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File 146885949517.jpg - (6.13KB, 200x140, Hakurei shrine.jpg) [iqdb]
Home is where the Donation Box is

So this is my first story here so let me give you a little info. My stories will have a simplified skill system that is based on what you encounter in the story itself. After all no point in spending points in paper mache if you never get the chance to use that skill right? Let me show you how it works.

At the start of any story I make something like this will show up.

Name: (What they are called)

Gender: (Male, Female, and so on)

Age: (How old they are)

Description: (What they look like)

Personality: (How they act)

Class: (Gives bonus skill points)

Perks: (Perks you have unlocked)

Some or all of it might be premade by me, anything left blank is for the players to fill in...IE you...and you...and you as well...but not you, you make the tea.

At the start of the story you get 30 skill points to use however you wish. Skill points are not spent at the start but when you need to use a skill. For example lets say you want to help Aya with her paper. The writing skill shows up and all players must chose how many points they want to put into that skill. All skills work on a -3 to 10 scale of measurement. 0 is no skill at all, not even the knowledge of what the subject. 1 is no skill but you at least know what thing is. 2 is no skill but you know some basic knowledge and so on so forth with 10 being a rare master of said skill. The negatives are if you would be very VERY bad at something, like a 1 armed man trying to shoot a bow. A lot of common things (cleaning, cooking, so on) will start at 1 or 2 and your class can give you skill buffs (a writer class would have higher natural skills to do with writing and so on) and before you sink points into something I will always tell you what your natural score in that skill is. Also you can save skill points by leaving a skill score up to RNG. This will not take any of your skill points but the outcome is random however the score will never decrease in value and at least 2 points will be added to that skill. You can RNG as many scores as you want.

Perks are buffs that work for every character the players use. For example lets say in this story you get a perk that buffs hunting by 2. Not only is this story getting the perk but every new story gets the same buff. As I will only run 1 story at a time and will only move on once a story is good and finished perks will never jump backwards. A perk you unlock in story 3 will never affect story 1 and so on.

Lastly I want to make it clear that despite this info dump and somewhat serious opening that I want my stories to be fun above all else. So welcome to my insanity I hope you enjoy your stay.

Name: Haru Hakurei

Gender: Male

Age: 8

Description: Black hair, Dark red eyes, a bit short for his age

Personality: Polite, shy, and always happy to help

Class: Shrine Keeper +5 Cleaning +3 Cooking +1 Divine Magic

Perks: None

You mumble sleepily and turn over trying to escape your morning foe but the sun streaming in your window will not be denied its mission to rouse you from your slumber. You try to return to the loving embrace of sleep but events conspire against you as a cloud moves just the tiniest bit to the right and the full illuminating power of the sun assaults your face. With a cry and much flailing you pull yourself from your futon and come to full wakeness. Ahh yes another wonderful day. You comb a hand through your messy hair in an attempt to tame it before giving it up as a lost cause. You take some time seeing to proper hygiene before running through your mental checklist. Food, looking after the shine, checking the donation box, maybe practice ofuda making, and because its Tuesday, spend a good part of the day fending off the business men that keep trying to buy the land the shrine is on...yep just another day.

[ ] Food first, work later [Cooking]

[ ] The place is not going to clean itself [Cleaning]

[ ] Way to early for this, back to sleep
[X] Way to early for this, back to sleep

Fuck sunlight.
[X] Way to early for this, back to sleep

yes he did take after reimu. well if this wins anyway
[X] Food first, work later [Cooking]

Sup new dude.
[X] Food first, work later [Cooking]
[x] Cook

What's up with the Hakurei family story nowadays? I count four stories with OC Hakureis on them (five if you count a minor character)
[X] Food first, work later [Cooking]
Not to accuse OP of anything, but it's pretty funny how this one cropped up a few days after Hakurei Apprentice ended.
I'm new to this site completely so I had no idea
[X] Food first, work later

Skill vote needed

Skill: Cooking 5 (Class bonus in affect)

Skill points remaining: 30

Add points or RNG to current skill level
+2. Put this with the other vote next time. It makes things smoother. >


It hasn't ended yet.

Might be somewhat bad taste to max the first skill given to us, but I've read a ton of Light Novels, manga, and books where MC really and truly benefits from spending time on learning to cook. Best example among these is probably The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.


Can skills go above 10 if they are, in effect, superhuman?
It is possible to get a skill higher then 10 but not from adding skill points
We shall be a god of cooking.

Thanks, man. I went and looked it up, and I'm glad that I did.
Cooking skill set to 10, 25 skill points left

Ahh yes time for breakfast! The most important meal of the day! You slowly shuffle over to your kitchen making mental notes of what might need cleaning later. You will never admit it but you take pride in your skill at meal crafting...and you sigh when you are once again reminded that your budget (or lack there of) stops you from ever showing off said skill. “So...looks like its going to be rice...again.” You fish out your small bowl from its normal resting place, right beside another bowl with a small chip in the top, your mother's favorite bowl. Your smile fades a little before you shake the grim thoughts off. You dish up a small meal of rice and, because its such a nice day, you treat yourself to an extra spoon full of it. You carry your dish out to the front yard and take a seat, slowly enjoying your meager meal. “Mother always said I was a good cook...maybe I should get some of that fish she likes in case she comes back today...” Dang something got in your eye and now the rice is getting soggy, you really need to sweep it seems. “Hey stop it, mom wouldn't want you getting all mopey over breakfast! Like she always said...most...*sniff*...most important meal of the day!” You give the yard the brightest smile you can and it seems the dull ache in your chest loosens its grip. You finish your slightly soggy rice and wipe your eyes, taking the bowl inside for cleaning.

“All right!” You flick your eyes around the shine. “Its time for the cleaning!” You grab the broom that sadly is taller then you and take it out to the backyard. “Be warned demons of uncleanness! I have come armed with the holy Hakurei Broom of Sweeping! Be purged by it's holy bristles!” Before you can once again begin another battle with your old foes, dust and disorder, you hear an odd sound from the front yard...like clothing or paper being ripped...

[ ] No strange sound will keep your from your battle with dust and disorder! [Cleaning]

[ ] You have a lot of cleaning to do but maybe clean with a little less zest and keep your ears open for any other sounds [Cleaning]

[ ] It might be a visitor to the shrine! ...what? It could happen!

[ ] Oh gods please don't tell me its another person trying to buy the shine
[X] It might be a visitor to the shrine! ...what? It could happen!

No points to Cleaning! We go full Lazy Kannushi!
[X] It might be a visitor to the shrine! ...what? It could happen!

Valid reason to ditch cleaning
[X] It might be a visitor to the shrine! ...what? It could happen!

We must welcome any guest! It gets us out of cleaning!
[X] Oh gods please don't tell me its another person trying to buy the shine

As a shrine keeper, It's important to invoke your gods from time to time. Don't want them to think we forgot about em'
[X] It might be a visitor to the shrine! ...what? It could happen!

Hope springs eternal.
[X] It might be a visitor to the shrine! ...what? It could happen!

A visitor? You...can't really remember the last time the shine had a visitor. You quickly make your way to the front yard and gaze around...noisy city off in the distance...long steps down to the dirt road (need to sweep those)...same old shrine gate...same old surrounding forest...unknown woman by always empty donation box- wait what? Yes sure enough there a visitor as shocking as that fact is. A woman in a pretty purple dress with a parasol...or maybe umbrella you can't really tell from here. She is slowly making a trek around the outer area of the shrine just taking it all in. You hate to admit this but it takes you a few moments to remember if there is any proper protocol to greeting visitors. You set the broom aside and check yourself. Yep looking nice and presentable, the perfect shrine keeper...well your hair is still kind of messy but the gods themselves have abandon that mission it seems.

[ ] Greet the woman casually, not much point in protocol nowdays

[ ] You are the face of the Hakurei shrine and must conduct yourself accordingly, greet her the proper way

[ ] She might be one of these city business types, greet her suspiciously

[ ] Just observe her for now
[X] Greet the woman casually, not much point in protocol nowdays

[x] You are the face of the Hakurei shrine and must conduct yourself accordingly, greet her the proper way
[ ] You have a lot of cleaning to do but maybe clean with a little less zest and keep your ears open for any other sounds [Cleaning]
[X] Greet the woman casually, not much point in protocol nowadays

I'm sure our God will understand. Youngsters gotta stay hip ya know.

>God of cooking

Certainly an admirable pursuit. Kinda reminds me of Fantasy Life for DS where I spent months and months on becoming a legendary cook/wizard. Felt like I was on top of the world until they released the expansion pack which allowed all available professions to advance to the rank of God, along with the appropriately difficult recipes/monsters befitting your new rank in the post-game.
[X] You are the face of the Hakurei shrine and must conduct yourself accordingly, greet her the proper way
[X] Greet the woman casually, not much point in protocol nowdays
[X] You are the face of the Hakurei shrine and must conduct yourself accordingly, greet her the proper way

She is a guest! Give her the whole theatrics
[X] You are the face of the Hakurei shrine and must conduct yourself accordingly, greet her the proper way

It's our first ever guest.

Can't half arse it just yet
[X] You are the face of the Hakurei shrine and must conduct yourself accordingly, greet her the proper way

A large grin slowly grows on your lips. Finally a chance to show that you are worthy of being the heir to the Hakurei name! You slip back inside and quickly change from your layabout/yard care attire to a more formal shrine garb, you even grab your gohei as you head back out. Ok now...what else...oh right the formal greeting! You sneak over to the stream beside the shrine and push the Shishi Odoshi back into place. You move back to the shine entryway and take a formal bowing stance...wait for it...wait for it...doink...love that sound...and just as planned the noise has drawn the attention of your guest. As she turns you begin your greeting. “Welcome honorable guest to the humble Hakurei shrine. How might this keeper aid you in finding enlightenment?” And right as you finish...doink...damn mom was a genius at this stuff.

You slowly walk to your guest and as protocol dictates you only open your eyes right as you get...oh...wow...she's tall...even as short as you are. “Did you find the grounds to your liking miss?”As you raze your eyes to her you take in her features. She has long golden blond hair and her dress has some kind of marking on it...family symbol maybe? She is relaxed like nothing in the world could ever go wrong for her and her eyes are...oh...you have never seen anyone with golden eyes like that...and for some reason a shiver goes down your spine...and that small “I'm toying with you and there is nothing you can do about it” smile is not helping. “Ahem...c-can I help you?” You almost flinch as that smile grows. She flicks out a fan from somewhere and thankfully hides the lower part of her face from view...but her eyes are still laughing.

“Its strange I don't remember a caretaker last time I was here.” You gape a little, a return visitor?! Does that even happen?! “Ahh well I prefer the term shine keeper miss?” “Yukari Yakumo.” You wrack your brain but can't ever remember hearing that name still you don't see a reason why someone would lie about visiting a shrine. “Well maybe your past visits came before my time?” She nods in a distracted manner and you thank any gods that might be listening that she looks away...those eyes... “May I ask why you have graced us with your presence once again?” “Oh I check up on the place now and then.” She waves a hand in a dismissive manner and those eyes turn back to you. “Tell me when did the shine get a new keeper? I thought it was only those of the Hakurei bloodline that could reside here?”

“Oh well...I am of the Hakurei bloodline.” The fan snaps shut and her eyes go from laughing to...something...you have no idea what but you can't stop yourself from taking a step back. “Forgive me” oh god her smile “are you saying you are a son of Hakurei?” Gulp. “Y-Y-Yes miss Yakumo. My mother was the Sendai Hakurei no Miko.” “...your mother was Akemi Hakurei?” You nod then almost jump out of your skin as her hand lashes out and cups your chin. “Hey wa-” Her face is so close much too close! She smells...nice but powerful like spiced lightning...and she sees something in your eyes...or maybe your soul from the way she is looking at you becuase she releaces you and her eyes are...happy? “...you are her son...” And now the eyes are back to laughing only now its about 10 times worse. “My my how did I miss this...tell me is your mother around?”

Your whole body wilts and you really can't stop it. “...no...my mother vanished when I was very young.” She sighs and you swear you heard her say something like “another dead lead” before she ruffles your hair GACK stop stop its already bad enough! She giggles at your pouting face and simply ruffles again. “Did your mother leave behind any instructions for you? Any notes or orders in case she died or anything of that nature?” You give her a negative shake of your head along with a sad sigh. “Mmm not voluntary then.” You open your mouth to question her when ripping sound reaches your ears. You poke your head around Yukari and-! Holy Hakurei another visitor?! Yes indeed your humble shine does have another soul seeking enlightenment! Why and what soft looking tails that you just want to-! ...oh...oh...a youkai...

[ ] Its ok just do what mother taught you and you can deal with this, just stay calm

[X] Its ok just do what mother taught you and you can deal with this, just stay calm

Mother knows best
[X] Its ok just do what mother taught you and you can deal with this, just stay calm

Touch fluffy tail?
[x] Stay frosty
[X] Its ok just do what mother taught you and you can deal with this, just stay calm

I wonder how we're related to Reimu
[X] Its ok just do what mother taught you and you can deal with this, just stay calm

I swear to god, if we're Reimu's Stepbrother on the outside...

This beautiful 17 year old woman is about to get attacked by an evil youkai on our sacred grounds. Surely this would motivate MC to get fired up.
You mean this lovely obasan
[X] Its ok just do what mother taught you and you can deal with this, just stay calm

Right right calm you can do calm totally calm nothing but calm 110% calm here. You move around Yukari and stand between her and the new arrival. 9 long golden tails...ears hidden under hat...claws...shit a kitsune and given that it has 9 tails its going to be a powerful one...still you have a duty to uphold. “Hold trickster fox, you will find no willing human souls to seduce here. Begone from this holy place.” You take one of the combat stances mother drilled into you and fix the fox with your most fearsome glare...and judging by her face you really didn't come off as threatening as you hoped. “If you seek to bring harm to me or Lady Yakumo the wrath of the Hakurei will-!” Your tongue goes dead as a pair of large, warm orbs press into you and a seductive whimper tickles your ear. “Oh yes please protect this young maiden from the evil fox~” So distracted are you by this new development that you miss the dubious look the fox shoots at your companion. “A-Ahem” you try to gather yourself “a-as I have said fox (ahh miss Yakumo!) I...I will-! (please stop biting my ear!) be f-forced to...(naaa~) You slowly melt under the care of Yukari's hands...you feel so warm and sleepy...

“...I'm going to take him home~” You try to make sense of Yukari's words as the fox woman snorts. “Have you any idea what Reimu will do if she finds out you kept a relative from her?” A whine as a soft hand ruffles your hair. “Just for a little bit?~” “I know that look mistress, next you will try to make adopt him by making him a shikigami or something.” The silence is rather damning and one of the tails smacks her in the face...tailpalm? Facetail? “Please don't tell me that was your plan my lady?” Yukari humms and nuzzles your hair with her chin. “You have no proof~” ...that sentience is proof enough really. “How about it?” You blearily open one eye to see one of hers staring back at you with a cute hopeful smile on her lips. “Come home with me little shine keeper?~”

[ ] What manner of tricky is this?! Rouse yourself!

[ ] No...you can't...you really need to look after the shine...

[ ] ...maybe just for a little bit...
[x] What manner of tricky is this?! Rouse yourself!

Stranger Danger! Never go with a stranger, no matter how much candy they say they have!
[x] No...you can't...you really need to look after the shine...

So we're in the outside shrine and Reimu is around and I guess a cousin of sorts
[X] ...maybe just for a little bit...

[X] No...you can't...you really need to look after the shine...until mom comes back...she'll be so proud...of you...

Ha Ha! Time for despair!
[x] No...you can't...you really need to look after the shine...
[x] You can't...

[X] No...you can't...you really need to look after the shine...until mom comes back...she'll be so proud...of you...

Lovely, lovely despair~
[X] No...you can't...you really need to look after the shine...until mom comes back...she'll be so proud...of you...

I am ok with this.
[X] No...you can't...you really need to look after the shine...until mom comes back...she'll be so proud...of you...



You magnificent bastard, this is a great vote.
[X] No...you can't...you really need to look after the shine...until mom comes back...she'll be so proud...of you...

Perk Unlocked: We can do better.

Get a write in chosen as a vote +1 Skill point added to skill total. 26 skill points left. (Remember that perks roll over for each story I make so the start of the next story you will have 31 skill points in total)

You shake your head in effort to clear the cobwebs from your mind. “I can't...I...I really can't miss Yakumo...” The warm hands once again descend on you but you wiggle out from her lap. “No really!” damn something got in your eyes again “I really...*sniff*...really need to...she...she's going to be back anytime! Damn it must be really dust around here so you clamp your eyes shut so nothing else can get in. “That's why I've kept the shine clean! So...so...” you try to wipe the sweat (not tears NOT TEARS) from your face with your sleeve “so she will be proud of me! Won't she....won't she be...happy...” You feel a pair of arms slowly encircle you and you allow yourself to half fall into the embrace. “Its ok little one, just let go~” You nuzzle your face into Yukari's shoulder as all the stress and loneliness bubbles up from your once locked heart. “Its ok little Hakurei Yukarin is here~” You don't how long you spend softly sobbing into her shoulder, your body shaking from the emotions wracking your small frame. At some point another body enfolds around you and a multitude of soft and warm...things twist around you...and here you stay truly warm and safe for the first time since she vanished...


muhh gway...warm...

poke poke


poke poke


You slowly open your eyes to find Yukari smiling at you. “Wakey wakey~” You yawn cutely and nuzzle deeper into whatever warm bed you are sleeping in...wait...that's not a bed...you look around and see you are cocooned in...tails...yep tails...all 9 of them... You look up into the very amused face of the fox woman. “I'm beginning to see your point Lady Yukari.” An amused hum is the only response. You yawn again and try to focus. “How long was I asleep?” You are slowly untangled from the tails and try to ignore the side of you that misses them. “Oh only about an hour, you seemed quite content to use my familiar as a bed~” You feel your face go red. “You even started sucking on the tip of her tail after she tickled your nose with it~” “...shut up.” Master and familiar share a small chuckle but otherwise seem content to let things pass. “Now then~” Yukari ruffles your hair again. “I believe the best thing after-” “Wait.” You cut her off as a bit of info suddenly jumps to the forefront of your mind. “...if she is your familiar...are you-!” You find yourself one again hugged by the golden eye woman only now your face is wedged in her impressive breasts. You struggle and manage to tilt your head up as she bends down and dusts your bangs with a soft peck. “The youkai that hides in the boundaries of reality, the gap youkai Yukari Yakumo~” A finger boops your nose and then draws your eyes to the fox woman. “My shikigami the 9 tailed fox Ran Yakumo~” Ran does a bow and as her tails slowly wave to you. You look back at Yukari and the off feelings you kept having from her suddenly make a startlingly degree of sense. She just smiles at your wide eyes and dropped jaw and nuzzles your deeper into her arms. How are you supposed to feel about this?

[ ] ...you feel like your mother is here...

[ ] You are so confused right now...

[ ] You are tried and confused and right now you just want to sleep

[ ] Oh hell no one youkai was bad enough but 2?! That's it everyone is getting a Hakurei shrine ass kicking!
[x] Oh hell no one youkai was bad enough but 2?! That's it everyone is getting a Hakurei shrine ass kicking!

Our mother trained us to protect this shrine from youkai that would seek to defile it. Its time to make our mother proud.
[X] You are so confused right now...

What's the gap youkai and her familiar doing here?
They were talking about taking us away.
Should we beat them up? They don't seem bad.
They could be trying to trick us.
They're so warm and soft...
Have to protect the shrine.
What would mom do?
[X] You are so confused right now...
[x] You feel like your mother is here

Just to remove any confusion the choice

[ ] ...you feel like your mother is here...

Is talking about Yukari not the Sendai Hakurei no Miko suddenly showing up
[X] You are so confused right now...

Yukari usually makes people confused
[o_o] You are so confused right now...
[X] ...you feel like your mother is here...

Does this mean the previous Hakurei is watching?

Or does this mean we've finally found the surrogate mother we need?

Let's find out!
[X] You are so confused right now...

...ow...you know one thing your brain hurts just trying to untangle this mess you got yourself into...or did it the mess come to you? You sigh in aggravation and plop your head back into Yukari's chest. “...so would you by chance happen to know the protocol for dealing with friendly yet mind bending youkai? Mother seems to have skipped that one.” “Page 23 section 8.” ...you lift your head and as your face and voice goes total deadpan. “Are you kidding me?” Yukari just snickers at you but refuses to say anything more illuminating on the subject no matter how intense you try to make your glare. A soft tap on your shoulder brings your attention to the fox woman no, Ran. “Forgive my intrusion but the weather seems to be shifting it might be best to take this chat indoors.” You nod welcome your 2 guests into your humble dwelling...you are sure there must be something in protocol about not letting youkai into the shrine but between your headache and the fact that every polite cell of your body would shriek in protest at letting guests get soaked...well you can't find the energy to care.

“Welcome to the Hakurei shrine...its not much but its cozy and I call it home.” You make a few sweeping motions, pointing out the few rooms of the shrine before inviting them to sit at your small table. After getting comfortable (and wincing at the deluge of rain now assaulting the shrine and surrounding yard) you start to feel a little better as you slip into more normal settings, visitor hospitality. “Can I get you anything for a meal...or...can you eat human food? Do you even need to?” You rub the back of your neck in embarrassment but Yukari only chuckles. “Do we? No, but all youkai enjoy a good meal especially with good company~” The look she sends you over her fan as your beating a hurried retreat to your kitchen as you try to calm your blushing face. You sigh as you remember that you are rather un-stocked at the moment and resign yourself to...oh...what? You blink into your pantry at the chicken and vegetables...but you could have have sworn you only had rice this morning! ...maybe you just missed them because you were so sleepy? You give a mental shrug and grab what you have to work with. Rice, some chicken, vegetables, eggs, and few small bits of bread...well you might just be able to throw together a meal after all! You take a moment to ask the 2 youkai if they have any preference but they both assure you that anything you make will be fine...however they both request tea with the meal.

First vote:

[ ] Just serve what you have, no need to really cook anything

[ ] Make a soup and use the bread for dunking (Cooking 4)

[ ] Make oyakodon...well modified oyakodon (Cooking 6)

[ ] Make the best damn yakitori negima they have ever had! (Cooking 8)

Second vote:

[ ] Tea? Well you don't like it but maybe you have some hidden away

[ ] You loved drinking tea with mother...maybe some of her favorite blend is left
[ ] Did someone say TEA?! [Tea] ...yes tea does get its own skill bar because as well all know tea is the most serious of business.
[x] modified extra super food
[x] Hakurei blend
[x] modified extra super food (cooking 10)
[x] Did someone say TEA?! [Tea] . (Tea +10)

We maximized our culinary skills, and by gum we are going to use them!
[X] Make the best damn yakitori negima they have ever had!

We actually have something besides rice for once? Hell yeah, time to go all out!

[X] You loved drinking tea with mother...maybe some of her favorite blend is left

Mm, I do love my tea with a subtle hint of despair.
[X] Make the best damn yakitori negima they have ever had! (Cooking 8)

We Youmu now


[X] You loved drinking tea with mother...maybe some of her favorite blend is left

Cute sad shota makes me happy. I'm a bad person.
[X] The boundary witch and her demon fox so brazenly step into your domain? Show them how a master does his work(cooking 10)
-[X] yakitori negima over modified oyakodon. Keep the egg and spices, but lose the sauce so the yakitori can pair with it and not be overshadowed. Box some soup and bread for them to take as official gifts from the Hakurei Shrine.

[X] Tea? Well you don't like it but maybe you have some hidden away
[X] +2 TEA

Tea was mom's thing, not ours.
[X] The boundary witch and her demon fox so brazenly step into your domain? Show them how a master does his work(cooking 10)
-[X] yakitori negima over modified oyakodon. Keep the egg and spices, but lose the sauce so the yakitori can pair with it and not be overshadowed. Box some soup and bread for them to take as official gifts from the Hakurei Shrine.

I like this too much not to use it. Now I just need a consensus on the tea vote
[X] tea 10
[X] You loved drinking tea with mother... maybe some of her favorite blend is left.
[X] The boundary witch and her demon fox so brazenly step into your domain? Show them how a master does his work(cooking 10)
-[X] yakitori negima over modified oyakodon. Keep the egg and spices, but lose the sauce so the yakitori can pair with it and not be overshadowed. Box some soup and bread for them to take as official gifts from the Hakurei Shrine

[X] You loved drinking tea with mother...maybe some of her favorite blend is left

At last! Now is the time to shock the world with your cocking skills! ...ok maybe just show off to your 2 guests but that doesn't mean you are going to half ass this! You are a Hakurei and the Hakurei don't half ass anything!

A red white shrine maiden sneezes

You open a small box and with no small amount of reverence pull a length of cloth from it. You tie the headband into place so the words “Cook like the gods are watching” is proudly displayed on your forehead. When mother first found out about your skill as a cook she made this for you and you refuse to do any major cooking without it. You know just what to make, yakitori negima over modified oyakodon! Those youkai assure you that anything would be fine?! Do they seek to insult you cookness?! You whip up a whirlwind of ingredients, spices, and cooking tools as you sink into the 'cooking zone' as your mother called it. There is no Haru only cook. Sauce?! We don't need no stinking sauce! How dare it try to overshadow the flavor! Bring me the egg and the spice! ALL THE SPICE! Time has no meaning here, only cook. You blink a few times coming out of the zone and behold your creation...it is a master work...but wait...the tea! You take a minute to look around and...yes! Some of mother's custom blend! A slightly sweet tea that she swore had a healing effect. Do you believe her? Given the number of times she kicked your ass up and down the training area and made all the pain a distant memory with this stuff...yes...yes you do.

You wipe your eyes clear as the calming sent of the now hot tea brings tender memories of her...shearing meals...working together to keep the shrine clean...watching her chase off business people...her training you the in the unnamed Hakurei fighting style...her laughter each time you referred to it as miko fu...relaxing in the hot spring...asking about her many scars and always getting the same “when you are older” answer...her proud smile wherever you picked yourself off the ground to challenger her again no matter the huge gap in your skill levels...the hugs...you think you miss the hugs the most...

...please come back mom...

You wipe your eyes again and look over the food and tea...yes...yes this will be perfect! You even have some soup and bread boxed up with little good luck ofuda as parting gifts. You head back to inform your guests that...you blink...is Yukari nibbling on the ear of a panting Ran? Another blink...no they are both sitting at the table looking like the perfect picture of elegance...is Ran's face red? You shake your head and no everything seems to be normal. “Uhh...were you...?” You start to ask Yukari but she only tilts her in confusion at you. “Never mind. The food and tea is ready and not to sound too prideful but I do believe it will be a good meal.” You smile before ducking back into the kitchen and start bringing the meal out. Ran rises to help but you politely but firmly tell her that as your guest she will do nothing but enjoy your hospitality. It takes a bit of back and forth politeness judo before she relents with a smile. Soon all 3 of you seated and ready to begin. “Itadakimasu!” You sit a moment and watch as they take the first bites. The room is silent aside from chewing and then...Ran slowly and deliberately places her chopsticks down and faces her master who has also stopped in the same deliberate manner. “Master.” “Yes Ran?” Ran closes her eyes and bows slightly. “I formally request that you adopt him as soon as possible.”

You offer your sip of tea to the spit take gods and stare and Ran with wide eyes...she...she's just joking right? Yukari nods with all the finality of fate. “It is my highest priority my loyal shikigami.” You give a weak laugh. “I-I'm sure the food is not that great right? ha..haha...” You trail off as both turn to you and you hide from their gaze in your tea cup...did the atmosphere just get heavy? “I have something for each of you!” You slowly push the boxes forward. “I made some gift boxes, there is a little ofuda and some food-” annnnnnd the boxes are now gone, swiftly in the hands of the 2 youkai...even as they keep eating their current meals...yep just gonna have some food, sip your tea, and just pretend this is all a funny joke...ha ha...funny joke...right everyone...right? As the meal slowly comes to an end (and thankfully the atmosphere has calmed so polite banter is being tossed around the table) you sigh in happiness at your warm belly and from the faces of your youkai guests they are sharing your feelings. Ran yawns and flicks a tail at you. “Its a good thing Chen isn't here otherwise we would already have a new family member~” Yukari laughs and nods before turning to you. “You know what we are but not where we come from, let me tell you about Gensokyo~” The story she weaves is unlike anything you have ever heard! Its like some of the old tales mother used to put you to sleep with! ...in fact...a few seem oddly...mmm. “Well?~” You blink and refocus on Yukari. “I'm sorry?” She giggles and flicks out her fan again. “I can see the spark in your eyes, something about Gensokyo is tugging at the back of your mind~” You blink open mouthed. How did she- “Know? Your cute face is so open~” You blush as both the Yakumo's chuckle. “From what I see you have 2 paths open to you~” Her fan waves to the left “Stay here” the fan moves to the right “or come with us to your mother's homeland~” What...what? “What? My mother's...homeland?” She smiles and offers you her hand. “Gensokyo welcomes you little Hakurei~”

[ ] Refuse, your place is with your shrine

[ ] Take her hand
I want to vote both, and I can't decide.

On the one hand, we should [ ] Refuse, our place is with your shrine. What if mother comes back?

But on the other hand, if we [ ] Take her hand, we can look for her ourself!

both are too good, I can't decide!
[x] Take her hand

Please separate your dialog. One speaker per paragraph. This is practically unreadable.

>Now is the time to shock the world with your cocking skills!
Well no wonder they want him so bad.
Thanks for the advice. Sadly RL keeps me very busy so what down time I do get is 1. Check votes 2. Think up new story path 3. Write it down and get it out in a timely manner before RL drags me away again...so my writing is not amazing but I hope you and everyone can enjoy it all the same
[X] Refuse, your place is with your shrine

The way I see it, the kid would REALLY want to go.
He would get to go on an adventure to the place his mother always told him stories about and he wouldn't be alone anymore? How could he turn that down?

However, if he left there wouldn't be anybody left to watch over the shrine. This is unacceptable.
What if his mother came back while he was gone? Was he really willing to take that chance?

The promise of adventure and alleviation of his loneliness?
Or his duty and the hope of seeing his mother again?
A choice that drives one into the deepest pits of despair!

I believe the boy would require one final push to make him leave.

You have swayed me.


[X] Refuse, your place is with your shrine

For Adorable Despair (Tm)!
[X] Refuse, your place is with your shrine

Hopefully she'll leave some incentive to convince us to leave with her
[x] Refuse

Mommy will come back someday right? ;..;

Also, get a proofreader.
Raises some great points

[X] Refuse, your place is with your shrine

Hopefully Yukari convinces him to follow after his mother
[X] Refuse, your place is with your shrine

You sigh and softly shake your head. “Please believe me when I say that I would like nothing more then to go with you to see this Gensokyo Lady Yakumo...but...” You wave to the shrine around you. “I am the only shrine keeper...and...and...” you wipe your eyes “and I just might be the last Hakurei left to look after the old place.” You stand and slowly pace the shrine letting memories wash over you. “This shrine is all I have ever known...and...if my mother should return...I would be here to welcome her.” You smile sadly and turn back to her, surprised at the pleased smile on her face. “...you knew I would answer like that...didn't you?”

“Yes yes” Yukari smirks “You are indeed Akemi's son. She would be beaming with pride at such a statement. Your dedication to your birthright is impressive little Hakurei~” She flicks out her fan again. “The Hakurei shrine is lucky to have you and I would never dream of trying to remove you from the holy land of the Hakurei~”

Something about the way she said that is sending up red flags but you smile and thank her. Once again you have a very polite battle with Ran over who is going to clean up the mess. More tea is brought out at her request and conversation slowly drops as an aura of lazy contentment settles over the shrine. “So” you say with as you write swiftly in a small notebook “youkai and humans live in a rough state of peace do to this...spell system?” At Ran's nod you continue. “And this system was put in place by the Hakurei and Lady Yukari?” Another nod. “And anyone can use it to settle disputes in a non-lethal but very flashy manner?” Nod. “...Gensokyo is an odd place..” That comment gets an amused snort from both of them. “What I don't understand is how my mother fit into this, she left Gensokyo shortly after the system was put into place right?”

Yukari nods. “Akemi felt that no youkai would trust a non-lethal system as long as the demon miko remained in Gensokyo so she-”

'Wait.” You hold up hand with a confused look. “Demon Miko?”

She huffed slightly at the interruption but explained anyway. “Understand that your mother grew up in a time when human and youkai fought almost daily and she, as the Hakurei miko, was the human's spear head when youkai got out of control. Her great physical strength combined with her divine power allowed her to kill an absurd amount of rouge youkai and even some humans that took things too far. Over time humans would view her with the same fear as most youkai did and she was fixed with the title 'Demon Miko' to reflect this. When the next generation of Hakurei proposed the spell card system, with the proper nudging from myself, Akemi felt her time as the Demon Miko would only stain any non-lethal system so she took a vacation to the outside world with a promise to return when she felt the time was right.” Her fan made a reappearance. “If I am right she also found about you around this time so maybe leaving was just a convenient excuse bring you up in a safe environment...disregarding everything I could do for her.”

“Yes you said you helped with my older sister?”

A nod. “Yes I took over as Gensokyo's watchdog so Akemi could give little Reimu a safe childhood. Lost quite a lot of sleep too.” She huffed. “Its not like I couldn't do the same do the same for you and with Reimu coming into her role at that time it should have been safer then ever...still Akemi was always such a free spirit and always did things her way something she passed on to Reimu.”

You chew on your lip as you look over your notes...and also wonder why Ran suddenly has a dirty blush covering her face. You refocus on Yukari as a question suddenly strikes your mind. “You said my mother was really strong...heck I know she is really strong...and you think one of her old enemies is behind her vanishing...but who could be strong enough to kidnap her like that?”

“Ahh now that is the right question~” She pets your head with affection and gives you a proud smile. “Only a handful of her true antagonists remain, most have died off or settled down but I could see a few that would be able to pull this off...however given that this happened in the outside world and the list grows very very short.”

You look her dead in the eye. “You know who did it.”

Nod. “Now that I know why she really left and that she vanished from the outside world and the fact that something is interfering with my power to stop me from locating her my greatest suspicions have been validated. I can also guess why they took her. Sadly going to rescue her is going to take an absurd amount of planning giving the nature of our opposition.”

You wince. “That powerful?”

“Indeed and only stronger if my ideas why they took your mother are correct. Still once we are ready to make a move I have plenty of favors to call in and many people that would love nothing more then to help the Sendai Hakurei no Miko... or at least inflict as much trauma as possible to our targets~” She rubs her hands together and starts to laugh in a very evil and disturbing manner before Ran dope slaps her on the back on the head.

“Master what have I said about using the Yakumo Evil Plan Laugh™ around non family members?” Ran ignores her master's pouting and turns to you with a motherly smile. “I believe this is a formality but can we count on you to help when the time comes?”

You jump to your feet and slam a fist into the table. “You couldn't stop me if you tried Miss Ran! I don't care who has my mother all I know is that I'm going to punch their teeth right down their neck!”

“AWW!” Yukari grabs you and once again starts suffocating you with her breasts. “My little shrine keeper is planning his first revenge!~” She coos and snuggles you deeper into her embrace as Ran gives an “I-can't-believe-I'm-putting-up-with-your-bullshit” sigh. Yukari snuggles you a bit more before letting you sit in her lap as she plays with locks of your messy black hair. “Still we haven't gone over the most important bit of business yet little Haru~” You look up at her and oh gods are those sparkles around her face?! “Call me Yukarin~”

[ ] Uhh...no?

[ ] ...what?

[ ] ...Lady Yukarin?
[X] ...Lady Yukarin?

[X] ...Lady Yukarin?

I'm unsure if I can handle these hopelessly high levels of adorableness.
Doesn't it just make ya want to puke?
[X] Jokingly suggest that you would be happy to see Mom's world if you could take the shrine with you.

Gotta think outside the box people. Though, it does shame me as a reader/voter to abuse my metakowlege of Yukari's power.
Aside from being pretty metagamey, we're not currently addressing the issue of going to Gensokyo.
Yukari has made it clear she's already scheming, so obviously it's out of our hands.

Currently, we're voting on IMPORTANT matters, such as whether we'll indulge Yukari's request to address her as Yukarin or not.

My bad. Forgot to update the thread before reading.

[X] ...what?
Elder sister Reimu?

[x] ...Lady Yukarin?
[X] ...Lady Yukarin?
[X] ...Lady Yukarin?


Somehow the sparkles intensify and little heart shapes dance in her eyes. A loud sqwee sound comes from her and she cups her face in her hands, a bright blush spreading across it. You are giving no warning as she squishes you into her cleavage. “My little shrine keeper can't be this cute!~” You fail around as your lungs demand air. Yukari, or Yukarin now, takes pity on you and sits you back in her lap facing her this time as her hands resume playing with your hair. “Yuyu is going to adore you~” Do to the fact you are melting under her tender care you don't really have the brain power to ask who this Yuyu is.

Ran coughs lightly...and when Yukari ignores her in favor of nibbling your ears she coughs with far more force. “As amusing as it would be to watch you try to explain to Reimu why you corrupted her younger brother maybe you should unveil your surprise?”

Yukari humms and giving that her lips are still around your ear it does very intriguing things that cause you to shudder. She picks you up as if you weighed nothing and walks to the door. Setting you down (and placing a hand to steady you as her playing has made your knees a little weak) she slides open the door with a great flourish. “Welcome to Gensokyo~”

The bright sunlight streaming through the doorway blinds you for a moment so you take a second to adjust...and are blinded again. Even living in the small woods was never anything like this. Everything is so...green and vibrant! Even the sun seems more cheerful! Off in the distance you can see a large settlement of some kind and farther still a large red building. You take a deep breath...the air...is not just cleaner but...its alive...with something...magic...you thought she was kidding when she said magic was in the air! You feel Yukari shut your gaping mouth with a single finger. “Best not to catch flies now~” She winks at you.

“H-How?” You turn back and look over the shrine, everything is the same! You flick back and forth from the view to your shrine still not comprehending.

You feel a warm hand on your head and you relax into Ran's side. “My mistress is the master of boundaries Haru. She simply moved us from one shrine to another.” At your confused look she pets you and takes on a teaching tone. “The Hakurei shrine is on the boundary between Gensokyo and the outside world and exists on both sides. Think of it as a keystone in a building. Now normally the outside shrine is covered by a barrier that makes it and the land it sits on slip below everyone's notice however...” She trails off wanting you to work it out yourself.

You cross your arms and think. “...because mother and I lived in the shrine and often interacted with the closest town the barrier failed?” You blush as Ran gives you a proud smile.

“Not failed just overrode its function. Now that no one is living in the shrine it will fade from everyone's mind. Don't worry my master always keep an eye on the place.” One of her tails curls around your middle to reassure you.

“Still I don't understand...” You look at Yukari who is watching you with a teasing expression. “Why did you do this? I said i-!” You get it and from her face she knows you get it. “...you said you would never pull me away from the land of the Hakurei...and this land still counts.” You shoot a glare at her. “I wanted to stay! Even if the shrine is safe from those business types I-”

“You what?” And suddenly Yukari has that gaze, the eyes that froze your soul when you claimed you had Hakurei blood. You shrink back but Ran holds you steady, giving your shoulder comforting pat. “You would clean day in and day out waiting for your mother to return? Even after you know what happened to her?” She stands and it seems like the light in the shrine darkens with her mood...and oh gods what in all that is holy are those?! Holes...no...gaps...eyes...watching...never blinking! And then Yukari is hugging you and everything is ok...Ran is holding you as well and you wonder who is crying..oh yeah...you. “I'm sorry.” She holds you close and you can hear the pleading in her tone. “I have seen so many throw away what they truly are for a false dream...please Haru.” She meets your eyes and you feel like she is about to brake down...not the nasty crying kind...but her whole aura just feels heavy. “Please don't deny the gifts you have little shrine keeper.”

You can't help it...she looks so sad...no...tired...so tired... “Yukarin.” You hug her back for all your worth and the 3 of you just relax into a state of perfect hug. “I won't ever deny my gifts and that's a promise.” You snuggle your cheek against hers. “After all I might be banished by 2 angry youkai if I ever renounce my cooking skill.” She blinks before nuzzling you back...and everything just feels right...

After an unknown amount of time the cuddle puddle brakes up and the warm fluffy atmosphere returns. Yukari chuckles slightly. “Well I do believe I'm a shoe in for worst host ever. Not 10 minutes in Gensokyo and I've already scared the poor dear.”

You run over and interrupt anything else by throwing your arms around her in the best hug you can. “From now on whenever you are going to say depressing things I'm going to hug the stuffing out of you.” ...well it sounds kind of like that being muffled by her chest and all.

Yukari is shocked for a second but then laughs and cuddles you. “But I did scare you Haru~”

“No talk only hug.”


You glare at her with mock anger. “Hug.”

She laughs again and relents with a hug before leaning down and murmuring seductively in your ear. “Careful little Haru I just might abuse that~” You go red and bury you head deeper in her chest as she laughs. She spends a minute petting you and whispering more teasing words in your ear before letting you go. “Well I do believe I need to set a welcome party into motion. Ran watch my little shrine keeper please?~” Ran snorts but nods as Yukari vanishes into one of those eye gaps.

“Thank you.” You blink up at Ran as she smiles at you. “My mistress spends an extreme amount of time working to maintain Gensokyo. Sadly her work has gained her a very...colorful reputation and for the good of Gensokyo she wraps herself in a web of lies and mystery. Oh don't get me wrong she loves playing mind games but even the strongest of immortals need a time to grieve for what might have been. The last time the mistress truly broke...well I believe that's her story to tell...also~” A teasing light enters her eyes as soft tails start wrapping your limbs. “Do I get hugs as well?~”

You are about to answer (and slowly fail to keep the blush from your face) before someone beats you to it. “Ran~” It seems Yukari has returned. “Are you trying to steal little Haru from me when you already have Chen? My my what would she think?~”

“She would be fighting both of us for him.” Ran states with a perfectly straight face. They share an amused laugh when all of a sudden.


thud thud THUD THUD

From deeper in the shrine the footsteps of doom approach! You untangle yourself from the tails and move to stand between your 2 companions...


...and hide behind Ran as the room door bangs open with such force that it almost bounces shut. A very pissed off miko that can only be your older sister Reimu sweeps the room with death in her eyes before it lands on Yukari who at the moment is yawning and fanning herself. “you” Oh shit mother used that tone once or twice...only more icy doom, less burning hell fire. “Do you have any idea what time it it?”

Yukari opens a gap that shows countless clocks and a cacophony of ticking fills the air. “Oh well look at the time!~” The gap closes and somehow she has a cowboy hat on, a cigar in her mouth, and some kind of gun in her hand. “Its high noon~” She drawls with some kind of accent you can't place. Ran dope slaps her with a tail and Yukari is back to normal.

“Mistress I thought we talked about making references to the outside world no one will understand?”

Yukari points at a space over your head. “They will~”

Tail slap. “We also talked about the 4th wall.”

Reimu takes a step into the room and her aura of doom seems to fill the area. “Its 7 in the morning.” She smiles a very oh-gods-save-us kind of smile. “I was up till 4 this morning because a rainbow vampire brat thought it would be funny to have her own Scarlet Mist incident.” Another step and a card of some kind is in her hand. You can't tell for sure but you think it says 'Burn Everything' or something like that...really you are too busy hiding behind Ran to see well.

Yukari vanishes into a gap and the top half of her pops out of another in front of the death seeking miko, ruffling her hair. “Ahh but you see my adorable Reimu I have a good reason for being here~” Reimu's eye twitches and the card in her hand starts sparking. Yukari waves a hand and the table is full of tea and breakfast fit for a king...make that 3 kings. In an eye blink Reimu is at the table happily drinking tea, devouring food, and looking like the most present morning person that has ever graced the world.

“Well what are you waiting for?!” Reimu waves a hand to move you all to the table as the other is grabbing everything it can reach.

You blink and look up at Ran who only smiles and pushes you to the table. You start to ask how time has changed so drastically from the outside and here...then remember the gap youkai who is teasing your sister with a meatbun and just decide to go with it...also you are kind of hungry. As you join the feast you wonder when and if you should bring up the issue of you being here as Reimu has glossed over you so far. You glance at Yukari for guidance but she is busy messing with your sister. Maybe you should just wait until the meal is over?

[ ] Just eat

[ ] Inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived...wait what? (Tail slap. “Mistress we talked about this”)
[X] Inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived...wait what? (Tail slap. “Mistress we talked about this”)

Oh dear, Yukarin really ought not pander to us beings beyond the veil of text. It can only end in despair...
All the more reason to vote for it.
[X] Inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived...wait what? (Tail slap. “Mistress we talked about this”)
[X] Inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived...wait what? (Tail slap. “Mistress we talked about this”)

I was going to write a write in about hugging Reimu and calling her onii-cha Big sis, but this vote calls too damn strongly. It's probably for the best.
Have we met Reimu before?

I don't think we have. We haven't even heard of Gensokyo until Yukarin showed up.
[X] Vader Vote
[X] Inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived...wait what? (Tail slap. “Mistress we talked about this”)

“Info-” And Ran's shuts your mouth with a finger as she glares at her master.

“Mistress I have long abandoned the idea of trying to control you when it comes to these things and resigned myself to running damage control, involve Haru and I will not pleased.” Yukari smirks behind her fan but nods regardless. You shake your head and wonder just what you were going to say...you thought you were going to speak to your sister but judging by the look Ran is shooting Yukari...nope staying out of this. Before you can start again you feel Reimu's eyes on you.

“So” she drawls, her mouth full of meatbun “Who's the brat?”

You see Yukari about to answer when a noise draws everyone's attention.

What is the noise?

[ ] Someone yelling Reimu's name...and it sounds like the sound is getting closer very quickly!

[ ] Perfect and elegant knocking

[ ] Drunken rambling
[x] Drunken rambling

We will have all the nee-sans
[x] Drunken rambling

Gotta have my Oni
[x] Drunken rambling
[x] Just eat

A lamb amongst wolves
[x] Drunken rambling
[X] Drunken rambling

I wonder what she'll try to do first; attempt to get Haru hopelessly drunk or molest him?
[X] Drunken rambling

“muuuggg...Reeeeeiiiiimmmmmmuuu~” Shambling footsteps are slowly approaching. “Reeeeeiiiiii-” THUD. “...naaaa who put this door here?” The door opens and a small girl with...horns? Yes horns stumbles in. “Naaaaa smells good~ Did you cook for once Reimu?~” You see your sister's eye twitch as she mutters something under her breath as the new arrival pads over to your seat, swaying slightly. How she can walk without tripping with her eyes closed is beyond you. You are startled when the girl drops into your lap and starts cuddling you. “Naaaaa Reimu is the best pillow~” Your face quickly grows red as she wiggles in your lap and Yukari's laughter is not helping. The girl gives a happy sigh and pats your chest with sleepy taps. “Food~” You look up at the others for help but they are all having a good laugh at you right now.

“You're on your own brat.” Reimu snorts as she consumes a dish of rice.

“It would be rude to disturb her right when she just woke up.” That's very nice Ran and you might believe her if she wasn't hiding her smirk behind her sleeve.

Yukari just smiles at you as she fans herself.

...traitors all of you...now what to do about the girl in your lap?

[ ] Push her away

[ ] Just let her sit there

[ ] Feed her, that is what she is asking for
[X] Feed her, that is what she is asking for

What an unfortunate situation to be placed in.
I suppose we ought to feed her, since it would be the considerate thing to do.
It has nothing to do with her be really cute. No siree! Absolutely not!
We have been taken to a magical land where youkai and monsters are real. In all those old stories, the monsters with horns sneak into peoples houses and devour children. This horned monster made a beeline for us demanding food. Conclusion: SHE'S GONNA EAT US!

[x] Push her away

This child shall not become breakfast that easy!
[X] Feed her, that is what she is asking for

Feed the Oni!
[X] Feed her, that is what she is asking for
[X] Feed her, that is what she is asking for

You forgot the important part where the nasty yo-kai goes away when you do what they say half of the time.

[X] Feed her, that is what she is asking for
[X] Feed her, that is what she is asking for
[X] Feed her, that is what she is asking for

After giving the table full of traitors another glare you fish around for something to give her but sadly the girl in your lap is restricting your movements. Come on reach for the rice! Reach! ….annnnnnd no...damn. Tears of joy almost fill up in your eyes when Ran, the wonderful fox lady that she is, takes pity on you and pushes one of her bowls of fried tofu within your reach...although you are confused as to why Yukari and Reimu both look gobsmacked. Now armed with a food source you can get about feeding. You slip a bit of tofu into the girl's open mouth and she chews happily. “Mmm more~” ...damn it girl do you really have to sound THAT pleased with it? Still you oblige her. “Naaa!~” She wiggles in your lap as a bit of drool and very distracting moans spill from her lips...oh gods you are going to hell for this.

Reimu snorts and flicks a bit of rice at the girl's head. “Oy oy wake up you freeloader.”

The girl yawns and snuggles her head in your chest. “Don't wanna~” More rice is thrown at her and she slowly awakes. Bleary eyes open and she smiles up at you, a small fang poking out from her lips. “Hello new favorite pillow~”

More rice projectiles as Reimu sighs in exasperation. “Oy don't molest at the table.” The girl sticks he tongue out at your sister as she stretches. Muttering under her breath Reimu takes a moment to look you over for the first time...and you wince as she double takes. Her eyes narrow before glaring at Yukari. “What did you do.” The fact that its not a question says a lot doesn't it? Said accused youkai just stands and heads for the door, waving for the shrine maiden to follow and the 2 head deeper in the shrine.

“Hey hey~” A finger pokes your chest and you refocus on the girl smirking in your lap. “Pay attention to me pillow~”

Ran thwaps her lightly on the head with 2 fingers. “The pillow has a name. Haru Hakurei.” The girl blinks for a second then points to you then the door that Reimu and Yukari left from. At Ran's nod a smile so wide it might split her face makes itself known. “Dawwwww! Reimu's got a little brother!” She jumps to her feet and (oh gods how strong is she!) picks you up and swings you about in her arms. “I got a mini Hakurei!” She sets you down and climbs on a chair so she can look down at you and pat your head. “Call me Suika Onee-san!” She looks like a puppy waiting for a treat...

[ ] Don't say anything

[ ] Refuse

[ ] Explain that you don't know her well enough to call her that

[ ] “...Suika...Onee-san?”
[x] Suika... Onee San?

Oni in~ Happiness in~
Do you allow write in's?
[X] Genji interrupt Did you say Hakurei?
(aka The Giant flying talking turtle of the Hakurei shrine aka Reimu's flight training wheel)
[X] “...Suika...Onee-san?”
[x] “...Suika...Onee-san?”

It's worked so far. The real test is Reimu.
[x] Suika... Onee San?

Appease the Oni!
[X] Sandbag it

Huh? Why would we call her that? We're not siblings.
(Wait for the pout.)
But there's no reason why we can't become siblings. Right, Suika... Onee San?

I fear I'm tragically too late to make a difference.
[x] “...Suika...Onee-san?”

[x] “...Suika...Oba-san?”
[x] “...Suika...Oba-san?”

Hard of hearing shota moe~
[X] “...Suika...Onee-san?”


The girl wiggles in pleasure. “Yes my cute little Haru pillow just like that!” She ducks and you duck as well as a red ofuda flies past, it seems your sister has returned.

“I said no molesting at the table.” Reimu snarls at the girl as who just laughs.

“So anywhere else is fine?~” SMACK “OW MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!” The girl cries as another ofuda hits her right between the eyes.

Reimu sits at the table and takes a calming sip of tea the tension slightly lifting from her shoulders. “Oy fox, your gap hag master is off preparing a welcome party for the brat.” Ran nods and drinks her own tea. You let out a squeak as a pair of arms cuddle you from out of nowhere.

“Aww Reimu that wasn't nice!” How the heck did Yukari get behind yo- oh right. She snuggles you and mock glares at your unimpressed sister. “Calling a pure young maiden like me a hag, the nerve!” She looks down at you with a smile. “What do you think little Haru? I'm not a hag right?~”

[ ] Talking about a woman's age? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE

[ ] Hag is kind of mean but she is a long life youkai right?

[ ] What is Reimu talking about? Yukari looks really young! Not a day over 17 if you had to guess.
[X] Talking about a woman's age? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE

One time, Haru made an offhand comment about his mother being old.
The despair inflicted upon him that day ensures he'll not repeat that mistake ever again.
[x] Talking about a woman's age? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE
[x] Hag is kind of mean but she is a long life youkai right?

bully without intending to bully
[X] What is Reimu talking about? Yukari looks really young! Not a day over 17 if you had to guess.

She is 17!
[X] Talking about a woman's age? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE
[x] Talking about a woman's age? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE
[x] Talking about a woman's age? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE




[X] Talking about a woman's age? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE

“ha ha ha...oh look at the time I need to water the fish!”

Yukari lifts an eyebrow.

“...that sounded better in my head.” You admit with a sheepish shrug. You sister laughs at Yukari's pout.

“Even an outsider won't fall for that pure maiden bullshit.” Reimu ignores Yukari's glare and looks you over. “Well you're still a brat but I guess it could be worse.” She glares at a point off in the distance. “I could be stuck with another Marisa.” She mumbles before sipping more tea. She flicks a glace to the small horned girl (Suika you remind yourself) currently drinking from the gourd she has with her. “And why didn't you get on him for lying?”

Suika holds up a finger to stall all questions until she finishes her drink...yep...still going...uhh...really?...holy shit take a breath... She stops (thankfully) and smirks at Reimu. “First of all he didn't lie he avoided the question like the smart little brother he is. And second” she shakes the gourd “Its always time to water the fish~”

“DID SOMEONE SAY DRINKING!?” The loud yell makes you jump, Reimu swear, and the Suika smile another shit eating grin.

Yukari claps her hands and sparkles again. “Sounds like the party guests are arriving! Ran lets go see to them.” The fox woman nods and the 2 gap out as another woman ambles in. She is tall...like REALLY tall, has a sake dish in one hand and is very...healthy so to speak...also she has a horn as well.


“Oy.” Suika interrupts. “Stop scaring the little guy Yuugi.” Said Yuugi blinks before locating your shaking form doing your best to hide behind a smirking Suika.

“Uhh...s-sorry little guy.” The mountain of a woman rubs the back of heck in embarrassment...wait...she did that with her dish hand...ok how did she do that and how didn't that spi-

Suika pokes you with a grin. “I know what you are thinking and trust me, its Yuugi, just go with it.”


She puts a finger over your lips. “Its Yuugi, just go with it.”

Yuugi laughs before pointing outside. “Well if you are the guest of honor why not come great all the people that came to welcome the new Hakurei!” Before you can answer she reaches down and plops you on her shoulder...again somehow using her dish hand...and still not spilling any...ok Suika was right cause your mind might go all screwy if you try to think on this too hard. She swaggers out with Suika following close behind. “The names Yuugi Hoshiguma, pleased to meet ya!” She smiles and opens the door to the outside...

holy crap...holy crap...that's a lot of people...is this a bad time to mention you don't do well with lots of attention?

“Hey hey.” Yuugi sets you down and puts a warm hand on your shoulder. “Don't be like that! You're a man and a Hakurei! So get out there and great people with all the fury and power of a pissed off Reimu during an incident!”

You feel another hand on you and turn to find Suika smiling at you. “Big sis will be right here if you need her ok? Just be yourself.” She gives you a small swat on the back to send you on your way.

“I'll school you at drinking later!” Yuugi yells after you as you pan your eyes around the area. Who to visit first?

[ ] The girl sitting on the throne like chair with a maid holding a parasol

[ ] That pink haired girl with the odd tubes

[ ] The red haired girl in the green outfit talking with Ran

Note: you will end up meeting most of the main people at the party no matter who you pick so don't worry about missing people. Also for those wondering yes there will be a drinking contest later.
[X] That pink haired girl with the odd tubes

Let's go make the mind reader sad!
[X] The red haired girl in the green outfit talking with Ran
[x] Throne like chair girl

Satori seems interesting but Remilia expects to be attended to first.
Let's renew the Hakurei Scarlet contract for another generation
[x] The girl sitting on the throne like chair with a maid holding a parasol

Talk to the Loli!
[x] The girl sitting on the throne like chair with a maid holding a parasol

Finally, someone our age to play with!
[x] The girl sitting on the throne like chair with a maid holding a parasol

You tempt me with that Orin Read:Never chosen vote...

... But we would obviously be drawn to somebody closer to our age.

Also, SDM must fall first, that we have a wealthy benefactor to dote on us lovingly fund our take over of Gensokyo.
[x] Throne like chair girl

Satori 2nd if possible, I want to see what a mind reader makes of us.
[X] That pink haired girl with the odd tubes
Fear not my friend there will be Orin
[X] The girl sitting on the throne like chair with a maid holding a parasol

You might as well try to enjoy yourself even if a part of you wants to hide inside the shrine. You take a fortifying breath and walk towards your first target, the small girl on the throne...wait...why does she even have a throne? You slow your walk as you get closer and find the girl is complaining to the maid.

“-but really having a party out in the hot sun! I think Yukari planed that just to spite me! You know how tired and drained I feel when I'm out during the day!”

“Yes mistress.”

“We came all the way out here and Reimu didn't even come see me! Hump! I know someone who is not coming to MY next party!”

“Yes mistress.” The maid sees you. “Mistress-”

The girl sprawls in her chair, any notion of a dignified lady gone as she uses a (what you can guess) Reimu sock puppet to mock your sister. “Oh look at me I'm the shrine maiden I don't need to care about anything!”


The girl snarls and waggles a finger in the direction of the shrine. “Why with this kind of attitude its no wonder she never gets donations! I bet-”



Her face doesn't change and her voice is as steady as a rock but you can see a flicker of amusement in her eyes as an elegant finger points to you. “You have a guest.”

The throne girl stills and you hear a small whimper slip from her. “Is it Reimu?”

“No mistress, in fact I have never seen this young boy before.

“A boy? …is he cute?”

The maid winks at you and you blush. “I would say so.”

“...do you think he likes tea?”

“You might ask him yourself, I do believe he can hear you just fine.”

Throne girl whimpers again. “Sakuya...how long has he been listening?

Sakuya gets the smallest of grins. “I believe from the puppet show mistress.”

In a flash the girl is upright on her throne, the perfect picture of lady like grace and nobility...aside from the puppet poking out from behind her back. She smiles a fanged grin and holds a hand out to you. “Salutations young one, it is rare that a human of your age willingly approaches the scarlet throne~”

...just going to pretend the stuff before never happened huh?

“Why do you come before the eternal blood moon, Remilia Scarlet herself? Do you perhaps wish to prostrate yourself before me and beg to have your fate unveiled before-”


The girl and throne are now soaked by the sudden downpour. The maid seemingly teleported you and herself a short distance away to avoid any soakage...still is it really necessary to bridal carry you like this!? Remilia slowly twitches and looks up, as do you to find a laughing girl with odd rainbow crystal wings holding a now empty wash bin...she kind of looks like Remilia.

Rainbow girl sticks her tongue out. “Ha! Got ya sister! The score is 538 to 471!” She swoops off with shocking speed.

Remilia slowly wrings out her hat. “Sakuya why am I not dry like him?”

“Ahh please forgive me mistress” Sakuya simpers with an innocent smile on her face (can you please put me down now?) “But as you must remember you forbid me from using my power or from doing any maid like duties. I was giving strict orders to do nothing but relax. And what kind of head maid would I be if I didn't follow an order from my mistress even if it might lead to her having a slight unscheduled shower?~”

Remilia narrows her eyes but sighs, it seems the maid knows logic fu. “...and using your powers to move him is not violating those orders?”

“You wound me mistress I would never violate orders.”

The soggy scarlet explodes with all the fury of a spoiled brat and thrusts a finger at her maid. “Then what do you call that?!”

“Why mistress” you squeak as Sakuya smiles down at you and cuddles you into her ample chest. “I'm relaxing~”

Remilia's jaw opens and shuts a few times before she huffs and slams her hat back on her head...and you try so hard not to laugh when the still wet hat makes a loud SPUT when she does so. “I'm going to give my adorable little sister the most unpleasant tickle fight of her life. You wait for Patchy to show up and keep” her teeth grind “relaxing.” She explodes off into the sky quickly becoming a shrinking dot.

You shift a little in Sakuya's arms. “...uhh...e-excuse me...miss Sakuya?”


“Uhh...c...can you please put me down?”

She looks at you with a serious face. “My mistress ordered me to keep relaxing.” She snuggles you a bit tighter making your blush grow. “And what kind of maid would-”

“Sakuya!” A red head in green with an odd cap is running over. She latches on to the arm of your soft, warm prison and pulls. “You must come try the goldfish game with me!” She bounces up and down in place forcing Sakuya to put you down...but her lips brush your ear with a whispered promise of more to come later as her friend pulls her away.

You place your hands together in prayer and thank any gods that might be listening for the timely rescue.

Over by the shrine 2 sake drinking goddesses share an amused look.

You slowly start to amble back to the shrine when you find a roadblock...in the form of a small red and black cat. It is quietly snoozing in the middle of the sunny path before you.

[ ] Just step around the cat

[ ] Wake it up and move it

[ ] Try to move it without waking it up

[ ] ...urge to pet rising
[X] ...urge to pet rising

Cute is drawn unto cute. Let it happen.

Thank you
[X] ...urge to pet rising
[x] ...urge to pet rising
[X] ...urge to pet rising
[X] ...urge to pet rising

...oh...my...gods...its SO CUTE! You slowly sink down to your knees and smile at the adorable little fluff ball. “Hey little kitty.” It's ear twitches and it yawns, 2 dark red eyes blinking up at you. “H-Hi.” You ever so slowly reach a hand out and softly run a finger over its head. The cat purrs and nuzzles your palm until you start petting it with your full hand. “Hi...do you belong to one of the guests or are you wild?” It licks your finger causing you to giggle. “H-Hey that tickles~” You try to pull away but it follows, licking and nibbling your finger. “hehe c-cut it out kitty~” You rub its ears and it meows at you. You tickle it under its chin and it mews in pleasure. “It was great meeting you but I need to go be social again.” You give the cat one last pat before you stand and start to walk away but a meow makes you turn back...and force you to catch the fuzz ball that jumps into your arms. “Hey now.” You mock scold the cat even as you smile down at it. “You want to come with me?” You take it snuggling into your arms as a yes. “Ok let's stick together then.”

You start off down the path with the snoozing cat tucked in your arms but only make it halfway back before something lands on your head. You look up and a blood red eye blinks back at you...

There is a bird resting in your hair...

Yes a bird...an adorable looking raven, is calming using your head as a roost...

[ ] Shoo it away

[ ] ...this is your raven there are many like it but this one is yours
[x] ...this is your raven there are many like it but this one is yours
[X] ...this is your raven there are many like it but this one is yours
This is my Raven. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
This Raven will be my best friend. It is my objective. I must protect it as I must protect my life.
Without me, this Raven is lonely. Without this Raven, I am lonely. I must care for this Raven. I must pet this Raven more than others who are trying to pet me. I must pet him before they pet me. I will...
My Raven and I know that what counts in life is not the money we make, the noise of our parties, nor the enemies we defeat. We know that it is the friends that count. We will make more...
My Raven is beautiful, more than I, and more than my life. Thus, I will learn it as a sister. I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its hobbies, its tastes, its likes and its fears. I will keep my rifle content and happy, even as I am content and happy. We will become part of each other. We will...
For the Hakurei, I swear this creed. My Raven and I are the defenders of Gensokyo. We will be the masters of its enemies. We are the saviors of its lives.
So be it, until victory is ours and there is no enemy, but peace!

Raven + Cat vs the world route is go!
[X] ...this is your raven there are many like it but this one is yours
[X] ...this is your raven there are many like it but this one is yours

...you reach up and pet the raven softly and it nuzzles deeper into your hair...well...ok then. You start walking again and start speaking to your 2 new companions. You ramble (mostly because you are really just now catching up to the idea of this being a whole new world) about anything and nothing. You tell them about yourself and you feel a bit of pride when you notice both cat and bird seem to be listening...yes you have such an outstanding life story that you can entertain animals! Clearly greatness is in your future! As you keep rambling you look over the people milling about the shrine. A...dog...girl? Having a fight with a...bird girl...sure why not. Your sister is sitting on the shrine porch having tea with Ran and Yukari. A blue haired girl has set a booth and is seems to be selling stuff. You see rainbow girl fly overhead still being chased by her sister. A green haired woman is standing off by the tree line spinning a parasol...and many many more...oh gods why did you agree to this? You sigh and shake your head. “So who to visit next?”

The cat and raven both jump from their resting places sit beside one another. Before you can wonder what's going on both are suddenly replaced by 2 girls. The cat now turned girl just smirks at you as the raven girl smiles at you rubbing her...arm...thing in embarrassment. You open your mouth and the raven girl leaps at you and...oh...wing hug...you decide right then and there that you really like wing hugs. “He's prefect right Orin?!” She bounces in place causing her wings to tickle you and you giggle despite your confusion. Then you are being pulled (still in a wing hug) to...somewhere you can't really see. “Master Satori! Master Satori!” You are released from the wing hug (noooo) and find yourself before the pink hair tube girl...oh...that's an eye...cool! Tube girl gives you a glance as raven girl keeps gushing. “Master I found you a new pet!” Satori gives her a look and raven girl wilts a bit before she's right back to gushing. “Ok I want a pet and look I found one!” She gives a blinding smile and boops you on the head with a wing. “I'll take great care of him and treat him right! I'll make sure he eats right and tuck him in every night!” Her wings are now flapping in joy. “I'll teach him to be...be...”

“Polite?” Orin throws in with growing amusement and wing girl snaps her fingers.

“Yeah that!” She turns to her master and...oh gods that face...how could anyone resist that face?! “Please master?” Her wings clasp together in front of her like hands in prayer...oh gods its too cute!

“Okuu.” Satori sighs with a look of long suffering. “Do not kidnap people.”

The raven girl (Okuu...you like it) goes deathly still and looks down at you still pressed to her chest. “...i kidnapped you?” Oh gods no the waterworks are coming! “...*sniff* I did a bad thing...” Before she unleashes the ocean you hug her.

“No no if anything I kidnapped you right?” You chuckle at her head tilt. “You wanted to roost in my hair and I just walked off with you...so I kind of kidnapped you.”

“But...I walked off with you as well...right?” She crosses her arms...well arm and big thing and strokes her chin with a wing in a thinking pose.

“...well how about we both kidnapped each other?” You offer with a smile and she thinks a bit more before letting another blinding smile grace her face.

“Wow you are smart! Just like master Satori!” She gasps as if just now remembering why she dragged you here. “Master look he's smart too!” She puts her chin on the top of your head and enfolds you both in her wings. “Please?”

Satori gives Orin a glace (who is rolling on the ground, laughing so hard her face could match her hair) before sighing again. “Let me see the boy Okuu.”

Okuu nods and looks down at you with a scrunched up serious face. “Now remember to be polite and answer master Satori's questions ok?” Orin somehow laughs harder as you match Okuu's serious face and nod. “Good!” She chirps and pushes you in front of her master with a wing. Said master looks you over with dull eyes...well she's looked like that the whole time...so maybe that's her default look?

“You are not the first to think so.” ...oh...did you say that out loud...shit that was kind of rude you better apologize! “No need.” ...ok you know you didn't say anything...uhh...are you a mind reader miss Satori? “Yes.” ...oh...huh...cool! She blinks. “Most humans and youkai don't share your feelings on the matter.” Oh...well I guess I'm not like most humans cause I think its neat! I bet its a great time saver when you know what someone really wants to say without them having to say it. She looks a little shocked now. “...you truly believe that...” ...well...yeah...I mean what's wrong with knowing the heart of someone you care about right? She looks at you long and hard...and then a bit of life shines in her eyes and something like a tiny smile is on her lips. “You do believe that...Okuu.”

The raven girl (who has been watching and rubbing her arm...thing in nervousness) snaps to attention. “Yes master?”

“Young Haru needs to finish meeting the rest of the party goers.” Okuu's eyes get a bit watery. “We will speak to him again before we return underground.” There is a lot of happy wing fluttering and Okuu sqwees.

“Thank you master!” She wing hugs you again and even the chest eye of hers is glowing in happiness. “Go see other people but don't forget about Okuu!” She plucks a feather from her wing and gives it to you before you walk back to the shrine the 2 of you waving to one another.

...wow...you are still a bit dizzy from all of that but (you smile brightly as you stroke the soft, warm feather) you think you made some new friends! Now who else?

[ ] That girl with violet hair reading under that tree

[ ] That girl that is friends with Sakuya...she seems to challenging people to arm wrestling

[ ] ...that woman has no legs...no wait...a...tail?

[ ] Boo!
[X] ...that woman has no legs...no wait...a...tail?

No legs + tail = Wakasagihime.

[x] That girl with violet hair reading under that tree

Whatchu reading, pretty girl?
[x] Boo!

Pretty damn sure this is Kogasa and I am okay with that
[x] Boo!

[X] Boo!
[x] Boo!
[X] Boo!
A good guess but no, this vote was for Mima
Changing my vote.

[X] ...that woman has no legs...no wait...a...tail?
[X] Boo!

Well maybe you could just-




...oww...you rub your sore back and look up from your spot on the ground at the sudden umbrella...and the girl holding it. She smiles and puts on a pair of blue and red rimmed glasses (huh...matches her eyes) and pulls out a notepad. “So on a scale from 'oh wow' to 'shitting bricks' how surprised were you?”

“...uhh...I would say a solid 'holy shit' miss.”

She scribbles on the pad and nods. “Nice you're my 4th 'holy shit' for the day!” She tucks the pad and glasses away and holds out a hand. “I'm Kogasa Tatara the friendly the umbrella that always gets ya with a surprise hug~” And she lives up to her title by pulling you into a surprise hug. “So what's the Reimu's new brother doing wandering around?”

You blink. “How did you know I was-”

“Cause it was surprising that I would know that~” She chirps at you as the umbrella winks.

“O-oh.” You look over the umbrella...dude...does that umbrella have a tongue!? That's awesome! “That's a really awesome umbrella!”

“I know I'm awesome but thanks for saying anyway~” She spins the umbrella a bit on her shoulder and starts walking down the path, waving for you to walk with her. “So, seeing all the Gensokyo big wigs right?” At your nod she smiles. “Yep seems like almost everyone is here to see what all the fuss is about~” She suddenly spins around and kisses your cheek. “And what a cute fuss it is!~” You blush bright red and sputter as she spins away laughing. “I can't wait to see what surprising things you find yourself in! I know going to be so much fun!”

“...wait...you want to see what's going to happen...yet you already know its going to be fun? Can you see the future or something?”

She smirks. “First of all, I would like to make one thing quite clear.”


“I never explain anything.” She gasps in happiness. “I surprise you with confusing statements, surprise the readers with a reference, surprise some of them that I know what Mary Poppins is, and surprise them again as I rip the 4th wall to tiny bits! A 4 for 1 deal!”

“...w-what? I didn't really understand that...and that bit at the end sounds like you can buy surprise at the market or something.”

“Yep!” She says with a nod. “You can get it for 489 yen.”

“Wow what a surprising bargain!” She blinks then gives you a blinding smile.

“Yeah now your getting it!” She holds her umbrella high and it catches the wind sending her into the sky. “I must go my people need meeeeeeeee!”

...you laugh. You laugh harden then you have in a long time. You really like Kogasa even for the short time you have known her. Something about the girl just makes you smile even if you don't understand half the things she says. You take a look around and decide who you should go see next.

[ ] The tail girl is bugging your sister about something.

[ ] The reading girl...is still reading...only now there is a girl with...head...wings?

[ ] What the heck is that noise?
[x] The reading girl...is still reading...only now there is a girl with...head...wings?
[X] The tail girl is bugging your sister about something.

Momma' Mima's New Apprentice, 2016 re-edit edition!
[X] The tail girl is bugging your sister about something.

[X] What the heck is that noise?

Mystery box!
[x] The reading girl...is still reading...only now there is a girl with...head...wings?

Note: Kogasa died on the way back to her home planet
[X] The reading girl...is still reading...only now there is a girl with...head...wings?
[X] The tail girl is bugging your sister about something.
[x] The reading girl...is still reading...only now there is a girl with...head...wings?
Hmm if Madam Nina is there Genji has to be as well. Zun himself said the old turtle lives in the pond be hind the shrine.
[X] Tail girl vote
[X] What the heck is that noise?
[x] Reading girl
[X] The reading girl...is still reading...only now there is a girl with...head...wings?

You walk over the a girl with violet hair reading under a shady tree. She has built a small pile of books around her and the area is in total silence aside from a page turn now and then. The head wing girl smiles at you as you come to a stop right outside the makeshift book fort. “...uhh...h-hi?” The violet girl gives you a single glance before returning to her book. “...” Well this is awkward.

“Haru Hakurei.”

You jump a little at the sudden voice, slightly raspy with disuse. “Y-yes that's me.”

She keeps her eyes on her book and continues speaking. “Youngest of the Hakurei bloodline, second born of the Sendai Hakurei no Miko also known as the Demon Miko.” Page flip. “Relocated to Gensokyo by Yukari Yakumo. Skills unknown, powers unknown, magic talent unknown.” Page flip. “And now no doubt the center pawn of Yukari's newest scheme to return the Sendai Hakurei no Miko to the Hakurei shrine.” She goes silent and keeps reading.

Yep still awkward.

You cough lightly. “Uhh...may I ask your name miss?”

Page flip...

“Patchouli Knowledge.” Her voice seems a bit stronger now that she is speaking. She lifts a finger to point at the red head beside her who is still smiling at you. “My servant Koakuma.” Said servant waves at you...and not with her hands...her head wings waved at you...that's adorable.

“Uhh...is that a good book miss Knowledge?”

“No.” She snaps her book shut. “The author uses flowery speech and over technical wording to disguise his lack of understand on the topic. There is no true substitute in magic for a mentor but information this misleading is just insulting.” Without a word Koakuma takes the book from her and adds it to a small stack before selecting another title for her master. Patchouli opens the new tome and starts again.


[ ] It feels like you are not wanted here...

[ ] Ask if you can read with her
[X] Ask if you can read with her
Patchu bonding time
[X] It feels like you are not wanted here...

There's many others we still have to meet, we can speak to Patchy later when we inevitably visit the Scarlet mansion for tea
[X] It feels like you are not wanted here...

It feels like it'd take too long before she's willing to talk, and you still have to meet everyone else. Maybe go and meet her again later, when you're not keeping other people waiting.
[x] Read with her
[x] Ask if you can read with her
[X] It feels like you are not wanted here...

Someone DARE ignore a Hakurei this ADORABLE!?


This guy has a point though. Our revenge-bonding can wait.
[X] It feels like you are not wanted here...

Time to put on the dejected face and excuse ourselves.
We'll be back, even more polite and adorable than before.
[X] If feels like you are not wanted here...

Gods why must this be so awkward? You stand there for a minute shuffling your feet as Patchouli continues her reading. Right about when you are thinking about leaving she sighs and looks up from her book at you. “I am not here at this social gathering by choice. At the moment I would make for poor conversation...however you at least have manners and the patience to use them.” She points a finger at you and a small card floats over to you. It is purple with some kind of white symbol on it...and the lines of the symbol glow faintly with magic. “This is an invitation to my library in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Simply present it to the gate guard and provided I am not busy you will be admitted. If you still wish to speak to me that would be less trying time for the both of us.”

She returns to her book as Koakuma smiles and bows. “Please come visit us~” You bow back and promise that you will.

Ok so that was a bit of a bust...still you can understand Patchouli's outlook. Getting dragged to events is not going to be pleasant at all. You take a look around. Suika and Yuugi seem to be setting up an area for a drinking contest...Yukari is speaking to a green haired woman...oh she also has a parasol...parasol fans unite? Sakuya's friend from before is setting up...a fighting ring? I thought the spell card stuff involved flying so why a fighting ring? ...wait that is that noise?


...what the hell!? A witch on a broom is diving out of the sky toward the middle of the shrine grounds! As you watch she holds out some kind of card in front of her. “Marisa sign, Spectacular Introduction!” What does that- holy shit its like a fire work show up to 11! She starts a number of outlandish mid air maneuvers as streams of magic stars, colors, and lights are left in her wake....and the stars explode into more magic insanity! ...wait she's coming right at you! Before you even think about moving she dives lower and dismounts her broom, going into a fast roll on the ground. Right before she crashes into you she snaps up and plants her feet stopping herself uncomfortably close. She lifts an arm over her head and her broom (that was spinning through the air without its rider) snaps into her hand and 4 stars shoot from the bristles, swirl around her, then shoot off into the sky and explode into a banner of lightning! Said banner zips back to its maker and stops right over her head.

Marisa Kirisame: An Ordinary Magician

...yeah after all that you call bullshit.

[ ] Slowly move away from the clearly insane witch

[ ] ...what...the...hell?

[ ] ...that was awesome!
[x] ... That was awesome!
[x] ... That was awesome!
Hmm not sure if my vote got double posted or if someone voted at the same time?
Stranger things have happened
[X] ...that was awesome!
-[X] Start a slow clap

Because there are things in this world that must be slow clapped for. And so; I will slow clap, even if I must slow clap alone.
[X] Slowly move away from the clearly insane witch

We need none of your particular brand of crazy today Marissa, we're supposed to be making good impressions on everybody.
[X] She's like one of those magical girls you seen on television! So cool!

Because I used to shamelessly watch that shit as a kid.
[x] ... That was awesome!
File 14712871802.jpg - (7.40KB, 282x178, thatwusawesome.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] ...that was awesome!

[x] ... That was awesome!
[x] ... That was awesome!
[x] Slowly move away from the clearly insane witch

I want our gimmick to be that we're constantly friendly and adorable to everyone else and completely cold to Marisa, forever.
We am become anti-Raymoo
[X] ...that was awesome!

“...w-wow...amazing!” You start clapping as she sweeps her hat off and bows in an exaggerated manner.

“Nice to know someone appreciates my genius!” She reaches out to ruffle your hair...and ducks from a red ofuda. Your sister is stomping over, ominously cracking her knuckles. “Oy Marisa did you forget what I said about flashy entrances around my shrine?” The witch thumbs her nose at the miko.

“The dull place should feel lucky to get one of my custom entrances!” Sparks seem to jump between them and it looks like they might thrown down at the drop of a hat.

“Hey!” All 3 of you look up at...oh hi Okuu! She is floating over everyone's heads and has her arms crossed. She points her arm...thing at Marisa. “If Ru-chan is going to clap for anyone's entrance its going to be mine!”

...this looks like things could get out of hand...

[ ] Leave, you want no part of this

[ ] Try to stop the fight by...

-[ ] Talking
-[ ] Force

[ ] How are you the most mature person here? Go drown your woes with Suika Onee-san

-[ ] And steal Marisa's hat as you leave

(If you try to steal her hat)

Skill vote needed

Skill: Thief 1

Skill points remaining: 26

Add points or RNG to current skill level
[X] Try to stop the fight by...
-[X] Talking

Ladies please! Both of your entrances are worthy of clapping!
[X] Try to stop the fight by...
-[X] Force
[X] Try to stop the fight by...
- [X] Talking


I likje this anon. This anon is ambitious. I support his efforts!

No brute force! Only words!
*Theatrical bow*

[X] Try to stop the fight by...
- [X] Talking
[X] Try to stop the fight by...
-[X] Talking
[X] How are you the most mature person here? Go drown your woes with Suika Onee-san
[X] Try to stop the fight by...

-[X] Talking

“H-Hey lets just calm down and talk this over ok guys?” You plead as Reimu and Marisa stand face to face glaring at one another...and Okuu hovering over them is not helping. “So m-maybe we could just sit down and drink some tea or-”

“Shut it brat!” You flinch as both miko and witch yell at you without looking away from each other.

“Hey!” Okuu snarls and holds up a finger, a orb of light forming at her fingertip. “Don't you yell at Okuu's Ru-chan!” Marisa blows a raspberry at the raven.

“Or what? You'll use that little flare power of yours to boil water and force us to drink bad tea?” Hey that was really uncalled for! Okuu's eye twitches and power pours out of her and her arm...thing starts to glow with an inner light.

“That's it! I'll use the new spell card I made for Ru-chan to get rid of you!” She levels her...thing at the 2 of them and


OH GODS WTF IS THAT?! Your sister twirls her gohei and makes a 'bring it' motion. Marisa tugs her hat down on her head and mounts her broom with a deadly grin.

No no! Please don't fight! How can you possibly stop them now?!

“My my what a fuss~♥” Everything stops. Reimu takes a step back and scowls. Marisa almost falls off her broom. All the power that Okuu was emitting vanishes and she...is trying to hide behind you? Even people on the sidelines are on edge a little. How do you feel about this voice?

[ ] Holy shit...you are scared as hell and you have no idea why!

[ ] Its just a voice why are people getting so worked up?

[ ] ...you think it sounds cute to be honest

Note: The person speaking (and I bet everyone knows who it is) doesn't change depending on the vote, only how you feel about her voice
[X] ...you think it sounds cute to be honest

[X] ...you think it sounds cute to be honest

Hopefully our shota looks can help us survive!
[X] ...you think it sounds cute to be honest

Oh hey, maybe it's somebody who we can finally have a pleasant conversation with.

I don't think Yoyuko is spooky enough for this kind of reaction.
My guess is that it's Yuuka.
[x] ...you think it sounds cute to be honest
She may be spooky, but she still got youkai Moe going for her! we just gotta talk about how much we loved watching sunflowers bloom!
[X] ...you think it sounds cute to be honest
[x] c-c-cute...!

[X] ...you think it sounds cute to be honest
[X] ...you think it sounds cute to be honest

You look around for the source of the cute voice...and find an even cuter woman! She's almost as cute as Yukari...in fact you think this is the same woman that was speaking to her before...same green hair...same parasol...seems to be...maybe this is Yuyu? She slowly walks over to the 4 of you a teasing smile on her lips. She sweeps her red eyes over your sister, the witch, and Okuu who is slowly edging away from the new arrival. “My it seems this yard has a few weeds in it~♥” You look around...yeah the shrine yard does look a bit shabby. You shoot Reimu a pointed look but she is busy glaring at the green woman.

“What do you want Yuuka?” Ahh so that's her name...Yuuka...you like it...wait...Yuuka...Yuyu...well that clears that up. Yuuka just brushes past Reimu.

“I was invited by my good friend Yukarin~ Surely you wouldn't mean to offend by denying a party guest right?~♥” Reimu huffs before stomping off back to the shrine. “My my was it something I said?~♥” Her eyes lock on to Marisa who is trying to sneak away. “Ah the thieving witch~♥” Marisa freezes in place and slowly turns to look at Yuuka who just smiles wider. “I've been looking forward to meeting you again, fate must be kind to me today~♥” Judging by the sweat prickling Marisa's brow you would guess fate was rather unkind today as well.

“O-Oh h-h-hi Yuuka! I d-didn't even s-see ya there!” She rubs the back of her neck and gives a fake smile. “Why ya l-looking for me?” Yuuka closes her parasol and holds it out before her.

“Why so scared little witch? You seemed so happy to steal from me before~♥” The tip of her parasol starts to glow. “Why I even made something new for you~♥” A orb of power starts to form from the parasol. “Why not take a good look?~♥” Marisa lets out something like a squeak before mounting her broom.

“T-That sounds great but oh look at the time I need to be anywhere but here!” She blasts off into the sky and is soon nothing more then a sinking dot in a sea of blue. The orb and glow vanish as Yuuka replaces her parasol on her shoulder. “My my was it something I said?~♥” She looks at Okuu who doesn't even try to dignify herself as she flees back to her master's side. “My my~♥” She then seems to notice you and she blinks in surprise before a warm smile spreads over her face. “My my it seems fate was truly kind to me, not only did I deal with some bothersome weeds but I uncover a young flower barely more then a tiny sprout~♥” You look around but you don't see any flo- ...oh...you blush and look down at your feet. You've never had a pet name before...not like this. You look up to see Yuuka crouch down on her knees so her face is almost level with yours. She holds a hand to you and her warm red eyes meet your own. “Come here little sprout and let Yuuka get a good look at you~♥”

[ ] Stay where you are

[ ] The power of youkai moe compels you
[x] The power of youkai moe compels you
[x] The power of youkai moe compels you
[X] The power of politeness compels you

I really hope we fight Yuuka.
Haru just calmly facing off against her whilst everybody else is freaking out.
Nobody would suspect that the kind, polite, and completely adorable little boy fights like the person whom was dubbed the "Demon Miko".
[x] The power of youkai moe compels you
[X] The power of youkai moe compels you
[X] The power of youkai moe compels you

Youkai moe~
[X] The power of youkai moe compels you
[X] The power of youkai moe compels you

Being the polite soul you are you walk over to the kneeling woman. Her smile somehow becomes brighter as you stand in front of her and she ruffles your hair making you blush. “Such a polite sprout~♥” She looks you over and as her red eyes slowly trail over you the urge to cover yourself tickles the back of your mind. You hush it in embarrassment, she's not really undressing you with her eyes...


She spends a few moments staring at a spot just over your head before she smiles again. “My my it seems the sprout already has mites~♥” You blink in confusion but she just chuckles and pets your head. “Ahh how rude of me I missed my introduction~♥” She stands and smiles down at you. “I am Yukka Kazami little sprout~♥” She stand there as if waiting for- oh! You brush yourself off and give her a bow.

“It is my honor to meet you Lady Kazami, I am Haru Hakurei.” She hums in approval.

“It seems you inherited the manners your sister lacks~♥” You wince and rub the back of your neck.

“W-Well its only just my first day here...is...is she really that bad?” You get a warm hand on your head again and you find yourself nuzzling into it. When your mind catches up to just what you are doing you take a step away blushing brightly...and Yukka's amused face is not helping.

“No the miko is just sore that Yukari has once again involved her shrine in a celebration without her consent~♥” She makes a 'come here' motion with a single finger and (still red faced) you return to her side and the warm hand. “You would think that after all this time she would understand that the more you fight my lovely Yukarin the more she takes it as a challenge~♥” She chuckles again as you let out a pleased sigh as she ruffles your hair. “So Gensokyo has a new Hakurei~♥” You nod and try to clear the warm fuzzy that settled on you from her playful hand.

“R-Right I was the shrine keeper in the outside world.” At her request you go over your life outside Gensokyo and the events leading up to your appearance here.

“You tried to fight Ran?~♥” You blush and nod as she laughs softly the sound making a spark of...something ignite inside your chest. “I must get a recounting from my Yukarin as well she tends to get every tiny detail of things that take her interest~♥” You continue your tale and have a small flash of pride when Yukka asks if you might cook for her one day. “As much as she tried my poor Elly just can't grasp the finer ways of cooking, I swear she sobbed for days after thinking it some sort of slight to my person~♥”

“Well everyone just needs to do their best. And 1 person's best is not the same as another so you might not be the best, it only matters that you do YOUR best, right?”

“My my such wise words from such a young sprout~♥” She hums in pleasure before you both look up as a loud voice booms over the grounds.


You wince as you place the voice. Yuugi.

“My my as brash as ever~♥” Yuuka smirks and places a hand on your shoulder. “Come little sprout let us accept this challenge~♥” She giggles...and your heart just exploded...yep...gone...a clear case of overdose on moe...but you remember what Yuugi said before...school you at drinking huh?

[ ] You really don't want to get involved

[ ] Challenge accepted oni! Go with Yuuka
[X] Challenge accepted oni! Go with Yuuka
[x] Challenge accepted oni! Go with Yuuka
[x] Challenge accepted oni! Go with Yuuka
[X] Challenge accepted oni! Go with Yuuka

We get Youkai Moe and Oni's, whats not to love?
[X] You really don't want to get involved

Adorable shota is not for drunks or lewds!
[X] Challenge accepted oni! Go with Yuuka

Did... Did the MILF just OVERMOE the Shota?

This... This shouldn't be POSSIBLE!

[x] You're on(i)!

Talk about a reversal. Leave it to Yuuka to flip things upside-down
[X] Challenge accepted oni! Go with Yuuka

No one can resist youkai moe~
[X] Challenge accepted oni! Go with Yuuka

You nod. “Right! Lets show the oni that we don't back down!” You pump your first in the air and give Yuuka a silly grin. She giggles again and pats your head.

“Indeed~♥” The 2 of you walk over to a large tent the oni have set up and make your way inside. Suika notices you and hops (yes hops) over to give you a hug.

“Aww my pillow came to see me!” You hug her back and explain why you are here. “Maa? You want to drink with us? I guess Yuugi will get her chance to school y-!” She just now seems to notice Yuuka. “Uhh hi Yuuka didn't know you wanted to join...that changes the whole-”

“No no~♥” Yuuka waves a hand dismissively. “I am just here to watch my little sprout compete. No need to skew the contest with my involvement~♥” She ruffles your hair at her sprout comment and you melt into her touch. Suika snickers at your reaction but simply nods to Yuuka.

“Ok its better that way as we kind of planed this thing for the less hardcore to have a go at me and Yuugi.” Was that a shot at you? “Anyway follow me pillow I'll take you to an open spot.” You wave to Yuuka as she finds a corner of the tent to stand in and follow Suika to a spot at the large table in the middle of the tent. A good number of people are already seated and the spot you are given by Suika is beside her and Yuugi. The larger oni smiles and pats you on the back, the blow almost sending you face first into the table.

“Hey looks like I get to school you after all!” You give her a shaky smile and nod to her. Well it looks like the massive pile of drinks is assembled so now-

“Hi!” And you fail in surprise almost falling out of your seat! Another bird girl with the oddest looking shoes you have ever seen is hovering in front of you. She whips out a notepad and smiles at you. “I'm Aya Shameimaru of the Bumbunmaru newspaper!” You are forced to lean back as she thrusts her face close to yours. “Can I- ACK!” She struggles as Yuugi drags her away from you.

“Oy oy no interviews right now you nosy bird. We are about to drink a massive amount of sake you can get an interview later...wait in fact!” She forces Aya down into a chair. “You get a front row seat!” It seems the reporter (at least you think that's what she is) has been pressed into competing. Yuugi stands (keeping a hand on Aya's shoulder) and addresses the members of the table. “HELLO AND WELCOME TO ANOTHER FUN ROUND OF DRINKING WITH THE ONI!” A great round of cheering goes up from the table. “THE RULES ARE EASY! YOU THROW UP? OUT! YOU PASSOUT? OUT! YOU STOP DRINKING FOR MORE THEN SIXY SECONDS? OUT! YOU SPILL MORE THEN YOU DRINK? OUT! YOU TRY TO CHEAT? YOU GET TO SPEAK TO ME! She cracks her knuckles and gives an evil grin around the table. “NOW GET TO DRINKING YOU LIGHTWEIGHTS!” You smile as you reach for your first drink, this seems like fun!

How well can you drink?

[ ] You are the worst lightweight in history

[ ] About normal for a human

[ ] Higher the normal

[ ] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light
[X] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light

Our ancestors would be proud!
Would like clarification.
Does the hidden power come out because of Haru getting drunk or does he just accidentally discover it whilst drunk?
The power emerges because he is drinking
[X] Higher the normal

In that case, fuck that shit. Drunk powers might seem amusing at first, but it quickly get obnoxious.
[X] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light
[x] Higher the normal

Oh I thought the "hidden power" would be super alcohol resistance. If it's not then I'm switching my vote to this I guess.
It is
Cool then I'm switching my vote back! Ignore that one.

[x] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light
Can't get drunk? That changes everything, including my vote.

[X] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light
[X] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light
Can't get drunk? Wouldn't that be more of a curse? Especially to the oni?

[X] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light
[X] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light

Gentlemen, we very well may be the first person able to drink an Oni under the table.

We can't pass this up.
[X] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light

Drinking Yuugi under the table?

Yuugi GET
[X] You are the worst lightweight in history
[X] One of your hidden Hakurei powers comes to light

Ack you don't think you really have a taste for sake yet but at least it doesn't burn as much anymore. You don't really know how much time has passed but you don't want to give up just yet. You reach for another...oh...out. You shake your head slowly and yawn, you feel fuzzy...or maybe buzzy? ...oh right the 60 second time thing. You look over at Yuugi to request more sake...oh...she's staring at you slaked jawed with glazed eyes...ok maybe Suika can...nope she's much the same as Yuugi...mmm they both are very red faced too. “Hey...I need more drinks.” You poke the empty space in front of you for emphasis...mmm...now that you are looking around it seems everyone else is passed out and being carted out by...bunny...girls? You blink a few times. Mmm clearly you are seeing things! Well nothing more sake can't fix. Suika hands you another jug and you set about downing it.

How long has it been now? Suika hit the floor about 3 minutes ago and cute that bunny girl with the red eyes came to take her away...mmm...why is everyone giving you those looks...even the spectators are shocked...well not Yukka. You giggle and wave at her corner. Yuuka's the best! She believed in you right from the start! Yay! ...oh right the last one standing. You turn and find Yuugi panting slightly, face red, eyes glazed, sake dish hand shaking slightly. She takes a shaky drink and you set your jaw, you won't lose here! Need a drink...drink...ahh! Suika's gourd thing! You grab it and start chugging, keep up with this Yuugi! You keep one eye on her as you chug away and her mouth drops again before she tries to down her whole dish...and it slips from her grasp and clatters on the table spilling sake everywhere...right before her head slams into it as well...ouch...the poor table just got impaled. You stop chugging and wipe your mouth...huh the gourd still feels full...or maybe you are more fuzzy then you thought. You yawn again and look around for any contestants...nope...huh you win...

Hey you win! You stand and smile to Yuuka...oh hey Yukari's there too looking like Christmas just came early. “Hey Yuuka...Yukari...i...i did it? Right? I did it!” You shoot them a thumbs up and a blinding smile and the 2 of them laugh and share an amused look. You walk over (mmm a slight wobble to your steps) and hug/fall into Yukari's breasts. “I won Yukarin!”

She giggles and pets your head. “Well done little Haru~” You get pats from Yuuka as well...oohh yeah all the pets for Haru~ You melt under playful, warm hands as Yuuka hugs you from behind.

“Can I stay here...just...forever? Its warm and safe...” The 2 laugh but don't deny your fuzzy request.

“Can we keep him Yuuka?~” You hear Yuuka hum and you moan slightly as her hand massages your stiff back.

“I don't think the little sprout would mind at the moment~♥” You feel her breath on your ear and you shudder. “Right little sprout?~♥” You respond by nuzzling her head with yours and she gives a pleased hum. “Out drinking the oni...it would seem my trust was not misplaced in my little sprout~♥” Yukari must have raised an eyebrow in question or something because you hear the sound of a lot of coins clanking together...and you can hear Yuuka's smirk. “I believe the kappa call this making bank~♥”

“Hey.” You twist in Yukari's grip and give Yuuka a fuzzy pout. “Don't bet on me.” Yawn. “At least without offering me part of it.” You nuzzle into her chest as the 2 of them laugh...


...you blink and yawn as you shift around in your bed...you feel rather refreshed and the warm fuzzes seem to be gone. You start to get up...and your hand closes around a warm orb...huh? You look down and...oh...you are sleeping in Yuuka's lap...and you just groped her...oh


You slowly look up (and your traitor hand refuses to move damn it!) into amused red eyes. “My my someone is active~♥” She smiles a teasing smirk. “Such a young little shrine keeper, did you hope I would have morning milk for you?~♥” You slowly withdraw your hand and start babbling apologies before she shushes you with a finger. “You did not offend little sprout~♥” She pets you as Yukari's head appears in one of those gaps with a hopeful face. “Did someone say morning milk?~” Yuuka never loses her teasing face nor even looks away from you as she punches Yukari back into the gap and forces it close with one hand. “Now then little sprout I believe you have a visitor~♥” You blink and follow her pointing finger to that reporter bird girl who is doing a poor job of hiding behind a tree cluster...oh it seems like you got moved outside during your nap. Oh right she wanted to speak to you.

[ ] Call her over

[ ] Sorry no time to talk you have a Yuuka to snuggle

[ ] Strike a healthy compromise and interview as you snuggle

Optional second vote: [ ] ...milk?

Perk Unlocked: King under the sake dish

Out drink the oni! Insane alcohol resistance unlocked for all characters.
[x] Strike a healthy compromise and interview as you snuggle
[x] ...milk?
[x] Strike a healthy compromise and interview as you snuggle
[x] ...milk?

Oh ho ho ho~
[x] Strike a healthy compromise and interview as you snuggle
[x] ...milk?


Aww, I was gonna' laugh!
[x] Strike a healthy compromise and interview as you snuggle
[x] ...milk?
[X] Sorry no time to talk you have a Yuuka to snuggle
[X] Strike a healthy compromise and interview as you snuggle
[X] Avoid rushing full speed into lewd territory
Note: I don't care how NSFW my stories get that's up to you guys

[X] Strike a healthy compromise and interview as you snuggle

[X] ...milk?

You swear your whole body blushes as you ask your question. “...milk?” Yuuka blinks at you before putting her hand over her mouth in a mock shocked pose.

“Oh my it seems my little sprout is growing rather fast! Already looking to pollinate~♥” You somehow grow more red. “Why such lewd thoughts that must occupy your mind~♥” She slides an arm under her breasts and pushes them at you. “Has my little sprout become a greedy aphid seeking to suck me dry?~♥” You hide your face in your arms as Yuuka chuckles and brings your head down to rest between her chest. “I suppose if you truly wish to be spoiled I could let you suckle from me~♥” You groan and try to hide in deeper in her chest.

“I think just killing me would have been kinder Yuuka.” She plays with your hair and whispers in your ear causing you to shudder. “Do you think I am just teasing?~♥” Your head shoots up and you stare at her open mouthed but she just chuckles and smiles at you. “Oh and reporter?~♥” You jump, you forgot about her! ...oh gods she saw and heard that whole thing! You hide your face in Yuuka's chest in shame. “If I should find anything about what my sprout and I just spoke about in your paper I will not be pleased~♥”

“Uhh r-right!” You hear nervous flapping and turn to see the reporter...Aya you think her name was. She smiles at you even as a few beads of sweat mark her brow. “Hi there! Aya Shameimaru of the Bumbunmaru newspaper!” She pulls out a notepad and grabs the pencil from behind her ear. “Can I get an interview with the newest Hakurei?” You think about it for a second then nod, sure why not? It might be fun! You move to get up...and find yourself held in place by a warm arm. You look back at Yuuka who just smiles.

“Uhh is it possible to do it here?” You rub the back of your neck as Aya blinks at you. She notices the arm pinning you and goes a little red before clearing her throat.

“S-Sure that's fine.” She sits down and gives you a smile. “Ok so your age and name if you don't mind.”

“I'm Haru Hakurei. I'm 8.” She starts writing in her pad as the 2 of you go back and forth.

“Are you a priest of the Hakurei?”

“Oh no I'm not done with my training I'm just a humble keeper.”

“Ahh I see and how did you become part of the Hakurei?”

“By blood.” She blinks at that.

“Really? I know Reimu hasn't had a child yet so how are you of the Hakurei bloodline?”

“My mother is Akemi Hakurei. She was the Sendai Hakurei no Miko and she has been training me in the ways of my birthright.” Aya almost drops her pad in shock.

“Your mother was the Demon Miko?!” Her eyes shine (no really there are stars in them!) and she wiggles in place. “Oh. My. Gosh! She was the start of the Bumbunmaru!” ...wait what?

“Wait what?” She nods.

“Yep! Back when she still walked Gensokyo the Demon Miko requested a newspaper to be started.”


“The obituary. She used it to keep track of her kills.” ...yep that sounds like her. Thanks for being crazy awesome mom. “So where have you been all this time?”

“The outside world shrine. Mother and I lived and trained there until she vanished. Then lady Yukari dropped in for tea and here I am.” Aya giggles and nods.

“She tends to do stuff like that. Do you have any plans now that you are in Gensokyo?” You rub your chin in thought.

“Well I've only been here a short time so I'm still adjusting. I really just want to get to know my sister, make some new friends, and train to be a better shrine keeper.” She tilts her head.

“What about danmaku?” You smile and nod.

“If I can find someone willing to teach me I would enjoy doing that as well.”

“I'm sure you will have no shortage of teachers.” The interview goes on for a while more with question and answer flowing back and forth. At least it seems she is winding down. “Now just one last question.” She looks deep into your eyes. “Do you have a girlfriend?” Wait what?


WHAT?! What the?! Yukari nods and brushes her hands together at a job well done. “She never learns that one~” You just shake your head and try to move on as Yuuka chuckles. Yukari turns and smiles down at you somehow pouting at the same time. “Waa Haru-chan you didn't come see me at all~” Somehow (gaps you would guess) you are now getting a face full of her breasts as she hugs you. “Waaaaa Yuukarin stole you from me!~” She nuzzles her face with yours. “Don't worry I'll save your innocence from the scary gardener~” Yuuka snickers.

“My my and what innocence leads him to wanting to suckle my breasts?~♥” Yukari goes still and looks from Yukka to you and back. At Yuuka's confirming nod the gap youkai gets a shit eating grin and mock tears up.

“I'm...just so proud!” She tickles you until you laugh and wiggle away from her fingers. “Soooo~” Oh shit there is that tone again! She smirks at you and tugs down her top a little. “You like milky ones huh?~”

“GAK!” You spin around covering your eyes. “No! ...I mean yes! ...ahhh!” Yukari giggles and you feel her breasts press into your back...oh gods...so soft and warm...

“Naughty Haru-chan~” Oh gods now Yuuka is hugging you from the front!

“Naughty little sprout~♥” Oh gods overload!

“Hey!” You are free from the youkai sandwich and are not sure if you want to thank your sister or strangle her. “If the oni wasn't allowed to molest him what makes you think you 2 can!?” She stomps over and stands in front of you, a red-white wall between you and the youkai. Yukari laughs along with Yuuka.

“Well overprotective Reimu, I never thought I would see the day!~” A gap opens and Yukari gives some parting words as she steps in. “I'll have to spoil you later Haru-chan! If you ever want to come visit me just use the card I gave you~” And she's gone...wait what ca-! There is something in your pocket. You pull it out...and almost get a nose bleed as you try to shove the card back inside. The 'card' is magic just like the one you have for the Scarlet Manner only this one is a picture of Yukari on a bed (hers you guess) in nothing but lacy black panties with nothing but her arm covering her breasts...and you are not sure but you think the card winked at you! Oh shit its a good thing your sister was to busy grumbling at Yuuka to notice! And now you have a stiff 'problem' in the middle of the shrine grounds! GOD DAMN IT YUKARI! ...why did that feel so right? Yuuka's chuckling brings you out of your thoughts.

“I really must take my leave as well. The trouble Elly can get into when I am gone must be seen to be believed~♥” She looks at you and smiles...oh gods please don't tell me you have a card too! ...you might not survive that! “You will always be welcome at the Garden of the Sun my little sprout, just speak your name to any flower. They know you are dear to me and will point the way~♥” Yuuka smiles and spins her parasol. “I do hope you come see me soon, we can have milk and cookies~♥” The pointed look she gives you inflames your face. She gives you a small bow and walks off down the path humming a soft song to herself. Reimu huffs.

“So I have a dead dunk oni in my shrine...a first for Suika...a headache from that gap hag...about normal...and...” Her tone softens and she looks at you. “...a new little brother...” Right with all the havoc you never really got a chance to hang out with Reimu. The 2 of you just stand there letting the wind cool you. “Well I guess we can talk about things over tea.” You nod and smile at her and you walk beside her back to the shrine. It really feels kind of like home...no...you glance at the miko beside you and feel your chest warm. ...it is home. Reimu stops at a box and you wince. Oh yeah you know this song and dance. She looks inside and scoffs. “Nothing-

“-like always.” You finish for her. Your eyes meet and you both give a deep sigh of shared pain. The 2 of you move inside (almost trip over a sleeping half nude oni...really where did her pants go...oh around her horns...nope don't want to know!) and sit at her table. You make tea for 2 as well as a light dinner (and the fact that you can cook so well with so little seems to send your sister into orgasmic bliss...creepy) and share life stories until night falls and you both retire. Your room is small but neat and you slip into your bed with a happy sigh.

If this is all a dream the next business person trying to buy your shrine is getting a Hakurei Divine Fist to the face shrine rules be damned.

The next morning you yawn and smile as you stretch for the day. So its not a dream and no one gets punched in the face, everyone wins! What should you do this morning?

[ ] Its time to cook! (Cooking 10) (You guys can suggest something if you want just keep it simple given Reimu's normal standard of living)

[ ] Fuck you sun back to bed!

[ ] Why do you feel like you are being watched?

[ ] Gods does this place need a good cleaning! (Cleaning skill vote needed)

Skill vote needed

Skill: Cooking 8 (Class bonus in affect)

Skill points remaining: 26

Add points or RNG to current skill level
[X] Gods does this place need a good cleaning!
[X] +6 cleaning

I for one, am okay with where this story is going!
[X] Why do you feel like you are being watched?
[X] Gods does this place need a good cleaning!
[X] +8 Cleaning

You expect us to cook meals when the shrine is this filthy?!
What kind of person would consume dishes full of dust and dirt?! A barbarian, that's who!
[X] Gods does this place need a good cleaning!
[X] +8 Cleaning

You're lucky that you write such entertaining Yuukas and Yukarins, or I'd be tempted to try and keep the bloodlines pure.
[X] Its time to cook! (Cooking 10) (You guys can suggest something if you want just keep it simple given Reimu's normal standard of living)
-[X]Hearty meal with all the things a growing shrine maiden needs

Why keep it simple, the gap hag wants our dick. I'm sure she'd be willing to gap in some groceries for us
Why keep it simple
Guys you already have a skill of 8 in cleaning the most you could add is 2 points and if you don't want to add skill points just RNG it as that adds at least 2 points by default
[X] Fuck you sun back to bed!
That crushing feeling when you have time to write for once and there are not enough votes
Oh, I didn't know we did.

In that case I retract my moot vote and leave it to RNG!
Taking >>39675 in to account, I change my vote here;


to [X] Why do you feel like you are being watched?

Sexy morning Yukarin is ALWAYS a good alternative!
[X] Why do you feel like you are being watched?
The person watching could also be Mima since we know that PC-98 characters are in this story.
[X] Gods does this place need a good cleaning! RNG for skill points
Oy can someone break the tie already?
[X] Gods does this place need a good cleaning!
[X] +6 cleaning
Thank you
Note: You guys really need to pay attention to how skills work. You have a cleaning skill of 8 and 10 is the skill max. You can only add 2 or you can RNG and get at least 2 by default...now I'm going to be nice this once and not let you guys throw away 2 skill points but in return for your lack of attention no chance for an RNG over bonus

[X] Gods does this place need a good cleaning! (Cleaning skill set to 10)

You crack your knuckles and glare with defiance at the state of the shrine, mother would be kicking Reimu's ass up and down the yard if she saw her lack luster approach to cleansing the shrine! You collect a broom, some dust rags, and a bucket of water. You roll up your sleeves and tie the cleanest rag around your face as a mask. You glare at the dust and disorder as you brandish your broom with fury! Be wary foul dust and grim for there has come a reckoning!

2 hours later...

You lean on your broom and wipe the sweat from your brow...damn that was a lot of work. You take off the mask and replace the cleaning supplies as you survey your work...yep everything is clean and sparkling. Mother would be proud...well until she saw the state of the grounds. You sigh and make a mental note to tackle that problem another day...hey didn't Yukari make a crack about Yuuka being a gardener or something yesterday? Maybe she could help you...but now you must clean yourself...

Ahh that's better! All scrubbed and clean! You feel you should hold off on cooking until Reimu wakes up so you head outside to rest by the pound out back. As you slip out the back door something catches your eye.

[ ] Is that turtle...with a beard?

[ ] Did something just phase through the shrine wall?!

[ ] Why are there so many cats around...and why does that one have a hat?
[x] Did something just phase through the shrine wall?!

I feel when one is creating a housewife shota with that kind of skill... the perfect target for the old woman..(Old woman~♥?) Uh .... I mean .. .. these perfect young women eheheh (Good boy ~ ♥)
[X] Why are there so many cats around...and why does that one have a hat?

We must meet the recursive shiki.
[X] Is that turtle...with a beard?

I wonder if Genji knew our mother.
[x] Did something just phase through the shrine wall?!
[x] Did something just phase through the shrine wall?!
[X] Is that a Turtle... With a beard?
File 147192289795.png - (211.11KB, 500x500, Mima.png) [iqdb]
What the devil does Shiki have to do with cats?

[Mima] Mima option
Mima goes in all fields


However, that is not important. What IS important is

[X] Is that turtle...with a beard?

Turtle is a the purest of waifus.

>You guys really need to pay attention to how skills work. You have a cleaning skill of 8 and 10 is the skill max.

I think you confused everyone because you wrote Cooking 8 instead of Cleaning 8 in >>39667

>Skill: Cooking 8 (Class bonus in affect)

[x] Why are there so many cats around...and why does that one have a hat?
You might want to start a new thread, Dark Water Watcher, this one is in autosage.
[X] Did something just phase through the shrine wall?!
New thread: >>39699
[X] Wander around the village.
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