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File 150953091398.png - (348.95KB, 800x1000, waking_up.png) [iqdb]

I awake with a start, jumping in my seat, eyes flying open.

Bright light sears my vision, my world a white blur. I instinctively screw my eyes shut, grimacing at the thought of exposing them again. A dull pain stomps its way across my forehead, prompting me to gnash my teeth. I reach up to massage it - ouch! My shoulders tighten at the pain and my heart pounds in response. Is that a bump? Slumping down in resignation, I take a moment to gather myself, focusing on slowing my breathing.

This sucks.

What feels like an eternity passes before I open my eyes again, this time bracing myself for round two of blinding light.

I slowly pry open my eyelids. Sterile fluorescent lights glare off immaculately polished rows of desks to either side of me. A lectern stands in front, a logo proudly emblazoned on rich mahogany sides. Behind it, a dull, gray chalkboard nearly as pristine as the desks next to me. Linoleum flooring squeaks as I shuffle around in my seat, hastily surveying my surroundings.

All in all, a very tidy classroom presents itself. I hear nothing except for the drone of the lights and my own ragged breathing. Unease starts to seep through my thoughts as questions spring from my hazy mind.

Did I fall asleep in class? What time is it?

I look above the blackboard to spot a plain clock just in time to see it strike-


Alarm surges through my limbs as I leap out of my chair. My eyes dart around the room, searching for another body - anything person-like.

Where is everyone?

I try an experimental “Hello?” but the only sounds that eke out are the gasps of a raspy throat. I gag at this development, choking on some spit.

oh my god I am thirsty.

Recovering from my coughing fit, I absentmindedly wipe off some spittle on my chin, staining my sleeves. Gross. I glance down at the table I was sleeping on. There’s a small pool of half-dried drool glistening in the light. I feel a little bit guilty, but I’m not going to further dirty my sleeves.

Now that I’m no longer disoriented, I can make out some writing on the chalkboard.

“Welcome to Moriya High!
“Let’s all cultivate ourselves

Moriya High…?

That’s why I’m feeling uneasy....what is Moriya High and how did I even get here?
File 150953121363.png - (857.00KB, 1200x900, scene_1.png) [iqdb]
>___ (Action?)

Write in actions! I'll combine multiple actions into one update.
[x] Look around the classroom. See anything familiar?
[x] Try to recall what happened last.

Drawfag story? Fuck yeah.
[X] See if this isn't just a dream. Pinch yourself.
[X] Check the paper on my table.
[X] Check the locker on the corner of the room.
[x]Take a closer look at that crest.

If that protagonist is a male I'm out, just so you know
[X] clothing, hair, and BO check. First impressions are important.
[X] Find a water fountain
You could see on the drawings that the protagonist is female (or at least I hope she is...)

Haven't been part of one of these since the early days of /r9k/.
File 150961890388.png - (235.29KB, 700x700, all_craftsdwarfship_is_of_the_highest_quality.png) [iqdb]
I try the sliding door to my right. It’s the only one in sight, so it must be the exit. It’s stuck. I try again. Locked? I try a couple more times.


I scan the classroom again, hoping to find something - anything familiar, but nothing jogs my memory. I’m strangely calm for someone who can’t remember anything. Everything feels so hazy. Maybe I’ll find a clue if I investigate the room.

The crest draws my eye as I approach the lectern for a closer inspection.

On it a shield with gold trim glints in the light. A white ‘X’ on a blue background make up the face of the shield. What appears to be a frog’s face rests squarely in the center. On each side of the shield, two brown pillars jut out at diagonals. Below the shield, the words, Moriya High School inscribed on a ribbon.

The lectern definitely displays expert craftsmanship, but otherwise ordinary in terms of design.

To be honest, I think it looks a little tacky. I guess it could be worse.

I can’t get a great look at the television, but from what I can see, it seems to be one of those flatscreen ones. Two speakers are mounted on its sides. Probably for class presentations or something… As far as I can tell, it’s off.

I walk up to the lockers and take a closer look. It’s about two heads taller than I am and about one-and-a-half arm lengths wide. It too, is as clean and polished as everything else in the room. The construction appears to be that of steel, yet it surprisingly doesn’t rattle at all when I give it some experimental knocks with my knuckles. A combination lock is installed on the right hand side door, with numbers going from 0 to 60. Curious, I give the handle several tugs and meet resistance each time. It doesn’t budge.

I’m not sure what I was expecting.

Just to be thorough, I pull the other handle with all my might. My stomach drops as I hear the telltale grind of twisting metal.


I cry out as the door swings open with proportionate force, causing me stumble backwards and strike my heel against the table behind me. Pain now throbbing in my feet, I can probably rule out that this is all just some awful nightmare.

The locker is empty on the inside, though the floor looks to be covered in some sort of blue felt. I guess that would make sense if the locker was trying to minimize noise.

… I hope no one finds out I broke the locker.

I gingerly shut the door, wincing a little as I hear metal scraping against metal.
File 150961893414.png - (203.49KB, 800x1000, portrait_gray.png) [iqdb]
The reflection of a slightly disheveled but still intact high schooler meets my eyes. I suppose I can use this locker as a mirror. I take a moment a to clean up myself, smoothing out wrinkles in my uniform and readjusting my headband. On the collar of my uniform, I see the same crest on the lectern. I guess I’m a student of this school. At least the uniform is cute!

I briefly check my scent - I don’t think I smell too bad…

My attention turns towards the pamphlet on the table. It bears the same crest on the lectern.

I pick it up and unfold it:

Welcome to your first day at Moriya Shrine Research Academy. We at the Academy are privileged to be raising the best and the brightest. Our hundred-year legacy would be nothing were it not for you, our students.

Each one of you is gifted with a talent. Our job is to cultivate those talents. Some of you may not even know what your talents are yet - rest assured, they will manifest in due time. We are never wrong. As you know, our school is invite-only - we would not pick you if we did not believe you possessed potential. Your decision to accept our invitation is proof of your hope to hone your talents.

Study hard, but also play, laugh, cry, and enjoy your days here at Moriya High.

- 6th Headmaster, Suwako Moriya.

P.S. The entrance ceremony will begin at 10:00 am, please do not be la-

*bang bang bang*

My reading is interrupted by a sudden racket at the door.

“Heeeeeyyy~” More banging. “Any freshmeat in here? Helloooo~” a voice calls out.

I hear the sucking of teeth and a voice whose owner sounds more like a squeak toy than anything else. “Don’t say that, Tewi, I’m 91% sure you’ll scare them!”

“You’re no fun, Itty-bitty-nitty-titties~” the first voice coos back.

“My name is Ni-to-ri, thank you very much,” the second voice huffs back indignantly. “And I’m 100% sure I’m not that flat!”

“More like 100% sure you’re a nerd,” Tewi cackles. “More prey for our evil overlord!”

“I swear- oh forget it! Forget it!” You can almost hear her eyes roll. “Look, can you just get the bottle of water from my bag? I’m 87% sure they’re severely thirsty and can’t respond well.”

Yes, that’s right, thank you Nitori. Please give me your water. I make my way over to the door panel-

“Yeah yeah, sure whatever. Hey so do I put the sedative in the water now or mmmffff-

A whumf and some clattering later, number two starts squeaking again.

“H-hello? We’re here to help! I’m 70% sure there should be a panel next to the door with 3 buttons on it. Press and hold the leftmost, then the rightmost. The door should then unlock.”

Tewi was joking about the sedative and prey stuff, right?


[ ]Unlock the door.
[ ]Don’t unlock the door.
[ ]Hide
[x] Unlock the door.

Nitori sounds friendly enough.
[X] Hide.

Waking up vaguely amnesiac, and the first people you've encountered made some suspicious remarks. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

99% sure making contact is a bad idea.
[X] Unlock the door
Things didn't work out so well for a certain talented amnesiac that decided to work alone.

One of them apparently wants to poison our water supply with sedatives. I don't think we want anything to do with these lunatics.
[x] Unlock the door.
Next vote calls it.

I have one solitary reasoning for this vote:
It is more [i]moe[i].

Thanks, writing.
File 150975174659.png - (152.58KB, 600x900, spook.png) [iqdb]

They can’t be serious. There’s no way someone would actually try to do that. Tewi was just making a joke. I mean, normal people don’t usually joke about drugging others, but whatever, they’re here to rescue me, right? That Nitori person sounded friendly enough, I can trust her, right?

I take several steps towards the panel, arms quaking. I nearly stumble when my knees lock. Everything begins to blur. I blink several times to clear my vision. When did the door get so tall? The panel is within reach.


My legs won’t move. Suddenly the panel seems very far away. My heartbeat pounds in my skull. Doubt seeps through my mind.

The door budges ever so slightly.



The movement of the door spurs my legs into action. I start backpedaling, back to the only hiding spot I can think of, the locker. I stumble into it, wrenching it open. I slip inside and slam it shut, praying for them to go away.

“Oh man, you hear that? There’s definitely someone in there!” Tewi exclaims. “Or maybe, something~

“That’s not funny, Tewi,” Nitori sighs. “Well now i’m 80% sure they don’t want to see our faces. Let’s just head back to the others.”

“Yeah? Hey stranger, I’d hate to leave you alone with Nitori, but I gotta go!” You hear her scamper off, cackling all the while.

“Not funny!” she calls out after her.

After a while, Nitori speaks again.

“I’m sorry for my partner’s behavior. She’s … difficult to work with. A-anyway, I know you don’t have any reason to trust me, but I 100% promise I’m not out to get you. Could you please open the door?”

[]Don’t Open
[x]Don’t Open

"I'm not out to get you" is 100% what somebody out to get you would say. Don't trust that damned turtle thing!
[x] But don't accept water from her

just in case
[x] Open

Seems legit
[X]Don’t Open
-[X]"Who are you?"
next vote calls it!
[x] Open

I want to trust her.

A strange sensation starts to well up inside me. Nitori also is vulnerable, I realize. She has no idea who I am. She’s doing this all by herself. For all she knows I could be a monster ready to devour her.

She’s trusting me.

The voice calling out to me beyond the door, plaintive and sincere, wants to help me. I’m sure of it. She’s telling the truth. For the second time, I approach the door panel and enter in the unlock sequence.

you just want her to be telling the truth

With a small click, the door unlocks and I slide it open. There’s no one there. Then I look down.

My eyes come to rest on a small girl on her with aquamarine eyes. Blue twintails flank her small round face. She smells like she just stepped out of an auto-shop. Smudges are all over her uniform, which doesn’t match mine at all. It looks more like someone tried to combine a jumpsuit with a dress. A green cap tops it all off.

Her shoulders visibly relax as she breathes a sigh of relief. Suddenly find myself feeling very silly. I might not be the most fit person, but this girl is not physically threatening at all.

Nitori digs through an enormous bulging green backpack on the ground. She doesn’t even need to bend over to reach it…

“Here’s a bottle of water, I know you must be thirsty. We all were when we first woke up.”

I eye the bottle suspiciously. Her eyes widen as she registers my response.

“H-here, take a look at the seal, it’s still unbroken,” Nitori frantically explains as she presses the bottle into my hands.

Sure enough, the seal is completely intact. I gratefully accept the bottle from her and down its contents. I cough as the cool liquid revitalizes my parched throat. Damn, that’s some good stuff.

Nitori thoughtfully puts a hand to her chin. She looks lost in thought.

“Though, if you had a thin enough needle, maybe you could deliver the drug from the side of the bottle, to bypass the cap?”

I choke on the water and accidentally spit some out.

“O-oh, I’m sorry, I don’t carry hypodermic needles around with me, that’d be dangerous!”

That’s what you’re worried about?


After I’m done with the bottle, Nitori speaks up again. “Could you lift up your shirt for a second?”

If I had more water to choke on, I probably would have.

Nitori twirls her hair in embarrassment, “O-oh I didn’t mean it like that! You felt really hazy when you woke up yeah?”

I nod in response.

“There should be a little sticker on you or something. Once you peel that off, you’ll regain your memories! Mine was on my left leg, so it was pretty easy to find.”

don’t let her do it

I nod as I lift my shirt up and Nitori circles around me to get a look.

“Ah, found it! It’s right here!” she exclaims, poking at the small of my back with surprisingly cold fingers. Woah, I don’t think I would have found out about it for a long time.

“I’m sorry, this will be kinda rough. Could you count the number of pockets on my backpack?”

I cock my head at her. “Wha-”

you’ve been tricked

Her cold hands are the last thing I feel before my world is consumed by blinding pain.

dammit you dolts
now look what you've done
(although for your credit you didn't screw up that early)
My name is Nazrin Kumoi. I am an incoming first year to Moriya Shrine Research Academy. This morning was the supposed to be the day I started my new high school life.

It started a couple weeks back when I was applying for high schools. It was nearing the end of the application season and I was getting desperate. Nearly all of the schools had rejected me. Those who hadn’t still had yet to give me a reply. I was about to lose all hope when I finally got a letter from a school that I never applied to.

“Congratulations for being accepted into Moriya Shrine Research Academy,” it said.

“For your potential talent, we cordially invite you as part of the 99th Class, Nazrin Kumoi. Attached is further information for your enrollment. Please let us know of your decision within two weeks.”

Moriya Shrine Research Academy. I’d heard of them before on the news. They’re famous for gathering and educating some of our nation’s most well known prodigies. Everyone who graduates ends up at the top of their field or performing extraordinary feats. They only accept students on an invite-only basis, so it would be foolish to pass this opportunity up. Needless to say, it was exciting to think that I had some talent that could put me on par with some of these people.

Cut to today. I would have never thought I would be standing before the gates of such a great school.

...even if it is in the mountains in the middle of nowhere.

...and there’s no one else in sight.

That's not creepy at all.

Well, the crest on the gate is definitely the school’s so,

I take my first steps into the academy and…

everything blurs …


“What in the hell!? Fuck!” I scream, clutching at my sides. It felt like I was being stabbed with a red-hot poker. I collapsed to the floor, convulsing, sick to my stomach from the pain. Hot, coin sized tears splashed onto my uniform, staining it. A small hand clasped my mine, prompting me to look at it’s owner.

“The pain isn’t real,” it said.

And just like that, everything stopped hurting. My heart still pounded and my sides still throbbed. But the pain was gone.

“It’s a side effect of trying to taking the Memory Seal off. Doing it slowly would have been much more unpleasant. It’s why we carry around the sedatives. Being unsealed while asleep is a lot more pleasant.” Nitori mumbled.

She looked to the side, regret in her eyes. “I’m sorry for taking advantage of your trust like that. I only wanted to help and I was only 3% sure you’d let me sedate you. Can you forgive me?”

Well, I got my memories back, even if that was unpleasant. Though i still don’t like being deceived. I can still taste bile in my mouth.

“Apology accepted,” I croaked. “I think I’m going to have to lie down after that.”

“I don’t think we’ll have time for that. There’s not much time left until the entrance ceremony, and whoever did this to us might not like it if we were late.”

Whoever did this to us?

I guess that would be the logical conclusion. That someone must have sealed our memories and kidnapped us in our own school. We should probably find a way to contact someone to get help, this is definitely an inciden-

“If you’re thinking about trying to get help, that’s not going to work,” Nitori shakes her head as she stands up. “We’ve tried that already. It looks like the school’s been surrounded by high walls and the gate’s been blocked off. Not a single teacher in sight either. I’m 99% sure we’ve been intentionally cut off from the outside world.”

She offers me hand, helping me up. She smooths out her dress with her hands. “In any case, we should probably meet up with the others. We split up into three teams, A, B, and C. I’m in Team B with Tewi.”

She takes out a small paper and pencil.

“Oh, before I forget, what’s your name? My name’s Nitori Kawashiro.”

I point a thumb to myself. “Nazrin Kumoi, pleased to make your acquaintance, especially in these shit circumstances.”

“O-oh!” Nitori eyes widen in surprise. She flashes a grin at me. “Looks like your personality got unlocked along with your memories”

“Which team should we meet first?”

[ ] Team A
[ ] Team C
We have no idea what either team is. You may as well skip votes like these. Flip a coin and leave the update off without a vote. It's fine, nobody will mind.

[x] Team C

You bring up a good point. It's my first time, so forgive me.

Just pretend Nitori said this instead.

>"We split up into three teams, A, B, and C. I’m in Team B with Tewi. Team A went to search even further in the school buildings while Team C went to search the outside near the dorms.”
File 150993430431.png - (193.29KB, 800x1000, portrait_green.png) [iqdb]
[X] Team A

Neat, so this is like a touhou danganronpa thing. In case you haven't watched Super Duper Gensokyo Level Dangan Ronpa I'd highly recommend it. It's a pretty great series on nico that has been translated on youtube.
[x] Team C

Let's get some fresh air.
[x] Team C
[X] Team A
Nitori seems to know pretty well what's going on. Still can't be sure how trustworthy she is, though. Where'd she get the sedatives anyway?
[X] Team A


Dude...you can buy automatic rifles off facebook these days. I'm sure an enterprising young kappa can find a few low tier drugs easy.
[x] Team A


Writing will be delayed. Work just got pretty busy.
I doubt nitori was the one that acquired the sedatives.
sick contest entry bro
File 151135089617.png - (546.69KB, 1100x725, scene2.png) [iqdb]
“I’m curious to see more of the school… you know, get more familiar with the place,” I reply, picking myself up off the ground “So I guess Team A it is then.”

“Team A it is then!” Nitori echoes cheerfully, slinging her oversized backpack over her shoulders. “Hey,” she furrows her brows in concern. “How are you feeling? We could still rest for a bit you know. I’m 100% okay with that.”

“Honestly?” I give my temples a quick massage. “I feel freakin’ terrible, but I think I’ll manage.”

“You know your own feelings best,” she shrugs. “Let’s get going then.”

I poke my head out the doorway, taking stock of the surroundings. Unsurprisingly, the hallways are clean and lit. A cool draft tickles my left cheek, I look around for the source. A half-open door lies about a room’s length down the hallway. Looks like this classroom was at the school’s edge.

“Ah that leads to the courtyard! I’ve propped it open for now to let the others know that we’ve taken this route,” Nitori helpfully informs. “We’re going the other way for now.”

Our footsteps echo in the sterile, empty hallway. I follow NItori’s lead, watching her backpack bounce with every step she takes. It feels like it’s about to burst at the seams.

“How do you even stand carrying all that?” I rub my own shoulders in sympathy.

Nitori turns around to face me but otherwise continues her pace walking backwards. “The backpack you mean? I’m not sure - it just feels right,” she replies, patting her backpack straps. “It’s not too heavy - at least it doesn’t feel too heavy. I’m 80% sure you would have no problem carrying it.” She gives her arms some experimental swings. “You’re bigger than I am, so you should be able to carry it.”

I eye the backpack again. “Er, I’ll take your word for it.”

There’s no way I could even begin to lift that thing…

Nitori raises a finger in realization. “Oh, I just remembered! I never did tell you my talent did I?”

“No, you didn’t,” I say, shaking my head.

She does a little spin - with the backpack - and strikes a pose. “Nitori Kawashiro - Super Duper Schoolgirl Engineerdinaire!” An excited fist pumps through the air. “My specialty is tinkering around with gizmos and gadgets. You want something made? I’ll get it done!” She finishes off her introduction with a saccharine wink.

I suppress the urge to laugh out loud, instead opting to halfway swallow a cough.

“Is that really what your, uh, title is?” I ask, massaging my throat.

Nitori puffs her cheeks out in indignation. “W-well, no. Technically they just listed my talent as just ‘Engineer’ but that sounded 200% lame,” she sighs. “Anyway, what about you? Wanna tell me what your talent is?”

Err, I should have expected this. I guess I can’t hide it forever. Might as well get it over with. “I actually… don’t know.” I sheepishly reply.

“Oh that’s interesting.” Nitori takes a couple of steps closer to examine me. “You’re the second student who doesn’t know their talent.”

Woah, personal space, girl.

“I’m not the only one?” I reply. instinctively leaning back. Nitori doesn’t seem to be aware of my discomfort.

Fortunately she backs off and flashes me a grin, “Feels good to not be the only one, huh? Yeah, the other student’s name is Tenshi.” Nitori’s face sours as she mentions Tenshi. “I am 86% certain her talent is being a spoiled brat.”

I can’t help but raise an eyebrow. “Sounds like a pleasure to be around”

“There’s a reason why I went with Tewi,” she sighs, turning back around. “We just met and I’d still rather be with her than Tenshi. Some advice from me, just avoid her if you can.”

“Thanks for the tip, I guess?” I say, scratching my head.

The conversation peters off as we continue down the empty hallways.


I bump into Nitori’s backpack as she suddenly stops in her tracks. If she noticed, she doesn’t show it. “Looks like we’ve caught up with them. I can hear Tewi’s voice.”

A set of heavy, ornate double doors welcomes us. Unlike the rest of the sliding doors we passed by, these doors are of the swinging variety. Nitori casually walks up to the door and pushes it open.

Nitori’s entrance swirls the air around us, causing the musty scent of old books to assault my nose. Tears well up in my eyes as the sudden scent forces a sneeze out of me. A warm yellow glow twinkles through my blurred vision and I rub my eyes to reveal a room completely opposite of the sterile hallways outside.

Old worn bookshelves line the the walls from floor to ceiling, punctuated by the occasional support pillar. It’s homely and decidedly old-fashioned, the aged wood comforting. Reading chairs are scattered about the place, In the center of my vision, a group of people are gathered. I walk through the doors, following Nitori, but stop.

Can I trust these people?

Nitori on the other hand has no such hesitation. She strides forward, calling out to the group. “Heeey~ I found another one!”

Another one? What am I, a lost kitten?

“Excellent timing, Nitori. Your assistance is required. We’ve found another student, though she’s been rather uncooperative.”

“Oh, do you need the sedatives? I think I still have some left. This girl here didn’t need to use ‘em.”

I narrow my eyes at Nitori as I catch up to her. That’s beacuse you tricked me…

“I’ll go ahead and deal with the new one.” She turns to me. “Go ahead and introduce yourself to the others.”

[ ]Crimson and brooding.
[ ]Purple and aloof.
[ ]Pink and playful.

see pic


Sorry for the huge delay.
[x]Pink and playful.
[x]Crimson and brooding.
chuuni banki
[x]Crimson and brooding.
Called! Writing.
ya still writing? -_-
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