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File 148635732577.jpg - (357.37KB, 650x433, Underground.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Back to bed, not going to get involved with this

Yes what about the summit that has nothing to do with the Hakurei? You slip away and make your way back to your room, nope not getting mixed up in this. You keep that thought repeating in your mind as you fluff your pillow and snuggle back into your bed...

Damn it why does the sun always hit you right in the face in the morning?! You yawn and work the kinks out of your neck as you stand. “Good morning Gensokyo.” You mumble softly as you smile and seek out one of the few things you brought with you from the outside world, granola bars! You take a bite from your favorite travel treat, blessings of the Hakurei upon however thought up these things. You finish the bar and make a note to see about replenishing your stash, the 15 bars you have left wont last long at this rate. Alright time to get going! You dress and repack your small bag before making sure your wraps are nice and tight. You slip into the camp and make for the base of the mountain, passing out bright smiles to the few wolves you pass. “Mmm...a lot of them are red faced for some reason...maybe a cold is going around?” You shrug as you approach the large gaping hole in the earth that serves as the main entry way to the underground. You stretch for a bit before shooting into the air and making a lazy loop before blasting down the hole. The path is deceptively clear but the walls have jutting areas and parts of the tunnel close up suddenly...huh...this...feels like....! Your eyes widen even as an maniac grin grows on your face. You dance around a hazard and nod, oh heck yeah! You don't care how silly this is you are doing it! You do your best to shift your voice. “Now lock on to the strongest power source it should be the power generator.” You grin and change your voice again. “Form up, and stay alert we could run out of space real fast.” Your flight becomes more daring as you push your skills to the limit. Your grin shines out as you thread the needle, a small open space in a intruding rock shelf, when a danmaku orb shoots past you and impacts the cave roof. You glace back to find a small mob of cave fay following after you. “Tie fighters!” You slow your speed to give you more maneuverability and toss a few orbs back at them. It seems these faeries know what they are doing and avoid the small amount of counter fire you can produce as you are a bit busy not smearing yourself on the walls. Even with their number they clearly understand that you can't bunch up in a cave like this-! You are cut off as a few of them box each other in in a hard turn and smash into the wall.

...well...faeries...what can you do. You duck around the oncoming fire from the remaining 'tie fighters' and take a look around for tactical options. There are about 14 faeries on your tail and, you fire an orb at a hanging bit of rock and as it falls behind you there are yells and the normal round of faeries exploding...ok there are about 9 faeries on your tail and you need a good way of dealing with them. Well slowing down to get good shots at them is not the best option but...wait...maybe with your new card! You pull out the card you made this morning with a grin. You thought a good theme for your cards would be to base them on friends and family. You already have a card for your sister and your bomb card is for your mother but this card...well this card is for Yuuka!

Let's make a new spell card! (This card will be Haru's spin on the master spark)

[ ] Kazami Sign: 4 Season Spark – Rather then a large energy wave the master spark is unleashed as 4 large orbs, one for each season, that fly to random spots on the battlefield and explode. Each explosion also shoots out danmaku based on the season that orb is based on. The winter orb shoots out snowflakes, fall shoots out leaves, spring shoots out seeds, and summer shoots out sunflowers.

[ ] Kazami Sign: Sunflower Spark – A huge sunflower forms behind Haru that spins at random speeds. Smaller versions of the master spark shoot out randomly from the ends of the flowers petals.

[ ] Kazami Sign: Dancing Spark – 4 copies of Haru form and shuffle places with him before all going very still. As Haru's red orbs shoot across the battlefield the foe must find the real Haru by shooting however hitting a decoy will destroy the decoy and unleash a targeted master spark at the destroyer. When the real Haru is hit enough times new decoys are summoned and he shuffles with them again. If all 4 decoys are killed before Haru is hit Haru prepares and unleashes a massive master spark before summing more decoys.

[ ] Write in

Note: Any write ins must be a Kazami Sign and must be a twist on the master spark. Also sorry for the slow and small update, I am not a sports fan but most people I know including my family are. Add to the fact I am a great cook tends to mean I often get dragged into Superbowl shenanigans.
[X] Kazami Sign: Dancing Spark
[X] Kazami Sign: Dancing Spark
[X] Kazami Sign: Dancing Spark

Are you ready for some plot?! I'm not.
[X] Kazami Sign: Dancing Spark

Ooooh, I love playing the shell game!
The trick to winning is to stab the dealer for trying to scam you, then run off with his money and shoes.
Note: Additional stabbings should be applied liberally depending on if the dealer has other people providing protection.

Although, in this case the roles are reversed where you're the dealer who is stabbing the unwitting player for choosing wrong. Ah, what a wonderful game!
[X] Kazami Sign: Dancing Spark

You spin around and flourish your card with a smirk. “Kazami Sign: Dancing Spark!” ...ok having all these 'you's is a bit odd but what really messes with you is the shuffling...ehh training with the card should make it easier. Ok so you and the decoys are ready and the first wave of orbs is going out. Now with the limited space and with an unknown spell card on the field the best response would be-

“You can't trick us with some shoddy replication! Fire!” You blink as the fay unleash a wave of orbs at you and your lookalikes.

...well anything but that really. You take a few hits but 3 of your decoys go down annnnnddd cue 3 big ass lasers...sigh...faeries. You hum softly to yourself as you look over the crisp remains of the hostile fay. You know you first chalked up all the talk about their intelligence or lack there of as just talk but as events like this keep playing out you have your own creeping doubts now. Well no point in hanging around here you have a bird and cat to find! You spin about and fly on at good clip keeping your eyes open for any more ambushes. You end up taking out a few more cave fay on your flight before you come to a halt. The tunnel is narrowing but at the same time...its...different. The walls have been worked on, someone or a team of someones has smoothed them and removed the dangerous jutting areas. The light down here is provided by glowering crystal formations but rather then just growing wherever in the path behind you someone has insured the even placement of them around here...its kind of like a replacement for wall torches. You fly at a slow place until you reach something honestly out of place, a bridge. Its a nice looking bridge, sturdy looking with a simple but strong look to it, no flashy carvings or anything like that. It stretches over a huge gash in the earth and for those without flight it would be the only clear way across. On the other side is a gatehouse, a strong but homely looking building. You land at your end of the bridge and take note of...well a note. A large sign is stuck in the ground that says “NO CROSSING WITHOUT INSPECTION BY THE BRIDGE KEEPER!” A small note has been tacked on to the bottom. “Out to lunch back whenever.”

Well sorry bridge keeper but you are not going to wait here for 'whenever' and you fly over the bridge. You fly on for about 2 minutes before you see a bright light ahead and you slow as you pass into...by the Hakurei this place is huge! The chamber...if you can call it that, is a huge open space underground large enough to hold the Human Village many times over! You can make out signs of habitation here and there but the gigantic city in the middle of the area dominates the landscape. You cross your arms and sniff. “Now if I was a mind reading ruler with command over the whole underground faction...then I would guess I would live there.”

“Good guess!” You blink and look around...huh...what? You thought you saw something...or maybe you heard something? You shake your head and slap your checks, come on now Haru what are you doing jumping at nothing?

“Must be hungry I'm hearing things.” You ignore the giggles clearly caused by your hunger hallucinations and take off for the city. You are flying above a winding road that leads to the city when you hear an odd noise. You look down and see...oh its Orin! She is running along at high speed on the road singing a song to herself as she pushes some kind of cart ahead of her.

“No stop signs, speed limit. Nobody's gonna slow me down. Like a wheel, gonna spin it. Nobody's gonna mess me around!” You don't know the song is but what you can say is that she puts her heart into it!

[ ] Fly on to the city Orin seems busy

[ ] Say hi
[X] Say hi

Oh Haru. You not knowing AC/DC brings me and undoubtedly many others no small amounts of despair.
Though if he doesn't know who Queen is I don't know what I'm doing here anymore. There no greater level of tragedy I could conceive than that.
Wouldn't want to be here once she found out either...
[X] Say hi
[X] Say hi
[X] Say hi
[X] Say hi

“Orin!” The redhead looks up and blinks in surprise as you wave down at her.

“Haru? Haru!” She comes to a stop and gives you a blinding smile as you float down to the road. Before your feet hit the ground she sweeps you up in a hug...nyaa Orin is so warm~ “What are you doing down here little kitten?”

“I came to see you and Okuu!” She snuggles you deeper in her warmness and pats your head.

“Aww cute~” She sets you down and kneels down so she is eye level with you. She smiles and boops your nose with a finger and laughs as you rub your now itchy snoz. “Did you have any trouble getting here little kitten?” You shake your head.

“Just a few faeries, nothing I couldn't handle.”

“Oh? No trouble at all? No trouble crossing the bridge because of a green eyed elf?” You blink and give her a questioning look.

“That was a suspiciously specific denial...and no I didn't...in fact I didn't even know Gensokyo had elves.” She chuckles and stands to her full height giving you a pat as she does.

“So~” Her eyes get a spark of mischief in them as she waves a hand at her cart. “Want to ride the rest of the way?” You cross your arms and close your eyes as you think about the offer.

[ ] Sure why no-


Orin slams her on hand on her cart making you jump and she shoves the cart under you letting you fall in. “You best hang on kitten!”

“What are talking aboooooOOOOOOOOUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!” You grip the sides of the cart tightly as Orin takes off at breakneck pace, it seems her speed before was far for her max! After you get a bit used to having the land flash by you start to laugh, this is great!

“Yeah yeah!” You tilt your head back and share the cat's wide grin only yours is not all upsidedowny. “That's the spirit Haru!” The cart ride proceed in this manner, wild abandon and total disregard for any kind of road safety. At times you fear the cart will take off into the air but Orin handles it with the ease of uncountable experience.

“Oni at 12:00!” Your driver just laughs and tips the cart on one wheel almost going vertical! You flash past the amused face of Yuugi Hoshiguma before the cart slams back down again.

“That was crazy Orin!” She laughs, her braids bouncing wildly.

“Yeah but the best type of crazy!” You feel the cart start to slow and judging for the rapidly approaching palace you can guess why.

“End of the line Orin!”

“Aww but we just started!” She floats in the air and lets the cart coast to a stop. “Next time find me at the start of my run Haru, working out is always more fun with a partner.” You give her an amused look, partner? More like living weight.

“I'll think on it Orin.” You climb out and almost stumble as something thuds onto your head. You look up to find a cat looking back at you. “Now I can't remember fully but wasn't that Okuu's perch?” Catrin just nyaas at you and snuggles down into your black locks. You roll your eyes and walk to the large doors of the palace were absolutely no one is standing...wait. You blink and take a look...what is...! At first it was like a tickle in the back of your mind...or maybe it was the hairs on your neck...but...you KNOW something is there...! There! A flash of something in the corner of your eyes! Something...green?

“Ooo you are good~” You spin around and yelp, stumbling back from the amused green eyes that where inches from your own.

“W-Who are you?” She smiles and bows deeply.

“Why I'm nobody.” You blink...

...and blink...wait why are you spacing out? There is absolutely nothing there. You feel Catrin paw at your hair and you chuckle sheepishly. “Ahh sorry Orin I thought I saw...ahh sorry its nothing.” You shake your head to clear the cobwebs and open the large doors. You give a low impressed whistle, Satori must be really freaken rich!

“Ahh! Excuse me...sir.” The voice is so tiny you almost missed it. You turn and find what looks like an empty reception area.

“Uhh...hello?” You hear a small shuffling coming from a bucket sitting on a table and a mop of dark teal hair framing a cute face with dark eyes peeks over the lip.

“Hello sir...do y-you...have an appointment?” ...her tiny voice...and that cute face...you just want to cuddle her! You shake off any foolish ideas and give the bucket loli a smile.

“Well...no...my name is Haru Hakurei-”

“EEP!” At your last name she dives back into her bucket. You blink and after a bit more shuffling a small pole rises from the bucket with a small bit of white cloth hanging from it. The pole waves back and forth and you face palm, damn it sis why must you traumatize everyone you fight!?

“Ok no no I'm not here about an incident or to exterminate any youkai.” The flag stops waving but no other moment is made. “I'm just hear to visit my friends Orin and Okuu.” You take a second to think. “And to speak to Lady Komeiji.” It would be for the best to speak with her after all you did kind of drop in at her home unannounced. The pole is retracted and a shaking hand pokes out of the bucket and points at a large set of stairs.

“M-M-M-Miss K-K-Ko-Komeiji i-”

“Is up the stairs right?” The hand shoots back down into the bucket and it rocks forward and back slightly...a nod you are guessing. “Thank you kindly.” Another rock nod as you make your way up the stairs. You follow a hall at the top of the stairs to sturdy oak door with many different animals carved into it. You go to take hold of the knocker-

“Come in Haru.” Ahh hello Miss Komeiji! You hear a small chuckle. “There is no need to think so loud Haru I can hear you just fine.” You open the door and step into a warm study area. Satori is sitting in a comfortable looking chair reading a thick tome. You give a polite bow and Catrin jumps from your head into Satori's lap. “Welcome to the Palace of the Earth Spirits...so yes you were right to call it a palace and not a castle.” You blush lightly and rub the back of your neck as she pets Orin lightly. “You have come to visit some of my pets...by that I mean Orin and Okuu. Oh that's what you mean...well...yes I have. “I see.” She gives you a small smile and stands from her chair holding Catrin in her arms. “Catrin?” You blush at her slightly amused face.

“Well Orin...cat...cat..rin...” You trill off and cough lightly as she chuckles.

“I'm sure Orin doesn't mind mind.” Orin pounces at you, changing to her normal form mid leap. You have no time to react before your face is shoved in her chest.

“Nyaa Haru kitten is so cute~” You squeak as she pricks your ear with a fang. “So cute I could just-”

Orin, enough.” The cat girl gives you one last snuggle and places you back on the ground. “Given that you seem so attached to the young Hakurei you will guide him to Okuu.” Given the way Orin's face lights up you don't think that is any kind of punishment.

“Come on kitten!” Orin picks you back up and puts you on her shoulders with a fanged grin. “Lets go find us a hell raven!”

[ ] Let Orin drag you off

[ ] You need to speak with Satori more
[x] Let Orin drag you off
[X] You need to speak with Satori more
[X] Let Orin drag you off
[x] Let Orin drag you off
[x] Let Orin drag you off

We can visit Satori again later.
[X] Let Orin drag you off

“Hey Orin wait a secooooOOOOOONNNNNNNED!” She laughs as you hold on to her in a death grip. “Slow down!”

“Now wheres the fun in that!?” She darts past some faeries sending them scattering.

“You almost ran over them!”

“Almost!” You would pap her on the head for that but you are much too busy being a parasite. When she starts bouncing from wall to wall is when you lock your eyes shut and wait for the ride to be over with...

“Hey kitten, wake up~” You shake your head and start to inform her that you are not in fact sleeping but the words die when you get a look at your surroundings. Its a very large room built in a round bowl shape. The outer ring is full of youkai moving here and there. You can hear orders at all times being spoken in many voices.

“Where are we?” Orin helps you off her shoulders and grins at you.

“This is the viewing room above the Hell of Blazing Fires.” You blink.

“The what now?” She giggles and ruffles your hair much to your irritation.

“Its the flames of old hell.” The flames of...ahh now you remember.

“Right...old hell.” You still find it odd that there can be an old and new hell...but then again Gensokyo. “So what's with...all this?”

“Is so people can watch Okuu work.” Wait what.

“What? Work? Work how?”

“She tends the flames ensuring they can be safely used to power our industry.”

“Wait wait wait.” You make a time out motion with your hands. “So...you guys took the flames of hell-”

“Old hell.”

“...you guys took HELL FIRE and used it for power generation...you took HELL FIRE and turned it into a power source.” Orin taps her chin.

“Well that's a really simple way of putting it but...yeah.”

“You know I thought you where kind of crazy but I think you are about the norm down here.” That comment makes her double over with laughter.


You turn at the loud sound and find that part of the large glass area in the middle of the floor is opening. The already hot air is pushed up quite a few degrees even with the large distance from the flames. You blink in astonishment as a figure rises from the flames far below and shoots up to the now open viewing room. Okuu rises slowly, a few tongues of fire burning themselves out on her rising form, not harming her in the slightest. “Ok I will admit I'm impressed.” You mumble to yourself softly as the hell raven slips past the open hole and hovers in the air her wings stretched wide her cape flowing behind her. The hole closes with another loud sound and Okuu lands softly to applause from the whole room and you find yourself joining in. She flutters her wings and gives a salute with her...arm thingy. From the outside ring a tall Oni with a ring of red horns around the front of her head, kind of like an odd crown now that you think about it, claps loudly to draw all eyes to her.

“Alright everyone that's it for today's shift. I want all reports written up and on my desk before the next shift.” She rolls her shoulders doing...things...to her impressive chest and smiles. “Dismissed!” The room clears like magic and only you, Orin, and Okuu are left. Speaking of said hell raven she is walking this way.

“Hi Orin! You came to visit...me...” She trails off as she spots you and her body and wings go bone stiff. You give her a shy wave.

“Hi Okuu.” She blinks in unsure silence, you blink in unsure silence, and Orin blinks because it seems to be the thing to do right now. “Uhh...Okuu?”

“Aaaaaa!” You let out a yelp as she pounces you, wrapping you in arms and wings. “Its Haru! Haru Haru Haru-chan!” She nuzzles her face to yours cheek to cheek. “Its really you! Okuu is not dreaming this time!” She goes still and looks at you with suspicion. “...I'm not dreaming...right?”

“Uhh well you could try pinching yourself?” She tilts her head in confusion.

“Why would Okuu hurt Okuu?” You quickly goes over the art of dream pinching and she nods with understanding. “I understand!” She smiles widely...but quickly turns sad.

“What's wrong?” She sniffs (oh gods please no your heart is already in danger right now) and nuzzles you again.

“If this is a dream...Okuu would rather stay asleep.” Yep goodbye heart hope you send postcards! You try to stamp down your blush and give her a smile.

“Well what about if I pinch you?” Before she can answer you reach out and pinch her cheek.

“Aaa.” She rubs the spot with a wing. “Its stings...it...it stings!” She mashes your face in her chest and spins into the air. “Haru is here!” You can feel the air hum with power as the area brightens. She thankfully returns you to the ground before you run out of air but still keeps you in a lose hug. “Why are you here..n-not that I mind!” Her wings flutter nervously and you calm her by petting one. “Ahh~ Okuu likes wing pats~” You chuckle and stroke the wing a bit as you answer her.

“Well I came here to visit you and Orin.”

“Yay! You hear that Orin! ….oh.” You turn and find that the cat has vanished. “Ahh.” Okuu baps your nose with a wing. “Don't worry, Orin is a cat, she comes and goes.” You nod, that's your thoughts on the matter as well. “Oh!” She smiles down at you and points to a doorway with her wing. “Would you like to see Okuu's room?” Mmm well why not?

“Sure Okuu that sounds nice.” She preens with happiness and leads you through the twisting pathways of the area.

“Okuu lives in Okuu's room, halfway between the palace and the fires.” You nod to your raven guide.

“I'm guessing its because you need to be somewhat close to the flames in case something goes wrong?” She nods and smiles at you. She leads you down a few hallways and up an some stairs to a door with a carving of a raven eating the sun...or maybe juggling it you can't really tell.

“Okuu welcomes you to Okuu's room!” You hold out a hand to stop her.

“Wait a sec Okuu...why do you keep talking in third person?” She rubs her wings together in a sheepish manner, damn it heart you just got back a few minutes ago!

“Ahh...well Okuu asked Lady Satori how Okuu could be cuter when Haru came to visit and she told Okuu to speak like this.”

“Ahh.” You nod calmly on the outside as you rage inside. Damn it Satori what are you teaching your pets?!?! “Uhh you really don't need to speak like that Okuu, I would rather you do what feels best.” She nods with a smile.

“Oku-...I...admit it was a little confusing.” She wrinkles her nose and huffs. “It made me sound stuffy too.” You laugh.

“Well we can't have that!” You both share a chuckle and she leads you into her room...

...its nice, a bit messy but nice! “Well this is my room!” She says with no small amount of pride.

“Its really nice okuu!” She preens before snapping her fingers...well trying to. Wondering why there is no snap she looks at her arm and finds only cannon. She huffs and her arm flashes before revealing the cannon is now a bracelet and she nods before snapping successfully. A bunch of cards appear in her hand and she holds them out at you with a grin. “Spell cards?” She nods.

“Yep! I love making new cards and I wanted to show you the ones I have now and maybe take a look at yours! Its a great way to get card ideas!”

“That sounds fun but just so you know I only have a few cards.” You pull up your deck and hand it over as you take a look at Okuu's cards...man...you would hate to deal with some of...make that all of these.

“Aww you are making friend cards!” You nod and smile at her. “But who is this one?” You watch as she pulls at the oh shit! You can only watch as Okuu looks at the ugly red/pink card that is your unfinished 'special' card. “Hate...Sign...” Her numb fingers drop the card and she looks at you with an unreadable expression as her whole body goes still.

“...Okuu? Are you-”


You blink as your mind tries to process why you are looking at the ceiling and then the sting in your cheek helps ground your thoughts. You sit up gingerly rubbing your assaulted face as you stare wide eyed at Okuu, her arm still posed from post-slapping. Her eyes are narrowed to slights, her eyes burning with power like twin furnaces. Her breathing is heavy and her wings flap restlessly. “Bad!” You blink at her outburst.

“Okuu what-” You finch and try to shield yourself as she leaps at you!

And only feel warm arms and wings enfolding you and wet drops pepper your hair. You open your eyes and stare up at her in shock as she cries, her whole body shuttering. “Bad bad Haru!” She glares at you but her red rimmed eyes with tears leaking from them are not on the same level as her burn you to a crisp one from before. “Never ever make a Hate Sign! Never fall to that level! Never fall like Okuu almost did!” She hugs you tightly as she cries softly in your hair and you stoke her back. That's right...for all her kind nature this is not just Okuu this is Utsuho Reiuji the hell raven that was the cause of the underground incident. You notice she is holding a card to her chest, it is the same ugly red/pink as your in progress hate card! She holds it up for you to see as she wipes her eyes with a wing. “A Hate Sign is made when you crush all the goodness in your heat and soul and replace it with nothing but anger and rage...it is powerful...but...you won't be the same if you use it...” The card is just a pure white image...odd that there is no pattern displayed. The name is Hate Sign: And the Sun Descended from the Heavens...oh...OH...shit. Its not a pattern...that pure white image is...well shit.

“Did...you ever-”

“No...but...Okuu was tempted...” She nuzzles her face in your neck. “Never make a mistake like that Haru...promise me.”

[ ] Write in

Yep this response is all up to you guys. Also if you guys want to keep Haru working on his Hate Sign even if you promise her you won't then just let me know. As always I reserve the right to veto anything that I find to be OOC for Haru.
[X] I promise I won't use it.
[???] T̴͚̣͂́͊̚h̴̞̖̯̹̑͂̈́̂ë̶̘̺̯́̇y̵͍̽ ̴̲̤͓͠M̵̹͖̤̻̔̕ṵ̴̗͊s̷͔̓̆͝͠ṭ̸̞̽̔̐̕͜ ̶̻̭̻̝̇K̸̫͙̖̦̄͠͝͠n̷̙̖͎̒͐͘ͅó̶̗̽̆w̷̮̤̰͐ ̵̛͚̙̈́M̸̼̗͒̒ý̸͚̌̕ ̷̞̙͓́Ḋ̴̳̻͍͕̉̃ẻ̴̡̯͍̫͆s̸̬̖͚̔́̽͘p̷̝͒͝a̷̤͉̘̺̓́̚i̷̯̗̜̊̀̿͠r̸͔͍̮̓͌̀͜͝

Maybe she's selfishly let her own despair taken over or perhaps it's just because she doesn't have enough brain cells to rub together, but it would appear this bird brain fails to understand something.

Once you have experienced true despair it doesn't go away that easily.
It latches tightly onto your soul and festers.

All the kindness and empathy in you withers away until you're numb and hollow inside.
You're left with a ravenous hunger that drives you to fill the void by whatever means.

This is the process that turns men into monsters. TRUE monsters. Not whatever these pathetic youkai shitheads like to prance about believing themselves to be.
It doesn't matter what Haru does, because that goodness the bird brain is harping on about is already being devoured at this very moment.
The rate of decay may be slowed with all that friendship and rainbows nonsense, but that shit will only work for a time. There's no stopping it unless the source of the despair is dealt with.

Whoever took his mother away is the source of all his his tears and fears of being alone. They must be dealt if he's going to get his mother back and be truly happy again.
That's why I believe Haru will use the Hate Sign regardless of what anybody else does to convince him otherwise. It's his only hope of freeing himself from despair.

...Plus, I mean, we gotta use it at some point. It's too awesome NOT to use.

Ugh, this is laying it on a bit thick, even for me.
A bit thick? No this is about the level I've come to expect from you but its that over the top absurdity that makes me view your actions with amusement rather then recommend you see a psychologist Despair. Also, when you cut through all the angsty bull shit you have a few good points for people to think about.

1 – This is just Okuu's outlook, who can say if any of that stuff really happens when you use a Hate Sign?

2 – There may come a time when Haru is pushed to the point of needing that power, would he be willing to shackle himself to a promise at that point?

Also another few thoughts to chew on, some people in Gensokyo have used and still use Hate Signs so make of that what you will. And remember that people can be wrong or could be out right lying, just because someone gives Haru information doesn't mean its 100% true.
[X] Sincerely promise you won't use it.

Haru does mean it. Okuu may not be right about the consequences, but that's not a chance he wants to take.
File 148754287955.png - (392.99KB, 720x750, 1491135354.png) [iqdb]
Man, I was half asleep when I typed that garbage out. I started out hoping to convey the idea that even if Haru consciously promised not to use the Hate Sign, the darkness that is festering inside him makes him subconsciously not care about the risks.
But by the end of writing it, I literally couldn't focus on what the fuck I was typing anymore and just kept wanting to type shit that boiled down to "B-but, it'll be so cooooool! Who'd be lame enough to not want this?".

Awww, come ooooon. Don't be a buzzkill maaaan.
I mean, we're only going to use it ONCE. That's it, I swear!
What's the worse that could happen? I mean, once Haru gets his mother back everything thing will be better! Everything will go back to how it use to be! Even better this time now that he has a sister!
Finally being in his mother's warm embrace again will surely drive the pain away!
Having to endure all the tears and unheard pleas won't have been for nothing!
His mother will see how strong he's become and be so proud of him!

I̸̻̪͔͖̥̦͙̔͌͊̿̊̿̇ ̸̡͙̦̆̅̿̃̉̒̅r̸̳̠̥͍͕̃ͅe̴͕͑̉̊͂̽͒̍f̴͇̯͍̺͔̩̄͝ȕ̷̡̗̰̊̓͝ͅs̸͕̏̈́̏͊̄̚e̶̡̧̦͉̝͕͓̾̄͂̑̍ ̵̱͔̈́̔͒̏͒̕t̴̲̮̗̫̙̠̽̉̈́̈́͠͝ͅȯ̶̢̮͇͓͈̈́̈̒̔ ̵̟̮̰̫̳̫͌͆͂a̴̞͉̺̖̎̿̕l̸͍̪̯̗̑ļ̷̗͈̻̓̓̌͋͂̓͘ờ̷̰͉̯̎̆̏w̶̺̳̺̪͋̂̇́̚͜ ̴͈̀̕t̴̢͖̞̭̩̅̔̀͘̚͘ȟ̴͓̘̘̩̗̟̈͒̄͒̀̕ë̶̘̻̫͎̺͇̺́̎m̸̳͖̽̿̌̋͑̓͠ ̶̪̦̥͇͍͍͎̃̈́̌̄̏̃͝t̸͔̩̥̦̺͖͆̂̔̅̿̈́o̵̱͇̖̖̭̮͆́̎̈́̀ ̴̧̖̟̪͖̅̒̊̈́͘s̴̛̤̰͎͛̑͌̊́̉t̸̢͈͈́a̶͍̪̔̓̌̚n̴̗̅̓̕͜d̷͈̖̰̝̈́̋̿͜ ̸̱͍̠̱̻͒i̶̠͕̿ṇ̴̰̇̕ ̸̨̫̳͎̱͇͈̏͌̍̏͒̈͠t̴̙̩̳͔̳̓͊̆͐h̸͎͔̹͛̈́̍̎͜e̶̟̱̞͙̙̽̓̈́̚ ̷̲͔̲̾͛́̅̾̕͠w̴̦̲̭͚̠͔̔̚a̷̛̪̼̭̐͘͝y̴̜͚̠͗͋̑ ̷̢̹͖̘͈̥̙͘͘ȯ̷̢̯̰͖̻̖̫͊f̶̧̛̟̣͉̱͆͐̈́̽͐ ̴̻͔̄ţ̴̹̲̗͊̇̂h̶̢̘̲̳̝̰͂̎̍̔̃̚͝a̴̢̬̅̈́͝t̷̢͔̙̫̫̮̳̀.̵̫͙̪͎̲̦̌̃ͅ
Evidently the readers of this story are 90 percent Sith.
So we have one sincerely promise not to use it and Despair being his normal self...odd that I only got 2 responses but maybe putting that much power in the hands of my readers was too much at this point. I'll blend the 2 that I got into something.
Reading this makes me feel more guilty than usual for falling off the "keeps up with updates" bandwagon.

I'll catch up eventually, I promise.

[X] Sincerely promise you won't use it.
Anything to counter Despair.
Now that's a silly reason to vote for something.
Trying to counter despair is like trying to fight yourself.
Pointless and involves one or more people getting hurt in the attempt.
Sometimes I feel that Despair poster isn't looking at the bigger picture. After all, which of the following scenarios would have a better chance of causing despair - breaking a promise you never meant, or being forced by circumstances to break a sincerely meant promise to an important friend?
At the time I was writing the dialogue for the vote I was mostly concerned with the struggle to keep a dark undertone going in the face of having to swear to not use the Hate Sign.
As I mentioned before, I was pretty outta it when I was writing, so I clearly wasn't thinking very far a head... or thinking coherently at all really.

[X] Lazy Sign: Watching Kobayashi's Dragon Maid with my free time but then set aside time to make a post! ...clearly the most deadly of all spell cards

“Okuu...I can't promise that.” She sniffs but you make her look you in the eyes. “Hey now let me finish.” She nods and you smiles sadly. “I am a Hakurei...what that means is that my duty is to protect the balance in Gensokyo and to protect Gensokyo itself. There may come a day when I need the power that card has to preform that duty...understand?” She sniffs again but nods as you hug her. “What I can promise you is that I will do everything in my power to never have to use it, ok?”

“Ok.” She wraps you in wings and the 2 of you sit there for some time, enjoying the comforting hug. “Okuu will help.”

“Huh?” She stands and smiles down at you.

“If I help you, Haru won't have to use the card!” You chuckle and stand as well.

“Well how could I refuse an offer like that?” She looks like she has a response to that but a loud rumbling cuts her off. “Wait was that your-” You laugh hard as she blushes and fidgets with her wings. “I guess it is time for lunch.”

“Mmm~” She hops in place with excitement. “Lets go ask Master!” She grabs your hand and starts to pull you along.

“Yes that's fine but could you...sigh...” What is it with residents of the underground that like dragging you everywhere? You end up trundling along behind the hell bird as she drags you all the way back to the Satori's study area.

“Master!~” You wince as Okuu throws open the doors. “Its lunch ti...huh?” You push past her enough to find that the room is empty. Okuu coughs and rubs the back of her neck (hey that's my thing!) in embarrassment. “Ahh I forgot master is often out on business now days.” Business? Well she is kind of a ruler.

“Well that's ok Okuu, we can just make lunch ourselves.” She nods.

“Mmm! But first we need to kind Orin.”

“Sure but...this place is kind of big.” She smiles and knocks her chest with a fist.

“Leave that to Okuu! It can take all day to find Orin but if we split up it should take half the time!”

“Huh but how will we communi...annnnnndddd she's already gone...great now I have to find a cat and a bird.”

“Or find yourself~” You feel your eye twitch at the voice coming from absolutely nowhere. You ever so slowly turn to absolutely noth-NO you KNOW something is there! You blink and shake your head a bit before GLARING at the spot. “Naa~ Such a powerful gaze I feel naked~” You blink this time in surprise.

“...what...” The empty air giggles before a figure appears...no not appears...more like she was there but...somehow unseen.

“I was right...you are very good at this.” The figure is a girl in a green and gold dress with a hat covering her green hair. Her bright green eyes (really now what's with all the green?) gaze teasingly back at you. “Hi!” You stand there for a moment trying to process this new development and after properly assimilating all the knowledge about the situation you react in a calm and composed manner.

“Are you stalking me or something?!” Gods damn it I said calm and composed!

“More or less~” What the old hell don't just admit it!

“Who are you?” She hums and taps her chin as she slowly walks around you.

“Who am I? Who are you? Who is anyone really? One might as well ask a dog who the good boy is!”

“...what.” She giggles and spins in place.

“Ahh but how knave like of this knowing one to stop a knowledge seeker in kowtowing to known fate even if its quite a killjoy. Even in this non-hell of klutzes and klaxons there are kinfolk of the kingdom even if this one is far from a kingpin. Sadly I have stopped your kitchen kidnap of kebabs so I fear karma will not be kind. A fresh start? Well I have a knack for that, ask the kappa! Stay your knife and kicks let I get more knobs upon my knees and rather keep my company for it is key. You see beyond my kazoo and kayaks there may be kinky mind games in the kudzu or maybe the kelp. A knight you are not but with a mind konked by the night sleeper how could you be? Ahh so kelpie stand by the lake, I hope you will kick up a fuss and not get kissed! Yet my recitation is done and, as you are dying with knowing, I am Koishi Komeiji!” The girl bows deep even as she never stops her giggling.

“...what...no really...what?”

“Ahh but how knave like-”

“No no I heard...just...can't comprehend...” She chuckles.

“Ahh close but that starts with a C not a K.” ...this girl is a few fish short of a koi pond.

“Ok...so...your name is Koishi?” She hums and rocks back and forth on her heels.

“Yep! Koishi Komeiji.” Right...you cough lightly and give her a smile.

“Well its nice to meet you Koishi, I'm-” She flicks your nose and you jump back in surprise.

“I know who you are silly Haru, didn't you listen?” She huffs but does it with a smile.

“Right my bad.” She shakes her head and hold up a finger in a condescending manner.

“No no no you are a shota-”


“-so you need to act all innocent! Get some red in your cheeks and a light sniffle, that halfway to waterworks look and bam, shotamoe!”

“...what in gods name are you talking about?” She just laughs and wiggles her fingers at you.

“Ohh you poor boy they are going to eat you alive~ Its a good thing I can't-” She is cut off as you stagger back, red faced and clutching your chest. What the hell is this..feeling?! “Oh ho~” She gets right in your face with an evil look and you feel your arms twitch, yes hugging her would feel nice-WHAT THE FUCK NO! You shake your head to banish such thoughts. “Ahhhh~” She rests a finger on your forehead and you try to ignore how nice and warm it feels. “Someone was very bad up here~ She rubs the finger in a circle and your breath comes out in soft pants. “Naughty hag messing around again but I guess that just means more fun for me!~” She kisses your nose and darts down the hallway the area echoing with her giggling.

What the hell just happened?! You take a moment to compose yourself and to let your mind re-balance itself. You scrub the area she touched on your forehead with a scowl, who does that crazy girl think she is touching you all warm like and-no no stop that. You shake your head and glare down the hallway she used in her exit.

[ ] Chase after the crazy girl (you miss the warmth)

[ ] Go try to find Orin (but the warmth)
File 148800263615.png - (192.69KB, 1898x2083, What the fuck am I (not) reading.png) [iqdb]
[X] Chase after the ??????? (Ẏ̴͇͈̄̀ŏ̵͈̃u̸͓̣͌̿̋ ̶̨̤͌̃̊̚ç̵̦̞͓̏̃͑a̶͈͖̒n̶̳̹̙̩̊͐̈́̎'̷̫̼̉t̵̟̣͛ ̷̫̼͚̭̅́͝h̵͈̤͛͝ǐ̶̪̫̓̚d̵̢̞̬̮̓͂̉e̵͍̒̐̂̒ ̶̢̀f̸̥̉̃̄ͅo̸͇̯̐͜͠ͅr̶̟͐̚ė̵̲v̴͓͈̤͉̾͒̔̄ḛ̵̑̏r̶̮̯̼̲̈́͆͂͝)

Haru was just speaking to somebody... Now who could he have been speaking to?
Whoever it was, they seemed to have messed with that mental fuckery spell the Gap Demon placed on his mind just now.

Haru could see, hear, and feel them (smell them too, I presume) yet I seem to be unable to recognize their existence. It was like he was reacting to thin air.
Haru demanded to know if they were stalking him, so that must they were there the other times Haru was acting abnormally... I wasn't able to perceive them then either.

It's as if they're hiding from me somehow, but that shouldn't be possible.
Nobody can hide from me for that long, unless... what if they were hiding from themse-
[X] Chase after the crazy girl (you miss the warmth)

As much as I love cat and bird I can't deny plot!
[x] Go try to find Orin (but the warmth)
[X] Chase after the crazy girl (you miss the warmth)
[X] Chase after the crazy girl (you miss the warmth)
[X] Chase after the crazy girl (you miss the warmth)
[x] Go try to find Orin (but the warmth)
[X] Chase after the crazy girl (you miss the warmth)

You wince and rub your forehead, that was a total headache and now you have a real one. You snarl slightly and march down the hallway the green girl ran down. You shake off the strange warmth invading your mind and clench your firsts, playing mind games is one thing, messing with your head is another! And what was she saying, a hag was messing around in your head? You shake your head and slap your cheeks, no it doesn't matter what she said she is just going to screw with you. “Oh is the shota coming to play with me?~” You glare around at the mess of corridors surrounding you. “Mmm you have dangerous eyes shota, I like that!” You slam your first into the wall and hear cracks spiderweb out from the impact.

“Stop calling me that.”

“Hey hey, what's with using violence as a first resort?!” You give a sarcastic smile.

“Family tradition.” She giggles but its a bit more forced now.

“Hey now what will Satori think?” You grind your fist into the wall as your eyes close and you give a sunny smile.

“Why I don't know what to think of it myself! I just found myself standing in this corridor with a freshly punched wall! So odd that I seam to have a strange sort of memory blip!” You hear a weak laugh as you look around for your target. “Come out I just want to talk.” She blows a raspberry and you hide a smirk, target found. The hand in the wall grips a shard of it as you slowly shift your body. “I guess you can be happy, you are the first youkai to really piss me off.” She claps her hands happily.

“Do I get a prize?”

“Sure!” You rip her 'prize' from the wall and hurl it her way as you sprint at her firsts ready. The 'prize' slams into the wall at her left making her jump away...right into your path. Simple misdirection strikes again!

“Hey none of that!” She startles you by jumping forward and taps you chest and you stagger back. Shit she did something to your vision! ...wait. You blink and try to wipe the tears away yet more simply form and slide down your face. You grit your teeth to stop a sob as you glare past the tears at the grinning Koishi. “Hurts doesn't it? Having all that fear and despair tucked away inside?” She walks over and starts dancing around you in a lazy circle, spinning as she does. “You only have the hag to blame, her meddling didn't do you any favors Haru whoops!” She darts away as you almost grab her leg. “Be nice, I'm helping you after all~” You can no longer stop the sob from slipping past your lips...but at this point its more of a tortured moan. You fall to the floor and curl into a ball as Koishi dances around your fallen form giggling softly. “See? This is much better right?” Through the tears you try to glare up at her as she stands over you with a happy smile.

“I hate...” She giggles.

“Nope! No one can bring themselves to hates me!” She tilts her head in thought. “Well no one can hate me at all but my way sounds better!” She smiles down at you and moves to pet your head. “Now then everything is going to-” A loud squelching sound cuts her off and you see red join the green. “Ahh...” You both look at the white gloved hand that is now sticking through her chest cavity before Koishi is thrown like a rag doll. Her body slams into a wall and falls in a heap as you blink up at your savior.

“Yukari!” She turns her glare away from the bloody smear that is Koishi and smiles down at you as makes her soiled glove spotless with a gap.

“Oh Haru.” She kneels down and gathers you up in her arms as you sob deeply into her shoulder. Her hands rub your back as she whispers soft comfort in your ear.


“Shhhhhh its ok little Haru~” She rocks you gently as your sobbing downgrades to a mild hiccuping. “I'm here...its going to be ok.”

“She...she said horrible things...about someone messing with my head...and then she touched me and...and...” You nuzzle your face into her shoulder as she hums softly.

“Its ok dear...no one's going to hurt you~” She pulls you away from her shoulder and wipes your eyes softly. “Mama Yukarin's here, everything is going to be fine.” She rests your head in her lap as she signs a soft lullaby...wait...you...know this. She must have seen something in your eyes because she smiles. “Yes I sang this to your mother when she was young, just as she sang it to you.” She runs a hand through your hair as she keeps singing and you feel your eyes start to close.

[ ] Fall asleep

[ ] Try to stay awake

Note: Koishi is not dead...well she is but not for long, Yukari will fix her up and give her a stern talking to, after all Haru's mind is Yukari's playground and no one else is invited.
[ ] Try to stay awake
[X] Fall asleep
[X] Try to stay awake

My head is full of fuck!
File 148854158842.png - (137.88KB, 1883x906, soclosesoclosesoclosesocloseclosesoclosesoclosesoc.png) [iqdb]
[̴͈̯̖̺̿̓̐̈́͜͝☯̷̛̠͙̿̊̈̈́̚]̶͈̾ ̶̱͌̎̉n̴̪̥̭̱͝ő̵̧͎͇͎̭̀̊͜t̷̡͚͙͍̑̃y̴̮̯̠̫͒́͑̌e̸̺͓̳͎̅t̷̞̹̂͆ ̴̳̈́s̶̥̾͑̒ẗ̸̨̜͉̟͖́̐͌ã̶̧̝̣̠̂̾̈́y̸̡͑̐̔à̵̢̖̒̃̈́̕ẃ̵̘̞͕̄̂ͅa̴̢̲̮͊̇͌͋͜k̵̹͕̰͔͇͑ͅȩ̶̙͚̖̮͒͋̃̄͆ ̶͇̯̰̑͛̾̐͝ṣ̵̣͓͎̓̐́̎͐̊ó̸̰̩̼̔c̴͍̗͚̲͎̗̈́͆́̇l̸̗̭̫̗̂̈͠ǫ̴̖̲͕̏͘͠s̶̮̈́͛̾ȅ̵̩̥̐̓̽͝ ̵̯̤͛̈́̑̂̚n̴̢͉̼̼̙̼̎͊̈́͠͝e̵͉̜͗͒́͝͝è̶̹͎͓d̷͔́̀̕s̸̠̤̟̓m̷̥͑̓͑̌̈́ę̴̛̻͒͛̾̓͛

n̷̘̭̏̃̊o̶͎͎̊͗̚ǹ̵̘̕ǫ̴̮̙̣̆̒n̶̛̩͚̫̾͛o̷̯̱͐̓̚n̷͍̣̬͈̉̏ọ̶͈̥͐̅̀̎ Tch. Accursed Gap Demon and it's damned meddling! ŝ̴͙̘̕ó̶̕͜c̵̲͠l̷̨̪̣̽͐ǒ̴͔̥̄ṡ̷̱͖͉̈́ͅë̶̲͈́̂̇ş̸̠̦̊̀̏̅o̸̮̬̜̍c̷͓̤̩̦͒̅͘l̸͚͇̮̻̃͆̔õ̴̥̅̀͠s̴̺̰̤̣̈́͐̍̇e̸͔̠̍̏̽͋s̸͔̹͒̉̇o̵̗̦̱̿̑̆c̶̰̺̟͌̄l̸̫͇̪̽͝o̴̼̹͒̓͝s̴̢̽

I was so damn cl-o̷̮̮̳̔͂ś̴͔̎̇͠ĕ̶̪̼͎͜s̵̰̈́̊͋o̷̰̞̤͕̍c̴̡̢̞̀̍͗͛l̴̘͔̄͗̂͗͋͝o̷͔̣͌̈́̔́̕ş̸̡̰̒ẽ̶͈̔s̷̠͑o̷̡͈͌c̶̫̪̔ḻ̵̛̬̜̼̌̃͑̿͝ȏ̸̯̆̋̅̓͝s̸̨̙̮̟̬̓̚e̷͔͚̮͚̐̋̾̃̌ş̷͙͙̳̈́͗̅̍
-ose to finding ░er!
Grrr, now ░░░shi is going to have time to hide again and the game will start all over. Damn it, how fucking irritating!

Damn you, Gap Demon. Couldn't even leave ░e░ unconscious, could you? Just had to fucking off ░░░, didn't you?

Hmph! At least this wasn't a complete waste. It would appear Koi░░░ managed to briefly bypass the gap keeping Haru's despair from flowing out before the Gap Demon cut it off again.
The Gap Demon plays an dangerous game by letting all of that negative energy build up; and whilst it would be amusing to watch the boundary completely shatter from the sheer volume of despair and proceed to utterly consume Haru's mind and soul... It's not natural, it's not human.

Not sure how s▒▒ did it, but ▒o▒s▒i managed to circumnavigate the boundary between hope and despair.
It's important that the Gap Demon's work be undone, but seeing as we do not have the ability to so, we shall simply have to wait for a solution to present itself.


Heh, K▓i▓h▓ is quite kind for a filthy youkai, don't you think? ▓▓▓ made Haru cry when he had been forced to smile up to this point.


Don't worry, I'll find ▓▓▓ one day, so I can make ▓▓▓ cry too.


Just wait for me until then...██████



...huh? Who was I speaking to?
Hmm, I seem to have lost track of what I was doing. I seem to recall having a strong urge to make a mind reader cry... I'm not sure why, honestly.

Oh well, no time to dwell on it. Let's get on with it, shall we? After all, I'm quite looking forward to the wonderful nightmares that await Haru!

[X] Fall asleep

I'll start making a silly image Soon™.
Well this post is a right mess...mehh not worth the time puzzling it out, come back when you start making normal posts again Despair
File 148857171570.png - (12.00KB, 1080x309, where is the mess.png) [iqdb]
Hm? I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about?
[X] Try to stay awake
[X] Fall asleep
First time I check 1 - 1

Second time I check 2 - 2

I check just now? 3 - 3

That Yukari always causing a schism in my readers
[x] Stay awake
[X] Try to stay awake

“Nuugg.” You shake your head to clear it and sit up. “Wait wait wait-”

“You have questions.”

“I have-” You glare at her and pout as she hides a smile behind her fan. “Quit that.”

“Never~” She snaps her fingers and you blink as you are now in a sunny forest with a small table set for tea for 2.

“...I'm never going to get used to that.” She smiles and sits down, waving for you to take the other chair.

“Don't feel bad, your sister for as long as she has known me still gets disgruntled whenever she gets gaped.” You sit and pour tea for the both of you.

“Oh? You must have quite a few stories wait wait!” You make a timeout motion and give her a small glare. “Stop trying to distract me.” She gives you a 'who me?' look and you sigh. “Please Yukarin?” She smiles brightly and nods. “So my first question...what was that all about?”

“The girl?” You nod and she gets a thoughtful look. “The younger sister of Satori Komeiji and one of the strangest and pitiable youkai I have ever encountered.” You take a sip of your tea (its quite good) and motion her to go on. “What do you know of Satori's mind reading?” You shrug as an answer. “Well it has to do with that third eye of hers.” Ahh come to think of it that is a bit odd but then again this is Gensokyo. “To make a long story short Koishi Komeiji forced her third eye shut.”

“So she didn't want to be able to read minds anymore?” Yukari hums behind her fan.

“Its not something they can simply turn off, and you can imagine what people thought about having everything on their mind unveiled.”

“Wow...that does kind of suck.”

“The first part or the second?”

“Both.” She nods. “So she got tired of it and forced her eye shut to stop it...I take it that didn't work as intended.”

“Oh no it did work...but it had an unforeseen side effect. It sealed away her own conscious mind, causing her to lose all thoughts and motives. She could no longer be hated, but neither could she be loved, or even remembered by people who saw her.” You shudder.

“Are you kidding me? ...man no wonder she is so strange. Ok so she is less evil youkai and more head case...but why was she messing with me? She kept talking about a hag messing with my head or something...” You tail off and scoot back in your seat as Yukari's smile goes oh-god-why.

“Ahh it seems I must correct that line of thought~”

“Wait a sec...she was talking about y-...err someone's age?” She hums and you quickly move the conversation along. “Well first of all...why was she messing with me?” Yukari shrugs.

“Who can say? Even I can't map out her thoughts and actions.”

“Ok then...she said...someone was messing with my head...and if she was talking about you...wh-

“What did I do?” She gives you a smile. “I manipulated you.” She holds up a hand to stop your protests. “I will freely admit to 'messing with your head' as she put it. When I found you that day in the outside world I made sure that on my return trip to Gensokyo that you would be coming with me.” You nod with an embarrassed smile.

“Yeah sorry about that Yukari...I just-”

“Wanted to wait for your mother, I understand Haru~” She reaches over and pets your head. “Such a good boy~” You playfully swat at her hand.

“So if that's all...why did she make such a big deal out of it...and why call it messing with my head?”

“Who can say?” You sigh but nod in understanding, someone who was flat out crazy...well good luck trying to logic fu them. “So despite the rocky start it would be such a waste not to finish the tea~” She slowly stenches and you blush as it does outstanding things to her chest. “I could even get you some fresh milk~” God damn it Yukari!

[ ] Stay for tea AND ONLY TEA

[ ] You still need to help Okuu find Orin...and then find Okuu
[X] You still need to help Okuu find Orin...and then find Okuu
[X] You still need to help Okuu find Orin...and then find Okuu

Our inevitably doomed effort to stay on track without getting distracted continues.
[X] You still need to help Okuu find Orin...and then find Okuu
[ ] Stay for tea AND ONLY TEA
[X] You still need to help Okuu find Orin...and then find Okuu

You give her a shaky smile as you pointedly look anywhere but her chest. “Yes...well...I need to go help a bird find a cat to help the cat find the bird then find the lunch area.” As you planned Yukari blinks as her minds tries to wrap itself around your statement and you promptly dive back through the gap you came through. Rather then ending up back the hallway you are now floating in what you nicknamed 'gap space' so you can forgive yourself if you simply hang there for a bit in confusion as the endless eyes watch you with the same expression one gets when watching a bird fighting its mirror self in a window. “Uhh...” You twist and do you bet to 'swim' through the space but aside from a lot of flailing you accomplish little. You freeze as Yukari's laugh echos in the void and her amused voice seem to come at you from everywhere.

“Creative but not the first time someone's tried to dive through one of my gaps.” You can feel her smile...no you don't know how that works and it creeps you out. “If I remember right a few of the people that attempted that had already angered me before they tried...I'm sure they are still floating around here somewhere~” You shudder and ball yourself up as the eye laugh...yes they are just eyes no you don't know how they are laughing andyoureallyjustwanttogohomenowthanks. You feel her hand ruffle your hair. “Now now there is no need for that Haru you know I would never hurt you...still you did run away from my tea party and after I set it up just for us as well~” Sorry no one named Haru here just us balls! “So...I think some punishment is in order!~” You feel a sudden hank and-


You flail in the water and tumble about before finding perches on the bottom and drag yourself up. You breach the surface coughing and sputtering and you give the just newly sanctioned now traditional Hakurei Insult for Meddling Gap Youkai under your breath as you wipe the water from you eyes. Now that you are not drowning you can feel the heat of the water as well as the rocky surrounding. “Is...this a hot spring?”

“Yep~” You freeze and with the sudden voice from nowhere you realize that the journey thought gap has robbed you of your clothing minus hand wraps. You ever so slowly turn and find a highly amused Orin...a highly amused very nude and wet Orin...a highly amused very nude and wet Orin who is stretched out juuuussssttttt right so that a few beads of water trail down her neck to her-

“Cat got your tongue?~” You dunk yourself and curse Yukari underwater, yep that's Yukari even when helpful she can't resist playing mind games! You come up for air and take a long breath before dunking yourself again. By the time you get to your forth round of dunking Orin has upgraded from highly amused to outright laughing. “Stop stop that's enough!” You fall tiredly onto the rocky bank and sigh deeply. “Yukari?”

“Yukari.” Because that's all that really needs to be said...

...hey wait a second! You twist around to glare at Orin before yelping and twisting back, right glaring is off the table for the moment! At her chuckle you glare at...that rock right there. “Why did you just leave me with Okuu?”

“Naa?~ Did you not like her company?” You huff.

“That's not what I meant.” She nyaas and you hear water sloshing behind you. “I mean you just up a vanished! What were we supposed to thi-” Your voice trails off into a squeak as the cat enfolds you in a hug and 2 soft orbs nestle into your back. “O-O-Orin!?” You squeak loudly as she nuzzles her face in your neck.

“Yes?~” You wiggle in her arms as your face burns.

“...your...embracing me...ah!” You moan as she bites down on your ear, her fang pricking your skin softly. “N-Not my ears!”

“Nyaa but all kitten's like having their ears played with~” You can only gasp as she starts to run one of her hands slowly down your body.

“Ahh w-wait!”

“Nyaaop~” You pant as she licks the outer shell of your ear as her hand starts to drop before the water and-

The door of the room slams open and through the steam steps Okuu. “Aww you found Orin before me!” She gives you a grin and pounds her chest with a closed fist. “I'll win next time Haru!” Oh endless blessings on you kind hell raven you have come to save me! She blinks at the sight of Orin cuddling up to you. “What's going on?” Before you can speak Orin licks your ear cutting off anything you might say before she nyaas at the new arrival.

“Haru kitten and I are playing a game~” Wait no no no no Okuu don't-

“A game!?” Her wings flutter and she hops from one foot to the other. “Can I play?!” At Orin's nod the hell raven strips off her clothing and jumps into the water. You sob comically, no how could your savor betray you like that!? Her arm thingy glows and returns to its bracelet form and she takes a wide legged ready stance which due to her height puts her on full display. “Okuu is ready! Okuu will master any game!” Orin chuckles and lays back, pulling you into her lap and spinning you around to face her as she does. At this angle you have no choice but to stare at her chest or up into her amused red eyes. As she chuckles as your traitor eyes remained locked on her water streaked breasts the door opens again and you thank all the gods as Satori enters, clearly she can stop this insanity! She blinks a few times as the room goes still and that lets you turn enough to look at your new savor.

“Explain...what...really?” Huh oh yeah mind reader. Hey little help please you pet cat is trying to eat me! She glares at Orin. “Orin what are you-” Okuu rushes over to her master and gives her a wet hug.

“Oh master Satori Orin is going to show Okuu how to play a new game and Haru is playing too!”

“O-” The bird gasps and flaps her wings in excitement.

“You should play as well!” Satori's eyes widen slightly but she can do nothing before Okuu pulls her into the hot spring. Okuu stands proud as her master slowly rises from the water her clothing now soaked. “Oh no Okuu forgot that!” In short order (and with a few lose feathers) Satori joins the nude and wet club. She looks as calm as before but her third eye is shaking and there is a slight twitch in her right hand.


“Yes mast-” The bird brain is cut off as Satori tackles her sending them both into the water. You blink in slack jawed shock as they reemerge, the master now having her pet in a head lock. “Oww oww Okuu doesn't like this part of the game!” The mind reader doesn't say anything and drills her fist into Okuu's head making the raven thrash. “OWW not that! Anything but the angry drill!” In her anger at her pet it seems Satori forgot about you...noooo why must everyone fail me?! As Orin pulls you deeper into her lap and brushes your back with her tail you whimper, in fear or pleasure you can't tell. Oh gods what next!? Is miss Hoshiguma going to show up?!

“Nyaa” Your eyes snap up and red meets red as you return her gaze. You shudder as her claws trail lightly over your arm. “Pay attention kitten~” You wiggle as she leans down almost brushing her lips on yours. Your mind is such a mess and you can't stop shuddering...what should you do...what can you do?

[ ] Let her kiss you


Maximum chaos.

Activate it.
[ ] Let her kiss you

You squeeze your eyes shut and pray to any gods or goddesses that might hear you for a prompt saving!


The door bangs open and everyone turns to find a smiling Yuugi with her ever present sake dish. You tear up slightly, so there is someone listening! “Hi there! I was just having lunch with the mind reader when she left to go check on all the noise.” You blink as her smile widens and she steps forward. No no that's a bad oni! “So after she vanishes and I hear more noises I come to take a look myself!” Her hand starts fiddling with her blue dress and you mentally weep. “And what do I find but a hot spring brawl! The best kind!” You freeze as the Oni strips herself in one pull (you would much later be impressed by this one handed feat) and slowly strides into the water. She rolls her neck and makes a 'come at me' motion with her free hand. “I'll take anyone on!” Orin smiles a smile that sets off every alarm in your head.

“So~” The cat stands letting you fall from her lap. “You take all cumers then?” You had wisely already started your retreat and that is all that saves you as the smirking cat gets tackled by Yuugi. Their battle ends up sweeping up the raven and her master and soon the 4 are all fighting (or flailing in Satori's case) at the end of the spring. You quickly and silently extract yourself from the spring and set about finding a towel. You open the door and blink into Yukari's amused eyes as they gaze into yours.

“So did the shrine keeper have fun?~” You walk past her and she pops out of another gap in your path. “Aww you are not mad at me right?~” You shoulder you way past her and she once again pops into your path only now her smile is slightly weaker. “Haru?” You open a few cabinets and, finding a few different towels, you start drying off with a fluffy pink one. Yukari hovers around you like a sad puppy with the face to match. “Hey don't be like that Haru~” You ignore her overblown sniffling and finishing drying before you take a deep breath, put on what your mother calls an 'extermination face' and look the gap youkai right in the eyes.

“My clothes.” In an eye blink you are once again redressed. You give yourself a once over and nod once you deem yourself presentable. You hear more crashing and yelling from the hot spring and sigh, at this point you are...tired...yes rather tired. Maybe just taking it easy at the shrine would be nice. You stretch and start heading up to find a way out of the palace and then back to the surface. Yukari hovers behind you poking your back softly.

“Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke.“Haru.” Poke.“Haru.” Poke.“Haru.” Poke.“Haru.” Poke.“Haru.” You feel your eye start to twitch but you refuse to turn around. “Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke. Nope. Not doing it Yukari. “Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke. Your hand starts to shake. “Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke. “Haru.” Poke. You spin around and snap at her.

“What is it-” Your eyes widen in shock as you feel her soft lips press to yours. She pulls away and gives you a smoldering look as you sputter. “W-W-W-Wh-W-Wha-What!? W-Why did y-you?!” She chuckles from behind her fan.

“Well how else was I going to fix you being cross about missing your first kiss?” Your whole body shakes as your face burns hot.


“Ahh I know it might not have been what your where hoping but I hope it makes a good consolation prize.” You grind your teeth and point a shaking finger at the gap youkai.

“You...stuck up smug faced small brained unwashed stingy yellow backed ill fated bad breathed nasty cooking poor dueling unpleasant singing eternally lost no friends shameless lying extremely bad dancer!” About halfway thought Yukari had wiped out a note pad and had started jotting things down. As you pant a bit to catch your breath she chuckles.

“Unpleasant singing and bad dancer...those are some new ones...” She trails off as you fall to your knees. “...Haru...are you crying?” You wipe your eyes and try to rebuke her but a choked sob is all that comes out. “Oh Haru~” She opens her arms and you cuddle to her chest.

“...I was scared...”

“I know...I'm sorry. I forget my jokes may not always be tailored to your age little shrine keeper.” You cry softly into her chest as she combs her hands through your hair.

“...Orin was...just doing things...then...then you...did that...and...and...” She hums softly to you.

“There there its ok.” She wipes your eyes and ruffles your hair. “You act so brave all the time but its ok if you need to be a kid now and then Haru~” You nod into her dress and the 2 of you simply sit there for a while as your tired and starving soul soaks up all the love and affection the gap youkai is offering like its the only thing keeping you going. You don't know how long (minutes...hours?) but you finally pull away from the hug and blow your nose with a tissue helpfully provided by a gap. “Better?” You nod making the gap youkai grin and pat your head. “Good~” She stands and you don't protest as she carries you. “Now Haru I've been keeping up with your activates from your...moving day.” You give her a nod and she continues. “I understand that you feel a need to live up to your mother and now your sister but that will come in time, you don't need to outdo them or even match them right now.” She ruffles your hair and smiles down at you in a way that makes your soul warm. “I want you to try to be a little less shrine keeper and a bit more like the child that you are ok? No need to run around and befriend half the population of Gensokyo in a few days.” She pokes your nose and you nod. “Now...I think you need a rest right?” You blink and notice you are back at the shrine.

“Yes...yes I do...thanks Yukar...I mean...thanks Yukarin.” She smiles brightly and nuzzles her cheek to yours.

“That is never not going to be cute~” She sets you down but keeps a hand on your shoulder. “Now Haru I have a gift for you.” You blink up at her as she waves a hand and a card appears in it. “I know you have been making cards based on the inhabitants of Gensokyo...and that reminds me be sure to show Yuuka that spark card, she will be quite tickled~” You blush and nod. “So I thought I would help you craft the one you use for me.” She holds up a hand to stop your protests. “Yes I know you would rather craft each one as a kind of gift and show them off later but you have been having a lot of trouble with mine right?” You give her a sigh and a sad nod. “Hey none of that, pulling a bit of each person's aura into the card was an outstanding idea but many beings on the level of Ran, Yuuka, Yuyuko, and myself will be beyond you without help, why do you think Yuuka offered to teach you the master spark?” You blink and think about it...yes that does seem to fit...that card was giving you a lot of problems but after that training...it just...clicked! At your face she chuckles. “Yes...well I would be glad to help...but maybe another day when you feel better?~”

[ ] Yukari is right, you ARE really tired

[ ] Sleep? What is the weakness called sleep?! We have a card to make!

-[ ] Yakumo Sign: Hide in a Gap – A survival card. Haru hides in a gap before the card throw just about every time of shot at the foe.

-[ ] Yakumo Sign: Shifting Boundaries – Haru teleports randomly across the battle area. Each time he pops he a large wave of his orbs and purple lasers explode out from his arrival point.

-[ ] Yakumo Sign: Splendid 8 Fold Fence – Purple lasers form the 'fence' and trap the foe in an area and close in on them as red orbs fly at them

-[ ] Write in (Make it a Yakumo sign)

So just wondering, how are you guys liking the story? As I said before this is my first story so I'm gathering a lot of feed back to improve it and anything I write after so any thoughts or praise you have is taken into account.
[X] Sleep? What is the weakness called sleep?! We have a card to make!
-[X] Yakumo Sign: Hide in a Gap – A survival card. Haru hides in a gap before the card throw just about every type of shot at the foe.

I like it. Reminiscent of both Yukari's and Reimu's moves, with a small typo.
"A small typo"

Have you seen the rest of my work? Just a small one is rather outstanding for me XD
[x] Yakumo Sign: Shifting Boundaries – Haru teleports randomly across the battle area. Each time he pops he a large wave of his orbs and purple lasers explode out from his arrival point.

Classic hakurei teleport with an explosive plus
If we were doing that one I'd change the effect a little, so we either have orbs from where we leave and lasers from where we arrive or the other way around. That makes it harder to avoid without actually adding any more shots.
The lasors are the ones that stick around after going off. The battle area slowly fills up as the card goes on
And I should know better then to post when I am half asleep
So its been a while and I've only gotten 2 votes (ones that conflict at that) so I'm wondering if interest in this story has dwindled and that's understandable. This is my first story and was mostly a testing ground for ideas, for ways to do the story, and to see if my hellishly busy life would allow me to keep up with updates, I write and post 80% of this stuff from my phone if you can believe that XD

So at this point I want to lay a few options out.

1 - I give this story another week and see if it has enough support to keep going.

2 - We toss this and start a new story (and remember I can only do one story at a time and I won't be coming back to finish this if we do)

3 - If overall support is low across the board I will take some time off from the site and come back at a later date with a new story

Let me know what you guys think
[x] Yakumo Sign: Shifting Boundaries – Haru teleports randomly across the battle area. Each time he pops he a large wave of his orbs and purple lasers explode out from his arrival point.
[x] Yakumo Sign: Shifting Boundaries – Haru teleports randomly across the battle area. Each time he pops he a large wave of his orbs and purple lasers explode out from his arrival point.
Well it seems I still have some readers lurking around, thanks for the votes and the info that this story is still wanted. I'm DMing for one of my D&D groups tonight but I'll work on the next update when I have the time.

Yakumo Sign: Shifting Boundaries wins the vote.
[X] Yakumo Sign: Shifting Boundaries – Haru teleports randomly across the battle area. Each time he pops up a large wave of his orbs and purple lasers explode out from his arrival point.

“So?” You watch as Yukari looks over the card you crafted and try to forget how she 'helped' you make it. Sticking one arm into one of her gaps as you crafted the card was highly disturbing...you swear something licked you. You shudder and begin suppressing those memories as the gap youkai smiles.

“Very nice Haru the perfect blend of the Hakurei style with my own dash of madness.” You blink up at her questioningly.

“...and...that's a good thing?” She just chuckles and hands the card to you and you tuck it away...then yawn...man you are kind of tired.

“Mmm back to the shrine for you~” You give no resistance as she sweeps you up in her arms and gaps the 2 of you to the front of the shrine. “Now I need to catch up on some sleep, I think you need to do the same.” You give her a look as she sets you down.

“Just how much sleep do you need?” She taps your head and grins.

“All of it~” You huff as she gaps away but on the other hand you can understand the folly of trying to get anything but cryptic answers from Yukari. You stifle another yawn and head inside. You check around for your sister but it seems she is still out so you fix a light lunch for yourself and take a short nap. After waking up a short while later and feeling much better from the food and rest you start cleaning the shrine. You are about half way done to satisfying your high standards and starting to think about maybe working on dinner when you hear someone land in the shrine yard. You set aside your dusting and open the door to find...your sister and that witch girl...and it looks like they ended up in a war or 6. Reimu is missing one of her sleeves and the bow in her hair is gone letting her black locks spill freely down her back. She has bags under her eyes and is walking with a slight limp. Beside her laying face down on her floating broom is the witch. Her normally ever present apron is gone and her hat has a large hole in it. The bristles of the broom are slightly scorched and her legs and arms hang weakly over the sides.

“By the shrine what happened to you guys?!” Before they can do anything you drag them both into the shrine. “Clothing in the basket both of you are getting washed!” Its a testament to their state that you talk them into it with no argument. You set aside their clothing so you can mend it later and help them with washing before putting them both in the hot spring. Your sister gets a dopey look on her face as she sags into the waters of the spring.

“Best brother ever~” The witch sighs in agreement and claims an area of the spring for herself. You busy yourself running a small comb through your sister's hair.

“So...what happened?” The 2 shudder.

“Incident at the Youkai mountain.” You pat Reimu's head in sympathetically.

“A lot of fighting?” She shakes her head.

“No fighting we could handle, this was-” The witch gives her a small glare.

“Don't say it!”

“-politics.” Marisa mutters a dark curse under her breath as you shudder. Yes from what little you saw on your way through the wolf fort you can agree with that outlook. You go back to combing Reimu's hair.

“So I set your clothing aside for now but I'll try to mend it later. Also I'm going to leave the 2 of you to soak here while I make dinner, does that sound good to you?” 2 moans of pleasure that bring the slightest hint of red to your cheeks is the answer. “Well I guess I'll get to it.” You set the comb aside and stand as Marisa swims closer to you and your sister with a grin on her face.

“He takes such good care of us Reimu~” You ignore her and start walking to the door as your sister hums in agreement. “Washing...mending clothing...feeding us...mmm~ a girl could get used to this.”

“No Marisa.” The witch huffs.

“I didn't say anything yet!”

“You are not marrying my bother just because you can't take of yourself.” You start and almost trip, m-m-m-m-marr-marrage?!

“Ahh I see I see~”


“You want him for yourself, keeping the bloodline pure and all that~” You hear a splash and a yelp as Reimu attacks the witch with an aqua assault. Meanwhile you are stunned in place as your mind tries to comprehend just what the witch was purposing.

[ ] You shake it off and go make dinner, Marisa is just being Marisa

[ ] Freak out
[x] You shake it off and go make dinner, Marisa is just being Marisa
[X] You shake it off and go make dinner, Marisa is just being Marisa

Marisa is always going to make disturbing comments, which does not imply any accuracy to them.
[x] You shake it off and go make dinner, Marisa is just being Marisa
[X] Shake it off
[X] Freak out
[x] You shake it off and go make dinner, Marisa is just being Marisa
[X] You shake it off and go make dinner, Marisa is just being Marisa

You roll your eyes and leave both the hot spring and the fighting behind, how has someone not broken that girl's limbs when such stupidity comes from her mouth? You smoothly move into the kitchen and take a solid inventory...mmm...yes...yes...wait...how the devil do you have all this stuff?! You know the pantry was not this full...or was it? Maybe Reimu got some donations and splurged a little? Its not like all this stuff just popped into the kitchen on its own after all. You whip out your head band and tie it in its normal spot and start gathering what you need. You feel bad that your sister is so ruffled and you do have all this stuff so its going to be kaiseki ryori tonight! You rub your hands together and-

Knock knock

-huff. Really who could it be this late its almost night out. You open the shrine door and greet...

[ ] So 2 vampires and a maid walk into a shrine...

[ ] A welcoming from one shine to another

[ ] A ghost drops in for dinner
[x] So 2 vampires and a maid walk into a shrine...
[x] So 2 vampires and a maid walk into a shrine...

Self-invited guests who will disturb both Reimu and Marisa. Why not?
[x] So 2 vampires and a maid walk into a shrine...
[x] So 2 vampires and a maid walk into a shrine...
this is the beginning of the best kind of shenanigans
[x] So 2 vampires and a maid walk into a shrine...
[X] So 2 vampires and a maid walk into a shrine...

You open the shrine door and blink as Sakuya bows to you. “Hello Haru.” You blink a bit more.

“Err h-hello miss Izayoi.” You give her a polite head bow. “What brings you so late to the Hakurei shrine if you don't mind me asking?” Your tone must have betrayed your worry because she smiles at you.

“Nothing wrong Haru this is simply a social call by my mistress.” You look behind her at the 2 vampires who are glaring at one another.

“If they damage the shrine I'll be very disappointed and then Reimu will kill them.” She chuckles.

“And somehow I think your disapproving disposition will be the harsher punishment.” She waves a hand at the shrine. “May we come in?” You nod and wave the party inside before closing the door and going back to the kitchen. “Ahh I see you are marking kaiseki ryori.”

“Yes, a shame that guests are required to relax.” She gives you an amused look and you glare back and wave a spoon at her. “You manage everything in that mansion at least let someone else do the cooking for once.” She chuckles but nods and sits down next to her mistress. As the glaring match between the 2 child like vampires continues the maid watches in amusement.

“Mistress Remilia if you keep that up you might give yourself wrinkles.” The elder Scarlet gasps and hurriedly pats at her face before it slowly dawns on her that given that she is immortal wrinkles are not an issues for her. She slowly turns and glares at her smiling maid.

“Your tongue is getting a bit sharp of late Sakuya, I will have to do something about that.”

“Oh? Like fire me?” Remilia points a finger at her smiling maid and opens her mouth...and slowly clamps it shut before sulking, it seems Sakuya's sarcasm-fu is still too strong. You hide a giggle at Remilia's pouting before returning to preparing the meal but face another interruption.

[ ] Knock knock get the door its the rest of the Scarlet household

[ ] The fighting in the hot springs is loud enough that it can be heard out here and is now coming this way

[ ] There is a blond vampire tugging on your sleeve
[X] There is a blond vampire tugging on your sleeve
[X] There is a blond vampire tugging on your sleeve
[ ] There is a blond vampire tugging on your sleeve
[x] There is a blond vampire tugging on your sleeve
[x] Knock knock it's the rest if the Scarlet household.
[X] There is a blond vampire tugging on your sleeve

Tug...tug tug. You blink and look to your left at the younger scarlet pulling at you sleeve...you also give a little mental grumble at the fact that she is a tiny bit taller then you...why must you be so short when mom is so tall?! You give the vampire a smile as you inwardly rage. “Yes Flandre?” She smiles brightly at you.

“Come play with me~” You rub the back of your neck.

“Well I'm kind of cooking at the moment.” You turn back to your workANDMAID! You stumble back with a mild heart attack at Sakuya's smiling face inches from your own.

“If I may?” You glare at her as she waves a hand at your pile of ingredients. “I can prepare the meal so you can entertain the young mistress.” You match her gaze for a few moments but relent with a sigh.

“Alright alright.” You let Flan pull you outside as Sakuya commandeers your kitchen. Thankfully there is still enough light out for the shrine grounds to be bathed in soft twilight and the tongues of light from the shrine help as well. You stretch a bit before looking over at the enthusiastic vampire. “Ok then...what shall we play?”

“Let's play Kyuu!”

“Huh? What's Kyuu?” She smiles and holds out her hand.

“Kyuu!~” You blink as a tree off to your left promptly explodes. You ever so slowly shift your gaze to the small pile of wooden remains of what was a lovely old tree that had been part of the Hakurei grounds long before you were born.

“...you killed the tree.”

“Yep!” She nods and gives you a bright smile.

“...that tree was part of the overall welcoming feel of the shrine grounds.” She blinks at you.

“...oh and I thew off the balance right?” Understatement but yes. You sigh and open your mouth- “Hold on I'll fix it right up! Kyuu!”

A tree off to your right does a very impressive confetti impression, clearly it plays charades for keeps. You slowly brush who knows how much history off your shoulder and try to calm your twitching hands. “That was very thoughtful Flan but I have to ask you not to do that any more.”

“Ohh did I mess it up more?” You give her a small nod and mentally pat yourself on the back for not screaming in fury.

“Somewhat, just no more.”

“Well you know what could fix a kyuu gone wrong?” Your eye twitches. “A good rousing round of kyuu!~” The artfully placed flowers behind you end themselves, clearly out of shame from being included in the wasteland this small part of the shrine grounds is becoming. You give a small mirthless chuckle.

“Now that one was on purpose.” She giggles.

“Could have been!” You take a deep breath and slowly let it out in a slow hiss before giving Flan a bright smile.

“I'm going to start beating you now.”


“And I don't know when I'm going to be able to stop.” You flash forward at almost teleport speeds and slam your fist into her face. You watch as the vampire sails off into the night and simply stand and wait.

The shadows suddenly seem to creep in on you as a pleased giggling echos out from the night. “This is going to be so much fun!~” Flandre charges you from the side with a flaming blade of some kind. “Laevatein!” She giggles with glee as the burning blade comes roaring at you with a strike meant to decapitate.

“Rather dangerous in a spell dual.” Her glee turns to shock and a bit of awe when you casually bring a hand up and catch the bland with one hand, feeling it's youkai fire trying in vain to overcome your Hakurei hand wraps. You give Flandre a tight smile as you feel her unsuccessful attempts to free the blade from your grip. “But this isn't a spell dual...now is it?” She only giggles harder and a spark of...something dances in her eyes. You yank on the sword pulling the girl in closer before you introduce your elbow to her cheek. The flaming blade winks out as she tumbles across the ground. You take a fighting stance as she turns her tumble into a roll and springs up.

“Taboo: 4 of a Kind!” You blink as 1 Flan becomes 4. They dance around each other for a bit before 2 break off and attack your sides. “You know...” One of the dancing ones says as you intercept your attackers by throwing one into the other. “...I guess I should help you with the yard and all.” One of the dancers suddenly comes at you with claws of flame and you just dodge in time. “Ahh I just had a great idea!” The last dancer charges in and all 4 assault you at once. You uppercut one and kick another away but the third kicks your legs out from under you and the forth wraps a hand around your neck and drags you across the ground to the new Hakurei shrine wasteland. You fight to regain your footing but a knee to the chest stuns you. “I kyuued your trees so you just need a new one and I know just the thing!~” She tosses you into the air where her other 3 clones are waiting. You get a round of fists and feet to...just about everywhere before you are thrown back to the waiting forth who holds you high in the air.

“Aahhh...don't you dare-”

“Imma plant me a dumbass tree!” You have a fast and sudden introduction to the Hakurei shrine underground.

Perspective change:

You are Hakurei Reimu and after finishing your hot spring battle with Marisa Kirisame you have both dried off and are both wearing simple yet comfortable yukata. The 2 of you have come to the main room looking for your brother but find some scarlet guests. Marisa is amusing herself by pestering Remilia and that suites you just fine as you are more interested in your adorable little brother. You walk to the kitchen with a slight smile as you reflect on just how proud of him you are (not that you would ever tell him that...maybe) so you are slightly confused by the maid who is very much not your adorable little brother bustling about. Said maid gives you a polite nod as you enter. “Reimu.”

“Sakuya.” You return the nod and glance around.

“Your bother has volunteered to entertain the young mistress.” You blink a few times before an explosion sounds outside. “And it seems its going to be lively entertainment at that~” Another explosion that is soon followed by a third and now everyone but the maid is looking to the door with varying levels of concern.

“Hey...” Marisa shares a glance with you. “Do you think the little guy will be-” A loud cry of 'Laevatein!' is heard from outside and you, the witch, and the elder vampire all rush the door only to find Flandre getting an elbow in the face. “...ouch.” The 3 of you nod as the blond vamp takes a tumble before going after Haru again 4 times over.


“Right.” The 2 of you step forward cards at the ready when Remilia stops you both.

“Wait.” And it is the underlining whisper of desperation in her tone that brings you both to a halt. She is staring at her sister with eyes wide with shock and...happiness? Marisa gives her a look before waving at the battling.

“Hey Remi I'm all for a good fight but this is not even a proper dual!” The vampire nods her head completely disregarding the witch's harsh tone.

“I know...and that's why its so important.”

Perspective change:

You are a freshly planted dumbass tree. You have given yourself a few seconds to make a new battle plan (and not sulk thank you very much) before reengaging your foe. You explode out of the ground and catch the vampire off guard. You get a fast 3 hit combo off before she darts away and...holy shit did those wing...chime...things just explode into flame?! Flandre start laughing, not the insane giggling from before but a oddly joyous sound perfectly at odds with the flaming wings and twin burning blades she now holds. “Yes yes yes yes yes yes~” You almost take a step back at the budding tears in her red eyes. “Play with me Haru! Play with me more!~”

“Oh I'll play!” You hold a fist out before you and it starts to glow and crackle with energy. Your bloodsucking foe bounces from one foot to the other at the sight.

“Yes yes yes! Hurry hurry hurry!” You grin and give her a wink.

“Hey you can't rush art!” Your words only make her bounce faster and soon the air is filled with the deadly whine of barely contained power. “I hope you are ready for this!” She charges at you in answer and you retort in kind! “Hakurei Style: Spark Fist!” Your fist meets her flames and everything goes white.

Where and when do you wake up?

[ ] On the ground just after the clash

[ ] Inside the shine just in time for dinner
[X] On the ground just after the clash
[x] On the ground just after the clash

We a tough
[X] Inside the shine just in time for dinner
[X] On the ground just after the clash
[X] On the ground just after the clash

Ayup that was a nice warmup
[x] On the ground just after the clash
[X] inside the shrine
[X] On the ground just after the clash

“Ow.” Yep that's a good way to sum things up. You painfully blink your eyes and slowly sit up-


-just flop on the ground like a dead fish. You give your body a second before, much slower this time, sitting up...

...and blink down at the blond vampire sleeping in your lap. The sound of giggling draws your gaze and you find everyone but the maid enjoying your confused/dazed look. You give your head a shake before you point at the elder vampire. She blinks and points to herself and you nod as you make a 'come here' motion with your hand. She walks over and you fix her with a very flat look. “Explain.” She giggles before nodding. “Yes but...about Flan herself or why she is in your lap?”

“Yes.” You get another giggle for your efforts.

“What do you know of my sister?”

“Not much, I know she was part of the Scarlet Mist incident, I know she is a vampire and your younger sister...but that's about it.” She nods, clearly expecting that level of answer.

“What you don't know is...my sister has great power...but this power...seemed to twist her. Her power first emerged as the crystal wings on her back, lovely but slightly strange. Then she showed me...just what she could do...she could destroy anything with frightening ease. I had no choice but to hide her away from the world and for almost 500 years she has been kept safe in the basement of the I call home and-”

“Wait wait time out!” You shake your head and give her an incredulous look. “So...your sister gets powers one day and shows you what she can do...and your response is to lock her up for 500 years? I'm rather sure if she's crazy it was from that, not her power.” Remilia glares at you.

“Don't speak to me like you understand human! I love my sister more then my own life!”

“Yes so that's why you imprisoned her for 500 years and given what I know the only reason she is out and about now is because Marisa was poking around your basement. Without the mist incident Flandre would still be down there right?”

“How dare you-”

“So what was it? The real reason you locked her up? Did you fear her just because of what she could do? Or was it because you, despite being the older sister, was now the weaker one?” Remilia looks at you with murder filled eyes before turning and blasting off into the air, soon she is just a vanishing dot far in the distance. You huff in annoyance as you absently pet Flandre's head, you can't stand people like her, always mucking things up and always going on about how it was 'necessary' and that it was 'never their fault' idiots the lot of them.

“You don't hold back do you?” You look up at your amused sister and give her a shrug.

“With people like her? Not really. Sorry for making trouble.”

“No trouble, if she tries anything in a dumb attempt at revenge I'll just beat her down.” The 2 of you share a laugh. You try and stand but the vampire in your lap is making things difficult.

[ ] Just sit here till she wakes up

[ ] Your legs are falling asleep! Wake the vampire!
[X] Just sit here till she wakes up
I have a pet peeve, or whatever it is called, against numbers written as numbers in a story. It might be a bit selfish on my part, but could you write them with letters?

Also, cute sleeping Flan is cute

[x] As you were
Sure...also I'm not quite sure what that vote is for
[X] Just sit here till she wakes up
[X] Just sit here till she wakes up
[x] Just sit here till she wakes up
"As you were" is a frase used by officers when saluted by soldiers of inferior ranks. It basically means that they can stop standing at attention and should act "As they were" before he arrived.

It is a choice for inaction.
Ok then
[X] Just sit here till she wakes up






“...you know you could go inside.” You give your sister a look.

“As much as I would love to I have a blond brick on my lap.”

“So move her.”

“No then she will just end up fighting me again.”

“And you worried about that?” You point out the state of the shrine grounds. “Ahh.”

“Yes ahh, I get to fix that you know.” She shoots you an accusing look and you shoot one back. She sighs and waves dismissively at you.

“You know I'll help you at some point.”

“Should I write you in for the forth of never?” She dope slaps you but you spot her lips twitching.

“Maaaa~” You both look down at the blond vampire returning to the world. She rubs her eyes in a sleepy manner and looks up at you with a bleary look. “Little brother...is it time for dinner yet?” Little brother? Where did that come from?!

“I would say no but given who's cooking it...its a solid maybe.”

“Sakuya?” You nod.

“Sakuya.” She giggles and climbs off you. She dusts herself off before offering you a hand and you take it, letting her help you to your feet.

“Well shall we go back then?” You follow her as she hums an unknown song... mmm this is very odd...its like every scrap of her...unbalanced nature is just...gone. “What? Do I have something on my face?” Mmm it seems so noticed your gaze.

“Well...its just...” Oh Hakurei you are not good with dancing around subjects. “...you are not as...crazy as before.” She blinks for a few seconds before laughing slightly.

“Blunt...but I find that somewhat refreshing to be honest.” Ok this is really odd, the body language and her new tone...she keeps giving off the 'wise and powerful' vibes that people like Yukari and Yuuka give off. She holds her hands in a manner that is the phantom act of holding a tea cup- “Sakuya.” -annnnd there is now a tea cup...with steaming hot tea...yep...Sakuya is still terrifying. Flandre takes a dignified sip before sitting down on the shrine porch and she pats the space beside you causing you to sit as well. “Hands out.” Huh? You put your hands flat out with some con- -fusion and tea...what..and even more what is the fact that you put your hands out flat only now they are protectively wrapped around the cup...and now that you look at it this is your favorite cup...you drown your growing horror with a sip of tea. Mmm yes that is quite good thank you scary time stopping maid.

“This tea is really good.” She chuckles.

“Well the look on your face says differently.”

“...well its not the tea...”



“Now now you don't need to be scared of her, in fact I think she likes you!” You freeze in place as you wrap your mind around that statement.

“...I think that just makes things worse.”

“Oh come now she's not that bad.” She giggles as you use your tea to avoid answering. “And just think...” She blushes brightly and cups her cheeks with her hands. “your children would look adorable~” You offer your tea to the spit take gods and give her a 'what they Hakurei did you just say?!' look as her wings wiggle. “Silver haired little ones!~” She hugs herself and wiggles in place as you set the land speed record for nonchalantly scooting away. You slip inside and blink at the table covered in mouth watering food and the unruffled Sakuya standing nearby sipping her own cup of tea. You slowly walk over and join her in nonchalant tea sipping.

“Welcome back Haru.” She gives you a bright smile like she is not capable of pants soilingly levels of scary.

“Hello Sakuya thank you for the tea...I'm a little surprised I didn't drop it.”

“You did the first time.” Oh that makes wait what.


“Mmm yes this is good tea.”

“Sakuya what did you mean by that?!”


You give up you really do. You walk over and sit at the table beside Marisa who is writing in a thick book. “Yo little guy!” Really? Why does everyone point out your height?

“Hello Marisa...what are you working on?” She gets a proud look on her face and slaps the open pages with the back on her hand.

“This is my grimoire! I write down every scrap of magic and each spell card I see in it.” You blink and then give the book a respectful look.

“Given your reputation it must be an incredible fount of knowledge.” She stills and looks over at you with an odd expression.

“...do you really mean that?” You blink.

“Sure, I mean aside from your...other habits I have no reason at all to doubt your skills and...are you ok?” She sniffs and gives a very bright smile.

“Yeah...yeah I'm great!” She turns away and pulls her hat down over her face. “Just got something in my eye, that's all.” Huh...well ok then. You take a look around the shrine, your sister and Flan are talking outside, Sakuya is sipping tea...wait what happened to your tea cup after you finished drinking? ...oh its there on the shelf...already washed and dried...spooky scary Sakuya sends shivers down your spine. You shudder and wonder how you can waste time till dinner.

[ ] Tired and want food, just sit here

[ ] Get up and talk with Sakuya

[ ] Sit here and talk with Marisa
[X] Get up and talk with Sakuya

Face your fears!
[x] Get up and talk with Sakuya
[X] sit and talk with Marisa.
Thief she maybe but she is an incredible innovator and inventor of Magic.
[X] Sit here and talk with Marisa
[X] sit and talk with Marisa.

after tearing up like that i can't not vote marisa
[X] Sit here and talk with Marisa

Mmm get up when you are tired and talk with the time stopping scary maid or sit here and rest...and maybe talk with the witch, well that's not a hard pick now is it? “So Marisa?”

“Mmm?” She turns, lifting the hat from her eyes...huh were her eyes that red? “What's up?”

“Well...I would like to know more about your grimoire.” She blinks in total astonishment.

“Re-Really?” At your nod she smiles brightly and rubs the back of her neck (hey stop stealing my thing!) with a chuckle. “Wow...never had someone this interested in my work!~”

“Oh?~” You start and let out a small eep of fright as Mima phases through wall beside you. “I don't count?”

“Well anyone outside you master.” Marisa blinks for a second than goes a bit red faced. “Ahh...I've been ignoring you haven't I?” The ghost nods. “Ha ha...my bad master.” Mima smiles at the embarrassed mage.

“Oh its no problem, after all I would have never been able to find and take on a new student otherwise.”

“...a new student?”


“You took a new student...” She leaps to her feet startlingly you and making you scoot back into Mima's lap. The enraged mage shoves a finger in her master's face. “Who?!” She pulls out a small roundish object and waves it around like a weapon. “I'll beat them six ways to Sunday and prove I'm the better student!” Mima absently combs her fingers through your hair making you melt slightly.

“My how violent of you...and how predictable and who says I have to disclose the identity of my new protege?” The ghost chuckles at her student's expression before waving a finger at her. “Its not like I got a new student to replace you Marisa, I can have more then one student.”

“Mmm I guess that's true...still want to duel them or something...” She looks at you and blinks...oh you can see those gears turning whatever you are thinking you best cut it out- “I've got it!” She snaps her fingers in delight. “I'll get my own apprentice and have mine duel yours!”

“Oh? And where are you going to find a student?” Marisa pulls you out of Mima's lap and ruffles your hair.

“Right here!” That statement makes Mima blink for a second before laughing. “What?” Your new second self proclaimed master glares at her. “What?!”

“Oh nothing~” A wicked gleam enters her eyes. “Sure why not, this sounds like fun~” Yes fun for everyone but you! You cough making the two of them look at you.

“Don't I get a say-”


“Nope~” ...really now? Marisa pats your shoulder and gives you a bright smile with a thumbs up.

“Hey don't worry about it little guy, I've got a ton of stuff to teach you! You can beat my master's new student no problem!”

What are you going to do about this?

[ ] Inform Marisa about WHY this challenge is dumb, given Mima is also your master

[ ] ...you give up, they can do whatever they want, it wouldn't even by worth it to try and stop them

Second vote: Regardless of what you do or don't tell Marisa, do you want to work as an apprentice under her?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No
[X] Inform Marisa about WHY this challenge is dumb, given Mima is also your master
[X] Yes
[X] Inform Marisa about WHY this challenge is dumb, given Mima is also your master
[X] Yes
[x] ...you give up, they can do whatever they want, it wouldn't even by worth it to try and stop them
[x] Yes.

Is the student ready to become the master?
[X] ...you give up, they can do whatever they want, it wouldn't even by worth it to try and stop them
[X] Yes

It'll be more fun this way.
Plus, Marisa will actually try her best to teach us if she doesn't know we're the one being taught by Mima. It'll be cute.
[X] ...you give up, they can do whatever they want, it wouldn't even be worth it to try and stop them
[X] Yes
[X] inform Marisa
Because a decevier we are not.
[X] yes
[] Inform Marisa about WHY this challenge is dumb, given Mima is also your master

... what's the point of saying no at this point

[X] Yes

I also want to point two things. Firstly, it's weird for me to think of... well, a lot of the things that Haru does when he's just 8 years old (e.g. outdrinking oni), though maybe my mind isn't flexible.

Secondly, unless I have a bad memory, I feel that the skill points thing we had going on at the beginning of this story has been basically forgotten. I mean, we have like at least 20 free points, right?
For point 1 - Yukari messed with his head

For point 2 - This story is my first on this site and I'm using it to test how I will write and interact with my readers. I found the point system made things messy so I cut it out.
[X] ...you give up, they can do whatever they want, it wouldn't even by worth it to try and stop them
[X] Yes
Alright guys...I think I'm going to close out this story for good. When I first started Home is where the Donation Box is I didn't plan for it to be a long thing. It was always just a prototype so I could find a writing style that both I and you the posters could agree on as well as test out a few things. Because I didn't plan for it to be long term the story has run far longer then I planned and is starting to suffer in quality for it and I don't want to waste my and your valuable time on something subpar.

However this does not mean I am stopping writing on this site as a whole as this prototype story did its job very well and I now have a good idea how things can be done. I'm going to do away with the point system as it made things a bit to confined and messy to allow for a more natural flow. I will be using a revised perk system as having little bonuses tacked on to characters is something I find enjoyable and can help you guys shape the story without something as messy as the point system.

As for the next story well you guys can vote on that here so I know what area of this site to place it in.

1 – Exit Strategy: For as long as you can remember you have been here. You don't know who you are or what you look like...you don't even know your name. Your jailers are strange as many of them have floppy things on their heads...you don't have floppy things on your head and that makes you a little sad. But today something changed, the floppy heads have given you a cellmate and she seems nice if not a bit crazy...or are you crazy and everyone else is normal? Regardless she has a plan (or so she says) and with her help maybe you have a chance of escaping this place and maybe finding out who you are.

TLDR – Trapped on the moon in the Lunar Capital, escape with your cellmate and find out who you are. (No character creation)

2 – Imperiled Indentured Servant: Its your birthday and everything is great! ...well its still a school day and your class had this strange substitute with strange eyes that had everyone fill out an odd survey but ignoring that everything is great! Nothing could possibly go wrong today! ...ok yes your were right it was the day after that everything became a huge mess. Now you are trapped in a strange land with monsters and demons and the strange sub has roped you into being a servant for an important household!

TLDR – Yukari is fooling around again. Young male outsider is dragged to Gensokyo to work in a household that you guys vote for. Will focus on said household and the people within. Hilarity and possible romance ensues. (Character creation)
It's a shame that you are canceling this quest but it was fun while it lasted. I have no real complaints or criticism to give, the only complaint was more of a joke saying 'plot wen?' Anyway, good luck with whatever next thing you decide to run! Take care!

I'd put a vote forward for the second option, I have a huge love of character creations.
2 – Imperiled Indentured Servant
1 - Exit Strategy
1 – Exit Strategy

I guess you could call this a "comedy".
I realize there's really nothing out there for me. But what else can I do but keep going?
Maybe I should've been a little more careful before I broke out.
Gotta find the exit... Gotta find that exit to Paradise!
But I can't see it. I can't see anything!
There's this sense of doom running down my spine like it's... Like it's trying to suck the sanity out of me!
I need to get rid of it before I bail!
Something deeper... Deeper then my instincts is taunting me.
Can't find the exit...
Can't find the exit...
Can't find the exit...
Can't find the exit...
Can't find the exit...

2 – Imperiled Indentured Servant: Its your birthday and everything is great! ...well its still a school day and your class had this strange substitute with strange eyes that had everyone fill out an odd survey but ignoring that everything is great! Nothing could possibly go wrong today! ...ok yes your were right it was the day after that everything became a huge mess. Now you are trapped in a strange land with monsters and demons and the strange sub has roped you into being a servant for an important household!

Shame to see this go, would have liked to read more of it
2 – Imperiled Indentured Servant
Given how important the outcome to this decision is I will leave voting open for a week
Also do you guys want me to post the list of possible households for IIS?
1 - Exit Strategy

... I seriously can't remember if I've already voted for this or not, so if I have, please be forgiving and just disregard this vote.
Well the voting is almost over I guess I should check how things are going...and its another tie...you guys do this just to screw with me don't you? XD
The crowd waits anxiously for a vote to break the tie...
As do I
I honestly can't remember if I voted for this or not but
2 – Imperiled Indentured Servant
Well I've waited long enough, calling the tie broken
Alright guys before I make a new thread...well I need to know where to put it given that we are doing IIS now. So I need a vote on what household our PC gets pulled into.

1 – Yakumo: Exactly what is says on the tin

2 – SDM: Exactly what is says on the tin (With a vote for a mentor)

3 – The Youkai Mountain: (Can end up living with Momiji and the white wolf or the Kappa. Interactions with the rest of the mountain)

4 – Underground: Exactly what is says on the tin

Remember that I want this story to be rather contained around area the PC ends up so the household and surrounding area will be the main focus
4 – Underground: Exactly what is says on the tin

More like Satori gets a new pet but sure keep thinking that
4 – Underground: Exactly what is says on the tin

satori is best girl
4 – Underground: Exactly what is says on the tin
4 – Underground: Exactly what is says on the tin

They'd all be fine, so I'll go with the flow.
1 – Yakumo: Exactly what is says on the tin
4 - Underground: Exactly what is says on the tin
Alright it looks like we are going to the underground for IIS. I'm going to be very busy for the 4th (the curse of being a great cook) but I should have the start ready to go the day after. I'll post a heads up here when I do. See you all then

IIS is now up guys

I think this is how you link to other boards...
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