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File 14598673317.jpg - (74.08KB, 1019x598, Team-Fortress-2-Arena-Hakurei-Shrine-Map_1.jpg) [iqdb]
You are stepping off the bus, you have arrived at the college campus you will be teaching history classes at for the year. As you walk among the buildings trying to recall the lecture hall you were given your mind wanders. You remember the events leading up to this point.

You recall acing your SAT s in sophomore year of high school and getting bumped up a grade. You remember the countless hours of studying you dedicated to the history of the world. You remember denying yourself a social life to further your goals. You remember working your damnedest to get into Yale and graduate on the dean's list.

You remember the soul encompassing feeling of satisfaction when you graduated a year early and on TOP of the deans list. Now here you are. At the same place your grandfather taught history for thirty some odd years. You fulfilled your promise to him. You took his place so he would always know the students he cared so much for are getting the quality education they deserve.

… so why do you feel so…


After all, you're the youngest overly qualified teacher in this school's history. That's a hell of an accomplishment… right?

As you ponder your emotions you find your lecture hall. 'ah well.' you think to your self. 'after I teach for a while I’ll probably get right in the swing of things. I'm just a bit jittery on my first day.' when you open the doors an unexpected sight greets you.

A woman in a rather poofy dress is sitting by your podium. Before you can say anything she looks at you and stands up. She strides over to you in a way that you might call predatory. She looks at you strangely, her eyes almost seem to glow. After a while you decide to speak up but she interrupts immediately. “when your students arrive I’m going to help you play a prank on them.” she says in a casual manner. “what do you mean?” you ask.

She walks to the staff door you just entered from and smirks. “just play along.” she then leaves. You stare in confusion. However perhaps starting the year with a prank is a good idea. After all, it's always nice to have a teacher with a sense of humor, right? Anyway, you set up your first presentation, the history of the school itself, and your own story, to get the students acclimated to you and your teaching style.

Your first class arrives right on time. A moderately full hall greets you tiredly. You assume some were just too tired from the previous day's excitement to get proper sleep and would get here eventually. You clap your hands once to get their attention. “welcome. To world history. Now before we discuss the world and its many intriguing tales I believe we should start with where we are. This campus. Now back in 1783...”

your class follows you attentively, your many rapid arm movements seem to wake them up a bit.

+1 charisma

“… and when I graduated from Yale, at age nineteen, I made sure to get myself placed here to fulfill my grandfather's wish. Now he looks upon me from… well wherever he decided to go, with pride. I’m sure of it.” with my lecture finished I turn to the class and ask the most important question. “any questions?” immediately three quarters of the student's hands ascend. The rest of the period is spent answering mundane questions that make me more human in their eyes. That after all was the goal of this, so all in all a resounding success. Eventually I remember that woman, and I wonder if the prank was actually against me. But then as if reading my thoughts she opens the doors lazily and strolls over to me. “sweetheart, why didn't you wake me up before you went to work?” she lazily whined. Ah so that's the prank. The student's all stare at her and then me. It does seem ridiculous. Me, with my geeky but friendly demeanor and her with her… I guess mysterious sensuality? Yeah that sounds about right.

Following her lead I begin my part in this charade. “but you looked so comfortable in bed, I didn't want to bother you.” the students are really staring now. “fine, I suppose you're right. It was comfortable, but not as comfortable as it was last night...” she trailed off giving a not so subtle look at my crotch. This is actually starting to get hard to keep a straight face for. The students are actually gaping at us! “meh, hard to argue with that. Class this is my lovely-” she interrupted “i can introduce myself dear. I'm his lovely girlfriend. Yukari Yakumo. The pleasure is all yours.” damn if they goggle any harder their eyes may fall out their heads.

Unfortunately the bell rings and I have to dismiss the class before the comedy got better. As the last student left I turned to talk to this Yukari woman bet she was gone.

The rest of the day went quickly, With the same questions more or less. At the end of the day as I packed my equipment up, she returned.

“my you are good at that.” she said conversationally. “i should hope so.” I said in an equally casual tone. Something about her was different. She had… this aura. Like power was flowing through her. How did I not feel this before? “i suppose my little prank has left you somewhat confused.” she said as she sat on a chair, that might I add I’m positive wasn't there last time I checked. “a bit, but it was entertaining still.” I said. Something in her eye changes. “good.” she says pleasantly.

“i have a proposition for you.” she says suddenly, surprising you. Her voice is rather serious as well. “what sort of proposition?” you ask out of genuine curiosity. “the type that can decide the fate of many. But doesn’t condemn them if refused.” she states.

You are filled with severe trepidation. The way she says that strange response… you can't help but believe her. “what is this proposition.” you ask weary of the response. She looks to your black board. And starts drawing something. When she's done she grabs your pointer and starts lecturing you, it would seem comedic to you if she wasn't so serious right now.

“this” she says pointing to a large circle, “is earth. For the sake of this description, just imagine it's to a proper scale.” I kind of need that imagination. She's not a great artist. “now this” she says pointing to a small half circle next to earth, “is where I’m from. A world named Gensokyo.” I nod even though I’m starting to get doubts to her sanity. “Gensokyo is the world where the supernatural exists in spades. A refuge for youkai, monster's and all the supernatural forces of days long past. I was one of the three groups who formed it centuries ago, when humans began losing belief in the supernatural.” 'she either is VERY delusional or I managed to get myself involved in the crown jewel of madness.' you say to yourself in your head. “the three who created Gensokyo were myself, the gap youkai, who created the barrier between sensibility and nonsensibility. thus keeping magic from escaping. The unexisting one who was erased from reality as the cost to make the barrier of earth, thus keeping Gensokyo physically separate from earth. And the Hakurei priests, who created the great Hakurei border which keeps living things from traveling between the two worlds.” as she says this she points to three lines between the two shapes.

She then says, “as long as two of these barriers are fully powered, or all three are at leased MOSTLY powered, Gensokyo is perfectly stable.” you suddenly feel as though you know what's wrong. “now the barrier I made, I still control while I’m conscious. The barrier the erased one made will always exist so long as he… at least I think it was a man, doesn't. The Hakurei border is entirely controlled by the Hakurei bloodline.” yep that feeling seems to be right. “my problem is, there's only one Hakurei left.” uh oh. “she's dying.” you hate being right sometimes. “what happened.” you ask. “pure bad luck. During a battle with the goddess of the planet Makai, she crashed into a wall in order to evade a rather large danmaku attack.” danmaku? You decide to ask later. “she won the fight and came home to Gensokyo, but apparently, she damaged something in her. Now Gensokyo is very behind times in medicine, so I had to steal some life support from the human world just to keep her alive.” that sounds very bad but… “what does that have to do with me?” you ask. Yukari gives you a nervous look. “i can alter the boundary between someone being a Hakurei and not. I came here looking for someone with enough natural magic in them to take the position, because the Hakurei bloodline holder MUST be human, and the humans in Gensokyo aren't the friendliest towards youkai. The Hakurei bloodline's responsibilities are to preserve peace. Giving the mantle to someone who may abuse the position to help one side or the other exclusively is a recipe for complete disaster. I HAD to choose an outsider. And you seem to fit the bill.” she finished.

You stare at her for a while in dull surprise. Before you can respond she starts talking. Again. “I’m not making you choose now. I have Gensokyo frozen in time right now, an emergency spell I created for this exact emergency. I'll give you this year to decide. Oh, and if you want I can unlock your magic for you, to experiment with, and practice. Even if you say no after the year is up, I’ll let you keep your magic unlocked.”

“so what do you say?”

[X] yes. I'll do it. Lets go right now.
[X] yes. But give me time to prepare.
[X] maybe. I need time to think.
[X] maybe. But magic sounds cool.
[X] no. leave my alone you mentally unstable psycho!
[X] yes. But give me time to prepare.
btw you should visit the irc sometime for free proofreading
[X] yes. But give me time to prepare.

This looks interesting enough.
[X] yes. But give me time to prepare
[X] yes. But give me time to prepare.
[X] yes. But give me time to prepare.
And by prepare I mean look up just who she is.
And by look up just who she is I mean play 2hu.
All we gotta do is hold out until IN, right? Then we can commission Erin for some Hourai for Reimu and all's right... right?
File 146008412873.png - (48.16KB, 2235x600, Keep this handy.png) [iqdb]
Good job folks, you gave yourselves time to prep. You might want to download the attached file. It will come in handy.

[X] Yes. But give me some time to prepare.

"What you're saying certainly sounds important-" "it's VERY important" she interrupted. You give her a withering glare. "anyway, it is obviously important. I will help you. I'm sorta giving up everything I’ve worked for most of my life, but if this REALLY as important as you say." she clearly wants to say that it is but she refrains. Good for her. "then my life’s goals clearly aren't as important." you make sure to slip as much sarcasm into that sentence as you can.

"Wonderful, now you will have this whole year to prepare for your departure." you feel amazed. Either she's that oblivious to your sarcasm, or she just doesn't care. "i suggest researching as much as you can about various legends involving supernatural beings. And of course, practice your magic, speaking of which,"

suddenly a hole appears in the floor and you fall through it and land about a foot to the left of where you were. You look up to see a tear in the air closing. It seems to be filled with eyes resembling Yukari’s. "what did you just do?" you ask, slightly-no incredibly unnerved. “simple, I sent you into my gap, and altered your border between magical unawareness, and magical awareness.” her casual response both calms and disturbs you.

“now, as I was saying, you should practice your magic, continue your teaching, learn how to repair something made of wood (perhaps a Shinto temple), you know generally prepare yourself for your new life in Gensokyo.” you shake your head, she seems to be treating this like a trivial matter, regardless of her constant retorts of the importance of the situation.

“when I come to bring you to Gensokyo in June, I’ll teach you about danmaku., after all, we don't need a novice of danmaku blowing up his home...” you are suddenly both dreading, and excited for this mysterious danmaku thing. “if you figure out how to fly, try not to get caught by UFO hunters.”

And suddenly she leaves, through one of her gaps. You are alone.

Well, you guess you should go home and write up a schedule.

Alright folks, now we begin. The next few posts will be short, sweet, and to the point.

We need to train our MC.

For the month of September, Will he,

[X]Jog every morning and after work. +30 Agility
[X]Practice your classes beforehand, and liven them up +30 Charisma
[X] work out after work +30 Strength
[X] try finding your magic +30 Magic
[X] build a new table or something for yourself. +30 Building/Repair
[X] put together some crafts after work, sell them at the flea market on the weekends. +30 Craft work
I should mention, each month needs at least 3 votes for the same thing for it to be accepted
This needs some proofreading, BADLY. Break those paragraphs up, man!

It's nearly a wall of text for much of the opening post.
[X] try finding your magic +30 Magic
[x] Try. Finding your magic
[X] try finding your magic +30 Magic
[X] build a new table or something for yourself. +30 Building/Repair
[X]Practice your writing beforehand, and polish them up +15 knowledge

Seriously, mate. Contract a proofreader or revise this better.
for those who have issues with my writing, please, hang in there a bit. I do 90% of my writing when I get home from work. at 11:45 PM. and proof read it shortly before I post.
Chill, as long as you divide paragraphs and proof check it with someone from IRC you'll be golden

Well tell me this, how much time do you take when you are proofreading?

Because you might want to take more than your are now.
i read it out lout once and then I re read it in my head
damn I'm tired.
couches don't make good beads
I need to stop typing at 1 AM
I can already tell that this is going to be a trainwreck.

I like it.

[X] try finding your magic +30 Magic
[x] Build a new table or something

I agree with the consensus that proofreading is needed. I'm pretty much always free, and am always willing to help a new writefag.
[X] magic training, Ahoy!

You decide that magic is the best place to start.

You reach your home and enter your kitchen. You take a post it note from the drawer and start writing.

“try finding this magic power stuff. Meditate. Do yoga. Etc.”

you paste it on your calendar and start meditating.

As you meditate you feel sleepy. You expect meditating will become easier as you progress.

At 10 o' clock you go to bed.

You wonder how this magic will work. She mentioned flying, that sounds amazing. And what is this danmaku stuff? You ponder this as you go to sleep.

You dream of flying over the city. Something in you stirs in reaction. +5 magic

The next day you feel slightly more at peace with your classes. You wonder if it's just the first day nerves wearing off or if the meditation really helped.

The pattern continues for a week.

Night seven of meditating, you feel something new in your body, any trace of sleepiness leaves you as you reach for it.

You finally reach your magic and feel it's resting place on the opposite side of your chest from where your heart is.

You have discovered your magical core! Now you can practice magic. +10 magic

when you open your eyes you notice two things.

1. it's two in the morning.
2. you suddenly have a LOT of energy.

It's almost like you have been sleeping for the past eight hours. You feel fresh as a daisy.

You realize you won't be getting any sleep tonight so you start researching the unknown terms Yukari used.

You learn that youkai are Japanese spirits or monsters. Learning this introduces you to Shinto religion.

You keep reading till four thirty. And you decide to jog a bit, to both pass time and build stamina.

your classes recognize your energy at school today. You use the energy to your advantage. +5 Charisma

you spend your next week exploring the core of your magic.

You start to recognize it is in the shape of an… orb? +5 magic

You make no significant leaps in magic, but you're extra energy seems to be sticking around. You keep jogging each morning before work.

You start noticing your stamina increasing. +5 Strength

You spend the next week exploring your magical energy.

You have no major breakthroughs but you feel like you are getting close.

Your teaching seems to be well received, other teachers have stopped giving you strange looks in the break room.

You spend the last week of September the same as before but you notice something at the school.

Your class is starting to get excited over October coming up. The local town's Halloween / harvest festival, is rather popular, and you have as many fond memories of it as they likely do. Maybe you should do something special for October?

During the last few days, you feel something building up in you.

On September 29. it happens.

You feel your magic core and pull the magic from it to your hand. It glows lightly! +10 magic.

As September comes to a close, you reflect on your month.

+30 Magic
+5 Charisma
+5 Strength

you look to the calendar and start planning October.

What will you do next?

Good job folks. I was hoping you would start with magic. But try not to overspecialize.
For October will you…

[X]Jog every morning and after work. +30 Agility
[X]Practice your classes beforehand, and liven them up +30 Charisma
[X] work out after work +30 Strength
[X] try finding your magic +30 Magic
[X] build a new table or something for yourself. +30 Building/Repair
[X] put together some crafts after work, sell them at the flea market on the weekends. +30 Craft work

also, what will we do for October?
Remember, we're a history professor.

[X] Nothing.
[X] Do a project about Japanese history.
[X] Do a project about European history.
[X] Write in-

also, for the next few posts I’m going to be semi-sporadic, because I’m in the middle of something important and unexpected.
[X] build a new table or something for yourself. +30 Building/Repair
Preparing for eastern wonderland? Magic, strength, charisma? Screw that, learn to build a table. You'l get big money repairing all the shit magical flying girls break.
Forgot secondary vote

[X] Do a project about Japanese history.
[X] work out after work +30 Strength
[x] Japanese history
[X] build a new table or something for yourself. +30 Building/Repair
[X] Do a project about Japanese history
if I don't get a new response soon, i'm doing the table round.
[x] Japanese
Please for the love of all that is good and just in this world capitalize your story's title and get someone to proof your updates. Shill on the irc if you need to, there's ninety people there with diddly to do.

I don't remember if I voted on this update, but:
[X]Jog every morning and after work. +30 Agility
[X] Do a project about Japanese history.
[X]Jog every morning and after work. +30 Agility
[X] Do a project about Japanese history

I'm not bothered by it.
I'm back.
life's been in te way lately, if any of you still want to be a part of this then i'm bringing back our professer freind for his october full of exersise and japanese history.

in late september after everything calms down.
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