh screw it. You get up and slowly edge to the hallway halfway expecting Ran to pop out of nowhere and bust you or something like that. You take a fortifying breath and walk inside. Well it is dark in here but not as bad as you thought as you can still see at least. The hallway goes on for a bit before ending in an ornate dark purple door. ...wait really? You take another look around...yep this is it, not a single other door in sight. Seems a bit overblown for just a storage room...but then again Yukari. Well might as well go all the way now that you are here. You slowly open the door to some kind of large chamber. The vaulted ceiling has been painted to show...you are not really sure...events in Gensokyo's history? You see your sister and some of the other residents of Gensokyo in some of them so that might be it. There are bookshelves overflowing with modern titles as well as scrolls and old tomes. There is a large panting on one wall of Yukari shearing drinks with a man with the largest mug of beer you have ever seen...maybe he's an oni? A pile of amazun boxes are stacked over by a large wardrobe. Turns out the kappa have a item ordering/shipping business. You know...this places feels less like a storage room and more like a-?!?! You only just now notice the large bed with its single occupant. -bedroom...oh shit.

Yukari is slumbering peacefully, her long golden hair spilling around her as the thin purple sheet does little to hide her figure. You quickly about face and thank all the gods and goddesses that you didn't get nosebleed, just your luck she sleeps in the nude! Right you came, you saw, now time to get the hell out! You slowly creep you way back to the door and slowly open it and step through...back into the bedroom...you blink a few times and shake your head and look behind you. Yep that's the hallway. You turn around and step into the hallway...and you are back in the bedroom. ...ok. What. The. Hell? This time you keep a grip on the doorway as you go into the hallway and you keep your eyes on the light from the kitchen as you shut the door and power walk to it. You reach the light...and you are back in the bedroom...what. You feel your hands clench in anger. Great is the house itself screwing with you now?!

[ ] Keep trying to get back to the kitchen

[ ] Give up and find something to do in the bedroom (and keep yourself distracted from staring at Yukari)

-[ ] Find a book to read

-[ ] Look through the amazun boxes

-[ ] Fail at distracting yourself
[X] Give up and find something to do in the bedroom (and keep yourself distracted from staring at Yukari)

-[X] Find a book to read

A chance to pick through the library of Yukari Yakumo herself? Count me in.
[X] Keep trying to get back to the kitchen
[X] Give up and find something to do in the bedroom (and keep yourself distracted from staring at Yukari)
-[X] Find a book to read

No reason whatever is up with the doorway would stop by itself, you're stuck until one of the residents changes things.
[X] Give up and find something to do in the bedroom (and keep yourself distracted from staring at Yukari)
-[X] Fail at distracting yourself
[X] Give up and find something to do in the bedroom (and keep yourself distracted from staring at Yukari)
-[X] Find a book to read
[X] Keep trying to get back to the kitchen

We've been tricked by that wily fox!
[X] Give up and find something to do in the bedroom (and keep yourself distracted from staring at Yukari)

-[X] Find a book to read

Ok just take a moment to calm down. This room must have some kind of gap trap on it that is stopping you from leaving so all you need to do it wait till Yukari wakes up and have her help you out, that sounds easy enough...as long as you can just your eyes off her that is...not so easy. You shake your head and look anywhere but the bed. Quick find a distraction! …the bookshelf! Prefect! You walk over and let your eyes room the shelves. Ahh what a mess these shelves are over stocked and still half the stuff is spilling out into the surrounding floor. Still you think you can see a pattern here. The stuff on the floor and the over stuffed shelves are a stark contrast to the very last shelf. It has a more organized feel and the spacing is not as cramped like the others. It seems these are books, tomes, and scrolls that Yukari holds in some regard. You take hold of a random book and pull it out...mmm this is not a book...oh its a drawing pad! ...Yukari draws? You flip it open and...oh...well these images are...beautiful in a haunting manner. A...creepy beauty...yes... You flip back to the front and notice some writing on the first page.

“To Yukari Yakumo, my fan and good friend. H. R. Giger.” Huh. The name doesn't ring any bells as you place the pad back. So she doesn't draw (at least not these) rather it was a gift. You let your finger roam before snagging some kind of scroll. This thing is old...like really REALLY old and you are subconsciously hyper gentle with it.

“Appendix Alexandria. In dedication to the Muses and those that seek knowledge.” What follows is some kind of floor plan and a kind of location guide...oh this is some kind of library guide! Oh wait there is a note down at the bottom written by...you are guessing Yukari.

“All contents saved and secured in area B-012.” ...you...are not really sure what she means by this. You replace the scroll and look again. You pull a small modern style book and start to read. Ahh its a manga and now that you look again you can see a few of the next volumes as well! You find a comfortable chair and settle in with the first 2.

Sometime later you set them down and give a pleased smile as you stretch. You really liked the back and forth the main characters had and the economic lessons were not only enjoyable but might be helpful now that you are in Gensokyo. You next find a letter from something called the Q Continuum to Yukari. They are politely asking her to never visit again as her last time there apparently mentally broke half of them, caused multi dimensional property damage, and made a single member of the Continuum injure himself from laughter.

You set the letter down and resolve to never think about it again. Now that you are not skimming as much you can see a lot of letters here. One from someone named Shinobu...apparently she wants her sword back...and reimbursement for 127 boxes of donuts...you don't want to know. A strongly worded letter from a man who Yukari tricked with 'magic beans' that gets grudgingly thankful at the end. Wait this thing here is some kind of card not a letter. It is pink and someone has drawn messy red hearts all over it. Clearly this was done by a very young child. On the inside is a yellowish figure blob and a purplish figure blob. Both seem to be holding hands with a small redish figure blob with a large heart over them all. The words (somewhat misspelled) under them read “I love both my moms.”

You think your heart just exploded. You put down the dangerously moe card and move on. There is a list of train times for a place called Nagano. Another list is the ingredients to Ran's favorite fried tofu. Another is a just a mostly blank page with the words “Behind you” on it...wait what...

You can feel an icy chill travel down your back and you slowly twist your head enough to look behind you with the corner of your eye.

“Hi there~”

And it meets an amused golden one.

[ ] Panic

[ ] Stunned

[ ] Continue reading like nothing is amiss
[X] Continue reading like nothing is amiss

[x] Panic

We'll have to remember Chen's picture for later.
[X] Continue reading like nothing is amiss

You can't spook us Yukari
[X] Smooch comically/dramatically and bolt.

[X] Continue reading like nothing is amiss

She wants a reaction! We must refuse to give her that!
[X] Continue reading like nothing is amiss

Or try to, anyway.
[X] Continue reading like nothing is amiss

“...hi.” You turn back the shelves and are about to go back to looking through them when a pair of large orbs settle on the back of your head and a chin snuggles in your hair as you blush brightly.

“You know its rude to look through a lady's books without asking?”

“Almost as rude as a room trapping someone I imagine.” You hear and feel her stick her tongue out as you reach for another letter but her fingers intercept yours.

“You really think these dusty things are more fun then me?~”

“No but I'm not turning around until you get dressed.” You just know she is pouting as she pulls away from you and you hear one of those gap thingies open and close.

“Alright I'm dressed.” You turn...and spin right back around both hands trying to stifle a nose bleed.

“What the hell?!” She giggles in a far too innocent manner.

“What's wrong Haru?~”

“What's wrong?!” You would glare at her but that would require turning back around. “That is anything but dressed!” Sadly your traitorous mind refuses to purge the image of Yukari in nothing but a pair of lacy black/purple panties and nothing but a small pillow covering her upper body...on second thought...good work brain. “Can you please put some clothes on?!” She laughs and you hear more gapping.

“Alright I'm descent now.” You turn just enough to confirm that before sighing and finishing your rotation. She is in another of those frilly dresses of hers only this seems a tad less fancy...yet still screams “yes I'm THE Yukari you may quake in fear of mental/physical/spiritual trauma” ...her style is rather expressive. She is laying down on one of her gaps with her legs kicking back and forth in the air and her chin propped in one of her hands. “So despite my happiness that you came to visit me little Haru how did you end up in my bedroom...not that I'm complaining~” She says that last part with a look that makes your face glow cherry red.

“Uhh w-well I was just l-looking around until Ran came back from fetching Chen.” She tilts her head head in a cute manner.


“W-Well yes...I'm kind of staying the night so-” You yelp as Yukari gaps you into her grasp as her eyes spark with mischief.

“My little shrine keeper is staying the night? Oh how wonderful!” She spins you around suffocating you in her chest. “Oh I know just what to do!” She lets you go right as your lungs start to beg for air and gives you a playful ruffle. “Wait right here~” And before you can say anything she gaps out...

...what just happened?

...well you might as well sit tight as you doubt the room has changed its mind about letting you leave yet. You are just about to start looking through the books again when Yukari returns by gap. She has a wide smile on her face as she claps her hands in delight. “We have 2 more guests for dinner! Oh how I do love sleepovers!” She ruffles your hair again and giggles cutely when you pout and try to once again fix your messy black mop.

“So are these guests friends of yours?” She nods even as she does battle with your hands as your head turns into a war zone of ruffling and fixing. “Quit it.” She giggles but doesn't relent.

“Yes they are good friends of mine and I think they will both adore you~” You glare up at her past your messy hair and her ruffling hands and she giggles again and boops your nose with a finger. “Cute~” You give her a sarcastic smile.

“Cute huh?” You dart past her and dive unto her bed grabbing a pillow. You twist and fire it at her as she turns and it catches her right in the face. “Still cute now?” The pillow slowly falls from her face and the grin she has makes you go cold. A horde of gaps open and a wide array of pillow peak out from each one. You give a small pained laugh. “Well...that's just not fair.”

“Nope~” You are promptly buried under a massive wave of pillows. When the onslaught halts your arm slowly pokes out of the pile and waves a small white pillow.

“I wish to formally surrender.” Yukari laughs and drags you out from the pile and hugs you.

“A more adorable prisoner there has never been.” You both turn to look at Ran standing by the door with an amused look. She bows to Yukari. “I have returned with Chen mistress.”

“Yes and you convinced our little shrine keeper to visit~” She nuzzles you. “Well done Ran. I have also invited 2 other guests to join us tonight.”

“Am I to assume it is our normal guests?” At Yukari's nod the fox woman gives a small sigh. “Forgive me mistress but I fear I shall have to make 5 or 6 more shopping runs.”

“Oh no need~” Yukari snaps her fingers and you hear a bunch of gaps off in the distance. “That should be more then enough.

“Thank you mistress.” Ran bows as Yukari lets you go.

“Haru if you would please assist Ran as she prepares a meal for tonight? I need to see to a few things before our guests arrive.” At your nod she smiles warmly without any trace of teasing (a monumental feat for her) and kisses you softly on the forehead making your cheeks warm. “Good boy~” She gaps away as you follow Ran down the hall...oh sure now you let me leave...stupid room. As the 2 of you head into the kitchen you spot Chen and give her a friendly wave that she returns. Ran points out many and you do mean MANY large bags of ingredients and you give a low whistle.

“Are we feeding an army here?” Ran laughs but just motions for you to get ready as she starts on the bags and you slap your headband on.

Haru does his best and is now cooking. Please wait warmly...

...and more cooking...

...and more cooking...

...and yet more cooking...

You give a sigh as you weakly wipe your forehead with the back of your hand as Ran gives you an affectionate pat with a tail. “Please tell me that was the last of it?” She nods and you weakly point an accusing finger at her. “That was a lie wasn't it?” She giggles and takes your headband off and wipes your face for you with a small towel.

“No that was the end of it~” You sigh and fall into her chest. She chuckles and ruffles your hair softly as you groan.

“And you do this alone every time these people come over?”

“Yes.” You look up at her warm motherly look with a deadpan expression.

“How are you still alive?” She laughs and brings your limp body to the living room and plops you down beside the sitting gap youkai who is grinning and fanning herself. You let your face slowly hit the table.

“Have fun?~” You keep your face down and point in the area that Yukari's voice came from.

“You knew this would happen when you invited your friends over didn't you.”


“I hate you.” She giggles and snuggles you into her side.

“I deserve your hate~”

[ ] Let her snuggle you

[ ] Return the snuggles

[ ] Pull away
Just wondering but how are you guys/girls enjoying the story so far?
[X] Let her snuggle you

The updates fluctuate in quality, but not to such an extent of being unreadable in the low points. All in all I enjoy it, and want you to keep going.
Yes sadly its easy to tell when I'm making a post in my free time or just hammering one out when I get a breather
[X] Let her snuggle you

She exploited our love of cooking to have us expend our energy cooking an excessive amount of food, so we would be unable to struggle free from her vile clutches.
Truly, this devilish youkai's sadistic desires knows no boundaries!
I feel mostly the same as
said, but in addition I'm eagerly awaiting more opportunities to inject some tragedy and despair into this sickeningly sweet slice of life we've got going on here.
[x] Let her snuggle you

It's gud.
[X] Let her snuggle you

I like it.

I like the story but when you get Haru checking out Yukari's figure and you remember Haru is 8.

Feels a little skeezy at times to be honest.
You can blame Yukari for that...no really she messed with his head when they first met. Was going to be a plot point later on but it does sound odd without knowing
[x] Return the snuggles
I like it. "Yeah sorry for aging you mentally, but we need a shrine keeper NOW"

"Here's your happy reunion! Catch up with mom and all. Just don't forget to kill her on your way out"

[x] Return snuggles
I suspected something was up, but I had to assume you were simply pandering, Watcher.
Now you've gone and exceeded my expectations by having the gap hag go and mind rape a lonely innocent young child! Hot damn that's fucked up! I like it! No, fuck that, I LOVE it!

Once Haru realizes that Yukari has been pulling his strings like a damn marionette, things are going to get a helluva lot more interesting.
Even more amusing if Reimu finds out.
Behind all the teasing and seemingly loving nature Yukari is still Yukari. She does things because 1-Its for the good of Gensokyo 2-It amused her 3-Becuase she can 4-All of the above. In this case its 4.
Mind rape hmm nope all she's have to do is kick-start puberty 2 there are currently only two Hakurei in the border if both perish without issue the Great Barrier and Gensoukyo goes with them. 3 A male he can spread his bloodline around the human village. his kids to hold the border have to be fully human doesn't mean he can't have a little fun first.
File 147600725551.jpg - (24.62KB, 369x277, 1439865586295.jpg) [iqdb]
1. The gap demon
2. Mind raped
3. An innocent child
4. Your waifu a shit

It's extremely obvious that she has quite a lot to gain from bringing Haru to Gensokyo, but let's not dismiss Yukari's actions for anything less than what they were...
[X] Let her snuggle you

You sigh and allow the gap youkai to snuggle you. She boops your nose with a finger and repeats the action until you turn to look at her. “Yes?” She just smirks and keeps booping you until you swat lazily at her finger. “Quit it.” She keeps her smirk but stops none the less...for about 2 minutes. You huff as you deflect her finger with a light backhand. “Ran? Your mistress is misbehaving again.” Yukari chuckles as Ran pokes her head into the room with a scolding look.

“You children play nice or I'm going to separate you.” She sighs as Yukari gives her 'I'm an innocent angel look' complete with a little golden halo. “Mistress I know you want our guests to arrive sooner rather then later but it will take them some time, not everyone can simply drop what they are doing and go visit someone. If you insist on dragging poor Haru into your attempts at time wasting you could at least do something the both of you could enjoy.” As Yukari's eyes shine and she opens her mouth Ran adds. “And no poker.” The gap youkai huffs but nods when Ran glares at her.

“Are cards as a whole off the table?” Ran rolls her eyes.

“That was a poor pun and you know it.” Yukari just smiles. “As long as you don't try to twist them I don't see why not.”

“My word Ran!” Yukari hides part of her face behind her fan looking to all the world as the definition of offended noble woman. “Are you implying that I would subject poor innocent Haru to dirty card games?” You cough lightly and they both turn to you.

“Uhh I don't know...would you?” She throws her fan over her shoulder into a waiting gap and grins like a lunatic.

“Why of course I would!” What the hell woman just don't admit it like that!

“Card games nyaa? Sounds like fun~” You look to your left as Chen seemingly appears from nowhere. She nyaa...yawns...naywn?...and smiles a fanged grin at you. “Hi there Haru~ and hello mistress Yukari~” You and Yukari both greet the cat girl before the gap youkai waves a hand and a deck of purple cards with the Yakumo family symbol on them is gapped onto the middle of the table.

“Well we have the deck.” Yukari gets another deadly smirk. “But what shall we play?” And tilts her head back as a purple kunai almost takes her head off and a voice thunders from the other room.

“I said no!”

“I didn't say anything yet!”

“No but you were thinking it!” Yukari opens her mouth to yell back, thinks for a second, and shuts her mouth with a click of teeth on teeth and shoots the other room a pout. Chen giggles before grabbing the cards and snuffling them with practiced ease.

“May I suggest go fish?” Yukari gives her a suspicious look.

“Is that because you want to play it or because it has fish in it?”

“Yes.” Yukari gives a little shrug.

“Fair enough but I'm dealing.” Chen gives her an offended nyaa.

“So you don't trust your own shikigami?”

“At cards? No.” Chen huffs and lifts a hand in the air and puts the other over her heart.

“I swear that this deck will remain clean.” Yukari gives her a bright smile.

“How very nice...now uncross your tails.” Chen starts for a moment then lifts her tails to indeed show their crossed state and glares back at them.

“You cheeky little...” She sighs and uncrossed them. “Now can we please play?” Yukari just holds out a hand and after a minute Chen nyaas in defeat and hands the deck over. Yukari has a pair of white glove covered hands pop out from some gaps and start snuffling the cards at a speed that you can't even begin to follow.

“Now Haru have you ever played go fish before?” At your nod she flashes a smile and the gloved hands slap the very VERY snuffled deck down before her and snap their fingers before taking a waiting pose by tenting their hands. “Ahh yes thank you Oswald, now a-” The hands finger snap and a scoreboard pops up over the table. “Ahh thank you now we can begin.” The hands, Oswald it seems, start dealing out cards and everyone takes their opening hand. Mmm you have a good hand...mmm you have 3 of the 5s...might be best to go for that.

“So who goes first then?” Yukari smiles at your question and points to Oswald. The right hand points a finger and the other smacks it making it spin around and around. It slowly comes to a stop pointing at Yukari. Chen snarls and glares at her.

“I call shenanigans!” The gap youkai just smiles.

“Chen you know I would never ask Oswald to cheat and going first is not an advantage in fish.” The cat girl thinks for a second then nods and shoots her master a 'I'm sorry' look.

“If I can ask something?” Yukari smiles at you and makes a go ahead motion. “Why would it not be an advantage? Wouldn't being able to ask what you want first be the biggest advantage?”

“Chen do you have any 5s?” After getting a no and fishing she turns to you. “A good thought but think about this, because I ask first everyone knows at least 1 type of card in my hand and-” she sweeps a hand around the table “the more people there are the greater chance for someone to steal that card or cards from me. Something to think about because its your turn Haru~”

“So because you gave up information people could use that to steal?” She nods. “So Yukari?”

“Yes Haru?” You have to admit it...you have to use a horrific deal of restraint to stop a shit eating grin from plastering itself on your face.

“Let me see...mmm...uhhh...ahh ok!” You smile innocently at her. “Got any...5s?~” Chen dies, falling away from the table and hits the floor rolling with laughter. She somehow keeps hold of her cards. Yukari smiles darkens slightly as she hands over her 5. You slap it down on the table with your other 5s as Oswals marks 1 point in your favor on the scoreboard. “Like that Yukari?~” Her smiles turns half proud, half 'oh now you've done it' as she claps lightly.

“Yes just like that.” The game becomes a bit more intense after that with everyone shooting each other suspicious looks and each full set of 4 brings a soft growl or hiss of frustration from the other players. No one is looking at the scoreboard as more sets are added to the table. Yukari ends up with the last set of the game taking the last 7 from Chen and Oswald starts clapping. The hands end up clapping in front of you and you glance up at the board, yes you seem to have won by 1 point. The hands throw bits of confetti into the air and then give you 2 thumbs up...and tiny fireworks shoot off from the thumbs and pop in the air. Yukari makes a shooing motion at them. “Alright I believe that's enough.” The hands, cards, and scoreboard all vanish into gaps. “Congratulations on your victory Haru.” You rub the back of your neck in embarrassment.

“ahh...thanks.” A knocking echos through the house and Yukari stands with shining eyes.

“Ahh it seems our guests are here!” She gaps away as Chen leaves for the room Ran is in...well ok guess I'll just wait here. You can hear voices growing closer before a door opens and Yukari and 2 others enter. The first is a woman with the pinkest hair you have ever seen. She has a cap with an odd symbol on it and is dressed in a fine light blue dress. She carries herself like an empress and has the aura to match and you have to stop yourself from getting up to bow out of reflex. Yukari has a knowing smile on her face as does the pink lady as she introduces you. “Haru this is a very old friend of mine Yuyuko Saigyouji.” Yuyuko bows and this time you give in the urge to bow yourself only yours is much deeper.

“N-Nice to meet you lady Saigyouji.” She chuckles and ruffles your bowed head softly.

“The pleasure is mine young one~” She waves a hand to the stern faced girl standing behind her. “This is my companion, chef, garden keeper, and bodyguard Youmu Konpaku.” The girl nods sternly at you and you wonder if she is permanently stuck in stern mode. The 3 of start talking (well Yukari and Yuyuko talk, Youmu just watches sternly) about what the evening holds and you wonder what you should do when something soft nuzzles your hand.

“Myon~” You look down at the strange white orb nuzzling your hand. What is this thing? Giving how its acting...maybe some kind of pet? It seems to want affection regardless of what it is.

[ ] Pet

[ ] Don't pet
[X] Pet
Oh boy Myon time.
[x] pet
[X] Pet

this is the only path
[X] Pet

[x] Pet

weird to see a vote with only one option
[X] Pet

You should always try to have a vote with more than one option, but in this case we'll let it slide.
[X] Pet

You smile and softly stroke the white orb and-


You flinch and wonder what the hell is up with not so stern girl. She is red faced and frantically looking around the room. Somehow Yukari and Yuyuko have ignored her all together...maybe this is a normal thing? Frowning you stand with the intent to ask what is wrong-

“You.” You blink as not so stern girl levels a glare at you (that has lost effectiveness due to her red face) and almost spits the word out. You follow her gaze...oh you still have the orb in your hands...guess she is really touchy about her pets or something.

“Forgive me I didn't mean to offend-” And she is already going for her blade. You set the orb down and ready yourself as she draws the blade soundlessly and moves to charge-

-and 2 fingers clamp down on the end of her sword halting her charge and throw her comically off balance. She flails her arms for a bit before she regains her footing and looks in shock at the owner of the fingers who still hasn't looked away from her conversation with Yukari. “Now Youmu its not like he did that to annoy you~” Yuyuko looks away from Yukari and gives the sword woman a bright smile that seems to suck the heat out of the room. “We wouldn't want to be rude right?” Youmu nods her head rapidly and the air returns to normal. “Good~” She lets go of the blade and returns to speaking with Yukari as Youmu sheaths her sword and glares at the orb floating around your legs.

“Myon come here.”

“Myon~” The orb, Myon it seems, does its best to hide behind your legs.

“Myon!” Sword girl stamps her foot in frustration and the orb finally relents and floats over to her. She sighs and gives it a pat.”You can't just run off whenever you feel like it!”


“Yes I know but this is not our home, we are guests here and should act accordingly.”

“Myon~” She sighs and facepalms. As funny as this is you feel the need to interject.

“Excuse me.” She glares at you around the fingers plastered to her face. “I truly didn't mean any offense miss Youmu by playing with your pet.” Yukari and Yuyuko giggle but you keep your eyes on Youmu and give her your best smile...and she grinds her teeth and facepalms harder.

“Not a pet.”

“I'm sorry?” She sighs and returns to a normal stance as Myon makes wispy trails around her.

“Myon is not a pet. I am half phantom and Myon is my phantom half. Is has a connection with me and I can hear what it hears, see what it sees, and feel what it feels.” It takes a few moments for you to catch on and when you do you go red.

“...O-Oh...s-s-sorry.” She just nods and moves to stand in a corner as Yuyuko yawns and sits at the table.

“So Yukari I hear this young shrine keeper has prepared a feast for us?” You blush again as the gap youkai sits as well and pulls you into her lap.

“Indeed~” You try to fight off her hands as they once again destroy any semblance of order your hair had before you turn to Yuyuko.

“Well in truth I only helped Ran prepare the meal for tonight, it was nothing worth praise.” Yukari snorts and Yuyuko smiles. You spend the next few minutes fending off Yukari's hands and Yuyuko's praises before Ran pokes her head in the door.

“Mistress if you could stop molesting Haru for all of 2 seconds I could use his help.” Said mistress starts speaking denials and you use the moment to escape her lap and join Ran in the other room and shoot her a thankful look.

“Thanks Ran.” She chuckles and pats you with a tail.

“Don't thank me yet.” She points out the huge amount of dishes stacked with food and you sigh.

“To the table?”

“To the table.”

“If this is the kind of stuff rich people have to deal with I'm happy with the shrine thank you very much.” She laughs and you join in before you both start funneling the dishes to the table. You have no idea, even as large as the table is, how everything is going to fit but each time you think nothing else could possibly fit a space seems to open up. You call gap shenanigans. With the 2 of you working diligently the food has soon been spread across the table and everyone is siting comfortably. Yoyuko smiles and lifts her tea and everyone returns the gesture.

“I would like to thank our hosts for once again having us. I would also like to thank Ran and Haru for preparing this wonderful meal~” She sets her tea down and spreads her arms. “Now let us eat~” And any aura or manner of an empress vanishes as she starts shredding through any dish close to her. You can only watch stunned as at least 5 full plates of food are consumed in a matter of a minute. Ran, who is sitting at your left, closes your open mouth with a tail.

“You best hurry and make a few plates for yourself Haru.” You nod and absently get some food for yourself still watching the consuming maw know as Yuyuko destroy 2 full bowls of rice and a plate of bread. She pauses when she notices your bug eyed look and flashes you another empress smile whose effect is ruined by all the rice and other food shrapnel stuck to her face.

“Is something wrong Haru?~” You give her a no and she goes back to destroying the food around her and you make sure not to reach for any dish even the slightest bit close to her, you do in fact like your hands and fingers. Time passes and the longer this goes on the more it seems everyone is just used to Yuyuko eating like this. Even Youmu just has a long suffering look on her face as she slowly eats her own meal. At one point Yukari steals a meatbun from the pinknette and the whining that comes from Yuyuko's mouth truly shatters any noble outlook you had left. The 2 of them even start a food fight and you just sit there slowly eating as Ran deflects any projectiles with kunai.

“And its always like that?” The meal is over and Yuyuko has passed out from a food coma and has been put to bed. Youmu is tending to her master and Yukari is getting ready for bed. Chen has already gone to sleep and you are helping Ran wash the dishes.

“No they tend to get a lot worse, I think they behaved themselves because you where here.”

“That was behaved?” She chuckles and nods. “Forgive me if I decline anymore dinner visits from now on.” She upgrades from chuckles to full blown laughter at that and shoos you out of the kitchen. “But there are still dishes to clean!”

“Yes and I can handle them, you on the other hand need to sleep.” Your yawn only makes her point and you retreat to your temporary chambers. The room is almost bigger then the shrine itself yet still somehow has a cozy feeling and you settle in. You give another yawn before turning in for the night.

[ ] Sleep through the night

[ ] Can't sleep

[ ] “Myon~”
[X] “Myon~”

Best choice.
[x] “Myon~”

Goes in all fields.
[x] “Myon~”
I mean, why even ask for votes if you only have the one choice?
[X] Myon~
[X] “Myon~”

What a shameless puff ball.
Seeing that you guys love your Myon I have a little side (but important) vote here for you. There are a lot of Alternative Character Interpretations regarding Myon but I'm going to let you guys pick what Myon is going to be.

1 - Just a floating white affection loving ghost blob

2 - As the other half of Youmu Myon can take her form and even has its own personality

If you vote 2 pick a personality

-Hot blooded/crazy awesome
-Shy and introverted
-Laid back/Lazy fun lover
-Outwardly shy but really a huge pervert
-Stoic and cold but becomes warmer if you can get past the outer shell

Also if you guys pick (and like) the second version of Myon I might in later stories let you guys try to get a Myon route.
[x] As the other half of Youmu Myon can take her form and even has its own personality
- [x] Hot blooded/crazy awesome

But she's not really independent, more a manifestation of Youmu's suppressed desires.
3 - Myon displays and acts upon Youmu's true feelings and desires.

I find it to be the most amusing interpretation.
However, if the second option is chosen, I'd like her to be laid back/lazy fun lover, since it's the polar opposite of Youmu.
This would mean Myon spends most of its time swearing at Yuyuko

3 - Myon displays and acts upon Youmu's true feelings and desires.
You would be amazed how much meaning a single Myon can convey.
[x] “Myon~”

3-Myon displays and acts upon Youmu's true feelings and desires.
Just so you guys know if we go with 3 I'm basically making Myon the Touhou version of Revy from Black Lagoon
As long as Myon is still affection seeking like she's been so far then I am okay with it
So I know that

[ ] "Myon~"

Wins are we calling number 3 for the second vote?
File 147653531826.jpg - (45.69KB, 1600x900, 15118643227.jpg) [iqdb]
Most. Amusing. Interpretation.
Yes 3 for the win
[X] "Myon~"
[X] “Myon~” Also 3 wins

“Myon~” You yawn and blink as something nuzzles the side of your face. You turn over and smile at the small white blob floating beside your bed.

“Hi there Myon.”

“Myon~” You chuckle (that turns into a yawn) and give the blob a sleepy grin.

“Sorry Myon but I can't understand you.” It responds by snuggling into your pillow. “Did you have a bad dream?” It shakes back and forth in a no. “Did you need me for something?” More shaking. “Mmm...” You think for a bit before coming up with a possible answer. “You wanted to get away from Youmu?” The blob nods up and down and you give a quite laugh. “Ok you can stay here.” You fluff your pillow and shift down to one end of it to give the blob a place to settle in. You also shift part of the covers to cover the lower half of the blob as it spins around 3 times before nuzzling into place. “Night.”


You slowly lift the haze of sleep from your body and yawn. Its seems to be morning! You open your eyes and-!

...someone is in your bed...

...someone is in your bed and currently using you like a body pillow...

You stay completely still for about 10 minutes as you simply try to process this fact...and then lose any shred of logical capacity you had when the unknown person cuddles you harder and 2 large orbs press into your upper back. Ok situation update, a...very healthy female is in your bed and using you like a body pillow...right you can handle this just don't panic and calmly extract yourself from the bed without incident. You ever so slowly start to pull yourself from the person's arms and almost make it out when one of the hands, missing its cuddle toy, shifts back and grabs for its missing toy...and ends up latching unto your hair. “Ow! Letgoletgoletgo!” The hand opens and you tumble away from the bed. You rub your new sore spot as you hear the covers of the bed shift and a female yawn. You look back to find...Youmu's older sister? Only her face is poking out from the covers but the resemblance is unmistakable. You take Youmu, age her up from a girl to a young woman, give her face a more refined look and give her black hair and you have this woman...oh and the large breasts...right. You shake the slight blush off your face and go back to the matter at hand, who is this woman and how did she get in your bed?

“Nuuun.” The sleepy moan lets you know the woman is waking up and you watch as she stretches and blinks away. She sits up causing the covers to slide away from her...and your blush returns with a vengeance! The woman only has a thin, formfitting sleeveless black shirt on that really does nothing to hide her rather impressive chest. She yawns and opens her eyes and 2 orbs of vermilion sweep around the room before snapping to you and a displeased grimace creeps up on her face. “Why the fuck are you awake and causing a din this early?” She smacks the space beside her. “Come here so we both get back to fucking sleep.”

“Wait hold on, time out for a second.” You take a moment to collect your thoughts (and NOT to sneak another look at her chest) before continuing. “Who are you and how did you get in my room and bed?” The woman snorts and rolls her eyes.

“Who the fuck do you think I am?” She taps a finger to her skull and glares at you. “Use the stuffing between your ears.” You recoil a bit from her glare and it softens a tad. You then rub your chin as you do as she says and think everything over...mmm...mmm...mmm-! ...no...

“M-Myon?!” She smirks and nods.

“Got it in one~” She yawns and gets up from the bed and you yelp and spin around as the black shirt is the only thing she has on! You hear her laugh. “What's the matter?~”

“Uhh...c-can you please put some clothes on?” She snickers but you can hear her dressing.

“You didn't seem that worried about looking at my chest~” You grow red again.


“Naa I don't fucking care.” More dressing sounds. “I would be offended if you didn't take a chance like that...there we go, you can look all you want without me flashing you~” Her voice is still laced with teasing but you turn around regardless. Along with the black shirt she now has some kind of short dull red battle skirt on with a badass cream longcoat loosely draped over her shoulders. A wakizashi is on her left hip held in place by a black sash. She puts an arm across her chest and moans slightly. “Careful you might scorch me with a gaze like that~” You panic and throw your hands out before you as if their fanatic waving will help excuse you.

“I wasn't looking like that! Really!” She laughs and smirks at your flushed face.

“I know I'm just fucking with you~” She stretches. “You are too fucking easy to tease Haru~”

“S-Sorry.” She sighs and rolls her eyes.

“You don't need to say sorry for that.” She moves to the door and throws it open making a loud bang causing you to wince. “Now come on I want some food.” You follow her to the kitchen where everyone besides Chen are already eating. At the sight of the 2 of you Youmu shoots to her feet and snarls.


“Sup bitch~” The chirpy 'hi how are you' manner that was said in just seems to enrage Youmu.

“I forbade you from ever taking that form again!” Myon just brushes past the fuming girl and sits at the table. You go to sit but Myon drags you into her lap.

“Yeah can start a scroll for me with the title “Shit I Don't Give a Fuck About” Youmu draws one of her blades, the longer one, and grinds her teeth.

“You are my phantom half why can't you understand that!?” Myon takes a second from demanding you feed her eggs and toast to give Youmu an blank look.

“Who says you came first? What if YOU are MY human half?” The angry girl goes still and remains that way even as Myon returns to the food. After a solid minute she sheathes her blade and returns to her place beside Yuyuko with a sulk. The pink haired woman just pats Youmu's head.

“Must you do this every time Myon wishes to enjoy some time like this? You shouldn't fight yourself.” This just makes Youmu sulk harder and Yuyuko returns to destroying her food. Yukari gives a chuckle and fans herself.

“My everyone is so lively this morning~” Youmu just makes sulking sounds as Yuyuko nods and a whole bowl of eggs vanishes. Myon snorts and fixes the gap youkai with a glare.

“I don't want to hear that from you of all people, why are you even awake right now?”

“What kind of host would I be if I didn't see my guests off?~” She gets another snort but any follow up comments remain unsaid. The meal finishes without any further incidents and all guests (you included) are getting ready to leave when another outburst comes from Youmu.

“WHAT?!” Myon looks up from ruffling your hair and gives her a deadpan look.

“Do you need me to fucking spell it out for you? I. Am. Going. With. Haru.” Youmu sucks in a breath through clenched teeth.

“And...just why are you going with this human?”

“Oh gee let me just take a step back and think about this one.” She takes a mock thinking pose. “Go with you and get bitched at all day and get roped into cleaning after that lazy master of yours.” At this this point Yuyuko burst into comical tears and threw herself at Yukari demanding comfort. The gap youkai absently opened a gap and pulled some tissues from it before handing them to the sobbing pinknette. “Or I can stay with Haru, get to see the outside world, and maybe beat down a few fucks...MMM I wonder what I should chose?!” Youmu doesn't respond and simply stomps away dragging a comically sobbing and nose blowing Yuyuko behind her. “Well that went well~” You give Myon a disbelieving look but turn to thank Yukari and Ran for having you. Soon you and Myon are gapped to the walkway halfway between the human village and the shrine.

“Ahh I'm never going to get used to that.” Myon nods in agreement and seems to remember something.

“Oh right!” She pounds a fist into her open palm and turns to you with a grin. “I need a name.” You blink in confusion.

“Uhh...don't you have one?” You get a glare.

“No I want a real name, not something my other half gave me.” She grinds her teeth. “She named me after the sound I make...what kind of fucking lame name is that?! Its like naming a cow moo for goddess sake!” Well now that she puts it that way it does sound stupid. “So shota, give me a name~” ...shota?

“Uhh my name's Haru not shota.” She just grins like a loon.

“Right so get to naming shota~” ...you know she is teasing you but you don't get how.

“Why do you want me to name you?”

“I could say its some bullshit symbol of our new friendship or something.”

“...it is?”

“Naa I'm just a lazy fuck.” Sigh...so...a name huh?

[ ] Give Myon a new name (write in for this guys)

and do you want her to travel with you?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

and pick a place to go after you name her

[ ] Shrine

[ ] SDM

[ ] Garden of the Sun
[X] Give Myon a new name (write in for this guys)

I'm not good with choosing names, but I might as well put forth a minimal effort since I'm responsible for this.

[X] Yes

Sure, why not? Though I'm not sure how she'd even be able to be separated from Youmu for any extended stretch of time/distance, but whatever.

[X] Shrine

Gotta make sure it hasn't burned down and that our sister hasn't died from starvation while we were away.
[x] No
[x] Garden of the Sun

I am really not feeling this Myon and I hope we don't see her again.
[x] Kasumi
[x] Yes
[x] Garden of the Sun

Let's see how she fares vs Yuuka
[x] Kasumi
[x] Yes
[x] SDM

Got to show off how refined and cultivated she is where they'll appreciate it, right?
[x] Futsu-Nushi
[x] Yes
[x] Garden of the Sun

Guys, we're shinto. And consider the personality of Myon.

Name her after the Shinto god of Fire and War.
I love it when you guys find a plot point before I write it
[X] yes
[X] Shrine
Worried shrine Miko equals pain in place of training
>plot point
>choice between anon being shitty at names, Myon/Youmu separation issues, and the shrine being on fire
I'm scared to ask which of these is the plot point.

[x] Futsu-Nushi
[x] Yes
[x] Garden of the Sun
[X] yes
[X] Shrine

We're a Hakurei. The shrine is clearly on fire.
[X] Kasumi

[X] Yes

[X] Garden of the Sun

“Mmm...how about...Kasumi?” She blinks and rubs her chin for a second before shrugging.

“Hell sounds good enough for me. So where are going?”

“Well I was thinking about visiting miss Yukka today at the-” She makes a 'time out' motion with her hands.

“This Yuuka, we talking about Yuuka Kazami?” You nod and she gives you an 'are you crazy' look. You give her a small glare back.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Uhh hate to break this to ya shota but most intelligent people stay AWAY from Yuuka Kazami.” You snort and roll your eyes.

“Why does everyone always act like she has the plague or something?”

“...guess you are not part of the 'intelligent people' category.” You huff.

“Look didn't you want to go traveling with me?”

“That was before I found out where you plan on going shota! I would rather be bitched at by my other half all day then visit that crazy youkai!” There is a pop sound along with a burst a smoke and you cough and wave a hand trying to clear the air around you. When the smoke thins Kasumi has returned to her blob state.

“Myon!~” You are not sure but you think that she is swearing. The blob spins in place for a second before shooting off into the sky.

Oy what a morning and it only just got started. Oh well looks like you are going alone to the Garden of the Sun...mmm...now how to get-! Oh right talk to the plants! You look around and find a nice looking dandelion on the side of the path and make yourself comfortable. You give the plant your best smile. “Hello there sir or miss.”


“I'm sorry for bothering you on such a fine morning and I'm sure you would like to get back to soaking up sunlight and everything like that but I have a small favor to ask.”


“You see I'm trying to locate the Garden of Sun so I can visit miss Yuuka Kazami.”


“Uhh...well I was wondering if you would happen to know the way?”

[ ] The plant knows the way

[ ] Interrupting magician
[x] The plant knows the way

because why wouldn't it
File 147691758118.jpg - (55.25KB, 346x500, Tell_24161b_1111760.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Time for plant B
[X] The plant knows the way
[X] The plant knows the way

Odds are Yuuka is standing right behind us anyways, so might as well appeal to her sensibilities.
[X] The plant knows the way

Gensokyo is not bound by common sense.
Who said you could read ahead?
[x] The plant knows the way

Shoulda hid the script better!
[X] The plant knows the way

“...” You look at the plant waiting for an answer.

“...” The plant seems to want to collect its thoughts.

“...” You politely wait for the plant to do so.

“...” The plant seems to want to take its time.

“...” Thankfully you are the patient type.










...wait what?

“My my how curious~♥” The sudden voice startles you and you leap up from your sitting position while doing a spin to face this new arrival...and end up face planting into a familiar chest. Before you can push yourself away a pair of arms wrap around you and snuggle you deeper into the marshmallow hell. “Naa my little sprout is so randy this morning~♥” You flail your arms a bit before your assailant has some pity on you and loosens her grip enough so you can get some air to your protesting lungs. You give a deadpan glare up into the amused face of the flower youkai.

“Is this going to be the way you great me from now on miss Yuuka?” She just chuckles and pets you. “Hey hey do you know how longs it takes me to get my hair that orderly?!” Going by her amused face yes she does know. You sigh and slowly lower your head back into her chest. “Good morning.”

“Morning~♥” She lets you go and replaces her parasol back to its resting place on her shoulder. “Planning to visit me little Haru?~♥” You give her a small nod.

“Yes that is my plan.” She smiles and waves at the space beside her.

“Then by all means please accompany me~♥” The 2 of you start down the path to cross roads outside the human village.

“So what brings you up the shrine steps?” She tilts her head in confusion so you elaborate. “This path goes from the human village, the crossroads, and the shrine so I was just wondering what brought you here.”


“Huh?” She giggles and boops your nose with a finger.

“You wanted to find a way to my garden and I had free time so I thought to guide you myself~♥”

“...wait.” You point over your shoulder. “The dandelion summoned you?” She laughs rather hard at that.

“Oh goodness no~♥” She spins her parasol lightly. “I heard you~♥”

“...what? How?” She chuckles and puts a finger under your chin and tenderly makes you gaze into her eyes. Her red eyes seem to glow slightly and a devilish smile smothers her previous cheerful one. For the first time Yuuka lets you get a glimpse of the power sleeping just under the surface...

...this...this is insane...its indescribable! You might as well try to quantify space itself! Your legs give out and only the single finger under your chin keeps you upright. She leans down so her lips are almost on yours and her glowing orbs fill your vision. You think you might drown...its...its far too much!

“Haaaarrruuuu~♥” You can hear her voice...but despite seeing her lips move...it seems to come from everywhere but her mouth. “Do you understand Haru?~♥” You open your mouth to respond but fail to make any sound. She smiles (a warm smile) regardless and stands back. The glow is gone from her eyes and her normal cheerful face is once again brightening the area. She slips the finger out from under your chin and aside from a little wobble you are steady. Her power is once again sleeping and the Yuuka you know is back again giggling at your face. “As I said I heard you~♥”


“Mmm?~♥” You shake your head a little to regain your senses and gaze at her in total awe.

“That was incredible...I've never felt anything like that, not even mother when she is going all out feels anything like that!” Every word is marinaded in awe and wonder and Yuuka giggles again.

“Aww thank you Haru, your stuttering incomprehension from before is all the praise I need~♥” You blush and rub the back of your neck.

“Sorry about that...it was kind of shocking...I really couldn't think of anything to say.” She pets you and smiles brightly.

“Most people have the same reaction, don't feel bad Haru~♥” The 2 of you start walking again as you ask a few questions to the flower youkai.

“So you are this powerful...just because you have lived a long time?” She hums in thought.

“Well that is what I tell everyone who asks anyway~♥”

“Oh...so how are you so powerful?” Her answering smile is almost blinding.

“Because I've lived a long time~♥”

“But you just said that's just what you tell...oh...” She laughs hard at your moment of comprehension. “Well I feel silly.” She boops your nose again.

“Silly little sprout~♥”

“This is one of those thing I'm never going to find out right? Like why Yukari sleeps so much or why my sister stops for tea every 5 minutes?” She nods with a smile and you sigh and throw your arms in the air in mock drama making her laugh.

“Lady Kazami!” You blink and look farther down the path to locate the source of the unknown voice. A girl in a red dress with a scythe is fanatically looking around in a mild panic. “Lady Kazami! Oh where has she gone?! I'm going to get in so much trouble!” The girl sounds about 3 seconds from braking down and sobbing and you feel the urge to hug her. Before you can do anything Yuuka calls out to her.

“My my Elly there is no need for such distress~♥” The girl spins around to face Yuuka with bright blush and starry eyes that are almost leaking tears.

“Lady Kazami!” The girl runs up and flings herself at her mistress. The flower youkai catches her and enfolds her in a hug as the girl starts babbling. “Oh Lady Kazami I was so worried! First you vanish from the garden then your power started leaking out and then it vanished and I thought someone might have hurt you and-” This stream of words goes on for about a full 90 seconds before she stops to take a breath. The girl stops her babbling and just cries softly into Yuuka's chest. Yukka just murmurs lovingly as she strokes the girl's back and the girl soon downgrades from mild blubbering to a hiccup now and then. When the crying started you had turned around to give them a semblance of privacy and you only turn back when Elly speaks to you.

“H-Hey.” She wipes her eyes and gives you a confused look. “Who are you?” You give her your best smile and a small bow.

“Hello miss I'm Haru Hakurei. I'm pleased to meet you.” She has a blank face for a bit before her whole face seems to go red and her mouth wobbles...did you up set her somehow? “...miss are you-”

“NAAAAAA!” Well it seems you are getting your second marshmallow hell of the day. “He's so cute! Can I keep him Yuuka?! Can I?!” Even face deep in chest you can feel Yuuka's smirk.

“Ok Elly but he's your responsibility. Keep him fed, dressed, happy, and take him out for walks~♥” Elly sqwees in happiness as you manage to dig yourself out of her impressive (but having nothing on Yuuka or Yukari) breasts.

“Uhh excuse me miss but I can't be your pet.” She looks down at you with a purely devastated look and you have to summon your divine strength to press on. “As I said I can't be your pet because-”

“You're already Lady Kazami's pet!” ...what. “Oh how silly of me I understand completely!” No you don't you really don't. You shoot a glance at Yuuka and her 'I'm trying so hard not to laugh' face tells you just how much help she is going to be here.

One round of explaining later...

“So you are a friend of Lady Kazami.” Nod. “And you are going with her to visit the Garden of the Sun.” Nod. “And you can't be her pet or mine because you are a shine keeper and have responsibilities.”

“Well that's one of the reasons but yes.” She smiles.

“Well I'm glad we cleared that all up!” Ahh good it seems like everything can get back to normal- “I just have to destroy the shine and then you can be Lady Kazami's pet!” …your voice hits the bottom of a very deep pan.

“If I had the rest of the day I still wouldn't have enough time to list all the reasons way that's a bad idea.”

Another round of explaining later...

“Ok but what if I-”

“No.” She puffs her cheeks out and huffs.

“But what if-”


“...but maybe-”

“No.” She sighs and nods.

“Ok ok...I'll be good.” And which one of us was going to be the pet again? She suddenly gasps and snaps her fingers.

“Oh fertilizer I forgot to introduce myself!” She smiles and spins the scythe between her fingers before snapping it to her side and saluting. “I'm Elly! Gatekeeper, assistant gardener, and all around helper for Lady Kazami!” She bows but seems to forgets the scythe in her hand and the heavy blade pulls her off balance. She fails a bit and windmills her other arm until she is standing upright again. “He he...my bad.” You give her a smile and ignore what just happened for her sake.

“Nice to meet you.” The 2 of you shake hands and are both startled by Yuuka clapping lightly.

“My my how wonderful, we must return to the garden to celebrate this new friendship with tea and cakes~♥”

[ ] That sounds good

[ ] Its been a while...maybe you should drop in at the shrine first and check up on your sister

[ ] Interrupting magician
[X] That sounds good
I know something is going down at the shrine. It's probably pretty bad too. That said:

[X] That sounds good

Sorry sis, we're busy hanging with youkai moe.
[x] That sounds good
[x] That sounds good
[X] That sounds good
[X] That sounds good

You give the flower youkai a bright smile. “Why that sounds great miss Yuuka.” Elly claps her hands and expresses her delight in a more sqwee like fashion but it seems everyone is in agreement. The 3 of you start down the path as Elly fills the air with what you find to be amusing rambles. The look you and Yuuka share as the assistant speaks about past events makes it clear the amusement is shared.

“And then this one time I was going to the kitchen for a late night snack and ended up in Makai.” You blink as you swear you misheard that.

“Wait hold on a second...on the way to get a snack...you somehow got lost and ended up in Makai?” At her nod (and getting another from Yuuka after you give her a questioning glance) you give Elly a deadpan look. “How.” Your voice matches your look and Elly just gives a little nervous laugh.

“I am not a smart youkai.” ...you can't think of anything to add. “What about you Haru?” You tilt your head at her question and she gets red faced before powering on. “Do you have any stories?” You note that Yuuka seems to have perked up at the question.

“Mmm...” You rub your chin in thought for a few seconds. “Well I don't think I have any stories that would be as anything impressive coming from Gensokyo.”

“Ahh please?” Elly's puppy dog face pushes you over the edge and you give a small sigh.

“Alright alright...maybe a few stories about my mother perhaps.” You clear your throat. “I remember this one time mother took me deep into the woods behind the shrine for a camping trip. I must have only been...4...maybe 5 at the time.”

“Why the camping trip?” You give Elly a small smile as you dig into faded memories.

“At the time I quite the amateur bug hunter. I remember creeping around the shrine grounds armed with a tiny jar catching glowies right when they started to come out for the night.”

“Glowies?~♥” You start and give Yuuka an embarrassed look as you rub the back of your neck.

“Ah sorry that's what I called fireflies.” The walk halts for a minute as you fend off Elly's attempts to marshmallow hell you. Seems the idea of an ever more mini Haru catching fireflies was too much for her. After the assistant calms herself and the walk resumes you pick the story back up. “Right so yes I was a bug hunter and fireflies or glowies where my favorite thing to hunt.”

“What did you do after you caught them in the jar?”

“Well mother would sometimes leave the shrine to take care of business in the city, mostly for getting us food or doing odd jobs. When this would happen she would be gone most of the day and only return after night so I would go out and catch as many glowies as I could and fill lots of jars. I would put them all out at the top of the shrine path so she would see them as she came up the steps.” You smile at the memory of your mother's face whenever she would come home to your efforts. “She called it the firefly lighthouse.” Elly tries to jump you again only for Yuuka to restrain her with a lazy grab...although the small blush and glinting eyes of the flower youkai are not good signs. “Anyway the camping trip, or the great glowy hunt as I called it, was the first I really got away from the shrine. Nothing but me, mother, and nature.” You take a deep breath and close your eyes trying to remember the sights and smells.

“So what happened on your glowy hunt?~♥”

“Well I ended up tripping over every single tree root, crashing into every bush, getting lost 3 or 4 times, and to top it all off because of all the noise I made stumbling about I only ended up with 7 glowies.” Yuuka gives you an amused look as you smile brightly. “So naturally I declared it the best camping trip ever and asked mother when the next one would be.”


“Well because I came out of all that without breaking down into a sobbing mess and even enjoyed the experience it convinced her to start my training early...so a win all around in my book!” The 3 of you end up sharing a good laugh and you spill a few more tales about your mother to pass the time.

A short walk later...

“And then the guy says he's going to have all the goons behind him burn down the shrine if we don't except the 'generous' offer made by his company. And mother just sets down her tea cup and gets that look on her face and I know its time to vacate the area. So she doesn't even attack the guy, no she just starts telling the guy and his mooks just what she plans to do to them...not because they said they planned to burn down the shrine, no she was pissed because they disrupted our tea time.”

“Oh my gosh...what happened?” You smirk.

“Well she got about a minute into telling them her plans and most of the guys are going pale then the boss leader guy tries to call her bluff and takes a swing at her. She just catches his arm and thanks him for volunteering for a demonstration. Most the of the guys must have just been there for intimidation sake cause most broke and ran only after she broke his first 2 fingers. The others ran off after she got to his thumb.”

“Akemi was not one to suffer fools~♥” You look at her with surprise.

“You knew my mother as well?”

“Most of the older youkai and even some of the younger ones knew the Sendai Hakurei no Miko however anymore discourse must wait as we have arrived~♥” You follow her pointing finger and take in the massive sunflower field. Holy crap the field is bigger then the human village! In what you can guess is the middle of the garden stands a large house. “Welcome to the Garden of the Sun~♥”

“Wow...when do you find time to water them all?” Yuuka just chuckles as the 3 of you approach the field. A small sign is by the path right before you enter the field and you take a second to read it.

'Welcome to the Garden of the Sun. Please don't damage the flowers~♥'

Well you think that would be a given but then again never understatement how stupid people can be. You find it cute that Yuuka added the heart to the end. Off to the side of the road you see an area that has been cleared of woods and brush then flattened out. “What's that over their? Planning to expand the field?”

“Oh no I'm going to dig a well~♥”

“Ahh.” Yuuka turns to Elly and gives her a smile.

“Dear Elly if you would please go on ahead and start the tea?” The assistant snaps a salute before flying off. “Walk with me Haru~♥” You nod and walk beside the flower youkai as you enter her domain. “Hello my lovely ones did you miss me?~♥” The flowers rustle and that wouldn't be so odd except for the lack of wind. Yuuka smiles at the field. “Yes I missed you all as well but look what I found~♥” She pushes you softly on the back and you take a few steps into the field and bow politely.

“Hello I'm Haru Hakurei, nice to meet you all.” More rustling and you swear you hear something like giggling coming from the flowers...or maybe you imagined that? You jump slightly and look down at the sunflower nuzzling your hand. “Uhh...h-hello there.” You give it a pat and the field almost seems to sigh in contentment. Yuuka puts a hand on your shoulder and smiles.

“Come little sprout it is tea time~♥” Ahh yes how could you forget the promise of tea and cakes! You walk beside the flower youkai with an eager stride as the 2 of you make your way to the house.

[ ] Reach the house without trouble

[ ] Interrupting magician

[ ] A god drops in for tea
[X] Reach the house without trouble

I'm enjoying this yuuka time without interruptions
[X] A god drops in for tea

The more the merrier and allows Haru meet somebody new.
Holding out til next vote for magician interruption whilst we're in the house for optimal levels of property damage.
[x] A god drops in for tea
[x] A god drops in for tea

hopeing for shinki
[X] A god drops in for tea
You know I didn't think to ask this before but do you guys care if I throw in PC-98 people? I know some people get pissed at cross era stuff
They're at a disadvantage, because less people cares about them but I do. Go for it.

[x] God

Wow man, thanks for asking. I do get really pissed at cross era stuff. So just like...don't add any of that to the story, and we'll get along just fine.

Most authors like...won't even ask or nothin before adding that crazy cross era stuff.

[X] A god drops in for tea
You're the one doing the writing, so I'd say use what characters you want to write.
If you want to introduce more PC-98 characters, I'd be happy with seeing your interpretations of them.

Having said that, I would remind everybody that we already have Mima taking part in the story, thus a precedent has already been set.

Which leads me to suspect that this anon possibly hasn't been reading up until now.

The more PC-98 love the better, if you ask me!
Going by what you voted for I'm going to assume sarcasm
Has something I stated come off as sarcastic? I'm not sure what it is that you perceived as sarcasm.
I mean, I've only ever earnestly and gleefully sought to bring about tragedy and despair upon everybody around me. What could I have possibly done to make you question my integrity?

I'm all for PC-98 characters. I was just encouraging you to write whichever characters that you'd find enjoyable to write and not to worry that much about what others might not like.
Plus, I just wanted to point out that it'd be odd to not allow other PC-98 characters into the story because some people don't like the idea of era crossovers, when we already have one in the story. If anybody was that upset about it, they would have already stopped reading long ago.
I can't remember if I've already voted or not, but at the risk of upsetting this oh-so-close vote:
[X] Shinki

>possibly hasn't been reading up until now.

You are absolutely correct. I saw OP's comment and posted that vote in a brief fit of childish pique.
[X] A god drops in for tea

Yuuka stops suddenly and throws an arm out to bar your way. You give her a questioning look and she points at the sky. “A visitor~♥” You follow her finger and find that a strange hole has appeared in the sky. The inside of the hole, or more likely the portal, is a shifting pattern of red, orange, and purple that makes your eyes sting if you try to focus on any one color. The edge of the portal is a ring of fire that churns and froths as if it was water. Droplets of various size are throw into the air from the fire waves and sizzle in the air before burning out and from the depths of the portal come a host of beings. As they get closer you quickly find the ground suddenly needing a good looking over. The beings are all female with skin ranging from pale to bronze with a multitude of exotic hair and eye colors. Their outfits are made to intensify their psychical forms in all the right ways yet are still somehow tasteful in a mind bending paradox. The bat wings on their heads and back along with the spaded devil tails tell you all you really need to know. Demons...and quite a number of them as well. They form 3 ranks of 12 on each side of the portal to the ground and stand at attention as one last demon comes through the portal and unrolls a large scroll before clearing her throat making you stop from just stealing side glances and focus on the new arrival who starts reading.

“Take heed mortals, youkai, gods, and demons for the god of unyielding flame, overlady of Makai, teacher of wayward souls, mother to us all will now stand before you! Behold Shinki the god of Makai!” The demon snaps the scroll shut and stands to one side as the ranks of demons start doing some ominous latin chanting. The ring of fire around the portal blazes with new intensity as a new figure slips through. The woman has a red dress and light blue hair with a side ponytail. 6 purple wing like things with red patterns lazily wave behind her as she slowly descends to the garden. As her feet touch the dirt the demons slowly start to return to the portal going rank by rank and the chanting dies in volume, slowly fading into silence as the last demon enters the portal and the fiery gate implodes, winking out of existence. Shinki opens her blood red eyes and smiles brightly.

“Salutations, I am Shinki the god and creator of Makai. It is my utmost pleasure to meet you both.” She bows and you bow back before you can catch yourself, why do you keep meeting ladies who have empress levels of grace and authority?

“WAAAAAA!” Everyone turns to see Elly approaching at max speed waving her scythe before her. “THE GARDEN IS BEING INVADED!” She throws her scythe with surprising force and the spinning blade of doom's target is Shinki's neck.

[ ] Intervene

[ ] Or not
[x] Do not

It is her garden, she can do what she wants. I doubt it will work though
[x] Or not

She did not cry out a proper WAAAGH!
[x] Or not
[X] Intervene

It's not necessary, but it's the polite thing to do.
[x] Do not

As an aside, is it not cannon that Shinki and Yuuka know each other, or am I retarded?

Zun stated that any and all fanon is cannon. So Yuuka knowing Shiki is equally as cannon as Black Tewi; which is to say: absolutly.

[X] do not
[x] Or not
[X] Or not

You blink and tilt your head as you watch the scythe spin closer and closer to the god. “Hey Yuuka?” The scythe hits its target and comically bounces off with no effect.

“Yes Haru?~♥” You both watch as the Shinki smile goes a tad cold and a few orbs of light form around her.

“Everyone in Gensokyo is strange.” She snorts at the finality in your tone as Elly runs screaming from a stream of light orbs. “Should we help her?”

“How will she ever learn if I step in for every problem she has?~♥” The sound of rapid detonations came from Elly's retreat zone.

“And if she gets hospitalized?”

“Then that will have been an important lesson~♥” You nod from that sage advice as Shinki brushes her dress off and smiles at the both of you.

“Your garden is as lively as always Yuuka.” The flower youkai simply mmm's and motions to the house.

“Haru and I planned to have some tea but I would be happy to set out a cup for a third~♥” The god joins the 2 of you on your walk to the house. Shinki looks you over.

“So who is this adorable little one Yuuka?” You blush lightly making Shinki giggle as Yuuka answers.

“This is Haru Hakurei the newest addition to the Gensokyo's eccentric family~♥” She pats your head softly and you glow with pride as you give the god a bow.

“Hello lady Shinki.” She chuckles and smiles back.

“And so polite!” She kneels down and motions you over. “I have a secret for you.” You lean in and she murmurers in your ear. “Keep a hold of your polite nature Haru as it is something of a rarity.” You give her an amused look.

“Sadly that's not really a secret in Gensokyo.” She laughs and the 3 of you finish the walk to the house in silence.

As you had guessed Yuuka's home is quite lovely with a warm nature feel to it. Yuuka prepares some fresh tea and a small plate of baked treats before ushering you to an average sized open room with a large window overlooking the north side of the garden. You each take a seat at the round wood table and sip at the tea. Yuuka nibbles at a lemon tart before turning to Shinki. “So what brings you to my doorstep Shinki?~♥” The god takes a sip before setting her cup down and collecting her thoughts.

“I need your aid with a...project I am working on. You see-” Yuuka holds up a hand to stall any further statements and frowns...and you jolt when you realize this is the first time you have ever seen the flower youkai without a smile.

“Shinki you know my stance on such matters, I will not act as a go between for you and your child.” Something in Yuuka's voice is making all kinds of alarms go off in your head. The god folds her hands on the table and meets Yuuka's gaze with a cold stare.

“And just who else could I ask Yuuka?” She waves a hand at the window. “The shrine maiden? The gap youkai? The brat vampire and her entourage? The denizens of the underground?” She gives Yuuka a crooked smile. “You know all too well that I am almost always alone in these things. Not even outsiders generate the mistrust that falls like a miasma around my shoulders.”

“You have only yourself to blame, by enforcing your seclusion you have allowed rumor and misinformation to guide the hearts and minds of others.” Shinki slams a hand down on the table and you jump but Yuuka doesn't even flinch.

“I did what I thought was best!”

“Best for who? You? Or Alice?” Shinki looks like she might leap over the table at the flower youkai.

“How dare-!”

“Dare?” Yuuka smiles and you are glad you are sitting otherwise you might have been tempted to run for your life. “You ask me how I dare? You are the one who dares.” Yuuka slowly stands and her eyes glow as the house shudders. Outside you can see the sunflowers turn blood red. “You come into my home and make demands of me?” You find it hard to breath but Shinki, who is the focus of Yuuka's wrath, is barely able to remain in the chair, her face pale with beads of sweat budding on her forehead. “Do not mistake my peaceful nature for weakness little god, I was ancient before Gensokyo was a gleam of an idea in Yukari's mind.” Yuuka's eyes close and Shinki falls back into her seat. The air regains its warmth and the garden is once again a calm gold. The flower youkai takes her seat and pops the rest of her tart into her mouth as the little god calms her nerves with more tea and you busy yourself with a tasty cream filled pastry.

“...Yuuka...” Shinki sets her cup down and bows her head until its almost touching the table. “Please...I beg you...” Yuuka watches the god's bowed form for a minute...then 2...then 3...and then sighs deeply.

“I will...consider your request.” Shinki shoots out of her chair and looks about ready to leap hug the flower youkai before a red glare pins her in place and a hand waves in a dismissive manner. “Leave my home and do not return until I think on this matter and contact you. Any premature returns will not be met kindly. Shinki nods.

“Thank you Yuuka!”

“Do not act as if I have accepted little god.” Her eyes close again. “Go.” Shinki vanish into a small person sized flame hole and the room is still once again. The only sound is your soft muching as you finish your treat. Yuuka sighs and looks out the window and even from this profile view you can see the wheels turning in her head.

“Yuuka?” A red eye flickers to you. “Are you...ok?” She keeps her gaze on you for a few seconds before getting her warm smile back.

“Yes little sprout I am fine~♥” She goes back to her tea and you let the calm silence build for a bit. A knock at door makes you both turn. “Come in~♥” Elly pokes her head in looking far less explodey then before.

“Pardon me mistress but should I start preparing lunch?” Yuuka mills on that before casting a glance at you and nodding.

“Yes...and prepare a guest room for Haru should he wish to spend the night here~♥” Elly bows and shuts the door behind her once again leaving the 2 of you alone. Yuuka yawns and stretches (CUTE!) before giving you a tired smile. “Ahh family messes and politics being me the same amount of vexation~♥”

“Can I ask something?” She chuckles.

“Haru you have nothing to fear from me, ask all you wish~♥” You pout slightly.

“I wasn't scared...it was just...intense.” She giggles. “Anyway what I wanted to ask is...why?” She quirks an eyebrow at you.

“Why is she having family troubles, why would no one but I help her, or why would I agree to think about it?~♥”

“Yes.” She laughs and leans back and snags another tart.

“Well in that order...foolish mistakes were made and a lot of things were said in anger~♥” You are slightly shocked.

“She treated her child that badly?”

“No it was both sides of the family that are at fault...but sadly the largest error was made by Shinki~♥ Simply ignoring the problem, or in this case secluding herself in Makai, was the worst option she could have taken~♥” You nod.

“If anything that would just make Alice feel abandoned and make her bitter.” Yuuka nods and your mind latches onto something there. “Wait...this Alice...is she-”

“The puppeteer~♥” Wow...you make a mental note to give Alice a hug the next time you see her. “As for your second question...to put it bluntly she left for Makai and never came back~♥ I'm one of the few people that even know who she is so her appearance would be treated like an outsider~♥”

“But I'm an outsider and no one mistrusts me!” She gives you a very amused look.

“Haru your sunny deposition and innocent nature could override a wolf tengu's military training and make them melt into a tail wagging puddle of goo~♥” You blink as you don't really understand the joke. “For your last question...” She shrugs. “...its a good source of amusement~♥” You blink.


“Oh yes~♥” She chuckles. “I have been stringing them along for quite a while~♥”

“Them...you mean-”

“Yes Alice as well...however she is always far more polite then Shinki~♥ But I suppose I must lay this game to rest and help them mend this broken bond after all Shinki is truly serious about this for the first time and I like to award honest people~♥” She gives you a 'teacher Yuuka' look. “I detest those that lie and those that lie to themselves take the full force of my displeasure~♥” You make a mock notion of writing that down and she tosses a tart crumb at you with a snicker. “Brat~♥” The 2 of you finish the last drops of tea in your cups. “Ahh little sprout that brings up a thought~♥ As you can see many people view me with fear but what was my little Haru's thoughts when he first saw me?~♥”

What do you tell her?

[ ] She was kind of intimidating

[ ] She was cheery

[ ] She seemed kind of angry

[ ] Avoid the question

[ ] You thought she was beautiful (...did you just say that out loud?)
[X] You thought she was beautiful (...did you just say that out loud?)

I can see only good coming out of this
[X] You thought she was cute
[X] She seemed kind of angry
[X] She cheered up when she spoke to you
[X] ...she said something about having mites?

Went back to confirm how it went down.

Which reminded me about this line:
"She spends a few moments staring at a spot just over your head before she smiles again. “My my it seems the sprout already has mites~♥” You blink in confusion but she just chuckles and pets your head."

I wonder if these 'mites' are related to do with what Yukari did to Haru or if it's something else. Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good.
Basically, I'm eager to start gathering clues that lead into the darker plot that's at play.
I'm impressed someone took the time to look back. As for the mites she was talking about all of you
[X] You thought she was beautiful (...did you just say that out loud?)
[x] You thought she was beautiful (...did you just say that out loud?)
[X] You thought she was beautiful (...did you just say that out loud?)
Ah, that's rather disappointing... and quite rude of her.
Oh well, I'll just have to be a little more patient.
[X] You thought she was beautiful (...did you just say that out loud?)

What you thought of her when you first met...mmm. Oh right that was when she stopped your sister, the thief, and Okuu from trying to kill each other...she was...beautiful... “Oh my~♥” Wait what? You blink and look up from your thinking pose to find Yuuka lightly blushing with a pleased smile on her face.

Wait shit! Did you say that out loud?! “Uhh...m-miss Yuuka?”

“Yes?~♥” You gulp and give her a shaky smile.

“Uhh..did...did I say that out loud?” She gives you a cheerful nod.


...thud! Hello tabletop nice to meet you as well. Yuuka giggles at your antics and you hear her stand and walk to your side. A warm hand on your shoulder makes you roll your head enough to look at her. “Well I'm kind of embarrassed.” She chuckles.

“There is no need for that Haru, I am quite flattered at the sentiment~♥” She pulls your head up from the table and messes with your hair. “Your honest nature is a rare and noble quality, never lose that~♥” Elly knocks again and informs the 2 of you that lunch is ready. The food is...ok. She is not a bad cook but you understand why Yuuka showed interest in your cooking skills. Elly's food is filling but kind of bland, thankfully there is plenty of tea.

“I can see what you mean about Elly's chef skills.” You sip some tea as you walk beside the flower youkai in her garden.

“Yes indeed~♥” She sighs lightly. “The poor girl tries with all her heart but just can't seem to get a better handle on cooking~♥”

“Well maybe I could give her a few pointers sometime?” She smiles at that.

“I would be grateful~♥” She takes you back to the north entrance. “Before I send you off Haru I have a gift for you~♥” You flush and wave your hands in an animated manner.

“That's not necess-” She silences you with a finger on your lips.

“I insist~♥ I know you are training yourself to be a spell card duelist and I would like to help~♥” Your eyes flash with excitement and you whip out your charming donation card.

“You want to duel me right?” Yuuka blinks for a second and seems...well the closest to surprise you have ever seen her before she partakes of some belly laughing. You are now very confused and before you can ask her anything she gets a hold of herself and gives you head a fond pat.

“My my I needed that~♥” She giggles at your bewildered face. “No Haru at your current level even a minor duel with me could injure you~♥” Given what you know about her power...yeah you can easily believe that. You must seem a little embarrassed as you tuck your card away because she cups your chin and makes you look at her cheerful face. “Hey none of that little sprout, if anything I applaud your enthusiasm and I will be happy to dual you when you improve~♥” Yuuka takes the parasol hanging off her arm and holds it out and on the tip you see a small glowing orb has formed. “No doubt you have seen the thief use an inferior spell similar to this before~♥” Without warning she tilts the parasol so the tip is pointing at the sky and a massive wave of power erupts forth! You stand slacked jawed as Yuuka calmly replaces the parasol and smiles. “This is known as the-”

“Master Spark.”

“Ahh I see you have had more run ins with the thief~♥” You snort.

“Something like that, a move like that tends to be memorable when it toasts your arm.” You flinch wishing you could pull the words back but it is too late. Yuuka and her whole garden has gone very very still and her smile is not a happy smile at all.

“Pardon?~♥” You give a short rundown of the events that took place at the SDM and the trip to healer afterwards. You also include your sisters reaction and punishment as well. The sunflowers rustle despite the lack of wind and you resist the urge to take a step back. “Ahh I see...well it seems I must have words with the thief~♥” Shit...sorry Marisa. Her smiles goes back to normal and she waves a hand at the sky that used to have a huge ass energy beam lancing through it. “This is my gift to you Haru~ Marisa” You look hard in the sky for anything.

“...uhh....the sky?” Yuuka laughs lightly and shakes her head.

“No, my spell~♥” She twirls the parasol lightly. “I wish to teach you my master spark~♥”

Learn the master spark from Yuuka?

[ ] No

[ ] Yes

[ ] Think on it

[ ] Ghostly interruption (This does not spoil your chance to learn the master spark)
Oh and a little tid bit for despair anon (what do I call you?) Haru is already a pawn in the gambits of at least 9 different people. Haru has not met all 9 of these people nor are these the only ones that could have plans for him. Make of that what you will.
[x] Ghostly interruption

Twlight Spark?
[X] Ghostly interruption

The only valid option.

You've got me all giddy with anticipation.
I look forward to ensuring they all get what they rightfully deserve.

You may call me a hopeless anon, sadist bastard, loathsome serpent, repugnant fellow, edgelord, that really obnoxious faggot, or even Zetsubou-kun if you're feeling like a massive weeb. Whatever you wish, it makes little difference to me.
[X] Yes
I see no reason to not do this. It would make us the first person able to do the spell that didn't either create it or steal it.

You should go read U. N. Owen's story. I feel like you would enjoy it.
[X] Yes
Question. Do you guys want the showdown with Marisa to be a vote outcome or to happen randomly?
Random. For reasons beyond my comprehension, people tend to avoid anything that would lead to adversity and suffering.
Thus, it's oftentimes necessary to take the choice away from them.
[x] Ghostly interruption
The things that should always be put to vote are:


-Battle actions (unless the difference is big enough that no action can alter the result)

-Important choices

-Forgiveness, or lack thereof.

-Which touhoe to spend time with.

When in doubt, put out a vote. People HATE having choices taken away from them in this story format
Sounds logical and reasonable I'll keep this in mind

[X] Even in my cute story, F.O.E.!
File 147871599445.jpg - (79.56KB, 460x661, TL;DR.jpg) [iqdb]
Now, now. There's no need for you to pay any heed to that boy scout's preaching.

You're the one who makes things happen here, aren't you? You don't need them dictating what you can and cannot do.

Besides, what harm could there possibly be in throwing the readers a curve ball from time to time? It keeps things interesting and discourages them from getting complacent.

Let the peanut gallery gripe all they want. What do they know?
They would have you play it safe, writing endless moments of slice of life with their assortment of waifus in between having you fulfill their power fantasies.

You are capable of so much more. You only need to take matters into your own hands.

Don't be afraid to catch the readers off guard sometimes. Somethings should always be beyond their control.
[X] Ghostly interruption

You can honestly say you are slightly gobsmacked. “You want to teach me that?” At her nod...well you are still stunned. “Why?” She spins her parasol and taps her chin with a finger.

“Well I could give some long planned out answer about how I intend to maneuver you like a piece on a game board to counter the plans of a few individuals~♥” You give her a dull look.

“And the real answer?” She giggles.

“Whimsy mostly~♥” You sigh and face palm.

“I don't know what I expected.” She giggles again and walks closer as you retract your palm. “Ok so...” You make a vague motion at her. “...how do I go about this?”

“First you need to find a focus object to channel the force of the spell~♥”

“So like your parasol...wait does that mean you can't use the master spark without a focus?”

“Oh no but it is best to start out using one. Better the focus explodes rather then your hand if something goes wrong. I simply never stopped using my parasol~♥” You shudder, yeah no need to tell me twice Yuuka.

“Wait then why does-”

“The thief use that magic box?~♥” At your nod so continues. “Her master spark is a shadow of mine, a half dead mockery done with brute force rather then finesse~♥” Yeah sounds about right. Mmm a focus...a focus...something you easily carry with you yet strong enough to channel the incredible force of the master spark...wait! Idea!

“Hey Yuuka would these work?” You hold up your wrapped fists and she blinks. Seeing her confusion you point to the wrap itself. “No no not my hands my wraps. They were passed down from my mother.” You take a few moments and go over the history of your hand wraps and she rubs her chin in thought.

“Yes...yes that would work frighteningly well I think~♥” With her approval of your chosen focus you follow to a small clearing in the woods surrounding the garden.

“Here you can practice without harming the flowers~♥” You nod and she walks to you making a few motions with her hands. “First remember that despite the power you are unleashing it is still your power. Don't be afraid to wrestle it if needed~♥” She chuckles as you whip out a notepad and start scribbling notes. “But also keep in mind that any magical force, even your own, should be respected. Do not treat such forces as toys~♥” You nod and make a few more notes as Yuuka halts her walk before you. “Now before we start on practice-” Her arm shoots out faster then you can track and clamps down on something a few inches from your left cheek. You feel sweat bead on your forehead as you slowly shift your vision to Yuuka's limb...and you notice the small blueish dot in her fingers. “-I need to deal with this fly~♥”

“Wait wait wait!” The dot thrashes in Yuuka's grip before popping out and flying out of the flower youkai's range before bursting into smoke and revealing the now full size Mima. The phantom glares at Yuuka and smooths out her dress. “What was that for?!” Yuuka just grins and spins her parasol.

“My my I go to shoo a fly away from Haru and find a bigger pest~♥” Mima's eye twitches and she looks an inch away from bursting out a legendary rant to the flower youkai but seems to think better of it. She sighs before summoning her staff and giving you a smile.

“Hello again Haru.” You give her a small head bow and a smile.

“Hello Miss Mima.” She chuckles at that.

“Miss? That's a new one. So Yuuka I see you are passing on your master spark.”

“Your spying eyes have seen that already~♥” The spirit pouts but continues.

“Are you making him your magical protege?”

“No, why the inter-” Mima teleports to your side and grabs your shoulder with a huge grin on her face.

“Dibs!” You and Yuuka both blink in confusion.


“Hey!” Mima waves her staff at Yukka. “I called dibs so no take backs!” The flower youkai takes a fortifying breath.

“Why and for what are you calling dibs on Haru?~♥” You would like to know as well to be honest. Mima smiles and twirls her staff.

“I'm making Haru my new apprentice.” Wait what?

“Uhh excuse me Mima but don't I get a say in this?”

“Nope!” Yuuka shakes her head slowly.

“I have seen what your teaching has done once before.” She gives Mima a cold glare. “I will not let you do so again with Haru-”

“Wait wait.” Mima's glare matches Yuuka's in iciness. “I was Marisa's teacher yes but she didn't learn her thieving ways from me.”

“And yet you still teach her.” Mima shrugs.

“Hey I don't care what my students do in their own time.” She pats your head and gives you a teasing smile. “And I like this one's spunk. At least let me have a probation period.” Yuuka mills over that for a bit then smiles and nods.

“Very well but if I find you are being a bad influence on Haru...” She doesn't need to add anything, the look on her face is enough.

“I get it, promise.” Yuuka snorts and gives Mima an amused look.

“The only reason you make promises is so you can enjoy breaking them later~♥” Mima chuckles but doesn't deny it. Well it seems you have a gained a magic teacher...without your consent. How does that work? Regardless you get back to work on the master spark. With a few tips from Yuuka and your new master you are able to channel your power to your hands and into your wraps. Soon 2 small white orbs of power are resting in your open hands. Their small size hides the power they hold and Mima gives a very pleased smile as she checks your work.

“Very nice Haru...you need to balance them a little more but a very nice first attempt.” You smile and work to balance your power as Mima tilts her head and rubs her chin. “So you have the power and the focus but what are you planning to do? I mean I have my staff, Yuuka has her parasol, and my other student has her magic box. These all shoot waves of power, how do you plan to get waves from hand wraps?” She laughs. “I mean its not like you plan to punch people with the master spark...” She trails off and goes wide eyed at your shit eating grin. “That's just what you plan to do...” She snickers and then upgrades to full blown mad laughter. “HAHAHA ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? THAT IS YOUR PLAN!?” She calms a little but still has to lean on her staff somewhat. “Punching someone with a master spark! Fucking brilliant!” You laugh with her but maybe not as hard as you let the orbs fade.

“Well I do have an idea about shooting it as well but yeah that's the basic idea.” You give her a smirk. “I don't think anyone will see that coming.” She starts laughing again and waves to a very amused Yuuka.

“Are you hearing this Yuuka!? I told you the kid has spunk!”

“I never doubted him~♥” Yuuka looks back at her garden and turns to you with a smile. “Sadly I must return to my garden now little sprout~” You nod and give her a smile. “And Mima...do not forget what we talked about~♥” The spirit nods hastily. “Good~♥” The flower youkai turns and heads back to her garden humming a song you can't place.

“Well now how about we go see your sister, I'm sure she is worried about you.” You nod and follow Mima back to the shrine.

How is everything on the home front and is your sister even there?

Vote 1: Is Reimu at the shrine?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

Vote 2: How is the shrine?

[ ] Just fine

[ ] Why is there a large rock with a shimenawa around it where the donation box used to be?
[x] Yes
[X] Why is there a large rock with a shimenawa around it where the donation box used to be?

Oh good. Everybody's favorite celestial dropped by for a visit.
Now we can see how hard a childish brat can be bullied by an actual child.
[X] Why is there a large rock with a shimenawa around it where the donation box used to be?

We're going to cook Tenshi a meal.

She is going to love it.

It must happen BEFORE Reimu strangles Tenshi.
[x] Yes
[X] Why is there a large rock with a shimenawa around it where the donation box used to be?
[x] Yes
[X] Why is there a large rock with a shimenawa around it where the donation box used to be?
[x] Yes
[X] Why is there a large rock with a shimenawa around it where the donation box used to be?

Time to bully the celestial!
Vote 1: Is Reimu at the shrine?

[X] Yes

Vote 2: How is the shrine?

[X] Why is there a large rock with a shimenawa around it where the donation box used to be?

“So magic is a living thing?” Mima shakes her head as she floats beside you.

“No not in the way you are thinking. Magic has paths and patterns it wants to follow. A lot of magic is about A – Working with those paths and patterns, B – Shifting the paths and patterns, or C – Just brute forcing magic in a new path of pattern.”

“And the complexity of the spell you are trying to cast ties into that.” She smiles.

“Indeed. A simple spell can be brute forced with little effort and in fact is sometimes faster then other methods. And as you grow in power you disregard more and more 'rules' of magic.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well for example a fresh student of magic might create a firestorm by merging fire and wind magic. However a more skilled mage could simply twist fire in the desired manner. Powerful magic uses don't just know the powerful spells, they also know all the shortcuts.” You nod, yes that does line up with your guesses on the subject. Further talk is stalled by the sight of the shrine gate at the top of the path and you walk a bit faster, its nice to be home after all. You take a look around, the yard could use some work but its not bad...the steps are worn but have that old charm feel to them...the donation box is...


Mima flinches, from the sight of the smashed donation box or your sudden blank face you don't know. You slowly walk up to the box and find your sister standing beside it her face matching yours in blankness. “Haru.”

“Reimu.” Your voices are dull and at this point Mima decides that discretion is the better part of valor and promptly sinks into the ground, clearly being a ghost is quite useful. You look over the rock with the shimenawa on it and find a note attached.

'I fixed your ugly shrine now it looks much better! Your unworthy self can thank me by worshiping the new god of this shrine!' At the end it looks like someone was trying to write a signature but kept marking it out for a new one with more titles. It seems they settled on The Great and Almighty Tenshi Hinanawi, Over God of Peaches and Stupid Shrine Maidens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes the exclamation marks take up more space then the note itself. “Hey Reimu?”

“Yes Haru?”

“Is this...an incident?” She gives a small nod.


“...something tells me this is not the first time you have dealt with this...Tenshi.”

“Nope.” You give a small sigh and crack your knuckles.

“Dinner's going to be late it seems.” Her body twitches and for some reason you feel that in her eyes that is the most grievous crime here. “So...I don't really know the protocol for this.”

“Its simple, incidents happen in one of 2 ways, those with a destination and those without one.”

“Do you know where this Tenshi is?” She shakes her head.

“So this is the second type then. How do we solve that type?” She gives a small laugh and that along with the fire burning in her eyes would make most people head for the hills. You just give a small smile, you have dealt with fired up Hakurei before...and you probably look the same right now.

“We pick a direction and follow it till we run into the cause of the incident.” You blink and shoot a glance at her.

“And that works?” She nods and you shrug, she would know best after all. She takes off into the sky and you follow, the 2 of you hovering over the shrine a good distance in the air. She tosses her gohei into the air and it hovers in place. She taps one end and it spins wildly around before slowly slowing. The tip is pointing in a random direction...but you think that will take you somewhat past the SDM. She tucks the gohei away and nods in the area it pointed.

“We have our direction. Be ready for a mess of fighting.” You nod and the 2 of you shoot off, you are ready for a fight...

...ok she was right this IS a mess! You mow down another group of faeries and watch your sister dispatch a wave of her own. “Where are all these faeries coming from?! Are they working for Tenshi or something?!” Your sister swats another fairy with an ofuda and snorts.

“Some of them are but a lot are just local fairies that enjoy causing trouble.”

“But I've flown this way and not been swamped like this!” She nods and ducks around a blue orb before punishing the offender with a needle to the eye. You wince as the fairy makes a tiny cute “oww” sound before poofing.

“I still don't understand it but they somehow can tell when I'm trying to solve an incident and dog pile me.” You grab a fairy that tried to dive bomb you by a pigtail and throw it into another of its comrades making them tumble away to the ground.

“If not for our current state of affairs I would call bullshit.” She chuckles darkly and pulls out a card as a wall of fay close on the 2 of you.

“Divine Arts: Omnidirectional Demon-Binding Circle!” uhh...ouch...just...just ouch. Well the way is clear now so the 2 of you can keep looking for-

“hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” You facepalm, oh gods damn it you know that sound. You look up to see Marisa charging at you on her broom with an insane grin on her face. She screeches to halt by using a single remaining fairy as a speed bump. “I found you!” She closes her eyes, gives a long over dramatic sigh and then rolls her shoulders. “Do you know how long I've spent looking for...” She trails off as her now open eyes notice you and your sister have both moved on. “GAK! Oy wait damn it!” She shoots after you and ends up flying in the middle of you and your sister. “Yo!” She grins with a wave and huffs when nether of you respond. “What made you 2 put on your game faces...about the only thing that gets Reimu like this is...” Her eyes shine and she rubs her hands in glee. “An incident!” She turns to interrogate your sister. “What is it this time?”

“The Brat dropped a rock on our donation box.” 2 things stand out to you, 1 – You could somehow hear the capital B on that. 2 – Marisa seems to understand just how things have gone from 0 to oh shit because she gives a low whistle. “No wonder you aren't playing around here.” She smiles at Reimu's 'what do you think' look. “Mind if I join you?”

“You would just follow us anyway.”

“Yep!” You sister sighs but makes a space for the witch to join your formation. “So what's the plan?”

“Find the Brat and demand compensation.”

“And the back up plan?”

“Beat down everyone we find.” Marisa laughs hard, almost hard enough to knock her off the broom.

“I like it! Can we make switch that to the main plan?!” Your sister snorts but you can tell she is thinking about it. The mission goes rather smoothly after that. With the addiction of the witch the firepower thrown at any fairy is somewhat insane. Waves of lasers, ofuda, stars, red orbs, and needles obliterate any fay brave enough to impede your flight. The party gets stopped a few times for spell duels, one with an odd shape changer, another with a little girl what darkness powers, and another with a winged singing girl. Reimu and Marisa do janken to find out who fights and you spend the duels watching from the side lines. The fights don't last long and soon you are flying close to the SDM. Reimu shoots a hand up to halt the party and points out a floating rock ahead. The party advances at a walking pace and finds a peach hat girl yelling at a woman with a fancy scarf.

“I told you I'm not going back! I'm staking my claim over all the great landmarks of Gensokyo!”

“With respect lady Tenshi that is a horrible idea.” Ahh so that's Tenshi...target locked. Tenshi throws a fit rolling around on her back.

“Rrrrr if I wanted your opinion I would ask for it!” You already feel pity for poor scarf woman.

“Yes my lady.”

“And why is it taking so long for the shrine maiden to get here!” She glares at poor scarf woman. “This is your fault!”

“Yes my lady.”

“Make yourself useful and keep an eye out!”

“Yes my lady.” Scarf woman spots your party and you give her a friendly wave. “My lady.”

“What!? I'm trying to plan here! I want the next keystone to go in that ugly red mansion down there! I said keep a look out!”

“My lady.” Poor scarf woman takes a half eaten peach to the face. The fact that she doesn't even blink as the gooey mess slides down her face only makes you want to give her a hug, how could she just be numb to that?! “My lady.”

“What!?” Scarf girl points the party out and as the Brat turns to looks she wipes her face off with a small cloth. The brat smiles and takes what she thinks is a badass pose. “So my new worshiper has arrived!” An ofuda smacks her in the face and almost makes her tumble off the floating rock. The Brat snarls and draws a sword. “You bitch!” She snaps her fingers at your smug looking sister. “Iku! Teach her to mind her betters!” You see poor scarf woman give the smallest of sighs.

“Yes my lady.” Scarf girl and Reimu move away and start their duel as the Brat turns to you.

“Ohh? What is this? An apprentice Hakurei!” She takes a prideful pose. “Even if this generation refuses to kneel to its betters I can at least tame the next one!” She starts going on and on and you elbow the amused Marisa.

“Is she going to challenge me to a duel at any point in this?” The witch giggles.

“Give her a few minutes.” A few minutes...right you are not wasting your life like this...wait...wait wait wait wait! An idea just hit you! You have a power you need to test out and a target that won't be moving or attacking for at least a good 60 seconds...oh yes...oh all the heavens and hells yes! You don't care that this is ripping off part of your childhood...in fact that only makes it better! You take an odd stand pointing your left shoulder at your still bragging target and put your hands together at your side.

“Best clear out of the way Marisa this is going to get crazy.” The witch floats a ways off and gives you a thumbs up. Right now you need only say the words, words that empower the soul and rise the heart to action even in the darkest times! Words that can split the land and sky, words that undo any that would stand before you! You gather energy for the master spark and even as a large orb of power flares to life in your hands you keep pulling! More and more power flows into the orb and you hear the deadly whine of charging power. Power...almost ready...target still bragging...now...the words!


Your grin might split your face and you see Marisa dancing on her broom yelling encouragement. Your target is still bragging but seem to notice the growing wine filling the air. Your arms starts to burn with the power you are forcing them to hold!


Now your sister and scarf girl are watching, their battle paused at the sight before them. Marisa is now waving her hat and cheering like a loon. Tenshi now seems to notice the danger. “H-Hey! Stop that at once!” She points her blade at you and the rock she is on charges at you. Really girl? Charge the guy obviously charging something bad? You simply grin and unleash your move with all your strength!


The massive energy wave explodes from your thrust arms, surging up to your dumb ass target! She has only time for a startled cry before the kameha spark engulfs her and her rock. You can hear her yelling an endless stream of curses before the wave carries her up into the sky. As her voice trails off you can hear clapping but you can see its not any of your party.

Who is clapping?

[ ] Mima

[ ] Yukari

[ ] ...Iku?

Perk Unlocked: Fuck you I'm awesome!

You are so awesome you can say fuck you to death itself! Once per thread if you face a bad end you can overcome it in an incredibly awesome way.
[X] ...Iku?

Well, we didn't get to verbally abuse her, but I think this might result in higher sodium levels.
We can bully her when she inevitably comes back to fight us.
[ ] ...Iku?

She definitely feels that Tenshi needs a lesson.
[X] ...Iku?
[x] ...Iku?
[X] ...Iku?

You blink and take a second to make sure your eyes are not playing tricks on you...no the scarf woman is indeed clapping for you with a small smile...and not slow sarcastic clapping but the polite impressed kind.

...ok...confused now. Scarf woman brings her clapping to a halt and gives you a respectful nod. “I must say that was an impressive bit of magic if not somewhat impractical.” You rub the back of your neck.

“Yeah it really is but I really couldn't let such a chance like that slip by me.” You tilt your head. “...uhh pardon me but weren't you fighting my sister?”

“Halfheartedly, I would rather not be dragged into Lady Hinanawi's tantrums but I am her caretaker.” You wince.

“You have my sympathy.” She nods and looks into the sky.

“She seems to have recovered nicely.” Before you can ask what she means scarf woman flicks her hand and said scarf lashes out, snagging your arm and pulling you to her making a large rock miss you by a good few inches.

“Thanks.” Your words are slightly muffled and you wonder what cosmic force is ensuring you keep ending up face first in chest.

“Damn it!” You look up to find the Brat has returned in full tantrum force. She waves her hand and a few more large rocks are thrown at the general area of your face. Scarf woman calmly shoves the 2 of you apart letting the rocks pass by harmlessly...wait wasn't the battle going on close to the SDM? You gulp and turn to watch the rocks as they hit...what?

[ ] Nothing important thank goodness

[ ] ...well the SDM has a new sunroof
[X] ...well the SDM has a new sunroof

This can only provide even more amuse- Oh, hello there, Miss Sakuya.
Glad you are amused cause the maid is not
[X] ...well the SDM has a new sunroof
[X] ...well the SDM has a new sunroof

Tenshi's great at making friends.
File 147942831842.png - (193.08KB, 1329x844, That's what makes it so amusing.png) [iqdb]
I love it
[X] ...well the SDM has a new sunroof

...oh gods no! OH SHIT!


...well...this...is not good. You ignore the Brat's continued boasting as you watch a maid figure appear by the hole the rock made and then look into the sky. You quickly point to the still boasting brat somehow knowing she can see you even from this distance...and then yelp and tumble back when said maid appears before you. You gulp. “H...H-H-H-Hi miss S-Sakuya.” She gives you a warm smile that somehow only amplifies the aura of doom surrounding her.

“Hello Haru its good to see you again.” Yes its kni-nice to see you too...please put those down. “I would love to chat but I need to see to the rude girl over there so please sit tight I'll be back in a snap.” She snaps her fingers, oh how punny...oh...oh gods...knifes...knifes for DAYS! You slowly turn...yep a huge pattern of knifes all hanging in air pointed at the Brat who has cut off her jaw flapping to gape at the pointy doom aiming at at her.

“Oh you have to be sh-!” The blades shoot forward cutting off any other words and you flinch at the machine gun thunks of knife meeting flesh. You watch as the Brat pincushion falls slowly gaining speed before splatting-


...ok fine smacking into the ground below. Well shit that must have hurt. And the knifes are all gone and Sakuya is standing beside you like nothing happened. You look down at the SDM to check on the...there is no hole...what...what?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?! You cross your arms and give the maid a small glare. “Stupid cheating time stopping ninja maids.” She just smiles and slips a knife away into her dress before casting a glance at the others all floating and observing.

“Do any of you plan to deface the Scarlet Household?” At the round of head shakes she nods and gives a small bow. “Then I take my leave.” Annnnnnnnnnnnd she's gone. You sigh and turn to your sister.

“Ok so we found the person responsible.”


“We beat them down...or in this case just let them hang themselves.”


“...so...what do we do now?” She sighs and stretches.

“Now we invite them to tea.”

“Ok but what about the shrine?” She gives you a dismissive wave.

“After the 7th time it got messed with I talked Yukari into rebuilding it from now on.” You (somehow) trip in mid flight.

“Wait so we did all this for nothing?”

“No, we still needed to teach her a lesson and demand payment for the damages.”

“Have you ever been payed.”

“...no.” Yeah that sounds about right. You follow your sister as she goes to collect the Brat.

...later after tea at the shrine...

You are washing the tea cups as Reimu, Marisa, and Mima (the other 2 guests have left already) are in the other room arguing about...something. You can't really tell as you are busy reflecting on the days events. Today was...full...yeah that's a good word for it and hey you even helped solve your first incident...even if it was kind of a minor one...and the lack of any 'solving' really. You put the last cup away and look down at the spell card in your hand. Still far from finished but every little bit helps. As you grow stronger you put what you learn into this card. This card is not just your revenge but the blending of all your hard work and power. Your grip becomes white knuckled and you watch as words start to form at the top of the card. Hate Sign...sounds fitting. You sigh and shove the festering anger back into its mental box as you tuck the card away and head to bed.

You have finished washing up and Marisa and Mima have both departed. You give a loud yawn and mumble a goodnight to your sister as she heads to her own bedroom. You take a second to fluff your pillow before bedding down for the night...

...you let her down...

...you failed her when she needed you...

...you are a disgrace...

...everyone only helps because they pity you!

You snap awake due to the arm shaking you. “Haru!” You blink past tears (why am I crying?) at your sister's worried face.

“...R-Reimu?” She nods and brings you into a tight hug.

“Its ok...its just another nightmare.” Your body shudders as you hide your face in her shoulder. She rubs your back softly her voice shockingly gentle for the stern miko. “Shh its ok.”

“I'm...*sniff* I'm sorry I woke you...again...” She gives a soft snort.

“I keep telling you, you don't need to be sorry.” You give a small nod as she combs a hand through your messy hair. She picks your shacking frame up and carries you to her room setting you down in her bed and climbing in beside you. You latch yourself back to her shoulder and she wraps you in another hug. “I'm not going anywhere alright? And we are going to get mom back...I promise.” You nod and spend a few more minutes trying to make a lake on her shoulder before you drift off into dreamless slumber.

…the next morning...

You slowly open your eyes to the morning sun dusting the room and yawn. From the empty space beside you your sister is up before you, quite a shock really. You stretch and make for the wash room hoping to wash the night terrors away as easily as the grim around your eyes.

...a short wash later...

Ahh now that's better! You finish wrapping your hands and give a last adjustment to your outfit. Keeper Haru ready for the day! You throw a few punches and nod to yourself before heading to the kitchen. Another shock as it seems your sister has already prepared food! “I was cooking meals long before you stepped into this shrine Mr. kamicook.” You stick your tongue out at her and move to set the table. Breakfast passes warmly and your sister must be in a rare mood because she doesn't even yell when Mima pops in to snag some food herself...but the spirit still gets a withering glare. You help with the washing and Reimu sits down for, what else, tea. “I have something I need to check on so I'll be gone around lunch.” You nod and wonder what you should do today...

What should you do today?

[ ] Go play with Cirno (and maybe meet the rest of Team 9)

[ ] Check on the SDM

[ ] Bird, Cat, and Keeper underground reunion tour!
[X] Giant flying bearded turtle interrupt
[X] Giant flying bearded turtle interrupt

sounds good, but if that write-in is disallowed, then

[X] Bird, Cat, and Keeper underground reunion tour!
[X] Go play with Cirno (and maybe meet the rest of Team 9)

I think it would do Haru some good by going out and having fun with the hopeless idiot Cirno and her equally pathetic companions.
Remind them of their inferiority as they are surpassed by a mere human child.
[X] Bird, Cat, and Keeper underground reunion tour!
This write in is fine
So everyone fine with the Genjii write-in winning?
I'm all for turtles!
I approve of Genji
Genji is a Font of information about the Hakurei,Gensoukyou, and his family's training methods.
Genji could tell stories about his Mom and her parents and so on.
So all for the turtle who I envision sounding like Morgan Freeman.
[X] Giant flying bearded turtle interrupt

NOTE: With the holidays approaching my update times might be slowed. A return to my (somewhat) stable update time will happen after new years.

You think it would be good to check on the lake behind the shrine, make sure it meets your standards. You step out the back door of the shrine and start down the path to the lake. The sun is out in force today and nature is shimmering with its own quite joy. You reach the lake and give it a quick scan. Yep everything seems to be in order here. You snag a rock from the ground and chuck it watching as it skips along. Mmm 4 skips...not bad. “Not a bad throw young one.” You blink at the voice and look down to find a turtle with a white beard resting at the water's edge.

“Ahh thank you Mr. turtle.” The turtle gives a small laugh and halls his bulk up on the bank.

“My name is Genjii young one.” Mmm that name rings a bell...ah! “Mmm.” He strokes his beard...you are not sure how given he lacks hands but he pulls it off regardless. “From your look I would say that name has meaning to you.”

“Yes my mother told me stories about Genjii, the old master she used to call you.” The turtle gives a small grumble.

“Why is it everyone hits on my age above all?” Before you can apologize he cracks a smile. “Oh don't let a grumpy old turtle like me scare you young one, my bark is far worse then my bite.” He takes a seat on a sunny rock and motions to a dry spot beside it. “Now pardon the curiosity of an old turtle but I must ask, you are a Hakurei yes?” You nod and he gives off a tired but pleased sigh. “Oh I thought I would never see the day that a new member of the family would grace the shrine.” The old master's eyes cloud over and his lips move without sound. You let the turtle get lost in memory and amuse yourself by watching the clouds. Genjii coughs with embarrassment as he comes back to the present but you give him a smile to show there is no hard feelings. “Now young one, why did you seek me out? What problem can this old turtle master help with?”

“Uhh well I can't think of any problems.” He blinks in surprise.

“Truly? ...ahh then you must have come for flying help.” You are not sure how a turtle could help you fly but you tell Genjii that no that's not why you are here. “Well then...why DID you seek me out?”

“Well in truth I didn't even know you were here master Genjii. I came here to check up on the lake and make sure it met the standards of the shrine.” The turtle blinks.

“You came out here to clean the shrine grounds?”

“If it wasn't up to standards yes.”

“And you did this willingly?” You blink at the odd question.

“Well...yes. As a shrine keeper it is my duty to ensure the shrine and the grounds around it are able to receive visitors as well as ensure the god or goddess enshrined is pleased with the holy land it rests on.” You blink again as Genjii claps his front legs together and starts murmuring prayers. From the few words you make out it seems that a Hakurei willingly doing work is, ironically, a godsend. You give the old master a soft pat on his shell as you take another look around the lake...oh? It seems there is another visitor of the non-human kind. A large snow white wolf is laying close to the bank on the other side of the lake watching a few small birds gather sticks. One of the birds lands on the wolf's head and tweets a small song as the wolf chuffs in amusements. You take a peek at Genjii and find the old master has followed you gaze and is watching the wolf as well. “Is that a friend of yours master Genjii?” He gives a respectful hum.

“Yes, a very old friend, come let us give her a proper greeting.” He slides off the rock and heads into the water. You stand and take the long way around being careful not to slip down the bank. As you approach the lounging wolf you can make out strange red markings running over its fur...mmm so your first thought was right, not a normal wolf in the slightest. Genjii has already made is greeting and both seem to be waiting on you now.

How do you great the wolf?

[ ] A normal greeting will do

[ ] The formal shrine greeting

[ ] The formal shrine greeting for honored guests
[X] The formal shrine greeting for honored guests

Genjii said they're an old friend, so I'd count that as an honored guest.
I wonder if Haru knows how to make cherry cakes.
[X] The formal shrine greeting for honored guests
[X] The formal shrine greeting for honored guests
[X] The formal shrine greeting for honored guests

I think Haru knows that unusual animals visiting a shrine are likely to be more than they seem.
Well I don't think he can make holy bones so...
[X] The formal shrine greeting for honored guests

Mmm well this is an old friend of Genjii's not to mention far from a normal wolf so why not go all out on this? You give a polite bow along with a polite “Excuse me.” and head back to the shrine. After a bit of digging around in the back rooms you find the supplies you need and start the set up. You clear a small space behind the shrine and set a 2 seat table out. At the 4 corners of your cleared space you set a long decorative pole into the ground and hang a scroll from each pole. Each scroll has a single word on it, Balance, Pillar, Motion, and Wrath as these are the 4 branches of the Hakurei fighting style. Pillar is the first art, iron defense and holding your ground. Motion is the second art, extreme agility and being harder to catch then shadows. Wrath is the third art, striking down foes and bringing divine judgment. Balance is the forth art, seamlessly blending the first 3 arts to devastating effect. You know your mother made a fifth art and you know some of the basics of it but not enough to add it to another pole. That is the reason for these after all, a sort of proclamation to a guest that you have knowledge of that branch of the art. Only someone who has at least reached high marks in Pillar can do this greeting. Sadly you have not finished your training in any of the arts so you don't get to mark the top of any of the poles with a red orb showing mastery of that path.

“My word it has been a while.” You turn and find Genjii and the wolf have both been drawn in by the noise and stand a few paces away from your area, perfect! You give a deep bow and flourish your gohei as you do. Normally this greeting would have other members of the shrine observing and some even playing music but this is the best you can do.

“Welcome honored guest to the holy land of the Hakurei. I greet you as a student of the 4 arts of the Hakurei, Balance, Pillar, Motion, and Wrath. I hold the rank of Keeper of this shrine and I am the current heir to the Hakurei name itself.” Normally being greeted by the Hakurei heir or the leader was a huge honor but given that the shrine only has 2 members...well honor none the less. You stand from your bow (keeping your eyes closed as tradition states) and list the 4 virtues relating to each path of the Hakurei style. “Pillar, we stand in defiance before the evils of the world, human or youkai. Motion, we do not sit idle in thought or action in peace or battle. Wrath, the anger of the Hakurei is slow to build and it is always tempered with reason but should our fury boil over it is tranquil, is it focused, and it is legendary. Balance, so by mixing these art do we find out inner strength.” You smile and open your eyes...

...to find a sleeping wolf...

...you flick your eyes to Genjii and find the old master is slightly embarrassed if not proud. “Oh don't be offended by her young one, she has never been one for such things in this form.” He gives you a wide smile. “Your mother would be so proud of you.” You cough and rub the back of your neck trying to hide your red face.

“Uhh...I'm not sure what to do...protocol never really had a part about the honored guest falling asleep in the middle of the greeting.” Genjii laughs slightly.

“Just let her sleep.”

“But-” He shakes his head.

“I know what protocol says however I have right to oversee the dealings of the Hakurei as set forth by your mother.” He clears his throat. “By that right I relive you of this duty and take the burden of this greeting upon myself...unless you wish to stand here and wait for her to wake up.”

“It can't be that b-”

“I've seen her sleep like this for hours.” You blink and sweatdrop, yeah no thanks. You thank the old master and pass the greeting responsibility on to him.

“Hey what about-”

“I will see to the decorations, don't you worry.” 'You don't have HANDS' is what you want to yell but you just nod and sneak away to the front yard.

...well that happened. Its not time for lunch yet so you guess you have the rest of the day to do...whatever.

What shall you do today?

[ ] Go visit someone (write in who you want)

[ ] Go on patrol

[ ] Mmm food stocks are getting a bit low, take what funds you have and go restock...maybe go see the kappa market people keep talking about?
[X] Go visit someone (write in who you want)
[X] Bird, Cat, and Keeper underground reunion tour!

Revisiting an earlier visiting choice.
[X] Mmm food stocks are getting a bit low, take what funds you have and go restock...maybe go see the kappa market people keep talking about?
[X] Go visit someone
-[X] yukari
Changing my vote to
as to speed this along.
Well I like to have at least 3 or 4 matching votes before I think about calling a winner but yeah the voting seems to have slowed down for this one
[x] This
i was No. 40289 the yukari vote may as well join the bandwagon change to

[X] Go visit someone (write in who you want)
[X] Bird, Cat, and Keeper underground reunion tour!
Everyone ok with going underground then?
Who wouldn't be okay with going to Old Hell?
I'm frequently told to go there, so it must an amazing place to visit.
Why else would they yell about it so passionately after all I did to for them?
[X] Go visit someone (write in who you want)

[X] Bird, Cat, and Keeper underground reunion tour!

Mmm you know you did tell Okuu that you would come and visit her at some point and now seems like a good enough time. You make yourself a tasty picnic basket and give the shrine a good look over before heading out. Your first stop on this reunion tour is the human village for directions and to grab a few things you need to really finish this picnic basket. As before you set down just outside the village and proceed on foot to the gate. A few men with bows walk the wooden walls but they smile and wave as you pass through the gatehouse and you return the greetings in kind. You make your way to the market, exchanging a nod here and there as you walk into the somewhat festive merchant district. Men and women manning stalls and stores of all types are packed into the space and you take a second to just drink it all in. You grab some dango from one stall and have a round of good humored bartering at another for some wonderfully smelling spice. You tuck your goods into the basket with a smile,yes just what you needed. “Well hello Haru.” You turn and find Keine relaxing at a table and you walk over to her with a smile and a bow.

“Ahh hello Miss Kamish...ra...uhh.” She laughs lightly behind her hand.

“I know it can be hard to remember and even then its still a mouthful.” She pats one of the open chairs beside her and you sit, placing your cargo down beside you. “A picnic?”

“Yes indeed.” You nod and pass the basket to her. As she inspects the food you fill her in on your plans.

“Ooo this looks good, I'm slightly envious.” The 2 of you share a laugh an she passes the basket back. “Well if you are looking to get to the underground I know a good way.”

“Really? That would be most helpful.” She takes you to a large building that seems as a sort of archive space. She brings out a large map of Gensokyo and points out a large mountain off to the north west of the village.

“As you know this is the Youkai Mountain.” She then brings out a smaller map that is just the mountain in far more detail. “The Moriya shrine is located here and most of the tengu live around these areas. Down close to the base of the mountain is an entrance to the underground. It used to just be a big hole but now some of the white wolf tengu have set up a check point around it, mostly at the demand of the elder crow tengu.” You wince, yeah the political situation of Youkai Mountain was slowly becoming unstable although with the way that newspaper crow wrote her paper no one knew how bad or good it really was. You thank her for her help and she offers to walk you to the west gate, an offer you except. About halfway there you notice the flow of people all seems to be heading to a large building with a walled courtyard.

“What's going on?”

“Mmm? Oh! It must be time for immigration!”

“Oh? People moving into the village?” She shakes her head.

“No these are beings seeking to move into Gensokyo from the outside.”

“I thought all the youkai from the outside world already moved here due to the lack of magic?” Another head shake.

“You are not wrong about that, these are beings from other dimensions.” What?!

“What?!” She giggles at your expression.

“When Yukari made Gensokyo she crafted a dimension to place it in. This...hole that Gensokyo sits snugly inside can touch any dimension that she wishes. She often offers asylum to a wide variety of different beings.” She waves a hand at the building. “This is were the new arrives show up and are shown before a council of some of the most powerful Gensokyo residents to allow or deny them residency.” You nod even as you give a mental smirk. Yes and she make the new beings pass right through the heart of the human village putting a fresh basting of fear on the Gensokyo diet, well played Yukari. Mmm you are not on any sort of time constraint so you could stop and take a look.

[ ] Stop for a small detour

[ ] Head right for the mountain
[X] Stop for a small detour

Is that a plot hook I see over yonder?
[X] Stop for a small detour

Hopefully it won't hurt to take a look.
[X] Stop for a small detour

My plot senses are tingling!
[ ] Head right for the mountain

But if we make a detour we may get caught up in the situation and not get to spend time with the SA group
[X] Head right for the mountain
Stop for a small detour is winning right now. Voting is still open.

But anon sidequests!
Detour wins
[X] Stop for a small detour

“Would it be possible for me to watch the proceedings?” She nods as she waves to the flow of villagers.

“Oh yes, as you can see it brings in a rather large crowd.” The 2 of you make for the building as the teacher gives you a run down of the event. “Much of the building is administration and the like, the real draw is the inner courtyard or the arrival zone. Beings wanting to enter Gensokyo walk in through a large portal on one wall and join one of 3 lines. These lines move to 3 desks were a representative of the Gensokyo Council goes over basic entry forms and then points them to another portal off to the right of the desks. Regardless of what the being says the forms fill themselves out with nothing but the truth.”


“Yukari.” You both share a laugh as you open the door for her. “Thank you. The portal the being use for an exit will put them one of 2 places. 1 – It puts them in the waiting room to be seen by the council. 2 – It dumps them back in their home dimension.”

“I take it spinning falsehoods is a great way to get number 2.”


“So if they pass the first part what happens when they get to the council?”

“Well the council, aside from Yukari, is not made up of the same people each time but their roles are about the same. We have a respected member of the human village, the leader of one of the shrines, an appointed member from the great tengu and one from the white wolf tengu, one or 2 important youkai from the area, and an empty seat for the underground youkai.”

“Empty seat?” She gives a sad smile.

“Yes, this council was going to be a way to reestablish contact and trust with the underground but most of the great tengu raised a huge fuss about it and even threatened to break off from the council. Then the white wolf tengu offered to take their place and that offended the greats who took it as a power play by the wolfs and then the whole mess got worse. To stop the fighting and get everyone back to work Yukari added the wolfs to the council and gave the underground an open space to be filled later. To pacify the greats she moved them one seat closer to her chair on the council.” You blink.


“You would need to understand the nature of tengu politics. Where you sit as a tengu is very important-”

“-and sitting closer to the ruler of Gensokyo would be a big deal to them.”

“Right but back to your question. When a being passes the first part the council debates and then each member gives a vote of yes or no and a tie is an automatic no. If the vote is no then back to your home dimension. If the vote is yes you are pulled away to do all the nightmarish loads of paperwork that immigration takes.”

“Wow...your fate decided by people you have never met.” She gives a small shrug.

“It's the way it is. Also Yukari holds the right to overrule the council in anything.”

“Wait so even if the whole council agrees she can still do whatever she likes?” She nods and you tilt your head in confusion. “And they let her?”

“Ahh...more like could they stop her.” You give an understanding nod, Yukari made Gensokyo and she is the ruler for a reason. By now the 2 of you have reached the inner courtyard. The place is much bigger then the outside would suggest...so yeah more Yukari shenanigans. The entry portal sits on one wall all black and purple swirly nonsense as dictated by proper interdimension portal protocol. Another smaller blue portal sits on the right wall...it somehow gives off a lazy air. The place is empty aside from a small group of humans and youkai setting up the 3 desks and putting small wooden tokens in a hat.

“What's with the hat?”

“They are drawing the 3 people that will man the desks. One wooden token per person and then a random draw from the hat.” You blink and slowly glance at the 2 magic portals...then back to the hat. Keine chuckles at your expression. “Its tradition.”

“Ahh...hey could I help out?”She thinks about that for a few moments.

“Well I don't see why not...in fact Yukari might enjoy having someone with authority watching the desks.”

“So if I wanted to help I need a token?” She giggles.

“They draw tokens because no one wants to do it.” Ahh. Well you are not one to back down from a challenge right?

Desk duty?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

If no what would you rather do?

[ ] Watch the proceedings

[ ] Leave for the underground
[X] Yes

What better way to spread despair among these pitiful immigrants than to crush their hopes under the gears of bureaucracy?
[x] Yes

He can handle the responsibility, he's a big guy.
Oh there you are Despair you angsty bastard

[X] Yes
[X] Yes
Silly Watcher, course I'm here. I am, have, and will always be with you, even when you're alone.
Especially when you're alone.
You spend your time watching me run around doing work, trying to write these, and hanging out with my WoW friends from time to time? Sounds like a waste of time to me but whatever amuses you
Silly Watcher, it's never a waste.

People die countless little deaths on their way towards their last.
They die out of shame and humiliation.
They succumb to doubt and resignation.
And, of course, they all too eagerly perish for any modicum of love they happen upon.

Whilst breaking helping people is by and large more amusing, it's these little deaths that sustain me.
Right. Well you can sit in the cardboard box of morbid as I write the next post
Desk duty?

[X] Yes

An unorganized mess with no clear direction in charge of a major factor of life...its like you never left the outside world. You sigh and roll your shoulders. “I'll handle what I can.” Keine smiles and claps her hands together.

“Wonderful! Just pick any desk you like.” You give her a mock pout.

“Not going to stay and help me?” She baps you lightly on the head with a ruler.

“Behave.” She points at the right portal. “I'm on the council today.”

“Ahh. I guess anyone trying to immigrate today is lucky then.” She mock threatens you with the ruler before walking to the portal and vanishing inside. Well might as well get down to it then. You walk over to the desks and find the small group from before clustered around a human girl shaking the hat. She spots you and after a small exchange of greetings you explain why you are interrupting the name drawing.

“Wait so you are willingly taking one of the desk spots?” You nod and everyone gives you a look.


“Oh nothing...right then I guess we are just pulling 2 names this time!” She does a lot more shaking and then stops suddenly and whips out a token from the hat. A pained yell comes from part of the group and the hat shaking starts again. Again the stop is sudden and with the last token comes no sound aside from some shuffling. The rest give off a group sigh and make for the door with hat girl right behind them. As the group departs you find your 2 helpers for the day. The first is a large human man who must have had bear somewhere in his family tree. You can make out a wide smile under his thick copper beard and he thrusts our a hand.

“Ello dar!” You give him a matching grin and shake his hand with a firm grip. “It good ta met ya! I'm Buru!”

“Buru? Your name is bull?”

“Well I fell into dis place a few yers ago and bumped me ead somtin ard so I don't member meself. But I be strong like bull...and den dat was me name.” He gives a what-can-you-do shrug and you nod in agreement as you turn to your second helper. A person in a brown cloak with a hood is trying to hide behind one of the desks. Ahh a shy one. You slowly approach and give the person a smile.

“Hello.” The top of the hood pokes out from the top of the desk.


You blink a few times at the avalanche of a voice as the hood is pushed back enough to make out a female face with...cracks and lines on it?


You...are going to guess that's her name. You smile and nod to her even as she ducks back behind the desk. “Nice to meet you Michi, may you always roll downhill.” She starts and the hood peeks back over the desk at you. Ahh you guessed right, she is an earth elemental. “Alright well first I guess we should just chose a desk.” You look at the elemental as she cowers behind her desk. “Uhh...you can have that one Michi.” The hood nods and you turn to Buru as he stomps over and flops into the middle desk so that leaves you the right most desk. You sit down and prepare to look at what you have to work with but a paper in the middle of the desk catches your eye.

'Welcome faithful desk worker to the first step of the Gensokyo Immigration Office or GIO. Your job as a desk worker is simple, just greet beings that come through the entry portal and use the paperwork provided to ask a small round of questions. Don't worry about writing anything as the paper will fill itself out with 100% truth regardless of what is said. When you are finished simply point the being to the portal and the filled out paper will teleport itself to the archive and a fresh page will replace it. Thank you for your time and energy!'

Whoever wrote this drew a little smiley face at the end. As you finish reading the paper flashes and the question page is before you. Its simple stuff, name, age and so on so forth so you feel confident. A bell chimes and all 3 of you look up as the entry portal flashes and the first round walks in. From the way Buru waves a large brown drooling dog thing over to his desk you guess its less 'form 3 lines' and more 'we will get to you when we can.' You look around at the beings to decide your first pick. There is...something in a large black cloak. It seems to be trying to imitate human form but if you watch closely you can see an odd shifting under the cloak, as if the cloak was filled with water or something. Also the fact that it has 2 shadows kind of gives it away. There is...a dryad...yes you are rather sure that's a dryad. A woman in a vine chair (oh the chair can walk...you want one) with green leaf like hair and...uhh somewhat lacking in modesty given that only 2 bits of foliage cover her...healthy chest...or maybe that's just a dryad thing you don't really know. Another being is...a rather normal looking Japanese teenager. He has spiky black hair and a white shirt with black pants...so yeah 100% normal...well aside from the fact he is glaring at his right hand and is muttering about something under his breath. The portal flashes and everyone turns to look at the new arrivals...and everyone has to look up because the first one through is tall...like about 15 feet tall. She has white hair the spills to the floor and a bunch of long white feather wings and that's good because without a few carefully placed wings she would be flashing everyone. A soft almost amused sounding humming seems to float from her and the few beings standing close to her edge away just a hair. So who to interview first? A glance at the other desks shows that the common method is to take the arrivals in groups of 2, complete them one at a time, then get another group of 2 and so on so forth.

Pick 2

[ ] Black cloak something

[ ] Dryad

[ ] Normal Japanese teenager

[ ] Tall angel woman

Also anyone care to guess who is who?
[X] Tall angel woman


[X] Black cloak something

These guys seem alright.
[X] Tall angel woman
[X] Black cloak something
Would making them go one at a time make the voting easier?
I was 40316, so just to make things simpler I'll change to
[X] Tall angel woman
[X] Black cloak something
Judging from the fact that there appears to be Touma here (spiky black hair, school uniform, looking at his right hand.) Are all these characters crossovers or expies of some kind?

[X] Normal Japanese teenager
[X] Black cloak something

I wonder how gensokyo interacts with his imagine breaker, because magic is "normal" here.
First of all good job with the first guess and the first right guess.

Second it seems everyone might have missed what Keine said, this is a place where beings from the outside world and different dimension cross into Gensokyo so yes these are all beings from different worlds.
In other words these 4 are all cross over characters of some kind
So it looks like

[X] Tall angel woman
[X] Black cloak something

Are winning at the moment. Voting will continue for another day or so.
Story delayed due to holiday shenanigans, will resume sometime after the new year.
[X] Black cloak something

[X] Tall angel woman

“Excuse me but can you and you please walk this way?” You tap your papers on the desk a few times before waving the cloak thing forward. “Hello and welcome to the GIO...” You give a quick glance at your papers and the information filling itself out. “Miss Nerada?” The thing, the female thing, nods slowly and speaks in a halting voice as if she is unsure of speaking.


“Alright and what is the reason for your move to Gensokyo?”

“We...are looking...for...a new...forest.” ...well that's odd but not the worst reason you can think of and the paper agrees so no problems there.

“And how long do you plan to stay?”

“As long...as we...can.” You give her a smile.

“Ahh going for permanent residency huh? Best of luck on that.” There are only a few more questions, basic stuff like 'are you planning or will plan any action that would break the laws of Gensokyo?' or 'do you plan to learn danmaku?' so you guess the more important stuff is done by the council. “Right I think that's about it, if you would just please step through the portal there the council will see you shortly.” You give the pitch black darkness of the hood a bright smile and you receive a small nod. The cloak is still for a few moments before a gloved hand slowly reaches out and softly pats your head a few times. “Uhh...t-thank you?”

“We...thank...you.” And off through the portal they go...ok then. You cough and try to placate your messy hair, brushing a fleck of dust out of your tangled locks.

“Hey hurry up will ya!” You glare at the ork like being standing in line before glancing at the humming angel woman.

“Excuse me miss angel? Could you please step over to the desk?” The tall angel floats over as it seems using her legs for such a simple task as walking is something she finds unnecessary...and yes she is still humming. “Your name please?” She just gives you a half smile and points to the papers. “Yes they do fill themselves out but we are supposed to ask these things.” Another point and you sigh even as you glance down at the paper. “Look Miss...Ziz are you going to be this hard to work with for all the questions?” Another half smile and you bang your head on the desk. The process repeats in this way for the rest of the questions, you ask and she smiles and points till you give up and just look. When she steps through the portal you are just glad to be rid of her. The rest of the work is much the same, call up, fill out, wave to the portal and as a plus you get to meet a wide range of beings as you work. A very young mage with teaching credentials, a strange imp like girl with a stone helmet riding an annoyed wolf, a king with a scar across his face and a sword that can split, a living virus in the shape of a grumpy man, a girl with really long green hair that sings, and now this slightly nervous teen.

“Are you sure?” You sigh and nod.

“Look I already told you 3 times, no girl with blue hair in a white uniform has passed through here. I can pass the word along to keep an eye out for her if you want.” He smiles and shakes his head.

“No its ok just needed to be sure is all.” He pulls at the strange collar around his neck, odd fashion but you are not one to judge, before he makes for the portal. Right...seems to be the last of...nope one last person has made it in before the cut off time-! Mmm blue hair, white military type uniform, sword, tattoo that looks like a Y...and looks about as nervous as the kid...ahh now you get it! Must be a couple that got separated.

“Excuse me! Yes you the miss with blue hair!” She walks over all sign of nerves gone, an air of icy command about her.

“Yes?” A bit rude but she is just worried about her boyfriend after all.

“Are you looking for a guy about this tall, brown hair, and green eyes with a collar around his neck?” She goes from icy doom to love struck in the span of 2 seconds. “...i'll take that as a yes, he was looking for you, seemed really worried too. Lets get through the paperwork so you can go meet him on the other side. Said paperwork is done in record time and the girl sprints to the portal. Ahh you have helped some lost lovers find each other, you have done a good thing today. A door opens and a stern looking white wolf tengu walk in.

“The cut off time has passed and both portals are now closed, all desk workers must write a overview before departing.” You ignore your complaining fellow workers and swiftly write out your overview. The others are just starting on their own as you stand, give a short stretch, and walk over to the waiting wolf girl. She gives you a glare and holds out her hand. “Paper.” You hand it over and she gives it a once over before nodding at you. “Ok go ahead.” From the sounds of the others it seems being let go without a rewrite is a rare thing. You give the wolf girl a smile as you make your way outside and take a second to soak up some sunshine.

Now what?

[ ] No more delays! On to the Youkai Mountain!

[ ] No mountain today, maybe another time
Poor boy really doesn't have a clue how much power his Family wields in Gensoukyo.
He is in for a huge shock when he finds out that the Hakurei literally have the power to sentence residents of Gensoukyo to Death for violating the Law especially the spell card one.
Which is a major reason why Marissa was looking for him, Reimu wouldn't take lightly to her violation of the rules.
[X] on to yokai mountain
[x] No more delays! On to the Youkai Mountain!

I got every reference but these:
> a living virus in the shape of a grumpy man, a girl with really long green hair that sings
Feel free to say your guesses
Miku Hatsune and Alex Mercer I believe.
[X] No more delays! On to the Youkai Mountain!
Right on both
[X] No more delays! On to the Youkai Mountain!

So anyone want to try to guess every reference?
[X] No more delays! On to the Youkai Mountain!

Well you guess with that out of the way you can continue on to the mountain. You lift off and shoot into the air with a laugh, you never will tire of flying! You do a few flips and loops before sighting your destination and blasting off. You are making good time thanks to the nice weather so it shouldn't take you that long to get there as long as you don't run into any-


-thing. You turn your head and find Marisa flying a short distance behind you on her broom. She is being chased by a rather large mod of faeries. The witch tosses a flask of something over her shoulder that hits one of the lead faeries and explodes with the sound of a cow mooing and a thick mustard smog. “Hi there! Man you are a hard guy to find!” You dodge some of the faerie's attacks and give her a shrug.

“I guess you so.” She laughs and turns back to the mob with an insane grin holding a small object...oh shit you know this-

“Master SPARK!”

...yep...those poor faeries. You do a quick 180 spin and rush back. Damn it seems she obliterated all of them...no wait there is one left, badly singed and falling out of the sky! You swoop down and snag the little faerie. She mumbles in a pained haze and you cradle her gently as Marisa pulls up beside you. “Ahh I missed one, I might be losing my touch!~” You ignore the witch and check the tiny winged girl. Her forest green dress is singed with the right shoulder gone and her wings are smoldering. Her bright red hair is filthy and her skin is lightly charred from the over sized laser but given that she is still here you would guess she was at the very back and the others in the mob 'tanked' the damage as it were. “Hey what's the hold up? If you are worried just pop her, she'll be back to normal in a few hours.” You give the witch a glare that makes her scoot back on her broom a hair.

“Just because they have that ability does not give me the right to treat their lives with so little value.” You look around a find a place to land with a small lake beside it. You set the faerie down softly and start to apply first aid. Marisa floats close by hanging from her broom by her feet and you are thankful for your task as it lets you ignore the fact that she has not taken gravity's effect on her dress into account with such a move...or she has and she just doesn't care, you find that with this witch it could be either option.

“Sooooo~...this is counter productive for your job you know that right?” You wash the girl's head with a damp cloth and say nothing. She huffs and changed topics. “So like I was saying it took a long time to find you after the little scuffle we had...but~ I blame your sister for that, she really worked me over!” She gives you a bright joking grin that slowly fails as you are absorbed with washing and binding the faerie's singed right arm and shoulder. “So after she finished giving me a good pounding~” She wiggles her eyebrows in a suggestive manner “she tells me I need to stop being so foolish!” The last word is said like it was the most moronic thing she has ever heard. “Me! Foolish!”
“Truly one of the great misunderstandings of our time.” She spins herself right side up on her broom and nods.

“I know right!?” You roll your eyes and look over the girl as you douse her smoldering wings with water...well its less then you hoped but you really can't do any more then that. “Sooooo~...is this the part were take her back to your Evil Hakurei Lair of Evil and do unspeakable things to her?” You give her a dull look.

“First of all we don't have an Evil Hakurei Lair of Evil. Second, why would I heal her if I planned to do unspeakable things to her?” She gives an evil grin and makes grabby hands. It takes you a second but when you catch her meaning you gain a horrified look that makes her almost fall off her broom with laughter. You glare and swiftly walk forward and smack the end of her broom sending her into a wild spin. She yells and hangs on tightly as you turn and walk back to the faerie. Thankfully her whimpers have stopped and aside from a few beads of sweat that dot her head she seems a bit better. You glance at Marisa as she pulls out of her spin and slumps down on the broom, her feet and legs hanging down. She groans before looking at you and giving a weak but hopeful smile.

“Hey doc, you have a new patient.” You walk over and with your nicest smile you have, you smack the broom again much harder this time and watch as she clings to the middle of her new Marisa-go-round.

“Take 2 and call me in the morning.” You doubt she can hear you with all the yelling but you give yourself a mental self five. You pick up the faerie and fly away leaving the angrish yells from the witch in your wake. You fly a bit more keeping a firm hold on your cargo as you make for the mountain at a much slower pace.

“Muaa...” You stop as the girl shudders in your grip and you look down as she slowly blinks to full awareness. You give her your best bright and disarming smile as her eyes focus.

“Hello miss.” She seems shocked for a second then darts out of your hold and floats a short distance away.

“W-Who are you?”

“My name is Haru and-”

“Wait...the witch was following you!” She takes a battle stance and gives you her best glare...that looks so out of place on her adorable face you want to crush her in a hug. “Are you working with her!?” You hold your hands out in a non combative motion and shake your head. You quickly give her a short run down of the events up to the point the mob took a spark to the face and she relaxes a bit. “So she has been giving you trouble as well...” You nod and give more info about what happened. As you tell her about your actions her wings fan out and her mouth drops open slightly. “You...you..helped me?” You nod and point our her wrapped arm and shoulder and she blinks at it before staring, seems she hadn't noticed it until now. She slowly tucks her arm to her chest and loses herself in her thoughts and you simply float and wait. After a moment she looks up at you with confusion in her eyes. “Why?”

“You know its odd the witch asked me why as well, why I wouldn't just 'pop you' as she put it.” You half turn and glare back the way you came. “I give you the same answer, just because you have that ability does not give me the right to treat your life with so little value.” Due to the way you are facing you miss the small blush dusting the faerie's cheeks. She shakes her head to clear her red face and coughs making you turn back to her.

“Well...thank you...really.” She smiles shyly and you give her a bright one back. “I'm going to wait for my friends by out meeting spot.” You wince and tell her that no one else came out of the spark besides her and she shakes her head. “No my friends were not part of this chase, they stayed back to hold the border.” You blink as your body goes very still.


“Yep!” She grins and salutes. “The border between the Fairwind clan and the 9ball clan!” Ahh. You don't quite understand but you feel the tension drain from you, wrong border people false alarm everyone stand down. She grabs the front of her dress and balls part of it in her hands as she rolls something over in her mind. “H-Hey...you could come with me and play if...if you wanted.”

[ ] Faerie friendship get!

[ ] To the mountain
File 148411897285.gif - (344.08KB, 500x283, Zetsuboushita!.gif) [iqdb]
[X] Faerie friendship get!

Urk! First we were sidetracked by that silly not-plot-related cameo/crossover line up!
Now while on our way to the underground without delays, we're presented with a delay which we simply cannot ignore as it feels like it would go against character! Which means I don't get the chance to make a mind reader cry today!

I'm in despair!
Adorable fairies have left me in despair!
[X] Faerie friendship get!
[x] Faerie friendship get!
[X] Faerie friendship get!
Seems my readers love their faeries
So how many repeat posters do I have and how are my readers enjoying the story?
me for one and i like the story so far.
I'm one as well Haru's adventure is interesting.
I'm a regular reader because I like this story

[Ominous Tittering]
Been here since the start. I'm enjoying the light hearted interaction but plot when?
Hello I like words
File 148462823890.png - (213.09KB, 1382x961, Truly a moment worth something I guess.png) [iqdb]

I might have had too much to drink
These are very amusing feel free to make more
[X] Faerie friendship get!

You give her a bright smile. “I'm on my way to the Youkai Mountain but sure I could stop for a bit.” You follow the faerie as she dips and darts around trees, leading you in a lazy path to-

Your arm snaps out and punches a glittering orb out of the air and you glance at the mob of smirking faeries that are now flying around you.

-an ambush, how quaint. “Man you sure are stupid!” You glance at your guide as she makes mocking faces at you. “Don't you know anything about faeries?!” You sigh and close your eyes as you roll your shoulders.

“Yes.” Without looking you backhand a faerie trying to rush your right flank and the jeering of the fay surrounding you stops as your hit had enough power to send the faerie into her next reincarnation cycle. You open your eyes and crack your knuckles with a wry smile. “The question is...do you know anything about me?” Loud laughter fills the air and a blast of ice cuts down your former guide and the 3 fay closest to her as a blue blur shoots into the area and stops beside you. “Cirno?” The ice faerie folds her arms and smirks at you.

“Yes my rival it is I!” She takes a badass pose and shoots you a thumbs up. “I can not stand by as my rival fights the whole Fairwind clan!” One of the hostile fay around you snorts.

“You think you 2 can take us all!” Cirno points a finger at the offending faerie with all the authority of fate itself.

“Stupid Fairwind! Too bad you are not a genius like me!” She waves her hand and group of blurs shoot from the bushes to her side and Cirno smirks and thumbs her nose. “A 9 is never alone so how could it ever be a 2!?” You guess that is kind of logical...somehow. You glance at the new arrivals, a green haired girl with bug antenna and a cape, a pink haired girl with wings, and a blond haired girl in a black dress with blood red eyes. Cirno floats forward and crosses her arms again. “Team 9! Sound off!” Green girl smirks and does a few kicks before taking a pose.

“The master of bugs, Wriggle Nightbug!” Pink girl flutters her wings and clears her throat before speaking in a lovely voice.

“The master of sound, Mysita Lorelei.” Blond girl looks over the army of faeries and they flinch as her blood red orbs pass over them.

“Master of shadows, Rumia.” The team closes ranks and stand shoulder to shoulder and they yell as one.

“And together we are!” They all take battle stances. “Team 9!” The area is silent for a few seconds before the army of hostile fay break down laughing. Cirno snarls in anger.

“Hey! Stop laughing!” This only sets them off more and the ice faerie stops her foot. “Fine then!” She turns and points at pink girl. “Mysita! Hit the music!” Pink girl sighs and rolls her eyes but ducks back into the bushes and pulls out...a stereo? She fiddles with it for a second and a loud blast of sound roars forth backed up by a voice singing about nature having rules or something like that. Cirno points at the mob with a smirk. “Charge!” Without waiting to see if anyone is following she smashing into the enemy lines like an icy wrecking ball. Wriggle sprints forward and takes out 3 fey with a single kick as Mysita seems content to annihilate anyone stupid enough to try and make a move on the stereo. You feel a tug and look at the blond girl who gives you a fanged grin.

“Shall we?” You give her a smile and a deep bow.

“After you my lady.” She chuckles.

“My how polite!” ...did she just sniff you? “Mmm~ no doubt a pure blood Hakurei.”

“Uhh...thanks?” She laughs lightly and pats your arm before skipping, yes skipping, off into the cluster fuck of a battle...holy shit did she just rip off that faerie's head?! Note to self, do not fuck with that girl.

“Oh this looks like fun!” You know that voice! You spin around and find Mima hovering above the brawl.

“Master Mima!” She blinks before blushing and wiggling in pleasure.

“Waaa~ Haru called me master! I've been accepted by my adorable student!~” You cough lightly to bring her attention back.

“What are you doing here Master?” She waves at the mess below.

“I was having a nap when my other student barged in and demanded if I had seen you.” She winks. “It seems you are rather popular Haru.”

“Joy.” She laughs at your deadpan.

“So what are you up to?”

“Well I keep trying to get to Youkai Mountain but I keep being sidetracked.” She gets an odd look on her face.

“Why are you going to the mountain?”

“I plan to visit Okuu and her friends.” She blinks before snickering.

“I see~” Ok red flags here what was with that tone? She waves a hand in the area of the far off mountain. “Well you better get going then!” You look down at the fight before and she chuckles. “Oh don't worry, the 9 balls can handle themselves. I'll even jump in if anything happens.” Ok...that seems oddly nice of you. She makes a shooing motion with her staff. “Well go on! You want to reach the mountain before dark right?” You nod and shoot away missing the evil smirk on her face. “Oh this is going to be so much fun!~” She laughs and spins her staff in her fingers. “And somehow everything still goes your way Yukari.”

The rest of your flight goes well and you make it the mountain. Mmm the map must have been old because it didn't show the military fort sitting at the base. You shrug and touch down a good distance from the fort and slowly walk to the gate where a pair of wolf women stand. As you approach one calls out to you. “Halt! Identify yourself!”

“I am Haru Hakurei, I've come to visit the mountain.” The 2 exchange a look.

“Stay there, I need to have a word with my commander.” The left guard flies over the gate and into the fort.

“...hey...if everyone can fly...why have walls?” The remaining guard shrugs.

“To stop beast like youkai and normal humans I would guess.” You nod, yeah that sounds right.

Perspective change

Inside the fort in the command building another of the wolves is dealing with the worst foe of all...paperwork. She looks over another form and takes a sip from her tea before a knock sounds at the door. “Enter!” The guard from the gate walks in and salutes.

“Commander Inubashiri I have news from the gate.” Momiji sets her cup down and nods for the guard to continue. “Just a moment ago Haru of the Hakurei requested entry into the mountain.” Momiji blinked in shock.

“Are you sure!”

“Yes commander there is no doubt.”

“Did he give a reason?” The guard smirks.

“To 'visit' the mountain.” The commander shared her smirk.

“So she got around the neutrality issues and sends Gensokyo's newest son to support us, I should have never doubted Lady Yukari.” Momiji stands. “I will welcome him myself.”

“As you order commander...what shall we say about-”

“Nothing. Yukari must have done a lot of string pulling just to get him here without raising a fuss and given he is just here for a 'visit' we must too play the fool. The young Hakurei is here for a visit nothing more.” The guard nods and salutes.

“I will spread the word as such commander.”

Perspective change

“No way!” The guard chuckles at your shocked face.

“Yes indeed, so as you can guess the commander was not pleased by that outburst and had the poor guy on night watch for a year.”

“Ouch.” The 2 of you share a chuckle as a loud thunk sounds from behind the wall and the gate opens and out walks a very beautiful wolf woman. The guard snaps to attention.

“Commander Inubashiri!” You are not sure what protocol to follow here so you end up giving her an awkward salute. The guard gives you an amused look and the commander smiles lightly at you.

“No need for that, you are a guest here little Hakurei.” You pout slightly, what's with everyone calling you little Hakurei all the time?! The commander motions for you to stand beside her and you walk with her into the fort. There are a few large buildings around the camp but the main attraction is the large training area were at least a hundred white wolves are training. From their stances to every motion you have no doubt this is a well disciplined and battle hardened fighting force. The command follows you gaze and smiles with pride. “Magnificent are they not?” You nod even as a thought bubbles in your mind.

“Its like they are preparing for war.”

“Mmm.” You follow Momiji to a smallish building. “I have a room prepared for you if you would like to rest for the night before continuing to your destination in the morning.”

“Wow your troops are good! I just got here and you already have a room for me!” You chuckle and give her a bright smile. “If I didn't know any better I would think you knew I was coming!” She laughs and a few guards close by join in...uhh...ok it wasn't THAT funny. You check the sky...yeah it is almost dark and you don't want to show up at Okuu's doorstep when she is sleeping. You bid the commander a goodnight and head to your room and settle in for the night.


[ ] Right through the night

[ ] Things that go gap in the night

So this story is far from over but I would like some input from you my readers. I plan my stories a good deal in advance before my first post so I have a rough framework to use. If you guys end up trashing the framework I don't care but my point is I need advance planning for these stories. As I said this story is far from over but I would like your thoughts on what my next story should be.

Story vote:

[ ] Exit Strategy – You don't know who you are, how long you have been here, what your name is...or even what you look like...nor do you know your crime...but with the help of your aggravating cell mate you just might escape from the moon... (Tea to anyone who can guess the cell mate and some oni sake to who might guess who the protagonist is)

Imperiled Undertakings of an Indentured Butler – On your first day of freshmen year the class had one of those stupid “Where do you see yourself in X years” assignments. You answered truthfully and now you are stuck in Gensokyo serving youkai for the rest of your life...at least the food is good. (Male outsider gets stuck as a butler for life in the SDM or the Yakumo household. Hilarity ensues)
[X] Right through the night

"...given he is just here for a 'visit' we must too play the fool."
I do look forward to them realizing they haven't just been playing. Their shame will be delicious.

Anyways, I'd rather we not get distracted by the foul gap demon. Her despair will be brought about by her own actions, so let us not needlessly waste time when there are mind readers tears to be had!

[X] Exit Strategy

A story that would involve dealing with Lunarians?
Those arrogant beings that reject all impurity.
Those detestable creatures that deny both hope and despair.
Sounds interesting.

Don't worry. I'll be keeping an eye out for any scenes that seem amusing enough to put some effort into committing to imagery.
[X] Things that go gap in the night
Surprised you didn't have a guess Despair
File 148472144051.png - (702.61KB, 800x800, Said fuckheads.png) [iqdb]
Hm? Oh right, the prisoners. Terribly sorry about that, I was a tad bit -IEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDI- distracted.

Well my half-hearted guess would be the two fuckheads pictured.
Though I believe the left fuckhead to be a tad bit older, pudgier, and likes waving around a gaudy-as-hell mallet for whatever fucking reason. Old fuck has a serious case of identity crisis too.

Fuckhead on the right is the son of fuckhead on the left and is shit at sumo, end of story.
[X] Gap in the night
[X] Butler in the Scarlet Mansion for your next story.
[X] Things that go gap in the night
[X] Imperiled Undertakings of an Indentured Butler

I'm torn between a butler for The Scarlets or the Yakumos. I'll go with Yakumo
[X] Things that go gap in the night
[X] Imperiled Undertakings of an Indentured Butler
[X] Things that go gap in the night

Your eyes snap open and you take a look around...no everything seems fine...so why are you awake now? You take a look outside just to affirm the fact that the sun has not risen. You sit on the floor and cross your arms in thought...you don't just snap awake in the middle of the night for no reason. You stand and pace around for a bit when on a whim you take another look around the fort grounds...and spot a light in the command building. You dress quickly and silently make your way across the grounds, slipping past a few patrolling wolves. You don't know why you are doing this...but it feels right...you shake your head to clear it and float up to the lighted window and peek in. The room is about the size of the shrine living room and is dominated by the solid wood table sitting in the middle. Commander Inubashiri is sitting at one end flanked by 2 of her soldiers. On the other end is crow tengu who looks like she would rather be anywhere else at the moment. The crow gives a sigh and a weak smile to the stern faced commander. “Look I'm just the messenger I-” Momiji slams a hand down on the table making the crow jump.

“I asked Hojo to come here and explain why my wolves are being all but thrown out of our homes.” The crow wipes some sweat from her brow.

“Lord Hojo has made it clear-”

“Oh yes...clear.” Momiji gives the shaking girl a fanged grin. “Clear that he wishes to restart the clan wars.” The crow flinched and starts waving her hands in the air.

“N-Now lets not go that far!”

“Oh?” The commander holds her hands out in a placating motion. “Then by all means do enlighten me.” The crow takes a steadying breath before going on.

“Lord Hojo of the Takahiro Clan of the Great Tengu has called for a vote of no confidence in the White Wolf Clan in protecting the mountain from outside and underground influences.” Momiji snarls.

“Yes...how convenient that the Honorable Tenma is recovering from the assassination attempt right when the Takahiro Clan pushes such a motion.” The crow looks shocked that Momiji would say something so scandalous but doesn't comment. “And lets say this foolishness does pass...what army do they plan to replace us with?”

“I am not at liberty to say, such things will be addressed at the summit in 2 weeks time.”

“...that's it then?” The crow nods and Momiji gives her an evil smile. “Good, now get out of my fort.” The crow scrambles out an open window vanishes into the night. The room is still for a long time as the wolf commander is lost in her thoughts. One of her soldiers coughs lightly and leans down.

“Commander...what should we do?”

“Get some sleep.” The 2 soldiers share amused looks.

“I meant...everyone.” Momiji sighs rapping her claws on the table.

“This falls in line with what we already know so our plans are unchanged. Call in the rest of the clan and draw up battle lines. If these fools want a throw back to the clan wars then that is what they will get.” She sends the guards away and stays at the table looking at a pile of maps. Aside from the rustle of paper now and then the room is once again still but your mind is spinning, it seems the peace in the rest of Gensokyo is simply hiding deepening strife. You stay at the window for a while but nothing else seems to happen. You are about to leave- “I know you are there.” -you freeze in place but it seems the words are not meant for you as a gap opens and out steps Yukari in all her glory. You feel ice creep up your spine as you feel the aura that seems to slide like silk off the gap youkai, this is not the teasing Yukari you know, this is Yukari Yakumo ruler of all Gensokyo.

“Aww you spoiled my entrance.” Momiji snorts and puts a map down before rubbing her forehead.

“Is it as bad as I think...no wait, it must be to get you involved.” Yukari flips open her fan and hides her lower face behind it.

“The assassination attempt has already drawn the eyes of my pets and rightly so.” She waves a hand and a gap opens above the table. Something falls through it and hits the table with a hard thump. The commander picks up the item and you can see its a torn purple cloth wrapped around something. “Mr. Heller found that in his...investigation~” Momiji winces and you wince as well, anyone who could invoke that type of reaction in someone like the commander is not someone you want to meet. She opens the cloth and pulls a small white coin out. She drops it with a snarl and Yukari nods. “My thoughts exactly.”

“Why? How?!” Yukari just chuckles behind her fan.

“Come now, you don't really think they gave up just because they've had a few setbacks do you? This is just another plan of theirs...although I will admit this is the second one they had with any imagination behind it.”

“Second?” Yukari just waves away the question and points to the door.

“Perhaps we could talk more over tea?” The commander nods and the 2 youkai leave the room. You wait a full minute before you sneak into the room and pick up the coin. The coin is white and you don't mean colored to look white your mean marble would be dead from envy white...and that's it, no markings or anything, just a perfect white coin of unknown make. You make a mental note to ask around if anyone might know more but sadly you have to leave it here. You go out the window and see if you can find the 2 youkai through a different window and as luck would have it you do. “So how is the situation developing?” Momiji takes a sip of her tea and smirks darkly.

“We have the full support of the Kappa, I think Nitori is very enthusiastic to test her project Mammoth...whatever that is...but knowing what I know now...this is all just a set up.” Yukari nods and the commander clicks her claws together. “You know we can't back down.”

“Nor should you!” The gap youkai smirks and waves her fan in a lazy arc. “I have everything under control.”

“Then what about the summit?”

[ ] You could help with that!

[ ] Back to bed, not going to get involved with this
[X] Back to bed, not going to get involved with this

I honestly see little reason why Haru would want to get involved in this.
While Haru has a pure, honest desire to help others, I don't believe he's foolish enough to get entangled in a squabble, between two factions of filthy mountain dwelling youkai, which he doesn't (nor the Hakurei) have a direct involvement in.

In addition, the gap demon has played it's hand by using it's foul mind trickery to ensure Haru hears all this. This manipulation didn't go entirely unnoticed by him, so I wish to test what the gap demon is willing to do to ensure Haru remains it's pawn.

In other words, the gap demon is turning the wheels, so let's see what happens if we hold them still, if but for a moment.

Also, I'm being deprived of mind reader tears. This is unacceptable!
And how can you be sure she wants Haru to get involved?
If the gap demon didn't want Haru involved, then it would seem it would have little reason to have Haru overhear all this. Why inform a pawn of what it doesn't need to know?

With this in mind, I can immediately conjecture the following.
1.) The gap demon has something else planned that requires Haru having this information.
2.) Something else (aside from anons) compelled Haru to overhear all this.
3.) I'm looking too deeply into this and there's a benign reason fo- Ha ha, no, that's too fucking boring to consider.
[X] Back to bed, not going to get involved with this

True, but Haru doesn't think of himself as Yukari's pawn, and is more likely to assume it was a favor to him(and Reimu) than an attempt to get him involved in events.
Let me put it this way, Yukari has already completed the objective that was behind waking Haru, what's left is just bonuses for her...and yes both options give her something you forget this is Yukari we are talking about here.
Yukari isn't omniscient nor all powerful.
She didn't create the Great Hakurei Barrier.
Humans did said Barrier which is also dependent on two Human lives to stay up.

[X] Back to bed, not going to get involved with this.
That falls under scenario #3. Scenario #3 was too boring to consider, thus I didn't bother to consider it.
Boring things do not require consideration because they are boring, thus they can die don't matter.

If the gap demon truly did this to give Haru the option to involve himself and has already benefited just from him gaining this information, then there's nothing left to be discussed, sadly.

Whether or not Haru involves himself in the affairs of the filthy mountain youkai is simply a matter of defining if he is the type to stick his nose into serious matters that don't personally involve him, the Hakurei, nor the safety of the barrier.
Cheer up Haru will be going underground soon
That moment when you want to correct misconceptions but its more fun to just sit back and watch things play out
File 148551296949.jpg - (343.99KB, 1085x676, But who waters the watermelons.jpg) [iqdb]
Silly Watermelon Watcher!
I put something resembling effort into using my misconceptions to incite paranoia and chaos.
I would prefer if you kept your mitts off them, thank you very much.
I must say that's the most colorful avatar I've even been given
[X] Back to bed, not going to get involved with this.

There's something going on, but that doesn't make it Haru's business.
So it seems Haru is not getting mixed up in this but after a good night sleep is he sticking around the fort or heading right for the underground?
Straight to the underground
Down, down to Oni town.

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