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File 147393652320.jpg - (1.51MB, 2646x1878, __houraisan_kaguya_battlefield_series_battlefield_.jpg)
This is where the other Guardians and some important individuals get their part of their story.

Story will be posted soon.

Latest main thread the time of posting is at: >>underground/14411

Lewd stuff goes to: >>at/36385
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File 147393823160.png - (639.29KB, 900x737, __reisen_udongein_inaba_forbidden_scrollery_and_to.png)
Living in Eientei as a medic-in-training doesn't mean that you're limited to simply being a student there - since you are a Guardian, you have plenty of lessons and practical tests in between patrols with rabbits along the way. You need to be prepared at all times, since you may have to escort sick villagers to Eientei in the middle of the night.

Other times it's a simple escort mission involving Reisen and medicine delivery, like what you are doing for today.

"Alright, Erin. For today, you'll help Reisen sell medicine at the village. Today's going to be a busy day with this long list, so try your best and lend Reisen a hand, will you?"

"Got it."

"We'll do our best!" She exclaims, perhaps a little more chipper than usual.

You and Reisen hop off the verandah and put your shoes on.

"We'll be off now!" Reisen call out, waving to Kaguya and Eirin.

"Have a good trip!"


And so you're on your way to the village with Reisen selling her medicine. The routine is simple - she goes to a list of houses to renew people's medications, and stops by the market where she will sit down at her usual spot for selling regular medications. It's a bright sunny day and there are people buying medicines for headaches, fever or other small things.

After a while of door-to-door selling, you and Reisen take a break at the curb, where she treats you to a drink as thanks for accompanying her.

As you rest and wait for Reisen to return with your drink, a group of three kids around your age show up. You know them very well; they are among the bullies that like to gang up on you, because of your smaller stature. Of course, as they continue to mock you, you ignore their presence as you inspect your MP5A3. That would soon be interrupted by something bouncing off your helmet, which you assume is a rock.

"I'm talking to you, you dumbass!"

"What do you want?"

"Your outfit looks stupid, Murasaki."

"Yeah! You think you're cool with that grown-up outfit aren't you?"

"Is that it?" You ask them. "Please, if you're here to harass me, I have no time for that."

"Please, if you're here to harass me, I have no time for that." He repeats your words with a mocking voice.

"You keep doing that face, and it'll stick. Don't make yourself look uglier than you already are." You then smirk as you remember something. "Or do you really want to find trouble with the Guardians like your dad did the other day?"

Of course, your comeback works and his goons laugh, only to stop when he gives you a sharp glare. The lead kid grabs your collar and pulls you close.

"You think that's funny, Murasaki?"

"Yes. Especially when your drunk dad's ass got handed by a friend of mine while he was on off duty." You reply bluntly. "Besides, stupidity runs in the family."

Hearing that, the bully pulls back his arm for a punch, only for him to be stopped mid-way. Everyone's attention shifts focus onto an angry Reisen, who has caught him by the wrist. Scant seconds later she gives the kid a hard slap across the face, flooring him in the process. Everyone there, including you, stand there in silence until Reisen speaks.

"I'm giving you brats a warning - any harassment to the staff of Eientei will be dealt with accordingly." She then points at one of the bullies. "And you... you really like picking fights, didn’t?”

"What you know, stupid rabbit? He mocked my dad!"

"I could hear what you actually said to him first and I know it was your dad that tried to pick a fight first on the other day's incident. I believe Miss Eirin won't like it when she finds that you're harassing her trainee."

"Him? There's no way he can be that smart!" The boys laugh.

At once you whip out your M9, but Reisen snatches it out of your grip. She twirls the gun in her hand before putting it aside on her obi. "Not now, Erin." She instead crosses her arms. "We have the right to deny medication to rude people, just so you know. At least he's willing to learn from someone wise like her, but what on earth are you doing on your end then?"

"Grrr..." Bingo, that's something that stumped him.

"Oh! So nothing then?" Reisen says with a smirk on her face. "So be it that way, you can continue being a lazy idiot that does nothing, while your dad is a drunken troublemaker. Like he said, it runs in the family."

"I'm gonna beat you up, wench!"

"Oh, trying to pick a fight with a lady? Very well, then, if you want to pick a fight with us, you'd better have a good look around."

And soon you notice that the boys are looking around in panic, before they all turn tail and quickly leave the place you and Reisen are resting at. You on the other hand don't see what the boys are terrified of, hence you're confusion.

"What did you do?"

"Multiple body illusions. Works every time."

"Thanks, Reisen."

She turns around and gives you the sweetest smile she can muster. "You're welcome."

"...can I have my gun back?"

She picks off the gun from her obi and twirls it around before handing it back over to you, hand guard first. "I' got to hand it to you, Erin, you managed that well, up until you pulled out your pistol that is."

"Maybe because I felt that you were backing me up, Reisen."

She smiles and pets your head. "Next time, if you have an argument with those fools, don't pull out your gun. It makes you look bad."



The rest of your delivery goes relatively incident-free, and it goes as smooth as you wanted it to be. So far, the kids haven't come back to harass you or Reisen, and the medicines are being sold at a nice pace.

"Okay, so there's one last person that we need to deliver their medicine to for today."

"Where is it?"

"It's the last house around the corner, which we should see any minute now." Reisen stops in front of it. "And here we are for the last one for the day."

Indeed, this is a familiar house, whose family are acquaintances with yours. "Ah, I know this house."

"Is that so? Then I have something for you to do, just for this house - I want you to make the sales pitch for it."

You turn towards Reisen with a worried face, but Reisen only smiles and pet your back. "Come on, your cute face is going to help! Just go ahead and say hi to our customer."

You sigh and go ahead to knock on the door, soon answered by the customer's daughter. "What do you want?"

"I'm here for your mother to refill her prescription."

"From Eientei?"

"From Eientei."

She then runs back inside the house. Since the door is wide open, you can hear the little girl call out to her mother. "Mom! There's a soldier selling medicine at the door!"

What follows next is your customer running to the door. "Oh my, is that you, Murasaki? I was expecting the usual medicine lady."

"I'm with her actually, doing some field work." You point at Reisen over your shoulder, who waves at you and the lady.

"Ah, so that would explain things. I would like to have my prescription refilled, please." She then hands you her empty bottle.

You read the description on her bottle. The nice woman's medicine is labeled 'Butterfly Dream Pills', which you can easily find in the medicine basket right beside you. After replacing the empty medicine bottle with a new one, you write down her name on the bottle and the register before you receive the payment for the medicine.

Once you're done, you return to Reisen with the medicine basket on your back. Since it is the last medicine delivery and replenishment for the day, you and Reisen head back to Eientei.

"Did she call you cute?"

"Among the few, actually." You tell her. "I mean, I'm more comfortable hanging around older people, because they are much wiser than the kids you saw just now. If not, I'd rather spend my time playing with rabbits at Eientei."

"Makes sense."

You soon reach the bamboo forest en-route to Eientei. Halfway through, you realize that Reisen has gone silent, and eventually, she stops walking.


When you turn around, you notice that Reisen has indeed stopped walking. Before you can open your mouth to call for her or walk closer to her to see what's wrong, she suddenly closes the distance with a leap and open arms. You can hear her squeal as she picks you up off the ground, hugging you close.


But as she steps a bit forward you find yourself falling and landing on your back, and only then do you realize that you and Reisen have fallen into one of Tewi's pitfall traps.

Your eyes are still closed but you can feel something warm pressing against your lips. You open your eyes... and to your shock, Reisen is locking her lips with yours.

Reisen realizes this a little later, and she shrieks embarrassedly before abruptly pulling away. After a few deep breaths, she calms down and focuses on you instead. "Are you alright, Erin?"

"I'm still in one piece, so I guess so..." you try to sit up, with pain flaring on your back.”Oww..."

"Don't try to move too much, Erin." She regains her composure rather quickly as she assesses the situation you both are in. "This is a pretty deep hole she's gotten us into this time."

"I think I need a boost."

"Just hold onto me, Erin."

"Alright then..."

You hug Reisen as she simply levitates herself out of the hole. Much to your dismay, the fall scattered some medicine that you had left in the basket. You and Reisen then quickly collect them up back into the basket, thankful that none of the product's packaging was badly damaged.

"We're gonna be late, let's hurry up." Reisen urges.

"Got it."


When you finally reach Eientei, the first person that you see is Tewi and her army of rabbits gathering at the veranda. When she gets a good look of you both closely, she is visibly shocked.

"What took you two so long? Why are you two looking so messy?"

"We fell into a hole. Both of us."

Normally Tewi would laugh at Reisen whenever she accidentally fell into her traps, but for today, something unexpected happened. "You too, Erin? Ah geez... sorry about for the trap, that was actually meant for someone else."

You know what Tewi meant but instead of hanging around, Reisen quickly stomps off, presumably to take a bath. You can only shrug your shoulders as the older bunny sighs. You part ways with Tewi without exchanging anything extra, and return to your room so that you can strip off the gear you have and take a bath as well.

Once done, you dress up in your plain clothes, and roam around the place to look for something to pass time before dinner. Eventually you come across Tewi, who's still sitting where you left her a while ago. She notices you and beckons you to sit beside her.

"What's up, Tewi?" You ask, once you sit down beside her, hanging your legs at the edge.

"Oh, nothing much. The rabbits are telling me that when you were gone the whole day they sort of missed you."

"Huh, really?"

"Of course. It's something I didn't believe myself." One of the rabbits jumps onto your lap, with you petting its head. "Then again, I can see the reason why - you're being nice to them." She chuckles as she glances at the rabbit you're petting. The conversation dies down temporarily as the two of you don't continue on the subject. Tewi however starts up another with a new topic. "Sooo... what's the story between you and Reisen?" She asks with a smirk.

There's a bit of a pause as you try to process why she asked that. "...nothing too extraordinary?"

"I mean, like, I often saw you together like only a week or so after you started becoming Eirin's disciple here."

"Well... she's being nice to me and all that..."

"Have you two slept together yet? As in that kind of sleeping~"


Tewi bursts into laughter at your reaction, not to mention your blushing face. The fact that you're suddenly remembering Reisen's accidental kiss from earlier in the day doesn't help as well. "Oh Erin, you're so fun to tease."

"Seriously though, she sort of changed the more she hung out with you. I mean, she treats people with a bit more respect."

"What did you mean?"

"Let's start with things way back. When Reisen arrived, Eirin and Kaguya were already here. Unlike them both, Reisen... is very unfamiliar with how things are run here. She either didn't know or was ignorant of the fact Eirin and Kaguya treated me more with respect."

"So what did she do?"

"Naturally, bossing me around - she still has bits of this 'Lunarian Superiority' attitude, you see. Back then, whoever disrespected me wouldn't get away with that in one piece, but I think that going too far with her isn't worth the trouble, since she is Eirin's disciple and all."

"So basically, all those pranks are to get her understand your position?"

Tewi chuckles and pets your head. "Good boy. Even so, I think she's beginning to outgrow that attitude ever since you showed up. So that's all good."

"Still, why the pitfall traps though?"

"Home defense, Erin."

"Alright then..."


The conversation ends just in time as Eirin calls you for dinner. Reisen pops up as soon as Eirin was about to tell you to call for her, which makes things easier. Lady Kaguya is already inside the dining room, waiting for the three of you to show up. You notice that the plates and food are already set up, with the menu for dinner consisting of brown rice, grilled mackerel, meat and potato stew, and Miso Soup.

You sit down facing Lady Kaguya, with Eirin beside her. Reisen and Tewi on the other hand flank your sides, which somehow attracts Lady Kaguya's attention. Judging by the way she is observing you and the two rabbits, she might be assuming something. Dinner goes on quietly, aside from small conversations where Eirin asks you about how the trip today went - which you tell to everyone, the incident about you and the bullies being omitted to avoid ruining the mood.

Once dinner is over, you and Reisen elect to wash the dishes, you joining her a little later. As soon as everything is done, Reisen attempts a conversation with you.



"Was it true that Tewi protected you from the bullies that one time they chased you into the forest?"

"Yeah, she did. Where did you hear that from?"

"Lady Kaguya told me about it, where she said Tewi told her that." She replies. "I assumed at the time that she wasn't telling the truth, but I'm more convinced now that she was. I mean... I didn't know... that you, Eientei and Tewi have a history together."

"...eh. It's mostly just friends, really."

"Well, anyways, it's more that I had no idea at the time that Tewi was the superior of this place and all that."

You can safely assume that Reisen overheard the conversation with you and Tewi from earlier on. "So... why was it hard for you to knock that habit off?"

"I would, eventually. It really took time for me to get rid of this Lunarian mindset, and her being shorter than me didn't help." She replies. "At least I don't order her around without helping now, right?"

"I'm short."

"And that makes you cute." She chuckles and pets your head. "Erin, I promise to you that I'll treat Tewi with more respect, as long as she cuts it out with the traps. Can you tell her that?"



"Promise." All of a sudden, Reisen bends down to give you a kiss to your lips, catching you off guard. "W-w-what was that for?" You stammer off your words.

"Instead of pinky promise, why not a kissy promise? After all, that one in the pit didn't count." She chuckles with a blush.


Reisen then gently takes your hand and leads you outside, making sure that nobody is watching. She then sits down on the verandah, with you following suit. With the both of you holding hands together, you lean onto her shoulder as you gaze at the stars with her.
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>cross-board linking

You need a forward slash before the board name as well as after.

Latest main thread the time of posting is at: >>/underground/14411

Lewd stuff goes to: >>/at/36385
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No wonder I feel I am missing something. Thanks for the tip.

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