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File 147197914891.jpg - (107.76KB, 1215x810, Shrine 2.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Did something just phase through the shrine wall?!

You blink and look again...mmm...you could have sworn you saw... You quickly shift through the few ofuda you have on you and bring out a detector one. This style of ofuda was one of the first that mother showed you how to make, you place it on a surface and the symbol on the paper changes a different color depending on what type of energy it feels. You march over to the shrine wall and slap it on...ahh damn it! Dark blue...a spirit. Dealing with spirits is a tricky business as until you can identify why it is hanging around you are always flying blind. You duck back into the shrine to gather some things.

The back door opens a few minutes later and you step out. You are in full shrine keeper mode, the modified keeper outfit (for close combat fighting) mother made for you is spotless and your hands are wrapped and ready for use. These are not just any hand wrappings however as these are the same wrappings that mother used when she was learning the first fighting style of the Hakurei, also know as the Hakurei Divine Motion style. When she judged you competent enough in Divine Motion these hand wraps were her gift to you. You lift a fist in front of you and smile. What a gift! These wraps had been soaked in 2 generations of Hakurei blood and now were now stained blood red beyond cleaning and they had holy properties. Simply touching these wraps would burn lesser youkai and a normal human using them could leave damage on even the thickest hide. When in use by a Hakurei like yourself the effect become largely amplified...still you hoped you could deal with this spirit without violence.

You set up a small ring of 5 stones and place an ofuda on each one, Haven, Earth, Holy, Youkai, and on the stone in front of you you place the now blue detector ofuda. You place a blank ofuda in the middle and start to pray. This is a simple summoning ritual but rather then trying force the spirit out of hiding it is more of a soft tug. If this doesn't work you will have to more on to stronger methods. You keep this going for 1 minute...then 2...then 5. And you never halt in your praying, just pray and wait. Many spirits are often shy or suspicious so waiting is the best option. 6 minutes pass and...you stop praying and open your eyes. Floating in the ring is the spirit, a very lovely woman with long green hair and a blue white outfit. Her legs taper off into a ghost tail and her head is slightly titled as she looks you over.

“Well I must say that was the nicest summoning I've ever had.” She smiles as you bow politely.

“That was indeed my intent miss. I am-”

“Haru Hakurei.” At your befuddled look she smirks and flips her hair. “How could I not know who you are little keeper? I am the goddess of this shrine~”

Do you believe her?

[ ] Holy shit! What is the protocol for this?! Head to floor bow right the heck now!

[ ] ...yeah calling bullshit

[ ] You don't know...maybe someone else can tell you if she is speaking truth?

-[ ] Go wake Reimu

-[ ] Maybe you can reach Yukari through her card...and not get a nose bleed this time

-[ ] Well Yuuka did say talk to the flowers
[X] Holy shit! What is the protocol for this?! Head to floor bow right the heck now!

[X] You don't know...maybe someone else can tell you if she is speaking truth?
-[X] Go wake Reimu
-[X] Maybe you can reach Yukari through her card...and not get a nose bleed this time
-[X] Well Yuuka did say talk to the flowers


You know, I don't think Zun ever actually gave an image of the Hakurei goddess. It could actually be Mima.
[X] You don't know...maybe someone else can tell you if she is speaking truth?
-[X] Go wake Reimu

Of course, tell the possible god that you're fetching your senior to deal with her, it's only polite.
[X] ...yeah calling bullshit

The detector says she's a spirit. It probably would have reacted differently if she was a goddess.

Not to say that Mima isn't a goddess in her own right.
[X] ...yeah calling bullshit

Agreed. Haru might be naive, but he isn't stupid.

I'd still worship her though!
[X] Holy shit! What is the protocol for this?! Head to floor bow right the heck now!

The easiest way to deal with a spirit is to Play Along until you can send it off peacefully!
[X] Holy shit! What is the protocol for this?! Head to floor bow right the heck now!
[X] ... Yeah calling Bullshit
[X] Please, you insult me if you think I would believe such a thing.
-[X] surely one as captivating and resplendent as you are could only be the very Goddess of Beauty herself.

[X] ... Yeah calling Bullshit
[X] ...yeah calling bullshit

Your eyes slowly dull and you give her one of mother's 'Hey-you-best-cut-that-bullshit-out-or-I'm-going-to-end-you' smiles...yeah her smiles tend to be rather expressive...and you think you have a better handle on it from when you tried it on Ran cause the spirit shivers. “Yes I'm only 8, yes Its only my second day in my new home, yes I'm not the smartest kid around, however if you think I will believe that load of blasphemy then you are more insane then Kirisame.” You crack your knuckles to emphasis the point and the spirit chuckles nervously.

“My bad.” You snort and roll your eyes. This spirit is a lucky one, if mother heard that stupidity about being the shrine goddess then she would be meeting the judge of the dead already. Speaking of...

“Why are you haunting the shrine?” The spirit blinks so you repeat the question.

“Oh. Just to mess with Reimu~ Also I'm not a spirit.” You raze an eyebrow and she chuckles.

“Think of this” she waves a hand over her body “as an astral projection of my true form.”

“Ahh.” You nod in understanding, that would cause a false reading on your detector. “Well does Reimu know you hang around here?” She smirks.

“Oh yes~”

“Well then carry on.” She blinks for a moment.

“What really? Not going to try to get me to leave? Or stop me from bugging your sister?”


“...why?” You shrug and yawn.

“1: If you have been around here for as long as I think you have then you are not harming the shrine. 2: You are bugging Reimu, not me. 3: Reimu knows how to deal with spirits the same as I do, if she hasn't done anything yet its because she doesn't care or she is just too lazy to do anything.” You grimace. “And the fact that I can't tell if its the former or the latter is troubling.” You yawn again and stretch. “And 4:” you give an evil grin “that kind of thing is the job of the current shrine priest or miko so what can a lowly keeper like me do?~” She blinks in shock before matching your grin.

“Does your sister know you are going to be passive aggressive about this stuff until she stops slacking off?

“Nope~” Her grin grows.

“So I should just abuse this while I can?”

“Oh maliciously.” She rubs her hands together and snickers.

“I best get right on that!” She vanishes through the shrine wall. You clean up the remains of your little stone ring and right as you head out again you can hear Reimu swearing up a storm and the mad laughing of the spirit...yep life is good...oh right didn't get her name...oh well. Now maybe you can get to the lake this time...or maybe you want to go visit someone?

[ ] To the lake

[ ] Go visit someone

-[ ] Yukari

-[ ] Yuuka

-[ ] Patchouli
[X] Cook up a quick meal.
[X] Go visit someone
-[X] Patchouli

Haru was going to hold off on cooking 'til Reimu woke up. Well, she's awake now.
Afterwards, we should pay Patchy a visit, so we can have a proper introduction, hopefully with less awkwardness.
If [X]Visit someone is winning, then count this as a vote for Yuuka.

Otherwise, [X]Lake option
[X] Cook up a quick meal.

Spoil the big sis, THEN

[X] To the lake

[X] To the lake

I am displeased with the lack of Cirno thus far
Guys remember its the lake behind the shrine not the lake Cirno, team 9, and the other fairies hang out at near the SDM. If you go to the shrine lake you would end up running into Genji
[X] Cook up a quick meal.
[X] Go visit someone
-[X] Patchouli
[X] Cook up a quick meal.
[X] Go visit someone
-[X] Patchouli
here. taking >>39718 in to account, my vote still stands. Only now, I'm shouting TURTLES!!!
>Not Cirno

>>39715, changing vote to:
[X] Cook up a quick meal.
[X] Go visit someone
-[X] Patchouli
-[X]Harass the lake fae on the way in

Now we get Patchy and Cirno!
[X] Cook up a quick meal.
[X] Go visit someone
-[X] Patchouli
[b]Note: In a very rare event myself and most of my family members all have some time off that lines ups so we are going to the beach for a few days. I am very sorry but I taking a small break from this story to enjoy my family time. Please keep the votes coming and I will get the next chapter up sometime Monday. Thanks for understanding.[b/]

[X] Cook up a quick meal.

[X] Go visit someone

-[X] Patchouli

You turn around and sigh as you head back inside, what kind of brother would you be if I didn't make a meal for your sister? Still you would like to get this day started...maybe just whip up a quick meal? Yeah that sounds like a good idea! You head into the kitchen and get to work.

You are just finishing placing the last of the food on the table when the sprint flies through the room and passes through a wall...and an enraged Reimu is hot on her heels. “WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU I'M GOing to...” She trails off at the breakfast you have crafted and you give a slight bow.

“Morning Reimu! I made us some food.” You a sweep a hand over the spread. “Please take a seat.” She leaps into a seat...and that rice with egg didn't last long. “Now keep in mind its only a quick meal I didn't have time to make anything special.” Reimu look at the spread in shock.

“Holy cow nothing special?!” You snap your fingers in mock frustration.

“Damn it I knew I should have made holy cow!” You snicker at your sister's unimpressed look even as she keeps cramming food in her mouth...and you think you see a hand grab a bowl or 2 before slipping back into a gap. Sigh really Yukari if you had just asked you would have made some extra. You snag a little for yourself before heading out leaving the clean up to Reimu. Now who to visit...you fish the library card out and nod. Seems like a nice day for some reading. You pull out the map Ran made for you...so the shrine is right there...and the Scarlet Manner is...there! Well that's not as far as you thought. Now you just need to fly. Now what did Ran say...push your power out and make a bubble around you...and pull yourself around in that bubble. Really basic flight but everyone uses this method until they get a hang of it and can stream line it. Ok...reach in...and make a bubble...ah you feel a...spark? Or maybe a small flame! Is this your power? Its true you've done stuff like this before as a shrine keeper but its never been this clear and easy...Gensokyo really is full of magic. You push your power out and form the bubble. ...yeah...yeah like that! Ok now...up! ...up...up...UP...there! You think you felt a little movement! Now to keep going like that!

Meanwhile inside a nearby gap...

Yukari and Ran both hugged each other cooing as they spied on the practicing Haru. “He's so cute!~” They both gushed and blushed. Yukari made a huuugg noise and clutched at her heart. “That pout! That pout!” Ran fell over blood flowing from her nose.

“I'm dead mistress tell Chen I died as I lived, in the pursuit of moe~” The 2 started planning a way to abduct the young Hakurei into the Yakumo family. “Wait mistress hasn't Yuuka already started making a claim on him?” Yukari waved a hand.

“Oh we can just invite her as well I'm sure would love to play with us again and add in Haru to the mix...~” The 2 Yakumos start laughing in glee.

Outside the gap...

You shiver as a cold feeling goes down your spine. Your inner sense of danger is telling you...you...are...fucked. You shake it off and smile. What a silly feeling! Even if you got into trouble your sister or Yukari or Yuuka would help you get out of it! Now back to flying! ...in fact you think you have the hang of it...or at least enough to hover safely a bit off the ground. You doubt you will doing any real flying until you get in a lot more practice but at least this will be faster then walking! You float off on your adventure!

You wonder if anyone else makes whooshing sounds in their head as they fly?

You smile brightly as your destination comes into view and touch down beside a lake to take a quick breather. You wipe the few beads of sweat from your brow and stretch a little, man flying is such a good workout! Having to use your power like that is really going to be good training! You keep a bright smile on your face even as your fist shoots up and shatters a shard of ice to bits. “...huh.” You turn and find a small girl in blue with crossed arms and the most confident grin on her face leering at you.

“Ha ha! To deal with my attack in such a cool manner, you must be strong! But” she points a finger at you and gets in a ready stance “no one can beat The Strongest!”

What is going on here?

You cough slightly and tilt your head at her. “Uhh excuse me but who are you and what do you want with me?” The girl smirks and pounds a fist into her chest.

“I'm Cirno, The Strongest!” Yeah you got that last bit already. She points at you again. “And you are my newest challenger! Anyone who comes by my lake has to fight with The Strongest!” How are you hearing the capitalization on that? She takes a battle pose and the air grows colder. “Now get ready! I'm going to cryofreeze you into a...big freezy frozen thing! So get your first card ready!”

Spell card battle!

Opponent: Cirno!

Title: Some hot blooded ice girl (how ironic is that?) you just met

Oh is this a spell card battle? Cool! ...oh wait you haven't made those...heck you haven't been told anything about how to use the system yet. “Hey I need to-”

“Ice Sign: Icicle Fall!” Wow that's a lot of ice! Thankfully mother used to do something like this as training, chucking rocks at you and forcing you to deflect or dodge them...compared to that this is nothing. You slip into a stance and ready yourself.

“Divine Motion style, Iron Bastion!” You MOVE. Your fists are a blur as you obliterate the oncoming ice. You keep it up, adding your elbows and feet to the mix, absolutely shredding the ice rain into powder. There is a lull in the ice and you get back into stance ready for the next...oh. The girl, Cirno, is floating there slack jawed...maybe you over did it?

Battle over!

“That...that was...” She seems to be stunned so you brush some ice flakes off your person and smile at her.

“Uhh sorry?” You are not sure what you are saying sorry for but she...oh gods she gets star eyes and bounces in the air.

“That was sooooooo cooooooool!” She starts mimicking the motions of your style. “First I was all like 'haha eat the strongest ice!' and you were all like 'oraoraoraoraora!' and I was all like 'no way!' and then you were like 'come at me fairy!' that was so cool!” She seems to understand she is fangirling and, still with a bright blush on her face, tries to slip back into the overconfident girl from before. “W-Well that was very cool but I am The Strongest! However The Strongest has found a rival worthy of her!” She points at you with all the finality of fate and starts yelling. “I will keep getting stronger and I will challenge you over and over. The stronger you grow the more intense I will become! We are rivals!” She flies in front of you and throws out a fist. Oh shit a rival fist bump?! How could you deny that! You fist bump her and uplifting badass music and a sunset come out of nowhere to provide an epic background to the birth of The Strongest Rivalry!

In a nearby gap the gap youkai is nodding in self approval at her additions to the background.

The 2 of you stop the first bump and the world returns to normal...or at least as normal as Gensokyo gets. She smirks and crosses her arms. “Now The Strongest has other challengers to see to!” She winks at you and gives a thumbs up. “Train well my rival for only The Strongest may defeat you now!” She shoots off in an icy flurry.

That. Was. Awesome!

[b]Perk Unlocked: The Strongest Perk!

Become Cirno's rival! All characters have +1 to ice magic. All characters also have a much easier time becoming friends with Cirno.

You smile at the vanishing dot that is your new rival and pump your fist. Yeah now you feel all fired up! You float off to the Scarlet Manner humming the song that played during your fist bump.

You make a nice landing in front of the manner...wow this place is bigger then you thought! You walk to the main gate and spot the gate keeper who is standing to the side of with her arms crossed and her eyes closed.

[ ] Call out to her

[ ] Is she sleeping? Walk up and shake her

[ ] Just walk in
[X] Hug and nap.

Moving fast enough for our fist to be called an oraoraora must be tiring, and those poofy pants look so... comfy.
[X] Just walk in
[X] Hug and nap.

Sounds reasonable to me.
[X] Hug and nap.
[X] Is she sleeping? Walk up and shake her

Could we not go around hugging and napping on random people, please? There's being adorable, then there's being a creep.
Besides, it's improper to snuggle people without atleast knowing their name first.
[X] Call out to her

It's rude to nap with someone before introducing yourself. A shrine keeper needs manners too.
[x] Is she sleeping? Walk up and shake her
[X] Call out to her

This seems the most reasonable.
>“I'm dead mistress tell Chen I died as I lived, in the pursuit of moe~”
This just keeps getting better.

[X] Hug and nap.

Imagine. Sakuya comes out to see if Meiling is slacking, then sees us cuddled up next to her.
We're going to enslave all SDM with ℳℴℯ~
[X] Hug and nap.

It's a win-win if Meiling wakes up or Sakuya catches us napping!

You have a point. I'm sorry for starting this. I'll change my vote at >>39725
to yours, since yours makes sense, and it occurs to me that approaching a sleeping Meiling could lead to reflex-punch-pain if the author likes
But we're cute. Meiling wouldn't hurt cute things!
I guess it's time for the the kiddy gloves come off.

I accuse you lot of being tactless amateurs when it comes to being cute.
You seem to believe that you can forcefully create scenarios to feed your insatiable lust for cuteness.
However, that route only leads to the character coming off as obnoxious and/or attention seeking.

True cuteness is achieved when the character is placed in situations where they can react naturally to what's going on around them with their more innocent and honest view of things.
Keep in mind that Haru IS cute and adorable shit will likely happen regardless of the person or place, so you shouldn't feel the need to have us go out of our way in an awkward attempt to obtain said adorable shit.

Also, if what you want is for Haru to go around sleeping with random women like a manwhore, at least be honest about it.
Like how I'm honest in my desire to see Haru be driven to into the deepest pits of despair, because that's when he'll be at his most adorable.

Well maybe not the despair part.
Agreed. Except maybe for the despair thing, but hell if it comes to that then whatever.
Don't cut yourself on all that edge there friedno.
Oh, there's no need to worry, my dear anon.
There are no edges on which to cut myself in the miry depths that I've sunk. I have come into deep waters, and the despair overwhelms me.
Note: If a write in doesn't fit or is too OOC I will overrule it and in this case just walking up to a stranger and napping on them is really OOC for Haru

[X] Is she sleeping? Walk up and shake her

Well you can't be rude and just walk into someone's home without announcing yourself now can you? You walk over and reach out to-

“You are brave or foolish to wake a sleeping dragon.” You start as one of her eyes opens and looks at your outreached hand with amusement. She takes a good look at you and smirks. “Oh I remember you, the new shrine keeper.” She stretches, gaining you a bright blush as it does amazing things to her body, and smiles at you. “May I ask what business you have at the Scarlet Devil Manner?” You pull out the library card and give her a small outline of events. “Ahh going to see Patchouli? Yes she's up and about however I do believe she is going to busy in a few minutes.” At your confused look she points out a figure flying high above the manner. “Kirisame.”

“Is she visiting Miss Knowledge as well?” The gate keeper laughs and shakes her head.

“I suppose you could see it that way but no she is here for reading material.” Something about the way she said that is sending up red flags but she blinks and seems to remember something. “Oh silly me I forgot.” She does a sweeping bow. “I am Hong Meiling the gate keeper for the Scarlet Devil Manner.” You bow back.

“Haru Hakurei, shrine keeper of the Hakurei shrine. I am pleased to meet you miss Meiling.” She giggles.

“Miss Meiling? No need to be so formal I'm just a humble dragon.” She smiles and ruffles your hair making you blush. “Now how about I let you in before Sakuya gets jealous?”

“Surely you are joking.” You jump at the new voice and turn to find said maid standing right beside you...how did she sneak up on you? “What kind of head maid would I be if I allowed personal business to impede in my work?” You see the amusement in both their eyes...some inside joke? Sakuya puts a hand on your shoulder. “I will escort the young Hakurei to the library, no slacking off Meiling.” Meiling just waves a hand and closes her eyes again.

“As I keep telling you until the mistress revokes her guest status I can't really do anything about it can I?” The 2 share a chuckle as you follow Sakuya inside the gate. “Oh Haru?” You turn back to the gate keeper watching you from her post. “You might just want to just call out to me next time.” Her eyes seem to spark with flame and her teeth are noticeably sharper, almost fangs! “I might just add you to my treasure horde next time~” Your whole face goes red and you flee back to Sakuya's side leaving the laughing dragon behind.

“Finished being teased by our resident dragon?” You refuse to meet Sakuya's laughing eyes as she leads you inside the manner. Wow this place is really fancy! A few faeries in maid outfits are dusting and turn to look at you as you pass. You give them a smile and a polite wave and they giggle. “Be careful about stealing so many hearts little Haru.” You give Sakuya a mock glare and she chuckles. The rest of the walk is done in a warm silence before the 2 of you stop before a large door covered in carvings and runes. The sign by the door informs those who read that this is the Voile Library and that no one may enter without Patchouli's approval. “Well in you go~” Sakuya gives you a little swat on the back before she walks away. As you watch her leave she winks back at you and adds a little extra swing to her hips causing you to blush again. Damn you teasing head maid! You shake your head and...oh right the door has no handle...how do you open this? You push on the door but nothing happens. You try saying your name and nothing happens. Mmm... You pull out the library card and hold it up. The magic lines on the card shift around before flashing and part of the runes on the door flash as well. The door swings open silently and you enter, the door closing without a sound behind you.

holy shit that's a lot of books!

Uhh you really have no idea were to start looking for your host. Do you just pick a path and hope you get lucky?


...or you could follow the helpful sounds of rage. You work your way to one part of the library, following the sounds of battle. You pass through a opening in a bookshelf and find a battlefield. Marisa and Patchouli are in the air throwing lasers, spells, and other magic insanity at one another. “You little rat! How dare you steal my copy of 'Elements in balance'!” Patchouli punctuates her displeasure with another round of lasers. The black witch just laughs as she ducks around them, hefting a large brown sack on her shoulder.

“Getting slower Patchy!” A snarl of fury is followed by a blast of fire. “And I told you you can have them back when I die!” This only seems to push the violet mage's anger to new heights.

Wait...so THAT'S what Meiling meant! Marisa is a thief!

What do you do?

[ ] You...HATE...thieves!

[ ] Don't get involved
[X] You...HATE...thieves!
[X] You...HATE...thieves!

Ah, there you are, Berserk Button. I've been eagerly awaiting your arrival.
Oooooh, I'm gonna have a real good time pressing you.

What such event took place to foster such hatred?
Surely it must be those shady business people, seeking to force Haru to sell the shrine by sending thugs to harass, steal from, and vandalize the shrine.
We should show Marisa what exactly we did to those thugs.
[x] You...HATE...thieves!

Boo this Marisa! Boooooo!
File 147240884061.jpg - (23.38KB, 400x300, CRIMINAL SCUM.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] You...HATE...thieves!
[x] You...HATE...thieves!
[X] You...HATE...thieves!

Justice demands retribution.
[X] You...HATE...thieves!
[X] You...hate...thieves

A thief...a thief...the girl has magical power the likes of you could never have dreamed possible in the outside world...and what does she do with this power? She steals...no


You are already moving, blasting off from a bookcase and flipping into the air and landing on the tip of Marisa's boom. She yells in surprise and the battle halts as both fighters focus on the new entry. Your arms are crossed and the fingers of your right hand drum on your left arm. “So tell me Kirisame” you see both magic users flinch at your tone “with all the power and skill you have what made you resort to stealing like a common criminal?” She opens her mouth but the glare you send her could have blasted through steel and she falters letting you continue. “When I heard all the rumors surrounding your habits I dismissed them as idle gossip, after all how could anyone who called themselves a magician do such things? The very act of taking another person's hard work, magical or otherwise, is the biggest insult I could every think of. But now? Just how much have you taken over the years Kirisame? How much of your power and skill can you even claim as yours?” She looks like she is about to explode in fury but you beat her to the punch.


“SHUT. UP.” She reels back like you slapped her. “Don't you dare try to defend yourself when you hold a sack a stolen goods in one hand! Oh and what a pathetic and stupid excuse, 'get it back when I'm dead' indeed! And what is going to happen when someone stronger then you tires of your shit and takes you up on that offer?” Her jaws opens and shuts without sound and you power on. “The sad thing here is how much more could you be doing if you tried using your own talents rather then stolen power? The 'Ordinary Magician'? All I see is a fraud.” She is silent for a long time before she snarls and jerks her broom tossing you off and you land lightly on the floor.

“I'LL SHOW YOU FRAUD!” She points some roundish object at you and you feel a huge surge of magic. “MASTER SPARK!”

“Divine Pillar style, Hakurei Divine Fist!” Your power is like an eager puppy and surges to your call. Your right arm gains a white aura that dances like wild flames and you punch the onrushing big ass laser. You feel your first burn as your divine power struggles with the thief's magic and the roar of magic vs. divine floods the air as the backlash starts to scar the floor around you, but no matter what you will hold! You don't know how long the struggle goes on but the laser fizzes out and your arm falls to your side. You give a mental wince, the wraps are fine as always but the arm itself is burned, still you keep your eyes on the shocked thief. “A real magician wouldn't have lost to someone who doesn't even have a single spell card.” She yells in fury and seems to be charging up fro round 2...but a knife at her throat says otherwise.

“That's enough.” Sakuya's voice is far colder then you have ever heard it and suddenly Meiling is standing in front of you, blocking any action Marisa might try. “We overlook most of your antics witch but attacking another guest is not one of them.” The maid moves the knife away and gives her a look of pity. “Also you have a bigger issue to think about.” At Marisa's confused look Sakuya enlightens her. “You attacked a resident of Gensokyo with potential lethal force. You know that unless a spell card dual is declared a spell card as powerful as the master spark can kill someone. Even the ice fairy doesn't make that mistake.” Marisa has a growing look of horror and Sakuya just shakes her head. “You know that at the very least Reimu will get involved and what do you think she will do when she finds out you almost blew her bother's arm off? Or it might not end there and Yukari might take notice.” At those spoken thoughts the witch is starting to panic and before anyone can say anything else she is already feeling on her broom. You watch her zip out a broken window and flee into the distance before sighing and looking down at your burnt arm.

“I think I really went to far.” You hear a snort and look up to see Patchouli land beside you respect clearly showing in her eyes.

“Hardly. You are not the first to call Kirisame out on her stealing and this is not the first time she has lost her temper to that degree. However never before has anyone below her power called her out in such a bold and flat out manner. The few that do speak such truth to her face are all capable of taking a master spark and living even without the spell card rules so this was the first time she almost killed someone with her rash action. Perhaps this will make her think about her actions but I truly doubt it.” She gets a tiny smile. “Regardless you are very brave, and foolish, to try such a thing without and spell cards...still I can't deny that your heart was in the right place. Also” she points to the brown sack were Marisa dropped it “you saved my books, the first person to ever truly stop one of that rat's raids. As a token of my thanks you may come and go from my library as you please. If you so wish I can aid you in starting your own magical studies.” She nods in thanks as Sakuya and Meiling take a look at your arm.

“Mmm.” Meiling rubs her chin. “Its worse then it looks but you still need a healer to look it over. We best get you to Eientei.” Sakuya nods.

“I'll contact Mokou so she can escort him there.” It seems they are making plans to get you to this healer...

Perk Unlocked: Seeker of Knowledge

Get into Patchouli's good graces. All characters have +1 to all branches of elemental magic. All characters also have a much easier time becoming friends with Patchouli.

[ ] Just go with whatever they have planned

[ ] Have someone else escort you

-[ ] Reimu

-[ ] Yuuka

-[ ] Yukari
[X] Just go with whatever they have planned

Time for best Immortal to make her appearance!
[X] Just go with whatever they have planned

Meeting more people is fine.
[x] Just go with whatever they have planned
[X] Just go with whatever they have planned

This is fine. Besides it'll make for great conversation later when we have bandages all over our arm.
[X] Just go with whatever they have planned
[X] Just go with whatever they have planned

Yay, we're going to go get bullied by the rabbits!
[X] Just go with whatever they have planned
>whenever we have bandages all over our arm.
Eat your heart out Kasen, we wear it better than you.
[X] Just go with whatever they have planned
[x] Just go

If you can, really read your updates. They have words that are autocorrected into obvlion. As an example, we have Marisa 'feeling' in a broom.
Sadly I very little free time as it is. I try my best to give them a good once over before I post however I miss things now and then. Still I hope that my intended meaning gets through
Case in point right here
[X] Just go with whatever they have planned

Best just follow whatever they have in mind...and now that you think about it explaining WHY your arm has been cooked well done to anyone you might ask for help might not end well...for Marisa that is. You blink and notice that Sakuya seems to have vanished. “Don't worry.” Meiling pats you on your good shoulder. “The people of Eientei will have you right as rain in no time.” You nod and once again Sakuya seems to have come out of nowhere. She holds a hand out to you.

“I'm going to drop you off with Mokou as she has agreed, in her normal grumbling manner, to escort you through the bamboo forest to Eientei.” You nod and take her hand...

...wait...what? “Ok just how do you do this?


“Don't mmm me! I was just in the manner and faster then I can blink I'm in the woods. Are you a teleporter or something?” She just smiles.

“Or something~” As you roll your eyes you hear a scoff. Turing to locate the source of the noise you find a pissed off white haired woman standing next to a food cart/stall of some kind. She is grinding a lit cigarette in her teeth and is drumming her finger on the counter of her stall.

“This the brat?” Sakuya nods and the woman gives you a once over before starting to close her stall. “Figures, I take a smoke break and suddenly I'm needed for a crisis.” She takes a long drag as she finishes locking the stall and walks over to you. “Same shit different day.”

“The members of the Scar-”

“Yeah yeah you are grateful and blah blah, just get out of here so I can escort his ass and get back to work.” Sakuya bows to her, gives you a smile, and vanishes again.

“...someone day I'm going to figure out how she does that.” Another scoff makes you look at your guide.

“She misses with time.”



“What.” You blink. “Are you telling me she can just nonchalantly mess about with time itself?” Another long drag.


“...well shit.” That gets a laugh out of her.

“Well” She starts walking and waves for you to follow. “Let's get moving or this will take all day.” You walk beside her as she sets a slow but powerful stride.

[ ] Talk to her

[ ] Just keep silent
[x] Talk to her
[X] Talk to her

Time to see if we can get the gruff phoenix to take a shine to us.
File 147252089761.jpg - (77.23KB, 690x967, Cim1IiLUoAEaQZk_jpg large.jpg) [iqdb]
[Mokuo] Talk to Mokuo.
Mokuo goes in every field.
[X] Just keep silent

You know, I'm honestly a bit glad that there are some characters that aren't just head over heels for our MC like he's some sort of black hole. He only has the gravitational pull of a small planet or moon.

My gut tells me to pick this option.
File 147252395755.jpg - (70.79KB, 1280x720, forgiviness.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Talk to her

Iwakasa's murderer probably have some interesting stories to tell.
[Moko] Talk to Moko-tan

[X] Talk to her
[X] Just keep silent

She seems like she'd appreciate it.
[X] Talk to her

“...so...can I ask your name miss?” She snorts and takes another puff.

“Drop the miss shit kid, I ain't that fancy.” She glaces at you for a second as if evaluating your worth. “Mokou Fujiwara. If I hear a miss Fujiwara come out of your mouth I'm leaving you in the forest.” There is no threat behind her words, its just a statement of fact.

“Y-Yes ma'am.” You flinch but given that she does not in fact abandon you it seems that ma'am doesn't fall into her statement. You walk a little more with nothing but the sound of Mokou puffing now and then and the leafs underfoot. “So...what do you do in Gensokyo Mokou?” She gives you an evil eye that makes your brow prickle with sweat but she answers you regardless.

“I live, much to my regret.” You tilt your head but the look she shoots you warns you to not ask questions. You walk a bit more before she adds. “I fight a princess bitch and I run a yakitori stall.” You are not sure who or what 'princess bitch' is but you know what yakitori is!

“Really? Would it be possible to swap recipes with you sometime?” She stops and looks at you...with the first non-hostile look yet.

“You cook?” You nod. “How well?” A gap opens and Yukari pops her head out.

“I can-” Mokou pulls a hand from its place in her pocket and with an almost lazy air sends a massive stream of fire into the gap. You blink in shock as the the singed gap snaps shut and another open above the 2 of you. Yukari, looking totally fine, huffs at your escort. “Over 1000 years old and still haven't learned any manners.”

“I know manners you hag I just disregard them.” Mokou flips the gap youkai off before putting her hand back in its pocket. “Shouldn't you be sleeping or off molesting that fox of yours?” Yukari yawns.

“Yes I really should be asleep but then Reimu woke me up for a family emergency.”

“What emergency?” You ask before a loud sound like an explosion comes from far off. You are impressed that nether of your 2 companions even seem to notice. Yukari smiles.

“Ahh that would be Reimu dealing with said emergency~” ...ouch if it is what you think is it...you almost feel bad for Marisa...wait.

“How did she find out so fast?”

“The maid.” Ahh. Sakuya sure works fast...oh right time shenanigans. Mokou turns and starts walking again and you quickly turn to keep pace. You look back at Yukari but she just makes a 'go on' motion and smiles before sliding back into her gap...you wonder what her face would look like if you told her you mentality added a flushing sound effect to that? You walk beside Mokou who's mood has not improved...or maybe this is her default mood?

“...was she telling the truth? About you being-” A glare that could incinerate the forest makes you stop and you cast your eyes to the ground. You walk a bit more making sure to keep your eyes away from Mokou.

“...yeah I'm over 1000 years old.” She snorts. “You got a problem with that brat?” You frantically wave your hand in front of you.

“No no I was just wondering...I...was told not to take what Yukari says at face value...so...” She nods and stomps on a log blocking the path, shattering it to bits with absurd ease.

“You got that right. Plenty of people like that in Gensokyo. In fact your going to meet one of them.”

“Who is that?” She snarls and a tongue of flame wraps around her arm before winking out.


“...the princess bitch?” She snorts a laugh.

“Yeah the princess bitch.” The walk goes on for a while before Mokou waves a hand at you. “Yakitori.”

“Huh?” She glares at you but tries again.

“Yakitori.” Oh!

“W-Well like I said I was hoping with could maybe trade tips and maybe recipes. I have this great idea for...”

Much walking later...

You are still chatting with Mokou only now she is writing some notes on a small pad. “...and that's what I thought would be a good spin on the sweet sauce.” She nods and puts the pad away.

“Not bad brat, if the shrine business doesn't work out you could try your hand at a food stall.”

“If I do change my path in life would it be possible to work with you?” She snorts but doesn't respond. You walk a bit more before you take an abrupt exit from the forest and come out into a clearing before a strange building.

“Well here we are, Eientei.” She yawns, somehow not losing her cigarette, and gives you a light punch on the back. “Well go on, my job is done and I'm going back to my stall.” She turns to leave but you stop her.

“W-Wait a second please!” She glares.

“What brat? I'm not going in-”

“No no.” You bow. “I just wanted to thank you.” She snorts and the glare softens a touch.

“Yeah yeah its nothing brat.” She puffs and starts walking back into the forest. “Just don't get yourself killed and come by my stall sometime yeah?” You yell one last thank you as she vanishes. Right...now on to this Eientei place. You walk over to the gate and take a look around. You seem some kind of knocker in the shape of a dragon head...and there is a...bunny...girl?! Yep a bunny girl in a pink dress sleeping in some hey by the wall.

[ ] Knock

[ ] Try to wake the bunny girl
[X] Knock

It'd be rude to needlessly wake somebody when a knocker has been provided to announce ourselves.
[x] Knock
[X] Knock
[x] Knock

Okay, so, we go to the shrine and we find Reimu sleeping. Then we go to the SDM and we find Mei Ling taking a nap. And now we reached Eientei and she's passed out. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?
[X] Knock

The pattern is that many people in Gensokyo are lazy shits
[X] Knock
It's common in a pre-industral society to take afternoon naps to avoid the sun.
[X] Knock
>a bunny girl in a pink dress

That could be any rabbit girl wearing pink.
Just because you only know of one rabbit girl that wears pink, doesn't mean there aren't other rabbit girls that also wear pink.
You really shouldn't go around assuming things, brah.
[X] Knock
Do you want ninja tengu? Because that's how you get ninja tengu.
So as impossible as it sounds I have a clean schedule for once so I'll be hanging around here all day. If you guys can hammer out some votes I'll hammer out some updates. Sound good people?

[X] Knock

You reach out and pound the knocker 3 times and stand back. You glance over at the bunny girl but it seems her slumber has not been disturbed. You wait a bit and a loud clunk sound comes from the other side of the gate and it slowly slides open. Another bunny girl is on the other side...oh hey its that one from the drinking contest! You give a polite bow. “Greetings miss, I am Haru Hakurei and” you gesture to your burnt arm “I am in need of your healer.” She gasps lightly at the state of your arm before opening the gate more and waving you inside.

“Please come in and we will get you to master Eirin as soon as possible!” You follow her as she leads you deeper into in building. “I am Reisen Udongein a servant to Eirin Yagokoro.” You follow as she seemingly takes a random path of lefts and rights through the building...at one point you swear the 2 of you are backtracking but pass it off as just unfamiliarity. As you pass down another hallway a side door opens and a girl with long hair and expensive looking clothes steps into the path. “Oh!” Reisen stops and bows. “Lady Kaguya, hello.” The girl does a barely there nod at the greeting before looking you over.

“Ahh a new visiter and the new Hakurei shrine resident at that.” Ugg her tone and manners just scream 'spoiled rich princess' you really couldn't stand those kind of people on the outside and now you have to put up with them in Gensokyo? At least Remilia was more eccentric noble then spoiled brat. She holds out a hand palm down to you and smirks. “Welcome to my humble domain of Eientei, I am princess Kaguya~” Reisen starts looking between you and the path down the hallway.

[ ] Give her a polite greeting but no more

[ ] Remember your training and go full politeness (and try not to roll your eyes at her stuck up ways)

[ ] You can deal with miss stuck up when your arm has been treated thank you very much
[X] Remember your training and go full politeness (and try not to roll your eyes at her stuck up ways)

Haru, try and remember some of the basics of CQC (Close Quarters Conversation).
[X] You can deal with miss stuck up when your arm has been treated thank you very much

We can speak to waifu's once we have some help with our arm
[x] Remember your training and go full politeness (and try not to roll your eyes at her stuck up ways)
[x] Remember your training and go full politeness (and try not to roll your eyes at her stuck up ways)
[x] Remember the basics of CQC

When writing numbers put them on words. Always.

It is fancier.
[X] Remember your training and go full politeness (and try not to roll your eyes at her stuck up ways)

You silently suck in a breath through clenched teeth as you bow to her, remember what mother said about manners Haru. “Greetings miss Kaguya of Eientei on this fine day. I am Haru Hakurei and-!? Her hand pats your bowed head in a condescending manner.

“Yes yes I know who you are Hakurei.” You feel your eye twitch. “And stop bowing, you are a guest after all~” Funny you don't feel like one. You stand as she looks at your arm. “Oh dear that should be looked at don't you think?~” Well that IS why you are here and that IS why you and bunny girl were walking down this hallway before you stopped us. She looks at Reisen with a chastising gaze. “He should be taken to Eirin at once!” She makes a shooing motion. “What are you waiting on? Go.” Both you and your bunny guide bow and scurry off.

“Can I speak freely?” Reisen tilts her head but gives you a go ahead nod. “She pisses me off.” She tries, and fails, to hide a laugh.

“Yes Lady Kaguya rather enjoys...

“Being an ass?” She winces.

“I was going to say mind games.” You roll your eyes.

“No Yukari likes to play mind games, that was just being a brat.” She doesn't say anything more on the subject and leads you down another hallway and to the right...

...and into some kind of clinic. A few bunny girls are moving a few crates under the watchful eye of a woman in an odd flip flop red and blue dress. “Yes just set them over there I will unload them later.” She notices you and your guide. “Another patient?” At Reisen's nod a clipboard seems to appear in her hands from nowhere. “Right if you would just step this way please.” She points with her pen to a side room. You thank Reisen for her assistance and follow what you assume to be Eirin Yagokoro into some kind of examination room. “Now then~” Holy shit! How does one go from sounding bone tried to mother figure in 3 seconds?! Even her whole body language has changed! She pats the table with a hand and smiles warmly at you. “Please have a seat.” You do so and she softly runs a hand right above the burn. “I'm guessing that would be the problem then? Let me see...Marisa?” How did she- “Her Master Spark if I haven't missed my guess.”

oh she's good.

She huffs as she walks to a row of desks covered with jars, papers, and other odds and ends. “I swear that girl doesn't devote a single iota of her brainpower to forethought.” She brings back another clipboard with forms on it. “I am going to mix up a treatment for you, are you capable of filling out these new patient forms?” You nod mentally thanking mother for forcing you to become ambidextrous. The forms are what you expected really and you are finished by the time Eirin returns.

“Excuse me miss Yagokoro? I'm not complaining but why all the forms?” She chuckles as she takes the papers from you and gives them a scan.

“You are a resident of Gensokyo now and I like to keep a record of all the patients I see.” Ahh that would be handy. She nods and sets the forms aside and you notice she has a blueish potion in her hand. “This will help with any pain you might be feeling.” She holds up a small jar with a gray cream. “And this will help the new skin regrow.” You nod and, at her request, down the potion.

“Hey it tastes like blueberries!” She chuckles at your stunned face.

“Yes I find it useful to add flavoring to my products.” The dull pain you have been feeling is already fading away and she starts applying a light layer of the cream to your arm and shoulder. “Now I would like to keep you here overnight just to be safe. I don't foresee any issues but sometimes there are very rare reactions to my products.” She finishes and smiles at you. “In the end I can't force you to do anything but as your current doctor I would recommend playing it safe.”

[ ] Stay overnight

[ ] You're fine
[X] Stay overnight

Listen to your doctor.
[x] Sleepover

You're never too old for one
[X] Stay overnight
[X] Stay overnight
>Missed a whole update
That's what I get for only checking here like twice a day I guess.
[X] Stay overnight
[X] Stay overnight

[X] Stay overnight

You nod, always best to trust the healer in things like this.

“Wonderful, I'll have one of the girls make you up a room and you are welcome to join us for dinner.” Ooo that sounds good right about now.

“Dinner sounds great, maybe I could make a little something in the kitchen to add to the spread.” She raises an eyebrow.

“You cook?” At your nod she chuckles. “Would you say you cook well?” Another nod. “Best not let Kaguya find out, for all her bluster she losses all pretense of manners at the first taste of good food.” Ooo blackmail the perfect wine to go with a good meal! Eirin laughs at your evil plotting face. “Been taking lessons from Yukari huh?”

“No I wouldn't dream of copying her plotting face, those tail slaps look hurtful.” The 2 of you share a good laugh as you step back into the main room.

“Now that the cream has set in let me wrap that.” She binds your arm with white wrapping a stark contrast to the blood red ones around your hands. She works quickly and soon your arm is encased. It doesn't even itch! “Now then one last bit of business.” You are not sure what could be left. Forms, check. Potion, check. Cream, check. Wrapping, check. What could be-?!?!

Is that a lollipop? She snickers at your intense look as you follow the treat around with your eyes as she waves it around. “You were a very good patent so I think I can give you a reward~” She holds it out to you and oh my gods its lemon flavored! How did she know?! No! You are the Hakurei shrine keeper! You must resist! You clear your throat and rip your eyes away from the lemon pop.

“Uhh y-yes thank you for the offer but I must decline as I-” She waves the candy back and forth...back and forth...back and NO! “Uhh right just going to head to d-”

“Wellllll~” She starts to put it back on the counter. “I guess someone else will-”


“Oh?~” She looks at you with a fair amount of amusement as you hide it away in a pocket.

“I'm not going to eat it...I'm...just going to put it away...you know...for safe keeping!” She hums in amusement but doesn't comment. You got a lemon lollipop!


Without any more preamble you pull it out and rip off the wrapper! Mmmmm lemon~ You give a tiny glare as Eirin laughs at you...and she laughs harder when you pout with the lollipop stick poking out from your mouth. “Well I think dinner should be-”

A very loud detonation echos from somewhere in the building followed by what you think is Kaguya swearing her head off (not so princess now huh) and what you think might be Mokou laughing.

Note to self, Mokou's evil laugh is creepy as hell! ...also did the temperature in this whole place go up suddenly?!

“...I think dinner will be slightly delayed.” You give her a disbelieving glace.

“Only slightly?” She chuckles and makes for the door.

“Please stay here...is what I would say but I know Reimu and if you are anything like her then you are going to see what is going on no matter what I say right?” You nod someone guiltily. She sighs and ruffles your hair. “Then please stay beside me, I would rather not set your recovery time back.” You nod and the 2 of you set out.

After a bit more winding through the hallways you find yourself in a kind of courtyard...that seems to be on fire. You cast your eyes to the sky and locate the source of the disturbance. Kaguya is looking slightly ruffled...and is that one strand of her hair on fire? She is facing down Mokou who is looking totally normal...aside from the big ass flaming wings...damn she didn't even take her hands out of her pockets for all this?! Scary fire woman is scary! Kaguya snarls at the flame woman and points a finger at her. “Mokou Fujiwara! You...no brained...filthy...uncouth...lowborn...impecunious...shrew!” Each word, along with a fair amount of spittle, is throw at the uncaring Mokou with as much force as possible. “How dare you strut into MY domain like you own it!” Mokou yawns and pulls a pack of something from a pocket...oh cigarettes! ...did she just light that thing with her fire wing? She takes a long drag, doing everything as slow as possible clearly enjoying the fury building on Kaguya's face.

“Guest.” That one word takes all the wind out of the princess's sails.

“Ex-Excuse me?” Mokou slowly pulls a letter from her pocket and starts to read.

“To my arch foe Mokou Fujiwara,

I find that life has grown a bit dull given that you have moved closer to the human village. Therefor I, in my ever so humble grace, extend this invitation to you as a form of peace offering. Simply present this letter to the gates of my humble home and you will be admitted for one whole night unmolested by myself.

Her royal princess Kaguya Houraisan

She puts the letter away and smiles at Kaguya's look of horror. “So is it custom here to ambush guests or are you just a bitch?”

“But...but I sent that over 3 years ago!” Mokou puffs.

“And?” Kaguya seems to have a breakdown and yells in fury before flying down an open doorway, her screams of fury tapering off in the distance. Mokou lands and her flames vanish, a pleased look on her face. “Damn I haven't had that much fun since the time Keine's were half got drunk!” She notices the 2 of you and gives a lazy wave. “Hey brat, seems Eirin got you all patched up.” You nod.

“Yep I'm not dead yet!” Mokou chuckles.

“Well I should get going, might as well reopen the stall.” Before she can fly off Eirin clears her throat.

“The letter did say you could stay for dinner.” Mokou blinks for a moment then smirks.

“Yeah it did...and even if miss bitch doesn't spend the rest of the night sulking in her room there is no way she will sit down to a meal with me.” She laughs. “I force Kaguya away from her own dinner just by being here...ha...why the hell not.” The flame woman and the doctor share a smirk. “Alright doc show me to my guest seat of honor.” You follow as the 2 start down the hallway.

[ ] Just walk with them

[ ] You have questions...
[X] Just walk with them

We could ask what all that was about, but fuck that.
[X] Just walk with them

Questions can be saved for dinner. Poor Kaguya.
[X] Just walk with them
DWW is us cooking dinner an option? We could use our culinary powers to enthrall the denizens of Eientei and get an army of moonbunnies
Yes you can end up cooking dinner
[x] Just walk with them
[X] Just walk with them

With intention to cook.
[X] Just walk with them

You have no idea what is going on and quite frankly you don't want to know, the flame woman and the brat princess can feud all they like. Eirin is chatting with Mokou about...more stuff you don't know about.

“So Mokou, Keine hasn't been around lately.” The flame woman nods as you all take a right.

“She's been swamped with her job, they are starting up some new youkai human integration thing...trying to anyway.”

“Huh. Sounds like she could use some help...and who do they have watching the youkai to make sure they behave?” Mokou chuckles.

“Kazami.” Eirin looks a little shocked.

“Really? How did they talk her into that?”

“She volunteered, you know how the village kids adore her.”

“True.” And everybody do a left turn! “Everything is becoming quite lively.”

“Because of...?”

“Yes indeed.” Mokou gains a feral grin.

“Well at least things won't be dull.” The 3 of you stop at a large door with wonderful smells leaking from it. Eirin opens it and ushers you both inside. The dinning room is rather nice, the centerpiece a large sturdy table that could seat far more then are currently sitting. A large number of bunny girls are milling about. Mokou walks to the table head and crushes her cigarette in her palm as she falls into the chair. Eirin goes to sit beside her but you tug slightly on her dress.

“Uhh pardon me miss Yagokoro but could you please point me to the kitchen?” She smiles and does so and you head inside to unleash your elite cooking skills...and there is a bunny girl cooking. Her ears twitch at your entrance and she levels a ladle at you without looking up from a pot she is slaving over.

“No! No no no no! I told you no one in the kitchen! It will be ready when its ready!” You cough slightly.

“Uhh miss? I'm here to help.” She gives you a glance.

“...you a new hire?”


“Another stray Kaguya picked up?


“Can you cook with any amount of skill?”

“Y-” She waves the ladle at one part of the kitchen.

“On that table is a list, make the stuff on the list.” Ahh she is one of those no nonsense cooks. That's fine you can work with that. You find the list...carrot cake...steamed carrots...and more and more carrot dishes...well you did kind of expect this. You roll up your one sleeve, tie on your cook headband, and dive in with gusto!

Haru does his best and is now cooking. Please wait warmly...

You take off the headband and give a tired, but pleased, sigh. Between you and the bunny girl you have created a masterful spread! Said bunny girl slaps you on the back with a grin. “Not bad not bad at all!” She wipes her face with a cloth and offers you one. “So got a name? I'm Tewi by the way.” She holds out a hand and you shake it with a smile.

“Haru Hakurei.”

“Ahh that new shrine person I heard about. Well lets get these dishes out on the table before they kick down the door.” You chuckle with her as she snaps her fingers a a small group of bunny girls troop in the door, line up before her, and snap salutes. The one in front with a green dress speaks as their leader.

“Kitchen staff reporting for duty miss Tewi~” Tewi does a bit of ordering (your order is to move out of the way) and soon the food is on its way to the table. You turn and give Tewi a pout.

“You have bunny kitchen helpers? Why don't I have bunny kitchen helpers?” She laughs and starts pushing you to the door. You keep the mock pout for a bit before letting yourself be pushed to the table. You end up sitting beside Tewi and another bunny who is having a little trouble controlling herself from all the carrot smells. Eirin stands and clears her throat.

“First of all I would like to extend my thanks to Tewi and our guest Haru for cooking such a fine looking meal.” There is a lot of cheering from the bunnies and you blush as Tewi stands and does a mock bow. “I would also like to welcome Mokou Fujiwara to our humble table.” The bunnies cheer again and Mokou gives a lazy wave and a smile.

“Hey brats.” Well nice to know she calls everyone that.

“Sadly I fear Lady Kaguya will not be attending tonight's feast.” Tewi makes a show of clearing her throat.

“Ahem! I shall translate. She pussed out like a bitch!” The whole table, minus you and Eirin, descends into wild laughter. A few bunnies fall off their chairs and Mokou pounds a fist on the table. Eirin shoots Tewi a 'really?' look before waiting for the table to calm.

“Now with all those matters settled please dig in and enjoy!” She claps her hands and everyone starts picking their favorites! You start with the soup as Tewi grabs some tea and cake.

[ ] Just eat, talk later

[ ] Talk with Tewi
[x] Talk with Tewi
[x] Talk

I like Kaguya ;.. ;
[x] Talk with Tewi
[x] Talk with Tewi

Well, we couldn't expect a civilized dinner if we had both Mokou and Kaguya there.
[X] Talk with Tewi
[X] Talk with Tewi

“Excuse me miss Tewi?”

“Wuft? Her speech is a little hard to make out as you don't speak cake.

“Well I was hoping I could talk to you a little bit.” She holds up a finger, chews, chugs some tea, and finally swallows the massive wad of cake.

“What about?”

“Well...if you don't mind me asking...are those real?” You point to her bunny ears and she laughs.


“Well another question. Not to be insulting but if Kaguya is a princess...then why-”

“Does everyone mock her? That's easy to explain but you need a little background info. First when she calls Eientei her domain she is blowing smoke out her ass.” She raps her knuckles on her chest with a smirk. “Long before she came this place was run by me and my crew. Second, Kaguya was a princess of the Lunarians, people who live on the moon.” At your stunned look she laughs. “Yeah most people look like that when they find out. Anyway she was a princess to them, not us. Haven't you noticed that no one calls her princess, only things like lady and so on?”

“So she's in exile or something?” Tewi nods in approval.

“Caught on to that did you? Yes because of some...issues...she ran away and hid here. However we don't really hold that stuff against her. Like I said you need a little info, Kaguya is immortal.”

“Wait...how immortal are we talking? We talking can't grow old but can still be killed? Can only be taken out by a very specific weakness?”

“100% Immortal. Nothing can or ever will kill her.” Yeah best not let mother hear that she might take it as a challenge.

“Ok...but why would that make someone angry? I mean I guess jealousy because they can't die but-” She shakes her head.

“Its not the immortality that pisses people off. Tell me kid, what would you do with immortality?”

“Mmm hard question.” You rub your chin in thought. “Well I could take my time with life, really enjoy it you know? Also I could learn everything I ever wanted to know!” She nods with a smile.

“You hit the core idea of the problem.” You blink and tilt your head. “She has immortality, unending lifetimes to do anything and learn anything. And she sits in her room doing nothing.” She drinks more of her tea. “If not for Mokou showing up now and then to kick her ass I don't think should would leave her room for ages.” You can't believe this! All that potential going to waste?!

“Why? How could she just...do nothing?!” Tewi shrugs.

“You got me. Mokou used to be pretty bad too but she's gotten better over the years.”

“Wait...is she immortal as well?” Tewi smirks a points a finger down the table. You follow her finger...and press yourself into your chair as you meet Mokou's fiery gaze. How the hell does she know what you are talking about?!

“That is something you will have to ask her yourself~” Yeah right! Any other ideas you have for me Tewi? I could just go steal my sister's donation box that would be a much easier way of committing suicide.

Outside the Hakurei shrine a sweeping shrine maiden stops and snaps her head around. “What was that?”

You shake your head to rid yourself of foolish ideas and finish your soup. Man that was good ooo lets try the carrot loaf next!

After much feasting...

You are in the same state as much of the table members, sprawled out in a chair with a food coma. A slight shaking makes you blink your bleary eyes and look up to find Eirin giving you another motherly smile. “I didn't want to wake you but I doubt you would enjoy sleeping like this.” You nod and pull yourself to your feet. Ow you are really stiff. “As I said before I have a room ready for you.” A bed sound wonderful right now so you let the nice doctor lead down a few hallways before she stops at a door marked P2. “It stands for Patient 2.” She adds helpfully. You take a look around and yep all the doors follow this pattern.

“Wait who's in P1?” She chuckles.

“A witch.” Ouch. Poor Marisa. You say your goodbyes and head into the room. Its modest with a bed, desk, and a table with a lamp on it. A set of white night clothes with carrots on them is waiting for you and you slowly change into them before falling into bed. Today was a good day.


Morning comes at it usually does, with a bright ray of sun to the face. You awake feeling refreshed and find your clothing has been washed and mended. Great service here at Eientei! Right as you finish changing there is a knock at the door and Eirin's voice calls from the other side. “Are you awake?” At your affirmative answer she opens the door and steps inside. “Morning~ Before you head out I would like to take a look at your arm.” She spends a minute unwrapping and examining and you are stunned at how fast you have healed. “Well everything looks fine and I think we can leave the wrapping off. Just try to avoid punching any more Master Sparks alright?”

“I'll do my best but I make no promises.” You both chuckle.

“Anyway I need to see to our other patient.” You can feel her smile become strained. “If there is nothing else?”

“What do I own you miss Yagokoro?” She waves a dismissive hand at you.

“Yukari already paid my fee so you are free to go anytime.” Huh. Need to thank her for that. “I'll have one of the girls guide you back out of the forest.” You thank her for the healing, food, and the guide and soon you find yourself outside the screwy bamboo woods. Mmm its still morning...so that means you have all day! What to do?

[ ] Go hang out with your sister

[ ] Go see Yuuka

[ ] Go see Yukari

[ ] Go to the SDM (and maybe start learning magic)

[ ] No more putting it off! Find someone to teach you danmaku! (Can be anyone you have already met in Gensokyo but 1: You have to find them first 2: They might be busy 3: They might not want to teach you)
[X] Go hang out with your sister

Family bonding go!
[X] No more putting it off! Find someone to teach you danmaku!
[X] Go hang out with your sister

Haru was taught how to fight by his mother, so it's only fitting to be taught danmaku by his big sister, right? What better way to bond as siblings than to beat the crap outta each other?
Plus, I suspect Reimu might be the only one capable of handling him.
[X] No more putting it off! Find someone to teach you danmaku!
[X] Go hang out with your sister

Goddamn do I want more Momma Yuuka, but danmaku is important, as is thawing the heart of our wonderful sister.
[X] Go hang out with your sister
Bondan tiem

[X] And ask her to teach you Danmaku!

She's one of the best and he already has experience with the Hakurei 'teaching' "methods"
[X] Go hang out with your sister
[X] Go hang out with your sister (and have her teach you danmaku)

Time to head back to the shrine and check on your sister. You fly high into the sky and lazily make your way through the air. Man...the view from up here...makes you want to break into song or something...

“I love the mountains

I love the clear blue skies

I love the bamboo forest

I love the scarlet lake

I love the whole world

And all its sights and sounds


I love the underground

I love my perfect home

I love lemon pops

I love my hand wraps

I love the whole world

And all its craziness


I love the village

I love the fairies

I love all my friends

I love to fight them too

I love the whole world

Its such a brilliant place


You land in the shrine grounds still humming your made up song, damn its so catchy! Nice one brain. You spy your sister sitting standing by the door muttering to herself. As you get a bit closer you can make some of it out. “-nothing tastes as good...not even the tea tastes as good...” You roll your eyes, really sis? My food isn't that good.

Inside a bedroom in Mayohiga a sleeping gap youkai mutters a soft “Bull shit.”

You purposely snap a twig underfoot and her head snaps up. At the sight of you her hands clasp together and her eyes shine with pleading. You sigh but nod. “Yes yes I will make food.” She practically drags you inside the shrine.

One feeding later...

“Ahhh!” Reimu sighs in happiness as she sips tea with you on the porch. “Now if only we could get some donations the day would be perfect.” You snort.

“Would you like a pony with that wishful thinking?” She ruffles your hair and you both give sour laughs. ...this is...nice...just sitting here with family drinking tea...you can't remember the last time you...oh...no you can...is was the day...before she vanishes. You blink away the tear that tried to build in your eyes before snuggling a bit into your sister. She huffs but puts an arm around you.

This really is nice...

“So I get the feeling you didn't come back to the shrine just to feed me.” You laugh again but nod regardless.

“I would like to learn danmaku!” You stand up so you can bow to her. “Please teach me Reimu sensei.” She chuckles and sips the last of her tea.

“Reimu sensei? That has a nice ring to it.” She stands and stretches. “Now the first thing you need to know about danmaku is its history and rules. And for that we need more tea!” You giggle and follow her inside, your sister has a tea addition or something.

One history lesson later...

“Now the next step you have already done, flying.” You nod and float off the ground. “How well can you fly?”

“I've been flying everywhere for practice so I'm doing ok.” She nods.

“Have you changed the bubble method to fit yourself?”

“Yep I twist my power around me like a personal wind and fly inside it.” She blinks.

“That's...a really creative way of doing it!” She ruffles your hair. “Well don't I have the most creative little bother.” You giggle and shoot her a thumbs up. “Now the next step is to find your power theme...although I think you already have one.” At your confused look she waves her hand and a glowing red ofuda shoots from it and out a window. “My danmaku is based around the divine power of the Hakurei bloodline-”

“And given that I am part of the bloodline my danmaku would be kind of the same?”

“Yep.” She leads you back outside and picks a tree a bit ways off for a target. “Try it on that and remember what I told you about forming bullets.” You nod an glare at the tree as you feel for your power. You grasp at the dancing white flame inside you and raise a hand at the tree and...


A small red/white orb shoots from your hand and slams into the tree. You shoot a few more and find to your sister's delight that your little orbs home in on your target. “The power of the Hakurei family~” She says as she pats you lovingly on the shoulder. “Now you can fly and you can fight but you need 1 more thing.”

“Spell cards?” She nods.

“Spell cards. Now despite its name a spell card is not something you draw up or anything like that. It is a stored pattern of your power that you craft into being.”

“So I just think of a way I want my power to move and poof a card?”

“In a way. You need to feel the pattern and bend your power to match.”

“Ok I'll try.”

“Wait wait wait remember you need to base your cards off your theme or something else.” You blink and look up at her.

“Something else?”

“Well most cards are theme based but some people make cards based off events, emotion, or sometimes they just slap their name on a card and call it done.” She snorts. “Rather full of themselves if you ask me. In fact some people even craft cards made for dealing with another person.” Sounds like something Mokou and Kaguya might do. You close your eyes and start to bend your power...

Craft your first spell card!

[ ] Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation! (A normal spread of your orbs with a single gold 'coin' orb that follows your target shooting more red/white orbs)

[ ] Hakurei Sign: Difficult Training! (A few orbs spin around the target boxing them in as other orbs fly at them)

[ ] Haru Sign: Sunrise over Gensokyo! (Orbs line up before you and slowly pan out in waves like a sunrise slowly going over the land)

[ ] Write in (The cards may only be based around emotion, himself, or the Hakurei bloodline at this point. Also this is your first card so keep it simple, harder ones will come later)
File 147292406073.jpg - (657.88KB, 850x1300, 0l7BEtt.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation!

I like the pun with 'Charming Domination'

That said, I won't be satisfied until we have a 'Shikigami: Yukari' sign or something.
[X] Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation! (A normal spread of your orbs with a single gold 'coin' orb that follows your target shooting more red/white orbs)

Nobody can get away from Haru's charm. Nobody.
[x] Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation!
[x] Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation! (A normal spread of your orbs with a single gold 'coin' orb that follows your target shooting more red/white orbs)
[X] Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation! (A normal spread of your orbs with a single gold 'coin' orb that follows your target shooting more red/white orbs)

I kinda like the idea of making spell cards based off the people we meet if that's something we can do later.
[X] Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation! (A normal spread of your orbs with a single gold 'coin' orb that follows your target shooting more red/white orbs)

The first card is for ourselves and Reimu. Other cards can each show another friend's influence, to make a set of spellcards based on relationships.
This is a later option yes
[X] Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation

Yes...yes you can feel it! Your power shifts and you feel something settle in your hand. You open your eyes and smile at your first card. Reimu looks over your shoulder and gives your head a pat. “Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation. Sounds good even if rather fantastical.” You both laugh and she flies into the air. “Now before we can start I need to teach you how to bomb.”


“Yep, its a desperation move used in spell card duels. By burning up a lot of your power you can wipe out another person's danmaku, clear the board so to speak. However when I say burn up a lot of power I mean it. I've seen people lose duels because they bombed so much they ran out of power and couldn't go on. To bomb the best way is to make a spell card just for bombing. It should be powerful and meant to help you out of a jam.” You nod and reach for your power again...

Craft you spell bomb!

[ ] Hakurei Sign: Divine Intervention! (A massive wave of pure white energy spreads out from you, wiping out danmaku and making you invulnerable for a short time)

[ ] Hakurei Sign: Smite Evil! (A pure white laser sweeps back and forth wiping out danmaku and doing damage to your foe)

[ ] Family Sign: Help Arrives! (A shadow of your mother appears before you, intercepting anything that might harm you. At the card's end the shadow rushes your foe and stuns them for a few seconds with a powerful punch)

[ ] Write in (Same rules as before)
[x] Family Sign: Help Arrives! (A shadow of your mother appears before you, intercepting anything that might harm you. At the card's end the shadow rushes your foe and stuns them for a few seconds with a powerful punch)
[X] Family Sign: Help Arrives! (A shadow of your mother appears before you, intercepting anything that might harm you. At the card's end the shadow rushes your foe and stuns them for a few seconds with a powerful punch)

Haru is now a stand user.
[x] Family Sign: Help Arrives!

This is too adorable.
[X] Family Sign: Help Arrives! (A shadow of your mother appears before you, intercepting anything that might harm you. At the card's end the shadow rushes your foe and stuns them for a few seconds with a powerful punch)
[x] Family Sign: Help Arrives! (A shadow of your mother appears before you, intercepting anything that might harm you. At the card's end the shadow rushes your foe and stuns them for a few seconds with a powerful punch)

Continues with the theme, and practical too.
[X] Family Sign: Help Arrives! (A shadow of your mother appears before you, intercepting anything that might harm you. At the card's end the shadow rushes your foe and stuns them for a few seconds with a powerful punch)

Seeing PC-98 characters/people who knew mom shit themselves when we use this would be pretty funny
[x] Family Sign: Help Arrives!

May as well get on this train

Your next words will be 'Haru is getting more adorable each day'
[X] Family Sign: Help Arrives!

You sister smiles at you as your bomb card forms. “Alright you got a good bomb ready?” Oh yeah you got a heck of bomb card sis! “That fire in your eyes...reminds me of when me when I first started dueling.” She spins her gohei in a lazy ark and makes a 'come at me' motion. “Lets see what you got little brother.” You eagerly fly up to her level.

Spell card battle!

Opponent: Reimu Hakurei!

Title: The Shrine Maiden of Paradise!

“What is that?” Reimu blinks in confusion before she follows your finger to the words over her head.

“Oh! That's shows up whenever there is a spell card duel, think of it like a personal title. It has 2 uses, 1: It lets you boast. 2: It clues you in if what you are doing is not counted as a spell card duel as it won't show up outside a proper duel. It helps avoid accidents when someone tried to challenge someone without spell cards.

“...but when I fought Cirno at the Scarlet Lake something showed up.” She narrows her eyes and demands you explain. After you do she grits her teeth and facepalms.

“God damn it Yukari.” You get the feeling you are going to be hearing that a lot. “Ok no that wasn't a proper duel and I'll need to get on Yukari later for letting that happen...still...” She gives a proud look. “You stopped a spell card with nothing but your Hakurei training, that's nothing to scoff at Haru.” You blush and look down for a second. “However...” Her voice takes a deadly tone and you look up only to get an ofuda to the face. You spin in the air for a bit before you stabilize but your sister is already scolding you. “I heard what you did in the library you moron!” She brings her gohei down on your head and you yelp clutching at the forming bump. “Punching a Master Spark! Have you no brains between your ears!?” Despite her harsh words she hugs you and you snuggle your face into her shoulder. You know this kind of angry worry well from dealing with mother.

“I'm sorry Reimu.” She sighs and mumbles about how the Hakurei bloodline must have recklessness in it. “I'll be more careful from now on! Really I will!” She lets you go and glares at you without any heat.

“You better, I get enough stress from dealing with Marisa's insanity.” You nod and giver her your best smile. She snorts and takes her place a short ways away from you.

“Now if the drama is over maybe we can start our first duel?” You nod and take a battle stance as Reimu shares your smirk. “The rules for this battle will be endurance battle. As I'm sure you remember battles are set up as endurance challenges or a fight with a set number of cards. As you only have 1 card and are just starting I'm going to go easy on you until you get more training in.” You nod as she she points over your head. “You won't get the ability to give yourself a title until you have fought at least 1 real duel...and that” She smirks as a massive wave of red ofuda explodes out of her and swarms at you. “is right now!” You yelp again and start ducking and weaving around the red paper but some hit you regardless and you hiss at the pain it leaves behind. If glancing blows hurt like that you DON'T want to get hit dead on! You throw out a wave of your orbs and almost stop dodging in shock as Reimu practically dances around your return fire. As she waves her gohei at you in a 'try again' manner you suddenly understand just how outclassed you are. Another wave of ofuda is coming...and are those freaking needles!? OW! Yep those are needles! She laughs as you fail around the last of that wave and you glare at her. Oh think getting a needle in the arm is funny sis!?

[ ] Now is not the time to get all hot blooded! Keep on the defense!

[ ] Its quite clear she could drop you any time she wants so do your best to impress her!
[X] Its quite clear she could drop you any time she wants so do your best to impress her!
[x] Its quite clear she could drop you any time she wants so do your best to impress her!
[X] Now is not the time to get all hot blooded! Keep on the defense!
[x] Its quite clear she could drop you any time she wants so do your best to impress her!
[x] Now is not the time to be cold blooded! Wait for an opportunity!

Pride will be her downfall! It's like the saying goes: "The quick scribe jumps over the lazy paladin"
[x] Its quite clear she could drop you any time she wants so do your best to impress her!
[x] Its quite clear she could drop you any time she wants so do your best to impress her!
[X] Its quite clear she could drop you any time she wants so do your best to impress her!

Yeah you get it now, you don't really have a chance so this is your time to just show her your best! You smirk at her and hold you card high. “Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation!” Your spell border enfolds you as the card gets to work, a large wave of your orbs shooting out as the 'coin' starts following your sister. “Hey look sis its what you always wanted!” She spins away from the 'coin' but it persists and she laughs as her counter fire batters at you.

“Never thought I would hate a donation so much!” She keeps just ahead of the coin and you feel your spell border whine under her assault. Still you can't do anything but watch and mentally cheer your card on. After about 34 seconds your border fails and you feel like a fist just rammed into your gut but you shake it off and start up your normal orb fire even as a group of needles almost take your head off. “No getting complacent Haru~”

“Says the lazy shrine maiden!” You fire back and add some danmaku to your words. You are not surprised that Reimu hasn't taken a hit once but it only fuels your enthusiasm! Reimu slips around a few of your orbs before producing a card of her own.

“Sprint Sign: Fantasy Seal!” Huh what are those orbs of lightOHSHIT! You try every trick you can think of but you are getting boxed in really quickly! Well no time like the present to test this out!

“Family Sign: Help Arrives!” You feel a large part of your power leave you as the shadow forms before you...yes its just a shadowy form of her but the modified miko outfit mixed with the long hair are obvious clues to the identity of the shadow. Reimu's eye bug out inside her spell border as the shadow starts punching the light orbs out of existence! As the shadow has you covered you focus fire on Reimu as long as you can but sadly the card effect ends...and you almost laugh as Reimu gets the shit scared out of her as the shadow vanishes and reappears inside her border before punching her in the face. Yep that would stun anyone for a bit and you pour the fire on! Then Reimu recovers and glares at you.

“You sneaky little keeper!” You are not sure how light orbs can be angry but yes you say those new ones are pissed as hell! You are forced to abandon your orb barrage and have to stick to evading as the orbs swoop after you. Sadly you are still new to this and you over extend ducking one orb only to run smack into another! The duel barrier vanishes as you are knocked ass over end. Ow...that hurt like hell. You shake your head and reorient yourself as Reimu drifts over to you a smile on her proud face. “Well I must say that was the most fun I've had in a duel in a long time.” She ruffles your hair as you smile up at her.

“So...how did I do Reimu sensei?” She taps her chin in thought. “Well Charming Donation is a really good first card. The homing 'coin' making more orbs will really confuse low level duelers and they will hyper focus on it and get nailed by the other orbs you throw out, or they will not pay enough attention to it and it will catch them off guard.” She gives you a loving pat. “Great job on your first card.” You flush with pride and give her a smile. “And that bomb...” She shakes her head and snickers. “Not going to lie that shocked me, both when the shadow showed up and when it got right in my face at the end. I would tell you to be careful using that around a few people who might have run into mom at one point or another...but.” She gets and evil smirk. “Where's the fun in that?” You laugh with her.

“So any advice for me?”

“If you want to get better then fight as many duels as you can. No studying or battle advice will ever stack up to true combat so keep getting into duels if you want to get stronger. Getting stronger will let you last longer, bomb more, and use better and stronger spell cards.” You nod, yeah that was in line with your thinking.

“Any advice on who I should fight?” She thinks for a second.

“Well anyone really. Even people high above your dueling level will still give you valuable experience no matter how short you last.” She ruffles your hair again. “And remember to mix it up and fight different people as well.” You salute and chirp out a yes sensei and she mock swings her gohei at you. “Brat. Well You need to rest for a bit, win or lose dueling always tires you out.” Now that she mentions it yeah you do feel kind of drained. “Lets go have some tea.” You roll your eyes as you follow her inside, really tea again?

Inside a gap...

Ran closes the view of the 2 Hakureis as they enter the shrine and chuckles to herself. “You were right as always master, it seems your plan is unfolding like you said it wold.”

Snuggled up in her bed the gap youkai smiles for reasons only known to her.

After some tea...

You stretch and smile as you look out into the shrine yard. Your sister is in such a good mood she is working around the shrine for once! ...well she still stops for tea every 5 minutes but that's Reimu for you. You take a look at the project in your hand...yep coming along nicely. This is going to be a very personal card for use on those who took mother away. Its far from finished but you will work on it as time passes. You halt work on the card for now and smile at the sky, you feel recovered from your duel so you have the rest of the day to look forward to!

[ ] Go visit someone

-[ ] Yukari

-[ ] Yuuka

-[ ] The SDM crew

-[ ] Mokou

[ ] Hang out in the shrine

[ ] You haven't gone to the village yet
[x] Go visit someone
-[x] Yuuka
[X] Hang out at the shrine.
After all we haven't met all the residents of the shrine.
Genji would be able to tell us stories about Mom and Reimu's past's.
[x] Go visit someone
-[x] Yuuka
[x] Go visit someone
-[x] The SDM crew
Maybe We'll see Cirno again in the way to the SDM.
[X] Hang out in the shrine

All for talking to Genji.

Knowing the seeds of vengeance have taken root within Haru makes me eager to witness the moment he unleashes his anguish-fueled hatred upon whomever took his mother away from.
[X] You haven't gone to the village yet

Keep meeting more new people.
[X] You haven't gone to the village yet

He must collect donations!
[x] Go visit someone
[x] Yukari
[X] You haven't gone to the village yet
The votes seem undecided for now so I'll leave the voting open for now
[X] You haven't gone to the village yet
[x] Go visit someone
-[x] Yuuka
[X] You haven't gone to the village yet

Sure. Why not.
Village wins writing now
[X] You haven't gone to the village yet

Mmm you haven't dropped in to visit the village yet and now would be a good time to do so. You take off into the blue sky and take a second to locate your target before zooming off.

You touch down outside in a clearing outside one of the village gates. Its true there is nothing stopping you from landing anywhere inside the village but it is seen as polite to use one of the gates. A group of 4 men, mostly older ones, are standing to the sides of the gate. They are in some kind of leather armor and have spears and bows. They level their weapons at you as you approach. “Halt first timer! Identify yourself!”

“Hello there, I am Haru Hakurei. I wish to enter the village so please let me pass.” One of men snarls at you.

“Oh great another youkai loving Hakurei, as if one wasn't bad enough.” Your eye twitches even as you keep your smile plastered on your face.

“I have no issues with you or your men, please step aside.” The big man snorts and walks over forcing his face into yours.

“And what are you going to do if we don't little man? You are not allowed to touch humans!” He throws his head back and laughs along with his comrades...and suddenly lets out a cry of pain as he falls over clutching his abused family jewels. You retract your leg and glance at his shocked comrades.

“I regret to inform you but your information is off. There is no law in the code of the Hakurei that binds us from harming or killing humans.” You dust your knuckles on your chest in a nonchalant manner. “In fact if you had ever taken time to look over history you will find that the Hakurei dealt with renegade humans as much as youkai. So with that in mind I ask again, are you going to bar my passage?” They seem to recover from their shock and the 2 closest to you charge at you spears out. You stand there arms crossed as the spears hit you and promptly shatter. They look down at their broken weapons in shock before looking into your eyes. “You done?” Before they can answer you spin with a high roundhouse kick then hits them both sending them into a ditch. You glance at the last one who has pulled out his bow and has readied an arrow at you.

“Get back freak!” He fires and you the catch the arrow by the haft with 2 fingers. You snap it with ease and he drops his bow and turns to run...and comes up short due to the pissed off woman in blue blocking the way.

“And just what are you doing here Kuji?” He waves his hands before him in a pleading manner as she advances on him.

“N-No it wasn't us it was-”

“Silence. The lies and actions of you and your gang have shamed the village for the last time.” His pleading grows louder but she ignores him. “You are all banished from the village to live out the rest of your lives in the forest of magic. Do not try to return.” He grows pale and wails in horror.

“The forest of magic?! That's no better then a death sentence!” He tries to grab on to her but she grabs his arms and-


...oh damn that looked painful. Kuji joins his moaning comrades on the ground. She dusts herself off and adjusts her hat before smiling at you. “I apologize for that vulgar welcome, please come in, the village is most excited to have another Hakurei visit us.” As you start to follow her inside you catch sight of a small group of faeries pointing at you and cheering. A few are holding up 10 point score cards. You give them a smile and a nod before you pass into the village. You take a good look around...wow this place is huge! Human Village more like Large Human Town. The woman seems to understand as she giggles. “Yes it is quite large for a village but the name has always been a tradition.” Ahh. You nod in understanding.

“Tradition is important after all.” She nods with a pleased look.

“Indeed however it should not stop ordered progress for tradition above all leads to stagnation.”

“Yet our roots can never be forgotten as we move to a brighter tomorrow.” Her smile grows sour.

“Yes sadly some of the villagers seem to forget these wise thoughts. I am a teacher by trade and what most forget is that no one is too old to learn even if it must be a harsh lesson.” You nod in agreement and the conversation turns to lighter topics. You ask about her and the village and a rich history starts to unfold before you. Gensokyo is truly a wonderful place.

“Ahh.” Keine stops before a small shop in the main square. It seems to be in the last touches before opening and a young human girl and a strict looking fairy are speaking outside it. “This is a new addition to the village, our first youkai and human run store. Its opens in a few days and we are expecting great things.” The girl and fairy notice the 2 of you and come over.

“Hi there~” The girl seems to spill happiness from her very being! “I'm Recette Lemongrass!” ...she is now your favorite shopkeeper ever. She points a finger to the fairy beside her. “This is Tear!” The fairy nods at you as she keeps looking over a clipboard. “Sorry we are not open yet but when we do we would love to have you!~” You smile back at her and shake her hand. The fairy looks up and at the girl and clears her throat.

“Recette you still need to buy the first round of stock and pick a name.” The girl blinks.

“Stock?” Tear facepalms with her clipboard.

“Merde.” You and Keine say your goodbyes as Tear starts to berate Recette. You chuckle as the voice of the task master fairy fades.

“What a pair they make.” Keine nods with a smile.

“We have faith in them. Anyway I need to get back to the school building to check up on miss Kazami, have a good day and welcome to the Human Village.” She bows and walks off.

[ ] Wander the village

[ ] Look for something in the village (write in what you want to look for)

[ ] Wait did she say Kazami?

[ ] Leave the village and go elsewhere (write in where you want to go)
[X] Wait did she say Kazami?
Get fucked gang people, Haru has no time for your shit
[x] Wait did she say Kazami?

Teacher Yuuka hype
[x] Wait did she say Kazami?

[Van Halen intensifies]
[X] Wander the village

Find new people!
[x] Wait did she say Kazami?
[X] Wait did she say Kazami?

Haru is really tough. Well he is a Hakurei.

Also capitalism ho!
Glad someone picked up on that
Warning, this post may contain an overdose of moe and Yuuka teasing

[X] Wait did she say Kazami?

“Uhh wait just a moment miss Kamishirasawa!”

“Yes? Is there something else I can help you with Haru?”

“You mentioned someone named Kazami. Would this person be Yuuka Kazami?” She looks a little surprised but nods.

“Yes miss Kazami volunteered to help out at the school. We are having more human youkai integration programs and although only a handful of youkai showed up for schooling it is a group of the more troublesome ones.”

“Not violent ones I hope.” She shakes her head.

“Oh no not violent just prone to pranks and the like.”

“So Yuuka is here to keep things running smoothly?” A nod.

“More or less, the few youkai we simply couldn't reach are no longer part of the program and the ones remaining keep their pranking outside class so she is mostly teaching village children now after their many requests.” You notice you seem to have reached the school grounds now.

“They like her that much?” Keine giggles as she opens the door of the school building for you.

“Adore is the better word. Here I can show you.” She opens one of the hallway doors and you look inside. Its a small classroom with a bunch of kids, around 5-7 ish you think, all sitting in neat rows eyes facing front. The person teaching is...holy Hakurei...Yuuka has traded her normal clothing for a tight fitting dark green dress with a white leaf pattern that starts at her right leg and slowly wraps around the dress to her left shoulder. Her green hair is pulled back in a slight bun with a sunflower pin and a pair of gray glasses adorn her face. Her parasol is sitting in a corner next to small sack.

“And so Makoto was able to write up a trade agreement that to this day still stands between the village and the kappa. Now who can tell me why Makoto, despite all the work he did as the village head man of his generation, is still remember unfavorably by the village?” Yuuka's words are spoken in the same gentle tone you remember and you watch as a hand slowly raises from the mess of children.

“Ahh yes Kana?” The girl, a sweet child no more then 5, wiggles in her seat for a bit before timidly answering.

“Because he married a kappa?” Yuuka gives a pleased nod and shuts the book she is holding with a soft snap.

“Indeed. Well I do believe that is all for today's lesson.” A chorus of soft noooos fills the air and Yuuka smiles. “I will ask miss Kamishirasawa when I can sub next. Until then your homework is to have a good question in mind to ask about Kappa come next class.” The children all jump up a surround Yuuka, all smiles and infectious joy. She calls each one by name and gives words of encouragement and advice in her gentle tone. You nudge Keine.

“Hey Keine?”

“Yes Haru?”

“Yuuka would make a great mother.” She giggles but nods along with you. Slowly the children start to disperse and the 2 of you move out of the doorway to let them by. Most of them throw a greeting to Keine as they scamper off to do who knows what. The 2 of you head inside after the flow of kids halts and you find Yuuka speaking to one last kid...hey its rainbow wings!

“Very well done today Flandre~” Yuuka smiles and gives the blond child a head pat. Said child giggles and smiles up at the sub teacher.

“Thanks~!” She turns and skips over to you and stops. She blinks a moment before a wide grin (fangs? Oh right) brakes out on her face. “Hey you are that new shrine person!” She sticks out a hand and you giver it a shake. “Nice to meet you, I'm Flandre! But you can call me Flan!” You chuckle.

“Well nice to meet you miss Flan.” Her eyes seem to shine at the nickname. “I'm Haru Hakurei and yes I'm the new shrine person.” She takes a thinking pose, her tongue poking out of the side of her mouth.

“Hey you visited the manner before right?”

“If you mean the Scarlet Manner then yes I did but only for a short time.” She smiles again and her eyes shut from the sheer force of it.

“Well you didn't stay long enough to meet Flan! Come back another time and play with me ok?~” You give her head a pat and she nuzzles her head into your hand like a cat.

“How could I say no?” She smiles and grabs your hand sniffing it. “Do I smell odd?”

“Nope!” She lets your hand go. “Just making sure I know what smell is Haru's so that I know when you come over next!” She flutters her wings and the odd crystals tinkle softly. You hear the patter of soft footsteps and the child, Kana, bursts into the room panting softly.

“Flan!” She waves a hand back the way she came. “Miss Mokou is in town today and is selling her food stuff!” Flan stiffens and before you can blink Kana is on her shoulders and a maniac look is in her eyes.

“Well why didn't you say so Na-chan!” She points down the hallway. “Food ho!” The rainbow winged girl takes off running her friend laughing in joy as she bounces on her shoulders. You, Yuuka, and Keine chuckle as you all watch them go and Keine moves to follow them.

“I best keep all the children out of trouble and see how Mokou is doing.” She nods to the 2 of you and heads down the hallway. And there there were 2. You turn and smile at Yuuka as she collects a few books from the desk.

“Hello again miss Yuuka.” She smiles at you and lets her hair down.

“What a lovely day to meet my little sprout again~♥” She grabs her parasol and the sack beside it. “I would enjoy spending time with you but first I must change into less formal attire so if you could please vacate?~♥” She giggles and starts opening her dress. “Unless you are so lustful as to see me bare myself not that I would mind~♥”

[ ] Red faced you quickly exit the room and shut the door

[ ] ...well if you really don't mind...
[X] Red faced you quickly exit the room and shut the door

A man must know when to give a woman some privacy.
[X] Red faced you quickly exit the room and shut the door

Too soon for lewds!
[X] Red faced you quickly exit the room and shut the door

I'd like us to have a semblance of self-control.
[X] Red faced you quickly exit the room and shut the door
[X] Red faced you quickly exit the room and shut the door

Normally I'd think this would end the same way for both options, but I think Yuuka would actually call our bluff.
>Scarlet manner

"Flandre! Where are your manners?"
"By the lake"
Both options lead to Yuuka teasing you. The second option would have just given her more ammunition.

[X] Red faced you quickly exit the room and shut the door

Gak! Damn all these teasing youkai! You flee from the room and shut the door as your face burns bright red. Even with the door shut you can still hear Yuuka's giggles. I bet mother never had to deal with stuff like this. The door opens a few minutes later and Yuuka steps out in her normal clothing. She smiles at you as she spins her parasol on her shoulder. “Such an easy to tease sprout~♥” Gak! She motions to the space beside her. “Walk with me little sprout~♥” You fall in beside her and the 2 of you leave the building. “Tell me, what brings you to the human village?~♥”

“Nothing really, I've just never been here before and wanted to have a look around.” She nods.

“Ahh and here I thought you came to visit me~♥” You flush again as she laughs. “Tell me what you think~♥”

“About the village?” She nods. “Well its a lot bigger then the name would suggest. Also from the way my sister talks I expected...”

“More anti youkai sentiment?~♥”


“If it was a year ago perhaps however times are changing and the village must change or be left behind~♥”

“But human fear is one of the ways youkai sustain themselves. Doesn't this seem counterproductive?” She smirks and you almost flinch.

“The villagers fear many things. The first is the unknown, what beings lurk beyond their flimsy walls? The second are youkai such as Yukari that have a very well known reputation~♥”

“And you right?” She giggles.

“And why would people fear me? I'm just a simple gardener~♥” Right and mother was just a shrine sweeper. “And the third is the youkai now living among them. Who knows what dark plans we might have now that we have breached their oh so safe walls~♥” You snort.

“And the oh so dark plan is that there is no plan yet the idea of a plan will drive them to fear a plan.” You shake your head. “Do all youkai like playing mind games or is it just you and Yukari?” She just smiles.

“Hi!” You blink and take a step back from...oh its Aya again. “Aya here for the-”

“You are interrupting my walk~♥” Yuuka still has her normal tone yet the air seems to grow cold and Aya shivers but presses on.

“I would like to interview substitute Yuuka and get her thoughts!” She pulls out a notepad and smiles as Yuuka sighs and the oppressive air vanishes.

“Very well.” She turns to you and pats you slightly on the back. “Please continue on little sprout. After I deal with this crow I will be heading home, if you wish to speak to me more you can find me there~♥” You thank Yuuka as she turns back to the crow.

“So Yuuka did you ever think you would end up being a school teacher?”

“No...in truth I always wanted to open a bakery~♥” You leave the 2 youkai to their interview.

[ ] Wander around the village

[ ] Go find Yuuka's home

[ ] Head back to the shrine

[ ] Head somewhere else in Gensokyo

-[ ] You have heard tails about a mountain full of youkai

-[ ] What is the forest of magic?

-[ ] Hey where does Yuukari live?

-[ ] Didn't Satori say she lived underground? (And what was that flash of green just now?)
[X] Wander around the village
[X] Go find Yuuka's home
[X] Wander around the village
[X] Wander around the village

Those tails of mountain youkai must be bery noisy to hear them from so far away.

Also was that a "You're Baking Yuuka-san" reference?
Yes it was
[X] Wander around the village
[X] Wander around the village
Christ I'm bad at remembering who lives in the village that we've not met yet. Akyu? Does Sekibanki live here?
Akyu, Kosuzu and Sekibanki live there, Reisen pops in with medicine regularly and you could easily see any character stop by to do a bit of shopping.
[X] Wander around the village

You wonder what you should do now and a old man in a cloak with a gnarled wooden staff that has a bunch of people gathered around him gives you an answer. You might as well stay a while even if you don't stop to listen. Mmm what to do what to do... Well you could get something to eat or at least head that way as you think. You walk down one of the main streets and just people watch as you go. So many people going so many different ways! A few people have street stalls with a smattering of goods and call out to anyone willing to listen. You hear a noise overhead and glance up to see a familiar witch and broom. See seems to be scanning the crowds and you quickly turn and walk to a stall for cover. The woman owner is at least a few years older then the Earth itself and gives you a warm smile as she leans on a cane. “Hello young man, fancy a youkai eye?” You are confused before you notice the baked goods on the stall. They are small round cookies with a single large berry in the middle...well it does look like an eyeball. You take a peek up and see that Marisa has not moved on so you might be here for a bit.

“They look good but why call them youkai eyes?” She chuckles.

“The berry in the middle only grows in the forest of magic and is very tart.” Ooo tart you say? You had my interest but now you have my attention.

“How tart are we talking?” She points out that some of the berries are different shades.

“The darker the berry the more tart it is.” Ooo challenge accepted! You pay for a very dark purple one and thank the kind woman. You walk away from the stall (thankful that the witch has moved on) and take a bite. Damn that is tart but oh so good! You savor the youkai eye as you continue your walk. You pass a bar that seems to have a large clientele. A number of humans and youkai are drinking and laughing together. You nod at a man with a spiffy green cap and he lifts his mug in response.

Your walk brings you to a cross street and you take a second to look around.

[ ] A small stage with a group of kids gathered around it

[ ] A red head with bows in her hair and a large capelet seems to be arguing with stall owner

[ ] A young girl in a red dress with a green cap is holding a bag and looking around the area with a worried look
[X] A red head with bows in her hair and a large capelet seems to be arguing with stall owner
[x] A red head with bows in her hair and a large capelet seems to be arguing with stall owner
[X] A red head with bows in her hair and a large capelet seems to be arguing with stall owner

Headless shenanigans incoming
[X] A small stage with a group of kids gathered around it

this is alice i think
[X] A small stage with a group of kids gathered around it
[X] A small stage with a group of kids gathered around it

Pity you don't have any unidentified magic items for the old man's services.
[X] A small stage with a group of kids gathered around it

[X] A small stage with a group of kids gathered around it

A stage? Might as well go see what all the fuss is about. You walk over and get the attention of the one the kids sitting at the back. “Excuse me but what is the stage for?” He bounces in place without turning around.

“It's miss Alice!” He says like it explains everything.

“Ok...so who's Alice?” He looks at you shocked.

“Y-You know...Alice!” Ok this isn't working.

“A puppeteer.” SHIT! You stumble back from the sudden umbrella but a hand snags you and keeps you upright.

“Ahh Kogasa.” She smiles and the umbrella tongue waves at you.

“Hi~” Does she always sound so cheery or is that saved for when she scares the shit out of you?

“I'm surprised to see you here...and I just answered my own question.” She giggles and nods. “Did you come to see this...Alice?”

“Oh no I'm following the white rabbit, after all if Alice won't someone needs to.” What. She laughs and points out a girl with bunny ears. Ahh it's Reisen. “Well I better get back to it~” And she's gone...ok. You hear something from the stage and the kids all settle down so you have a look. A group of little girl dolls has taken center stage and are holding up a sign. 'Introducing Alice Margatroid the 7 colored puppeteer!' The stage curtain lifts and reveals a blond girl with more dolls...or puppets rather. The kids cheer and she curtsies and all the puppets curtsy as well.

“Hello and welcome to another of my puppet shows. Today is another adventure of Shanghai the Brave.” The cheering intensifies and you take a seat to watch. Alice vanishes behind the stage and a puppet in red samurai armor with a katana takes her place. The puppet starts walking (but not moving forward) on the stage as Alice's voice drifts out to the audience. “As you can all remember Shanghai the Brave had been resting from her last adventure in the land of many lakes when she heard rumors that her arch nemesis, Hourai the Strong, had been seen in the land of the fire trees. So she set out to once again challenge her nemesis and demand the location of her unknown sister.” Other puppets worked behind the action dropping in background and making it scroll by as Shanghai 'walked' across the land. “Suddenly she came across a small village of the edge of the land of fire trees.” And the background was updated with small buildings and a few puppet villagers milling about. “Shanghai the Brave boldly walked into the town and asked a villager if they had seen any signs of Hourai the Strong.” The 'talking' was done by some puppets holding signs with words above the speakers heads.

“Greetings! I am Shanghai the Brave and I seek my arch nemesis Hourai the Strong!” An old man looking puppet walked up to her and bowed.

“Welcome to our humble village Shanghai the Brave, I am the village leader.”

“Have you or your people seen a samurai in black armor around here?” The old man rubbed his chin.

“I don't know of any samurai but some strangers did pass into the fire woods. It seems they were going to Mt. Doom...why anyone would want to go there is beyond me.”

“Thanking the village leader Shanghai the Brave set out to Mt. Doom. But first she would have to pass though the fire woods!” The background changed to huge (at least to the puppet) dead looking trees. “Now these trees had such a name for good reason as they were 300 feet tall and breathed fire!” Little steams of flame shot out from the trees and Shanghai started some impressive acrobatic maneuvers. “Even with such danger Shanghai the Brave refused to give up and made her way safely to the foot of Mt. Doom!” The background was now a large mountain the spat little balls of fire from the top that would land around the stage and fizzle out without harming the wood. “It was here that Shanghai the Brave was ambushed by some of Hourai the Strong's followers!” A group of girl ninja puppets surrounded Shanghai. “It was the dreaded Fang Clan!” More sign puppets appeared as Shanghai shook her blade at them.

“Out of my way Fang ninja I seek your master Hourai the Strong!” The ninja puppets all drew weapons and started running around Shanghai.

“You can find out master at the top of Mt. Doom but only if you are able to defeat us!” The puppet battle that followed was...well it was rather epic really. The sparks for the weapons clashing or a glancing hit off Shanghai's armor told you that despite their small size those weapons were no joke.

“After defeating the last of the Fang Clan Shanghai the Brave started her way up the mountain to find Hourai the Strong.” The background slowly moved up the mountain as Shanghai 'climbed' up. Close to the top was a temple looking building. “At last it seemed like Shanghai the Brave had found her arch nemesis!” The background changed to inside the temple as Shanghai 'entered' it. A new puppet in black samurai armor was standing by book sitting on a pedestal. Cue the sign puppets.

“Turn and face me Hourai the Strong for it is I Shanghai the Brave and I will defeat you and find out who and were my sister is!” The black samurai turns and slowly drew its own katana.

“So even here you follow me Shanghai the Brave. When will your rage ever be satisfied?”

“My rage will pass when my sister is safe with me!” The 2 charged and sparks flew as blade met blade. The clash had them battling up and down the temple even on the walls and across the ceiling at one point. Both red and black armor were showing signs of battle as nicks and scratches slowly accumulated as the 2 puppets fought. Then with one last clash Shanghai's blade shattered and the red armored puppet slumped to the ground sagging with fatigue. The kids watching gasped as the black samurai stood over Shanghai, blade at her neck. More sign puppets.

“Know this Hourai the Strong, you may shatter my blade and slay my body but my spirit will never waver! Even if I must claw my way back from the underworld I will never rest until I save my sister!”

“You are so eager to throw your life away without knowing the truth Shanghai the Brave.”

“And what truth could you offer me!” Hourai stuck her blade into the floor of the temple and slowly removed her helmet, showing a face almost the same as Shanghai. Sounds of shock and horror came from the kids as Hourai smiled down at Shanghai.

“I am your sister.” Shanghai seemed to recoil, every fiber of her being rebelling at that thought.

“No...no! That's no true! That's impossible!”

“Search your feelings you know it to be true.” Shanghai threw her head back in a skyward scream.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” And the curtain fell to a round of applause that you happily joined in. Alice returned on stage and once again curtsied with Shanghai and Hourai.

“Thank you thank you. I hope you all enjoyed the show and as always I will inform the village leaders when I set a time for the next show.” A few sign puppets let Shanghai and Hourai add their thoughts.

“We hope to see you again~” The kids all offered a round of thanks before heading off. Well with the show over you guess you can-? A tapping on your shoulder makes you look down to find Shanghai in her normal dress poking you softly. As you tilt your head at her she tugs softly on your clothing and points at the stage.

“You want me to follow you?” Nod nod. “Ok then lead the way.” You follow the little puppet back behind the stage where a small army of puppets are packing up the stage props and costumes. Alice is sitting at a small table that has been set for tea for 2.

“Hello.” She waves a hand at the table. “Please sit with me.” You do so and thank Shanghai as she fetches you your cup and pours some tea into it. “I am Alice Margatroid the 7 colored puppeteer. First of all I would like to ask if you enjoyed the show?”

You take a sip (mmm very good tea) and answer her. “It was very good although I must confess I've never seen another puppet show so I don't really have a proper judge for it.” She smiles.

“An honest answer.” You both quietly sip tea for a few minutes before she sets her cup down. “A question if you don't mind.” At your go ahead she seems to collect her thoughts for a moment before asking. “You are the new Hakurei yes?”

“Yes I am.”

“And you are participating in danmaku duels?”

“I've just started but yes I am.”

“And you wish to learn more about magic?” You blink and think about that for a minute but yes that would be nice.

“Yes I would like to.” She nods to herself in a pleased manner.

“Then might I share an offer with you? You see I have spent quite some time trying to grant one of my puppets true sentience but all my efforts have failed.” Tea sip. “I would like your help in my latest endeavors.”

“Uhh well I would be glad to help but I don't know anything about puppets.” She shakes her head.

“It is your divine power I would find useful.” You rub your chin.

“You think I can...somehow bless a puppet with sentience or something?”

“A very bare bones way of putting it but yes. In return for your help I would be more then happy to aid you in your magical studies and danmaku training.” Her cup is refilled by a helpful Shanghai. “I do not expect an answer right this moment but please keep the offer in mind and give me a response when you are finished milling it over.” She gives a warm smile. “Also please do not think I will offended if you decline.” You smile and thank Shanghai as you also get a refill.

“Can I ask you something miss Margatroid?” Nod. “Why ask me? Why not ask Reimu for help.”

“I have.”

“...didn't end well?”

“No there was no offense she is simply too lazy for such things.” ...you are not sure if that's better or worse then offending. You both drink some more tea before she smiles again. “I think I have taken enough of your time.” A puppet, Hourai if you remember right, hands you a bit of paper and bows. “That is a map from your shrine to my home in the forest of magic. Please feel free to visit.” All the puppets working stop to bow to you as you stand to leave and you bow back at them. Suddenly an idea hits you.

“Shanghai and Hourai may I speak to you both?” Alice tilts her head at you as the 2 puppets float up to you. You give a deep respectful bow. “Might I trouble you both for an autograph? Its not every day you get to meet Shanghai the Brave and Hourai the Strong in person.” The puppets and Alice seemed stunned for second before she giggles and the puppets start dancing around each other with blushing faces before flying off. They return with tiny scrolls and tiny brushes. With elegant strokes they paint their names on the 2 scrolls and hand them over to you. You bow deep once again and take the scrolls like someone was handing you the hourai elixir. “I will cherish these forever.” They are still dancing around each other as you wave to Alice and head back to the cross road. Well what now?

[ ] That red head in the capelet is arguing with a stall owner

[ ] A young girl in a red dress with a green cap is holding a bag and looking around the area with a worried look

[ ] Oh shit its the witch!

I adore Alice and her puppets so I had a lot of fun with this one
[X] A young girl in a red dress with a green cap is holding a bag and looking around the area with a worried look
[x] Nitori
[X] That red head in the capelet is arguing with a stall owner
Is this a joke vote or did you misunderstand something?
[X] A young girl in a red dress with a green cap is holding a bag and looking around the area with a worried look

We must properly meet the other shikigami.
Oh shit I wanna beat up Marissa again but I want to talk to Sekibanki too aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[X] That red head in the capelet is arguing with a stall owner

I don't know who that other person is. Description makes me think Chen but I don't think that's right.
It is
[X] Oh shit its the witch!
[X] A young girl in a red dress with a green cap is holding a bag and looking around the area with a worried look

We must help her! Chivalry is not dead!
I'll leave the voting open for now
If there are no more votes by tomorrow a young girl in a red dress wins
[X] A young girl in a red dress with a green cap is holding a bag and looking around the area with a worried look

Ahh urge to help distressed person rising! As you walk over you notice she has a split tail. Ahh a bakeneko mother told you about these. “Hi.” You offer her a bright smile. “Are you ok?” She looks at you with suspicion before sniffing the air. She blinks and sniffs again before a wide smile is plastered on her face.

“Little bother!” What? She slams into you with a cross between a hug and a tackle and you are almost bowled over. “You came to help Chen Oneesan right?!” Ok now you are really confused and it must show on your face because her whole body seems to drupe.

“...did you forget big sis?” She sniffles and you start to panic your hands fluttering over her head. “Ahh no no please don't cry!”

“Chen that's enough.” Oh thank all the gods its Ran. At her words Chen goes from about to sob to smug satisfaction. She flicks her tails at you and giggles at your confusion.

“Nyaa~ Haru is so much fun~” You blink and slowly turn to Ran who is totally not hiding her smirk with her sleeve.

“Another member of the Yakumo family?” Your voice is rather deadpan and that just makes them both giggle.

“Yes she is. Haru this is Chen my shikigami.” Chen waves at you as you think that over.

“Wait if you are Yukari's shikigami does that make her a-”

“Yes.” They both answer with amused faces, seems the get the whole shikigami of a shikigami question a lot.

“Alright nice to meet you Chen.” She does a small bow. “Now 2 questions, first of all why call me little brother and second why did you look so troubled?” She snickers.

“I weren't in trouble I just wanted to prank someone.” She gets an evil grin. “When someone asks me what's wrong I tell them that my cat has gotten lost in the village and I get all weepy eyes and beg them to find it and who could resist my teary eyes?” Well you have to agree with her on that point. “I tell them to look for a cat with a cap like mine and they go off hunting for it. I then change into a cat and spend the rest of the day having them chase me all over the village!” She bursts out laughing and you shake your head.

“That's one heck of a prank Chen, downright evil if you ask me.” She snickers.

“I know~”

“So about my other question?”

“Well you are part of the family now.” What? “And as the youngest it is up to big sis Chen to look after you! And you in turn help Chen!” What. “Cause that's what families do.” ...god damn it Yukari. You give Ran a 'any help here' look but she just hides her face behind her sleeve. Traitor! I see that smile!

“Uhh w-well as nice as that sentiment is...I'm...not really part of the Yakumo family Chen.”

“Yet.” The finality she said that with is a little frightening and Ran chides her with an amused look.

“Now Chen don't go scaring your little brother.” You give an awkward chuckle and happen to glance in the skyOH SHIT THE WITCH IS BACK! You frantically look around for cover but all the stalls on this street are too far away! Come on any hiding spot will do! Anything! ...ahh screw it! You dive into your chosen spot just as the witch blasts out of the sky and lands a short ways off.

“Hey Fox! I'm looking for that new shrine keeper have you seen him?!” You start mentally threatening Ran and Chen to the most unpleasant danmaku duel ever if they rat you out.

“I didn't see any keepers around but let me ask Chen.” Chen don't you dare! Said cat girl makes a humm sound as she pretends to think if over.

“You looking for Haru the shrine keeper right?”


“About this high with dark hair and redish eyes?”


“And when he gets all nervous he tends to rub the back of his neck like this?

“Ye-...I didn't know that one but yeah!” Chen yawns.

“Nope never heard of him~” A long string of profanities explode from the witch.

“Damn it how hard is it to find the only shrine keeper in gensokyo!?” From your hiding spot you hear her shoot away on her broom. You stay put wanting to make sure she is really gone.

“Haru~” Ran's voice is extremely amused. “Did you hide in my tails just because you wanted to avoid her or was that an excuse to touch them again?~” With a great deal of mental force you stop petting one of her tails.

“Uhh...” She laughs as you pull yourself out from the tangle of warm tails.

“You do know you will have to face her at some point?”

“Or I could just get really good at sneaking around.” Both of them laugh at this.

“Well Chen I think we need to continue our shopping.” Chen snaps a salute.

“Right!” Ran looks at you and gives you a loving smile that makes your face flush and something in your chest warm.

“Would you like to come with us Haru?”

[ ] Yakumo family shenanigans

[ ] You would love to but...

-[ ] Wander the village more

-[ ] Time to head back to the shrine

-[ ] First its time for a spell card duel!
[X] You would love to but...
-[X] First its time for a spell card duel!

We must surprise someone with our spell cards soon.
[X] You would love to but...
-[X] Time to head back to the shrine
[X] You would love to but...
-[X] First its time for a spell card duel!
Time to make a card based off Ran-oneesan
[X] You would love to but...
-[X] Wander the village more

By the way are you proofreading these? I see an error every update or three. I don't mind them too much personally, but I'm curious.
As I have said before I'm not a great writer. I try my best to iron them out but things always slip below my radar before I post and sometimes my machine auto changes things that I don't catch. My hope is that what I was trying to write is understood regardless of my failings and that people just have a good time with my stories.
Also my free time is limited so I when I have enough votes for an update and I get a moment to sit down and write it I try to pound it out in one sitting so I can get it up as fast as possible for you guys.
[X] You would love to but
[X] Wander the village more.
[X] You would love to but...
-[X] First its time for a spell card duel!
[x] Yakumo family shenanigans
[X] You would love to but first its time for a spell card duel!

“I would love to accompany you miss Ran but first.” You bow. “Please duel me.” She blinks as Chen starts snickering.

“You wish to duel me? A spell card duel is that correct?” At your nod Chen goes to full blown laughter and Ran gives her a look. “Hush Chen he has the right to challenge me.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAH Y-YES BUT!” She takes a moment to calm down. “Oh...oh this is too funny!~” She shakes her head at you. “Do you even know what you are getting into Haru~?”

“I know I won't defeat her I just want to train myself and get stronger.” She snickers again.

“So for your third-”


“second duel you picked misstress Ran of all people?” She nyaas and flicks her tails at you. “You must like getting beat on. You a masochist or something?”

“Chen that is enough, if nothing else you should admire Haru's dedication to bettering himself.” She ignores Chen's snort and turns to you with another warm smile. “I will gladly accept your challenge but first I must finish the last bit of shopping I need to do. If you will accompany me we can have our duel after. If not you can simply go about your own business and find me later.”

[ ] Go with Ran

[ ] Do something else

-[ ] Time to head home

-[ ] Suddenly Flan! *

-[ ] The Strongest Rival makes her entrance! *

-[ ] Stopped by a witch! *

* These votes can be combined as you wish
[X] Go with Ran

Socializa, then fight.
-[X] Stopped by a witch! *
-[X] The Strongest Rival makes her entrance! *
-[X] Suddenly Flan! *

I want to follow Ran, but I desire complete chaos even more.
-[x] Suddenly Flan! *
-[x] The Strongest Rival makes her entrance! *
-[x] Stopped by a witch! *
[X] Go with Ran
Well no new votes for a while...and its still tied. I'll give it another day or so
[X] Go with Ran

Nope the fuck out
[X] Go with Ran
-[x] Suddenly Flan! *
-[x] The Strongest Rival makes her entrance! *
-[x] Stopped by a witch! *
[X] Go with Ran

You give her a bow and a smile. “It would be my pleasure miss Ran.” You walk with her as Chen darts off to do...whatever trolling thing she has planned for the village. “Full of energy that one.” Ran chuckles and nods in agreement.

“It is a wonder how I can keep up with both of them.” You give Ran a teasing side glance.

“You sound like a tired old man Ran~” She gives you an amused look and swats you with a tail.

“What is the phrase your mother used? Ahh yes.” She smirks and bares her fangs in a feral grin. “I can throw down with the best of them.”

“You knew my mother?” She pats your head and nods.

“Yes I've meet her many times when she was still the Hakurei Miko.”

“Wow, I bet you have some stories.” She nods as you both enter a store.

“Oh yes indeed and many of them are still retold today...or at least what people think happened but after a time myth and legend turn into fact~”

“You don't bother to correct them?” She smirks.

“If humans and youkai knew that the Laughing Fox still lived they would panic beyond imagining.” You look at her stunned.

“Wait...you're the Laughing Fox?! Mother told me stories...and now that I know that the stories are true...!” You point a shaking finger at her smiling face. “The Laughing Fox...The Dancing Vixen...The Grinning Madness!” She purrs and fluffs her tails with pride.

“Oh my it seems you do know my old titles~”

“Old titles!? You were the most feared youkai of Gensokyo! The only youkai that could match my mother in fair combat!”

“Combat and other things~” You are not sure what her amused grin along with those words mean but you forge ahead.

“Did you really fight my mother for 3 days without rest?” She nods as she looks over some fish.

“Yes we did indeed battle for 3 days without stopping. I remember that fight well as it was right after that battle that mistress Yukari decided she wanted me to be her shikigami.”

“Wow...oh my gods I'm shopping for food with The Laughing Fox...this is really surreal.” She laughs as she grabs some noddles.

“Perhaps little Haru is a fan of mine?~” You blush but don't deny it. She leans down and whispers in your ear. “Want to know something most people forget in their retelling? The Youkai mountain range got renamed to the Youkai mountain because of that battle~” You gape as she winks and goes back to looking at the tofu.

“My mother once showed me the finale stance of her fighting style...is that mask-”

“A tribute to me? Yes it is. Akemi was a romantic at heart no matter how much she denied it~” Her smiles turns a bit evil. “Also I must punish her for not telling me about you the next time I see her~”

“Ok but maybe not destroy half of Gensokyo this time?”

“Oh I shall keep the punishment to one room~” Something about that smile worries you but you don't know why. You help Ran in grabbing what food and ingredients she needs and after dumping them in a handy gap she takes you to a forest clearing away from the village. “Now then I believe I owe you a spell card duel?” You stand there still a little stunned as she tilts her head. “Are you alright Haru?”

“Yeah sorry sorry...its just...wow I'm about to duel THE Laughing Fox!” She snickers at your face and you blush and rub the back of your neck. “Right I should stop fawning and start dueling right?”

“Oh no please continue its quite adorable seeing you gush over me~” You flush brighter at her laugh and you fly into the air. You cross your arms and give her your best glare...that only makes her snicker harder due to your red face.

“Ran Yakumo I challenge you to a spell card duel! The duel shall be an endurance match!” She nods and flies up as well.

Spell card battle!

Opponent: Ran Yakumo!

Title: The Scheming Nine-Tailed Fox!


Haru Hakurei!

“Haru I think you need a title before we can go on~” Oh right.

What should your title be? (You can make up more titles as the story goes if you want, remember some people have like 15 of the damn things)

[ ] The Shrine Keeper of Paradise

[ ] Humble Shrine Keeper

[ ] Hakurei Shrine Keeper

[ ] Son of The Sendai Hakurei no Miko

[ ] The Younger Hakurei

[ ] Write in
[X] The Shrine Keeper of Paradise
[x] The Shrine keeper of the outside world.
[X] Humble Shrine Keeper
[x] Humble Shrine Keeper
[X] Son of The Sendai Hakurei no Miko

I think this one fits us better, due to how close our relationship was/is with mom, and we're more defined by that than we are our Miko-ship
[X] Humble Shrine Keeper
[X] Humble Shrine Keeper
[X] The Outstanding Shrine Keeper of the Outside World

What kind of Hakurei doesn't have an overly dramatic title?
[x] Humble shrine keeper.
[X] Humble Shrine Keeper

“Humble Shrine Keeper?” Ran smiles. “I must say you are far more modest then most Gensokyo residents. They seem to believe that the more grandiose title they give themselves the better they will do in combat.”

“And do they?”

“No~” She spins away from you sending out her opening shots and you respond in kind. The first 2 minutes are just you and her answering each others barrages.

“So any reason why your danmaku is a bunch of kunai?” She laughs and neatly ducks around a few of your orbs.

“Funny story that, remind me to tell you sometime.” You are too busy dodging to answer but you make a mental note. “It seems you have a talent for this Haru~”

“Well I did duel my sister so I at least have a basic idea.” Ahh shit that knife came WAY to close! Ran smirks in a very evil way and flicks a card between her fingers.

“Ahh then allow me to test you~” She lifts the card and it flashes. “Shikigami: Wizard Fox Thoughts.” She shoots a strange large orb the bursts into a horde of green danmaku. Well ok this isn't so bad. Just dodge the orb and the burst after...ok that's a bit faster...and more orbs...OH SHIT THIS IS NOT GOOD! You try your best to avoid the growing wave of evil green but you take 2 to the face and another to the gut in rapid succession. Crap! Now would be a very good time to bomb! “Family Sign: Help-!” You take another hit to the leg and it knocks you off balance. You try to call out your bomb again but you take another hit to the head and you tumble in the air no longer able to maintain your balance. You take...a lot...lets just call it a lot to your back and the duel ends as you fall out of the sky and eat dirt. Ran lands lightly beside your fallen form. “Mmm you lasted 12 seconds into my first card, very well done Haru~” You give her a weak thumbs up and she giggles. “I am a little disappointed that I didn't get to see any of your cards or your bomb. Perhaps you would like to try again?~” She pulls you to your feet and helps dust you off.

Try again?

[ ] No

[ ] Yes
[X] Yes

We ain't no bitch!
[X] Yes
[X] Yes
[x] Yes
[X] Yes
[X] Yes
We're going to stomp this fox into the ground.
[X] Yes

You shake your head a bit and give her a grin. “I'll never give up!”

“Ha when the fires of determination fill you like that you look so much like Akemi.” You both fly up again.

Spell card battle!

Opponent: Ran Yakumo!

Title: The Scheming Nine-Tailed Fox!


Haru Hakurei!

Humble Shrine Keeper!

She grins and wiggles a tail at you. “I think you can throw the first card Haru~” You grin and whip your card out.

“Well normally I would say ladies first but that's just asking for a beat down!” You hold your card high. “Hakurei Sign: Charming Donation!” Ran eyes the 'coin' coming at her.

“Ahh a homing spell with some supporting waves.” She effortlessly dodges around your spell and even flies in a tight orbit around your coin making it spin in a little circle. This wouldn't bother you so much expect she doesn't. Get. Hit. Once! To add salt to the wound she doesn't even fire at you, just ducks and dips around your spell until it times out. “Very good for a first card Haru~” Ok no matter how long it takes you are at least getting one good hit on this fox! “My turn then?” She pulls out a card and you get ready for the evil green wave again. “Radiance: Fox-Tanuki Youkai Laser!” Wait what that's not the same cardOHHOLYSHIT! LASERS! LASERS! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY LASERS!? AND THE SUPPORT WAVES DON'T HELP! On the plus side you only took one laser to the face so far and are still going. “Yes wonderful form Haru~” You would glare at her but are way too busy not getting lasered!

“Oh screw this! “Family Sign: Help Arrives!” You take a small bit of vindictive pleasure at Ran's stunned face as the motherly shadow starts punching the oncoming lasers making them shatter like glass. How can a laser shatter like glass? Cause its your mother and you learned long ago not to question her crazy awesome. You focus all fire on Ran as the shadow finishes clearing the area and vanishes only to punch the fox right in the face. It takes a monumental effort not to laugh but you pull it off. Ran shakes her head before giving you a motherly, and evil, smile.

“My what a lovely bomb card~” ...you feel as if you have made a grave mistake... Regardless you keep the fire going and are able to finish off the card before the lasers get too intense again. Alright you broke your first spell card! Ran keeps her smile even as you start to exchange orbs and knifes. You used your only card so now its just a test to see how long you can last but that doesn't matter cause you got her! You broke her spell and took her by surprise! You are calling this a win! “Radiance: Charming Siege from all Sides.” Another Radiance card? So more lasers-those are not lasers THOSE ARE NOT LASERS! The hellish combo of the huge death orbs and the unending stream of the blueish diamond like bullets overwhelms you in short order and you once again have a close encounter with your good friend Mr. Dirt. “Ahh forgive me I think I overdid it.” She helps you dust off again and gives you a sheepish smile. “But I really can't allow you to get away with punching me in the face now can I?”

“Yeah my bad miss Ran.” She chuckles and pats your head.

“Its fine and I will admit the outstanding effectiveness of that bomb. No one is used to getting up close and personal in a spell duel so even if you know its coming that bomb will still get the drop on you.” She gives you another motherly smile, this one devoid of malice, and ruffles your hair. “You are going to make a fine dueler some day Haru~” You blush and nod as she ruffles you again. “Now I'm sure you would like to go again but I can tell you are drained.” You open your mouth but shut it when you realize she is right, now that you are not fighting you do feel rather tired. “I would be happy to drop you off at the shrine on my way home.” From you way some of her tails wrap around you get the feeling saying no is not an option.

[ ] Let her take you home

[ ] Ask if you can visit her home

[ ] Refuse, you can go home yourself
[X] Ask if you can visit her home

At least we got a good hit in, that's better than some people can say!
[X] Ask if you can visit her home
[x] Ask if you can visit her home
[x] Ask

[X] Let her take you home
[X] Ask if you can visit her home

You absently pet the tail wrapped around your middle. “If its not too much trouble would it be possible to visit your home miss ran?” She seems surprised but nods with a pleased smile.

“It would be no trouble at all and I'm sure Yukari would love having you over.” She picks you up, or rather her tails do, and steps forward as one of those gap things opens. You shut your eyes tight as she steps in and you keep them shut until you feel the world return to normalcy. You sweep your eyes around...seems like a normal enough village if not for the fog surrounding the borders. “Welcome to Mayohiga Village. It is here that the Yakumo family resides and entertains guests.”

“So this is home for you guys? ...its nice! Foggy but nice!” She chuckles.

“Well in truth our home is elsewhere, nowhere someone could simply find without our aid but after so many people kept stumbling into this place falsely believing we life here my mistress just decided to roll with it and move us here.”

“Reasonable.” She giggles and you give her a questioning look.

“Sorry its just not a word people tend to describe my mistress with.” You shake your head.

“You know the more hints I get about Yukari's reputation the less I want to know.” She giggles again and brings you inside the largest building.

“Welcome to our humble home.”

“Humble? I could fit the shrine in here a few times over!”

“Well humble by Yukari's standards at least.” You make a X motion in front of your chest with your arms and shake your head.

“Nope! Don't want to know.” She giggles and gives you a tour. The place is really nice, tons of room and lots of space. The kitchen is huge and you feel your hands twitch at the urge to unleash your inner cook. As the tour comes to an end you notice a dark hallway branching off from the dining room. Its not an oppressive darkness...more like the calm, warm dark of a days end. You reach up and tug lightly on Ran's dress and she looks down at you with that warm smile of hers.

“Yes Haru?” You point out the hallway.

“Where does that go miss Ran? Is it a storage area or something?” She snorts and then does a very poor job covering her laughter.

“I guess you could say that, yes a long term storage area for lazy things~” You don't get the joke and that just makes her laugh harder.

“Why does everyone like dancing around subjects?” You yelp when she suddenly snags you and gives you a massive dose of marshmallow hell.

“Its because your confused face is so adorable Haru~” She snuggles you a bit before releasing you and patting you on the head with a tail. “Now I need to go fetch Chen from whatever mischief she has gotten herself into.” Another gap opens and she smiles at you. “I'll be back in no time at all and when I return you can assist me in making dinner.” You nod and give an affirmative as she gaps away.

What to do now?

[ ] Make some tea and wait

[ ] You will be staying the night it seems so maybe pick a room to stay in?

[ ] A storage room for lazy things huh? Detective mode activated!
[X] Make some tea and wait

Polite and helpful, that's Haru.
[x] Detective mode on.

An incident?!
[X] Make some tea and wait
[x] Detective mode on.
[X] Make some tea and wait
[x] A storage room for lazy things huh? Detective mode activated!
[X] make some tea and wait.
[X] A storage room for lazy things huh? Detective mode activated!

Even the politest of children would become curious after that cryptic statement!

And Ran didn't exactly say NOT to check...
So you would randomly dig through a friend's stuff in their home without their permission?
Especially a youkai home owned by one who bends space-time like a pretzel.
Someone break the tie so I can get started on the new thread
[X] A storage room for lazy things huh? Detective mode activated!

Thank you. New thread will be going up sometime tomorrow
New Thread
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