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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 142971967183.jpg - (152.77KB, 512x384, e0088742_2094132.jpg) [iqdb]
ZUN just posted some screenshots of Touhou 15.

Looks like it involves the Eintei cast again somehow!
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File 143962030493.png - (230.02KB, 336x512, 1439543458383.png) [iqdb]

Correction: Greek Hell fairy is sent to bring life (and with it, impurity and death) to Lunarian scum. She dresses herself with the American flag just to spite the Moon people. And she loves firing her lazors, more than Shou Toramaru ever did.

While she's not of American origin, she damn sure as hell understands the American way of pissing off the enemy.
File 143983272815.png - (1.08MB, 1024x807, 1439531419405-1.png) [iqdb]
Clownpiece may not be American by birth, but truly she is American by action.

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File 142960993362.jpg - (1.00MB, 1275x1046, 5b99527088165d2ee7a05d9890cc3326.jpg) [iqdb]
You know what we've gone too long without? A writing contest. You know what I'm about to host? A writing contest. This isn't the 5th Annual Contest, though, so I'm gimmicking things up just a little bit! I've only got three main rules.

First is that ALL ENTRIES ARE ANONYMOUS, no exceptions, you're disqualified if you reveal who you are before the votes are doled out.

The second is a TWO POST LIMIT on entries, although I will be honestly impressed if you somehow surpass that limit. If you do use two posts, make sure they're obviously connected, and consider linking them together in the thread to be absolutely sure.

The third, and the gimmick in question, is that this contest is CROSSOVERS ONLY.

Yep, you read that correctly. I don't care what you write, just so long as it involves some other game or anime or movie or whatever. You'll find I'm a pretty lax judge of what's valid, so long as you don't, say, write something completely in one setting and then just toss in a token reference to the other side of the crossover, in which case I will be very disappointed in you. If you wanted to write something that was Touhou only, well, the annual contest is only a few months away. Write it now and then blitz that contest the minute it opens!

Deadline's the 21st of May at 23:59 GMT, AKA site time, so that gives you a month to do your thing.

The categories are veterans/newbies and normal/smut, as usual. Veterans are defined as anyone who's been writing since August 1st of 2014, coincidentally about the time it's been since the 4th Annual contest. As for voting, I'll handle making the list of all entered stories, and you get one vote per category; that is, newbies/veterans/porn. Like the last Annual contest, I'm merging the porn categories because of relatively low turnout, something I don't think this gimmick will help
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File 143360604718.jpg - (206.90KB, 850x876, ikazushiri.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, I won!

Kancolle was me, yep. It was the obvious choice for a porn crossover, but that was alright. I made a list of Touhous and picked which one would be the best admiral, and dang if Nazrin didn't come out on top. She was a lot of fun to write, and I got to get all the standard jokes out of my system. I tried to do something a bit different here, making the sex less important than usual. Seemed to work out well.

Hatsushimo and Yamagumo are pretty obscure, but that meant they might never show up in a story if I didn't write them myself. And anyone who thinks the lightning sisters aren't for lewd hasn't been browsing the same pictures as me.
Not to make an arguement but people have done that with Cirno, Chen, and other characters generally considered little sister figures.
File 143386702823.jpg - (74.48KB, 1415x2000, 022.jpg) [iqdb]

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File 14284356822.png - (12.01KB, 322x322, playism.png) [iqdb]

So this is a thing. Get hype!

You going to buy the game when it releases over here?
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In before all the trendhoppers and moral crusaders discovering the fandom.
nah, that'd only happen if it hits steam and advertised as much as yet another fucking CoD game
Can Reisen quickscope in Touhou 15?

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File 141611960315.jpg - (136.74KB, 850x638, th14-5.jpg) [iqdb]
Titled "Urban Legend in Limbo", AKA "2spooky42hoo edition", this game was revealed by ZUN himself in a recent game event. Not much is known about it, except that it will be released sometime in 2015.

Rumors say it will be a "First person exploratory "horror" game" starring Marisa, but they're all but confirmed. Art style seems to belong to Moe Harukawa, the same gal who did the Forbidden Scrollery manga.

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considering they found a way to do HM, it's plausable.

Also it seems Kasen's in this.
For some reason Marisa now utilizes the power of urban Legend spirits.

Namely shoving People into Hanako of the Toilets stall.

Which means they probably met when she was taking a fat Mushroom shit, or using the loo.

She's finally taking after her mentor and embracing undeath!
From what's been gathered, all the girls in the game are using it (mainly as their last words as opposed to an actual attack of thiers); a risky move.

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File 141440704364.jpg - (232.20KB, 630x1008, 85e56b4278a3bb415600fe313edac68b.jpg) [iqdb]
HEY >>12309



As some of you might know, Nanowrimo is next month, November. It stands for "National Novel Writing Month," in which the goal is to crank out a 50k word story in a month. The story will probably be awful.

But we're not going to do that.

No, the challenge I put to you, THP, is to do DAILY UPDATES FOR ALL OF NOVEMBER.

While I didn't succeed last year, Flanders, Kriss, Wander, Moon, Yatagarasu, Waymaker and some random-ass anon all made it (more or less).

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Anon screwing around in /border/ here. 30 days, 30 story posts. Yay.

Who else has managed to do it? Or is managing, since there's still most of a day left before November runs out.
As long as I update before midnight, my time, I'll have been successful. After which, I may just slow the hell down again... Hopefully not to glacial speeds though.
So, NaNoWriMo is over and I'm going to assume BorderAnon and I are the only ones to succeed, is that right?

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File 141143851779.jpg - (657.27KB, 2937x2203, Saturday night vidya.jpg) [iqdb]
Well everyone, it's just about that time of the year again. Here's a place for posting any plans, photos, musings, etc.

On that note, a reminder that I've pre-ordered tickets for the following 15 individuals. After taxes 'n fees, the tickets were $45 apiece. Please bring a $50, and I'll bring $5 in change:

Rye Bread
Felix Ovum
Solus Lunes
Ursarkar E Creed
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File 141211729922.jpg - (1.10MB, 3984x2241, oFioR1k.jpg) [iqdb]
Fucking brilliant cosplay - despite the pretty slipshod tattoos .
File 141211745833.jpg - (1.45MB, 2241x3984, Bw5Dw9B.jpg) [iqdb]
Even with the pyramid head-head, her gawkiness still shines through.
After many distractions, I compiled my pics from AWA. Enjoy.


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File 134944202924.jpg - (60.81KB, 400x568, th135logo.jpg) [iqdb]
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is there an english patch ?
Yep. It's floating around Shrinemaiden right now.
Oh? I thought work was given up due to the how speech bubbles were and such.

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File 141340586326.png - (1.46MB, 2000x5220, 8pill.png) [iqdb]
Have you guys heard about 8chan? They have a /2hu/ board.

We've been following GG pretty closely so I guess I could say "of course". Hopefully that board won't end up as shitty as the other dedicated imageboard.
Only time will tell if it's as cancerous as ploosh
The problem with being allowed to make your own board is that there's way too many of them now.

I'm forgetting which one, but there was a japanese imageboard-type site that let users freely create boards, and it kind of just died because the userbase was spread so incredibly thin.

As it is, with a dedicated all things touhou board it should still be fine. but from what I've seen the conversations still become spread out across the entire board, in what I think of as the Reddit affect.

If you only have a single general to share, the conversation of the group is centralized and easy to follow. Having a board gives the options of sub-general threads for more specific topics, but I haven't seen enough organization yet.

I'll be keeping an eye on it yet though. The community doesn't seem bad.

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File 140808148347.png - (589.68KB, 1000x804, 5a78e1b61951cd97fb9b0cbc845a4f32.png) [iqdb]

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ANONYMOUS. Non-anonymous posts will be disqualified.

Deadline is 15 September at 23:59 GMT (which, conveniently enough, is what site time is). Any submissions after that will be ignored.


Next, the categories. Veteran/newbie, normal/porn, the usual. We'll be dividing vet/newbie by a simple cutoff: if you've been writing here since before January 1st, you count as a veteran. All others are newbies.

I think you can distinguish between porn/non-porn yourselves.

Judging will be done the same way it was last contest: I will aggregate a list of the entered stories, and everyone will be allowed to vote for a story in each category: that is, non-porn/newbies, non-porn/vets and porn. I'm lumping the porn categories together due to low turnout for newbie porn. Voting will last another week, ending on 22 October at 23:59 GMT.
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It was bad. It wasn't Hitler. There's exactly one cure for bad writing, and that's writing more. You can either knuckle under and give up (you know you really don't gotta do this whole dogshaming thing about your entry because it flopped), or you can just stick to it, keep trying, and learn from what you do wrong.

Keep trying.
This. Whenever I try to go back and read any of my early writing (whether it was for the site or elsewhere), it almost provokes physical pain. I got better by writing anyway.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't really call your story bad. Incomplete? Sure. Rushed? Definitely. However, it looked to me like you had something, and if you had more time to work on it and refine the details, it would have come out fine. What killed you wasn't you, it was the timeframe you were working in. In the past, when I've forced myself to rush, I've always been unhappy with the results, so don't use the quality of your writing while you're under pressure to meet a deadline as a measure of your general skill.

/shorts/ is always open, even without the writing contest. Why not try taking your time writing and post the story you wanted to write, instead of the one you were forced to by the deadline?
>don't use the quality of your writing while you're under pressure to meet a deadline as a measure of your general skill.
I'd say my main problems lie with the fact that when I have no pressure, because there are no expectations or there is no deadline, I can think of a story, but not write it, while, when under pressure, can write rather fast, however my creativity becomes limited.
The only reason I was able to write what I wrote is because, when I thought the deadline had passed, the weight fell off my shoulders and I got some creative ideas, which I would work on when I heard the deadline had actually not been reached.

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File 138327706654.jpg - (277.19KB, 729x720, 903765b0fab4047907b94e315f700fe0.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, so we used up all of Thread Six, so we obviously need a new one.

I'll start with my own question, What stories in /others/ are worth reading? There are a few that seem promising, but I'd rather focus on one or two at a time to avoid draining my entire day away. I prefer active stories too.
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Are there stories on here where Tokiko appears with actual characterization, and not just the minimalistic cookie-cutter persona, one post characters tends to have?

Silver of Sovereign had Tokiko as a main character, if I remember correctly. It died is on "hiatus" after four threads. I can't really think of any others that have her as more than a passing mention.
Any good ones out there with Sekibanki, Wakasagihime or Kagerou as a main character?

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