I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 171305501090.jpg - (447.72KB, 1422x2000, magical fanfiction for reading.jpg)
magical fanfiction for reading
The old thread's too old to be bumped, so I thought it might be nice to make a new one.

I think the basis of THP should be loving a) the Touhou Project and b) reading about characters or situations pertaining to it, and part of having a healthy community is a willingness to share what you like. So, honestly, even if you feel like 'everyone in the world' has read something, why not try to push it anyway? Celebrate the things you love! Maybe there's someone out there who somehow hasn't heard. We don't all run in the same exact circles, after all; it'd be pretty boring if we did.

This thread might seem a bit redundant when we have a more general story discussion thread (>>13108), but I feel like this thread should be more about sharing stories and making others aware. Sure, there can be a little bit of crossover in discussing or questioning what makes a story noteworthy, but anything particularly heavy would be better off going in the other thread.

Also, if you want, you can recommend stuff that isn't from THP. It'd be better if it was from here, but it's better to share what you love than not.

To start things off, I'm going to make a recommendation that I've made before and won't stop making: Theater of Youth (https://www.thp.moe/others/res/44424.html).

It might be easy for some to dismiss it off-hand because it's 'a high-school AU', but that's a mistake. There's been a lot of care put into this story by its author, taking pains to not just transplant the cast of the Touhou Project into a notionally different setting, but to convey the circumstances and facets of those characters and express them as they normally are in a new setting. It's not just a what-if exercise but a joyful celebration of, among other things, VNs and anime of the '80s and '90s. It's also a real breeze to read at a thousand words an update max. When I sit down to read it, I find myself breezing through the numerous threads in no time, and generally having a laugh at the protagonist Arc's antics. Incidentally, if you have any knowledge and appreciation of the ongoing Pantomime of Youth, then you'll be pleased to know this story shares the same continuity. Even if you're not obliged to know much about it to enjoy the current story, it is very neat to see some of the background and get a greater appreciation for the various characters as they've been established. Even if you're sceptical of a 'high-school story' (as I would be), give it a try. I'm sure you'll find it surprises you.
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Minor correction for the OP:

The old story discussion thread is now autosaged and a new one has been created at >>17303.
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File 171521264212.png - (851.84KB, 628x808, tengu always complicate things.png)
tengu always complicate things
At random, I had a re-read of Summerfield's Tengu Hold 'em (>>/youkai/31720) and feel it's held up very well over the three years since its posting. I'd forgotten the dialogue being hilarious enough to make me actually laugh out loud, the ridiculous card game the cast of random youkai are playing, and the absolutely perfect ending. There's such a great showing of verisimilitude in the story that's hard to sum up in an easy way. It feels so true even if it's just a singular interpretation of the Mountain and its varied social relations. That it's not mentioned much, if at all, is a shame. Summerfield, thank you for the laughs; I sincerely hope for more at a later date.

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