I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 143590567726.jpg - (437.94KB, 850x1200, inchling.jpg) [iqdb]
We've been without one of these for almost ten months. Time to revive the tradition!

What have you been reading lately? What do you recommend to your fellow THPers?
Nobody around here reads anymore.

Kidding. The Kinu Yasumi Almanac for Outsiders in /th/ tickles my fancy. Currently waiting for If You Spook the Buddha (/shrine/) to update. Would love it if Fairy on Scarlet Lake would come back to life.
I'm enjoying Another Incursion, The Kinu Yasumi Almanac for Outsiders, and High Contrast. I'm surprised I even enjoy the third considering I know absolutely nothing about Kingdom Hearts other than it's a bunch of dudes with lots of belts swinging around flashy, unwieldy key-shaped weapons.
The writer does a good job of explaining shit that is relevant and not drowning readers in details they don't need.
Unfortunately he did also decide HEY SO YUKARI IS THE BBEG NOBODY DID THAT BEFORE RIGHT and that's kind of shit on my expectations a little.
ctf_Gensokyo is pretty entertaining for anyone who enjoys TF2. Apart from that, Regrets of Reisen is a short story that I thought was very well written. I've been reading "ǝɹǝʇɹǝΛuoƆ" on /th/, and I think it has promise.
File 143700318184.jpg - (20.04KB, 480x480, 1412313435225.jpg) [iqdb]
Adding Another incursion-side story because it has potential, Do the right thing, because it is an everlasting classic and my favorite story (even better now that the updates are actually understandable) Theater of youth because it is another everlasting classic (better now that the author is updating) Forest Mix because the MC is great (even though it is being a bit slow)
>>13710 here.

Forgot to mention Favors Owed. I really wasn't a fan going in with some of the liberties the writer takes, but I can't put it down now.

Also, I'll never not recommend The Game because anyone who hasn't read it yet should.
File 14370872858.gif - (706.90KB, 500x281, 1412550066387-0.gif) [iqdb]
Here, I forgot Diabolic Tome in others. Just starting, but it looks nice.
File 143739583211.jpg - (282.64KB, 1700x1190, 1168dfc09c733081a77b62bb3250b26d.jpg) [iqdb]
Just finished catching up to the An Excuse For stories today.

An Excuse for Aya
The short version: If you like Slice of Life and Aya, then it’s worth reading.
Less short version: Aya find herself in the outside. She gets a job at the same place you do, on the same day as you start. However, since she doesn’t have a home, you let her stay at your place and shenanigans ensures.

An Excuse For An Excuse for Aya (An Excuse For Who Again?)
Short version: Ever heard of the fourth wall? Well this story hasn’t. It’s like Excuse for Aya, but with Momiji instead.
Kinda short version: You’re a shitfag THP writer who manages a pub with 3 young girls. Your shitty-ass neighbor moves out and a new moves in. Take a wild guess at who your new neighbor is.
Oh, and the story you write in the story is about grabbing Hatate's ass, I think.

Yeah, they’re two different stories. I thought an excuse for an excuse for just the next thread.
Lost Bees is worth a rec, if you're not opposed to crossovers. Getting into it might be harder at first for anyone unfamiliar with the game being referenced, but it comes together pretty quickly. Some of the updates are pretty massive walls of text, as a warning, but personally I consider that a good thing.

At least it updates, which is more than I can say for an increasingly large amount of stories.
Seconding the ǝɹǝʇɹǝΛuoƆ recommendation now that it's more than two updates in. Also, that one thing with Ran that just popped up in /border/ looks like it might turn out interesting. Because more Ran is always necessary.
Can anyone recommend me a story that's well action packed or has a lot of fighting?

Touhouvania, which just recently started back up. http://www.touhou-project.com/sdm/res/62174.html

It seems to be drawing to a close at this point though, so consider yourself warned.
>A story on THP might actually finish
>This is a bad thing

Don't Lose Your Head is chock full of action as well http://www.touhou-project.com/sdm/res/54922.html
I recommend everything from Keymaster.
Otherwise is updating again! Come enjoy the kinda-sorta-possibly prequel to the best story on the site!
Are there any "low" power level stories where the MC is at most as strong as say, Mystia?
If you're talking about a story with a weak MC, The Kinu Yasumi Almanac for Outsiders has one who's an ordinary human who can't fly or use magic and (most likely) never will. Forest Mix is similar, if you can handle the author's narrative style. An Excuse for an Excuse for Aya's MC is vulnerable to knives, so I'd count that. If You Spook the Buddha has Kogasa, and she's stage 2, so... I guess that counts? I mean, she doesn't flex much muscle in the story beyond cheap little tricks.
What about that wriggle story? The guy there doesn't seem too strong.
File 144426822783.jpg - (2.81MB, 2916x4287, 65568dde72bc25f638f940dbb65d74b8.jpg) [iqdb]
'Priest of Hakurei' is an interesting story about a priest of the outside counterpart of the Hakurei Shrine.

ATM is at a nice spot, with him being finally inside Gensoyko and all.

Recommendable. Go vote: http://www.touhou-project.com/border/res/29716.html
I'll second this reccomendation.

Wish it updated more, but I could say that about any story.
i just discovered this site last month and ive been binge reading some of the popular stories,its kind of hard searching for a stories with my favorite character in the storylist, can anyone reccomend me a tenshi story. even if it still incomplete is fine

>a tenshi story

Do the Right Thing has Tenshi join the party fairly early on. It's long and updates sporadically.

Tenshi is in This Story is mostly a Satori story but has Tenshi show up in the last couple of threads. Completed and has sequels;
Your Love, Please
Satori is in This Short Story
San is in This Story
There was some Tenshi in Your Love, Please as well.

Heads up in /shrine/ had her show up for a third of a thread.

Peach Tree that Bore Fruit is short and incomplete, but has Tenshi as a protagonist. Last update was back in 2011.

Theater of Youth is a high school AU, with Tenshi being one of the main love interests.

splICEd is a cyberpunk AU with Tenshi as the protagonist. Short and incomplete.

Those are the only ones I can remember at the moment.
ToY has a dark but enjoyable approach on her. It's my favorite of the site but you'll have to suffer (pff, as if) through a few, mostly unrelated, threads to fully enjoy it.
oh thanks man ill read those.
One should not read Tenshi is in This Story for Tenshi. For various reasons.
what about parsee? does she get any story at all?

Parsee has a route in Pleasant Meadows, although it comes after the first route's ending because of how heavily the waifu lock vote was contested.

Also, I never read Kiss Me, so I don't know how much she factors into it, but I think she plays a major part in that too?

>Also, I never read Kiss Me, so I don't know how much she factors into it, but I think she plays a major part in that too?


>Pleasant Meadows
>Kiss Me

And they're both completed too!


Do the Right Thing has a lot of Parsee once you reach the Underground arc. As I said before, it's long and updates sporadically.

Spirit of the Underground Youkai is short and incomplete with three threads and a Parsee route. The writefag wasn't happy with how it turned out and cancelled the playthrough.

Deeper Underground has some Parsee near the beginning but the writefag disappeared before we met her again. Incomplete. Last update was in 2009.

Winging It in the Underground is a short and incomplete IRC CYOA with a focus on Parsee. Last update was in 2009.

Along with the ones >>14115 mentioned, these are the only stories I can remember with significant Parsee, at least on THP.
So I've been lurking around for 3 or 4 months, and I'd like to know your recommendation about any good stories that involves an outsider and/or the outside world.

Also, how active is THP back then? 'Cause I kinda get the impression that this site is kinda dying...
Animating Gensokyo is the only active non-crossover story with an outsider protagonist that comes to mind right now. It's a good story.

Another Incursion is active, but has a slow update schedule.


Personally, one of my favorite stories on the site.
So what good Cirno stories are there, anyway? Most of the ones I've seen feature her seem to have her as a comedic sidekick at best.
A Wizard is You isn't finished and has problems latter on, but also has one of the most well-characterized Cirno's I've ever seen.
Okay, so I just read a particularly depressing Kogasa doujin, so please recommend me a good Kogasa fic.

Romantic advice is good. I'm serious.
If You Spook the Buddha

I'm prodding the author continually into continuing.
is there any more story with 2hus integrating into modern society? kinda like an excuse for awoo

An Excuse for Aya is the story that inspired the story you mentioned. Incomplete and the last update was six months ago.

Border House: Welcome to the Outside Incomplete and the last update was in 2011.

The Landlord of Mayohiga Incomplete and the last update was in 2010.

Touhou: Taste the Rainbow / Graze the Rainbow Incomplete and last update was in 2009.
File 146042953626.png - (2.34MB, 1100x1400, 0a24e0286e573d71ec387377e0de3e79.png) [iqdb]
Can anyone recommend any stories wherein everyone's favorite triclops is featured prominently?
First one that pops into my head is Tenshi is in This Story. Excellent read.

As >>14143 said, Tenshi is in This Story and it's sequels focus on Satori:
Your Love, Please
Satori is in This Short Story
San is in This Story

Other than that there are several old, unfinished and dead stories in /underground/ focusing on her but since it's been so long I can't remember which ones. The ones I can remember are:
Dead Enterprise
Kindred Inalterable Dependency
Dreaming of Obsession

/underground/ is the smallest board with only seven pages worth of stories to sift through, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to find the rest if you want to.
is there any stories with rumia route?
(Un)Gratefully Doing It Yourself
God Damn It, Yukari!
I can't find the first story on the list, mind linking it?

If I'm not mistaken, it's actually the first thread of God Damn It, Yukari!
Does anyone know off the top of their heads what all names YAF went by? Say what you will about him, but he wrote some good shit and I want to read it all.

Looking up YAF and !foOlREAVlE should get you most of his stories.

To answer you more directly:


I think that's all of them.
Can anyone point me in the direction of some good Remi-centric CYoAs? SDM:LA is damn good, but it does kind of lose some of its lustre after the fifth time reading it.
Scarlet Tycoon
Read it twice ;_;
dont lose your heads and the eldest scarlet
Don't Lose Your Head is not really Remi-centric. Still pretty damn good, though.
Keep the faith, anon. It'll be back soon.
I can only hope you're right. That was easily the best thing to come out of the contest.
Best long-running stories?
Doujins and Fics outside thp is fine too, since I got some free time I'd like to spend binging on toho fic like the trash I am.
Remi-centric as in, Remi as the "protagonist" character or just as a prominent figure in the story?

Basically what I'm asking is, do you also want CYOAs that feature her as the antagonist?
Antagonist Remi is okay if it's executed right, but that's not what I was looking for. I was thinking of things more along the lines of SDM:LA or Scarlet Tycoon's Remi.

Basically a Remi that isn't evil chess-master, but one that's nice. Well, "nice". Gensokyo Supa Quest had a Remi like the one I'm looking for.

Well, Remilia isn't the main focus in Being Meiling, but when she does show up she's indeed nice. It's been some time since I read it, though, so I'm not entirely sure how much she features in it, but she's still important. Besides that, I never finished A Fairy's Tale, but from what little I remember seeing Remilia in that she was also generally benevolent? Again, not sure how much she actually shows up in it.

Sorry I can't really offer you anything concrete, anon.
Excuse my faggotry, but I'm pretty sure the only long running fic that's still alive is DtRT. Animating Gensokyo or whatever that's called might also be old? I don't remember and I'm too lazy to go back to the homepage to look.

I finished Being Meiling roughly two weeks ago. That was good stuff. I've not read A Fairy's Tale. My god. I thought I did, but I don't recognize the first thread at all. Thank you.

I've never even heard of these two. This thread has been profitable

>Best long-running stories

Expectation of Sanguine Disorder

Fragmentation of Memories

Theater of Youth

Those are the ones off the top of my head that haven't already been mentioned like Do the Right Thing or Animating Gensokyo.
Are there any good stories featuring Mokou as a major character?

I wouldn't say she's a major character, but Mokou does have a decent amount of screentime in Animating Gensokyo.
Does Tainted Bonds qualify? It was that long but...

Also, Fallout Gensokyo, the best story of this site bar none.
I need some cute romance in my life. Any recommendations?
Being Meiling has cute romance in spades

Tenshi is in This Story and it's sequels had a romance that I thought was cute.
That thing should be banned from this thread.

Any particular reason why?
But it's so good. And [i]so much Satorin{/i}
File 146189803274.jpg - (456.85KB, 750x750, 1429414045546.jpg) [iqdb]
Fair warning: Tenshi is in that story... barely
Okay I got one, any stories featuring Yuugi as a major character?

I'm expecting a flat zero, but please surprise me THP.
fuck gensokyo
do the right thing

also some other stories in /underground/ that i cant remember
I think Undergound LA somehow managed to go on a Yuugi route.
does anyone remember the name of that story with sadist wriggle ? i remembered something about mc being kidnapped underground, insane hatate and mystia having her wings torn off
NO such thing as magic?
that was it, thanks man
I can't seem to find a certain Rumia porn at /at/.
Can someone help?
one of taisa's shorts? the rumia rape one?

mmmnot that one, the one I'm looking for is consensual, although it begins with the hunter/prey dynamic.

Nevertheless I haven't read that taisa short, so thanks for that anon.
Yup, that's the one. You're a saint, anon.
This story is quality shitposting. Oh and the story is okay too.
Man, we already got a very well-written Reisen story. It's about her becoming an unwilling serial killer and murdering your favorite Touhous, is an incredibly horrible experience for her, and has a really shitty ending. I don't know what everyone's complaining about.


Seriously, what is this story?
Favors Owed
Kinda feeling blue lately, so, any story that will make me cry like a bitch?
fragmentation of memories by lion
Recommending "... Bang" for all your Noir needs.

Also a request: any other stories with a PI character? I can only remember the current "City of Harsh fantasies" "Favors Owed" the "Cirnoir" segments of "Don't read this!" (why isn't that its own thing??) and that story where each touhou is a mafia leader whose name eludes me atm.
I wrote
years ago. Never finished and I stopped when things were heating up. I've always wanted to revive it but every time I've brought it up, no one seemed very interested in the prospect. So this isn't exactly a recommendation just pointing out that it's another noir story with a PI.
>Violet Sky
That was it! Thanks, it was driving me mad not remembering that name.

Obviously, it is one of my favorite stories here, even if it didn't last that long. Thanks for writing it.

>any other stories with a PI character

Compensation: Adequate and A Shot In The Dark have a PI as a protagonist, both stories are written by the same guy as Favors Owed.
Give me a Keine story.
If you like Dungeons and Dragons, "A Wizard is You" has Keine in it. It hasn't updated in years though. In fact I'm pretty sure it stopped right before there was going to be an H scene with Keine. Or more accurately, the writefag wrote an update that skipped the H scene on purpose, promising that he would come back and write it later, and hasn't updated since.
That was one of my favourite stories on this site, and definitely worth a read. That being said, the sheer number of discussion and neckbearding made it very difficult to go through, with only two or three updates in each thread at the end. I would advise against trying to read them all.

Why'd you leave us, Deme ? ;_;
Are there any good touhou characters n the outside fics? doesn't just do the fish out of water scenario but better yet puts them in another culture.
Check out An Excuse for An Excuse for Aya. It deals with Momiji adjusting in a poor area.
I miss that story. One of the very few times I was so invested with a CYOA here.
any more stories with yukari route? ive already read Archetype of Self and the landlord of mayohiga
If by 'route' you mean 'extreme hatefucking', then Gensokyoland Saga very well may be what you are looking for.
"Route" as in tender loving and romantic relations, i wish people would stop with the yukari-hating, she is just misunderstood
As a Homestuck fan, I do believe that there can be love in absolute hatred, so long as it doesn't result in a Destructo Nookie.
Not exactly a recommendation request and only really related because the story's been recommended in here a couple of times and I'm currently reading it. Does anyone know of a way to read Animating Gensokyo thread 6? It seems to be 404'd in the story list.

>It seems to be 404'd in the story list

See >>/th/186777 and >>/th/186801. I'm unsure of the exact timeframe, but could be anywhere from a month to roughly six, depending on the Admin.

The author has offered to upload a copy if you ask them. See the end of >>/th/186807.

Thread six seems to be working now.
Do the Right Thing aside, are there any stories on the site that feature Tenshi as a prominent character?

>feature Tenshi as a prominent character

See >>14107.
File 146922165211.jpg - (59.65KB, 313x377, 1462736679520.jpg) [iqdb]
Say, how many Çastlevania crossover fics are on this site?

I can think of four off the top of my head:

Expectation of Sanguine Disorder
Demon Castle Remilia X Symphony of Scarlet
TouhouVania: Exposition of the Scarlet Dawn
File 14719061943.png - (294.07KB, 480x480, __imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_drawn_by_wool_miwol__368.png) [iqdb]
I've been thinking about Kagerou a lot recently. Getting an itch to write about her, even. Are there any writefags faster than I, who've done it already? Failing that, are there any stories focusing on DDCs who aren't stage 5 or 6?

There is a writing contest, anon. Now would be the time to scratch that itch.
There are no stories focusing on Kagerou specifically to wit; Wakasagihime seems to be similarly lacking in stories. Sekibanki has Heads Up and Paper Football Days plus those couple of stories on /shorts/. I'm sure there was an /at/ something or another too, but I can't be arsed to find it.

Like >>14327 said, with the contest you've a marvelous opportunity to scratch your own itch.
There was a short-lived one in /eientei/ a while ago, but nothing substantial. I'd certainly enjoy having more Kagerou-focused stuff on the site.
File 147195462413.jpg - (193.02KB, 1000x500, banki_lazy.jpg) [iqdb]
>There was a short-lived one in /eientei/
Gave that a whiff, but >5 story posts is indeed miserable.
>Paper Football Days
>school AU
>Heads Up
Gave the /shorts/ one a try. I liked Rinnosuke's bit most of all, oddly. Maybe for how it felt like a CoLA chapter. Going to try the /shrine/ one as well, in the evening. Cheers, bossu.
>those couple of stories on /shorts/
I wrote those. So you know my situation.
Screw that. I'm not a competitive soul. I work on my own terms. And my terms say I don't write unless I've got a full idea for a story in my head, which I currently don't. Which is why I was looking to read one. Damnation.

Oh, just so this doesn't become a useless post, I'd like to back up >>13719 and recommend An Excuse For An Excuse for Aya (An Excuse For Who Again?). It's an amazing little piece of wish fulfilment which doesn't feel like wish fulfilment thanks to the hilarious, snark-arse, male tsundere MC. Maybe the first "ye 2hu wakes up in the Outside World, what do" story on THP I read without my eyebrows twitching with second-hand shame, and I've been following this site for years. Go read it. Then bother the author to bloody update already. You and I both need more of that shit.

god fucking damnn it
it keeps happening
Gonna reccomend Shoot For The Moon from /eientei/

Good story about the new moon rabbits. Extremely fast update speed considering how many words per update.
I seem to recall a Gunpoint crossover somewhere, but I can't find it. Help?
Yeah, that one. Thanks!
any stories with iku route? incomplete is fine
File 147659393624.jpg - (122.12KB, 769x1039, touhou__kana_anaberal_by_stainglass.jpg) [iqdb]
Was border house that story with the Poltergeist route and the loli vampires?
File 147766347614.jpg - (215.70KB, 1184x828, touhou-802541.jpg) [iqdb]
ACUTIE, a.k.a. A Cultured Utopia Tantamount In Excellence, is my choice for today. Not only it is the second best acronym CYOA, just after TITS, but is also a train wreck and completely unplanned story that managed to make a good MC, have good characterizations, an interesting approach (Magic isn't real, but a cult that believes it is isolated themselves in a town called "Gensokyo") and excellent plot twists that, despite being born of April's fools updates, have foreshadowing and make perfect sense.

The only part I didn't like is that, at some pivotal points, the author timeskipped ahead for no reason at all. What the fuck.

Anyway, I'll give it 8 brass knuckles out of 10

You post just highlighted all the things that would make me drop a story.
What is TiTS anywar?

Tenshi is in This Story maybe?

Not certain, but I think there might be an extra "I" word in there somewhere.
best acronnym would be NIG aka nigger in gensokyo if the author actually went with it in ressentmen
File 147769371263.jpg - (162.32KB, 600x490, 147400951970.jpg) [iqdb]
Negro In Great Gensoyko's Eternal Limbo
We're just making plans for nigel
and if young nigel says he's happy, he must be happy, he must be happy, he must be happy in this wooooorld
is there any more yuuka stories? i have read border house and do the right thing
Wait, what's the title of that story with the black dude in Gensokyo, again? 'nigel' gave me no results.
Being Meiling focuses on Yuuka quite a bit, iirc.
File 147994505353.jpg - (263.87KB, 2000x2000, 2efaddff8dec65318b1d363262f7daf7.jpg) [iqdb]
This year is almost over, with just one month (plus) left.
So I thought I'd ask if anyone had found a story from this year which they'd like to recommend?

If not, then I'll just go begin my annual reading of Wintertime Alchemist
I'll pick Dark Tidings. Just started recently and looks rather interesting.
Lost Bees requires more votespene gas, and is well worth the read.

If you don't like crossovers, at least give it a chance; you should be up to speed in no time and the lore fits Touhou like a glove.

Don't Call Me a Glutton (Dacmag for short) updated and it's a really fun read. So far it's equal parts police procedural, food porn, and Kokoro being a jerk to everyone.

None of the original characters feel like donut steels, they fit into the setting pretty well and considering how little love the youkai mountain gets in general, it's great to see a story that really fleshes out the "daily life" aspect of the mountain.
I'm curious, are there are good Mamizou stories out there?

One of my favourite stories on this site is Fallout Gensokyo. I'm sure most of you have read it, but if you haven't go read it. Shoot For The Moon is a more recent story I think is pretty good.

I think I remember a Kosuzu story in th that had a Mamizou in it. It died before got a chance to read it, though, so I dunno if she was any good. Read Between The Lines, Please or something like that?
Nah man. Read Between the Lines is a completed story with an OC MC. Kosuzu is in it, but Mamizou isn't.

I think you're thinking of The Hunt for Little Bell. Kosuzu is the main character and Mamizou was in it near the start. Hasn't updated since 2014, right after the writefag promised to make a new thread "after the Writing Contest finishes. Or maybe a bit earlier." And then he never updated again.
File 148823935553.jpg - (240.05KB, 703x671, 37350040_p3.jpg) [iqdb]
Writefag of Little Bell here. I have awoken from my long slumber to tell you that it's dead, Jim.

I wrote myself into a corner back then, and a combination of real life stuff and writer's block forced me to leave the story on indefinite hiatus, and later completely forgot about it. Now I've learned from my mistakes and moved to better pastures. By which I mean I'm currently working on preparing another new story in hopes that I won't abandon it after the first thread. But I make no promises as to when I'll actually start writing it.
File 148824517376.jpg - (63.35KB, 737x721, 16999201_1305768939489557_5338716871428317_n.jpg) [iqdb]
Damn, that's too bad. Although I shouldn't be surprised by stories dying...

Anyway, make a gigantic portion before even posting (without votes) that way, once you start writing periodically, you'll be too big to fail! It can't go wrong!
Any good stories out there with Sekibanki as a main character?
Off the top of my head the only thing that comes to mind is the Sekibanki short in /shorts/ called Sekibanki written by the person who writes Kurodani Yamame Has No Gods.

There's also heads up one of the stories that was written for the quick words contest, but she's more of a side character to add commentary to Kogasa, also not a lot happens in that story. It's a fine story if what you're looking for is "Kogasa visits random people with a Sekibanki head."

There's also Bringing Sexy Back over in shorts, if you like Harry Potter. She's not the MC, but has an interesting role.
File 149079257192.jpg - (95.82KB, 368x350, sekiblush.jpg) [iqdb]
It's not fucking fair. Is there not a single proper story regularly featuring the DDCs? What have they done to you?

Not the requester, by the way. I'm just mad.

Well, Paper Banki Days or whatever it was died off in like thread 2, but...

Well, go look for it. Was good highschool stuff.
File 149695066779.jpg - (161.53KB, 1772x1772, 63201767_p3.jpg) [iqdb]
Do we have any romance stories on the site that focus on a single pairing, precluding harem shenanigans (or /underground/ trolls) at all? Completed or otherwise doesn't matter, all I want is to see some good ol' fashioned loving done.
There's been a sizeable amount. Off the top of my head, Tenshi is in This Story (featuring the MC and Satori) and An Excuse for A-Who? (featuring the MC and Momiji) come to mind. There are plenty more but I'm retarded and can't remember any more.

You can find a lot more romance on the site but they're more of a side thing rather than the main focus of the stories.
A Fairy on Scarlet Lake has a focus on romancing Meiling after a point.

If only the writer would come back ;_;

There's "Hakugyokuro LA" (MC & Yuyuko), "Orin's Little Visit" and "Momizi's Little Visit" (Focusing on Orin and Momiji respectively). All of them are completed.

There's "That Sanae Story in /Youkai/" focusing on Sanae, although it stopped before it got anywhere, and also "Theater of Youth" where it has multiple love interests if you don't mind that.

There's definitely more of these stories that focus a lot on character relationships but these are all off the top of my head.
"In the Forest, a Dancing Light" in /forest/. The main character hooks up with Wriggle.

SDM LA had MC x Remilia, and was actually completed.
File 14972097581.png - (75.55KB, 958x908, happy hecatia.png) [iqdb]
Cheers, all. I'll check those out as soon as I'm out of figurative Hell.
Any stories with a Meiling or Patchouli Route?
Does it count as a Meiling route if Meiling is the main character? Because if it does, "Being Meiling" in /sdm/ is worth a look. The story is even completed.
Read that one.
Are there any stories other than Border House that feature Sariel in any significant way? I've been brainstorming ideas for a Sariel story and I'm interested to see how other people interpret her.
I think she turns up in Girl of Death, mostly toward the end. I might have it mixed up with something else though.

Also DO IT FAGGOT. The world needs more Sariel.

She's the nurse in Dark Tidings, though isn't in the spotlight as of yet. Not exactly a standard Sariel, though.
Sariel is one if the most underappreciated 2hus. She barely appeared in border house and in one of those small, old, stories that barely reach the second thread.

That said, Mai appeared and may soon star and arc in that Monster Musume story. Be warned that it updates as 'often' as Priest of Hakurei. Then again, both have really good quality. Maybe you really can't rush talent.
Someone should tell the writer of Shadowmaiden that, though, he updated like there was no tomorrow.

Moving on, City of harsh fantasies is getting better each update. And Eastern Tale is pretty good, but has like three readers. Same with Otherwise, but that has the hard votes and slow updated to blame, I think.

Lost Bees has been pretty slow going lately, but hopefully that'll change soon.

Also, change this thread's title to requests/recommendations. We certainly do a lot of the former more than the later. It isn't a bad thing though.
Sariel was recently referred to in Lost Bees. It looks like she'll show up in the future, but it's not clear in what role or when.
I have been reading some of the older stories on the site and have seen several reference to the Snow End. Could some please tell which story this story this is?
It's from the first iteration of Misadventures in Gensokyo.
File 149836573554.jpg - (369.56KB, 650x920, __mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_drawn_by_matsuda_matsuki.jpg) [iqdb]
So, where's that Parsee love?
I feel as if snow end is a piece of history for this site, and yet at the same time it's a bit rough to read through the whole story. Well, it's still quite a ride.
"Kiss Me" in /underground/ had Parsee as a major character.
You got a Parsee end in Pleasant Meadows. Stop being greedy.
Now read "...Bang" which is a fanfic of MiG which is kind of weird because it's a fanfic of a fanfic. But it is really well written and one of my favorite stories in this site of all time.
Any Metal Gear stories? I'd like to write Snake in Gensokyo, and I'm wondering if someone did that already.

We've really only had the memes from Metal Gear make an appearance.
There was gunman in gensokyo. Which is sort of metal gear sort of not.
Any romance stories involving Yuuka other than Being Meiling? (read it twice by now)
I need more book-reading ibis youkai in my life. Any stories with Tokiko as a major character?

All I can think of on this site is A Very Tokiko Valentine's Day, where she is the main character in spades.

She also plays a fairly significant role in No Such Thing as Fairytales, though has had little screen time in the sequel.

Pretty sure Book Bird popped up in one of the This Shrine restarts. Oooor maybe it was AWiY. Either way, you're totally right in saying we need more book-nerd romance fiction. It's kinda frustrating having to resort to MLP to get my fix.
File 150141004529.png - (1.25MB, 1504x739, nameless characters need more love.png) [iqdb]

Already read those. Highly recommend the latter to anyone who likes grimdark.


I didn't say anything about bookworm romance, but if that's your itch then surely Patchouli has seen a route or two by now? If she hasn't, something must be wrong with the world.

Anyway, CTRL+Fing around in stuff I have read turned up brief appearances in Landlord of Mayohiga, Flight of the Lost Soul and the Winter Contest short Under That Lake of Ice. She's also the protagonist of the AU story Metropolitan, which didn't last long either.

Not even much to re-read...

Yea, Patchy has a strong showing on this site, for which I'm very happy. Patch Quest is still my favorite story on the site, and I also enjoyed the Patch route option in that one story by that dude who used to be an author here, but now only spends his time updating the Patreon.
So... Any good ones with Yuuka as a main character other than Being Meiling?
Has anyone written anything with a Okuu route?

Mind the Gap has a few Okuu sex scenes, if that's your thing.
Recoil of Myriad Dreams is short and incomplete but has some Yuuka on it.
It's been roughly a year since any of the stories I follow have been updated, so I'd say it's about time I found some new ones.

I'm not picky about genre or theme, so tell me, what are the currently ongoing stories you like enough to recommend?
Otherwise. Read it from the start though.
"Kurodani Yamame Has no Gods," in which a Tsukumogami and a human tries to understand each other better, slowly gaining trust and love.

"Cage of Illusion," in which a shrine maiden of misfortune tries to find her mother, accompanied by a child of Miare.

"Shoot for the Moon." The moonbunnies, after LoLK.

"City of Harsh Fantasies," in which a Private Investigator had to solve mysteries in a semi-contemporary version of Gensokyo, while dealing with his own inner devils. At least he have Mori(ya).

"Don't Call Me a Glutton," in which a Wolf Tengu patrolwoman deals with daily annoyances in the frontier town Amaden, where humans, kappas, and tengu (uneasily) interacts, trades, and such.

"Heads Up!," in which our favorite umbrella enjoys her days.

"Forest Mix," in which an outsider woke up in Gensokyo! Adventure awaits!
not. It's a cute slice of life, where a chick with incomprehensible way of talking mooch off Rinnosuke.

"Watch Your Step," in which an amnesiac blind man tries to recover his memories, accompanied by a strangely familiar dullahan...

Maybe she was a dead spider made into a particularly attractive ornament.

Like a lapel pin. Or a hair pin. Pocket protector? Wait, no. That seems like it'd be too new.
Oh shit, good catch.
If there were any such thing as a pocket protector tsukumogami, it would be Youmu, because she is a massive dork.

This post tugs at my heartstrings and makes me want to hurry out a reboot of my now-dead story; we were a couple of very long updates away from Tokiko playing some role for a while, and the fact that I didn't make it there is a shame.

However, I have a living story or two to attend to, so that's not likely to happen anytime soon.
Someone hit me with like 3-5 interesting ongoing stories. I want to read and vote.
There's only like 5 active stories to begin with, just jump in and read something.
This is a melancholic response. Very well, I will shop around!
This is probably old hat to everyone on this site except silly old me, but I finally, after a criminally long time, got around to reading Fallout Gensokyo.


I think I've suffered brain damage

my synapses are not rated for this level of awesome

and now I've reached the end and there's no more and I'm in withdrawl but I can't stop thinking about it because the author actually came back everything sucks in comparison I can't even update my own story I think I need a shrink send help aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

Ahem. Fallout Gensokyo is fucking amazing. You need to read it. Like, right now.

Somebody talk me out of buying Fallout, because then you won't see me for a year and I'll end up starting my own story and it will be awful and disrespectful to Fallout Anon.
I'm still hoping beyond logic that Alice is actually alive and well in that vault.
Yandere Alice hurts me mentally (and otherwise) Maybe it was for the best that it ended there.

Now read superstitious and cowardly lot, Paling something something and THE GAME.

The last one is the only one finished, but it will make you pay for it.
I really hope Fallout anon is doing alright. He was going through some tough times last time he checked in. Fallout gensokyo is probably my favourite story on the site, too bad it never got finished.

I've read all three of those already. Superstitious and Cowardly Lot was my introduction to THP, and I read THE GAME while suicidally depressed for medical reasons, which gave it a fuckton more punch. (I really don't recommend it though.)

I'd add Metropolitan, Renko's Adventure and maybe Border House for anyone looking for more grim/gritty modern-day stories. Maybe Creeping Shadows if you like high fantasy too. Fair warning though, all of them are dead.

City of Harsh Fantasies isn't quite as dark, more of a hardboiled detective story, but it's very good and still active so go check it out if you haven't already.



Recommend me some stuff with the gods like Kanako and Suwako doing real god things.

There aren't any stories like that. Gods are a very underrepresented minority deserving of our protection.
Keymaster's Tengu of (Mis)Fortune in /youkai/ has Hina and the Aki sisters team up to gather more faith as a significant plot point. Its the sequel to Pleasant Meadows in /others/, which is the sequel to Being Meiling in /sdm/, neither of which have much to do with Gods doing real God things. They are all good stories though.
That depends on how you define 'real god things'.

If we're talking like "being Greek pantheon level douches", then technically there's some of that at the tail end of The Game.

Other than that, can't say much of anything sticks out. Might be time to exercise the old Blue Ocean Strategy, if you know what I mean.
Anyone got recommendations for well-written /at/? I'm trying to improve my own and looking for stuff to steal learn from.
Mind the Gap is a great one. Shame it stopped, though.

There's Luck of 10 and 0. It's, uhh... over in /th/, but has more than a dozen transitions over to /at/. Any of their Touhoumon stories, really.

I'm partial to Molar's wholesome tengu lewds. It's not too graphic, but the interaction between partners are really cute.

Some of the later (actual porn) bits of The Beast Returns to Gensokyo are reasonably okay. The earlier stuff is pretty rough, and some of it is, uh... well, a little weird at times. But the writer mellowed out on that after a while. The bit with Shizuha is still one of my favorites. It helps that a lot of the non-porn parts of story are pretty entertaining too.

Too bad there really isn't that much good in /at/. Nothing I can remember, anyway.

> Mind the Gap

Made it about halfway through the first thread before the urge to barf became unbearable. Unless it changes radically and rapidly, it's an example of exactly what I don't want to write. Ever.

> Touhoumon

I read the hell out of all of those and yet they still somehow slipped my mind. Thanks for reminding me!


Dammit Molar. Smut isn't supposed to make your readers laugh. But you get a pass since that's the best Hatate smut I've ever read.

Because it's the only Hatate smut I've ever read.

> The Beast Returns to Gensokyo


Okay... two things here. One, what actual the fuck am I reading. Two, why do I recognise Star egging the MC in thread 1? I'm sure I've never seen anything else before, and yet...

...my brain hurts.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys.
48 Paizuri Techniques. If you're into the fetish, it's a masterpiece. If you aren't, it's still very good. It's a semi-continuous series of shorts, so even if you want to read just one character's part, you aren't missing a lot of context.

I will never live down Yamame losing the last few votes. How did that happen?
Soooooooo you guys listed the time-tested examples of good smut on this site, but...

Now I'm intrested in if you guys have some examples of very well done non-touhou smut.
I can tell some good stories. Please note that of course it's all based on personal tastes, and such.

1 - "Expectations of Sanguine Disorder": classic, it gets better as you go on.
2 - "Hakugyokuro LA": second classic, have to read it.
3 - "SCIENCE!": kappas, kappas everywhere.
4 - "(Un)Gratefully Doing It Yourself" that later becomes "God Damnit Yukari!": ongoing, reverse-logic base plot (not gonna tell what, go read it), funny and entertaining.
5 - "I, Youkai / Phobe's Outing": well done OC, for once. Really.
6 - "Favors Owed": poor little rabbit.
7 - Anything written by "Keymaster", really. All his 3 stories are amazing. Read them in order of publication/writing!
8 - "A Fairy's Tale" and "AFT: Small Tales & Tall Tales" - unique views on certain characters, really nice.
9 - "The Magician’s Apprentice Exchanged Cups with an Oni": ongoing, it's just great.
10 - "Restorer in Gensokyo": another good OC. Yes it is possible.
11 - "Marisa's Magical Misadventure": ongoing, nice. Nothing much to say, it does its job well.
12 - "A Scarlet-Stained Memoir": here some SDM characters are really interesting. Unique.
13 - "Heads Up!": ongoing, follows Kogasa around Gensokyo. Light-hearted, fun. I like it a lot.

And now for the stalled ones. These are good, but sadly not complete. They may pick up again though, there is always hope.

1 - "Fairy on Scarlet Lake": great story. Amazing romance too. An absolute must.
2 - "Little Soldier Lost": Eientei scene, mixed with soldier. Nice.
3 - "Touhouvania": I think the name says it all.
4 - "Fallout Gensokyo": easily one of the best stories here. Period.
5 - "Seven Sensual Sirens": Yukari fooling around, just in a less mainstream way.

So yeah hope this helped.
He said non-touhou smut, numb-nuts.
Ah you are right sorry. I read that as 'Touhou non-smut' daamn. My bad.

Ignore that post then.
> A Scarlet-Stained Memoir
> "interesting"
> Heads Up!
> "ongoing"

...for certain definitions of the words.

Otherwise, an excellent list. You are a man of fine taste, my good sir.
Yo I'm not gonna lie but I really liked Moral's gay wizard x succubus smut. I'm on mobile so I can't be assed to find the link but if you search Wholesome Succubus Quest on suptg you'll find it. It's about a succubus trying to fuck a gay wizard and that's pretty much the whole plot. The greatest thing is the smut isn't even the best part of the quest. It's the comedy. If you liked his purple prose lewds you'll like this.
File 153117012082.png - (811.13KB, 832x1200, 66981179_p1.png) [iqdb]
A huge self-shill (shillself?), but Kurodani Yamame Has No Gods ended just last week. So, if you feel like reading something start-to-end, break your legs. Eyes? Break your eyes.

... I really wanted to use this picture of Yamams for something.
File 153117891084.jpg - (249.34KB, 750x750, 151388963064.jpg) [iqdb]
It was interesting! Just ruined by OCs... If it is the one I'm thinking about
Been a while since I really surfed the site, what sort of hits does the site have (well the closest thing to them anyways considering THP these days seem to have men trying to take over the work of gods)

What's the last great story you read?
I can't remember the name but that old story in /others/ where the MC was the final boss of an incident and had Kogasa and Nue in major roles. Writer was a gov employee of some sort. But with anything of particular value, it died suddenly without much word.

Yea...I'm gunna need a name to get a frame of reference for what era of THP history we're working with here.
>>/others/24880 Lets gooooo

Though I was still sort of surfing by July '17 but net stuff happened and I sort of fell off reading things.

2011? Seriously? So right around the time the Secret Green Board died for our sins and before the advent of THP Jesus.

Assuming you meant you were still reading stuff up until 2017, Definitely catch up on Forest Mix(which just updated a few minutes ago by the way), Scarlet Tycoon and Heads Up!.

If you're looking for good new stories since 2017, I'm not sure what to tell ya. There were some stories that started off amazing, but ended up dying after the author either went MIA or psycho.
If you'll allow self-shilling, >>/others/65260 "The Magician’s Apprentice Exchanged Cups with an Oni" has had a good reception. I also update fairly frequently, though I haven't touched the story in a few days cause I'm sick right now.
What this dude said.

Going back a bit further, YAF snuck in another masterpiece, "Kurodani Yamame Has No Gods", which you can find over at >>/underground/14818, Raftclans popped up with a detective story called "City of Harsh Fantasies" at >>/others/63343 and NRFB started a Seiran and Ringo story called "Shoot For The Moon" at >>/eientei/26336. They're all the good, non-stalled stories I can think of back to 2016.

Oh yea that Yamame story was really good. I forgot about that one.
File 153962777280.png - (19.32KB, 450x532, is that so.png) [iqdb]
>that story was really good
>I forgot about it

I read a heckofalotta fan fiction my dudette. Also Rumia memes are strictly verboten as per the new 2.0 rules being drafted in secret by key members of The Cabal.
File 153963728210.jpg - (29.05KB, 450x532, soda.jpg) [iqdb]
I was in the middle of reading Harsh City when the net stuff hit, it'll take a bit of time to find where I left off.

I'll think on the Yamame story as I read his last thing (At least the Satori story), and thinking if I'm ready for more overly snarky stuff or not.
File 15397165698.jpg - (108.09KB, 557x474, frownybanki.jpg) [iqdb]
Sekihead juggler here. Wham, Bam, KuroYam does mostly away with the snark, save one rather minor character and Satori, who appears around the last third of the story. It’s the same Satori, however, and KuroYam has… let’s say references to Tenshi is in This Story. So, if I had to recommend it, I’d recommend reading it after TiiTS and its sequel. Otherwise, some things may feel… abrupt.

It was a bit of a stupid move in retrospect, but with so many heads to handle, one is bound to break a neck or two.
Reccomend me some yuri story thp, OC pairing is fine

also anyone know what happened to that one necromancer story with byakuren?
Yuri isn't really my thing but there's Magnel in /at/. Other than that, there are non-porn stories but they're all old and dead
File 154308995566.png - (100.89KB, 434x318, hmm.png) [iqdb]
>replying to your own post

But yeah, as the poster above said, yuri shipping isn't too common in stories around here.
Lesbian antics in self-shill ongoing
and >>/underground/16139
Unchanging Days and "Make a fist."
The only other thing I can think of to add is a few old Keymaster stories like Being Meiling or Tengu of Misfortune. (The latter one's the third in a 'trilogy' though, with copious spoilers for the previous stories) I can't promise they'd be to your liking, but short of some weird porn shorts and what the others already mentioned, it's all I've got.
Shoot for the Moon in /eientei/ has Seiran interested in Yamame and Ringo. The yuri is more of a subplot than the main thrust of the story though, and I think the story might be on its deathbed at the moment.

As for that necromancer story, I assume you mean Animating Gensokyo in /th/. By the writefag's own admission, he stopped caring about the story a long time ago and only managed to get as far as he did because he stubbornly wanted the story to end and ended up pushing forwards towards an ending as fast as he could. The story is supposedly only one update from being over, but by the looks of things we are going to get a bad end if the writefag ever gets motivated enough to finish it.
wouldn't mind a bad ending tbh i just want to see the conclusion
So I haven't checked out the site in some months now. Any notable stories lately?
Flustered Masquerade exists
File 155002186957.png - (1.65MB, 1024x693, whycantyouhavetrains.png) [iqdb]
"Unrelenting faith" is short but strong. It's Cu-Chan's adventure, but with a weak MC.

"Lost bees" is still going, even when updates are slow. Conspiracy paradise with a supernatural touch and entering the critical 'Goddamnit Yukari' phase.

"Priest of Hakurei" shows us that a story doesn't need a weak MC to keep stakes high.

"Christopherson's magnificent adventure" remains unique, even if updates are slowing down even more.

"Another incursion" show us that destroying any sympathy for our MC is still a bad idea. But whatever, cute dragon grills fighting futuristic jets alongside the (not really) Royal Air Force is something you can't get anywhere else. Not with this amount of quality anyway.

If you're into purple prose. YA can't Forget "A Parade Comes to a Head" "Tales of a half ghost" is a decent alternative if you're into Youmoe.

Finally, my very favorite story, "The Magician that likes lolis but loves his bookworm Shishou Exchanged Fluids with an Oni" updates like once a month, so keep an eye for that too.
we’re hitting levels of “Godammit Yukari” that’s shouldn’t even be possible!
>updates like once a month
I-It updates quicker than that!

One of my stories is pretty much monthly. Third finishes soon so that'll give me more time for the other two.
By the way thanks for it being your favorite. That's warms me.

As an aside, this anon meant "Forest Mix" in case anyone's not sure about the "Christopherson" reference, though Forest Mix is much beloved so most probably know that already. Just in case
File 155010546256.png - (1.68MB, 1145x750, everyday.png) [iqdb]
Here, I can't believe I forgot 'Make a Fist'!

It escapes every single recurrent problem of this site's stories.

The story actually moves forward at a decent pace, the star is an uncommon, underrated Touhoe, choices matter, there's character development but without overriding MC's nature, we change the game's status quo... A thoroughly enjoyable read.

It's ending too! Or, at least, we are about to accomplish the main objective.
I require touhou crossovers. What's good? Here, other sites, I don't care, I must consume decent crossovers.
File 155037574261.jpg - (50.07KB, 440x640, MegasXLR.jpg) [iqdb]
From the Scarlet Moon Flows the Spring is a good story. Though I'm sure all five of you left have either read it or chosen to ignore it.

I'm just sad for the lack of activity (that I care about), okay?

It had a lot of potential, that's for sure. Unfortunately, Kagerou's character was too weak to serve as a meaningful foil for any of the admitidly well executed supporting cast. Not intelligent/ambitious enough to have a fun scene with patchy, not witty/horny enough to have a fun scene with Remi, and the list continues in this fashion. The most egregious of these deficencies has to be her leadership/charisma though. I expected the contrast between Sakuya's brutal regime and whatever style Kagerou went with would be a central pillar of the story, but there was hardly any interplay at all between her and the fairy brigade.

I do have to acknowledge the interaction with Banki was well done though.

Spiritual SAGE for off-topic.
Late as hell, but >hardly interplay at all between her and the fairy brigade

Blame the voters. They didn't want any of that, judging from the choices. Same with why Kagerou's character is "too weak"; there were choices to learn more and everyone went chasing shenanigans instead. Anyway, the main character is the rock and everybody seemed to forget that constantly.
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