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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 155497781635.gif - (5.76KB, 125x122, 9_IS_THE_STRONGEST.gif) [iqdb]
15755No. 15755
I was pretty annoyed by the fact that Cthulhu's THP downloader wasn't available anymore, so I made another one. Thought some of you would like it.

This one won't go down until Github gives up the ghost, since it's not hosted on my own site.

Instructions: download the .exe to some convenient location, the run it.

Get it from here: https://github.com/Anonark/THP2Epub/releases

Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/904fdc963c97bc606328640b9a61a48ed935bb1f848f9bf185fe11acfe884535/detection

Thanks to the kind people over at IRC.

(The image isn't NSFW, it's just a random file.)
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>>No. 15769
Please note that if the name of the first poster does not match the name of the actual writer (say, for instance, the writer made the thread as an anon and then started using a name) then you must untick the 'Download OP Posts' checkbox for correct parsing.
>>No. 15774
I'm a fuckup, so what I meant in the last post is that you only need to manually uncheck the 'Download OP Posts' checkbox when the author started the thread with a name but just started using anon midway. There's already a contingency for the writer starting as an anon but then taking up a name mid-thread.
>>No. 15775
File 155604035423.png - (246.52KB, 640x640, tokiko.png) [iqdb]
Drew an icon for this today. Pretty shit but Tokiko is still cute.
>>No. 15776
That's goddamn fucking adorable, what are you talking about? Sure, it was done in like MS Paint, but I can hardly do any better in GIMP or Paintshop.
>>No. 15824
This is currently broken because apparently THP's story list HTML has changed or something. Working on a fix, you can still use it by searching for your desired fic, double-clicking it, manually copy-pasting the list of threads into the box, and then removing the commas before downloading.
>>No. 15825
Don't think that double click thing works. No thread number pops up after.
>>No. 15826
Nevermind, you can still use the thing but you have to copy paste the thread number. Just glad it works.
>>No. 15827
File 157000593924.jpg - (142.01KB, 695x827, 140718401946.jpg) [iqdb]

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