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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 154817827024.jpg - (2.63MB, 2031x2952, painting.jpg) [iqdb]
15729No. 15729
I'm looking to change THP's favicon because it's too low res. As I'm terrible at this sort of thing, I'm outsourcing to the community. The image needs to fulfill the following criteria:
  • Either original content by you or an existing touhou-related image
  • Must be a square image of at least 400x400 (I'll handle all the final downscaling and formats)
  • PNG or SVG format preferred but not necessary
  • If the image needs a transparent background, please do that before uploading
  • Must look at decent at 16x16 and good at 32x32,48x48 and higher

Please upload images in this thread. I'd prefer a nice original image but since I know we don't really have many artists, a cropped image by someone else is fine too.
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>>No. 15730
File 154817853416.png - (228.78KB, 400x400, s1.png) [iqdb]
>>No. 15731
File 154817862542.png - (213.36KB, 400x400, s2.png) [iqdb]
>>No. 15732
oh yeah
>>No. 15733
File 154818092639.png - (20.01KB, 400x400, x400.png) [iqdb]
Just to add something symbolic to the pile.
>>No. 15734
File 154818719457.png - (33.92KB, 400x400, bunga.png) [iqdb]
incremental change
it's inaccurate now but i think it gets the idea across and looks way better tiny
>>No. 15735
Whoops, the gradient got fucked up somehow
>>No. 15736
File 154818740976.png - (29.06KB, 371x371, bunga.png) [iqdb]
goddamn it
>>No. 15737
I like this one best. It's still obviously Marisa, but has better contrast than the pic above it.
>>No. 15738
File 154837497137.png - (237.52KB, 400x400, s3.png) [iqdb]
I like this one
>>No. 15739
in case it wasn't obvious by now, I picked the last image. I'm sure there's better alternatives out in the wild, but it'll do for now.
>>No. 15740
Good choice.
>>No. 15741
I like it!

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