I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 15087801202.png - (797.65KB, 1054x1286, Hair gonna fall out.png) [iqdb]
The contest will run from November 1st at 00:01 to December 1st at 00:01. There will also be no extensions, so don't try.

The rules for participation are simple: Link to your story here, and link back to this thread from your story. I will admit that linking to it in your story is more to spread the word, but still. There is no restriction on names, as that would exempt pre-existing stories. I felt that this encourages more to write, as forced anonymity would effectively force one to interrupt their usual writing, defeating my entire hope for this contest.

It's that time again, folks! Now, I'm sure a couple of you have no idea what the subject of the contest is, but it's fairly simple: you write, and you write a lot. You write until you can't write anymore, and then you keep writing at that pace every day for a month. This month is the National Novel Writing Month, where you typically attempt to write a novel from scratch within a month's time.

The difficulty of translating the celebration to the site is why I decided to do this in a very particular way, as stated above.

Platinum: The story is freshly made, and 50k words or more by the end of the month; the standard combination.

Gold: The story is either 30 updates long or 30k words total.

Silver: The story is either 20 updates long or 20k words total.

Bronze: The story is either 10 updates long or 10k words total.

Fabric: You tried your best; good job!

Prizes will be crapmissions (crappy commissions), though who gets them depends on the number of winners. I will do my best to give a comparable effort, though Fabric Tier will likely get a cheeky doodle at worst if too many win.

Now, with this said, let me go pass out. Tired...
Potential entrant, not starting a new story.

Are we going by words added during NaNoWriMo? If so, should we declare our current best guess word count for honesty's sake?

It'd be simple enough for me to count words. All I'd have to do is copy paste the updates happening after the first into a doc.

However, I would prefer an honor system where one does it themselves, much like how the real NaNoWriMo operates, as the tiered winners really is more a personal victory than anything.
File 150880399890.jpg - (353.27KB, 850x1216, Me in a month.jpg) [iqdb]
>>/others/64904 Entering Youkai Academy into the contest.

Put your hearing aid back in, Grandpa!
File 150939872964.jpg - (42.69KB, 590x300, soap__large.jpg) [iqdb]

Entering A Mountain of Surprises on the Soap Street. My anon side project needs some love, not unlike the protag of this story.
File 150949345941.jpg - (109.17KB, 840x1344, nyufufu.jpg) [iqdb]

Scarlet Tycoon shall return. Pardon the absence.
File 150949448673.jpg - (159.54KB, 1300x879, This is the level of effort needed.jpg) [iqdb]
Also, it's entirely possible to enter after today; just remember that you'll be playing on Lunatic.

However, the deadline remains the same no matter when you start.
https://www.touhou-project.com/youkai/res/30126.html I've made an entry from a story I've been meaning to test!

Entering The Moriya 14.

aaaaaaa here goes nothing
File 151082064071.png - (1.66MB, 700x1090, Sakuya loves the clock.png) [iqdb]
So, how is everyone doing thus far?
I'm juggling projects, so I guess I'm happy with what I've been able to do in spite of that.
File 151088348487.jpg - (23.67KB, 152x200, satorin.jpg) [iqdb]
I didn’t enter, but I’m at 15k words since the first update this month. Can I still get Fabric?

That's bronze and a half. I'm willing to accept late entries, as I said. Just link to the first post of the month and link here on your story. It'll make it easier to double check later.

The main reason I called it lunatic was under the assumption that one hasn't done as much work as is expected of the month.
File 151105257915.jpg - (70.19KB, 425x373, satorin_tantrum.jpg) [iqdb]
Tempting, but it wouldn’t be a very THP-ish contest if I didn’t get Fabric, would it?
File 151108916961.jpg - (445.06KB, 704x364, Please god no.jpg) [iqdb]

True. Link to the most recent post on the 30th at 23:30 or so, in that case.
File 151187213842.png - (94.17KB, 480x515, yamame_blush.png) [iqdb]
If your coming late offer is still standing, I’d like to enter Kurodani Yamame Has No Gods, starting from >>/underground/15649

It’s a story about a somewhat thick spider doing somewhat cute things. It also suffered a hiatus over the summer, so technically I only began updating it again around October. So, you know, technically fair, right?

Sure! The more the merrier~
The contest ends in 20 hours 51 minutes.
Maybe be late in ending the contest, but the deadline remains 00:01 site time.
File 151209011349.jpg - (163.20KB, 555x777, Is this the real life.jpg) [iqdb]
Alrighty, the contest is over. Now I just need to tally the entries and see what each qualifies as. This may take a bit longer than the normal wait, as I'll need to measure update size and count of each story.

I will see how long it takes tonight and work up a timeframe from there.
I'll start by compiling my own entry, as I already have it all together for ease of doing so, what with being the writer. Then, from there, I will give a timeframe that I will check the rest in.
File 151216061245.jpg - (228.60KB, 850x1133, WHY DID I PARTICIPATE WHY.jpg) [iqdb]
First entry: >>/others/64937
Last entry: >>/others/65203

1 1,033 (The only nice sized one for some time! Wait, never mind!)
2 416
3 797
4 221 (Wow!)

3 1019 (Found the issue! Woot! Now to add strikethrough to my mistakes as penance.)
54 625
65 437
76 337 (Dear me is that huge!)
87 745
98 684
109 151 (Impressive!)
1110 1349 (Unsarcastically nice!)
1211 552
1312 621
1413 566
1514 906 (Not bad!)
1615 378
1716 872 (Fairly okay!)
1817 362
1918 626
2019 535
2120 855 (Decent!)
2221 499
2322 764
2423 505
2524 905 (That's a tuna among sardines!)
2625 784
2726 789
2827 698
2928 532
3029 1629 (Now that's an update!)
31(Err...)30 721

Update count verdict: I can't count. Repeating the process!
Recounted update verdict: Gold on update count with exact change, though done lazily at points.
Word count verdict: Silver, as they total to just over 20,000 at 20,859

Alright, I feel that doing this at a rate of one recount and such per day will be a good rate. While not difficult, it's slightly time consuming to do so, and I'm still quite tired.

Next up shall be porn! >>15202
>one recount and such per day will be a good rate
It's better than our update schedules. Ooh!
File 151217771543.jpg - (69.92KB, 625x468, hopes have been dashed.jpg) [iqdb]
You lied to me.

November went off to a roaring start for me by having a family member wind up in the hospital for over a week. I didn't want to come back just to say "oops lol," hoping that I would be able to come back with an actual update instead, but oops lol.

I will say this -- I have two updates half-written (one to get back into the setting and get everyone back up to speed, another to move the actual plot along) and another little something that will hopefully make the overall Remi experience even better.

Trying is the most important thing. One doesn't always succeed, but to try is the first step to success, and I for one greatly appreciate the effort you put forth.
File 151220211816.jpg - (204.00KB, 850x850, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_yorktown_cv_5__samp.jpg) [iqdb]
shut up faggot
you're a giant shitter and a hundred excuses won't change the fact that you've failed

however, since your CYOA is great you get a pass, now go update or I'll get mad and bomb this entire site with terrible 2hu pictures and really, REALLY mediocre fanfiction that you would usually see on /qu/
>really mediocre fanfiction
so the usual level for this site, then

>I'll get mad and bomb this entire site with terrible 2hu pictures and really, REALLY mediocre fanfiction that you would usually see on /qu/
get out of my niche
File 151221023515.jpg - (98.60KB, 400x400, 9089fbfce2e2b8916d79b3059e39e30984c264a5a32e71c7a8.jpg) [iqdb]
You can't stop me from holding this site hostage, I'll be a terrorist this site needs and wants. So update faster if you want this site to live, one post per month is not acceptable.
i serve a niche audience of sentient glaciers, you insensitive cunt.




> terrible 2hu pictures and really, REALLY mediocre fanfiction


>threatening to kill something that's undead
I just want to pat your poor confused head, anon, you adorable rascal, you.
I'll just have to use

File 151230842727.jpg - (27.24KB, 240x200, Subtlety is not my strength.jpg) [iqdb]
Start point: >>/at/38356

1 3359 (By all that is holy!)
2 1312

Verdict: >>/at/38355 may have had more of a point than many likely consider. It's good that you managed to put out this much, and I both appreciate your participation and am happy that you managed to get your balls rolling a bit through sparing use of the contest. Even if you are double fabric, I feel that you are as much a winner as any of us; you did what you set out to do, and gave the blue balls of your fans a nice, soapy rub.

Now, while you and your fans gag, let's see... Next up is >>/youkai/30126 where we have a plate to give less soapy love to tomorrow!

Now, excuse me while I groan over looking for an hour for a good picture of a particularly phallic cherry stem knot.
To be fair, I was working on my main story, a Thanksgiving-ish short (wink wink), and that at the same time. Also, I intended for updates to be short, but 'short' and 'me' evidently don't go in the same sentence. Good to hear that you enjoyed it, though.
File 151232232150.jpg - (658.90KB, 700x974, __sakata_nemuno_touhou_drawn_by_muuba__ddeb8b74536.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh no. One does not simply promise delicious Nemuno and never deliver. I am holding you under the hot – very hot! – hand of blame until you fulfill your mountainous obligations!
It's coming. Keep your pants on. Or off. No judgment here.
Early day tomorrow, so sleeping. I feel bad for expecting this one to be easy, when it may actually be the hardest on post count alone! Well done, plate.
File 15125613938.jpg - (385.62KB, 1125x800, Now the true battle begins.jpg) [iqdb]
First: >>/youkai/30126
Last: >>/youkai/30326

1 359 (Off to a fairly healthy start!)
2 166
3 139
4 193
5 157
6 197
7 106
8 172
9 372 (Ohh! We're back at a reasonable word... count...?)
10 98 (...Ohh. Under triple digit, are we?)
11 67 (Huh.)
12 125
13 325
14 210
15 119
15+1 124
15+2 45 (Umm...)
15+3 44 (...Little short, but good job on a very active day.)
16 69 (I hope someone finds amusement in this number.)
16+1 52
16+2 173
17 112
17+1 122
18 240
19 304
19+1 117
20 Nothing on this day, but with the extra credit, that makes up for it many times over.
21 121
22 169
23 171
24 386
24+1 121
25 311
26 152
27 293
28 135
29 78
30 306 (Someone started really pounding these out, huh?)
30+1 232
30+2 384
30+3 344
30+4 275

42 total! Nice going, even with the overall smaller sized updates.

Verdict: You've got a gold on post count easily, but the word count is, well... 7,345. A far cry from the platinum you spoke of, but gold is gold, even if the word count didn't leave fabric. Still, well done and I wish you luck in the future. I hope that this story shakes that nasty reputation you've become known for. I'm happy that someone else thus far has gotten a gold, and will look forward to crapping art at you!

I was actually pretty much reading it at points simply due to the length. Sorry about that. It was just entertaining. If I weren't a participant and thus hating life at the time, I would probably have been one of your voters.

And here I'd forgotten about the update count condition and thought I was workin' with a Fabric story! This just made my day!

Thank you for your kind words!

Now to get back to that update without fear I'm making things rough for you and bring that very nearby ending that much closer!
File 151257368975.jpg - (14.13KB, 368x329, smug taiko.jpg) [iqdb]
>implying you didn’t plan for this
Sneaky cunt.
File 151281644965.png - (2.21MB, 2000x2000, Huhwha.png) [iqdb]
First: >>/th/198137
Last: >>/th/198237

1 401
2 456 (While normally I'd consider 2 and 2+1 as a single, I felt that they are big enough to be lenient.
2+1 490 (Almost 1k words combined after all! Not a bad size!)
3 282
4 577
6 741
22 950 (Nice and beefy!)

Final count: 7 updates and 3,897 words!
Verdict: While double fabric, I felt that it was not for lack of effort. You did well, and it shows! I know that it can suck when life decides to be a bit of a bitch at the worst time, so don't let the material of your category fool you; to me, you're as much a winner as any of us. Better luck next time, and don't let it discourage you! You've got some interesting ideas going for you, even if just from what little I've seen while skimming now and then.
Anyone I've missed save the thick spider?


Next, you.
Did you get caught in a web?
File 151377139375.jpg - (38.53KB, 800x800, I should have rolled the other way.jpg) [iqdb]

No, I tripped into it and tried to roll out. Back to work I go! Sorry about the delay.
90% done, though the last bit is annoyingly time consuming. You'll get yours tomorrow, assuming all goes well for once.
File 151383083977.jpg - (177.87KB, 850x1146, the spider's spider hands.jpg) [iqdb]
Start: >>/underground/15649
End: >>/underground/15746

4 1555
5 1986
8 1149
10 2637
12 1590
12+1 1009 (That this is your smallest post says a lot about general length.)
14 2663
15 1305
17 1941
18 2169
24 2510
25 1234 (Wow, talk about an oddly odd number!)
26 1294
30 1481

Total: 14 updates and 24523 words.
Prognosis: Take a bronze and silver and see me in the morning. I'll be honest with you, as I was looking through, I was starting to wonder if you'd hit gold or a technically not platinum on word count alone. While not the gold I was hoping I'd see from you, you still did quite well. The best, in fact. You beat my own silver word count, making you what I believe to be the writer who wins the hardest in the more important category. Good job.

Now, anyone I missed?
File 151396974840.png - (161.40KB, 685x501, yamame_hug.png) [iqdb]
… Huh.
>While not the gold I was hoping I'd see from you, you still did quite well.
That’s the trick, isn’t it? To make it seem like you’re doing more than you are. Well, I probably could have hit that 30k if I hadn’t run into a spat of bad weather that absolutely incapacitated my brain for almost a full week. So yeah.
>Now, anyone I missed?
I don’t think there is, old boy. See you in a few months with the prizes. I don’t really feel my own entry was entirely fair, so I’ll happily cede my almost-silver-and-a-half-but-not-quite-there to the next best result.
File 151399394776.jpg - (325.23KB, 600x800, ella ella ehh ehh.jpg) [iqdb]

Well, actually, I was planning to give prizes out a bit more generously than just the two top winners. I just need time to consider how to go about it, and first need to make good on some things long overdue. ...Well, longer anyways.
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