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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 139632417475.png - (1.86MB, 1276x1754, ce8119262393e7f687149b44194b612e.png) [iqdb]
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Happy Birthday, THP
>> No. 13046
Is today really THP's birthday? Better not be an April Fool's Joke… Well, whoa. Happy Birthday THP! Continue to shine.
>> No. 13057

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File 132726420863.png - (33.72KB, 708x748, reckoning_part_1.png) [iqdb]
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>> No. 12758
>Its just not the same as GH
>censoring posts

Well, no shit. GH is half the shitstorms after all.
>> No. 12985
It's amazing how emotional the threads on this site can get.
>> No. 13038
It's funny, 'cause the biggest shitstorms are "ur 2hu is shit my 2hu is best." Waifus are serious business.

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File 139216713412.png - (262.51KB, 500x707, an idea.png) [iqdb]
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Greetings, THP.

Last night, and the topic of a THP podcast was brought up in IRC. The overall response of the concept was positive. I was also informed that this was not the first time the idea had popped up, but apparently everyone was too lazy to get it going.

I've decided not to let that happen again, so consider the podcast a thing! Except, well, I'm not sure what it'll be like yet. That's where the community comes in.

See, ideally, every month (give or take? it's up for debate), three or four or five THPers could get together and discuss Touhou and THP. I have a few ideas for segments that could be done (detailed at the bottom of this post), but I'd like to know what you want to hear.

“Now wait a minute, Flanders! Why should we get invested in a silly podcast, anyways?”

Glad you didn't ask, my dear observer. Simply put, a podcast will help THP! On an internal level, a podcast will theoretically bring the community closer. On an external level, we'll have something that will show the internet we exist. If we play our cards right, we can attract more activity, and maybe slow down or reverse this decline that someone in /blue/ inevitably rants about every few months.

And of course, perhaps most importantly, it'll be some good fun.

As for who will be doing the talking, well, mostly anyone! We'd probably have a few consistent members who would show up in a majority of the podcasts such as yours truly, with additional slots open to rotation. If you think you'd like to be in a podcast, here's the place to mention it! All I ask is that you have a somewhat decent mic; enough so that we can hear you and that there isn't crazy noise that can drown out other people's thoughts.
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>> No. 12923
Hello again, THP.

Let me start and end with an apology. First, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post any status about this. It's been nearly a month since I created this thread. You're probably wondering: what have I accomplished so far?

Well, to tell you the truth, I've barely been able to scrape together even a paragraph of an outline for the first podcast. Now, I can go on and on about how I've been too busy, or I'm under stress from a personal issue, or some other similar scenario, but that would be a lie. The truth is, I think this idea was a little presumptuous on my part.

See, I've never done anything like a podcast before, so I made the silly presumption that this would be something simple that I could throw together with minimal effort. I soon realized, however, that hosting THP's podcast would take a lot more out of me than I had anticipated. More than I can give, I'm afraid.

That's my fault, of course. I should have put more research and thought into everything before making the jump and getting everybody's hopes up.

I've been tossing back and forth what to do from here. Do I just go ahead with the podcast, just so that it exists? No, I felt that if I were to do this, I would need to do it properly. It would need to be something I could actually put passion into and produce an excellent result. So, now what? Do I forget about this thread, pretend it never happened? That would be too foolish.

Well, finally, I decided to just come out with it. I don't have the experience, nor enough commitment, to do this thing. I'm going to have to put it on hold. Probably indefinitely. (Or, at least, it won't happen from my fingertips. Perhaps someone else out there with better resolve for this sort of thing might use this thread as a resource. But, I digress.)

The guilt flows through my blood at an uncomfortable pace. I feel like an asshole for letting you guys down in this way, and I'm really sorry. I hope those of you who were interested in this can forgive me for backing out. Maybe, somehow, I can make it up to you all somehow in
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>> No. 12924
I'd offer to take over, but my prime time of activity is around 2pm to 10pm UTC, which is in my experience the time where most Americans are busy with work/school, and I assume most of the people here are from around that time zone.
If I'm wrong and most are able to be around doing my schedule, then I'd be happy to try my might at it.
>> No. 12929
Yeah, that's about six hours ahead of central time... You might have better luck on weekends, when people aren't usually doing much.

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File 139382922246.jpg - (451.44KB, 1200x850, Remilia_Scarlet_full_1596886.jpg) [iqdb]
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Used a soundfile that is Remi's "Uuu~!"

>> No. 12909
Pfft. you made that yourself?
>> No. 12914
File 13939351982.jpg - (42.90KB, 442x276, 1389172358128.jpg) [iqdb]
Nice tune.
>> No. 12916
Not entirely. I sampled the uuu and applied it to a MIDI file transcription of the song "suicide mission" from the game mass effect 2

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File 139336805165.jpg - (117.33KB, 745x880, image.jpg) [iqdb]
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i am in need of some help. i want to know: are there any "cycles" in touhou? what i mean is, are there events that happen every X amount of years? if so, what are thwy and who directs them?not very well acquainted with touhou "lore", hence why I came here
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>> No. 12892
There are multiple dragons. There's the Dragon God, Kasen's dragon, and probably more.
>> No. 12894
The Dragon God is not an entity confirmed to reside in Gensokyo. All we know is that it was 'present' at the 'creation' of Gensokyo. It's current location is unknown, and it likely won't make an appearance in canon.
Oh, and you forgot to mention the Evil Dragon from FS.
>> No. 12903
A hint at what I am doing.

Ah yes, "Yōkai". The immortal race of mythical beings allegedly waiting in Gensokyo. We have dismissed that claim..

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File 13918158948.jpg - (140.75KB, 850x971, sample-1debbd68a556ade3d5a030326f4b00f0.jpg) [iqdb]
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Yes, I know, I already have a CYOA going as it stands. But like an author has said, sometimes an idea gets lodged in your head, and it sticks there. And it keeps bothering you, because you want to try it out, but you don't know if it'll be worth the time and effort!

So I figured, why not gauge the interest directly? Then if it goes poorly, I can hopefully just shove the idea out of my head.

Now, to be clear, I would not stop updating Restorer in Gensokyo 2 regardless. That one will stop when it is finished, and not a moment sooner. There is however a possibility I might end up starting this idea while RiG2 is going - as I have no idea when it'll finish. As it stands, I'm thinking this concept fits either /th/ or maybe /shrine/.

So let's get the idea in the open first. I've had the idea in my head for some months now, and I've really wanted to write another slice-of-life thing, like RiG. Only this time, instead of furniture restoration (Hah!) I wanted to do something a little more business-oriented:

A teahouse.

I want to do a CYOA with slice-of-life and business management revolving around a teahouse.

Now, what makes this different from RiG, you may ask? Well, these are the main things I've been keeping in mind:

1. Teahouse is going to go for more a blend of slice-of-life with business management. I'm still trying to figure out the right balance though, since I want trying to make enough money to pay the rent, and bills, and such to be kind of important. And balancing the protag's personal life with the fact you can't run the teahouse (by yourself) if you aren't actually there.
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>> No. 12899
The only thing I worry on doing say, week-spanning updates, is what if anon wanted to do something on some of those days, or do some different interaction then I picked during a chat with a customer, or such?

I like to try and give anon as much control of the story as I can, but at the same time, day-by-day playing will simply make the entire thing drag heavily. And trying to have votes for an entire week of story, might be awkward.
>> No. 12901
Hmm, that is a good point. However, wanting to move the story along quickly and giving anon fine control over everything are rather difficult to reconcile. You just have to minimize the tradeoffs you make.

Regarding interactions, try to get anon to settle on a general strategy you can refer to for business questions such as a difficult customer. This will almost certainly be something along the lines of "Be reasonably patient with difficult customer and attempt to accommodate them, but if they're just jerks throw them out." Basically, acting like a sane businessperson. I can almost guarantee anon will choose to default to rational business decisions, but make sure to ask anyway - there's always the possibility they'll decide they want to make an eccentric shopkeeper. If the unruly customer is the mayor of the human village and throwing him out will earn his enmity, then you'll want to stop there and have anon make the call, then finish the rest of the week. If MC hears about a new source of better-quality tea leaves in an acquaintance's garden, you can probably safely attempt to ask about purchasing them without bothering anon about it, but if the tea leaves are in the middle of Yuuka's Garden, put that off and let anon vote for it at the end of the week. And so on.

In the same token, if you're going negotiating, get input from anon about stuff like your starting offer, and maximum/minimum price.

If anon wants to do something on a specific day, they'll tell you. If you definitely want to keep votes to only a few things at a time, you could also ask anon what they want to do if there's a free day. Just don't let them always make it "Visit [insert waifu here]".

Basically, the more input you get from anon as to how to respond to unexpected events, the less you have to make things up yourself or stop the action to hold a vote. Ideally you should know what your MC would do in any situation, but if the stakes are high then stop and hold a vote. If you don't know what your MC would do, that�
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 13075
You aren't disappearing on us, are you, Kriss?

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File 138637811812.jpg - (84.40KB, 800x600, ff2d78a4af971a31cb062540a79c1188.jpg) [iqdb]
12358 No. 12358 hide watch expand quickreply
I propose a Winter Writing Contest. The rules are pretty much the same as previous contests, the only change is the "Winter" theme.

Just for it to be in one place, here are the rules for the competition.

1) All submissions must be anonymous!

2) The submissions must relate to the season of Winter in some way.

3) No more than two posts per submission. MAKE SURE I CAN TELL THEY ARE TOGETHER!

I'll make the links NEXT FRIDAY (12/13/2013). The deadline will be on 12/31/2013, anything that shows up in January will not be counted. I don't see it being a problem for anyone to write something in that time frame.
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>> No. 12756
>Not having a bot watching the CABAL
>> No. 12764
It's mentioned in your story, by Letty, that Okuu is experienced with men. How did she get her experience? She just has sex random guys or something?
>> No. 12765

She's had a number of healthy youkai relationships, all of which ended for healthy youkai reasons.

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File 138728339612.png - (292.66KB, 1190x1600, accurate_representation_of_#THP.png) [iqdb]
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There was a conversation over this on IRC some time ago, and I’m wondering what people think about this topic.

I came across >>/th/141485 when looking at old arguments, and this attitude of "IRC? Useful? lol" struck me as something that would not be out of place at all even now in 2013. And this is a problem.

There is this enormous running joke that the IRC channel is some kind of dicks-infested hellpit where The Leadership™/The Cabal™ who hold absolute power over THP plot new and dastardly schemes to twist the minds of readers and halt the progress of writers. Now, admittedly, the dicks-infested part is entirely true an alarming percentage of time. It is a general discussion channel for whatever people happen to find interesting at the moment, and the userbase of THP overlaps with the communities that are frankly really weird by normal standards. But extending this to "IRC is like this all the time, and it's useless to ask for help" is really shutting off a resource that could help a lot of writers, especially those not fortunate enough to have understanding friends that will proofread their fanfiction about magical flying girls.

So the problem is that writers, new or old, don’t think that the IRC can be a resource to writing, because maybe 1. the general perception makes it sound useless or 2. it's scary or 3. "I went in once and asked for a proofread and people were busy talking about girls with dicks or fighting with each other or something and nobody answered me so I left after 5 minutes" and so forth. What's feeding this is the classical response every time someone on the boards suggests going to IRC for help. Of course, it's a joke, and it actually is pretty funny, but even if it is, it's contributing to the problem.

Here is what I think:
Lots of writers aren't able to make use of IRC because they either 1. never come in because of the negative reputation, 2. show up, ask a question, and leave after 5 minutes because nobody's shown any interest, or 3. show up, observe briefly, and leave bec
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 12539
Might as well jump on this bandwagon.

I'm usually either lurking or chiming in with the occasional bit of nonsense, so I can proof and/or debate ideas/canon/waifus. Just look out for Ben.
>> No. 12543
Well, I guess I'll go ahead and volunteer too. You can generally catch me there at any time, although I'll generally exit IRC if I'm playing vidya. I might also rarely be eating or watching a movie, but if you shoot me a ping I'll respond when I get back. Name's Ral on IRC, for those who wish for my assistance.
>> No. 12544
He writes at all these days?

Honestly you'd have better luck going into a THP sub channel, even #touhouporn.

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File 138611239311.jpg - (88.47KB, 510x750, Mima_full_885531.jpg) [iqdb]
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Sign it now!
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12329
Really? Really now? Sure, Mima is pretty great but do you have any idea how stupid this sounds?

For starters,

You are aware Zun lives in JAPAN and thus has no reasons to care about this at all, right?

Next up, have you considered fangames? Some are terrible, but you could probably find one similar to what you want.

I'm hoping you just brought this to our attention because the petitioner is an idiot. If you are the petitioner, I hope you are trying to troll people. If you are, I think it worked. For me at least.
>> No. 12330
File 138611685489.png - (270.59KB, 400x400, obama legit.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 12331
File 138612025612.png - (74.54KB, 300x300, 300px-Mima.png) [iqdb]
>Family, Firearms, Human Rights

Sides mia

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File 138189036633.jpg - (325.73KB, 600x847, bb3c00e301b5fc103cd2e3a81e5b4170.jpg) [iqdb]
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As some of you might know, Nanowrimo is next month, November. It stands for "National Novel Writing Month," in which the goal is to crank out a 50k word story in a month. The story will probably be awful.

But we're not going to do that.

No, the challenge I put to you, THP, is to do DAILY UPDATES FOR ALL OF NOVEMBER.

I intend to do this, alternating updates between ASHIT and PFD.

Now that the gauntlet's been thrown down, who's stupid enough to do this with me?
168 posts and 40 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12308
Now the question is.

Should we do this again next year?
>> No. 12309
I think the question should be 'why wouldn't we do this next year?'

And the answer will probably be: 'because the site died'

...well that got depressing fast ;..;
>> No. 12314
File 138604589767.gif - (0.96MB, 500x220, koawaahh.gif) [iqdb]


Definitely! Assuming I'm even writing something by November of 2014. Knowing me, I probably will be.

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