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This is a placeholder post for the time being until I get some nice quiet time to get one of my more recent ideas going. Forgive the lack of nakedness for the time being and please accept the picture as compensation.

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Her smooth, flawless arms pin mine to the bathroom carpet. Her equally flawless legs pin mine together to the point where I can't move them. Her raven-black hair drapes down around her head and neck, and it's long enough to where I can feel its unbelievably silky smooth texture every time she lowers herself onto me. Her skin, her soft flesh is so tantalizingly close that I can almost taste it, and maybe I will if I don't lose my mind to the constant blank-outs caused by the pleasure of the situation. The brightest, sincerest smile I've ever seen her wear graces her face, and it's one that extends to her red eyes. She's happy that I've accepted her, that I've accepted my place with her, and that Satori basically gave us the green light to do this.

It'd probably help if I said that the woman thrusting her slobbering pussy on my dick is one Utsuho Reiuji, and that she's basically taken me to be her mate. There's actually a story behind that, and I'll recount it in between blank-outs.

Ustuho, or Okuu for short, picks her crotch up once more and all but slams it onto mine before sliding in and out at a pace I didn't think possible. The result is that a blush starts at her face, then travels to her chest, and spreads to every part of her body as she starts twitching again, at which point she arcs her back inward as her already slobbering vagina spurts out another load of her sticky love juices onto my body and onto the floor. I should also point out that there's actually a fairly large puddle of our combined fluids, though the mixture is predominantly clear, on the bathroom tiles, so that should tell you how long she's been doing this. I've also long given up on fighting this since she's both stronger than me and has been very careful about what she does and how hard she does it. "Ah... Hah... I don't believe it..." Okuu finally lets up on me long enough for me to catch my breath, though I don't think that's really the reason she got off.

"What... What is it?" I simply lie there panting while Okuu gets herself together.

"I feel just as horny as when I started. I thought I'd be done by now..." Even as she says this I can hear a rythmic 'plip' sound as she mastrubates with her left hand. She turns to look at me with a genuinely apologetic expression on her face. "I'm really sorry, you must be worn out by now..." Even as she says that she's still moving back onto me!

"I said it's okay. Do... Do whatever you need to, however long you need to." I, on the other hand, am completely shameless about this since this woman has completely overwhelmed my mind with her powerful scent, her radiant glow, and her wonderous body. I fell in love with her mind too, but that part's been shoved aside in favor of the more sensual side of her.

"Mmm." She sits on my stomach and rolls back and forth for a bit until she underestimates just how slick it is and falls on her back onto my legs... "Unyu?!" ...Which also gives me a good view of her insationable pussy. It's still drooling out her fluids in sheets... "Oh? If you want a drink..." She uses her arms to slide her body downward while propping my head on her legs until the wet hole is no more than an inch away. The scent alone is driving me nuts! "Then say so~." With a smile on her face, Okuu simultaneously pushes her pussy into my open mouth while using her legs to ensure that I can't escape even if I wanted to. Her cum is warm, thick, sticky, and above all, a perfect sweetness that seems to be specifically designed to cater to my tastes and make me want to gulp it down in quantity. And I do. I pull in as much of her soft flesh as possible, which isn't hairy at all since she decided to remove her pubic hair about an hour back, and work it with my tongue to convince the flow to increase until I'm forced to let some of it wash over me just so I can breathe. "More..." Okuu increases her death grip on my head as her vagina starts heating up more and more until it's twitching from all the work done on it. She then pulls away from my mouth just a little bit as her vagina reaches a critical state, and gives off a pleasing moan as she gushes out another load, leaving my face covered in a syrupy mess. She slides around to where she's lying atop me and begins licking my face off while plunging my shaft into her depths again. She's taking great steps in keeping me from saying enough is enough, and the little things like making her wet walls contract to the point where they're squeezing me for everything they're worth...

My body finds release in her once more, and my mind goes blank from the sensation.

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>as her vagina reaches a critical state
...great, now I can't think of all the fluids as anything other than heavy water.
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I really like the scenario (enough that I hope this continues, actually), but you might want to carefully consider the picture your words paint. "Slobbering pussy" and "drooling fluids"? Language that compels me to compare a vagina to a Great Dane is not optimal.
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those terms would be better for a Momiji H-scene.
No. 5786

Hmm... Your observation is duly noted, and will be acted upon. Anyways, the next part's a teensy bit late seeing as my Wii has been rather inconsistent about accessing THP for the last few days and pretty much ate the next part since I didn't feel like keeping it on overnight and possibly getting in trouble/losing it anyway.
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"Hey!" A voices cuts through the blankness of my mind and I barely recognize it until its owner slaps me across the face with a cupped hand. It doesn't hurt so much as it makes a loud noise, and that's what brings me back into the land of the waking. "Sheesh, I thought you fainted or I finally broke you or something equaly stupid. Don't scare me like that!" Okuu's slickened body has once again mounted mine, yet there's no connection between our bodies. She really does want to make sure I'm okay... "Are you going to say something?" She crosses her arms and gives me an equally cross look.

"I'm fine... That was just a big load I shot out." I finally realize that the reason there's no connection between our bodies is simply because my dick had gone completely limp while I was out cold, but one look at the body laid bare before me is enough to get it to rise once again. I could swear she's somehow sharing her libido with me, though how she could do such a thing is a complete mystery.

"Good." She rises off my body for the first time in hours and reveals that she's been mastrubating the whole time I was out. How else do you explain the thicker globs of coolant flushing out of her core periodically? "Also, I'm sorry if this seems like I've basically been raping you so far. It wouldn't be fair now that we're mates, so I want you to do what you want with me." Okuu doesn't bother pulling her fingers out of her crotch, and I doubt she will until I start taking her by the front again. This isn't what I want to do though so I sit up, get my breath back, and walk up behind her. She gives her bottom a little shake just to tantalize me further. "Do it as hard as you want." She turns her head to give me a sultry look before presenting her ass to me, then I get a good grip on her breasts before plunging my shaft into her asshole. Given her youkai nature she doesn't even twitch when I thrust into her all at once. "Come on, you can do better than that." She wants it rougher than that, huh? I pull my dick back out of her, make sure the tip's lined up, then slam it into her with as much force as I can muster. She arcs herself inward when I plunge into her again and braces herself by bending over and getting a grip on the otherwise unsoiled carpet. I then pound her repeatedly while she encourages me with the occasional words, moans, and ass-clenchings that also tell me that I'm not to cum outside her body for any reason. Given that this is her mating season I can understand why she wants to milk me dry and then some, even if we're mostly incompatible as far as having kids go. ...Maybe that's why she won't stop having sex. Her body is getting the right fluids and stimulus but not the right signals. Either way I find that each blow results in her heating her insides up again to the point where I literally want to slip my whole body into her, even if it would mean drowning. Okay, death by sex isn't at the top of my list, so maybe if there were some way to make her giant... A pressure builds up within my own body as my face becomes flush, then my body, then... "Ah~ Ahn~ This isn't so bad~..." I orgasm in her once agan, and it's still not enough! On the other hand, I need a breather again...

Okuu noticed my leaving her body so soon and decides to occupy the toilet, which is the only seat in the bathroom. She pats her slick lap with one hand, which is all the invitation I need to sit on her. She immediately holds me tightly against her while one of her hands finds its way to my dick. "Maybe I shouldn't... I don't want to knock you out too soon."


Done away are the noticed dog references. This may be a bit shorter but I hope that it's a worthwhile continuing.
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Wasn't bad at all.

However, for a scene that was supposed to feature rough anal, it didn't come off as very rough, aside from the "boobs as handholds for thrusting" part. The other semi-rough parts seemed a but too muted.
Could use a few more metaphors instead of witty asides; those distract a bit from the action, and you want your audience to be very "in the moment". Anything distracting from the action and the (pardon the wording here) thrust of the story should be reworked or discarded.
No. 5811

Duly noted. I haven't tried to write 'rough' before so I appreciate the advice on the matter. As for more metaphorical terms, I can give that a shot.

This isn't quite over yet, though this next part is going to be short since I'm low on time and I just scrapped the first attempt at this update since it felt lifeless and uninspired.


"Are you ready for the next part?" Her voice is sultry yet laced with concern. She knows I'm at my limit and that any more exertion will most likely cause me to faint or worse, which means she'll probably try to keep her libido in check in the event I can't go on. Even so, her cum-soaked hand doesn't give up its grip on my equally soaked control rod, nor does she relinquish her grip on my body. "Just say the word and we'll pick this up tomorrow."

"No, I'm fine." No, I'm not fine but I feel to good to just give this up right now. She's able to pick that out of what I said but she tightens her grip on my shaft and begins to stroke in a rythimic fashion that starts from the base and hits the underside of the tip with her index finger and thumb. It's done with a deliberate slowness to prolong and perhaps ease the process, though I'm more grateful for the fact that it means her fluid-soaked body will be pleasuring mine even longer.

At least until she decides that her lap isn't a good enough place to do this and shifts herself upright, turns me around with only a small break in her stroking, and lays me down on the somewhat unsoiled carpet that we had specifically avoided using up until now. I open my mouth to ask what she's going to do next but a solitary finger placed in front of her lips silences me. She keeps stroking me, yet makes a point of pointing it at her chest. I'm in no position to complain as she's keeping that steady motion that's causing me to jerk in time with her strokes, and a wide smile forms on her face as she sees my body flush in addition to that. With that she picks up speed as I feel a familiar pressure building up until it simply cannot be contained, and I suffer a core breach all over her breasts, which given how she spreads the whitish-clear cum all over her breasts is exactly what she wanted to begin with. She then lowers herself down until my shaft is firmly between her breasts, then she squeezes them together as she rubs them along my length. This is far, far superior to a hand job but not quite as good as being inside her furnace. But I refuse to be picky about her chosen methods since the soft, slick, and elastic breasts she's rubbing me down with still feel wonderful. In fact, they're so wonderful I answer their call by letting lose another load all over them.

But that's about it for me...

"Knew it... Ah well, it's not like I'm going to just go back to being normal in a day." She lifts her drenched body off mine, then picks it up and carries me off out of the bathroom in the absolute most shameless fashion possible. We didn't even bathe yet! "Don't worry about this, we'll have tomorrow morning for this, then I'll give you all day to prepare for round two." I look up at my mate with tired eyes to see that her bright smile has returned in full force. I can't help but respond in kind.

No. 5813
Again, good material. I like the wording in the latest part. "Control rod", heh. Sounds a bit less presumptuous than "third leg", at least.

I know you're strapped for post length, but it might be better to space the pop shots a little farther apart.
No. 5840
And just for clarification's sake, what I mean by "space the pop shots farther apart" is, for example, this:

In the last snippet, the orgasm from the hand job was followed only 4 sentences later by one from a titwank.

It strains suspension of disbelief a bit for a man to get off twice in such (seemingly) short order. It's also hard to believe that he can pull off this impossible feat when he's so thoroughly exhausted. If he's got some special factor (Eirin's shady new drug, youkai power, super-science, whatever) boosting his output ability, we ought to know about it.

It also comes off as a wee bit anticlimactic.

If I might make a suggestion, you should have had Utsuho try to make this one "end big", and thus go from a handjob - in which she would slow down or stop before he could orgasm - to a titwank for the finish.
No. 5847
In other words: The more common something is, in this case, orgasm, the cheaper it becomes, and the less interested the reader becomes in it.
No. 5848
that's mainly if you nitpick at it, but Plusfag's advice is very sound.
No. 5857
Once again, I do appreciate the advice in the matter. It seems my ideas still need some work, and I find myself agreeing that I should limit the number of shots.

It is also good to know that it's passable despite the shortcomings, so perhaps I'll take that advice and do something with it.
No. 5866
Something with Ivan and Ex-Rumia?
No. 5869
I'd be more partial to Mokou or Letty, personally.

Or maybe Aya.
No. 5870
I was feeling more in the mood for random guy/Mystia.
No. 5887
Hina, Nitori, Mystia and Aya
Anyone is fine. I really like these short ones.
No. 5913
Some Hatate would be fine too.
No. 5957
"He~y, you're ignoring me~." A voice calls me from my peaceful slumber into the pitch black of night. "Finally. Here I was thinking I'd have to start to get you to wake up." There's only a couple possibilities about who this could be, and quite honestly I'm not in the mood for any of them. "I'll start on you even if you fall back asleep, so just stay awake for a bit will you?"

"...Aya, that better not be you at this ungodly hour." The curtains are drawn shut, the repaired sealed fire in the central lab slash living room has been covered, and my lamp isn't working. Even so, the tengu's voice and scent give her away. I really want to check the clock so I can gauge how annoyed I should be with her for waking me up.

"Ivan... Please don't take that tone with me. I couldn't hold myself back anymore, and at least if it's night time there won't be as great a chance for interruption." Yup. The shapely crow tengu has decided to mount me despite the covers and clothes that keep her skin from mine, and I want nothing to do with it. Not when it's this late out anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I fell in love with her roughly two years ago when she was kidnapped and frozen by Jack Frost when I freed Letty from his grasp. Aya and I were fairly close at the time, not to mention she was about the only mortal friend I had who wouldn't bring hell down upon him for doing so. It didn't take long for me to decide that I needed to take him out once and for all, but that's another story for another time. One that involves Rumia and Yuyuko dealing the blows that sent him before the Yama. I'd love nothing more than to cuddle with her, but she's been keeping her distance from me for months on end. I honestly thought that she didn't care about our relationship anymore for a while, until she started making these nightime visits. This is a nice way to keep up with what each of us have been doing as of late and it's time spent being close physically. Yet something seems off about this.

I roll over, sending Aya tumbling sideways, only to see that someone opened the curtains. Pale moonlight shines through the windows to illuminate a sight that I thought could only exist in dreams. Her blood-red eyes glow in the dim light while her skin takes on a ghostly tone. Her own bust casts a shadow across her body, and I'm left wondering why I was so grumpy about this.

...Oh yeah, it's roughly two o' clock in the goddamn morning.

Her hand reaches out to caress my cheek as she gazes at me with a look in her eyes that I haven't seen in a year. There's desire in those blood-red eyes, and unlike last time she's already given in to it. All that's left for her to do is to act on it and hope I don't do anything rash or stupid as a result. I'm sure once morning rolls around and I wake up in her arms I'll be in a much better mood, but until then... "There's two things. One, can I sleep with you, and two..." She pulls out a tiny black ring box and presents it to me. My eyes go wide when I realize what this means. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes and yes." Once she receives my answers on both counts she crawls under the covers with me and immediately takes my lips with her own. After what feels like a small eternity we part, and that desire hasn't died down in the slightest. "Sex, then marriage. You have a rather backwards method to this." I don't relinquish my hold of her at all, especially not when she asked me such a question. Even if it is out of place and more or less entirely inappropriate for the situation.

She merely giggles at this before letting her voice take on a more sultry tone. "You're already mine. I'm just going along with human tradition to announce it to everyone and eliminate the competition once and for all." She doesn't mean anything violent by that, simply that she's going to try her hardest to make it abundantly clear that there's no room in this relationship for anyone else. "Especially that pesky little..."

"Tengu reporter Aya Shameimaru to marry local alchemist Ivan." That voice belongs to Hatate, but what is she doing here? "It was a pain to wait you out this long, but this'll be interesting to say the least."

"Go eat a dick Hatate. Besides, publishing something like that will just spread the word faster." Aya doesn't really want to pay attention to the other tengu, but she's keeping one eye on the spirit photographer.

"Ahahaha~ I plan to. The only problem is that I'm going to eat the one you laid claim to." I notice that Aya's keeping my head focused on her and not the other sultry tengu slipping up behind me. "Because I claimed him first, remember?"
No. 5958
I like where this is going.

>central lab slash living room
Wii keyboard doesn't have a / key?
No. 5959
Oh ho, enjoying this indeed.
No. 5960
Tengu sandwich sounds good. Though I do consider Hatate on the moderate side compared to Aya's rather sizable chest.

And opposed to Aya's skilled movements, I'd think Hatate'd go at sex with an inexperienced vigor.

I disagree with the whole Aya slut meme, but I do wholeheartedly believe she'd be great in bed.
No. 5961
That backstory...

This is for a story I haven't read yet, isn't it? I'm still enjoying it, just slightly confused by bits.
No. 5962
Wintertime Alchemist in /coriander/. Hasn't gotten very far, so this is a possible future.
No. 5974

I don't know about that. Hatate had to have picked up a couple of things or two from the tengu. Plus all her camera needs is just a word to look up pictures of it. Maybe she really has Google on her phone. Who's to say she couldn't have easily looked up sex? Though on the flip side, pictures don't always tell you how it stuff works. I think it'll be amusing to see how this goes. We WILL be a tengu sandwich. And it will be delicious~

Guess I won't be needing those tapes, after all.
No. 5978
She might also want to out do Aya. Touhou does have some cute brats (And I say that not as an insult)
No. 6000

>Guess I won't be needing those tapes, after all.



True. I approve of this competition, then.
No. 6024
>Assumptions as to where this will go.



Excuse me.


"Claim or not, he's mine. Besides, he chose me over you so he's officially a lost cause to you." I get the distinct feeling that this won't end well, and that I'll end up in the middle again. Aya realizes that she won't be able to go ahead with her plans for the night until this interloper is dealt with and slides out of my arms accordingly, only pausing when her warm, soft intamite bits pass in front of my face. When Tengu get intamite with someone their bodies produce a faint aroma that not only indicates their desire but intoxicates their partner as well. You know how when you... relieve yourself in the bathroom you immediately produce a musk? It's basically the same thing, only stronger and without the preresquisite of physical stimulation. She's only done this to me once before but I've never forgotten the effect it had on me. "Ivan, darling, wait for me, and don't get involved. I want to have my way with you before the night's out."

All I can do is nod in response. She's doing this on purpose! Getting me in a state to where I'd openly accept her and making me wait!

"Ugh, stop working him up like that you slut." Hatate's already pulling Aya off me even as she's trying to get me to give her a good-luck kiss, and promptly throws her aside. "You know how this works Aya, if two parties can't agree..."

"...Then we settle it with a duel." Aya gets back up on her feet like nothing happened, and pulls out both her fan and camera from nowhere. I'll have to ask how she does that sometime. "But I'm at a disadvantage, aren't I? No clothes, nothing to protect my chastity or dignity from your camera..." She takes on a hurt and vulnerable look for a few moments before her eyes narrow and a wicked grin crosses her face. "So I'll just have to level the playing field!" And with that she streaks across the room in a blur, at which point Hatate felt that her undergarnments had vanished in the exact same instant. Her milk chocolate brown hair is now free of the ribbons used to keep them restrained and drapes behind her in an attractive curtain.

"H-hey! That's no- n-no- fa-aaaaaaah!" Her clothes vanish as well, revealing that she's just reached orgasm in the time between Aya stripping her undergarnments and the time she tossed said clothes aside. Hatate collapses to her knees as her fluids gush out, and the soft click of a tengu camera shutter could be heard during that.

Aya hasn't lost her wicked smile. If anything she's grown more confident now that she's scored such a hit so early. Her fan is perched behind her ear, her camera remains in hand, and shes sucking the love juices off her right hand. "Mmm... Nice and tight too. You wanted to make him your first time, didn't you?" I assume the tengu reporter could win this on speed alone, then perhaps turn this into a three-way if she's really feeling it. "Too ba~d."

Hatate's recovered by this point and stands tall with her own camera in hand. She knows full well she can't out-speed Aya, but the other reporter is overconfident. She thinks she can win on speed alone and that will be her failing. Another rush... And Hatate's tripped Aya by slipping under her and kicking out a leg, then launched her head-first into a wall with her other leg. From there she forcibly flips Aya over and ties up her arms, and spreads her legs apart, then Hatate plants her rear where it would be comfortable, uses her arms for support, and uses the sensitive arch of her feet to massage Aya's pussy. "But all you've done is use your fingers. You have to penetrate me with something a bit lower on the body to really rob me of my first time." She says this in a sickeningly sweet voice as she relishes Aya's moans and attemps to break the rope binding her. It's clear she's trying her hardest to resist what she's feeling, but Hatate won't quit. The tengu reporter begins to sweat as Hatate takes her sweet time...
No. 6026

>warm, soft intamite bits
>When Tengu get intamite

No. 6031

Just another reason why I should force my brain to double-check these things. Noted for next time...
No. 6144
So will you finish the Kogasa/Kurumi H-Scene from the game?
No. 6145
>When Tengu get intamite

sounds like a version of Schoolgirl Report.
No. 6147
I don't think he'd be qualified to do an H-scene from that. It'd be better if Fell himself did it. And it'd be better if SLDT did things in his comfort zone.
No. 6150

Ah fuck, wrong writer.

Sage for stupidity.
No. 6284
Oh dear, I was writing an H-Scene here wasn't I? I really should finish it.


Hatate was using her sensitive feet to pleasure Aya for what felt like hours with no end in sight since the naked, black haired reporter seemed to have much more control over those muscle contractions than Hatate does. That's rather odd since Aya's apparent conscious control over her body contradicts what I've read about reproductive organs. Stimulating the highly sensitive nerves contained within the vagina and anus, don't quote me on that since I've probably forgotten the terms for the interior plumbing that leads to the womb, and I doubt the part that connects the anus to the womb is called 'intestine'... Hmm. I should look that up sometime when I'm not half asleep and so thoroughly turned on. ...Oh, I've gone on one of those little internal rants, haven't I? Let's start that last sentence over. Stimulating certain nerve clusters both inside and outside the body will eventually cause certain muscles to contract uncontrollably in order to ejectulate stored up fluids. Men impregnate women in this manner while a woman's ejectulation is to encourage her male partner to do so. Either that or it's some kind of horomone to encourage her partner to fuck her silly, so you can understand why I'm having trouble just lying here watching my lover take it from her rival.

...Now that I think about it, perhaps the reason they're taking pictures of each other is because they secretly harbor some kind of weird fetish for dominating one another yet truly desire one another? Or perhaps it's merely blackmail. I get the feeling some poor, or depending on your view he would be quite lucky, kid will see more than he really wanted of Aya if Hatate ever chooses to let said poor sap use her phone's search function. There we go, Aya heaves in one final, desperate plea to avoid compromising herself in such a humiliating fashion but ultimately succumbs to her rival's fancy footwork. A shutter click later and Hatate starts advancing on me, looking at me like I'm some sort of prize. ...I suppose that I am since I can't really do anything to stop her. She's a tengu while I'm merely a human, and as a result the differences in our physical strength is huge. I could blow her away if I wanted to risk greivous physical harm to myself and potentially damage the house...

Now I'm catching an eyeful from the sultry, long haired tengu atop me. She's almost drooling at the prospect of having her way with the partner of her choosing, and I have to assume that her species fetish for corrupting the pure plays into that. "You know... Aya was right. I've never been with a man before. I've taken neither crow, wolf, or human into myself until now, and that's going to change." She's repositioning herself as she speaks, sitting up on me with her already wet pussy lips kissing the shaft of my erection. "I do have feelings for you, so don't go thinking that I'm just topping you for the thrill." She licks her lips once she pauses, and I can hear Aya struggling against her restraints. I get the feeling I'm going to have to replace a few things once this is all said and done. "No. I'll take you and no one else. When I'm done you'll melt into my arms when I touch you. You'll be addicted to my mere presence..." She brings her face down to mine... "...But I'll make sure that you'll love me just as much as I love you." ...And kisses me. Her scent floods my nostrils, her soft lips and simple kiss feel like they're enough to paralyze me. She then pulls away in order to sit upright again, and pulls her pussy wide open to show me what she claims to have shown no one else. "Now, would you kindly stick it in? You'll believe my words once you feel me for yourself." ...She looks terribly inviting.

...I'm sorry Aya, but it seems my self-restraint is virtually nil at this point. I'm fully awake, but am completely under Hatate's spell...
No. 6287
Looks like Jack got gapped into Gensokyo.
No. 6298
Son of a bitch.
Please don't give Aya a bad end...she gets so many...
No. 6299
Even though I lack any sort of restraint right now, I find that the problem solves itself in very short order. The ropes restraining Aya are sliced apart in a vicious whirlwind, and Hatate is kicked aside before she can really turn her head to see what just happened. Said kick caused a Hatate-shaped dent to form in the wall which subsequently stuns her. "Hatate... I told you already, he's MINE." Rage colors her voice as she prepares to fight her rival once more, yet she still manages to spare a moment for me. "Please wait for me Ivan, even if this takes all night." She bends over and gives me a quick kiss on the forehead before stepping off the bed and onto the hardwood floor. "That was a neat little trick you had there Hatate. I didn't think you could use your camera's danamku clearing function to swipe enough of my energy to make it so I could only watch as you turned him into your slave." Aya's tone sounds fairly cheery, but her movements, her body language, and her eyes all lack the humor her voice displays. "Too bad you didn't remember that I can take upwards of nine or ten hits before being rendered unable to fight, and even then that's just for one spellcard."

Hatate opens her eyes as well as her mouth so she can respond in kind, only to be interrupted by Aya molesting her breasts. She still manages to start speakig anyway. "So you think that you're going to fuck me into submission? Nnnh... Then you've... You've got another thing comi-aah!" It seems she's once again on the defensive as Aya starts teasing her nipples and plunging her fingers into her folds. ...She's not even attempting to fight back, even though it looks like she really wants to. "Get... GET OFF!" She does land a left hook, which manages to get Aya off her. "I'm not going to settle for your teasing! I'm taking the real thing!" ...It really is too late at night for this sort of thing. I'd just fall back asleep if they weren't being so noisy about this.

"Keep trying Hatate, you might get him sometime before his time is up." Aya gets up off the floor once more and whips up another whirlwind to force her rival to guard against my personal belongings that were sucked into this. "Too bad I can't get Yukari in here so I can convince her to toss you into that same tentacle monster nest she threw me into a while ago. You'd get all the loving you'd ever want, and you might just not want to leave!" I must admit that her movements and timing are impeccaple as she manages to get behind Hatate, knock her to the floor face first, and bind her up with the very same rope that was used on her. It was a fair bit shorter, but still more than long enough to bind up the wrists and ankles. "But I suppose I'll just have to settle for taking your first time myself~" She then proceeded to mount her and started rubbing her already red and hot pussy on Hatate's ass. All I can really do is stare at my lover as she sets to work, and notice that she has her camera out again in order to take another photo once she's hit orgasm. I have to wonder why she's using Hatate's ass for this when each of her breasts has a nice, stiff erect nipple on each one that would undoubtedly be better for this. Maybe she wants to save it for later? ...It really is getting hard to think straight with the thick, heavy, yet wonderful musk of tengu women in heat continually flooding the room. By the time my mind focuses again I see that Hatate's bucking and that Aya's grinding herself on her rival, just in time to watch her ejectulate between her butt cheeks. "Ahh... But that's not quite enough." She takes a pair of fingers and pries open Hatate's anus before using her other hand to scoop her cum into it and to push it in further. "There we go. Smile~" A shutter click later and Hatate is flipped over for another round. Her mouth opens angrily before Aya plugs up her mouth by shoving her wet folds in it. "Suck it~" Aya coos to her rival, and she gasps when Hatate actually does so after giving her a resentful glare.

"Oh, that does it." I sit up on the bed while I try to get some conscious thought running through my brain, but the only thing that's going through my head is how much I love Aya and how much I want to fuck both tengu senseless for essentially having lesbian hatesex in the same room as me. I walk on over to Aya and Hatate before sitting down on the latter's legs, and get both their attention. "I don't really care for your fighting. You both came in here to make me yours, yet all you do is make each other hit orgasm and take pictures of those events. If the both of you want me so bad, you can share me for tonight and settle your differences later."

"But..." Aya's rosy blush accents her red eyes as she twists herself around to object, and I shut her up by taking her lips in a quick kiss and fondling her already hard nipples. Her face goes to something along the lines of 'smiling yet apologetic' before she speaks again. "I guess this wasn't fair to you. I can't expect a healthy, not to mention young and in his prime, human male to resist our temptation for long." She sighs for a moment before continuing. "Okay, but I want your first." She repositions herself to where I can easily access her rear yet Hatate can keep suckling off her crotch, and I bend over her with my throbbing and very hot erection before pushing it deep into her depths, to the point where I can't go any further without my possessing a bigger length or hurting her by forcing parts of her to move that really shouldn't. "Oh man, you really have been more patient than I had any right to ask." It was a bit difficult to push past her tight hole without any lubricant, but I didn't care in the slightest. She wanted me first, so she'll have me first. I don't know if it's just because I'm so aroused to the point where any form of relief would feel amazing, but there's something about the texture and heat that's driving me to slide in and out of her with a near-mindless fervor, something she responds to by panting and bracing herself against the ground. I take this as an invitation to do this harder, so I pick up the pace and thrust into her as hard as possible. Her walls aren't as tight as they could be, which suggests that she has had sex in the past but has had so much time between romps that her youkai body managed to fix the resulting after effect to a degree. The combined efforts of both Hatate's sucking and my continued pounding causes her to orgasm, and at that point I feel what heaven must be like. Her walls start contracting on my length, which makes me feel something welling up from within me, and I respond by trying to hold it back as it release means the end of this feeling. Yet it's ultimately futile as I reach my limit shortly therafter and feel my mind blank out momentarily as that something shoots out with quite a bit of force straight into her womb.
No. 6300
... did we just Anemia Option in Aya's ass?
No. 6307

>"Too bad I can't get Yukari in here so I can convince her to toss you into that same tentacle monster nest she threw me into a while ago. You'd get all the loving you'd ever want, and you might just not want to leave!"
Uh...I haven't been around this site very long, but...is this written about somewhere?
No. 6308
I don't think so, but it definitely sounds like the sort of thing SLDT's Yukari would do.
No. 6309
"straight into her womb."

Thats not in her ass.
No. 6310
I think he just merely came hard.
No. 6314
File 127464459097.jpg - (278.89KB , 1009x1500 , [SaHa] Inaba Box Final 19.jpg ) [iqdb]
Image related.
No. 6316
Ah yes, Inaba Box Special. Answering the question once and for all of just what the hell is under Yukari's skirt.

No. 6318
Aerial Rave (toybox's 2nd artist) is meh compared to Kujira (who did most of the main scenes)
No. 6322
That's what I was thinking of when I asked, actually.
Best doujin series ever. Every time I read/fap to it, I get sad afterwards, because I know nothing is ever going to top it.
No. 6323

In which I fail anatomy forever. I suppose I should not have assumed that one could potentially impregnate a woman through either hole, but either way the mistake is mine.


Actually, I've never read that doujin before. The Yukari I write tends to be quite perverted and well versed in all manners of sexual conduct, so it seemed only natural that she keeps a pet tentacle monster (No, not Ran. One a bit more dedicated than that.) for her enjoyment, or a way to 'punish' people who have annoyed her.

Anywho, whoever the anon was who decided to tease me like that should post a link to the rest of it or some such. Preferably so I can read it online since my computer can be shared between other people and the last thing I need is to even be suspected of having porn lest certain overreactive parties ban me from the internet.
No. 6324
Hope you know how to get into EXhentai.
Take note that the first half of each doujin is Eientei yuri, while the second half is tentacles rape. Act accordingly.
No. 6326
>Eientei yuri
If you define "yuri" as "futanari" then yes.
No. 6328

The simple fact that I have never heard of that site before now means that I do not. How would one get to it from the Wii? Typing in that adress manually?


While I'm not asleep yet that little burst left me feeling rather weak in the hips, which in turn made the fact that it's still nighttime even more apparent to my body. I don't even find myself able to pull out all the way and instead slump onto Aya since she's convenient and quite comfortable. "Huh? Ivan, humans don't tire out that much from just one load. Why are you...?" Aya then lifts herself off Hatate while still carrying me on her back and carefully deposits me on my bed. Her ears pick up the rythmic sound of one's breathing when they are... "Asleep. He fell asleep." She states this with a voice tinged with awe. "I guess he stayed up late experimenting again and couldn't stay awake. At least it ended on a high note then."

"High note?!" Hatate gets up while wiping the rest of Aya's cream up with her fingers and sucking it off. "That wasn't even remotely satisfying!"

"...Yeah, I know. But it's not fair to keep jerking him around like that when he's short of sleep, and screwing a sleeping person probably wouldn't be all that fun. Moments like that are better when your partner is awake to feel it." Aya then hoists my body onto her shoulder, pulls the covers away, then lays me down once more. "I want him fully awake when we make our vows a few days from now." She sits next to me for a moment and starts thinking while her rival grows ever more irate. "Okay, fine. I'll play nice and let you sleep with us if that's what you want."

Hatate's eyebrows shot upward upon hearing that and I doubt her eyes could have gone much wider. "Are you serious?" She does take up my other side wthout complaint.

"Mmm-hmm~ He fell asleep on us and left us wanting more, so he'll pay the price with a special morning service." Aya sets those wicked, sultry eyes on me as she says that, and waits for her rival to lay down before pulling the covers over the three of us. If I were awake I'd see Hatate freeze up when Aya locked eyes with her. "But in excha~nge, you're mine as well. Think you can live with that?"

Hatate pulls me into a tight embrace that plants me face-first into her breasts while matching Aya's stare with her own unnerving intent. "I could, but I could make that marrige a three way without much effort."

"Oh HO! My rival never letting up even in matters of love, eh? You had better be ready then, because this is going to be a very interesting life." Aya then pulls me into a tight embrace as well, but is nice enough not to make me endure marshmallow hell for the time being.

Needless to say, I was a little surprised by the fact that they both stuck around just so they could jump me in bed, and I'd have to respond to a few choice complaints for having such noisy girlfriends later in the day.
No. 6329
Well, I didn't actually read it...

Wii. Oh, great. Hope this works right.
Hm...if you've never been there before, you've got to make an e-hentai account and log-in. If you HAVE been there before (SadPanda.jpg) than you've got to delete your cookies first.

You can't copy-paste with a Wii? Ugh. Here, in order.
No. 6567
Huh boy, here I go again...


My trip to Moryia Shrine was fairly eventful, what with my meeting many new and interesting people and having this curse paralysis removed, but my time spent letting Hina cry her heart out to me as she beat herself up mentally was the one that wrenched my heart the most. She blamed herself without due reason and begged me for a forgiveness that was not needed. I gave it to her anyway, but in truth she really wanted to be able to forgive herself, and my forgiveness was a step in the right direction. It wasn't enough to stop her from crying herself to sleep, but she allowed me to leave her so I could go eat. However, I left her with a few words that triggered what happened the next time I encountered her. Those words were:

"I can't hate you for helping me like this. I understand that most humans treat you horribly, even for things that aren't your fault, but I'm not most people."

...Okay, maybe the kiss on the forehead added to that, but I digress.

I found it a little suspicious when Suwako started smirking at me whenever our eyes met during dinner, and she caught me some time after that to say this: "Hina is a curse goddess who is hated by most people simply because she's an easy scapegoat. You already know that, so why am I telling you this? Simple. She may have friends, but she's also a lonely girl who wants to share her life with someone." At that point she started walking past me to do whatever it is she planned on doing originally, but did not stop talking. "You stole her heart whether you meant to or not, so you'd better take good care of it Ivan. Or else." And with that unsettling threat she left me alone in the hallway, uncertain as to what I should do next. Hina's a lovely woman with many desirable traits in both body and mind, but to have a relationship with her? To share our lives and surrender to each other completely? It's absolutely ridiculous!

...And yet, what I considered so ridiculous happened regardless of my deeming it silly or not, for despite the fact that I had not chosen her, she chose me.

When I entered the guest room I found that Hina wasn't there, and a small, folded up piece of paper on the pillow of my futon.

'Please meet me in the hot springs near the frog's shrine.'

That's all it said. No greeting, no name, but I knew who it was from and who it was for. I didn't just step into this mire, I dove head-freaking-first without thinking of the consequences. Without considering that perhaps, just maybe my comforting and telling her those last words could be interpreted as a admission of love and that Hina might desire me both in body and mind.

My mind must have gone numb because I put the letter in my pocket and promptly walked out the back entrance of the shrine while making as little noise as possible. My heart raced faster and faster as I walked the moonlit path to the hotsprings the note had directed me to, with my body ignoring my minds yells of red flags and fouls. My mind said no, but I didn't listen. I refused to listen. I kept walking that path that wound along the edge of the lake with those pillars, that wound around a lush field of grass, that led into a building and several covered, yet still steaming pools.

I slid open the door without even giving it a first thought, and my mind was telling me to run away as far and as fast as I can. What stood within was a smiling, green-haired curse goddess who had forgon her hair ribbons, as well as her clothes. The only thing, or things, keeping me from seeing her all were a pair of long, wide, dark crimson robbons with white frills covering her in percarious fashion.

"You came. ...I'm glad." Hina's smile widened as she advanced on me, and I slid the door shut as my body realized what this meant. I walked over to her in a mere second and threw my arms around her, savoring the exotic scent in her hair for as long as she'd be willing to wait. "Eager, are you?" Her hands, on the other hand, concealed her intent as she did little more than embrace me back. You see, she was already removing my clothes with her ribbons until all that stood between her and my manhood as a pair of boxers. I naturally reacted to help her take my shirt off. "You're not exactly all that fit, are you? You're pretty soft..." And I feel her naked chest on mine, and she makes every conscious effort to rub our nipples together until mine go limp and hers go erect. "I think I'm going to like soft." She keeps rubbing until my shaft pokes out of my boxers as I let a soft moan escape my lips.

She then picks me up and deposits me on a peculiar bed that's already warm and... slimy? I cease caring even as part of it slides between my butt cheeks and lubes my asshole. Hina pulls my boxers off and watches the strand of pre-cum cling to them with amusement in her eyes, then licks the remainder off before eyeing me with a hunger I had only seen in one other person, who's name escapes me right now. "I guess a sweet man produces sweet fluids, hmm? Let's see how sweet you can be." She kisses the tip before teasing it with her tongue, then takes in the near cherry red tip while one of her hands starts pumping the shaft. And then that's all she does for the next few minutes as I jump periodically from her gentle teasing. Her other arm wraps around my midriff as she continues to suckle off my dick as though it were some kind of nipple, and she gropes one of my ass cheeks as well.

I can feel something welling up from within me. It feels much like when I need to urinate, which causes me to physically hold myself back as much as possible. However, all that does is make it feel even better since my conscious stiffening only made my dick slightly larger and more sensitive by increasing the blood flow to that area, which doesn't help since Hina's warm, slender hands are working me for all I'm worth until... until...

Suddenly I go tense as something flows out of my body in a couple weak spurts, but Hina's quicker pumping meant that she got a bit more out before she was satisfied. "Mmm, I was right." She finally let go of me, and wiped a trail of some kind of white, mucous-like substance away from her mouth. "That was your first time, wasn't it? There wasn't much at all." She then slides up until she's embracing me again, but this time she's wrapped one arm around me to play with one of my nipples while the other continues to grope my ass. "You're not ready for another go yet, so I'll just wait. We have the whole night ahead of us." She speaks out in a loving voice tainted with what I can only assume to be lust...
No. 6568
Surprising assertive...

On that note, think we'd get a Kogasa scene sometime?
No. 6597
File 127619523567.gif - (817.96KB , 360x501 , 1275548902818.gif ) [iqdb]
Delicious Hina
No. 6624
Curse Rape~
No. 6625
Those ribbons do make some suggestive costumes.
No. 6626
> A hunger I had only seen in one other person, who's name escapes me right now.

Isn't it sad, Rumia?
No. 6628
Now that you mention her, I would like to request a Rumia scene next.
No. 6629
Hey, this one isn't even over yet.
No. 6630
I said next, which would imply that I meant after the Hina scene was done.
No. 6631
Actually next in that context can imply either one just as well.
No. 6632
Well, I certainly had no intentions of asking him to interrupt the Hina scene.
No. 6635
If you're that obbessed with Rumia, there's a Rumia story on here to look at.
No. 6638

No. 6639
No. 6640

Here >>3009
No. 6657
After Hina, Eirin for the lulz?
No. 6668
Well, I wasn't originally going to do a Rumia scene for the simple fact that I felt like I'd be stepping on Taisa's toes doing it. Then I realized just how different our interpretations of the little grue are and suddenly it became a much more viable concept.

Also, Eirin might be interesting to do (Hurr, I are so full of wit hurr) at some point since both she and Ivan share a mutual disregard for their own safety.


I didn't expect Hina to be so patient with me. She's been laying on me and staring into my eyes non-stop for the better part of a couple hours now, waiting for my erection to come back. Of course, I didn't realize that she positioned herself to where she would have a perfect way to tell when I'm ready again. A hand starts to fiddle with my increasingly hard and hot shaft while the other stays wrapped around my body. She slides up my body until our faces are about even, then stops as she pushes apart her lower lips with the tip of my shaft. "I really am sorry I wasn't able to remove your misfortune before, but I plan to make up for that."

"I'm guessing this involves my coming into you." Given everything that's happened to me here so far, I can safely assume that's what Hina wants.

A soft giggle escapes her as she shifts herself once more. "Mm-hmm~ The way I see it, if it works for mana why wouldn't it work for misfortune?" Through the tip of my dick I feel the warm pussy lips part to grant me entry. It's quite warm, perhaps even warmer than myself. It also has a remarkably pleasant texture to it. So much so that I do the one dominant act I felt like doing: Placing both my hands on her rear and forcing her down on me as I thrust upward, dazing us both for a moment. "Ah... You certainly are eager... But..." She doesn't disconnect from me, but she does arch her upper body upward to get some distance between our faces. "You're inexperienced, and are liable to hurt yourself if you take things too fast. It wouldn't make me feel good if you suddenly started bleeding because your body couldn't take it." Those delectable melons rise further away from me until the goddess is sitting upright on me, with a small part of my erection barely visible within her folds. The rest of me is inside her, and the simple act of Hina sitting upright caused me to twitch a little. "Hmm... How do I want to do this...?" She catches my look and smiles in an embarrassed fashion. "It's actually my first time with a man so I don't know quite what to do. Just thrusting you into me feels good all on its own, but it seems a bit... Boring. So I'm going to do something a bit different." She then sits the entirety of her weight on my body by sitting cross-legged on me, floats upward just enough to where she doesn't make contact with any other part of my body... And spins. Ever so slowly, ever so carefully, she spins in place with her eyes shut and her loose hair flowing gracefully behind her, and this feels somewhat peculiar, but at the same time, indescribably good.

There isn't a single spoken word between us as this happens, just gasps and moans as we each reach our respective climaxes. Hina picks up speed as she grows more confident that this won't hurt me, and I begin to twitch even harder, occasionally jerking deeper into her when it becomes too much. Eventually I feel as though I simply can't contain myself anymore and make a single thrust upward just as Hina reaches her own climax. I didn't think she'd lose speed and fall over, but I'm able to catch her regardless of that. "That certainly was interesting." Was all I could say.

"'Interesting' doesn't even begin to describe it. But everything that's plagued you has now been soaked up by my body. Your seed was just icing on the cake." She doesn't even pretend to be dizzy. She simply lays on top of me, then stifles a yawn. "I think it's time we got some sleep. Mind if we stay right were we are?"

"How can I refuse?" After all, I can't resist her to save my life. Hina drew the covers over the both of us, and only now do I see the tendrils of crimson and black coming from her wrists and onto the bed...

But that's just something I'll have to put up with in order to be with her like this.


"Just as planned." Suwako hadn't watched the whole thing, but she knew enough to where she was confident that Ivan took her words and warning to heart.


A little experiment in describing spin-fucking, so it may not be the best descriptions on the site.
No. 6669
>Then I realized just how different our interpretations of the little grue are and suddenly it became a much more viable concept.

Yes, it is always wise to remember that even though another author has already done a character, it does not mean you can't do the same character as well. Differing character interpretations and all that.
No. 6670

Won't that actually kinda hurt because of the curvature of the penis at full erection?
No. 6671
You mean Dr.Q's? Though his view of Rumia is far more cute than yours or Taisa's.

That's if their different, there's a trend for generic standards on this site, which makes for nice moments when a character is made beyond said standards (example SLDT's Yukari)
No. 6673
But most of the authors on here do try to differentiate their characters from those of another, yes?
No. 6675
Hard to tell in all the stories I've looked through, I've seen a general style of various cahracters. I can't begin to count how many aloof amoral chessmaster Yukaris i've seen.
No. 6677
Seems like that's the most common though.
No. 6690
And now I'm in a Yukari mood. But I assume that you guys weren't trying to get such a thing out of me, right? I'm half asleep and am going to hate myself in the mo~rni~ng♪


Finally. Everyone out of the house save for one important person who's been feeling ever more sad over the last few days. I don't know why that is, but I intend to do something to make her feel a bit better at least.

"Is that your general solution for any kind of sadness or depresdion? Fuck it away?" Nari quips in my head since our bond allows two way telepathic communication between us.

More or less. I'd imagine I'd move onto something else if it ever stopped being effective.

"Sheesh, talk about shameless." Her words tell me she's a little exasperated by my thought process, but her tone is amused. "Just be prepared for some roughing when I get back home. All those shared feelings are going to put me in one of my moods, and I might just drag along a few choice individuals to make things more interesting." And I shudder at the thought. Sex with Nariko was always good, but she was on the receiving end of Ran's specialty one night and hasn't had the same tastes since. It would be downright sexy if she didn't insist on inflicting tentacle rape on me from time to time. The 'choice individuals' she mentioned would just add to that in some form or another...

Shelving the slightly less pleasant aspects of my sex life aside, I seek out the one I really wanted to cheer up. ...Of course, Yukari being Yukari, she's usually the one who finds me and not the other way around. "Wa~de♪" Almost as though she were waiting for that cue too. She's wrapped her arms around my neck and is pressing her perfect bust into my back, and while I can't see her face I can tell she's smiling as well as blushing. "You haven't been playing with me enough lately. And making me feel what you give Ran? You're an awful, terrible tease~" And with a quick 'yoink!' I find myself in my wife's arms. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this but this is a branching path where we got hitched. It turns out that she can pull some very interesting tricks with her gaps, not the least of which is to stick an object in one gap and make it come out multiple gaps. Like the one she's using to insert my dick into both her pussy and asshole at the same time. Dear Shinki I love this woman... "Ufufufu~ Ignoring me, teasing me, making me hold myself back so I don't embarrass you~ Time to make you pay for what you've done." A quick movement of her gaps causes me to buck my hips as she slides me in and out of herself. Normally she just settles for normal sex, but I get the feeling that gap kink is going to be my 'punishment'. If you can even call it that.

No. 6694
>Ran's specialty

Now we have to find out what you mean by this, since in AoS, Ran didn't seem to have any particular kinks, just that Yukari drives her into heat time to time.

>It would be downright sexy if she didn't insist on inflicting tentacle rape on me from time to time.

Eh, that'd be a small price to pay; Wade's lucky that Yukari prefers to do such things on other females, not him.

>Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this but this is a branching path where we got hitched.

I think that's going to happen sooner or later, though it seems in this short either there's not any other harem girls (Shinki, Komachi at least) or they're busy.

And to be honest, we weren't trying to get a Yukari story out of you. I'd rather have a Komachi story instead, seeing how she's been left out the loop. That and sometime a super orgy if it's not going to be in the main story.

It resulted from the discussion of Rumia and other folks who did Rumia porn as it went on to character interpretations.
No. 6696
>Ran didn't seem to have any particular kinks
Not in the main story, but I assume it's referring to >>/shrine/29162
No. 6697
He might have been inspired by Mind the Gap's Ran, who's very proficient in tail-fucking. That scene in his side story was weird... and kinda hands off in some ways.
No. 6923
...I know that it's a bad idea to just scrap stories in progress, but quite honestly a one on one scene with Yukari is pretty much inevitable anyway and I finally broke down enough to want to write a scene involving certain characters since I seem to get a weird enjoyment out of Ivan being on the receiving end.


"AGH!" I can't hold back my screams as I find myself being smashed through yet another tree. I've fought harder than I ever thought possible, pushed my body to the limit, turned myself into a bloodied mess, took more than even a youkai could... And I still can't beat her outright.

My vision is foggy, my breathing ragged. Blood seeps from my nose, my mouth, and from the numerous lacerations on my body. It feels like every bone in my body has been broken thrice over, and my clothes are all but torn to shreds. I've inflicted the same on her, but she's healing too damn fast for me to actually leave a noticable dent... I can barely look at her, but that's mostly because my eyes don't want to do anything. My body doesn't want to do anything. My brain doesn't want to do anything.


Up. I. Go.

I look like I went through a cheese grater, or a meat grinder, and I'm still getting up. I refuse to die. I refuse to become just another meal. I REFUSE!

"The hell does it take to finally make you stop?" The grue stands before me with arms crossed and a raised eyebrow. Her expression teeters between worry that her toy will soon expire and a perverse facination for why he can survive so damn much. "Seriously, just give up already. You can't make it to Eientei under your own power, and your friends couldn't help you to save their lives. Admit it; You're beyond help." ...The worst part is that she's right. Eientei's too far. I don't have the means to heal myself, and nobody nearby could work the miracle I'd need to live.

I open my mouth to make a scathing remark in response only for my body to start coughing up blood. My experiments, just like myself, have reached their limits. The concotions have worn off, and I'll soon follow.

"Ugh. You're so troublesome." With one quick flick I'm back on the ground on my back, and the shock is enough for blood to start flowing into my lungs. "... Oh for fucks sake." Quicker than I ever thought possible, she decends on me and lets her pitch black dress flow off her body and onto mine, which stops me from losing any more blood than I already have. ...Which is the exact opposite of what I thought would happen. I close my eyes just as she brings her head down on mine, but instead of the quick severing of a neck artery I find that she's kissing me, albeit roughly. Even more so when she forces my mouth open with her tongue and uses more of her dark power to siphon the blood out of my lungs, and when she's done I find that I can breathe again. "Don't you even think about talking just yet." I can barely make her out, but she's actually blushing... "You're making me do something that's almost the direct opposite of what I would have done before." True enough, it feels like she's fixing the damage we caused to my body, but how?

In little more than an hour I feel like I've hit a point where I'm not about to die. In fact, it seems like I'm more or less in working order save for the dull pain in my limbs. ...There's still the matter of the grue sitting on me. "...Why?" Is all I can get out.

"Why?" She repeats. "Why, you ask?" She then slides up off me and stands over my head, giving me a very good view of something that surprises me. Her dripping wet, hot pussy. The fluids drip out from between her lips and onto my face as she continues to speak. "Because of this." She then sits down to where I can't see anything thanks to her reconstructed dress, but her crotch is right in front of my face if the fluids dripping onto my neck are any indication. "Nobody, and I mean nobody has made my body do this before. Usually humans are little more than prey to me, and quite frankly, you still are. But you... The more I hunt you, the more you hurt me and got away, the more I wanted you. At first I wanted to eat you in the way a youkai would typically eat a human, but the more we fought the less I wanted you as a meal." She slid back onto my legs so she can actually get a good look at me instead of tempting me with her body. "I found myself hunting you with a different hunger in mind. It consumed me the same way normal hunger would, but this caused my body to react in a completely different way." For some odd reason, I don't quite feel like my life is in danger anymore. This isn't the ideal situation, but at least I get to live. "Now, you've seen my crotch. It's producing a strong musk, dripping fluids I didn't even know I had..." She tries to look serious for this next part, but the blush is killing it. "And is very sensitive."

All I can do is stare at her in disbelief. She's ceased to desire me as a meal and instead wants me as a mate? I don't dare voice that since I don't know what conclusion she's reached, or if she'd take my conclusion without taking my head off.

"Like I said, my body's never reacted like this for anyone else, not even male youkai. So..." She slides down me until our faces are level with one another. "I'm going to stop beating around the bush. I don't want you in my stomach. I haven't wanted that for the better part of a year, and I've tried to shelve my youkai pride long enough to say it. I want you. But you seem to hate me so damn much to the point where you're not even willing to listen to me, so let me ask you this. WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO DAMN MUCH?!"

"...I don't hate you, I just didn't want to risk getting eaten in gruesome fashion just to ask exactly what you meant. I didn't even-" I start to talk, but apparently she's heard all she wants to hear.

"Then suck on it." She allows her skirt to form into a puddle on the ground as she brings her pussy to my mouth. "If you don't hate me, then suck on me, lick me, drink up my fluids. Do that, and you'll convince me."

I don't even get it anymore, so I do the only thing that will let me get out of this alive: I start stroking her spread pussy with my tongue, and find that it actually tastes... sweet. Mildy so, not a particularly strong flavor, and it's a bit thick and sticky for my liking, but it's still enough to warrant my wanting to continue this.

"Mmph... That's it... More..." She's shuddering in response to my gentle teasing, yet keeps herself spread wide open for me to take deeper licks into. She really wants this...


No, you don't get a cookie for guessing who's got Ivan pinned to the ground.
No. 6924
Continue, please. Rumia is really hungry, isn't she?
No. 6928
File 127838463458.jpg - (11.04KB , 300x300 , 31t7fZFtD+L__SL500_AA300_.jpg ) [iqdb]
Cmon man, don't leave us hanging!
No. 6929

Sheesh, show some patience! I'm not instantaneous.


...This is actually enjoyable. She's postioned herself perfectly to where I can lick her inner walls without any effort on my part, and her small twitches and jumps tell me that she'e enjoying this as much as I am. Moreso if her moaning is any indication. "Heh... Hah...! Who's got the voarcious appetite now, hmm? I'd tell you to drink as deeply as you can, but you're doing just tha~..." A few more twitches and she changes her tune. "This isn't going to do it. Just a second..." She ceases sitting on me and lays on me instead. She spreads her pussy wide open again just as my tongue slips into her depths, though when it comes out I make a point of running it over her clit, then rubbing my lips on it for a few moments. "Don't you..." Her sentences come out in fits and starts as her breathing quickens in pace, which is pretty much what I want to hear. "Don't you stop now!" If my mouth weren't so occupied I'd be more than happy to tell her I'm not going to stop, but they say actions speak louder than words so I simply renew my assault on her wet walls. "Nnn... Ahn... ...Bliss..." Suddenly her walls cotract and a weak spurt of her fluids comes out, then again, and again, and again until she's dry. Well, in the metaphorical sense.

"That felt good?" Once I get done swalloing what I did get I try to talk to her only to find that she's not responding. "Rumia?" I don't get a verbal response, just a teasing lick on the tip of my own erection. ...I knew it was there, it was simply that I didn't feel any need to describe it. "What are you...?"

She doesn't answer in the form of words. She gets up and practically rubs her wet crotch on my face before standing up and walking around to my feet. From there the darkness that puddled around me slides underneath me and pushes me to my feet, where I stand face to face with the grue like so many times before, save for once major difference. "Ivan, darling, let's do this properly." Her outstretched arms reach out for me, her eyes call to me with a 'come hither' glare, her voice comes in tainted with lust, and her musk that slowly but surely intoxicates my thoughts. I don't even hesitate to step into her arms, wrap mine around her body as she does the same to me, press my lips to hers, force her lips apart, and push my way into her while her 'dress' wraps around the both of us in a warm, wet blanket. I push my way into her body with my erection until I hit some form of resistence, at which point I continue pushing into her, albiet at a slower pace. Given the fact that she constricts me all the while while moaning in a happy tone means it must make her feel good. If she feels good, it means she must be happy, and if she's happy with it, I'm happy with it.

Somewhere along the line I force her to the ground, where I leave her lips in order to thrust into her more effectively, and she offers no resistance! She cries out in ectasy every other time I pound into her, and she's taking being on the bottom quite well. I'd have thought she wouldn't tolerate my doing this to her, yet here she is letting me do it.

Thanks to her creative use of darkness we both hung on at peak sensitivity for the better part of an hour until we're both a pair of panting, drooling idiots who've forgotten about the world around them to the point where all they see is each other. Yet eventually we cease holding back, with me shooting my load directly into her while her constricting darkness allows her to not just soak my cock, but my whole body! Somewhat tired out, I find myself sliding down that lubricated straightjacket until the only thing I feel is those slick walls sucking me downward to the one I want to be with, and my wrapping my arms around her once more.

Strangely enough, I recover quite quickly, perhaps with more energy than before. Rumia's eyes glow in the darkness as she speaks once more. "Good. I don't want you falling unconcious before we're done, so I did a little mana transfer to help you get better." Once again I'm being sucked down through a tight, wonderfully textured, hot, slimy tunnel to whatever she has planned for me next...
No. 6930
File 127839998339.jpg - (935.72KB , 1200x900 , 7b6c150ceb58044e9369c4c3fdaa33a4.jpg ) [iqdb]
>so I did a little mana transfer to help you get better

Oh gods, yes.
No. 6932
File 127843885152.jpg - (54.77KB , 541x800 , 1164074409383mn7.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think I know who I want next. But let's go easy, shall we?
No. 6935
File 127844791946.jpg - (84.10KB , 1024x768 , cirno pussy back spread orgasm.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 6936
But Rumia isn't done with her plaything yet.

Neither is Ivan for that matter.
No. 7038
> Cmon man, don't leave us hanging!
No. 7047

Sorry, I just haven't been feeling it lately and I'd rather not force it if I can help it.


By the time I'm released from the darkness yet again, I find myself pretty slick with a fluid that, upon tasting, must have come from Rumia herself. ...Now there's an interesting implication. Still, only my torso is out of the black puddle, which means my lower half is still in that tunnel... It literally feels like the opening clamps down around my waist, then the tight, slick walls start rubbing everything while one part clamps tightly around my cock. "I'm guessing this is what you meant by 'doing it properly'." I can't help but muse even when hot blood starts to circulate throughout my entire body and forcing me to sweat.

"Maybe~ Maybe this is me experimenting. I have complete control over my own darkness and can use it to emulate most anything." I feel Rumia embrace me from behind and place quite a bit of emphasis on the fact that her nipples are quite hard. She then gives me a quick kiss on the cheek before continuing. "You've guessed what you're stuck in by now, haven't you?" She also sounds dreamily content.

"I'm stuck in your pussy." A quickened pace in how fast the walls are moving is probably because I got it right. "A very tight, hot, wet pussy that I'm enjoying quite a bit."

"That's ri~ght. And you know what? I don't want you in my stomach, but I still want you in me, even if it's only for a little while." Rumia slides around to my front and reveals that she's kept her lower half in the dark puddle as well, presumably so she can emulate her insides. "This is probably going so sound a little creepy, but I still want to eat you. Just not with my mouth." My breath is literally knocked out of me by the sight of the youkai woman before me. There's a strong love in her eyes, but she also possesses an equally strong hunger for me. She loves me, but she wants to eat me. I guess I can see how she came to that conclusion.

"Wait, a woman's womb is much too small for that. It'd probably hurt like hell if you tried to take just my head." And in turn, I feel the need to talk to her about this to make absolutely sure that she understands just what she wants. I want to slide forward just a bit to take her into my arms, but her emulated pussy starts pulling me down in response.

"Shh... I'm like quicksand to you. The more you fight me the deeper you'll sink." She leans in to place a finger on my lips to silence my objections. "And I'm not pulling you into my actual womb, just an emulated copy that'll feel like the real deal. In turn I'll be filled with my own darkness to emulate the feeling of you being in there, but not to the point where I'd be trying to carry a full grown man like you, that'd be stupid. No, it'll be as though you filled me with enough cum, and I seal in enough, to make me look pregnant."

Those walls are working double-time to make me hit orgasm, and I feel something of hers slide up my anus and start sliding in and out. "R-Rumia...?"

"Huh?" She looks surprised by my expression. "Wait a sec, are you going to faint? That's cheating! That's a cop-out! That's... A tantalizing possibility." She puts a hand to her chin to think about it for a few moments. "Hm, nobody said you had to be awake for what I wanted. So let's see if I can knock you out with pleasure alone!"

From there Rumia slides into her own emulated pussy, pops my dick out of its sheath and all but slams it into herself, wraps her arms and legs around me and starts making my whole body feel good in ways I didn't think possible. On top of that, it feels suspiciously like she's building up another transfer to amplifiy the effects, and I can't really do a thing about it since that pressure has already built itself up to unbearable levels...


"That scenario resolved itself rather nicely, didn't it?" Yukari had been watching the whole thing from a gap with an amused expression on her face. "We won't have to reseal her after all."

"Are you nuts? Rumia's still dangerous, and I don't think I have to remind you that she never obeyed the danmaku rules to begin with." Reimu had opted out on the watching and instead leaned on the wall Yukari had opened the gap on.

"That's true. But I think her human eating tendencies have changed a bit twoard Ivan, which in turn might make her a more reasonable person. The boy's a good influence, despite his prudish nature." Yukari's eyebrows shot up moments afterwards. "Oh my~ And she has the most peculiar kinks."

"True... Ivan's influence must be god-like if he can change Rumia for the better." The miko gave it a minute or two of thought before sighing. "Fine, I'll leave her be. But if she causes trouble..."

"I'll take care of it myself, you have my promise."
No. 7048
Hey take your time, it's better it come later than crappy.
No. 7066

Why isn't this WA canon? ;_;
No. 7072
>"Shh... I'm like quicksand to you. The more you fight me the deeper you'll sink." She leans in to place a finger on my lips to silence my objections. "And I'm not pulling you into my actual womb, just an emulated copy that'll feel like the real deal. In turn I'll be filled with my own darkness to emulate the feeling of you being in there, but not to the point where I'd be trying to carry a full grown man like you, that'd be stupid. No, it'll be as though you filled me with enough cum, and I seal in enough, to make me look pregnant."

Yes, please. Waiting warmly.
No. 7073
File 127917521614.jpg - (88.75KB , 600x800 , th_lumnk10.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"You've guessed what you're stuck in by now, haven't you?" She also sounds dreamily content.
>"I'm stuck in your pussy." A quickened pace in how fast the walls are moving is probably because I got it right. "A very tight, hot, wet pussy that I'm enjoying quite a bit."

>I want to slide forward just a bit to take her into my arms, but her emulated pussy starts pulling me down in response.
>"Shh... I'm like quicksand to you. The more you fight me the deeper you'll sink."

wow, was not expecting to see my fetish here
No. 7084
File 127934683276.jpg - (102.66KB , 780x600 , 9e461c5990ec36f16bc62d4ede3b1814.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh Rumia. You're so... eldritch. :3
No. 7096

Not eldritch enough.

Or our dicks in her [insert hole here].
No. 7099
File 127945230011.png - (151.47KB , 414x500 , 880f4f3658646d21b621e66c7cd02242.png ) [iqdb]
It'll be more than your wang in her. <3
No. 7141
No. 7155

What he said.
No. 7185
File 128078795231.jpg - (65.50KB , 480x480 , flandre.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes Moar!
No. 7203
Sheesh, I get it, I get it! I've just been having to juggle my free time as of late (More so than usual) so I haven't been able to give this enough attention. Rest assured that I haven't forgotten this and have a couple things in mind afterward.
No. 7212
Bah, that was supposed to be the end of the Rumia scene, but since everyone's practically begging for that last little bit I'll relent.


The grue stares me right in the eye with a predator's smile as she lies flat on her chest directly in front of me. "Mmm~" Since her head is level with my own, she kisses me ever so briefly before pulling away, leaving me wanting more. "You've probably got one shot left before you're spent, so I'll make a good one." Her smile changes from one of a predator about to devour her prey to one of a misty-eyed lover about to partake of her partner once again, and I have no issue with that.

However... Since I'm stuck in an emulated, yet no doubt real version of Rumia's pussy, there should be a hard stub of flesh just above the entrance. True to Rumia's word, any sort of movement parts her slick inner walls and causes me to sink a little bit further with every motion I make, but I'm so close! Rumia sees what I'm trying to accomplish, so she decides to push her clit to me in one gentle movement. It's almost too big for me to suck on, but I take at least a part of it into my mouth and run my tongue all over it, causing both Rumia and her inner walls to shudder in pleasure. This doesn't last too long as Rumia pushes me off and downward while her wonderfully textured insides suck me down greedily. I see the pussy lips close up behind me, which is my cue to dive downward into her. Her walls are incredibly tight, and I feel that even when I'm struggling at my hardest I can barely push them apart. It does make the experience that much more rewarding when it does as I can feel every fleshy bump work its magic on my naked body. ...If I suffocated here, I wouldn't want to leave as this is essentially my own little slice of heaven, which is certainly something my dick can appreciate as the tip is being forced against those bumps the whole way down. Even though it's not the same as thrusting into Rumia's beautiful naked form, it's still heavily stimulating in its own right and I find myself thrusting against her walls regardless.

Eventually my travels come to an end as I'm brought to a halt against a small opening that must lead into her womb. I can maybe get one foot in there, but there isn't enough room. It's just too small a space! Met with that dissapointment, I settle for rubbing my love-juice soaked body against her constricting walls, and make constant thrusts into them. Well, not into them, but against them so hard that I'm able to push them with my dick ever so slightly... The feeling's too much. I'm getting too much stimulation from everywhere, and I can't hold it back anymore. Without any sort of remorse, I cum in her. It's a pitifully small amount in comparison to the vast depths of Rumia's body, but it's all I can offer to sate her ravenous hunger. Given that her walls are convulsing, I'm guessing that I've finally made her feel good too. Her walls constrict me even further, threatening to crush me even as they convulse in pleasure. I feel her love juices carry me back up, but the walls are no less constricting as while her sticky fluids launch into the air I become trapped within her.

Rumia looks like she's still 'hungry', but she knows my limits and instead pulls her emulated pussy open... And slips in next to me. "You bastard~" She then squirms just a bit as she puts her arms around me and kisses me once again, which I happily reciprocate. "I think we'll sleep here for the night. I don't think you have any objections, do you?" I shake my head weakly. "Thought not~" She then pulls me back down into her emulated depths, but this time with the intention of making me sleep with her. Once again I lose sight of the light as her pussy lips seal shut and her countless bumps assault me, but I note that Rumia's actual pussy isn't connected to anything. As such, I plunge into her real depths as she snuggles up to me, and I fall asleep proper when I feel that we've stopped moving.

After that, giant/insertion became a regular part of our antics, and I learned just how bottomless her sexual hunger is as she gently ravages me even when I'm sure I'm spent.
No. 7215
File 128113855457.jpg - (728.27KB , 1078x1418 , 8611f04377d7ad53501d66d465cc6f30.jpg ) [iqdb]
This update surely made my day start with a bang. And I like it.

So who's next, I wonder?
No. 7216
Might we see that Naomi scene in here perhaps?
No. 7217
dominant Suika
No. 7218
Tenshi as a hostess in Akyuu's SM club.
No. 7219
I'd host Tenshi's ess.
No. 7968
"Ah, see? That's where you went wrong the last time." Eirin happens to have pointed out a greivous error in my calculations, one that I had mistaken for the proper formulae. "It's not a big mistake, though we both know how disasterous even a tiny mistake can get."

"Indeed." The correction is all of two runes large, and a very simple swap is all it takes to set them right. Given that such a mistake is all it takes to alter the meaning of an experiment on the fundamental level... I did sort of just say that, didn't I? "Still, I thank you for your assistance in the matter. If you did not spot this, I would have most likely have..."

"Been vaporized?" The doctor finishes my sentence for me, having taken a fairly accurate guess as to what I would have said next. I would have said 'incinerated', yet the two concepts are close enough to where I don't feel the need to correct her in the matter. "It wouldn't have been that bad, but it would have required some time in the clinic." She then sighs as she sets the generator down, turning to look me in the eyes with the same 'you have much to learn' expression she seems to have developed just for me. "And quite frankly, while I do enjoy the resulting physicals to make sure you're really okay, I don't enjoy seeing you in critcal condition at all."

I feel like someone's deflating what little confidence I have in my abilities, while at the same time I feel glad that the doctor cares about me enough to the point where she'd take time out of her schedule to help lessen the odds of my meeting an untimely end. "Such is the work of a pioneer in his field. I doubt that any sort of work is safe when you're setting out into unexplored territory." It's not a terribly good reason, but it's one I plan to stick with until I find a good reason to change my views.

Eirin merely shakes her head as she gets up. "There's no changing how you think, is there?" It's a rhetorical question, and one I feel no reason to answer. "Aside from that, I'm going to go get something to drink. Would you like anything?"

"Some tea would be fine. Unspiked, if you would be so kind." I'm a little reluctant to tamper with the energy generator I've been working on without the doctor here to ensure that I'm not accidentally building a bomb that could take me out and possibly everything else within a fifty-foot radius, but I don't want to be completely dependant on the doctor. Not to mention this is my pet project.

"You're never going to let me live that one down, are you?" She's not looking at me, yet I know there's some embarrassment there. One time she attempted to put me into some kind of peculiar mindset with one of her drugs, but I was knocked out well before anything happened. Strange how one could crack one's head on the underside of an ironing board while thinking they're a peculiar type of mole. From what I later understood, she was attempting to induce a state of arousal in me without considering my not even knowing what that is.

I understand that she's only looking out for me, but I do wish she would stop her attempts to make me hit some kind of high I feel that I'm incapable of hitting. Drug or horomone, it will interfere with my work, which will invariably cause yet more mistakes on my part, necessitating more time in the clinic. In this case, it's 'Do I want to learn more about the opposite gender as well as myself, or do I want to increase the odds of my survival for another day?' Personally, I'd stick with the latter, but unbeknownst to me, there were plans to change that status quo.

Thankfully, it didn't involve spiked tea, this experiment going wrong, or ten angry badgers.
No. 7969
Spiked tea, this experiment going wrong, and eleven angry badgers?
No. 7971
File 128441601569.jpg - (30.76KB , 338x301 , badger-3[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7980
File 128444443449.jpg - (58.70KB , 418x541 , mushroommushroom.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7986
File 128453404762.jpg - (82.69KB , 560x640 , kanako11.jpg ) [iqdb]
Snaaake! It's a snaaake! Oooh, it's a snaaaake...
No. 8574
So, about that Yandere Keine...
No. 8581
finish the eirin bit first.
No. 8745
Oh man, it's been waaaaaaaay too long since I've last looked at this topic. (Not to mention there's a new 'Nue molesting Koishi' pic I've got lined up for the second thread.


The tea is brought out and set down, while I note that Eirin seems to have brought out a few other things of potentially questionable nature. ...The only way she could have been more blunt about this is by walking in naked. A bit surprising really, since she's usually far more subtle than this. Perhaps she realized that subtlety isn't working and a direct method would be best? "Ivan, there are a few things I'd like to teach you today, if you have the time." Her tone and mannerisms are exactly as they usually are: Concise, to the point, and warm enough to leave you a way out if you really didn't want to participate in whatever she has planned.

"I... I'm afraid that I'll have to decline your offer about this lesson, I have a few things that can't wait and-" I get up and back away slowly, much to her amusement, before finding that the door I usually leave through has been locked. A couple experimental twists of the handle confirm that it's not budging.

"Are you sure? It's not like I'm going to use you as a guinea pig for my drugs." Again, her tone goes unchanged, but she's lazily spinning a keychain on her index finger while wearing an expression that you could easily identify as 'naughty'. "I admit that it will be a lengthy and intensive lesson, but you'll come out of it a better man." She then stops the keys and places them in an inside shirt pocket, meaning that the only way I'm going to get out of here is to get the keys from Eirin. ...Which means she's already won.

"Is it really necessary though? I've been just fine without knowing a thing about women outside how my female friends act, so please unlock the door!" Part of me doesn't get why I'm trying so hard to get away, while another part has red flags and alarm bells ringing in a manner that would be utterly deafening in real life.

Eirin merely laughs into her hand for a moment before getting up. "My, with the way you're trying to get out..." Her slow advance and my blatant refusal seems to encourage her further still, as she's effectively blocking off any other exit point simply by being faster than myself, along with being too close. She could lunge at me and catch me with little effort by this point. "I'd think you're a scared rabbit." At this point, I certainly feel like one, with my back to the door and Eirin advancing with a deliberately slow pace, as though she were a starving wolf sizing up her prey. "Oh my, you are scared." She finally stops right in front of me before wrapping her arms around me, and bringing her face close to mine. "Tell me, what are you scared of? Me?" She drags me away from the door with ease as she's also a fair bit stronger than myself. "Being taught such embarrassing things?" She shifts her hold to where she's carrying me bridal-style, and I feel my face flush red in response. "Or the fact that you're scared of what will happen if you ever learn what it's like to be with a woman?"

I can't even speak at this point. She's systematically nailed down each of the issues I'm having, and is more than happy to ignore them all in favor of going through with this. I'm scared of her in part because she's easily superior to me in every way, partly because she's a Lunarian with a different mindset than a normal human, and that she could make me want to stay here with her for the rest of my life if she really wanted to. I respect Eirin and am fond of her, but to me she is also a spider trying to catch me in her web. I'm scared of being taught the pleasure of being with a woman because I do not wish for my mind to become clouded with it, or for me to become obsessed with it to the same degree I am with my alchemy. At the same time, my curiosity is forcing me to stay put in her arms, even as she's taking me into a side room she uses to examine patients, then laying me down on an examination table. It's almost sad, I really do feel like a scared rabbit right now.

"Hm, silent Ivan? It's a bit odd that you have nothing to say about this, usually you have some manner of insight or an observation to make." It's kind of hard to make observations when I know nothing about this. "I'm going to step out for a moment, be a good boy and stay here." She smiles at me in a good-natured way as she steps out the door. Somewhat worrying is the fact that she's proceeded to lock the door. She obviously expects me to try to escape in the meantime, which is both insulting and accurate enough to warrant her action.

So here I am, alone and waiting for the lunarian doctor to re-appear so that she can teach me about women in the least innocent manner possible. I think there are men who'd kill for this, but all I want is to get away and wait for Eirin to cool down before talking to her again. ...There's always the possibility of a house call, but the odds of that happening aren't too good. ...Laying down on an examination table is rather boring, so I get up to look around and take stock of what's in store for me. Eirin looks like she's planned for this and has taken every step needed to ensure that she has everything she needs. The drawers are devoid of surgical tools, instead there are odd objects that don't seem to serve much purpose. One of these things is a peculiar cylinder-shaped object with a small hole on one end, while the other end is rounded. It looks like it's designed to be gripped by one hand, and the inside is oddly textured. Not unlike flesh, save for the fact that it's quite soft to the touch. An object to emulate human anatomy, perhaps? That doesn't answer what it's for though, and I doubt I'm really the one to ask about that. I could make a guess, but something tells me that I'll find out soon enough anyway. The question that won't get answered is 'what kind of person would make such an odd object?'

Another drawer reveals things that are perhaps a bit more unsettling: Ropes, chains, and a small rune-encovered sphere that has a label on it saying 'Do Not Touch'. Given where it's being stored, I have every reason to do as the label says. The next drawer over reveals all manners of medications that are actually fairly normal, save for a few suspicious ones that I can't identify. Searching the cabinets below them reveals yet more unusual things that she must have prepared in advance. To be perfectly honest, I'm a bit flattered that she'd go through all the trouble to prepare so much of these things for my 'education', but am equally unnerved. Surely she knows I'm human, and have a human level of stamina?

Then again, she's a master alchemist herself who knows how to manufacture all manners of shady drugs. I'll just have to assume that she plans to use something on me that will make it so we can keep going until she's satisfied with the results.
No. 8747
hopefully the next part won't take this long to arrive.
No. 8748
I like where this is going.
No. 8751
Since I've gone through all the drawers and cuboards I decide to just sit on the surprisingly warm examination table while waiting for Eirin to show back up. Another quick glance around the room shows that she's stuck a heater in here, which explains why it's almost too warm for clothes. ...She's making it too uncomfortable to keep all my clothes on, that's for sure.

Just as I'm about to start taking the outermost layer of clothes off, the door opens again to reveal Eirin in nothing but a long, white labcoat and some very risque undergarnments. They're black with floral patterns on them, but the part I'm having trouble with is the fact that the majority of the fabric is see-through with only small blooming flowers covering the nipples and a larger one keeping the crotch out of sight. Her hair isn't done up in its usual braid and hangs loose in a curtain of silver that falls clear down to her lower legs. She's not wearing a cap of any sort either, so the odds are good that she just didn't want to get any of them dirty. "My apologies if I kept you waiting. I wanted to make sure I had everything just right before I came." Her smile is positively radiant by this point, a sure sign that she's going to enjoy using all those odd objects on me during the 'lesson'. She strides over with all the confidence of an experienced woman and sniffs me once. "You're starting to sweat... Don't you realize that dehydration will make this more difficult? Not to mention that it must be quite uncomfortable with that much clothing on." Her hands move out to grip my outer shirt, which she pulls upward over my head to remove it. I don't bother resisting for this part, but I wave away her hands when she moves to remove my undershirt.

"I realize you're playing the role of teacher, but I'm not helpless. Allow me this small dignity." It's hard to contain the irritation by this point, as she wants nothing more than to strip me layer by layer with her own hands. Though what annoys me more is the fact that she refuses to allow me to do something so simple by myself, yet it's lessened when she does in fact allow me to take my own shirt off.

She compensates by yanking both my pants and my long underwear down in one go, leaving nothing but the boxers to cover me. "I'll allow that, but I want to have the honor of removing the last article of clothing." The lunar doctor will not take no for an answer here. She's pinched the elastic with her index fingers and thumbs, then pulls the boxers down until my manhood is exposed. She seems genuinely surprised by the complete lack of response to her actions and outfit, but quickly recovers. "No reaction yet? I suppose I could fix that with a little stimulation..." Her right hand pulls the foreskin back while the index finger and thumb on her left hand gently rub the tip. It's slightly odd watching her fingers play with the limp bit of flesh, but the feeling is starting to get to me. Every motion she makes is punctuated by a tingling feeling along with the sensation of blood draining into my manhood. She seems downright dissapointed this time... "You're quite difficult." She says as she ceases her teasing and shakes her head. "There's one more option, though I wanted to save it for later in the lesson..."

I never get to ask what that option is as she swoops down and takes my lips. The feeling of her lips on mine is a novelty, something that should lose effectiveness over time, but for now her soft lips have met with mine in a simple yet intimate gesture. As such, I'm not really ready for it when she decides to use her tongue to force my lips apart. I can't offer any resistance to her actions as I have no idea what she's doing! Kissing with lips is an idea I happen to be familiar with, but with tongues? It doesn't feel bad though, and her taste isn't bad either...

As a result, I didn't even notice that she used the kiss as an opportunity to slip something to me. I'm far too focused on her tongue playing with mine, which leaves me a bit disoriented when she finally pulls away. "Hm♪" She hums happily as she gently pushes me down onto my back. "Now if that doesn't work, I'm going to have to run some extensive tests to see what you are. Even someone as dense as you should feel the effects of my little drug in short order." Her eyes narrow into an amused, half-lidded look. Her smile grows as she watches my face grow more flush than it was.

As for me, I feel that strange draining sensation from before, but this time it doesn't fade away. My dick starts to rise to its full length in no time at all, and I feel increasingly antsy. There's something I want to do, but I have no idea what it is. All I know is that it has to do with the woman who's all but lying on top of me. She gives a full smile when she feels her stomach being prodded by my manhood, then proceeds to get off me for a moment while she goes off to retrieve the rope. ...I'm almost afraid to ask what she's going to use that for.

"Since you're not used to being aroused, I thought it might be wise to have some restraints handy in case you try to force things." She says this all with a friendly smile while tying my arms and legs down onto the bed. "I want to go nice and slow so you can appreciate a proper climax."

Not only has my blood enlarged my dick and made it sensitive to the lightest feather touch, the drug has also made me feel oddly warm with a strong desire to learn about Eirin on my own terms instead of hers. I feel much like an animal who's been caged against his will, but I can't harm the doctor, nor do I wish to bring her harm. Ah... It's even throbbing now. A thick, clear secretion leaks from the tip and down the shaft, a fact that doesn't go unnoticed by the lunar doctor.

"It seems you're finally ready~♪" Eirin walks back into my view with the odd cylindrical object I examined before. She takes her thumb and spreads the clear liquid all over the tip before bringing the end with the small hole into contact with it. "This is a sex toy used by men to relieve themselves when there aren't any willing partners around. The texture either emulates a woman's vagina or her anus and is just as tight. It's nothing more than a simulation, but it's close enough that you wouldn't care about the difference anyway." She pushes the 'toy' down until it's covered my entire dick, which causes me to thrust upward in an almost involuntary motion. "I may send you home with this when we're done, given that you seem to like it." She's teasing me a bit as she begins pulling it back off, then pushes it back on. My entire body shudders as she does that one simple motion, which she uses as the cue to continue. "This particular one is desgined to emulate the texture and tightness of a woman's anus, but I see that you've already stopped caring." She flashes a full smile as she pushes and pulls the sex toy, making it feel better and better the longer she does it. "It's a shame this will be so one-sided, but I think neither of us care about that." She continues, matching my thrusts until I feel something begin to build up within me... At which point she pulls the toy all the way off. ...That's not fair...
No. 8753
>It's a shame this will be so one-sided, but I think neither of us care about that.
How is it a shame it neither one cares?
No. 8755
It's a shame that Ivan isn't fully returning her interest, at least at the moment. Being in this thread this seems yet another what if.
No. 8757
>Since I've gone through all the drawers and cuboards I decide to just sit on the surprisingly warm examination table while waiting for Eirin to show back up. Another quick glance around the room shows that she's stuck a heater in here, which explains why it's almost too warm for clothes. ...She's making it too uncomfortable to keep all my clothes on, that's for sure.

Scary... Eirin is like the bad guy from Saw, she planned EVERYTHING.
No. 8762
That's what makes it hot. You can't escape and by the you won't want to.
No. 8774
This thing with Ivan and Eirin seems more like a rape-scene than a h-scene.

Also, she had to resort to using shady drugs. That's never a good sign.
No. 8781
Yeah... she could have just used her rarely rivaled bust. Breasts are a very powerful force.
No. 8825

Wouldn't have worked, Ivan sees breasts as ''Those two large lumps of fat that females usually have on their chests.''
No. 8830
Not so sure about that, he's never been in close contact with such a pair. One can't deny instinct perfectly.
No. 8831
He seemed to be denying instinct well when Eirin showed up in lacy undergarments and didn't get a reaction out of him.
No. 8833
just sight, not hands on breast (look at how Ivan reacted in the main story when Letty put his arm inbetween hers)
No. 8834
The one thought that resonates in my mind despite the drug-induced arousal is that Eirin is enjoying this far, far too much. Bringing me to the point that I feel I'm going to burst then suddenly stopping isn't exactly pleasant, but it does serve to haze my mind over further, which is probably exactly what she wants to begin with. Case in point as she puts the male sex toy on the counter before drawing out another odd object. "I'm sure you've noticed those tiny bumps on the underside of the head. Those are nerve clusters that serve to help make your penis extremely sensitive to any stimulation around that area. I think this little demonstration will have that little bit of knowledge stuck in your head for quite some time afterward♪" Her cheery smile is born of genuine happiness, but it's still quite scary. My own blushing, pleading face does nothing to discourage her.

The object she holds in her hand is a small black ring that's maybe half the diameter of my shaft, and the inside of the ring appears to be loaded with tiny bumps. It's not moving, thankfully, but that relief is diminished when she actually places the ring on the underside of the head. The sensation is enough to make me shorten my breath, even more so when she gently rolls the ring between her fingers. She continues this in rather lazy fashion for what feels like a small eternity before removing it. Once again she's stalled my climax on purpose, leaving me with my eyes shut and my head resting on the examination table as I catch my breath. "Not a bad reaction at all..." She says this almost silently, yet it's still loud enough for me to hear. I open my eyes to glance sideways at her, which causes her to blush in turn yet for different reasons than I. "You're just so cute when you're tied up like that!" Eirin has a hand to her cheek as she says that, using her other to toss the ring aside. "...Though I can't get unprofessional like this in the middle of a lession, even if it's a private one."

She leans over me while undoing her bra. Its removal is slow, painfully so, yet the view puts some minor questions to rest. Her breasts are quite large, rivaling or perhaps even outclassing Keine's in terms of size. Then again, I'm sure the teacher wears a sarashi instead of a bra, so there's no way to judge her size with any form of finality. That aside, Eirin's aren't just large, but perky as well. I think there's just a tiny bit of droop to them, but that only causes them to jiggle with even the slightest movement. "Oh?" Eirin asks while intentionally shifting around to keep my eyes on her pillowy mounds. "You're actually curious about my breasts?" I keep thinking her smile has reached some manner of arbitrary limit, then she goes and does something like this. "That's right, you've never touched a woman's breast before, so it's only natural that you'd be unable to keep your eyes off them." She slides her arms around my head and pulls my head between her soft, warm breasts, not quite cutting off my ability to breathe but still making me want to touch her more, to explore her more until I know everything there is to know about her.

...She really has played me perfectly.
No. 8835
Still see it as a rape scene.
No. 8836
That's not really a fair comparison, considering that Main-Story Ivan is essentially Lettysexual (formerly Keinesexual).
No. 8839
I have trouble figuring what's going on here.
Eirin used a black ring on another ring?
No. 9022
Shameless bump for update and "education".
No. 9544
File 129419014637.jpg - (76.36KB , 960x540 , Touhou_Creator.jpg ) [iqdb]
ZUN wants you to update this.
No. 12356
Remember this? Well you do stuff in here.

So how about that Yandere Keine?