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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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Thread 11961 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 138189036633.jpg - (325.73KB, 600x847, bb3c00e301b5fc103cd2e3a81e5b4170.jpg) [iqdb]
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As some of you might know, Nanowrimo is next month, November. It stands for "National Novel Writing Month," in which the goal is to crank out a 50k word story in a month. The story will probably be awful.

But we're not going to do that.

No, the challenge I put to you, THP, is to do DAILY UPDATES FOR ALL OF NOVEMBER.

I intend to do this, alternating updates between ASHIT and PFD.

Now that the gauntlet's been thrown down, who's stupid enough to do this with me?
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>> No. 12308
Now the question is.

Should we do this again next year?
>> No. 12309
I think the question should be 'why wouldn't we do this next year?'

And the answer will probably be: 'because the site died'

...well that got depressing fast ;..;
>> No. 12314
File 138604589767.gif - (0.96MB, 500x220, koawaahh.gif) [iqdb]


Definitely! Assuming I'm even writing something by November of 2014. Knowing me, I probably will be.

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File 138220796543.jpg - (149.25KB, 850x319, samp.jpg) [iqdb]
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Hello there, author of Impetus here.

I am posting this here because I was not sure where else I was supposed to. I would like continue in the Gensokyo of Impetus since it was written like the beginning of a story. Now someone mentioned that it would be interesting to see this story unfold in letters and similar things and that I should not waste my time on battle scenes and the like, since most of the time they end up boring, horrile or both and that there is a lot of battles already in other stories.

Now that the contest is over and I tried writing for it I would like to try a full story and see how it goes. At first I thought about these letters as a collection of shorts or the like, but due to the awesome ideas some of you had, thanks again for that, I gave it some thought and came up with a format on which I would like some feedback, ideas, reasons for/against it etc. so I know if I should actually write something or run away in shame.

First of all, I would like people to vote in the following system. These would be write-ins, so which turn the story takes is, to a certain degree, up to you. Every person votes 3 things:

1. The faction/character taking an action

2. The target faction/character

3. The action itself

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>> No. 12178
Seeing how there is a lack of responses here and on IRC whenever I ask, ill take this as a sign of lack of interest. Thus I will shelve this idea for now. Maybe write some shorts or something.
>> No. 12238

Firstly, I can't speak for IRC but if you want attention here, you should probably turn your sage off.

Secondly, THP is lazy when dealing with story planning. If you want them to care, just start writing. They'll complain if they don't like something, will vote if they do like it, but don't expect them to plan for you. If you want to write it, then write it. Only then can you really gauge interest. Hell, I think about half the site never bothers to check General Discussion anyway.
>> No. 12459
This is probably in large part due to misunderstanding what IRC really is and how it's used.

1. The number of people in the channel is wholly unrepresentative of the number of people paying attention.
2. It is not unreasonable to wait an entire hour for a response.
3. Lack of response does not usually mean lack of interest; it generally means one of: people are talking about something else; people who are interested aren't paying attention; people didn't see.

tl;dr you should probably ask multiple times, as most people are perfectly happy to devote attention to someone seriously seeking writing advice and other related help. Just because we're talking about horse dicks or something doesn't mean we won't change topics.

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File 130637396855.jpg - (77.67KB, 276x247, Sakuyaface.jpg) [iqdb]
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Yes. I play New Vegas and the asshole who posted this video won't give us the download link. Somebody help. I can't even enjoy the game knowing this exists. :/
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>> No. 12214
File 138515912794.png - (531.55KB, 600x600, A lot of names on this stone.png) [iqdb]


Kidding, kidding, I still love you Rabbit.
Oh god, all those names in >>7160. I miss you guys so much. Come back Uboa, come back Scorn, come back everyone! ;_;
>> No. 12222
They still hang around on IRC, not giving a shit about the site itself.
>> No. 12318
They're as good as dead then.

Thread 10769 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 136589332263.jpg - (126.26KB, 850x509, 38d87d2fbc503206ea27ba0673e17478.jpg) [iqdb]
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V5 is way past the autosage limit, so I'll take it as a sign to create a new thread. I guess many of you already know how this works, but it never hurts to explain it again for the newbies. Post here any queries about stories containing a particular character, plot, or whatever you fancy, and we'll search through our archive and our memories to post any story that comes close to your liking. Or if you want to recommend anything to the rest of THP, post it here.

I'll start myself with a query of my own: anyone knows a good fic starring Hatate that is not smut?
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>> No. 12464
All you really need is some proofreading.
>> No. 12993

Dazzle me. What active stories are worth reading right now?
>> No. 13028

New thread's over here in >>12083, ol' chap. You won't be getting much response from a thread in autosage.

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File 136392581584.jpg - (302.55KB, 600x600, 1351137894588.jpg) [iqdb]
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Because seriously, how have we never had one?

Link some arranges. Who knows, maybe someone will be inspired to write a story or finish an update.
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>> No. 11399
File 137377479964.jpg - (59.38KB, 541x382, 1264615915630.jpg) [iqdb]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI-wrDT2EmA 'Mr Liar' japlish arrange of Heartfelt Fancy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF7irRemjGU 'Surprised Me!!' another of C-CLAYS, vocal arrange of Kogasa's theme

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W379-le3ta4 Weird arrange of Flower land by O-Life
>> No. 11621
Psychedelic or progressive touhou rock, like Hawkwind or Van Der Graaf Generator, is it out there?
>> No. 11894
The population east at that moment knelt ground up.

Thread 11805 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 138037365628.jpg - (108.83KB, 600x450, ZUN Q and A.jpg) [iqdb]
11805 No. 11805 hide watch expand quickreply
A thread to contain various proceedings to be shared with those who could not come. OP pic is ZUN on the night of the Q&A.
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>> No. 11823
File 138075961817.jpg - (863.57KB, 2272x1704, P9270431.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 11824
ZUN said anything about attending any more cons?
>> No. 11826

He might have on his blog, but at the con and on his twitter he's said nothing to that effect so far.

Thread 11778 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 13793082821.png - (4.85KB, 200x40, wcbanner3.png) [iqdb]
11778 No. 11778 hide watch expand quickreply
Dear~ overseas Touhou Project Moe fan,

Hello, we are Akiba Doujin Store.

Thank you!!
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>> No. 11787
"huge" might be overstating it
>> No. 11788

I was being facetious.
>> No. 11796
I think Kapow took a look at the traffic and something like 53% of our visitors are from Japan... but let's face it, they're probably here for /at/.

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File 13786241945.jpg - (291.61KB, 716x1012, 084cf553d060071c00c54f88836f456d.jpg) [iqdb]
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Howdy inveterate masturbators and aficionados of frills and lace. People have been growing far too complacent round here -- it's time for another contest. I'm your host this time around seeing as how no one took up the reins this time.

Right then, from what I gathered last time people were proper catty at murky deadlines and faulty communication. Moreover, some felt that a week's worth of prepping and writing as lacking. Well you're getting two weeks for this one, along with a week's grace prior to the actual posting of the entry threads.

The categories remain the same: normal, vet, and smut. There are no limitations on genre, characters, or settings though there is but one exception to the rule. Two OCs at most will be permissible. For the sake of streamlining a work of FANFICTION, I put this challenge to delve into characters from canonical works. I invite any discussion on the matter and if enough of you turn tit's up over it, I'll rescind.

Now here's where you can cock up the process. Only anonymous entries will be accepted, for evident reasons, tripfagging warrants disqualification. After the stag night's over, authors are welcome to denounce disclose their identities. One entry per category, and length as much as you can congest in a solitary post.

After posting this I will allow for exactly one week to pass, Touhou-Project Mean Time, before entry can begin.
Best of luck you dapper aspirants.
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>> No. 11753
So where is the section where we submit stories at?
>> No. 11754
Still not made, but it'll probably be in /shorts/ or /th/. Smut in /at/. There'll be links to the threads once they're created, so don't worry.
>> No. 11755
All relevant rules will be mentioned right? In a way where it'll be hard to misunderstand them.

Thread 10737 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 136419502629.jpg - (45.10KB, 375x523, Annex_full.jpg) [iqdb]
10737 No. 10737 hide watch expand quickreply
Let's play touhou mTg!.

The google doc drive has everything you need to set up touhou MTG on taeblr and cockatrice(not actually needed, an option, read below)

Taeblr: you just need the taeblr file to load. Actually only one person needs it.
To do anything, click "create blank room". Ideally familiarize yourself with the interface and what how it works. This is the main obstacle to get over before you can start playing games proper. Doing this before hand will speed things up a lot.

The relevant features include: (try them all out)

-moving decks
-rotating and resizing decks
-saving "selected decks", "the table", or "everything"
-loading from file
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11706
So are many of these cards actually missing images? That's very jarring.
>> No. 11709
>>11706 Yes this particular set is missing a lot of pictures. It stopped bothering me pretty soon though. Once I start deck brewing, I only think about what the card does, rather than the art or lack thereof.
>> No. 11711
Not me. Art's important; it makes the cards sooo much more identifiable and recognizable.

Thread 11628 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 137602266310.jpg - (544.17KB, 1500x1500, number_one.jpg) [iqdb]
11628 No. 11628 hide watch expand quickreply
On 08/06/2013, Ofri-helpdesk of #THP passed away, apparently from heart complications from what I understand.

I didn't know ofri that well, but this hits hard. So for those of you who've been to the chat and talked to him, and for those of you who are active there and won't know yet, we just... thought we would let you know.

I've had this information for all of ten minutes.

Ofri... you were quiet, but you will be missed. I know I will. Every night you asked, "anyone need help with anything?"


Pic is Ofri's picture request to Stove.
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>> No. 11660
File 137627427616.jpg - (751.61KB, 1500x1500, number 1.jpg) [iqdb]
I've- never actually signed any of my work before. I- uh, gave it a shot.
>> No. 11671
The family appreciates it: "That is fantastic! Please send our deepest thanks to the artist.
We will frame this up in his room."
>> No. 11690
Ofri proofed my story once. It was some painstaking work, mainly because I am a horrible drafter. I complained a lot and he didn't seem to mind. Thanks for that, Ofri.

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